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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus (before 31 October 1451 - 20 May 1506) was an explorer, colonizer, and navigator, born in the Republic of Genoa, in what is today northwestern Italy.

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"If you know where you're going, you'll definitely get there." Christopher Columbus.
Unit: Writing- research Christopher Columbus with partners- What was he looking for? What did he try? What did he f…
- like Christopher Columbus wouldn't even think about Africa because he's in Europe... like no one knows the real truth or whatever but ew
luv ur work since 97' when we Christopher Columbus U! It is & requesting an interview to promote our screening
"I and I see upfully that Christopher Columbus is a *** blasted liar." . ~ Burning Spear
If America was named after Christopher Columbus, it would be called Columbia. Instead it's named after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci
In a museum in Havana, there are two skulls of Christopher Columbus,. "one when he was a boy and one when he was a man.". -- Mark Twain
Christopher Columbus is the embodiment of Europe's Faustian spirit. He manifested of our ancestors' primal drives to p…
Christopher Columbus, Francis Scott Key, most "founding fathers" (gag)... At this point it's almost safe to assume…
📝 Christopher Columbus. You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
I’m always confused when people get mad at Christopher Columbus and yell at white people. Y’all know Italia…
Might dress up as Christopher Columbus for Halloween cause to my people nothin is spookier
My brother really just said I’m Christopher Columbus tryna explore the whole world because of how I drive so much 😂💀
We do speak on our disdain for Christopher Columbus. Where have u been?
The dawn of multimessenger astronomy. Postdoctoral student Charlie Kilpatrick is right up. there with Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong
Christopher Columbus was no saint — and neither were the indigenous Americans
Tuukka Rask pays tribute to Christopher Columbus by venturing wildly off-course
A ranking of people named Chris. 1. Chris Hemsworth . 2. Chris Pratt . 3. Chris Pine . . .and dead fckin last . Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus didn't discover america. Ignoring the fact people already lived there, Leif Ericson arrived there 500 years before him
Why do we hate Christopher Columbus all of a sudden? The dude got on 3 wooden ships, sailed across the ocean, and discovered the new world
"Yo, my man, Christopher Columbus, God bless ya, and thanks. Happy birthday." -- Allen West
Listen: Hear the fascinating truth about Christopher Columbus and the cannibalistic indigenous people. via
Listen: Hear the fascinating truth about Christopher Columbus - TheBlaze via
Correcting the record on Christopher Columbus (1/2 w/ David Barton) by Pat Gray Unleashed on
Christopher Columbus, William Bradford, Hernando Cortes, Ponce De Leon, John Smith are the best things to ever happen to
Listen: Hear the fascinating truth about Christopher Columbus via
Correcting the Christopher Columbus record w/David Barton, etc. - 10/9/17 by Pat Gray Unleashed on
Teach your kids the truth about Christopher Columbus (with David Barton) Part 1: // Part 2:…
theblaze "Listen: Hear the fascinating truth about Christopher Columbus
THE BLAZE: Listen: Hear the fascinating truth about Christopher Columbus
Listen: Hear the fascinating truth about Christopher Columbus
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On first Indigenous Peoples Day in Los Angeles, Grand Park's statue of Christopher Columbus is covered.
Did you know that the first $5 Federal Reserve Note in 1914 depicted a vignette of Christopher Columbus as well as…
Christopher Columbus is the Emilio Aguinaldo of the United States.
Why I’m celebrating indigenous people on Monday, not Christopher Columbus:
Christopher Columbus was a domestic terrorist. It's Indigenous Peoples' Day now. Get with the program.
Even the founder Christopher Columbus is under Democratic attacks. NYC Mayor De Blasio being *** again
New York City Christopher Columbus statue is on 24-hour watch
AntiFa protestors have vowed to deface Christopher Columbus monuments. Will the City prote…
Erdogan has repeatedly expressed the belief that Muslim explorers reached America before Christopher Columbus and...
Now it's Christopher Columbus, he thought the world was flat, I believe he thought he was of the coast of India, now stop it!
Christopher Columbus was one of Europe's greatest sons, a genius navigator, and a pious Chr…
A toast to the great Christopher Columbus, discoverer of the Americas and one of our truly noble forefathers!
The radical left are on the warpath against Christopher Columbus. Push back! Show your support by using the hash tag
Christopher Columbus's exploration is an essential part of our eventual colonization and history. . Leave his day alone. .
