First Thoughts

Christian Mingle

Ken: "I need to find God's match for me on Christian Mingle."
Christian Mingle: bc finding gods match for you is gonna happen on the internet.
I'm banned from Christian Mingle. Apparently saying only Jesus can touch me there is offensive.
I'm signing dalton up for christian mingle πŸ˜‚
you girls are getting tired of Christian mingle?
me n r on Christian mingle hit us up her user is satanslittlegirl ! she's single gentlemen !! πŸ™‡
I just saw an commercial on tv for Christian Mingle the on line dating site and I'm amazed that it's allowed by Christians.
What percent of Christian Mingle users are not actually Christians, but weirdos trying to seduce religious women?
Every Sunday I login on to my Christian mingle acc.
Yesterday we discussed opening accounts on Christian Mingle.
A dartboard with eHarmony, POF, Match, Zoosk, Christian Mingle & leprosy. . Guess which one I'm hoping to hit.
Guess I'll go to sleep! Long day shear of me gotta sign up for Christian Mingle and Eharmony 😘✌️ I will find true love!
when ur BFF decides to turn on Gangster Rap Tunes while ur trying to make ur Christian Mingle video 😩
Ima get me a Christian Mingle account and find a sexy good girl. I'm at the age in life where I can't be messing with wastes!!
this is your Christian mingle match.
prEACH putting this on my christian mingle profile
ohh no but you look hot tonight take a pic and save it forever or out it on Christian
Yo hit me up on Christian Mingle. I'm single and looking for other Christians ☺️
do you have a Christian mingle account? Add Dalia on there and see if y'all are compatible LMAO
dam thanks for the shout out πŸ’• but I think iim just gonna make a Christian mingle account
is so angelic and sweet like her profile picture..I've never met anyone as catholic as herπŸ’žwe met on christian mingle
One time I told Savanna that I had a Christian Mingle account and she believed me.
β€œimma go on I'm gonna trust god and go with Christian Mingle πŸ™
My christian mingle profile would say: I've got a *** with a curve and that's all you deserve :3
no the Christian mingle one gives me life omg
It's *** on Christian Mingle,hiding behind the wrd "Christian".
Me and cari met through Christian mingle
have you checked eharmony, blackpeoplemeet, Christian mingle? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My sister just told me she was signing me up for Christian mingle. K
Coworker: "My baby daddy is 30 years old". "Did you meet him on christian mingle?"
Christian mingle vs. black people meet
Call me old fashioned but I remember when Christian Mingle was just televangelists slappin skins with dudes behind Supe…
What will God do to me if I join Christian mingle even though I'm not Christian?
😩 maybe Christian mingle so I can find god's match for me
"Christian mingle is actually a brilliant idea. Like you're using God get your website going." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Dont you hate when youre tired so you lay down then can't fall asleep so you waste the night away flirting on your Christian mingle account
Undecided on making a profile on black planet or Christian Mingle! *** decisions decisions
Ever feel like God is not listening? He/She is probably busy finding the right match on Christian Mingle dot com.Bet his…
I'm so upset that Jenny from Christian Mingle hung up on me. Jenny. I thought we had something.
Redford needs to use Christian Mingle to hook up with Captain Obvious! I'm lol how bout you?
Christian Mingle is the Story of a Woman Who Fakes Faith to Find a Man and Ends Up Finding God. Gwyneth Haden (Lacey Chabert) who became so desperate to find a man, she fills out a profile on christi...
"I want to make a Christian mingle account and just catfish people." -Elise Porterfield
I got 666 hits on my Christian mingle page *** Jesus
Do you think Daquan has a Christian Mingle profile
signing chase up for Christian Mingle bc he's atheist
Stop kidding yourselves people, true love only exists on Christian mingle.
Okay! This 'Christian Mingle' movie is a movie, I look forward to watching!
No you need to sign up for Christian Mingle
Which bible verse would get me the most *** on Christian mingle
All potential brides, please contact " Christian Mingle" for more info on Mr Roly Poly# mullets
thank u, Christian mingle didn't wrk out so well
Christian Mingle usernames: You want Psalm of this.
