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Christopher Guest

Christopher Haden-Guest, 5th Baron Haden-Guest (born February 5, 1948), better known as Christopher Guest, is an American screenwriter, composer, musician, director, actor, and comedian.

Fred Willard Mighty Wind Eugene Levy Jamie Lee Curtis Harry Shearer Spinal Tap Parker Posey Errol Morris Rob Reiner

I think Christopher Guest should make a movie about marionette artists
When you get FB invited to a class reunion that's already like straight up out of a Christopher Guest you gonna rsvp?
If you’re into Christopher Guest, check out the 1st episode of my friends new series:
TEFL Teachers’ Meeting. with guest speaker Christopher Hutchings. The Angelic tonight at 7pm
Between the besmirching of Matt Smith and the unkind words about Christopher Guest, I don't know.
I love Christopher Guest movies because awkwardly uncomfortable people make me giggle in my soul.
IWP Director Christopher Merrill has a guest post up on the The Library of Congress blog. Join us this week for...
Join us this Sun & next Tues for Classix Two: Sibelius’s Second by feat guest pianist Christopher O’R…
Danny DeVito, Christopher Guest, or Michael McKean. I can’t decide who I want to have dinner with more. But those three = top choice.
Christopher Jackson argues in a Guest Commentary for GRI that the EU could be stronger after
Christopher Lee guest stars as an excruciatingly French fashion designer on Boris Karloff’s 1956 BBC series COLONEL MARCH…
Does anybody else listen to the commentating on imagine a Christopher Guest movie?
Christopher Guest isn't as funny as me
"When I look back on what I've done, I think I'm drawn to obsession, perhaps"- ... -
Look how good s1 and 2 guest Christopher looks as one of our *other* special favorite badass ladies?
A Wagyu showcase by Guest Chef Christopher Millar at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur from now until 4 Nov 2017.
"I don't know anyone who's ever taken a bus. It's a mysterious form of ... -
How did I not know that Jamie Lee Curtis is married to Christopher Guest?? And has been since the 80s? That’s impressive
He’s like a character in a Christopher Guest movie played by Bob Balaban
I for one have never trusted Christopher Guest
How is there not a Christopher Guest comedy about the behind the scenes of a Christian *** House being directed by…
What did Christopher Guest say to Millie Bobby Brown when he gave her a dollar? via /r/Jokes
We are excited to announce ID World Champion Christopher Murphy as special guest at the National Disability Session…
Christopher Lawrence guest was great gotta love the passion as you mentioned
Excited about my Halloween show tomorrow!! Who oh who will be our surprise call-in guest? This person knows a...
Christopher Guest must be so mad for not thinking up Carter Page saying "I've been focused on other things today"
it was like 'waiting for guffman' or 'best in show' in fact, i'm pretty sure Eric Zorn is actually a Christopher Gu…
Watched this live earlier and felt compelled to grip my head, jaw agape in a comic fashion, marveling it wasn’t a C…
Somehow, I don't think the Far Right is that big into satire. Unless there is a fascist version of Chr…
I love Christopher Guest's role in Little Shop. It's a tiny part but he plays it 110% Brechtian and it's so funny.
I hear Christopher Guest’s fave character in Stranger Things is Eleven 😬
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Don't forget the documentary:. It's like a real-life Christopher Guest film...
Idea for podcast: Play Christopher Hitchens FIRE speech on free speech. Then discuss solo or with a guest.
Christopher guest and co. needs to revisit Blaine and have the Blaine Community Players perform a Trump life story musical
Christopher B. Pearman and Vee Slater hosting live on 1420AM Wamr-db live with special guest Rae Lewis-Thornton
Vee Slater and Christopher B. Pearman Hosting or show with special guest Rae Lewis-Thornton
blast this. My Exclusive Client Christopher Matthews special guest on Atl finest radio station! Tune in Nov 4…
The best public tv show is def Treasures of New York because the talking heads are eccentrics straight out of the Christopher Guest canon
Dr Christopher was the chief guest at Kanaka Nagar, Kengeri Blore South, for a Social awareness programme orgd by F…
Join as they present another literary salon with guest
Johnny and Moira stand as a wonderful example of what happens when Levy and O'Hara get to be in love forever, CHRISTOPHER.GUEST.
