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Christian Values

The term Christian values historically refers to the values derived from the teachings of Jesus and taught by Christians throughout the history of the religion.

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All those who don't like it in the West, hate Christian Values and disobey UK laws, your free to leave, please do!!!
As long as you are posting Trump pictures. Some real "Christian Values" here, don't you think?
Archbishop of Canterbury writes letter to Christians urging them to fulfil Christian Values & vote for Housing & NHS https:…
JimBob would be all in there with his "Christian" values. 😂😂
those are the GOP Christian values of convenience
hope u sleep well with your christian values after killing someone. What commandment is that?
Drugs must be stopped from the demand side not supply side. Too much profit to stop. Stop welfare and restore Christian values.
Good question, these are men's laws. God wanted us to follow His. That's why this country was based on Christian va…
"But for Nietzsche, this entailed rejection of traditional values, including the Christian Religion. "
Melania you have a beautiful Family! God Bless you and please keep standing up for Family & Christian values! B…
Let's be frank here… What you really object to is her support for Israel and her Judeo-Christian values
Muslims in america have to many rights that infringe upon our Christian values
Disagree w/you difference is USA was founded on Christian values and be…
Do judeo Christian, western values include denying help to the poor, the sick, the homeless, the weary &the abused
U want to fleece students,make life harder 4 them,because Ur not rich ENOUGH?those r Some Christian values you got there.
How specifically did he destroy American values? Maybe the values of the white Christian Right…
Not a lib.. your correct most libs policies don't mix with Christian values so true
I suppose he couldn't wait to exercise his Christian values from the bench: Thou shall not kill.
Talking too much about Christian Values but supporting a…
I admit you have a valid point here. I think reformation, enlightenment & democracy was indeed enabled…
Today is the Earth Day!. How can the Church care for God's Creation without compromising our Christian values.
Said it before and I will say t again: I love this guy!! He is the embodiment of Christian values. A living example!
There's white christian values. Anti marriage equality, boosting mining, and arms usage w…
"Grab em in the PU C" caught on tape, oh and let's not for…
Yeh just love those Christian values, Malaria Trump with h…
I guess u only support our government actually PRACTICING "Christian…
Temptation to do Good [Christian Ethics, Morals & Values] II . by David Heisler. . The topic of “temptation”...
Theresa May banging on again about her "Christian values" on . Her policy on refugees is the exact opposit…
Basically I am a simple christian who can not compromise with Christian Values and Character, whatever the situation and circumstances be.
An example of the left's desire to destroy conservatism & Christianity by allowing an anti-Christian culture to wip…
Friday night all right for service at Central Christian Church in Mount Vernon - The Southern
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Majority Christians in India did well because of Christian institutions whch enabled them/us and also respected Ind…
Looking forward to interviewing the PM regarding her Christian values. Especially her voting on LGBT and human rights bills...
Wow, is a consummate liar. He knows they screwed up and let the Koreans down. So much for his "Christian" values.
where we can all live together in peace and harmony exists. We need to shed our Christian values like the prophet Kaiban said to do when
We voted for Trump because we are fed-up with the political correctness and lack of Christian values that penetrates the…
“Judeo-Christian values” are a very recent invention. Christian values previously involved persecuting Jews for hundreds of y…
Charming. Aren't you a pleasant chap. Don't see much evidence left of good Christian values if you're anything to go by.
Some churches are empty, many are not. Those that are is due to weak CofE clerics who lander to Islam & forget Christian values.
Now she's banging on to the person with her about her church; would have thought Christian values would instill better manners...
Those Tory Christian values start in earnest as 200,000 to have disability benefits refused.
The vicar's daughter has a strange interpretation of Christian values.
Be grateful; if it was from Abbott, Christian values would be top of the list.
'Honour the deal, but not like the deal' - neither Christian nor Australian values
how does forcing people to live off handouts fit with your ' Christian' values
"WE BELIEVE the Founding Fathers created this nation based upon Judeo-Christian values and that our culture flourishes w…
When is it not Christian values to denounce liars and care for all of humanity??? Vile bi…
If you do not understand how America's greatness is connected to God & Christian values, you can never save it. .
