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Christian Bale

Christian Charles Philip Bale (born 30 January 1974) is an English actor.

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Christian Bale in Star Wars? Star Trek Stars Want in on Tarantino Version and More! – ComicCorp News
In the movie *American* Psycho, the central character, Patrick Bateman, is played by Christian Bale, an English act…
Watching for first time in about 25 years. Charles Grodin (the dad) look like a middle-aged Christian Bale.
I don't think there's anyone who played Batman as good as Christian Bale. I like Ben Affleck, Adam West, George Clo…
If James Marsden and Christian Bale (were to star in a movie together, what would it be?
Christian Bale discussing his new role as Jony Ive in the Steve Jobs biopic 'The Big Apple Rises'
Christian Bale has "mixed emotions" on the popularity of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy
Are you kidding? Between that and Rescue Dawn he did with Christian Bale, the academy tends to wrong…
Tom Hardy was only good in inception cause of Leo. And wouldn't have been good in Dark Knight Rises without Christian Bale
Christian Bale: 'Culture will be richer when we stop white dudes running things'.
Get a chance to win premiere tickets to see Hostiles starring Christian Bale and Rosamund Pike on 26 Dec at
Christian Bale was arrested for assaulting his mother and sister.. . So please tell us how to run a count…
8 years of Obama's legacy is a testament of what happens. 10 Trillion more debt only to make the co…
Christian Bale said that America would be better off if White men didn't run things. I'll be waiting for him to na…
Christian Bale wants people to stop saying 'white dudes' are running things: via
Christian Bale: 'Our culture will be so much richer' when it's not just 'white dudes' in charge
Christian Bale: We'd be better off if "white dudes" weren't running everything Great piece from…
Christian Bale obviously had his balls surgically removed.. Honest, he's a eunuch without a brain too...
Listen, I would’ve never, ever thought these words would ever come out of Christian Bale’s mouth.
Christian Bale says culture will improve when "white dudes aren't running things"
Dear Christian Bale,. would be a lot better if (((white people))) were not raping everyone.
This is why Christian Bale is the greatest Batman ever
Christian Bale says America would be better if white people weren’t running everything. . Then why don’t you name me ON…
Christian Bale claims America would be better off without white guys in charge. . Really? . Last I checked, we had a BL…
So in addition to Christian Bale, you guys are boycotting Meryl Streep, Seth Rogen, Alyssa M…
Christian Bale is shocked that Trump has turned America into a nation where we "don't respect each others opinions," all t…
The same first amendment right that Christian Bale is using?
The book that taught me about heartbreak, the movie that made me fall in love with Christian Bale, and now Angela L…
This movie about the Great Recession featured Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Moneymaker by…
Starring Academy Award winner Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike and Wes Studi, Scott Cooper's is in cinemas 5th January…
I gotta say Christian Bale has to be my Bat
Joe Allen or Christian Bale? I can't tell the difference anymore.
Christian Bale as Bond, Tom Hardy as the super villain Ann Hathaway as the Bond Girl and G…
You've known I'm in love with Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. and Christian Bale but now also I'm in love with Baker Mayfield
He wasn’t the hero we deserved.. or needed.. or wanted. Just bring Christian Bale back
Ben Affleck ruining the reputation Christian Bale garnered.. Good grief, the studio couldn't​ get anybody else..
*holds picture of Christian Bale over Ben Affleck while watching Justice League*
After seeing Ben Affleck as I can’t stand to see Christian Bale play that role. Affleck will always be my favourite Batman.
Christian Bale was the best Batman and Bruce Wayne
I died and came back to life the moment I saw Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman talking abt Sussudio by Phil Collins in American Phsycho
James Brolin with his hat on in Westworld looks exactly like Christian Bale.. uncanny!!
