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Christmas Cards

A Christmas card is a greeting card sent as part of the traditional celebration of Christmas in order to convey between people a range of sentiments related to the Christmas and holiday season.

Happy Christmas New Year Santa Claus

I like doing treats like lucky dip Christmas Cards & Easter Egg hunts w/ prizes to have some fun! Life too short!
When I see is sending out Christmas Cards as "Happy February" cards, I feel a little better about my life. Thanks for being human.
My family forgot to send Christmas Cards so we sent Valentines Day Cards instead. If that doesnt scream "white people" I dont …
RN Air Stations, aircraft carriers and Fleet Air Arm Squadrons tried to have individual Christmas Cards. . This...
Cassidy talking about her dad asking she and Jack to "make" Christmas Cards for his side of the family: "He wants...
Send your DESIGN LETTERS Christmas Cards to your beloved ones and spread lots of Christmas cheer.
The very best Christmas song i was ever taught when i was but a young boy ... 2 of 4 virtual Christmas Cards to...
Well done P1 Postie Team! They posted Christmas Cards to our partner school in France. They were sent by airmail📮
If you wish to make Christmas Cards, drop them off in the Football Office or Media Center.
The very last of our hand drawn Christmas Cards will be on sale this Friday at the Perth Cultural Centre - Summer...
Christmas Cards that are printed on Premium Card and are FSC approved? Visit and use code FIRSTFIFTEEN for 15% off
When you're Single, Kid-less, Never Been Married, In Your 30s and send out Christmas Cards to…
Day 5: Christmas Cards--- Getting Christmas cards ready to send out. Since I just threw a…
See they should be getting ready to send out Christmas Cards to Harmony, Tucker, and Ana!
Worked on my Christmas Cards all day yesterday. I just need to place my order. Hoping you honor the 40% off code.
Christmas Cards for soldiers at Walter Reed. With the holidays approaching and the e-mail beginning to circulate,...
Christmas Cards needed for Operation Gratitude! Call us if you want to donate or volunteer your time. 818.839.1942
What is way to go about setting up a street stall, on Lambton Quay, to sell Christmas Cards for a charity?
In 1843, Henry Cole an Englishman gave birth to the idea of Christmas Cards.
Happy Christmas! We made Christmas Cards this year, we just never had the chance to send them out. Sorry.
How all retail stores should send out their Christmas Cards. "Thank you puny consumers, for you have made us Jolly with all of your $$$"
If anyone can spare any canned goods or foods please spare a thought for the Salvation Army. They are putting together an extraordinary amount of hampers for people, LOCAL people in need. My donation was in lieu of Christmas Cards. Thank you.x
Can't wait for Cards against humanity this Christmas.
Christmas cards are almost done fav if want one?🎅🎄🎁
It's 4 days before Christmas & I still haven't sent out my personal Christmas cards. Talk about procrastination.
Be on the lookout for CardIsle cards this. Christmas!
Tis the season for Christmas cards. From my brother John & his pregnant wife, Ashley. They have a name for the baby!
PS: CHRISTMAS CARDS TONIGHT AT 10PM! You need to of liked the video.. Trust me ;)
So excited to send out all my christmas cards AOMFM
How are you Marjorie? Are you all ready for Christmas? Mom didn't mail my cards until Friday *pouts*
This guy is a master of Christmas cards:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I'm so hyped our supervisor made our department these huge Christmas cupcakes and got us individual cards im crying.
I like getting Christmas cards but not from colleges I haven't even applied to no thankks
lehmann Christmas cards are being delayed because we can't take pictures until there's snow
Spent over an hour addressing Christmas cards, I'll be writing in my sleep tonight.
Planning to write my Christmas cards tonight. Canada Post should sell stamps that say "better late than never."
[Keeping a motherly eye on my son's SLs as I write Christmas cards]
Christmas cards addressed and ready to send out! ✔️🎄❤️
I just ordered my cards today. What? It's still 2014...
Missed the last post for Christmas cards? Send our digital version and support blood cancer resrearch at
All gift cards are on pump perks thru Christmas!
Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is 5 puppies, lots of pizza & tacos, $10,000, gas cards, a hot body, a friend or …
And then Fanty cat knocked over a nearly-full glass of water all over the Christmas cards I need to give tonight.
So far I've only received two Christmas cards with photos of families at Disney but there's still time.
Aw! I should have sent out Christmas cards !
Hey,Mere ! I volunteered to sing carols and make some Christmas cards at a nursing home for old people.
Forgot to post my adorable Christmas cards (front and back), done by the always marvelous…
Trying to pick out Christmas cards with got really complicated😂
Today I mailed Christmas cards and vacuumed my car. Literally, all I've done since break started.
here's to longer sunny days and finding time to write and deliver our Christmas cards tomorrow...
is a-comin'! Send holiday e-cards to the whole family before Thursday:
The Factt That My Dad gave us our Christmas cards Early 🙌
I hope I get lots of indigo cards for christmas. I want to buy books.
Didn't know Christmas cards could be so dangerous. It's a CHRISTMAS CARD!!!. Also, what possible safety…
I am that person who signs my Christmas cards from me and my dog. I am also zero % ashamed of that. I like my dog better than you anyway.
Instead of sending friends Christmas cards, is it ok If I return the ones I got and just add the words "Me too"?
Sat and made christmas cards all night, what is my life
Lmao said we sending out our Christmas cards place ya addy below ppl really put they address 😂
ALL STUDENTS: Tomorrow, 12/22 is a complete dress down day-MUST wear an ugly Christmas sweater! Wawa gift cards go to top…
Gift Cards are In! Give a gift of glorious perfection this Christmas
I just want banana republic and gap and sephora gift cards for christmas if that's cool?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
The only Christmas cards I get from are from banks. and vendors. And one friend who doesn't use e mail.
my sister get hundreds of dollars in gift cards from her first grade students for Christmas. bruh
Still stumped on what to buy for those on your Christmas list? Chief offers a wide variety of gift cards to major...
Almost done with the Christmas cards they will be sent out tomorrow
Still haven't sent your Christmas cards? Do it the fun, fast, and easy way with JibJab!
