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Christmas Cards

A Christmas Card is a greeting card sent as part of the traditional celebration of Christmas in order to convey between people a range of sentiments related to the Christmas and holiday season.

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Iraq: Christmas Cards & 2015 Calendar in support of the vital work of St George's Church, Baghdad:
After some thought and researching some local charities, I have decided this year that I will be taking donations instead of Christmas Cards and gifts for LATCH Welsh Children's Cancer Charity. Latch are a charity that support children and their families that are treated by the oncology unit at the University Hospital of Wales. The same as last year, I want my donations to be about the kids, as it is Christmas. I will be setting up a JustGiving page over the weekend, and will be happy to receive any amount of donation, wether it be a £1 or a £100. Last year I raised £250 for Noah's Ark Appeal. Not a life changing amount by no means. But I guess its better than £250's worth of Christmas Cards, that are going to be thrown in the bin after two weeks. I am not going to be in every ones face, but will post the link once or twice a week, so if anyone who is intending on sending a card or a gift (not many I know lo!!), then please just click the link and donate a £1 instead of a card. I am sure these kids . ...
Cowbridge 'Cards for Good Causes' pop up shop opens this Saturday 25th October... we are staffed entirely by volunteers and sell Christmas Cards and goods from more than 25 national and local charities including Cancer Research Wales and Boparth. Christmas Cards are an important source of funding for charities and also help to raise awareness of their work... Please come and pop in to the Cowbridge shop and choose from our fantastic array of charity cards and also stock up on all your Christmas essentials, such as wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, ribbon and lots fun stocking fillers! We are located within Cowbridge Community College, part of the the Old Town Hall on Westgate Street just along from Barclays Bank. Look out for our distinctive triangular Santa signs. We are open Monday to Saturday 10am till 4pm and also during Cowbridge's Annual Reindeer Parade on Sunday 30th November.
We are proud to announce that our 2015 Calendar and Christmas Cards are available early this year, which gives those of you who like to send them overseas, to your friends and family, time to do so! Check out our blog for a list of stockists across the Western Cape :)
The Christmas/Holiday cards are flooding in! Thank you Florida & New Jersey. Operation Christmas Cards has begun! We will post a flyer this week with all of the details. In the mean time, feel free to mail PO Box 612 Norwood MA (Heartillery Group) with unsealed letters for our soldiers. They will be sent over seas and to military bases around the United States. They can be made or store bought- and the envelopes, although appreciated, aren't necessary since we send many in bulk. Our deadline for Operation Christmas Cards 2014 is set for Dec 12th. Let the card creations commence! partnership with Hero Helpers of America)
I have been watching the restoration of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York, City. (you can *like* the page and watch along) I just visited the gift shop and noticed on sale $6.00 Christmas Cards!
I'll be at the SDC Civic Centre on Monday for the Bus Forum and then selling my Christmas Cards and Quizzes. 10-2pm
The PDSA has some lovely Christmas Cards. One called STROLL IN THE SNOW has a beautiful black cat on it.
& I are still shocked at Christmas Cards being on sale! But now it's time for a production meeting in Theatre! 😉👍
Well; just got home from the hospital! Last procedure from my physical had my colonoscopy and everything is clear! Hit 60 this year and had everything done from stem to stern! Now to have my eyes checked and get new glasses and should be good for a while! Thinking of taking the photos and including them in my Christmas Cards this year...since everyone thinks I am an *** I'll send you the photos! LOL.I was starving on the way home after 24 hours of no food I stopped and got a huge breakfast burrito with ham, sausage, bacon, egg and green chile! One more cup of coffee and then into bed to sleep off the rest of the drug that Michael Jackson used.
omg I have Christmas Cards where people have actually spelt my name like that, also 'Chelsy, Chelsey and Chealsy' just why?!
love when I remember that I have gift cards from christmas/birthdays to my favorite stores that I have not used yet $$
Finally put those Christmas gift cards to good use.
Carlson Craft Models - Feathered Fancy Christmas Cards: Add joy to so...
I would LOVE that truly. You'd be forever a part of my Christmas Card list! I send really killer cards :-)
I'm giving away: ***NIP*** Adorable Penguin Christmas Cards. Check it out -
They have great deals there on cards, we got our Christmas Cards there last year, like $15 for 50 cards!
Looks like a Christmas abroad is on the cards 😏🍹☀
I comment on a post earlier.. Hardly ever people see the serious side of me Every time a crime is committed with a gun the Government wants to take the weapons from our Law bidden Citizens so there will be no deterrent for criminals... So if GOV. does really believe in this Idea Why don't they take our militaries weapons and all The US. weapons of Mass destruction and Im sure that China Russia Iraq Iran Korea and all the other countries will send us Christmas Cards and Presents every fourth of July ...Some things just Ruffles Gs feathers ...
So next year I'm making family Christmas Cards with just me.
Me according to about 25% of the Christmas Cards I've ever received.
Opening up business cards with the new logo is like company Christmas. Thanks
One year Maisy sent Christmas Cards to all her doggie friends.
My mom is in this Hallmark looking for Christmas Cards because they're on sale for a dollar. WE'VE BEEN IN HERE FOR HALF AN HOUR
Cleaning out my desk at work is taking me way longer than anticipated. I have Christmas Cards from people I dont even like from 2010 in it.
I have 2 bday cards & a Christmas Card in my keep safe box from 🙊😘✋
during Christmas 2 years ago I bought a bunch of target and Starbucks gift cards and passed them out to random people
Vintage Christmas Greeting Cards by Hallmark, a Set of 5 Cards with Envelopes
by we do you include me? I hugged, hung Christmas Cards & turned my back on city park but don't agree with you
Birthday and Christmas Cards from elderly relatives... I might want to keep them for 30 years time... but do I? :-/
“Send them out with their Christmas Cards 🙊” I hope so 💁
Send them out with their Christmas Cards 🙊
...The first of the Christmas Cards have arrived :o
Electronic Christmas Cards need an opt-in?
worse beating: one of my Christmas presents was hella gift cards. I had a build a bear gift card, Vickie's, macys, jcpennys,
Got an eye for design? Win the chance to design one of our Christmas Cards
On top of my wardrobe i found all my junior cert copies, christmas wrapping paper, a cookbook and one of the credit cards I lost.
aw *** I have the worst handwriting imagineable. I think even laughed at it when we sent Christmas Cards.
Working on Christmas Cards at this time of year is strange! Watch out for our bespoke Hampshire card.
Old English homework, sending messages of a graceful nature on Whatsapp, and sending me Christmas Cards
Scrooges: Save money at Christmas by returning last year's cards with the inscription 'Same to you'.
Found TWO gift cards while getting ready this morning! Christmas came early this year!
Don't worry, I'll be your researcher for the night. Keep those Christmas Cards coming. ;)
Casually just found 29 Christmas Cards that I didn't give out like 2-3 years ago 😂
What do angry rodents send each other at Christmas time? Cross mouse cards!
When the business cards came in on March 27th, it felt like Christmas. Nothing feels as official...
hey guys we own a trash company and every Christmas our drivers probably average 400_500 n cash and Christmas Cards
And di Maria just got Christmas Cards from Gooners everywhere.
Choose from a large selection of Christian Christmas Cards, and Christian Suffering. http…
Between Mass cards, birthday cards and good luck cards, it's been like Christmas in my house the last 2 weeks 😂
if you start tomorrow you have 6 months to make & send Christmas Cards by 1st week in Dec.
Jeez I'm so bored. Didn't really realise how much you need ur knees. Can't drive, walking the dogs is out., is it too early to write my Christmas Cards. 🎅
From the first day I was admitted to St. Luke's Hospital in Global City, Manila, last September for chemo treatments, I had a tremendous burden to share my faith. I wanted to be a reflection of Jesus Christ. Throughout the months as a cancer patient, I shared the love of Christ with everyone who came in my room and got to know them. I wanted each person to know that they are important in God's eyes. So, I wrote notes and gave to them reminding them of this. As time passed, I began making simple cards for the nurses, the food tray people, the housekeeping, the doctors and whoever else became a part of my life. Little did I know that at that time God was preparing me for the next journey my life was about to take. I began making bookmarks and bringing them to the out-patient Cancer Center and the doctors there knew me and they would let me talk to some of the patients and I would give them a book mark I had made that had either a scripture or words of encouragement on them. These people blessed my heart so ...
I worked hard to buy my house, after leaving a nightmare marriage. I was determined to have my own home where my kids and i could relax and be ourselves, not have to walk on eggshells and hold our breath. I was going to have my own house that i wouldn't be afraid to walk into or be bullied out of ever again. This small town bullying crap has reached it's limit. For those critical minded people who tell me to move.really? Why the *** should i? Isn't this still America? I bought this property. I'm a tax paying citizen. There's no reason i should have to move because others have done me wrong! What if i took your advice, let myself be driven from my home, scrape up enough to rent somewhere and what if the neighbors there are *** too? Then I'm trading one set of *** for another. People are *** everywhere. I'm not going to spend my life running from them. I remember when i moved in on Christmas day 2008 and there was so much snow and the mailbox was stuffed full of Christmas Cards from a lot of ...
