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Christina Aguliera

Christina MarΓ­a Aguilera (born December 18, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter, television personality, and actress.

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my boyfriend probably didn't want to listen to me sing Britney Spears and Christina aguliera for half an hour but he did anyways
Magnets by Lorde (a track remix) if you have it. If not put on that Christina Aguliera vs Exorcist mix on xxx
*** has Christina Aguliera or Lady Gaga done to deserve that award, it should to a ledgend like missy elliot!
Wait, that Mariah Carey-Christina Aguliera hybrid is supposed to be Wax BeyoncΓ©?
If there is a Game 7, can we get a Pittsburgh artist to sing. Maybe Christina Aguliera?
It's been 10+ years but Christina Aguliera and Lil Kim's "Can't Hold Us Down" is still more relevant than ever
Check out Aguliera's fiery red new look
People sleep on Christina Aguliera and how sweet she is
Weirdest? I used to wax the old carrot to Dirrty by Christina Aguliera once in awhile.
Wth did Christina aguliera do to her hair? πŸ‘€
Only concerts I've paid my own money to see were BSB, Christina Aguliera, Tamia and OF COURSE Jay-Z.
I'm not a *** lmaoo but Christina Aguliera's braids r the only ones that look so cute.
Lmao bc I'm listening to Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguliera
I liked a video Gordon Keith's Awkward Interview with Christina Aguliera and Cam Gigandet
"Beautiful" by Christina Aguliera but sung in the style of John Merrick, the Elephant Man.
I can't get over Ariana Grande's imitation of Christina Aguliera singing The Wheels on the Bus.. It was so good.
ariana's impression of christina aguliera is AMAZING
Fighter by Christina Aguliera is such a jam
Anyway, yall heard Ariana Grande impersonation of Christina Aguliera?! Cause honey just know
Why is Gwen Stefani back on the voice please no bring back Shakira or Christina Aguliera
Thank God!! We've had too many Z-Listers."Christina Aguliera no longer coming to SA. 😟"
Whenever I watch Burlesque I like to pretend I'm Christina Aguliera & if anyone saw me imitating her I would have less friends than I do now
thanks a lot ur Christina Aguliera impersonation of the wheels on the bus is stuck in my head πŸ˜’
She did so good but I think Demi is more better at Christina Aguliera songs and Ariana is better at Mariah Carey
Ariana singing as Christina Aguliera blessed my ears that was beautiful I got the cHILLS
I think real talent is recognized. The fact that Christina Aguliera is still around proves that.
When Ariana sang the wheels on the bus as christina aguliera though oh my god my ears were blessed
Forget the Celine, watch this for the Christina Aguliera ... OMG
I jus watched Ariana Grande on doin Christina Aguliera(sp). Girl has talent man. I let y'all handle all the pop star stuff.
wait are we going to ignore the fact that Ariana's impression of Christina Aguliera had me on the floor
U an Christina Aguliera. WE R BEAUTIFUL! That would be epic!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Christina Aguliera has one of the best voices ever Jesus christ
do u just ever wanna be able to sing like Christina aguliera
Christina Aguliera??? She got it from KK`s doctor!! Lol, but for real. Heard it on Wendy Williams, lol but for real!!
Looking forward to our dance costumes for Christina Aguliera
That tune What A Girl Wants by Christina Aguliera... What does she mean when she sings "I'm thanking you for living inside me?". Research.
Christina Aguliera oh yeah sing it girl
β€œ9) Use A Song to describe your personality & why?” Reflection by Christina Aguliera .. I hide a lot of myself
I like the old christina aguliera better to be honest
Literally I can't get sick of listening to Christina aguliera
Vanessa's crying listening to Beautiful by Christina Aguliera
I'm having fun trying to narrow down what song to sing for an audition. Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert, P!nk, Rascal Flatts, Beyonce, Christina Aguliera.oh the choices. any suggestions?
Say something - A great big world ft christina aguliera
Had a sick obsession with Christina Aguliera and Britney Spears you woulda thought something was wrong with me.
