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Christian Mingle

Proof that Christians interpret the bible as they see fit; the Christian Mingle slogan.
I can only assume if you are on Christian Mingle, you are only looking for marriage.
A wild Joseph thinking about Christian mingle girls
you gotta google to find em or Christian mingle
Christian Mingle dot com find God's match for you.
Which bible verse will get me the most *** on Christian mingle
โ€œAddison probably have an account on Christian Mingleโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Addison probably have an account on Christian Mingle
good news we have elvoped detchnology for Christian Mingle .com so that u now cna transcend with uf floppy, disgusting, disk lolll.
There was a Christian mingle commercial and they said "that's good news" and I thought they said "those good nudes"
I wonder what bible verse would get you the most *** on Christian Mingle?
Christian Mingle didn't work as a platform to acq monthly donors for LOL
"How old do you have to be to make a Christian mingle?" -
I'm just pleasantly surprised she wasn't tryna corrupt her Christian mingle account
I can't figure out why I'm not having any luck on Christian Mingle.
โ€œWho new Christian chat groups can get so heatedโ€ Christian mingle ???
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
like why am i trying to find a Christian girl to mingle on? - Questions i ask myself
one time Kurt signed Kitty up for Christian Mingle
Whoever signed me up for Christian Mingle as a "single black woman who devotes her life to The Lord", I hope you die a slow painful death
Girl @ work signed up for Christian mingle today. Doesn't believe in God, just DESPERATE for a good man lmao YIKES
lool dat mah pree,if dat nuh work out ,christian mingle ๎Ž"Wonder if mehh can try out ?"
Christian Mingle commercials crack me up!Their slogan "God is waiting on you to make the next move" Like God is worried about a dating site๐Ÿ˜‚
My new lady friend. Her name is Willie and we met on Christian shelbyfennerโ€ฆ http:โ€ฆ
Well can't even text a grown man from Christian Mingle that isn't interested in something inappropriate. Thought I was maybe going the right route but apparently men are just interested in the way I look. Can someone get to know me for a change? I mean I've got an even better personality. I'm kind of funny too. This is hopeless.
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โ€œsmh that happened with my Christian Mingle account ๐Ÿ˜•โ€ they stay slacking smh
smh that happened with my Christian Mingle account ๐Ÿ˜•
She is a baddie doe!! I'm bout to go follow her on Christian Mingle
Apparently thinks that Christian Mingle is the most popular dating website
"Grandma how many dating sites are you on?" -me . "Oh, plenty of fish, Christian mingle,& eharmony..." -gma. "Oh.."๐Ÿ˜
Times like this, make you wanna join or Christian Mingle lmbo.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
"Itโ€™s much better than trying to meet someone outside the abortion clinic." - *** / Christian Mingle user.
Just signed up for Christian mingle, hope this all works out ๐Ÿ™
My dad said he was going to sign me up for Christian Mingle so I can find a nice boyfriend... How about no
Christian Mingle bio: Lover of coral, lace, chocolate, yoga pants. Phantom of the opera, 1D, and grape juice. {Phil 4:8}
My dad just told me to get on Christian mingle. What
So, there's sites like farmers only, christian mingle.. Is there a dateing site for what I'm looking for?
Opposite of Christian MT ISIS photo Iโ€™ve seen so far (today) via
So, basically a dream board is like Christian mingle?
my name is ben Donofrio and I would recommend Christian mingle
My mom always thinking I'm tryna bag something... . Last week I needed Christian mingle I need her mind to be made up. Lol I love her
Whoever created that Christian Mingle site going straight to *** bruhh
"Tell me somethings about yourself." . "Well, I'm a member of and Christian mingle."
My mom wants me to join Christian Mingle ๐Ÿ˜€
Me and Israel met on Christian mingle .
sounds like my mom... she tells me to check out Christian Mingle every time she sees the commercial.
Relationship Status:. Had to ask wife what password was to Christian Mingle Account. What it's Sunday!
"Demond preaching today yall." Follow me on Christian mingle : ddaddylongstroke
Go to Christian Mingle to meet people like you. . There are over 5 million others who aren't going to get laid before marriage either.