Columbia Students Call for Cancellation of speaking. Odd for college named after Christopher Columbus!
Scholars have for some time thought Christopher Columbus to be Jewish.
Happy early Columbus Day to the lame brain Portland city coun…
Don't let the radical left smear our history. Christopher Columbus was a hero of Western Civilization. h…
made this bc I was yelling about how Christopher Columbus didn’t really discover anything and these were…
I love socratic seminars in history because they always end with two people getting in a petty fight over Christopher Colu…
I don’t respect Columbus Day, Christopher Columbus.He was a disgrace to this country and a shameful excuse for a human. May he be forgotten.
Power lawyers team up to protect controversial Christopher Columbus statue
When your sister says Christopher Columbus said the ocean blue in…
"Group speaks up for Christopher Columbus in statue battle" via FOX NEWS
"Christopher Columbus is a damm blasted liar" Burning Spear
christopher columbus came to the US to find mayo, fam, he was lookin for white man *** mayo to eat. to eat the mayonaisse
Christopher Columbus fed Caribbean natives to dogs for sport and offered child sex slaves as rewards to officers who pleas…
"No educated person in the history of Western Civilization from the third century B.C. onward believed that the...
Claremont 4th graders researching & debating the legacy of Christopher Columbus
Great reporting from on coordinated campaign to deface Christopher Columbus statues. Check it out.…
1905 Jewish synagogue admitted jews funded Christopher Columbus & said they're proud of discovering the New World. *** they…
I am happy to celebrate Christopher Columbus Day & his bringing civilization to a continent full of savage, stone-aged people.
It still won't change the history of Christopher Columbus.
and Bill Bigelow shows why we need to -
as if taking us from OUR country wasnt enough , giving Christopher Columbus credit for something WE already discove…
Millions of Americans will celebrate Christopher Columbus this weekend. This is the genocide being celebrated:.
Did you know that not only did Christopher Columbus introduce lettuce to the new world, but also massacred the natives…
Here’s why we really shouldn’t be celebrating Christopher Columbus.
no school monday!! 3 day weekend Thank god for Christopher Columbus
To appease Italians they must replace every Christopher Columbus statue with a Chris Moltisanti statue- a great character from the sopranos
If my kids ain't shading Christopher Columbus by the age of 5 I have failed them as a parent.
Christopher Columbus did not come first.. Mansa Musa in 1310ad. And his brother before that date.
In 1492, Christopher Columbus got us a day off school.
Need a Lyft coupon code? Here's one for $50 The code you need to enter: ZOOT ~~ Christopher Columbus High School Miami FL
So were Christopher Columbus and his shooters just "gunman", too?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Woman arrested in vandalism of Christopher Columbus statue at San Jose City Hall
White Men have been terrorizing this country since christopher columbus. Our generation is just experience their wrath.
My child gon be the 1 in class tellin the teacher the Europeans & Christopher Columbus was a thief and a murder. &Ima have to have a meeting
Remember This?║2,000 Minnesotans signed a petition to replace St. Paul Columbus Statue, with one of PRINCE- the -
Tomb of Christopher Columbus in Seville Cathedral, story that he’s actually there sounds a bit dubious -im…
“Christopher Columbus stands for the spirit of Italian Americans and motivation for success, the statues should stay" -
reminiscing on how terrible a person Christopher Columbus was, but also realizing he the reason you getting lit Sunday htt…
Modern day Christopher Columbus. And no, that's not a compliment.
Christopher Columbus was a massive bellend why do people celebrate him
Shoutout to my dude Christopher Columbus for getting us out of school next Monday
just time travelled back to 1492 and Christopher Columbus concentrated Obama's cordial hard-hitting stick figure
I'm teaching Christopher Columbus this week and every time I say the ship names I want to sing
Back When i was in elementary school . i always thought school was for no reason . Why Tf we gotta learn about Christopher Columbus ?
Christopher Columbus is my goon alter ego
It’s Gameday! Columbus vs Booker T. Tonight at 5PM. Make sure to tune into for coverage
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I bet you were taught history in school and stuck with what you've learned. You probably think Christ…
NYPD watching Christopher Columbus monuments leading up to p... via | 🚀 by
Tune into for Columbus vs Booker T. at 5PM
Christopher Columbus went and saw a girl with "USD 21" in her bio.
Well, it started with fake news,with Christopher Columbus killing Native Americans for gold and si…
Did you Know? Indian Spices were on quest during expeditions of both Christopher Columbus and Vasco Da Gama.…
It’s been this way since Christopher Columbus... what’s changed?