In DM piece: "No one doubts the integrity of the Anglican vicar's daughter." Really? REALLY? She has…
I find it easier to say President Trump than to hear, say, or believe in "Christian Values". I do not know the...
is this part of those Christian values you've mentioned that you want to protect? 😕
The values are gone with the wind and we only consider things to be wrong when we're caught. . Dear Christian, you can't live like that.
If you don't want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying you want a country based on Christian values, because you don't.
have a choice of countries. Choose another country with your values if you have any values. USA has Christian values.
...imprinting same behavior on her kids and causing pain for others; Christian Act, Family Values?
Christian Values vs. homosexual supporters ask for your signature.
Do fools denouncing Ted for his Bible also denounce Pledge of Allegiance/US currency? Our Nation is built around Christian values/GOD. Deal.
"Great Family Values, good work ethic and Christian beliefs” - Stephanie Kamrath-Wright
I am ZANU PF to the core but my Christian values are parallel to this Dokora Business!
America: Ted Cruz is a Christian, Moral, Ethical, Principled, Conservative who stands for Christian Values.
as oppose to those un-indoctrinated Christian values. Why is education on life such a threat?
Little Giant Ladders
Hiding no! Protecting innocence yes and upholding Christian values. Proving liberals not happy til all r indoctrinated
says Christian values heal and unite. Political Correctness divides and creates problems for US.
Sir, Trump misses the mark on civil society and religious values. Other than that he could be a paleocon-He's not Christian
A "Christian values" group is "testing" Target by sending men into women's restrooms. You know, for safety.
I explored some of its contradictions some time ago:
Right Wing Christian values are so heartwarming
Unfortunatelly Western christian Lost all Christian values of modesty
This Indian gal should return home 2 India. Sont thibk she has Christian values in her.
'Western values' are the flagrantly anti-Christian and atheist values of ZOG
All Orthodox know exactly the ravages of anti-Christian 'Western values', it is why we stand firmly opposed to them and…
The biggest party is the DUP which is a christian party with christian values. You not be voting for DUP?.
This was an intentional insult on American men then the Confederate flag, 640,000 blacks & whites died for, wake up.
Phrases like "we are a Christian country, with Christian values". Christian values! Really?
Lutheran pastor says Jews to blame for destroying Christian values after US approves *** marriage — The Jerusalem…
sad to see you support trump K9. Esp when so much is on the line for Christian values. Courts etc
I got a lot of nice things. Things that would contribute to my neo conservative fundamental Christian values
Is it actually possible to have Christian values and still vote Conservative?
Really & are these your Christian values? Keep UK people in poorly educated poverty & poor health?
You have a problem with Christians. We were founded on Judeo-Christian values. Drudge is as useless as Breitbart and FoxNews
Interview with Dan Wolfe. Faith Music Radio. 1180 and 1380. Restore faith and Christian values…
.The Lie "anti heterosexual & Christian Family Values behavior" doesn't exist coz they tell you so!
The Proverbs 31 woman shows us we can be successful living our Christian values in all areas of life.
What happens to burned refugees under the care of "Judeo-Christian values" Australian govt htt…
Trump has his finger of the pulse of society! He is supporting a return to Christian values because with it...
Cruz should quit politics & return to his family's roots of preaching fascist & elitist hate under the guise of christian values.
While is out there fighting for the preservation of our country and Christian values. (cont)
It takes one to know one "A christian with moral values from Gods words and uses the constitution as his...
I don't see how any of my fellow Christians can support Donald Trump who is anti-Christian values.
Christian values??? Sir, search yourself for a relationship with Jesus.
Styles and his Christian values are going to cost him
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Incredible...and they say he has Christian values...Oh my God!
Christian Values - not invented Values..Easy to spot the difference.
Did Cruz get his joke about murdering Trump with his car from Glenn Beck? The stabbing wouldn't stop! Christian Values?
Indeed; note that Floyd is represented by Mike Moye, who is known for being a Christian Values player agent.
