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Christina Grimmie

Christina Victoria Grimmie (born March 12, 1994), known on YouTube as zeldaxlove64, is a pianist and singer known for her covers of hit songs by artists such as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and many more.

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The Voice: Christina Grimmie didn't win. Matt McAndrews didn't win. Team Adam didn't win. I just didn't have time for that.
It's just sad what happened to Christina Grimmie.
Cry Wolf by Christina Grimmie confirmed will get released later this year 😊👌
via Just a dream by Nelly ft. Sam Stui and Christina Grimmie
Not anytime near when onision made the Christina Grimmie comments. And believe me,…
I Won't Give Up just played on the radio randomly, i remebered Christina Grimmie 😢 i just miss her you know like "comeback be here"
when you open the front camera but you're Christina Grimmie so it doesn't matter
Christina Grimmie was killed last year, when she was meeting fans after a show. Sh…
One year ago, she captivated our audience at the Tonight, we remember the incredible life and music of Ch…
Throwback to Selena’s heartfelt tribute to Christina Grimmie.
Its June 10 in the Philippines today . Means its death anniversary today (we love you Christina grimmie💚)…
Exactly one year ago, today, we lost Christina Grimmie in a devastating tragedy. An incredible and talented inspiration.…
Christina Grimmie's family released her album Get it here:.
It's been one year since I've seen and met Christina Grimmie at her show in the Altar Bar ❤️
Christina Grimmie was killed at her concert. 25+ people died in an ariana concert. I thought security would be more tighter but…
Christina Grimmie was literally killed at her concert. What will it take for stronger concert security measures to be p…
She's not Christina Grimmie from The Voice and she's totally not Christina Grimmie who died in Orlando. SHE IS Christin…
The security be like "balloon"? God these security dumb. I thought after Christina Grimmie passed away security system g…
Selena performing an incredible tribute to Christina Grimmie. We love & miss you baby girl.
makes me to down to the time of Christina Grimmie's shooting. God! Why take lives of innocents for sake of dirty humans!?
"Voice" singer's family will refile wrongful death suit:
Nothing good in life. Ariana isn't the first concert where something like this has happened. Remember Christina grimmie? Yeah. Me too.
PERFORMERS AND FANS SHOULD BE SAFE. i have been screaming tirelessly about this since christina grimmie was killed and no…
Christina Grimmie is so much more than a tragic death. she deserves to be remembered for who she was, for her music, f…
With Love by Grimmie on All is Keep Listening!
Christina Grimmie used to be my idol in middle school, I opened my old ipod and found all of her covers and songs... I'm so sad now
Just made this piece for Christina Grimmie's new album available June 2nd !
- Christina Grimmie's family will refile wrongful death suit - .  An attorney for the family ... -…
Will their be an in memory/tribute to Christina Grimmie this season at all?
It's almost been a year since we lost Christina Grimmie and honestly it's still hard to even believe she's gone.
Christina Grimmie's dead still makes me tear up to this day
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You'd honestly think after Christina Grimmie, the security at all concerts would be tightened. But no, here we are yet agai…
Christina Grimmie's family to refile wrongful death lawsuit after dismissal
Judge to hear arguments in Christina Grimmie wrongful death case(Orlando news)
I'm watching with Christina Grimmie and my heart is heavy 😔
Miley Cyrus Medley (ft. Christina Grimmie) via it's been 7 years of this masterpiece!
Adam Levine delivers an emotional tribute to Christina Grimmie on The Voice.
Adam and his team sang Christina Grimmie's song😢
The Christina Grimmie Foundation is wonderful! I'm so proud of being a part of this family called Team Grimmie! \|/ Raw…
The Voice is announcing The Christina Grimmie Foundation on national television
.I loved the tribute to Christina Grimmie
The Grimmie family accepting HSUS' Impact Award in honor of Christina 💙
So emotional seeing Christina Grimmie's family in the audience tonight! htt…
I'm glad the voice finally did an actual tribute to Christina Grimmie, I'll watch it later
Big thanks to nbcthevoice for their support of the Christina Grimmie foundation. Pasquale…
Wow Adam you did a great job on hay Jude for the late Christina Grimmie w…
Check out the official website for the Christina Grimmie Foundation and details about it! -
Team Adam dedicating 'Hey Jude' to Christina Grimmie is giving me chills 😖
If I won that powerball jackpot, I'd buy plaza live, tear it down, and build a memorial for Christina Grimmie
Just queued up Adele, Mt. Desolation, Tom Chaplin, Keane, Christina Grimmie, and Queen songs for my guitar practice. Let's do this!!
