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Christmas Day

Christmas (meaning Christ's Mass ) is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ and a widely observed holiday, celebrated generally on December 25 by millions of people around the world.

George Michael Boxing Day Christmas Eve Richard Jefferson Xbox Live Queen Elizabeth Kevin Durant

The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zendaya...out Christmas Day. They just wrapped filming. Also...
'Beloved' singer George Michael laid to rest - George Michael was found dead in his bed on Christmas Day
George Michael Laid to Rest in Private Ceremony - Three months after George Michael's Christmas Day death, the ...
Bet Glen Hoddle doesn't let his kids or grandkids open their presents till after dinner on Christmas Day.
Sweet! Tesco are selling Disney DVDs! Bought Aladdin and The Lion King, the latter was on TV when Shannon proposed to me on Christmas Day!
I got lost in Disney world on Christmas Day for over six hours so my feelings about the place are very complicated.
In Queen Elizabeth’s 2015 annual Christmas Day speech, she invoked the Bible to encourage hope in difficult times. https…
The annual 'Don't eat that it's for Christmas Day' ban has been good overall.
A Shelby Township mother says it felt like "Christmas Day" to have her electricity restored Saturday afternoon…
Robert Klein tells he broke his arm while playing tennis on Christmas Day
on Christmas day he had no one near him! All alone in his home? That's upsetting.
A million stories like this and Paul Ryan grins like it's Christmas morning. This *** make me cry every *** day.
Kolton (Mckinney, Tx) endorsed us: "I found out I had to move the day after Christmas, luckily
The actor who played Father Bane is going to be appearing in an upcoming film: "A Very Country Christmas". It's officially Opposite Day.
Christmas Day, kickin it at my grandmas house. Didn't know it was the last time . Our conversation was slight .. sh…
...22 mins left for Christmas day in our country. wishing you a happy Christmas Eve megan
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
This is just like 25 Day of Christmas, but better!
Y'all don't even understand this Christmas Day Cavs jersey magical 😩
don't even...I came back to school the day after Christmas and spent the whole winter break on campus
I heard that Trump said "A Day Without Women will be Amazon's biggest day since Christmas!" SMH...
Ive seen them say something like "Irish pride" is ok, but white pride isnt then in the same breath call st patricks day racist
Lol Steph really had his head buried in his jersey when Kyrie got that game winner Christmas Day
I saw ur guitar cover on Christmas day.Since when did y… — just like my dancing I self taught myself how to play g…
equally as excited for women's day as I am for christmas tbh
In the film Capt. Fantastic, they celebrate Noam Chomsky day instead of Christmas, which is, in my opinion, better.
A coach waiting for the first day of Spring Practice is like a kid waiting for Christmas.COME ON CLOCK
. 🎶Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day. 🎶 . now that song is stuck in my head.
Hubs & I returned each other's Christmas presents one year b/c the 13 y.o. car needed brakes. I've been fuming at all day.
Merry Christmas, hope you all have a wonderful day!!
Waiting on spring break like a little kid on Christmas Day!!
BQ:In a magic world where no one was stuck working the games.. CFB Semi's on Christmas Day, and Championshpi on New Years Day.
The NBA already does a nice job ensuring quality Christmas day match-ups, so I'm all set.
*** I didn't get to see Dirk hit 30K points but at least I was there to see him get his ring Christmas day in 2011
A. MEN. It's more like my mind says every other day of the year and my heart says Christmas
Just imagine how fed up you have to be to book a ticket to leave for Paris alone on Christmas Day. I was so over life!