LONDON to BATH walk: Christopher Columbus, Grosvenor Square, Holloway College, Egham and the Pewsey Downs, Wiltshire. ht…
As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer explained, many have strong points of view.
Explorer Christopher Columbus locating a safe place to jump off the Sinking Ship loaded with Indian Economy, Genoa.(149…
Tiken Jah Fakoly - Christopher Columbus is playing on
Oh the Catalonia referendum is illegal? Know what else was illegal? Christopher Columbus committing genocide…
In 1493, Christopher Columbus, on his 2nd trip, landed on a major island & was greeted by the Taíno Natives with open arms…
“Reid was America and the pillow was Asia when you over shoot a continent” . Me: Columbus
Anybody using terms like black or white to describe people also believe Th other Luciferian lies like Christopher Columbus.…
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People be giving me directions like "enter the building through the east doors" like I'm Christopher Columbus with the compass smh
All about going Christopher Columbus on Ohio State's field... in Columbus
I hate MilesChronicles more than I hate Christopher Columbus. -and people who ship Sam and Dean Winchester
Christopher Columbus statue defaced in Central Park via
Christopher Columbus statue in Central Park vandalized with ominous graffiti: "
Christopher Columbus statue defaced in Central Park. Watch who is pushing the hashtag on the bottom..
.hand of the Christopher Columbus statue in Central Park has been painted red.
...that was popularized as true b/c Washington Irving made crap up to fluff up his Christopher Columbus b…
Study of a little known battle by Christopher Columbus reveals unexpected facts about Amerigo Vespucci.…
Yes yes yes. Minnesotans want to replace a statue of Christopher Columbus with Prince
Christopher Columbus by John Boyd thatcher will UNLOCK so many Codes in your DNA. The Truth about the Moors in America
Leif Erikson before Christopher Columbus. Neither they nor the Mayflower passengers h…
Amerigo Vespucci or Christopher Columbus et al never assimilated to the AmerIndian culture but got to stay and more...
In 1503 when Christopher Columbus first discovered the islands, he called them “Las Tortugas” because of all the sea tu…
! they're taught that people who ruined this land like Christopher Columbus should be idolized when all they di…
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No longer on a pedestal: New York debates Christopher Columbus statues and the explorer's legacy
Ghost of Christopher Columbus upon them, happy Indigenous Peoples Day Mo-fo's
Monument Wars - Christopher Columbus the next to fall via
sounds like this person is describing Christopher Columbus.
This Statue was built in memory of Italians lynched in New Orleans: NY mayor considers Columbus statue removal
y'all really think Christopher Columbus discovered America? lmfao. where tf you think tupac went when he "died" ?
Every statue of Christopher Columbus everywhere should be replaced with Prince
To all who say that are entitled, remember that if it hadn't been for Christopher Columbus, you'd be a dreamer too.
Christopher Columbus essentially commented "first" on a YouTube video that already had 50 million views.
christopher columbus...not MY explorer
If we went back in time and bucked shots at the pilgrims or Christopher Columbus and his dirt bag crew before...
Sis I out-discovered Christopher Columbus every time I clean out my room
Woah wait so Christopher Columbus STOLE America?? *** .. they should call him ChrisAnime
"If you were on Christopher Columbus's voyage we'd still be living in Europe" -guy looking for his friend
Not satisfied with destruction of Columbus statue in Baltimore, Christopher Columbus bust was beheaded in New York
"Do you know what I call fake news? Anything about Christopher Columbus discovering America" - Leif Erikson.
How about Christopher Columbus? Or the former mayor of Philadelphia?. Certain types of people…
Christopher Columbus, noted inventor of baseball and father to Bruce Springsteen
'Christopher Columbus... is a dam blasted liar.' Burning Spear. He murdered Arawak Indians and fed them to the dogs…
Of course not.But then again,the liberals are destroying statues of Christopher Columbus,Lincoln and Revol…
Christopher Columbus banged llamas pass it on
Christopher Columbus? Mayor de Blasio may remove his statue.
Bill de Blasio may remove statue of Christopher Columbus in New York City
Have you seen what Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortes, and Ferdinand Magellan look like?
Statue removal madness increasing. New York mayor threatens to remove Christopher Columbus; Australian radicals want to remove Captain Cook.
