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Christiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, OIH, (born 5 February 1985), commonly known as Cristiano Ronaldo, is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a winger or striker for Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid and is the captain of the Portuguese national team.

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Murray is the Christiano Ronaldo of Tennis...One of best players ever but behind legends as Federer and Djokovic.
Christiano Ronaldo said you learn more from losing than winning. It's safe to say we learned a lot tonight
Christiano Ronaldo hit somebody by a car.
wasn't dubbed the next Christiano Ronaldo, how the media hype things out of proportion.
This female just said I look like Christiano ronaldo😂 *** !😂
Crazy about CHRISTIANO RONALDO? You can't miss this awesome hoodie/t-shirt.
Don't kill me but Christiano Ronaldo 😂🙈. He is a good player but hot for me😛. *runs away*
I we surely be like christiano ronaldo
Alessandra Ambrosio has shared a video in which she is seen playing football with Ronaldo Christiano
Soccer star Christiano Ronaldo refuses to get any tattoos on his body just so he can continue on donating blood.
I thought it was Ronaldo, Ronaldino, and Christiano, but none of them are Pele. He was immortal among mortals.
When an Herbalife sponsored pro athlete (Christiano Ronaldo) is on GQ you know its real!!!…
Christiano Ronaldo to soccer is what Hulk Hogan is TO wrestling,What 2pac is to rap,What Michael Jakson is to pop and what God is to people
Christiano Ronaldo and his Moroccan kick-boxer friend, Badr Hari
LVG openly saying he wants Christiano Ronaldo back at ManU is that not tampering thru the media which against FA rules=a real no no?
This guy at my school looks EXACTLY like Christiano Ronaldo but with really light blue eyes
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guys... Christiano Ronaldo is just a few meters aeays from,me. Omfg. Om
Succesfully today's generation of - communicating with tomorrow's Christiano Ronaldo
Don't mean to be controversial but I don't think Christiano Ronaldo is attractive
can i make it pass morning breakfast without any Christiano Ronaldo to Manchester Utd rumors. thnx
Christiano Ronaldo is on his way to believe it or yes!
Yo I just received a text from 777 saying that I have a chance of meeting Christiano Ronaldo. Y am I receiving this?
Real Madrid and Christiano Ronaldo are being disrespectful to Benitez.Where on earth can a manager be sacked cos one player doesnt want him
Christiano Ronaldo paid tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks with 90 minutes of silence this past Saturday
Christiano Ronaldo focuses on his celebrity status rather than football and this is good for us ~ Dani Alves
Everytime Barca scored the camera man took focus to Christiano Ronaldo.
has become the Christiano Ronaldo of American Football. Whispering to the ref and complaining about fair plays.
Spoilt for choice: Christiano Ronaldo admits he has afew women in ...
Christiano Ronaldo can even score on
Lil homie got us watchin' football & I must admit it's a *** of an art. Christiano Ronaldo's footwork is crazy
Christiano Ronaldo is a great character fp⚽️
Why do people still believe that Christiano Ronaldo is coming back to He's not coming back folks!
Christiano Ronaldo on Rafa Benitez: "Either Benitez goes or I go."
Getting told i look like Christiano Ronaldo😌
Check out Nike's CR7 collection inspired by Christiano Ronaldo. Browse the full range here >
Anyone who claims they don't want to see Christiano Ronaldo back in the Premier League next season is a liar.
This kid said he rather get hit by ray lewis then get kicked by Christiano ronaldo...
I drew Christiano Ronaldo because...He is my
He's like tooching the other guy's *** (christiano ronaldo)
Kyle:"christiano ronaldo can suck my left nut". Me: "he can suck mine too"
Im better than christiano ronaldo already, come to OCALA FIND OUT WJY WE MOVING IN THE SOUTH
What the Pope has in common with Christiano Ronaldo
makes $4,375,152 a year, plays for Real Madrid, and plays with Christiano Ronaldo at 16. Im 15, barley making the soccer team.😑😔
Christiano Ronaldo played a good/bad game against Barça yesterday. *** was missing shots he'd normally make against anyone else.
Messi and christiano Ronaldo can never do a Zinadine Zidane.
Missing footballers ,Raheem Sterling ,last seen in Manchester around 5.30 and Christiano Ronaldo last seen in Madrid around …
What us this Christiano Ronaldo Legacy Aftershave... Who on earth would want to smell like Ronaldo
have sealed the deal for Christiano Ronaldo's long lost 6-fingered cousin.