Saw it few months back, James Brolin looks exactly like modern day Christian Bale
Watching Westworld I see that young James Brolin looks eerily like Christian Bale. Googling on it, it seems the interne…
After watching a lot of Batman movies, again. Christian Bale is definitely my Batman, but will always be…
People are making fun of those fat Christian Bale photos but those are the only pictures where I've ever seen him look genuin…
Christian Bale looking almost unrecognizable after putting on weight and shaving head for an upcoming *** Cheney role. ht…
Christian Bale's doctor trying all patiently to explain that they can put make-up on you in movies
Christian Bale really takes his craft seriously, constantly going through body transformations to play his…
Nope. The sexiest man alive is Christian Bale.
Christian Bale can gain weight for a role over and over and gets praised. But when I gain a few lbs, it’s “concerning behavior”.
“This one will be easy,” Bale said while scanning the script. “Bring me pies.”
Christian Bale putting on a ton of weight to play *** Cheney and still being in slightly better shape than me feels like…
I will NOT be making a statement about how much I look like fat Christian Bale. Please respect my privacy.
Congrats to on having Christian Bale play him in his upcoming biopic.
Christian Bale has portrayed a vast amount of alpha males during his career, but none could prepare him for this role ht…
Christian Bale looks RIDICULOUS after letting himself go to play *** Cheney.
Christian Bale is that bloke in the pub that clears the empty glasses even tho he doesn't work there.
Is any one more dedicated to transforming his body for roles than Christian Bale??
99% sure Christian Bale is a real life Sim
Christian Bale out here looking like a large shy baby
Christian Bale's next part is playing 'man who stands next to bus driver and talks to him while he works'
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Christian Bale has gone from sex symbol to a "West Ham man, cocaine fan and pro-Muslim ban"
If this really Christian Bale then every friend I’ve ever had, has a dad with potential
Christian Bale suddenly looks like he has a lot of opinions about white genocide, assault rifles and family values. https:/…
he is a horrible Batman. Bring back Christian bale
Christian Bale looks unrecognizable as he gets ready to play *** Cheney in his next film
I didn't know Christian Bale was preparing for a role in a movie based on the life of
does Christian Bale pick roles entirely based on the damage it's likely to do to his health
Christian Bale’s body transformations for his movie roles are absolutely insane
Here are some cursed images of Christian Bale bulking up to play *** Cheney
Christian Bale for the remake? "Full Metal Jacket: Private Pyle's Redmeption" an instant classic
Christian Bale looks like a swinger who teaches small engine repair at a vocational school
Are we going to ignore the fact that Christian Bale turned into Andrew Zimmern
I have only only just realised that actor James Brolin is Christian Bale.
Excited to see Christian Bale play Phil Mitchell in his new role
I helped Christian Bale once and he was extremely sweet. Also Jeff Garlin is funny as *** in person and also very nice.
I'd pay good money to be on the same movie set as Christian Bale & David Russell.
is it me or does david mazouz know how to party as Bruce Wayne better than Christian Bale did in 3 movies?
Easy. Billy Bob Thornton plays Saban, and Christian Bale as Urban Meyer also
The 1990 TV movie with Christian Bale, Charlton Heston, and Christopher Lee is pretty good too, an…
Night American Psycho (2000). The film that made me a Christian Bale fan & IMO still his 🐐performance.…
Andrew Miller looks like Christian Bale in the early scenes of "The Dark Knight Rises."
Tyler Perry will portray Colin Powell in *** Cheney biopic starring Christian Bale
Morgan Freeman doesn't think Ben Affleck can beat Christian Bale's Batman
Christian Bale in Little Women. Eric Stoltz in everything starting with Some Kind of Wonderful. Christ…
Bill Pullman, Ann Margaret, Robert Duvall, and a young Christian Bale to b…
Waiting to see the Hollywood version of Harriet Tubmans' biography. Starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Russel Crowe.
Bittersteel has always been Michael Shannon in my mind. Bloodraven is Christian Bale (with hair dyed white-blond)
ok Tom Mison and Christian Bale are the same person, cool
Didn't get to spot Gary Oldman but I did get to see Christian Bale! It was a tough choice between Bat…
Christian Bale’s dedication to his art is next level!
