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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus (before 31 October 1451 - 20 May 1506) was an explorer, colonizer, and navigator, born in the Republic of Genoa, in what is today northwestern Italy.

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Christopher Columbus stole the land from Indians. Mexicans have more claim to land than you
It's Christopher Columbus Eve. The night when Columbus comes into your home and claims it as his own. Don't forget to leave…
Riches don't make a man rich, they only make him busier. ~ Christopher Columbus
I got over him like Christopher Columbus got over the Atlantic Ocean
Columbus Circle, named for Christopher Columbus, is a traffic circle and heavily trafficked…
Christopher Columbus is depicted arriving in the Americas in the first of four scenes of the Spanish conquest.
Ale: "My hair used to be so short. I had a Christopher Columbus haircut" LOL WHAT
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9 reasons Christopher Columbus was a murderer, tyrant, and scoundrel via
"Love as nature intended it to be" ???. I don't think Christopher Columbus discovered LGBT rights for such backhanded homophobia.
Shocked by how many people are surprised Christopher Columbus was a rapist. He was also a: murderer, thief, enslaver, …
Leif Erikson was an Icelandic explorer considered the first European to land in North America, before Christopher Columbus.
so was Christopher Columbus a LEGAL immigrant? Asking for a friend.
"I remember my number bc Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1842" 😂😂😂
10 more people follow me so I can make a joke about Christopher Columbus
Take down statues of Christopher Columbus? Or Andrew Jackson? Defacing monuments...these folks who believe & do this are a waste of oxygen.
I can’t believe Christopher Columbus and a bald eagle had sex and created America 2015 years ago today
Shout out to Christopher Columbus you da man
celebrating white mass murderers like Christopher Columbus while demonizing Black revolutionaries like Malcolm X
"Ur body is terra incognita & 2night I'm Christopher Columbus."Tim hopes sounding fancy will work but still gets drink thrown in face.
"Christopher Columbus was the spearhead of the biggest invasion and genocide ever seen in the history of humanity." -Hugo…
Christopher Columbus did not found our govt the first second continental congress.
Cell towers are down in Mays Landing so I just felt like Christopher Columbus getting to my delivery without a GPS
Happy Father's Day to the guy who named himself after Christopher Columbus! You taught me how to…
Stop posting pics of your dad and remember what this day is really about, happy fathers day to the founding father, Christopher Columbus.
Christopher Columbus ship replicas to dock in Bay City July 2-6
"I learned Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 but I still don't know how to budget my money"
"What year did Christopher Columbus sail the ocean blue?" . 1738.
Christopher Columbus named the island group 'Once Mil Virgenes', or Eleven Thousand Virgins, in honor of the feast day of Saint Ursula.
Christopher Columbus raped children and fed infants to attack dogs. why don't we have a Hitler day???
Birthday October 8th _. On this day in history, Christopher Columbus reached the New World in 1492!
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People are disgusted by Adolf's name yet we have an entire day in 'honor' of Christopher Columbus... WHATS THE DIFFERENCE?
I swear Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue longer than Yasiel Puig's been on the allegedly 15-day disabled list.
Christopher Columbus day but he ain't discover nothing
I could rant about Christopher Columbus all day smh he is so extra
DO NOT SKIP A DAY OF READING! You'll be as lost as Christopher Columbus when you walk into class
Slow change: diary of Christopher Columbus. May 4: On this day we sailed on. May 5: On this day we sailed on. etc etc.
Question of the day "Did you look like Christopher Columbus?" - 😂
I also hate those holidays that fall on a Monday where U don't get mail,those fake holidays like Columbus Day. What did Christopher Columbus
"Christopher Columbus never set foot in North America... but yet we celebrate this as a founding day)???
Christopher Columbus died in Valladolid, Spain, on this day in 1506.
Climbing up the Christopher Columbus statue resulted in a very hipster rip in my jeans underneath my bum cheek, first stop of the day too😊😊😊
Day one of only one of my summer classes: fifteen paragraphs on Christopher Columbus, he couldn't even write that much about himself. 😒
Christopher Columbus was 41 wen he discovered america. I was 14 wen I discovered "naughty america"
Who remembers that song "Christopher Columbus, was a great man, he went to america in a saucepan!" So not true...
Five greatest travellers of all time :. 1. Christopher Columbus (1451-1506). 2. Captain James Cook (1728-1779). 3.
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It's like if a non-racist / non-genocide committing Christopher Columbus met a modern day Malcolm and…
I liked a video Flip Wilson on The Dean Martin Show - Christopher Columbus
America: where you give Christopher Columbus a holiday but you don't give Malcolm X one.
"Friend what year did Christopher Columbus sail the ocean blue?" . "1892" . Ok friend..
What did George Washington Abraham Lincoln and Christopher Columbus all have in common? They were all born on holidays. :-)
15 signatures. Come on people. Nothing should be named after Christopher Columbus. Sign my petition.
