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Christian Laettner

Christian Donald Laettner (born August 17, 1969) is an American former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and basketball coach.

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Christian Laettner's GW basket, Clem Haskins, and NFL Shootout are topics in FIVE QUESTIONS now!.
Is Luke Maye the new Christian Laettner to Kentucky fans?
You're violating your "Dream Shake" rule, . Especially when used to describe Christian Laettner of all people!
Christian Laettner: "I am the most hated Duke player of all time.". Grayson Allen: "hold my beer."
Taphorn to Pardon: How Northwestern got its own version of Grant Hill to Christian Laettner.
It's probs safe to say that Grayson Allen is slowly becoming this generations Christian Laettner.
Grayson Allen is the spawn of Christian Laettner. No doubt about it.
Grayson Allen is like Christian Laettner with much less talent.
wish SantaAna would've squared up and Gray would bring out his inner Christian Laettner
Man, Grayson Allen really is the new Christian Laettner...hard to respect his skill when he plays and acts like a dunce.
before him it was Jon Scheyer and before him it was JJ Redick and Christian Laettner. He's just the current most awful.
with that Christian Laettner turn around three at the end of the half tonight! πŸ’ͺ🏻
wonder if he ever ripped Christian Laettner for his antics
I wish I could like them, but then I think of Christian Laettner and that ends it.
Grayson Allen is the modern day Christian Laettner
I hate Grayson Allen more than I hate Christian Laettner
If I have to endure comparing Grayson Allen to Christian Laettner one more time while streaming a game, I'm going to go berserk.
It's like when Christian Laettner had the privilege to meet us
and Christian Laettner is the most popular Tar Heel ever. oh wait, the most popular to own the Tar Heels. You're slow. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
5. Christian Laettner was and still is awesome. FIGHT ME.
Guy calling the Utah gash me compared Hayward to Christian Laettner. Um, no?
Check out ESPNU Christian Laettner is playing for Northwestern
Also been told twice tonight I look just like Christian Laettner what a night
Dominique was better than Scottie Pippen, Christian Laettner, etc...aww man, let me find out the Dream Team was over-rated, LOL.
I can just picture Cal standing on Hurley's throat, staring Christian Laettner in the eyes.
Watching the Christian Laettner documentary and I see why my dad would name my brother after him lol.
Only thing better than giving Bobby Hurley this beating, would be if Christian Laettner was his assistant.
Cats playing great. If only Christian Laettner was Arizona State's assistant coach!
If Christian Laettner is in the Bahamas he should stomp Bobby Hurley in the chest.
The reason UK is destroying Arizona State is because Bobby Hurley was teammates with Christian Laettner
The best 30 for 30. These are my top 4. Honorable mention: The U pt 1, The Boz, Christian Laettner, the 04 Red Sox. Give me your opinion!
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Former NBA star Christian Laettner to attend Ping-Pong for Charity event in Virginia Beach
"I hate Christian Laettner' is on ESPN Classic. Really enjoyed this 30 for 30. I loved this era of college hoops. Was really great
I hate how Christian Laettner played for the Wizards
Happy birthday Christian Laettner. I don't hate you.
I hate Christian Laettner and Bad Boys are the best two 30 for 30's
This is embarrassing. They should apologize to Christian Laettner and John Stockton and hope Magic Bird and MJ aren't watching
Creditors: We need Christian Laettner to pay us $14M or file for bankruptcy - Triangle Business Journal
Robbie Robertson is the Christian Laettner of rock. Please discuss
The 'I hate Christian Laettner' 30 for 30 will never get old!
I hate Christian Laettner lol. It's a sports doc, I don't think you'll like it.
If you hate Christian Laettner you probably hate people that win at life
I hate Christian Laettner is so good.
Christian Laettner and Cliff Robinson, former NBA players, learned to play basketball at the YMCA.
Great story by on Christian Laettner and his thoughts on Grayson Allen. And Jimmy Superfly Snuka
Grayson Allen has to actually win something before he can be more hated than Christian Laettner.
Grayson Allen is the new Christian Laettner...which is why Duke is going all the way
If Mickie Krzyzewski and Ted Cruz had a love child that they secretly gave to Christian Laettner to raise, the result wou…
not when Grayson Allen is the new Christian Laettner.