A couple of Christmas Cards I have started for the upcoming Christmas Season.
Well just had to refuse 2 ladies entry for been slightly tipsy then 1 drops a bomb shell of been my auntie and proceeds with a barage of abuse and the only thing i come out with is "if your my auntie where are all my Christmas Cards" que more abuse, do i have a auntie Adele?
Aw well at least ye will know where yer extra fivers are comin fae in yer Christmas Cards this year when yer grannys awiy oot a drive up the car park in the sky n flashin her washin. Creepy people in this world
This gorgeous young man should be looking forward to turning 10 on 12th June (just 5 days before my own lovely boy turns 10) but sadly he passed away in January of this year from an inoperable brain tumour. I wish I could do something amazing in his memory like run a marathon or skydive to raise money for research into kids' cancers, but I'm just not the sporty type - I never have been, never will be! Instead, I'm going to donate all of the commission that I earn through my Jamie at Home website from now until the end of June to Finlay's Fighters - a charity set up by Fin's family in partnership with Abbie's Army ( to raise awareness of and fund research into children's cancer. Please, if you can, visit my online shop: Just copy and paste the link to treat yourself (and your family and friends) to some beautiful exclusive products from the Jme collection and 20% of every order, big or small, will go to Finlay's charity (please be assured that I won't make a ...
I am drawing Christmas Cards for my niece, Ashlee Nicole, with wildlife on them. I have drawn a squirrel and some fish. Any other suggestions?
Well, I've done one-third of my Christmas Cards. Need to get busy!
Please pray for our family as we celebrate the life of one of the most spunky woman I know! I met Nana when I was 16 years old and she has helped my family in more ways than she will ever know. We had Ashlynn at such a young age and she was always there to help us without us ever having to speak the words. She was like a little angel that listened into our conversations and always showed up at the right time with whatever it was that we needed. Sometimes it was little things like a new dish towel to go in the sink and other times it was bigger things like a crib! She was so unselfish and ALWAYS wanted to help if she could. When we were moving out of our old house (we had just a few days to be out)- I was working a bridal event and her and my mother in law packed up my entire kitchen without ever being asked! I will miss the Valentines Day, Easter and Christmas Cards that she sends all of us EVERY SINGLE YEAR but will never let your memory be forgotten in my house. I will miss hearing your slow "Hello" whe ...
I awoke before the sun this morning, before the alarm, revved that I have less than three months before the elections. I may have less than three months left in my career as an attorney, before I begin my career as a judge. And as I spent last evening with Mike Satz, my first employer at the beginning of a 28-year career as a trial lawyer, I marveled at what a fantastic journey it has been. In my race, I stand alone as the candidate who has not only done both criminal and civil jury trials, but has tried cases to verdict before over 200 different juries, who has not only prosecuted everything from misdemeanors to murder - focusing on convicting rapists and child molesters and locking them away - but has also served as defense attorney on everything from misdemeanors to murder - 6 times serving as the last obstacle standing between my client and Florida's electric chair. "Old Sparky" never got any of my clients. My 14 years in the criminal arena - recall Teddy Roosevelt's "Man in the Arena" speech - was a ...
Yesterday we were very moved by a Indian lady's testomony. She was born into a Hindu family. All her grandfathers were Hindu priests. She was taught the name of 2000 gods but was always searching to find the ONE TRUE GOD! She once went into a temple in Southern India and although she had no authority to do so, she went behind the curtain where only male priests were allowed to go, and found a ten foot idol. He had 12 faces, 12 arms and many eyes, but he still couldn't see her, couldn't hear her and couldn't hold her. Years after that she was struck by a demonic pain. It was very intense and it made her very ill! She became very negative and had suicidal thoughts. One day she was sitting on the edge of her bed, feeling really frustrated and fed up. She wanted to give up! But then she remembered that she had heard of another God. She remembered reading about Him and seeing Him on Christmas Cards. People have told her about Him, but she was to arrogant in her own beliefs. She then decided to try one l ...
We gotta take time to laugh---the photos that did not make it to the annual Christmas Cards! Add your comments! Did you ever have pictures like this in your photo albums?
A very dear lady passed away today in Eastland. I was privileged to work with her at Harelik's Dept Store and Bray's Dept Store. Her name was Ruby Lee Jackson. After working at both of these stores she went to work at Eastland Drug. I continued our friendship by going there for lunch while working at Eastland National Bank. She prepared many "ham/spam" sandwiches for me. Ha. What she did most for me was love me unconditionally. We laughed and cried many times together. We continued sending Christmas Cards and Birthday cards until just a few years ago when her health started failing. This woman had a very positive influence in my life. The most important was to smile, love and just "get on with the day." I love you Ruby Lee Jackson. My thoughts and prayers to all of her family. Thane
Official personalised Fireman Sam Birthday Cards and Christmas Cards now available. Perfect greetings cards for children. From only £2.79 and Free UK delivery
I may lose some friends over this post but here it goes: watching Kaden fall asleep earlier tonight I reflected on the disappointment I sometimes feel that I may never be the mom that makes cake pops for every holiday or hand crafts his Halloween costumes. . .. I can build a mean fort out of twine, sheets and 3m hooks and make an impressive Smurf city out of Legos but when he was a baby I did not feed him homemade organic baby food and sometimes wonder if he will be as healthy as the kids who's mothers did. I have a friend who feels like a "bad mom" because she didn't send out Christmas Cards this year and another who is opening a new profit center for her business venture and feels "guilty"that she had to buy cookies at the store instead of hand making them for her son's school Christmas party. Here is my point: I'm Afraid that the pinterest era is turning us into wanna be Stepford freaks.I have friends who are pregnant with their first child and they are more overwhelmed with decisions like what kind of ...
I love the fact that I got so many iTunes gift cards for Christmas because I have an addiction to buying music.
Unwanted presents. All paperwork “you might use one day”. Personal correspondence, Christmas Cards from people you don’t even remember.
I need to remover NOT to open my box of cards... I always get in my feelings seeing old birthday/Christmas/anniversary cards. 😩
that's why I still have $20 in iTunes gift cards from Christmas. I'm too afraid to commit
Okay, so I am making an address book of all you friends out there I know so that I can send Christmas Cards, invitiations, or just a random letter...please message me your mailing address so that I have them all just in case!...Thank you!!
At this point in the semester I'll I can say is thank god for christmas gift cards
Y'all aren't ready for our Bulldog Block Christmas Cards next year... 🎄 😜
YES OMG we can use it in Christmas Cards
I have tons of gift cards from Christmas & haven't spent.
realllyy? I needed a new one and barely went today to use my gift cards from Christmas :)))
😂 Prep is just a facade for your white trash parents so they look good in Christmas Cards
Real devs write their Christmas Cards in Vim.
how long did it take to get the glitter off? I'm still finding glitter sparkle from Christmas Cards.
And here we are in the middle of March finally sending Christmas thank you cards👊😐
Normal friends that send me Christmas Cards with their cat(s) on the front?
What does Dracula write on his Christmas Cards? Best vicious of the season
don't like snow, not even on Christmas Cards.
Five million have Christmas still on their
I'm gonna need to get myself a 32 GB PS Vita Memory Card with all the gift cards to GameStop I got during Christmas.
Starts writing out Christmas Cards for his new friends who he met at the Chuunin exams. "Ohhh they're gonna be so excited!"
Aww! Hey, random question - did you ever send out those Christmas Cards?
Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run •DOORS: Do not allow closed doors in any room. To get door opened, stand on hind legs and hammer with forepaws. Once door is opened, it is not necessary to use it. After you have ordered an "outside" door opened, stand halfway in and out and think about several things. This is particularly important during very cold weather, rain, snow, or mosquito season. Swinging doors are to be avoided at all costs. •CHAIRS and RUGS: If you have to throw up, get to a chair quickly. If you cannot manage in time, get to an Oriental rug. If there is no Oriental rug, shag is good. When throwing up on the carpet, make sure you back up so that it is as long as the human's bare foot. •BATHROOMS: Always accompany guests to the bathroom. It is not necessary to do anything -- just sit and stare. •HAMPERING: If one of your humans is engaged in some close activity and the other is idle, stay with the busy one. This is called "helping", otherwise known as "hampering." Following a ...
bc my mom is sooo late with Christmas Cards she's calling it st paddys day cards so dum
Yesterday, a kind lady I didn't even know, Janet, who is a friend of my friend, Eve, came to the store and gave me Christmas Cards. I'm always asking God to send me more Christmas Cards and He always does, often in ways that surprise me. Thankful.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Whoo hoo !!! Was cleaning up a pile of old paperwork/mail and I came across Christmas Cards from last X-mas. In the bunch were 3 Gift cards totaling $75, 2 winning scratch tickets for $10 each and a $50 dollar bill. I guess it pays to "clean" up.
Cute Gingerbread Tree Folded Cards in lots of color options!
Do the Cardinals send us Christmas Cards every year?