Watch this flawless Christina Grimmie cover of 'Crazier' by Taylor Swift! Rip Angel... ❤❤❤
Up and crying abt Christina Grimmie again hbu?
Me whenever any celebrate I like is trending since Christina Grimmie
I'm currently listening to Christina Grimmie and crying what's wrong with me
I wasn't really a Christina Grimmie fan but sometimes I think about what happened to her and get so sad. She seemed so sweet. It pains me.
I added a video to a playlist Christina Grimmie - Hold On We're Going Home by Drake
I added a video to a playlist The Voice 2014 Christina Grimmie - Dark Horse
Christina Grimmie Shot outside her Florida Concert is now Dead, RIP Christina
Sing for Christina (If I die Young) Tribute to Christina Grimmie who was killed this yr. & to Deanna's Dad who died💕 h…
Cathy gives some sweet advice to Christina Grimmie before she performs on The Voice
the rylan mutual. won't stop bothering you about wynnona earp. Christina grimmie. *** and web shows. always there when you need them
Update your maps at Navteq
I wanna apply to that Christina grimmie street team but idk bc with all my college stuff 😖
Yo I can't express how Christina impacted my life in only 250 words sos
Clouds - in loving memory of Christina Grimmie 💚
EXCITING OPPORTUNITY Team Grimmie!! . As a part of Christina's Legacy Project, we're starting a…
calling all Team Grimmie! would you like to be part of a street team to promote Christina's legacy? well now's your chance!…
One of Christina Grimmie's songs just came on shuffle, and I can't stop the tears. I miss her and her beautiful voice.
Alan Rickman, George Kennedy, Doris Roberts, Ali, Kimbo Slice, Christina Grimmie, Anton Yelchin...and before depression sets in, I'll stop
You missed Christina Grimmie, Guy Clark, Ralph Stanley, Doug Raney, and there are more.
Family of Christina Grimmie files wrongful death suit against venue, promoter of concert where she lost life.
I really want a shirt that shows my support for Christina Grimmie and her family.
Family of singer Christina Grimmie, who was shot to death during a fan event, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit
💚 no explanation needed, Christina could still be here for Christmas if it wasnt for poor securit…
because of The Plaza Live, Christina's family lost their everything. they owe the Grimmies. can we…
One metal detector, one pat down, any type of security and Christina would still be alive, celebrating the holidays.
CHRISTINA GRIMMIE - Before They Were GONE love this video but the ending is kinda rude...
Christina Grimmie's family is suing the venue where she was shot:
I added a video to a playlist Matchbreaker Soundtrack CD w/ Christina Grimmie
I have emailed *** near every new station here in Orlando & I will never stop fighting for Christina & her…
A simple metal detector can changed this terrible things and saved Christina's lives. And wouldn't mourning everyday!
The Plaza Live has blatantly ignored and disrespected Christina, her family, her friends & her fans for over six months.…
So Christina and I had a Christmas tradition of finding each other the corniest cards available to mankind
Hey what do you think of the merits of this lawsuit? Do you agree or disagree with it?
I liked a video Christina Grimmie's family to sue over her death
The family of Christina Grimmie, the singer killed outside of an Orlando concert hall, is suing AEG Live:
Christina's official merch store is now open!
I wasn't a Christina Grimmie fan but her story was heartbreaking. I support her family wholeheartedly!
Christina Grimmie's family has filed a lawsuit against AEG Live over the singer's death:
The year will be 2056 and I'll still be in complete shock over Christina Grimmie's death
I miss Christina grimmie she was so pure and wholesome and talented she didn't deserve this :--(
'Christina Grimmie family sues Florida venue over her killing' via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Grimmie's family is suing the Orlando venue where she was fatally shot while signing autographs.
Here is the teaser for the new single "Invisible" by Christina Grimmie. February 14th, 2017!.
Wow i miss Christina Grimmie so much
For those who don't know, this is Christina Grimmie. An immense talent and an extremely kind soul. https:/…
Watching Christina Grimmie's videos. I miss her 😭 Still my fave artist.
