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Christian Troy

Dr. Christian Troy is a fictional character played by Julian McMahon on the FX Networks series Nip/Tuck.

Christian Grey Julian McMahon Golden Globe

"Not everyone is lucky enough to find a woman who can get them hard physically and mentally, Sean." (Christian Troy)
Young Fly & Saved at our Christian Education Congress at Troy State University!from ATL
God, grant me the serenity to yell at immigrant children, the courage to still say I'm a Christian, and the ignorance …
Watching The Matrix in Christian heritage class. Awesome day
"Don't take any crap off anyone. You're better than that. But, try to be good to people." (Christian Troy)
I'm so Terrell Texas I remember getting the lil debbie cakes for snack time w Troy JohnsonJr at Terrell Christian academy
Iran: Five men flogged and one Christian 'burnt on lips' for eating during Ramadan
Backlash to the Slate article about Upstate Girls (Troy, NY) photo series (Slate article
Nothing left for Mosul Christians but the sword via
Troy Church Offering Rewards for Information on Recent Crimes: Victory Christian Church is offering a $1,000 r...
In the West religion is only a valid identity for Muslims. Christian minorities in the Middle East can drop dead
So needs help finding Troy Lyons who escaped over the wknd from Christian Co. Call 1-800-222-5
Important statement by about the exodus of Christians from Mosul, Iraq
Doing a shout out to our Intermountain Christian school friends! Troy and Alek just sent off international...
DC Men's soccer beat Troy Christian in PK's Michael Orme with huge saves in PK's
Check out what we learned from God's Word at Harvester Christian Church Troy Campus!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Southern Christian boys. Want you all to come troy il. Need some help here James Merrell (rainbow)
10 minutes. Strictly missionary. Don't look me in the eyes. - Christian Troy
oh and I’m trying to find multiple articles. Can’t get past Christian news and right wing sources.
like that city in Oklahoma. They allow religious statues in city hall, but ban religions that aren’t Christian. Makes no sense.
Got a picture with Troy after the play! Great job, Christian! 😊
Drake looks like he's performing at a Christian summer camp
DC Men's Soccer plays Troy Christian in 1st round of the finals at the Yellow Spring HS Tournament - come support us noon @ field 1
SYC 2 suffers a 2-0 loss to Troy Christian and SYC 1 loses 1-0 to Fairborn. More games tomorrow
are you watching Rush on USA? Dr William Rush is the new Dr Christian Troy! As much as I miss Nip Tuck, Rush is helping!
Christian community in Mosel was given ultimatum by Sunni rebels to convert to Islam, flee or die via
PT more pictures of the Christian families fleeing Mosel due the ultimatum given by Islamists.
saw Troy Brown and Christian Fauria at patriot place today
Hey, got a question. Would you like to work at a Christian camp for a couple of weeks before you go to Troy?
Anyone thats tryna play some soccer come out to troy christian asap
I wouldn't say that. Troy Aikman was cold. As was Joe Montana and Dan Marino.
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"i made you see God every time you came." CHRISTIAN TROY❤️
Church humor is lame to me. I'm sorry. I want no parts of your church comedy show. Or Christian comedians or none of that. I'm not sorry.
The doctor on Royal Pains is a knockoff Christian Troy of Nip/Tuck which means I'm only half in love with him.
Troy wanted to kill Christian Friedrich on Saturday for walking slowly while Segura was stealing home in that 3 run wild-pitch.
Just had a shot of wheatgrass following footsteps of Dr Christian Troy of Nip Tuck who I consider a personal hero
If my new neurologist looks like Dr. Christian Troy, I'm going to consider my appointment on Wednesday a slam dunk.
Pity I'll never read 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'. Yet I still maintain Christian Grey is an amateur compared to Christian Troy (nip/tuck)
troy I gave that life up I have no *** I'm a reborn Christian now
Big day tomorrow! A junior high game at Troy Christian then to Troy for a pair of varsity summer league games. Games at Troy start
In '06, I was 1 of 2 Americans in a British pub in Troy when Christian Ronaldo beat England in PKs. My experience doesn't prove him a choker
Troyis taking ur CD sample and or votes for BET Christian Music Awards recipients
Oh Tim, that was gorgeous. 😍 reminded me of the Troy Christian tournament game.
I guess sakal is the new ad at troy Christian
Working 9-Cl at Williams tonight. Gonna crank a little Sister Christian to get me in the right state of mind to get ready to rock!
really?? just Christian and Troy were with me, wrud in CG?!
PARRISH 1961 Troy Donohue. Parrish, now there's a christian name which didn't catch on. In today's world it sounds pretty normal.
JV gals: 830am tomorrow @ Troy Christian for our shootout! Time to show Coach what you're made of!
It was a blast coaching the future of the program this afternoon. Can't wait for the junior high summer league @ Troy Christian next week!
Former Troy athletic director Jeff Sakal has accepted the athletic director position at Troy Christian. See Sunday's TDN for f…
Christian Troy is the best T.V character there is.
