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Christiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, OIH, (born 5 February 1985), commonly known as Cristiano Ronaldo, is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a winger or striker for Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid and is the captain of the Portuguese national team.

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When you dream the bae's came over for your birthday, Christiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale 😍. If only
Ronaldo & Ronaldinho better than Messi and Christiano Ronaldo??? regardless of positions your thoughts please!!! ...
Ashton Irwin and Christiano Ronaldo hopefully in next 24 hrs!
Also I'm at the same air as Christiano Ronaldo how does that make you feel dumb
He's talking to kasims cousins so retardedly. Man says 'do you guys know who CHRISTIANO RONALDO is' And he said it like that ffs
Christiano Ronaldo is by far the most attractive member of Jersey Shore.
And I'm sure about this because I remember staring at Christiano Ronaldo's face on the box whilst washing my hands before I went to my room.
Now that the World Cup is over, can some one tell me when I'll be able to see Christiano Ronaldo on my television again?
I never looked at Christiano Ronaldo's face, now that I did.. does he pluck his eyebrows?
Here are the strangest adverts ever to feature Particularly Christiano Ronaldo endorsing a whip.…
Christiano Ronaldo wouldn't be the football icon for us
Manuel Neuer,Robben or Christiano Ronaldo. Who is the best player European? — Jerome Boateng :D
ADD YOUR OWN BREAKING NEWS: 1. Okada killed two people inside trailler... 2. Christiano Ronaldo impreginate Funke Akindele... 3. Lil Wayne features Pasuma in his new single... 4, Eyinmba will sign Messi dis January... 5. Baba suwe joined Illuminati, signed in by Jay z.. 9. Obama claims EDO STATE as his home town... 11. Chris Brown wears agbada and slippers to the grammy awards... Keep it rolling..
Christiano Ronaldo is hot. Thats a fact.
Christiano Ronaldo tip-toeing when taking a picture to make him look taller 😂
G+: Na Ponta dos Pés - 2014 08 15. Christiano Ronaldo looks on tip-top form as he tries to make himself look taller…
If Christiano Ronaldo broke his leg kicking Jennifer Lopez *** the total amount of insurance would exceed yearly budg…
I struggle to decide whether I'm more jealous of Christiano Ronaldo or Irina Shayk 😍
Thanks to Christiano Ronaldo the win over Sevilla was 2-0
Christiano Ronaldo and Cheryl Cole are proof that having straight, white teeth can bring you from a 0 to a 10 alone!
Christiano Ronaldo deserves to be the European player of the year. He doesn't compete against the players that he has been shortlisted with.
If any of you think Christiano Ronaldo's girlfriend is buff, I suggest you go watch hurcules, she gets her butt out too🙇
Ronaldo is the right person to have that trophy.he deserves it
shocking, he wasn't after Christiano Ronaldo. . Back him and you stay up! Back Haughton next in and palace to go down
I remeber the Brazilian was called Ronaldo and it should stay like this.Christiano is another Ronaldo but he...
but it isn't self explanatory... And someone used christiano ronaldo and ebola in the same sentence,I just didn't it.
*** NO CHRISTIANO RONALDO!! I love robben and he worked hard for this but. This title should go to Neuer!! Neuer,!!Neuer!!
Can you spot what cheeky footballer Christiano Ronaldo is trying to do is this picture?
We can't afford christiano ronaldo unless he ever becomes a free agent in many more years to come.
Christiano Ronaldo deserves d award, Nigerian football is full of clowns, good decision to uphold Suarez ban. Good job guys.
I was talkin about christiano Ronaldo I swear!
Christiano Ronaldo ... . You are the best footballer of the world. You are my idol. I like like like like you
if you would date Christiano Ronaldo and Fav if nah
Win what? "I'm not Christiano Ronaldo fan but its quiet obvious that he's gonna win, I mean he's the second favourite."
Take the Fifa Ballon D'or winner "Christiano Ronaldo", add the most talented british player of his generation "Gareth Bale" bring in the top scorer of the World Cup "James Rodriquez" add the best ever spanish midfielder: Xabi Alonso, throw in the goal keeper who made the most saves last season in La liga "Keylor Navas" then add the world football's Affable manager "Carlo Ancelotti". what do u get?
What was Sami Khedira thinking as he watched Christiano Ronaldo's performance at the Cardiff City Stadium last night?
I hate seeing Christiano Ronaldo doing well outside of the World Cup. Doesn't make sense how he can't produce for his country.
Sky Sports: A Christiano Ronaldo brace was enough to steer Madrid to a 2-0 victory over Sevilla and lift the UEFA super cup
For those who consider Lionen Messi & Christiano Ronaldo as great players must watch the videos mentioned below, but not for the goals. Its a shame as unlimited buying of players at club level have spoiled the game quality making kings out of paupers. Restriction on fielding of foreign players must be made mandatory else the doom is inevitable. The greatness of a footballer does not lie only in the scoresheet and the speed with which he runs but his impact on the game, quality of team mates & the quality of opposition. The two mentioned below have been in top form for their country, club (be it the star studded ones or the ordinary ones). Specially ZZ whom quite strangely soccer loving Kolkatans don't consider as great, perhaps due to his non-latin origin, was in sublime touch even in his last tournament, though he scored only 1 or 2 goals in the whole torunament but at the right moments. Mind it these two are not from the B&W era, and they have played against top quality defenders like Baresi, Malidini, ...
If you are either Jewish or Israeli, I strongly encourage a full embargo on the business of any and every person or country who condemns, disowns or otherwise mislabels Israel and its people. That includes travelling to countries like Cuba, that do not recognize Israel's existence; or ones like Bolivia, that label Israel a terrorist state. It also includes boycotting all business by recently outspoken antisemitic public figures such as Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Dwight Howard, Rihanna, John Legend, Zayn Malik of One Direction (though the other members are heavy ambassadors of Judaism), Eddie Veder, Danny Glover, Mel Gibson, Jon Stewart, Selena Gomez, Christiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil, Mia Farrow, Rob Schneider, Tom Morello, Sinead O'Connor, Roger Waters, Annie Lennox, Mark Ruffalo, John Cussack, Talib Kweli, Stephen Hawking, Desmond Tutu, Angela Davis, Ryan Gosling, Roger Waters and a variety of Latin celebrities (directors Pedro Almodovar and Benito Zambrano, actors Lola Herrera, Eduardo Noriega and Rosa ...
