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Christian Right

Christian right is a term used in the United States to describe right-wing Christian political groups that are characterized by their strong support of socially conservative policies.

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I guess it just magnified "TedCruz" super evangelicals voice more than Ted did. I wish the Christian Right would keep to themselves
The Anti Agenda: Orthodox Vision and the Christian Right in the Antigay Agenda, Didi Herman Probes the Values
This one's funny. . The mentality of the white Christian Right. Cartoonist: . .
John Howard says there is pressure to be progressive.what about the crap about LGBTI people coming from the Christian Right
I liked a video from Norman Lear on Archie Bunker, the Christian Right & The
you’re not helping (the Christian Right one will stay I think).
He has much 2 say abt Christian Right, new Atheism, Islamic fundamentalism, etc Worth a google, lots to digest
When Exemption is the Rule: The Religious Freedom Strategy of the Christian Right | Political Research Associates
European version of Christian Right always had a weakness for authoritarians who paid religion lip-service.
Long investigative piece on Christian Right funding for controversial "counter-extremism" organization /
Read here on the future of the Christian Right:
When Steve Gerber went after Anita Bryant and the start of the Christian Right -
That people are willing to die on the hill of Doritos Brand Dusty Corn Triangles agreeing with the Christian Right is HYSTERICAL TO ME
AH! Christian Right demands to be persecuted, "Victimization gets us closer to the Jesus experience ,so,"according to Matt Barber
This excuse only works if you worship Ayn Rand. But then, much of the Christian Right is Christian in name only.
Same-Sex Marriage Fight Isn’t Over For Christian Right: Same-sex marriage was officially legalized in the Unit...
"ISIS! Islamic extremism!". Did I doze off when they spoke of the right wing Christian extremism that is plaguing our country?.
It is meet and right to walk humbly with thy Lord God. He hath written his laws upon the hearts of the Gentile Nations.
so they back on Christianity to keep messing it up cogic baptist all these Christian churches and still can't get it right
My aunt believes my dad wasn't saved despite the fact that he was a lifelong Christian, because he didn't say the "right" prayer.
Christian are right on most things ,but Pres. BOBama is not a moron that`s the wrong. NOUN.
OMG lol right?! 'Maggie you don't believe because you're Christian' good times!
Christian Brayan, Actually, there is an NBA2K VC giveaway on the go right now. Interested? Please, check my profile Bio :)
There’s another kind of that is mushrooming right under our noses.
Assertions that Jewish narratives exist to reinforce Christian narratives feels right out of Jews for Jesus.
I think Mike has the right balance of Mr Nice guy Christian with attack, unlike all out attack Trumping.
you are aware that there are plenty of people who are christian AND *** right?
So you can't dispute my paralells with the Taliban with the Christian New Right.
Pastor : you know you have to stop the fornicating when you become a Christian right ?
Both captured by religious extremism. Dems by religion of leftist collectivism + GOP by Christian right. both anti-individual.
1 Samuel 1:27-28 //Praying that I would be a Christian that gives all He blesses me with, right back to Him. I want to be a Hannah for Him.
Love being told that it's my fault for being sexually abused because I can be a flirt. That's a grade A Christian right there 😅👏🏼
Apparently everyone has the right to have there own opinion... Unless your a Christian, all of a sudden your opinions beco…
As a hard working and active man - any Christian music you listen to a lot to get in the zone/right spirit? Blessings from 🇸🇪
Fury from the usually "pious" right as Christians do er...Christian things. .
The American Christian right will because he will stop sending $ we don't have & have to borrow to send to Israel
right to life is Christian group bias ignores freedom of choice to females. An exclusion from related taxes fine
Wait is Harper like one of the American Christian right nutjobs like on Fox?
These 11 charts capture the state of the US labor market right now
Completely FREE. Absolutely brilliant. 5-star rated. Christian Fiction like never before. Right here: Download it!
Burning of churches in justified, righ-wingt Zionist leader says is still si…
your shoes are Christian louboutin though right?
For all the fetishising of Judaism (but mostly Israel) that the Christian conservative right does, they sure do like to exploit them.
Irony:Right-wing (married) Christian has affair with female counter-part. Alibi? He had *** affair. Tea anyone?
Burning of Christian churches in Israel justified, far-Right Jewish leader says via ht…
'Right to be forgotten' laws in Europe may erase data beyond its borders - Christian Science Monitor
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Christian. that your love for God be more important than what others think of u! . Be fearless. Stand for what is right! ht…
Josh_McClarren: Burning of Christian churches in justified, Jewish leader says Telegraph
always money to kill, but no money to heal. . That's Christian Right?
Christian churches in Israel should be burned, Jewish Settler leader says
the Christian Right wing in US goes way back to slavery & Jim Crow, hasn't changed much since
. Josh Duggar is officially the Lena Dunham of the Christian Right.
"God Loves explores the influence of America's Christian Right on the anti-homosexuality movement in Uganda http:/…
Let's not forget Christian Right terrorist, Paul Jennings Hill, who murdered 2 people on July 29, 1994. Peace!
