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Christofer Drew

Never Shout Never is an American rock band, formed in Joplin, Missouri in 2007. The band has released three albums and six extended plays.

Christofer Drew Ingle Jordan Witzigreuter

I met Christofer Drew and Chris Fronzak at Warped yesterday ***
No, fire? Did you ever listen to christofer drew's band??
Christofer Drew just walked onstage and threw five slices of a cherry pie into the crowd. Why.
I went to the neck deep signing, got a picture with christofer drew from nsn bc I had free time an…
Patiently waiting for Christofer Drew to notice my existence. πŸ’•βœ¨
Christofer drew really wearing a gold chain and some baggy gym shorts lord the times have changed
I liked a video Christofer Drew Blowin' in the Wind Bob Dylan Cover
I liked a video Christofer Drew Stickam 6/18/12 [part one]
I liked a video Christofer Drew giving us pizza
Christofer Drew looks so much better with long hair don't @ me. Because I'm still upset about it
In a 3 days, christofer drew managed to ruin my life by getting a haircut. I will never stop lOVING HIM
Christofer drew cut his hair and I'm literally crying over it ***
Everyone out here worrying about rob Kardashian but like my boy christofer drew cut his hair and I'm not okay
Don't panic but christofer drew cut all his hair off and I'm panicking
Anybody wanna talk abt me like this on the keyboard in the car taylor asks if it's Christofer Drew and I am and that’s exactly wh…
Obviously Christofer drew is my baby
7 years ago today I saw Christofer Drew for the first time and honestly it was still one of the best days of my life
Christofer drew liked my photo if that means anything.(secretly freaking out)
Can someone tell me why Mackie look like christofer drew from nevershoutnever
Wow, christofer drew circa 2007 looks so good here
I found my signed poster from Christofer Drew. Also I'm just going to leave this here:
I had the biggest crush on Christofer Drew in high school
I thought christofer drew said they were about to play an eatmewhileimhot song I was about to go off
Kinley told me today that Christofer Drew and I would make a cute couple. And she's totally right
Forever in love with Christofer Drew. What a ray of sunshine β˜€οΈ
Grace's cat's name is christofer drew like the nevershoutnever guy lmaooo
if you don't know the exact way Christofer Drew sings "guitar" in Trouble, please leave my life immediately
Christofer Drew got me into Bassnectar lmao
I want to go to a nevershoutnever concert and meet christofer drew more than anything :(
talked Myspace, a decade of Never Shout Never, the healing powers of a tour & more w/ β€’
2012 and Christofer Drew look like they're about to drop the hottest mixtape everπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Speaking of coffee and cigarette, i remembered this guy. Misssyou Christofer Drew 😍🎢
remember when christofer drew was my Man
so far up Christofer Drew's *** at 12 years old that I paid for his trash side project eatmewhileimhot on iTunes
Christofer Drew is a hero for making that cuck Bryan Stars cry. Also Leafy kinda looks like him to just more emo.
Reminiscing about meet Sam Smith and Christofer Drew. Also about seeing TLSP. The good old days. I'll never get it out of my head.
I had a weird *** dream where christofer drew and I worked for my parents and he was always holding a baby
Charlie Heaton reminds me of Christofer Drew which also reminds me of Justen Donaldson.
I liked a video from Christofer Drew - I'm Sorry (Unwinding)
Christofer Drew will forever have a piece of my heart
My favorite dreams are the one with Christofer Drew in them. πŸ‘Œ
Met Christofer Drew at work so you could say I love my job.
on my trip to Michigan, I'm gna go through Joplin, Missouri, n my inner 6th grader is screaming bc that's where Christofer Drew was born bye
throwback to 7th grade when I was obsessed with Christofer Drew
on halloween like 6 years ago my friend was at a party with Christofer Drew and she made him call me and we talked for like 5 minutes.
fun fact: I got a kiss from Christofer Drew on stage at warped tour of 2011
I added a video to a playlist Christofer Drew - Delirious (Solo Acoustic EP)
3 things I want in life:. 1. Hear sing Just Keep Breathing live. 2. Christofer Drew . 3. Hangout with πŸŒžπŸ’œ
Christofer Drew broke his uke on stage the other night, and I cried a little bit.
Wait this is probably about Christofer Drew
Swear I saw 2009 christofer drew at the mall yesterday
today is good. found out Christofer Drew is writing a poetry book. my two favorite things in one.
I forgot I now live in the same state as Christofer Drew Ingle.