Great day training with Christiano Ronaldo at Eastern MI. He's definitely ready for Man U! Even took this great pic!
My homie Christiano Ronaldo got the President of Japan throwing up Young money! He too real 4dat! Young Muulah baby! http:/…
Who kids most want to meet: players Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi made the long list.
Christianogave €1.200.000 to he received a Quran gift from Palestinians
Real Madrid we have the most expensive attack in the world"the likes of Christiano Ronaldo,karim Benzema,Gareth Bale,and James Rodriquez the 2014 World Cup goalden boot winner
Christiano Ronaldo - 7 Toni Kroos - 8 James Rodriguez - 10 Gareth Bale - 11 Yerr!!! Real Madrid is going all in this season! Kuzofiwa.
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Okada killed two people inside trailer. Christiano Ronaldo impregant funk akindel. Lil Wayne feature pasuma in his new single. Eyinmba will sign messi dis season. Baba suwe joine illuminati, signed in by jayz. Beyonce is in love wit terry G. Primary skul pupil don dey gradute @ class primary2.
Christiano Ronaldo may have heard from Bips
“Christiano Ronaldo in Elounda” he was there this time last year too
Christiano Ronaldo holds workshop for the children at Nagoya Dome. (Photo by Jun Sato)
The most expensive players in the world 1 Gareth Bale,2 Christiano Ronaldo,3 Luis Suarez,4 ...
comment about Christiano Ronaldo's looks when watching football
For once, Christiano Ronaldo speaks for us all:
imlove Real Madrid and christiano Ronaldo
Kata Christiano Ronaldo:.. you love makes me strong. Your hatred makes me unstoppable...
Christiano Ronaldo is in Japan on some publicity tour or something. Is his face always that shiny? Has he been polishing it?
James Rodriguez for 80mn which is equal to Christiano Ronaldo's fee, even though its been 4-5 years since Ronaldo, Rodriguez is not worth it
Christiano Ronaldo is such an inspiration.
Christiano Ronaldo has no tattoos, and he plays a decent game of football now and then.
Christiano Ronaldo CR9, he is a football machine
Christiano Ronaldo son is going to end up the worlds best soccer player someday
Christiano ronaldo you are is the best
"My new haircut makes me look Christiano Ronaldo"-
Christiano Ronaldo's eyebrow game is stronger than half these females.
Christiano Ronaldo's girlfriend is the luckiest woman
Idk who's more beautiful .. Christiano Ronaldo or his Girlfriend
Christiano Ronaldo gave 1.200.000€ to Palestine ,and they gave him a Quran as a gift. So much respect for this guy❤️
One more thing. please bring back next year. that's all i ask in life, that and Christiano Ronaldo in my bed.
James Rodriguez & Christiano Ronaldo are gonna cause all types of havoc this year for Real Madrid. In a good way.
Haircut badly needed so I might as well get the Christiano Ronaldo
Oh lawwwd no one can ever be as attractive as this sexy hunk, Christiano!
Oh lawwwd no one is as attractive at Christiano!!
Also I heard Christiano Ronaldo was at Roppongi Lex lol
Didnt knw Christiano Ronaldo is such a sweet and warm-hearted person.
So,only 50 kids are invited to meet Christiano Ronaldo(T-T) Kids who were involved to 311 disaster. He came for volunteer then.
Me like uber cool abby, like ask them which football team is the best and then be like: Mhm christiano ronaldo is hot-
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That's a mad stat. Why did the put Christiano instead of Ronaldo though? . It should have said 'Christiano, Gareth and James'
I can't believe Christiano Ronaldo was this ugly before 😂😂😂
The fella underneath looks like Christiano Ronaldo ha
2014 fifa World Cup flops: Christiano Ronaldo, Claudio Marchisio, Steven Gerrald and Wayne
What – Maria Sharapova didn’t know who is Sachin?...Sharapova must be dumb, she doesn’t have brains and what not….Social media is filled with comments such as these. But then that’s a fact and she has been honest enough to say “ Look I don’t know who is Sachin”. Fans are fuming and to those fuming fans please ask the people around “ Do you know who is Mary Kom” – who is a 5 time world champion in Women’s boxing and most importantly represented India. “ Do you know who is Pankaj Advani” – who is a 9 time world champion in Snooker/Billiards. Or for that matter the sudden football enthusiasts who didn’t know the existence of many football players till about three weeks back but now almost talking like a football fanatic - ask them if they know names beyond Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Rooney & Neymar. Lastly even in Tennis, for folks who know Maria Sharapova, do we know who is Simona Halep or Li who are currently ranked above Maria Sharapova in WTA ranking. Of course we follow . ...
*** all the bae's are out tho, Prince baby Boateng, Christiano Ronaldo. 😣😣.
So first Faby looks like Bruno Mars, then he looks like Russel Wilson, now I think he looks like Christiano Ronaldo who really are u
Honestly though, how many Golden Gloves does Christiano Ronaldo have? That's what I thought.
Christiano Ronaldo is the Rasheed Wallace of soccer. "Who me?"
Join us at 6:00 this evening when Clint Dempsey and Team USA take on Christiano Ronaldo and Portugal to attempt to move on to the Round of 16 in the 2014 World Cup! GO USA!
