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Christine Keeler

Christine Margaret Keeler (born 22 February 1942) is an English former model and showgirl. Her involvement with a British government minister discredited the Conservative government of Harold Macmillan in 1963, in what is known as the Profumo Affair.

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. How things have changed, Christine Keeler and Mandy rice Davis brought the Tory gov down, today anything goes
for those old enough to remember Christine Keeler. a newspaper found out about the showgirl, the russian spy and govt minister 1/
That's a bit unfair on Christine Keeler!
"Lying about relationship with a woman is not a possible threat to security.". Unless she is Christine Keeler?
or Google Christine Keeler, depending on which you'd rather look at.
Christine Keeler - in fact on a copy of the Series 7 for rights issues... the 2017 chair has been released
I never found anyone who was good enough, who I could trust enough. (Christine Keeler)
High class I think, very much in the Christine Keeler league.
Check out what I found.Kevin Francis Limited Edition Christine Keeler Figurine By Peggy Davies Ceramics via
I think it was 21 Sept 1963- two months before Pres Kennedy was assassinated. Christine Keeler was all the rage. So beautiful then.
Christine Keeler, the call girl at the center of the 1963 Profumo scandal in England, turns 75 years old today:
OTD Feb 22, 1942 born. What more is there to say?
Happy birthday English media personality Christine Keeler (February 22,1942). author of "Secrets and Lies:" (2012) (with Douglas Thompson).
Today in In 1942 Christine Keeler born. English former model and showgirl. Involved in what became known…
Former UK model and showgirl Christine Keeler turns 75 today.
Christine Keeler turns 75: A look back through former model's SEXIEST shoots to date
Jean Alexander also played the part of the mother of Christine Keeler in the film Scandal with John Hurt and Joanne Whalley.
It's been a misery for me, living with Christine Keeler.
I have always been free with my love - it is my nature. I am easily captivated by men and t
Also, PM Best was unfortunately caught up in Profumo scandal, & forced to resign because of a relationship w/ Christine Keeler.
I have survived and possibly I should not hope for more than that.
Men, all men, were always trying to get hold of me, you know.
They came and bound me up and I had awful stretch marks. I hated my breasts after that.
My mother used to go out on her own, and I used to have to keep a look out for my stepfathe
Before I go to bed, remember that Christine Keeler quote? Night, night tweeps X
Put the entire canon on shuffle, and Bustopher has an affair with Christine Keeler.
Joan will be receiving a referral check from Keeler Honda because their referral, Christine, came in and purchased!
As a little girl I used to daydream about my real father coming on a white horse to rescue
I don't know if he was the fourth man or the fifth, but he was certainly in the top 10.
One way of reading my life is that I have been in constant search for a father.
However I dress it up, I was a spy and I am not proud of it.
I thought it was your take on the Christine Keeler photo ...
Wt due respect to the Christine Keeler trial: "But she would though, wouldn't she"?! :)
It is so fantastically Bohemian there. Btw, did you know Profumo used to meet Christine Keeler there in secret?
Check out Lewis Morley (1925 – 2013)'s artwork CHRISTINE KEELER, 1963 on htt…
'Well worth catching? The name Christine Keeler springs to mind. lol
I added a video to a playlist The Skatalites "Christine Keeler"
Former model Christine Keeler, 71, is unrecognisable as she pulls shopping trolley 50 years after Profumo Affair
I won't say I didn't like it at the time, the sex, that is, because I ...
Did you hear about the Somerset pub that Christine Keeler bought? It was called the Mendip Inn!
He's 85 and he's met another woman. Still, at 85, why ever not?...
1963: England - Sec of War John Profumo resigned following revelations about his sexual affair with Christine Keeler, an alleged prostitute
1963 John Profumo resigns he lied to Parliament about his relationship with call girl Christine Keeler
Today1963 British Secretary of War John Profumo resigned his post following revelations that he had lied about affair with Christine Keeler,
1963 - British Minister of War John Profumo resigns due to Christine Keeler affair
scandalous event of last century, 1960s swinging London will be forever linked with the affair between John Profumo and Christine Keeler
Christine Keeler, David Bailey, Penelope Tree & Marianne faithfull, 1969 @ the publication of goodbye baby and amen
Lewis Morley's iconic shots of Christine Keeler. In the news every day over Profumo. . Peter Cook's club, Soho, 1963.