You know, until Dr Christian Troy, I'd never actually had occasion to use the word "rake" to describe someone.
Abilene Christian University Athletics - ACU game vs. Troy to be broadccast on ESPN3, other ACU football notes
you're a veterinary version of Christian Troy off Nip/Tuck
Christian was teaching him, troy tapped out
It's almost tasting time! Stop by from 5:30-7pm to taste some awesome Adriatic wines with Christian Troy,...
If there was only 1 TV doctor you could work for in real life, who would it be?. o Christian Troy, Nip/Tuck. o...
this passage is the most concerning. His nip-tuck work reminds me of Christian Troy
Hey Nashville! We have an awesome free tasting tomorrow night, from 5:30-7pm, with Christian Troy of Indie...
New addition to the King Family my Nephew "Troy Christian King" same middle name as me taren_king
the girlfriend I can handle - it's my girlfriend's girlfriend that wears me out. --Christian Troy
that's not the Christian Troy I know.
Well, when I tell you the name I picked, I think you'll change your mind. CHRISTIAN TROY!
I have sex with me Christian Troy pls
Troy Christian Elementary in Troy, OH. We handed out attaways at our awards assembly.
This is my boy, Christian Troy. The coolest pet I've ever had.
Happy birthday hope troy got you something nice:)
I am so head over heels for Christian Troy 😫💞
Hope you all like this video of Troy, Isaac, Christian and I performing my original song "Hold Me Down". If you...
Christian Troy was my favorite character in nip/tuck .
Why is there a Troy Christian student in my house...I do not approve
wasn't put on terror list coz they oppose 'Christian' government of Nigeria. It is supposedbto have created BH thru oppression
There is Troy Baker and Nolan North. Story is by RDR writer Christian Cantamessa, and music is by BS: Infinite composer Garry Schyman.
On youth Sundays, the 68-year-old Christian education minister wears his taxis/Jordans.
Pakistan: 5 Christian families are freed after >20 years of slavery by a brick kiln owner
Learning to trust God is the biggest step a Christian can take in his/her journey in Faith
finally got through watching all of Nip/Tuck, very sad its over, going to miss Christian Troy most of all :(
wow I was just talking about that the other day, Christian Troy was my boy
I know! I'm just on season 4 and debating going on.. Christian Troy is seriously disgusting. And so much adultery! 😳
Wish i had people there for me. Saying you are doesnt count if your not. Christian & Troy are about all I have. Its sad :'( & hard.
Christian Cullen & Josh Kronfeld could also be in that line up
I'm so glad to be going to the same school with some of the guys i grew up with that went to Troy Christian all these years.
Im a Christian and I don't down anyone for their belief
The team of Thomas Gales, Christian Wittendorf, Nate Ohlson and Zach Oakley win the 4x400!
I love me some Christian Troy!!! I cried when I was done watching, I didn't know what to so with myself after!!
If you watch Nip/Tuck you have to love the way Christian Troy says "sweetheart"
No I'm not talking about Christian Grey because I hope to God no man is like that, I'm talking more Troy Bolton/Finn Hudson.
The more and more I watch Nip Tuck the more and more I hate Christian Troy :) The persona he plays makes me sick to my stomach.
Heading to Macau... (with Christian, Troy Jefferson, and 3 others at Turbojet Super Class Lounge) —
The role of Dr. Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck was written by Ryan Murphy for Rob Lowe. Coming off the mega hit West Wing, and Murphy being an unknown, the agents never even gave Lowe the script.
I cannot unsee Christian Troy as Doctor Doom, though.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Christian Julius Troy & Mike , those are my blood brothers 😘
Kant is overrated. He was basically a christian fundamentalist ideologue, and extremely dangerous
Liburaannn... (with Christian, Troy Jefferson, and 4 others at Garuda Indonesia Executive Lounge) —
HKG.(with Christian, Troy Jefferson, and 2 others at Garuda Indonesia Executive Lounge) —
let me be the annoying, disgusting, egotistical, stubborn Christian Troy to ur Sean McNamara 💝
How I feel when a dog dies in a movie w/ Christian DelGrosso 😢😂😂😭
If we ever work together the world must view us as Dr Christian Troy and Dr Sean McNamara
Christian,Hindu girls being kidnapped,raped,forced to convert to Islam & then ''married'' off to their Muslim rapists …
Reggie put me on it last year. Finished all the seasons in 2 weeks. Christian Troy the GOAT
"When I first became a Christian, about fourteen years ago, I thought that I could do it on my own, by..."
Troy your an awesome Christian, god bless
How many of you know played basketball on 2nd street in Troy, NY for Redemption Christian Academy!
And this guy happens to look like Christian Troy so I don't mind that face at all. 😍
Prayer Starter: God, You alone are my strength. I won’t let Satan make me a weary Christian, but I’ll remain strong in my intimacy with You.
