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Christine Quinn

Christine Callaghan Quinn (born July 25, 1966) is a Democratic politician and the current Speaker of the New York City Council.

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Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor have split after 17 years of marriage:
Christine joining with me in Las Vegas for our 1st vacation in years ... before the 2017 "Believe" Plexus...
Pleased to meet Christine Quinn in DC yesterday. Another hard working DOL regional administrator for ETA
One person working to transform education is who will be attending our event for this summer:…
I'm not about talking and finger-pointing and complaining. I'm about getting things done. Christine Quinn. SpreadLoveA…
: That was so nice what former Council Speaker Christine Quinn helped to feed the Women and children at the shelter.
It is not easy to open up a homeless shelter in New York, but it's something Christine Quinn is trying to do:
Christine Quinn is one big liar. Spin spin spin.
Christine Quinn on DT attracting KKK: "It's like bringing duck food to a pond, the ducks come, & you go Where'd all these ducks come from?"
Christine Quinn on CNN: Hillary Clinton is not under investigation by the FBI.
At this point in my life, I'm not going to spend a lot of time focus...
Scottie Hughes VS. Christine Quinn on Trump raises specter of Clinton Impeachment via
sharing Christine Quinn detractors use social media in effort to quash her mayoral run - N..
You don't have to have all the answers all the time. But the best th...
Veterans group backing Christine Quinn over Kathy Castor in CD 14 race
Sometimes I yell, sometimes I raise my voice. I am trying to do it l...
My favourite was when she tored into Christine Quinn. One of my all time favorite moments.
good for you when appearing with nauseating Christine Quinn. You were on point; she was her lying, loud, and obnoxious self
someone shut up Christine quinn boy looking. Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to jail. Her n her rapist hubby. Cnn ***
Christine Quinn is a Buffoon.This freak of nature is spewing out so much garbage that it would make a buzzard gag😝
omg cnn shut Christine quinn boy looking. She,is annoying and needs to understand crooked Hillary Clinton is untrusted
Christine Quinn is the worst thing that has ever happened to
why do you have a screaming liberal Christine Quinn on tv??? The sheer fact she's so emotional and reactive shows HRC has lost
Christine Quinn is doing a bang-up job beating the other side at their own game.
Why does Christine Quinn have to yell at us on Literally ever segment she is on, just yelling and yelling.
New Yorkers have real issues, and they deserve to have a mayor that ...
please tell me it was Christine Quinn who once again emasculated him.
She's another "scorched earth" *** like that bipolar nut Christine Quinn
Christine Quinn is a horrible narrow minded soul. KKK endorsing does not make him dangerous n she's insulting DJT supporters!
how do you not hi-five her in the face?Shut up Christine Quinn you're a *** You're like a child desperate for attention
I love your face when crazy Christine Quinn is going on & on & on ... Ugghh, I don't know how you sit that close to her lol
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I'm tough, I'm pushy, I'm really loud. I used to spend a lot of time...
When I was running for speaker, people would go out of their way to ...
Did you ever hear Christine Quinn, Bakari Sellers, Angela Rye or Ana Navarro?Matt is a wimp near them.
Consensus doesn't happen by magic... You have to drive to it.
Christine Quinn is running for the 14th District Congressional seat in Hillsborough County. She brings a fresh...
Christine Quinn almost made me puke in my car this morning on my way to work, when she declared how "honest" Hillary Clinton is.😷😷😷
Christine Quinn looks gorgeous this morning on Nice hair and leather jacket! You know your stuff too lady!
Christine Quinn > HILLARY Bobblehead just admitted hit piece on Trump is Pure Speculation written as FBI Payback
My mother would organize huge parties for my elementary school class...
The library of my elementary school had this great biography section...
I understand that not everyone agrees with my perspective on Ray Kel...
but he was STELLER ..ask Christine quinn who said thousand times
That nutjob Christine Quinn is on Anderson can do better than this. Jeez.
Liberal bullies like Christine Quinn are the epitome of self-righteousness. And don't touch a man when he's talking
Best boost security for your Scott Pritchard, appears to be in geosynchronous decline with his ex-boss
Christine Quinn should be congratulated for defending all Gold Star families on this AM from Cory Lewandowski insultin…
To add to the list of stuff men are never told to do during a debate, add RELAX after SMILE
Corey Lewandowski is first man I've ever seen get "don't touch me" alarmed about someone on TV w/him (Christine Quinn) to…
More like Quinn owned Lewandowksi and it was brilliant! #
You are almost as despicable as the malfeasant Trump. Christine Quinn should have grabbed you as you did that woman reporter!
Whoa Christine Quinn. (ht (Wonder if Q-Pac would ask about her running for mayo…
She's *** right?? Is he afraid that if she touches him he'll CATCH IT?? :|.
.bless u. U rock! Ure why we need more women in public office! Tx 4standng ground!