Grayson Allen - continuing the Bobby Hurley/Christian Laettner tradition of douchey-looking Duke white guys!
Grayson Allen is the next Christian Laettner. In other words he's dirty and is going to suck in the NBA.
Grayson Allen is the 5th-most hated Duke player of all time. Christian Laettner is numbers 1 through 4.
Grayson Allen is the Christian Laettner of our generation
"Great win today but you need to step up your level of douchiness." - Christian Laettner's post game call with Grayson…
careful there Tim, Ur Alma mater praises and reveres Grayson Allen & Christian Laettner. . :-)
Christian Laettner was such a bad dude at Duke.
Zach LaVine (MIN): passed Christian Laettner for the most points in a game by a Timberwolves rookie
Dude your kid Hunter looks like a young Christian Laettner.
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the warm Christian Laettner meets the abundant Ben Wallace πŸ‘Έ
Layman looks like Christian Laettner's douchey little brother.
Oml says: Christian laettner should be the new Louisville coach
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after all of these years, don't you think it's time to forgive Christian laettner?
Honestly look up to Christian Laettner so much πŸ˜‚
Trying to do homework but my sister decided to turn on 30for30's I Hate Christian Laettner episode...
could be worse. He could be looking to play with Christian Laettner after watching "I hate Christian Laettner"
Forget Christian Laettner. I hate Trey Freeman. . And by hate, I mean I think he's really, really good and wish he was on my team.
"The best team can be beaten on any given night" - Christian Laettner before beating 34-0 UNLV
How the heck do you not know who Christian Laettner is?
Another Christian Laettner lawsuit. My thing from this week:
Selection Sunday we'll have Christian Laettner (on Primetime. 10:30 FOX30 and 11:30 CBS47
I liked a video Is the greatest NCAA tournament player ever Carmelo Anthony or Christian Laettner?
u should watch the 30 for 30 on Christian Laettner he's a goon
Where can I get a Christian Laettner jersey?!?!
The only reason I don't like Grayson Allen is because he acts like he's watched "I Hate Christian Laettner" a few too many times.
oh I totally agree. Part of the Christian Laettner effect
There were only 4 spots. Christian Laettner also didn't make the cut just because.
Grayson Allen is the new Christian Laettner. Love it when he cries on the bench after fouling out.
Grayson Allen is Christian Laettner in the making
The ncaa needs to make sure Grayson Allen stays all 4 years.. he will be a villian for other teams.. christian laettner type of effect
True he's y'alls today Christian Laettner but just a little smaller
Greyson Allen can play but I can't stand him. He's today's Christian Laettner.
Grayson Allen... What a punk. Will he be the new Christian laettner?
Grayson Allen is becoming the new Christian Laettner.
Grayson Allen is the younger version of Christian Laettner
Grayson Allen is definitely the new Christian Laettner
Grayson Allen is doing his best to become Christian Laettner. Is on the horizon?
Grayson Allen is the Christian Laettner of this era πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
Is it possible that Grayson Allen is becoming the next Christian Laettner?
Mike Dunleavey, Christian laettner, Kyle Singler, all the same guy
looking for Grant Hill and Christian laettner right now.
Christian Laettner, Greg Paulus, JJ Redick, Cherokee Parks, Grayson Allen or Dahntay Jones. Duke has more dirty players than anyone.
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my squad is the Timberwolves: Christian Laettner, Isaiah Rider and Doug West
Are u telling me I can get Christian laettner with $300! πŸ˜‰
"Talk about the campus wide respect that everyone here has for Christian Laettner.." πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
I don't hate Duke because of the infamous Christian Laettner shot that KY fans have to relive all the time πŸ‘πŸ»
Just learned who Grayson Allen was, definitely has the most punchable face-name combo since Christian Laettner.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was dying when they asked about Christian Laettner πŸ˜‚
Figured, Hoopz. I DO NOT hate Christian Laettner!! Kidding around--Have a good one.
umm if you care about basketball I liked survive and advance and I hate Christian laettner
Watching the I Hate Christian Laettner film and all I can think is that that an "I Hate JJ Redick" film is next.
