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Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci (born February 12, 1980) is an American actress.

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After watching a few episodes of Christina Ricci's Zelda Fitzgerald, now listening to Caitlin Moran's Desert Island Discs. Lovely lazy morn.
Christina Ricci on what it was like to play Zelda Fitzgerald.
Christina Ricci looks amazing and I need to see this
Z: The Beginning of Everything on Amazon prime is amazing! I love watching anything starring Christina Ricci 👽💕
Christina Ricci was a savage in that moive!! :)
TV review: stars as Fitzgerald in Amazon's "Z: The Beginning of Everything" htt…
Check out Out magazine Gus Kenworthy Matt Wilkas The love portfolio Christina Ricci via
Christina Ricci is my spirit animal to Wynona Ryder circa Beetlejuice
Free-wheeling Christina Ricci and cocksure Eddie Cibrian are siblings, competing for the same woman. Who will go farthest to win her?
Sex Scene for Christina Ricci added terrific body to 'Prozac Nation'
I find the less attention I pay to food the healthier I am - Christina Ricci
Watching Casper and realizing Christina Ricci has a big *** forehead
Watched Black Snake Moan Christina Ricci. Good movie
35. The Addams Family, 1991. Christina Ricci is amaze and Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal.
LOVE that fireworks gag. Christina Ricci: 'I can totally hear him going that' - 'Only teenagers can be that incoherent'.
I think that the best career that someone can have is one that's refle...
Christina Ricci in that movie was my first crush.
I need a Snapchat filter that turns me into a cute quirky pig girl like Christina Ricci in Penelope
My mom is loving Christina Ricci's acting in this.
Christina Ricci on the set of Extra at The Grove
The Starbucks barista said he found me distracting because I look like Christina Ricci.
y'know what if I can just find time for Speed Racer tonight I can make this pic even better lol (Christina Ricci/Lilly/Lana)
Remember I had the biggest childhood crush on Christina Ricci watching Casper as a kid.
I always think that I've embarrassed myself.
omg i just started watch the Lizzy Borden chronicles this show is crazy 😜 devious and awesome. starring ricci
I was only really looking forward to it because of Christina Ricci but it turns out it's been the best episode so far!
22) Christina Ricci was my childhood icon. Even more things to watch on YouTube, thank goodness for you.
I love Thora Birch almost like I love Janeane Garofalo Christina Ricci and Eva Green
last one; 4: This is more my speed than yours, but, Christina Ricci in a pixie cut. Great when I saw it in theaters. Great now.
Its a werewolf movie with Christina Ricci, and it was a chance to work with some good people. But playing yourself is always
Buffalo '66. -blonde Christina Ricci. -Vincent Gallo wrote and directed and produced and acted in it. -spanding time
Maisie Williams is getting to look less and less like Christina Ricci as she gets older.
Celebs included. I vividly recall Christina Ricci and Gaby Hoffman coming out in tears together.
Watching the movie loving it so far . Sharon Stone, Christina Ricci, Selma Blair, Courtney Cox and Mira Sorvino 💖 🎥 🎬
Christina Ricci is still the queen of the to me. Nobody I've seen has topped this.
So, we need to do Christina Ricci night soon, b/c I'm rewatching Speed Racer & falling in love w/ her (hair) all over again.
Is "I am Christina Ricci in Buffalo 66 and that makes you Vincent Gallo" a valid way to get someone to talk to stop ignoring me?
"Drew Droege/Chloe + Christina Ricci + Sky Ferreira for Marc Jacobs Spring 2016" this is so niche and so me
Christina Ricci in a Black Snake Moan is soo underrated. 🐍
One of my favorite moments from senior year of college was being in a room full of guys singing along to Thousand Years by Christina Ricci 😆
Christina Ricci and writer Paul Rudnick on the set of Addams Family Values
We tossed around a bunch. Christina Ricci as Batgirl, Winona Ryder as Zatanna, Bob Hoskins as Bullock & Rosie Perez as Montoya
The following statements are true:. 1) Denzel Washington was in John Q. 2) Christina Ricci was in Casper
I have always loved Christina Ricci and her performance in The Lizzie Borden Chronicles is superb. Plus Clea Duvall who is also amazing!