An understanding of the Christian Right, a loose coalition of politically conservative congregations and...
Reagan allowed the Christian Right to take over the GOP, ignored AIDS, started dismantling Glass Steagall, and started voodoo economics
Why is U.S. Christian Right vexed by Caitlyn Jenner gender identity but their ministers wear dresses to work?
The Duggar family and the Christian Right's persecution complex - The ability of Religious Right activists and…
Only the Christian Right could get away with claiming that *** are gross but repeated incestuous child rape is totally forgivable.
Talk2Action Whither the Christian Right in the Democratic Party?: You don't have to be a Hillary ...
So here's Christian Right warhorse Tony Perkins summoning Scott Walker to Capitol Hill Club (!) for vetting. Over to you
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I never thought I'd see the day when church kids chose the hardcore way, and I expected quite a fight punk rock vs the Christian Right -GCF
"While Tony Perkins, Brian Brown, Bryan Fischer, and other Christian Right pundits of the more shrill variety may...
Poor guy. He worked so hard to appease the jewish zionists, but he forgot to pander to the fundamentalist evangelical Christian Right
The agents of darkness whether Islamic or the Christian Right or Zionists are anti objective truth..
But how will Christian Right halt conversions in the North East India? Or in the tribal communities of Central India?
i'm glad you & James Watson have both realised the greatest western tyranny lies in the Left-wing, not the Christian Right
In the heat of our political moment, we sometimes don't see how our future connects deeply to our past. But the Christian Right does — and they do not like what they see. The Christian Right has made religious freedom the ideological phalanx of its current campaigns in the culture wars. Religious fr…
Christian Right,. Congratulations. Phil Robertson, a man who is to the right of Pat Robertson is your figure head. You will lose
Letting the anti-science Christian Right dictate US national and foreign policy has worldwide implications. They are a threat…
This is getting to be ridiculous! Guess Osteen and Houston Mayor Anise Parker agree now on the Christian Right...
Christian Right winger X-US Senator Gabby Gifford to sell Machine Guns to Rebels in West Bank
and Philip Yancey, from Vanishing Grace The media often use “right-wing” as an adjective inseparably connected with evangelicals. James Davison Hunter says, “It is possible to argue that at the same time the Christian Right acquired and exercised its greatest power — culminating in the 2004 presidential election — this movement also generated greater hostility toward the Christian faith than ever before in the nation’s history.” Hunter adds that evangelicals on the left follow a parallel course of political involvement, looking to government to enact the policies they hold dear. How should Christians engage in a democracy that includes a diversity of beliefs and that grows increasingly post-Christian? And how do we live out convictions in a way that still conveys grace? Christ and Culture Jesus himself showed little concern for secular politics, calling Herod “that fox,” stonewalling Pontius Pilate with his lack of self defense, and leaving us with the enigmatic rule, “Give back to Cae ...
The most common word in an okcupid profile: the. 2nd? Pizza. Sounds right. (Via Dataclysm by Christian rudder, okcupid cofounder)
starting OL from left to right: Ronnie Stanley, Nick Martin, Matt Hegarty, Steve Elmer and Christian Lombard.
Really don't want to write this Christian Worldview essay right now.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Cuddling with christian right now would be ideal
you meant religious nuts attacked you. You didn't type it right. It's ok. No harm done. Christian bashing is not new to me 😪
They're playing light em up at the nascar speedpark right now when they were playing Christian music like all day lol
Gregg was responder to three talks under title Christian Right and the Search for a Usable Past
Radical right parties could capture the religious vote from Europe's struggling Christian Democrats
absolutely right I was taught ♡ all people as kids I had Christian Jewish Hindu friends mom always said good & bad ppl r everywhere
This is what's wrong with the far right(Tea Party). They aren't looking for solutions. They're trying to find...
On the Christian bookstore sale table, cause they’re roughly the same person right? Sigh.
Dr office. Christian was right. is an awesome smart funny great person. Bam. Fan
Heavily influenced by US christian right ring & KOCH/ALEC . . . Pls forgive us over here for this regretful export
yeah but Jenny McCarthy was hosting tv shows + on national news,seems more a left/ right thing than Christian vs not
Meet the Christian Leaders Who Are Suing for *** Marriage as a Religious Right via
I am Christian. You are so right. I've read the bible. Sodom & Gomorrah are as you say. They lie cause ppl will believe & not read
I would state my opinion on how certain ppl have me so messed up right now, but let me be the good Christian that I am and just be quiet
Hard to believe Paul is delighting in that. But you would affirm Christian struggle with sin regardless, right?
The situation right now. I'm in church.
The Praise Team in church right now.
“Whoever I end up w/ is gonna be so lucky because I've done so much for the wrong people, I can only imagine what I'll do fo…
Shoutout to the christian rap that's pumping in Williams-Brice right now
You're right, Christian. I need to be focused. *yawning* I think I'm going to take advantage of these comfy seats>
Christian Scott is on stage right now
When someone hot pulls up right next to you 👀😍😂😂 mmhhmm vine by Christian Lemke Seek Vines You:
lol, this is me saying goodnight buddy you Christian right?
