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Christopher Lee

Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, CBE, CStJ (born 27 May 1922) is an English actor and musician.

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Christopher Lee was a very handsome man!
Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee) is leader of the inhabitants of a remote island where the people have gone back to the…
Christopher Lee has been in everything even Gremlins 2. as a kid I didn't know they were making fun of. Trump&Enron😉 htt…
Check out some of the incredible stuff client Christopher Khayman Lee has going for More to come!
Ohio ISIS supporter allegedly planned State of the Union attack - CBS News
They didn't have the money to keep Christopher Lee long enough to play his scenes with me.
Hilariously enough, this is the first I've heard of this guy. Betcha can't guess why.
Next to THE Wicker Man, THE Devil Rides Out is probably my favorite Christopher Lee movie
that was a good song, Christopher Lee did a good job
Christopher Lee Cornell planned to attack the Capitol during the president's State of the…
How do you get Christopher Lee, such a phenomenal actor, to play a Bond villain in one of the worst Bond movies ever lol
.Dean Martin as Two Face, Barbara Eden as Poison Ivy, Don Knotts as Scarecrow, & Christopher Lee as Ra's Al Ghul. All very good!
Wait ... Wallace, Aaron, Li Hao Xuan AND Christopher Lee? ALL in one drama . OMG I'll need
Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee are old adversaries. Stephanie Beecham is lovely as Van Helsing's granddaughter.
Aaron Yan, Wallace Chung AND Christopher Lee in the same drama?!
I shall rename you bargain hunter general a bit like Christopher Lee but clothes not witches
Vale Robin Hardy, on the set of his 1972 film, THE Wicker Man, with Edward Woodward & Christopher Lee.
Christopher Lee's filmography is scary af.
You've also got Adam Faith, Christopher Lee, Oliver Reed and music by John Barry.
Christopher Lee and Ron Pearlman were in the seventh one. It boggles the mind.
As long as it's not She. Apparently Ursula Andress, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee is bad acting. That dude be trippin'.
That was before my time lol 1950's but I do like Burt and Christopher Lee 👍👍
I'd say Christopher Lee was far more enlightened than most of the youth voters. Where is the respect for elders ?
Coaches are trying him at OT, long snapper, field goal snapper, and goal line defense. Keep your eyes..
looks like the eyes of Christopher Lee as Dracula a bit like him *** the life out of people
And of course, it would be better if I was Christopher Lee.
it's such a weird mix of styles. Fake Christopher Lee is appalling.
Saw that recently too. Enjoyed it. Shame Christopher Lee wouldn't reprise the role.
the Nicolas Cage version or the Christopher Lee version? ;)
Just been told Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in the last Hammer Horror film alongside Christopher Lee. Got to see this one
And Christopher Lee would have preferred it that way.
One year ago Patrick MacNee , Christopher Lee, now this year Sean Kelly daidí of Ryan Kelly, RIP y'all that has...
Just saw this on Necessary Evil: of by Christopher Lee for $6.89 via
...that's going to HURT! Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee rehearse their 'punch up' the...
Actor Christopher Lee fighting in World War II. Here seen in the Vatican, 1944.
Just saw this on Necessary Evil: The of DC Co... by Christopher Lee for $3.99 via
Check out Christopher Lee's The Damnation of Man - Lore of the Aos Sí on
I turn to the 'Telegraph's' obituaries page with trepidation.
Watching animated skits based on Edgar Allen Poe's poems narrated by Christopher Lee is pretty awesome lol
Ohmygoodness, didn't know the late-Christopher Lee was the voice actor for Ansem in the earlier Kingdom Hearts franchise! daymnn
Check out Christopher Lee's Exodus - Lore of the Aos Sí on
He's among my favorite actors of all time. My favorite of which being Sir Christopher Lee (May he rest in peace)
Fall of the House of Usher, narrated by the late great Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee Rios would know what to do...
My mans Christopher Titus was trippin to Timmy Lee Gleen new joint in his battle today
Oh, yes, Sir Christopher Lee was in this one! Always plays a most excellent villain, with that voice and stature.