I sincerely hope anyone who buys that Christiano Ronaldo aftershave gets put on some kinda watchlist
Guys I'm currently breathing the same air as Christiano Ronaldo how does that make you feel
What the Pope has in common with footballer Christiano Ronaldo
I would agree Roger Federer and probably Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez, Luka Modric, and Sergio Ramos top 5 players for Real Madrid.
Christiano Ronaldo predicts that Messi will win the Balon D'Or this year. 😊.
Shout out Michael Jordan, John Cena, Christiano Ronaldo, Oscar De La Hoya, Micheal Phelps and my dad for making me the man I am today
Also thank the Lord for David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo and Jordan Henderson. Also Shawn Mendes and Oli Sykes. I forgot Keegan Allen
The only thing about Christiano Ronaldo is that he's not Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
OBJ just did a Christiano Ronaldo celebration..
Can't stop thanking God dat I liv in d tym of this two Legends.Christiano Ronaldo and Messi,I hail o
So my workout partner kinda looks like christiano Ronaldo
"Christiano Ronaldo haircut" okay then come to Eindhoven too Austin bc he played soccer there 😜
you trying out the Christiano Ronaldo hair cut? Cuz papito, it ain't working
I just preformed like Christiano Ronaldo at bunker against this 11 year old. I think I might have actually become his new role model.
This is giving me a tea from when Ri did an interview and said she loves Christiano Ronaldo because she loves ha *** N
How unreal would it be to play poker with Christiano Ronaldo like in the pokerstars commercial
I feel like Christiano Ronaldo kicked me in the ribs
Taste or Tragedy? What do you think of Christiano Ronaldo's soon to be luxury NYC penthouse:
imposible but happen:. Christiano Ronaldo’s Flirt with Madrid’s Fan Girlfriend and was Turned Down. click here...
See, in *my* head the camera’s P.O.V. is Christiano Ronaldo watching Rafael and they’re two dirty boys who… but I’ll stop there.
Christiano Ronaldo not happy at Real Madrid!. Read more --->
Take a peek inside Christiano Ronaldo's soon to be luxury NYC penthouse:
Ever want proof that oodles of cash can't buy taste? Have a look round christiano's absolutely hideous new pad
One of Christiano Ronaldo's new bedrooms. Trump Tower, NY. [750x420]
prevet Christiano Ronaldo to become the player I hachu help pazhaluysta me who Nevers
Until Christiano Ronaldo *** up a tattoo, I won't shout 'gooaaal!' when he scores.
Irina doesn't miss Christiano Ronaldo one bit...
bro Hazard gonna be the next Christiano Ronaldo watch. Remember that *** is just 24
Roro alias CR7, popularly known to many as Christiano Ronaldo is with no doubt the best footballer as we speak.
if I could be any human I'd be Christiano Ronaldo
'Christiano Ronaldo of the dating world' 😂😂😂😂
For me I think Luis Suarez is a better player than Christiano Ronaldo... and has been for a while. There, I said it.
Christiano Ronaldo deserves props for this one
meh I don't believe you. She wouldn't be linked with Christiano Ronaldo if she's a she-male.
Christiano Ronaldo's a savage for this one |
Christiano Ronaldo is the player like no other. No referee favours him like messi,the Suarez Second. Suarez can wait till next season
18.5 Million for an apartment, Christiano Ronaldo's career must be doing him justice.
Christiano Ronaldo recently bought a Greek Island for his agent as a wedding gift! Wow. That's some wedding present!
Christiano Ronaldo,Lionel Messi and Louis Suarez up for European best prize.
If you were going to be stuck on an island with ... - Vin Diesel, Cam Gigandet å Christiano Ronaldo
Leonel messi and Christiano Ronaldo are still the top athletes in all sports and the most praised
Comparism? That Ronaldo had better not be De Lima or Christiano...perhaps anoda one! Depay vs Ronaldo.
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Even Christiano Ronaldo posts more photos than you 💔
Ronaldo is personage in nieuwe mobiele game 'Ronaldo & Hugo: Superstar Skaters' (video): . Christiano Ronaldo i...