Ummm I'm not supposed to think Christina Ricci playing Lizzie Borden is super hot right
Are "The Lizzie Borden Chronicles" on Netflix worth watching, even though Christina Ricci is in it?
Christina Ricci plays Lizzie Borden in Lizzie Borden Took An Ax and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles and she's amazing
when I go to *** bars:. bar patron: u look like Christina Ricci. me: ha thats... bar patron: NO WAIT, CAMRYN MANHEIM. me: drinks pls
Christina Ricci wearing some Fab Fred Leighton jewelry at the SAG awards
Christina Ricci in a Christopher Kane dress and Fred Leighton j
Christina Ricci since i was 8 and still going strong, Victoria Beckham (oh posh spice) & Melanie B (oh scary spice) & Adrian Curry
Christina Ricci decked out in vintage Fred Leighton jewelry
Jessica Lange, Christina Ricci, AND Lou Reed in a move together. This never ceases to amaze me.
Such hot-looking women watching that scary movie "Cursed". Christina Ricci, Shannon Elizabeth, Portia De Rossi, Judy Greer and lastly, Mya.
Wait. There was a TV series on Zelda Fitzgerald starring Christina Ricci and I somehow missed it?
If you've seen Buffalo 66, imagine Florentino as Vincent Gallo + Rafa as Christina Ricci in this scene
I look like a cross between Christina Ricci and Raul Julia.
I want to see Jason Segal, Christina Ricci, Kristen Bell, Christopher Walken on the show.
I am living for Christina Ricci as Zelda Fitzgerald in the new Amazon series 😻😻
Are you watching Amazon Pilot Season? You have to see Z: The Beginning of Everything. It's Christina Ricci as...
it's vivid & pretty, will give it that -- & Christina Ricci really is delicious. Enjoying herself as Zelda, too.
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Ok this made my day, seriously!!. Christina Ricci who once portrayed Wednesday Addams now dressed up as Morticia! 💜
Remember my cute Christina Ricci dressed as Elvira?
Stylish short film from mid 90s' with Christina Ricci as Little Red Riding Hood.
Cursed .seriously haven't watched some of these horrors in ages hey. Christina Ricci's black boss suit game was so on fleek.
Young Nathalie Portman in ''Leon: The Professional'' and Young Christina Ricci in ''Addam Family'' are simply incredible young actors.
I identify with Christina Ricci in Prozac Nation 98% of the time
Go watch Z on Amazon! Got to do the dive doubling Christina Ricci in the opening scene.
I love Christina Ricci, but I prefer Hilary Duff's Casper better.
P.S. How much did you want to be Christina Ricci because she got to kiss Devon? Like, the most, right?
was ok. I liked Christina Ricci and
Why tf is everyone talking about aliens? Did they finally come back to Earth to pick up Christina Ricci and Gary Busey?
I watched the "one Mississippi" pilot, I'm all sad and vulnerable, then Amazon is like "hey, wanna watch Christina Ricci play Zelda"
I'd give anything for an Addams Family with Christina Ricci as Morticia and Oscar Isaac as Gomez. Anything.
Christina Ricci, who as a child famously portrayed Wednesday Addams, dressed up as Morticia Addams. . Flawless.
Christina Ricci is really good in the Amazon pilot 'Z: The Beginning of Everything' but I just don't care about the show at all.
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Korean actress Ko Ah-sung better known as Ko is the Christina Ricci of Korean horror! @ Museum of the…
I thought it was a selfie I couldn't tell it was Christina Ricci
Gavin Stenhouse as F. Scott Fitzgerald opposite Christina Ricci's Zelda in the Amazon series Z is one of those rare perfe…
Christina Ricci as Zelda Fitzgerald... I need this to happen. Need.