Watching Christian Troy lose his son Wilber in the second season is so heart breaking
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I wish nip/tuck was real and I was married to Dr. Christian Troy
I can't decide which character I hate to love more.. Christian Troy or Don Draper
your Troy Christian friends always stalk my insta👀
If I had a dollar for every time I am compared to Nip/Tuck's Christian Troy...
ITS SO FRICKEN GOOD you're missin out on Dr Christian Troy he's so beautimous
I'll probably live a Christian Troy lifestyle.
Sweet baby Jesus Christian Troy from nip tuck is the original Christian Grey. How am I just now seeing this?!
I just wanna be Christian Troy when I grow up
Judah with the Troy Christian Junior High Choir as they warm up before the OMEA Competition. No pics…
I'm also a Christian, we do mess up. That is why God loves us and forgives us X
We left twelve hours ago for Troy Christian's prom and we're just now getting home.
I imagine Troy Christian as a place of miracles and rap battles.
Like who has sex in a tanning bed, Christian troy does
God Father Gil Brandt has Tom Savage pegged top Rd 2? Why? Better than Christian Ponder immediately & reminds Norv Turner of Troy Aikman
Dr. Christian Troy and me backstage at He was nice and And
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"When you stop striving for perfection you might as well be dead" - Christian Troy
Troy can't go so Adam, Christian mike and me?
Mike Williams Football player Michael Troy Williams is an American football wide receiver who last played for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. Williams played college football for the University of Southern California, and received All-American recognition. - Dr. Christian Troy is a character played by Julian McMahon on the FX Networks series Nip/Tuck. The show revolves around McNamara/Troy, the plastic surgery practice he runs with his business partner and best friend, Sean McNamara. - Julian McMahon Actor Julian Dana William McMahon is an Australian actor and former fashion model. He is best known for his portrayal of a womanizing plastic surgeon Christian Troy on the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning TV show Nip/Tuck. Born: July 27, 1968 (age 45), Sydney, Australia Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m) Spouse: Brooke Burns (m. 1999–2001), Dannii Minogue (m. 1994–1995) Children: Madison Elizabeth McMahon Siblings: Deborah McMahon, Melinda McMahon
I just want to live a life style like Dr. Christian Troy from the show 'Nip/Tuck'
page three of my final paper Who holds that kind of power? Who can stop the clock of aging and poor diet choices with no exercise? Who can mold and sculpt your body, your image, into someone that truly looks like the stars we all watch on television. Why plastic surgeons of course. These medical doctors hold the fountain of youth in their very steady hands. That’s where the story behind Nip Tuck begins. It portrays the lives or two very young powerful male plastic surgeons that have life by the throat with the scalpel on the ready. These two young doctors, Sean McNamara and Christian Troy are portrayed by Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon. Both of whom you could guess are the kind of men that have the power to make most women melt. The plot, along with sexual tension between characters, thickens with every passing episode that involves the plastic surgeries of one or more patients. Most of which appear for more popular procedures such as breast lift and nose jobs. The blood and guts don’t stop with just ...
I'm so excited Christian Troy is gonna be back on TV! Wo ***
is it that sad?! Christian Troy is my baby daddy thoo.
OMg ill make babies with you Christian Troy. ***
Those moments when Christian Troy shows how weak and broken he is, oh my god, this is awfully beautiful.
On a serious note ,I wish my doctor looked like Christian Troy
Christian Troy from nip tuck is a god😍😍😍
I just want you to know, I'm glad your happy with who you are, I definitely agree Christian Troy is too shallow!
How has Christian Troy not created his own form of STD
If I could do it all over I'd come back as Christian Troy. Guy is an absolute savage
Dr Christian Troy from "Niptuck". He was paid, smart and had mad girls
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This chick from prison break is the same chick that Christian Troy banged with a bag over her head on Nip/Tuck
Omg there's not much I wouldn't do to be on Christian Troy's lap. 😍😁 Hottest man ever!
If Dr Christian Troy was my doctor lol
Ronnie Banks - LIke I said in the previous post, this woman is...
Photoset: Happy BIrthday to the one of the sexiest women in the world, Jenna Shea. She’s been giving us fans...
You can find me with my butt glued to the couch staring at the TV. I have a date with my boyfriend Christian Troy
Christian Troy can be my doctor anyday
Watching Nip Tick feeling literally mad at Christian Troy. My life is pathetic, I know.
Just wanna live that Christian Troy surgeon life for a tad bit.
dudes! I so I was totally thinking about Dr. Christian Troy the other day! Cray cray!
Christian Troy is so unprofessional; he just pumps burds in his office daily. Have some class.
Dr. Christian Troy can get it alll daaayyy 🙌🙌
Christian Troy is low key sexy and that's probably why I like watching nip tuck so much.
"It's time to go back to the watering hole Hungry Hippo, you are checking out" -Christian Troy (Nip/Tuck S06E08)
Im thinking one last tekila shot before bed :) wrapped in blankie ;) w some christian troy to go along... nitey nite
still can't believe Christian Maldonado for Troy HS pitched a perfect-game with 21 K's today. That means he stuck out EVERY hitter he faced.