Love these guys!! Had a great time back in Castledawson at the on the move rerun. We delivered over 700 Christmas cards and candy canes! Happy Christmas everyone!!!
A break from Christmas baking to work on Christmas cards so they can go in tomorrow's mail... better late than never (way too often the motto of my life)!
Thanks to everyone who sent Christmas cards to us. We decided not to this year (ok, we were late and never got them out) but we enjoyed each and every one of your heartfelt wishes and year end letters!
This year James Croft-Hill and I have decided against sending Christmas cards. Instead we will be donating the money we would have spent on cards, postage etc to charity. 12 years ago today my (not so) little brother was delivered devastating news when he was diagnosed with leukaemia & together he and our family set one of the longest journeys imaginable. The treatment process wasn't easy but he fought hard, beat it and came out the other side an even more determined little tinker. This is why this year my money will be sent to Birmingham Children's Hospital so that they can continue the excellent work they do helping children beat cancer and any other nasty things thrown at them. We wish all our friends and family a great Christmas and a happy and healthy 2015
The holidays are here. Always so bittersweet. We stress about getting everything done and then feel like it's not enough. I seriously cried today because it's the first chance I've had to sit down and write Christmas cards out. As I was mentally beating myself up over it and thinking of everything else left to do an ad flashed across with the message that to children love is spelled TIME. And I thought about that and dried my tears knowing that my boys know that I will always make time for them my priority. Whether it's volunteering in school to help get things done, or spending an hour googling funny riddles for them or stopping everything so they can read their books with me, I'm on it. That's the spirit I'm trying to keep this week and I hope it makes you realize you're doing it right too!
Boys talked us into a Crazy Christmas Video!! Way more fun than Christmas Cards and this year truely has been awesome!! Hope everyone has a joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year!
Sorry if our Christmas cards are late this year but we've had a tough couple of weeks with my Dad's health. Although we donate to charities close to heart throughout the year and I've given my time each week voluntarily to Girl Guiding for the last 23 years, I appreciate people not sending them and instead donating the money to charity but it has put a smile my face to receive your cards, to think that someone is thinking about us at this time of year and that this is what Christmas is all about xx
Me and Tina are being cute and writing Christmas cards, pretty sure we have got most people but for the Christmas spirit like for one, only if you actually wanna make the effort to retrieve it off us though 😇🎄🎅🎁
I think there must be something wrong with me, Linus. Christmas is coming, but I'm not happy. I dont feel the way I'm supposed to feel. I just dont understand Christmas, I guess. I like getting presents and sending Christmas cards, and decorating trees and all that, but I'm still not happy. I always end up feeling depressed. -Charlie Brown
I am hoping to get a picture of my 3 kids before Christmas but it doesn't look like I will be sending Christmas cards this year! Hoping I can at least post a card or maybe sending New Year cards!! I am pretty sad! This year got away from me & not enough time! :-(. Sorry family & friends I always send one!! Since my first 4 legged kid!!
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Thank you to everyone who has sent me , Ed and Oliver Christmas cards this year. I bought some and intended to send them but have really struggled to get in the festive spirit this year which I'm sure those close to me will understand. I just didn't want you to think I was being ignorant or whatever the right word is for not sending them. Best wishes though xx
Sorry not sending Christmas cards this year, one, I've ran out of time, two, wasn't feeling very festive until yesterday but I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Christmas x
Thank you to those that have sent Christmas cards this year . I will be donating instead to some very worthy charities . Fr. Jim Fegan & friends are doing the 3 day fast for local charities outside St,Iberius Church & i know that the Womans Refuge is in need also . If you can help in any way i'm sure it would all be welcome .
This is the first year that I haven't made Christmas Cards :( This will have to do!
Well can't put into words how amazing Garth and Jackies wedding was on Friday. We as a family have had a horrible tough year. It set out to be a great year but sometimes in life things don't go according to plan. As my mam always says These things are sent to try us' and theyve certainly done that. We are however ending the year on a high and hoping for a happy peaceful 2015. Couldnt face writing Christmas cards this year so decided to give donations to Air Ambulance And Cancer Research Uk Here's wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and A Happy peaceful New Year xxx
To all our family and friends, we won't be sending Christmas cards this year. Instead we will make our usual donation to Spinal Research but also to Cancer Research and Sands. We hope you all have a good festive period. x
So. I buy a Groupon for my Christmas cards and order them on Dec. 2nd.they aren't getting here until the 30th! ***
To all my family and friends in the UK. I am sorry for the lack of Christmas cards from Dan and me. as usual I have left it too late to send again. I will make more of an effort to send a card to you next year. Know that I love and miss you all very much and wish you all the very very best.
I just powered cleaned my house, finished up Christmas cards, have everything organized for the week and now I am eating a piece of scrum dillyiscous Pepperoni Tombstone Pizza with extra shredded mozzarella added to it. YUMMMSTERS! And then off to my man's house to spend some quality time with the greatest boyfriend in the world, Mr. Martin Berns!
Sadly, we did not send out Christmas cards this year. We just ran out of time. I'll save my idea for our cat Christmas card for next year! Wishing all my friends and family a very happy holiday! Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!
Going through and reading all the Christmas cards you all have sent. We have laughed, ahed, and cried. We love you all. Thank you, thank you for loving our girl.
To my family and friends, I did not send out Christmas Cards this year. In lieu of cards, I made a donation to the American Red Cross in support of our military families. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless!
Due to circumstancies not sending any Christmas cards this year but we wish everyone a really happy C hristmas and a wonderful and healthy New Year xx Could you please share with anyone that is not on fb xx
At The Whitehouse With The Kennedys for Christmas The First Family was the first family to have very young children. So to be at the Whitehouse at Christmas must have been so exciting with John junior and the young Caroline anxiously awaiting Santa Claus. These are the images of those times plus images of all the Christmas cards sent out from The First Family. Two were Jackie's own artwork, and the rest were designed and produced; however the one was produced but only 30 were signed but none ever were sent out. For it was only one month prior to Christmas that President John F. Kennedy fell victim to the assassination in Texas on November 22, 1963. The image that I'm speaking of is the side by side image that looks to be angels stacked up almost forming the shape of a Christmas tree. One card that Jackie painted was that of an upside down angel blowing her horn, the other was the vision of the lovely red room. The Duchess
I may not get any CHRISTmas cards out this year. My basement / office is still being renovated. Hopefully we can put the desk and computer back by Tuesday. Everything is packed up including the address book. Today I woke up with the flu and absolutely no energy! Better days ahead, hopefully soon.