free pancake day is like a 2nd Christmas. But it ended at 7? That's the equivalent of getting socks when you wanted an iPhone
What is your favorite day out of the whole year? — christmas i think
so you can pair them with the red ones for Christmas caroling? Or St Patricks day maybe? XD
You get old dying logan for 99% of the movie but that 5 minutes of vintage wolverine was better than opening a PS4 on Christmas Day
George Michael's Christmas Day death was caused by natural causes:
How cool is it that one day you'll be giggling at 2am Christmas morning while stuffing your kid's stockings with your…
A British Coroner has ruled George Micheal died from natural causes on Christmas Day at the age of 53
Singer George Michael who was found dead at his home on Christmas Day, died of natural causes, according to coroner. https…
I always feel like it's Christmas Day on the Sunday that marks the beginning of my week with Justin ❤❤❤❤
seems shops over here shut 2 days a year Easter Sunday and Christmas Day it's shocking all about ££
Are You Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? - - Ask not what your quiz can do for you, but what you can do for your quiz
*has dream where Michael Flynn resigns*. You there, boy, what day is this?. Why it's Christmas Day
Wow, George Michael passed Christmas Day. He wrote one of my Fav Christmas Songs. Very Sad, but now he Sings With Angels.…
Jingle Bells, Silver Bells, A Bell Will Ring, Jingle Bell Rock, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, Carol of the Bells
Troy Ave Gets Shot Again on Christmas Day While Stopped at a Redlight on his way to See his Family!
The day after Christmas and we are still in the party mode. Canadian style except with pot instead of the booze. Pot is hea…
Can't we just cancel Valentine's day and have second Christmas instead
Christmas Day. All: Amazing day full with everything i want is lovely!. Me: NOOO*crying* NO PETER NO NO PETER DONT GOOO!!
Pay day and I'm literally skint already with paying my Christmas debts off😩
I am usually more excited for Signing Day than I am Christmas 😒
Like, from the moment I got accepted on Christmas day 2014, to today things have been so wild.
Avoiding those Christmas shopping queues was the order of the day at our Smithfield 'Meat'! https:/…
Wey Jim White day. Wey took the day off work. Wey better than Christmas. We are the lads.
Christmas Day- saw a my other horse is a ghost bumper sticker and was like, *** googled-downloaded-subscribed. Huge Fan! Nice Job.
Acc| my autocorrect, Christmas marks the anniversary of the day Chris was bored.
geeked for Wednesday. . I'm talkin kid on Christmas geeked… first day of school new outfit geeked… condom broke and I busted geeked
Agreed, I don't even know what's the deal, it is a day made by multinationals to make money, at least Christmas has "reasons"
AFTER A LONG DAY OF CHRISTMAS. SHOPPING..MOM NEEDED A NAP.. SO WE JOINED HER !. (After all..we couldn't let her have all the. fun…
merry Christmas I hope every had a great day and a great rest of the new year🎄
I've been feeling like tht Ever since the day we came back from Christmas break .
my grandpa passed the day after Christmas so i know how it feels i never lost anyone who ment so much and see you helps me
Patience announces her intention to marry a backwoods stranger on Christmas Day.
Me: *doesn't request Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years off from work but does request to get day of Beauty and the Beast premier off* 💁🏼✨
LAST DAY of our January Sale!. Pop by & pick up some of the things you've been eyeing up since Christmas in our show…
An employee who failed to open cemetery gates on Christmas Day has been disciplined.
Help 11 yr old boy and his siblings for Christmas he has severe seizure disorder having over 100 seizures a day there is a…
Doing Christmas performances with my show in IFC Shanghai. This year I am also Christmas hard worker👍 Tomorrow closing day.…
What's the best way to get a monster rating for this year? Don't reveal the new Doctor until the regenerati…
Merry christmas familia may God bless one and all have fab day
"LIVE EVERY DAY LIKE IT'S THE FOURTH OF JULY" I bellow drunkenly at what's left of the Christmas tree lot. A child cries.…
i just remembered seungjun's christmas tree costume What a Start to the Day
Good Morning Let me bright your day with some beautiful pics from my Christmas album.
Today's the day of release y'all it's like Christmas morning all over again 🇺🇸
NOO MY DOCTOR NO!! I FEEL SO SAD! i don't want this i don't want new men! Christmas day we cry 💔😭
Congrats on the new edition, welcome Calliope Day! Just wondering do you have any relatives named Christmas Day?
