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Christian Slater

Christian Michael Leonard Slater (born August 18, 1969) is an American actor.

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Christian slater is starting to become my favorite actor he better not do anything stupid
Just saw Christian Slater on stage in London recently in Glengarry Glen Ross - an…
NEW EP>> 2017 Movies of 2017 and TV... incl not loving Reviews of
fwiw I thought the Sheedy thing was directed towards Christian Slater
Christian Slater literally gave the best performance in any black comedy
And as always, what Christian Slater does as a person doesn't necessarily take away from his work as an actor, but…
Christian Slater, or another famous addict, does something awful while intoxicated and it's not that I think of THE…
So I tend to read about Christian Slater and my perspective is different than in the case of other people who have…
I have complicated feelings about Christian Slater. He has done some terrible things and I don't especially think m…
Winona Ryder queens her way through heathers Ok so do all the female leads i am ngl. christian slater be a mega fre…
Christian Slater is at the wearing a Time's Up Button. Christian Slater beat a woman in 1997. Christian…
Christian Slater, also wearing a Time's Up pin, was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend in 1997. In 2005, he was charged…
Not up with James Franco so Late Night With Steve Colbert was so uncomfortable watching him awkwar…
James Franco directed an Off-Broadway play in 2014 called The Long Shrift starring Ally Sheedy. The following was her reaction…
So, Christian Slater & James Franco possibly did something to Ally Sheedy and I'm seeing this about an hour after I learned Rob…
*** . Ally Sheedy went *** James Franco. Very very interesting. Like I said before, there have been rumors about him…
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Sorry not sorry but Christian Slater is hot
are they seriously remaking Heathers and turning it into a series, oh sweets no one can replace Christian Slater and Winona…
Let's see what happens in the next few weeks. Hopefully, is on it.
continue to jump at the chance to work with Christian Slater, Mel Gibson, Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, James…
Ok wait. Bye. Christian Slater and James Franco at a table on
Just saw a fantastic production of 'Glengarry Glenross' here in London-- Christian Slater as Ricky Roma.
4.1 of black mirror has both Matt Damon AND Christian Slater lookalikes
On the next Christian Slater, Adrianne Palicki, and a performance by Circus 1903, 12:35am tonight on…
Bed of Roses w/ Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson: Creepy or Tender?
Poor Robert Glenister couldn't get a word in edge ways lol. What did Christian Slater have for breakfast??
Rami Malek and Christian Slater backstage of the Glengarry Glen Ross play at the Playhouse Theatre in London
I have several. Some have passed sadly. Heath Ledger, Brandon Lee... and then Christian Slater (you mu…
This guy kidnapping Ezekiel looks like the offspring of Jim Carrey, the 80’s and Christian Slater.
Christian Slater's unexpected response to the Harvey Weinstein allegations
In photos: First look at Christian Slater, Kris Marshall and Robert Glenister in Glengarry Glen Ross
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Now I must spend the rest of the day figuring out how I can watch it w/ Beau Bridges & Christian Slater
I think they were going for 80s looks. Jonathan has a Christian Slater vibe while Steve has a James Sp…
Heathers a 1989 film staring Wynona Ryder and Christian Slater. I’m in.
Melissa Villasenor's impression of Owen Wilson sounds a lot like Christian Slater.
let me tell you who I think should play Richard Dawkins in the movie of his life: Christian Slater
Christian Slater and Kris Marshall to star in Glengarry Glen Ross in the West End -
*** you Christian Slater. Now you’ve been so charming on The One Show I’ve had to book Glengarry Glen Ross tickets.
In the age of Trump, more prescient than ever: Always be closing' – watch Christian Slater in Glengarry Glen Ross.
'Always be closing' – watch Christian Slater in exclusive Glengarry Glen Ross West End trailer
Exclusive: 'always be closing' – watch Christian Slater and co in the trailer for Glengarry Glen Ross
Christian Slater in everything, Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing, Wesley from Princess Bride, Rob Lowe…
Everyone has phases. Christian Slater had an early 90's phase of imitating Jack Nicholson. Likewise,…
THE best "Tales from the Darkside" episode for me, and stars Christian Slater and even Brent Spiner!.
It's a great song and I always had an idea for a movie based on the song & was going to cast…
How is Christian Slater hotter now than he's ever been? How?