Mailing out Christmas cards.comment if u want one or message me ur address
Just sent Richard out to deliver Christmas cards and baggies of Almond, Cashew, Caramel Corn Crunch to our neighbors. . . He was pretty cute heading out with his Santa hat and a little skip in his step. . . Gosh, I love this guy. . . :)
Finishing my Christmas cards and baking cookies
Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed because for the first time in seventeen years Christmas cards have not been done, their playroom still hasn't been turned into an office/guestroom, there's still shopping to be done, and nothing is wrapped - or is it just me?
Y'all all enjoy getting Christmas cards in January, right? RIGHT?!
So great to come to work and have lots of Christmas cards and the cutest darn bulldog ornaments from Carrie girls Rocked my Christmas and I thank you! GREAT, now I'm humming Xmas
On December 20, 2014, members of The Mission Continues NYC Service Platoons served together to provide a Christmas celebration for the families receiving assistance from Hour Children - an organization dedicated to helping incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children successfully rejoin the community, reunify with their families, and build healthy, independent and secure lives. During this day of service, platoon members participated in meal preparation and service, singing Christmas songs, creating Christmas cards, decorating sugar cookies, playing instruments, taking wacky photos in a photo booth, and impacting the lives of over 300 women and children.
Been devising some Christmas cards for next year...
I apologise that this is a long post. You lovely people may or may not have noticed that I have not sent any Christmas cards this year. I decided to make a few donations to charities that are close to my heart. Duchenne research, for my lovely friends Laura Elliott Peter Elliott, Sam, Owen & Heather Woodall. Ty Hafan for the beautiful Smith family (Nichola Smith). Lupus UK, for Mam (Susan), Sam Deadman & April Wright. Rocking Horse, for my Helen Hill. Dementia UK for so many of my lovely friends that have been affected by this evil disease, especially Julia Holman. British Heart Foundation in memory of Neil Petken's dad (Peter). And last but not least Crohns & Colitis research, for all the beautiful bellies out there, Sarah Akers & Amy-Beth Harrison. Here's wishing for a healthy New Year. XxX
HOORAY AND HALLEUJAH!!! The 40 foot storage unit that has been sitting in my driveway for the last nine months is finally empty! The carpet is laid (which was no easy undertaking in a home this size...I feel like we have moved about five times in the last four weeks!); I finally have couches, chairs, end tables and lights back in my living room and feels like home again!!! If Heavenly Father was trying to teach me patience and gratitude it worked!!! At least the gratitude part. I am so thankful for all the things that I so took for granted prior to this experience! Thankful, too, for the sweet LDS Missionaries in our ward, Elder Cortez and Elder Graves, who graciously helped Ric and me start the unloading process on Friday night and then our sweet, sweet, J. who recognized his parents desperately needed help, came home from UT and finished the unloading process on Saturday morning. Such a blessing since we have been immersed in rain all of Saturday afternoon, Saturday night and all of ...
We're almost done with making 35 handmade Christmas cards for the event! My kids are troopers!
How geeky is it that I'm using Batman stamps to mail my Christmas cards? (And yes, I know, I'm mailing them too late...)
4 days until santa arrives and we have been very busy tonight delivering Christmas cards!
for Christmas cards for my friends i think im just gonna draw different variations of Pepe the frog and write christmas on the inside or something
Love writing my Daughters name in all our Christmas cards this year :)
I do have Christmas cards I haven't wrote any as I can't be arsed And I haven't donated any money It's a bugger huh
As many previous years,i haven't sent any Christmas cards again this year..i would still like to wish you all a merry Christmas..hope all your dreams come true..💖💖💖
To all my friends, I'm not writing Christmas cards this year. I'm donating to charity merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!! Xxx
So I'm pretty sure I'm all ready for Christmas! Just want to say merry Christmas to everyone, as always I won't be sending Christmas cards, I will be making a donation to Bath junior gate way club instead!
I really am sorry I didn't send out Christmas cards this year. With Calie , George and I feeling crappy. I just didn't get to pup picks, cards, cookies or even shopping. No Christmas at the Castonguays this year.
It's been a busy week and the mail has been piling up, but I'm opening all the Christmas cards and packages now and you all just make me cry. Can I say this is my favorite Christmas ever? Is that even legal? It's a strange, wonderful life. Love y'all. I mean it.
Received 0 Christmas Cards this year; however, I would like to thank Marine Federal Credit Union and Julie's day for the Happy Holiday Cards. Merry Christmas to all the 1973 graduation class at Richlands High School. JumpInJB
Believe it or not, you still have time if you'd like to design Christmas Cards to pass out. We'd love to help.
Christmas Cards made by our Palestinian Christian children from the Orthodox School of Gaza. Photo via The Greek...
Our Uber driver just gave us ferrero rocher and Christmas Cards. What a dude
I think it's tacky to send out the same Christmas Cards that they did the year before. Do you agree?
So most of you already know my Dusty. (Little info if not.he had a stroke at birth that has left him with lots of disabilities and epilepsy. He is 20 now but he cant read or write unless he copies what is already written. He takes lots of medicine and goes thru daily struggles. But he always smiles. He is on a kindergarden level at school and he still loves Santa Claus! And once you meet Dusty he will have an impact on you that you wont forget :-)) Dusty loves mail as most of yall already know. He has asked that his *** *** money" this year go to 3 angels that we picked off the angel tree to sponser for Christmas. He wants no presents from Santa jus that these other kids have a good Christmas. He does want mail again, Christmas Cards, letters, notes, anything in the mail will be his Christmas. If any of yall could take the time out of yalls day to make my baby smile would be priceless!! I have told him that a repeat of last Christmas is not likely (over 600 cards) but I would ask yall again if tha ...
Need to get my Christmas Cards sent out. As always, my first card is written to my best friend, and supporter - Dear Juan Valdez...