Christine Quinn is a fat disgusting pig. I wouldn't want her fat sweaty hands touching me either.
I am amazed at how badly Corey Lewandowski does.
Lewandowski, accused earlier this year of battery, got sensitive after he dismissed and angered Christine Quinn.
thank you for unapologetically standing up for what is right. We need more leaders like yourself.
Christine Quinn and Corey Lewandowski were discussing Trump’s remarks about the Khan family when things took a turn
Thanks to Dan Donavan, Christine Quinn and Mike McMahon for support and sounding the alarm to get FJC on the island
Christine Quinn, CEO of Ninestiles Academy in Birmingham, is the new RSC for West Midlands
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
The conversation around homelessness too often excludes women & children - our CEO on
Ongoing casualty of partisanship politics... The forgotten face of homelessness via
We all think people deserve second chances. None of us are perfect.
If you don't like me, life goes on, you know what I mean? But I hope you do...
I try to not think too much about how stuff gets seen as it's being done by...
Remembering the Forgotten Face of Homelessness: There's no denying that our nation faces a homeless...
Let's remember y'all, we have a lot of people hurting in this country We can fix this - Sanders 2016
Join effort 2 pass plan 4 2gether we can
These families are the forgotten face of homelessness in America.
People have said I can come off a little trial-lawyerish. I tell people I n...
Enjoy a sneak peek into HUSTLER by Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince. Christine read this book and omg LOVED it!!!...
There will be a moment in life, whether you're forceful or not, where someo...
I'm in a position where, if you have the ability, you should use it well. T...
Dapper Day at Disneyland (May 1st) looks like it was so much fun. Christine and I will certainly attend one in...
I have big emotions, and I care deeply about delivering for New Yorkers, an...
Chick-fil-A is not welcome in New York City as long as the company's presid...
Christine Quinn wants more shelters: From the Daily News: The number of families living in the city’s shelter…
Message to Christine Quinn: We don't need more shelters we need more permanent homes 4 ppl. A shelter is not a home!
I'm an aggressive woman who gets things done, and that's the way it is, and...
BA Reps excited to hear Christine Quinn from speak at Nations today!
"How do we make best practices become common practices?" Christine Quinn, Midwest Regional Administrator, ETA, DOL
I couldn't be more proud of my work as a progressive.
Tough interview to listen to this morning re: infanticide. Haven't been able to get little Quinn off my mind since Tuesday.
Quinn /Hillary wouldn't be in her position if it wasn't for women like me from the 1970's.
Quinn I am 1 of the women lib movement. I had to share a restroom with men @ work. I love Trump.
Christine Quinn: “Hers to Lose” – Inside the Upset in the NYC Mayoral Race
Nomi's great,1 tough cookie, lucky she's on board. Christine Quinn puke-worthy running 4 mayor, & still same
I take offense to what ur guest Christine Quinn is saying I'm a women don't understand what she is saying Trump2016. Give me a break!
Lazio & Christine Quinn on the same panel. It's quite interesting.
Love you & your commitment to Trump! Tell that Jolly Green Giant Christine Quinn to take a chill pill & apologize to you!
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is getting told by Christine Quinn, & I'm loving it!
where do you find these nasty pundits? Christine Quinn, Tara Setmayer,. They interrupt everyone and are rude to Kaleigh!
Christine Quinn, wow an old feminist stuck in the past. Women are no longer victims, and surprise some chose conservatism!!!
Christine Quinn is the bomb. Thank you 4 for schooling Kayleigh McEnany about the Wiman Card on CNN.
Liberal Christine Quinn is a blowhard and needs to go back to her New York values Silver Spoon Anderson can't keep it real!
Amen Christine Quinn on status and perception of women, spot on!
Christine Quinn was hammering Kayleigh McEnany on Trump's "woman card" comment and Konst, instead of joining her jumped in to slam Hillary
One of d most effective supporters that I have seen 4 HRC lately is Christine Quinn! Quinn bee!
Oh man! Watching CNN and saw Christine Quinn owning the other ladies there! Hired
Christine Quinn just tore apart Kayleigh McEnany on woman's rights and equality
No one wants to hear more from Christine Quinn, except HRC campaign.
Watch right now because Christine Quinn is killing it.
Christine Quinn is looking more and more like the Mayor we should have had.
Don’t just try to lose weight ... GET HEALTHY!!. Christine says ~ My name is Christine Lesch-Quinn. I was...
'No one sits Baby in a corner,' one of the best lines in movie history.
My earliest memory of Charles Barron was covering Christine Quinn's last day in NYC Council.
Talking affirmative action in Introduction to Asian American Studies with guest speaker & lawyer Quinn Nguyen
I've already begun to put pilot programs in place that give CUNY grads oppo...
I want to be affirmatively proud of what I have made my way through. And to...