Cristiano Ronaldo's new girlfriend is an Italian stunner:
I had a dream I was engaged to Christiano Ronaldo.. Why did I have to wake up?? 😔
it was just a video of Christiano Ronaldo
Remember Hugo the troll? A game with him & Christiano Ronaldo on skateboards fleeing paparazzis, is coming. So weird:
Christiano Ronaldo has his own game (about time, am I right?) and it's so weird that I'm almost lost…
If David Beckham is the reason girls started watching football, Christiano Ronaldo is the reason they still watching it!
Check out Christiano Ronaldo's new hot. model girlfriend
I know Hugo from danish television in the 90's... Who is Christiano Ronaldo and where is Afskylia?
Trouble in the house for Christiano Ronaldo, seen urinating on street
Cristiano Ronaldo caught urinating on street. . -via Newsinshorts
Who says only have such habits, even christiano ronaldo was caught urinating on street.😜
I want to be Christiano Ronaldo's son.
Christiano Ronaldo is staying in a hotel 2 minutes from me. I REPEAT. CHRISTIANO RONALDO IS 2 MIN AWAY FROM ME RN!!
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Wondering whether or not to go on holiday looking like a gorilla or Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo has a new girlfriend and she's a drop dead gorgeous Italian model:
: When in Portugal, count the Christiano Ronaldo endorsed products - starting now:
James Harden's favorite soccer player is Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo No matter what he's wearing he's always ready for some football... Christiano Ronaldo
he is so humble...always down to earth, very different with Christiano Ronaldo
i was to see Christiano Ronaldo signing for chelsea this summer transfer
Christiano Ronaldo has won one (1) league title and one (1) champions league title since he left United six years ago.
So Christiano Ronaldo also urinates in streets.. The Ghetto in him too over.
Cristiano Ronaldo caught urinating on street.
Real Madrid star Christiano Ronaldo caught urinating on the street (see photos) -
Forgot to mention it was illustrated with a Christiano Ronaldo picture. I mean the guy is advocating for his SQL migration tool...
Remember when they asked Rih if she's dating Christiano Ronaldo and she randomly answered 'I have lots of *** friends'…
Check out Christiano Ronaldo's hot new model girlfriend
I am looking for footballl team try 3 day trials nutrition ! More energy fitness results like Christiano Ronaldo uses
Check out Christiano Ronaldo's hot new model girlfriend: Since the break up between Cristiano Ronaldo and Irin...
What is the price of being one of the best footballers in the world? You are always under a careful watch. And...
Ryan Babel destroys Rafa Benitez with this 13 word Christiano Ronaldo prediction
your name is still Christiano Ronaldo 🔊LOL
bra u are in need of Christiano Ronaldo to kick his balls for u heh geddit geddit HAHHA
Nah, he's mere mortal. Christiano Ronaldo is GOD.
Christiano Ronaldo scored more hat tricks this season than the total number of hat tricks recorded in the English premier league.
Christiano Ronaldo followed me. Sure he did. Or is that Herbert from Longeaton?
This youth's obsession with Christiano Ronaldo is really disturbing 😕.
Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo have been dominating the football world all year.
Christiano Ronaldo Hairless Moves in St. Tropez: After a trophyless season for the present world best. Cristia...
"If it wasn’t for futsal, I would definitely not be the player I am today." Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo there, with a bevy of scantily-clad beauties on his boat
Idc what anybody says, Messi is better than Christiano Ronaldo.
Therefore christiano Ronaldo will always be better than Messi cause for me e has proven his skills in diff timezones and levels
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Christiano Ronaldo Shows Off Physique as he enjoys his holiday with Tycoon and Family (PHOTOS)
After Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Mesut Özil has sold the most jerseys in the whole world
Real Madrid jersey white sleeve, LINK:.
ATRL - Celeb Photos: Christiano Ronaldo serving Body in just shorts! - Page 2
I have always personally felt Christiano Ronaldo was the best player of this generation. Until today.
Is that Semedo with them ?? Cristiano Ronaldo joins Chloe Green in Saint Tropez. via
Christiano is pretty unfortunate to be in the same era as Messi. Ronaldo fan but does it every time
I remember once my cousin goes "I wonder what religion CHRISTIANo ronaldo is .."
Cristiano Ronaldo is making the most of his time off the pitch
lmao. How do you not know christiano Ronaldo?
BLATTER refuses to resign but wary of MCNEE. Christiano RONALDO rumoured to be looking forward to working with HARD MAN!