Christian Motha-Effin Troy, my friends! (Would've had a better pic, but I freaked out)
Troy senior Christian Maldonado threw a perfect game against Bishop Gibbons today. He struck out every batter he faced.
Oh man.. The things I would do to Christian Troy on Nip/tuck.
Also, Troy's Christian Maldonado pitched a perfect game this afternoon w/ 21 Ks. So we're all at the wrong game right now.
"My man says he likes when I wear a paper bag on my face! He says the paper bag makes me look sexy!" Nip/Tuck Christian Troy
Working today with team from International Christian Assembly Hong Kong to hold a seminar reaching out to the business community
I'm tryna live like Christian Troy man
Troy High's Christian Maldonado pitched a PERFECT game today with - from what I've been told - 21 STRIKEOUTS.
Christian maldonado of troy high just threw a perfect game with 21 strike outs
christian maldonado from troy ny highschool threw a perfect Game with 21 ks
christian maldonado of troy high school just threw a prefect game with 21 strike outs . First time in school history.
Biblical literacy is not to be confused with Christian maturity. (
If you're bored tonight or tomorrow night,feel free to come see me in a musical at Troy Christian.Hit me up for details!
Pretty bummed I can't watch the Troy Christian musical this year
Christian ponder, troy Williamson, Erasmus James, Udeze, Bryant McKinney, and the argument can be made for Percy harvin
Shout out to the Troy Christian musical cast! You guys were great! :D
S/O to and the rest of the Troy Christian musical cast, you guys rocked it! ☺
Oldsmar Christian 2013 6'4 W Troy Blyden has picked up HEAVY interest from North Greenville University.
We just beat XC 16-0 😂😂😂😂 all I can say is Hey Troy Christian bend over cause here it comes! ⚾
Might start watching Nip/Tuck from season 1 again. Dr Christian Troy 😛
5 best looking juniors — Troy, Christian, Max, Matt, and Brendan
About to watch Troy Christian do Beauty and the Beast!
Limestone University came in to watch Oldsmar Christian 6'4 W Troy Blyden and offered him a scholarship.
Troy Daily News A tale as old as time: It's a Disney dream come true for Troy Christian High School senior Han...
2014 SG Troy Holston of Oldsmar Christian (Fl) has new interest from Rhode Island and Marshall, this according to his high school coach.
Oldsmar Christian 2014 6'4 G Troy Holston also has new interest from Rhode Island and Marshall.
Oldsmar Christian 2014 6'4 G Troy Holston has recently picked up interest from Col of Charleston, USF, Western Kentucky, and George Mason.
listening to my new christian tetzlaff mozart violin sonata CD. bliss. and re-balanced hips thanks to troy, bliss
Christian Troy - You know what they say "For every beautiful woman, there's a guy thats tired of screwing her"
I wonder if Christian Grey was in anyway based off of Christian Troy from Nip/Tuck because they have some serious similarities.
Me christian troy and archie hooping on dem ***
Everyone should watch Nip/Tuck. Dr. Christian Troy, you are the man
my school ID picture actually does make me look like troy polamalu and it's sad bc that's what christian and josh call me :(((
When i grow up i wanna be just like Christian Troy from nip/tuck
Ooh, you're a Christian girl and love Jesus so much? Tell me about the time you lost your v-card at the age of 14 while in your period
Interesting how frequently Obama finds himself in the company & friendship of racist, anti-Christian, anti-Americans, if he's not the same!
with the jackpot winners! Feels sub standard winning the quiz, but hey congrats £450
Im pretty much christian troy at this point
I vote Christian Troy from Nip/Tuck to play Christian Grey in 50 Shades 😋😍
More on the SEXY who plays Troy on Season 3 premiere THIS TUE @ 11/10c!!!
Its ok Christian Troy isn't going to die anymore
I get compared to Troy Bolton alot too.
Just because you're atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish etc... doesn't make what someone else believes in wrong.
Embassy Christian Center is not a church. They share a building with Troy University -.-
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Sweden sinks even lower. (No, I didn’t think it was possible either.) Christian converts to be deported back to Iran.
i'm watching that oen show on lifetime.Christian girls mayne.
Christian Troy, so hot!!! no wonder i always get attracted to ***
i dont know but it is entertaining Christian Troy a boss
lol I'm Christian Troy! first of all...and she made a true statement, nothing I can say about that.
Stopped in the dead middle of the road with people behind us to give Troy a donut 😂
Transfer rumours: Ajax confirm Liverpool are keen on Christian Eriksen
"There's no point to any of this. It's just a...a random lottery of meaningless tragedy and a series of near escapes." -Troy Dyer
Liverpool set to bid for Ajax midfielder Christian Eriksen, Arsenal consider move for Sporting Lisbon keeper. Gossip:
Hey Christian, great job on Tuesday's Season 3 Premiere of as Troy!!