I can't believe how many times I met Christofer Drew and had a full on convo with him face to face
"uhhvettdrew" I think lol when I was madly in love with Christofer Drew
can't wait to see Christofer Drew again
dear lord, is that a sticker of Christofer Drew?
I still fangirl over seeing Christofer Drew irl. 😭
yas I was so in love w christofer drew i think I watched that 20 times, whoops
Hanna Beth and Christofer Drew once dated and I didn't know until now, 15 year old me is screeching
you look like you wanted to be Christofer Drew Ingle so bad
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Christofer Drew's songs put me in a great mood 😊
Salty bout what?? Not wanting to be in a band with a cheap christofer drew knock off? πŸ€” nope. Try again.
Not only met NeverShoutNever Christofer Drew, but got to HANG OUT w/him all night after the concert!πŸ˜„
One year ago Mariya ran off with Christofer Drew at Warped Tour. & I searched for her for over an hour.
Christofer Drew may be an awful person but he's got some sweet pipes
Translate : if some one tell me that he love christofer drew . πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡I'll be like
i love you more than you will ever know de Caleb Denison, Christofer Drew, Never Shout Never β™«
seeing baby Christofer Drew once again 😘 I can't wait πŸ’–
so apparently Christofer Drew is still super duper cute
hello enjoy this most beautiful elegant photo that I took of Mr. Christofer Drew this month
Sike i just wanna see Christofer Drew
There's a cashier at Walmart that look like a dark haired Christofer Drew and I need to know who he isπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I wish everyone could've been around when I was obsessed with Christofer Drew .it was.interesting
one-Christofer drew is the cutest thing. two-what he says in this video is how i am and why people don't like me
16 away from the state line. 26 away from Joplin (aka Christofer Drew's hometown)
Christofer drew is v cute in person
Christofer Drew hugged me and said he appreciates me, I don't even know what I feel right now
Yall dont understand ive been in love with christofer drew since i was 12
I get to see Christofer Drew live tonight and I'm practically a 5th grade fan girl all over again.
I feel like I have to go see them tonight for past Jamie who would've fainted at the sight of Christofer Drew Ingle
christofer drew is from Joplin, Missouri yeehaw litter ladie
I literally looked like Christofer Drew Ingle I want to die
if any of you know who Christofer Drew is , I'm still madly in love w. him
2010 Christofer Drew still has my heart
As an adult, I finally understand what Christofer Drew was saying when he said that she was so rock and roll and out of his…
Christofer Drew is actually a twelve year old girl apparently...why am I not surprised? πŸ˜‚
Sexy love, black and white, sexy, aww, christofer drew, super cute lust
Seeing Christofer Drew is gonna be so surreal 😭
*christofer drew comes out from under ur bed* I LOVE U 5
I've gotten Luke hemmings, Justin bieber, Niall Horan, and kris Jenner when confused for my christofer drew icons wow
Christofer Drew never fails to make me think of
Does anyone remember christofer drew tho? Think I might pretend to me a female cat and go live with him drinking milk and licking my ***
Extraordinary tools, exceptionally bad music. Christofer Drew looks like like a Hobbit's Adventures to South Central L.A.
Christofer Drew makes me want to buy a ukelele so bad😍
confession: I had the biggest crush on christofer drew in middle school
Okay but remember when Christofer Drew blocked you
Blizzard of 89- The Ready Set ft. Christofer Drew and Cady Groves LyricslolπŸ‘…
there was a time in my life where I was so attracted to Christofer Drew Ingle. Thank goodness I'm out of that mess
The kid from this video reminds me of Christofer Drew
I’m in love with Christofer Drew and Chris Miles (skins character). Because of their mind.
I used a urinal next to Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never at House of Blues Cleveland
my sister has the BEST music taste *** we jammin to christofer drew tbt
never shout never is just fantastic. Christofer Drew is a lyrical genius.
Christofer drew has such a beautiful soul
Christofer Drew looks very good in the pictures he just posted. Miss him.
Pretty sure Christofer Drew was every scene girls first crush
A dude came up to me at a vegan restaurant and was like "I feel like I've seen you before. Is your name Christofer drew?"
And here's me taking a mirror selfie in the bathroom of the wafflehouse christofer drew went to
I have a picture with christofer drew. So...we are basically married.