Christmas Cards my studio is a wreak Christmascards holiday Christmas calligraphy Christmasca
LOV THE FAMILY PORTRAIT Is this the cover for the Christmas Cards?
I've had Tom the Mailman my entire life. He sends us Christmas Cards, basically part of the family at this point😂
I updated it with you for purposes of Christmas Cards. Can it be resent?
if I meet some band member this year that I really like I'm going to take a picture with them and send it out for Christmas Cards
I'm a hoarder when it comes to birthday and Christmas Cards.
The first thing I remember of my grandmother is her lightly tickling my back, barely skimming my skin, soothing me as I fell asleep. She would read her book, idly tracing up and down my back for what seemed like hours. I remember her sitting at the kitchen table, tracing innumerable lines across word finds. Or sitting on the edge of the bed, crocheting wire coat hangers. Her hands working tirelessly, weaving the yarn over and under, over and under. I remember picking her a dandelion the day that her mother died. Through her grief, she placed it in a bud vase and displayed it on the windowsill. All the crafts I was proud of, she would hang in her bedroom on the walls. Eventually being tucked in her display case- resting next to her extensive seashell collection. She had a family portrait on her wall of her and her children. I once cried because I wasn’t in it, so she took a picture of me and tucked it in the corner of the frame so I could be included. I remember her filling out Christmas Cards for hours ...
Pro tip: If you label your Christmas Cards "Happy holidays" you can mail them all year! Like, say, in March. Hypothetically.
I'm giving away: 4 Easter envelopes & 1 Christmas Envelope for holiday cards. Check it out -
must sell as a group,...selling these Boxed Christmas Cards for my friend. If you click on picture starting w/top left to right,these are identical cards for each box...far left brand new in pkg 14 cards,next 14 cards,16 cards,28 cards,last top right 7 cards. Bottom row start w/left to right...far left are 16 identical cards,next 32 not identical,32 not identical,32 not identical,19 cards far right bottom non identical.there is a total of 208 Christmas Cards,Winamac,$14.00 for all.
Photo: elyse-xo: Gift cards I got for Christmas :) | IG: xo_elyse
I'm giving away: Set of 4 Christmas Cards & 4 matching envelopes (. Check it out -
iMovie has rocked my world. Expect DVD Christmas Cards this year. Seriously.
If I would have become a criminal I would definitely have start a petition for Cops to send out Christmas Cards to prisoners, and people who get speeding tickets saying "thanks for committing crimes and breaking the speed limit, it is your actions that keep us employed . Merry Christmas ". Lol
This is very late, BUT, the dog really ate my address book and I need your addresses! To my family and friends, please private message me your addresses!he ate it in December so that's why no Christmas Cards.
Revis to the Pats, him & Rex Ryan not exchanging Christmas Cards this year
A school district in Georgia blasted Fox News on Tuesday and said that they had been “terrorized” after one of the network’s radio hosts falsely reported that Christmas Cards had been “confiscated.”
I don't think they will be exchanging Christmas Cards... What a burn by Drennan!
Just in case, I looked through my Christmas Cards one last time before I threw them out... Found 95 bucks👍💵
Christmas Cards sent to my parents by Allen and Gladys Hart, owners of Duke Sandwich Co., on what was known as New Buncombe Rd. then( now Poinsett Hwy. Mr . Hart at one time was the bookkeeper for. Eugenia Duke,the mayonnaise heiress. I Think that was her first name. One of the cards was dated 1976. The one on the right has Hart on the bottom right corner.
In my efforts to thin out my hoard, I am finally throwing away Christmas Cards, letters and pictures from as far back as 2004. I think my card box is bottomless like Mary Poppins carpet bag!
This Christmas, Shia Lebeouf puts his faith in the Heart of the Cards in a heartwarming tale of friendship in... Yu-Gi-Oh: Unleashed.
Cut and Fold Christmas Bell in Red by designer Rebecca Brindley on craftsuprint
For some weird reason I'm sure only he knows, my dear spouse asked me for 2 Christmas Cards today and refused to tell me why??? Thoughts?
March 12, 20" of snow expected. A great time to finally get the Christmas Cards finished!
Happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web. My kids avoid snail mail completely. They shop online, communicate online, pay bill online...They could Not survive without the internet. Me, I still sent out Christmas Cards and pay bills by mail and still call my 85 year old mammy using the wall phone (landline).
Jian speaks with artist Suzanne Heintz about her 14-year-long photography project Life Once Removed, a series of elaborately staged photographs with her mannequin family, Chauncey and Mary Margaret. Her increasingly elaborate photos became her annual substitute for Christmas Cards -- but also double...
Little Giant Ladders
My Dad, John Stuart Rea: Dad was born on May 19, 1924 in Marion, Ohio. He was the oldest of three kids. Brother Richard and sister Carol followed. His parents were Gertrude Zuck Rea and Doren Rea. His ethnic background was German, Swiss and Scottish but his upbringing was Germanic. He had rheumatic heart disease as a boy which damaged his heart. As a result, he could not play high school varsity sports or serve in the military during World War II. Those two things were hard for him to take, especially not going off to war to fight Germany and Japan. He was a very busy boy. He delivered the Marion Star newspaper. He joined the Boy Scouts and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in scouting and went to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. In high school he had outstanding grades. Dad wasn't a genius. He just worked hard, was determined, strong willed and could concentrate. There wasn't much money for college. Dad applied for and received a full scholarship to Oberlin Coll ...
I will miss Carolyn Handa's fantastic Christmas Cards, her advice, her cheer, her excitement at Mexican restaurants, her constant support, and her copious sports knowledge and fandom. She was my professor for a single semester, but she means more to me than I can write. She was there for me in my darkest hour.and remained in my corner for friendship ever since. Rest in peace.
Well that was fun :) Just looked at all of the Christmas Cards we received in 2013. 😬😀😆😳 Loved it!!
A Woman went to the Post Office to buy stamps for her Christmas Cards. "What Denomination?" Asked the clerk. "Oh, good heavens! Have we come to this?" said the woman. "Well give me 50 Baptist and 50 Catholic ones."
Haven't managed to locate my Mamma Mia vocal score in our castle of a house but have managed to find the 120 Christmas Cards I bought in the sale two years ago for last Christmas... Phew.
Frankie Avalon: Pee-Wee, we've finished the Christmas Cards. Annette Funicello: Exactly 1,000. Pee-wee: Ooh, let me count them. Ha ha, just kidding. Now you can start making the envelopes.
Cecil Aldin, Scottish Terrier. The Buzza Company would advertise and send Christmas Cards using Cecil Aldin's art in the 1930's. This is a very large one, measuring 17" x 13.5", image: 13" x 9.5" Beautiful gold frame. Should be taken apart and rebacked in my opinion. Open for offers at the moment. Starting at $100.00
OLL/ECHO PARK TRIVIA: What Billionaire, who has revolutionized the hair products industry as well as the tequila industry , has interests in many businesses including a Harley Davidson dealeship and an oil company ... yet at points in his life he was a foster child, jobless and homeless ... yet he is friends of Presidents and met the Dalai Lama ... and was born in Echo Park? ANSWER: John Paul Jones DeJoria was born the second son of an Italian immigrant father and a Greek immigrant mother on April 13, 1944 in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. His parents divorced by the time he was two years old, and at nine he began selling Christmas Cards and newspapers with his older brother to support his family. He attended Atwater Elementary and John Marshall High School. When his single mother proved unable to support both children, they were sent to an East Los Angeles foster home. As a youth, DeJoria was a member of a street gang, but decided to change his life after being told by his high s ...
A blonde goes to the Post Office to buy some stamps for her Christmas Cards. She says to the clerk, "May I have 50 Christmas stamps?" The clerk says, "What denomination?" The blonde says, "Heaven help us. Has it come to this? Give me 22 Catholic, 12 Presbyterian, 10 Lutheran and 6 Baptist."
Nothing like making Christmas Cards and watching Disney Princess Christmas to brighten up a gloomy day!
oh dear, just found some Christmas Cards, complete with festive stamps which I never sent but thought I had! So sorry Anne, Michael, Matthew, Uncle John, and my friend Andrea!!! I will save them for next year.. ooops!!! Sheepish grin.
Very sad , we lost a friend Jan 25, 2014 just found out today. Bryon Smith of Moss Point Miss. Me and Steve worked a few carnivals when we were in our twenties. Some of our friends had some food trailers they pulled around. Bryon and Gail were showing cows and bulls at the fair. Our food trailer was close to the Ag building. So they became our customers. Bryon and his friend asked me if I wanted to ride a real life bull! Well if u knew me then you know I had to try! I did it and got a picture to prove it. During that week in Oct Gail and Bryon brought me a Mounds birthday cake! To top it off they took me and Steve to their Western Store and we got lots of free stuff ! Every Christmas for the past 30 yrs plus we exchange Christmas Cards a couple of phone calls. When we had Yuliya Radetskaya here with us we packed up for a visit. We arrived at the house expecting the Turkey to be done Bryon hadn't even started it. We whispered we will not eat for hours. Well that was the first time I had ever eat deep fried ...