Utter joke those judges scorecards !!! Christian daily was right about those wankers
Lexi kicked Christian right in the face today 😂😂👶
Local favs Christian Porter Band are on stage tonight at 10pm!!! Get here early for dinner on the deck, its perfect outside right now!
Its mainly the far right who hates science. Most Christian Democrats aren't ***
Ukip's not homophobic? Yeah, right. Christian B&owner who turned away *** couple speaking at UKIP conference
Exactly. Bio degree and Christian right here. There are peer reviewed science journals combining faith and medicine
Finna write my essay like I wanna right it *** Mrs. Christian stressing my whole life.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I'm no fake. I'll tell you that right now. Yes I'm Christian! Yes I'm *** Believe it!
How satanists exposed the Christian right's core hypocrisy
I with it didn't say "Christian broadcaster" because you're right. It plays to an agenda a bit.
A religiously ambiguous Thomas Jefferson is not useful to the Christian right. McCook
I'm freaking bored right now and Christian is a horrible person to keep a conversation with. That ***
Christian Football refs doing the right thing.
is a Bad Man!!! Repping the QC and Charlotte Christian football. Big smile on face r…
strike right back on 1st career TD catch for Christian Green!
I support the Christian b&b owners. I'm a *** and I believe in the right to choose. *** mafia attacks freedom
Christian Music - playing right now on Launceston's 105.3 WayFM!
Its the picture on the right that shocks and disturbs my moral and ethical views and my Christian compassion
That'll send the Right Wing Christian KKKrackers over the edge. Let them look it up in the *** King James' version of their so-called Bible
Guardian motile online inflooding texas is an christian right as proxy for i myself: pLtpu
Gregg Frazer is opening the session on the Christian Right and search for a usable past.
Obviously deranged but he personifies the Christian Right & their desire to play Old Testament God instead of following Jesus
All purpose parts banner
"Have you heard of the $1,750-per-person “Gathering,” which starts Thursday in Orlando, Florida? Probably not. But if you’re female, *** non-Christian, or otherwise interested in the separation of church and state, your life has been affected by it. The Gathering is a conference of hard-right Christian organizations and, perhaps more important, funders. Most of them are not household names, at least if your household isn’t evangelical. But that’s the point: The Gathering is a hub of Christian Right organizing, and the people in attendance have led the campaigns to privatize public schools, redefine “religious liberty” (as in the Hobby Lobby case), fight same-sex marriage, fight evolution, and, well, you know the rest. They’re probably behind that, too. Featured speakers have included many of the usual suspects: Alliance Defending Freedom President and CEO Alan Sears (2013), Focus on the Family President Jim Daly (2011), and Family Research Council head Tony Perkins (2006). This year, howe ...
Christian Right not motivated by abortion (many or most evangelicals cheered Roe v. Wade). You'd never guess...
Ugh...Chicago politics have come to Texas. Who is muscling who, Wayne? Christian Right & Tea Party? Christian Right doesn't exist
Christian Right tries 2 convince us abstinence-only sex education programs reduce the # of unplanned pregnancies: the exact opposite is true
How America's Biblical Ignorance Allows the Christian Right to Use 'Religious Freedom' For Its Own Agenda The Bible doesn’t mention anything about contraception or abortion, but this hasn’t stopped 89 million American evangelicals acting as if “thou shall not consume a pregnancy pill” were one of the Ten Commandments. For the benefit of my mostly American audience, it’s not. In fact, the first four of the Hebrew God’s Decalogue amount to nothing more than “maniacal throat clearing,” to steal a phrase from the late Christopher Hitchens. The decision of the five conservative justices to rule in favor of Hobby Lobby, thus granting religious personhood to 90 percent of U.S. corporations, which means that certain for-profit companies may refuse to cover forms of birth control they find morally objectionable, has been debated from every angle except one: the theological perspective. An overwhelming majority of hyper-religious Americans, and Americans in general, are incapable of debating the the ...
Christian Right activist attacks curriculum in Maryland for teaching the “harms of homophobia”
While confident of legal victory, megachurch Pastor Rick Warren and other Christian Right leaders announced at a recent forum that they are committed to going to jail if their version of religious liberty isn?t upheld in this case?and
As the GOP completed their takeover of the "Christian Right" churches, the following is what they want to return to. This is an essay of a doctor who repaired the carnage before roe v wade. This could be anyone's scared female relative. If a desperate woman chooses to have an abortion. I would not choose one. If that relative of mine were to choose one. I want it to be in a safe, sterile, environment with a doctor.* ESSAY Repairing the Damage, Before Roe By WALDO L. FIELDING, M.D. Published: June 3, 2008 With the Supreme Court becoming more conservative, many people who support women’s right to choose an abortion fear that Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that gave them that right, is in danger of being swept aside. When such fears arise, we often hear about the pre-Roe “bad old days.” Yet there are few physicians today who can relate to them from personal experience. I can. I am a retired gynecologist, in my mid-80s. My early formal training in my specialty was spent in New York City, from 1948 to 19 ...