Ok but Young Christian Slater in heathers is something else
Christian Slater will return to the London stage for the West End revival of Glengarry Glen Ross http…
you're like if a non autistic leafy had sex with idubbz and the child they produced has sex with Chri…
Anyone see Christian Slater in the new Wolf ads? 👀 die hard fans
I feel like, James Macvoy, Jude Law, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Armie Hammer and Christian Slater are underrated tbh tbh
Why does Owen Teague remind me of Young Christian Slater?
Christian Slater gave a shout-out to Chris Hardwick on Jimmy Kimmel Live S…
Christian Slater was really an action star for a bit. Gave us 'True Romance', 'Broken Arrow', and 'Hard Rain' in 5 years.
Robert Sean Leonard and Christian Slater, you know? Fine specimens of the human race.
lowkey i’m obsessed with Young Christian Slater
I pretend to be Christian Slater sometime…
People: Why are you so obssessed with "Heathers"?. Me: Have you seen Young Christian Slater? Because I mean, look at…
looks like a Young Christian Slater
Dilddy looks like a Young Christian Slater
I'm regularly told I sound like Christian Slater and William Devane, but not that I look like anyone.
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(And to continue the celeb comparisons, Young Christian Slater reminded me of Logan Lerman. All ce…
Had anyone else noticed how much this guy looks like a Young Christian Slater? No? Just me?
The Hunt Continues Starring Christian Slater Presented by HP Studios | HP. Nothig is safe if you're office isn't
reminder of how much i love heathers the film but it's important to not romanticize jd's abuse & rmbr Christian Slater is more than heathers
I need a new lock screen. Which Christian Slater image I will pick has not been decided yet, but we will see
Young Christian Slater has been on my mind ever since I watched Heathers again
See Christian Slater in the harrowing Playback - The Movie on Magnolia Selects tonight:
Christian slater from Heathers got my heart yo
you know it's good because he basically just asked himself "what would it be like if Christian Slater played a Zumiez joker?"
Watching Broken Arrow again. Was Christian Slater nominated for best actor for this performance?
They already have one. Gave it to Christian Slater.
Christian Slater and Winona Ryder both nominated today for Golden Globes. Makes my heart happy.
Christian Slater and Winona Ryder at the Governors Ball in 1989.
bella deadass thought al's man was christian slater IM lMFJSKS
|| I want Christian slater to cut me with his eyebrows.
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x| Same. Christian Slater is my weakness
I think you could seriously play Christian Slater in a movie JTT... You would slay.
If your favourite Christian Slater film isn't Pump Up the Volume, please flush yourself down the toilet. Many thanks in advance.
I've been wanting to do a Christian Slater night. Heathers, Pump up the Volume.
What *** called him Richard Dawkins and not Christian Slater?
JD from "Heathers". interviewer in "Interview with the Vampire". Mr. Robot in "Mr. Robot". This is a great evolution, thanks…
Banking was only the beginning. Watch The Wolf as Christian Slater causes chaos again.
the human villains are Christian Slater and Tony Hawk's characters from Gleaming The Cube
... and I'm wrong about BUICK 8. No movie of that one yet; I was thinking of DOLAN'S CADILL…
Interview With The Vampire:. -best vampire movie. -Christian Slater, Tom Cruise y Brad Pitt. -es larga pero so worth it
"The The Wolf series illustrates how easily your network could be hacked"
This guy at my job looks like a very Young Christian Slater and I have to remember I'm not a wild heathen anymore I…
I'm sad bc I miss Young Christian Slater and now he looks like a mouldy bag of crisps
.has so much of a Young Christian Slater thing going on and I'm not swooning, you're swooning 🔥
I can't believe you found a picture where he looks more like Young Christian Slater than he already does.
It's enough to be young and in love. -Christian Slater
An Auston Matthews, YOUNG Christian Coulson, and Young Christian Slater all in one?!?!
Jimmi Simpson looks like if Christian Slater and James Spader had a baby
He's the Young Christian Slater of baseball. I feel like you really captured that. :)
Cold chillin' with Young Christian Slater and Julia Roberts.
An 80's mob movie with Young Christian Slater and Patrick Dempsey ? Yes please 😍😍😍
J looks like a Young Christian Slater 💥
I will see in Armageddon lusting over both Young Christian Slater & Winona Ryder & die happy
Well, Jason "J.D." Dean may of turned out to be a crazy psychopath but you can't deny that Young Christian Slater i…
Dark but good film from the 90's. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Christian Slater, Antonio Banderas,…
A Young Christian Slater would have been good for Horn, but not now.
And A-Ha, and Christian Slater. . I didn't have much wall left.