Video: reveals if he would reprise the role of while talking about his new movie at
They key to Christian Bale's transformation into *** Cheney? Pies. Lots of pies.
could be the film that brings Christian Bale back into Oscar contention
Christian Bale has done it again, playing with his weight. This time to play *** Cheney 😳😆…
Christian Bale talks "getting his hands dirty" for the making of & preparing for his upcoming role as *** Cheney
Christian Bale is playing *** Cheney in a movie... Any lingering childhood crush that was leftover from Newsies is now most certainly dead.
Christian Bale is the king of commitment. Ya boy ate nothing for The Machinist and everything for a role as *** Cheney. Respect 🙏🏼
Somehow, this 10-second video of Christian Bale talking about eating pie is CHILLING.
Christian Bale explains weight gain for *** Cheney role: 'I've just been eating a lot of pies' - The Independent
Christian Bale with another outrageous body transformation role. Great.
I figured he was preparing for a role. ❤️ Christian Bale!
Bale said in order to develop the proper body type and gain weight, “I’ve just been eating a lot of pies.” same tbh
Christian Bale: 'I've been eating a lot of pies'
Christian Bale unrecognizable as he prepares for *** Cheney role
Christian Bale says he's been eating "lots of pies" to look like former VP *** Cheney for upcoming film presen…
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Ikr? I honestly loved Christian Bale as Batman. Ben afflack is just... he looks too fat for the…
Christian Bale, Peter Mullan, Rosamund Pike, Ben Foster in a western... . Hostiles should be good, looking forward t…
Sam Rockwell as W. Christian Bale as Cheney. Steve Carell as Rumsfeld. Adam McKay directing. This sounds nuts .
Will be Ben Afflack make me forget about Christian Bale as Batman? 🤔
We race to the train station on 3:10 to Yuma, the Russell Crowe and Christian Bale morality western about...
Any chance you guys can find the 1990 Treasure Island with Charlton Heston and Christian Bale? Best ve…
Smells like an "I'm Christian Bale and I'm going to put on 60 pounds in 8 days" role to me.
'Just met Christian Bale. ' see more
There's nothing fake about this scene. He actually asked Christian Bale to really beat his *** to make it look more…
Not Christian Bale Batman that escaped Prision by climbing out a 500 ft hole with no rope, BUT Ben Batman beat SUPERMAN
I just don't see Shane as The Punisher. I was hoping for more of a Kiefer Sutherland or even Christian Bale
I have zero tolerance for people's crap lately. Christian bale terminator set flip out remix cheers me up. .
If Christian Bale and Drake Bell were to have a baby, it'd look like Tom Holland.
"War may be *** but luckily, love still conquers all!" RT
I read that last part in Christian Bale's voice.
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Nice try fobbing us off with a picture of Christian Bale.
Tagged by 😘 (there was a lot of cutting) . 1. Chris Pine. 2. Christian Bale. 3. Logan Lerman . 4. Halsey…
Has anyone edited and THE DARK KNIGHT together so Christian Bale's Batman and Jared Leto's Joker are in the…
I can do one with a Blackadder theme. Christian Bale. John Malkovich. Joe Pantoliano. Empire of the S…
Who would you prefer sign this summer? Gareth Bale with dodgy knees OR Christian Bale as Batman with dodgy leg and back? Vote and RT!
You know how Christian Bale injured himself filming Dark Knight Rises & then did Out of the Furnace?…
"Golden Globe winner" Oscar Isaac, but no mention of Christian Bale's Oscar? I smell furious agents and touchy egos.
what a loss: Loved his character in "Out of the Furnace" with Christian Bale - great actor
Christian Bale famously lost all that weight for The Machinist, but Tom Hanks lost 13 STONE to play Woody in Toy Story
If tom cruise wasn't jealous of Christian Bale then we could have seen Katie Holmes blown up in The Dark Knight.
That's the Val Kilmer batman!! Christian Bale batman would've phucked him up!! 😂😂
Seriously, Christian Bale in Sister Act 2 is another Berenstein Bears conspiracy.
Did anyone else falsely remember Christian Bale being the awful rapper kid in Sister Act 2? That can't just have been me.
Anyways I'm sad because we'll never get another Dark Knight movie by Christopher Nolan which stars Christian Bale & Heath Ledger 😤😭
Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan made great Batman films. Michael Keaton and Christian Bale are great Batmans. Especially Bale!