My mom is 52 & is still a hot piece of *** & I feel like I should sign her up on christian mingle or something. Like dude, date ppl๐Ÿ‘ต
Few things coming out soon-"Good on Paper" for Hallmark, Hot in Cleveland, indies Christian Mingle & Wiener Dog Nationals 2
I'm boutta be on Christian mingle, or Jdate
it is easy it's 2014 you got christian mingle, black people meet, eharmony and you can dive into DMs lmao
I love when I tell that I'm going to sign up for Christian Mingle or become a cat lady she tells me to shut up.
Time 2 reactivate my Christian mingle account times is hard in these streets
httpclifford_ you're really pretty, I really like your @ name and your header and Christian mingle huh?
Who wants to sign up to Christian with me ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‚
Over the course of the year, Christian Mingle has stopped haunting my web browser. Smiling women have been replaced by smiling Telus Pandas!
Christian Mingle basically just said "God wants you to make your move" no, you want to make money.
throwback to when I set Mr.Freed up with a christian mingle account, he said no to '๐Ÿ˜‚
"I guess what im trying to say is. im still single af lol"Christian mingle!!
My mom's on Christian mingle. Oh my god. Staph ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ
that's your best bet . Cause me and you kick it with the same type of folk. Christian mingle is the only way
Met a guy last night who met his wife on Christian Mingle...I didn't realize people actually used that
I'm still controlling Hannah's christian mingle account
Catch me on christian mingle these thots crazy for the D
I finally got otp and I heard tee say "Naw I'm on Christian mingle" I had to hang up, idht.
1) โ€œI'm about to make a Christian mingle account and turn all those *** *** in the name of Jesusโ€
Me and my babe met on Christian Mingle a few weeks ago ;)
lol oh but stilll , i need a *** so im finna go on Christian Mingle
I thought farmers only or Christian mingle was bad. But I think cougar life beats them all ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‚
Forgot to update my Christian Mingle profile. lmao jk
Signing kb up for Christian mingle cuz he's a horny sinner and need to meet the right typa girl
I realized I actually hate everyone and I'll probably find my husband from Christian Mingle.
While y'all at it add me on Christian mingle
lol Christian is in here and we want to mingle as a fam
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Why everybody is making a Christian mingle :/
I have a Christian Mingle account, and I think a new born calf would better suit me.
how about jdate, okcupid, tinder, Christian Mingle, etc. Btw, you're profile picture will be a goat on Christian Mingle.
if I got hit up by dudes I'm tryna talk to as much as I do from guys that I'm not, I probs wouldn't be tryna join Christian Mingle.
Christian Mingle commercials between this Warren Jeffs doc at 1 a.m. is either genius or lazy.
Just heard a lady say she met her husband on Christian Mingle. I didn't know that was a real website.
Trying to decide what to write for my Christian Mingle bio: "Looking for: inner beauty/outer booty" or "Still a virgin (in God's eyes)".
who cannot relate.better than or Christian Mingle..fur sure
Let me go make my Christian Mingle and Black People Meet account ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜’
The commercials on the hallmark channel are for Christian Mingle and Botox (if you were wondering)
Every time I see a Christian Mingle commercial I think of ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
"I like Jesus, but he loves me, so it's awkward" This is what's listed as my religious view on FB. I think FB is cherry picking one word, and that's why I'm getting ads for Kirk Cameron and Christian Mingle. My political view is listed as "Pastafarian." That might be why I get Olive Garden ads.
Now watching: THE ROBE, the epic about history's 1st Christian Mingle love triangle between Samson, Marc Anthony, and Spartacus's baby mama.
So when we sign up for Christian Mingle... We lie and put Christian under the religious preference, right?
"I thought you were gonna set me up on Christian Mingle." Mom no
Hamilton Collection
Just saw a Christian Mingle ad on History Channel. It said they now have 13 million members, 4 million joining in the last year alone. If they were succeeding in their mission to match Christians would not membership be declining?
Guess there was another earthquake Friday... was too busy laughing front row at The World Famous Comedy Store. The highlight was being roasted by Jeff Ross. Hilariously dubbed the "Christian Mingle" couple w/ my friend. For Sunset Blvd, definitely a compliment ;)
because all the good girls are on Christian Mingle ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ
lol this documentary about the Branch Davidians is sponsored by Christian Mingle
As scared as I was, Christian Mingle made it so easy. He's my second chance.
yeah I guess. All these followers now, including teabaggers from Christian Mingle and what not.. What the *** have I done?