The next time you see Christopher Lee Crutchfield ask him why it's important to where eye protection when you are riding a 4 wheeler 󾌴󾆐
Featuring voice work by Guillermo del Toro, Christopher Lee (!), and Bela Lugosi (!!), it's streaming on Netflix now. Check it out!
Christopher Wilde and Jessica Olson from Starstruck have reunited 😭
Christopher Lee takes a lunch break on 'The Curse of Frankenstein' (1957).
The question now is will James Earl Jones be doing the voice? Also will Christopher Lee somehow be in it?
[watch] Swash & Buckle: The Art of Sword Fighting with Christopher Lee
It may have been a bomb but 1941 boasts an unreal cast (Christopher Lee, Toshiro Mifune, John Candy). The Slim Pickens gag is funny though.
Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, John Carradine, and Peter Cushing in House of the Long Shadows (1983)
Ian Fleming was my cousin, you know. He was in naval intelligence. . Christopher Lee
Miss u 😩😢 “Christopher Lee, who made Dracula, "Star Wars," "Lord of the Rings" http:/…
James Bernard, who composed the marvelously cheesy music to Robert Day's SHE, was Christopher Lee's classmate.
Thorley Walters chalked up three Holmes: Christopher Lee, Christopher Plummer, & Douglas Wilmer (in 'Smarter Brother').
Christopher Lee as Scaramanga and Roger Moore as James Bond in "The Man with the Golden Gun" (1974).
Have you ever since Christopher Lee's Sherlock Holmes? Playing on right now. Marvelous.
Christopher Lee is marvellous Xxx Listen to him reading Sherlock Holmes as that's fab! Xxx
Meet Joe Black, starring Christopher Lee and Leonard Nimoy. Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, music by Petula Clark. Budget: $3m
Christopher Lee as The Mummy (1959) Hammer Horror Classics did right with the universal monsters https:…
Private's Progress on UK Gold. Ian Carmichael wat an under rated comedy actor. Top support from Dickie, Christopher Lee and Terry Thomas
“I think acting is a mixture of instinct, imagination and inventiveness.” - Christopher Lee
Dec 17, 1968 - Christopher Lee & Vincent Price, playing chess during a break in the filming of Edgar Allen.
Christopher Lee not only appears in this James Bond movie but he was cousin of Ian Fleming
Remembering legendary actor Christopher Lee, who would’ve been 94 today.
Happy Birthday to the late great Bob Godfrey, Christopher Lee, Allan Carr and Lisa Left Eye Lopez.
Great photo of birthday boys Christopher Lee and Vincent Price playing chess
Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing all with birthdays the last 2 days..
"I've never looked upon my films as horror films." Happy birthday, Christopher Lee
"One day, I hope someone will sum up my career thus:He was different." Christopher Lee, born in 1922.
Born on this date: The legendary Christopher Lee, who menaced Roger Moore's Bond in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN.
"He really was the most generous and gentle of men." Christopher Lee on Peter Cushing who was born in 1913.
Watched Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes the other day, now Christopher Lee. Jeremy Brett is still the man though.   10% Off
Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing meet for the last time (May 17th, 1994)
Christopher Lee got a bit of a lazy eye, and I have no idea what happened to poor Peter Cushing.…
Peter Cushing, Ursula Andress and Christopher Lee at the premiere of 'She' (1965)
You may be cool, but you'll never be Christopher Lee as an archaeologist killing zombies with a sword cool.
I'm more in awe of his Christopher Lee's Dracula work! So cool!
Lol that sounds pretty cool actually. You should see if there are top tens for Christopher Lee and Alan Rickman.
It's ok. I'm laughing. Christopher Lee has just said to Edward Woodward "I trust the sight of the young people refreshes you."
Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing on the set of “The Satanic Rites of Dracula”, 1973
Since when did Christopher Lee decide to judge
Trivia: Christopher Lee offered Peter Cushing the role of Sgt. Howie; he turned it down due to schedule conflicts.
How about the Reb Brown Capt America TV movies from the 70s, Steve Rogers gets funky with Christopher Lee!