A Serbian witch has said this about theWorld Cup. 1. Christiano Ronaldo will not score.2. Brazil will exit in semi final.3. No African team will go to the next round.4. An European team will win the cup for the 2nd time.5. Neymar will get red card. 6. Messi will shine only to be injured later.7. Violence will breakout in Rio killing people.8. Diego Costa will not play more than 33min in Brazil.9. France will play dismally like in 2010.10. Top scorer will score five goals.Mancho Kalashenkiov is a Serbian known for foretelling world events. He famously foretold the missing of Malaysian aeroplane..:D :-)
SUAREZ REPLIES HOGSON IN STYLE THE LIVERPOOL AND URUGUAY STAR STRIKER NETTED A CRUCIAL DOUBLE TO SILENCE BOTH DOUBTERS AND CRITICS. Luis Suarez has reacted swiftly to Roy Hogson's comment that he (Suarez) "is not yet a great" by not only putting in an eye-catching performance against the England coach's side but also also scoring two fantastic goals which put the Three Lions' chances of advancing to the next round in Brazil in abrupt jeopardy. It would be recalled that Hogson had said earlier this week that the Uruguan should not yet be considered one of the football greats until he is able to prove his worth on a big stage like the on-going FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Suarez was in blistering form during the last Premier League campaign, scoring 31 league goals - the joint highest with those of Alan Shearer and Christiano Ronaldo in a single 38-match campaign- and registering 12 assists in the process. The Liverpool man also scooped the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) Award, the Football Writ . ...
World Cup Stats so far: First on goal : Marcelo (Real Madrid. First red card : Pepe (Real Madrid) First Goal Keeper concede 5 goals in a match : Iker Cassilas (Real Madrid) First World class player not to score in a match : Christiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
in case you are watching christiano Ronaldo scoring a goal in your tv then you are most likely watching a commercial... Lol ..:D
Christiano Ronaldo.. Aw.. Wat 2 say now.. Love you bro.. ♡♥
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A humble player with a good personality, Christiano Ronaldo😘
Christiano Ronaldo is the world's most marketable athlete, recognized by 84 percent of world population. :-) :-)
😂😂 one minute silence for all the ladies who watch Portugal's game just for Christiano Ronaldo. 😂😂.
portugal is overrated all the U.S. Needs to do is shut down Christiano Ronaldo and that will be half the battle
Christiano Ronaldo and Neymar are dating two of the prettiest girls I have ever seen in my life!!
Another memorable conversation with Arne Espejel this morning talking about the FIFA World Cup and the match against Brazil, (Arne is Mexican, by the way). Arne: "I hate Ronaldo" Me: "You can't hate him! You're a yogi!" Arne: "I can! Because the difference between yogis and non-yogis is that we accept our hate. Now I can work on hating him." Me: "Ahhh.. So you openly hate Christiano Ronaldo." Arne: "Yes." Me: "But it's so hard to hate him in his underwear." *all the women nod in agreement. And the conversation just ends there.* *Crickets*
Christiano Ronaldo in this match reminds me of Arvind Kejriwal - all hype and no performance
“i guess i can watch the World Cup Christiano Ronaldo SLAY ME 👅
*** good ad from Nando's Malaysia *lengchai is cantonese for good looking boy *sesat is malay for stuck/in trouble Flame grilled because Nando's serves flame grilled Chicken while Portugal's Christiano Ronaldo appears in KFC's ads which is fried chicken. Nando's has Portugese-Mozambique roots that's why they support Portugal
What Rohit Sharma is to cricket same Christiano Ronaldo is to football.
Itwas a mistake 2make Christiano Ronaldo best player in da world coz without Baile, Benzema, Inesta, Xavi, Di Maria, he cant play!
Just want Portugal to do fairly well cause Christiano Ronaldo is a babe😻
Christiano ronaldo didn't cry when they lose against Germany because the goals where too many for his tears
World Cup finally sees the case for the defense Curtitiba, Brazil: In a World Cup full of goals and attacking intent, the scoreless draw between Iran and Nigeria stood out. The Iran side has been criticized for playing defensively, and trying to strangle the game. It joins a long list of teams accused of "parking the bus" in order to grind out results. Iranian players applaud the crowd after the group F World Cup soccer match between Iran and Nigeria at the Arena da Baixada in Curitiba, Brazil, Monday, June 16, 2014. The match ended in a 0-0 draw. (AP Photo) While it may not make for entertaining games, defensive tactics have often been hugely successful in football — sometimes even helping underdogs win major titles. Football has always been a battle between attack and defense, and here are four examples of when the latter came out on top. INTER MILAN IN THE 1960S: Rightly or wrongly, Italy has a reputation for playing defensive football. Much of that stems from the great Inter Milan side of the 1960s, ...
Christiano Ronaldo always look like he's about to cry. Just imagine him stomping his feet & saying "Coach! They took MY…
One thing is for sure that christiano ronaldo will never be like the Brazilian Ronaldo and neymar will never be like ronaldhiniho
Christiano Ronaldo is like a stormtrooper, he can't hit any shots
"The 2 best soccer players in the world 🙌 *Christiano ronaldo
the only soccer players I know of are christiano ronaldo and david beckham
Christiano ronaldo is so hot I want to lick his face
Youngsters play football in front of a mural of Lionel Messi, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, & Christiano Ronaldo
Nightmare for Ronaldo 4-0 Portugal. "I don't feel need to prove anything to anyone"-christiano ronaldo.
I am For-Argentina, not Anti-Brazil, or any team for that matter. I am only Anti-Christiano Ronaldo. Now, that's a different story.
Portugal has christiano ronaldo not germany.js
Don't ask me what team I'm rooting for bc I don't watch soccer so I'll just say whatever team Christiano Ronaldo is on bc hes babe ok gnight
I don't know why all the girls are so obsessed with Christiano Ronaldo. he's not even knew to soccer but you're all acting like he is.
Remember how a guy that looked like a combination of Scott Disick and Christiano Ronaldo came to the bar at my job today.
If there were guys that looked like Christiano Ronaldo at school I wouldn't mind going
"Christiano Ronaldo's footwork is too crazy 😳 |
Christiano Ronaldo is so freaking sexy 💕😘
Is it wrong that the only reason I watch the World Cup is for the small chance that Christiano Ronaldo will take his shirt off??