Thank you to the person that dropped off a gift bag of items for the "2:40am Baby Boy". We are absolutely exhausted from working through the evening, but will be seeing the family later today. The baby is doing well and the mother is working on finding appropriate housing for her and her little one. Despite what she endured, both she and her son are doing remarkably well. Since several of you have asked, below is a list of our current needs -Socks ( boys and girls for two year olds and younger, men's socks, woman's socks. Must be new) -Undergarments (All men's sizes, boxers tend to work better for those with sensory issues, boys sizes 4 and 6) -Pillows - Christmas Cards (If you see them on sale or have any left over we save them for the following year as it allows children that we work with the ability to give to others) -***Ethnic Hair Care Products (Shampoo and Conditioner) -Lice Treatment- We often get referrals of families that are unable to afford such therefore the children tend to be afflicted ...
Well trying to figure out the United States Postal Service. I apparently had my Christmas Cards cut too small...
In December David Trowler Associates decided that instead of sending Christmas Cards to our clients and construction colleagues we would instead use the funds to support a worthy cause. We chose The Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity to be recipients of our Christmas donation. We aim to continue our commitment to support our local community and other good causes throughout 2014.
We would like to send a special thanks to all of our clients that sent us Christmas Cards, Treats, and Good Wishes this Holiday Season. It always makes us feel warm and fuzzy to know that you are thinking of us this time of year, just as we are thinking of you and your beloved pets. Thank you!
Hello and welcome back to Wacky Wednesday. How ever this Wednesday is Christmas Day, and I would like to touch bases on a few traditions that we have and why. Many do us do these and don't know where they came from. Well, today I am going to cover, where the word Christmas originated, Christmas Bells, Christmas candles, Candy Canes, Christmas Cards, Christmas Colors, Christmas Presents. Let's get started. Where did the word Christmas originate from? Christmas is also known as Xmas. Some people don't think it's correct to call Christmas "Xmas" as that it takes "Christ" out of Christmas. But that is not quite right. In the Greek language and alphabet, the letter that looks like an X is the Greek letter chi/X, which is the first letter of the Greek word of Christ. The early church used the first two letters of Christo in the Greek alphabet "chi" and "rho" to create a monogram to represent the name of Jesus. It looks like an X with a small P on top. Christmas Bells: Bells, especially church bells, have tradi ...
How exciting to write Christmas Cards to my Team Mates - going all the way to South Africa :)
The following (from # to is the Copied & Pasted from my Status Update on 21st Dec 2013; re-copy to become A Note because I like to stress a few points base on what was written and about...   The status update of mine in the following was actually talking about a Christmas Card which not bought and paid recently and in fact I do still have a few of the same left; for it was purchased from the Watson Shop in 2011. I'd bought 3 boxes of Christmas Cards which consisted of 5x two different designs of cards (10 in each box); and they're of Cats, Dogs and cartoons design... for the purpose of giving them out to friends whom Love Cats, Dogs and Cute Cartoons!   Main point of this note is to explain that I'm not that kind of Crazy person to spend $ to buy a card for the person I adore when am not working and dead broke; rather I'll use ALL those unuse one from the past (I've *** lots of unuse cards for various occasions which I'd purchased over the past years; some in those boxes which moved in with me to mom's ...
The Veterans Admin. has ruled that Christmas Cards made by school children for wounded warriors who are in the hospital cannot be delivered to them if they have the words " Merry Christmas " or " God Bless You " on them because they may be offensive! Did the *** who make these decisions stop to think that maybe all of this stuff is very offensive to me!!
I thought no song could top "Santa Baby" for the top spot on my personal "most-despised Christmas songs" list. Then I heard, for the first, the song in the UK for 1954, "Christmas Cards" by Alma Cogan. Twice in three days. Truly horrific. Hope I never hear it again.
OK Laurie Simmons Treber this one's for you! I expect your Christmas Cards to look like this next year :-)
Here is my assortment of "Christmas Cards" . I know some have bad words. Just don't tell A & E on me:-) I won't share these on my campaign site or the Texas Revolution site. I say there is a time and a place for everything! It is now after 9:00 pm also. Merry Christmas ya'll. I know We still got a day or two to go and I will probably wish you Merry Christmas again.
Time to play Postman Pat with the neighbours' Christmas Cards...
The Girl Scouts of Troop were busy Tuesday, December 17, 2013 as they completed some of their service project just in time for the holidays. The Troop started out by making Christmas Cards for soldiers over seas, then met at the Jefferson City Health and Rehab for a night of caroling Christma...
Christmas Cards from the Montreal Canadiens Past. Share and Add me :)
Christmas Cards - When I was growing up, Mom must have sent out several hundred cards every year. Dad was the fire chief and they had many friends and professional acquaintances they used Christmas Cards to keep in touch with. She had a file system of who she sent to and received from, even what kind of card she received and when it arrived. Card sending at our house were a real issue - chore - job. I have tried to send cards, maybe not in the mass mailing like Mom, just to specific people that were important to me, but even that fell by the wayside. Over the years, Mitch and I tried to send cards, but neither of us felt that a card at Christmas took the place of speaking to people in our lives throughout the year, wishing them a good day, happy birthday, feel better, just say Hey or Merry Christmas!!! We have always received a handful of cards every Christmas, but I have discovered that it was mostly Mitch who received cards, that I was included because of him. Who was it that decreed Christmas Cards ...
Rude store manager at would not call Customer Care to find out what the deal was with my Christmas Cards. ***
John Ray woke up at 5:30 again. :-I But, the good news is that I'm almost done printing off my Christmas Cards. *yawn* Time to get moving!
So received so many lovely Christmas Cards, with Misty Dawn Partin and David Mitchell being some of our Favorites. However, we must admit the most creative and fun came from our Bestie Rod D. Carter!!! He sent us one of those complimentary Cards that show you what a card looks like and then at the bottom says "your Name Here!" Then he filled it in with his name crossing out the other.. Then wrote he was " A cheap so and so!!!" I would say thrifty with his coins!!! xoxoxoxoo
Caroling last evening was great! UCC provided pizza, lots and lots of pizza, lots and lots and lots of pizza. About 25 of us with at least 10 of us under the age of 16 sang in 6 retirement homes and then returned to hot chocolate, cookies and PIZZA. Children had made Christmas Cards and a Christmas craft and gave one to each person we sang for! There were lots of smiles and some tears, foot tapping, singing, and did I mention smiles? What a great experience for our children and for us! Thanks Pastor Jim Petersen for organizing us!
Thank you to Steve Jones of Ecaat for donating £20 to Worthing Churches Homeless Projects instead of sending Christmas Cards to all you wonderful people - so it's Happy Christmas from Steve!
A special thank you to the members of the Immanuel Baptist Church of Ipswich who helped with the mailing of the newsletters and Christmas Cards. Hope you all are having a hectic but happy day!
In Lieu of Christmas Cards this year, McVeigh Property Sales have made a donation to Newry Hospice, a charity close to everyones heart. Southern Area Hospice Services (SAHS) provides invaluable support and care to people living within the Southern Health Board Area, who are suffering from Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease and AIDS. There aim is to provide the best quality of life for their patients and their families.
I have decided to take pictures of all my Christmas Cards , put them in one album and the one with the most votes is gonna get a prize , No BS , something GOOD ! Still time to get one here , 605 Levee Drive , Moncks Corner , 29461 :) If you dont want me to send one back , dont put return address or just let me know . And any good Bikini Tropical Christmasy one that I really like gotta be worth atleast a lotto ticket or 2 ;)
I really want to do a "couples" Christmas Card this year with my one true love. *sends out 100 Christmas Cards posing w…
no job to wake up for anymore so why not stay up late and address Christmas Cards? Perry Mason, Untouchables, Night Gallery and now Alfred Hitchcock, cat snoring, train whistles from Quantico MCB and wow some really loud plane just took off from the base all this background noise to keep me motivated. forced retirement is starting to become a reality. great time at night to get things done.
Welcome to the WSPA gift shop where you'll find a great range of WSPA Christmas Cards, 2013 Animal calendars, gifts and more. Every single purchase you make from the WSPA shop helps us to help improve the lives of animals.
I will be going to San Joaquin Gardens on Wednesday, December 18, (this week) at 2pm, to handout handmade Christmas Cards and do hand massages for the residents. If anyone wants to join me please message me for details. You don't need to make cards. I have plenty. Thanks
Snow makes pretty photo backgrounds, anyone want to take advantage of this beautiful scenery? $40 for a cd with 15-20 edited images and 20 Christmas Cards printed to hand out to family on the holidays :)
I am working so *** making my Christmas Cards for the Craft Fair tomorrow. Been planning this for a week now. If your interested in buying a card tomorrow come by the Pima Street Baptist Church between 12 and 4 tomorrow. Cards are $3.00 and are limited. I also do birthday,wedding,anniversary and such. The more the detail the more the card, but not over $5
If you are at a loose end this Sunday and not partaking in the shopping madness of Christmas, then here are a couple of other options for you. -Gorgie Farm is visiting Ocean Terminal - 12.00-4.00pm - for a mere donation the kids can meet some friendly animals or make some Christmas Cards. -Scottish National Portrait Gallery on Queen Street - 2.00-4.00pm storyteller Susan Wilson will let you in on some secrets behind our Christmas traditions and even find out why we put tinsel on the tree! -Talking Trees Storytelling at Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh - 2.00-2.45pm Patrick Geddes Room John Hope Gateway, join the volunteer storytellers and let your imagination grow with tales from around the world. What ever you find yourself doing on Sunday, hope it is relaxing day for the whole family!!