Listening to Love's In Our Hearts On Christmas Day by *Nsync, on my Echo!
It's the last day of sale! . Use WINTERISOVER code on the checkout page and get 30% off on Sleeper Christmas styles…
Every day is a new executive order ! It's like the twelve days of Christmas but it's actually the Twelve Days of Totalitarian Government! :)
Honestly Christmas and Valentine's Day too *** close to each other
Here I am. Each day is chock full of joy & wonder so that I can't sleep in anticipation of surprises to come. Like Christmas morn every day.
Britain&Prince Harry arrives to attend the Christmas Day church service in Sandringham :Auto pickup by wikyou
"The last service he attended was on Christmas Day. It was also the last time he left his home." by
One Powerful Service @ The Fellowship... We're combining our services for one great fellowship on Christmas Day!!!
The sign at the Sonic by my house is advertising being open Christmas Day. That's a long time in advance to plan your holiday tater tots.
Queen Elizabeth forced to miss Christmas Day church service with 'heavy cold' -
Made a complaint to on Christmas Day about service. Promised a gift card as an apology 21 days on no giftcard 😡😡😡
Barron Trump looks like a kid whose been told that he's got to go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day mass
Newtown Tax Assessors Database: ‘The whole town of Sandy Hook was bought off on Christmas Day 2009’
Do you have any pie irons for the Croque Monsieur? We used them in our backyard on Christmas Day!
Here's a picture of in service to others on Christmas Day. What did do on Christmas?
English singer, songwriter George Michael who rose to fame w group Wham! passed away at 53 yo on Christmas Day...
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas Day. Happy holidays to everyone from all of the team.
The Hideaway teamed up with Parish Church on Christmas Day.
There had originally been plans for a strike on Christmas Day and Boxing DayWhy the British Airways cabin crew are…
Whitchurch Mayor makes traditional Christmas Day visit to hospital.
Man drowns at Watamolla beach Royal National Park south of Sydney on Christmas Day
has anyone had a problem being paid out for the Christmas Day strictly come dancing bet ? 365 say it's a losing bet ?
In Eastern incl. the Ethiopian Orthodox & Coptic Church, January 7 is Christmas Day:
I chose Yegna as one of my Desert Island Discs. The tune is called "Taitu". Today is Christmas Day in Ethiopia.
Great to have seen this goodwill gesture from Sarah Millican on Christmas Day last year. Anyone who was spending...
When the world lost 80s iconic musician George Michael on Christmas Day we also lost an extraordinary philanthropist
Pick from our gift wish list and you'll be looking great on Christmas Day:
George Michael 'killed himself on Christmas Day after numerous suicide attempts'
On the 8th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...this nifty graphic on lockpicking. 👍🏻
"I have spent the day testing the weapons I received on Christmas."
On Christmas Day I was in sweats, but we made your Creamed Spinach... AMAZING! Even 4 yo and my mom ate it! (both picky!)
Excited for the day that KathNiel will be in Christmas & New Year pictures together with their families in their future…
Tomorrow is my last day of Winter Break. I spent time w/ family, D, and by myself... exactly what I wanted for Christmas :) Happy New Year!
on the 12th day of Christmas my true love said to me,,, time to take the lights down is Epiphany
I was disgusted that this behavior was conducted in front of Australian children during a busy Christmas shopping…
Makes me sad knowing tomorrow is the last day off for Christmas break and Tuesday we gotta go back to *** again 😩😢
Mont member: Hackers threaten to take down Xbox Live and PSN on Christmas Day… via the
Only one day left before it's time to go back to school? Where did Christmas break go?🤔😬
Today is the 3rd day of Christmas, so everyone! 😄🎄. Wishing love & peace of Christ to all+
they took it off the day after Christmas 😔
Thanks Corbin! ...Just keep pushing. You're gonna be huge one day :) Hope you've had a good Christmas/new years
domain names
Thank You for today and all of its many blessings LORD! Have a blessed Third Day of Christmas Everyone!.