I liked a video The Evolution of Christofer Drew
The first picture is what he looked like when I witnessed Christofer Drew belittle him and make him cry LMAO
I still wanna learn how to play the ukulele because of christofer drew
it's okay just remember that we got to me Christofer Drew last year at this time
i swear i talk about christofer drew like he's actually my boyfriend LMAO
sobbing "I'm a real big fan of yours, but I'm quite a joke to you" as he thinks of Christofer Drew
I'm tired af so goodnight ✌🏻️ I'll continue my gif thread tomorrow and add like a million christofer drew gifs lol
Christofer Drew is probably the most indecisive musician on the planet
So when Christofer Drew was writing that song "you're so f*ing cute and I can't stand it" he was talking about me πŸ’πŸ»
deck me in the face for saying this but... christofer drew is still GORGEOUS. booyyy *** kiss me
I want to be a female christofer drew
Christofer Drew and Kellin Quinn are possibly the 2 most perfect guys ever.
i think I'm actually in love with christofer drew like seriously LMAO
Christofer Drew Ingle are you going to warped tour Bc I'm going to propose to you and you're going to say yes xx
I still have a crush on Christofer Drew
the first two pics is Jordan Witzigreuter and the other two is Christofer Drew Ingle ☺️❀️
The fact that Christofer Drew is now only a year older than me is ducking me up.
Had a dream last night that and I went to Warped and chipped in to buy Christofer Drew headphones...
Can anyone get me a christofer drew dm?
Hey Christofer Drew come back to Porto Alegre-Brazil in 2016!!!
Guys I can't believe in all seriousness I met christofer drew
Can someone show me a diff. style of ukulele that doesn't involve Christofer Drew look/soundalikes so I can reevaluate it as an instrument?
Google: does christofer drew actually have a tattoo on his chest that says "love is my weapon" bc wow
i had the FATTEST crush on christofer drew ihms
if you're thinking of Christofer Drew then yes
Tbh when I said I was on a rant about Christofer Drew I should've said for the second time today cause I ranted about him in a video earlier
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I don't think my childhood crush on Christofer Drew will ever end tbh
It's 12am and I'm on a rant about Christofer Drew. I don't know what I'm doing with my life anymore.
thanks to Christofer Drew I'm now digging Panda Bear πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Real Talk 7: talking about Alfred Willamson, Headfirst For Halos, and Christofer Drew: via
"Peace on earth will find us when we can all find peace within" - Christofer Drew @ Cgv Blitz Bec
16 y/o christofer drew is still the love of my LIFE I do not give a HECK
Some of our staff got to hang out with Never Shout Never's front man, Christofer Drew, to get to know a little...
I liked it when christofer drew had a higher voice, his new music makes him sound ill
I don't think I'll ever grow out of my crush on Christofer Drew
My mom full on fan girls over John Ledgen . Legit the way I am with christofer drew
Thanks to a friend i got my black & white picture with Christofer Drew again.πŸ™ŒπŸ˜­β€
can I just date a guy like christofer drew please
I'm going to kidnap Christofer drew who's in?
Time is running out to enter for your chance to a ​acoustic signed by Christofer Drew​ of htt…
Georgia is gonna kidnap Christofer Drew when nsn come to Aus
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It's like I'm back in 6th grade watching a young Christofer Drew
Question: I met Christofer Drew @ the Vans Warped Tour over the summer in his ...
Christofer drew is my spirit animal, my soul mate, the man of my dreams. Like gawwwd damnn 😍πŸ”₯πŸ’¦
Ugh I shouldn't like any boy unless it's Christofer Drew, he's all that matters. πŸ˜’
I will always have tHE BIggEST crush on Christofer Drew Ingle no matter what he does
I was listening to them yesterday...shamelessly. Still luv Christofer Drew.
I use to be so in love with Christofer Drew, who's with me??
This one time in 2008 Christofer Drew sent me a comment on MySpace telling me that he loved me. LOL πŸ˜‚
I'm gonna go lay in bed and watch christofer drew interviews and live performances
we're best friends because you love Christofer Drew
ugh Christofer drew cut his hair . why ...
Christofer drew is so beautiful. Makes me so happy
I had a dream last night that I swiped right to Christofer Drew on Tinder and we matched and ended up getting married
I love Christofer Drew he's so cute he's like a cute puppy
Christofer Drew will always be a babe
Oomf reminds me of Christofer Drew from nevershoutnever lol
Christofer Drew (on younow website) 31/08/2015 what I missed during class kms
Christofer Drew is still on his game
Lol I wanna be a zombie bride or Christofer Drew
Christofer Drew is my spirit animal
All i get compared to is michael cera & christofer drew, do i really look THAT awkward?
I have all the time in the world for Christofer Drew
If Christofer Drew wanted to marry a tatted college girl named Madeline from Arizona, that'd be great.