I have been since 1:30, could not sleep, probably because I went to bed I watched Blue Bloods and Parenthood, now I'm making Christmas Cards, I'll have to catch nap, it's my last day with Land's End :-( and i work from noon to 7.
CHRISTMAS PARTY (no cheating) copy, paste, delete my names, then fill in the names with the first ten people on your chat bar!! 1. Running around and singing Jingle BellsHeather Donahue 2. Spiked the punch then drank most of it: Steven Wegener 3. Dancing on the desk singing "Can't Touch This": Sarrah Thurston 4. Making prank calls off the office phoneGezzyOne First 5. Spinning around in the office chair screamingAmanda McIntosh 6. Locked in the bathroom hugging the toilet: Michael Bishop Palmer 7. Passed out under the deskJennifer Van Valkenburg 8. Sitting on the copier making Christmas Cards: Michele Fraser 9. Throwing fruitcake at people outside: Tabitha Greenwood 10. Kicking fake SantaEric Herlihy
Big thank you to my chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma that donated Christmas Cards for me to take to the…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Breaking Bad fans - Check out my Christmas Cards! I know! It is horrible (dressing my kids like Walt and Jesse) but I thought it was too funny!
Yay, Royal Mail has done it's job! Christmas Cards for the truly awesome :-) X
Fun fact love getting Christmas Cards from their clients who use the photos they took. Hint. Hint. :)
Christmas Cards. One wonders why some people seem to go out of their way to find minute square cards which are almost weighed under by the affixed stamp. Oh, of course some kind souls like to support a Charitable cause. But when one remembers one's late Mamma spending ages searching for individual cards to suit her friends, and the pleasure she got in doing so, then am wondering where the spirit of Christmas Cards went. Into a box of ten, presumably? And yes, one has bought boxed cards but, in the best Hyacinth Bucket tradition, they are rather cheesily Christmassy Santas and Religious Nativity scenes. Speaking of which: Exciting news from one's friend in Dundee who recently retired from playing the organ so magnificantly at the Cathedral. "Just seen on the news they have finally appointed a new Bishop of Dunkeld", he said. Having had the honour of meeting the retired Bishop, is it permitted to say he will be a hard act to follow? Now wondering if Mazeltov was the most appropriate means of offering congra ...
North Pole Elf's have arrived to QR to help out with our Christmas Cards!
Christmas Cards. anyone who is getting Christmas Cards made and have an extra, I would love to display them on the Studio door! Mail to Acotto Images 2710 Alt 19 # 403 Palm Harbor Fl 34683
Thank you Sharon Rose Kneeshaw, Rose Design for your help with the Graphics and handing out 85 Christmas Cards...
To all my friends and family, as I have done over the last couple of years, I wanted you to know that I am again donating money instead of sending Christmas Cards to the Hospice (Lord Mountbatten, Isle of Wight) who looked after my dad in his final stages of his illness. I know he would approve, as I know you will xxx
City Harvest Church is sending "Christmas Cards" to Our Troops out There just a Simple Card letting em know your praying for them Really means alot to Them. And simple Card only Cost 75 Cents Those can be slid under the Door or if the Buildings Open Drop in the BIG RED BOX to the RIGHT wrapped in wrapping Paper. Sending simple things like this just shows people you Love them because, A Life without Love is no Life at all and They Deserve it the Most Due to the Fact That They Are Out There Putting "THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR ME AND YOU" Dont Forget Freedom isnt FREE and "GOD BLESS"
Country Christmas scene all set up thank you Larry Shoe for your assistance. Stop by and see me tom. at the Delta Chi Holiday Bazaar in Braymer. Needing that special gift for someone for about a picture...everyone loves pictures...and there is still plenty of time for those Christmas Cards. Packages starting as low as $10. I also have gift certificates available to give for Christmas...come see me!!! I'll be there from 9:30-3:30.
The little reindeer I made to hold our Christmas Cards up on the big red ribbon I tied on one of our…
“Nature Exposed” Photo Expo returns Once again Tourism Harrison and the Harrison Resort and Spa have combined to sponsor “Nature Exposed” in Harrison Hot Springs. The public is invited to attend this Photography Exhibition where local photographers Aaron Goodis, Fred and Delphine Gornall, Vickie Legere, Francine Roulston and Jenny Wolpert will be presenting their work. The show will run in the Coronet Room of the Harrison Resort and Spa November 28th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and November 29th and 30th from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. “The theme of our show will be nature with an emphasis on wildlife and Bald Eagles in particular. but as our exhibitors are all from the Upper Fraser Valley there will be a number of local scenes and other local subjects offered,” says show co- organizer Fred Gornall. “There will be a selection of framed, ready to hang pictures as well as matted, frame ready prints.” “There will also be a selection of greeting cards, including some Christmas Cards depicting loc ...
SCOUT CHRISTMAS STAMPS are now available in each Church and in the Parish Office. They can be used for all Christmas Cards for the Swindon, Highworth and Royal Wootton Bassett areas. They are excellent value at just 25p each and the proceeds to go supporting our local Scout groups. Last posting date will be Tuesday 10th December.
10th Week     Sunday November 10th, 2013     Seattle (-5 o/u 44.5) @ Atlanta I'm taking the Seahawks Lost season for Atlanta and Seattle when they get Percy Harvin back will be a more complete team. Scary to think about!     Detroit @ Chicago (PK o/u 52.5) I'll take the Bears This is possibly a game for sole possesion of 1st place in the NFC North! Yeah you expected the Bears but the Lions??? Good to have another good rivalry with Detroit! Both cities kind of wouldnt send Christmas Cards to each other! Jay Cutler is back behind center!   Philadelphia @ Green Bay (-1.5 o/u 47) I'm taking the Packers Yes Rodgers is out depends on who you believe 3-4 weeks possibly 6 I even heard at one point rest of the year! Give the Packers the edge because of the HFA! Although the Eagles will have huge fans this week in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Detroit!   Jacksonville @ Tennessee (-3 o/u 41.5) I'll take the Titans   St. Louis @ Indianapolis (-9.5 o/u 44) I'm taking the Colts   Oakland Raiders @ New York Giant ...
Christmas Cards for Boerne, Texas Hometown Heroes ~ mail to First Baptist Church (c/o AAAu Military Ministry) 631 S School St Boerne, Texas 78006. We will forward the card to one of our troops in Afghanistan.
Don't forget to show your support at Fayetteville Fall Safety Day Oct. 26 at Cross Creek Mall, Highlands Chapter will be there giving out some great information. Fire Antz hockey Oct. 25 & 26 we will be there too, with Christmas Cards for the Kids to sign for our Hero Mail. Wow we will also be at the Villiage Christian Academy Fall Fling! So as you see we have a full schedule of exciting events this weekend. Kudos to ALL!
Happy Happy Happy onesie, beard and bandana, key rings, mugs, Duck Dynasty board game, Christmas Cards and more...
A wonderful week in Reaching Out Mid-Ulster drop in centre in Tobermore, Tobermore Business Development Park, Desertmartin Road, We are located in the main office complex. We have a Christian Book shop and a charity shop. Christmas Cards now in stock. Feel free to drop in for a chat on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday 1030-1530
Stop by and say hello at the 25th Annual Fargo Christmas Show. I'll have my Greeting Cards, Prints, and my newest Christmas Cards for the season. Fargo, Fargo Civic Center Oct 19 (Sat) 9a - 5pm Oct 10 (Sun) 11a - 4pm
Just stopped by the St Margaret's Hospice shop to meet with the retail team an the Christmas Cards are in! Are you ready for Christmas?
Designing some Christmas Cards for - would I be breaking using prints (like William Morris) from the 1800s?
Some may think it's a bit early to be thinking about Christmas Cards and other holiday greetings, but consider,...
Calix supports children in need by making our season's greetings with UNICEF Christmas Cards this year.
We are delighted to say that the Christmas Cards will be available tomorrow from our first two stockists - A Good Yarn in Cambridge Street in Cleethorpes and Jassies in Pawnshop Passage in Louth. The cards are packed in 5's and are £2.50 each - the charity card where all the profits come to the Charity! For those of you who don't know, the card was designed by a little girl called Ellie Mai Mowforth who came to Lapland with us in 2012. We were so thrilled with the picture we decided to turn it into a Christmas Card. A short time later, Ellie lost her fight for life and her parents decided they would love for us to proceed with this. The Mayor of North Lincolnshire Council will be using this as his official Christmas Card. It is blank on the inside for your own messages, it also means it is ideal for Corporate use for your own inserts. Could you stock and sell some cards for us? Do you know someone who could? Please let us know.