Alison janney steals it. Should be regarded with the Christopher guest movies
Have guests coming for the holidays to visit? Upgrade your guest room with this:
Lee, if you ever do a video for this, ask Christopher Walken for a guest appearance.. lol!
Before making any CFB bets, get some Games Galore 21 up in your preparation program w/ guest & SEC guru http…
The hilarious & are back with guest for another literary salon!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Looking forward to Autumn Lunch next week with guest speaker Sir Christopher Meyer KCMG
We even have a special surprise guest who will be calling in during a 5 minute segment during the live show!...
If they ever make Movie, Christopher Guest is a shoo-in for the role of Art Burke. .
Feed the beast and send in your flash fiction to I’m guest reading and I’m HUNGRY.
God in heaven Trump is now a Fred Willard character in a Christopher Guest mockumentary that takes place at a Nursing Hom…
Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest doing the “I hate it when that happens...” skits. Hilarious competing gruesome injuries.
Trump is every Fred Willard character in a Christopher Guest mockumentary
Well, that's clearly Eugene Levy so this whole thing might just be a Christopher Guest mockumentary.
Or see her team up with Christopher Guest, Curtis's husband. That'd be the good kind of bananas.
If this was a movie, it would star Christopher Guest, Fred Willard and Eugene Levy. .
This narrative could stand as a Christopher Guest mockumentary on the alt-Reich. This Is Spineless Sap.
It instantly makes me think of a couple in a Christopher Guest film, the brittle wife either played by P…
You know Michael McKean as a Christopher Guest regular but the work he did on this year was stunnin…
I streamed A Mighty Wind; its really our fave movie. It features Christopher Guest
We all know the Not Ready for Primetime Players. But DID YOU KNOW the Primetime Players included Christopher Guest, and Bill/Brian Murray???
Movies by Christopher Guest - Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind - are:
Christopher Guest [Born 5th February 1948] Corky St Clair in film Waiting for Guffman
Strictly ballroom is a way better film if you pretend it was directed by Christopher Guest
Chris Matthews is the Fred Willard of MSNBC. Or Fred Willard is the Chris Matthews of Christopher Guest movies
."Oak," Edgar Rice Burroughs's “At the Earth’s Core” & more of Christopher Guest's favorite book…
heard mascots was weak . shame as Christopher Guest is a good filmmaker
Christopher Guest on & its pointed jab at and other racist pro sports mascots
Christopher Guest apparently doesn't know any black improvisers? Well, except Jordan Black who's black so counts double?
The dates on Finding Prince Charming sound like a Christopher Guest parody. "We have a lot in common. He travel. I do too."
The lead investigator in the murder is like a Christopher Guest movie character. And as competent.
it's kinda the Christopher Guest shtick. Like, he caricatures how white people can be next level.
Meet The Fist In First clip for Christopher Guest's Mascots out this month on
Video: Chris O'Dowd as The Fist in Christopher Guest's new film Mascots
Gattaca, starring Channing Tatum and Christopher Guest. Directed by Ivan Reitman, music by Alien Ant Farm. Budget: $5
We still have more than a month until Election Day. I may not be able to sit through what has become a Christopher Guest fi…
😂 (thought same but realized it's mostly b/c it's Christopher Guest and he always works with same actors. Like a troupe.)
I hope Gary Johnson and Jill Stein eventually find the Christopher Guest movie they belong in.
All time: George Burns and Gracie Allen. Still living: Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest
I don't care what it is, anything Christopher Guest does is golden. I'm in.