There's this patient who looks like a younger hotter version of Christian Troy from nip tuck.
My christian mingle profile ain't were it's happening anymore once I put in my bio that I still listen to Pastor Troy and Plies. Smh.
Redemption Christian Academy moved to a new campus in Boston. They're no longer in Troy, NY.
Donna, just take a pic with me and say you took a pic with Troy Bolton
I want to do a duet with my future girlfriend like Troy and Gabriella. That would be awesome.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Troy Bolton reminds me alot of myself.
I love Troy and Christian. They seem to understand my pain.
Just gonna watch the whole nip tuck series again cuz nothing else is as good and I miss Christian Troy
I have a love/hate relationship with Christian Troy
Sometimes I wonder if my name wasn't Hope ,would Christian and troy would still associate with me?
I want to open an m4m profile on Christian Mingle. Oh wait!
to Newsboys at Zion Christian Church in Troy, MI - Apr 19
Finally going to see my Berklee peeps Tickwanya Jones Christian Mombrú Myles Manning Alex Williams Ray Mceachern Matthew Hines Troy Redd and Paulee Daajion Brown ^__^
Rough Night, Good Show... Hope everyone had a good time and got home safe!!! Thank you everyone! Drew Sykes, Alan Brown and the whole B&G The Freshman crew, Andre Scott and G.M.E., Champagne J Ceo & the whole R.F.N.F.E crew, Saleena Ranay, Troy Flyguy Mitchell, Christian PrettyKrissy Tolbert & all of Fam 4 Life, Tim Beckham, TiGi DymeDivaz & Flyguy Ent, Palermo Stone, and everyone else that came out!
Troy Daily News Keeping the tradition alive: In an interview just after Troy Christian was awarded the runner-...
I need a Christian Troy in my life.
i. need a Christian Troy in my life
In a Nip/Tuck kinda mood .and it just happens to be on!! Yay!! :) oh how I've missed you Christian Troy!! Lol
Dustin like to put is hand in 12 puzzy in try to get puzzy from 12 year olds pants wow low life
"I love you and you know I'm not lying because I'm a Christian."
"Time too twelve step your way outta here". -Christian Troy
This is the tale of an Unsung Hero in Bowling Green Kentucky whose life ultimately ended due to bullying. Brandon Bradshaw (Youth Director for SkyPac) and Tommy Brown got into an altercation that involved road rage. Tommy being a bailiff for Warren County Courts, thought he would use his bullying ways to put and end to Brandon's frustration after Tommy cut him off. Pulling off Tommy flashed his "security officer badge" he shot Brandon three times. Once in the back of the neck/head, and twice in his arm. Brandon fought for his life for days, and today, he could no longer fight. From my Daughter Iris: He is in heaven now, and God is taking great care of him. Brandon changed my life a year ago. I have gone through traumatic bullying the past two years myself and had no self confidence and my self esteem was extremely low. Through the play Robin Hood, Brandon gave me the confidence and the esteem I needed to move on and be strong. Right after the play, I created a Foundation, Puturself N Theirshuz, against bu ...
How low on ammo do you get before you start getting nervous?
WOW what a evening, had supper with Troy, Amy and grandkids, then spent some play time together and then was over joyed to watch Troy baptize Kaylee. I am so proud and happy love my family and Kaylee I love you, my Christian sister also.
I'm a grown man who has 2 kids that I love very much, I oversee all aspects of a multi million dollar property with a crew of 5 that will tell you they wouldn't want to work for anyone else, I have a big heart and try to do the right things for people, I never do anything intentionally to hurt or upset people and I go above and beyond when I start something or put my mind to it. I am happy with who I am and where I am in my life. You can't please everyone and I'm sorry if I have crossed anyone in my life but make no mistake about it, I'm a grown man who will be treated with respect and talked to like a man, not down to like a child. I admit when I'm wrong and apologize sincerely to those who I believe I wronged. If you choose not to accept it, then that's between you and God. Last fall I let God back in my heart and since then I have had peace and happiness. I forgive those that have hurt me and I am trying to learn to be a Christian man for myself, my kids, my friends and most of all, God. I am not perfe ...
Cemeteries are underground cities… In cemeteries, millions lie underground with the earth drawn up over them like a blanket, while we are buried in the paradox of the city and its deafening roar. Cities are wells of death; cities are towers of life… That is why, in The City in History, Lewis Mumford, declares that cities owe their foundation to the dead.   First of all they laid their dead in the earth and then they took the living and laid them on its surface. The transition to a settled way of life was the work of the dead.   Surely cities are the most imposing of the links that man has forged between life and death. By holding fast to the land, working it and reworking it, we have found in cities a magnificent formula for the formation in the honeycombs of space little islands of fierce resistance to time and to the attrition and pulverisation wrought by the passage of time.   In the city, life displays its potential in everything down to the smallest detail, while death is transform ...