Entirely appropriate that, on Halloween night, Bowie's pitcher is named Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing would probably be there too. And Vincent Price. And Christopher Lee and John Carradine
Karl Urban as Judge Dredd is one of the best casting decisions ever made, up there with Downey as Iron Man and Christopher Lee as Saruman
It just occurred to me that Christopher Lee was never in a movie with Bela Lugosi and that kind of bums me out. They did TONS of movies!
Christopher Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, and now Prince.what the crap is going on?
.If the one person everyone believed was literally too bad *** to die, Christopher Lee, could, then it seems anyone is fair game.
Solaris, starring Christopher Lee and Neil Patrick Harris. Directed by Uwe Boll, music by White Lies. Budget: $90m
Plus it's not just them he continually casts. He's worked w/ Winona Ryder, Michael Keaton, Christopher Lee & Michael Gambon on several films
It kind of *** to know if they ever try to film another LOTR movie Christopher Lee wont be in it...
I looked up Corey Burton who took over Christopher Lee and he does a fine job from the sounds of it but it's just not the same...
Christopher Lee as Ansem the Wise is so god
HORROR OF DRACULA (1958) ""According to Christopher Lee's autobiography, he received...
A classic to finish your weekend, Christopher Lee​ and Nastassja Kinski star in To The Devil A Daughter 12.40am.
Christopher Lee is to be a new judge on The Voice, after being persuaded by Will. I. Am during a recording session.
Happy Siblings Day to my brothers; Lee Christopher and Tommy Rich and my sisters; Tammy Keaton and Jody Huffman!...
I'll never take lessons on any issue from a man called Crispin. And he looks worryingly like Christopher Lee in a Hammer horror too.
Christopher Lee was the perfect cast for someone with a canonically compelling voice.
RLT, if you've ever wanted to see Christopher Lee in a long black fright wig singing "Sumer Is Icumen In" The Wicker Man's your movie.
Read my review of the 1964 Hammer Horror movie The Gorgon starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee-
- 'The Curse of Frankenstein', starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.
Why does this old sloth have to live and Lemmy, Christopher Lee, David Bowie, and Alan Rickman have to go? I don't understand this problem…
The boy just saw Christopher Lee in "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" and said "He looks like Count Dooku.". So proud.
Overheard at the airport: "F. Lee Bailey tricking Christopher Darden into getting OJ to try the gloves on was brilliant"
I added a video to a playlist The Raven (Christopher Lee)
I added a video to a playlist Edgar Allan Poe - The Tell-Tale Heart (read by Christopher Lee)
I bought the Veidt Enterprises t-shirt (from WATCHMEN) from just to honour the man. Christopher Lee's fave actor.
Christopher lee is woken from his sleep - The Mummy: via
hey! Me as Christopher Lee (a short, fat Christopher Lee), Lulu as Britt and you as the virgin poliuceman
I'm as bored as Christopher Lee looks.
Wow. Missed the boat, i did not know christopher lee died last year 😪
🎶 whisprmisfit: Dracula - Part 1 by Bram Stoker, Christopher Lee Audio on...
Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee are greater badasses than any action Yank you can think of. Fact.
In 1977 Peter Cushing blew up a planet & Christopher Lee examined sperm cells. .it's a close call as to who won 1977. 🤔
And as I retire for the evening, the 1959 Hammer Films version of "The Mummy", with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing is on the telly.
Watching the 1959 Mummy (with Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee). The masters knew what they were doing.
"The Mummy" with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee on BBC2. [goes looking for a nightcap and a bag of crisps]
The Hammer Films triumvirate of Terence Fisher, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee (The Mummy on BBC2 12:00am) I'm sad. ... Now I remembered Christopher Lee is also dead... so is Robin Williams... .. :'(
Who read it better James Earl Jones or Christopher Lee
thanks for a great show. Can't believe Christopher Lee came back from the dead just to be there.
Is The Wicker Man on again this weekend? I need to see the sexually confusing, mustard yellow roll-neck Christopher Lee.
btw, Christopher Lee's biography of Fanon sketches out his politics of "radical empathy," which includes love.
would be kinda cool if he took over for Christopher Lee tho! *sigh*
I was thinking of varieties of portrayal, but yeah - Dracula would still win. Max Schreck, Christopher Lee, Leslie Nielson...