Christina ricci is my favorite 90s childhood actress
One time i was crying n brandi was laughing like im sorry but u sound like Christina ricci in movies 😒 have u heard her 💀😔
*** Casper laid down the mack on Christina Ricci once he turned back into human.
Christina Ricci should have won an Oscar for her performance in Casper.
Have Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp ever dated? Can they?
Christina Ricci just gives me so much joy
Amazon Pilots, my picks: 1. Highston 2. One Mississippi (it’s dark but good) and I watched Z but I found Christina Ricci’s accent put on
The crush I had on young Christina Ricci was insane.
Today, Christina Ricci is as old as Vincent Van Gogh was the day he cut off his ear: 13,052 days. .
Christina Ricci was my childhood crush
the cover model is gorgeous, she looks like a cross of Christina Ricci and Kendall Jenner
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basically im having a Christina Ricci movie marathon
I wish Tim Burton will do a remake of The Addams Family starring Christina Ricci as Morticia and Jhonny Depp as Gomez
Christina Ricci is just so darn cute in the movie Addams Family Values. :'>
I mean... Christina Ricci as Morticia Addams. Can it get any better. 😍😍😍
Watching that Zelda Sayre show with Christina Ricci like a 39-year-old spinster who's just hanging on, boy. Check it out; it's really good!
Christina Ricci. For you know, reasons. - Album on Imgur Link: …
Christina Ricci is too perfect for Wednesday Addams
Christina Ricci is the heart and soul of the Addams Family movies. She shines the brightest in the middle of that stunning ensemble cast.
Can't help but love Christina Ricci and David Krumholtz's romance subplot.
so I was chilling watching a ridiculous werewolf movie with Christina Ricci, Pacey from Dawson's Creek & Jesse from Gilmore Girls
this Lifetime drama The Lizzie Borden Chronicles starring Christina Ricci and Clea Duvall is the new season of AHS
Wowzers! Christina Ricci as the new Morticia Addams... hopefully
Day 2 of 31 Days of Halloween🎃: We watched Lizzie Borden Took an Ax. I love Christina Ricci and I…
Amazon fall pilots: Christina Ricci as Zelda Fitzgerald, Tig Notaro's "dark comedy" with Terry O'Quinn and (cont)
Christina Ricci's going to be playing Zelda Fitzgerald 😍😁
Christina Ricci is giving me full on Carolyn Jones Morticia Addams REALNESS here! *Snap Snap*…
Christina Ricci looks pretty reminiscent of Carolyn Jones IMHO
The Givenchy guests are so lulz. Brant Brothers, Liv AND Steven Tyler, Christina Ricci, Julia Roberts ... it's just perfect.
Photoset: bybyeblackbird: Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane and Christina Ricci as Katrina van Tassle in Sleepy...
Promotional portraits of Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci for Sleepy Hollow (1999) by Mary Ellen Park
my top celeb crushes- Christina Ricci, Drew Barrymore, Milla Jovovich, and Lacey Chabert.
Foto: posthumanego: Christina Ricci and Vincent Gallo in “Buffalo 66”, one of my fav movies. Posthuman Ego
"Black Snake Moan"(2006)- Sam Jackson's song and Christina Ricci in panties and chains elevate this one from fair to okay.
More for Some nice underspice from Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan
Christina Ricci just came on this episode of Malcolm in the Middle OMG
Morgan Freeman as Glen and Christina Ricci as Nadine good actors
Vincent Gallo stars alongside Christina Ricci in his directorial debut, Buffalo ’66, on Film4 at 1.05am.
Official trailer for 'Lizzie Borden Took An Ax' with Christina Ricci. Looks good! …
*** I thought that Cara Delevingne chick in T Swiz's video was Christina Ricci =(
Yeah, I had the Mary Kate fear as well. But I saw Sophie Ellis as a fetus, and Christina Ricci as Wednesday.
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about to watch Ang Lee "The Ice Storm" (1994) w Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, Tobey Maguire, Christina Ricci, Elijah Wood, and Sigourney Weaver
What's that movie with Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci?