Not to sound too much like Christopher Guest in 'Waiting for Guffman,' but on Thanksgiving you
directed by Christopher Guest. Eugene Levy as Bernie, Will Ferrell as Donald, and the CGI Lord Of The Rings cave troll as Hillary.
.chats upcoming SEE JANE SING tour, her love for the stage, & new Christopher Guest movie MASCOTS!
One way to help keep me awake is listen to soundtracks from A Mighty Wind and This is Spinal Tap. Go Christopher Guest!
This gorgeously smart article from + is like a Christopher Guest film of the New York Art World
A rare picture of Christopher Guest and Harold Ramis from "The National Lampoon Show."
Why has Christopher Guest as Corky St. Clair never portrayed fashion designer Jeremy Scott?
Oh man, this new Richard Ashcroft record is amazing. 😂😂😂😂. Christopher Guest couldn't have done a better job.
Waiting for Guffman, one of Christopher Guest's hilarious mockumentaries (along with Best in Show and A Mighty Wind).
What a fantastic recital we have planned for Monday - it will be a real treat for lovers of classical music! The...
Everyone hyping about the Special Guest at Bambu imagine if it was someone like Christopher Maloney 😭😭😭
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Coffee & Cigarettes™ - THOR Thursday: Hosted by Christopher John Taylor and his merry band of guest/co-hosts a...
GOP debates now exclusively written by Christopher Guest.
Happy birthday Catherine O' Hara! A great member of Christopher Guest's stock company.
One Direction was the band that inspired it. And the films of Christopher Guest. At first it was going to be a comedy but then...
Christopher Guest & Co. would SLAUGHTER that. Parker Posey as Megyn Kelly.
I don't know how anyone can watch this parody of a Christopher Guest film and determine that Bernie or Hillary isn't a superior candidate.
Christopher Guest needs to make a film about a single day of a
wait, that's not Christopher Guest playing Ted Cruz?
Just loved "Christopher Lawrence - Rush Hour 095 with guest Sean Tyas" by on
Favorited "Global Trance Grooves (March 2015) - with John 00 Fleming, guest Christopher ..." by
in that day and time... take one look at Christopher Guest and Rob Reiner... 5 alarm dad fire
Christopher Guest style might be more appropriate...
these were the absolute BEST 😂 Wish there were more. Where's Christopher Guest when you need him?!
Great Scott! star Christopher Lloyd joins the guest list!
Christopher Campbell is our celebrity guest bartender tonight!! BBQ & Fried Shrimp! This should be a good one!
Christopher Guest is a comedic genius. That's what his initials stand for.
Guest reviewer,Rick just finished his review of Where Death Is a Hunter by Christopher Stookey. It's a MUST read! . …
It's so crazy here. It's like watching a parody- I keep thinking the whole thing will turn out to be a Christopher Guest film.
I am so excited for the movie that Christopher Guest makes about you two~
Christopher Beats - Guest author at the Steampunk Expo & Gothic Con in April.
I always watch Christopher Guest movies when I am sick
Christopher Guest, I think. Someone that was all over my childhood that would be endorsing choices, not just my present.
Carl Slaughter interviews Christopher Kastensmidt on his ELEPHANT AND MACAW BANNER cultural series:
Please stop making mockumentary films. There are a few great ones (See Christopher Guest) but most of them are poorly made and boring.
"This Is Spinal Tap" starring Rob Reiner, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean & Harry Shearer was released today in 1984.
Reminder: The OGA meeting is tomorrow at 8am. Guest speakers will be Christopher Stevenson D.C. & Amanda...
rallies-the benign/bizarre moments remind me of a Christopher Guest film; violent/frenzied ones of 1930's Germany.
New show "ON THE EDGE part 1/2 for 28-February-2016 broadcast on KNHC 89.5 FM G..." up now at Check it out now!
Fred Willard and Catherine O'Hara are a married couple in Chicken Little which formally makes it part of Christopher Guest canon I think.