Christian mingle commercials are hilarious
go to build a bear or ummm Christian mingle
Are there any Asian girls on Christian Mingle ?
That's the entirety of my Christian Mingle bio.
Teresa keeps telling me to join Christian Mingle. πŸ˜‘
I'm so ready to go on my date with this lady.😍
Is it illegal to be on Christian Mingle and Jewish Date at the same time? Just asking.
I met all my friends on Christian mingle
When your crazy coworker signs you up for Christian Mingle.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
You can find ya girl misty on Christian mingle
Join Christian mingle and find gods match for you!! I wonder how many of them send dic pic? Lol
I'm about to join Christian mingle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
This mf on snapchat talking abt some add him on Christian mingle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
I once got an email from Christian Mingle calling me "Julia"...go figure!
Schools are like dating sites. Private school is Christian mingle, and public school is like black people
Would I be wrong if I sign my mom up for Christian mingle or black people meet?? 😳
Levi said why are you watching Christian mingle
She said she's signing up for Christian πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hate Gabby sometimes
"i am jewish" - quote from my Christian mingle profile
I heard Christian Mingle was more reliable
Jen: "Brit. I signed you up for Christian mingle... You need Jesus"
At least they aren't ads for Christian Mingle
That's bout to be my new Christian mingle profile pic.
Aka Sushi wit some random girl I met on Christian Mingle🍱
What makes Christian mingle different from Eharmony
Do Christians actually go on Christian mingle to find "Gods match" for them
Christian Mingle is sounding more and more appealing every day .
That's what Christian Mingle is for. Bring haters together for the last few years!
your just mad because you can't use "Christian Mingle."
Ion kno if I should sign up fa eharmony Christian mingle or black ppl meet lol I got so many choices
You know I never feel right trying to join Christian Mingle...It's just not me man...& it scares me. God has someone for me in His time. not mine . sometimes I wish I knew if it was right for me & I'd go & take a step of faith. But I feel that it is not what I'm suppose to do. I'd be going on Emotions rather then faith.
"What if the site Christian Mingle is just setting up other people with aliens. Think about it. That would make a good movie"- my dad lol
Christian Mingle was huge at the Roman Colosseum .
Just made a dating profile on Christian she'll thank me later 😏
About to sign up for christian mingle
I blame Christian Mingle for my woes with dating...even need love too
Thinking of putting my Dating Bio on Christian Mingle JDate Muslima Holy Infidel & Godless Heathen. Im all about Inclusiveness & Desperation
I bet the chicks on Christian Mingle give some really hot side hugs.
I would recommend watching this in its entirety before opening your Christian Mingle account
I'm probably just meant to be single. I'm on match, Christian mingle, black people meet and still can't find nobody lol
Christian Mingle Tinder = someone to interlock fingers with while holding hands.
Is Christian mingle free...asking for a friend 😁
So if i meet a serial rapist on Christian who do I blame for that?
I just made a Christian mingle account for Danny polons
I mean like Christian mingle type of dating πŸ˜•
If Christian Mingle doesn't work, that means God wants you to be alone. Forever.
apparently asking a men how big they are from prostate to tip is considered "inappropriate" on Christian mingle
I just made a Christian Mingle account! If you're interested my user name is "HailSatan666".
Christian mingle a Christian dating site kinda creepy but didn't that just used to be called Sunday church service!
"Oh, "No? He should use Christian mingle.". My parents talking about me in the other room this morning. -_-
True life: I hunt virgins on Christian Mingle
β€œI'm signing up for Christian Mingle.” Sign me up too
single and you can find me on Christian Mingle
Idk why I get so many & Christian Mingle emails, like are they trying to tell me something or ???
Imma pose as a Muslim on Christian Mingle
you can find me on Christian Mingle, I'm the only dude with a *** pic.
Im taking my talents elsewhere. Maybe christian mingle
"mom I signed you up for Christian mingle". "Nicole I'm married!!"
Why does Christian mingle keep sending me offers to join?!
I didnt realize Christian mingle let temptation have an account
Hello everyone this is my friend Cody he just joined Christian mingle and is looking for that special…
Everyone with a Christian Mingle account should come to my house on a rainy Saturday.