Christina Ricci has been a teenager for 25 years
Love Lizzy Borden Chronicles - Christina Ricci is perfectly creepy!
Christina Ricci w her petite self is BOSS as Borden:tiny, smiling psychopath. Love direction they chose 4 the score
Anyone here watching the Lizzie Borden Chronicles? Christina Ricci's portrayal is going to get a lot of critics talking.
Lifetime may have a mainstream hit with the Lizzie Borden Chronicles
Wait, how did I know nothing about Lizzie Borden Chronicles starring Christina Ricci?!?!?
OMG you watch that??? it's brilliant I love Christina Ricci she's amazing the end of ep1 was WOW
she reminds me of Christina Ricci except this girl is way prettier
Christina Ricci struck up quite the friendship with The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer on US TV show W…
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles fills my hearth with joy! I can watch Christina Ricci kill people all day long!
I saw the movie "Lizzie Borden" starring Christina Ricci and it was an excellent film.
Christina Ricci and Ruby Rose *** Scene fro…: ohhh ruby roooseee... im in to you ♥♥♥
Photo: Christina Ricci takes a whack at ‘Lizzie Borden Chronicles’: 'I really love a … Lizzie Borden...
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Christina Ricci is a force! — watching The Lizzie Borden Chronicles
My second favourite Hollywood moment was when Christina Ricci's *** got incredibly huge
I really like Christina Ricci and Cole Hauser(sp?). — watching The Lizzie Borden Chronicles
My newest obsession is , Christina Ricci is so twisted and fantastic!
Christina Ricci is amazing as Lizzie Borden. I've had a girl crush on her since I was a little kid 🙊
yo i forgot how super *** christina ricci's lizzie borden is LOL! how did i doubt this would ork as a tv show? lizzie is WILD!
Christina Ricci is 2 good 4 this world
Lizzie bordon was a great show tonight Christina ricci is great as always. No one plays Lizzie better than Christina her best role ever.
I'm frightened of Christina Ricci after watching this.
Christina Ricci just doesn't age at all, does she?
Watching Christina Ricci is a great actress. I have always loved her work and her playing Lizzie Borden is amazing.
watching right now I love christina ricci an amazing actor
12 episodes of Christina Ricci menacingly looking at her parents while grinding an ax. Gotta build to it.
Photoset: itsjustmemle: movies that need to exist — eva green and christina ricci as immortal witch...
I find Christina Ricci interesting but why did we need a show about Lizzie Borden? Why?!
I've had a crush on Christina Ricci since she was Wednesday Addams. I was like 2 or 3 when that came out.
lovely. Ha. . PS I'm watching WWHL now with Christina Ricci and Ramona Singer and it's great
In these Walking Dead-less days, we've found a new Sunday night obsession: Serial killing Christina Ricci. Perfect.
'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles' Christina Ricci: 'We definitely decided that she was sociopathic'
A Fall River, Massachusetts, jury in 1893 couldn't determine whether or not Borde…
I just liked "Behind the Scenes: Christina Ricci by Tesh for Marie Claire UK April 2012" on Vimeo:
Love that Christina Ricci is in so fitting
Once again donuts ruining lives. I really enjoyed the show tonight. Christina Ricci killed it.
Christina Ricci was amazeballs in tonight. I'm definitely in for this show.
Christina Ricci has some kind of unique hotness to her. Not sure how to describe it.
Christina Ricci is back to play Lizzie Borden. yes she is truly playing it to a heel. is mad or what?tune in to...
I didn't even know about it until I saw an interview with Christina Ricci 2 weeks ago. I blame donuts & pizza.
Christina Ricci and Clea Duvall are in a Lifetime series about Lizzie Borden and NOBODY TOLD ME
Who should be the only one that wants a crush on Christina Ricci for eternity
Really happy to see Christina ricci back as Lizzie Borden.
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Ooo The Lizzie Borden Chronicles looks good! Like an 18th century Dexter but with Christina Ricci! 😱👌💕
I've loved Christina Ricci for 14 years. Probably longer. Her as an axe murderer just makes my week.