, how do your 'Christian Values' sit with exempting the casinos?
If u don't want your taxes going 2 help poor, then STOP saying u want a country based on Christian Values, because u don't! - John Fugelsang
My parents go to a Wesleyan Church. This statement is far from surprising. Hate disguised as "Christian Values".
How much Islamic funding is there to the Democratic Party for elections and to ban Christian Values in America?
VIDEO - Why Are We Giving Away Our Judeo-Christian Values for the Sake of Political Correctness?
If you work in/with schools in Scotland, check out the resources on the new Christian Values in Education site
Look, deadline day is stressful. I remember Glenn Hoddle kept going on about 'Christian Values' – I spent the whole day…
When Faux Republican Elite say they support Family-Christian Values-its a lie.They have been in bed with Saudi Arabia for decades.Shameful
Party of Life (TM)! Christian Values (TM)! More like Christian Sharia under the American Taliban.
Look what has done to our great Country,Marginalized Its NORMAL Citizens, Demonized Judeo, Christian Values, &American exceptionalism
# KBN Kingdom business network. Building businesses that have Christian values as foundation.
okay then, looking at British history christian wear so a habit would be held higher in British values than a hijab.
So relieved to find out the Wendy's "we uphold Christian values" statement isn't meant in the "polite bigotry code" way.
America is not a Christian nation born on Christian values
The light university christian counseling can help you grow as a christian and develop your core values too!
Wow the bight lights of the Christian Family Values crowd have moved from Sara Palin.
Xtian Family Values are apparently firing unwed pregnant moms, leaving them without income when they need it most.
I see the entertainment value in I see REAL values in -Family Values, Christian values, American values.
Oh, and 3) Christian values. Two drinks on Christian values.
.Since you know this so well - where in the constitution does it say that USA is built on Christian values?
'Christian values, God above all, Pabebe to the max heehee'. SWIPE RIGHT
BTW, Latino Family Values are more grounded in Christian values than most.
was founded 5/15/1851 on the values of Christian womanhood.
For a Christian institute this is bad for they do not follow constitution whats next Muslim values
Christian private school doesn't provide a better education necessarily just because it follows your values.
You get Christian values and Bible scriptures tatted on you but live the opposite lifestyle
WREN'S NEST "Characters are woven into a suspenseful story with Christian values."
oh u mean the "abstinence queen" that keeps popping out illegimate kids ? Now that's some Christian Family Values
The Left fear him because he speaks out his Christian Values, Family Values and Patriotic Values.
uh spoke your Christian values, wait to get bashed for it by all the "tolerant" non-Christians..
"What would the American culture wars look like if they were less about “values” and more about Jesus?"
Even though I am an atheist I still believe in the Christian values of this country. Islam is NOT part of that!
Yes, but our western civilization is founded on biblical Christian values of freedom and free will.
American started out on Christian values, then evil men began to take control. Now look at us! We need to put...
Mr Cameron, please remember your 'Christian values' when dealing with the Chinese government.
republican-small government, fiscal and personal responsibility, Christian values, and rooted in the Constitution. Ronald Reagan.
And yet they embraced Christian sensibilities, respect for life, and Enlightenment values.
Who wants to take a selfie with a Christian Family Values anti *** activist?
It shows their Hidden Values which they describe as Christian. It Stinks!!
It’s strange to ask non-Christians to hold Christian values. Why should we expect non-Christians to behave like Christians?
We must affirm that Christian values are the ones that promote the highest forms of freedom, liberty, and human flourishing.
domain names
Russian President Vladimir Putin Rebukes U.S. for Abandoning God and Christian Values by Promoting *** via
Proud to continue supporting the strong Christian Values at Hargrave Military Academy.
Putin: America is Godless, has turned away from Christian Values.
Personally I believe The Republicans and Democrats doesn't line up with Christian Values
Never trim your Christian Values or principles to please others. Walk with God through thick and thin. Gud morning...
Pope Francis, Gov Perry & Attorney General Greg Abbott only Talk the Talk on Christian Values, for Texas Votes !
