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Christiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, OIH, (born 5 February 1985), commonly known as Cristiano Ronaldo, is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a winger or striker for Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid and is the captain of the Portuguese national team.

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Jorge mendes is also christiano ronaldo agent, it is safe to assume ronaldo to China
fine. sign saying that TJs hair is greater then christiano Ronaldo's hair? Not a chant but would be funny. TJ tomahawk chant?
. Christiano Ronaldo Junior, are very lucky to have a father like you
this guy is christiano Ronaldo for christ sake. There are many more waiting to occupy if he refuses
$hlf >70% self manufactures goods - has won awards for that. you think Christiano Ronaldo has an atty or two - who r…
Wrestlemania is in March isn't it? Payet vsTriple H *** in the cell? Maybe Christiano Ronaldo as guest referee?…
Iniesta was once above Christiano remember? But does that mean he's better than Ronaldo? No.
You are not too late Join Christiano Ronaldo and the SANBS to donate blood. We will be open till...
Christiano Ronaldo is the REAL Ronaldo. Argue with your cabinet.
When it comes to abs, I'm no Christiano Ronaldo, but I like to think that I'm able to process nutrients from my food
Alex developed a crush on Christiano Ronaldo. He was thrown our of Bernabeu for sniffing seats in the dug out Voted remain
Christiano ronaldo has done it again, 5 goals in one match.
Can't believe he said that about Christiano Ronaldo.
I love things like this. A lot of people don't realize what Christiano Ronaldo has done. It's amazing.
Seungri owns Christiano Ronaldo's licence in SK. So,if Ronaldo came to SK Ri basically will get paid to manage his sched…
170112 Synnara fansign . A Chinese fan asked who is Winwin's favourite soccer player and he answered Christiano Ronaldo 'cause he likes-
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Who is the best between Usain Bolt and Christiano Ronaldo Listen live...
MR Christiano Ronaldo my best player Eva how i which i can work with you
Christiano Ronaldo won the Ballon,Euro and Champions league at once
christiano ronaldo is the badest player of the world .Messi is the best player of the world
Am sure christiano ronaldo watched the match between barca vs Bilbao. He's still got a lot to learn,. Messi Still the best ⚽⚽⚽…
succes for Christiano Ronaldo. My Dream for to meet You in Madrid
Christiano Ronaldo is really punishing Athletico Madrid for what they said about him.
Trump says his temperament is better than Hillary. Yes, and my body is better than Christiano Ronaldo's.
the ballond 'or award will be given to, The world great player ''CHRISTIANO RONALDO''.
UCL Christiano Ronaldo leads Real Madrid to Dortmund for crunch clash...
Christiano Ronaldo and his nutrition coach, me with his coach and he's told me what he uses, be your best http:/…
If Christiano Ronaldo broke his leg kicking in Jennifer Lopez *** the total insurance would exceed the yearly budget of Lithuania
A rare picture of Christiano Ronaldo with the statue of Lord Khurram Manzoor in London at Madame Tussauds.
the trio of Christiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez and Dimitar Berbatov. . Most dangerous counter attacks in history.
Unsurprisingly Mr. Calderon selects Christiano Ronaldo with the first pick!
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Christiano Ronaldo with a mustache looks like Freddie Mercury. Just sayin
Missed the finish of the match. Just watched the kicking goal from Tatar... CHRISTIANO RONALDO HIMSELF COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT BETTER HIMSELF
Ronaldo has to live with being subbed - Zidane christiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid, Spanish la Liga, Sports, Zinedine Z…
Christiano Ronaldo but I don't like Madrid I liked him since he was at Man U way back
Christiano Ronaldo loves getting covered in beans
what ever you say u cant change that Christiano Ronaldo (is the best football player in the world
"Christiano Ronaldo"... Few things make me feel more queasy
We don't have the best you see Christiano Ronaldo in our line ups?
Christiano Ronaldo has Surah Fatiha memorized. We should all make dua to Allah that he becomes Muslim
I want Christiano Ronaldo. I want to be his MMA FIGHTER.
CR7 has been subbed by Varguez!! I REPEAT CHRISTIANO USELESS RONALDO HAS BEEN SUBBED!!! . He has gone direct to change his Tampon, I guess.