I'm with my family supporting my beautiful angel's movie. Hello there, Christina Grimmie! 💚
She is important. Christina Grimmie deserved some sort of recognition.💚.
I'll most likely go to this tomorrow!💚 .
Still hasn't sunk in that Christina Grimmie is dead man☹️
I liked a video from Christina Grimmie singing "Counting Stars" by OneRepublic
This woman deserved so much more and I will never stop remembering her. Christina Grimmie, always in my heart 🌹❤️
I cared more that Christina Grimmie died this year than I did half these celebrities.
Goodnight Team Grimmie my heart is aching for sweet Christina, I am with yu Family TG! I love yu all & I love yu ou…
Rest In Peace to one and only Christina Grimmie
I liked a video from Christina Grimmie - My Buddy
I liked a video VIDEO: Christina Grimmie Shot Dead LIVE at Orlando concert
Slain 'The Voice' finalist Christina Grimmie honored with Wishwall in Marlton, NJ via
Christina Grimmie fans can claim 10 free cab rides using the Lyft app. Use credit code SONGS to ride for free. onlygofree
CG's website has updated; "Christina Grimmie Foundation coming soon" has replaced the RIP & memorial merch text
Happy Birthday to Christina's brother Mark! Team Grimmie love you so much 💚💚💚
Christina Grimmie 😭😭💔💔 I can't wait to see this. My heart hurts so much now
Christina will be honored with Wishwall in Marlton. This is exciting, thank you Wishwall Foundation❤️ h…
Selena Gomez pays tribute to Christina Grimmie with a song about JESUS
And since I'm in my feelings, I just wanna say: Rest in peace Edd Gould, Christina Grimmie, and Elliot. These creators inspired me so much.
President Obama is currently listening to Think Of You by Christina Grimmie
Movie starring slain singer Christina Grimmie may come to Orlando(Orlando news)
Sam Tsui's tribute to Christina Grimmie at the Streamy Awards absolutely broke me tonight 😭💔
Here's a little bit of Sam Tsui's beautiful medley, performed in tribute to Christina Grimmie
'The Voice' poll results: Christina Grimmie is the best female artist who didn't become champion via 💚💚💚💚
1 year ago today (18th Sep), Christina Grimmie opened the entire 2015 iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas!
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I'm just so proud of Christina Grimmie. She's amazing and deserves to live on. Team Grimmie rawwks.
I liked a video from Break Your Heart - Christina Grimmie & Tiffany Alvord (Bloopers)
I liked a video Song for Christina Grimmie - By Tiffany Alvord
Jordan Smith! My 2nd fav voice of all time after Christina Grimmie (RIP 😢)
Christina Grimmie appears in posthumous music video
That can't happen anymore but I'll still let my future children know who Christina Grimmie is
The late team releases the first of a 4-part video series titled 'The Ballad of Jessica Blue.' https…
Christina Grimmie's team will be releasing music videos Christina filmed before her tragic death.
shall I stay? would it be a sin if I can't help falling in… ♫ Can’t Help Falling In Love by Christina Grimmie —
Everyone go watch Christina Grimmie's new music video as part of her series! It's awesome! :D
One of the music videos Christina Grimmie filmed before her death just got released. Watch: ht…
'Snow White', one of the four music videos Christina Grimmie's team will be releasing, is now out. Watch it here:
Christina Grimmie was gone too soon, but her memory lives on in her series of music videos.
Today we celebrate our dear friend, and her incredible gift. ❤️
me when I hear someone say Christina Grimmie
Christina Grimmie's story continues with "Snow White" music video
Watch Christina Grimmie's brand new music video for Snow White!
ICYMI; the Snow White music video by Christina Grimmie is out now!
My heart breaks a little every time I listen to Christina Grimmie
Christina Grimmie's family posthumously releases music video for 'Snow White'...
Watch Christina Grimmie's posthumous 'Snow White' video: . Christina Grimmie's family has released the first music video from The Ba...
The fact that didn't pay tribute to Christina Grimmie when they promoted their show through her hashtag so mu…
The fact that the even did a speech about gun violence, yet didn't mention Christina Grimmie disgusts me
The wants to talk about ending gun violence but didn't talk about Christina Grimmie? I see you.
and btw, I'm glad the tcas didn't do a memorial for Christina Grimmie. I don't want her beautiful face anywhere near that…
So the Teen Choice awards had a segment on gun violence, and didnt mention Christina Grimmie once. Sick.