Christine Keeler relaxes on a sun lounger, 1963
what does Rebekah Brooks have that Christine Keeler doesn't?
My incredible friend released her memoirs: She's hung out with Elizabeth Taylor, Christine Keeler, Frederik Pohl...
Enjoyed my annual visit to Cliveden on a glorious Late summer day opportunity to remember the late Mandy Rice Davis and Christine Keeler
in the words of Christine Keeler, he would say that, wouldn't he?
Confessions of the real Rumpole: Christine Keeler. Soviet spies.
“I took on the sins of everybody, of a generation, really” Christine Keeler ‘Profumo di Donna’ (Lewis Morley, 1963)
Maybe you had one mind on Christine Keeler,Profumo etc. Considering case your covering.
'Christine at Cliveden', 21 x 29.7cm, pencil on paper, Christine Keeler, 2015.
eat your heart out christine keeler. You may have to Google her babe. Lol. Xxx
Which band had hits singing about Shostakovich, Christine Keeler, Eminem and a Czech libertarian?
Ronnie Kray seen here with Christine Keeler and Leslie Holt - read more...
“~Christine Keeler leaves her flat for her trial at the Old Bailey~.
Christine Keeler being made up for television. Photo by Tom Blau, 1963.
Christine Keeler trumps Kate Moss at auction - Telegraph
Can you tell where it is yet? Hand painted wallpaper,stunning setting, infamous venue, christine keeler, John Profumo
A Min of St (UPA) had an affair w a journo of enemy country. National security? Beats Christine Keeler + Profumo Affair.
Indeed it is. Christine Keeler must be.early 70s now I am guesisng.
In the freeze of the Cold War, Christine Keeler was sleeping with both John Profumo (Britain's war secretary) and a Soviet spy.
Mandy Rice-Davies 70 RIP, former chum of Christine Keeler and therefore no chum of John Profumo the War Minister...
Today's David's Year Today is 1963 January – Musical film Summer Holiday starring Cliff Richard receives its London premiere. 14 February – The Labour Party elects 46-year-old Huyton MP Harold Wilson as its new leader, and Leader of the Opposition 22 March – The Beatles release their first album Please Please Me 24 April – Princess Alexandra of Kent marries the Hon Angus Ogilvy atWestminster Abbey. 25 May – Manchester United beat Leicester City 3-1 in the FA Cup final atWembley Stadium with two goals from David Herd and another from Denis Law. 5 June – Profumo Affair: John Profumo, Secretary of State for War, admitsto misleading Parliament and resigns over his affair with Christine Keeler. 1 July – Kim Philby named as the 'Third Man' in the Burgess and Macleanspy ring. 8 August – The Great Train Robbery takes place in Buckinghamshire. September – The Sindy fashion doll is first marketed byPedigree. 10 October – Prime Minister Harold Macmillan announces his resignation on the grounds of ...
Thanks everyone for the cards and birthday greetings, had a great day went to the Aldwych Theatre and saw Steven Ward a new musical play created by Andrew Lloyd Webber as the story is based around Steven Ward and the Profumo Affair, with Christine Keeler and Profumo as Minister of War allowing military secrets to be passed to the USSR I was unsure about it being made into a musical play but, it was great Andrew had as usual done a superb job, Lyn who is not as politically knowledgeable as I said she now understood more about implications and the characters involved than before so, if it comes your way or you are able to get to London go see it. Last July Lyn And I spent 4 days at Cliveden where much of the story stemmed and started from if you see the play you will know why we are always waxing lyrical about the place. 😀😀😀
This day in 1915 saw the birth of John Profumo, best remembered today for the 1963 scandal with Christine Keeler.