Christiano ronaldo should be rested for next few matches!! Disappointing performance — watching Las Palmas vs Real Madrid
Did you know?. Christiano Ronaldo has no tattoos because he frequently gives blood and getting a tattoo would...
...WAT? Only 2 guys BETTR lookin than ME are The Rock and Rick Fox...and maybe Christiano Ronaldo...MAYBE
can people understand that his name is cristiano ronaldo and not cHristiano ronaldo?
Gray scores & u hear sky pundits already making ridiculous comparisons he is like Christiano Ronaldo, really?
Update: I sat down and told her to "make me look like Christiano Ronaldo" lmfao
The moment when Trump hates losing to Hilary sounds like Christiano Ronaldo losing a ⚽️ match.
Christiano ronaldo vrs ronaldinho who is more influential
Ahhba there is no way Brazil ronaldo can win over christiano jus look at both numbers at Madrid
It's bi visibility day and I just had to watch Christiano ronaldo in that weird advert about that muscle toning thing this is biphobia
Watching Zidane train with Ronaldo and the chemistry between them is like Zizou never quit playing football, Christiano loving it also
Is Cristiano Ronaldo not christiano Ronaldo and for me a Real Madrid fan his footwoek is not that great.
Any truth in rumour that Mourinho's nickname for Christiano Ronaldo is Einstein? 😂😂😂
I don't have to show anything to anyone. There is nothing to prove -CHRISTIANO RONALDO.
Also congratulations to Christiano Ronaldo. I took photo at your locker room 🤗
Floyd Maywether, Connor Mcgregor, Christiano Ronaldo & Lewis Hamilton are the biggest *** in world sport
When somehow, Christiano Ronaldo wins haters like me will come out and say Ballon' Dor this time was not keenly contested.
christiano dos santos avero Ronaldo will lead portugal to glory tomorrow. Mr sport u will celebrate with u tomorrow
Euro 2016 was an absolute gold mine for brands with Ronaldo video being the most shared ad.
Zidane was right when he said "give me ten players and Christiano Ronaldo and I ll win you the champions league"
Christiano Ronaldo will soon be crown the greatest player of all time .
This reddit photoshop battle of Christiano Ronaldo at Euro 2016 will make your life:
Who will be crowned champion tomorrow night ... Griezeman or Christiano Ronaldo
Switch to the football final euro cup.portugal is gonna beat france .my best christiano ronaldo CR7.
Exited for and hoping Portuguese will be won. vs France ronaldo
gustavo reminds me of christiano ronaldo but thank god gustavo is a good person and I love him to the moon and back
Christiano Ronaldo is like the Justin Bieber of the football world.
Christiano is the best football playing human on the planet. Meanwhile, is a god.
Is'kipa ska Jomo should be CR7 new handle.Thats Christiano Ronaldo by the way
Christiano Ronaldo gon' lose these finals and wish he'd also defaulted his taxes.
There is no dought that christiano ronaldo is the best player in this world. Who the *** is messi.
why France would be popular champions: Christiano Ronaldo
ma boy Christiano Ronaldo is gonna run on believe it or not!!!
2003~ Christiano Ronaldo bought for £16 mill . 2016~ Jordan Ibe bought for £16 million pounds. Amazing how money is such a big influence now.
25. Christiano Ronaldo, because he deserves to be in this thread, the most hated footballer but still the best one !
Christiano Ronaldo is an all time best footballer in the world of football.
Christiano Ronaldo the best player in the world go portugal you are win the Euro 2016
the best Christiano Ronaldo ever, only Bale was better.
Christiano Ronaldo has paid his dues and deserve to left the euro2016 trophy am very confident of that. By the Grace of God it will happen.
Look, I hate Christiano Ronaldo. Is that a crime?
who so it coming? France beat Germany 2-0. Not even Christiano Ronaldo can now stop the Pogba and Griezzman led France.
LMAO, when I was a little girl my ideal man was Christiano Ronaldo 😍😍😍😍 Moreover, he still is 😂
France finally beat the Germans to reach the Euro final .. versus Christiano Ronaldo . Can he outgun Griezmann?