When I end up yelling, it's not really deliberate. It's usually out of some...
Being an activist is about getting things done. It's not about standing aro...
All I wanted was to be involved in politics and government.
I really believe, when you come out of hiding, in whatever way you're hidin...
Christine Quinn speaks w/ her 81 y old father about finally being able to march in the parade
I have always said I've had a big personality, and I've always said I'm a p...
Christine Quinn has taken over the LGBT contingent of St Patrick's march pushing her way to the lead
Watch this clip abt the importance of trauma training. TY 4 helping fund these programs
I have a tendency toward being a micromanager. Which, the bigger the projec...
Did you guys see the cover reveal to Jessica Prince and Meghan Quinn's Hustler? Looks so good!
Christine Quinn, dad to march in St. Patrick's Day Parade
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Mike Bloomberg's best friend Christine Quinn has no credibility
That was the hallmark of Christine Quinn but the fake progressive caucus makes great fake tenant protection laws.
Via -- Hard to not think Christine Quinn isn't itching to get back in politics
Good interview w/ Christine Quinn, who sounds eager to get back in the game, but not as BdB challenger:
You're never too old to be a bridesmaid -- just ask bride Christine Quinn's&grandma Betty Govern, a.k.a. Nana Betty.
Whoa. Christine Quinn has active committes with $4.5M, more than any official in the state except Cuomo. Hmm.
I love you Christine Deanna Mackenzie Quinn Aiden but I miss you Christine and Aiden very much
Wonderful sound system fundamentals workshop today by Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay from Thanks!
Stop by in Bucktown from 12-3 p.m. today to meet our scruffy senior Toby and cuddly puppy Quinn
Well more accurately they knocked Christine Quinn out. This is one debt which will not be paid.
Spotted on the second floor of the Capitol: former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, here to lobby on the sexual assault bill
Christine Quinn: Sliwa sex rants on Mark-Viverito "bring a new level of offensiveness"
"There was going to be sexism and homophobia," Christine Quinn, a former City Council speaker, on 2013 mayoral race.
Christine Quinn becomes special advisor to Cuomo.
Wonder what De Blasio thinks of his longtime adversary Christine Quinn being named as a special adviser to Gov. Cuomo.
Not surprising: has hired Christine Quinn, the former NYC Council speaker who led his Women's Equality Party, as special adviser
Who is going to sell more Books Andrew Cuomo, Christine Quinn, or KKK Ray Kelly?
Christine Quinn has joined the board of an abortion rights group:
Quinn and Christine kind of look related, it's weird
Gettin my baby fix on with the newest member of the family... Introducing Quinn :)
.you know when was recorded on this tape he was fundraising for Christine Quinn ***
Do you think Christine Quinn has left a legacy in She help close St. Vincent's Hospital and endorsed the E91St
Just do it. For the for of the music and of the people. Just 3900 missing signa…
The Advance Group has claimed it did not use information from other campaigns for its anti-Christine Quinn push,...
you wrote about the paper's publisher once at the Observer!
In a room with Elisa Goodkind, Gayle King, Barbara Walters, Andre Leon T, and Christine Quinn and I am wearing my Sunday kimono when I should be wearing my Friday kimono. And Wawa totally gave me the stink eye! I mean, I may be under-dressed, but I'm not the one wearing an orchid hued pantsuit 😏
ClipClop2014-a short film by Kevin Convery about the central park horses & the lovely stables they live. most of these happy & healthy the horses were rescued from the slaughterhouse. their lives again are in the balance. our new mayor & many in City Council promised the valuable west side stable properties in exchange for money for their campaigns. 2 have already been found guilty of accepting illegal donations & our mayor & the real estate interest anti-horse pro-ban group NYCLASS is now being investigated by no less than the FBI. The mayor's cousin & lawyer both made enormous donations to NYCLASS which shared an office & staff for the "Anyone but Quinn" campaign-a massive media assault so relentless it utterly destroyed the reputation of the lead candidate, Christine Quinn, in the race. Her destruction won DeBlasio the election.
Apr 27, 2014 - Bill and his roundtable guests (Tom Steyer, Annabelle Gurwitch, John Avlon, Charles Murray and Christine Quinn) answer fan questions from last week's show.
Im on the verge of shouting at the tv out of excitement every *** time Christine Quinn makes a good point.
The Interview: Tom Steyer is a clean energy advocate and the Founder and President of NextGen Climate, a “non-partisan organization focused on bringing climate change to the forefront of America’s political dialogue.” In a recent blog post about his visit to the Canadian tar sands, Steyer writes, “I have always firmly believed that Keystone XL unlocks even more carbon pollution in the Alberta tar sands, and my trip to the source convinced me even further that this is not an investment we can afford to make.”   The Panel: John Avlon is the Editor in Chief of The Daily Beast and a CNN political analyst. In 2010 he helped found the nonpartisan organization No Labelsin order to combat the growing political divide in Washington. Christine Quinn is the former Speaker of the New York City Council and candidate for mayor. She serves on the board of the Tyler Clementi Foundation and Athlete Ally. Her book is With Patience and Fortitude – A Memoir. Charles Murray is the author of The Curmudgeon’s Gui ...