Another Christmas & New Years passed; every year I've been alive I think I long for the next & miss the just passed on New Years day night.
Y'all so unoriginal. Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day the only days out the year *** know how to propose 🙄
Happy New Year on this 8th Day of Christmas. Peace, Love Infinite Blessings to all
My Christmas wish is to one day have all of you in one big room so we can celebrate Christmas together 🎉 that's not too…
That bit between Christmas and New Year where you don't know what day it is, who you are and what you are suppose to be doing
Christmas season is still not over. We still have Three Kings Day on the 6Th!.
Final day of Christmas at the Princess is over. I'm all out of steam (and good train puns). Very excited to go back…
By far my favorite gift from Christmas Day. My cousins an I are holosexuals and she knew I really wanted a shirt fr…
Just scrolling through Christmas Day pictures...found this of my…
JESUS, born this day. He came to DIE so we might LIVE! . . .
Kinda just wanna tell someone about my day/Christmas today😕
If like me you are stressed with Christmas preparations, I hope this starts your day with a smile 😊 Enjoy!
SwearNet's GETTIN' LEARNT WITH RICKY has an important Public Service Announcement for Christmas Day! https:/…
I think christmas should be a 365 day holiday🎄😍
Merry Christmas! We hope everyone has the most beautiful and fun filled day full of so much love and joy! . Love, Stewar…
6.1 million people watched Mrs Brown's Boys on Christmas Day. That is a lot of ***
York Minster bells' first Christmas Day silence for 600 years - BBC News
Richard Jefferson gifted Klay Thompson coal this Christmas Day 🎄 (Vine by
Teen charged in deadly Christmas Day shooting in Henderson County Didn't think it was loaded.
Just a few more minutes then Reggie Yates goes back into hibernation, not to be seen again until next Christmas Day
Everyday is Christmas Day in our house said & 😂❤🐶 @ Leighton Buzzard…
We walked Central Park for hours on Christmas Day 👌🏼🎄🥂
Marcio Lassiter wants another shot at playing on Christmas Day games. | PBA | SPIN.PH via By
Divine intervention as Upper Caldecote Reverend snuffs church fire on Christmas Day.
Sales of George Michael’s singles & albums surge by as much as 525% since his death on Christmas Day. https:…
The suspect in the fatal Ala Moana Center shooting on Christmas Day turned himself on Friday.
I've had 2 days off over Christmas. Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Rough 🙃
Our list of services for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at churches from Montauk to Southampton. https…
sorry to be a story topper but I had an appendectomy & umbilical hernia repair Christmas Day. Happy New Year to you & yours
Bought my dad a new shirt for Christmas. He wore it straight away on Christmas Day
Former Brooklyn Dodgers' pitcher Johnny Rutherford died on Christmas Day. He pitched in 22 games with the in 1952. R.I.P. Doc.
Lonzo Ball and the whole family play basketball on Christmas Day. 📹
Poche was reported missing when he didn't attend Mass at St. John the Evangelist Church on Christmas Day, says.
Today my Grandad came home from hospital after being admitted on Christmas Day! Very happy & relieved Rye family this evening💛
I reckon she was planning for Christmas Day but George Michael stole her thunder
This week I continued my annual Christmas Day ritual of checking out a movie. I chose the movie "Fences,"...
Kris Jenner donated 100 gourmet chef-cooked meals to inner-city youth on Christmas Day:
RCMP investigate Christmas Day home invasion in Moncton
STWCI dance ministry from Christmas Day. Come check them out at our New Year's Day service at 10 am!
alum Shawn Weyer (reindeer sweater) doing graphics for Thursday Night Football on Christmas Day
First run since Christmas Day and it was a bit slippy!
Imagine walking up in Acapulco on Christmas Day?
Dublin GAA News: Sam Maguire and Dubs on Christmas Day tour of hopitals via
Just another day at the office. Merry Christmas to all. Be safe out there.