Imagine if Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing were in the same scene at some point in a Star Wars film
Christopher Lee was a pretty solid Rasputin, but for a modern film? Alexander Siddig.
I love these films!! When I was young, I saw a lot of films with Vincent Price and Christopher Lee!! 😍😍😍😍
I'm thinking as Count Dooku. I bet he can do a great impression of the late Christopher Lee.
Vincent Price being interviewed by Terry Wogan in 1982… Price talking about doing a new film with Christopher Lee...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Christopher Lee & Maud Adams on the set of The Man With The Golden Gun
Five years ago I saw a movie called The Whip and The Body, starring Christopher Lee. He has done better work. (LOTR, Man w/Golden Gun)
Bela Lugosi THE worst Dracula regardless of time. Christopher Lee was best, & Boris Karloff best everything!
Review of RASPUTIN: THE MAD MONK (1966), with Christopher Lee as Russia's infamous mystic.
To make him look tanned Christopher Lee wore full body make-up for this movie
This is great news - but also - er - was the Venerable Bede actually Christopher Lee? Real dead ringer for Bede.
Nice having you around for who you are today reading my letters thanks to Christopher Lee and Alan Rickman !!! YES YOR Bianca Dordrecht Holland Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Christopher Lee. Alan Rickman. they helped shape my childhood. i'll always be thankful for their talents. RIP.
Christopher Lee was a British Special Forces veteran who then became an actor and heavy metal opera performer. No, really.
I'm watching HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD w Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee. What do you have on deck?
Dr Terror's House of Horrors, with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, was released on this day in 1965.
*reads IMDB* Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Vincent Price? Yeah, I have to get this too.
It was a dark and stormy night. Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and John Carradine were chilling in their mansion.
Beat Girl on Spotting before-they were-really-famous names: Christopher Lee, Shirley Anne Field, Oliver Reed in a bit part.
wishful thinking delusion boy. And i suppose you think Peter Cushing killed Christopher Lee. There was always another flick
Allright, so Sean Connery was Peter Jackson's first choice for Gandalf... Christopher Lee, Pete said, too old, but Sauromon sp? . Faith...
Perhaps an awesome, ancient sovereignty ritual can be enacted in Parliament Square, with Lord Neuberger playing Christopher Lee.
7th sea . Errol Flynn, Johnny Depp, Oliver Platt, Christopher Lee and so many more were the starting points of all my NPCs.
St Elsewhere Actor Norman Lloyd still going strong at the age of 101.Was good friends with Alfred Hitchcock and Christopher Lee.
Christopher Lee's niece is in Star Wars Harriet Walter patches up Chewie.
Christopher Lee > Conrad Veidt, I've made my decision and I'm sticking with it
not unless it's a fight between Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee... And it has to be directed by Terrance Fisher 😎😎😎😎
If you have always wanted to see a movie starring Ron Pearlman AND Christopher Lee see "Police Academy: Mission To Moscow."
Christopher Lee relaxes with Maud Adams while filming 'The Man with the Golden Gun' (1974)
Enjoying the as always. Such a touching in memoriam section. Christopher Lee, Andrew Lesnie, Alan Rickman, Omar Sharif... wow...
I'm sure you've seen Christopher Lee's This is you life - a nice moment when Reed and Cushing met :)
The Valley of Fear written by Arthur Conan Doyle performed by Christopher Lee on Cassette (Abridged)
I thought Peter Cushing played the good guys & Christopher Lee the bad guys. shows it was sometimes the other way around!
Watching Hammer's The Gorgon: Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are both sporting wispy pub bet beards this time around.
Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee - man, what a pair. Here's hopin' Yle Teema will show other Hammer classics in the future :)
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Horror of Dracula: Christopher Lee's Dracula is great, but Peter Cushing's Van Helsing deserves just as much praise.
Christopher Lee turned down the role of the judge in this '80s film -
sob Christopher Lee, Lizabeth Scott, Louis Jourdan, David Bowie, Maureen O'Hara, Alan Rickman, this is just the saddest
Barbara Ewing, Christopher Lee and Veronica Carlson on the set of “Dracula Has Risen From the Grave” 1968
To hear the voices of Christopher Lee and Alan Rickman during Alice In Wonderland was a v.nice surprise
when it starts resembling the Goat of Mendes in The Devil Rides Out, call for both Christopher Lee and an exorcist...