Accidentally pressed an ad on my phone asking to join Christian mingle. There is hope
Considering applying for a prom date on Christian Mingle
the only person that benefits from this pic is Megan. You should use this for your Christian Mingle profile pic!
Do you still date the black girl you met on Christian mingle?
Iยดm yours anyway, no Christian Mingle needed..;)
I was scrolling through and glanced at I think a Christian Mingle thing on here and it said "meet committed women" ? Are they married? Are they in the funny farm? Kinda threw me off!
Idk it had your name and picture. Ohhh maybe it was Christian mingle I just went on. Lol
You've got to remember, those are spammers not JDate sending those emails. I get plenty from Christian Mingle, OurTime etc.
My co-worker thinks he is pretty funny. And he really is with this Him: "So do I get a chance to take you out now? Or have you decided to do all your dating through eHarmony & Christian Mingle". ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚
So funny - we got a call from American Express this morning checking on a possible fraudulent use of our credit card. Whoever it was used the card to sign up for Christian Mingle. Just thought it was a good one - you start dating some person on Christian Mingle and find out they committed credit card fraud to be a member... yum. Thank you AmEx for flagging that one!!
*** all on Tinder with scriptures in their About; why y'all ain't on Christian Mingle
I made a christian mingle... They took it down due to my occupation. BS โ€œy'all wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
I got nuthin. And I still need the chance to go ask you for a date on Christian Mingle :D
There's an ad for Conservative Daily that says "click like if you listen to Alice Cooper" and a pic of Alice next to it on my FB feed. What's next? A Christian Mingle ad featuring Rob Zombie?
you @ so many girls it could be your own Christian Mingle
Time to give this Christian mingle thing a try. Rob Lawson says you can't take girls to church trying to save them you gotta find one that's already there :)
it's okay I always get emails from Christian mingle ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
โ€œUses dating sites to sleep with as many women as possible;. Christian Mingle.โ€
I signed up for Christian mingle last night-clay
How is it possibly that I receive spam emails from both JDate and Christian Mingle on a regular basis?
hey G this isn't "set doris up with her friends" I want to meet a new guy off Christian mingle with a beard
that doesn't even make sense. But you have an eharmony and a Christian mingle account ๐Ÿ˜‚
Rust Cohle: definitely not on Christian Mingle. via
I was on Christian Mingle for 3 months without a single response. And for that, I guess I only have my selfie to blame.
when the secretary calls you to front office & asks if you know this guy on Christian Mingle since I'm in a pic w/ him..
"How's that weird? They probably have a Christian dating site too". "They do. It's called Christian mingle." Alrighty then..
You on fb tryna find a a fukn bum this ant Christian mingle or black ppl meet
*** yeah I have my first interested person on Christian Mingle, donยดt get jealous ladies..
โ€œI really really want to join Christian Mingle..โ€ I hear they're offering 2 for the price of 1 if you're a KKK member.
Why do I always get emails from and Christian mingle ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‘
So, I'm now getting spam from Christian Mingle & JDate
Iยดm on Christian Mingle as JoyceM43 occupation church cleaner..;)
Slides finger into rectum to remove wedged panties . *adds "into butt stuff" to Christian Mingle profile
'He's my 2nd chance. Sob sob. Commercial is so boring and annoying
Who sign me up for christian mingle?
Theresa just told me that I need to sign up sign up for Christian mingle .com and I slipped and told her that I already did
I just got an email from Christian Mingle.
I really really want to join Christian Mingle..
Goto Christian mingle like I told you
I think you should ask Sister Odell to speak about Christian Mingle
Christian Mingle got a app for y'all *** *drops mic*
Y'all got profiles on Christian mingle ?
OK Cupid wants me Apparently *** men want me โ€œSo badโ€ and while Iโ€™m flattered, the professional marketer in me wonders who sold their list to OK Cupid? I wonder if I should expect something from Christian Mingle next?Filed under: Relationships
Answer: "enjoys long walks on the beach with only one set of footprints" Question: What does very profile on Christian Mingle say?
# 143 So I found a teacher at Killian Hill on Christian Mingle... Don't ask why I was looking...
This is a story of happiness thanks to Christian Mingle. (All people and opinions portrayed in this video do not reflect the real opinions of comedy central ...
Seriously FB?!?!?...your "suggestions" for me include that i "like" Christian mingle and Trojan condoms ***
About to make a Christian mingle remember Carrie Brunner lmao
Also, I'm on Christian mingle now. Eharmony is for losers.