Not that it matters, but I was told recently that despite all the good things I had done for my son, he deserved a real family, so he could learn "traditional Christian values." My response: "It's a shame you didn't learn any." "You need to read your bible!" "Oh, I have. More than once." Followed by my extended quotations of those parts of the bible where Jesus exhorted people not to be hypocrites, not to judge others, not to parade their faith loudly in the streets, and especially that part about "let him without sin cast the first stone." And that was just the warmup. Jesus' teachings were profound. More people should follow them. Especially those who call themselves Christian.
Mormon church is trying to restore ban on marriage equality. Great Christian Family Values there, folks.
Unless a nation adopts Christian theocracy (none have) believers seek to influence laws 2 R values but NOT direct Bible application by gov't
This is a page for all in our community to show our love and appreciation for Burt's Pumpkin Farm and the entire Burt Family, the epitome of the hard working, honest, Christian values that have helped make our county and community so great. This is to support a family who have invested their lives in making an honest living farming the land, and who have opened their beautiful property up to families across our state and nation to enjoy the beauty of Dawson County and the North Georgia mountains each Fall. Please share and promote this page to help show our communities support for this great local business and family!
I was challenged by my sister, Joan Patino to list things for which I am grateful. Day 1 1) I am grateful that I had great parents who taught us good Christian values which have guided me through life. We were taught to love one another as siblings, and to look out for each other. We still do! 2) I am grateful for my husband, Jim Cooney. I actually tried to " fix him up" with my sister, Kathy, but he only had eyes for me. We've been married for 39 years now. I love him more than ever! 3) I am grateful for the sons who blessed my life. I love Chris and Jon very much, as well as Kevin, my little angel in heaven. They were my little men when Jim was away with the Marines, and I am very proud of my grown men.
A-O-K! Rt-Now- it IS the right time to pray for Judeo-Christian Values- !
I live by Judeo-Christian values. I've never been with a prostitute and I don't support drug use. Am I bad Libertarian?
Bob's "Christian Family Values" say it's the wife's duty to take the fall for her low life husband.
This is a country founded on Judeo-christian values. Protecting those same values and our freedom is not a contradiction.
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I'm an upstanding Christian citizen with high moral values, I won't apologize.
Christian values might be the hardest/worst class ever 😩
Our values are increasingly rejected, die around the world, plays golf...yet some st…
When voting or being involved with politics, one should keep in mind and vote in accordance their Christian values
Ukip's claim they represent Judeo-Christian values makes me laugh. . They've obviously never heard of "you were once an alien in Egypt".
Marlon Brando and Al Pacino redefine "Family Values" in a way Christian Coalition would not appreciate.
'Family Values' Means Very Different Things for Men and Women in the Christian Right Hierarchy | Alternet
God values Christian character, which shines in positive, outward conduct. Fashion your heart after Jesus!
It really depends on how charitable the church is and how closely it follows Christian values? Your rules.
With the growing number of cynics attacking traditional Christian and Islamic values , I can't imagine world...
Wait... doesn't this contradict their christian values on chastity and shame? Oh wait, religion/contradiction.
Further proof that can't grasp history is that they deny the USA is founded on values despite the overwhelming facts.
no promises;P. Lol jk. And I just realized we are in the same Christian values class online!!
I've been Anglican since I was baptised by my family to bring me up in a Christian set of values. I wouldn't give nothing for my journey
Rai: Christian politicians should act on biblical values
Doesn't have the values of an American Christian President
I don't care of the Judeo Christian values on this matter. They are perverse and based on fairytales.
You know what's hard? Having your beliefs and values not taken seriously because you are NOT a Christian
Decline in Christian values fueling ISIS recruiting?
I think when people say that, they are referencing that the nation building documents are written based on Judeo-Christian Values
What are good values for a christian to keep in mind?
"Have you accepted Christ as your personal savior" enables him to replace Christian values with his own personal agenda.
"God's Not Dead": this is a very good and uplifting movie demonstrating Christian values and principles. A MUST SEE movie to all Christian!
was a man of kindess & conviction. I greatly admired his ability to express with integrity his Labour values& Christian faith RIP
Leftism seeks to undo most of the values that are distinct to Judeo-Christian religion.
