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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus (before 31 October 1451 - 20 May 1506) was an explorer, colonizer, and navigator, born in the Republic of Genoa, in what is today northwestern Italy.

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More exploration today...just like Christopher Columbus 😜
Reminder: World History does not begin with Christopher Columbus, nor does it end with the fall of the British Empire.
I can't wait until I'm in the rooms that make the changes to curriculum. It's criminal I learned about Christopher Columbus etc...
Christopher Columbus appeals to King Ferdinand, Queen Isabella, and the Spanish court (January 1492)
Christopher Columbus (imprisoned by Queen Isabella of Spain for his atrocities against the natives of Grenada),
This Day In: 1492, the carrack Santa María, commanded by Christopher Columbus, runs onto a reef off Haiti due to an improper watch.
Christopher Columbus's flagship, the Santa Maria, ran aground on a reef on this day in 1492.
Comedian Flip Wilson was born on Dec. 8, 1933, Here he tells the story of Christopher Columbus for Dean Martin
In Pittston, Christopher Columbus statue lands in a car after a crash. Onlookers call it "unbelievable."
Dec. 5, 1492: Christopher Columbus arrives at Hispaniola, going ashore the next day.
Carter at age 8: "Christopher Columbus did not discover America. He was lost. America was built on the labor of slaves and genocide of Nati-
only us, Pancho Villa and Simon Bolivar, one Christopher Columbus now wants to discover our treasure
Shouts out to Christopher Columbus and the pilgrims 🦃
awe😢 I miss you too Christopher Columbus 🙁
Shaquille and I kind of joke we were the Christopher Columbus of social...
At 7'10' you will see Jim Dale as Christopher Columbus. Or Mark Rylands as Wolsey? You decide. ?
"Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in nineteen-ninety-seventy-two" -Ainsley owens
In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue... to stumble-upon Puerto Plata! Dive into the rich history this WKND…
I'm still mad my elementary school tried to teach me Christopher Columbus discovered America
FUN FACT OF THE DAY: . Christopher Columbus italian name was Cristoforo Colombo. He was a citizen of the Republic of Genoa.
They will tell teach you about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, and not the real heroes like Thomas Sankara and Che…
Neil Armstrong was no Christopher Columbus. In most respects, he was be...
Queen Victoria oversaw the Irish Famine and Queen Isabella was Christopher Columbus biggest advocate.
Why people still calling aboriginal people Indian I thought we established that Christopher Columbus & Jacques Cart…
I.E. Christopher Columbus was rejected by seven nations, but was accepted by Spain. The Chinese could not do such a thing.
2nd fact: Christopher Columbus wasn't first to circumnavigate the globe neither was sir Francis drake. But a Portuguese fella
Editor's Note:. As with any such controversial character as Christopher Columbus there are many who believe it to...
If only the Redsox had put in Christopher Columbus...
I hate the word hate but I have pure hatred for Christopher Columbus
I'm not even going to lie though little Christopher Columbus killed it
I don't care who try's to tell me what's in the books, what Christopher Columbus did was wrong and selfish
My daughter asked why do I have to go to work on Columbus Day I told her the only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace 😂.
good morning to everyone except Christopher Columbus
I have pure hatred for Christopher Columbus Beckie with am a me give American, I have rights too
Statue of Christopher in Prospect Park was covered by a bag overnight, along with chalk message calling him "s…
Christopher Columbus: Why has a symbol of mass slaughter been idolised for more than half a millennium?
We should be celebrating Native Americans, not Christopher Columbus.
christopher columbus? WHACK. his voyage? WHACK. his ships? WHACK. how he didn't even discover anything? WHACK. natives? we're t…
Goodnight to everyone except Christopher Columbus who is burning in ***
wut funked up stuff have u been thinking bout doing to christopher columbus?? : D
Nevermind. Chris Columbus is just as much of a horrible inhuman monster as Christopher Columbus was...