The Talibanis , Ultra Orthodox Jews and the Christian Right have a bit more in common than facial hair, methinks. My Way or the Highway, for one.
Such is the price of using military cred as a tool of the Christian Right: RT
God Loves Uganda is a powerful documentary on the evangelical campaign to change African culture with values from US Christian Right. Preorder the DVD now!
given that you're a conservative Christian Right wing republican straight white american male, you're right.
Noah The Movie and the Christian Right – My Contribution to the Noise - Say NO to religious opinions!
Here's Christian Right leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council speaking with Fox News' Mike Huckabee...
Play the Clowns in the Circus Show Called the Republican Party: (Christian Right/neo-Confederates):
Apparently the Christian Right think that Nazi Super *** Male Soldiers are coming to Hunt You Down.
I can't understand how some Christian Right people think "Frozen" has a *** agenda. Wow.
"The rise of the Christian Right over the course of the past three decades may well end up being the catalyst for...
News Flash to Christian Right: Religious Freedom Doesn't Give You the Right to Control Other People -
SEVEN MISTAKES CHURCH LEADERS MAKE 1. Mere Political Victories. The Christian Right made the mistake of just focusing on politics. Many in this camp were ecstatic when George W. Bush was elected as president of the USA in 2000. Consequently, several of Bush’s policies (cutting taxes without cutting spending; the Iraqi War) set Christianity and conservative politics back many years! Elections come and go. Thus, when the church only focuses on politics it is a huge mistake! We have learned that it is very possible to win elections and continue to lose the culture since politics is only one of several major cultural spheres. We need to reach all the spheres if we are truly going to see a biblical reformation that reflects kingdom values. 2. Transfer Growth between Churches . Many churches market themselves and their ministries via Christian media. Thus their target audience is primarily other Christians! Some new church plants have their services when most other churches don’t meet so they can attract ot ...
again u shld b more worried about your own party! seems Christian Right forgot what bible says abt lying
"Ash Wednesday! I'll go to church that makes me a Christian Right?" um no! You have had sex with 99% of the guys in Sioux city!
Rand Paul is a closeted atheist & I doubt he's pro-life. Christian Right will not support that plagiarizer in a presidential election.
Jan Brewer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE step out of your element and veto both HB2153 and HB1062 These's aren't about Restoring Religious Freedom (when was that taken?) but about allowing discrimination based on religion. As a member of the Christian Right, i'm sure you know Jesus said "Love your neighbor as yourself" nor "Love your neighbor unless they are *** black, trans, muslim, hindu etc, etc" not "Love some of your neighbors" and not even "Love most of your neighbors" This isn't right, and WE The Citizens of Arizona, and you, know it!
They don’t know why he did it, but there’s a lot of Girl Scout hate going on lately. Nobody knows why Dodrill threatened the girl scout with a gun instead of simply saying he didn’t want any, or pretending that he wasn’t home like most of us do when we’ve had enough of the starchy, sugary, trans fattylicious treats. But there’s definitely a lot of Girl Scout hate flowing from the font from which most hate flows: the Christian Right. In January, Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council launched into an appalling, rant (if you listen, beware of flying spittle, claiming that Girl Scouts are “radicals” who are “out to get our kids.” In Oct., 2013, right-wing talk show hosts Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner of Generations Radio complained that Girl Scout cookies are an evil plot to persuade girls to wrongly compete against men,”put a Communist in the White House and promote the *** and *** agenda.” Oh, and did you know that the cookies are “are food offered to idols?” Those T ...
Is It Right for a Christian to Expose False Prophets and False Teaching.
well Christian discipleship follows the model of someone who did that right to the death
"Saw an attractive girl once. That was different" - Christian Brothers
ahh right, do you think Schuster will add any new signings before the window shuts?
Don't try to act like a big Christian and tell me what's right and wrong when you're out getting drunk and high every weekend.
I want a fat, beautiful blunt in my hand right now. also Christian Bale should get in my bed. naked.
“Far-right televangelist tells viewer to commit suicide: 'it might help the world'” how Christian of him
is but as Christian we believe and trust in God an that his plan is right and best for us.
I would definitely show up at a Christian Mingle meet naked. It's the way god made us right?
If you aren't snap chatting me right now, you're doing it wrong.
So lemme get this right, If I wanted to mess with a Muslim chick but I'm a Christian I gets no play?? 😳
They got Christian so right & wardrobe, and Ana smh HOLY CRAP HE LOOKS SO FREAKING HOT!
Just because it's in christian book stores, on christian radio, or on christian television, doesn't necessarily mean it's right.
Planning a retreat.? Here are some thoughts to consider:
Having to pick up Christian from the dentist right when Queens Grant gets out if school
If you aren't driving on E the majority of the time in college, u ain't doing it right
... better! :) He's not a Christian but he's showing so many encouraging signs right now, it's very exciting!
I feel something so right doing the wrong thing & I feel something so wrong doing the right thing.
Footy training was a right laugh tonight. Love the lads.