Brad Pitt, Michael Rapaport, Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette on the set of True Romance
Oh, I watched and enjoyed the entire movie. Killer cast, Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman, Christian Slater, Michael Wincott.
Riz Ahmed with James Marsden, Christian Slater, Rami Malek, Mahershala Ali and Jim Moore at the GQ Men of the Year Party…
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my only goal for the future is to be Dave Friedmann, Josh Tillman, Christian Slater, and a nonviolent Ted Kaczynski -- all at the same time.
Christian Slater is probably one of THE best co-hosts on Jerry O'Connell too! ❤
Kelly Ripa, Christian Slater, Brooke Shields, and more showed up for this SoulCycle instructor's book party.
He steals their data, from personal info to financial secrets. Christian Slater is The Wolf. Watch the full film:
funny how as a kid I never noticed that Kevin Costner and Christian Slater's semi-American accents looked out of place in Medieval England.
Is it me, or does Christian Slater sound like Norm MacDonald and all he does is repeat everything Kelly says?
Need a boy like Christian Slater in the movie An Untamed Heart😍
Who knew Christian Slater was a teacher?
Glad you like it. It wasnt meant as an insult. Ive been thinking it for weeks. Not seeing christian slater…
I am so very okay with this comparison. (Thought I get Christian Slater more often...)
And Morgan Freeman. And angry Christian Slater. Robin Hood himself is the worst part of the movie.
Christian Slater in The Name Of The Rise popped into my head so I guess that must've made an impression 😂
I think I was more into Christian Slater at that time anyway
Aghh christian slater huhu gotta love 80s films huhuhu
In my personal experience, it's easier to find an atheist practicing the teachings of Jesus than a Christian. -Philip Slater
uh yes hello christian slater from Heathers please marry me
Can u believe there was NO Christian Slater and Winona Ryder content at the 2017 golden globes..2017 has failed me
Had a traumatizing sex dream about Christian Slater dm me for deets
I forgot about Christian slater in season 5 it's lit
I wish Winona and Christian Slater were in it too.
My internal monologue becomes very Christian Slater in "Pump Up the Volume" at this hour.
I'm like... is that... is that actually Christian Slater?! Rami Malek is great.
James Franco is 100% a graduate of the christian slater school of Greasy Teen Acting tho
Or, as I mentioned earlier this week, bc a good song played over the credits of the Christian Slater romcom Bed of Roses ("Ice Cream")
Can you believe Christian Slater invented reaction gifs.
Unfortunately, KING COBRA didn't slay me, though Garrett Clayton & Christian Slater can be proud. htt…
Christian Slater during Tom Hiddleston's speech bragging about Doctors Without Borders binge-watching his show is all of us…
Christian Slater and Naomie Harris' reaction faces are legendary tbh.
Christian Slater's face listening to Tom Hiddleston's "people in South Sudan love me" speech should be on US currency. https:…
Christian Slater's fake-interested face during Tom Hiddleston's speech made me lol
I can only hope my kids are as attentive in class as Christian Slater was to Emma Stone's speech
Love the camera panning to Christian Slater for no reason at all during Emma Stone's speech
Emma got the Christian Slater nod, where Hiddleston did not.
Christian Slater wishes to subscribe to Emma Stone's newsletter
Tom Davis wrote the famous Jesus-housewife sketch. Originally, host Christian Slater championed it. Victoria Jackson called it blasphemous.
I wanted to be Michael Rappaport when I was a teen so I will never make fun of him online. Same with Christian Slater
Why is Christian Slater SO cute on Live with Kelly? - He's adorable!
For the fun of it! The twosome goof around during an event in Los Angeles. more Source:: EOnline Photos...
John Lithgow on 'The Crown': "It's a wonderful counterpoint to what's happening politically"
Watching Christian Slater dance like a dad on I suddenly understand all my friends who were in love with him in the '90s.
When exactly did Christian Slater morph into Norm MacDonald?
Christian Slater and Winona Ryder on the set of Heathers (1988)
My friend I went to the Christian Slater panel at Rhode Island Comic Con dressed as Elliot and Darlene!! http…
I have a huge crush on Christian Slater and its weird?
I hope you enjoy the book The Baby Jesus *** and a movie where Christian Slater has a monkey heart as much as my friends would have.
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Christian Slater is in Regis Philbin's old spot co-hosting with Kelly Ripa. WHAT IS GOING ON
best of 2016: this great Christian Slater profile
that's the rub with all of this. The Christian right lost the power to discriminate against LGBTQ.