The work of Christopher Columbus continues in 2016:
Y'all ever see Bradley walk on to a beach .. he is walk up like he's Christopher Columbus discovering new land 😂😂😂
i will acknowledge Christopher Robin before Christopher Columbus
As an Italian American I don't need Christopher Columbus. If I need someone to look up to I have Roberto Benigni & Nanni Moretti, so no thx.
The fact that Christopher Columbus has his own day for being a thief just proves what kind of principles our country was fo…
Mass and Columbus Day Ceremony at St. Mikes and Stature of Christopher Columbus via
oh really Kia, because I thought I was Christopher Columbus
Solid student convos re: Olaudah Equiano, Christopher Columbus, 18th c. commerce, Slavery. Good day in 8th grade
Christopher Columbus existed. King Leopold of Belgium. Andrew Jackson. Trump. Nothing surprising about white men and their horrible deeds
The United States of America has had a clown problem since the day Christopher Columbus set foot there.
we don't have a day for Hitler so why should we have a day for Christopher Columbus?
I feel like Christopher Columbus finding this porta potty at Hazeltine
Cheers to October 1st and the beginning of Virginia Wine Month. Channel a little 'Christopher Columbus', set...
Queen Isabella of Spain was the first true venture capitalist in history, she financed an entrepreneur Christopher Columbus.
"I just feel like there is so much available *** & I gotta be Christopher Columbus and explore every possible option" 😂
Ruby is learning about Christopher Columbus and asked me if I was alive when he was around😫
My history teacher told the class that Elizabeth 2 sent Christopher Columbus yep she's been alive for 700 years you are good at ur job
By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.- Christopher Columbus
that & we don't need to honor Christopher Columbus again.
well, Christopher Columbus landed and started murdering and raping...cut to 2016
Why does Christopher Columbus still have a day? He can't discover something that was already found.
Whenever I think about Christopher Columbus I think about Franzen and
Elementary school : "Christopher Columbus was the first to sail to N.A." . Meanwhile a relic Viking ship just docked in NY from norway.
I saw a boy of the crew purchasing javelins of them with bits of platters and broke
We been in America wayyy before Christopher Columbus came.
In a museum in Havana, there are two skulls of Christopher Columbus,"one when he was a boy and one when he was a man."
Make them learn our history and culture so they can stop pulling a Christopher Columbus on poc/bp
I hear you. We were going to go to Plymouth Rock last week but said…nope. Screw Christopher Columbus!!
really upsetting that some kids are still taught Christopher Columbus was anything but a
The issues we've had throughout history. I don't know what really went in in hist. But I don't believe that Christopher Columbus crap
Proud mom moment: When your child comes home saying she doesn't want to celebrate Columbus Day because Christopher Columbus was a murderer.
"Wait the mayflower was part of Christopher Columbus's fleet right?" - Brendan
"Thankful"? I would die TEN TIMES for a chance to decapitate Christopher Columbus just once. Just once, Lord. LOL
tech teacher: Christopher Columbus was a pretty cool guy, right?. me: no not really
I mean I can google did Christopher Columbus discovery America and get mixed answers too
Christopher Jones surprised a Columbus police officer who saved him from drowning when he was 5 years old
Ep128, Norm Macdonald as Christopher Columbus...coming soon to NBC!
Christopher Columbus couldn't find India, but we did.
Yay let's celebrate a man that caused an extinction of an entire race -Christopher Columbus Day
Whenever I take Winston for a walk in a new place, he tries to pee on everything. . Should have named him Christopher Columbus. badumtiss
thank you! After all Christopher Columbus called everyone Indians except "we" the real 🇮🇳 Indians 😂
wait until they find out the truth about Christopher Columbus
"Yuh grandmother in she bedroom relaxing, while your *** out there playing Christopher Columbus, exploring sxm"
"why isn't your chicken seasoned didn't Christopher Columbus discover Americas for ***
What a pity, when Christopher Columbus discovered America, that he ever mentioned it
The Columbia of the District of Columbia stands for Christopher Columbus?