For the right and wrong reasons, Christian. [My voice stays in a muted monotone, keeping my hands busy with washing up-
I'm trying to figure out why Christian shopping right now in the bookstore like he at the mall. 😕
Idgaf how Christian feeling right now w/ his ***
This should be the fruits of a Christian relationship, if not then you're probably not planning the right seed..
Brooklyn, Christian, and Marques right now>>>
The Christian right claims they hate the Taliban, but they sure do love their worldview.
A Christian puts the effort in the managing of themselves. Your mind and your heart has to be in the right place, like Jesus
8 signs an online Christian university is right for you.
you're right... You're not a cutie 😏
Christian has a right ol laugh at the expense of Milan for failing to secure the &
Ridiculous! What happened to the right to refuse service to anyone?
Svalbard is 13 F warmer than NYC. "You could justify going there right now, to get away from the infernal winter."
The push to kill *** in Nigeria is the direct result of the hard work done by the US Christian Right in pushing for it.
Yeah. Cause his daughter got sick and he made a promise that if she got healthy again he would become Christian Right?
My mother is with me right now Chris, what's this idea? :L
Art was actually great today we were talking about the trip next week. And I'm doing it right now!
It's not a matter of how long you've been a Christian, it's about getting it right!
No mention of Christian Farmers Only? how could that be?
I'm Christian bruhh, at least get it right..
"Despite being a devout Christian, _ has expressed her support for *** marriage." Well that just doesn't sound right
I really wish woudl recast Christian, Ana and Elliott. The chocies are not right for roles. I want this to be doen RIGHT. It
Your supposed to be a Christian right? Or do you only claim to be that when certain people are looking?
Everyone has their own story. A reason they are the way they are. You have no right to judge someone you don't know.
With the right roles Christian Bale will win Multiple Oscars in the future .. He is a great actor he's like a young Dan…
Lmfao right now at the chore list Christian has made and posted on the fridge ! Lol !
whether me and you and that guy are Christian or not doesn't matter. you're offending people left and right. stop it. onision. Greg.
Vance Muse, who invented right to work concept was affiliated with union-bashing Christian American Assoc., which was associ…
My mate Christian is baking my head this evening.. . "So, my friend right - he's not married or anything; but he's short with black hair". 😐
DON'T BOTHER: The enemy is CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS. Yeah, there's so many of those, right? F+ ra
Inspiration going on in my living room right now.
Ever get that feeling like something's not right in your life, that you need a change cause you're not content with it. That's me right now
Hamilton Collection
Right-to-Work movement spearheaded by anti-union Christian American Assoc. in Texas in the 1940s. Texas was calling for RTW …
My mind is going insane right now. God watch over my Christian and the rest of OU's student body and staff.
you a christian right?the good book says he ain't never coming back but Jesus will
As a Christian, you need to be a light in your school and be an example of how to do it right.
Go over to ESPNU right now and check out Wesleyan Christian play Findlay Prep! Wesleyan Christian played in the in 2013!
Okay now the pain part has kicked in. I hate Christian Right now. He's like, in you should move around a little,bit and FYI I need 2 blackbags,
On Abortion. Got another relative lying about the bible. In this order the development cycle: Egg, Sperm, Zygote, Fetus, baby.    In fact the Christian Right supported and fought for Roe v Wade to sto
The Culture War is over. We [the Christian Right] lost. The founding documents, from the Mayflower Compact to the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution, are on our side. Nobody cares. We should not, in recognition of this situation,do what some are doing,...
I will not pretend to any special insights on the subject, but I am a former Bible-believing, tongues-speaking, charismatic/evangelical type pastor. And,yes, I'm feeling much better now. But there has been so much ink spilled trying to explain/disparage the thinking of the Christian right, and, unfortunately, totally missing the point. See, such believers are as open to logical facts and insight as, say, someone newly in love. It is not merely a mental fog, but a spiritual fixation on a personal relationship with God, and what the believer understand is required in such a relationship. In the same way that a young lover will repress all personal desires or characteristics to please the one who is loved, so the young believer (regardless of actual age) will adopt attitudes and behaviors that presumably will please God (or at least the body of believers he or she wants to be part of). Facts are quite slippery, and even facts proven false by someone not part of the group will not have any impact. For example ...
NOW PANIC SETS IN AFTER THE REALIZATION OF WHAT THE Tea Party HAS ACTUALLY DONE TO THE Republican Party. GOP insiders freak out: Could Tea Party blow another election? 2012 was just the beginning: Republicans are stuck in a civil war that threatens to derail even more winnable races With the Republican Party being torn apart by its internal civil war, an ideological battle that pits establishment Republicans against the no-compromise Tea Party/Christian Right, party backers are doing their best to suppress the craziness as the 2014 midterms approach. But are they succeeding? THE REVOLT: *** NO! Craziness is at an all time high within the Tea Party. That bunch is right at the edge of putting on suicide vests and killing a lot of innocent people to save their souls. There are set to save your soul if you want them too or not. They will pass laws to make sure you don't have the opportunity to commit Sins. Now deal with that reality. The Chamber of Commerce and an assembly of anonymous plutocratic donors are ...