Debbie Heale Tony Richards Peter Richards Janet Richards Elizabeth Heale Andrew Richards Now don't faint Ya Uncle wants to send you all Christmas Cards but he wants to know if your all gathering together so he can put them in one envelope to save Money on stamps ? If you do get one he asks if you could possibly put them away carefully so you can get them out again for next year ? It's okay I have to do the same. Think this is the 10th year I have still got to reuse mine. Love Ya x
For everyone asking how to send me Christmas Cards, you can write to . Anttix Fan Mail . BM Nusic Music. London. WC1N 3XX. I…
Yo - fix your website so I can order my Christmas Cards ... kkthx!!!
I calld Monday, wanted info to send Christmas Cards to Wounded Warriors, man sd he'd send info in email. Still need.!!
Leanin' Tree Red Barn with Snow and Birds on Fence 10 Christmas Cards and Designed Envelopes
Just a reminder that a St Alphage Church Christmas Bazaar is on this Saturday 29th November at the Church Hall (corner of Playfield Road and Montrose Avenue) between 11:00 and 15:00. There will be some lovely handmade Christmas decorations on sale as well as cards. This is a peak of what will be on offer. Also a children's craft table with an opportunity to make their own Christmas Cards.
Still hoping to get some pics for my new room of some of my prayer warriors. ...Pictures or Christmas Cards can be sent to .Tiny TayLynn 1907 Woodside Ct Bedford Va 24523. Thanks and hugs to you all!
Hi everyone, just a little note to say December and January wedding stationery slots are now fully booked. If you are looking to receive wedding stationery for February/March next year please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your space and avoid disappointment. Christmas Cards and Christmas Eve Boxes have been selling fast already and it's not even December yet! I will be taking orders up until the 15th of December so please get in touch to place your orders :-)
Come tonight to the Food Trunk Invasion at IRPC (Indian River Presbyterian Church in Fort Pierce, Florida. Along with all the yummy food options, Love's Calling will be there with a booth set up. We will have all our T-shirts, signs, Ugandan beads and Christmas Cards available for sale. You can also purchase and support KelliAnn Sterrett by purchasing one of her fundraiser T-shirts! Thanks for supporting local ministry! God is good...all the time. LC
Looking for good gift ideas for Christmas this year? Here are a few gifts that help others too: Christmas Cards: - all proceeds go to Street-level outreach Street Hope Saint John Backpacks: - Give the gift of warmth on the streets this winter. Stepping into Evangelism books: - This 64-page booklet contains practical advice, tips and workbook exercises to inspire you in sharing the gospel with others. Donate in someone's name: - Donate a gift to our ministry in someone's name and we will send them a card from you!
You ever just wanna tell someone, "everyday i don't dismember you should be considered a gift?" then again, what would i put in my Christmas cards?
Christmas Cards are here! $3each all monies going to Starting Over Dog Rescue to help vet check, foster & re home dogs just like me! Instructions on ordering to follow but will be available for purchase this Sunday at my party. Very exciting!
need pictures and Christmas cards?! we have all kinds of specials now at Luminous Creations Photography! like our page and message me if you'd be interested!
Make your Christmas wrapping a little merrier this year with our gift cards. Only P100 for a set of 12…
Adorable Christmas decoration. Can be used inside or outside. You can see He is holding a box to hold bird seed, Christmas cards, or anything else you can imagine for your own unique look :-) 12"x12"x7" deep. Very vintage looking. $10
When does it become acceptable to start giving out Christmas cards?
Hello family n friends. Another Christmas without🎅 Ben🎄. Guess it's time to get my Christmas cards going. Please text me your address, or im me. Still trying to figure out if I'm going to put my tree up. Ben telling me no mom to much ornaments there, star is to big or to small, you need more lights. Better hurry kiddos will be here before you know it, n you don't want them touching your ornaments. Heaven knows I might put up before Thanksgiving or after. Thank you all, may God bless you. 🎅🎄
Hope everyone is making plans to attend Hamilton's Hometown Christmas this Friday night, from 6-9pm. It is going to be a fun-filled night of shopping, dining and entertainment for the whole family!! Here are a few of the exciting details. **The festivities will begin at 6:00pm at the court square. ** All of the downtown businesses will be open with special sales, door prizes and refreshments! **There will be carolers singing while strolling along the city sidewalks.** Two Photo Booths will be available for some fun Christmas pictures. ** CIS will be offering FREE gift wrapping for purchases made the night of the event! This will be located inside Grace School of Dance and donations will be accepted for "Love for Others" charity at the gift wrapping station. ** There will be a "Kids Station" located at the Baptist Church Youth Center where parents can drop their children off while they shop! The Bevill State Ambassadors will be leading the children in many activities such as writing letters to Santa and ma ...
Here's no. 1 for this week.. See it online here -
hate being woken up at 5.15am by Ruby scratching a box in my bedroom with Christmas cards in,at least I found Xmas card list in it from last year,need get cards sent abroad,so expensive is the post now,
It's confession time my one biggest addiction is Christmas Cards. After Christmas I go looking for discounts. Walgreens has good ones and last year i was at a Hallmark store in our town about 3 weeks after Christmas and everyone thing that was still left was 80% off. I was in Christmas Heaven i bought 2 or 3 boxes of Cards some really beautiful gift bags and they had quite a few of the Hallmark Ornaments left so i called my daughter at work and was telling her what ornaments and picked up 3 for her. one of them was priced 24.95 you do the math my total for her ornaments plus tax was 11.00 dollars I was really in my element :)
Hi there. I now have a range of handmade christmas and greetings cards for sale. Each one is made from high...
My Christmas list for my dad is spandex and gift cards😂👌
Cant wait to get our pictures back so i can get to ordering our Christmas cards. I need to order them so I can quit looking at them :)
And during the holidays we'll throw a house dinner and our Christmas cards will be hella cute and our hollowene costumes will be awesome
The best Kim Kardashian tribute yet: (we love you Ellen!)
Win a treat for yourself and a loved one this Christmas! 3 course meal + bottle of bubbly at stake!
Check out our range of products over on our website.
There's still time and a few available spots to book your family photo session in time to get those christmas cards out!!