Sign my petition! New Jersey should rename the Christopher Columbus highway:
on a scale from George W Bush to Christopher Columbus.
Please sign my petition to rename NJ'S Christopher Columbus highway to something less genocidal.
Nothing your taxpayer dollars touch should be going towards something named after Christopher Columbus.
Please RT: Petition to make NJ rename the Christopher Columbus highway after almost anyone else:
Petition New Jersey to rename the Christopher Columbus highway after anyone who didn't commit genocide:.
America should no longer name public works after Christopher Columbus.
You eat at the Boiled Rocket with Christopher Columbus. You order potato fried rice with ginger y green onion.
People go to the end of the world for sex..Christopher Columbus probably found America while searching for some *** crib
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It's so crazy that Christopher Columbus discovered the Earth 2015 years ago! Happy Anniversary, Earth!
"Earth Day -The day Christopher Columbus discovered the Earth in 1492." Happy everyone!
*** times have changed, I remember in elementary school I used to get mad when people would call me Christopher Columbus.
Earth Day, the day we celebrate when Christopher Columbus discovered Earth.
"Christopher Columbus could not have discovered America. He did not have a visa or a passport." -Eduardo Galeano
Christopher Columbus imported: Hollywood California screenplays, from Bollywood musicals, at the port of India; for silk and spicy popcorn.
1492 Christopher Columbus Sailed the ocean blue 🌍🇪🇸 to 🌎🇺🇸
That Christopher Columbus syndrome, yo! "Settlers" and "original homeland" is colonial language, and it's being used to attract customers.
lmao he talking bout American lies and don't even know Christopher Columbus prostitute 9 y.ogirls.
In 1451, Queen Isabella I, funded Christopher Columbus, is born in Castille, Spain.
So this triangular arrangement will remain pretty stable until 1492, when Christopher Columbus lands in the Caribbean islands.
1892 - Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus - W. Irving - Limited Ed. Vellum
Christopher Columbus wrote the first known report of a hurricane in 1495
Deltas share their Christopher Columbus Award projects to the whole school!
Christopher Columbus just discovered low cost houshes in China,wants2 rebuilt Kibira,from
Did you know that peppers were actually named by Christopher Columbus?
Do I look like Christopher Columbus? Am I guiding a ship to new land? So, when I ask for directions please don't use words like "East"
Christopher Columbus was lucky to have found America first. His nemesis Garmin Von Go�gle Maps showed up minutes later after taking Route 2.
Touchdown. Wales 🐲. On that exploring thing like Christopher Columbus! Crazy views out ere'
Someone got "people with your personality type: Christopher Columbus" for DISC. is that supposed to be a complement?
On Apr 22, 1451, Isabella I, Queen of Spain, and patron of Christopher Columbus, was born. More at EDSITEMENT:
Christopher Columbus never set foot on mainland North America, getting no closer than the Bahamas?
Born in 1451: Isabella I of Castile, a patron of Christopher Columbus. This coin was minted from the gold of the New (1/2)
Escaping 'If I die at sea, it's a problem – my natives won’t gain from my venture’
just finished reading:. Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery and the Rise of European Capitalism | John Henrik Clarke
Kirkus: FATEFUL TIES: Christopher Columbus. carried a letter of introduction from his Spanish sovereigns to Chi...
I feel like Christopher Columbus with te natives talking to these St Jean Vienney kids...they're so backwards...they still use oovoo
Brother saladin said Christopher Columbus gps must have not been working
this discovery was more important than Christopher Columbus
is like Christopher Columbus discovering land he can't get because of the tribes in the way.
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We go through brainwashing camps (school) to learn about the great Christopher Columbus discovering…
"I could conquer the whole of them with 50 men and govern them as I please" -Christopher Columbus, 1492
Yall the type of *** who thought the earth was flat. I'm Christopher Columbus. Yall just the pilgrims.
PREACH. I don't want a Christopher Columbus discovering new land, I needs me a Davey Crockett.
well we do credit Christopher Columbus with "discovering" this country.
[school]. Class, what was Christopher Columbus most famous for? Joe?. "Discovering America.". And... "Droppin da bass d…
Beverley Smith, an associate professor of anthropology, put up the poster to label Christopher Columbus a war...
1. Christopher Columbus did not discover America. You are too old to be believing that 6th grade geograph…
Monument to Christopher Columbus , next to the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Colonial Zone .
Did chip Kelly just compare himself to Christopher Columbus lol what a dummy
Yo. Christopher Columbus is buried in there.
Allyson: "what did Christopher Columbus do again? Like sail around the world or something?" Yup she's in college
Ok I don't hate 204 I just hate that Christopher Columbus accomplished anything bc every Sunday I have to spend 3 hrs learning about it
Jorge said he's related to Christopher Columbus 😂😂😂
Caucasian ppl don't know how to mind their business lol if I'm lying ask Christopher Columbus and George bush
That Christopher Columbus question was so easy, it's common sense
"do you know a lot about Christopher Columbus?"