Joined the Christian Mingle dating site today... Going through the profiles and asking myself, ''Who would Jesus do?''
Farmers only dating site... "Cuz city folks just don't get it" 1st it was eharmony, than Christian mingle, than a black only, and now this..
Hey Christians, if Christian Mingle's not working don't fret 50 shekels of silver & rape can land you that dream wife - Deuteronomy 22:28-29
I don't know who first tagged team JNPR as team Christian Mingle but it makes me laugh every time
What do you think the chances of me finding love on christian mingle are? I'm going to guess pretty high?
"So she said that I lied on my Christian Mingle profile" - Did he? THE SLEEPWALKERS β–Ί
Is "Christian Mingle" really an appropriate spot to play during the Jodi Arias TV movie?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
New proud member of Christian Mingle. Com. - time to slay some innocence.
I kinda think my mom just told me to join Christian Mingle.
My grandpa just tried to set my 16 yr old brother up with a Christian Mingle account... Um...
Just uploaded a cute new profile pic for my Christian Mingle account
Add me on christian mingle: scorn dem a aneeka from heaven good up angel
Caiti signed me up for Christian Mingle.
Ivette be on christian mingle lmfao
If they have Christian mingle and farmers only why don't they have some sort of tall people dating website? I'd be all over that opportunity
Christian mingle - god doesn't always get it right the first time, but he sure does the second or third
I see what youre saying but I don't think its ment to be racist. I think its just like jdate or Christian mingle.
Joins Christian mingle to "find gods match.". Gets match...says his name is Satan. Looks at pic! He's hot... I'll try anything once!
This lady needs a boyfriend lol. She be on my *** 24/7. Get off my *** and get your *** on Christian Mingle, Eharmony or BlackPeopleMeet.
Christian Mingle: because god has nothing better to do than find you a mate.
I wonder how intense the debate amonst American 'Christians' get on the topic of Christian Mingle
god brought us together though Christian mingle
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
lol, when I read your Salon article on my phone there was a giant Christian Mingle ad right in the middle of it.
My Christian mingle profile pic is just me sitting in an aisle of Hobby Lobby thumbing through scrapbook paper with a fun …
I want to ironically find my husband on Christian Mingle by having the mutual interest of atheism
Making my Christian Mingle account as we speak! Lol
My boss has concluded that Farmer's Only is better than Christian Mingle. Just so everyone knows.
Wait why am I getting emails from Christian mingle saying I have messages?
Proof that Christians interpret the bible as they see fit; the Christian Mingle slogan.
I can only assume if you are on Christian Mingle, you are only looking for marriage.
A wild Joseph thinking about Christian mingle girls
you gotta google to find em or Christian mingle
Christian Mingle dot com find God's match for you.
Which bible verse will get me the most *** on Christian mingle
β€œAddison probably have an account on Christian Mingle” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Addison probably have an account on Christian Mingle
good news we have elvoped detchnology for Christian Mingle .com so that u now cna transcend with uf floppy, disgusting, disk lolll.
There was a Christian mingle commercial and they said "that's good news" and I thought they said "those good nudes"
I wonder what bible verse would get you the most *** on Christian Mingle?
Christian Mingle didn't work as a platform to acq monthly donors for LOL
"How old do you have to be to make a Christian mingle?" -
I'm just pleasantly surprised she wasn't tryna corrupt her Christian mingle account
I can't figure out why I'm not having any luck on Christian Mingle.
β€œWho new Christian chat groups can get so heated” Christian mingle ???
like why am i trying to find a Christian girl to mingle on? - Questions i ask myself
one time Kurt signed Kitty up for Christian Mingle
Whoever signed me up for Christian Mingle as a "single black woman who devotes her life to The Lord", I hope you die a slow painful death
Girl @ work signed up for Christian mingle today. Doesn't believe in God, just DESPERATE for a good man lmao YIKES
lool dat mah pree,if dat nuh work out ,christian mingle "Wonder if mehh can try out ?"