I was so obsessed with Christofer Drew, it was just ridiculous and pretty *** sad.
HSIIDJDJRJRJD Christofer Drew Ingle USED TO BE MY FAVEBOOK COVER I JUST REMEMBERed this and now i wanna die
Ive met christofer drew and I've cried and I've sang in the dark
I support you and I deserve a gift considering I missed meeting Christofer Drew and seeing BVB just to meet you.
Christofer Drew still knows the way to my heart
I think everyone went through that phase where you were in love with Christofer Drew Ingle
I had no idea peace song was originally a solo piece by christofer drew I hate my life
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"Finally after five years we know the answer, what is love? Well, all is love." -Christofer Drew
Christofer Drew is my spirit animal.
Photoset: cr1st0f3rdr3w: Christofer Drew and the Never Shout Never Eras
all I need right now is a cup of tea and to listen to christofer drew
Just about a month ago I met at warped and honestly he's the nicest guy and then christofer drew threw pizza at us it was great
you should do a song with Christofer Drew
Petition for Christofer Drew to host the APMAS 2016
*Harmonizes to my favourite Christofer Drew songs when I'm unsure of life*
Enter for your chance to win a acoustic signed by Christofer Drew​ (US only):
if I had one with christofer drew that would definitely be my icon but :///
I'll never see my picture with christofer drew 😊😊😊
When christofer drew wears and Atilla shirt at warped is there really anything more perfect
I have a Chris List of all the Chris that I like, have liked, or found attractive in any way, starts: Christofer Drew, ends: Chris Pratt
Christofer Drew's voice is the definition of mellifluous.
Did the world outgrow Christofer Drew or did the people around me outgrow him, making way for the next pink-haired generation of banjo ***
freejimmer: in 7th grade I went to a never shout never concert and christofer drew passed around his water...
Christofer Drew, Austin Carlile, and Ronnie Radke need to acknowledge my life.
I hope when I meet Christofer Drew it won't end as badly as I met Jordan Witzigreuter.
ok but other than michael. Christofer Drew Ingle..,
Andrew Biersack, Christofer Drew, & Oliver Scott Sykes were my boyfriends growing up.
Christofer Drew makes me want to slam my head on the desk. And not in a good way.
I miss the old Christofer Drew so much
Coffee and Cigarettes by NeverShoutNever is bae tbh
Totally stopped watching youtube bc Christofer Drew is bae and i have to listen to this
I don't like christofer drew I just like those two songs πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
you have. but it's ok. I forgive you. christofer drew is just an *** Ÿ˜‚
Christofer Drew literally was my first love in like 5th grade and just wowowow
fuxkkl. they were mainly about christofer Drew and deefizzy i think? LOL!
Keep you head up and follow your heart -Christofer Drew
Christofer Drew is going on an acoustic tour omg.
"Never trust a guy with two first names" ok christofer drew
Christofer Drew Ingle will always be bae
I had a dream about christofer drew what
My boyfriend got glasses and now he looks like Christofer Drew..
Christofer Drew Will always be the most attractive guy ever to me
Christofer Drew is finally doing another us tour 😍
Before I hit puberty I sounded like christofer drew in can't stand it
still stan christofer drew wHAT FIGHT ME
did this seriously just happen? I found out I'm meeting Christofer Drew, and Damon fizzy followed me? 😭
For Christmas my parents got me VIP tickets to meet Never Shout Never my husband Christofer Drew! β€οΈπŸ’€
Christofer Drew was life in middle school πŸ’πŸ˜‚
Crying about not meeting Christofer Drew this feels like 2012 all over again
i still love christofer drew so so so mucH
Who is your favorite live performer? β€” Christofer drew was amazing(:
i love never shout never so much i've been christofer drew's stan since I was ten years old alright FIGHT ME
I'm still Fangirling over the fact that Panko and I are going to see Nevershoutnever and meet Christofer DrewπŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
VIP tickets to Christofer drew omg πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’–
Seriously some of Christofer Drew Ingle's songs just touch me so much and I've adored him for over 6 years ;-; He's amazing and his musicsjf
That feeling when I was going thru my story on snapchat and Christofer Drew Ingle shows up, I wasn't mentally prepared for that
I am officially meeting Christofer Drew on February 24th 2015! I can't explain the emotions I am feeling. What even is life?
HANG ON christofer drew lmao no i loved him
I just wanna meet Christofer Drew pls
I know good things are coming for christofer drew 😍
Trace Cyrus & Christofer Drew together. Thanks guys for completing my middle/high school years with this picture. 😍 htt…
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