Lets see if I can find a certain Christopher Columbus movie.
Paths to immortality, Dali, 'Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus', 1958
Christopher Columbus was 41 when he discovered the Americas
Left leg on a log... ✒️📜Very christopher columbus right now 🐴 👐
Got an email from an airline inviting me to "Discover America". I've replied with a link to the Wikipedia page about Chr…
Christopher Columbus "If I discovered America then what the *** are all these people already doing here?"
Christopher Columbus in Columbus, Ohio! I never connected the two until now. I'm not a big fan of the…
they sell tacos in Christopher Columbus town? Cause San Antonio is just as far from it
When you learn about lies like Christopher Columbus who "DISCOVER" a corporation (America) why woman DISFIGURE they face w/MAKE-UP - LMFAO!
Africans actually discovered Christopher Columbus lost at sea and showed him how to get here because we travelled her thousands of years
There's personal journals of Christopher Columbus son documenting when they got to the Americas there were melenated people here already
Christopher Columbus was so dumb and didn't know where he was he called them Indians but Indians would have to be from India
Looking for chocolate makes me feel like Christopher Columbus
Ah just found this and I LuViT! "You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." –Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus wanted to go to India by the West, and he went 4 times. Sofia&Irene.
The inaccuracies in Ptolemy’s map of the world led Christopher Columbus to believe he was in Asia, not the West Indies.
Roger Clemens is to the word 'misremembered' as Christopher Columbus is to the Americas.
Spanish court denies Alba family attempt to auction letter of Christopher Columbus
Peppers were named by Christopher Columbus and Spanish explorers who were searching for peppercorn plants to produce black pepper
Five scary Christopher Columbus quotes that let you celebrate the holiday the right way
Christopher Columbus letter must not leave Spain – court stymies Duke of Alba
Christopher Columbus didn't just discover a new continent – he kicked off a new geological era
1/2 "The arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas started an exchange of people, crops - and disease" .
Opened Litter on Sidewalk/Gutter report via iphone at 100 Atlantic Ave Trash pile in christopher columbus park.
[CROATIAN THEATRE SUBTITLED] Tonight at 8pm don't miss one of the best theatre shows in Croatia - "Christopher Columbus" - subtitled in ENG.
It's a beautiful day to be alive. Wake up and take a chance, Christopher Columbus did.
I wonder what rap album Christopher Columbus was listening to when his crew took advantage of Natives
Christopher Columbus brought Marijuana on his historic voyage in 1492.
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In a group chat talking about Christopher Columbus' gap year in North America. Mostly hilarious but also very not cool.
Replicas of the Christopher Columbus ships, Pinta and Nina, visit Marco Island -
My mom just spent 10 minutes telling me about her adventures and explorations with Christopher Columbus in her dream last night..
With that algorithm, preparations for Christopher Columbus' maiden voyage would never have appeared on Google.
are those the Christopher Columbus 4s?
“Colomares castle, a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus and his arrival to the New World
So Christopher Columbus' story was a lie. It's now 2015
The Cartographer exposed the Christopher Columbus Controversy! The real history no one teaches
id like to thank Christopher Columbus actually, for being an *** and coming here instead of India. thanks chris!!
Colombia comes from Columbus must mean Mah *** Christopher loved it there
the only thing Christopher Columbus ever discovered was Daniel Radcliffe.
I'm pretty proud of my public education. Never once was I taught that Christopher Columbus was to be celebrated, for instance.
Burning Spears - Christopher Columbus: via Christopher Columbus is really a *** BLASTED LIAR
If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome wld b much as whn Christopher Columbus 1st landed in America- S. Hawking.
Christopher Columbus was really the first person to start gentrification.
1504 Christopher Columbus frightens the native Jamaicans by making the moon go out, he knew there would be a lunar eclipse that night.
Check out the Christopher Columbus High School 415 I found via
"what if Ethel is actually Christopher Columbus"
and naturally, i have an old blog on Space Columbus | Christopher Columbus: Invader from Mars
Snap photos next Sunday, March 8th, 2pm @ Christopher Columbus Park for our first event of Pics in the Parks
Someone give Christopher Columbus his milk back... Lol
The Italian explorers Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci discovered the Americas
Vikings. Rape. Christopher Columbus. Rape. Murder. Exploitation. Sam Elliot. Apple Pie. Kevin Costner. Things that make you thing of
This is a real suicidal mission ..oneway mission. Zvinoda David Livingston and Christopher columbus.
If my name is Christopher Columbus and I "discovered" the New World, how come the only place with some part of my name in it is Columbia?