Girl:I love & my favorite player is Christiano Ronaldo. Boy:Nice.Do u know which country he plays for?. Girl:Of cour…
How Christiano Ronaldo felt after Portugal's performance today
Christiano Ronaldo's footwork is too crazy 😳 |
Christiano Ronaldo's crying face, in extreme slow motion -
10 Reasons why it's Haraam to watch FIFA during Ramadan (e.g. Christiano Ronaldo)
Just a tid bit for those that say there is no money in playing soccer. Christiano ronaldo earns 30 million a year. His contract buyout is 1 billion yes 1 billion with a B .HMN
So how do you get ripped like Christiano Ronaldo: In a weight session he lifts the equivalent of 16 Toyota Prius Cars He does 3,000 sit-ups a day often While watching TV À diet high in protein And carbs plus 8 hours sleep a night, gives him plenty of energy to burn Result: His thighs are 62cm in circumference Highest measured jump( 2ft 7") is higher than the average NBA basketballer; while the force of 5G which he generates is the equivalent of a F1 car. He has less body fat than a supermodel
Virat Kohli Rooting for Germany in FIFA World Cup Indian batting mainstay Virat Kohli said he likes the work ethic of Germany captain Philipp Lahm but Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are his two favourite international footballers.
Remember I told you guys about a witch doctor in Ghana who said he had bewitched Christiano Ronaldo? What do you think after that game yesterday? -Mo
Ghanian witch claims she cast a spell on football star Christiano Ronaldo
WE HAVE A BID OF £200 ON THE RONALDO SHIRT AND £50 ON THE LIVERPOOL SHIRT) On the 26th July we will be doing our next charity event in memory of Aaliyah Henderson and this year we are also raising money in aid a Max McKenzie. We have been so lucky this year with all the donations that we have received so far. We have kindly been donated a signed football shirt by Christiano Ronaldo and we have also been donated a signed Liverpool shirt. These will both be going into the auction on the day. If you are interested in bidding for either of these please let myself or Laura Murray know.
I don't think the Super Eagle's performance last night was so dismal after all. Any team that went through the hassles of qualification and made it to the World Cup should not be underrated and calling Iran the underdog in our group is an aberration. By the way, is it better to draw with Iran or to loose like Cameroon? What if Nigeria fell like a pack of cards last night like Spain? We should learn a lot of lessons from Spain's humiliation. And again, Christiano Ronaldo's Portugal fell like a house built on quicksand to Germany. Whether they play well or not, we should continue to support our Super Eagles through our prayers and 'Bring back the World Cup' posters. That is what we owe them and it is called patriotism.These are the Super Eagles we were unanimous in praising when they won the African cup of Nations. Now, that praise is translating to the biblical 'Hosanna Hosanna' yesterday and 'crucify him crucify him' today. Our Super Eagles who did us proud by winning the African cup of Nations have sudde ...
Revenge is a dish, best served cold!!!. Robben and Mueller take their revenge over , and co. The former (and had their side defeated by Real Madrid 5 - 0 in the UEFA Champions League. stold his chance at the opening game of Group B to serve that dish called revenge to the Spanish in Real Madrid espeicialy Sergio Ramos. And finished up the job in his first hat trick in German colours as Germany walked over Christiano Ronaldo and Pepe's Portugal in a stunning 4 - 0 finish. What more can I ask for. You (JESUS) too dey bless me yey. This is the BEST World Cup EVER!!!
even though m not a big fan of Christiano ronaldo and Portugal's imbalanced team. but I respect their defence. and anyways have been anti Germany for the past 8 years or so for their rowdy goonda style of football. I hope ronaldo does a persie . tata Germany. I also don't think mike horn can make any difference. this is football. not cricket. or tennis. somewhat Mike's sports dynamics don't match with football. will a footballer loose his chance to make an impact later in the game if he doesn't score with 1st volley of chances ?? unlike cricket where one ball can get you out or in case of Mike one slip and he's dead. somehow mike also doesn't inspire the bowlers. his mantra works for batsmen. and if you see then footballers are bowlers not batsmen. like bowlers have lots of opportunities to make impact footballers do too. anyways rise of Germany is bad for FIFA. if that brand of football is deemed good then football will cease to be a Beautiful Game.
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It's a beautiful morning here in the university of Limerick and the sun is shining and we feel much better than Christiano Ronaldo today
FRIENDS!!!.GERMANY rocks.RONALDO shocks!.The much hyped. FIFA PLAYER of the year, CHRISTIANO RONALDO, flaterred to deceive & GERMANS annhilated PORTUGAL.(4-0)..thanks to THREE GOALS by awesome THOMAS MULLER of GERMANY!!!.With MESSI scoring a brilliant Goal against the determined BOSNIANS.Its ROUND ONE to Lionel Messi, in the much debated issue (or non issue???) of MESSI vs RONALDO!!!.Though I have a gut feeling that the star to emerge in this edition of WC is the Local lad.NEMAR of BRAZIL!!!...But, its still early days, in which promises to be a WC full of unexpected TWISTS & TURNS!!!
Watching Germany vs Portugal reply, is it me or at every opportunity Christiano Ronaldo looks at himself on the big screen? What a wanker! Also a bloke went off with a grazed knee... Tell him to watch origin... Hold on it might of been Brent Tate ;)
We all saw it last night Christiano Ronaldo has the personality of a room divider.
After this World Cup Christiano Ronaldo must get a citizenship of Germany, or Spain, or England, or South Africa. Just to have good players on his team, not puppets.
Dempsey and Brooks are definitely the visible heroes, but Jermaine Jones was the only transitional player that could pull the US out from the 80 minute firing squad. Between him and Tim Howard...the US has been given a second chance at life. Let's celebrate for tonight, and then figure things out with our diamond. Maybe ask Bradley if he's constipated as well. Absolutely positively has to be better against Portugal...Christiano Ronaldo doesn't miss chances like Ghana does. Proud of the fight in the dog, but I also appreciate a dog that doesn't *** all over the place. Let's go Yanks!
Conrats for germany. Please dont cry christiano ronaldo.. I will give you a big hug...
Christiano Ronaldo is the Arvind Kejriwal of this match. Too many fanatic fans on line but too little to show on the big stage. And then the number 4 to haunt !!!