Just curious how Christian mingle commercial is on the same channel as My 5 wives??? Anyone c a problem?
Did anyone else just see the Christian Mingle commercial on the WSU game? I am a Christian, but that commercial was a load of crap. Claiming that their website is a tool of God to find a mate. Unbelievable!
Im gonna peel me a freak off christian mingle and get her Lol
Gonna make a profile for Satan on Christian Mingle *shot*
Today I found out that I had fraud charges on my bank about from someone using Christian Mingle..can you say ironic!?
So.this Christian Mingle commercial just annoyed me. How you gone sell a happy marriage to me when the man is clearly *** That kiss was weak af and he looked like he didn't even like her. Lol
To truly rival Christian Mingle, J-Date should change their name to Shmingle
"This ain't Christian Mingle!" "Seriously??? Stinkin' Mississippi!" Two different conversations but I love these people! Ha!
Just sat next to two people at the Casino who met on Christian Mingle this last Friday and they are getting married tomorrow.
I really want to take my cussing, drinking, hates dirt and always looking for a mall self and register for Christian Mingle and Farmers Only. OH and did I mention I was MARRIED. Can you imagine how funny that would be...
I wonder If the girls on 'Christian Mingle' suck *** ?
Ok just to name a few there's: Match.Com, Christian Mingle, Plenty of Fish, Black People, Eharmony, Zoosk, Our Time, LavaLife, & even Farmers Only.with all this dating "help" out here, it seems that NOBODY should be still SINGLE. It would appear in my case, if you don't use em, they wont work! TeeHee!!!
Grindr is not my kinda dance. Manhunt is not my kinda stake out, Christian mingle is not my kinda religion and Plenty Of Fish is not my kinda ocean. Still content, stout and single.
You dont have to go to church anymore Christian mingle a
... and who wins Tuesday is whomever signed me up for Christian Mingle. Here's looking at you LoPresti..
Is someone trying to tell me something. I get daily emails from Christian Mingle,, etc. I even get emails from Our which is for people over 50 (I'm half that age!). And yes, I even get emails from, Im not joking!!! Do you think someone is trying to send me a message? Lol
Just saw a TV commercial for Christian Mingle dot com with the tag line, "Find God's Match For You." Really? I was waiting for the close, "I'm God, and I endorse this dating service!"
Think I'll join Christian Mingle.what's the worst that can happen? I turn her into a heathen or I become religious.on second thought, I think I'll just stay single.
To all our newest members, welcome! We got tired of seeing commercials for Christian Mingle, so we started our own dating/meeting site for free thinkers, agnostics and non-believers! Please check it out and sign up to help us make it a success at:
According to my old email account, I have matches with Christian mingle and black people And I've been selected to be an underwear model! That's what's up!
Ok im tired of reading christian mingle and how successful it is.for me its failed like rosie odonnel diet done with it
With all these weird dating sites like farmers only or christian mingle or J date, you would think that they would have already made a site for people that are into racing. This poor old shlub would love to find a girl that likes racing as much as I do. But then when they do make one, you know it would be filled with some back woods, redneck, full blown nascar train wreck. With a nice big mullet and a Tony Stewart moomoo. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
But really tho..I'm joining Christian mingle ๐Ÿ™Œ
WARNING! NSA IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL or WHY OLD PEOPLE SHOULDN'T CHAIR A REUNION Dear Pioneer High Class of 1963 San Jose, CA, One of the alarming aspects of chairing a 51st reunion, is the "big brother" factor. Apparently, the National Security Administration (or someone) is watching me. As you can imagine, trying to obtain information for hotels, meals, extra activities, locating classmates, etc. has resulted in lots of my time visiting various web sites. If I was in denial about my age, how many years since my high school graduation, gray hair, wrinkles, "senior moments" (aka: CRS), or my first date, my SPAM email correspondents are happy to remind me. I've listed a few of them below, along with my reactions. Christian Mingle: (Time is running out for my salvation.) Free Breakfast Coupons: (Your social security check won't cut it, babe!) Meet Russian Single Men: (Desperate old women needed to nurse crotchety, decrepit old men. ) Meet Amazing Singles Over 50: (It's amazing that you're still alive and wa ...