Christian Mingle commercials crack me up!Their slogan "God is waiting on you to make the next move" Like God is worried about a dating siteπŸ˜‚
My new lady friend. Her name is Willie and we met on Christian shelbyfenner… http:…
Well can't even text a grown man from Christian Mingle that isn't interested in something inappropriate. Thought I was maybe going the right route but apparently men are just interested in the way I look. Can someone get to know me for a change? I mean I've got an even better personality. I'm kind of funny too. This is hopeless.
tagged by Karen aka lu.bies, edit by me πŸ˜‹. 1. Linda. 2. Rhymes with Christian Mingle. 3. Alpacas. 4. 5'…
β€œsmh that happened with my Christian Mingle account πŸ˜•β€ they stay slacking smh
smh that happened with my Christian Mingle account πŸ˜•
She is a baddie doe!! I'm bout to go follow her on Christian Mingle
Apparently thinks that Christian Mingle is the most popular dating website
"Grandma how many dating sites are you on?" -me . "Oh, plenty of fish, Christian mingle,& eharmony..." -gma. "Oh.."😐
Times like this, make you wanna join or Christian Mingle lmbo.
"It’s much better than trying to meet someone outside the abortion clinic." - *** / Christian Mingle user.
Just signed up for Christian mingle, hope this all works out πŸ™
My dad said he was going to sign me up for Christian Mingle so I can find a nice boyfriend... How about no
Christian Mingle bio: Lover of coral, lace, chocolate, yoga pants. Phantom of the opera, 1D, and grape juice. {Phil 4:8}
My dad just told me to get on Christian mingle. What
So, there's sites like farmers only, christian mingle.. Is there a dateing site for what I'm looking for?
Opposite of Christian MT ISIS photo I’ve seen so far (today) via
So, basically a dream board is like Christian mingle?
my name is ben Donofrio and I would recommend Christian mingle
My mom always thinking I'm tryna bag something... . Last week I needed Christian mingle I need her mind to be made up. Lol I love her
Whoever created that Christian Mingle site going straight to *** bruhh
"Tell me somethings about yourself." . "Well, I'm a member of and Christian mingle."
My mom wants me to join Christian Mingle πŸ˜€
Me and Israel met on Christian mingle .
sounds like my mom... she tells me to check out Christian Mingle every time she sees the commercial.
Relationship Status:. Had to ask wife what password was to Christian Mingle Account. What it's Sunday!
"Demond preaching today yall." Follow me on Christian mingle : ddaddylongstroke
Go to Christian Mingle to meet people like you. . There are over 5 million others who aren't going to get laid before marriage either.
My mom is 52 & is still a hot piece of *** & I feel like I should sign her up on christian mingle or something. Like dude, date pplπŸ‘΅
Few things coming out soon-"Good on Paper" for Hallmark, Hot in Cleveland, indies Christian Mingle & Wiener Dog Nationals 2
I'm boutta be on Christian mingle, or Jdate
it is easy it's 2014 you got christian mingle, black people meet, eharmony and you can dive into DMs lmao
I love when I tell that I'm going to sign up for Christian Mingle or become a cat lady she tells me to shut up.
Time 2 reactivate my Christian mingle account times is hard in these streets
httpclifford_ you're really pretty, I really like your @ name and your header and Christian mingle huh?
Who wants to sign up to Christian with me πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚
Over the course of the year, Christian Mingle has stopped haunting my web browser. Smiling women have been replaced by smiling Telus Pandas!
Christian Mingle basically just said "God wants you to make your move" no, you want to make money.
throwback to when I set Mr.Freed up with a christian mingle account, he said no to 'πŸ˜‚
"I guess what im trying to say is. im still single af lol"Christian mingle!!
My mom's on Christian mingle. Oh my god. Staph πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
that's your best bet . Cause me and you kick it with the same type of folk. Christian mingle is the only way
Met a guy last night who met his wife on Christian Mingle...I didn't realize people actually used that
I'm still controlling Hannah's christian mingle account
Catch me on christian mingle these thots crazy for the D
I finally got otp and I heard tee say "Naw I'm on Christian mingle" I had to hang up, idht.