'Aleister Crowley was technical advisor..Dennis Wheatley's.."The Devil Rides Out" in 1934. Christopher Lee..suggested to Hammer..his friend'
In interviews, Christopher Lee has stated that this is one of his favorites of all the movies he made -
Also Ewan McGregor, Christopher Lee and Ian McDiarmid were good in these films as that had a blasts doing it and you can tell.
I know greats like Basil Rathbone/Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee played Sherlock. But they didn't quite inhabit the role as much as Brett.
We have Woolton cinema, which is one of the original flea pits. Last one left. Memories of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. 😁
I like old school horror. Movie monsters like Lon Chaney Jr., Christopher Lee, and Bela Lugosi. The original Dawn of the Dead
Christopher Lee, Maud Adams and director Guy Hamilton on the set of 'The Man with the Golden Gun' (1974)
Bowie, Pratchett, Christopher Lee. Nimoy. Wes Craven. Jonah Lomu. It's been a *** of a last 12 months.
Bowie, Lemmy, Scott Weiland, Christopher Lee, the Ramones...just waiting on Thom Yorke going and that'll be all my idols gone. :(
Christopher Lee with cinematographer Andrew Lesnie and director Peter Jackson ( LOTR - 2001 )
they did it with an 80 year old Christopher Lee in Episodes II & III
Christmas 2015 was basically voiced by Seth Rogen, Christopher Lee and Alan Rickman
Clarke Peters from "The Wire" is also in this movie, & so are Christopher Lee & Pierce Brosnan. Frankly, it's all almost too much.
I understand time limitations, But to not list Christopher Lee or *** Van Patten in the "In Memoriam" segment?👎.
2016 in 150 minutes. Sorry that we have to leave Leonard Nimoy & Christopher Lee & Patrick MacNee behind in 2015
Patrick MacNee, John Steed (and he was in the same school year as Christopher Lee) 6/2/22-25/6/15
news EW interviews Peter Jackson about Christopher Lee -
EW interviews Peter Jackson about Christopher Lee - tom bombadil is king
They had good actors everywhere else (McGreggor, Portman, Jackson, Christopher Lee) and they still sucked.
This is really great. Still sad he's gone. RIP Christopher Lee.
Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper, Christopher Lee, Terry Pratchett, Satoru Iwata, Wes Craven, Leonard Nimoy, and now Lemmy. I'm so done with 2015.
Peter Jackson on what he remembers about the late, great Christopher Lee: ❤️
My theory is Christopher Lee is recruiting for the best band ever in the next life.
Terry Pratchett, Christopher Lee, Dusty Rhodes and now Lemmy. God *** this year.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Peter Jackson remembers the late, great Christopher Lee {wn}
I've dug into Grandad's Bond box set and retrieved Man With The Golden Gun. Christopher Lee as the villain? Yes.
EW: Peter Jackson remembers the late, great Christopher Lee:
Peter Jackson remembers the late, great Christopher Lee |
Peter Jackson remembers the late, great Christopher Lee:
Peter Jackson remembers the late, great Christopher Lee via
Hope you all enjoyed my previous eight adventure hooks, inspired by the films of Christopher Lee! Can you name all the references?
Do the roads have you hemmed in at the house today? Follow this link to a custom Christopher Lee home!
Christopher Lee as a young officer in Vatican City, 1944, shortly after the liberation of Rome.
Sir Christopher Lee, who played Dracula nine times (pictured) left a real-life mystery over his finances when he died aged 93 in June – he
Christopher Lee was a splendid man with a gorgeous voice.
Attn, NYC: IFC Center has a Christopher Lee retrospective coming soon. It'll be lit, no doubt.
Im grateful to George Lucas that he invited him to the role of Count Dooku. The memory of Christopher Lee doesn't die
I again revised the 2 and 3 episodes of Star Wars. and remember the Great British actor Christopher Lee
This South Carolina wedding is the epitome of Southern charm:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Screen: Remembering those we lost in 2015: Christopher Lee, 93, June 7 — Younger moviegoers will know him for his…
Vincent Price is dead. Christopher Lee is dead. We missed our windows for this movie.