I see on TV the dating site Christian mingle . Com get to know someone before u take the first step what's the first step l'm serious never dated much is there a second step?
Alright I am almost thirty three. I think it may be time to grow up. Still single so maybe I should try this christian mingle thing. I hear that is where Charley Sheen finds all his lady's.
Is wondering if that absolutely perfect couple on the Christian Mingle dating site commercial is a real couple or paid actors i mean c'mon that looks like a fairy tale, the only thing missing is the happily ever after, the end part.
Tried to sign up for Christian mingle but they don't ask what your sexual orientation is. The nerve Lmao
What if after those Christian Mingle commercials, they ran Muslim Mingle, Jewish Mingle, Buddhist Mingle and Atheist Mingle commercials?
Thinking about setting up a Christian Mingle account.
i just joined CHRISTIAN MINGLE. wish me luck!!!
"I met my drug dealer on christian mingle"
Sara: "Did you know that there is a Juggalo dating site?" Joe: "Christian Mingle?"
"I've been to a couple of Churches" Where if I talk to a girl, people start looking at me funny. No wonder we have "Christian Mingle" (nothing against them) and all these Dating Sites. There's so much prejudgment going around "that something healthy" has become polarized.
Bill Maher's closing new rule from Friday night: And finally, New Rule: The Sparkletts guy must tell me why nobody talks around the water cooler anymore. But, wait, I think I know why. Itโ€™s because as a culture we donโ€™t have enough in common anymore. And thatโ€™s because the Internet, which was supposed to unite the world, has become too adept at serving us personalized content. Do you know what I saw on Yahooโ€™s front page this morning? No, you donโ€™t, because mine isnโ€™t the same as yours. People get newsfeeds now that just spit back customized stories based on what weโ€™ve clicked on in the past. So, I, for example, might see a lot of stories about pot, American history, and, of course โ€œChristian Mingle.โ€ Whereas, Ted Nugent just gets ads for Prozac and bullets. So, yes, welcome to the brave new world of micro-targeting which โ€“ look, admittedly is often harmless. No one gets hurt if my computer tells me, โ€œYou bought โ€˜James Taylorโ€™s Greatest Hits.โ€™ You might also enjoy this pillow a ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
My mom told me I need to start being more religious so I opened up my own christian mingle profile.
if u think my mama is Sexy u can find her on "CHRISTIAN MINGLE"
I'm single and ready to Christian Mingle!
Mary Magdalene would be a great Christian Mingle avatar.
Has anyone tried out any of the dating websites? Comment and let me know of your experience. I am looking for a "boo" I think I am going to give a couple of these sites a try. (Gonna do a "post diary" lol this should be interesting lol) Top 5 Dating Websites: 1. Zoosk 2. 3. eHarmony 4. Our Time. 5. Christian Mingle
I met your mom on Christian mingle...
I kind of laugh as there is spam on my feed for a Republican against "ObamaCare"...I guess I can file this with Zoosk or any dating site (Christian Mingle) as really targeting the wrong person.
For 6 dollars a share you can own stock in Spark networks the company who own online dating sites like Christian Mingle ha. Funny how dating of any variety has become so lucrative. Apparently if you insert God into the equation according to their earnings press release you'll see a 25% increase in revenues. I'm not sure what to think.
Lupe Hernandez just told me to go on Christian Mingle or Black People Meet to find my prom date . ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Lmfao , done with life
What the heck did I buy, click on, research that I am suddenly getting tons of e-mails from Ashley Madison, "the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters?" Also getting ads for Christian Mingle and J-Date. Guess I need to be more careful!
That moment when the Christian Mingle song comes on the radio.
I just asked wifey if it was OK for me to get a profile on christian mingle .com .now my phone is cracked in about 13 pieces !!! I guess that means no .
I think I'm gonna try Christian Mingle! Maybe there's a good christian man on there!!!
I love how the one time I hear someone with the name Andrea and they share the same pronunciation as me: it's in a Christian Mingle commercial. Lol, why is my name so difficult for everyone?
I think I might need to just join Christian mingle..
I wonder if somebody ever got Catfished through Christian Mingle.
Am I the only one who giggles because Christian Mingle runs endless ads during Ancient Aliens?