Christopher Guest movies are my top of the line favorites.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"[E]very day, this becomes more & more like a new Christopher Guest movie. Please tell me Jennifer Coolidge plays the ditzy cop."
Sullivan's Travels is also great, but mostly for the commentary track with Michael McKean, Noah Baumbach & Christopher Guest.
Whenever I see Lindsey Graham I see Christopher Guest in "Waiting for Guffman."
A Mighty Wind Blu-ray - Warner Archive has announced that it will release on Blu-ray director Christopher Guest...
Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest (married for 31 years) say good morning!
Could you imagine an episode of Rick and Morty that guest starred Christopher Lloyd and Micheal J. Fox? That sure would be somethin'
A cooking show with Michael McKean? If it has Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer appear it'll be the best thing ever.
The perfect man has Christopher Guest's belly button, Frylock's icy heart & Lizard McGee's athletic sense of humor
my immediate family loves Christopher Guest mockumentaries but my mother's family didn't get Best In Show at all which is sad
Just more proof that Christopher Guest MUST make a movie about working in a library:
Christopher Guest's DirecTV commercials are just as funny as his last 3 films.
I assume a Mighty Wind is sadly not devoted to the Christopher Guest movie?
Christopher Guest is shooting for outside the newsroom
"Holocaust History & Survivor Testimony": talk on 11/5 by world expert Christopher Browning, guest prof.
Listen to Humming For My Bumpty Heart (special guest double bass& mixed by Christopher Thurston by Percival Roman #
RPO's Christopher Seaman is guest conducting New Horizons Band this AM--a band for beginner senior musicians!
Chris Pilny was a very entertaining guest on our podcast - check it out!
Fostering CHP and WHP in Ohio: In a guest column at Q2Power Corp. CEO Christopher Nelso...
Our first GUEST LECTURE this semester will be delivered by Prof. CHRISTOPHER FORTH (U of Kansas) on October 26,...
Direct tv is using Christopher Guest regulars in there new ads. With none of that Guest brilliance tho.
Just learned of this. Super excited!
Sometimes when I'm sad I think about how Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee-Curtis have been married for over 30 years and then I go "YES!".
special skype guest Christopher Lockhart was awesome this morning at university business film class discussion.
Great time at the annual lunch with guest speaker
Hi guys !. here is my exclusive guest mix for Christopher Ank !!. Featuring music by : Hagenoord, Shapov, MEG &... http…
I added a video to a playlist Good God! with God and Special Guest Christopher Columbus
"Comedy is like music. You have to know the key and you have to find players with good chops.". Christopher Guest
If it means a new Christopher Guest movie, I'm willing to stomach the idea of another from Adam Sandler
WIRED's December issue will be dedicated to Time, Space, and Multiple Dimensions, directed by Mr. Nolan.
Understanding the Freedom Caucus in Congress - Christopher DeMuth (a recent SPEA guest!):
I've seen Christopher Guest films that are less comical than this episode of
Christopher Guest??? *** was that question, I don't think he is as well known as you think he is..
EPISODE 1x01: I am fed fried pumpkin pies while perched on a throne of fried pumpkin pies; we all give thanks for guest Christopher Meloni
NAILS the genre of real life Christopher Guest movie.
I'm punishing myself for some unremembered sin with a Christopher Guest movie. My personal *** is awkward comedies with great performances.
Now I want to see a Christopher Guest movie about adult Halloween costume models.
A guest author of our's novel, She's even tempted to call it her favorite.
Do you know whether Christopher Guest directed the new DirecTV spots (featuring so many actors from his movies)?
Subject of the next Christopher Guest movie?
Watching for your consideration from Christopher guest. Not way popular but still really funny.
I'm a guest of The Dinner Party Show with Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn tonight. Mostly it's me giggling...
it's a Christopher Guest mockumentary about five dog show entrants, one of which is a Shih zhu owned by a *** couple.