So pumped for our Troy Christian wrestling team for winning state!
(Some) Pre-requisites for courting one of my daughters. 1. Be saved, really saved! 2. Have a serious attitude towards the scriptures and a genuine desire to follow the Lord 3. Though there is liberty in certain areas, no sports idolaters or "lovers of the world" need apply. 4. Have the scriptural view of the woman's role, that she is to be a keeper at home and NOT be in the workplace. 5. Believe in modesty for the ladies so much that they would NEVER think it appropriate for a woman to wear bathing suits, pants or shorts. 6. Streetpreaching or being willing to do so is a plus.
Congratulations to our teammate Ty Morgan and his Troy Christian champion wrestling team for bringing home the state championship!
Congratulations to the Troy Christian Wrestling team! 2013 State Champions. This is their 5th Championship in 8 years
Congratulations to Troy Christian High School wrestling team!!! Division III state wrestling champs! Shout out to my sponsor and friend Ty Morgan...the advocare motto is the truth!!! We build Champions!
I just wanted to say congrats to the Troy Christian wrestling team on winning the team championship this year. We sent 6 to state and had 3 wins and 1 3rd place, great season guys.very proud of all of you.
B.J. Toal (182) gave the Troy Christian Eagles wrestling team a third state champion, winning his second straight and joining Jarred Ganger (113) and Garrett Hancock (120) as Troy Christian defeated runner-up Delta 95.5-82.5 to win the Division III state championship as a team.
Troy Christian Eagles state team wrestling champions!
Final Wrestling Update - Congratulations to BJ Toal, State Champion in the weight class. He won his match 3-1. Troy Christian is officially the 2013 Division III State Wrestling Champions! Great job, team!
Baby Troy will soon be welcomed to the Christian world. :)
Congrats! To the Troy Christian Eagles for placing in state in wrestling!! Awesome guys!!!'n
SO to the Troy Christian wrestling team who won state and who placed for Covington!
Troy Christian gets two champions in first 3 classes with 113 lb champ Jarred Ganger in D3
The Troy Christian Eagles wrestling team has clinched the Division III state team championship. Jarred Ganger won an individual title at 113, then Garret Hancock's win at 120 made it mathematically impossible for anyone else to catch them — with defending state champion B.J. Toal's match at 182 still to come.
Happy 8th birthday to handsome little man Christian Troy! I love u so much! Proud to have you as my son since the first day I found out you were a boy and the first day I laid eyes on you 8 years ago! Muah!!!
Take a vaporetto (water bus) ride up the Grand Canal in Venice, from St. Mark's Square to the Piazzale Roma--and do it at 5 times normal speed!
Oceanside Friends...anybody know a good affordable plumber? The rental needs some help. :(
Anyone have a recommendation for a dentist in the Rochester area?
Christian Troy is my future husband.
... I need a Shawn McNamara to my Christian Troy once I FINALLY get this proverbial ball rolling.
Just had a Jehovah's Witness witness to me At a gas station in Houston. I replied and said I believe in heaven I believe in the *** and I believe Jesus is the only way to eternal life. He said yes there is a heaven yes there is a *** and yes Jesus is the only way to heaven. I guess I don't understand the Jehovah's Witness Doctrine. I'll be reading on the way home.
Critical Thinking: The Atheist has a strong and abiding Faith in coincidence; Is this not then their 'religion'? ~benyhvh
Upper Sandusky's Alex Kenner loses to Jordan Marshall of Troy Christian 10-4. Kenner will wrestle in about an hour for fifth and sixth
Conservatives are losing the PR war! Why? Because they are being painted as heartless, greedy, self-righteous hatemongers and it seems we do nothing to fight that image.
Just signed Christian up for SSafgety Town in July. So excited for him to go! I loved it when I was 5, so I'm sure my firefighter/policeman obsessed son will love it too!
We are in need of worship leaders at McKinney Baptist Church. My son Troy Strunk is the pastor of the church. I pray this will also give other Christian s a platform to serve God. Please pass this on to anyone you know that is looking for a church to share the message in worship
Troy Christian tops Yellow Springs in Boys BB action last night by a score of 69-40. They will face Fort Loramie in the District Finals.
Christian de la Torre is hotter than Troy Bolton...
I am not strong the song..I pray daily..I do what I can..maybe I m not doing enough..people mean well with advice.?.sometimes I think f just going to the hospital and getting the standard least most would be paid for..I see why women do the run for the cure..the treatment is barbaric..but they let you eat eat you want..medicate you to death..practically kill you to save your state organization was willing to give me full Medicaid for 5 yrs if I saw her dr..and did the standard care..slash...poison and burn..the alternative centers charge so much..and most coaches etc say don't o this on your own..while still trying to make money to eat a raw diet..and save my life..I can't keep asking mom for help she s limited...I know everyone has problems.Ahh well today is another day on the cancer roller coaster for me..
it was you that got me on it in the lakes.. Cyaaa Christian Grey, Christian Troy is the ultimate!!