Christiano Ronaldo's sangoma is doing the most right now. Portugal reached the finals AND Messi's tax fraud charges stuck. WOW!
Christiano Ronaldo 💪💪 . Iam supporting Portugal . Good luck in the Final ⚽.
Even if Messi had scored that penalty and lifted that Copa America trophy Christiano Ronaldo is home and dry with Ballon 'D Or 🏆
Christiano Ronaldo vs Antoine Griezmann .. Who Will Win the and The Golden boot?
Christiano Ronaldo will win the in Denim.
The Portugal & France final would be a *** Would be interesting to see Christiano Ronaldo win.
Christiano Ronaldo has scored 3 goals at EURO2016 .
Messi fans automatically became Christiano Ronaldo hater. I want to know what are the causes behind it ?
Christiano Ronaldo will now prove why he is a world best footballer vrs
. That's why you are christiano Ronaldo. Legend love u.😚😘❤❤
I'm not a fan of Christiano Ronaldo. But however I have a strong feeling that his team will win this
More Euro 2016 goodness for you all!. Christiano Ronaldo for Portugal! . Christine
Not so fast! They have to beat Christiano Ronaldo and whatever other Portuguese scrubs he's dragging to the final on Sunday.
If Christiano Ronaldo wins it will be a double L for Messi.
Why dont you put Christiano Ronaldo on the cover. He is the best player in the world right now!
.their is batman,superman and then Griezeman.but stil superman..(Christiano Ronaldo CR7) is de best.
2016: Christiano Ronaldo advert with my tune and Beyoncé dancing to Skepta beats. Very Monumental for the mandem.
Is it just me or does Oscar Pistorius look like Christiano Ronaldo?
Say what you want to say. Christiano Ronaldo is the Best player in the World!
Christiano Ronaldo Gets Paid around $14m dollars for wearing a pair of Nike boots. Each time he sees the logo, he...
Christiano Ronaldo is an unlovable soul
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
James Rodriguez, David Beckham, Leo Messi, Neymar Jnr and Christiano Ronaldo the top five Instagram popular footballers.
Christiano Ronaldo set a record of 9 goals at the Euros finals after playing 4 tournaments. Griezmann already has 6 goals at
Ah!!! CHRISTIANO RONALDO is definitely taking this one ✊✊✊
e that officially makes you a fan of the "humble one" Messr Christiano Ronaldo ... bugger your sweepstake, take a stand
Christiano Ronaldo starts to get my respect .love it
Christiano Ronaldo vs Gareth Bale.hehehe what a game to watch.
This game is compelling. Watching the pain Christiano Ronaldo is going through is brilliant. Think BBC should commission a series.
Johny Depp can't be Leonardo de Caprio. . Beckham can't be Christiano Ronaldo. . U can't be mr/mrs perfect. . Just be urself.😌
RONALDO RECOVERS, READY FOR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINALS: The rumors that Christiano Ronaldo will not play in UEFA Ch...
Cr7 you are the leader of the Award, Hala Madrid. Keel making us proud I love u Christiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro...
the pics were out around 11 am? Probably seeing christiano ronaldo's previews
Christiano Ronaldo refuses to get any tattoos on his body just so he can continue donating blood. Your tattoos...
This will give Christiano Ronaldo some sleepless nights... is on hot streak..
the time I met christiano ronaldo was the best
Antony martial is a better player than christiano ronaldo he's got so much more to offer and he's still only in his teens
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Mum watching the fa cup 'bloody *** Christiano Ronaldo has put on abit of timber' 🙈🙈
Take out Christiano ronaldo and watch Gareth Bale take over easily
Yes sure 😄 fact you could say that I am a traitor because I like Christiano Ronaldo also. 😅 but i don't support real🤔
it's so easy to miss a guy like Christiano ronaldo
No Ronaldo. Christiano has missed his first league game of the season and after 20mins its Rayo Vallecano 2 0
I'm just sittin back thinking, *** I'm really the next Christiano Ronaldo
...ALEJANDRA MANRIQUEZ a beautiful Pilot from Mexico is a New Girlfriend of CHRISTIANO RONALDO ???...
Christiano Ronaldo, one of the best footballer, better human being.