Right that's Christmas all sorted, booked a box at the Royal Albert Hall for the Carols by Candlight - Mozart Orchestra and Choir, have purchased some RNLI Christmas Cards - Apart from the planning, shopping and decoration - oh and the 197 days to go we're on track here - well it is nearly half past June!
Every birthday and Christmas when my parents give me their cards I cry.
my aunt hates for us to spend money on her. Christmas time , she barely accepts our gifts. I make her cards &write her poems, she likes that
after 20 years of writing birthday , Christmas, & Mother's Day cards idk what to write anymore ..
Aww Christmas and birthday cards from a few years ago from and Kerys
How about the free Christmas Cards & notelets? You must have had them? Cards are crap but I keep the envelopes!
Feel like crafting but don't really have a project in mind? How about making some Christmas Cards for the Troops?...
Come on down to 'The Mirkin Store' and plan ahead for those family Christmas Cards.
UNICEF's 12 days of Christmas starts today.
Welcome to who will be launching at this year's show! For the full story or Stand 112.
there was a time when I used to make Christmas Cards and I wanted to sell them. No one believed I could make some -
Christmas 2010: Reasons to purchase gift cards
You should TOTALLY sell TMB Christmas Cards. I'd LOVE to receive a TMB xmas card this year x
Getting Christmas Cards with very attractive guys my age on it >
Buying cards and presents today. I'm like a summer Father Christmas.
when she signs her Christmas Cards to me she writes "To My Son (with a heart) Robert"
Awwe cheers trot having a smashing day. Feels v like Christmas. Thank you v much they loved the cards x
Pug Christmas Cards: Should you include in your business card in that they have to spend…
Went to town to get christmas and birthday cards. Came back with three books on Hinduism and the Krishna Conciousness. How.
Happy Mothers Day to my Mom.. The only Woman That sent me Commisary Money and Christmas Cards and drive miles and miles to see me..
Flowers die, cards get recycled, love last forever. Always give Love, because it's Christmas for Momma!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
How did you get a copy of our Christmas Cards this year? lol
I have the type of family that only says "I love you" on Christmas Cards and at funerals when it's too late
purchases today, instead I asked her to sign, stamp and mail three hundred designer Christmas Cards with a Mark Kostabi print on them and
Santa's little helpers are working hard to finish sending the Christmas Cards! addressed, lick, stamped.
And sometimes after I drop a huge dump I take pictures of it and put it on my Christmas Cards
I still have Christmas Cards from primary school. Yep. I'm one of those people.
In 1954, Council of Women (Church Home Committee) sells Christmas Cards to raise money for an external makeover of Hillsides.
Well ill remember that when I'm writin my Christmas Cards this year.
Chandler gave me a Christmas Card in sophomore civics and econ. I thought I was special.Turns out she just gives out lots of Christmas Cards
Creative uses for old Christmas Cards
True, don't think they'll be exchanging Christmas Cards this year - plus it's not nearly over. Kasey seems fed up to say the least
I'm horrible about sending cards "on time". Birthday...Father's Day...Christmas...& Mother's day is no different. I'll get it right one year
Just realized Christmas Cards are still up in my house and it's may
says remember Christmas is a time for giving, so give generously, I accept credit cards, cheques and cash
Taking shots ...of my family to put on our Christmas Cards this year.
love saving my victoria secret gift cards from christmas to buy bathingsuits with ZERO of my own money thanks
oh how perfect the Christmas Cards would be gorgeous
This is the kind of stuff that I will never throw away. Old Christmas Cards from ❤😄
Stated putting away all my stuff from college and cleaning my room I came across 150$ that were in cards from Christmas time
Tell me why I just found a pack of Christmas Cards in my drawer when it's basically summer...
"Friends don't let friends hand write Christmas Cards"
I guess there will be no more Christmas Cards this year exchanged
Happy fishing opener! I'm gonna be in so many families Christmas Cards
Have I mentioned that I refuse to see The Great Gatsby ()? The thought of Leonardo DiCaprio () playing Jay Gatsby makes me sick! I think Morrissey (said it best. Rather than see this movie I'd "feel more fulfilled making Christmas Cards with the mentally ill!"
Always nice to receive Christmas Cards in the post! thank you very much Charlie Herbert Mary Twomey Kellie Golding Simon Golding Nichola David Adams and a few others not on the Book!
4 GALs made it to church today...:) They were able to get one quilt tied and ready to hem...stuffed close to 500 Christmas Cards,signed 300+ Christmas Cards and get one "huge" box of envelopes sorted in color and size...(Forgot to ask the GAL how many she was able to get done..but it was ALOT!.) They took a break and had Little Caesars Hawaiian pizza for lunch...Talk about good..NUMMY..Small pineapple tidbits and small chunky slices of ham...:)..They could have taken a nap but got back to work...LOL Tomorrow is WELCA quilting day and Ladies Bible Study...On Friday we will start on the Orphan quilts again..Having snow days has it blessing and its drawbacks...The GALs can work at home but it is more fun to work together...
Thanks to Emily Richards and the volunteers of the American Red Cross Office in Peoria. They collected and sorted A COUPLE THOUSAND Christmas Cards for Operation Santa. Checked, sorted, and ready to place in the 2013 Stockings For The Troops. Tell everyone thanks for the great work
February 2013 - CCFFK'S Calendar of Events Note   *This is an ongoing February list that we will be updating throughout the month as new events and activities come up. Please come back and periodically check so you and your family don't miss out! Know of an event or activity we missed? Let us know! As always, we appreciate shares! Use the "Share" option or copy/paste this link: 2: -Cirque Du Soleil Presents Quidam at American Bank Center: Saturday, Feb 2nd showings at 3:30pm and 7:30pm Sunday, Feb 3rd shows at 1pm and 5pm Young Zoé is bored; her parents, distant and apathetic, ignore her. Her life has lost all meaning. Seeking to fill the void of her existence, she slides into an imaginary world— the world of Quidam—where she meets characters who encourage her to free her soul. & Noble City of Corpus Christi Christmas Card Recycle Craft: Saturday, February 2nd at 11am. Join the City of Corpus Christi as they help you create great crafts by recycling Christmas Cards. Be sure to be ready for fun an ...
I've been searching for the last few years for a classmate I had at Savannah State. She was one of my best friends while in Savannah and we kept in touch over the years through letters and phone calls. It came down to only exchanging Christmas Cards and I stopped getting them (not sure when I got the last one). Tried to call the last telephone number I had for her and someone else answered (this was over 2 or 3 years ago). I knew that the last location was in Converse, TX. I did find out that my good friend, Margie Mike Thompson, passed away in 2004 by signing up for a free trial with (don't be fooled by these web sites that tell you it's free. They still want your credit card info but allow you to cancel withing a certain time frame) . Once I got the information I immediately cancelled the subscription and according to the the cancellation page I will not be billed (the subscription rate is $39.95 per year). Margie suffered from pulmonary hypertension (one of Joycelyn's illnesses) and th ...
ANNOUNCEMENTS: - The Church Council will meet at 10:00 on Wednesday, January 9th. - There WILL BE choir practice at 6:30 on Wednesday, January 9th. - There is a new sign-up sheet for coffee hour. It is a new year full of new opportunities to share with your church family. Many thanks to Toni and Dixie for making sure no one went hungry this week. - After worship on Sunday, January 27th we will have our Annual Congregational Meeting and pot-luck. Please plan on being here for the meeting and good food. - On the Mission Table in Disciples Hall are the Christmas Cards that we – as a church – have received this year. Please take time to look over them. - Did you see our beloved TRUMAN BOVEE on the cover of “Montana Best Times” this month? If not, take a look at the copy in Disciple’s Hall. - Marilyn Thaden did some research and found out that the 30 hives of bees we have provided through the Heifer Project have gone to places like Poland, Tanzania, and some stayed right here in the Pacific Nort ...
I am taking down all the Christmas Cards from friends and family ... I find it easy to toss most of them but feel really guilty throwing away the ones with photos on them. What do you do with Christmas Cards and photos you want to save from year to year... without creating lots of extra paper clutter?
After being in the wedding industry several years now I have decided to branch out and offer some great new products to not just my bridal clients but also to those of you who have remained with me long after the ceremony. I am now offering invites for many occasions as well as other great photo products. The best part is you can use your own photos or another photographer (with their consent) and have me design them for you. These are beautifully unique products! And just think next year you won’t have to go far for those Christmas Cards just order them here!
Don’t forget about taking your Christmas decorations down this weekend! You can take real Christmas trees to any of our Household Waste Recycling Centre or to the following garden centres: ACW – Canal Road, Stephen H Smith – Wilsden, Peel... Park Nursery – Peel Park, Tong Garden Centre – Tong Village, Woodbank Garden Centre – Harden - (Check with the garden centres for their opening days and times) Make sure you remove the all the tinsel and baubles etc as these can’t be recycled with the green waste! Christmas Cards can go in your card & paper recycling bin; some stores also have collections which raise money for the Woodlands Trust or Forest Stewardship Council. Broken fairy-lights can can go in the area for electrical items at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Visit for your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.