Most of the people in Australia without authority enter legally but then stay on after their visa has expired. During 1999-2000, a total of 5,871 people entered Australia illegally. 58,748 entered legally and overstayed their visas.
The ultimate accusation that the devil makes against us is that "we love our own lives". That we are indeed selfish and really care about ourselves more than God and more than our neighbor. Is this true? Most of the stuff Christians pray about are rooted in selfishness. If we would just focus on loving God and loving our neighbor, and trust God to take care of us; most of the things we are praying for would reveal themselves as trivial and insignificant. The Christian life is really simple, but it gets complicated when selfish motivations creep in. Get delivered from YOURSELF so you can love God, and then love your neighbor.Troy Anthony Smith
Church of Christian Compassion in West Philadelphia just got there Pro 2. Installed and Operated by Troy Topinka
Had a ball at big dogs in Cheswick.wit GeRenia Matthews Troy Flyguy Mitchell Christian PrettyKrissy Tolbert...
why are u killing animals to promote your own clothing line??? I thought u were a Christian.
Troy Christian 69 Yellow Springs 40. Sectional Champs. So proud of our players, cheerleaders, student section and fan support
My reply to the tax collector: BOROUGH OF MONT ALTO March 1, 2013 Tax Collector RONALD G. STRITE 317 Park Street Mont, Alto Pa 17237 I received a letter from your office, that I guess is stating a “real estate tax” is owed. I would not know because I have not opened it , nor do I accept it. You, Ronald G. Strite have been served public notice and have defaulted on my affidavit in which reply was granted until January 23, 2013. I gave you 60 days, which was reasonable and sufficient. You have no claims to bring against me or my property. It is my belief you are bringing forth false claims, and are taking part in and committing tax fraud. Are you claiming there is a taxable privilege on this property? I don’t know where you people came up with the idea that I have to obey the town charter, such as participating in the real-estate tax scheme listed in the town charter, this stuff does not apply to me. It is my understanding that this property is owned fee simple absolute according to blacks law dictio ...
I have the great blessing to be the host home for 7 middle school young Christian men for the weekend. Cannot wait to see what God has in store!
Where They've Never Been Before...Grant Zawadzki's 15 points helped Troy Christian past Yellow Springs and on to their first ever appearance in a boys district final on Tuesday. (Press Pros Photos by Sonny Fulks)
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They say God only gives you what he know's you can handle. I think he has over estimated my abilities.
From a concerned parent A friend, Ashley Bushey, messaged me today with this request for some help. What advice would you give her? "Hi Lance, I was wondering if you could help me?? My 9 year old stepdaughter came home from school today with a science paper that she did in class and for the definition of "natural features", her teacher told her to write, "A natural feature is something god made.". My stepdaughter forgot to capitalize the word "god" so her teacher was nice enough to correct that for her. My stepdaughter goes to a PUBLIC school in Muskogee, Ok. What in the world am I or her dad supposed to say about this? I need all the help and advice I can get! My husband and I definitely feel like we need to go to the school to talk about the situation and we will also have a very long talk with my stepdaughter to explain why the situation is so upsetting. She is only in the fourth grade and is very curious about science and how the world works so I'm sure she'll eventually see how ridiculous all religio ...
Ohhh what a day!now gotta try and wind down so i can go 2 sleep gotta wrk in the morning.
I think I'm done talking to other atheists about religion. I've lost as much respect for atheism as I ever care to lose.
Wrestling Update - Troy Christian is currently in 1st place in the team standings! (Delta and DC are 13 & 13.5 points behind right now.) Jarred Ganger (Garrett Hancock (and BJ Toal (all won their semi-final matches, Toal by a tech fall. They will be in the finals tomorrow night. Jordan Marshall (lost a close match to an undefeated opponent in the semi-finals and will wrestle tomorrow morning in the consolation bracket. Keep praying for these young men as they push toward the finals!
My friend Aj Wilson just saved my life.. U never know what u got till its gone
YS falls to Troy Christian in sectional title game Yellow Springs coach Brad Newsome doesn’t have to look far to console himself after Friday’s loss. “That’s how it goes sometimes in high school basketball,” he said. “As bad as we feel about tonight, I can go home at look at the newspaper and see how Alter beat (No. 1 in the state) Thurgood Marshall Thursday night.” There was no upset to be had for the Bulldogs, though. Christian Salazar and Grant Zawadzki each had double-doubles, Holden Varvel added another 15 points and the second-seeded Troy Christian Eagles defeated Yellow Springs for the third time this season, this time 69-40 in the Division IV sectional championship game Friday at the Trojan Activities Center.
In the D-III team race, Rootstown sits fifth with 44.5 points. Troy Christian leads with 76.5, while Delta is second with 63.5.
