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Christian Church

The Christian Church is the assembly or association of followers of Jesus Christ. The Greek term ἐκκλησία, which in its appearances in the New Testament is usually translated as church , basically means assembly .

Jesus Christ

My maternal grandma went to Christian Church, my mom to the Church of Christ, and paternal grandma was a Methodist.
while should obviously visit a confessor, based on his life history he should not be allowed even near a real Christian Church
There is a Christian Church in New York Called World Changers Church International by .
the redeemed Christian Church of God is not own by Baba but must be properly managed be his exist. And no complaint.
Hey . When RU going to throw in jail ALL church leaders who aided abetted & harboured pedo priests. THAT is…
If you feel like giving back this year just remember that the Salvation Army is a Christian church (i.e., they are fiercely anti ***
An atheist church and a Christian church are side by side. As far as the cars go, who had the better lot?
Thanks to everyone for supporting Dre thru his ordeal. Special thanks to Christian Life Church
Raised Christian, left the church as a teen b/c I wasn't about the holier-than-thou attitude commonly possessed by participants.
Two Christian pastors on trial in face death sentences for their faith in Christ. We must speak out:
BBC News - Christian leaders urge calm and faith in time of 'fear' We can look to God,the church; not interested
Especially the christian youth has stopped believing in god ..Why has the church failed to connect them to their faith?
This is true. And if it were deeply and widely believed in the church, the Christian life would become serious.
Imagine if the Obama-backed terrorists had won. Not a single church or Christian would remain. No more neoconservat…
Puzzling and troubling that Christians applaud in church for a man who is the antithesis of Christian values.
In a Twist Christian Gallery Forced to Close for Refusing to Host *** Wedding ...
"On that 1st Christmas, Heaven went without Jesus so you would never have to." David Vaughan Pastor @ Whitewater Crossi…
A Christian clergyman prays in the ‘grotto’ of the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, West Bank. Photo credit: Atef Safadi/…
Christian pastors can be pretty nice people actually. Outside church, they're pretty much regular people.
U.S troops stopped by Christian church in recently liberated Bartella to celebrate Christmas mass held 4 the 1st.t sinc…
Q: What's it called when Batman misses Christmas church service?. A: Christian bale
me in 2007 when i thought i bought crank dat Soulja boy on ITunes and it ended up being the Christian church remix
wow surprised lightning didn't strike him! Anyone can go to church, it's your actions that make you a Christian
Thankful for the born Savior. Merry Christmas from all of us at Life Christian Church!
PHOTOS: Families enjoyed Christmas dinner and kids were able to pick out toys at Beaver Falls High School on Sunday
• Books are our & readers, our congregation. Read great books with strong moral values!!!…
Celebrating Christmas with Christian brothers & sisters at Trinity Church Karachi.
Senior Leader celebrates joys with Christian community in Kachi Abbadi Church Islamabad http…
Celebrating Christmas with Christian community in a Church in Islamabad... said his party believes in equal…
People always say if you don't go to church you aren't Christian.. my family works 7 days a week. Doesn't mean I don't believe in God.
begins windmilling in the christian church MY LONGEST PRAISE LORD EVER
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Merry Christmas from my family to yours! @ Crossroads Christian Church
Wow... ***FREE RED FAWN*** The Church of Peace and Frederick William and the Christian Basilica di San Clemente...
NG kerk was also used to give biblical sanction for apartheid. Plus why do mos…
I had a great time this morning at church celebrating the birth of Christ. @ Christian Provision…
Historical christian moment! St George Church in Bartella was burned by isis, first Christmas mass since 2013! Liberate…
A Palestinian Christian girl on Christmas Eve at the Holy Family Catholic church in Gaza City. Photo credit: Khalil Hamra/AP…
As a Christian I am well aware of the church's ability to be a force for good as well…
Thank you to Clear Creek Christian Church and volunteers for providing meals and gifts at our Center for Men in...
When was the last time or darkened the door of a Church at
Count me in. I'm Christian...I work in a church, and I'm completely disgusted.
We know..We know that we won't go back to that Jotting we made in church. Buh the way some 'll be forming Christian sc…
all these fake Christian preachers that become millionaires off their churches church for profit they need to be taxed
Going to church doesn`t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. Unknown
Me: "I'm pretty liberal". My mom: "Then you need to get back into the church". I can be liberal and still be a Christian…
Fat. Single. Christian. In church, being overweight and dating feels like a sin. (via
Bad boy Trump went to Christmas services in a Christian church in Palm Beach. POS obama went where?
well, we agree on one thing, which is that organised christian church has a disgraceful history! Likewise most religions
Blowing up the separation of church & state has been GOP wet dream for decades. So let's coronate our Christian king.