I now know what I'm doing for my Christmas Cards this year.
Acts of Kindness in honor of Sandy Hook Elementary so far: - held door open for two ladies with baby (normal for me but most people don't expect it) - thanked a Navy dad at school for his service - paid for someones books at the bookstore, everyone was starring. So nervous I was shaking. - paid for someone at Dunkin Donuts drive thru - paid for someone's stamps at the Post Office (reaction = priceless) - made a donation at Big Y to Sandy Hook Memorial Fund and - handed out Christmas Cards and DD gift cards to people in line. - sent stuffed animals to Newtown church to be handed out to Sandy Hook children. - thanked a local Policeman for doing a great job keeping us safe. - made cookies for the mailman - brought neighbors recycling bin in - gave someone a Christmas Card and DD gift card at DD - gave a woman an extra coupon I had for Firestone Oil Change (she hugged me she was so excited) - left change at a vending machine at the mall and - gave money to homeless people near the mall - made donation to Vete ...
Before you finish sending your Christmas Cards this year, please remember to include one to this address: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20307-5001
I have just donated £30 to H.O.P.E Dartmoor Horse Rescue from the sale of the Christmas Cards, well it's not a fortune and added a bit more but it's a start. Thanks to all of you who bought them, every bit helps :)
Major After Christmas Sale !!! All boxed Christmas Cards and Gifts---50% off...30% off all Christmas Books and Music. Sale also good at Bible Book House. Will sell out for the year so come in now for best selection! Happy New Year!
Order any 'Simple Frame' theme from this album and you get the digital image plus TEN 6" x 4" prints of your Digidaydream for just £10! (incl. of p&p). These would be great to slip inside Christmas Cards!!! All text is customisable to suit. Limited Offer!!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! All of our remaining Christmas Bird Seed and Suet is 50% off, also 50% off are all ornaments, Christmas flags, Christmas Cards and Christmas gift bags. Check out select clearance items throughout the store!
WAIT...STOP...Don't throw away those Christmas Cards! One Gift Shop takes the time to use decorative scissors and cut out the pretty front and create bookmarks for the hospitalized veterans. What a GOOD IDEA, right? So, get those pinking shears or scrapbook fancy scissors and get cutting for next year's Gift Shop give-aways! Write American Legion Auxiliary and your Unit # on the back of them so they know how much we care about them all year round!
Christmas Holiday Trivia The word Christmas is Old English, a contraction of Christ's Mass. The first president to decorate the white house Christmas tree in the United States was Franklin Pierce. Germany made the first artificial Christmas trees. They were made of goose feathers and dyed green. Electric lights for trees were first used in 1895. The first Christmas Cards were vintage and invented in 1843, the Victorian Era. (You can read more about the history of Christmas Cards here.) "It's a Wonderful Life" appears on TV more often than any other holiday movie. Rudolph" was actually created by Montgomery Ward in the late 1930's for a holiday promotion. The rest is history. The Nutcracker" is the most famous Christmas ballet. Jingle Bells" was first written for Thanksgiving and then became one of the most popular Christmas songs. If you received all of the gifts in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," you would receive 364 gifts. The poinsettia plant was brought into the United States from Mexico by ...
This is another in our series of articles about Charley Harper’s six decade long artistic career. In this timely article we explore the Christmas Cards illustrated by Charley in the 1950’s.
“Every1in the country should send Christmas Cards to the SANDY HOOK Fire department and the Newtown Police Department they deserve your love”
SEASON'S GREETINGS! Although I haven't really done holiday greeting cards, I was recently asked to do some custom made Christmas Cards. As some of you know my cards do not usually have anything written inside. My cards cannot go through a printer to add text inside. However, I have found a way to put inserts into the cards. My friend and I wrote the words she wanted on the inside of her cards and I was able to design the inside and even add her own signature to it. So what follows are the three cards that she had me make for her. The outside covers and the inside text are side by side so you can see them both together.
IT IS CHRIST MAS WELCOME TO THIS WEEKS BULLETIN December 23, 2012 HYMN: “O Come All Ye Faithful” 130 PRAYER: ~~ Welcome to Visitors Announcements and Offerings~~~ “Tithes belong to the Lord, offerings are gifts” CHOIR: Christmas Cantata - Directed by Toby Keffer Pianist: Cleo Bell SCRIPTURE: Luke 2: 1-18 MESSAGE: The Message Of Lights INVITATION: “Tell Me The Story Of Jesus” 137 * Christmas Program tonight at 6:00. The Sick: Continue to pray for Michael Whitlock, Sandra Cassell, Jimmy Nelson, Freddy Kendrick, Buford Stout, Harold Thompson, Landry Jones, Ronald Rigney, and Bobby Eanes. Prayers of Concern: Our prayers go out to all those families hurting in Newton, Connecticut. God’s grace is sufficient for every hour. Christmas Cards: Please pick up!!! If you could please take cards to others who are not able to come to church. Merry Christmas: The Pastor & Delphine wish you to be blessed and your hearts be filled with joy this Christmas season. Thank God for the birth of His Son – ...
I've 67 Christmas Cards ready for Dalton to help make his Guinness World Record dream come true! Let me know if you've a card to add ASAP! offers wide range of free Christmas Cards, Christmas eCards and Christmas Greetings
9 year-old Dalton Dingus has stage 4 Cystic Fibrosis and has been sent home because there’s nothing else doctors can do. They've given him a couple weeks to live. He told his mom he’s ready to go because he’s tired. He wants to beat the Guinness Record for receiving the most Christmas Cards. The record is 35,000. Join us in sending Dalton a card! His addresss is: Dalton Dingus H.C. 62 Box 1249 Salyersville, KY 41465. ~sdg~
How the tradition of sending Christmas Cards started and the history of Christmas Cards.
This is the last Wednesday before Santa's arrival so we would like to wish all our Customers and Suppliers a Very Merry Christmas. Here is our Festive Factoid... Who created the first Christmas Cards? Though wood engravers produced prints with religious themes in the European Middle Ages, the first commercial Christmas and New Year’s card was designed in London, England in 1843. John Callcott Horsley (1817 – 1903), a British narrative painter and a Royal Academician, designed the first Christmas and New Year’s card at the suggestion and request of his friend Sir Henry Cole, who was the first director of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Horsley designed the first Christmas Card in 1840, but it went on sale only in 1843, when one thousand cards were offered for 1s each. The card was not received without controversy, for it showed a family raising their glasses to toast Christmas. Puritans immediately denounced it. The idea was a hit with others. Christmas Card became very popular, and other artists qui ...
Do you still need Christmas Cards? We are offering 10% off all Christmas Cards in our shop at Marine Court St Leonards On Sea. We also sell 1st class stamps and Royal Mail's lasting posting date for delivery by Christmas is Thursday!
I'm so excited about my Christmas Cards this year! It's a tri-fold card, I created them using out My Digital Studio software (MDS). I used the Bright Reviews Trifold Card Template as my starting base. Then changed the colors from red and white to Baja Breeze, Chocolate Chip and Very Vanilla.
Joint Christmas Message from the Bishops of Clogher 2012 For mothers and fathers Christmas has to begin early. There are a lot of preparations to be made and expectations to be met. There is a general awareness of the times being tough but children don’t find it easy to see how that could affect Santa Claus and his legendary bag of plenty. No one wants to leave children with the fear that the current economic situation could decimate the Christmas tree and wreak havoc on the Christmas table. It may be a frightening and stressful reality for mothers and fathers making plans over a cup of tea when the children are asleep and it may furrow many a brow scanning the price of items in November shop windows. Christmas Cards along with Shop and Public Christmas Scenes are well sanitised and decorated especially if they are part of a promotional effort; the scruffy, the shoddy and the tawdry are not going to help sales. The original events that inspired the Christmas scenes did not receive the same manicure ...
updated: Lotta's Christmas Cards. An advent calendar. Day 16.: David is the photoshop expert and I'm the f...
Students give out Christmas Cards and play Bingo with the Residents!
I want to thank Robert Dorfman, Michael Rhoades, and Ryan Patrick for the Christmas Cards this week and Troy...