Imagine if Christopher Columbus never found America . Imagine if Caucasians were still in their part of Europe
"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the sore."-Christopher Columbus
Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, Leif Erikson, and Francisco Pizarro were playing but could never beat the Straights of Magellan.
Alfredo sauce was invented by Christopher Columbus in 2003
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Colin K. not standing for da Star Spangled Banner is nothin compared to what Christopher Columbus has done to Native Americans.
People with the name Christopher are problematic, Christopher Brown, Christopher Walken, Christopher Columbus.
*John Rolfe is planting tobacco on atsou*. Haley- so when was this?. Me- 1610. Haley- is that before or after Christopher Columbus?
Ok, but really lets all agree to tell our kids the truth about Christopher Columbus and how most textbooks unfairly favor white men
The origins of tobacco: Brian Cox explains how Christopher Columbus was involved in the beginnings of tobacco...
Brian's mom is so dumb, she told him that Christopher Columbus is from England.
The Miller for Frazier and Sheffield trade has to be the biggest robbery of the since Christopher Columbus.
So much more to Caribbean History than Columbus. Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace!!!
So ya did all of dat my *** ... S/O da Christopher Columbus *** y'all always figure out how to Win 🏆 even if it ain't ya W ...
Eugene Delacroix's artwork Christopher Columbus and His Son at La Rabida 1838 on
They just showed the class talking about Christopher Columbus... I think this is High School.
Latinos came with Christopher Columbus.why are Europeans here ?
Saw the "original batman" on Christopher Columbus' tomb according to my dad
yeah I forgot to say that I was actually on the tube with Christopher Columbus 😂😂😂
Me: Christopher Columbus was a *** Victoria: whattt why isn't he the guy who directed Harry potter?
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Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Christopher Columbus to MLK Jr. Inspired their generation and promoted peace not fear & hatred like
Kelly called me Christopher Columbus because of my outfit 😐
American history in school is being taught Christopher Columbus was a hero but Malcolm X never existed.
And the sea will grant each man new hope . . . his sleep brings dreams of home. ~Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus was not the 1st guy to travel D world. But was D one known to slave & kill many in each port he st…
For Other great 'Christophers' - Christopher of Bavaria, Christopher Columbus, Christopher Marlowe and Christopher Robin
The Race to the New World: Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, and a Lost History
5 of the gallery's artists are exhibiting in Christopher Columbus Park today until 6! Arts at
Christopher Columbus "discovered" America because him and his boys were looking for new ***
"We don't have a day off to celebrate Hitler, so why do we have a day off in remembrance of Christopher Columbus."
you wanna know who else was lost? Christopher Columbus, and look what he did
Visit me today in Christopher Columbus Park til 6 pm for Arts at Harborfest!
If these myspace rappers got groupies, jesus and christopher columbus had ***
Christopher columbus traveled the seas in search of new *** They ran out where he was from. LIT. I can see that.
"who invented light" . "I was gonna say Christopher Columbus but he said sailed the ocean"
Electronic Device Insurance
it's a subliminal allegorical social commentary regarding the repossession of Native American land by Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus was one of the first Europeans to encounter them (in the Caribbean), and called them "peppers" .
is right - to Mars and beyond! Christopher Columbus didn't stay at the mid-Atlantic islands for long!
Frenchman who now owns Cablevision says he's Christopher Columbus of cable. (As if Dolans weren't arrogant *** )
Christopher Columbus was pretty unchill, I'm glad he's dead.
Oh good lord. Behold the gigantic, hideous statue Trump wanted to erect in the middle of Manhattan
lol men always seem to think they have Christopher Columbus'd me like they might be the first ones to notice. They're cute.
and you would be right 😀. Also remains of Viking trade settlements. Christopher Columbus wasn't the first.