Who did you rate as greatest maritime explorer? Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, Fer…
Someone put a garbage bag on head of Christopher Columbus statue in Prospect Park
New Yorkers should consider removing Bill de Blasio from office. Forget the statues.
"Even Christopher Columbus, the founder of our nation, is under attack," GOP mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis says
Christopher Columbus is our founding father of our city, England
They despise Christopher Columbus in the Bahamas. Tour guide announced his monument as the statute of the murderer.
What I want to know is what Christopher Columbus had to do with the Confederacy
So Christopher Columbus is the founder of the nation now? Cmon
COCA COLA watch out as u serve delicious drinks but liberturds find them unhealthy they may destroy u
I didn't say we aren't still fighting for equal rights?? I said that Christopher Columbus and the Statue o…
de Blasio considering removal of Christopher Columbus. If he & viverito have their way, statue will be replaced by FALN's…
Someone destroyed Baltimore's 200 year-old monument to Christopher Columbus with a sledgehammer this morning.
Where is the Italian American Society when their defacing Christopher Columbus. ABOLISH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND SW…
Christopher Columbus murdered indigenous peoples and contributed nothing to this country…
Christopher Columbus killed thousands of Native Americans because he thought God created America only f…
Stephen Miller's ancestors were killed by Nazis. Are you going to dress up a Native American as Christopher Columbus next?
What New York City students learned about Christopher Columbus when their own classroom was ‘discovered’
That's what they said to Christopher Columbus re America , Thomas Edison re Electricity, & O.J. Simpson re kil…
Christopher Columbus: can I see some of your land . Native Americans: yea be carefu-. Christopher Columbus: BOONK GANG…
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.proclaims that Christopher Columbus doesn't need a monument at Spruce Street Harbor Park. Right on!
Columbus Park in Discovery Bay is the place where Christopher Columbus is thought to have arrived in Jamaica in 14… ht…
Im with jenny, they are Native Americans.Christopher Columbus called them indians becau…
White culture is Tom Brady, Taylor Swift, Christopher Columbus, that ugly *** wall art from Target, calling corporate on…
guys did u know that Christopher Columbus' name in Spanish is cRISTOBAL COLON
Lowcountry Live Oak that pre-dates Christopher Columbus' arrival by 100 years @ Boone Hall…
I'm looking for a good biography of Christopher Columbus. Suggestions?.
Oh btw I got to see Christopher Columbus tomb today so that's cool 😁
Christopher Columbus and every girl I went to high school with have a lot in common
How you don't fw OJ, but cool wit Christopher Columbus?
That's the only time I've ever heard anyone but Jo March use "Christopher Columbus!" (or its variant) as an exclamation.
"I wanna see a Christopher Columbus movie starring Danny Mcbride" -but really
Allyuh know the first Island Crashers was in 1492? . It was hosted by none other than, Christopher Columbus!
‘In his memoirs, Christopher Columbus mentions the existence of a mosque atop a hill on the coast of Cuba. The Moores
yeah cus Christopher Columbus was listening to Dr. Dre before he raped indigenous women and committed ethnic genocide h…
Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery and the...: John Henrik Clarke:…
"I'm not going anywhere". Well you were never invited but okay Christopher Columbus
I never trusted the Schools and today I learned Christopher Columbus didn't even discover the US. That's some bs.
Washington DC is named after George Washington and Christopher Columbus?
George Washington? Black man. Christopher Columbus? He was black . JFK? Black . Thomas Edison? That was a black man. Everyone was black.
On April 17th, 1492, a contract was signed by Christopher Columbus and a representative of Spain’s King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, >>>
in 1492, Christopher Columbus signs a contract with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain...
..of Christopher Columbus & King Leopold of Belgium against humanity makes…
Remember no lock and dams at that time. Long before days of Christopher Columbus, in…
he is like Christopher Columbus. Discovering things that already exist 😂
I will forever be mad that I was taught at such a young age to praise Christopher Columbus, the terrorist, for "discovering" America
Gainax is to anime as Christopher Columbus is to discovering America
On this day in 1492 Alonzo Pietro, explorer, set sail with Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering America, not the United States.