Christmas Cards were delivered today...Guess what Mark and I will be doing tomorrow :)
DECEMBER 15th, 2012. (9 DAYS till X-mas) We're OPEN TODAY from 10 (NOON) till 7 PM - PICTURES with SPIDER-MAN (ANY TIME) & =BRING THE FAMILY= +WE'RE STILL DOING CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS AT THE SHOP+ (GIVE US CALL TO SET-UP A DAY AND TIME.) -$9.99 for The Taking of the Picture (NOTE: The Pictures will take a a few days for us to print out and make Christmas Cards) and we will send them to your email...after that you can make as many copies as you want.- - GREAT PLACE FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING (FOR EVERY COMIC BOOK FANBOY or FANGIRL! :) YOU CAN FIND US BY USING YELP, GOOGLE +, or COMIC BOOK SHOP LOCATOR: TYPE IN 23072 or 2353 York Crossing Drive Hayes, VA 23061+ - +CHECK OUT THE UNIQUE SET-UP (CHRISTMAS LIGHTS & NEW POSTERS ARE UP) OF THE SHOP & TRY A THE NEW WAY OF SHOPPING COMICS with SQUARE WALLET)+ WHICH IS NOW DOING GIFT CARDS: - -GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE- GREAT IDEAS FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! :) - I ALSO FOUND A FEW CHRISTMAS THEMED BACK ISSUE COMIC BOOKS! :) - Call if you want me to put something on hol ...
We have been so crazy busy lately, I've just realised I haven't even posted our Christmas Cards!!! Agh!!! Is anyone else running VERY behind in Christmas organisations?! x
'Tis the Season! Please take a few minutes to read about Dalton. This is a true story. There are several news stations covering his progress. If you can take a minute to include him in your Christmas Card mailings it will help make his last days on earth a little better. An elementary student, Dalton Dingus, age 9, in Magoffin County, has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and has been sent home with only days to live. His doctors have said there is nothing else they can do for him. He is presently on machines that are keeping him alive. Dalton's wish is to beat the current record in the Guinness Book of World Records for receiving the most Christmas Cards. To do so he must receive 30,000, he already has 10,000. If you could find it in your heart to have your children create a Christmas Card for him, they can be mailed to the address below. The cards can be created from construction paper or whatever means you may choose. I recently found out Dalton loves UK (University of Kentucky) and the Turtle Man. C ...
Shallowater B&G Club had their Christmas Party yesterday for almost 200 kids! Each go to play fun games, make Christmas Cards, do Arts & Crafts, Make Gingerbread Houses, Nail Painting and get a present from our Generous Donors! Thank You to our Volunteers, Jr. Staff,Torch Club Kids & of course our PHENOMENAL staff! Many Christmas Blessings!
Are you sick of the same Christmas Cards every year? Then step out of the box and check out what The Little Press...
We would like to thank our wonderful member Dash Smith, for attending his local police station in Victoria today wearing his Support Aussie Cops polo shirt to deliver a Christmas Card and Thank You card. He said the officers were very shocked and happy by his visit. Thank you so much Dash, and thank you so much to everyone of our members who take Christmas Cards to their local police station. Please let them know about us here at Support Aussie Cops, since not all police officers realize how many people appreciate them. Them knowing they are appreciated can make the difference between a bad day and a good day. Thank you to all our officer and also thank you to all our wonderful members who are like minded and respect, appreciate and support Aussie Cops.
Tomorrow I will be helping the residents of the Savannah Court retirement community post their Christmas Cards and finish wrapping any gifts they may have needing to be done up in time for the holidays! It's an official Mrs West Palm Beach Plus America appearance so I'll be in my crown and sash. It's important that we remember to help those who need it during this time of year. We should be following that line of thought all year long, but the holidays are especially important. Sharing a smile and a warm thought can do wonders to lift a person's spirits.
Have you sent out your Christmas Cards yet?? NO? Have you had your pictures taken for your Christmas Cards yet?? NO?? Well our Chirstmas Mini special send Monday 12/17/12. Book Now!
And the sound of the mailman driving away marks another day that I did not mail our Christmas Cards. When did you send yours?
Today is the last day to come sign Christmas Cards for Rape Crisis Center, Domestic Abuse Intervention Shelter, and Sexaul Assault Nurse Examiner At Meriter Hospital and grab a FREE cookie!!! We're in Wingra Commons stop by!
Dont forget the Christmas Cards for the soliders at Walter Reed are due this coming Sunday!! Hope you plan on filling out a Christmas Card for our men and women in uniform!!
Christmas Cards, Gift Card Holders, Tags and Party Favors...Still plenty of time to order for Christmas...Most items ready to ship in 1 business
FCA tomorrow morning in Miss Day's room. We will be signing Christmas Cards for the nursing home. We will NOT be delivering them Thursday night because of the community pep rally. We will get back to you when we will go- either next Monday or Tuesday. See you tomorrow.
Hello Cousins, As some of you know, Aunt Irma has taken up residency in a new assisted living home. I was wondering if you all would send her Christmas Cards. She's having a difficult time settling in, and it would lift her spirits. Please address the card to: Mrs. Irma Kemp, Palos Verdes Villa, 29661 South Western Avenue, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275. Thanks!
A big thank you to Andrea Vaughn, Brian, Kailee Ann Cook and Peter P'Dub Van Es for all of your hard work tonight with the Christmas Cards! That was a lot of work... But you all rocked it and it was a lot of fun!! :)
Difference and Defiance Disabled people face formidable discrimination. Vanessa Baird explores the roots of prejudice and describes a movement that just won't take it any more. Julia was talking to me. But I was not listening to her. Instead a whole series of uncontrollable thoughts were flashing across my mind. Like a pre-programmed computer quickly running through its motions. Why did her body look so different? What was the name of her condition? How did she manage her daily life? Had she been like this since birth? Or was it the result of an accident? As Julia talked I couldn't focus on her words. Her speech sounded strange. Would I be able to make out what she was saying? What was I going to do? Panic? I took myself in hand. Told myself to concentrate, not on her body, her difference. But on what she was saying. Once I was able to do this I soon realized that she was actually speaking perfectly clearly. And what she was saying was that most non-disabled people did not mean to do harm, but they did an ...
Booking $55 mini sessions! Book your Christmas Special now by contacting me through here, the number listed (fastest response time,) or email. Serving areas from Macon, Warner Robins, and all the way down to Cordele. Turn around time for Christmas Specials are currently 3 days. Ask me about Christmas Cards for your friends & Family too!
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Reminder- There is an AKtion Club meeting today, Monday, Dec. 10th from 1:00-2:00 pm at The First Presbyterian Church, located at 4511 6th Ave. Members will be making Christmas Cards for nursing home residents and Golden K members. We will also enjoy hot chocolate & cookies! AKtion Club is a service club for adults with disabilities that gives members an opportunity to serve in their community. Members also assist their local Kiwanis clubs perform a variety of community services.
We have several prayer requests today: ~Jamie Bush is asking you to pray for a little girl from her small community. She became very ill over the Thanksgiving holiday, spiking a fever and having seizures. Her name is Gena and she is now in a medically induced come and has been diagnosed with Hashimotos's Encephalopathy. Jamie is asking us to pray for a miracle for little Gena. ~Jo Lynn Fox submits this prayer request for Jacob who is a young boy with Lupus. She asks you to please visit his page, Prayers for Jacob Dale, and learn more about the struggles this amazing kid faces every day. His mom asks that you pray for Jacob so he won't be scared. ~Jamie Marie Addison asks for you to visit Gage's page, Christmas Cards for Gage. Gage is boy who has neurological problems and and who experiences a great deal of pain. Please visit his page and learn how you can brighten Gage's life by praying for him.and if you have an extra stamp by sending him a Christmas Card!
Welcome Taina & Jo our new likers (your names has been entered in our draw for the Christmas Cards). Drawn next sat night :)
UK Hoops, Cal on team's progress, Ben Revere.. and Christmas Cards for Dalton Dingus! Check out LEX18 Sports!
Have you received some Christmas Cards this weekend delivered by our wonderful Scout and Guide volunteers? How many did you get?
This chick still hasn't ordered Christmas Cards but I'm ready. Anyone know who has deals on them??
Monday, maybe Tuesday is the LAST day to receive Christmas Cards for the iPad, so get on it, NOW. G so far we have 10
Ok I want to know who out there has already got their Christmas Cards done? I'm still behind on mine...AHHHGGG well to help you out I want to give away 6 of my pop-out card packs to you. So leave me a message if your done with cards or behind like me :)
This message is for Canyon 4-H Club members: The Canyon 4-H Club will be delivering the Christmas Cards we made this Saturday, Dec. 8th beginning at 10:00am. We are delivering them to a nursing home called Canyon Healthcare at 15 Hospital Drive, Canyon, TX. We will just meet in the parking lot and go in together. There are approximately 80 residents there. Let's bring a little cheer to these folks! Our December meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 13th. We will meet at the Canyon Walmart at 6:30 to shop for angel tree angels followed by cookies, hot chocolate and wrapping of the gifts. We will use club funds to buy for the angels between $40-$60. Members can donate more money to spend for the gifts if they would like. We would like everyone to wear their club shirts please.
Christmas Cards: first opportunity to COLLECT - this SUNDAY - HDB will be at the Ord Hill Carpark from 10:45 - to around 11:45 (for the start of the Wellies n Walkies). Next week MONDAY: Inverness and the Black Isle. If these are not going to suit you - please let me have your postal address and I will get all cards off First Class on Monday :) *If you're collecting - please bring £5 per packet - for people wanting theirs posted - I will let you know how much once I've sent them and you can Paypal me. ** And if you have already told me the above with your order - ignore this post.
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