Great argument. Christian Laettner was better than Dennis Rodman because he made the Dream Team πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
How do we get to do a drop for our podcast? Not a Christian Laettner, not Alonzo Mourning.
Just trying to be the Christian Laettner of my intramural basketball league
When I don't want to study for my test and watch "I Hate Christian Laettner" instead πŸ€
they didn't even know who Christian Laettner is
I really like Christian Laettner I think we all really like and respect him as a person πŸ˜‚
Hamilton Collection
After watching I hate Christian Laettner...for some reason i kept thinking of
In which Duke students trick UNC fans into professing love for Grayson Allen & Christian Laettner:
When they started talking about Christian Laettner πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
If Bron had the 92 Dream Team this season he'd still be trying to trade Christian Laettner for an upgraded 12th man
I guess Grayson Allen might become Christian Laettner 2.0 from all the hatred he's been getting?
Why you stupid, stupid *** Then I drive on the money, count 'em rap game Christian Laettner Swish?
Lmao "Oh yeah we all have a lot of respect for Christian Laettner here" "Harry Gyles actually played in my district"
"I have a lot of respect for Christian Laettner." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ’€
who is the greatest college player of all time and why is it Christian Laettner?
"What can you say about the campus wide respect of Christian Laettner?" πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
I wonder if I would've hated Christian Laettner
Grayson Allen is literally the new Christian Laettner
"I just love this history of whining for calls and playing dirty, like Christian Laettner omg what a guy"
reason 1: Christian Laettner (One of most hated players to ever play in NCAA). 2: Most home-cooking in NCAA.
Grayson Allen is basically equal parts Christian Laettner, Justin Bieber, and King Joffrey so I'm pretty sure he's already the 🐐 Duke player
"How much do you think people love and respect Christian Laettner?"
Ted Cruz seems like the type of dude that jerks it to an old Christian Laettner poster.
I think "The U" and "I hate Christian Laettner" are the best 30 for 30's there are.
Eat your hearts out Grant Hill and Christian Laettner! .
who would you build your team around? Bob Lanier, Christian Laettner, or Cliff Robinson? .
Grayson Allen is the reincarnation of Christian Laettner
Watching the on Christian Laettner and look who shows up. Charlotte must not have had a match at the time.
Burgess peaked as a sophomore. ...legs gave out...he was a skilled beast as a soph...Christian Laettner like
The big question: do you hate Christian Laettner?
very very nice! 11 hall of famers and College superstar Christian Laettner. What a team!
Brady should be higher than 35. And no Charles Barkley or Christian Laettner? Come on now.
Duke during the Christian Laettner years is the only team I've ever seen with the relentlessness of these Royals.
"At any given night the best team in the world could be beaten" -Christian Laettner
If the ACC refs find solace in anything, I hope it's that they probably made Christian Laettner really really mad.
Most CFB fans empathize for blown call that cost the win over Miami. However, if Christian Laettner played in the game… well….
And Christian Laettner should have been ejected for stomping on Aminu Timberlake's chest. OH WELL.
Just watched Christian Laettner's 30 for 30. Best one yet.
Should've been a villain this Halloween, probably my favorite villain Christian Laettner
Now this is egregious. But then again I still hate Christian laettner.
Somewhere...Christian Laettner just kicked the *** out of someone in the gut!!!
Sorry Duke, that’s what you get for Christian Laettner’s shot.
I have tried to watch I Hate Christian Laettner about 57 times now and can't focus on it long enough to get to the end.…
I hate Christian laettner was so tough. You don't know Bo. The randy Moss one
The gunshots heard in mtv "everybody in the club getting shot" video are the same 1's in Christian Laettner
Kentucky fans obsession with Christian Laettner beating them 23 years ago is bizarre
filmmaker is same guy as did I hate Christian Laettner. Should be good.
Finally got to watch I Hate christian Laettner
I think it's pretty awesome how in Christian Laettner's 30 for 30 he wears a t-shirt of himself while he's being interviewed
I'm the Christian Laettner of getting drunk and being awesome
won his last fight with a brilliant 57% to 17% connect % and was booed into retirement. Here's why:
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you remember the Grant Hill to Christian Laettner full court pass to win the game at Duke? Yeah just that 48 minutes straight
My friend and I got Christian Laettner to autograph our "I still hate Laettner" shirts at the FF.