Just joined Christian mingle. So excited for what The Lord has in store for me
Gotta love the online dating site commercials. Sure, I know some people have trouble finding a match the traditional way, but Christian Mingle? I'm sorry.that one makes me laugh. "God brought us together...blah blah blah." uh-no...the website brought you together under the pretense of $50 a month until you find someone. Can we say waste of money? What more can people come up with? *rolls eyes*
Well I tried Christian Mingle for a was a total disappointment!! Still very thankful for God's protection!!
It's Sunday y'all know wat that mean Christian mingle here I come
Holy God I may travel to Mishawaka on my vacation.on Christian mingle seen this cute woman whos a nurse assistant. ...if she worked at same hospital I do id be in constant cardiac arrest!!!
I realized I look better in profile pictures if I do not smile. Whenever I smile for my profile pic I look like an ad for Christian Mingle.
Christian Mingle. Isn't God busy enough now he has to help people get together???
Need some help people. Don't know if I want to join Christian Mingle or Farmers only . Com or just get a gold membership to redtube
so against my better judgement, I joined Christian mingle.what a waste of time and money
I always get suggested to use Christian Mingle on here. .Do I look that desperate or do they think im a sinner?
How in the *** you steal some one credit card to buy a year subscription to Christian Mingle
Last night a guy told me he's looking for love on Christian mingle. I then told him the story about how I was banned from that site for making a profile with a plain awful bio about sex,drugs, and rock music. I started laughing hysterically until I realized he was being serious. He then preceded to then lecture me. LOL AT MY LIFE .*FACEPALM*
That commercial from Christian mingle gets on my nerves--especially when the woman emotionally calls the guy her second chance. Ladies, you can make your own chances. Maybe she is his second chance. I so want women to be self sufficient and love themselves before they join their lives with a partner-- male or female.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Ok I joined Christian mingle. Just want to get out there and meet someone again. Working these theatre hours doesn't give me much of a social life.
There certainly seems to be a lot of specialty internet dating sites. Let's stack them up. We have Farmers Only .com because city folk just don't get it. There is Christian Mingle .com and Our Time .com. Our Time is for old farts while in Christian Mingle you better know Jesus.There are dating sites for African Americans, there's E and also Match .com.These latter two are both bragging they are responsible for more marriages than other dating sites. Hmm soon they will be responsible for more divorces than other dating sites.
I need to find God's match for me.Christian Mingle lol ^_^
Alright, I keep thinking about ways I can make extra money. Just saw an ad for Christian Mingle. Maybe I should start my own online service. I could call it *** s Hook-Up or maybe Lucifer's Meat Market.
Just got done filln out my profile on christian mingle..
Here we go! I just scrolled across an ad for It asked, "What's your type?". Check this out...if you are desperate enough to use a website like that, then anyone should be your type. Since we're on the subject, what's with these other sites like Christian Mingle and FarmersOnly? Don't Christians, "Mingle" once a week? And what could the social template be for wanting to meet another farmer? "Must like farms". Kill yourself.
I know I am officially a bitter old woman because every single time a Christian Mingle commercial comes on, I have to leave the room before I start screaming profanities.
For the last three weeks all my emails have been heinously spammed. But instead of the hundreds of "Meet Black Singles" and "Earn Top Dollar at Home" messages I was getting at first, now I'm bombarded with "Better Ways to Rent a Private Jet" and "Christian Mingle". They are madly searching back and forth on the continuum for my demographic but they just keep missing it.
Is anyone else offended when Christian Mingle claims to know and have "gods match?"
So we tested Christian Mingle (a dating site) posing as single christians of good faith (lmfao) and discovered it was full of married women and men looking to get laid. Couples looking for threesomes and swingers. Old men looking for very young women. There were even christian women looking to trade sex for money. It's like any other dating site but this one is ok by their god. Lol. Funny people. There were even couples looking for a second guy for the husband to play with. I thought door number two and *** couplings was a no no to their god. Go check it out and have a laugh. Seriously.
Niggaz need to stop using SL and IMVU as Christian Mingle
I just asked my wonderful son this question: Stephen, why do I keep getting mail from "Meet Me" & "Christian Mingle"...they are dating services I think, which I never signed up for...and his answer was..."people like you mom don't belong on the internet"!!! Now, I swear I didn't sign up for this...does anyone else receive mail like this?
Sometimes things just don't work out that's life. Anyways.Freshly single Christian mingle?? Lol
NEW CHRISTIAN MINGLE THEME SONG: "All the mingle ladies? All the mingle ladies. Put your hands up - to Jesus."