AI and Machine Learning, how the trend will continue into 2017
Christmas is over and I get to go back to work on New Comic Book Day. Hallelujah
Huge fight involving 100 people breaks out in early hours of Christmas Day
Alcohol banned in Coogee for the entire summer after a Christmas Day party left the beach looking like a dump.
My only off day for this break is Christmas 😭
US pilots in SANTA HATS deliver death to ISIS on Christmas Day via
Pensioner died after being found in the road on Christmas Day
I do not want to get proposed to on Christmas. or my Birthday or any other holiday for that matter lol. I want my own da…
Hope everyone had a great day and got what they wanted! Thanks for everything you all do, merry Christmas 🙌🏻
I Lowkey almost cried watching Christmas Day vlog today 🙊
Engagements are beautiful. Who cares if they happen on Christmas or a birthday or Valentine's Day or a random Wednesday in…
Last time you had sex was Christmas Day, but your WCW had sex 3 hours ago
Santa's on his way! Follow him . We're closed Day, open 12/26, 8-5, daily. Mele Kalikimaka! ht…
Arab asylum seekers held in Germany after they set a homeless man on fire on Christmas. CCTV caught them laughing.
Stretch mark cream lands Lagos beautician in prison on Christmas day
I am working on making a goal list for myself and first thing on my list is to one day get invited to Christmas Eve party
Awesome experience getting to give back to those less fortunate on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas y'all!
It's the day after Christmas and all the presents are gone, Christmas is over but the celebration goes on!! Hope you had a…
3rd day of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! wins 2 bookmarks! DM your mailing address to receive i…
Is if me or did Christmas this year feel empty.. like dude it just felt like any ordinary day.. no valuable emotion was…
On Christmas Day, director of Muslim group CAIR wished more Russians died in plane crash https:…
"Officers have now arrested seven men between the ages of 15 and 21-years-old including six Syrians..."
*sigh* Thank you for being you. I literally love you more and more every day. Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas. Hope you are all having a wonderful day wherever you may be. John and Scott
Merry Christmas ya lovely lot, I've had a good 4 naps today. I hope you've had the best day with family and loved ones, s…
Wanna no what i got for christmas? HEAR IT IS AND IT IS AWFUL. WORST DAY OF MY LIFE
Christmas Day marked 6 months on strike for Essex County Library workers. We need to set the Lib. Board stra…
I literally have no idea what is going on between Christmas Day n New Years what day is it what time is it where am I
Join us for a Christmas buffet tomorrow from noon-8PM. View the menu:
The block. The shot. The rematch. Tune into ABC and watch and exchange gifts on Christmas Day. https…
Hamilton Collection
Ore. man kills wife, critically wounds cop on Christmas Day - New York Daily News
the only pigs in blankets we need to see this Christmas 💝💫 compassion over killing, mercy over greed 🍃 have a great day eve…
Powerful system to impact Atlantic Canada on Thursday. Details here.
Christmas Day at USO Naval Air Station Pensacola was a big success thanks to our wonderful volunteers ! We served...
We salute the brave Canadian Armed Forces members who are serving far from home this Christmas Day https:…
By Game Score, Kevin Durant had the best performance in a Christmas Day loss since Bernard King in 1984…
Tragedy as teenager born with no limbs and forced to live in a PLASTIC BOWL dies on Christmas Day - Mirror Online
How appalling & shameful that nobody watching this called 999 😱Victim left to die on Christmas Day - Mirror Online
As should be!😃! TY GG! We had Christmas Day church with 30 of our fam in relative farm house then lunch. Old fashioned sis!
I had my first Christmas Day alone with the dog. Mum away and OH working. London is lovely when it'…
First feedback: "stayed up until 2am on Christmas Day to finish Another You"
Dog owner 'beaten, paraded and left to die in puddle' on Christmas Day - Mirror Online
OIR: 'Green Mountain Boys' take to the sky on Christmas Day
FOUND BIRD Beverly 27/12/16. We have acquired a Tame White pigeon. Came to us on Christmas Day. Will not...