Take a lesson Christine Quinn and the Maturing of the LGBT Vote via
Melissa Mark-Viverito (born April 1, 1969) is the Speaker of the New York City Council. She is the member from the Council's 8th District, which includes the northernmost part of the Upper East Side, Spanish Harlem / El Barrio / East Harlem, Manhattan Valley and part of the Upper West Side as well as part of Mott Haven in the Bronx. Her district also includes Randalls and Wards Islands and Central Park. She was elected as Speaker January 8, 2014 and succeeds Christine Quinn. Mark-Viverito was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, she came to New York at 18 to attend college, earning a BA from Columbia and a master's from Baruch College. She is not married. Her hyphenated last name comes from her late father, Anthony Mark, and the maiden name of her mother, Elizabeth Viverito. Her father was a doctor and a founder of San Pablo Hospital in Bayamón, where her mother still lives. She graduated from Columbia University in 1991 and earned her Master of Public Administration degree from Baruch College, City University ...
Christine Quinn gave me the age 22 I lived in drumry. I worked in the duntocher hotel while at college. Michelle strain had my heart. I drove a mountain bike generously donated by my Bruv Steven Murphy I am now 39 I live in Clydebank. I work as a support worker for people with mental health issues. Amanda Carr has my heart and has done so from the first week I met her. I drive the bus with my wee weekly ticket as some numpty smashed my car. Like and I will give you an age.
WOOHOO! "Quinn...wants to leave the door open for another run for office."
De Blasio won’t ban uniformed city workers from St. Patrick’s Day parade Yoav Gonen February 4, 2014 | 2:22pm Mayor De Blasio shrugged off a plea Tuesday to ban city workers from wearing their uniforms at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, whose organizers exclude openly *** groups from marching. While the mayor said he isn’t planning to participate in this year’s march on Fifth Avenue, he wouldn’t concede to the request by *** rights groups and elected officials – including two City Council members and close ally Letitia James, the public advocate. “I believe that uniformed city workers have the right to participate if they choose to, and I respect that right,” Hizzoner said at a City Hall press conference. More than two dozen *** rights groups, dozens of elected officials and several private citizens called on the mayor to intervene in an open letter published Tuesday in *** City News. “The presence of uniformed police and firefighters in such a procession sends a clear signal to LGBTQ .. ...
It will be interesting to see if the speaker will be this Mayor's Christine Quinn. So far, she has. I hope she will be her own woman.
Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno doesn’t like the idea of giving Governor Quinn more time to deliver his...
Interesting move by Christine Quinn to join the board of non-profit fighting to end homophobia and transphobia in sports.
EXCLUSIVE Christine Quinn joins board of Our team just got even stronger. Welcome!
Christine Quinn joins board of nonprofit that advocates for *** athletes
EXCLUSIVE! Chris Quinn joins board of nonprofit for *** athletes. Nice scoop by today --->
NY City Council Speaker Christine Quinn joins MSNBC's Rachel Maddow for a conversation about New York's veteran population and how we can best support ...
Christine Quinn's first move, post elected office: she's joined the board of group fighting homophobia in sports:
nydailynews: Christine Quinn joins board of *** athlete nonprofit
EXCLUSIVE Christine Quinn joins board of *** athlete nonprofit
“When you succeed, make time to help women coming up to also break through the glass ceiling, overcome obstacles.”- Chr…
Former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is the only mayoral candidate in the 2013 election to return public funds to the city’s Campaign Finance Board. Quinn cut a check for $3.5 million
where's Christine Quinn when you need her?
Just sayin'! I got this in an email today. Remember how liberals pounced on Chick-Fil-A’s owner/president for saying more or less what Barack Obama said in his 2008 campaign for president? That marriage was between a man and a woman? Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared “Chick-Fil-A’s values are not Chicago values.” Boston Mayor Thomas Menino vowed to block the chain from coming to Beantown. Gotham’s then-City Council speaker, Christine Quinn, demanded Chick-Fil-A’s one New York store be sent packing. Well, this week Chick-Fil-A values were back in the news. When the deep South was paralyzed by snow that stranded motorists for hours and forced others to abandon cars, Chick-Fil-A moved in. In Birmingham , Ala. , a Chick-Fil-A store began cooking hundreds of chicken sandwiches and handing them out for free to stranded motorists along the highway. Anyone who needed a warm place to sleep was invited to do so at Chick-Fil-A for as long as needed. The next morning, workers prepared fresh chicken bis ...