If I was one of Christopher Columbus's ships I would be the Pinta
I took a tour of the Christopher Columbus Castle. @ Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Christopher Columbus brought the first lemon seeds to America.
I'm gonna start using Christopher Columbus as a verb, I'm tired of seeing traditions becoming the new trends on hipster blogs
Any good will I may have had for Christopher Columbus is negated by the fact that he directed the Rent movie.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Not even Christopher Columbus can find my hairline now.
"Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I just came here for the gold and slavery." -Christopher Columbus 1492
should Christopher Columbus day be taken out of unms calendar?
I91 in Connecticut celebrates a mass killer, Christopher Columbus. What a place. Some CT history buff tell me it is named for another?
My Top 5 Lamest Ppl in the History of Earth:. 1. Shane Battier. 2. Tyga. 3. Christopher Columbus. 4. DL. Hughley. 5. Who ever my EX ends up with
"Christopher Columbus was kind of a ***
Indian Researchers become Christopher Columbus; Trying to Develop India but end up in USA... Stop
Jun 15 1502- Christopher Columbus lands on the island of Martinique on his fourth voyage
"The sea will grant each man new hope, and sleep will bring dreams of home." Christopher Columbus
Benton: Lenten Fish Fry begins tonight at the Christopher Knights of Columbus. Time is f...
Feeling v.Christopher Columbus with this new suitcase ✈️
on the contrary. I know how good it feels… but I'm the pioneer in this case: playing Christopher Columbus and James T. Kirk.
So I was doing my Spanish homework today and one of the questions asked what Christopher Columbus's impact was.
Christopher Columbus, and the afrikan holocaust by Dr John Henrik Clarke
Cotton Mather and Christopher Columbus have spotted ufo's so fxck you if you don't believe in 👽
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My grandpa says contrary to popular belief Christopher Columbus was really greek
Just had a heated debate on if Christopher Columbus was a hero or a villain. I say he's a villain. What do you guys think?
and I just said Christopher Columbus sailed over on the mayflower.wait what.
My dad sent me coordinates instead of an address. Who does he think I am, Christopher Columbus? It's the 21st century. This is silly.
yeah and Christopher Columbus didn't enslave and commit genocide
Was a Brian Williams fan but after all this I'm questioning his story about the time he let Christopher Columbus use his mountain bike
Hi, I'm Christopher Columbus and this is *** *destroys an entire population along with its culture, religion, and t…
I'm a descendant of Christopher Columbus, thee almighty explorer. Show some respect
"Someone needs to give Christopher Columbus his milk back *** that's Amerigo Vespucc…
and fought serious sea sickness in 1492 while serving as lead Public Affairs Officer for Christopher Columbus.
if it wasn't for George Washington you and I wouldn't be here but I'll smoke with Christopher Columbus to but I can't swim
my brother has a passionate hate towards Christopher Columbus and he's constantly expressing it lmao
No one ever told me Christopher Columbus is also known as Cristobal Colon. Sat through a whole class today not knowing this Cristobal guy.
I'm Christopher Columbus and ya'll just the pilgrims!
How did Christopher Columbus finance his trip to America? . With the Discover Card
Today I learned (as a 20 year old, junior in college) that Christopher Columbus never actually stepped foot on North American soil
Wow what a coincidence coincidence that George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and Martin Luther King Jr. were all born on holidays!
Why is it that we refer to Galileo Galilei as Galileo whereas people like Christopher Columbus, Barack Obama, Johannes Kepler, George Bush,…
Drawing of Christopher Columbus first landing in America in West Indies island San Salvador on 12th October 1492 http:/…
America is built on a lie how could Christopher Columbus find America if it already existed and was occupied by native Ameri…
KEMET "DISCOVERED" AMERICA LONG BEFORE COLUMBUS! ! UNLEARN "HIS-STORY " AND "DISCOVER" THE "MY-STORY" RALUTE! ! Columbus Himself According to renowned American historian and linguist Leo Weiner of Harvard University, one of the strongest pieces of evidence to support the fact that Black people sailed to America before Christopher Columbus was a journal entry from Columbus himself. In Weiner’s book, “Africa and the Discovery of America,” he explains that Columbus noted in his journal that the Native Americans confirmed “black skinned people had come from the south-east in boats, trading in gold-tipped spears.” American Narcotics Discovered in Egyptian Mummies The discovery of American narcotics in Egyptian mummies has left some historians amazed. Recently, archaeologists discovered the presence of narcotics only known to be derived from American plants in ancient Egyptian mummies. These substances included South American cocaine from Erythroxylon and nicotine from Nicotiana tabacum. German toxico ...