I hate Christian Laettner is the funniest 30 for 30 ever
Nobody remembers that Christian Laettner was on that team. There's one more thing to hate the Heat about for your readers.
I hate Christian Laettner so much that I couldn't finish "I Hate Christian Laettner." There was just too much of him. And I'm a Duke fan!
Christian Laettner is a college basketball legend and you can't hate on him.
This 30 for 30 for Christian Laettner is sick
HE GONE!! Ortiz whiffs and Duke strikes out the side in the 8th. Stomped on their chests like Christian Laettner. 5-4 good Sox, mid 8th.
i can't get Jesus Christ Superstar to stream so i guess i'll just watch 30 for 30: I Hate Christian Laettner instead. basically the same.
wow that match up is like christian laettner against Shaq matter fact I'm disrespecting Shaq πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm giving him THIRTY
Man you can not find any Christian Laettner Wolves Jersey anywhere!
I hate Christian laettner is actually a really good ESPN movie on Netflix
Say wat u want about Christian Laettner but he's always been his own man and I can respect that.
They were chanting *** and *** mo-sexual" at Christian Laettner in the game lol. They would cut to commercial these days lol.
Christian Laettner kinda reminds me of Klaus from his looks and personality lol.
Watchin "30 for 30: I Hate Christian Laettner" and 5mins in, he seems like the biggest *** of all time lol.
All about Christian ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Bad Boys is way better and Christian Laettner can't touch that *
In honor of Christian Laettner turning 46 today...
Wish Reggie Miller was on the Dream Team instead of Christian Laettner to be honest.
After watching the 30 for 30 on Christian Laettner I can say ... Idk how people can hate that guy
Just watched a little doc about Christian Laettner
The I hate Christian Laettner 30 for 30 is so great
I Hate Christian Laettner, the best 30 for 30 out!!!
Watching 30 for 30 "I hate Christian Laettner" for about the 30th time. Never gets old. still my fav Dukie of all time
if u hate christian laettner then I hate u
I would have loved Christian Laettner if I was around to watch him ball
I hate christian laettner and fab five are my favorite documentaries
I'll be that young Christian Laettner playin with the Dream Team. Come through 9.5.2015 8:30 PM SHARP boi.
The documentary "I Hate Christian Laettner" really made me like Christian Laettner...
My dad got to meet Christian Laettner πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
In Pinball Madness, in order to unlock Christian Laettner, press C+β†˜ while holding ↓ while behind the van at the end of the game.
I'd watch that. Also, just watched I Hate Christian Laettner. Great stuff. Still hate that guy.
Christian Laettner hoops it up, fishes, wines and dines in BD as part of high school fundraiser
I might start rolling in the Christian Laettner haircut here pretty soon
Watching I Hate Christian Laettner just makes me realize I'm ready for some wildcat basketball.
they better make a 30 for 30 about us, like I Hate Christian Laettner or Detroit Bad BoysπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Christian Laettner to hold hoops clinic, fishing tournament in BD
Happy Birthday to the 1992 National Player of the Year and 2x National Champion, Christian Laettner!
Remember when Jerry Stackhouse punched Christian Laettner because of a card game?
Why don't people hate LeBron as much as they hate Christian Laettner
This about how everyone hates Christian Laettner is also pretty good. Not good like the Bo Jackson or Ben Johnson ones. But good.
You're right. I had forgotten why I hated Christian Laettner, even though I liked Duke and its coach, Gordon Bombay..
Say what you want about Christian Laettner, you gotta respect his college career. Period.
Brandon Phillips is the Christian Laettner of baseball
Update your maps at Navteq
that answer would be Christian Laettner
Plus, Jays going for NINE straight, Nick Kypreos, Christian Laettner, Peter Vecsey, the B&W Mailbag, & the music of Scritti Politti!
LMAO! Chris Paul, Christian Laettner, Reggie Miller and now *Splash sound effect*
For those keeping track, I now sound like Reggie Miller, Chris Paul and Christian Laettner
.and I don't hate Christian Laettner, as much, anymore. Being in Cameron Indoor was so surreal.