Christiano Ronaldo might miss out in the semi final match between City and Maldrid if not managed well... Read:
I'm not gonna stop working out till my legs look like Christiano Ronaldo's. Maybe not as tan though.
Not Christiano but the Brazilian Ronaldo's Barca record, I mean
he is talking abt RONALDO VITER BO FEFFEIRA d Brasilian about Christiano Ronaldo d Portuguese
he is not talking about Christiano Ronaldo but brazilian Ronaldo that played 4 both barca and Madrid
actually we had goals more than Messi and christiano ronaldo
Reporter: ''how does it feel to be the best player in the world?''. Messi: ''I dont know ask Christiano Ronaldo''
My nenek just said that all the girls like christiano ronaldo only because he handsome not because of football 😂😂😂😂
Ronaldo injury, how long will it still
that's very good,I hope that christiano ronaldo will have the passion in Real Madrid
There could end the career of Christiano Ronaldo!
Christiano Ronaldo has his own TV station???!
Cristiano Ronaldo disguised himself and performed in the public#
who looks more alike Chris Coleman & Milan Baros OR Colleen Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo?
"Everyone knows that Christiano Ronaldo is better than Messi not only me, but for some it's hard to recognize that.". -Didier Drogba-
I had an odd dream about christiano ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo has made 8 goals in his last 6 games. that is
I was really impressed by Christiano Ronaldo yesterday, his input was so big even though he held ball too much atimes
Luv u christiano Ronaldo. u Ave done great... made him feel like a hero...I luv u CR7
With his season goal no. 29 Ronaldo secured the 20th away win for
Christiano Ronaldo needed that winner last night
It is said that CHRISTIANO RONALDO DOS SANTOS AVIERO(CR7), never scores against big teams in the world 🌍...
lol. Oh well. *** watch football everyday that doesn't make them Christiano Ronaldo 😏
you are the winger of Indian cricket team like christiano ronaldo in football.
There's this movie talking about Christiano Ronaldo - his life. Would love to watch it, can't recall the name though😏 . The trailer is dope.
Christiano Ronaldo strips to his underwear for group photo
Christiano Ronaldo is the best ever player. Ever. Of all Time. Simple put. Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest of all time so far.
Breaking News: Brazil stripped of all, I'm currently breathing the same air as Christiano Ronaldo how does that make you feel
Is there a bigger flog in the world then Christiano Ronaldo..
Christiano Ronaldo you filled my dream really. Keep it up.
Never write anyhing good abt ronaldo is an understatememt,,,it was even said dat doesnt score in big matches
Christiano Ronaldo is a a fa. Forget it
I really need a poet right now to use the right words for christiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid..
I thought Barcelona was invisible until Christiano ronaldo (ororo) make me realise they are visible
Ronaldo Christiano does not disappoint in Classic vs Lionel Messi!
Christiano Ronaldo can't score against big clubs they said...
I missed out on a Christiano Ronaldo game winning goal 😭😭😭
This mans Christiano Ronaldo whole time an action figure
Real Madrid won... Christiano Ronaldo is going straight home to finger himself
When you own ur story you have to write the ending Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo: Maybe now they'll stop booing me
So Zidane and Christiano Ronaldo pulled a '98 on Barcelona you say??.
Real Madrid defeats Barcelona 2-1 after a late goal from Christiano Ronaldo!
Christiano is way better than Ronaldo lmao I don't care what anybody says
Lmao Christiano Ronaldo is built like either (a) Zeus (b) Spanish GI Joe
I wonder if christiano ronaldo and Messi are friends..bcoz their fans are enemies.
Oh god. I did not need to see a picture of Christiano Ronaldo in his underwear.
Today is once again proof why Christiano Ronaldo is the best Real Madrid defeats Barcelona 2-1 on Ronaldo's 85' game winner
Lionel Messi has never score against Christiano Ronaldo since 2014.
The most perfect human being existing on this earth rn is Christiano Ronaldo
The audacity to control that ball in his chest. Christiano Ronaldo🤘🏽
I don't support a particular team I only support Christiano Ronaldo..✌.
Christiano Ronaldo with the clutch shot on goal through the goalies legs. ***
Christiano Ronaldo shares photo of him and his son. | APO UPDATE
Like on many occasions Christiano Ronaldo made the difference.