BIBLE MEDITATION: "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17 DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: Some people want to get everything in their life straightened out before they come to Christ. But you'll wake up in *** and still not have it straightened out. It's like trees that don't lose their leaves in the fall. The leaves wither and turn brown but hold on until the spring. And when the new leaf comes, it pushes the old leaf off. That's exactly what happens to your old habits, your old life, when you find the Lord Jesus. The new life pushes your old life off. It's not a matter of plucking off this leaf and knocking off that one. You'll never do it that way. Let the new life within you do its work. ACTION POINT: Have you come to grips yet with the fact that your "old nature" is dead and you are a new creature in Christ? You can't "kill" him on your own. You have to "reckon" him as dead and allow the "new nature"--the new cr ...
tonight me and all my cousins from near and far gathered for the visitation of our dear, Uncle Troy. He is the last of the line for this generation of the Brewer family and will be greatly missed. He lived 90 full years but will now be in his home he has prepared for while here with us, heaven. He was a good Christian man and a friend to everyone he met, he will be missed dearly by his kids, grand and great grandkids, neices and nephews. WE LOVE YOU UNCLE TROY
Troy Christian basketball team has to be the best
Groff will wrestle defending state champ B.J. Toal of Troy Christian. Toal was the last person to beat Groff, 3-2...
Snitches that's the ishhh I don't like
Troy Christian playing lights out in Sectional finals up 49-25 over Yellow Springs
everyone wants a little Christian Troy in their lives.
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Another update on Brandon Bradshaw... Troy Bradshaw Update on Brandon: Just came down from seeing Brandon. They have repositioned his bed he is in more of a laying position Now. They had him more setting up. I guess this stressed him a little so his brain pressure is really high right now (107) he is comfortable and resting. We are praying hard that the pressure goes down. however, they have given him all the saline they can. So we need a miracle soon. Thank you so much for your prayers and comments you guys are holding up our family. Troy Bradshaw ALSO: FROM Paula & Ransom Bennett: "We would like to announce for anyone interested that BGCA will be hosting a prayer vigil for the Bradshaw family on Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm at BGCA. A love offering will be taken as well. We invite everyone to come out and show their support for this sweet family! "
Good luck you guys, you better beat troy christian! Wish i was there but im sick:/
Giving a S/O to the Boys Varsity Basketball team tonight as they play their first Sectional game vs Liberty Christian.will be quite the test for them...GO BEARS!!! Jake Combs, Bracken Barga, Chase Bly, Beau Matthew Combs, Troy Starr, Jentry Flesher, Jacob Newton, Lane Hosier, Cody Woolf, Cole Woolf
In Division III, Troy Christian has a 42-41.5 lead over Delta.
FTSN you can teach at grace Christian
Here lately I have been constantly tempted to worry about what people think about me and whether or not my actions meet their approval. But, in the midst of this temptation, I hear a strong voice that tells me to remember that no man, no woman, no matter their position or place in my life, has any authority over me. Their approval or disapproval will not matter as long as I stay true to who I am and remember that it was God, not people that ultimately provided for me and when they are no longer in my life, God will still be my source. He led me to where I needed to be. When people make themselves available for God as His servant, they should NEVER think that their service toward another gives them any type of control or say in that person's life. We offer ourselves and then we forget what we did so that God can reward us. Never let the right hand know what the left is doing, and vice versa. If you are on either side of this situation, remember the person you helped owes you nothing, God will repay ...
best quote everrr : Christian Troy: I think I work better on women I've screwed. Once you've seen a woman's cumface, you've seen her soul.
To all our Troy Christian School families, for all those looking for a great way to do your community service hours, there are some really helpful things you could do at Koinos. Things range from serving others to cleaning and also doing something really cool with my iPhone and a new app. Reply right away if you're interested!
I've already taken an hour nap, make and ate lunch, and showered... and Troy Christian is still in school.
Oberhart, Edward Donald, “Don”, passed away peacefully at his home on February 27, 2013. He was born in DuPage County, IL on October 7, 1931, the son of Charles and Margaret (Roth) Oberhart. The family farmed there until Don was 16 when they moved to Wisconsin. Don’s work experience started at PMA milk plant in Kansasville. Following PMA’s closing; he worked at Glazier Hardware in Burlington, Wag Aero in Lyons, and then retiring from Wisconsin Oven in East Troy. In addition to these primary places of employment, he farmed. Don was a charter member of the 3rd degree of the Knights of Columbus, council 8172. He also served in the Honor Guard of the 4th degree of the Knights of Columbus. He was a long time usher at St. Mary’s Church in Dover and after moving to the Waterford area, he ushered at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. His outdoor interests included hunting, fishing, and nature. He is survived by his wife: Helen of 58 years and nine children: Donald (Mildred) of Ocala, FL, Joan (Sheldon) Ness of ...
Raped in the face by Christian and Troy.
Update from the Bradshaw's We are praying for the Brown family. We know that this will be a very hard time for that family as well as ours. We are a family that believes in the rule of law and want to see justice. However, we believe in Jesus and we know that hate is not an option.
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