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Other examples of whitewashing: Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton as Moses and Ramses. Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily. The Last…
Shawn Michaels looks like the lovechild of a worried Christian Bale and Edward Norton
I watched American Psycho last night in honor of Jr. Mary Harron said Christian Bale played role as "Trying to be cool and failing so badly"
If you were stuck in an alleyway and Christian Bale's Batman was on one side and Ben Affleck's the othe…
The Big Short review: Christian Bale and Steve Carell star in Adam McKay's
Val Kilmer was great but my favorite Batman is Christian Bale! 😍
Then there's those of us wondering what Song to Song with Benicio Del Toro, Christian Bale and a lot more Val Kilmer woulda looked like.
Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy, JGL, and Daniel Sunjata all in The Dark Knight Rises. Is that fair?
Also, Karl Urban, Christian Bale or Josh Holloway if you can
NO ONE is condoning what Chris Brown did but Johnny Depp and Christian Bale aren't getting reports…
Christian Bale will always be Batman for me. Guess its a bit like wh…
Chris Nolan was done with Batman and superhero movies. Christian Bale didnt want to reprise his role as Batman so W…
Will Ferrell was the first person to state that he was going to be a super villain who gets by like crazy, he can turn into Christian Bale
Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Courtney Love among those in attendance at Chris Cornell's funeral:
Warners should do a Crisis of Infinite Batmans with Michael Keaton and George Clooney fighting alongside Christian Bale and Ben Affleck.
Christian Bale with his wife at the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of Public Enemies in June 2009.…
Christian Bale is a good Bruce Wayne, but a terrible Batman
True. But use Christian Bale or someone from American Psycho, lol, this is from In Her Shoes, 2005. I love Toni Collette 😀
Who's the better Ben Affleck or Christian Bale? via
Christian Bale with Toni Collette attend the First Annual Directors Guild of America Honors on November 21, 1999.
Here's Christian Bale winning "Best Hero" at the 2006 He thanked his wife and called her his own personal Wo…
I've always wanted Christian Bale's character from Equilibrium to serve me McNuggets 😍.
Somewhere in the multiverse we probably got a kickass Batman vs. Superman movie with Christian Bale and Brandon Routh and I'll go to my
yeah! Like Hugh Laurie. Or Christian Bale. But antara my faves will be combo grandmas comel Judi Dench and Maggie Smith
"He loved working with Chris Nolan and Christian Bale and Gary Oldman. He just had the best time ever." - Kate Ledger on…
Adam McKay & Christian Bale's new movie was nearly scrapped, until Megan Ellison came to the rescue…
Tom Hardy and Christian Bale on the set of The Dark Knight Rises (2012).
Life is the worst thing that's happened to Christian Bale's twin brother?
Troy ("Bro, who even is Dax Shepard? His wife though...Christian Bale is hot!". Me: You mean Kristen Bell?. *dies of laughter*
MSM Charlie Rose stops Christian Bale from talking about "Free Press".
The Big Short director Adam McKay working on new film, Christian Bale, Steve Carell and Amy Adams in talks to star…
Christian Bale as *** Cheney feels utterly miscast + about 14 years too late. What possible fresh insights will be brought to Darth Vader?
Christian Bale was a great Batman, and Dark Knight is one of the greatest movies. But Ben Affleck is a dope batman
This would be like Ben Affleck blaming Christian Bale for his poor performance as Batman.
Christian Bale is hard to beat - but as an older Batman i'm relating to Ben Affleck more these day…
Ben Affleck a better Batman than Christian Bale don't @ me
Christian Bale as Laurie in Little Women was my first crush
Is it Sean Connery v Christian Bale or Roger Moore v Adam West ?
.It should be Christian Bale as the Batman with Christopher Nolan directing in the new Justice League movie.
May be Christopher Nolan make Batman movie again with Christian Bale in future
Hans Zimmer said he prefers Christian Bale over Ben Affleck as Batman
Christian Bale vs. Brandon Routh??. Christ on a bike. That would have been beyond laughable.
