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Christian Ponder

Christian Ponder (born February 25, 1988) is an American football quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.

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Christian Ponder, Cordarrelle Patterson, are easily among the top.
Another day to ponder on what it means to be a christian woman.
he's certainly got an amazing track record Christian Ponder and EJ are still in the league and of course Jamies
Nails it. To me, having to watch Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Cassell and Christian Ponder QB my team was a "distraction"…
Moreover, I never get that lucky. Last relic I pulled from a clearance pack was Christian Ponder. 0.0
Sam Ponder on her new role with & potential for covering her husband Christian. Is there a conflict?…
Sam Ponder discusses covering the NFL and her husband, ex-Viking QB Christian Ponder, objectively in new ESPN role.…
[Star Tribune: Randball] - Sam Ponder talks about covering husband Christian in new ESPN role - StarTribun…
new post: ESPN's Sam Ponder, wife of ex QB, addresses question of conflict in host role on NFL Countdown.…
If you are a Christian here's some serious facts to ponder...
The only reason he wasn't cut in 2016 was he played marginally better than Thad Lewis, Blaine Gabbert, & Christian…
Christian Ponder and Matt Leinart had 35's ... correlation to NFL QB play?!?!
Christian pulisic is 18 years old. Just ponder that for a second
Only takes 1 team to value him that high to go 1st round. I mean, Christian Ponder went in the 1st. Webb > Ponder.
when fans are screaming for Christian Ponder to start your career is over
And Christian Ponder was once the 12th pick in the draft, so anything is possible.
What other coach could have gotten Christian Ponder into the first round?? 🤔
Come on to FSU and be the next Christian Ponder.
if Tim Tebow has a thought is it a Christian Ponder? 🤔
Mark Sanchez Grreeat, why not Christian Ponder while your at it
Is the gorilla trained in any sort of mixed martial arts? Definitely something to ponder, hold the Christian.
Christian Ponder's wife is more relevant in the NFL than him lmao
just in. Bears to sign Johnny Manziel Jake Locker & Christian Ponder. How many bad quarterbacks do the Bears need.
Literally six games in 2011, he got benched in favor of rookie Christian Ponder that's how bad things were
Hey, even Christian Ponder threw some TD passes.
reading the letter to game day guys had me a tad bit sad, gonna miss watching you. Congrats and tell Christian GO NOLES!
Christian ponder is my idol. QB at FSU. First round draft pick. Backup NFL QB. And gets to go home to every day!
I feel bad for Christian Ponder... not.
Hate me but I think Christian Ponder might be brought in. Intelligent, no risk to Bradford, could work in Shumer's offense.
I used this gif yesterday but Christian the goat ..
totally respect & appreciate ur ur Christian/family approach; will miss u on Saturday mornings, but wish u well
Man listen: I spent 2 years being treated to the QB stylings of Christian Ponder, who totally stood for that anthem…
Christian Ponder is a very lucky guy
Matt thinks he had it bad could you imagine Christian Ponder's?
Gabbert is still unemployed. So are Jay Cutler and Robert Griffin III. And Matt McGloin and Christian Ponder and Mark Sanchez.
Forcing a pick because you have a need turns into EJ Manuel, Christian Ponder. Pick bpa always.
What did Christian Ponder ever do to you?
Christians won't ponder much. But what about Christian Ponder? Will HE ponder?
USA version Armenian Genocide happening, ponder this why isn't there Christian rights in Musli…
loved this video, creepy but interesting. I have the same "residue" and it made me ponder. Btw are you a christian?
The jersey Christian Ponder wore when he led Vikings to a Week 17 win over Packers was just found. At a Goodwill. It wasn…
And... Geno Smith just got a new deal. So did Matt Barkley. Christian Ponder, of all people, was under contract las…
still a better qb than Christian Ponder
Broncos win the super bowl last year with Christian Ponder at QB.