4th of July = When Christopher Columbus discovered beer and bbq
How Christopher Columbus: I used to travel to America before it was mainstream.
Christopher Columbus was awful but this other guy was not - The Washington Post How People Disappear The Moon transitting the Earth.
What Nationality was Christopher Columbus? He started the genocide of the Natives and the trans Atlantic Slave Trade
Learning lots about Christopher Columbus in the Casa de Colon
The Trump Files: Behold the Gigantic, Hideous Statue He Wanted to Erect In the Middle of Manhattan | Mother Jones
I feel like Christopher Columbus ⛵️ exploring all the new (to me) areas of the Central Park. Hour and a half walk...
Our Summer Potluck is still scheduled for Wed. July 20, 5:30–7:30 p.m. in Christopher Columbus Park in the North End.
Where better to be this evening than to hear Louis MacNeice radio epic Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery and the Rise of European Capitalism by John Henrik Clarke -
THURS 6pm listen to 1942 prodn of Louis MacNeice's Christopher Columbus + Q&A with Dr Peter Golphin
These are the sights drew Christopher Columbus to Guadeloupe in 1493: 🙌
This Day in Environmental History: May 20, 1506 Christopher Columbus dies in Valladolid, Spain at 55.
. almighty traveller. Christopher Columbus. Tamsyn's UK Tour. Ms. Here for one day only
05/20 Died on this day: 1506: Christopher Columbus, 1996: Doctor Who, Worzel Gummidge & Carry on star Jon Pertwee
Vasco da Gama arrives in India, Christopher Columbus dies, HIV discovered, "Cheers" airs finale, all on this day.
On this day 20/5/1506 Christopher Columbus the great Italian explorer died in Valladolid Spain,he died a poor man.
On this day in 1506 Christopher Columbus died in Valladold Spain convinced that he had been mistreated by his patron, the King.
MBBS:Christopher Columbus explorer, dies in poverty in Spain at 55 . 1906 Wright...
Christopher Columbus has a National Holiday, correct me if I'm wrong, he was a Slave owner, Malcolm X can't even get love on his born day
Stolen Christopher Columbus letter returned: A stolen letter written by Christopher Columbus was found in the...
Today, expect to see a lot "Happy Haitian Day" Expect to see a lot of "May 18,1804" And also *** giving mad props to Christopher Columbus
Viking explorers met Native Americans long before Christopher Columbus did and we are a combination of both. Running Wolf White Buffalo MC
Now that I know the popular history of Paul Revere, Christopher Columbus, and Betsy Ross were mostly false, I've...
This is where Christopher Columbus' dead body lies and that PRETTY FREAKIN COOL
Why is the Gods of Egypt movie an all white cast 🤔. Would you have an Indian play Christopher Columbus?! Yal would blow a gasket smh
Ile-Ife was paved in 1000 AD with decorations from Ancient America 500 years before Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ Ame…
Christopher Columbus first arrived to the Cayman Islands on this day in 1503?
Why don't we have an Amerigo Vespucci day instead of Christopher Columbus Day? Since Columbus was dumb and killed millions of people...
on a serious voyage like Christopher Columbus. I went to that jamacian joint the other day and thought bout you my *** lol
Dad- "what really makes me mad is that we celebrate Christopher Columbus Day but not 4/20"
I finally see land after 7 days at sea crossing the Atlantic Ocean. -what I said and what Christopher Columbus possibly said too.
"Biosphere has been charted as well today as the globe was in Christopher Columbus's day"
I suggest the Columbus Day should henceforth to be changed as "Curse the Christopher Columbus and spit on him" day.
Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer, navigator, colonizer and citizen of the Republic of Genoa. Under...
What Will Be Impact to the Dominican Republic of Cuba's Resurgence: Discovered by Christopher Columbus in the...
It's a beautiful day in Boston for an engagement session. Meeting Taylor and Jeff in Christopher Columbus Park...