Christian Bale enjoys lunch outing with son Joseph in LA
If Christian Bale (star of The Batman) injures himself on a film set does that mean The Batman is real too?
I often wonder what The Magic Cintra thinks about Christian now?
Jesus.. I think I might fast today... On a snow day ... This about to feel like Christian bale in batman when he goes to see Raz Al Ghul.
Ever came across this curio? An Open Letter to Christian Bale Regarding the 1992 Film ‘Newsies’
Watch the new trailer for starring Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale ! https…
ranking famous Christians: = god tier, the religion is garbage tier, Bale was Batman which is pretty good. WWE Christian = TBD
Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Christian Bale keep a special place in their heart for Check this out: h…
🤔 I guess that make me the Christian Bale of rap lol
HBD to Indian Christian Bale.. love n blessings from us
there ain't no better dark knight, you basically Christian Bale
Lol at asking if her name was Christian Bale 😂 hilarious interview. ❤😂
I'm creating my Christian Bale Dark Knight Rises Batman crawling out of that pit moment kinda sorta thing, or somet…
your high! Christian bale ruined the character! Batman a Player Christian bale a rapist
Yoghurt is actually an award winning actress who gained weight to get into her role. Eat your heart out, Christian Bale... htt…
Takeaways:. 1) Muma's new Chia-Pet sponsorship can only grow from here. 2) Christian Bale now front runner to star in Wondo biopic?
WOW, Christian Bale is such a Cancer! I heard they highly stretched a sofa...
I'm a year late, but I'm finally watching Batman vs Superman. Bring back Christian Bale. Bye Ben. And more Henry, please.
The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. It's a Christopher Nolan movie.
just remembered reese witherspoon didnt get killed in American Psycho. 💕 christian bale killed jared leto but not this White Queen!!
look at that face. Didn't Christian Bale play him in a movie about a serial killer??
He looks like the Christian Bale American Psycho character. I wouldn't believe him if he told me it was snowing outside.
For hope. For family. For justice. Catch Out of the Furnace starring Christian Bale, & Casey Affleck on March…
Christian Bale looks older than he is in American Hustle, so does Sean Penn in Gangster Squad...
Christian Bale is out and Hugh Jackman is in for Michael Mann's Ferrari biopic
Hugh Jackman to replace Christian Bale as Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann's upcoming racing biopic:
Trying to choose top 5 actors is extremely hard... All I know is that Al Pacino, Daniel-Day Lewis, and Christian Bale will always be there.
Christian Bale is seen with his wife Sibi Blazic & son Joseph on March 7 in Brentwood, CA.
UV had some of the best fight scenes EVER. That and that Christian Bale film.
Christian Bale is the best Batman anyone who disagrees is lying
I liked a video from Exodus Gods and Kings 2014 Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley
Really had Christian Bale and Ben Kingsley playing Egyptians in 2014.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is playing the character that Christian Bale will also play, in American Hustle. He also broke a window
Lego Batman is based on Christian Bale's portrayal mainly, and parodies the *** out of others including Ben Afflek's.
You guys are being really callous. My then-boyfriend, Christian Bale in Little Women, was killed at the Bowling Green Massacr…
I actually had to cut American Hustle off. And I love Christian Bale so much.
Christian Bale from American Psycho. I rest my case.
Man. Christian Bale looks so good in American Psycho. I mean he looks good all the time but ***
Christian Bale's stepmother was a feminist who protested the 1991 novel, American Psycho, due to its portrayal of violence toward women.
Behind the Scenes: Director David O. Russell with Christian Bale and Amy Adams on the set of
Here's a picture of American Psycho...Standing next to Christian Bale.
Guys. and I didn't know that Mel Gibson and Christian Bale are voices of John Smith and Thomas in Pocahontas.
They really went from Christian Bale to Jason Clarke on playing John Connor.
Betting against Mike Brey is like betting against Christian Bale in a Batman movie.
my sons, Eddie Munster and Christian Bale w/ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome will take over my business.