...on Christine Quinn, whom I know you liked. Tough viewing but great film-making:
Katz Looks OK The Wave did not endorse any candidates who, like Christine Quinn, voted to extend term limits. The act was a self-serving power grab in direct defiance of voters. Voters shouldn’t forget it. We couldn’t get past it so the two left standing in the Queens Borough President race, Peter Vallone Jr. and Melinda Katz weren’t getting The Wave’s support. Katz won easily and Wave support wouldn’t have mattered. But still, we’re glad we sat it out. She had plenty of local supporters though. And for people who didn’t regard the term limits issue as a deal breaker, Katz was a fairly easy choice. She may have voted to extend term limits but she won people over because she showed up. As they say, 80 percent of life is showing up. All through campaign season, she was at rallies and meetings, big and small. Come November she got the votes. Still, we were not convinced. But then she showed up at a tree-lighting and hired a local guy to be a Rockaway liaison of sorts. And then there were credib ...
He sounds like Christine Quinn doing into after St. Vincent's closed.
From City & State First Read: The New York League of Conservation voters released its annual environmental scorecard for New York City Council members in 2012-2013, an evaluation of the members based on casting pro-environment votes or for co-sponsoring pro-environment legislation. The report lavishes praise on former Speaker Christine Quinn, calling her “the most pro-environment speaker New York City has seen thus far,” noting Quinn’s achievements on solid waste management, food access, and green buildings. Eleven Council members received perfect scores of 100, including Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer and Deputy Leader Brad Lander, while her progressive colleague Julissa Ferreras tied for the lowest score of 76, along with former Council members Peter Vallone Jr. and Dan Halloran. “The City Council’s environmental performance for the last two years was very strong, as reflected by the high scores for the individual members as well as the broad range of issues th ...
I'm thinking about folks like Van Zbinden, Brian Novogradac, Christine Quinn Dawson - I remember when we were in Tennessee and a half inch would crush the towns. 2 inches has to be ***
After a cold day at the car racing the mermaids, me and Christine Quinn, have had a lovely spa to end the day.with blue sky now!!
I have never felt so luved by anyone other than my family that is thicher than molasses to me than my 3 bffs. My husband Michael Orlowski Christine Quinn and Michelle Loonie. My heart is so full and blessed it is still amazing to me !
I agree with Christine Quinn that progress comes from telling the truth, hearing each other's stories, and discovering we are neither alone nor powerless. I believe her honesty will help others, young women especially, to see that strength and success are possible.
Congratulation to Councilwoman Inez Barron for being appointed chair of Higher Education (Cuny). What "Poetic justice"!! Speaker Christine Quinn removed me from chair of Higher Ed, due to racist trustee member Jeffery Wiesenfeld heckling me at a ground breaking ceremony for Cuny. I responded by calling him a racist and told him to shut up and sit down. For that, and for running against Quinn for speaker (video below), I was remove from my chair of Higher Ed, even though I was the most successful chairperson Cuny has ever had. Now Quinn is gone! Jeffery Wisenfield has been remove from the board, and the Barron's are back! Congratulation Inez, we are so proud of you. Power To The People!!
Is our new mayor at it already ??? Is Bill De Blasio Trading Horses for Money? Written by Selwyn Duke They used to hang horse thieves — now they elect them mayor. As many know, New York City’s new commandant, Bill De Blasio, has sworn that one of his first acts upon taking office will be to ban Central Park’s iconic horse-drawn carriages. He claims that forcing horses to work in downtown Manhattan is inhumane, but is he really just kowtowing to a big real-estate developer who heavily supported his campaign? Interestingly, there was a time when De Blasio was more blasé about these animal-rights concerns. In fact, when he had the chance as a City Council member to support legislation banishing NYC’s hansom cabs in 2007, he balked. Now, though, he leaves no doubt as to his position. As NBC New York wrote: "We are going to get rid of the horse carriages. Period," De Blasio said at a press conference. "We are going to quickly and aggressively move to make horse carriages no longer a part of the lands ...
Is a master of public health! I got honored by the president and Christine Quinn!
Poor Kim Catullo. She expected to become the first *** First Lady of New York City today, but Chirlane McCray beat her to it. (For those who don't understand, Catullo is the "wife" of Christine Quinn, once the frontrunner for NYC mayor. McCray is the author of the Essence Magazine essay, "I Am a *** " who is married to Bill deBlasio, the Democrat who was inaugurated mayor of New York earlier today.)