An unplanned Christmas Day trip to a retirement home was by far the best part of the holiday season. I'm still... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Team Russia is wearing a black band on their left arm in honor of the Russian plane crash on Christmas Day.…
It's not unless you've told someone Christmas Day is 364 days away
NBA says Richard Jefferson fouled Kevin Durant at end of epic Christmas Day clash
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day. Love to all. H
The Biltmore House is having a Christmas Day time celebration! You dont want to miss out on the festivities beginning at 10am.
Chimney fire damages Orland Park home on Christmas Day -
Ate so much crap Christmas Day time to get back on it. Never be discouraged keep chasing 💪💪💪
Big Ben & were breaking records on Christmas Day!
DFW weather mild after record high on Christmas Day .
Man charged in connection with Christmas Day shooting in Carteret County:
This is a video of a 3 years old boy singing "Grigio Girls" by Lady Gaga on Christmas Day. He was sick but his voice still…
Belated Happy 85th Birthday to former coach Charles "Lefty" Driesell who celebrated on Christmas Day.
Stephen Webb looking great in Tom Ford Specs...from Specs on Alan Carr Chatty man Christmas Day.
Christmas Day sales 2016 - Antony Welfare live on Sky News with Kay Burley
Christmas Day on the street in Harajuku 2016 - Merry Christmas Everyone!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Saw huge bull elk on Christmas Day while me, family were enjoying an afternoon in woods, Leslie County.
Purple reigned the sunset on Christmas Eve. A befitting heralding for Christmas Day, for purple is the colour of ki…
im still in shock rest in peace. Not expecting this on Christmas Day!
Three arrested on suspicion of Christmas Day murder on Isle of Wight
With Great Pleasure. Wonderfully clever and funny post-script to Christmas Day. Armstrong, Miller…
UPDATE: Police identify man killed in Christmas Day shooting in southeast Charlotte.
Christmas Day call out for at St Agnes - amazing volunteers out in lifeboat to rescue a kayaker.
At least 13 people have died after Nande militia attacked Hutu civilians on Christmas Day in Democratic Republic of…
whenever a huge star dies on Christmas Day, I enjoy it a tiny bit b/c it suits them. when else would James Brown go? same for George Michael
It was a busy Christmas Day in Hervey Bay's maternity ward with seven babies born.
Christmas Day 🎄media for Kane Williamson. "We are looking forward to Boxing Day. It's always a great environment at Hagley O…
George Washington and his troops have completed their yearly Christmas Day trip across the Delaware River.
Well I love this day more than Christmas Day. Bring on those Boxing Day football matches!
Good morning, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day. Severe gales across Scotland. Fine & cold elsewhere:…
"Jeremy Corbyn is denying Britain a decent opposition". And yet the are worried, even on Christmas Day.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Troy Ave was shot twice while traveling to see family on Christmas Day
Singer George Michael of Careless Whisper dies on Christmas Day -
I'm tuned in now. Nice Christmas theme 4-play. You have a good new week Hon as Christmas Day ends and New Years Eve…
2016 really took the guy who gave us 'Last Christmas' on Christmas Day
George Michael wrote the last great Christmas song and died Christmas Day. I don't even know how to process that.
LeBron; Kyrie Irving debut new signature sneakers on Christmas Day
Groundhog Day on Christmas Day: Kevin Durant's big night can't prevent another Warriors collapse vs. Cavaliers
The biggest names in world football each had their own unique way of enjoying Christmas Day.more photos below...
Man charged in Christmas Day shooting in Carteret County
Russ is having fun on Christmas Day. 29 Pts. 15 Ast. Thunder lead, 110-90, over the T-Wolves in the 4th.
Christmas Day hike in the Point Lobos State Reserve was enjoyed by more people than I thought would be out this...
George Michael dieing on Christmas Day is the most 2016 thing to happen in 2016
This photo was taken opening night. Richard Jefferson resurrected his hops on Christmas Day. Coincidence?
Watching play on Christmas Day. vs . So proud of you KD!