What do George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Christopher Columbus all have in common? . They were all born on holidays. Im 16 now😁
Pinto's sister was Pinta. She carried Christopher Columbus *** to the New World. Strong woman.
can someone help me find the different volumes of a history of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus by Washington Irving?
Today is & fun fact, Christopher Columbus died bitter & penniless man. Ironically, he lost everything at an Indian Casino.
Check out Cherish's independent research into Christopher Columbus. Are explorers scientists?
When Christopher Columbus landed in the Caribbean and he was tryna tell people it was India
on 1492 Spain and Christopher Columbus sign the Capitulations of Santa Fe for his voyage to Asia to acquire spices.
*shrugs with a small smile* How about Christopher Columbus, then? *bites a laugh* Regal enough for you?
1492: Spain and Christopher Columbus sign a contract for him to sail to Asia to get spices.
1492, Christopher Columbus signs contract with Spain to find the Indies.
Why Erykah Badu can't keep a man? And why every dude she smash end up dressing like Christopher Columbus?
Do I look like Christopher Columbus? Am I guiding a ship to a new land? So. when I ask for directions. please don't use words like East.
Collector Mug No. 2 in a series of 6, Christopher Columbus series
The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus (1958, oil on canvas). by Salvador Dalí (Spanish, b.1904 d.1989)
ummm in pretty sure the entry about Christopher Columbus discovering America by surfing on a wave of cheese wiz is accurate ok?
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Christopher Columbus genuinely thought that manatees were "unattractive mermaids" and y'all wanna give him credit for discovering America ??
Christopher Columbus,. He was credited for discovering the New World. (Much of the Americas),…
"Christopher Columbus is famous for discovering the Americas, much like a meteorite discovered the dinosaurs." -
I was taught how to rob, kill, lie, cheat & steal from Christopher Columbus & nem, breh. I was w/my tribe coolin & now, all th…
This is really cool. Wish we could permanently dispel the crap about Christopher Columbus "discovering" New World
Cool, so in Mass Effect Andromada you play as Christopher Columbus. Neat. Looking forward to the slavery. /s
Machu Picchu was built around 1450 CE, less than 50 years before Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World.
Christopher Columbus was an Italian man, and sailed for the Spanish. So idk how this is even makes sense?
We get Native American day off, we get Christopher Columbus off, shoot we better get Cesar Chavez day off too😒
In 1492 Christopher Columbus had 2 💦 *** 💦 to this land
well I mean you not gonna cast idris Elba as Christopher Columbus right? I'm quite neutral on the whole thing. But that's them
"Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World." A metaphor. --Christopher Columbus
"Christopher Columbus he sailed the ocean blue. He landed on a continent in 1492."
Question: Why do our schools still teach that Christopher Columbus discovered...
Watch the real story about Christopher Columbus (what your teachers never told you):   10% Off
In his typical way he hijacks stuff that many before him were doing. He acts like he started everything. Christopher Columbus!
Chinese explorer Zheng He’s ship compared to Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria. Both lived and sailed at the s...
Apparently a scale model of Zeng He's ship next to Christopher Columbus'.
How did Christopher Columbus find America with a ship this small?
Chinese explorer Zheng He's ship vs Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria. Both lived and sailed at the same time.
Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, Geno Smith saved the white and green in 2016
write a report on Christopher Columbus using Encyclopedia Britannica
ST. PATRICK'S DAY: THE MOVIE -- St. Patrick (Idris Elba) squares off against Christopher Columbus (the devil) in a battle of good vs evil.
Christopher Columbus: The world is not flat! . Everyone:.
Pike is giving me Christopher Columbus realness
there were 2*** don't over exaggerate*** but in essence we've reached Christopher Columbus status***
thank you Amerigo Vespucci and Christopher Columbus for your contribution to pickled history.
That's bout as much of a "discovery" as Christopher Columbus discovering America. Moms told me he's a *** blasted liar.