Classes galore: Creative Center of 4 West has the busiest week of the month but the Tribune got it all screwed up royally. Many not posted. It's a shame. Printmaking this Sunday meant Christmas cards for Alana Hastings, HU cards for me; tonight second installment on snowmen. Tomorrow is beading, Thursday the Art of Love Poetry with Cutter Streeby, Friday is eggscapes with Tammy Johnson, and Janet Sedlacek will have her watercolor landscape forum. That is just this week. Need to brush up on my love writing so gotta go to Cutter's class for sure!! Lots to love around here!
WOW - two of my Christmas Cards are in the Demo Daily Today! Thank you
Working diligently on my homemade Christmas cards =} featured in NBC s Science of Love
oh no. You guys are making Christmas cards ? Lol
Exam's over, I can start to make DIY Christmas cards for my friends liao:))
Hopefully baby and I do have our photo shoot Friday so I can make our Christmas cards .
Christmas tree made of vintage tongue and groove with original chippy paint. Measures approximately 30 inches. Great for holding Christmas cards or endless possibilities. What a deal at $20 each. Crossposted. Located in Wilton.
our Christmas cards had to include our favorite LOB.
Agenda: Writing & labeling Christmas cards, cleaning/sorting the decors today... My most favorite time of the year, coming s…
Sending cards to the troops this Christmas? Take a look
Here are some sample of Christmas Cards I have made. Let me know if you are interested! I'd be happy to help design your Christmas Card this year!!
Book your Mini outdoor session only $35.00 comes with 10 edited pictures on a cd with copy rights, Just in time for Christmas cards. Message me to book your appointment.
im glad you have your Christmas cards and I hope you'll be very happy with them
Buy our awesome Christmas Cards today! 100% of the proceeds go directly to Challengers.
Time for Christmas cards! Get crafty and save money by making your envelopes out of old magazines.
For Christmas, if people could just buy me Starbucks gift cards, it'd be greatly appreciated 😁👍👌
While I wait to finish Save the Dates, I'll start addressing my maydesigns cards!
I love my job! Made Christmas cards for soldiers, I'm fasting to get checked to be healthy, Joining Relay for Life(Cancer awareness; just like high school) and Christmas Float
"Good news, Harvicks: No more wondering what photo you'll use for your Christmas cards.
Vista Print – 50% off Christmas Label – now just $3.99!: Complete your holiday cards and thank you notes this ...
Anybody wondering what I want for Christmas? Starbucks has a great variety of gift cards 😘
Can't wait to send out my Hanukkah and Christmas cards to my friends!
Wow. I actually got my Christmas cards done! Took me til just now, but they are done. And I love them.
Hello! Today we're making Christmas cards with Faber-Castell's Gelatos!
When it comes to making holiday plans just remember that I'm a cat person and not a people person. via
I ordered christmas cards, party invitations, and new checks today. Woah…these are adult things! When did I become an adult!?!
Dozens of Christmas cards to write? Why not donate to a charity instead...your friends will understand.
speaking of Christmas I should start preparing letters/cards...
All I want for Christmas is gift cards and Nike
I'm only giving gift cards for Christmas. Hope errbody like Bath and Body Works. 😂
Gorgeously festive and uplifting SOS Christmas cards now available! Contact carato order yours. h…
Check out our full range of cards available now to order!. We ship worldwide too!. http…
did I design these christmas cards or?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I put loads of stuff in the Christmas cards they JUST close like i have to tape them hAH
"What do you want for Christmas this year?". Money. Clothes. Money to buy clothes. Gift cards. Money. Clothes
all I want for Christmas are gift cards to VS (((:
Sasquatch Christmas Card - my future family WILL have Christmas cards like this! MY family will be d
All I want for Christmas is Dutch gift cards so I will stop wasting my own money on it every *** day 😊
It took you two THAT long to, "finally figure it out" ? 😂👏👏 Congrats. 👐👍 Don't forget to send me Christmas cards. 😂💘
$50 to spend at for your Christmas cards! Beautiful new designs!
I'm making Christmas cards of my pōhutukawa girl for my Mum, does this sounds like a thing anyone else would want?
Iraq: Christmas Cards & 2015 Calendar in support of the vital work of St George's Church, Baghdad:
After some thought and researching some local charities, I have decided this year that I will be taking donations instead of Christmas Cards and gifts for LATCH Welsh Children's Cancer Charity. Latch are a charity that support children and their families that are treated by the oncology unit at the University Hospital of Wales. The same as last year, I want my donations to be about the kids, as it is Christmas. I will be setting up a JustGiving page over the weekend, and will be happy to receive any amount of donation, wether it be a £1 or a £100. Last year I raised £250 for Noah's Ark Appeal. Not a life changing amount by no means. But I guess its better than £250's worth of Christmas Cards, that are going to be thrown in the bin after two weeks. I am not going to be in every ones face, but will post the link once or twice a week, so if anyone who is intending on sending a card or a gift (not many I know lo!!), then please just click the link and donate a £1 instead of a card. I am sure these kids . ...
Cowbridge 'Cards for Good Causes' pop up shop opens this Saturday 25th October... we are staffed entirely by volunteers and sell Christmas Cards and goods from more than 25 national and local charities including Cancer Research Wales and Boparth. Christmas cards are an important source of funding for charities and also help to raise awareness of their work... Please come and pop in to the Cowbridge shop and choose from our fantastic array of charity cards and also stock up on all your Christmas essentials, such as wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, ribbon and lots fun stocking fillers! We are located within Cowbridge Community College, part of the the Old Town Hall on Westgate Street just along from Barclays Bank. Look out for our distinctive triangular Santa signs. We are open Monday to Saturday 10am till 4pm and also during Cowbridge's Annual Reindeer Parade on Sunday 30th November.
We are proud to announce that our 2015 Calendar and Christmas Cards are available early this year, which gives those of you who like to send them overseas, to your friends and family, time to do so! Check out our blog for a list of stockists across the Western Cape :)
The Christmas/Holiday cards are flooding in! Thank you Florida & New Jersey. Operation Christmas Cards has begun! We will post a flyer this week with all of the details. In the mean time, feel free to mail PO Box 612 Norwood MA (Heartillery Group) with unsealed letters for our soldiers. They will be sent over seas and to military bases around the United States. They can be made or store bought- and the envelopes, although appreciated, aren't necessary since we send many in bulk. Our deadline for Operation Christmas Cards 2014 is set for Dec 12th. Let the card creations commence! partnership with Hero Helpers of America)
I have been watching the restoration of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York, City. (you can *like* the page and watch along) I just visited the gift shop and noticed on sale $6.00 Christmas Cards!