Appendix A from "Stephen Ward is Innocent, OK" by Geoffrey Robertson QC who is presenting the case to the Court of Criminal Appeal to get Stephen Ward's conviction overturned. Statement of Sir David Tudor-Price Sir David Tudor-Price was junior counsel for Stephen Ward. He subsequently became a Senior Treasury Counsel at the Old Bailey and then a High Court Judge. He made this statement, for publication, to author Caroline Kennedy, shortly before his death, about the way Lord Chief Justice Parker manipulated the decision in the Lucky Gordon appeal so that it would undermine, rather than assist, Ward's defence. "This was a matter that still rankles with me. It has left a burning sense of injustice. The only possible purpose of the Lord Chief Justice's action was to cut away the foundation of what Stephen Ward's counsel, James Burge, had been saying to the Ward jury. The Court of Criminal Appeal said that it thought that Gordon's conviction was unsatisfactory, but it was not saying that Christine Keeler was ...
Really starting to think this new haircut is not the one, one of my colleagues said I look like Susanna Reid, another thinks I look like Christine Keeler
The Stephen Ward Theater Break package includes tickets to the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical about the Profumo scandal, as well as a stay at the estate where the war minister was introduced to Christine Keeler.
Funny, this social network world...Apparently I have to hashtag all these names in order to get my posts noticed! Andrew Lloyd Webber, Astor family, Christine Keeler, Cliveden, History, John Profumo, Mandy Rice-Davies, Musicals, Newspapers, Profumo scandal, Scandal, Social class, Stephen Ward, Theatre Not necessarily in that order!
London Theatre news: Stephen Ward’s Charlotte Spencer tells us about playing the iconic Christine Keeler and the danger of filming birth scenes before auditions.
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Starring Alexander Hanson as Stephen Ward, Charlotte Spencer as Christine Keeler, Charlotte Blackedge as Mandy Rice-Davies and Daniel Flynn as John Profumo.
UNMASKED: After 50 years, we reveal the true identity of 'headless man' in sex picture with the Duchess of Argyll that scandalised Sixties society Shocking public scandal from 1963 was rivaled only by Profumo Affair Margaret had been the most famous and feted debutante of her age Husband the 11th Duke of Argyll claimed she had committed 88 adulteries Sex photo emerged after he broke into her house and stole diaries By LADY COLIN CAMPBELL PUBLISHED: 22:08, 28 December 2013 | UPDATED: 22:08, 28 December 2013 50 shares 29View comments Great beauty: Margaret Duchess of Argyll attending an event in 1934 With its heady mix of high politics and low shenanigans, the Profumo Affair has become the yardstick by which our public scandals are measured. Even today, there are two West End productions based on that memorable cast – Christine Keeler, Mandy Rice-Davies, the ill-fated Stephen Ward, and smooth Jack himself, the disgraced Minister for War. But the scandal that engulfed them was not the only episode to out . ...
In this exclusive documentary for ITV, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber tells the story of the John Profumo and Christine Keeler affair and reveals a secret hedonistic world of luxury, passion and parties.
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s crusading new musical proposes that the chief victim of the Profumo scandal of 1963 was not the disgraced Minister for War but Stephen Ward, the fashionable osteopath who introduced him to Christine Keeler.
Alex Hanson as Stephen Ward and Charlotte Spencer as Christine Keeler singing "This Side of the Sky" from Andrew Lloyd-Weber's new musical, "Stephen Ward"
Stephen Ward at the Aldwych Theatre - review - Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical of the Sixties Profumo scandal, Stephen Ward, provides some catchy tunes and a gobby Christine Keeler but needs to tone ...
One of my favourite parts about "Stephen Ward" was how the actress, playing Christine Keeler, brilliantly channeled the acting talents of Parker Posey in her interpretation of the role. 1963: yeah yeah!
Off to see Lloyd Webber's new musical Stephen Ward in London's West End. Its about the Profumo scandal in the 60's for those old enough to remember it. Christine Keeler and all that.
Second Spitalfields performance of the evening is 'Fragments of other lives', a guided walk/installation at Toynbee Hall, the first university settlement in the East End, founded in 1884. It's where John Profumo worked after the Christine Keeler affair. In my group of nine people taking this intimate, dreamlike journey was Vicky Pryce. Sometimes life is just unbelievably surreal.