*watching My mom: ??? Me: "Christina Ricci... she's a murderer." Mom: "How could Wednesday do that!" Me: "How could she NOT?"
Christina Ricci in a new series!󾰗 — watching The Lizzie Borden Chronicles
Christina Ricci playing an accused ax murderer... It's kinda a great role for her lol
So nice to see Christina Ricci fully embracing her kinda scary self in It's pretty fun to watch.
already obsessed with this mini series and Christina Ricci. I've always loved her playing dark roles, she does it so well 🔨😈📺🔪
are you watching this thing with Christina Ricci?
Oh Christina Ricci just gave me life! "yeah you play that card and we'll see where it gets you."
Somehow, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Is Actually a Lot of Fun (Written by partner and I. Premieres tonight at 10!)
Is it me or does Christina Ricci never age?
Christina Ricci is so beautiful wow
The Chronicles starring Christina Ricci premieres right now on Lifetime. Anyone watching?
I can't wait to see this, I find the story a disturbingly fascinating one personally. .
Christina Ricci's been playing these weirdo roles since she was like 10. and she's amazing at it.
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Did you know Christina Ricci stars in a Lifetime movie about Lizzie Borden that streams on Netflix? Not that I’m watching that...
Christina Ricci is an Aquarius & is the spokesperson for RAINN. Slay me
Ever set your alarm for 3:30 AM to greet Bill Shatner, Christina Ricci? has!
Christina Ricci is an amazing actress
Christina Ricci is so perfect for Just evil enough. 💔
'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': Christina Ricci and Clea Duvall are truly twisted sisters
Dude I just heard about this. Christina Ricci as a serial killer + Clea Duvall? SIGN ME UP
talks about working with Christina Ricci, and looking back at her career -
‘Lizzie Borden Chronicles’ Exclusive: Clea Duvall on Christina Ricci and Corsets: You wouldn’t think there wou...
the laramie project by HBO: it's got Christina Ricci and Steve Buscemi
Thora Birch, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci are so perfect I can't~
Jennifer Connelly, Kirstin Dunst + Christina Ricci are examples of a very few child stars who had no trouble growing up...
tbh though my crushes on *** and Christina Ricci are still going strong.
You have a girl in there. And it's Christina Ricci. Nice. :)
Christina Ricci is in The Lizzie Borden Chronicles? What does Lizzie Borden go to Narnia?
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I had a crush on Christina Ricci so much as a boy I saw Casper everyday for a month.
I used to love that movie with Christina Ricci... Anyone else love that movie?
The best part about binge watching the Good Wife is there is a new person I love in every episode. Christina Ricci was in the last one.
If I did the Teen Brandon childhood crush thing it would just be four pictures of Christina Ricci from BUFFALO '66 so why bother.
I had a crush on Christina Ricci too.
maybe it was the ghost action, then again the movie was kinda funny when you're a kid. Christina ricci though...
The lack of Christina Ricci on everybody's thing is seriously distressing. Side-eyeing the *** out of ALL OF YOU.
Yeah...the Christina Ricci shot is just you! x
My 4 childhood crushes is Christina Ricci 5 times.
I'd do a list of the real people I had a crush on as a kid but it'd probably just be like Carolyn Jones, Thuy Trang & Christina Ricci twice.
if I were straight I'd def be into christina ricci
To be 100% honest I think we'd all be taken aback if Christina Ricci was an alto.
Currently watching Prozac Nation. Me & Christina Ricci have the same titties.
13yo Erin totally wished she could be Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci is so underrated it pisses me off
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whenever i go to work, i always feel like Christina Ricci in Now & Then. tomboy game strong.
Christina Ricci's forehead should have it's own reality show.
Christina Ricci and a Samson-like Antonio Banderas caught in a comprising situation.
he would look a lot like Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci is a creepy looking broad.. But I still think she's awkwardly attractive.
Christina Ricci: 'What's really funny is that people for years had been saying to me, "You know, they're going to...