Lou Engle IHOP is starting to feel its Dominion oats We are not merely to have the message of the Kingdom, but become the message. We are to be living epistles and God’s Word incarnate if we are to meet the needs of this generation and become the army prophesied in Scripture.–Bob Jones & Paul Keith Davis, “The Light of Favor and Grace is Upon Us. And Doubt Not, Have Faith to Move Mountains,” 1/17/07, TheElijahList Where religion has reigned now get ready for God’s government to reign. This government will prepare a way for the Kingdom to come in the Body of Christ out of the innermost part of the sons and daughters.–Bob Jones, “The Keys 22:22,” 8/13/10, TheElijahList Another national politician is joining with the false Apostles and Prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).[2] Texas Governor Rick Perry is leading an event scheduled at the Reliant Stadium, seating 100,000, in Houston on August 6. Alice Patterson of JusticeAtTheGate, who is a big part of the Dominionist activities of ...
Chapter 8 Initiative... The critical question becomes will 'We' join together once again and honor the inspired contributions and sacrifices of our ancestors and choose to preserve The American Way and protect it from All Enemies waging war on America. "All Enemies" some of whom will be American must be defeated so The American Way remains true and worth fighting and dying for and worthy of passing on to future Americans. If you see the news headlines and think it's a matter of choosing a Democrat or Republican to lead the way on The Economy, Health Care, Afghanistan and Iran... then I bade you to take a step back and take a deep breath because it's finally time to see that The Whole World is on Fire and there's no turning back. No, we can't go back but we can begin again and we must because we are heading for a place we can't go and keep The Free American Soul intact. Our leaders use word science and choose "words that work" to stoke our emotional flames and divide one American from another... to separat ...
While more Americans support upholding 'Roe v. Wade' than ever, the Tea Party and the Christian right have teamed up to pass hundreds of restrictions eviscerating abortion rights in GOP-controlled state legislatures across the country
Amen! Just think what the tens of millions of dollars spent by the Christian Right could have done. Just think of the suffering, tortured, hungry, fearful congregations that their churches could have helped. But no. These false Christians have politicized their tax-exempt corporate "churches" and have demonized their LGBT brethren, at the expense of the truly downtrodden. Just think about that.
Seems The Corporate Cockroach & Christian Right Conspiracy goes back all the way to the beginning of Western Civilization, maybe even before recorded history???
Crucifying America is a terrifying examination of how the partnership between corporate money and the Christian Right is taking control of the nation, one state legislature, and one Governor's mansion at a time. With the backing of hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate money, the Christian...
Solano thought it odd that a politician whose constituents came mainly from the Christian right would think Jesus needed protection from anything or anyone. Solano, a devout Catholic, believed God could take care of himself. To him, the whole idea of sending bodyguards back in time to protect someone destined to die on a cross was ridiculous. God wasn’t about to let a bunch of lunatics change thousands of years of human history. How little faith these men have, he thought. TIMEWARP, INC. , COTTON E. DAVIS
1870 Elections School Boards Lady Voter Antique Print. - Details and pictures: also - School board battles: the christian right in local politics (religion and politics series) Elections school board 1870 canvassing lady voter November elections, 1871 volume 2; complete statement of the official canvass in detail, of election held november 8, 1870, giving the vote of each ... and including maps of election district London at school: the story of the school board, 1870-1904 The tycoons: how andrew carnegie, john d. rockefeller, jay gould, and j. p. morgan invented the american supereconomy 1870 elections school boards lady voter antique print Monk season 3 British history 1815-1914 (short oxford history of the modern world) Final report of the school board for london, 1870-1904: with the valedictory address of the right honourable the lord ray ... chairman of the board Art, nation and gender: ethnic landscapes, myths and mother-figures Canvassing lady voter for school boards election 1870 Historic firsts o ...
Having a hard time finding any valuable reviews on the proposed new sexual education curriculum for Ontario. This from the Globe and mail: "Christian right leader Charles McVety, who is also part of the coalition, said it is unconscionable to teach children as young as eight years old gender identity and sexual orientation. He accused the Premier of listening to "special interest groups with an agenda," including former education minister Kathleen Wynne, who is openly *** " OK, before I begin to dissect this topic a bit, let me clear the air: I am opposed to *** marriage, and my ONLY defense in opposing a LBGT lifestyle is based entirely on my Christian convictions. I know about other information provided in this argument, but I choose not to use it because in my short life I have seen the worst of lies and conspiracies come directly from the political "playground"- this including but not limited to political power over military, medical, and environmental groups and funding. People who like to live in wh ...
"Under God" was not part of the ORIGINAL Pledge of Allegiance. That was added (after intense lobbying from the Christian Right fearing the effects of communism) in the 1950s during the Eisenhower administration. Eisenhower was reluctant, but the lobbyists were relentless and ruthless. So now, Buddhists like me wonder about the contradiction between that phrase "under God" and "justice for all" since 19% of the US population do not necessarily believe or have to believe in God (me included). The Pledge loses its integrity with its inclusion to me. It makes no sense, but my opinion on the matter is drowned out by the multitudes of Judeo-Christians in the overwhelming majority that can live with this contradiction and JUST DON'T CARE TO CHANGE IT BACK. It indicates to me that we are no longer a people united as one nation--as the original pledge so deemed. 19% of us have been marginalized.