My Wish List for our Beloved Nation is an orderly Military Coup to operate our Government for a period of six to twelve months until they complete a proper investigation of the current criminal activities! During this period New Elections must be organized and held within the states in conformity to our Constitution, and with ground rules as per Exhibit A and B, attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. In doing this establish that we are a Christian Nation founded on Christian Values based on the Bible, with liberty and justice for all! ESTABLISH THE GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC! Reverse all forced retirements (removals) within our military that have occurred under this Illegal President Barrack Hussein Obama! Discharge all members of the United States Military who are NOT United States Citizens with NO exceptions! Call to Active Duty, ALL of our National Guard! Restore our Constitution and the Republic of the United States of America in conformity with the Original Plan! Remove all Amend ...
Sorry, AD Jay Jacobs discussing integrity, honesty, and Christian Values w/in their Ath. Dept. during this radio interview is laughable.
I shouldn't listen to a recommendation from Glenn Hoddle. He used to waffle on about "Christian Values" - I spent weeks trying to scout him.
QUESTION: I do not want to bring any bodies religion into disrepute BUT I want to know from you: "What is the difference between good Christian Values and Morals and good Human Values and Morals?
Am I honoring the Father with my time, possessions, health, money & career? Am I growing in these skills?
the USA is a christian country built on judeo christian values!
Imagine life in the Morrison household. Thank God he is a Christian with Christian values
If it is the will of God we must bring Christian values back to government California write in Governor Elect Kenneth W Gauthier vote support and spread the word lets make history now family
Struggling with the demos and the repubs.not sure I can trust anyone w/ all their agendas. Disappointed w/ the lack of ethical politics of the repubs this year, but not confident the issues the demos would push forward using similar tactics wouldn't even be worse. So many issues. I do hope the repubs stop bashing KS schools which are mostly rural and stop treating us like we are schools in Chicago. Cmon Repubs. Win me back. We MUST be PARTISAN both demo and repub. I do pray all w/in the house will follow or acquire the fundamental Christian values necessary to keep us blessed. (I'm sure the last part sent a few over the top, but that's my wish.)
employees can choose to work somewhere else... its a family run business based on Christian values Bless America!
So says fake Christian with an agenda. Reassess your religious values for now you have none.
'Let's model democratic values right now'
no not stuck on the 1900's but I am an adult that takes my Christian values serious,like she claims 2b.u Have a diff opinion idc
K. Now, back to my Christian values. Ladies, gents KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED. 🚨🚨🚨
No Christian would screw over a family by blocking and Veterans Benefits like the GOP-Tea Party of fake Family Values
Classy. Is that your Family Values? How about you let everyone control their own bodies and mind ...
"employees— question the company’s public claims when it comes to protecting life & operating business w Christian values.
“Just think about it for a sec So standing up for Christian values is now the same as rasicm?
"Trashcan abuse values?" That's a new one. Is that directed towards 'Christian values' in general or something?
your absence of Christian values is showing. Bad boy, bad bad boy. Were you beaten too much as a child with the fear of god?
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New Allegations Against Hobby Lobby Emerge... And this is news? Who actually believes they have Christian values?
Have whatever opinion you want, but stop pretending you're all about "Christian values" when you want to deny help to refugee children ok? 💁
Notice that I haven't stooped to the kind of ugly personal attacks you have. My Christian values prohibit it.
Spanking for Jesus’ movement lets God-fearing husbands feel good about punishing their wives | The Raw Story VALUES?
memes go against the good Christian values that good moms value so much. Also, choosy moms choose JIF.
the constitution was based on Christian values. Destroy Christianity and the constitution fails. Then marshal law follows
THAT is what's wrong with America. We were founded on Christian values n the atheist want 2 remove the cross, that stands 4 so much.
Thx, Amy & Doug! I'm so glad 2 b part of a program that espouses Christian values!
None if our Founders were Muslim.. None attended Mosques. Most were Christian.. Christian values are invoked in Constitution..