I still don't get over the Christina Grimmie's death, less I'm gonna get over the Marina Joyce's issues it's so creepy
Sometimes it really hits that Christina Grimmie is gone and I can't function for a good five minutes like she was my role model man 💔
2016 in a summary (first half). - killings, death, murder. - death of Christina Grimmie, Muhammad Ali. - fights between…
Tori Kelly wrote a song for Christina Grimmie. I love her so much, the sweetest
Order Miche Bag Online!
Listen to Tori Kelly's heartbreaking new song for Christina Grimmie:
Orlando, Christina Grimmie, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Dallas, and now Nice. I hope that soon, love will shine thr…
These people were just watching fireworks. The Pulse victims were enjoying themselves at a nightclub. Christina Grimmie was living her dream
If she stans Christina Grimmie, then she knows Team Grimmie will never die
Christina Grimmie: Tori Kelly Remembers Late Friend With Moving Song: . On June 10th, her life was cut short.
Check this song out Tiffany Alvord have wrote and perform for Christina Grimmie.
Thanks so much for the nomination but you guys should vote for Christina Grimmie 💛❤️
Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas Pay Tribute to Pulse Shooting Victims and Christina Grimmie at Orlando Show via
Demi had a member of the CAST team lead a prayer for the victims of the Pulse shooting and Christina Grimmie
Nintendo: Name a NPC in a Legend of Zelda game after Christina Grimmie - Sign the Petition! via
We lost Prince, Sir Terry Wogan, Anton Yelchin, Christina Grimmie, Alan Rickman and David Bowie. And today we are out of EU. *** 2016?
Listening to Christina grimmie sing and I'm tearing up :(( why did you have to leave so soon
Christina Grimmie's killer was obsessed with her, police say
Nintendo: Get Christina Grimmie in a Zelda game as an elf. - Sign the Petition! via
& fighting for law-abiding citizens like Kevin Loibl 2 buy guns conveniently
domain names
10 'The Voice' contestants give their best memories of Christina:
Justin dedicating "Purpose" to Christina breaks my heart in a million pieces. "Grimmie, can you hear me?"
Today marks by the one and only, Christina Grimmie.
Wow.. Just heard about this Christina Grimmie story. Some people are so evil.
A couple of my good friends are fighting to make a difference. Check out this beautiful article by https…
Christina Grimmie shooter lived 'like a hermit,' was obsessed with 'Voice' star, police reveal …
Christina Grimmie's killer was an obsessed fan, who was a 'loner' and lived like a 'hermit'
I wish I could have jumped in front of Christina Grimmie and have me get shot and die instead of her.
I added a video to a playlist Box Of Pocky - Christina Grimmie
Nintendo reacts to fans calls for to appear in Zelda
Aye sign this petition so Nintendo names a Zelda NPC after Christina Grimmie
Nintendo reacts to fans' calls for Christina Grimmie to appear in Zelda
Christina Grimmie fans call on Nintendo to name Legend of Zelda character after her.
Days after Christina Grimmie's death, singer on Mexican killed in Chicago>>.
Just a glimpse of Christina Grimmie's beautiful performance from our 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival. https:… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Memorial service held for Christina Grimmie at New Jersey church: More than 1,500 mourners attended a…
‘Thank God for the mark she left’: Christina Grimmie mourned at memorial service
Friends and family pay respects as slain singer Christina Grimmie laid to rest in New Jersey
Last night Charlie Puth dedicated see you again to Christina Grimmie because they wrote the song together
Adam Levine will pay for Christina Grimmie's funeral:
Slain singer Christina Grimmie to be remembered in New Jersey -
1995 - Selena Quintanilla was shot to death. 2016 - Christina Grimmie died by the same way. . 2 uprising Talented artists gon…
Christina Grimmie's Funeral Set for Later This Week: She will be laid to rest in her home state of New Jersey.​
Selena Gomez returns to performing after Christina Grimmie shooting via
Christina Grimmie's Funeral Service to Take Place Later This Week: The singer's service will be in her home state of New Jersey.
First Baptist Church of Orlando pays tribute to Christina Grimmie ft. family & crew.
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who… — Rhian Ramos, Christina Grimmie, *** Mendoza, Kristoffe…
Christina Grimmie's shooter lived in Saint. Petersburg and that is exactly where I live. It's terrifying to know these people are near you..