1) β€œI'm about to make a Christian mingle account and turn all those *** *** in the name of Jesus”
Me and my babe met on Christian Mingle a few weeks ago ;)
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
lol oh but stilll , i need a *** so im finna go on Christian Mingle
I thought farmers only or Christian mingle was bad. But I think cougar life beats them all πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
Forgot to update my Christian Mingle profile. lmao jk
Signing kb up for Christian mingle cuz he's a horny sinner and need to meet the right typa girl
I realized I actually hate everyone and I'll probably find my husband from Christian Mingle.
While y'all at it add me on Christian mingle
lol Christian is in here and we want to mingle as a fam
Why everybody is making a Christian mingle :/
I have a Christian Mingle account, and I think a new born calf would better suit me.
how about jdate, okcupid, tinder, Christian Mingle, etc. Btw, you're profile picture will be a goat on Christian Mingle.
if I got hit up by dudes I'm tryna talk to as much as I do from guys that I'm not, I probs wouldn't be tryna join Christian Mingle.
Christian Mingle commercials between this Warren Jeffs doc at 1 a.m. is either genius or lazy.
Just heard a lady say she met her husband on Christian Mingle. I didn't know that was a real website.
Trying to decide what to write for my Christian Mingle bio: "Looking for: inner beauty/outer booty" or "Still a virgin (in God's eyes)".
who cannot relate.better than or Christian Mingle..fur sure
Let me go make my Christian Mingle and Black People Meet account πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’
The commercials on the hallmark channel are for Christian Mingle and Botox (if you were wondering)
Every time I see a Christian Mingle commercial I think of πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"I like Jesus, but he loves me, so it's awkward" This is what's listed as my religious view on FB. I think FB is cherry picking one word, and that's why I'm getting ads for Kirk Cameron and Christian Mingle. My political view is listed as "Pastafarian." That might be why I get Olive Garden ads.
Now watching: THE ROBE, the epic about history's 1st Christian Mingle love triangle between Samson, Marc Anthony, and Spartacus's baby mama.
So when we sign up for Christian Mingle... We lie and put Christian under the religious preference, right?
"I thought you were gonna set me up on Christian Mingle." Mom no
Just saw a Christian Mingle ad on History Channel. It said they now have 13 million members, 4 million joining in the last year alone. If they were succeeding in their mission to match Christians would not membership be declining?
Guess there was another earthquake Friday... was too busy laughing front row at The World Famous Comedy Store. The highlight was being roasted by Jeff Ross. Hilariously dubbed the "Christian Mingle" couple w/ my friend. For Sunset Blvd, definitely a compliment ;)
because all the good girls are on Christian Mingle πŸ™πŸ™Œ
lol this documentary about the Branch Davidians is sponsored by Christian Mingle
As scared as I was, Christian Mingle made it so easy. He's my second chance.
yeah I guess. All these followers now, including teabaggers from Christian Mingle and what not.. What the *** have I done?
Accidentally pressed an ad on my phone asking to join Christian mingle. There is hope
Considering applying for a prom date on Christian Mingle
Get 6 Free VitaTops
the only person that benefits from this pic is Megan. You should use this for your Christian Mingle profile pic!
Do you still date the black girl you met on Christian mingle?
IΒ΄m yours anyway, no Christian Mingle needed..;)
I was scrolling through and glanced at I think a Christian Mingle thing on here and it said "meet committed women" ? Are they married? Are they in the funny farm? Kinda threw me off!
Idk it had your name and picture. Ohhh maybe it was Christian mingle I just went on. Lol
You've got to remember, those are spammers not JDate sending those emails. I get plenty from Christian Mingle, OurTime etc.
My co-worker thinks he is pretty funny. And he really is with this Him: "So do I get a chance to take you out now? Or have you decided to do all your dating through eHarmony & Christian Mingle". πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
So funny - we got a call from American Express this morning checking on a possible fraudulent use of our credit card. Whoever it was used the card to sign up for Christian Mingle. Just thought it was a good one - you start dating some person on Christian Mingle and find out they committed credit card fraud to be a member... yum. Thank you AmEx for flagging that one!!