After playing like Christian Ponder the first half of the season? Lol
"Christian, pause and ponder for a moment. What a debtor thou art to divine sovereignty"
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I'll take Christian ponder over cutler. *** I'd bring back Jt o'sullivan. Troy smith. Or even Ken dorsey over cutler
Any way to know if a Muslim is actually a Christian?
Christian-ponder for a moment-a debtor thou art to divine sovereignty! God gave his own Son that He might die for thee. Charles Spurgeon
I'll give you my old Christian Ponder jersey and some packs of gum. Final offer!
Hey I don't know how you come up with your "Who to Follow" algorithms, but.really? Kim Kardashian AND…
I'll take this moment to remind you that: Jake Locker, EJ Manuel, Christian Ponder, Akili Smith and Tim Tebow all w…
For my Christian friends, I ask that we ponder this, in both our personal and civic lives.
MLK was Christian, and he would not support these actions. Please ponder over this for a little bit.
Such a fun day watching Christian play Pro-Am. If you haven't been to the Phx Open, it's a bucket list event for sports fans!
Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel were drafted in the first round, as was Blake Bortles. Draft good players in the 1st.
This is something to read on and ponder about to boost our faith as a christian. Good morning!
here's some Christian values for you to ponder while calling libs names
Ponder: SHOULD this matter to you? If you're a Christian, how should you love these people (as Jesus told us to love each other repeatedly)?
Need scores from Cburg-Ponder, VV-Sam Rayburn, Gville-Krum girls, and SH-Texoma Christian. Please and thank you
In good times and bad, NFL quarterback Christian Ponder's life is grounded in faith:
I'd sign up for Christian ponder as QB for 4 years tbqh
Would you call that a Christian Ponder?
Despite being a subpar quarterback, Christian Ponder is a really decent guy and I'm happy when good things happen f…
If Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel can do it, I bet these guys can.
We’ll re-sign Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert and send them your way!
Now that your boy has gone viral let me explain to you the error of drafting Christian ponder 1/10
do you see the 49ers bring back Eric Reid, Christian Ponder, or Jeremy Kerley?
Something to ponder; why are muslims running to Christian countries for a better life? Pls muslims, too; reflect.
These are challenging and encouraging words from a great man. I encourage all of my Christian friends to read and p…
Very true words to ponder! Christian leadership should reflect Christ.
Remember to show proper manners to others. Just an interesting question to ponder about on this
John's first press conference: "Christian Ponder is the 49ers QB of the future."
Replace the word with the word in everything you've read this week. Then ponder on that feeling for a bit!
Christian Ponder all over again, amazing how teams will REACH for that elusive franchise QB
What happened today is not biblical Christianity. This is politics. Pro-life should mean ALL LIFE. I'm not part of that C…
As my Christian, Muslim Ban/Mex Wall supporting followers go to church this morning. Sit and ponder your hypocrisy. Trump Prejudice af. Fr.
is it so obvious the leftists hate Christian's? They r angry as *** what is doing. Just ponder on that.
no we need elite talent. The "best" QB prospect could be next Christian Ponder...give me Von Miller thank y…
Being a Christian and a carpenters son I ponder how Jays fam viewed themselves in society based off of how the dude preached
Something for all of you who claim to be Christian to ponder as you revel in the actions of the elected anti-Christ
Here's one for Trump evangelicals to ponder, incl via
Christian leaders ponder why church attendance is down among millenials while being silent on issues directly addressed in…
QB is the most important position in sports but there is a such thing as over valuing it. Think Jake Locker or Christian Ponder.
Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder went top 12 one year. RG3, Tannehil the next. You never know when tea…
Well, we can't blame Brad Childress, Leslie Frazier, or Christian Ponder anymore. Sam's as good a target as any, I…
The last non rookie to have a Yards per completion as low as Sam Bradford was Christian Ponder in '12. Before that, Brady Quinn in '09.