Well Josh just compared my sick voice to Batman...I'm hoping it's the Christian Bale Batman and not the Ben Affleck one... — feeling amused
I still claim that Ryan Gosling is an annoyingly overrated actor. Same age but more talented: Christian Bale,Jake Gyllenhaal,Joaquin Phoenix
lmao I still can't believe Christian Bale is English
What do you call it when Batman skips church?. Christian Bale. 😂😂😂😂
Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman in one movie. Christopher Nolan is the true magician. *** great movie.
ncoh. I love your assumptions, I guess I don't know Batman before Christian Bale as well 😂😂😂
Why is Christian Bale in American Psycho everything I want in a man
WOW, Christian Bale is such a Libra! I heard they acidly injected a buckle...
|| batman is bomb I love him, and Christian bale is perf as batman. 😭👌🏼
apparently Christian Bale based his American Psycho character on Tom Cruise which is just the most delightful tidbit
Christian Bale starred as Batman in a really good movie
'Christian Bale's weight transformations for movie roles ' see more
So as im watchin dark knight I realized , I like Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne better but I like Aflek as Batman more. Big difference
Oh I know. I have all the hard back comics 😉but I must say, my fav Batman is Christian Bale. I like lean/ninja Batman.
Christian Bale's weight transformations for movie roles
If Christian Bale were under the DD suit, this would be the penultimate meta-joke.
I really want to work with Tom Hardy. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe a...
she's raspier than Christian Bale batman
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Never seen a bad Tom Hank, Christian Bale, or Wesley snipe movie
Christian Bale to gain hundreds of pounds to play your mom | The Syrup Trap via
Lamborghini got me feeling like I'm Christian Bale
Is it bad to say there is a co-worker at my work that looks like Christian Bale from "The Machinist"? He is the exact resemblance.
Instead of Batman vs Superman , how about Batman vs Batman ,where Christian Bale kicks the crap out of Ben Affleck
Christian Bale will always be Batman & Micheal Caine will always be Alfred
Christian Bale in American Psycho is my ideal man don't @ me
i feel like Christian Bale in American Psycho
.-> super-narcissist wanted Christian Bale to play him in a movie 😂😂😂. cc
but I gotta admit Christian Bale as batman was amazing and those movies were really good.
Christian Bale wasn't even the best part of his 3 batman movies if we're being honest. Ben = Bruce Wayne BEN BEST BATMAN EVER!!!
Can't hear "lady in red" without thinking of Christian Bale hacking up white people
Just as we should always introduce him as "Velvet Goldmine's Christian Bale" we must introduce him as "Jupiter Ascending's Eddie Redmayne"
did you know Howl is voiced by Christian Bale :^)
naw I like Christian Bale. Michael Keaton is straight though.
What's up with Ben Affleck's tie at Bruce Wayne would never be seen like that. And by Bruce Wayne, I mean Christian Bale.
Please never play the role of Batman again! Christian Bale was so much better. Plus he kept his political positions silent..
I thought that was Christian Bale from a distance
Christian Bale is the best batman ever bruhhh
I'm a big Christian Bale fan and he did a great in Nolan's trilogy. It's hard to adjust to anyone else playing bats
Christian Bale was considered for the Han Solo spinoff role that Woody Harrelson is in talks for
that's right with Christian Bale, I think I started to watch it and then something came up, I'll give it a shot
A great still of Christian Bale and Brian Dennehy in Terrence Malick’s ‘Knight of Cups’ by Melinda Sue Gordon
When Michael Caine was describing to Christian Bale the type of Person the Joker is... That convo is key!!!
I don't know if I love this Kenny Albin guy because he is a less sexy Christian Bale or a more sexy Wilson brother.
Little Women satisfies that desire we all feel to write stories & go caroling & be wooed by young Christian Bale. https…
Watch Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale in the grand first trailer for
Tell me he didn't used to look like Christian Bale 😍😍😭😭 I'm dead
I don't identify as, but what makes me a millennial is.Christian Bale as Batman and Daniel Craig as James Bond is all I've ever known.
I do not like Christian Bale. I do like Steve Carell
What do Christian Bale and Rescue Dawn have to do with taking better photos of your kids??!
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