Is it just ME or does Christian Slater sound a LOT like Norm MacDonald? Merry Xmas & Happy 2017 2 U, Kelly and all the gang there
Morning TV knew what I wanted for Xmas bc Christian Slater is on Kelly Ripa talking about his wedding bc it's his a…
Watching movies only cause there is Christian Slater in it
Christian Slater still looks so good, ***
replica of the hat Christian Slater wears on the show
Christian Slater is an awesome cohost! I love how genuinely interested he is in the guests! Great questions make for great conversation.💕
he kind of looks like a Young Christian Slater in that pic
WOW, Christian Slater is such a Libra! I heard they quirkily examined a spring...
DJ Khaled on as a guest with Kelly Ripa and Christian Slater. The best trio nobody has ever thought of. Major 🔑.
Love when you have Christian Slater on he is a great co-host
While I'm sure Christian Slater has interesting stories, that doesn't make an interesting cohost for Richard Curtis is it!
Young Christian Slater was so cute oh my 😩😍
Hey Josh, I work at the Imperial. Not sure if you know this, but Christian Slater is sitting at one of the tables…
Ever notice Winona Rider and Christian Slater have the same nasally voice
Nah thats Jason Todd, The Jokers in hiding because Batman thinks he killed him. He's Christian Slater as Jack Nicholson.
Christian Slater, who received a nomination for his work on the USA series "Mr. Robot." (Gary Friedman / Los…
There's going to be an Oliver Stone biopic about this election, right? Who do you cast as Trump? Martin Sheen? Squinty Christian Slater?
just realized that was Sarah Paulson in the Glass Menagerie we saw with Christian Slater, Josh Lucas and Jessica Lange.
I once had to jump out of the way of a speeding car, driven by Christian Slater. True story. Wanted the world...
It would have been great when Rami Malek won the if Christian Slater instead went to stage to accept it.
Jason Dean ( Christian Slater ). tbqh I fell in love with him. in this movie, he's so gor... (Vine by 80s Gods)
- Cillian Murphy. - Tom Hardy. - Christian Slater. - Jeffrey Dean Morgan. - Michael Fassbender. - Jason Moma . I think that's it for me
One of many great and interesting things in talk with an appreciation of Yul Brynner
"So here is the news, here is the big reveal: Christian Slater is no longer Christian Slater." put this on a shirt
Why profile of Christian Slater works so well: because it's about casting off old assumptions.
Christian Slater isn't the Christian Slater you remember. And that's OK.
"Christian Slater is no longer Christian Slater. He has been replaced by an affable fellow, also named Christian..."
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It's on Netflix, if you want to watch it. Starring my teenage SUPERcrush Christian Slater. ;)
Great profile of Christian Slater; thoughtful journalism, also some hot dogs and fortune telling. Read it.
Profiling was supposed to be wild, maybe a bender, maybe a crime spree. But hot dogs are good!
What me worry? Perfectly tuned with Mad comic books. Detroit workplace for Christian Slater's character True Romance
Google this frame... it says it all! x
oh, but the other thing is, I find it really hard to get over Christian Slater. That guy...
Why are charged "abusers" like Steven Seagal,Tommy Lee, Gary Busey, Tom Sizemore & Christian Slater not treated the same…
Winona Ryder and Christian Slater as JD and Veronica in Heathers 1988
Happy birthdays to previous guests Edward Norton, Malcolm Jamal Warner and Christian Slater.…
DTI have a field day trying to work out how Worf, Odo, Annorax, Sisko's Dad and Christian Slater all ended up at Khitomer.
If Jack Nicholson leaves this earth before playing Christian Slater's dad in a movie, we've failed as a society.
Add "Christian Slater brushing a dog's teeth on daytime television" to the list of things a '90's kids never expected in their lifetimes.
Christian Slater during World Premiere of ‘Malice’ - September 29, 1993 at Academy.
Christian Slater and Winona Ryder are both on hit TV shows right now and it feels like 1988 all over again.
Fun someone mentioned Christian Slater will co host with Kelly soon. I am looking forward to seeing him on there.
Interviewer: So, tell me about yourself. Me: I like to think of myself as a Young Christian Slater from Gleaming the Cub…
Christian Slater & Rami Malek need to act more together they are amazing.
Portia Doubleday, Rami Malek, Christian Slater, and... JOEY BADASS. . Best performances so far easily
And I did a movie called Basil with Jared Leto and Christian Slater.