Congratulation christiano ronaldo u score a good goal in el classico . This is what we call derby game . U are always be a winner in la liga
we lost and it was CHRISTIANO FREAKING RONALDO who broke our winning streak 😏
The God I serve will keep blessing Christiano Ronaldo for me!!
Christiano Ronaldo thank you never disappointed me .. Won 50 dirhams from Liva Rudzite — eating hot wings at Lock...
Christiano Ronaldo scored a touchdown to beat Barcelona?
NMS was caged tonight. Christiano Ronaldo shined today.
Jose Antonio Reyes formally of Arsenal and Christiano Ronaldo skies the penalty! Yikes!!
Christiano Ronaldo cannot have a casual cup of tea
Kun Aguero has 21 goals this season and Christiano Ronaldo has 39 goals this season
I have u in the christiano ronaldo looks! Enough to give many "likes" to kylie ahjajajajja Lol
Christiano Ronaldo is the most Hard working Footballer in the World..
has been sayin how he look like Christiano Ronaldo
Messi can pass his penalty kicks to Suarez but one thing that's ill be reality is Christiano Ronaldo will le pechichi for da 4th time.
Tell ye something, Christiano Ronaldo is some football player. Bloody amazing.
Easy Goldberg Christiano Ronaldo says he is a far bigger star the Conor.
Christiano Ronaldo is proof that "Hardwork beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard". Messi is a good player,...
Christiano Ronaldo becomes La Liga's second all-time leading scorer
Dear Messi why is Christiano Ronaldo 10x better than you?
Christiano Ronaldo looks like a person who hasn't bathed in 5 months.
Dunno how Christiano Ronaldo can even exist. Or is that other players don't know that they're allowed to score more than 1 goal? 🤔
Christiano Ronaldo is honestly a magician
Christiano Ronaldo has surpassed the 350 goal mark for
I think I've just watched the vocalist equivalent of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo at
Christiano Ronaldo is ,was & will b always my favourite Footballer love u
Good day in the fantasy league if Christiano Ronaldo is your captain.
Christiano Ronaldo has now scored 250 La Liga goals in 228 LA Liga games for Real Madrid...
Once in quite a couple of times Christiano Ronaldo shows who's boss Grrreat game WHAT A BEAST !!
Christiano Ronaldo moves up to 2nd higher goal scorer ever in la Liga with 252 goals and counting
Christiano Ronaldo is the best I've seen, man. He is a machine
Christiano Ronaldo got pregnant after he completed his hattrick LMAO!
Wow, Christiano Ronaldo is having a great game rn😅
Christiano Ronaldo can play and score goals in the top flight even if he reach 40 years, this guy is crazy, scoring addicts
FOUND: Christiano Ronaldo who has been missing has been found at, you guessed it, a small team.
Christiano Ronaldo dng what he knows how to do best
Christiano Ronaldo is in the zone against Celta Vigo I just love it# HallaMadrid
Christiano Ronaldo, is a selfish pretty ***
That makes me the Christiano Ronaldo then 😂
Christiano Ronaldo is 869 days older than Messi and Ronaldos Son(Ronaldo Jr) is 869 older than Messi's son(Thiago
Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo seen outside Evelyn Clarkes house in Hull
Christiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, u are always de best... Am always ur best Fan ever... Keep making me Proud.
Guys this is fake.. Eminem never mention Christiano Ronaldo for real
16 year Christiano Rinaldo on the score sheet along with hat-trick hero Hector Sam
Breast Cancer Awareness
Murray is the Christiano Ronaldo of Tennis...One of best players ever but behind legends as Federer and Djokovic.
Christiano Ronaldo said you learn more from losing than winning. It's safe to say we learned a lot tonight
Christiano Ronaldo hit somebody by a car.
wasn't dubbed the next Christiano Ronaldo, how the media hype things out of proportion.
This female just said I look like Christiano ronaldo😂 *** !😂
Crazy about CHRISTIANO RONALDO? You can't miss this awesome hoodie/t-shirt.