DYK the late Christopher Lee was the only member of the modern Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit cast to have ever met JRR Tolkien.
The Christopher Lee "stabbing" story can be found on the behind the scenes DVD from Lord of the Rings
Remembering celebrities who died in 2015: Christopher Lee, Wes Craven and more: However, fans of ...
I had no idea that Saruman (Christopher Lee) died this year. Middle Earth will not be the same.
Our next review is END OF THE WORLD. Christopher Lee has said he regrets making this film. It can't be that bad.
Still, Yoda vs Christopher Lee is always amazing.
This man was so amazing, like so many of his generation. RIP good sir, you've certainly earned it.
I don't remember Christopher Lee in Star Wars tho
Speaking of Christopher Lee, here is where he taught Peter Jackson what it sounds like when you stab a guy.
Cilla Black, Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Lee: Paying tribute to the stars we lost in 2015 via
Alright alright, Christopher Lee is the lone bright spot in Episode 2. But fick it take over half the movie to introduce him.
Fine tributes in but sad to see John Renbourn restricted to "folk musician": you didn't call Christopher Lee "character actor"
Hollywood lost too many talented people this year. Including Nigel Terry, Christopher Lee and Leonard Nimoy.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Love how this '74 Blue Peter Viking reenactment on BBC4 feels only slightly removed from The Wicker Man. I expect Christopher Lee any min...
I hope Charles Dance finds satisfaction in the opportunities open to him now that Christopher Lee is dead.
I'm belatedly realising that Horror Express is The Thing but with Christopher Lee as Kurt Russell & Telly Savalas as Keith David.
Hot on the heels of the passing of Christopher Lee, we lose another legend: Patrick MacNee...
Christopher Lee was the only person on the crew of LOTR to know J.R.R Tolkien.
Commenting on a picture about Sir Christopher Lee and look what my phone does.
was a pretty good movie! Should've titled it "Nancy Drew and the Witchy Satanists." Christopher Lee made it all aces.
And Saruman the White. Christopher Lee gave the part such gravitas and menace. RIP.
Long Live the Horror of Christopher Lee, may he peacefully rest!
ooh, Christopher Lee with the worst name ever. I'd still follow him, just to listen to his voice.
So Michael Gove got to be in a film with Christopher Lee. Life's so unfair isn't it.
No 1 is definitely Police Academy 7 - classic paycheck movie for Christopher Lee and "young" Ron Perlman.
Christopher Lee is just used by somebody else and use Mawile but I'll have to wait three months before that makes sense
Was reminded that Christopher Lee is deceased and now I'm depressed all over again ono
oh so bad they're good. Christopher Lee as dracula 👌
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
David Berkowitz, Son of Sam, implicated David Bowie and Christopher Lee. The Wicker Man was screened to investigating officers. BIG DEAL.
Here is Peter Cushing Christopher Lee, Tony Hinds and Andre Morrell at the Sherlock Hoilmes pub... Cushing has...
Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, until Lee Christopher roundhouse kicked her into a glacier.
He's like Christopher Lee or Alan Rickman. One word from that voice will utterly paralyze you.
This is how Christopher Lee is credited in Rhapsody's The Dark Secret
The Christopher Priest "Black Panther" 1-5, the original Kirby/Lee FF two parter that introduced him, the Romita/Hudlin series.
I also knew Christopher Lee from it before I knew him from Dracula, & I knew Jack Lemmon from it before I knew him from The Great Race.
RIP Sir Christopher Lee! One of my favorite actors to portray Dracula!
22) This is a toughie there's a bunch of good ones. Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, Robin Taylor, the list goes on tbh
22. Hmmm, probably one of the old guys, like Christopher Lee or Ian McKellen :D
Farewell to Sir Christopher Lee. Acting legend who served with the RAF, SOE and the Long Range Desert Patrol in WW2. http:…
Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Sammy Davis, Jr., on the set of 1970s One More Time:
Also that wooden fort is where I performed a lipsync to Christopher Lee reading the raven at 8am after a night out
I think we should honour the late, great Christopher Lee by getting this to Who's with me?