As a Christian that grew up in the Nazarene church, I'd ask you to please shut your disgusting mouth.
Read my post again. I called Coren on his un-Christian rant which included "God forgive us," because Trump attended a church.
members in a Church in Kaduna celebrating Christmas with our Christian brothers & sisters.
Christian militiamen raise the Iraq flag and that of Nineveh Plain Protection Units in atop church in Qaraqosh.
Nigel Farage: I'm boycotting church because the Christian values it proclaims are anathema to me.
Don't get why every Christian church in isn't doing something to stop Turk-backed jihadists from slaughterin…
Probably cool with not helping the sick and poor though. In my Christian church I hear Jesus was REALLY big on that.
You either go to a Catholic Church, or a Christian Church. You either worship/follow the Virgin Mary, or Jesus Christ.
German officers, as members of the Christian Church has traditionally been limited, in both scale and narrow geographies.
X mas is used to symbolise Christ ,Britain is said first Country to have a Christian Church in 30 AD
When Allen's wife Maral decided she wanted to visit a Christian Church for the first time, He found Central...
God has a plan for your life and the ending is VICTORY!. NextGen Christian Church, iAcademy Bldg Plaza; HV Dela Cos…
This was a Christian Church who imposed this evil on this child? Wouldn't they be happier meeting in a mosque-they…
Obama cares about Afro Americans,as much as he cares about the Christian Church , nothing
It's time to got to church "ForWord Christian Church" its yo brotha and yo friend pastor Larry…
Indoctrination! Have they visited a Christian Church, Greek orthodox, Synagogue ? Doubt it.
Episcopal Church , African Methodist Episcopal Zon Church Evangelical Methodist and almost all other c varieties of Christian Church
So can my Christian Church get the same amount of money as we're expanding the building? Who can I see about getting this?
At the National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we stand on the shoulders...
Isn't the Christian Church the Best Proof Against God? Tim Keller at Ver... via
The so-called Christian Church in American doesn't have a clue they're asleep
Open Letter from Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Regional Leadership to Church in United States and Canada
Origines Ecclesiasticae. the Antiquities of the Christian Church. with Two Se...
Origines Ecclesiasticae; Or, the Antiquities of the Christian Church, and Oth...
History of the Christian Church, from the Apostolic Age to the Reformation, A.D.
Over 3, OOO youth from the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) singing.
The Salvation Army has been a Christian Church in Oshawa for 130 years. Now Blogging at
Thank you to our colleague Rev. Allen V. Harris, Regional Minister for the Capital Region of the Christian Church...
Many ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) work together for justice.
As a member of The redeemed Christian Church of God, what are my?
My home church! This if were I needed to be today!! (@ Christian Church of Clarendon Hills)
the redeemed Christian Church of God, dubai
the redeemed Christian Church of God dubai
"Barber, of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), was the headliner of an interfaith rally at the Unitarian...
It's hot☀️ and there's a car wash here until 3 for the Christian Church of Cogan Station and their mission trip!
Picking up Sage from the Epic Slide Event. (at Christian Church in Tucson, AZ)
Palestinians: Erasing Christian History: & Christian Church leaders keep quiet - why? Are they cowards?
The greatest threat to the Christian Church is not those on the outside of the Church, it's those on the inside.
The reason America have fallen from Grace is because of a soulless ,no faith Christian Church.
so I hope that helps go to your nearest Christian Church! you have to repent of your sins and ask Jesus Christ into your life
A Christian Church in Istanbul: Church of St. Anthony of Padua: When I was in Istanbul last year I did not ex...
Our Mobile Pantry will be distributing food tomorrow, 5/27 at St. John's Christian Church in 10-11am for those facing
Hamilton Collection
A History of the Christian Church by Richard A. Norris, David W. Lotz and...
The man who mobilized the Christian Church to prayer will make the greatest contribution to world evangelism in history…
This is the first look at next year's General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
Christian Church in Hindu majority BhAratVarsh is the 2nd largest land owner after BhArat Sarkaar!
Listen to the newest message from LIfePoint Christian Church as Pastor Phil speaks on Paul's commission in Acts 13
He knows nothing about Christ. He worships Cesare Borgia and *** in the dumb Christian Church.