A woman on the podcast I'm listening to Christina Ricci's name and no one called her on it. These girls are young. I am old.
not sure who Christina Ricci's VP running mate is but Im not concerned. The U.S. public also loves it a good underdog story
oh, the b from apt 23 and also breaking b? She's like if Christina Ricci and Fairuza Balk had a bebe
after much deliberation I've decided that my 2016 vote for President of the United States will be for Christina Ricci.
looks like Christina Ricci's ugly sister!
Z: A of Zelda Fitzgerald has been optioned by Amazon as a series w Christina Ricci producing.
I felt the same when Anna Pacquin and Christina Ricci grew up.
To clairify, they're trying to be Wednesday Addams played by Christina Ricci who was emulating Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice.
I miss the days of being young where SNL skits made me laugh. I wanna rewatch "who wants to eat" with Christina Ricci! Great skit
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You are actually clever. Plus you have kind of a Christina Ricci.
I'll never get to date Christina Ricci.
While searching for Judas Priest memes I find Christina Ricci in the fridge...oh the internet you're a strange lady.
Take me to '98 and give me Christina Ricci, Rose McGowan and Mena Suvari
What inspires christina ricci to stay so thin and how can I get a prescription
I'm Christina Ricci in a Nixon mask obvs
Ah Sky instagram a pic of Christina Ricci and Vincent Gallo. 👀
great set this morning. Whatever happened to Vincent Gallo? Did Christina Ricci break his heart?
They should make a new Addams Family film with Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci.
Christina Ricci, Thora Birch, mary-kate, ashley & elizabeth olsen, michelle trachtenberg, you girls are awesome :)
14-year-old me's top crushes: Christina Ricci, Alyson Hannigan, Natasha Lyonne, Salma Hayek. That list really holds up
it always makes me cry. No shame. Gaby Hoffman, Thora Birch and Christina Ricci are my heroes.
Remembering The Coneheads from SNL in the 70's. They should commemorate a modern version and call it The Foreheads, featuring Neil Patrick Harris, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Ricci., Mena Suvari, and Tyra Banks.
Still feeling pretty "Buffalo '66" about not winning fantasy football, if anyone wants to be the Christina Ricci to my Vincent Gallo
You guys remember when Christina Ricci played Lizzie Borden in "Lizzie Borden Took An Ax"? Well now she's...
TV Series starring Christina Ricci filmed in Nova Scotia: Belts made for show.
Originally built for silent film star Ramon Novarro's assistant and companion Louis Samuel in the late '20s, the home has since then passed through the hands of composer Leonard Bernstein as well as actresses Christina Ricci and Diane Keaton (who commissioned a restoration while living there).
and let's not even talk about Christina Ricci...
Wow. looks amazing in this. . Goth Talk: Christina Ricci - Saturday Night Live:
last time I checked that movie is on there, its pretty dope 😁 it's with christina ricci
OR, Ryan Murphy and that other one could bring Christina Ricci to the AHS franchise. Yes lawd
// This is the story of Black Snake Moan: Once upon a time, Christina Ricci was tied up for some reason// I'm already bored and confused
you look a lot like young Christina Ricci
New mini battle started: Hilary Duff vs Christina Ricci. Lets vote right now!
Would you judge me negatively if I bought Speed Racer on Blu-Ray just for Christina Ricci?
The first time I watches the movie Penelope my ex told me I look like Christina Ricci & then said, "but mostly it's her pig nose"
Babby James McAvoy and Christina Ricci are on my screen and I want them to smooch so bad I'm squirming just kiss and make me happy
Oh man I love Christina Ricci so much.
I hope I'm played by Christina Ricci in my biopic.
she looks like Christina Ricci in Casper, but sadder
“Christina Ricci in the movie Pumpkin IS I should really start wearing my hair like that
I'm so in love with Christina Ricci
:R.I.P. Pugsley.You and your sister Wednesday were frightfully delightful siblings. (By the way Christina Ricci was a good Wednesday).