Christopher Lee in his first ever film : 1948's Corridors of Mirrors
Still miss the grand gentleman of CHRISTOPHER LEE. Big loss.
Seeing Sir Christopher Lee in the bts makes me sad. 😢
I'm watching the Hammer Films "Hound of the Baskervilles" and, let me tell you what, Christopher Lee is drop dead gorgeous in this film.
Time for sleep with a reading from Christopher Lee - sweet dreams !. . https:/…
Actor Christopher Lee was a cousin of James Bond author Ian Fleming and a relative of American general Robert E. Lee.
Christopher Lee as Count Dooku is one of the best part of this movie. A real actor
I'm hearing Nas is on a Justin Bieber album now. This is the third greatest tragedy this year, after Leonard Nimoy & Christopher Lee
Dracula Society Dinner - Reece Shearsmith does his best 'Pertwee' while wearing Christopher Lee's…
Hammer Films. They were the British studio that made all the Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Oliver Reed horror movies.
Regardless of what Christopher Lee says, Nigel Appleby found Jim Hacker easily suggestible.
Aside from a few rubbery bats, Dark Places is a really innovative ghost story helped along by Robert Hardy and Christopher Lee.
Christopher Lee was the only person involved with the Lord of the Rings films to have actually met Tolkien himself.
Boston artist Brian Cleary completed an amazing tribute to Christopher Lee
RHUL people! Come to IN045 now for Tolkien Soc's/IFIS' Christopher Lee homage! We're watching Dracula and a bunch of metal videos 💀⚰
Not easy watching Halloween 6 knowing that Christopher Lee was supposed to be Dr. Wynn. Dammit! Mitch Ryan is good, but dammit!
Peter Cushing, André Morell and Christopher Lee in 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' (1959).
Like prior to Donald Pleasance doing the role, both Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing (Cushing 1st) were considered for Sam Loomis
Aww, they completely dumped Christopher Lee's audio. Makes sense since they had Corey Burton record new lines, but it still bums me out
Christopher Lee, 'Lord of the Rings' and Horror Star, Dead at 93
Christopher Lee, photographed close to his house in Sloane Square in 1997. A charming man.…
Support The Landmark Loews Theater in Especially when they're showing Horror Hotel with Christopher Lee.
2 weeks to Halloween! Time for Herschell Lewis, Argento, and Bava. Someone dig up Vincent Price and Christopher Lee and bring the pumpkins!
House of the Long Shadows(1984) Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, John Carradine- all with legit roles.
Now, at the House, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee hunt a missing-link- monster aboard the trans-Siberian "Horror Express."
Here's a reading of one of my favorite Edgar Allen Poe stories done by the great Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee is the coolest guy ever. He played Dracula, Sarumon, Count Dooku, and he released a kickass fantasy metal album at 90.
Hammer Films Count Dracula and his vampire bride!! Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing last film…
The new one probably is to Richard Dean Anderson like Taylor Lautner is to Christopher Lee.
Christopher Lee,Vincent Price,and Peter Cushing. There is much win in this photo.
thats like comparing the vampires of Christopher Lee and Robert Pattinson
For all of you to enjoy: Christopher Lee reads Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky".
I'm gonna whip out my Man w/ the Golden Gun signed by Roger Moore and Christopher Lee in a min
For those wondering, that is the original Wicker Man with Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee by Robin Hardy. Not the Cage freakshow lol
The Pope is releasing an album? That's kind of cool, but I don't know if it's as cool as Christopher Lee doing metal.
and almost as cool is Christopher Lee releasing a metal album
Bruce Timm's back cover tribute to Christopher Lee for the upcoming LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS
i like the *idea* of audiobooks but the voice has to match the book. or just have James Earl Jones, Christopher Lee & Wanda Sykes do em all.
Ha! Christopher Lee just called Cap Mr Rogers... I wonder if he wants to be his neighbor?
Superb cast: Sutherland, Redgrave, Richard Widmark, Christopher Lee, Lloyd Bridges + Bruce Greenwood in his first film role as 'Technician'.
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