Christian Ponder will serve as the reserve QB behind Colin Kaepernick in Atlanta. More updates:
Christian Ponder has been turned against our own civilians.
The qb discussion early in the show should be called the Christian Ponder rule. trading up to get a qb who can't play.
Read & ponder upon the grievances of Nadia Murad, Yazidis, Christian minorities & all victims of atrocity crimes :.
What’s to be gained starting Christian Ponder or Blaine Gabbert?
Who should start, Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert or even Christian Ponder?
If we can't be faithful to earthly things how can we be trusted in heavenly things? Ponder.
To my 49ers who are terrible let's start Christian ponder who in practice runs the offence better than the other two QB # come one
I think the 49ers should just start Christian Ponder instead of putting us though this misery again
Wait another week for the Christian Ponder era.
49ers OC Curtis Modkins announced Colin Kaepernick will start Sunday. Christian Ponder was not discussed as option
Media: "Is there any possibility of QB Christian Ponder starting?". Modkins: "No."
OC Curtis Modkins said there was no discussion of starting Christian Ponder.
Christian Ponder seems like a Chip Kelly guy. May see him start soon. .
Why do so many physically gifted QBs fail? Consider Christian Ponder's story.
I wonder when the will start Christian Ponder. Hopefully soon.
Here's a serious question...any chance of Christian Ponder starting against Jets with Gabby backing him & Kap is inactive
A television after the 49ers activate Christian Ponder?
Christian Ponder is gonna absolutely shred this Jets defense.
toward the 49ers thing, what about Christian Ponder?
Niners fans wanting to see Christian Ponder. Here he is. What a magnificent beast.
Hackenberg is garbage. He's not gonna be a starter. He's gonna be a Christian ponder.
...taught me to slow down and truly ponder each word (KC)
The QB debate this week should be do you start Christian Ponder the rest of the way(I would) or just direct snap it to Carlos Hyde?
This is why people in the Viking organization need to be put on notice. Drafting Christian Ponder and Teddy Bridgew…
The 49ers should just start phil dawson at QB, or maybe christian ponder lmao maybe carlos hyde🤔😂
useless waste of space. Trade him for Christian Ponder ASAP.
Dumb argument. Christian Ponder got over 3,000 yards, it's not that impressive anymore
what about Christian Ponder? played well in those last two games in the Pre-season.
it's time for Christian Ponder if for no other reason than we can get shots of his wife on TV
While the Alaska Apples didn't make the playoffs in the "Christian Ponder Memorial League," their affiliate Team Gina (did!
Not sure exactly, but she's married to former Vikings QB Christian Ponder. So, yeah...
I'll say it again as I've said it since before week 1 Christian Ponder should be the starter and I believe he will b…
Lets see what Christian ponder can do!! 1 and 5 completion % is not nfl stats.
Christian Ponder leading the Bills back to the playoffs next year
Words to ponder and understand. Just because a Christian wont support something, doesn't mean that they hate the pe…
"I think that we're gonna see Christian Ponder the quarterback next week."
Can't wait for Christian 'Painter' Ponder to get a shot to brush of the opposing pass rush and deliver a master piece to finish the year
Here comes the Christian Ponder era lol
he's really terrible. Like a 6'6 Christian Ponder.
Start Christian Ponder dude. Couldnt have done much worse. 😂
No, absolute desperation is when Christian Ponder is named starting QB.
Blaine Gabbert is better than Kaepernick. Should remain starter, unless they're willing to give Christian Ponder a try.
I think the GM sure believes that. But it's not up to him. We shall see. If a team's answer is Christian Ponder, that team…
Here is how Casserly ranked the QBs when I talked to him: Gabbert, Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, Cam Newt…
Christian Ponder and Sam Steele's two year old daughter can identify a missed tackle and really that is all I want from my future children
Hey pickup Christian Ponder to start just so we can all see more of 😍😍
would love to get Christian Ponder if it meant Samantha Ponder would have to do sideline reporting every game
Can't be as painful as watching Josh Freeman, Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder start for the Vikings. I'll be fine.