The Chiang men with Emi on the south shore of Lake Tahoe. December 25, 2016, Christmas Day.…
This NFL Christmas Day is just full of CMU studs. and Frank Zombo up now for the Chiefs! 🔥👆🏼
The Woburn Host Lions Club hopes everyone is enjoying Christmas Day. Be sure to reach out to others and share the joy…
Fmr. Gov. Pat Quinn spent Xmas Day with >100 servicemembers from the Great Lakes Naval Base at 11th annual “Christmas Day with the Sailors.”
I am with my whole family at our Aunt Loretta J. Hamilton and our Uncle Jack Cohen house for Christmas Day today an…
Check out this incredible double rainbow shot on Christmas Day from Columbus, NE! Submitted by baytownbill through…
Corrie finally reveals who Peter Barlow's secret lover is in Christmas Day twist via
'Tis the evening of Christmas Day, so we watch THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL. And after, thanks to THE MUPPET FAMILY CHRISTMAS.
I don't think there's anything more 2016 than George Michael dying on Christmas Day. R.I.P
Anyone sad about George Michael dying on Christmas Day. I can relate, I was shocked to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman die on my birthday.
A Bartow County EMS spokesperson said it took six people to remove the rock from the female victim on Christmas Day.
I've had a wonderful Christmas Day with family. 😃 Lovely food and cherished memories, hard to capture in a photo...
George Michael dying on Christmas Day sums up 2016🙄
Photo highlights of 4th Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade command team visiting with troops Christmas Day on Fort Carson.
What's best than Watch an marathon on Christmas Day, btw merry Christmas Lew, don't be bad with jack…
Now George Michael has died on Christmas Day, try tell me 2016 hasn't been anything but pure ***
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
SIGHTING: Bird, BEVERLEY 25/12/16. Found white pigeon. Has stayed with us all Christmas Day and still here this...
Arkansas State Police investigating the Christmas Day shooting death of a man by law officers southwest of Batesville in northeast Arkansas.
Naval recruits find relaxation in Arlington Heights on Christmas Day: Recruits from Naval Station Great Lakes spent…
Finishing off Christmas Day with a thick slice of Alpha Papa .
We hope you have had a glorious Christmas Day, from all of us at Ditcheat Thoroughbreds
Thank you NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors game on Christmas Day. Wow!!
Here is hoping you and yours are having a wonderful Christmas Day! from Pences!
Aloha ia oe e Jason, may your Christmas Day be filled with lots of bright joy and filled with onolicious mea ai!
and Bleacher Creatures getting down w some fans at on Christmas Day!
Grandpa Tom - falling asleep on Christmas Day with my feet up on the sofa
If you live in the Pittsburgh area your Christmas Day celebration will most likely be centered around the Steeler's game today
The Winter Festival of Lights in Upper Marlboro is FREE to see on Christmas Day!
Someone catch this work in 8-ball on this glorious Christmas Day 🎄. I'm handing out L's, I mean gifts, all day long 🎅🏿🎁
Christmas Day run to start the fun time off: 3.16 miles in 50:37, 16.01 pace.
Kobe Bryant leads all players on Christmas Day! 🎄🏀🐍
Always fun rocking the new gear on a Christmas Day run.
Sunday morning update: Marginal to slight risk for severe weather today (Christmas Day) for S Central & SE Nebraska as…
This is how some are spending Christmas Day 🙁 @ Uptown in Charlotte, NC
Watch the candle light service with your family this Christmas Day. or…
Most important stop this Christmas Day.. love and miss you Mom💞 Strive everyday to make you proud 😀❤️
Wishing you all a from the team at MetDesk! 2016 is officially the joint second warmest Christmas Day on recor…
Queen Elizabeth did not attend church on Christmas Day, Buckingham Palace announced Sunday after confirming she...
Sledding on Christmas Day! We were able to sled a good 15 minutes before the North Dakota winds…
Chatham-Kent firefighter Tyler Hartsell serves up a meal for Nelson Harrison on Christmas Day at the Spirit and...
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