For all 3 seconds she was in S2. Ugh Season 1- Matt Dillon. Season 2- Jason Patrick. Season -3 Christian Slater. Calling it.
I never said he was great! I said I'd bang a Young Christian Slater big difference.
Keegan-Michael Key & JK Simmons are definitely two of my fave guest actors on Shout out to Christian Slater too. Loved the season
Ok but get this: Young Christian Slater
Gawd! Christian Slater was sexy when he was young
I need a Young Christian Slater in my life as JD, please and thank you. 😍
Oh my god he looks kinda like a Young Christian Slater as a brunette
Young Christian Slater is the love of life
I watch Heathers at least once a week mostly so I can look at Young Christian Slater
written by Tarantino but directed by not-Tarantino, starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, cameo by Gary Oldman.
Depp's career is will be destroyed, just like Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Chris Brown, Josh Brolin, Christian Slater, Terrance Howard, Nick Ca
Right there with you. But I also had Christian Slater and Kirk Cameron. 😱 Fortunately my tastes have improved in adulthood.
idk why I love this movie so much. might have something to do with Young Christian Slater
Given out rain all day today. Keeping my eyes peeled for Morgan Freeman & Christian Slater driving around.
i want Christian Slater to voice my gps.
French Stewart and Christian Slater must be related. They think it's night time always to squint their eyes.
I've seen Broken Arrow with Christian Slater and John Travolta and I think that sounds hurtful and pretty dangerous.
In Marc Thompson's reading of Zahn's Trawn series the Aves character was a Nicholson impression but it might be a Christian Slater
I listen to 80s music and want to pull wallpaper in my room and buy posters of Paula Abdul and Christian Slater
I high key want to marry Christian Slater 100% for his voice and brow bone bYE
I read that as Christian Slater & it upset me in a very strange way.
If I make a move, like raise my eyebrows, some critic says I'm doing Nichol...
Christian Slater on the West Wing is still one of my favorite things.
if it makes you feel better, you give off more of a Risky Business Tom Cruise look than Christian Slater
my hotel isn't a bad place either. Kelsey Grammar, Christian Slater, Eric Chavez and Buddy Guy in the last week 😉
I really can't believe I have heard any1 says Christian Slater for last man Stanton. It mind bottling
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Christian Slater was in "gleaming the cube" with Tony Hawk. Slater was looking for his Vietnamese adopted brother's killer.
Christian Slater was only in Young Guns 2. The first one was better but still pretty cool.
I was into Christian Slater as a child, too. This is a type.
How do I feel about being a star now? Well I still try to live life and enj...
Paper Mag's 10 films to see at Tribeca Film Fest-'King Cobra' w/James Franco,Christian Slater,Garrett Clayton and...
In advance of KING COBRA's world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, via EW, check out the film's...
actual she calls u Christian slater
Have any of you watched Mr. Robot? I started bc Christian Slater but I wanted more.
I begged my parents to rent that movie at least a dozen times. Christian Slater's haircut was GREAT. It held so much angst.
christian slater in heathers is all I need in life
I'm watching Interview with a Vampire, and Christian Slater looks like a weird, baby-man boy.
equality and the main actor(s) is Rami Malek and Christian Slater
cannot deal with Snart on Days of Tomorrow cos his voice is so Christian Slater-esque
And Michael Emerson, Rami Malek and Christian Slater (again). . I'd be so broke by the end of this.
I want to see some kind of movie with the cast of Michael Shannon, Christian, Paul Bettany and Christian Slater   10% Off
Robot' stars Christian Slater and Rami Malek are techies at heart
If you learn to read your lunar calendar properly, you can accurately predict Peter Krause, Donal Logue & Christian Slater's next TV shows.
I'll trade for my Morgan Freeman & Christian Slater figures for that sweet Alan Rickman! Or is that Costner?
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, starring Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater and Alan Rickman is on Netflix, everyone.
Watching a National Geographic doco series on Gen-X. While it's US based, it's quite accurate. Narrated by Christian Slater, as who else?
James Franco, Amber Heard and Christian Slater's new Adderall Diaries trailer is instense - Digital Spy …
Is any of it real?. Explore the authenticity of Mr. Robot with Rami Malek, Christian Slater, and Sam Esmail...
Val Kilmer does play Elvis in True Romance but yes, Christian Slater is the main character - Clarence Worley
Michael Hawkins in July 1975, the month premiered. Christian Slater was almost 6 at the time.