Christian Ponder, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel and Josh McCown are all names Vikings could target if and when they are cut. According 2 1500espn
Marwin Evans picks off Christian Ponder and returned it 6 yards to the 39!
Christian Ponder wearing for the 49ers makes Jeff Garcia vomit
Christian Ponder keeps on the zone read... And scores!. A 22-yard TD run for the recent acquisition.
Just realized Samantha Ponder is married to Christian Ponder.. Not sure why I never noticed it. Either way though I'm still upset about it
This election is more like choosing between Christian Ponder and Josh Freeman
Trade chatter as tries making a move to get Tyler Boyd. Offers include Bill Gramatica, Geoffrey Reynolds, Christian Ponder.
What do you call Tim Tebow thinking? Christian Ponder
Guys, let's do basketball at 5. If you don't show up, you're a Christian Ponder fan.
omg I just got to the "Christian? Christian? I don't even know who Christian is" part and need to know CP's reaction
there was also one saying Christian ponder and rg3 over Russ Wilson and Cam Newton lol
The world is not black and white. What does it mean to a Christian to serve as a soldier?
Nice inbound pass there by Christian Ponder
- Christian is 10x better than you will ever be at the QB position, Go troll elsewhere. 😒
so is Christian already washed up in the nfl?? Too bad yo.
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Does that mean Christian Ponder officially retired?
Worthwhile reading for parents to consider ...
This is why,as a Christian,i must ponder the matter. If you care too,it's Colosssians Cp.2,esp. v.11-a symbol it is.
Beats overall for actual Christian Ponder, though.
That's part of the problem though: Round 3 was WAY too high for a guy whose best case scenario is Christian Ponder
Christian ponder might be the worst qb of the 2010s *** 2000s
Ponder on this quote for a minute and think.about this from a non Christian and Christian
I noticed that qbs with the intials CP can't throw a deep pass Chad Pennington Christian ponder Curtis painter
It's a great time to ponder what I'm leaving behind. What about you?
I won't be concerned as long as you take a Troy Williamson, Christian Ponder, Kenechi Udeze, or Erasmus James.
Hey is that Christian Ponder or Aaron Murray or Jonathan Pettibone's car?
I'm okay with that. It'll sure beat hoping a praying Christian Ponder becomes a franchise QB.
Yeah, far better to take guys like Jake Locker, Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert high in the draft. Let's do things YOUR way.
that's how guys like Christian Ponder and Jake Locker become first rounders. Nothing said first round about those guys.
Christian, nothing is too hard for Jesus Christ. . Ponder this and be at peace.
Fun fact: Richard Sherman once got torched by Jarius Wright on a bomb from...Christian Ponder.
Do religious Vikings fans with quarterback issues have a Christian Ponder?. Sorry.
Do I buy a Christian Ponder jersey for work next year even though he doesn't even play in the NFL anymore? It's only $10...
I take back what I said about Josh Freeman, without him we'd still probably be stuck with Matt Cassel or Christian Ponder as starter 🙄
*Christian Ponder looks on with jealousy from sidelines*
Because if the Cowboys pass on a walk in starter on defense for the next Blaine Gabbert or Christian Ponder... Ugh.
...must first divorce himself from all the prohibitions, crimes & hypocrisies of the Christian Church. Word to ponder.
and if you say no then you're dumb bc 2012 we had Christian Ponder at QB 🙄🙄🙄
that will be the benchmark of Liberal success tbh... does that mean they're moderate though??? Time to ponder.
and Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder were best QBs coming out in 2011.
talking about the toughness in Christian marriages then HIM VS HER by comes on the Dope track to ponder..
. His stats differential vs top ranked D is incredible. Against weak D he's a probowler, Vs strong Ds he's Christian Ponder.