What a disappointing draw in d face of a wasted opportunity to be a stable team. Thanks to Vincent who rose to d occasion to save d only dreaded move of d Iranians as against d lacklusture of d crops of weaklings effortless teams of d Eagles. Well, thank God we were not humbled by arrogant Christiano Ronaldo nd team
Watched a wonderful match in the evening today, Busy at work till late evening, I would nearly have missed the fabulous game had my dear friend not remind me of the on going game during our tete-a-tete over Alexander Grahmbell's invention . Germany played with a surgical precision, they held possession with exquisite short passes and often opened up the Portugal defence with long passes, almost at will, It seemed more of a stroll in the park for Germany, Thomas Muller was at his deadliest best and a kind of redeemed his sparring episode with the Portugal full back, Pepe, who was shown the door earlier on, Not many can score a Hat Trick in a FIFA World Cup game, This German team looks very formidable. Portugal looked very ordinary,and rustic, notwithstanding some rare spark of brilliance from CR7 ( Christiano Ronaldo) but in vain, they never looked to match up to the Germans. Germans were very professional in their approach in the second half they toyed around with the Portuguese and never went for the ...
Germany - Portugal 4-0 Expected result. Germany is for Portugal " bete noire - black ", they beat them always in the World Cup and European Championship, Portugal never managed even to draw against them. Also some years ago Bayern Munich beat Sporting Lisbone with 12-1 on aggregates in the Champions League last 16 ( 0-5, 7-1 ). But I do not understand why Portugal always plays so badly against Germany, I mean they are not the weak team, they have Ronaldo and although Germany is better Portugal should sometimes draw at least one game, but they still keep on losing against Germany every time. So they were paired in the same group with their black cat and the early exit for Portugal is very probable ( I would say they are 80% already out ). RIP Portugal, RIP Christiano Ronaldo.
Christiano Ronaldo ne witch Doctor we Ghana, who is fooling the world.?? Musimbi Samson Erinyo Patrick Emmiebert Wandega Barugabuto Omuyaga Atwoki
Christiano Ronaldo just came from a dust-biting section in the hands of the Germans. Na wah oo, some big *** are being whiped in brazil. I'm laughing
Christiano Ronaldo is still the best.Niskie mtu akisema Messi
Meanwhile, the Portuguese tennis association wants Christiano Ronaldo to be it's non playing captain for Davis Cup ;)
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Such a shame having the best player of the world (Christiano Ronaldo) playing for a team that is not on his level. He prob feels frustrated because he is the only good player and he can't do the job of the whole team :(. I'm glad he plays for Real Madrid where he is being showing what he is capable to do and therefor he is the best!...
Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the worst players ever to win the prestigious Balon d'Or. You watch them in World Cup matches and you feel like vomiting.twea. They are either scoring goals against Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina or North Korea.woa look at that. FIFA is more corrupt than John Mahama.
Dear christiano ronaldo u remain d world best without ur country just dat a tree can't make a forest!
Christiano Ronaldo, am sorry coz you were let down by your team mates
I care less if I were on Portugals national team I could care less about the World Cup. The reason I can care less about the beating Germany gave, is because being on Portugal's team I get to be "CHRISTIANO RONALDO'S WING MAN" ...I'll take his left overs.
Dennis Oliech now has the same number of goals as Christiano Ronaldo in the World Cup
Christiano Ronaldo alone him self what he can do real meaning of team works proves here,sorry Portugal ..
Rough day for Christiano Ronaldo & Co down 4-0 to the Germans and with Pepe out with a red card for Portugal it should be a big help for the USA for next sunday's showdown against them.
Portugal lost because Christiano Ronaldo didn't treat the whole team KFC.
This is reporter Tenzie Chokie from German side, giving you the BREAKING NEWS : Thomas Muller RAPED Cr7 and CR7 is gunna get DUMPED tonight by his sexy girlfriend, Irina Shayk. :D Should he start digging his grave like the German fandom is suggesting? stay tuned to know more. :D GERMANY 4 Christiano Ronaldo - EGG
Christiano Ronaldo one of the sharpest player in football. You put a five man German wall in front of him and he hits it and if you put a single man German wall, he still hits it. Thus proven he has bull's eye aim at target :)
This World Cup though ,first was Uruguay and now Portugal.So true gore ga e na therefore kgwele ya dinao.U don't just come and solve X and Y.Anyway all the best to the world's golden boys,Christiano Ronaldo and Diego Forlan.
Germany Rocks..! Gud Day For THOMAS MUELLER..! Hatrick goals..! Red Crd For PEPE..!! Performance by Christiano Ronaldo didnt help to make even a single goal for the Portuguese..!! 4-0 win for the Germans..!!
GER is just too much for a POR team who's ranking is based of having Christiano Ronaldo on the pitch.
Old Christiano Ronaldo looks like he's found a pound but lost a fiver.
Looks like Portugal has a very esteemed guest watching the match - Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo go do what you do best , sit nice and look pretty in commercials LOL , nice game Susanne Stefan and all my german friends :) and my cousin Robert he adores Germany since we were little , well done , deserved win :) and my other cousin Jeffrey too coz i didnt know he was on fb LOL
With national teammates like christiano Ronaldo's, who needs opponents?
Here is my view on Football greats: "Many people like Leonel Messi, many like Christiano Ronaldo, many like Rooney. ." ". But everyone loves Ronadinho. Not only because of his football skills, but Ronaldinho is excellent human being. The match referee loves him, crowd on each side loves him, the opposition team respects him. Nobody saw him complaining, making foul moves. He accepts mistakes & apologize for it . Many times he loose his shoes at the end of game because at least one opposition player takes it . he gives his shirt to some one in crowd . mostly the winner is a physically disabled, a kid, a senior citizen or a lady."
Haters have got a point now .. they will criticize you.. let it be son! Stay strong .. many matches to go .. you are still the best player in the world Christiano Ronaldo! Believe in urself .. you can still deliver the cup!
Christiano Ronaldo is NOT attractive in the slightest😷
Christiano Ronaldo is frustrated because he can't see himself on the screens.. It's all about Germany!