Today is Thursday, Jan. 22, the 22nd day of 2015. There are 343 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Jan. 22, 1901, Britain's Queen Victoria died at age 81 after a reign of 63 years; she was succeeded by her eldest son, Edward VII. On this date: In 1498, during his third voyage to the Western Hemisphere, Christopher Columbus arrived at the present-day Caribbean island of St. Vincent. In 1908, Katie Mulcahey became the first - and only - woman to run afoul of New York City's just-passed ban on women smoking in public establishments. (Declaring, "No man shall dictate to me," Mulcahey served a night in jail after refusing to pay a $5 fine; the law, which did not specify any fines, ended up being vetoed by Mayor George B. McClellan Jr.) In 1917, President Woodrow Wilson pleaded for an end to war in Europe, calling for "peace without victory." (By April, however, America also was at war.) In 1922, Pope Benedict XV died; he was succeeded by Pius XI. In 1938, Thornton Wilder's play "Our Town" ...
THIS DAY IN HISTORY: January 20, 1758, marks the victory of the great Muslim Spiritual Master and Freedom Fighter, Imam Makandal, who led the ONLY successful slave rebellion in American history on the same island that Christopher Columbus mistakenly claimed to be India but was actually the Taino and Arawak kingdom of Ayiti (the Land of Spiritual Elevation) or Kiskeya (the Mother of all Lands), which later became Hispaniola and Santo Domingo under the European slavers, and was liberated by the waves of Imam Makandal and renamed Haiti on January 1, 1804, in honor of the indigenous peoples massacred in cold blood by the French and Spanish. Imam Makandal, was able to do what neither Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, nor John Brown were able to do by the grace of God. He united the diverse and disunited African peoples, free and slave, and what few remained of the Taino and Arawak, against slavery and white supremacy through connecting them all to Allah, the Eternal Principle of Oneness, regardless of their respecti ...
Revisionist history had turned Christopher Columbus into a savior, Bob Marley into a smiling pothead, and Dr. King into a pas…
its pretty sad when i feel Christopher Columbus treated the Natives better then John Smith.
Ohio State? more like Indian territory if it wasnt for Christopher Columbus.
Bermuda Triangle is the greatest unsolved mystery of the modern age. Also called Devil's Triangle. It is a triangular shaped area in the North Atlantic Ocean, from Bermuda Island to Miami, USA and Puerto Rico. Hundreds of people and numerous boats, ships and planes have disappeared inside this triangle. Reasons given for these disappearances vary from scientific to sheer myth. Here are 10 Shocking facts about Bermuda Triangle : 1. The first person to report about Bermuda Triangle was Christopher Columbus. He wrote in his journals that inside the triangle, the ship's compass stopped working and he also saw a fireball in the sky. 2. Bermuda Triangle is one of the rare places on earth where the compass does not point towards Magnetic North. Instead of that, it point towards true north, which creates confusion and that's why so many ships and planes lost its course in the triangle. 3. The Bermuda Triangle is not small. In fact, it is quite large and covers an area of 440,000 miles of sea. This is larger than ...
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What a pity, when Christopher Columbus discovered America, that he ever mentioned it.
Christopher Columbus was 41 yrs. old when he discovered America. Me - I was 14 when I discovered. Naughty America. (._.) :D:P
Those people who kill women, children, and defenseless civilians are about as Muslim as mass murder Christopher Columbus …
You know what makes you a True INDIAN? No! Sorry, but you know NOTHING! This Video will tell you what it's like to be an INDIAN. So stop fighting like *** over Religion, Caste and creed. Your answers to everything lies in this one Simple Video. 'Share' this video and help spread the message Creator: Rajiv Satyal - Writer/Performer: Comedian Rajiv Satyal Director: Meena Dimian Cinematographer/Editor: Brandon James Salgado Script: --- I'm Indian. Just Indian. I'm not South Asian any more than Russians are North Asian. I'm not ASIAN Indian or EAST Indian. There are 1.3 billion of us - we don’t need a cardinal direction, OK? It’s not our fault that Christopher Columbus got lost. Sure, we love our states, but there’s strength in numbers - 1 out of every 6 human beings is Indian, so stop dividing us. The British already did that - once. And we need to quit saying that we're not Indian because I wasn’t born here or sound like this or eat that. Our HEARTS are Indian. We are feelers. We gave the world ...
Italians are famous for their inventions and discoveries. The Italian explorers Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci (1)
Muslims in the western hemisphere (North America, South America and the Caribbean Islands) before Columbus The old poem that most American school children recognize begins “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…” Indeed, in the year 1492, Christopher Columbus (whose real name in Italian was Cristoforo Colombo) sailed across the Atlantic in the name of the Spanish crown and landed in the Caribbean part of North America. For hundreds of years, it has simply been accepted that Columbus was the first explorer to valiantly sail across the sea and “discover” the Americas. However, this theory no longer stands up to modern scholarship. It goes without saying that the first people to truly discover America were the ancestors of the Native Americans, who probably crossed into North America through Russia and Alaska about 12,000 years ago. Discussion of the “discovery” of the Americas by Europeans, Africans, or Asians is an insult to the history of it’s indigenous peoples. That said, the first dar ...