Two girls about to blow the roof off... Joanne Whalley as Christine Keeler and Bridget Fonda as Mandy Rice-Davies in SCANDAL
Mandy Rice-Davies was always a survivor. Christine Keeler was not. Mandy has improved her life in many ways since...
Asked if she worried about how she might be perceived, Mandy Rice-Davies said: "I'm 70 next year. Who gives a *** "
Profumo scandal blasts back as new musical retells shock story: IT HAS been 50 years since models Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Dav...
Profumo Affair: Christine Keeler doesn't like me, says Mandy Rice-Davies
Christine Keeler doesn't like me, says ex-friend Mandy Rice-Davies. But she would say that, wouldn't she
Hello Sweetheart!. Huge congratulations on your ever stratospheric career. Christine Keeler is an amazing part. Stupendous! X
That musical will be short-lived. Should leave it alone. Christine Keeler is still alive.
Pic of Christine Keeler today will surprise you
It's again, this time joined by Charlotte Spencer who will be playing Christine Keeler in
Mandy Rice-Davies on scandals, Christine Keeler and Lloyd-Webber's new Stephen Ward musical - The Independent
The Profumo Affair and me: Mandy Rice-Davies on scandals, Christine Keeler and her new play Stephen Ward
New video: Stephen Ward and Christine Keeler in new Profumo musical via
Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler: definitely not friends any more, it would seem
Christine Keeler doesn't like me, says former friend Mandy Rice-Davies
Eyre jokes I knew when Charlotte Spencer played Jane Banks in Mary Poppins it was the perfect apprenticeship for playing Christine Keeler
We're in The Box in Soho, chosen for its similarity to Murray's club, where Ward met Christine Keeler
I have to keep reminding myself that John Profumo's affair was with Christine Keeler, not Catherine Keener. Struggling.
About to interview Andrew Lloyd-Webber about his new musical 'Stephen Ward', the man who introduced John Profumo to Christine Keeler.
"Discretion is the polite word for hypocrisy". Christine keeler
Underneath the Heals' fake Arne Jacobsen chair that Christine Keeler once bestrode so memorably.
Yes, I recognised the Christine Keeler picture. I was just going to ask you about the exhibition. No I haven't been yet.
Christine Keeler by Roland Alphonso from the album: Scandal Ska Roland Alphonso
Wondered if the Christine Keeler pic guy who died the other week was your mate. Guess not. RIP Harry Goodwin.
Here's a little test for you all. Can you name the colour and profession of the following?.1. Joe Louis, 2. Al Capone, 3. Jorge Bergoglio, 4. Christine Keeler, 5. The Kray Twins, 6. Ella Fitzgerald. The older ones should be able to play, not cheating please. Lol. Have fun. :)
Bit saucy for - Julia Bradbury channeling her inner Christine Keeler
Mail on Sunday is astonished that Christine Keeler, 71, does not look the same as she did 50 years ago.does Paul Dacre?
If Sierra Boggess gets cast as Christine Keeler in Stephen Ward I think I will actually die of happiness.
oh, puhleze. I see your Munsinger and raise you a Christine Keeler, Mandy Rice Davis, Profumo, if you pardon the pun.
Christine Keeler's nude photograph: still sexy and subversive, 50 years on
Even though it's underhand/Christine Keeler has got it planned/Christine Keeler/Understands/Understands
It's a sad indicator of the vanity of our times that so far, no philanthropist has endowed a [Christine] Keeler...
Today in 1963 the British House of Commons debates the Profumo/Christine Keeler affair and decide to blame Christine Keeler
Don't worry about it. I'm named after Christine Keeler. Honest.