Christina Ricci would make a good Elizabeth in a Bioshock Infinite movie.
did I just see you in Gold Diggers the secret of bear mountain with Christina Ricci?!
When is Christina Ricci coming back to the big screen? The C-man wants to know!
Love is an endless mystery, for it has nothing else to explain it. - Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci in Windsor to reprise Lizzie Borden role for miniseries - Canada - World - Truro Daily News...
I loved Christina Ricci in that movie playing Wednesday Adams, she really can put up a horror face, luv her!!
Christina Ricci turning into Rosie O'Donnell is why I have life issues.
Lmao... cant blame the guy, christina ricci was a *** tease lol
So in my dream Christina Ricci killed my dad.. lol
Christina Ricci reprises Lizzie Borden role for miniseries filming in Windsor.
If you heard that charlize Theron and Christina ricci were in a movie and were *** lovers would you watch? Well monster is a FD up movie
yeah except you're the Christina Ricci from The Addams Family instead of the Casper movie
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This waiter looks exactly like Christina Ricci
not much. Christina Ricci sitting. A bloody clock with a hatchet instead of the normal swinging thing.
Yes!! Christina Ricci! I love her & we definitely need more of her these days. I'm so there! Thanks
Restarting long-running series like Grey's reminds you how many familiar faces had parts. Elizabeth Moss, Bellamy Young, Christina Ricci...
Not to mention the greatness of Christina Ricci, Jessica Lange, Michelle Williams, Jason Biggs and Lou Reed
And...Here are the reveals from this morning's guess who this celebrity grew up to be! You may have picked up our hints? "Wannabe" was a Spice Girls hit for Victoria Beckham prior to her building a fashion empire; Cara Delevignge's godmother is Joan Collins of 1980s tv's series Dynasty fame; Christina Ricci played Wednesday Adams and followed that up with Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp; Chloe Graze Moretz had a stint on Desperate Housewives before becoming Hit Girl in the Kick *** films, James Franco starred in 127 Hours before his disastrous hosting of the Oscars and who can forget Ewan McGregor as Mark 'Rent Boy' Renton in Trainspotting prior to his Star Wars roles?!
I have always had the biggest crush on Christina Ricci because of the Addams Family.
I want Christina Ricci to play Bella in the Six Forbidden Acts Of Bella Mia. I need a bigger budget. :-)
Arin challenged me to list 15 movies I could watch on and endless loop. I struggled to pick out 15 and I am sure if this were forever there would be films I would miss dearly but here are 15 that work for today. If they want to play: Trevor Ethan Justin Sonny Claudie IsaacJeff 1. How to Train Your Dragon ( I know this as I was stuck in bed once and could not get up to change it) 2. Labyrinth 3. Circle of Friends 4. The Breakfast Club 5. The Quiet Man 6. The Lost Boys 7. Underworld 8. My Neighbor Totoro 9. Jungle Book 10. Legend 11. The Goonies 12. Dragon Slayer 13. The Last Star Fighter 14. Penelope ( Christina Ricci and James McAvoy) 15. 10 Things I Hate About You
Saw "Penelope" on netflix and I'm just really sorry for Christina Ricci's career.
"It's fun to be sarcastic, but now I'm able to express myself in a way that's much more sincere." ~Christina Ricci
I can’t find a way to watch the remake of Escape to Witch Mountain, but you can rent the Christina Ricci remake of That Darn Cat on Amazon.
Christina Ricci's voice has not changed at all
I want to be like Christina Ricci as Lizzie Borden.
That fact that 's avi is Christina Ricci from The Addams Family>>>
"I said kick, don't reach, hey Christina Ricci!"
I watched Mermaids last night with Cher Winona and Christina Ricci. Such good casting and styling
New dream is to direct a movie starting Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder
I added a video to a playlist Christina Ricci Tribute 2 (All the Kisses)
I liked a video Christina Ricci Tribute 2 (All the Kisses)
Im so confused as to how small Christina Ricci is...her heads massive
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