South African prophet challenges Lion – A Zion. Christian Church prophet who was reportedly filled. with the Holy...
Congratulations, Paul Tche, on your installation as Ecumenical Officer of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.
Christian Church most successful individual giving--ask 4 $$ all the time, small meaningful donations more important
paging christian pals...does anyone want to come to church w/ me on Sunday morning? I have to go for class & don't wanna go alone...
Within 1 to 2 years church congregation and Christian ministry tax exempt status will be crumbling through the courts
Technically if you worship a Kit kat bar to the western direction in a christian church .. then thats Satanic. i like the latter
Catholic church has more power than other christian denominations but they all are very large in numbers.
My kid brother served in Sokoto state & Christian corpers have no place of worship in a big city cos they refused to sell land…
Transformation Christian Church is a proud sponsor of Women’s Empowerment 2016!
Test your knowledge of Church history and The Christian Science Benevolent Association
There's too many Christian priests in the church establishment. This is very anti Islamic you racists
The fast-growing Eastpoint Christian Church in Portland plans to move into . he former Bob’s Discount Furniture and.
The home is top priority for a Christian woman. Not her job, her church, her ministry. But her home is.
You're a Christian woman against *** marriage? Ok, then I'm assuming you don't speak in church because that is also a "disgrace."
Remember, God tests us by our faith, but God measures us by our obedience. - Pastor Merritt
church- a building used for Christian worship aka the church
Only time i wanted to be christian is when i wanted to play church ball with everyone
My daddy would just choose any man with a decent job. My mother would choose a handsome church-going Christian man who loves her.
The Christian church needs to learn how to disagree, but still love the person. We tend to ignore anyone we disagree w…
We have church tonight at 7 come there will be food my church is on 4020 brandywine street by the bowling Christian center
Another fine example of Obama's Muslim influence on separation of the "Christian" church & state.
When America was a strong Christian nation, they were into church. Now they're into politics. And it keeps getting worse.
Church of Pakistan consoles nation where ‘every heart broken’
never knew an evangelical Christian who didn't pray or ask forgiveness. Church of Trump?
Where have you found real Christian community and brother/sisterhood?: Did you find it at church? Elsewhere? M...
Holy Scriptures and Religious Violence panel discussion with Jewish, Christian and Muslim speakers at First Baptist Ch…
Christian Taliban blocked youth's marriage because he had a civil case against the church.
"Shahbaz Uncle please spare our Land." A little Christian protester in
The Capitol Hill gunman is a pastor at a Tennessee church. When will the GOP have the guts to say the words "radical Christ…
The legal precedents must have all the Christian haters waiting to celebrate destruction of U.S's Christian Church soon.
Our Sunday services are pen to everyone.
Mission Hills Christian Church - Join us tonight at 7pm at Mission Hills Christian...
What's it called when Batman leaves church early?. Christian bail. Ha ha! I can't remember who I stole that from. Apologies if it was you.
Come celebrate the most awarded female vocalist in contemporary Christian music! Get tickets http…
Lord enable and empower The Church to know,understand and to defend the Christian faith. .
I assume that christian women against *** marriage because of what the bible says never speak in a church because that…
God expects much more of us than just going to church on Sundays, reading our bibles, and believing the right things. L…
Time v Church stood up to islam & stopped appeasing it. Jehovah v Christian God is a trinity and can never be allah https…
Ohhh he's against *** marriage but it's cool to be a sleaze? Lesson learned!
ZION Christian Church (ZCC) leader, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi has called on all transgressors…
Only the Christian Church could turn a beautiful & bright time of year into a morbid & dark celebration of death and torture
I firmly believe that the Christian Church's sole aim is to ensure that everyone lives the most unhappy, mundane life possible
Pastor sprit of the Christian Church is dead. The church non involvement in America is part of the reason *** rights is here
The resurrection is a pivotal point in Christian history. This central element unifies the Christian Church.
One of the first seven deacons of the Christian Church, Saint Stephen is also the first Christian to be martyred...
Mrs. Clinton, please state CLEARLY your stance on religious freedom! Pastors and Christian Church must know!
Here are 15 from History when Europe was in dark Ages because of Christian Church
Our Easter Outreach Offering goes to support the national and global ministries of the Christian Church. We will...