Hehehehehe i didnt know Christiano Ronaldo was playing yawa.his chance will kam
Poor Christiano Ronaldo he looks so sad and the camera is following him. Give him a break!
Muller and Hummels :- Ei Portugese...toder team e Christiano Ronaldo a.k.a. CR7 bole keu ache re??? Portugal :- yes he is our star player. Germany :- are three goals as take and remember this is only the first half. ^_^
Christiano Ronaldo is better off on the bench. He is completely lost in the pitch...
Gremany what a dominance!!! For girls who supported portugal just for the looks of christiano ronaldo.enjoy watching
perfect example of teamwork.. Just goes to show you a team isn't one person.. Its not christiano ronaldo plus 10 😏 via the commentator lmao
I love u Germany ...:)..that my team..someone lose beat with me :).christiano ronaldo Dont be sad you still my hero :).
Germany toying with Portugal half way through the match...Christiano Ronaldo is totally off colour..!
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Make man no blast ma lions Germany dat di disgrace Portugal 3-0 with all the christiano ronaldo,s . this World Cup this year is full of suprises.allez les lions
Red Card for Pepe :o :o mxm I knew it.Everyone hates Portugal because of Christiano Ronaldo...they will do whatever they need to do 2 See His Native Country Out of da World Cup -_-
Truth be told: Portugal is a one-man team, and that man is Christiano Ronaldo. Mark him out of the game and Portugal is out
My turn to get all passionate. I admit that I hate it when someone pretends to like football and when the only person that *** knows is CHRISTIANO RONALDO-like the many Azkals fans that don't really know anything about the game; but just cheer because good-looking half-breeds run from goal to goal for 90 minutes. If people can get agitated over basketball, then I can get rabid over football.
Ndaka "i dont want to hear Christiano Ronaldo being labelled as 'hot' this is soccer maan not a fashion show
I actually forgot how pretty Christiano Ronaldo is, my god. O_O
Christiano Ronaldo try again later to go through Manuel Neuer
Kwaku bosom where are you with your fake Rituals Christiano Ronaldo is playing playing ooo you better you better do something #
Can someone confirm or deny Christiano Ronaldo is playing tonight?
I'm sorry my man Christiano Ronaldo.. I liked you from my childhood and you are so hot but in today's match I have to support Germany .. .. Go Germany !!
An injured Christiano Ronaldo vs Germany. Individual brilliance vs collective responsibility. I hope you score a lot of goals and when you do, please feel free to take that shirt off to celebrate.
I really don't think Christiano Ronaldo should be Captain of this team.
- World Cup 2014 Germany vs Portugal If you're stuck in the office or if NAWEC's putting in World Cup timeout, we've got your back. Follow along for live commentary. Christiano Ronaldo grabbed Portugal and dragged them "by force" past Zlatan's Sweden to Brazil. There have been questions about his fitness. Germany are undoubtedly one of the favorites. With a mixture of youth and experience, talent is in abundance in this German side with Klose so close to breaking Ronaldo's all time record of World Cup Goals.
Let's go Portugal your in my blood I want Christiano Ronaldo to make this his tournament!!! Portugal!
Germany vs Portugal ... Germany not Mario Gomez and Portugal not Christiano Ronaldo...
Just keep it in mind :) My prediction for Group G match tonight at 11:00 PM is (Germany 2-1 Portugal) it's really hard to predict coz both team are strong the same. Reason: +Germany: -Manuel Nuer (a very good goalkeeper of Germany) who got injured on his shoulder is now Ok for starting line up tonight. -Weidenfeller also fit for tonight match - while Mario Gomez a good striker of Germany will be absent with Marco Reus, one of the good midfielder. - Bastian Schweinsteiger is back to field tonight after foot injuried +Portugal - all Portugal fan would concern about Christiano Ronaldo status. According to the new, he is able to line up tonight but not fit 100% due to his leg injured. - Meireles and Moutinho said that Ronaldo will help the team to have a good start. - a strong defender of Portugal, PePe is looking forward to face Germany striker. Germany striker will find it hard to go throught him. - If Nani, Manchester United winger is available in line up tonight it would be great.
Men we are die-hards supporting various teams for the love of the game while ladies are merely admirers of players and all they keep doing is screaming whenever a handsome footballer appears on the screen; Kevin Prince Boating, Christiano Ronaldo, Oliver Giroud, Gerald Pique, Glen Johnson, Claudio Marchiso, Yaya Toure Cup
Funny thing I'm such a really really anti fan of Christiano Ronaldo. He is the reason I hate Portugal team, but I love old captain Luís Figo
The World Cup started yesterday, with Brazil beaten Croatia 3-1; Today is Spain turn to play Holland. But i have seen an evil thing under the sun on Spanish side. The Spanish football federation has promised the players the sum of 720,000 euros each; if they win the cup, that is 31% of what they earned when they won last one in South Africa(550,000). They are ready to spend 25 million euros on footballers, in a country which is suffering from serious economic crisis, with 5million unemployed people, since the won last World Cup in South Africa, the salary of a comon man has gone down by 40%. Unfortunately now the World Cup has come and a Daniel has come to judgement. How can you paid 720,000 euros to millionaire footballers?...some of them are even multi-millionaires?..I think that Nana Kwaku Bonsam the famous Ghanaian witch doctor should leave Christiano Ronaldo alone and focus on Spanish team, maybe Iker Casillas will get some injury with some Real Madrid players like Sergio Ramos. I pray that Spain wil ...
Real Madrid have accepted Manchester City's £135 million bid for Christiano Ronaldo.
England is thinking of how to stop Andrea pirlo, ghana is thinking of Christiano Ronaldo. In my opinion I think the weak teams are planning on how to stop players instead of stopping the entire team. Pirlo is not Italy, neither is ronaldo Portugal.
FIFA President Sepp Blatter believes the long European soccer season is causing some of the world’s top players to get hurt before the World Cup. He said that it’s “too long a season and always the same players are always in the same competitions,” according to the Associated Press. “Now they are tired,” he continued. As he noted, France’s Franck Ribery and Germany’s Marco Reus are out of the tournament. Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo has been nursing an injury while Lionel Messi of Argentina has been sluggish. The World Cup begins on Thursday. …read more Source: Breitbart
Lets have some highlights of Christiano Ronaldo of how he plays the game. Do you like him ?