In the wake of Christina Grimmie's tragic death, Adam Levine will pay for her funeral.
Prayer for Christina Grimmie, your countrywoman killed in your country as a Christian (No LGBT)
Christina Grimmie was a talented young woman with so much ahead of her. I’m sending love to her family and fans.
NEW: Adam Levine offered to pay for Christina Grimmie's funeral 💔
Charlie Puth dedicated 'See You Again' last night to Christina Grimmie. Beautiful! 👼
The majority of them are. The man who killed the singer, Christina Grimmie was white.
Celebrities React to the Shocking Shooting & Killing of Christina Grimmie
Dang. first the 5 killed in Chicago, then Christina Grimmie, then 50 killed in Orlando. What in the world is wrong with these ppl!?!?!
Like it was hard enough knowing that Christina Grimmie was shot at her own concert - I really felt for her fans, it was so, so cruel
'The Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting via
'The Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting in floRIDAZ
Rest in peace, Christina Grimmie: An amazing young voice, silenced by
'The Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting qua
So sad and sorry to hear about this: RIP Christina Grimmie- 'The Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting https:/…
i get so emotional when celebs and musical artists do a tribute or song dedication to Christina Grimmie... It makes me so happy yet so sad
“The Voice” alum Christina Grimmie dies after being shot at Fla. venue, her publicist says
Selena Gomez got overwhelmed and emotional after she talked about Christina Grimmie at her show last night. 😢😢 https:/…
The Voice's Pharrell Williams & Usher release statements on the death of Christina Grimmie:
Man who shot and killed Christina Grimmie is . Kevin James Loibl DOB 03/10/1989
Christina Grimmie: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and more react: The violent death of Christina Grimmie has lef...
LATEST: Orlando police identify man who shot Christina Grimmie as Kevin James Loibl:
Woke up thinking about Christina Grimmie, always in our hearts ❤️
Christina Grimmie was Adam's protege on the Voice. He signed her to his own label when she didn't win. http…
With deep regret, we have confirmed Christina Grimmie, has died from her injuries.
Christina Grimmie was such a kind, generous person, and so talented. What a light has been taken from the world.
.will honor with a leaf on their Tree of Life
"Wear your heart out on your sleeve. Love is all you need." —Christina Grimmie ❤️
My thoughts and prayers go to Christina Grimmie's family 💕
Police say Christina Grimmie was signing autographs at a merchandise table inside the venue when the man walk…
Adam Levine, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato and more pay tribute to Voice US star Christina Grimmie
Christina grimmie was so talented dude i remember watching her start off on youtube and i went nuts when she came out on sonny with a chance
Rest in peace to an amazing YouTuber and a beautiful soul, Christina Grimmie🌺
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My heart breaks for Christina Grimmie and her family. I have no words ❤️ My comfort rests in knowing she's with Jesus.
Rest in peace Christina Grimmie, was lucky enough to meet her at LCS a few times.
The song is for Christina Grimmie who tragedy passed away. I miss you angel😢😇 1994-2016❤️
So heartbreaking to hear about Christina Grimmie, such an amazingly talented and beautiful soul. Much love to her family ❤️
Christina Grimmie shooting: 'Suspect was heavily armed'.
"I love Before You Exit, some of my favorite people to tour with, the shows are so much fun."
Blake Shelton and Adam Levine respond after Christina Grimmie's murder
Police chief says suspect that shot, killed singer Christina Grimmie had 2 handguns, 2 loaded magazines and knife.
shocked to learn the news about Christina Grimmie. my thoughts are with her family.
When you die, your body dies, but your soul lives on forever, as will hers. Rest In Peace Christina Grimmie. A beautiful t…
Very sad to hear about Christina Grimmie. I can't even imagine an innocent life being taken in such a way. So, so heart…
Just read the news about Christina Grimmie. Extremely sad news. She was a great role model with a huge heart RIP
Incredibly sad about Christina Grimmie and the state of our world
We are devastated by the loss of Christina Grimmie. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and everyone she inspired.
Sad to read that Christina Grimmie is dead. She was my favorite contestant on that season of The Voice.. she came in like a wrecking ball
please take a moment to pray for Christina Grimmie. My heart is broken. I love her so much.