Agbo ato, I think anyone who is capable of critical thinking will look at what happened in Ferguson and understand the Justice System in American is broken. The question becomes; how do we fix it? In my opinion the answer requires a long view of history to clearly identify the issues. In my opinion the problem is economic manipulation by the global elite, and the unresolved issue of racism coupled with the inability to address either issue head on. The events in Ferguson are the tip of an iceberg that traces its origins to the Middle Ages and beyond. Prior to 1492 (the date of first voyage if Christopher Columbus) the European economy was based on the Gold Standard and because there are few sources of Gold in Europe most of the European gold came from Southwestern Africa. Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English ships sailed regularly to the Africa in an around what we now call Benin to barter for gold. It was during this era that the Catholic Church sent Jesuits to central Africa to convert the trad ...
Christopher Columbus may have helped globalisation, but he also caused inflation
We're starting to get to that point where it's normal for kids to be taught that Christopher Columbus did not discover America... Finally.
Christopher Columbus led the Anna, the Maria, and the onomonapia. -does American history
it's a trip, our law enforcement, government doesn't have a plan in place to control situation without people getting killed. We go across sea's to war and try our best not to kill innocent people and here the law act as if no training in place to avoid murder. This country been on a trip to *** since Christopher Columbus discovered it. *** come on upon us so OUR SOUL CAN REST. Nothing to fear, accept and face fear, so the storm can die.
I'm ABSOLUTELY convinced that the Vikings from Europe & the Chinese from Asia were coming to the America's hundreds of years before Columbus. They didn't just stop at the coasts either. The Chinese possibly went as far as the Grand Canyon & The Vikings as far as Minnesota. Christopher Columbus didn't discover a *** thing.
Today in History, December 25: 336 – First documented sign of Christmas celebration in ancient Rome 496 – Clovis I, king of the Franks, is baptized into the Catholic faith at Reims, by Saint Remigius. 800 – Coronation of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor, in Rome. 1066 – William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy is crowned king of England, at Westminster Abbey, London. 1100 – Baldwin of Boulogne is crowned the first King of Jerusalem in the Church of the Nativity. 1492 – Carrack Santa María captained by Christopher Columbus runs onto reefs off Haiti due to a proper watch not being kept. Local natives help to save food, armory and ammunition but not the ship. 1776 – George Washington and the Continental Army cross the Delaware River at night to attack Hessian forces serving Great Britain at Trenton, New Jersey, the next day. 1837 – Second Seminole War: American general Zachary Taylor leads 1100 troops against the Seminoles at the Battle of Lake Okeechobee. 1868 – United States President An ...
Sep 18 1502- Christopher Columbus lands at Honduras on his fourth, and final, voyage
Pineapples were first introduced into Europe by Christopher Columbus
Believing Jesus was born on December 25th is like believing Christopher Columbus founded America 😑😑😂
Columbus Circle: Columbus Circle, named for Christopher Columbus, is a major landmark and point of…
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lol! I love the Christopher Columbus one...sharing the soup on the ship as it rocks and rolls.
Presents are fun but lets not forget what this day is really about Christopher Columbus didn't die in WW1 for nothing
I've never seen a Christmas special that includes Christopher Columbus in a meeting of holiday icons
Pictionary with is always interesting. Apparently Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1942!
The world is my oyster, I AM CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS
maybe this is the real reason Christopher Columbus is considered a quality filmmaker
And I showed my grandmother how Christopher Columbus raped the natives with a finger diagram 👌👈 😂😂
Christopher Columbus 'stole credit for discovering America' | via FORGOTTEN BROTHERS by Gary Knight.
Even the Natives told Christopher Columbus about all the gold Afrikans wore during their voyages to the Americas. Look it up.
Christopher Columbus discovered the New World ..But weren't Indians Living there Long b4 He sailed There
Thanks Christopher Columbus for the follow. Hope we shall have good communication.
Me: what's Robbins real name from batman?. Mom: Christopher Columbus!
Reality. Muslims are discovered the American continent in the twelfth century, and not Christopher Columbus, who arrived after 200 years.
I'm watching 'History vs. Christopher Columbus - Alex Gendler' on 5by. -
I liked a video from Dr. John Henrik Clarke - Christopher Columbus and Genocide
I don't remember if I shared this with you at an earlier post or not, but want to post it now (again??).its something to think about The United States honors only two men with federal holidays bearing their names. In January we commemorate the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr., who struggled to lift the blinders of racial prejudice and to cut the remaining bonds of slavery in America. In October, we honor Christopher Columbus, who opened the Atlantic slave trade and launched one of the greatest waves of genocide known in history. Other then declaring a month as "National Native American Day, Week or Month", whatever they call it.does anyone know of a Native Person that is given even a day in his or hers honor??.