Christina Aguliera has the nicest figure
Why do girls still do their in hair black and white dirty little braids...christina Aguliera has been there &back. It's gross and old news
domain names
so did Christina Aguliera and you see her now 🌚
❁ ❁. your acc is perf cutie. Christina Aguliera – Hurt.
Christina Aguliera's voice give me chills yo. Her voice is everything.
Christina Aguliera Stripped album describes exactly how I feel && what I'm going through right now!πŸ’―
Bout to get Christina aguliera up in here
i think the reason christina aguliera was there is because ive seem burlesque about as many times as ive seen tangled. so a LOT
when Christina Aguliera had them back in the day πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
If I'm not quiet, I go all Christina Aguliera on yo *** 😌
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©now you know I sound like Christina aguliera I don't have to be
CHRISTINA AGULIERA - Genie in a bottle. Any music for free. Music Box app in Cydia.
We should sing Candyman by Christina Aguliera for a women's piece at our choir concert lol
Christina Aguliera has always been my singing idol. She's the reason why I love singing so much πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
The Jay Leno show was pretty fun. It will be on tomorrow. Christina Aguliera and Jay Mohr where great. Look for me when Christina walks down the aisle. They also fed us Thanksgiving Dinner. Class act Jay!
Have you ever noticed how a perfume you used to wear years back can bring back so many memories? I can remember scents I used to wear in school that once in a blue moon when I smell it on someone else it brings back memories. One day a few years back a lady was wearing a perfume that my teacher in first or second grade wore and I don't even remember my teachers name. I was surprised when I smelled the scent that I remembered that !! I guess it's the same for songs that I used to love back as far as 13-14 years old that I still hear on the radio or go to you tube to listen to. It brings back memories of friends and the days past. Certain songs that my ex loved to listen to makes me sad when I hear it on the radio. It makes me wanna cry. You know the old school songs we remember.. N sync, backstreet boys, Britney Spears, 98%, Christina Aguliera, Eminem, Hanson, Cher, Celine Dion, Jewel, Shaggy, Destiny's Child, KC & JOJO, Enya, etc..To name a few.. A guy that liked me dedicated the song "All my life" to me ...
Dez Duron, Harry Potter, Maroon 5, Christina Aguliera and Pretty Little Liars are my world!
Dude, this has been the best sick day ever!! Palladia on all day, while getting some great help/advice from friends...Unplugged w/Adele, Florence & The Machine and Sara Bareilles. THEN Storytellers with Christina Aguliera, Alicia Keys and Jason Mraz!!! And now Imagine Dragons: making of Night Visions album!!! Holy crap, WHAT A GREAT FLIPPIN' SICK DAY!!!
Mariah Carey, Keyshia Cole, Christina Aguliera, and Alicia Keys are my inspiration for singing. I dream big.
O.K. I know its early, but I'm feeling that Christmas spirit. I'm sitting here lounging with the family listening to my Christmas Classic C.D's. Andy Williams, Eartha Kitt, Frank Sinatra, Mahailia Jackson, Donny Hathaway. Oh and lets not forget about Boyz To Men, Lord I have all the C.D's lined up...Mariah Carey, Christina Aguliera, The Salsoul Christmas. Its official and its on...
It's official...Olivia Benson has been dumped. My new TV sweet heart is Christina Aguliera. Olivia I'm leaving you for a younger woman, she is also using her real name... just sayin!