Don't kill me but Christiano Ronaldo 😂🙈. He is a good player but hot for me😛. *runs away*
I we surely be like christiano ronaldo
Alessandra Ambrosio has shared a video in which she is seen playing football with Ronaldo Christiano
I thought it was Ronaldo, Ronaldino, and Christiano, but none of them are Pele. He was immortal among mortals.
When an Herbalife sponsored pro athlete (Christiano Ronaldo) is on GQ you know its real!!!…
Christiano Ronaldo to soccer is what Hulk Hogan is TO wrestling,What 2pac is to rap,What Michael Jakson is to pop and what God is to people
Christiano Ronaldo and his Moroccan kick-boxer friend, Badr Hari
LVG openly saying he wants Christiano Ronaldo back at ManU is that not tampering thru the media which against FA rules=a real no no?
This guy at my school looks EXACTLY like Christiano Ronaldo but with really light blue eyes
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guys... Christiano Ronaldo is just a few meters aeays from,me. Omfg. Om
Succesfully today's generation of - communicating with tomorrow's Christiano Ronaldo
Don't mean to be controversial but I don't think Christiano Ronaldo is attractive
can i make it pass morning breakfast without any Christiano Ronaldo to Manchester Utd rumors. thnx
Christiano Ronaldo is on his way to believe it or yes!
Yo I just received a text from 777 saying that I have a chance of meeting Christiano Ronaldo. Y am I receiving this?
Real Madrid and Christiano Ronaldo are being disrespectful to Benitez.Where on earth can a manager be sacked cos one player doesnt want him
Christiano Ronaldo paid tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks with 90 minutes of silence this past Saturday
Christiano Ronaldo focuses on his celebrity status rather than football and this is good for us ~ Dani Alves
Everytime Barca scored the camera man took focus to Christiano Ronaldo.
has become the Christiano Ronaldo of American Football. Whispering to the ref and complaining about fair plays.
Spoilt for choice: Christiano Ronaldo admits he has afew women in ...
Christiano Ronaldo can even score on
Lil homie got us watchin' football & I must admit it's a *** of an art. Christiano Ronaldo's footwork is crazy
Christiano Ronaldo is a great character fp⚽️
Why do people still believe that Christiano Ronaldo is coming back to He's not coming back folks!
Christiano Ronaldo on Rafa Benitez: "Either Benitez goes or I go."
Getting told i look like Christiano Ronaldo😌
Check out Nike's CR7 collection inspired by Christiano Ronaldo. Browse the full range here >
Anyone who claims they don't want to see Christiano Ronaldo back in the Premier League next season is a liar.
This kid said he rather get hit by ray lewis then get kicked by Christiano ronaldo...
I drew Christiano Ronaldo because...He is my
He's like tooching the other guy's *** (christiano ronaldo)
Kyle:"christiano ronaldo can suck my left nut". Me: "he can suck mine too"
Im better than christiano ronaldo already, come to OCALA FIND OUT WJY WE MOVING IN THE SOUTH
What the Pope has in common with Christiano Ronaldo
makes $4,375,152 a year, plays for Real Madrid, and plays with Christiano Ronaldo at 16. Im 15, barley making the soccer team.😑😔
Christiano Ronaldo played a good/bad game against Barça yesterday. *** was missing shots he'd normally make against anyone else.
Messi and christiano Ronaldo can never do a Zinadine Zidane.
Missing footballers ,Raheem Sterling ,last seen in Manchester around 5.30 and Christiano Ronaldo last seen in Madrid around …
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What us this Christiano Ronaldo Legacy Aftershave... Who on earth would want to smell like Ronaldo
have sealed the deal for Christiano Ronaldo's long lost 6-fingered cousin.
I sincerely hope anyone who buys that Christiano Ronaldo aftershave gets put on some kinda watchlist
What the Pope has in common with footballer Christiano Ronaldo
I would agree Roger Federer and probably Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez, Luka Modric, and Sergio Ramos top 5 players for Real Madrid.
Christiano Ronaldo predicts that Messi will win the Balon D'Or this year. 😊.
Shout out Michael Jordan, John Cena, Christiano Ronaldo, Oscar De La Hoya, Micheal Phelps and my dad for making me the man I am today
Also thank the Lord for David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo and Jordan Henderson. Also Shawn Mendes and Oli Sykes. I forgot Keegan Allen
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