Trump's own Christian denomination defies him on immigration policy
URGENT! If u know a BI MALE CHRISTIAN or X-CHURCH, plz nab him to help with vital PhD research. Desperately need men for viability! Carol
Symbol of the Holy Spirit now available here
If any Christian leader fails it is a collective fault of the Church for not having prayed
It took the disciples 3 years to figure out who Jesus was. Why would your church be any different? via
Perhaps even someone like [gasp] a Christian Monarch?. Perhaps an established Church as well. [Oh my]
I am a Christian who goes to church, and I prefer a girlfriend that don't drink, that don't smoke, it does not mean I am judging anyone...
The Church of God Evangel reported against tobacco
THE ROCK CHRISTIAN CHURCH BOTSWANA Prayer Meeting is open to all. Wednesday Night's 6-7pm. Last night we were...
yes but Cruz wants to enforce his Christian beliefs and thats not enforcing the separatio…
I really love church and the family I've had the opportunity to be part of.
Ayasofya is a former Christian patriarchal basilica church, later an Imperial mosque and n…
Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garag...
History well relates that the Christian church represents anything BUT peace you silly Sandi you
The fact that very people lead an authentic Christian life doesn't prove that there's no reason to go to Church.
Special Thanks to Pastor Anthony Battle and Deacon Julius Ceaser for their support on tonight. Restoration Christian Church was in the buil…
Not going to church and being a Christian is like trying to live healthy and never going to the doctor.
is it the Christian church u can't walk into or just total f/u to everyone true American
you guys can sign me up for Christian mingle. You know I'm into the church boys!
March for the Master Revival at First Christian Church - Beebe News
yes we've been Catholics for 2,000 years now so since the Catholic Church started! Times change but I can say 99% are Christian
.Someone who does not seek God daily cannot call himself a Christian. Attending church alone 1x/wk does not make one a Christian
Never underestimate the power of prayer. must be our first response, not just our last resort.
Get the for iOS now - it'll even make your Christian parents pressedT!
Ethiopian Orthodox Church has always been a tool for habesha despots. The country was, still is, a theocracy. A Christian Theocracy.
You're a bigot. There are violent people of the Christian faith too... Like the guy who massacred a church in SC
Has essential oils hit your church yet...
Watch on "Me vs the Church" christian, the undiscipled christian, church hurt, and fatherlessness
I'm not a Christian I dont go to church but my front pocket look like a bible
News: BGEA and Russian Orthodox Church to hold summit on Christian later this year
So, the Church's teachings on virtue amount to semantics? And you're a exactly?
The main racist ppl be those white "CHRISTIAN" families dat go to church every Sunday and preach gods word. The main freakin…
A Christian church bought my elementary school and I decided to go inside but I got kicked out like I was there for 6 years I have the right
it's weird, as an ex christian I think about how I'm perceived by people in my old church all the time, and it honestly makes...
Michael Jr Comedy Christian Church Comedian . I think u would enjoy this!🙋🏽
The amount of crosses demolished in coastal since the beginning of 2016...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Like i said, you don't need to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn't make you a taco" - Justin Bieber. lool
It makes the Christian church look like a circus
The goal of the Christian faith is not to know something, but to do something with what you know. via
18. Becoming a devoted Christian and connecting/serving in my church was the best decision I ever made. I've been blessed.
The Church in the Later Middle Ages: The I.B.Tauris History of the Christian Chu
Snake handling in 1915 Church of God revival in ...
R.I.P. to all my ex's.. The funeral will be held at "Never Again Christian Church". On the corner of "I'm done Road" & "Goodbye Avenue"
Its amusing that Christian's think that Conservatism is the way of God let it be known that the church was founded on pur…
Church lifts ban from Christian priests who were involved in Sex assault . so that they can do it again??.
There's nothing wrong to admit as a Christian there are aspects of church&faith you wrestle with. It's a necessary growing pain in faith.
It's against his Muslim religion to enter a Christian church without the intent to behead someone.
Dr. Fred Craddock, a great preacher and New Testament scholar of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), died...
The Rumblings of Reform- of The History of the Christian Church
True Christians must everywhere be united in the brotherhood of the Christian Church ~ J. Gresham Machen
A man will call himself a Christian though he denies the unity of the Christian Church; he will call himself a...
1st Christian Church the final stop in the What's Up Downtown founded by Alexander Campbell
People who attend redeemed Christian Church are always good givers compared to other churches.
...must first divorce himself from all the prohibitions, crimes & hypocrisies of the Christian Church. Word to ponder.
If the Christian Church would step up and do what it is intended to do. It would put the government to shame. ~Pastor Jack Hibbs CC
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