.Has it been said Christopher Guest is a quite serious person in regular life? Hadn't heard that.
Seriously? Between this and Christopher Guest flicks. Tsk tsk tsk. 😁
Hi there here’s that link concerning the possibility of a Black Chalk sequel I promised to get to you:
Is this real, or a Christopher Guest thing?
"We were inspired by the concept of Christian *** houses," Mitchell says. "But also by Christopher Guest movies."
Join guest Christopher Kern and learn techniques to advance your fashion photography. Visit
By the cast and the shrimp it must be Christopher Guest directed like the BOA spots
I knew I was meant to be a musician when I found out that Christopher Guest was American before I knew Mike Myers was Canadian
Just found out that Kim Davis is not in fact a character in a Christopher Guest movie.
I really want Christopher Guest to make a movie about this year's presidential campaigns. Eugene Levy as JEB. Michael McKean as Trump. etc.
My eyes are drier than Eugene Levy in a Christopher Guest movie.
we all know you stole 's Stuart wig and gave 2 Christopher Guest for Corky St. Clair.
I did not realize that Christopher Guest and Carol Kane were in The Princess Bride
Seriously, you cannot write satire funnier than this. It's like a Christopher Guest movie come to life.
Genuinely irritated that 538 credited Spinal Tap to Christopher Guest as an "SNL alumnus." Bust out a calendar, Silver
Watching This is Spinal Tap and the scene where Christopher Guest folds the ham onto the tiny bread happens in Chapel Hill
did you see this morning? Christopher Guest is making a movie called Mascots! Who but Bailey to star?
Donald Trump's campaign is the best contemporary performance art ever made. It's like watching a months-long Christopher Guest mockumentary.
Christopher 'moot' Poole, founder of 4chan, as a future guest on your podcast?
Christopher will be a guest at Rose City Comic Con ,time to ask him about :) .
Also from Christopher Guest: A Mighty Wind. Same great cast. Slightly edges out Best In Show. Let me know what you think
Its even better watching New Yorker staff writers on Charlie Rose trying to explain Trump. It's like a Christopher Guest flick
when does Christopher Guest announce his candidacy?
Tune in tonight. 8pm EST/5pm PST as will be guest on The Calling Hours with Michael Christopher Jones…
Also found the audio of my worst ever interview: Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer for A Might Wind.
Yeah true. I don't think Christopher Guest has a bad movie though if you had to pick a weak one, it's prob for your consideration
Tomorrow talks w/ me- Today he tells me he IS doing the new Christopher Guest film Mascots
sometimes I think someone should do a Christopher guest style/office awkward comedy of a bts of asc
New guest blog post by Christopher Wesser aka "Manual focus - why I love it":
Today's recommendation is one of my fav mockumentaries ever, WAITING FOR GUFFMAN by Christopher Guest.
is Christopher Guest creating these ads!?
All about Christopher ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Major shout out to the talented, creative Chef Christopher Beavers for being our guest chef in…
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Family Tree is so funny... omg. Would've watched it sooner if I'd known Christopher Guest created it. He is the best.
Netflix nabs new Christopher Guest original about cutthroat world of mascots. . Netf
Christopher Guest to produce furry mockumentary for Netflix //
There's no better way to start the week off than with a new tattoo or piercing. Our guest artist Christopher Lee...
Not sure I have the flourishing thing down, but definitely failure: my guest appearance on "Flourishing w Failure"
Submit questions now for upcoming TWIP interview guest, actor Christopher Gilstrap!
Netflix is making 'Mascots,' a film from Christopher Guest via
Had special guest.. my brother, Christopher Meek from USA... thanks for visiting our Kwoon.. .
Saturday's Uncensored with special Guest Christopher Heyerdahl is now available on demand.
love all the Christopher Guest movies, hopefully he will make another movie soon
We here would like to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Christopher Velasco who has been an important member and guest on...