Didnt no was from Bromley. Wonder if he has ever bumped into Christine Keeler shopping for cat food in his local supermarket
Profumo Affair: Christine Keeler comes clean and admits to being a spy
Christine Keeler admits she betrayed Britain via
That reminds me of a naughty Christine Keeler joke! x
Timeline: 1963 Jan 11 In his inaugural speech as governor of Alabama, George Wallace proclaims "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever." Feb 8 Iraq's ruler, General Kassem, is overthrown in a coup led by members of his military and the Ba'ath party. After a quick trial he is shot. Kassem had suppressed the Communist Party in Iraq, and now the killing of Communists, other leftist intellectuals and trade unionists begins. Saddam Hussein, a junior member and former hit man for the Ba'ath Party, returns to Iraq. Feb 8 President Kennedy makes travel to Cuba and financial and commercials transactions with Cuba illegal for U.S. citizens. Feb 27 The leftist former professor, Juan Bosch, takes office as President of the Dominican Republic. Mar 22 In Britain a leading Conservative Party leader and Minister of War, John Profumo, denies to the House of Commons that back in 1961 he had been involved with Christine Keeler, who is known to have been involved with a Soviet attaché. Mar 31 T ...
Christine Keeler also admitted this way back in the 1970's when Edward Heath was prime minister. Old news!
It's strange how few Christines I have known in my life.  It seems like such a popular name.  I don't even think there was a Christine in my high school class.  But!  It's a name that lends itself to song! There are thirty Christine songs for the Christine in your life or the Christine in you.  You can listen now to the entire show at the Self Help Radio website or! if you're impatient! you can listen to the show directly (it's in two parts): part one & part two.  Christine songs played on the show are listed below. Thanks for listening, any & all Christines! xo gary - (part one) "Miss Christine" Brownie McGhee & The Jook House Rockers _The Best Of Harlem & Jax Records, Vol. 2_ "Christine" The Dells _Time Makes You Change 1954-1961_ "Christene" Little Hank Crawford & The Rhythm Kings _Night Train To Nashville: Music City Rhythm & Blues 1945-1970_ "Christine Keeler" Phil Ochs _Broadside Tapes 1_ "Christine" Burt Blanca _La Collection Sixties Des EPs Francais_ "Christine" Marisa _Ultra Chicks, Vol. 1: ...
The scandal brought down British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan (even though he said he resigned "for reason of health"). It had all the elements of something Hollywood might have written: married cabinet officer cheating with beautiful call girl who is the mistress of a Russian spy, and then lying about it to Parliament. The difference was that in this case, Hollywood didn't write was all true. The married cabinet officer was John Profumo, Secretary of State for War in MacMillan's government. The call-girl with whom he had a long-running affair was Christine Keeler. The Russian spy? Yevgeni Ivanov, Naval Attaché at the Soviet Embassy in London. Did Profumo and Keeler sleep together? Yes. Did Keeler also sleep with Ivanov? Yes. Did Ivanov try to have Keeler get military secrets from Profumo? MI-5 thought so, but there is little concrete proof. Did Profumo give away any military secrets to Keeler? Both of them say no, and there is no proof that he did. Did Profumo lie about the r ...
Central to the political scandal of 1963, Christine Keeler is represented by Lewis Morley’s much imitated photograph and a drawing by Stephen Ward, artist and osteopath to the establishment. Shown in the context of press photographs of other key players including Secretary of State for War John Prof...
May 20th - We have sailed up the English Channel through the night and are now in the North Sea. We will not arrive at our first port, Stavanger, until tomorrow at 8:30am. Options on board the ship are endless - this morning there are body workouts, yoga or pilates available in the Royal Spa Fitness Centre, beginner or intermediate bridge lessons, bingo, line dancing, presentations on the ports of call, seminar on Ipods, Ipads, and Iphones, a seminar on digital cameras, trivia, watercolor art class, art talk on the history of impressionism, table tennis tournament, a lecture on Christine Keeler and the Profumo Scandal or the History of Cunard, ballroom dance class on the cha-cha. The afternoon offers a lot of the same as well as shuffleboard, paddle tennis, golf putting tournament, darts competition, a movie in the Royal Court Theatre. And of course there is always shopping in the boutique shops and the casino. Or maybe just curling up in the impressive library with a good book, watching the sea go by. O ...
I read The Trial of Stephen Ward by Ludovic Kennedy years ago and thought it was good. Just read it again and was taken aback by the rascism, sexism, snobbery and sheer, sneering nastiness of it all. Even Ludovic's writing contained all these elements. Christine Keeler's voice "like any little shop girl".then he goes on; "the face itself was painted an inch could detect the ravages of the years. What would she look like at thirty" Jesus. She was twenty one. Andrew Lloyd-Webber is doing a musical on it. Sounds jolly!!