Happy T.G.I.F. KIDS.Slow Night for tv kids...ABC has Shark Tank at 8, Last Resort {rerun of pilot}at 9 20/20 at 10 {premire} CBS has CSI:NY at 8 {Season Premire} Made in Jersey at 9 { New show, doesn`t look that good, i`ll give it a watch but critics are slamming this show} Blue Bloods at 10 {season premiere} NBC Grimm at 8 {rerun} Grimm at 9{new show} Dateine NBC at 10 {Premiere} FOX X-Factor {rerun} Fringe at 9 {Final Season Premiere} CW America`s Top Model at 8 {premiere} Friday Night Smackdown on Sci Fi at 8, Letterman REGIS!!, Dwight Yoakam, Craig has Martha Plimpton, Michael C Hall, Kimmel has Julie Bowen, Leno has Christina Aguliera, Fallon has Ice-T and Justin Kirk{Animal Practce}.Sunday tv Highlites.CBS The Amazing Race at 8, {Best Reality Show...WATCH THIS SHOW!!} The Good Wife {Season Premire} at 9 The Mentalist at 10{new night, season premiere} ABC Once Upon a Time at 8{Season Premiere} REVENGE AT 9{ Season Premiere}..WATCH THIS SHOW.. 666 Park Avenue at 10 {new show, season Premiere} FOX T ...
is it me or does Christina Aguliera's new song "My Body" reminds a lot of the Samantha Fox classic "Touch Me (I Want To Feel Your Body)
Some of you are complaining about Queen Latifiah's rendition of Our National Anthem. Let's not forget about the renditions done by Christina Aguliera, Carl Lewis, and Rosanne Barr. Latifiah's wasn't THAT bad.
did you say this when Christina Aguliera forgot the words or Rosanne Barr disgraced it?
"So, where's the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?" - Christina Aguliera
Christina Aguliera has proclaimed that she's back in artist mode, and the singer was shooting the cover for her upcoming album this week and shared a ...
I get off the Can. Wash my hands - Turn on the TV and BOOM all 40inchs of Christina Aguliera's BREASTS in my face. I'm' like What the - When did she get them. Soon as they go I go remote - bang there back in my face. But this time I find the Right channel Fox sports 2 - ah brings back Sanity. So when did she grow them - Did a Gene in a Bottle give them to her
Joss Stone VS Christina Aguliera singing it's a man's world, dear Joss go home Christina got it all
Christina Aguliera better switch me chairs so I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst...
If I could meet elmo/Kevin Clash and Christina Aguliera oh ...just ohh
Its safe to assume that neither Carson Daly or Fred Durst are arguing over who Christina Aguliera gave head to first
Michael Bearden performs with Herbie Hancock and Christina Aguliera at the Grammy's 2006...(Michael co-produced and arranged this Grammy nominated song for H...
Christina Aguliera says Tony Lucca's song was derogatory towards women, yet she sits there showing everything but her nipples.
Christina Aguliera was so rude to Tony Lucca on The Voice. He sounded really good.
feeling like Daniel Agger, Christina Aguliera and Aggro Santos all rolled into one.
The Wonder Woman shorts on Christina Aguliera during did not work for me, sorry.
Being told I look like Christina Aguliera and Anna Kournikova in the same week >>>>
OK, folks.I've been away for a little while, dealing with some personal issues. Trust me when I say I didn't mean to be out of action for a while, but that doesn't mean I didn't keep my eye on what's up with NBC's The Voice. Ready for the short recap of the Sweet 16 Live Shows? Here we go. With regards to Christina Aguliera's squad, her decision to eliminate Jesse Campbell was probably the big shot in the foot she didn't need, squashing her contender (and the seed in the tournament). BUT considering Jesse's performance didn't hit well until midway into the song, I get why the decision. Ashley DeLaRosa also did well, but Lindsey Pavao proved herself to be better. And Chris Mann's decision to do Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" was brilliance, since his opera training made the song tailor made for him. With regards to Blake Shelton's team, Jermaine Paul proved he could go ahead and capture Jesse's audience if something were to happen to him, and his performance of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds" (a bittersw ...
How on earth you would pick Christina Aguliera over my Jennifer Lopez I'll never know
Let's not forget that expert on GZ's use of a gun was Ted Nugent. Next up will be Christina Aguliera for voice analysis
Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguliera and Leona Lewis are my idols idc what anyone says
I would pay $75 on PPV this weekend to watch Christina Aguliera and Brittany Spears in a pie eating contest.
Christina Aguliera has been ARRESTED! Details coming soon...
Also can't wait to hear Christina Aguliera sing the National Anthem and The Black Eyed Peas perform at halftime!
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