Saturday Night Live. Martin Short as a shifty lawyer (with the cigarette). Christopher Guest sitting.
Just showed my dad "What We Do in the Shadows." Afterwards he said, "this is as good as any Christopher Guest film." My work here is done.
**BOOK NOW** Alright 209 let's welcome our guest artist with over 20 years of experience, Christopher Lee to our...
My husband and I would like to see Christopher awaken as a guest on your show this coming season.
The gf has never seen ANY Christopher Guest movie. Not even Spinal Tap
When I watch in an interview it really just seems like Catherine O'Hara in a Christopher Guest movie.
The Rev. Tim Dunn served as our guest minister while Pastor Christopher B. Wolf is on vacation. Check out today's...
He's wearing his Hall of Fame jacket. This is like a Christopher Guest movie.
Watching "The Act of Killing." It is like a Christopher Guest film, but horrifying, tragic and true.
Christopher Guest new for Netflix mockumentary . 'Mascots'. is now in production in Hollywood. .
Sometimes, I guess there just aren't enough exclamation points. via
The perfect man has Gene Simmons's impatience, Christopher Guest's heart & Fred Willard's idiosyncratic hubris
This movie is what made me truly appreciate Christopher Guest.
Finally watched King of King per your suggestion. Couldn't help but feel a Christopher Guest vibe...anyone?
Watching "The Mighty Wind" with Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, and a cast that can't be beat.
’Be our christopher guest, be our christopher guest’ - Beauty and the Best in Show
FYI officially starting work on Christopher Guest's new project, "Mascots," coming out on Netflix next year. Always a gas, I…
This will sound crazy but we haven't seen that. Love Christopher Guest though.
Meet Christopher Chapheau, our guest host for the night and founder of Come party with this dude!
Christopher Guest's mockumentary Mascots picked up by Netflix
I thought you would like that Christopher Guest news. Come to Portland and we'll do a Guest Marathon!
Fred Willard in a tiger suit? Next production from Christopher Guest & Co. will be "Mascots" for
Funny 2 think that Christopher Guest is married 2 Jamie Lee Curtis & Chris Sarandon was married 2 Susan Villains have good taste
A WORD OF TRANSFORMATION W/SPECIAL GUEST CHRISTOPHER ... on A Word of Transfo... will air 07/15.
How do you become fully and Get comfortable in your own skin.
Here's the replay of last hour's guest, Kern Co DA Lisa Green, now investigating all officer shootings.
Christopher Guest needs to make a movie about tech start-ups
Whilst walking from Union Square to the West Village, I discovered a number of wine bars where everyone looked like Christopher Guest.
Is this directed by Christopher Guest? Already heard a copper refer to the "cleaning fairies" living with mum and dad. God help us!
Thank you, Christopher Guest, for the Waiting for Grexffman script.
This seems like something you'd see in a Christopher Guest movie.
Holy crap is so awesome. It's like and Christopher Guest had a mutual brain fart.
Dance high energy ‘She Got To Move' on with guest vocalist. Don't just sit there... MOVE!
Want to end your weekend with a bang? style Rocker with AutoPilot Club and guest vocalist.
This pageant is actually a stealth Christopher Guest movie, right?
Please tell me this is the start of a Christopher Guest mockumentary.
Did U know being is a gift? We help others see the world in a whole new light. from
Has Christopher Guest done a movie about ballboys/girls? Seems like it's up his alley.
Preparations underway for the wedding of Natalie & Christopher tomorrow Personalised guest book done! ht…
You've inspired me to have a Christopher Guest movie marathon next weekend!
Blog Tour Guest Post - We the People: Inalienable by Christopher Scott Wagoner: Tour PageWe the People: Inalie...
blame Christopher Guest. He got that train rolling. (more "movies watched w/ arty white girls in hopes of sex")
Yes. I've seen and love all the Christopher Guest movies.