I`ve been asked to supply a `C.V.`for a job application, can anyone out there advise me on what to include ? I`ve never done one before so maybe I`ll jot down a few of the jobs and positions I`ve held in the past, then Hopefully You can sift thru`and tell me which ones NOT to mention Ta Ink Monitor,(soon worked a scam on this, watered it down by 50%, sold remainder to Prison Guv across the road ! ) Milk Monitor Good little earner, (thank the Lord that Profumo Affair hit the press @ same time otherwise `Unigate`wud have been much bigger, many thanks, Christine Keeler ) Cotham Grammar Bicycle Hire 9.15am - 3.45pm strict I picked locks on other kids bikes, made a fortune hiring them out by the hour (so simple) Dinner Money Collector (completely un-official) Burser sold tickets on mondays, 4 different colours that were rotated monthly, I sussed out which were next weeks colours got hold of the right card, joined printing club in school, then sold them `black Market` half-price, Easy money,(scam got sussed, th ...
The Profumo Affair Denning became best known as a result of his report into the Profumo Affair. John Profumo was the Secretary of State for War with the British government. At a party in 1961 Profumo was introduced to Christine Keeler, a showgirl, and began having an affair with her. At the same time she was in a relationship with Yevgeni Ivanov, a naval attaché at the embassy of the Soviet Union. On 26 January 1963 Keeler was contacted by police on an unrelated matter and voluntarily gave them information about her relationship with Profumo.[75] The police did not initially investigate; no crime had been committed, and the morals of ministers were not their concern. Although the relationship lasted only a few weeks it became public knowledge in 1962. Keeler attempted to publish her memoirs in the Sunday Pictorial in January 1963 but Profumo, still insisting that he had done nothing wrong, forced them to back down with threats of legal action should the story be published.[76] Profumo made a statement in ...
How times change. In the 60s you could meet Christine Keeler at parties given by the Astors. Now it's Becky Brooks.
Christine Keeler - told me that she had a surprise for me but I had to wait until later in the night to get it. It was something that I would enjoy but she wouldn't. She recorded a full hour of RICK SPRINGFIELD on the Jeff Probst show for my viewing pleasure. This Folks, is why she is my bestie!!! :) What a gal.
This Petraues - Broadwell; Kelly - Allen sex scaandal reminds of a time bac in the summer of 1961 when Mark Jacob and I were Phila. Inquirer paper boys and we would meet every morning, after our deliveries and read about the sex scandal in England involving Lord Profumo, a high ranking member of the British government and a couple of prostitutes Christine Keeler and Mandy Rhys Davis. It was quite an education for two 10 year old boys. I may not always remember my social security number but I'll never forget that summer. Hope ur R.I.P. Mark
I ask General Petraeus, "Was the affair worth losing your reputation, legacy and perhaps your wife of 37 yrs? You haven't seen the last of it yet. BTW, Paula Broadwell is a horrible person, notwithstanding her looks. She used you to further her career. In my book she is a high class prostitute. You got sucked into her claw. What a shame for such a brilliant and decorated General go down in shame. Haven't you heard of Profumo and Christine Keeler affair from UK in the 60's? That affair helped topple the Conservative Party government of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.
to misquote Christine Keeler 'they would say that wouldn't they' - he is a Tory who helped John Major win in '92!
Jim'll fix it from beyond the grave. He'll finish the BBC   Kenneth Roy   Famously, it was not the fact that he slept with Christine Keeler which cost John Profumo his career but the fact that he lied about it to the House of Commons. In this way the English establishment converted a sex scandal int...
"Swan say Glenn Stevens is "the Mal Meninga" of central bankers. ( Wayne Swan being the Christine Keeler of treasurers)
According to a report by BBC News, Andrew Lloyd Webber will follow his ITV talent show SUPERSTAR with a new musical about Stephen Ward, who was linked to the Profumo scandal in the '60s that caused War Minister John Profumo to resign after an affair with Christine Keeler.
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