Christine Quinn, Harvey Weinstein and PR exec Ronn Torosian having breakfast at separate tables at the Greenwich Hotel … Read more:
News: Optimus Prime, Grant Colfax, Nike, Uganda, Kate Winslet fed official accused of wanting to 'ship out' *** workers to Detroit. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart enjoy Santa's lap. Christine Quinn says good-bye to NYC City Council: “I’ve seen [the Council] do remarkable things from [aiding] tenants to protecting a woman’s rights to choose to reducing corruption in government, bringing transparency, reducing the carbon footprint, leading the way in saving the planet, and I am humbled and extraordinarily grateful to have gotten to lead it for eight years." Billboard erected in honor of Nelson Mandela uses Morgan Freeman's photo instead. "The billboard was erected on the side of a road in the southern city of Coimbatore as part of memorials across India and the world to Mandela, who died on December 5." Man claims he was fired for being straight: "A married, heterosexual gym teacher at a tony Upper West Side private school was fired because his *** supervisor disapproved of his “traditional fa ...
Christine Quinn mystified by mayoral defeat, mulls working for Hillary Clinton
Speed Limit Could Drop to 20 on Residential Streets: Speaker Christine Quinn said yesterday that City Council ...
Can't Believe how New Yorkers are blind enough to not see a guy worthy enough that he can be Governor of New York State, he can even be the President of the USA. Joe Lhota is the guy! From a moderate's stance his Fiscally Conservative ways and Socially Libertarian ways are the perfect blend to get this city back in shape instead of digging it into a deeper mess like how I am certain Bill De Blasio would do. I would put Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Christine Quinn in front of De Blasio when I closely analyzed De Blasio's policies. I would say William Thompson, I'd vote for him if you submit 100 friends signed petition to me, he is a much better candidate. De Blasio, please give me a million bucks and 500 friends signed petition, I'll cringely vote for him and move out. I am not even playing politics as some may put it, I honestly feel the Democrats put the worst possible candidate as their finalist. Please Share this post, we need a New York with a leader who can run the city, not a liberal activist l ...
UPDATE: NYC Says No More Horse Carriages! NYCLASS, a non-profit animal welfare and advocacy organization in New York City, has been devoted to abolishing the horse carriage industry in New York City for some time. Recently, the group declared victory against one of the largest, most outdated forms of tourism and animal cruelty in the Big Apple. The organization ran a series of ads against Christine Quinn, former candidate in the mayoral primary election, who was openly supportive of keeping this inhumane industry alive. With Quinn out of the running, it’s safe to say this antiquated industry soon will finally come to an end. Bill De Blasio and Joe Lhota, both mayoral candidates, have pledged to put an end to the city’s horse carriages if elected this November. Read on for more on this huge victory for horses in New York and how humane voters changed the outcome of the election:
voted for Christine Quinn even after she stood for stop and frisk. But we wonder why the feminist movement …
*** Men’s Health “IN” Crisis. GMHC was elevated from “GMHC It’s a Chop” to “GMHC Its a Scam”. Breaking News, Scandalous Information. Have we finally reached the final days of *** Men’s Health Crisis? Will Lambda Legal, Christine Quinn, C. Virginia Fields, Michael Bloomberg, Department of Health, CDC, Gary Cosgrove from the Imperial Court of NY, A&U, Glenda Testone at LGBT Center, NY Times, Human Rights Watch, The Washington Blade, GLAAD, NPR, Keith Boykin, Queens Pride, AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the countless others that have been informed about the scandals at GMHC finally step up to the plate and do what they are paid or elected to do? They all have been turning a blind eye. More scandalous information at and
SIDE BAR: I initially supported and campaigned for Christine Quinn. Bill Thompson was my second consideration. The...
With the Primary election coming up this Tuesday, September 10th, thought it would be helpful to resend out information from the Mayoral Forum on Public Health this past January. We received responses from Sal Albanese, Adolfo Carrion, John Catsimatidis, John Liu and Christine Quinn, adn their full responses are included. Until recently, there was almost no discussion about public health in the campaign. The hospital closings in Brooklyn have elevated the issue of access to health care services and is now part of the dialogue. Attached to this email is the responses to the survey sent to all known candidates. Below is the link to the Public Health Issues paper developed for the forum and available on the CPHS web site. share with others. Much thanks to the many wonderful people that worked on the forum. Judy Wessler
John Catsimatidis criticizing Christine Quinn's speaking voice is like him taking exception with Chris Christie's...
Democrat postures as populist to win New York City mayoral primary By Fred Mazelis 12 September 2013 Bill De Blasio, New York City’s current Public Advocate, was the front-runner by a wide margin in Tuesday’s Democratic Party primary to select its candidate for mayor in November’s election to succeed Michael Bloomberg. While De Blasio was credited with 40.2 percent of the vote in unofficial returns, it will be several days before final results show whether he achieved the 40 percent needed to avoid a runoff election on October 1 against William Thompson, who came in second in the voting. City Council president Christine Quinn, despite endorsements by the New York Times, Daily News and New York Post, finished a poor third with only 15 percent of the total. About 650,000 registered Democrats voted, barely 20 percent of those eligible, and little more than 10 percent of the voting-age population in the city. On the Republican side the number of voters was far smaller, barely 50,000. Joseph Lhota, forme ...