When people can look at you and say, your a Christian Right! That feels real good!
The only thing keeping me from being a flaming Christian right now is scientific evidence.
Can anyone out there draw us single panel cartoon with a Church, a big sign on it saying "The Church of The Christian Right," a person walking away from the doors with their head hung low, a caption coming from the doors with people saying, "You're not welcome here! Don't come back!" and Jesus with his arm around the person saying, "Don't worry about it. They kicked me out when Ronald Reagan was President."
"Let's make look like Ivan Drago so the right puts up an easily beatable candidate in 2016" - Liberals and the Christian Right
I am terribly disappointed in Gov Pence. You have hurt the middle class with your decision to not expand Medicaid and showed yourself to be a closed minded Christian Right wing nut with your support of modifying the Indiana constitution to make it even more difficult to have *** marriage in Indiana. The argument that letting voters decide the *** marriage issue is not leadership it is cowardice. Mr Gov there are times when leaders need to stand up and make being a human being more important than agendas and allow fear mongering. Who knows maybe one day we won't won't let white rich old men be citizens. Don't worry I won't stand up for you. I know you think you are right but you're not. My guess is that if it was 1962 you would not favor blacks voting either.
“Ever feel like Jesus has been kidnapped by the Christian Right and discarded by the Secular Left?” ...our Sunday Morning Adult Education group will be discussing the idea of a credible Jesus for the third millenium through the 12-session program Saving Jesus Redux. Join our group on Sunday mornings from 9-10 am in Room 301!
I posted a video a while ago on 'when did you choose to be straight' it's very interesting the way that question makes those in video stop & think - I have always loved OutRage in naming famous internalized homophobes who engaged in homophobia to cover their own issues & see hate about their sexuality - during the Norris debacle when he ran for President & all the media started all the child abuser allegations against him - I wrote to David & asked him to used the word 'homophobes' but it was those around him who stopped him - at each juncture in history some person has to be the first & make that stand as it sets a president & begins the debate - begins the push - for me it would have been a perfect time for that to happen - but because the homophobes were allowed to win I notice a much more concerted attack on the lgbt community during a Primetime 'debate' on adoption some weeks back - this was very sinister indeed & I was more shocked at how those lgbt people on the panel sat there and allowed those ag ...
In the aftermath of the government shutdown, and the ongoing Republican Party internal civil war that followed, progressive media outlets have embraced the notion that the Christian Right is finally facing its demise. Nothing could be further from the truth. The autopsy of the 2012 election produ...
The Christian Right is seizing control of state legislatures and governors' mansions while we laugh at Ted Cruz.
"HOW BIBLICAL IS THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT?" - Do yourself a favor and read this important paper by Prof, Margaret Mitchell, the Dean of the University of Chicago Divinity School - What a great learning opportunity this is. There is an amazing range of learning here. This is a really wonderful paper. It even has an important link to the issue of corporal punishment and other issues of today -
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Sometimes you really have to ask God I need to be a Christian right now around someone people Because they push you to the limit that you could actually flip out.
That Rosie ODonnell. She *** and she crude. How she end up hosting a daytime network show??? All the Christian Right neva say a "peep" about her. See the show she force one of her guests to eat a Twinkie??? The guest tell her outright, she don't care for Twinkies. Then what she do? Get a Twinkie and force the guest to eat it. The look on the gals face said, I really don't want to eat this. What kine message was that?? Julianna Margolis was the guest.
Don't let them forget. Oklahoma Tornadoes May 21, 2013 at 9:46am Norquist, The Koch brothers and the political party that works for them disgust me. If a Senator from my state, upon learning of a devastating tornado, refused federal aide. I would scream. These disgusting nuts have not even left Washington D.C. Senator James Inhoffe on the TV claiming to stay busy helping in D.C. Pathetic. They will not accept federal disaster funds unless the government cuts the matching amount they accept. Mark my word, knowing this nutty party, the money will come from embassy security. Now he claims they need to raise money. Describe what you see when you see these photos of devastation? "We have seen it before." I have said it and I will say it again. These folks, elected, paid for by Norquist / Koch care about themselves and their political careers; the constituents are a mere after thought. Upon watching that interview with Inhoffe, I have seen more emotion and empathy in Charles Manson. So what is it? You think the ...
I seriously think that most members of the Christian Right movement don't know much of anything about American history or the Constitution or in many cases their own religion.
Okay, I'm positive of The Corporate Cockroach & Christian Right Conspiracy and that if we don't do much more than "project" happy thoughts, we are truly doomed! Is that positive enough for you?