The Christian saint lives with his eyes open, the Buddhist with his eyes closed. Chesterton /// ponder
one of those was Christian Ponder. Not worth it..
For all my christian conservative friends who bash Sanders. Ponder this for a bit.
Watching KTV, Christian videos as I ponder the necessity of true prayer. Quiet meditation on the love and sacrifice of Our Divine Savior
Oh the Wesrin across the street where Christian oh wait let me ponder lives in ?
Pominville is becoming the Christian Ponder of the
Here is something for the Christian to ponder, and then honestly seek to answer: There are many Christian songs...
Thought to ponder…is a Christian seeing 50 Shades of Grey any worse then one going to see Deadpool?
hypothetically, Christian Ponder could be back there and still win games
Auburn REALLY messed up letting Dameyune Craig go to LSU. He coached Christian Ponder and EJ Manual into 1st round picks.
Really wish that it didn't say Christian Ponder next to my Vikes!
A book Christians need to read and ponder: WILD MINT TEA
nah taking Christian ponder dat high was reaching
thinks Christian Ponder is better than Cam Newton.
One man's intriguing odyssey every Atheist, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Agnostic or spiritual seeker should ponder!
I’d rather have a Cam Newton than a Christian Ponder.
Attended a funeral today that made me ponder God's grace. Even though we disappoint Him and fail in our Christian walk; God is faithful!
The draft that gave us Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, & Christian Ponder... Ugh. Yeah no need to reach for a QB at 4.
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Let me guess..Christian refuses to mow the lawn?
and now you dig up shards of pottery and extract the subtle evidence in the decor that Christian Ponder really was screwed
Sam Ponder married the wrong Christian for sure. We were meant to be
Great Vikings Photo – Devin Aromashodu and Christian Ponder heading back to the locker room after warmups
You should check out Christian Ponder to Harvin during the first half of the 2012 season. Simple YAC heaven!
Would prefer to pick up a veteran FA with some experience, not a high price tag & some mobility: A Christian Ponder type
something to create conflict with you. There are thousands of Christian churches, so I ponder what makes
Tonight, I picture Christian Ponder weeping softly into his pillow,
Stefon Diggs is basically a slightly better Christian Ponder
Christian Ponder has a Super Bowl ring, and Jared Allen doesn't because there's absolutely NO justice in this world.
Very true. But teams that are forced to draft for need in 1st round often lose. Troy WIlliamson and Christian Ponder i.e.
The only thing Christian Ponder has won at is locking up Samantha Steele. lol
I would get a flight from NYC and be there in either my Christian Ponder or Tommy Kramer Jersey
The Broncos released QB Christian Ponder. He threw 0 passes for the team and yet still finished with a better QB ratin…
Broncos just released Christian Ponder. Trevor Siemian just beat out a former first rounder for the backup QB. He needs publicity.
Little Giant Ladders
have waived QB Christian Ponder. Rookie Trevor Siemian is no.2 to starter Brock Osweiler
Broncos announce they've waived Christian Ponder. Leaves rookie Trevor Siemian as Brock Osweiler's No. 2, with Peyton Manning out this week.
He are career starts: Ryan Leaf: 21, JaMarcus Russell: 25, Josh Freeman: 60, Christian Ponder: 36, EJ Manuel 16 and still more possible.
what about Christian Ponder, Donovan McNabb or Tarvaris Jackson? Pretty close
I can sit on the bench just as good as Matt Hassleback, Matt Schaub, & Christian Ponder. So why they living lavish & I'm eating ramen
Although, you have to ponder what it's like not having up to date independent Christian music news, right? I'm mean I'm sure missing it.
how bout when DeAndre McDaniel lowered the BOOM on Christian Ponder and separated his shoulder!
Just remember: Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder were all selected before Andy Dalton... smh
Former FSU and Vikings QB Christian Ponder had a tryout with Titans today ...