KG comes straight out of high school and has to play with Christian Laettner...meanwhile Tim Duncan gets blessed with David Robinson. Ummm
Who would be on all-time NCAA BB team? Kenny Anderson,Steve Alford,Sean Elliot,Derrick Coleman,Christian Laettner.
Christian Laettner is gonna celebrate with some hardcore *** sex
The I hate Christian Laettner documentary made him one of my favorite college players ever to play the game
Love him or (more likely) hate him, Christian Laettner did it his way:
"I Hate Christian Laettner" is now on Netflix. Personally, I have no real opinion of Christian Laettner.
I hate Christian laettner was great.
I still hate Christian Laettner. I still hate Duke basketball.
Finally got around to watching I Hate Christian Laettner.
ended up watching I hate Christian laettner. I'll check that out tho.
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That I Hate Christian Laettner documentary was pretty *** good.. Still can't stand Duke tho lol
The christian laettner documentary is a must watch
All these years later, it's still good to be Christian Laettner
After watching "I hate Christian Laettner"... . He was a beast! Any competitor can appreciate that. Don't have to like him, but respect him πŸ€
I Hate Christian Laettner throws it down. Great as always . Good memories watching it in real time back in the day.
The 30 for 30 about Christian Laettner is the best.
Live like you're christian laettner
'I hate Christian Laettner' was incredibly well done and my favorite so far. Amazing work by and crew!
I can't believe Christian Laettner is wearing a Christian Laettner shirt. But then after watching this 30 for 30, i totally can buy that
just watched one about Christian Laettner.his older brother was SUCH an *** to him !!
All these years later, it’s still good to be Christian Laettner
I think Warren should proclaim love for Larry Jones Jr. instead of Christian Laettner
Wow. ok, Christian Laettner is redeemed, right?
Ryan just said he'd be Christian Laettner if he was a college basketball playerπŸ˜‚
Tony Romo started liking Duke because of Christian Laettner & 1990s Blue Devils. Said he can't relate to Laettner b/c "everybody loves me."
Would sit next to Christian Laettner at the Watch-->
she's still attending Duke university? Christian Laettner's alma mater . she's hot and sexy.😘
The thing that stood out most after watching the "I hate Christian Laettner" documentary is that Ken Jeong went to Duke
ESPN will one day make a 30 for 30 called "I Hate Clay Travis" since is the Christian Laettner of radio …
On this day in 1992, Christian Laettner hit a buzzer-beater that sent Duke to the Final Four over UK. "The Shot."
Why are my favorite characters these days Jimmy McGill, Mike Ehrmantraut. and Frank Gallagher? (And don't forget Christian Laettner).
They talk about Christian Laettner so much, im starting to hate him!!
WVU-UK should have Gus Johnson on the call w Charles Barkley, Shaq & Christian Laettner doing color & sidelines bc it'll be a free-for-all.
If Disney did a movie on Christian Laettner's life it would star Joaquin Phoenix.
I would love a Shaq and Christian Laettner comedy hour.
I know you're a Stevenson guy. Shut up with that comment please. Matt Johnson does not equal Christian Laettner
ICYMI: We talked Kentucky bball & Christian Laettner with Jamal Mashburn on the latest podcast
I used that phone to beat Graves 1 on 1 as Christian Laettner in Bev at the rec center 22 years ago in a battle to 100.
The best part of the Christian Laettner is that I now know what I'll look like with gray hair. (
Does Jamal Washburn hate Christian Laettner? I asked him on the latest podcast
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Rick Pitino said he was asked to be part of 30-for-30 with Laettner and he said no because, "I don't hate Christian Laettner."
β†’ Christian Laettner says *** slurs hurtful while he was at Duke Christia…...
Post grad me definitely loves college Christian Laettner. I love silver fox Christian Laettner too if we're being honest.
he was the Christian Laettner of his time. Good looking, great skills, excellent pedigree. No one liked him in the 60's & 70's
How much does Christian Laettner look and sound like Bill Simmons?
I hate Christian Laettner one btw if ya got a link
you see the Christian laettner joint
Thanks to 30 for 30, my complete antipathy for the player Christian Laettner was in college has been reduced to a strong loathing.
People are searching for: christian laettner - - March 16th 2015
That 30 For 30 movie "I Hate Christian Laettner" was good. I, too, hated him. It all seems so frivolous now.