With nearly 20% of precincts reporting, De Blasio had 38% of the Democratic vote, leading William Thompson's 25% and Christine Quinn's 16%. The winner of that primary needs 40% of the vote to avoid a runoff. Lhota had 49% of the Republican vote to John Catsimatidis' 43%. In the Democratic city comptroller race, Scott Stringer has an early lead over Eliot Spitzer, 52% to 48% with nearly 20% of precincts reporting. ~ NY1
Today is NYC primary day: good luck to Vince Morgan, Mark Levine and Christine Quinn.
Christine Quinn is the best mayoral candidate for NY
Anthony Weiner obsession continues to eclipse bigger story: Christine Quinn's collapse. Would DeBlasio be on top if primary was month later?
Tomorrow is the primary for the New York Mayoral race. Christine Quinn is an incredible woman who has the...
I'm not a New Yorker any more, but for some reason Christine Quinn brings to mind that song from "A Chorus Line" wherein "I Feel Nothing."
Can you imagine how nasty a run off would be?
Christine Quinn’s Last-Ditch xoJane Tell-all On the eve of the Democratic primary for New York’s mayoral race, ...
Vote in the mayoral primary! (I'm voting for Christine Quinn. She has realistic plans and a long, impressive record.)
Christine Quinn still against will of the people. My apt has "No unsolicited advertising" sign & yet got her junk mail, should be $250 fine
But if he is our nominee, I will support him as passionately as I supported Christine Quinn. We need a Democrat back in City Hall. (2/2)
Based upon political ads, Christine Quinn only wears blue or purple
A little more than a year ago, she said there is no room for "discriminatory views and feelings" in NYC.
Christine Quinn says she wants to be the next mayor of NYC, but her words and actions say otherwise...
I really hope Christine Quinn wins nyc mayor. The other candidates are just no.
Christine Quinn: New York City's Next Mayor: Christine Quinn is my (and our) only choice for mayor of New York. I...
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Posts from earlier in the campaign on why I'm voting in tomorrow's mayoral primary.
Apparently Christine Quinn, runner-up for mayor of the city of NY, is *** This is new info. I wish her best of luck in election tomorrow.
“The choice is clear: Christine Quinn for Mayor”
*** Is Not Enough: There are many reasons that Christine Quinn, the first *** with a serious shot at being...
Last March a woman shook my hand and said "I'm Christine Quinn and I said, I know, you got my Vote".
To anyone trying to play the *** card as to why we should vote for Christine Quinn,...shove that card up your...
the dude who's main pic is of him and christine quinn will write to me IMMEDIATELY.
Christine Quinn at 13% is just remarkable … as remarkable a political fall as any I've seen in quite some time:
Christine Quinn's secret weapon? A second-grader at P.S. 199 in Sunnyside. Read about it on the primary live blog:
Interview: Christine Quinn on Having a Seat at the Table |
Six days earlier, a Quinnipiac poll showed De Blasio at 43 percent. Despite the small slippage, "he's ever so close,"
And in related news these Christine Quinn ads are not pleasant. The reg ones and the vicious attack ads against De Blasio
Guys! Tomorrow I will be waking up at 6:00 in the morning to vote for Christine Quinn. You all should too if you want a mayor who delivers.
I'm for Christine Quinn tomorrow, but do expect this primary to be litigated via runoff.
When will the people that won't vote for Christine Quinn because she let Bloomberg have a third term realize that she'd now be our mayor?
Christine Quinn rips Mike Bloomberg on "racist" claim:
Thanks to Christine Quinn for stopping by our happy hour! @ Salsa y Salsa
Met Christine Quinn didn't know who she was but i'm not from here, Really nice person.
But still heir apparent Christine Quinn won't win. You are not a democrat! Hope sees this for 2016
Today's Quinnipiac poll: Bill De Blasio with 39%, Bill Thompson with 25%, Christine Quinn with 18%, Anthony Weiner with 6%,…
The Choice Is Clear: Christine Quinn for Mayor: Having viewed the final mayoral debate before the primary, I am...
Fighting for our Future PAC: ind expenditures of $2,900 supporting Christine Quinn -
Just walked into impromptu Christine Quinn posse. She's quite striking in person.
Christine Quinn - Will she lose both the primary and her spot as. City Council Speaker, should De Blasio aka Waren Wilhelm win?
“It is that fewer women are emerging as candidates. And these high-profile losses... signals that women can’t win.”
.hung out with Quinn on this final day:
If you live in NYC and vote for Christine Quinn you hate animals... Just saying.
I'm liking John Catsimatidis or Joe Lhota for NYC mayor. And, believe it or not, Anthony Weiner. But I'll take ANYTHING over Christine Quinn. She's nothing but a fat bull *** I will literally never enter manhattan again is she wins.