Very shocked/sad/a little angry hearing the news about Christina Grimmie. What a voice. Seems like her heart was even m…
My heart is breaking to hear about Christina Grimmie. This is such a tragedy. I can't fathom how this could (cont)
Devastated about Christina Grimmie's death. She was pure sunshine. My heart aches immensely for her friends and family.
I added a video to a playlist Me Singing "Fireflies" by Owl City - Christina Grimmie
I have no words that can express my feelings. Christina Grimmie was a light in this world.
Though her journey ended far too soon, her music will live on. ❤️ -->
I liked a video from Youtuber Christina Grimmie Murdered At Meet and Greet
Rest in peace, Christina Grimmie. An incredible talent and inspiration gone too soon.
Behati and I are absolutely devastated and heartbroken by Christina Grimmie’s death. Our hearts go out to her family https:…
I'm so sad to hear about Christina Grimmie. An amazing talent. While doing what the Lord put her…
Meet Mark! Christina Grimmie's Brother who tackled the shooter and saved many others from dying. 🙌 https:…
Celebrities and YouTube stars pay tribute to Christina Grimmie
To be honest with you, I didn't know who Christina Grimmie was. I really thought the hashtag pertained to Christina Aguilera.
Growing up, Christina Grimmie was an inspiration to me. Her Christina Aguilera covers are what got me singing. I'm absolutely heartbroken.
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Me Singing "Hurt" by Christina Aguilera - Christina Grimmie. First video of hers that I ever saw 😔
And I loved how much Christina Grimmie loved Christina Aguilera too.
Latest on the shooting of Christina Grimmie in Orlando. https…
Don't tell me another Rebecca Schaefer scenario happened to Christina Grimmie. Robert John Bardo would be proud. We're not.
I'm watching this really old video of Christina Grimmie and Sam Tsui singing Just a Dream and I remembered that I had a huge crush oh her 😂😂
This was so fun omg Did some trivia with CHECK IT! ❤️👌🏼
EXCLUSIVE: Why did post her FIRST ever YouTube vid? Its not what u think!.
The Critic of Music has now declared Christina Grimmie as an A-list vocalist!
Check out my interview with Christina Grimmie of The Voice for Rock On Philly! http…
Christina Grimmie, my girly, my love. So talented and SO UNDERRATED.
I watched , i see Christina Grimmie on the show but it just a dream 😞😞😞
Listen to Maxmilli feat. Christina Grimmie- My Anthem(Prod. tunnA Beatz) by MAXMILLI on
Christina Grimmie talks about her idol Christina Aguilera
.talks about her new EP, what she misses about Philly & more. htt…
EXCLUSIVE: "I grew up in a house where I didn't listen to a lot of..." . - .
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Only "celebs" I've ever made contact with are Christina Grimmie & Bangs Garcia
I liked a video from Christina Grimmie - "Feelin' Good"
I liked a video from Ariana Grande - Focus - Christina Grimmie & Mike Tompkins -
I added a video to a playlist What A Girl Is - Dove Cameron, Christina Grimmie, Baby Kaely (from
more than 5 years yet still my favorite cover - "Just A Dream" by Nelly - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie via
Christina Grimmie - Sings The National Anthem at Sun Life Stadium in Miami - Dec. 2015
I liked a video from Me Hosting the American Idol Live Tour 2012 - Christina Grimmie
Christina Grimmie is this year's fashion consultant!
Christina Grimmie's album 'With Love' gives me the feels every time. I love her music SO MUCH.
Christina Grimmie pa more next week!!!
Christina grimmie followed my old account.
I liked a video from Christina Grimmie singing "Demons" by Imagine Dragons
I liked a video from The Hair Tutorial - By: Christina Grimmie
Join our Q&A with season 6 finalist Christina Grimmie (tonight at 8/7c with
.surprised everyone with a performance at RARE Tribute To Champions Of Hope Gala
"Do I Wanna Know" by Arctic Monkeys (piano cover) - Christina Grimmie . I love it so much ❤️ idol 💖
Go follow Christina grimmie get her to 500k 😍😍😍 (Vine by Sully)
Christina grimmie better win a freaking Grammy before she dies.
hold on we're going home - Christina grimmie. thank me later you're welcome
Christina on the CW Network during the iHeart Radio Music Festival (thanks for recording
what? This isn't the real Christina Grimmie account. is
Shot from the Christina Grimmie and Coca Cola music video collaboration for her new single "Shrug" - This group...
voting for Shrug by Christina Grimmie htt…
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