Messi,Neymar, Harzard, Isco, Pogba and Christiano Ronaldo kings of dribbling 2015
yes its so cute when luhan said Christiano Ronaldo
PSG want to Buy Christiano Ronaldo for €125 Million (R1.6 Billion) *** Will he leave Madrid?
Thats good.but christiano ronaldo will have to learn how to play poker now lmfao
and Christiano Ronaldo do look alike. Good looking :)
Daniel just compared Christiano Ronaldo to Adam Levine. NO. Adam's a god.
Why did I dream that Christiano Ronaldo just finished a music video and spent an hour high fiving everyone including people in pictures wtaf
I see Christiano Ronaldo can pull more rank than any athlete in the world lol.. Thats crazy!
I was in the car with my whole family and I opened my phone and the vine of luhan saying christiano Ronaldo started playing
Hi Christiano Ronaldo is a talented player and a great person to enjoy his football someday I want to be like you.
Some of his plans for Realmadrid are scary o.Lol! Can he really get rid of Christiano Ronaldo suppose he doesn't fit his game plan? Big talk
real jersey new with tags large LINK:.
I wouldn't have chosen Christiano Ronaldo either.
sundowns can even look for Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo would be a great name for a slip and fall attorney
I watched all that soccer last year, I otherwise wouldn't know what is...or more importantly, what Christiano Ronaldo looks like.
Christiano Ronaldo is always mad when hit teammates scores
The whole Christiano Ronaldo soccer player haircut theme has to stop it is just so brutal
Christiano Ronaldo couldn't make it then
ShowCaseIt: Christiano Ronaldo's new hot model girlfriend, che...
Check out Christiano Ronaldo's new hot model girlfriend. >>
Check out Christiano Ronaldo's new hot, banging Sexy model girlfriend:
Welcome to MyEdammie Blog: SEE! Christiano Ronaldo's new hot model girlfriend...
Pictures of Christiano Ronaldo's new model girlfriend -
Since the break up between Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk, Irina has moved on and is now dating Bradley...
Photos: Check out Christiano Ronaldo’s new hot Girlfriend
AW! Check out Christiano Ronaldo's new hot model girlfriend
I thought Angel Di Maria would be like Christiano Ronaldo...
Check out Christiano Ronaldo's new hot model girlfriend (Add BB Pin: 274B33B1) -
Check out Christiano Ronaldo's new hot model girlfriend
Check out Christiano Ronaldo's new hot model girlfriend (See Photos) -
and Christiano Ronaldo. Thompson went to do a last scout, and said he was crap
christiano Ronaldo capitalises on his team mates ability to create scoring chances 4 him, Messi is the powerhouse 4 his team
Ramsey to Barcelona? Christiano Ronaldo to PSG? Benteke to Man United? Sky sports must be having a field day with these rumours!
didnt know that there is a movie called: Christiano Ronaldo; the world at his feet. i think i'll pass(pun not intended)
Dreamt that I met Christiano Ronaldo. I'm not even a fan. 😐😏
Reasons why people hate Christiano Ronaldo today at 21:00 on TRACE Sport Stars
Im wearing a Christiano Ronaldo jersey lol
Christiano Ronaldo on Gerrard.."It was a preasure playing with you." A whole Ronaldo talk "Preasure"
I love the athletes people hate:. Christian Laietner. Johnny Manziel. Brian Bosworth. Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo and Mark Wahlberg is the reason why Im 2% *** lmao
I got it! James Harden is the NBA version of Christiano Ronaldo! Drive. Flop. Look at the ref. Complain.
I mean Christiano Ronaldo the best footballer in the world
A manbag. Christiano Ronaldo wouldn't be seen out without one.
Christiano Ronaldo tho man he'd get it
christiano Ronaldo is better than both of them.
Mum on San Marino entry: "He's like Bieber crossed with Christiano Ronaldo."
World hunger? Islamic State? The fact that no one as yet has punched Christiano Ronaldo in the face?
Fun fact: before I started following soccer I thought Ronaldo and Christiano Ronaldo were the same person
Little Giant Ladders
Christiano Ronaldo rakes in 50 + goals every season and yet Madrid doesn't take advantage of this such that this...
It's unfortunate that Christiano Ronaldo has such tiny, narrow shoulders..