So it seems that the creation of the Hot Dog has been disputed immensely. Here is another tidbit on the creation of the "Hot Dog" However, this claim is disputed by those who assert that the popular sausage - known as a "dachshund" or "little-dog" sausage - was created in the late 1600's by Johann Georghehner, a butcher, living in Coburg, Germany. According to this report, Georghehner later traveled to Frankfurt to promote his new product. In 1987, the city of Frankfurt celebrated the 500th birthday of the hot dog in that city. It's said that the frankfurter was developed there in 1487, five years before Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World. The people of Vienna (Wien), Austria, point to the term "wiener" to prove their claim as the birthplace of the hot dog. As it turns out, it is likely that the North American hot dog comes from a widespread common European sausage brought here by butchers of several nationalities. Also in doubt is who first served the dachshund sausage with a roll. One repor ...
That's exactly what Christopher Columbus did, just on like a much bigger scale. That and he raped way more than just one guys wife.
Christopher Columbus is histories biggest *** i think.
Regardless of all dis, none gonna acknowledge dis as a fact. Christopher Columbus ko e jana matter what!
Nu Burning Spear op Radio Akata! Christopher Columbus is a *** blasted lier! Burning gving it to you on Radio Akata!
Greetings to the scholars who like researching the historical happenings of colonization and religious political happenings I've noticed a lot of energy is usually invested in what took place in Africa and the middle east but there is also a lot of over looked past activity in this hemisphere. Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic was the first European city in " the New World" and the indigenous peoples were known as the Tiano Indians or Arawaks and they were all over Central and South America as well as the Caribbean and experience that of a genocide. Things I never knew at least not in detail. Courtesy of Christopher Columbus
Our children are still lied to about Christopher Columbus. Sadly doubt "the man" is ready for this, but I'll keep yapping
The first looter was Christopher Columbus...this country was built on looters and violence. Wow!
Looting didn't start in Watts or Ferguson. The first looter was Christopher Columbus.
16 Errors That Are Still Taught In Nigerian Schools Today. The title may be a little bit misleading, because this problem is not only limited to Nigerian schools. It’s a worldwide phenomenon occasioned by teachers, lecturers and instructors who make no effort to update themselves and add to what they already know. These lies – at least some of them – were facts at some point in time, but things have since moved on. Truths become lies as new discoveries are being made. Another classroom at the primary school Alagoa Morris Here are 16 lies that are still dished out the world over even as you read this: There are six classes of food: I was taught – and I know most of you were taught – that there are 6 classes of food, namely, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and oil, minerals and water. It is no longer the case. Officially, there are now SEVEN classes of food: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins (or vegetables), fibers, fats and oil, minerals and water. Fiber is derived from plants and it was ...
HOW BOHIO BECAME HISPANIOLA IN 1492 On this day in history,December 5th 1492 Christopher Colombus or (Calambe Colombus as l call him) Came upon the beautiful island of Quiskeya Bohio. He set his flag down and claimed it for Spain and renamed it La Isla Hispaniola (the Spanish isle or little Spain) This would be the second island he would soil with his presence in the "New World",San Salvador being the first. He landed on the northern territory that today is called Mole St. Nicolas. The Taino Cacique Guacanagari who's village ,Marien to the North east in what is now present day Dominican Republic was the first leader to meet and befriendColombus and his crew. On December 25th 1492, The santa Maria sanked. With the help of Guacanagari Colombus salvage some of his stuff. He would go on to return to Spain on January 16,1493 for reinforcements. He took with him six Tainos which he turned into slaves, several parrots, plants and ofcourse GOLD! The purpose of Columbus’s second voyage was to colonize. He wrot . ...
I must reiterate that I have the greatest respect for all faiths, very little for the individuals who claim representation and instead conduct the exploitation of faiths to feed their own greed. One faith in particular which has been misrepresented by such selfish people is that of Christianity. There are good Christians in this world but the media and other globally rich individuals and companies will forever distort the true essence of the faith. It is important that the true Christians continues the strong enough fight to separate themselves from such individuals and or groups who prey on misrepresenting their faith for personal gain. I've posted much about Christopher Columbus, One of the very individuals who could not resist his love for money and the murder of innocent people in the name of what he called Christianity. Christopher Columbus was portrayed historically as something he was not, a Christian. The only justice for him today is the spread of the truth via educational means to those who thou ...
This is what Christopher Columbus must have felt like when he discovered uranium.
Christopher Columbus is such a greatest leader
christopher columbus killing Native Americans because he wanted there land
fund my journey to self discovery,. Just want to lean and be a Christopher Columbus to my own land.
so Christopher Columbus discovered that the world was round ? 😂 so he been in space , to see that view then , huh ?
Ayo I know I got it first I'm Christopher Columbus ya'll just the pilgrims
I do NOT play games n thats On Christopher Columbus's life!!!