I agree with lots of those values. How do you figure they're Did you find them in the
the Christian girl didn't compromise her values or beliefs and it really shows how love can change people for the better
The Benefits of Christian Stories For Kids: Christian values in short fairy tales or realistic stories (Christian...
Starting about the evangelical campaign to import American Christian Right values.Follow on Netflix!
The good Christian values of is the reason why will never be on my kid's college list.
OMG I remember the church supporting his Christian values... oh forgot that was until became an ***
Villages are for *** Good neighbors, values and speaking in school is how this country got started.
I'm the only one in my class who seems to have Christian values. Great.
5 star review of "A great book for married couples which draws upon your Christian values and...
There's some Family Values for you. - Kiera
Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet: Hobby Lobby, champion of Christian values and opponent of birth control, allegedly...
Joe Bowman Mar 30 Why GOP can't use the term "Christian Values".
“Mystery, suspense, love and Christian values.” FOREWARNED *SALE*
America was founded on Judeo-Christian values. It doesn't fit your world view, but that's the truth.
those whom don't respect this great country, it's Judeo-Christian values and principles, don't deserve to live here, period.
because of his Christian and moral beliefs; his willingness to stand up for those values and make the r…
Building your family on Christian values and principles
So We do have new openness in the bestiality is in, and conservative christian values are out
Values R what R held personally behind our reasoning causing how we act. You cannot say the founders values werent Christian.
If only! Im tired of them trying to convince me that the US wasnt founded on Christian values.
We'll win because whether libs like it or not, the US was founded by Christians on Christian beliefs and values.
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..but he made sure that we, our family, were grounded in Christian and Family Values.
how can they hold "Christian values" when the party typically does not believe in federal benefits to help those in need?
I believe the term was given by the fact that conservatives generally hold traditional "Christian" values
A new Independence Day mini movie showing how our nation was built on Christian values!
The right has gone away from some of its Christian values ?
being a values voter and smiling at John Waters are mutually exclusive.
As for the study..proves nothing except Western countries don't have Christian values & Muslim ones don't have Islamic ones
Thanks for protecting Christian values. My question is why only Christian values? Just curious...
AMEN to that,Yet you hear nothing about it or anything done about it.Its shameful considering this Country was built on Christian values
Hey Joe, tell us all abt that dead intern ... Then tell us abt ur solid christian values
Brat shows GOP how to win. Get out of weeds, run on BIG issues: Free markets, Judeo-Christian values, Individual liberty, Lmtd govt
Am I alone in hearing privilege theory and have it completely cohere with my Christian up-bringing/values? Kind of silly.
I don't vote republican, democrat or Independent. I vote for Christian & Family Values. My friend…
Being more open about my doubts, break from evangelicalism, and conservative Christian values is really, really scary.
Vote because of the strong Conservative and Christian values he will bring to the U.S. Senate!
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I'm an atheist but protect Christian values, they're British
sarcastic questions are still taunting- gives nut the nut bags fuel for "built on Christian values"
Thrill of the ride.. Christian values in Suspense novel
We need men & women who place moral and Christian values above just winning.
Every child should be raised with good Christian values - God willing. .
GOP policies do not fit "true" Christian values preached by Jesus for he would admonish t money changers &help t least among us
After considering all of the factors in who I want to represent my values in Washington, the following is why I chose Tom Carter and Chris McDaniel. I have a simple criteria for choosing a ruler. I call it the three Cs. 1) Christian Values. 2) Constitutional Integrity. 3) Conservative Family Values Each of these men gave me the opportunity to sit down and talk seriously about who they really are as individuals. I asked them "what is the single most important issue in your life as an individual?" Without hesitation, both looked me in the eye and said, "Jesus Christ." "Without my faith I am nothing." Concerning the Constitution, both men stated their uncompromising belief that our constitutions, state and federal, were THE law of the land. They would stand, no matter what, to protect the integrity and authority of those documents. Both men stated their personal reason for running for office was to insure the future for their children. If America does not reverse its course now, there will be no nation ...