I'll be at the SDC Civic Centre on Monday for the Bus Forum and then selling my Christmas Cards and Quizzes. 10-2pm
The PDSA has some lovely Christmas Cards. One called STROLL IN THE SNOW has a beautiful black cat on it.
& I are still shocked at Christmas Cards being on sale! But now it's time for a production meeting in Theatre! 😉👍
Well; just got home from the hospital! Last procedure from my physical had my colonoscopy and everything is clear! Hit 60 this year and had everything done from stem to stern! Now to have my eyes checked and get new glasses and should be good for a while! Thinking of taking the photos and including them in my Christmas Cards this year...since everyone thinks I am an *** I'll send you the photos! LOL.I was starving on the way home after 24 hours of no food I stopped and got a huge breakfast burrito with ham, sausage, bacon, egg and green chile! One more cup of coffee and then into bed to sleep off the rest of the drug that Michael Jackson used.
omg I have christmas cards where people have actually spelt my name like that, also 'Chelsy, Chelsey and Chealsy' just why?!
love when I remember that I have gift cards from christmas/birthdays to my favorite stores that I have not used yet $$
Finally put those Christmas gift cards to good use.
Carlson Craft Models - Feathered Fancy Christmas Cards: Add joy to so...
I would LOVE that truly. You'd be forever a part of my Christmas card list! I send really killer cards :-)
I'm giving away: ***NIP*** Adorable Penguin Christmas Cards. Check it out -
They have great deals there on cards, we got our Christmas cards there last year, like $15 for 50 cards!
Looks like a Christmas abroad is on the cards 😏🍹☀
I comment on a post earlier.. Hardly ever people see the serious side of me Every time a crime is committed with a gun the Government wants to take the weapons from our Law bidden Citizens so there will be no deterrent for criminals... So if GOV. does really believe in this Idea Why don't they take our militaries weapons and all The US. weapons of Mass destruction and Im sure that China Russia Iraq Iran Korea and all the other countries will send us Christmas Cards and Presents every fourth of July ...Some things just Ruffles Gs feathers ...
So next year I'm making family Christmas cards with just me.
Me according to about 25% of the Christmas cards I've ever received.
Opening up business cards with the new logo is like company Christmas. Thanks
One year Maisy sent Christmas cards to all her doggie friends.
My mom is in this Hallmark looking for Christmas cards because they're on sale for a dollar. WE'VE BEEN IN HERE FOR HALF AN HOUR
Cleaning out my desk at work is taking me way longer than anticipated. I have christmas cards from people I dont even like from 2010 in it.
I have 2 bday cards & a Christmas card in my keep safe box from 🙊😘✋
during Christmas 2 years ago I bought a bunch of target and Starbucks gift cards and passed them out to random people
Vintage Christmas Greeting Cards by Hallmark, a Set of 5 Cards with Envelopes
by we do you include me? I hugged, hung Christmas cards & turned my back on city park but don't agree with you
Birthday and Christmas cards from elderly relatives... I might want to keep them for 30 years time... but do I? :-/
“Send them out with their Christmas cards 🙊” I hope so 💁
Send them out with their Christmas cards 🙊
...The first of the Christmas cards have arrived :o
Electronic Christmas cards need an opt-in?
worse beating: one of my Christmas presents was hella gift cards. I had a build a bear gift card, Vickie's, macys, jcpennys,
Got an eye for design? Win the chance to design one of our Christmas cards
On top of my wardrobe i found all my junior cert copies, christmas wrapping paper, a cookbook and one of the credit cards I lost.
Breast Cancer Awareness
aw *** I have the worst handwriting imagineable. I think even laughed at it when we sent Christmas cards.
Working on Christmas cards at this time of year is strange! Watch out for our bespoke Hampshire card.
Old English homework, sending messages of a graceful nature on Whatsapp, and sending me Christmas cards
Scrooges: Save money at Christmas by returning last year's cards with the inscription 'Same to you'.
Found TWO gift cards while getting ready this morning! Christmas came early this year!
Don't worry, I'll be your researcher for the night. Keep those Christmas Cards coming. ;)
Casually just found 29 Christmas cards that I didn't give out like 2-3 years ago 😂
What do angry rodents send each other at Christmas time? Cross mouse cards!
When the business cards came in on March 27th, it felt like Christmas. Nothing feels as official...
hey guys we own a trash company and every Christmas our drivers probably average 400_500 n cash and Christmas cards
And di Maria just got Christmas cards from Gooners everywhere.
Choose from a large selection of Christian Christmas Cards, and Christian Suffering. http…
Between Mass cards, birthday cards and good luck cards, it's been like Christmas in my house the last 2 weeks 😂
if you start tomorrow you have 6 months to make & send Christmas cards by 1st week in Dec.
Jeez I'm so bored. Didn't really realise how much you need ur knees. Can't drive, walking the dogs is out., is it too early to write my Christmas cards. 🎅
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
From the first day I was admitted to St. Luke's Hospital in Global City, Manila, last September for chemo treatments, I had a tremendous burden to share my faith. I wanted to be a reflection of Jesus Christ. Throughout the months as a cancer patient, I shared the love of Christ with everyone who came in my room and got to know them. I wanted each person to know that they are important in God's eyes. So, I wrote notes and gave to them reminding them of this. As time passed, I began making simple cards for the nurses, the food tray people, the housekeeping, the doctors and whoever else became a part of my life. Little did I know that at that time God was preparing me for the next journey my life was about to take. I began making bookmarks and bringing them to the out-patient Cancer Center and the doctors there knew me and they would let me talk to some of the patients and I would give them a book mark I had made that had either a scripture or words of encouragement on them. These people blessed my heart so ...