As I ponder Americas future, I will continue to support Conservative/Christian values. As for the Boomers and...
Ponder on this question. If you were put on trial for being a Christian, would the evidence of your life...
Christian ponder would get them to 5-2???
Christian culture are suckers for a reworked hymn and a banjo and as such they cannot get enough Sufjan.
The Tennessee Titans worked out Christian Ponder on is what Titan officials thought of the work out.
Raiders cut Christian Ponder, trim roster to 53
Latest blog in series "Ponder Christian Soldiers is live on Trying to keep a running list here;
time to fix the other mess. Your GM brought in Christian Ponder. We have suffered long enough with this clown Ruston Webster
Titans | Christian Ponder visits Titans: Free-agent QB Christian Ponder (Raiders) worked out for the Tennessee...
God and country: A new article series explores the experience of Christian soldiers
In 2012, the Rams were coming off a three game win streak to face Minny in week 15. Christian Ponder started. Rams have up 213 rushing yds.
Christian Ponder / The Titans worked out free agent QB Christian Ponder on Tuesday.
Report: Titans work out Christian Ponder . (via ) OMG let it be early chistmas
So Kacie McDonell dated Christian Ponder, was engaged to Aaron Murray and is now banging Eric Hosmer? I ain't sayin she a gold digger, but..
Oh no! - Titans work out Christian Ponder .
Report: Titans work out Christian Ponder . (via ). I like this kid.
DVR it, on ESPN2 later. He's a fine man, about 40 years earlier, he would have been a hero. We now live in anti Christian era.
Will the Titans go to the super bowl if they sign Christian Ponder?
After breaking down Christian Ponder and Cam Newton on tape, I would take Ponder over Newton. That's just me. '
Made my mark. blocked me. Apparently that truth hurts like *** I wonder if Christian Ponder and Aaron Murray are too?
I can’t write a overall rookie QB off rookie season. Maybe if he was Blaine Gabbert or Christian Ponder lol.
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Chris Weinke, Adrian Macpherson, Chris Rix, Christian Ponder, EJ Manuel. A list of some of the great arms Florida State has produced
oh Charlie Ward, no basketball! Casey Weldon, Danny Kenell, Christian Ponder, no, ok what about Brad Johnson, no
and dated Christian Ponder and Jonathan Pettibone. Partial to NFL & MLB players
Matt Flynn, Christian Ponder, and T.J. Yates seem like likely options for the Steelers.
Nick Foles looks more like the Christian Ponder to Todd Gurley's Adrian Peterson than the Brett Favre
Tbt When Terry Bradshaw said that Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Tannehill would be better pros than Cam Newton
During AP's 2,097-yard season, he had Christian Ponder, Percy Harvin, Kyle Rudolph, and Jerome Simpson. One of the 🐐 rushing seasons ever.
Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, & Christian Ponder are literally out of the league and were 1st rounders taken ahead of Tyrod.
Scott Walker was the Christian Ponder of the 2016 Race. Nice guy, but Not big league material.
Per the Cowboys will have 4 QBs in for tryouts tomorrow: Christian Ponder, Matt Flynn, Josh Johnson, McLeod Be…
Well all you Dallas Cowboy fans can relax. They are working out Christian Ponder tomorrow.
Source: The are planning to workout quarterbacks Christian Ponder, Josh Johnson & Matt Flynn on Tuesday, at th…
Update: Raiders encouraged by MRI on QB Derek Carr; have informed Christian Ponder he will not be signed at this time unles…
REPORT: With Derek Carr injured, the have reached out to Christian Ponder, as they feel he gives them the bes…
man this is Christian Ponder's last shot to be great. Samantha cant be out there bringing the paycheck home by herself. CP7 gotta step up.
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I still don't get how Christian Ponder got Samantha Steele
Christian Ponder and Matt McGloin are warming up. Derek Carr is a baseball cap. Doesn't appear Carr will play at all.
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