I am so happy today, it was a wonderful day all day long. I have a preacher friend who says "Every day is a good day, if you know The Lord." I must concur with him on this point. Now to recap my day. St. Mark AME Church of Tuscaloosa, AL, Rev. Bruce W. Hunter - Pastor - the worship experience was "off the chain" this mrorning. We observed Missionary Day. We are still trying to put the pieces back together. The music ministry was "fire" this morning. Our very special guest was the renown Best Selling Author Ms. Vanessa Davis Griggs. The theme was "Can We Talk: Conquering Life's Circumstances Equipped with Christian Values". Ms. Vanessa Davis Griggs challenged us with a dynamic inspirational message from Romans 8:31 "It's Already a Fixed Fight - to God be the Glory". Points: We are more than conquerors, we have Jesus who came down from heaven. He was rich , but became poor. Jesus came down in His earthly suit, walked on earth, dealt with the things that we would have to deal with. There was sin, but He paid ...
I challenge Uhuru kenyatta and DP william Ruto to show their Christian Values to the Kenyan people by making sure all can afford food in our country .Right to life .Wakristo wa Mdomo .
Well, well, all those Christian Values conservatives should be a little shocked at a 'foul-mouthed' lady Governor. They will deny it.
It's just one more way that the GOP exposes it's own Hypocrisy. Family Values, Christian Values merely GOP Brands.
Hobby Lobby does business with China, and China has forced abortions - Our pray our Supreme Court sees through these fraudulent "Christian Values."
EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN... Here we are in the midst of our national discussion concerning the equal rights and gender equality for all citizens in particular Bahamian Women... We are a country founded on CHRISTIAN VALUES and we are a 96% CHRISTIAN Population… So we can’t run away from the fact that the BIBLE greatly influences ALL that we do including our policy making. “Women were made from the rib of a man. Women were made to be subservient and a help mate to man. Man is the head of the house…” – These along with countless other directives and scripture taken from the Bible clearly state women to be the lesser sex in so many ways… My question is this: Is it possible for us to adhere to our Christian Values and Biblical Foundation whilst still elevating women to a status equal to man??? WOMEN’S EQUALITY and BIBLICAL PRINCIPLE appear to be in direct contradiction of each other… Maybe that’s why we struggle with it so much as country!
Famous Quotes:  I HAVE know no way of judging the future but by the Past. Patrick Henry.  History by apprizing them of the past, will enable them to judge the future.  Thomas Jefferson.  History is Gods Providence in Human affairs.  Daniel Webster.  A nation which does not remember what it was Yesterday. Dose not know what it is Today, nor what it is trying to do.  We are trying to do a futile thing if we don't know where we come from, or what we have been about.   President Woodrow Wilson.  (We have forgotten were we have come from and what American stands for, Christian Values.)      American History Or Today's view of American History; Us Supreme Court is a great example every time you go you are arguing with a the Constitution (Document) which is over 200 years old. One side will say here is what this clause me and the other say's know here's the history of that clause.  The way we View our American History effects the way we live today.  History is very Important an ...
It is sad What President Obama and Sec. of Health & Ins. Kathleen Sebelius is doing to Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of The Poor with this OBAMA-Care - What will you do when they start messing around with your Christian Values and your Freedom
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America Is Godless, Has Turned Away from Christian Values! Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the West, including the United States, for eschewing Christian values and opting instead for a “path to degradation.” READ MORE:
I've come to rescue you. You don't wanna support A&E and their bigotry but are hooked on their shows? No need to fear! Here are some A&E shows and alternatives to said A&E shows on networks that don't profit off racist and homophobic families and give those families a platform for their "Christian Values" (hate and intolerance.) The First 48: Just turn on TruCrime Network and you'll find hours upon hours of programming involving law enforcement trying to solve shocking murders! Why list one specific show on TruCrime? They're all the same! Hoarders: If watching people who just can't help but live in their own filth and squalor is your thing, may I suggest Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC? Same filth and nastiness minus the bigotry and hatred! Intervention: Intervention was actually cancelled but if you're suffering withdrawal from watching junkies, I recommend Celebrity Rehab. It's also been canceled but you can surely find it floating around on VH1 at some point. Why watch anonymous druggies act crazy when y ...