Tim talking about my age.. I turned 20 when the "Asians crossed over on the ice bridge" and I had an affair with Christopher Columbus
she settled like Christopher Columbus did on Plymouth Rock!
V and Jr just told me the Mayflower was the ship Christopher Columbus sailed. 😏
what do you think of christopher's opinions? — Columbus? He is shet
Christopher Columbus would have had a field day with Google Earth.
Christopher Columbus was a great man...but also an ***
Christopher Columbus actually knew that the earth was round.
We are currently working on a box & T chart comparing Christopher Columbus and John Cabot, two Italian explorers who explored North America
,I'ma let you finish, but Christopher Columbus had the greatest story of all time... http…
19th c. artist William Morris Hunt depicts Christopher Columbus on his boat.
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This week's focus will be on Christopher Columbus and John Cabot.
Who would you have followed? . Ben Franklin . Abe Lincoln . Albert Einstein . Ernest Hemingway. Ronald Reagan. John Kennedy . Christopher Columbus
now check this, your children history books going to tell u about Alexander Graham Bell & Christopher Columbus
So let me get this right! The Pilgrims came over here, befriended the black Hebrew indians then, they sent for Christopher Columbus to come over here, stole the land, raped, robbed, and murdered them. Infected them with small pox, brought their Hebrew brothers over here, enslaved them, had them picking cotton, raped the men, women and children, murdered them, renamed the Black indians as Native Americans mixed with their bloodline, renamed their Hebrew brothers Hebos, Negroes and African Americans. They raped, murdered and robbed millions of Hebrews, made it a National Holiday and called it Happy Thanksgiving and got everybody celebrating it. Are you Serious? Scripture said the Devil would deceive the whole world!
Isn’t the magna carta the ship Christopher Columbus came to America on?
Michael Jackson and Christopher Columbus suck I hate them
Lastnight before bed I talk to my kids about Christopher Columbus and thanksgiving (the truth), the real saint Nicholas, Egypt (Africa), The ancient Kemet, black history before slavery (kings & queens), etc. little do they knw we just scratching the surface of information. If we want change it starts with the youth.✊✊✊
I laugh as did Christopher Columbus for another 80 days to see to the movies lol ! Nice day Mss James kisses !
or prophecy in Hindu scriptures, or the Quran, or Christopher Columbus' The Book of Prophecies?
Leif Erikson was the first European, nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus.
Christopher Columbus. as everyone knows. is honored by posterity because he was the last to discover America. James Joyce
Trinidad and Tobago /ˌtrɪnɨdæd ən tɵˈbeɪɡoʊ/, officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a twin island country off the northern edge of South America, lying just off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles. Usually considered part of the Caribbean, it shares maritime boundaries with other nations including Barbados to the northeast, Grenada to the northwest, Guyana to the southeast, and Venezuela to the south and west. The country covers an area of 5,128 square kilometres (1,980 sq mi) and consists of two main islands, Trinidad and Tobago, with numerous smaller landforms. The two main islands are divided into nine regions, and one ward. Sangre Grande is the largest of the country's nine regions, comprising about 18% of the total area and 10% of the total population of the country. The nation lies outside of the hurricane belt. The island of Trinidad was a Spanish colony from the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1498 to the capitulation of the S . ...
I never use the line "proud to be Russian" or "proud to be Korean". You know why? Because pride is based on accomplishment, not a genetic coincidence. You have to be born some kind of color, so it's more important to just do the best you can with what you have and not see what you happen to be as your measurement of value. Not to mention, it sets you apart from your brothers. It's like "well, if I am born of this ethnicity, then I am luckier than you because you aren't". People don't even realize that's a mild version of what Hitler believed too. And, since Hitler is always force fed down our throats as the poster boy of everything evil, why are we celebrating his attitude with our own sentiment? An accomplishment is something an individual DOES, and is not something a group happens to BE. One person told me "I'm proud to be Italian". I asked "why?" They said "cause Christopher Columbus was Italian and he discovered American". I said "first off, contrary to what you were told, he was actually Jewish, not ...
Today, 521 years ago (1493) - Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto Rico on his 2nd voyage to the Americas.
Food for thought... To us today, November 19th, might just be another cold day but in the past this date has held some interesting significance. Here's just a few that we found... 1493 - Christopher Columbus discovers Puerto Rico, on his 2nd voyage. 1620 - Mayflower reaches Cape Cod & explores the coast. 1805 - Lewis & Clark reach Pacific Ocean, first European Americans to cross continent. 1863 - US President Lincoln delivers his Gettysburg address beginning; "Four score & seven years ago..." and finally 1971 - Disney's Fort Wilderness opens.
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Nov. 19, 1493: Christopher Columbus landed on an island he called San Juan Bautista. Today we know it as Puerto Rico. …
How many grandparents get to visit with Christopher Columbus and Francis Scott Key?
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