Christiano Ronaldo has 24 million more followers than the USA national team combined
Christiano ronaldo has 3% less bodyfat than a supermodel 0.o
I wanna be the Mexican American Christiano Ronaldo of my time
pretty cool that i had Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams and Christiano Ronaldo in my section tonight
A juju man from Ghana claimed to have caused christiano Ronaldo injury
Christiano Ronaldo back in action after missing the initial warm up games..
FIFA Worldcup in few more days. Missing my Fav Player Christiano Ronaldo:)
Watching junior soccer really shows that we need to eliminate staging and anything christiano Ronaldo does that isn't kicking goals.
On SportsCenter ,they had video of Christiano Ronaldo stretching. Thank you. That man has beautiful legs.
Christiano Ronaldo like boys. — Thanks Sherlock. Learn to spell please Sherlock. Bye Sherlock.
Cristiano Ronaldo most searched soccer star on Google in India - The Economic Times on Mobile
Go to go to the campus and a statue of Christiano Ronaldo went there because my cousin…
I'll continue casting curses on Christiano Ronaldo too. So there's that.
I think you look very Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo is one fine piece of *** let me tell u
you going to root for usmnt or christiano Ronaldo in the World Cup when they play against each other?
Why has sturridge adopted a "Christiano Ronaldo" strut? If he steps up in the WC then fair enough..arrogance that hasn't been earned yet
“Aim in life is to meet Christiano Ronaldo” ..
Aim in life is to meet Christiano Ronaldo
“Christiano Ronaldo not even attractive” Cristiano* sorry but just look... (no ***
Gareth Bale and Christiano Ronaldo remain the most valuable dou in the history of the beautiful game,don't get...
Christiano Ronaldo's old mansion in Cheshire. Valued at around £4 million.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Christiano Ronaldo got tendonitis this close to the World Cup 😳😳😤
Germany's midfielder is out . Christiano Ronaldo is hurt . USA has a chance to make it out of their group
Christiano Ronaldo is back to Portugal training despite the injury scare.
Christiano Ronaldo on the Front page of New York Times on Sunday!!!
So christiano Ronaldo is not quite 100% and Germany just lost a great young player in Rues. USA road in got a little easier
Good news for Portugal as Christiano Ronaldo has started full training with the Portuguese squad. Where is that man (Kwakubonsam) :P
Christiano Ronaldo is in ze building 😍⚽️
Christiano Ronaldo visited me in the hospital today!!! lobo_torres 💕💞
Christiano ronaldo ... hope uh work hard for d World Cup...!
Christiano Ronaldo resumes training with Portugal. Half of Cambridge rejoices.
Forward: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, Christiano Ronaldo will go down in time as one of the best.
"Football fans" know only one club: Manchester United amd only one player: Christiano ronaldo
Is Christiano Ronaldo not playing in upcoming 2014? :o
Pig DNA in Cadbury? Christiano Ronaldo has something to say:
To the African which doctor who admittedly caused Christiano Ronaldo's injury. Why don't you use your power to make an African team win? Lol
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lol I was watching ur video on when u got christiano ronaldo when he came up I paused looked up and I got ronaldo!ty
It's safe to say me and Christiano Ronaldo have a lot in common.
First, Christiano Ronaldo goes down…Now, the Germans lose one of their best players in Marco Reus…So you're telling me there's a chance??
So is back to training... About time the witch doctor got castrated!!!
Watching USA's march to Brazil. And these boys scared of Christiano Ronaldo 😑
The fact that a witch doctor in ghana has been dedicating months of time to curse Christiano Ronaldo>> lmao
Christiano Ronaldo and I are staying in the same hotel. I'm seriously.
Ghana witch doctor says he's responsible for Christiano Ronaldo's injury
Eiii kwaku bonsam wants to disgrace Gh. he said he made Christiano Ronaldo get hurt.hmm
The arrogance of Zlatan rocks, the arrogance of Christiano Ronaldo needs a punch in the throat!
The world will miss Christiano ronaldo ♡
The spelling in it is awful as well - "Christiano Ronaldo" "definately" like come on sort it out
The World Cup is now officially missing Marco Reus. Franck Ribery, Marco Reus, and, possibly, Christiano Ronaldo won't be attending.
you are the first sticker in my World Cup 2014 sticker book - congratulations ! Christiano Ronaldo - you were 2nd.
Christiano ronaldo's my hero World Cup 2014 in brasil
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Rafael Nadal and Christiano Ronaldo are definitely from the same template of human.
Marco Reus, Christiano Ronaldo...things are suddenly looking good for team USA
Will Christiano Ronaldo be fit in time for the spectacle? .
Christiano Ronaldo to Portugal is like Benni McCarthy to Bafana Bafana...maestro ratio of 1:22 per 23-man squad
Who is going to rock in this World Cup.? 1.Lionel Andress Messi. 2.Neymar de Santos Junior. 3.Christiano Ronaldo. 4.Steven Gerard.
NOTICE TO ALL LADIES. The World Cup Is approaching & we'd like to clarify a few things and set some very simple straight rules... 1. Kenya didn't qualify & there is a 5 hour time difference between Rio De Janeiro & East Africa so please... NO stupid questions. 2. Ronaldo the Brazilian & Ronaldo the Portuguese are not related. 3. Non soccer conversations shall not be tolerated within regulation; injury, extra time or during penalties... 4. You shall support the teams, I support, smile only when my team is winning & shout goal.When its actually one. 5. Tell ur girlfriends not to wed, have babies,fall sick or die during World Cup. We won't go!!! 6. Its the World Cup & there is no Arsenal or Barcelona. It happens once in four years so don't ask if its the same as the game from last week... 7. We shall watch any soap, reality show,romantic,african, afro cinema movie as long as they shoot it in Brazil & the cast are from World Cup participating teams... 8. There shall be no comments about Christiano Ronaldo's l ...