When the FBI needs to jailbreak an iPhone, aren't they supposed to call on a celebrity, like Christian Slater or Richard Dean Anderson?
Kurt Rambis is Christian Slater's twin on the low.
Christian Slater was ok in Robin Hood. Richard E Grant EXTREME over the top in Hudson Hawk. Dan comment =P
it's absolutely mental & Young Christian Slater is pretty hot! mind I fancy him a bit in Mr Robot too in those old pictures
I don't wanna talk about how attracted I am to Young Christian Slater
And now.Heathers...because Young Christian Slater...poor Zeb
Fred looks like a Young Christian Slater
Creekmur as a young man looked a lot like Christian Slater.
Moment of silence for Heath Ledger and Christian Slater as teenagers😍
So weird and lovable. I have such a crush on Young Christian Slater.
Who was your first celeb crush? Mine:Christian Slater,still is. when I was young. The bad boy. A glimpse at my love life
Young Johnny Depp, young Leo and Young Christian Slater my holy trinity
Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, and Christian Slater... Loved that film growing up
Hey I really enjoyed Alan Rickman's role in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman & Christian Slater 😊
THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN (1985) Helen Slater and Christian Slater are teens on the run with a very odd youth rebellion plot strand.
my mom said I look like a mix of Christian Slater and Michael cera.
Sylvester didn't thank Michael B Jordan & Christian Slater didn't thank Rami Malek. Pls scream at them like you did Hilary Swank for 10 yrs.
It's dope to have seen Christian Slater, Rob Lowe and Robert Downey Jr all overcome their drug addictions. Look at them now. 👏👑💯
Christian Slater wins the Globe for Mr.Robot, my daughter says, "Wasn't he JD in Heathers?" My work here is done.
Last year Michael Keaton, this year Christian Slater. Never say goodbye to a career in Hollywood.
I've loved Christian Slater since he played Will Scarlett on the Kevin Costner Robin Hood
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Christian Slater wins this year and Michael Keaton won last year. Is this 1996?
Is it just me or is Christian Slater looking more and more like Kevin Costner? 😍
So kinda like in the Kevin Costner Robin Hood when They got Christian Slater to betray the Merry Men? Didn't work too well
Kate Bosworth, Christian Bale, Jon Hamm, Christian Slater, and Michael Keaton expected to wear to tonight’s
Look for Kate Bosworth, Christian Bale, Jon Hamm, David Oyelowo, Christian Slater and Michael Keaton to wear …
Jonathan Brandis was the poor man's Christian Slater. Hate that he took his own life 12 years ago.
People who have aged well and are still hot af. Christian Slater. Angela Bassett. Gillian Anderson. who am I forgetting
Should've watched Interview with the Vampire. Christian Slater, horror movie, AND an actual good story.
Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Christian Slater and Kirstin Dunst. Four of my fave actors in one movie. Interview with The Vampire is incredible.
Going into 2016 mildly fascinated by Christian Slater's guest television spots.
When they make "The God Delusion - The Movie", Richard Dawkins will be played by Christian Slater.
Mindy Kaling, Jane Krakowski, John Cena, and Christian Slater need to be co-hosts of "Today's Take" on
Definitely at a new level of friendship with my Dad. Been showing him all of my favourite Christian Slater looks and getting his opinion
Spotify just threw "Broken Arrow" by Robbie Robertson at me and there was nary a Christian Slater reference to be found.
I do love a bit of Christian Slater...
Christian Slater and daddy si Sean Connery sa The Name of the Rose (1986) adapted from Umberto Eco's book oft he same name
True Romance has Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette trying to sell stolen Coke
TIL Star Trek VI starred Kim Cattrall from Sex in the City as well as Christian Slater. Wasn't able to look at them the same all movie.
Christian Slater is on no fly list, is he a terrorist? How about Justin Beiber? Celebrity Chef? so nefarious dems
What? Sean Connery wasn't convincing as a Monk or Christian Slater.
OR The Game with Michael Douglas & Very Bad Things with Christian Slater - always good on repeat 😉
When I was 13 I flipped a coin to decide whether Christian Slater or Michael Jordan would be my idol and I still can't dunk o…
Mr. Robot, BTTF, time travel and 90s Christian Slater as a meta character?
Jim Webb is the president from a 90s action movie co-starring Christian Slater and Val Kilmer.
All I want to do is graduate high school, go to Europe, marry Christian Slater, and die .
Photo: vintagesalt: Trivia: Christian Slater was given the role of Daniel upon the death of River Phoenix,...
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