For the record, I never hated Christian Laettner & used to enjoy annoying those that did. Great show tonight
Christian Laettner could've been cast on Melrose Place in the 90s and fit right in
oh , in the documentary on the Fab 5 said I hate Christian Laettner
if you've seen 'I Hate Christian Laettner' and you still hate him, I don't really get you or like you
After watching I like Christian Laettner. One of the best docs.
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Only thing I liked about Christian Laettner...the Kentucky shot. Would love to see history repeat itself again this year.
I can tell you why I hate Christian Laettner, I simply hate guys named Christian.
That christian laettner 30 for 30 was really good.
Christian Laettner's contribution to the Mavs' title:. 04: traded to GSW for Erick Dampier. 10: Damp traded to Charlotte …
Christian Laettner and Bill Simmons look like they could be brothers.
Coach K loved coaching Christian Laettner. He was a winner, a great competitor, and you could trust his heart. He never gave …
I get the "I Hate Christian Laettner" title, and you can hate the perception, but if you knew Laettner, you'd really like him…
Christian Laettner was the baddest mofo around
I happen to love Christian Laettner so...
About to watch 'I Hate Christian Laettner'. I love the 30 for 30 documentaries.
Laettner apologizes for stepping on Timberlake
Best thing about I Hate Christian Laettner: a reminder of how compelling college BB was back then when players stayed for m…
Christian Laettner was the best choice for the Dream Team since he was the consensus national college basketball player of t…
Duke went 123-26 in Christian Laettner's 4 seasons on the basketball team . just underway on ESPN
β€œI don't hate Christian Laettner anymore. Lol” Wizards Hall of Fame
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Watching I'm on the I Hate Duke side lol but Christian Laettner was Good Tho Man can't take that away from him
Off-Season off-court ToDo List for every Player. Read Toughness. Watch Bad Boys & I Hate Christian Laett…
Christian Laettner Apologizes to Aminu Timberlake for Stepping on His Chest via
That Laettner doc was str8 up Raw... one of the best all-time and I still Hate Christian Laetnner lol
Random, but after watching 30 for 30 on a young Christian Laettner tonight I think he looked a lot like 2014 …
Christian Laettner was 10-of-10 from the field & 10-of-10 from the free throw line in the 1992 East Regional Final.
Heads up hoops fans, "I Hate Christian Laettner" premieres right after Bracketology on ESPN (9 p.m. ET)
Christian Laettner had a competitive edge, on and off the floor. You can't hate that. Its the difference between a winner and…
Loved the "I Hate Christian Laettner" 30 for 30. You can hate the perception of Laettner, but if you know him, you'll love hi…
Christian Laettner now looks like Bill Simmons' huskier older brother.
Christian Laettner sounds like Bill Simmons when he talks
I swear I thought Christian Laettner was Bill Simmons in the doc.
Bill Simmons and Christian Laettner could be brothers
I’m sure a million people have already said this, but old Christian Laettner = Bill Simmons.
I'm not the first one to notice it tonight, but Christian Laettner these days looks and sounds a lot like Bill Simmons...
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3/15/15- A landmark discovery for the human race: Christian Laettner and Bill Simmons sound exactly alike.
I hated Christian Laettner as much as I hated Michael Irvin back then. That's funny because I now I like em both.
Anyone else think Christian Laettner looks like Michael Fassbender?
Christian Laettner now looks and sounds like Bill Simmons
Say what you will about Christian Laettner being one of the greatest of all time, but where is Michael Jordan from? 🐏
Christian Laettner won two NCAA titles, so I look forward to the 2337 documentary "I Hate Tyler Olander"
are we sure Christian Laettner isn't Bill Simmons?
BRILLIANT 30 for 30 on Christian Laettner.. I love me a good villain...
The best part of this doc is Christian Laettner wearing a Christian Laettner T-shirt. Might be the most Christian Laettn…
Bill Simmons and Christian Laettner are long lost brothers
Fun fact: Christian Laettner is only member of 1992 Dream Team not in Basketball Hall of Fame
As a Tar Heel fan I can now say I don't hate Christian Laettner.
Never realized that Bill Simmons and Christian Laettner were separated at birth... Explains why the Sportsguy loves hoops...
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