Don’t kid yourself that you can turn off the and it away. Ask how he/she him/herself
I watch Christopher Guest movies for their Eugene Levity.
Congrats to guest Christopher L. Bennett for making the best seller list for June!.
Christopher Guest from Confessions of a Shopaholic stars in Austin Powers in Goldmember about an artistic Meteorologist named Clare
Special guest in the LRS Hospitality Center. Yep, that's Christopher Knight, otherwise known as Peter Brady!
I guess my favorite Christopher Guest movie is probably Trump 2016
I could watch any Christopher Guest movie at any time over and over.. Brilliant!
'The Idea Behind We the People: Inalienable' guest post by Enter the for a chance to a copy
As a Christopher Guest fan, I love that my roommates got a bumblebee toy for their dog.
GREAT SHOW! Listen to new episode SPECIAL HOST DR. W/GUEST at
We have a very special guest at Startup Weekend Brisbane :)
Special Host live on air now with guest
This has been the sort of week that not only deserves a Christopher Guest movie, but also makes Guest's comedy seem like social realism.
The power of being is that we help the world see things from a different perspective. by
I'd watch a 16 hour miniseries of Stacy Keach hunting down Nick & Christopher Guest, as opposed to the ending of that otherwise great flick.
Makin' a film with on Saturday. It's like I'm Christopher Guest and she is Parker Posey. Yes, we're THAT good.
Thank you to Christopher Guest and the late great Robin Williams-
Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest are also important to me
"The Matrix is like the Bible of the post-information age." Kanye is a walking-talking Christopher Guest mockumentary
Spokane City Council speakers teeter between living in the worlds of Errol Morris and Christopher Guest. Endlessly fascinating, regardless.
Top 5 ads of the week: Errol Morris and ESPN, Christopher Guest and PetSmart by
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Michael Hayes has apparently always been a Christopher Guest character.
How great is Christopher Guest as the doctor?
David Lush on is a Christopher Guest character. . Except real.
NJDOE threatens loss of funding if legislators pass A4165, but and clear up...
is my favorite Christopher Guest movie! The ‘color religion’ was brilliant
Guest Post from & NJ Legislators Need to Stand Up for Our Children
Since Glee is ending, you 2 should gang up on Christopher Guest to get to work on another movie...
! Loving it. Not sure if I can call it a mocumentary but it's up there with Christopher Guest's work.
Listen to Rush Hour 066 w/ guest Mechanimal by Christopher Lawrence on
LIVE on on Singer/Song Writer Christopher Anton is my guest at 5CT/3PT Listen here:
13: "Waiting For Guffman". Director: Christopher Guest. 1996. . Mockumentary by one of the masters.
Check out Christopher Guest, The Best of video via
New show "Oberon Guest Mix for Rush Hour with Christopher Lawrence" up now at Check it out now!
I want to go home and watch a Christopher Guest film and take a nap. But this is soothing for now
if I buy a diamond pass for Christopher Lloyd is there less queuing involved to meet the guest?
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Anyone want to see our lovely guest reviewer Jennifer floored...I know I do! Check out her review of Christopher...
I'm live on Taboo Talk with Christopher Cathcart! Please listen now at
no one told me Christopher Guest did an HBO TV show with Hottie McHotts from Bridesmaids and now I am upset and also have too much to watch
"J & J in Au Gres" is excited to host our featured guest, Bay City Mayor Christopher Shannon, shortly for Podcast
Canadian 'Creek' overflows with good humor: Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, who co-starred in Christopher Guest's…
Hm. I might need to have a Christopher Guest marathon.
love McKean. we need more Christopher Guest movies
then when i came out i tuned into the Christopher Guest films
Loving the Christopher Guest feel tonight on
I am so obsessed with tonight's show!! Catherine and Eugene were amazing! I'm a huge fan of Christopher Guest movies!
Has Jamie Lee Curtis ever pranced onto a Christopher Guest set just to shout “I’m the Lady?!"
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