I apologize about my previous post. I don't hate the USA, or all of the 'christian right'. I'm not trained to deal with/look over an 85 year old lady with growing altzheimers around 4 to 5 days a week, and some days its heartbreaking. Plus we are behind on this work commitment. And there are many other work commitments here on the farm. I love working on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, it's new, interesting though often sad - thank you Theo F Smart for the opportunity to help on the project.
the christian right screams so loud about the war on Christmas and the assumed discrimination against them for their belief in an invisible power, yet they have no problem trampling on others rights because of something that does not affect them, their righteous indignation is the greatest evidence of their hypocrisy.
Good morning!! Are you yet holding on? Are you taking the time out to pray and read his word? Are you yet speaking and declaring over your life? You say that you are a Christian right? Living for the Lord is not something we do when we feel like it or when we need something, but it's having a true relationship with him. So you ask, how can you have a relationship with God? The same way you have a relationship with your parents, your friends. You have to communicate with him and allow your lifestyle to reflect him. People should see that God is in your life! Luke 6:43 says "For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit". So what kind of fruit are you showing?
Meddling in African politics by the usual suspects from the US Christian Right is on the way to bringing in the death penalty for homosexuality in Ethiopia.
America's Gift to the World (and to ourselves) I'll bet you think it's democracy or freedom or one of the empty 50 cents words used in our delusional paranoia culture of propaganda. Uniquely 100% American predator capitalism will go down as our gift to ourselves and others. Predator capitalism is fairly new by historical standards, beginning in the 1970's when the US Chamber of Commerce rallied the major corporations to begin a campaign of erasing democracy. The corporatism campaign was joined by the evangelical Christian right Moral Majority that handed the corporate masters their stooge.and the rest as they say, is history. There's nothing cool or kind about predator capitalism. It allows a system where one man makes $15 million a day while a low income mother gets $4.50 a day and the predator capitalism congress wants to cut the $4.50. Here's a list of American victims: Children, students, elderly, wage earners, sick and disabled, women, minorities, homeless.that's pretty much everyone.oh yeah...who's ...
The complete disregard for the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution shown by most of the Christian Right.
Let me try this out here before I dare post it on my timeline. Be honest, but...kind. I believe it is unfortunate that evangelical and Christian right churches, organizations and individual believers assume that unfettered capitalism and the economic ethics of the Kingdom of God go hand-in-hand; that Christian theology and the ethics of Jesus are best demonstrated by the virtues of a free market system. In this economic value system, the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of mammon are assumed to be one and the same thing. According to Michael Joseph, “[I]t is true without a hesitation that the capitalist ethic is fundamentally at odds with the entire moral tradition of the Catholic [Christian] faith, and that the capitalist ethic (to use the words of Aladair MacIntyre) is a rival morality to Catholicism [Christianity]. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI understood this. Of course, the Catholic [Christian] defenders of capitalism never care to debate its intellectual formulation for they know it is fla ...
The latest court challenges to the birth control benefit show how much the fight against the contraception mandate is really about the Christian right trying to establish an employer’s “right” to control your private sex life.
Everyone realizes that most of all the founding fathers were NOT Christian right? Yet people say they wanted it to be a "Christian" nation..
TRUTHABOUTTHECIA.ORG 'S COMMENTARY ON: Clinton's Shadow Campaign: ' She is using a Two Fold Approach to Control Society via her Minion’s in the Press ' TRUTH 1) *** Pride On 'either side' of this Debate, it's the Clinton's who own the issue. They 'are' playing on Society's Sexuality to undermine Societies Ethic's and Morals. Either Way, it's a WIN consider the following: a) Being *** A reduction in the Population Explosion and reduces the use of Social Security and other Government Functions to Support a Family. In essence, The *** Agenda 'IS' the cheapest method of Birth Control for the Government to utilize. 2) Christian Right Wing a) Heterosexual: If this is your preference (cheers from me), 'then' Hilary can debate the Christian Right positions and use that against them to FUEL animosity towards Christian's around the World 'thus' maintaining the Chaos and status Quoe of the End of the World Agenda. But it's not the End of the World, because the Temple hasn't been re-built. Bottom Line on the Above: ...
Maybe we forget how radical Jesus was. So if someone wants to sue you for your shirt give him the shirt and then give him more. Yeah, how about that? Is the the Christian Right correct when they focus on personal rights when Jesus is telling us to give it away. Matthew 5:38-42 38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’[h] 39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. 40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. 41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. 42 Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.
Mel White “James Melville “Mel” White (born July 26, 1940) is an American clergyman and author. White was a behind-the-scenes member of the Evangelical Protestant movement through the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, writing film and television specials and ghostwriting autobiographies for televangelists such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham. After years of writing for the Christian Right, he came out as *** in 1994. In 1962, White graduated from Warner Pacific College. That same year, he married his wife Lyla. They had two children, one of whom is the actor/comedian and screenwriter Mike White. After receiving his BA from Warner Pacific College, then graduating with an MA in communications from the University of Portland, White followed with graduate work in communications and film at University of Southern California, UCLA, and Harvard. He received his Doctorate of Ministry from, and was a professor of communications and preaching for over a decade at, Fuller Theological Seminary. During ...
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