"Hey you got your Vespucci all over my Christopher Columbus". "Well YOU got your Columbus all over my Amerigo Vespucci!". Both: "Delicious!"
Mini Me is listening to Roxanne Shanté and Kendrick while writing about how Christopher Columbus pillaged & persecuted indigenous people. ✊🏾
Margaret Sanger in Christopher Columbus territory pleighboi... We acknowledge no Margaret's on this side
I added a video to a playlist SHAKEY GRAVES - "Christopher Columbus" (Live at Telluride Blues & Brews
Colomares castle, a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus and his arrival to the New World, Ben
Dora is probably the worst explorer ever. Christopher Columbus is a close second.
Hopefully you don't believe the massive lie that "Christopher Columbus discovered the land in 1492".
If you still believe that Christopher Columbus discovered Amerikka then you can't even talk to me.
I also imagine Christopher Columbus saying this to the Native Americans... Same with hitter to the Jews... Odd pattern
Please share my ICTMN article: 8 Myths and Atrocities About and -
9 yo: Mommy, were you alive when Christopher Columbus sailed? . Me: . This has been your *** of the day.
My students: I was born in 2010. How about you Ms. Valerio. Me: 1992. Students: woah that's when Christopher Columbus was alive.
To explore and become the next Christopher Columbus, or waste $60 either way
How many groups reached the Americas before Christopher Columbus?
Research says Christopher Columbus discovered America too.. Now we all know how that really happened
“There is no island that is more beautiful in the world.” Christopher Columbus, 1492
Emitt Till, Sandra Bland, Trevon Martin,Christopher Columbus appear to be "Latino" like Cruz & Rubio.Not "White" like Donald Trump.Wake-up!
IF I'm lucky & bless my history exam will focus primarily on Christopher Columbus & Prince Henry. 🙏
Why do we park on driveways and wash stew? Why is Christopher Columbus skiing in my kitchen? Am I Olaf?
Rarely is anyone discovering new land like they're Christopher Columbus. So get over yourself and realize we're all adults
"HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! . Christopher Columbus landed on the island on December 5, 1492, which…
Kelly is the Christopher Columbus of frat spice scamming
You know, things that actually have practical use? I mean Christopher Columbus and Squanto and math is cool but how about life skills?
Alonzo Pietro, a black Spaniard, explorer set sail with Christopher Columbus to explore the "New World."
How Europeans WERE the first to discover America-but it was 20,000 years before Christopher Columbus via
So was Christopher Columbus but nobody says anything about that either
Just been researching Christopher Columbus and the original names of the Caribbean islands he arrived at.
to be accurate Christopher Columbus did not technically discover America so should he be on the list🤔
please share Christopher Columbus did not discover America. People (aka Native Americans) were here when he arrived.
Christopher Columbus didn't discover America there were people already here
They want us to forget & forget horrible things like this but remember Christopher Columbus tho 😑 https…
Christopher Columbus || he ruined America with his white *** claimed America as Spanish lands and was hella ugly http…
"Christopher Columbus did go on a voyage right ". "So did Lewis and Clark have a boat to" . "Pherensics"
. Christopher Columbus and the slave trade by Dr John Henry Clarke
"And you're not Christopher Columbus on the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria but..." - The beginning of advice from Tom Lewis
Christopher Columbus was responsible for the genocide of indigenous peoples numbering between 3-8 million.
WHM Columbus Day. When Christopher Columbus got lost and discovered American and claimed it desite the Natives who lived here
if we get a day off for a sociopath like Christopher Columbus we should definitely get a day off for an angel like Harry’s bday
I would kill Christopher Columbus or just KingFerdininad and Queen Isabella
Flat earth/Christopher Columbus thing was made up by Washington Irving. Yes, the Headless Horseman guy.
We've learned abt white history since the day we entered school. Christopher Columbus, Paul Revere, how much more recognition do y'all want?
this chick from my work didn't know who Christopher Columbus is, So are you saying we should have a white month to?