Christiano Ronaldo has a face sculpted by the gods for the specific purpose of banging hotties
Respect to would not expect Christiano Ronaldo to say something as humble as this
If Christiano Ronaldo started his own soccer boots brand he could actually be the Jordan of soccer footwear
He thinks Sterling is Christiano Ronaldo. I'm waiting on Carra's response.
Christiano Ronaldo has not beaten a defender 1 on 1 in over 3 months? Am i reading this right?
Have RM got the quality of players we need? Would Christiano Ronaldo be good enough for us?
How much to date has Australian govt donated to Nepal? Have we exceeded what Christiano Ronaldo gave yet?
About De Degea swap we should not get involved in any swape move if it does not involve Bale or Christiano Ronaldo
o ryte .lol Teko Modise re khopela Smile please le christiano Ronaldo have one.
I'll never forget that I convinced my nephew that I was dating Christiano Ronaldo. He was 4 though so its acceptable
until the nba gets a christiano ronaldo and the top scorer is a greater actor than athlete. Play acting ruins sports
Lucy, Colin Farrel and Christiano Ronaldo wear a Kuffiya and I will be too, supporting Palestine
I didn't know David Luis was a virgin. I might can hook him up with Christiano Ronaldo's ex.
If it's an out and put forward then I'd be keeping Brazilian Ronaldo. And Christiano is my favourite player 2!
Alec: "Do you know who Christiano Ronaldo is?". Jenna: "You're making that name up"
Christiano Ronaldo askd social media what kind of underwear he should wear today cc
Have you heard that Christiano Ronaldo is *** 👍
This issue is too clear to be an argument. That boy; Christiano Ronaldo, is to be blame.
Photos: Christiano Ronaldo exercise with his son: Cristiano Ronaldo share video of him and son Cristiano Jr. d...
BUSINESS SOCIAL: Christiano Ronaldo Ex, Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper's new girlfirned stuns in...
christiano Ronaldo should win the best player of the year for Real Madrid.netting most goals LaLiga
Christiano Ronaldo on how to deal with haters.
When your too cheap to but christiano Ronaldo real shoes.
Andrew Shaw does his best Christiano Ronaldo impression with the header
Christiano Ronaldo would be jealous of that header
I couldnt tell if that was Andrew Shaw or Christiano Ronaldo😂😂
when bro and I were talking about christiano ronaldo then dad suddenly buts in asking who he is and we said he's the new neighbor
Christiano Ronaldo's pursuit and obsession for individual titles came at the expense of Real Madrid and now they have a trophyless season
Christiano Ronaldo seems like a saint
I think should put that Christiano Ronaldo is the greatest of all time.
Am I the only one that finds christiano Ronaldo so like ugh 😖😖😖
Christiano Ronaldo ain't even that hot anymore
Real Madrid number one club in the world , so say Real Madrid re Christiano Ronaldo ??
Today's is Christiano Ronaldo. Motivation to get in shape right here. Leg goals seeing as how…
Luhan's Christiano Ronaldo will be forever fresh in my mind.
Ronaldo passes Di Stefano with hat trick Sunday at Espanyol. Christiano Ronaldo was at it again Sunday at...
hey boo boo my MCM is christiano ronaldo, his cute, lovly hair cut.. and breaking records...
Christiano Ronaldo be on another level.FIFA 16 is going to be epic.
Did you know: Steve McManaman has more Championship medals than Christiano ?
So what's the use of this CHRISTIANO RONALDO if he can't win La Liga for Real Madrid in 3 yrs?
Christiano Ronaldo your hat tricks won't win you any titles this season
Thought they said they've signed the newest "Christiano Ronaldo" in town.
Christiano Ronaldo NEVER skips leg day. Check it out!.
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oh boys, boys, boys. Poor Irina. But i wonder how much Christiano Ronaldo has thrown up in his mouth since she up graded??
Atleast Christiano will not win Ballon d or next coz messi will win it.Ronaldo and Ancellotti will be trophyless.woww.
the next Christiano Ronaldo right here!
Logging off to avoid Mad Men spoilers but before I do, I want to congratulate Christiano Ronaldo on his hat trick today.
Christiano Ronaldo scores a hat tric but Leonel Messi wins the La-liga.
Memphis Depay is possibly going to be the next Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo is still the best player ever to walk the face of the earth.
As in christiano ronaldo just got hotter
One thing I hate about Houston is Harden looking like Christiano Ronaldo in the penalty area on every shot.