I worked hard to buy my house, after leaving a nightmare marriage. I was determined to have my own home where my kids and i could relax and be ourselves, not have to walk on eggshells and hold our breath. I was going to have my own house that i wouldn't be afraid to walk into or be bullied out of ever again. This small town bullying crap has reached it's limit. For those critical minded people who tell me to move.really? Why the *** should i? Isn't this still America? I bought this property. I'm a tax paying citizen. There's no reason i should have to move because others have done me wrong! What if i took your advice, let myself be driven from my home, scrape up enough to rent somewhere and what if the neighbors there are *** too? Then I'm trading one set of *** for another. People are *** everywhere. I'm not going to spend my life running from them. I remember when i moved in on Christmas day 2008 and there was so much snow and the mailbox was stuffed full of Christmas cards from a lot of ...
A couple of Christmas cards I have started for the upcoming Christmas Season.
Well just had to refuse 2 ladies entry for been slightly tipsy then 1 drops a bomb shell of been my auntie and proceeds with a barage of abuse and the only thing i come out with is "if your my auntie where are all my Christmas cards" que more abuse, do i have a auntie Adele?
Aw well at least ye will know where yer extra fivers are comin fae in yer christmas cards this year when yer grannys awiy oot a drive up the car park in the sky n flashin her washin. Creepy people in this world
This gorgeous young man should be looking forward to turning 10 on 12th June (just 5 days before my own lovely boy turns 10) but sadly he passed away in January of this year from an inoperable brain tumour. I wish I could do something amazing in his memory like run a marathon or skydive to raise money for research into kids' cancers, but I'm just not the sporty type - I never have been, never will be! Instead, I'm going to donate all of the commission that I earn through my Jamie at Home website from now until the end of June to Finlay's Fighters - a charity set up by Fin's family in partnership with Abbie's Army ( to raise awareness of and fund research into children's cancer. Please, if you can, visit my online shop: Just copy and paste the link to treat yourself (and your family and friends) to some beautiful exclusive products from the Jme collection and 20% of every order, big or small, will go to Finlay's charity (please be assured that I won't make a ...
I am drawing Christmas cards for my niece, Ashlee Nicole, with wildlife on them. I have drawn a squirrel and some fish. Any other suggestions?
Well, I've done one-third of my Christmas cards. Need to get busy!
Please pray for our family as we celebrate the life of one of the most spunky woman I know! I met Nana when I was 16 years old and she has helped my family in more ways than she will ever know. We had Ashlynn at such a young age and she was always there to help us without us ever having to speak the words. She was like a little angel that listened into our conversations and always showed up at the right time with whatever it was that we needed. Sometimes it was little things like a new dish towel to go in the sink and other times it was bigger things like a crib! She was so unselfish and ALWAYS wanted to help if she could. When we were moving out of our old house (we had just a few days to be out)- I was working a bridal event and her and my mother in law packed up my entire kitchen without ever being asked! I will miss the Valentines Day, Easter and Christmas cards that she sends all of us EVERY SINGLE YEAR but will never let your memory be forgotten in my house. I will miss hearing your slow "Hello" whe ...
I awoke before the sun this morning, before the alarm, revved that I have less than three months before the elections. I may have less than three months left in my career as an attorney, before I begin my career as a judge. And as I spent last evening with Mike Satz, my first employer at the beginning of a 28-year career as a trial lawyer, I marveled at what a fantastic journey it has been. In my race, I stand alone as the candidate who has not only done both criminal and civil jury trials, but has tried cases to verdict before over 200 different juries, who has not only prosecuted everything from misdemeanors to murder - focusing on convicting rapists and child molesters and locking them away - but has also served as defense attorney on everything from misdemeanors to murder - 6 times serving as the last obstacle standing between my client and Florida's electric chair. "Old Sparky" never got any of my clients. My 14 years in the criminal arena - recall Teddy Roosevelt's "Man in the Arena" speech - was a ...
Yesterday we were very moved by a Indian lady's testomony. She was born into a Hindu family. All her grandfathers were Hindu priests. She was taught the name of 2000 gods but was always searching to find the ONE TRUE GOD! She once went into a temple in Southern India and although she had no authority to do so, she went behind the curtain where only male priests were allowed to go, and found a ten foot idol. He had 12 faces, 12 arms and many eyes, but he still couldn't see her, couldn't hear her and couldn't hold her. Years after that she was struck by a demonic pain. It was very intense and it made her very ill! She became very negative and had suicidal thoughts. One day she was sitting on the edge of her bed, feeling really frustrated and fed up. She wanted to give up! But then she remembered that she had heard of another God. She remembered reading about Him and seeing Him on Christmas cards. People have told her about Him, but she was to arrogant in her own beliefs. She then decided to try one l ...
We gotta take time to laugh---the photos that did not make it to the annual Christmas cards! Add your comments! Did you ever have pictures like this in your photo albums?
A very dear lady passed away today in Eastland. I was privileged to work with her at Harelik's Dept Store and Bray's Dept Store. Her name was Ruby Lee Jackson. After working at both of these stores she went to work at Eastland Drug. I continued our friendship by going there for lunch while working at Eastland National Bank. She prepared many "ham/spam" sandwiches for me. Ha. What she did most for me was love me unconditionally. We laughed and cried many times together. We continued sending Christmas cards and Birthday cards until just a few years ago when her health started failing. This woman had a very positive influence in my life. The most important was to smile, love and just "get on with the day." I love you Ruby Lee Jackson. My thoughts and prayers to all of her family. Thane
Official personalised Fireman Sam Birthday Cards and Christmas Cards now available. Perfect greetings cards for children. From only £2.79 and Free UK delivery
I may lose some friends over this post but here it goes: watching Kaden fall asleep earlier tonight I reflected on the disappointment I sometimes feel that I may never be the mom that makes cake pops for every holiday or hand crafts his Halloween costumes. . .. I can build a mean fort out of twine, sheets and 3m hooks and make an impressive Smurf city out of Legos but when he was a baby I did not feed him homemade organic baby food and sometimes wonder if he will be as healthy as the kids who's mothers did. I have a friend who feels like a "bad mom" because she didn't send out Christmas Cards this year and another who is opening a new profit center for her business venture and feels "guilty"that she had to buy cookies at the store instead of hand making them for her son's school Christmas party. Here is my point: I'm Afraid that the pinterest era is turning us into wanna be Stepford freaks.I have friends who are pregnant with their first child and they are more overwhelmed with decisions like what kind of ...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I love the fact that I got so many iTunes gift cards for Christmas because I have an addiction to buying music.