Christopher Columbus is Latin. What white celebratory days are there? ST Patrick's Day?
they don't need a white history month . They're celebrated all year long. Christopher Columbus is known for "discovering"
We supposed to learn all these lies about how great white ppl (Christopher Columbus) were & nothing about our own kind... Where is 2pac bro
Just fyi, January is the month of Sanctity of Human Life. Wish they had that back in Christopher Columbus's day.
We celebrate soldiers, presidents, Christopher Columbus, and trees. How about a day for the arts and artists?
My professor just said Christopher Columbus is a *** and that there shouldn't be Columbus Day.
There are only two people that have holidays named after them: Martin Luther King Jr. & Christopher Columbus. 🤔
I'm so glad day was the day that Christopher Columbus and Martin Luther King became friends.
I thought gone with the wind was a story about what Christopher Columbus did to the Native Americans
College update: learning about Christopher Columbus, Roanoke, etc for probably the 6th time in my life
U think a girl is really feeling u, these times shes exploring her options like Christopher Columbus askin her girls which sh…
1492 was a big year for Christopher Columbus: he discovered the Americas & caused inflation https…
Get over the fact this president is BLACK. We are not mad you lied about Christopher Columbus discovering this Native Land
"Do you think Christopher Columbus had time for questions?! No! He was too busy discovering America!" 😂
biggest terriost attack on American soil is Christopher Columbus discovering this country killing and taking this land from the Indians
This is the reput. ed speach given by Christopher Columbus after discovering the New World. "A funny thing happended to on the way to India"
aye prolly so you look like Christopher Columbus ***
this Girl chose a movie about Christopher columbus
I wanna tell yall today about how my ap world teacher tried so hard to stick up for Christopher columbus , it was hilarious LMAO
First ever terrorist in North America was that confused white dude named Christopher Columbus aay
I don't know why if you were here today with 23° I would've imagined you like Christopher Columbus arriving in America ROTFL Such a relief!
Express is Parked every weekday on Christopher Columbus by Grove St right in Front 70 Columbus 6pm to 9pm
and my name is Christopher Columbus.
As Christopher Columbus once said, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade (most likely, at…
I listened to a The College Dropout like 3 times today. @ Christopher Columbus Park
discovering ruins of a Christopher Columbus port.
Jan 15 1493- Christopher Columbus sets sail for Spain from Hispaniola, ending his first voyage to the New World
Well they were certainly here before Christopher Columbus
I added a video to a playlist Animated Hero Classics: Christopher Columbus on DVD
tryna go christopher columbus on sunset park with some $360 VIP parties, eh?
Very interesting report.The subsequent Comments section is every bit as fascinating.Christopher Columbus has alot to answer for
Anyways the European Renaissance came and Christopher Columbus got lost in the Caribbean which changed everything because Native Americans
Christopher Columbus asked both Spain and Portugal to fund his ventures. Spain listened, but Portugal didn't give a SHIP
Remains of Christopher Columbus' shipwreck. We had a great taxi driver that also acted as a tour…
lol. You can send it to 1675 Christopher Columbus Boulevard 19148 at the Walmart.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Especially stupid people on tonight, including a lady teaching history who thought Christopher Columbus was English.
It is about how Inquisition started in Spain an also how Christopher columbus Set of to discover Americas.
Why are we talking about gun crime in America now? We need to start at the beginning with Christopher Columbus. It's too little too late now
"You know what? Christopher Columbus done messed up man." - Charles Jackel
america is still trying to pull a Christopher columbus in some parts of the world and spread and change the way other ppl are
If i ever feel bad about myself i just remember that my 20 year old sister thinks Christopher Columbus is German & i feel alright
playing Christopher Columbus's voyage! We know loads about how his voyage was amazing!
Where Obama has made refrence that their was a Muslim that Guided Christopher Columbus to America Islam found it
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