Christiano Ronaldo is like heaven sent.. How can one be so beautiful
When the guy who works at the store says I look like Christiano Ronaldo 😄👌🏽
Christiano Ronaldo was seriously celebrating his trophy-less season with each goal he scored today.
Got to see a Christiano Ronaldo hat-trick in person today. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday
They already got a manager Christiano ronaldo
One day, Christiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi will retire and normalcy will come back to football.…
Seven hat-tricks so far for Christiano Ronaldo! Not bad.
"Her nose is like Christiano Ronaldo's nose. Perfect." I die lmao
I don't even like football but... Christiano Ronaldo 😍😍😍 👌
2014 Real Madrid jersey with coa, LINK:.
Christiano Ronaldo often forgotten from the all time list Gerrard was loyal but not of CR quality
Is it just me or does Christiano Ronaldo look like a Barbie doll. Those guy dolls like Ken. HAHHA
Christiano Ronaldo's 5 year old son can do 10 sit ups non stop while most of us can't even do one...
In other news, it has been reported that Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are supporting Orlando Pirates in...
Goal scorin at its best. Big fan of Christiano Ronaldo but hav 2 admire Messi. Skilfully gifted 🙏
Who is the best footballer of our generation? RT= Messi / Fav=Christiano Ronaldo
Just remember, when Christiano Ronaldo thought he was bigger than United, HE WAS SHOWN THE DOOR.
I hear Christiano Ronaldo is still crying
No silver ware this season for christiano Ronaldo en Real Madrid shame
Ya but maybe ul meet Cristiano* nature a lion will never come across a shark. So yep I guess I'll never meet Christiano Ronaldo
I was beyond happy; Watching Christiano Ronaldo cry was a victory in itself.
How about you make rap battle about Lionel Messi vs Christiano ronaldo
I like you my idol Christiano ronaldo 7
crying over how much I love Christiano Ronaldo rn
"Christiano Ronaldo hasn't sent a single penny "~ Save the children" ...but appealed ppl to help ..Media sud now stop giving fake news ..
I respect Christiano Ronaldo for his humility, which many people who become wealthy tend to lack in this world.
CHRISTIANO RONALDO $8 MILLION DONATION FOR NEPAL IS A HOAX . Folks we know this news will break some hearts, but...
Soccer great pledges $8 mil for aid in More than UK, China, almost all nations
Reports that Christiano Ronaldo donated €7 million to Save the Children's Nepal effort are wrong
"New Man Utd winger Memphis Depay wants to emulate Christiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford". By one day signing for Real Madrid
Christiano Ronaldo donating £5,000,000 to Nepal after horrendous earthquake
Christiano Ronaldo without no humanity donated nothing for nepal Earthquake .. says God is there to save Nepalesee. — feeling disgusted
I am the Christiano Ronaldo of remaining ingredients.
Christiano Ronaldo possibly the least likeable athlete in the entire world
Very sweet gesture of Christiano Ronaldo to donate 7,000,000 euros to the people of Nepal. Sure he has lots of money but n…
Christiano Ronaldo need not feel pressurized by all this publicity to actually donate to
Comparing christiano ronaldo and lionel mess is like comparing an alien with human being, that means CR7 is an alien
ronaldo donate $8M for Nepal earthquake disaster relief to the 'Save the Children' Charity. 1/1
Christiano Ronaldo is an awesome person man. Donated 8 million to Nepal after the earthquake.
boy that Christiano is a real bum. Super worthless and self centered...
God bless Christiano Ronaldo's heart for donating nearly 8 million dollars to Nepal's Earthquake Relief.
RTmadrid because they have christiano ronaldo
Lol. And also you know better than to invite me to play FIFA because you know I'll be whoopin that *** with Christiano Ronaldo
you're forgetting Christiano Ronaldo, the young prospect
Christiano Ronaldo gave $5 million to Nepal.I hate that I can't hate him
Christiano Ronaldo may be an *** but you gotta give it up to him since he donated $8 million dollars to the relief fund for Nepal
Fair play to Christiano. He might not be the best player in the world but the guy proves again he has a heart of gold
Speaking of Christiano Ronaldo, who else saw that picture of his chiseled Greek Olympian legs?
Christiano Ronaldo donated $8 million to the Nepal earthquake fund. The U.S. government donated $1 million. Step up your game, U.S.
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