Having trouble Liking girls & boys but Here's a story about A one of United's Legend, but who am I talking about! 1027 Games, 34 Trophies, One Legend! he is the more decorated Player in English Football History, Manchester United's Record holder and Has Scored more Goals for the Red Devils then Christiano Ronaldo, Mark Hughes, Paul Scholes, One word Legend! need I say no more! extraordinary-Now next season Assistant manager, To be honest, I don't know that manager we have Van Gaal but Having Giggs Gives us more boost confident- He's the one That could get us back where we belong top! & then he would be definitely Classed as Another level! he's the Man! PROUD having such an intelligent, Awesome Footy player playing for our Club! All the others wanted him but he played for us! bring on next Season! hugs all of ya sweet dreams lol, One Love, One Colour One club & That's Manchester United, Always & Forever! We'll never die, We just rise again x x
"I know what Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury is about, I’m working on him,”. "I am very serious about it. Last week, I went around looking for four dogs and I got them to be used in manufacturing a special spirit called ‘Kahwiri Kapam" “I said it four months ago that I will work on Cristiano Ronaldo seriously and rule him out of the World Cup or at least prevent him from playing against Ghana and the best thing I can do is to keep him out through injury." “This injury can never be cured by any medic, they can never see what is causing the injury because it is spiritual. Today, it is his knee, tomorrow it is his thigh, next day it is something else.” Nana Kwaku Bonsam: claiming responsibility for Christiano Ronaldo's recent spate of injuries! I wonder if he can ensure the Bui & Akosombo Dam gets filed with rain so that we will get electricity in our hospitals schools work places and homes? And while he is there he should stop the free falling off the Ghana Cedi
Egyptians spoiling their ballots are voting for Arya Stark and Christiano Ronaldo:
Egyptians spoiling their ballots voted for Arya Stark and Christiano Ronaldo:
News from Group G of the World Cup. Ghana's group. German Coach Joachim Low names his final 23 man squad with Dortmund's Marcel Schmelzer the big name dropped. His exclusion is due to his inability to shake of a groin injury. Meanwhile Portuese and Real Madrid stars Christiano Ronaldo and Pepe join the rest of the team in camp.
Christiano Ronaldo said this while he was perfoming this stunt "im just trying to copy Mario Baloteli, i know im not ugly"
One of the best write ups you'll read about the CL final and Christiano Ronaldo lmao - I did watch the Champions League final last night and although I wanted Atletico to win it, it was nice just to watch a game of football without any real emotional investment. I’d forgotten how enjoyable that could be. They came so close to capping a truly remarkable season too. Perhaps they’d been Waiting for Godín the entire campaign and the man who won them the league last week looked as if he was going to be a double-hero with the winning goal in the Champions League final too. Real were so poor and Atletico so impressive in what they did and how they worked as a team. But then Sergio Ramos scored a brilliant injury time header to send the game into extra-time and after that there was only going to be one winner. Atletico were set up for 90 minutes, they looked exhausted in the extra 30 and obviously weren’t helped by the fact Juanfran was banjaxed for most of it. For all the plaudits he’ll get for the way ...
Boy, Sergio Ramos, Christiano Ronaldo literally buried one of the Best I saw last night.
Oo Di Maria man of match, Christiano Ronaldo 17goals in Champion league, Real Madrid club have 10 Champions League more than any others club. Carlo Ancelloti king of 2013/2014
Samsung Mobile berbagi tautan dan berpendapat berikut ini: Cristiano Ronaldo has been prepping for the charge against aliens. Take a peek into his training now. Ronaldo prepping for the charge against aliens. Here's a peek into his training. To find out more about click here:
Staying up all night to watch world's greatest footballer on earth and thats christiano Ronaldo. I know tomorrow morning you will be european's champion.
Wish one of my boys had gone into a footballing career aparently tonights champians league final has a Real Madrids team worth 368 million including 86million Gareth Bale and 80 million christiano ronaldo and their apponents Atletico Madrid 30 million lets hope they deliver should be a fantastic game x
because Christiano Ronaldo looks like me?
I'm all about Christiano Ronaldo man. All ze way!
Charlie Adam is younger than Christiano Ronaldo , just let that sink in ...
Real Madrid's starting 11 last week vs espanyol. You can add Christiano Ronaldo to that group in Lisbon today.
FACT FILE: Christiano Ronaldo has featured in 2 ucl finals; winning one against Chelsea & losing out against Lionel Messi's inspired Barcelona. However it z worthy to note dt d pitch in which CR7 will play in today brings bk sad memories to him. CR7 lost d EURO finals of 2004 against GREECE in ds same ESTADIO DA LUZ. Now d question is; will HISTORY REPEAT itself???..join us on SKY SPORTS HD 7:45pm & 20:45 CET
Who are the Champions of Europe? Get $3 for Christiano Ronaldo to score and Real Madrid to lift the trophy
Am at Lisbon waiting for the greatest team(Real Madrid) in the world. World best player is always found in the best team. Christiano Ronaldo HALA MADRID..!!!
Hard to believe that Real will lose to Athletico in the Champions League final if Christiano Ronaldo is fully fit
Christiano ronaldo and irinaisyak on vogue cover! Fully naked ronaldo and covered with irina's waist and butt lol
If Real Madrid don't win today Christiano Ronaldo can always make it up with Portugal at World Cup goal machine world best player
Will tonight be his night. Will Christiano 'CR7' Ronaldo bring back the Champions League to Real…
The BIG match day between the two Spanish giants Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid, I wish Christiano Ronaldo the best.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Christiano Ronaldo practised penalties in his last session at the Estadio da Luz on Friday. your thoughts?
He's the next Messi or Christiano Ronaldo!!! He's target on ballon d'or
The city of Madrid moves to Lisbon. Christiano Ronaldo goes back home. Real Madrid seek their tenth European crown after 12 years of winning the ninth. The gang of Athletico Madrid wants their first European glory after a fabulous campaign. Where will the pendulum swings tonight ? My head tells me Real Madrid, but my heart tells me is Athletico. Hm.
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