Here's an Idea: Let's 'repeal' Christopher Columbus Day and 'replace' it with Christopher Steele day. Who's with me?!
the American Indians were black, Christopher Columbus's son wrote a book and in it he said the…
Oh yeah... well uhhh, my grandfather is Christopher Columbus and he DISCOVERED America. Here's his signature on a d…
Drake really be traveling the world stealing slang and culture. He the hip hop Christopher Columbus
I said I wanted to go to Columbus pride this lady talking about Christopher Columbus ?? Now why would I celebrate that white man
I love the "Christopher Columbus discovering new land" look a customer does coming around the corner looking for someone to question
Dude called Daryl Davis an anti-White because he said Christopher Columbus was a murderer and rapist who didn't discover anything
The Americans were here long before Christopher Columbus or any white man
1: if there was a God who would it be?. 2: Michael Jackson *giggles*. 1,3,4: what?! but.. 2: At least I didn't say Christopher Columbus
of course not, we just definitely ain't Christopher Columbus 🙃
"years of rice and salt", Kim Stanley Robinson. "Pastwatch, the redemption of Christopher Columbus", Orson Scott card
Landry Jones is a much nicer guy than Christopher Columbus.
there's one at Reid park and one at Christopher Columbus too that are a lot bigger
As I was saying, Spanish came here with Christopher Columbus, and Ponce De Leon established St. Augustine in 1565,…
Because Christopher Columbus showed up at the shore and presented Native Americans with his visa?
oh, and totally American. Jesus also talked about building a wall to keep Christopher Columbus out.
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Luke: "what were the 3 boats Christopher Columbus sailed on?... uh the Tina?, the marina?..."😑
Pepperdine U. removal of Christopher Columbus Statue From Campus is ridiculous. R all statues of history going 2 b removed? 😔
While feasting on pineapple tarts, did you know that it was Christopher Columbus who discovered pineapples in 1493? https:/…
he does realize that Christopher Columbus was italian no?
Note what they plan to do with the removed statue of Christopher Columbus. Pepperdine University Removing...
who was Christopher Columbus supposed to show his passport to?
You CANNOT Make America Again. Christopher Columbus will be deported back to Spain. No More Immigrants Welcome Here…
Congrats to all the conservatives who joined in the trashing of the Confederate flag. You paved the way for this.
In the name of Trump, Christopher Columbus and the Boston Tea Party, may the Patriots win
Genova,Italy.This is where Christopher Columbus was born, this is his house...
Pepperdine University to Remove Christopher Columbus Statue From Campus: “a celebration of genocide and racial oppression”
I can send you a list of lots of white thugs dating back to Christopher Columbus. Go back to Europe ***
"Christopher Columbus, he didn't have a visa." -- Somerville High student wins the weekend. (cc htt…
Christopher Columbus was 41 when he discovered, America.
Petition aims to save Christopher Columbus statue at Pepperdine
nah it's not the same. FACT: Christopher Columbus stole land and killed the natives STEREOTYPE all blac…
'inspired by christopher columbus' is still one of the WORST concepts i can think ofbut
Year 2 had a visit from Christopher Columbus. We found out how explorers travelled the world and got to look at interest…
White people done raised the most horrible people in history... Christopher Columbus, Cortez, Hitler, Charles Manson, Trump, *** Cheney...
Booo Pepperdine, I thought you were better than this, stronger than distorted history garbage?!? . - Breitbart
Pepperdine University Removing Christopher Columbus Statue from Campus because they say he was a White Supremacist. . http…
More exploration today...just like Christopher Columbus 😜
*Girl goes on 3 minute rant about immigration, Christopher Columbus, and Trump*. Professor: "okay, yeah so anyway the Vie…
Reminder: World History does not begin with Christopher Columbus, nor does it end with the fall of the British Empire.
I can't wait until I'm in the rooms that make the changes to curriculum. It's criminal I learned about Christopher Columbus etc...
Christopher Columbus appeals to King Ferdinand, Queen Isabella, and the Spanish court (January 1492)
Christopher Columbus (imprisoned by Queen Isabella of Spain for his atrocities against the natives of Grenada),
This Day In: 1492, the carrack Santa María, commanded by Christopher Columbus, runs onto a reef off Haiti due to an improper watch.
Christopher Columbus's flagship, the Santa Maria, ran aground on a reef on this day in 1492.
Comedian Flip Wilson was born on Dec. 8, 1933, Here he tells the story of Christopher Columbus for Dean Martin
In Pittston, Christopher Columbus statue lands in a car after a crash. Onlookers call it "unbelievable."
Dec. 5, 1492: Christopher Columbus arrives at Hispaniola, going ashore the next day.