Humans have truly made a joke out of religion. Please just listen to the words in these Christian Mingle Commercials. "I'm glad god is using all the necessary tools to find my mate" or how about the slogan " Christian Mingle. Finding gods match for me". we got super rich preachers out here driving $250,000 cars and if you say anything bad about them around someone who happens to be a member of their congregation they jump to the pastors defense and are *** near ready to fight. They are facing eviction and their pastor has a 6 car garage. And a helipad. And a plane. And dumb amounts of jewelry. I believe the creator should be worshipped. God is the reason for all. But it seems like all we do is use gods name to capitalize and gain unsuspecting peoples trust. So the next time a religious person thinks I'm an atheist just because I don't associate myself with a religion I'm gonna tell them to go look in the mirror. Or go look at their pastors crib. Or go look at a Christian Mingle Commercial. But of coarse . ...
These *** on Christian mingle .the struggle is real lmmfao Alana McClellan
So there's Christian Mingle. Who wants to join me in starting up Atheist Intermix? Oh and I'm open to better names ... was not very helpful.
Christian Mingle keeps sending me emails! Really? Let's see. How would this ad start? "Open *** Wiccan man in his early 40's, who is in a committed relationship, seeking." Nope, I don't see them approving this ad, so stop emailing me!
BTW, my ex actually did go on a date with Satan after connecting with him through Christian Mingle dot com but the night did NOT go well. Yeah, she scared him off.
If Jesus was online dating would he use Jdate or Christian Mingle?
Haven't been on a date in a while. Think I'm gonna try my luck with Christian Mingle or farmers
Clearly Christian Mingle thinks they have a service that fills a need I must have. I think I will start a profile a see where it leads. Wonder if it will stop the spams emails?!?!?!?
will someone please tell me why there are commercials for scientology? And Christian Mingle? Oh, americans. Sigh
I just thought of a great jingle for that Christian Mingle outfit that advertises excessively on TV "Join Christian Mingle and get a Christian tingle in your Christian dingle." OK, I guess I'm going to *** now for sure.
An old friend told me that my ex recently logged on to Christian Mingle dot com to find God's perfect match for her. The website gave her Satan. [battaboom, tchuh] I crack me up.
The things you can experience in a coffee shop...pretty sure the couple behind me were on their first " mingle/pof/whatever meet in a public place" date. From the sound of it, I think it could be a match.
" Christian Mingle.what could be better than Jesus as your matchmaker!? "
Drake: you should join christian mingle and find gods match for you me: tss i will just get matched up with weirdos.gods trying to tell me something lol hmm.Drake what are YOU trying to tell me? lol
Every time I see "Christian Mingle" commercial I cannot help but to laugh. ๐Ÿ˜œ
Proof that Christian mingle works my brother met his boyfriend on there gotta love life's little ironies.
domain names
Just joined Christian mingle. Com. Looking for a Christian man to hang with. Time to mingle, do the right thing Melissa Legrand. Holla!
Endings and Beginnings part 2. I suppose it's place where we always are, every second of every minute of everyday. Our last breath and then the next. Breathe out, breathe. Always there. It seems however to be a place right now with huge focus for me. Mom passing, kids growing up... and then the end of Psych - my "job" - and the great family that came with it. New beginnings... I don't linger there long however, thinking about "what's been," but instead excited to explore what "what will be." Part of that journey is to continue making my films like Christian Mingle (and other great ones in development - more on that in days ahead) but also simply be on the lookout for a new series. When I started out there were 3 places you could "be on TV" - ABC, CBS, and my home for years NBC. Then came Fox, and now about a hundred more including Internet channels on Amazon, Netflix and the rest. Hundreds! And with them, hundreds of new shows, and hopefully great parts. But I find myself, especially at this time in ...
Everyone. Sign up for Christian mingle,seem to be a super Christian,take someone on a date but actually take them to a rave. open their mindโœจ
I feel like I should be concerned about the number of Christian mingle spam emails I receive
Told my mama I was gonna go on Christian mingle to find a husband. & she told me to just go to a pool hall.
"He's single and wants to Christian mingle"
DBU is it's own version of Christian mingle I swear.
Just read that Duluth, GA is one of the top 10 cities to meet a black man online. you on Christian Mingle?