.& .Daily News, etc. all endorsed Christine Quinn - & her popularity numbers R dropping so Bloomie=upset
The Times, Daily News, Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Cuomo, Christine Quinn all want Spitzer to lose.
Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn slams Bill De Blasio after revelations that he ... - New York Daily News
Photo of my friend Rob Smith and I at Stonewall Inn last night for Christine Quinn!
Look like Christine Quinn will lose the Democratic primary for New York City mayor. She'll run as an independent, though, right?
All five Democratic candidates, including Christine Quinn, said they voted for Bill Thompson over Michael Bloomberg in 2009.
George Takei: "Christine Quinn will boldly go, where no woman has gone before!"
"George Takei, the actor best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu on the television series Star Trek, has endorsed Christine Quinn for mayor."
George Takei has endorsed Christine Quinn. So goes the vote? Has anyone been polling area sci-fi conventions?!
"Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson played whack-a-De Blasio at the West Indian Parade today."
friends: anyone have any articles on christine quinn and her stop & frisk support? and *** politics? Def need to read some more on this
"I'm Christine Quinn; while others talk about fighting for the middle class, I've been doing it." catering to the Real Estate industry
Our choice is the candidate with the fortitude to translate lofty ambitions into workable solutions -
Join us today for a retirement party for a great tool of the 1% - Christine Quinn 5pm at St. Vincent's
What a week so far for Melba’s Restaurant in Harlem! On Monday night, Christine Quinn, NYC mayoral candidate,...
"Much to the surprise of...staff—who believed they had an ally in...Christine Quinn...City Council gave its endorsement of the rezoning."
New York City Council wants focus on girls in tech, already from middle school
Tale of Two Quinns: "Speaker Christine Quinn flip flops, now says DON'T tax the rich" cc:
I will end friendships over a Christine Quinn vote/praise/endorsement. yup.
Christine Quinn wanting Ray Kelly to continue is my deal-breaker ("" for Thompson). So, I'm voting De Blasio, despite misgivings.
Thank you to Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn for stopping by to visit our residents today.
NYC council chair (and mayoral candidate) calls for creating 5 all-girls technology schools in the city.
DJing a fundraiser party for NYC Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn this evening at PHD with the musical assist from
New Yorkers, stop Christine Quinn from getting my job
NYT endorses Christine Quinn for mayor. First woman to run this city..?
Celebrate Caribbean Pride with NYC Council Speaker (and leading mayoral candidate) Christine Quinn.…
I SUPPORT John Liu for NYC Mayor! Because:. 1) both Mayor Bloomberg, and Christine Quinn oppose him via
Broadway Star Audra McDonald's VIDEO: "Christine Quinn embodies what it means to be a New York...: via
Christine Quinn is discussing gun buy-back programs and community peacekeeper programs with youth to prevent gun violence.
Christine Quinn just said we have to make sure we respond to the needs of seniors, including adult day care and delivering meals
Good idea? Shouldn't we make more accessible for everyone?. Christine Quinn proposes five all-girl tech schools
"Christine Quinn has been one of the biggest advocates against elder abuse in the city of New York."
All girl tech schools proposed in NY:
Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn has arrived. Looking forward to having her meet with our residents
No it's cool, sweaty guy on the F train yelling about Christine Quinn, I didn't need to shut my eyes and delude myself that I'm still in LDN
Christine Quinn proposes five all-girl tech schools: submitted by tellman1257 [link] [2 comments]
Funny how the Nee York Post is endorsing Christine Quinn after this report...
New York Post endorses Christine Quinn and Joe Lhota in city mayoral primaries - NYP via (
New York Times endorses two for mayor: Christine Quinn and the other guy via
The New York Times Endorses Chris Quinn in the Democratic Primary - Christine Quinn for NYC Mayor vi…
- The NY Times has endorsed Christine Quinn and Joe Lhota. You all know how I feel about the Quinn...
The Times endorses Christine Quinn and the promise of 'getting something done' | Capital New York
Progressives led by Openly *** Christine Quinn and NYC City Council overrides Mayor Bloomberg’s vetoes on NYPD
Actual thing I'm wondering after reading this: will Marie Calloway endorse Quinn? MT READ:
at one point MSNBC had Maddow, Thomas Roberts & Christine Quinn on at once to discuss something not related to LGBT issues
Christine Quinn is Bloomberg 2.0 she helped him get an illegal third term & a secret non profit slush fund weiner is great compared to her!
Order Miche Bag Online!
A Christine Quinn supporter called my cell today to ask if I wanted to help her campaign? I think I said "oh helllzz no!"
Read latest. Who is this glitzed up Quinn-shell we've seen the last few weeks?
Which candidates for support a ban on horse drawn carriages? HINT: Not Christine Quinn.
Christine Quinn vows to improve the infamous NYC condom
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