Ok, warning up front: If you're completely over the *** Dynasty Debacle, move on. Ralph Reed (hold, I'm squelching a vomit response) was on Anderson 360 tonight, talking about Phil Robertson. He asserts that people tune in to the show to hear Robertson's Christian values and because of his faith. Here's a bulletin for you, Ralphie-poo: People tune in to that show TO MAKE FUN OF REDNECKS! And if we accept what Robertson says about "Christian Values", then we all need to take another look at the life of Jesus.
MERRY CHRISTMAS FACTS ! Pope Paul VI, of venerable memory, began the tradition of setting up a massive Christmas Tree beside the grand crib in St Peter's Square, a gift each year from a different nation. Referring to St Boniface's words, we can conclude that the great tree lit by numerous tiny lights can symbolize many Christian Values. Legend holds that St. Boniface was the first to co-opt the tradition for Christianity in the 8 century. He was attempting to convert the Druids who worshipped oak trees as the symbol of their idol. He instead offered the balsam fir tree, using its triangular shape to describe the TRINITY , and the fact that his evergreen boughs pointed to Heaven, as a Symbol of GOD.
*** poor regulation. How about returning to traditional Christian values and making usury illegal?
I think Christianity- to prevail- will need to revert to the actual Christian values. I don't recall him "judging" others- was big about NOT
The funniest thing about This Is The End is that it addresses Christian values but half of the leading casts are jew.
They know my flaws and accept them. They judge me for who I am, not who I was. Show real christian values by helping me through addiction.
you call them right wing conservative because of their Christian values?
Yes, and that is the first place I go to gain wisdom regarding Christian values -
And there it is folks, Christian values at work.
So Rihanna has a new video out - Just more degeneracy and ignoring traditional Christian values.
Despite bio about "fighting against anti-Christian" values he falls at the first hurdle when challenged by an atheist
Tas Christians need to wake up. A vote for the Libs is not in accordance with life or Christian values. Will&Jeremy support human sacrifice!
Some day when I have children I want them to have Christian values, No Abortions, Immoral behavior, live out of wedlock, love for others.
Vote conservative and uphold true Christian values.
I mean thats cool and all but im trying to practice Christian values sooo I can have A drink cant get drunk
I wonder where "Christian values" went when politicians forgot about the Christian call to serve the poor?
I heard you promote Christian values so you don't sell to Jews...didn't realize Christian values meant ant-isemitism.
Adam Ackley said he is being asked to leave APU for "violating Christian values.".
I'm going for good wholesome Christian values! :D... :)... :|
Trying to implement fundamental Christian values seems pretty peaceful to me.
He's right that if ur Christian you should follow Christian values.Not b a moron and say ur Christian and believe what u like
Thought might interest you - the Mail, Miliband and 'Christian values' (whoops they've done a heresy)
Putin just wants Russia to follow traditional Christian values. Seems pretty peaceful to me.
"new family first senator: no minimum wage, no unfair dismissal, no awards." So much 4 christian values hey!
Inspiration Academy is committed to providing a total sports experience inspired by Christian values.
MT - M/Thatcher was a charismatic,powerful leader with Christian values at heart. I wish her policies had reflected this more!
My take on Miliband and the Daily Mail - the champion of 'Christian values' committed heresy in that piece
Circle of Care: compassionate care based on Christian values. Call for more information today!...
If you think cutting off funding for govt. welfare programs is apart of Christian Values you're probably an ***
I personally despise the fact that “Judeo-Christian values” has become synonymous with “hate anyone not Judeo-Christian.”
Christian values may be the death of me 😤👎😴
Corn Flakes were invented to try and prevent onanists under Judeo-Christian values.
Rihanna just... I can't... My Christian values made me stop watching within the first 30 seconds..!
Violating 'Christian Values?' What Did Jesus Say?: I have recently been informed that I am ...
yes! Under Obamacare they have to provide free Plan B to their employees & Hob Lob says it goes against their Christian values
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