*** all on Tinder with scriptures in their About; why y'all ain't on Christian Mingle
I made a christian mingle... They took it down due to my occupation. BS β€œy'all wish me luck πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
I got nuthin. And I still need the chance to go ask you for a date on Christian Mingle :D
There's an ad for Conservative Daily that says "click like if you listen to Alice Cooper" and a pic of Alice next to it on my FB feed. What's next? A Christian Mingle ad featuring Rob Zombie?
you @ so many girls it could be your own Christian Mingle
Time to give this Christian mingle thing a try. Rob Lawson says you can't take girls to church trying to save them you gotta find one that's already there :)
it's okay I always get emails from Christian mingle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
β€œUses dating sites to sleep with as many women as possible;. Christian Mingle.”
I signed up for Christian mingle last night-clay
How is it possibly that I receive spam emails from both JDate and Christian Mingle on a regular basis?
hey G this isn't "set doris up with her friends" I want to meet a new guy off Christian mingle with a beard
that doesn't even make sense. But you have an eharmony and a Christian mingle account πŸ˜‚
Rust Cohle: definitely not on Christian Mingle. via
I was on Christian Mingle for 3 months without a single response. And for that, I guess I only have my selfie to blame.
when the secretary calls you to front office & asks if you know this guy on Christian Mingle since I'm in a pic w/ him..
"How's that weird? They probably have a Christian dating site too". "They do. It's called Christian mingle." Alrighty then..
You on fb tryna find a a fukn bum this ant Christian mingle or black ppl meet
*** yeah I have my first interested person on Christian Mingle, donΒ΄t get jealous ladies..
β€œI really really want to join Christian Mingle..” I hear they're offering 2 for the price of 1 if you're a KKK member.
Why do I always get emails from and Christian mingle πŸ˜³πŸ˜‘
So, I'm now getting spam from Christian Mingle & JDate
IΒ΄m on Christian Mingle as JoyceM43 occupation church cleaner..;)
Slides finger into rectum to remove wedged panties . *adds "into butt stuff" to Christian Mingle profile
'He's my 2nd chance. Sob sob. Commercial is so boring and annoying
Who sign me up for christian mingle?
Theresa just told me that I need to sign up sign up for Christian mingle .com and I slipped and told her that I already did
I just got an email from Christian Mingle.
I really really want to join Christian Mingle..
Goto Christian mingle like I told you
I think you should ask Sister Odell to speak about Christian Mingle
Christian Mingle got a app for y'all *** *drops mic*
Y'all got profiles on Christian mingle ?
OK Cupid wants me Apparently *** men want me β€œSo bad” and while I’m flattered, the professional marketer in me wonders who sold their list to OK Cupid? I wonder if I should expect something from Christian Mingle next?Filed under: Relationships
Answer: "enjoys long walks on the beach with only one set of footprints" Question: What does very profile on Christian Mingle say?
# 143 So I found a teacher at Killian Hill on Christian Mingle... Don't ask why I was looking...
This is a story of happiness thanks to Christian Mingle. (All people and opinions portrayed in this video do not reflect the real opinions of comedy central ...
Seriously FB?!?!?...your "suggestions" for me include that i "like" Christian mingle and Trojan condoms ***
About to make a Christian mingle remember Carrie Brunner lmao
Also, I'm on Christian mingle now. Eharmony is for losers.
Just curious how Christian mingle commercial is on the same channel as My 5 wives??? Anyone c a problem?
Did anyone else just see the Christian Mingle commercial on the WSU game? I am a Christian, but that commercial was a load of crap. Claiming that their website is a tool of God to find a mate. Unbelievable!
Im gonna peel me a freak off christian mingle and get her Lol
Gonna make a profile for Satan on Christian Mingle *shot*
Today I found out that I had fraud charges on my bank about from someone using Christian Mingle..can you say ironic!?
So.this Christian Mingle commercial just annoyed me. How you gone sell a happy marriage to me when the man is clearly *** That kiss was weak af and he looked like he didn't even like her. Lol
To truly rival Christian Mingle, J-Date should change their name to Shmingle
"This ain't Christian Mingle!" "Seriously??? Stinkin' Mississippi!" Two different conversations but I love these people! Ha!
Just sat next to two people at the Casino who met on Christian Mingle this last Friday and they are getting married tomorrow.
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