"About to make a Christian mingle acount ๎’๎‘๎ " ๎’๎’๎’ whyy
About to make a Christian mingle acount ๎’๎‘๎ 
Christian Mingle is His Official matchmaking service on earth.
Really happy I signed up on Christian Mingle .com
You see, The way my Christian Mingle account is set up.
Bru said Christian mingle..Lmbo heck no
Everyone come follow me on Christian mingle
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
ugh the nerve!! Lol wow jerk!! Maybe Karla right we gotta join Christian mingle lol
I got a feeling, that Christian Mingle dating site, is a *** spot.
Every add on every website I'm on is for Zoosk, Christian Mingle, or eHarmony. How do they know?!
Gonna have to sign up for Christian mingle bc there's really no other options rn
Dear CNN: I'm bored with the syrupy Christian Mingle ads every 15 minutes--this isn't Fox News. If you're not careful, I'll switch to MSNBC.
Is that Mark Paul Gosselaar narrating the Christian Mingle commercials?
Say I if you think that Christian Mingle is the same as Zoosk, eHarmony, and every other dating app. I don't see the difference.
they keep sending me Christian Mingle.
stahp he's a singe Christian ready to mingle ๐Ÿ˜‚
"Are you a Christian?", Yes "Are you single?" Yes "Then Christian mingle is just for you!!" No.I don't want to mingle lol
Finna hop on that Christian Mingle real quick ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘
Forget Christian mingle I'm taking my talents to world of war craft
I hate it when I accidentally use my Grindr password for my Christian Mingle account.
Lol when your phone goes off and you think its a text and you get geeked but its just an email saying join Christian Mingle
I'm gonna go on Christian Mingle and find myself a nice Jewish wife.
Website Builder 728x90
Kachรจ was trying some Christian mingle mess in Art History ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โœ‹ nope nope nope
no prob w/online dating. Just not christian mingle
Thirst level so critical, find me faded spittin game on christian mingle tonight
My cousin just suggested that I try Christian Mingle or Eharmony...
I'm about to sign up to Christian mingle
My Christian Mingle avi is the chick from the exorcist.
About to go on Christian mingle. Brb
Ohhh you like a man of color. Respect. There could be better ways than dm maybe omegle or Christian mingle โค๐Ÿ˜ป
I do believe I just got hit on by a *** on Christian Mingle via email. So that's my Friday night.
Whomever signed me up for JDate and Christian Mingle and Ourtime. Well played.
ok farmers only it is then... you're not pure enough to be on Christian mingle I'm sorry
*checks Christian Mingle page while waiting on hooker*
My mom told me to sign up for Christian mingle. K mom.
Im sick of all of my friends who want to create a Christian Mingle acct for me. Like, what the *** !
Be careful if you sign up with Christian Mingle and do an auto renewal. I decided to quit the site and missed the deadline by a day and they would not refund my 56.97 that they took for the next 3 months!! My bad I guess, but I will never go their again. There is no reason why they can't refund, it's just their company policy.
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Walked into Yard Birds today and someone said "Yup, i gotta new lady in my life, met her on christian mingle".. proceeded to leave. lmao
So if u was on Christian Mingle. What would be your first question
Whoever signed me up for the subscription to InStyle magazine the joke is on you. Thanks to you and whoever signed me up for Christian Mingle I have decided to meet a good Catholic girl and live fabulously ever after!
I went on Christian Mingle and kept asking myself, who would Jesus do?
Lmfao!!! Stupid chicks anyways lmao they should be. Trying christian mingle lmao
*** when did I join Christian mingle??? Feels like a Sunday with all this Jesus Crap..
Christian mingle and any other christian dating sites are of the world.
So aside from the constant emails I receive from Jdate, Christian mingle, and Black people meet, I also got an email from Groupon for a colon hydro-cleanse. Time for a new email address.
Random thoughts: 1. I wonder if there are many dyslexic accountants. 2. I want to create a fake Christian Mingle account under the name "Levi Liebowitz" and see what happens.
Hannah is looking forward to this christian mingle
No Madonna, no Beyonce, this 10 year anniversary of an amazing nip-slip superbowl is gonna be so boring. I hope there are some good Christian mingle commercials, those are a hoot.
Christian mingle: because God wants you to fornicate.
This social media *** my boy all on Christian Mingle snatchin um up. lol christians nd love to!
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