Carter at age 8: "Christopher Columbus did not discover America. He was lost. America was built on the labor of slaves and genocide of Nati-
only us, Pancho Villa and Simon Bolivar, one Christopher Columbus now wants to discover our treasure
Shouts out to Christopher Columbus and the pilgrims 🦃
awe😢 I miss you too Christopher Columbus 🙁
Shaquille and I kind of joke we were the Christopher Columbus of social...
At 7'10' you will see Jim Dale as Christopher Columbus. Or Mark Rylands as Wolsey? You decide. ?
"Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in nineteen-ninety-seventy-two" -Ainsley owens
In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue... to stumble-upon Puerto Plata! Dive into the rich history this WKND…
I'm still mad my elementary school tried to teach me Christopher Columbus discovered America
FUN FACT OF THE DAY: . Christopher Columbus italian name was Cristoforo Colombo. He was a citizen of the Republic of Genoa.
They will tell teach you about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, and not the real heroes like Thomas Sankara and Che…
Neil Armstrong was no Christopher Columbus. In most respects, he was be...
Queen Victoria oversaw the Irish Famine and Queen Isabella was Christopher Columbus biggest advocate.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Why people still calling aboriginal people Indian I thought we established that Christopher Columbus & Jacques Cart…
I.E. Christopher Columbus was rejected by seven nations, but was accepted by Spain. The Chinese could not do such a thing.
2nd fact: Christopher Columbus wasn't first to circumnavigate the globe neither was sir Francis drake. But a Portuguese fella
Editor's Note:. As with any such controversial character as Christopher Columbus there are many who believe it to...
If only the Redsox had put in Christopher Columbus...
I hate the word hate but I have pure hatred for Christopher Columbus
I'm not even going to lie though little Christopher Columbus killed it
I don't care who try's to tell me what's in the books, what Christopher Columbus did was wrong and selfish
My daughter asked why do I have to go to work on Columbus Day I told her the only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace 😂.
good morning to everyone except Christopher Columbus
I have pure hatred for Christopher Columbus Beckie with am a me give American, I have rights too
Statue of Christopher in Prospect Park was covered by a bag overnight, along with chalk message calling him "s…
Christopher Columbus: Why has a symbol of mass slaughter been idolised for more than half a millennium?
We should be celebrating Native Americans, not Christopher Columbus.
christopher columbus? WHACK. his voyage? WHACK. his ships? WHACK. how he didn't even discover anything? WHACK. natives? we're t…
Update your maps at Navteq
Goodnight to everyone except Christopher Columbus who is burning in ***
wut funked up stuff have u been thinking bout doing to christopher columbus?? : D
Nevermind. Chris Columbus is just as much of a horrible inhuman monster as Christopher Columbus was...
The work of Christopher Columbus continues in 2016:
Y'all ever see Bradley walk on to a beach .. he is walk up like he's Christopher Columbus discovering new land 😂😂😂
i will acknowledge Christopher Robin before Christopher Columbus
As an Italian American I don't need Christopher Columbus. If I need someone to look up to I have Roberto Benigni & Nanni Moretti, so no thx.
The fact that Christopher Columbus has his own day for being a thief just proves what kind of principles our country was fo…
Mass and Columbus Day Ceremony at St. Mikes and Stature of Christopher Columbus via
oh really Kia, because I thought I was Christopher Columbus
Solid student convos re: Olaudah Equiano, Christopher Columbus, 18th c. commerce, Slavery. Good day in 8th grade
Christopher Columbus existed. King Leopold of Belgium. Andrew Jackson. Trump. Nothing surprising about white men and their horrible deeds
The United States of America has had a clown problem since the day Christopher Columbus set foot there.
we don't have a day for Hitler so why should we have a day for Christopher Columbus?
I feel like Christopher Columbus finding this porta potty at Hazeltine
Cheers to October 1st and the beginning of Virginia Wine Month. Channel a little 'Christopher Columbus', set...
Queen Isabella of Spain was the first true venture capitalist in history, she financed an entrepreneur Christopher Columbus.
"I just feel like there is so much available *** & I gotta be Christopher Columbus and explore every possible option" 😂
Ruby is learning about Christopher Columbus and asked me if I was alive when he was around😫
My history teacher told the class that Elizabeth 2 sent Christopher Columbus yep she's been alive for 700 years you are good at ur job
By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.- Christopher Columbus
that & we don't need to honor Christopher Columbus again.
well, Christopher Columbus landed and started murdering and raping...cut to 2016
Why does Christopher Columbus still have a day? He can't discover something that was already found.
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