Unwanted presents. All paperwork “you might use one day”. Personal correspondence, Christmas cards from people you don’t even remember.
I need to remover NOT to open my box of cards... I always get in my feelings seeing old birthday/Christmas/anniversary cards. 😩
that's why I still have $20 in iTunes gift cards from Christmas. I'm too afraid to commit
Okay, so I am making an address book of all you friends out there I know so that I can send Christmas cards, invitiations, or just a random letter...please message me your mailing address so that I have them all just in case!...Thank you!!
At this point in the semester I'll I can say is thank god for christmas gift cards
Y'all aren't ready for our Bulldog Block Christmas cards next year... 🎄 😜
YES OMG we can use it in Christmas cards
I have tons of gift cards from Christmas & haven't spent.
realllyy? I needed a new one and barely went today to use my gift cards from Christmas :)))
😂 Prep is just a facade for your white trash parents so they look good in Christmas cards
Real devs write their Christmas cards in Vim.
how long did it take to get the glitter off? I'm still finding glitter sparkle from Christmas cards.
And here we are in the middle of March finally sending Christmas thank you cards👊😐
Normal friends that send me Christmas cards with their cat(s) on the front?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
What does Dracula write on his Christmas cards? Best vicious of the season
don't like snow, not even on Christmas Cards.
Five million have Christmas still on their
I'm gonna need to get myself a 32 GB PS Vita Memory Card with all the gift cards to GameStop I got during Christmas.
Starts writing out Christmas cards for his new friends who he met at the Chuunin exams. "Ohhh they're gonna be so excited!"
Aww! Hey, random question - did you ever send out those Christmas cards?
Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run •DOORS: Do not allow closed doors in any room. To get door opened, stand on hind legs and hammer with forepaws. Once door is opened, it is not necessary to use it. After you have ordered an "outside" door opened, stand halfway in and out and think about several things. This is particularly important during very cold weather, rain, snow, or mosquito season. Swinging doors are to be avoided at all costs. •CHAIRS and RUGS: If you have to throw up, get to a chair quickly. If you cannot manage in time, get to an Oriental rug. If there is no Oriental rug, shag is good. When throwing up on the carpet, make sure you back up so that it is as long as the human's bare foot. •BATHROOMS: Always accompany guests to the bathroom. It is not necessary to do anything -- just sit and stare. •HAMPERING: If one of your humans is engaged in some close activity and the other is idle, stay with the busy one. This is called "helping", otherwise known as "hampering." Following a ...
bc my mom is sooo late with Christmas cards she's calling it st paddys day cards so dum
Yesterday, a kind lady I didn't even know, Janet, who is a friend of my friend, Eve, came to the store and gave me Christmas cards. I'm always asking God to send me more Christmas cards and He always does, often in ways that surprise me. Thankful.
Whoo hoo !!! Was cleaning up a pile of old paperwork/mail and I came across Christmas cards from last X-mas. In the bunch were 3 Gift cards totaling $75, 2 winning scratch tickets for $10 each and a $50 dollar bill. I guess it pays to "clean" up.
Cute Gingerbread Tree Folded Cards in lots of color options!
Do the Cardinals send us christmas cards every year?
Christmas cards my studio is a wreak Christmascards holiday Christmas calligraphy Christmasca
LOV THE FAMILY PORTRAIT Is this the cover for the Christmas cards?
I've had Tom the Mailman my entire life. He sends us Christmas cards, basically part of the family at this point😂
I updated it with you for purposes of Christmas cards. Can it be resent?
if I meet some band member this year that I really like I'm going to take a picture with them and send it out for Christmas cards
I'm a hoarder when it comes to birthday and Christmas cards.
The first thing I remember of my grandmother is her lightly tickling my back, barely skimming my skin, soothing me as I fell asleep. She would read her book, idly tracing up and down my back for what seemed like hours. I remember her sitting at the kitchen table, tracing innumerable lines across word finds. Or sitting on the edge of the bed, crocheting wire coat hangers. Her hands working tirelessly, weaving the yarn over and under, over and under. I remember picking her a dandelion the day that her mother died. Through her grief, she placed it in a bud vase and displayed it on the windowsill. All the crafts I was proud of, she would hang in her bedroom on the walls. Eventually being tucked in her display case- resting next to her extensive seashell collection. She had a family portrait on her wall of her and her children. I once cried because I wasn’t in it, so she took a picture of me and tucked it in the corner of the frame so I could be included. I remember her filling out Christmas cards for hours ...
Pro tip: If you label your Christmas cards "Happy holidays" you can mail them all year! Like, say, in March. Hypothetically.
I'm giving away: 4 Easter envelopes & 1 Christmas Envelope for holiday cards. Check it out -
must sell as a group,...selling these Boxed Christmas cards for my friend. If you click on picture starting w/top left to right,these are identical cards for each box...far left brand new in pkg 14 cards,next 14 cards,16 cards,28 cards,last top right 7 cards. Bottom row start w/left to right...far left are 16 identical cards,next 32 not identical,32 not identical,32 not identical,19 cards far right bottom non identical.there is a total of 208 Christmas Cards,Winamac,$14.00 for all.
Photo: elyse-xo: Gift cards I got for Christmas :) | IG: xo_elyse
I'm giving away: Set of 4 Christmas cards & 4 matching envelopes (. Check it out -
iMovie has rocked my world. Expect DVD Christmas cards this year. Seriously.
This is very late, BUT, the dog really ate my address book and I need your addresses! To my family and friends, please private message me your addresses!he ate it in December so that's why no Christmas cards.
Revis to the Pats, him & Rex Ryan not exchanging Christmas cards this year
A school district in Georgia blasted Fox News on Tuesday and said that they had been “terrorized” after one of the network’s radio hosts falsely reported that Christmas cards had been “confiscated.”
I don't think they will be exchanging Christmas cards... What a burn by Drennan!
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