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Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele Payne (born December 8, 1982), known professionally as Chrisette Michele, is an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter.

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I just liked this song "Aston Martin Music" by Rick Ross, Drake, Chrisette Michele
Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele - Ah Yeah feat. Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele listen, like, share at
Hear Chrisette Michele's a cappella cover of 'Hello'
I liked a video from Chrisette Michele is CANCELED
Chinx - Like This (ft. Chrisette Michele and Meet Sims) on
No lie. Somebody brought a king cake to work today. It put me into a Chrisette Michele Matisse Blue Nude kind of mood.
they should have chosen Chrisette Michele.
Kem - If It's Love ft Chrisette Michele listen, like, share at
Centric’s 'BEING' Returns March 11th - Check out our Chrisette Michele Preview
"I know I'm guilty of it too, but not like them". JAY-Z - Lost One ft. Chrisette Michele via
Chrisette Michele really thought she was a modern day Marian Anderson.
Spike Lee is no longer using Chrisette Michele's music in an upcoming project because of inauguration performance:
Chrisette Michele pens open letter following news of inauguration performance
Questlove offered to pay Chrisette Michele if she refuses to perform at Trump's inauguration:
Chrisette Michele was rarely vocal about the surrounding issues, so those MLK quotes could've stayed on Google. . Did she…
This Chrisette Michele situation is really hilarious to me😂
Y'all talking about trading Chrisette Michele in the racial draft... don't know what you could get back for her maybe a big of chips, maybe.
They paid Chrisette Michele 750K to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration. It's sad how you can easily buy Black people l…
Finding out about all the political foolishness going on today, and the fact that chrisette michele is singing at t…
Does trump even know who a Chrisette Michele is? I doubt it…
The same reason yall are upset at Chrisette Michele WILLINGLY performing for Trump... duh
Chrisette Michele reaching for relevancy. Only explanation I could think of for her performing at that inauguration.
The same Chrisette Michele who came out AGAINST an economic boycott for black rights last year? I'm not surprised.
Michele was invited to perform at inauguration! Singing for
How does Donald Trump know who Chrisette Michele is? Omarosa probably got her to do it. 😒
Chrisette Michele agreeing to perform at Trump's inauguration has people thinking she's eating cold lima beans out the ca…
I am so upset Chrisette Michele is performing at the inauguration like wow im fuming let me go download one of her songs…
Chrisette Michele better be getting a huge *** check from Trump because she won’t be able to sell out a Wing Stop after…
Chrisette Michele set to join Trump's D-list inauguration line-up
Yall: Why is Chrisette Michele performing at Trump's inauguration?. Chrisette Michele:
I equate Chrisette Michele's singing at inauguration to Tina Turner performing at Sun City both know it's wrong but they need the $.
Shan: Ye can't perform at inauguration; not "Traditionally American.". Me: WHAT IS THAT!? . Shan: Apparently Chrisette Mich…
I swear if Chrisette Michele gets to this inuagruation and performs an opera version of Aston Martin Music. I might coll…
Let me get to the airport. I got words for Chrisette Michele and this raggelly *** open letter she shoulda kept to herself.
Chrisette Michele is performing at the inauguration. People are upset. She's a singer. This is how she makes money. It's h…
Questlove and Talib Kweli want to pay Chrisette Michele not to perform at the inauguration
If you feel like you have to keep something a secret out of fear of what people will say, should you do it?
Chrisette Michele isn't destitute, she just made a dumb decision.
U hate chrisette michele for performing for Trump...Cool..All im saying is don't give Hov and Beyonce a pass for doing a c…
Chrisette Michele is getting paid $750k to perform at Trump's inauguration. Let that woman get her check and pay her bills b.
I 100% have no idea what anything in that Chrisette Michele "open letter" means.
Chrisette Michele after she seen that check for Donald Trump's Inauguration concert. 💵
John Legend can perform for the deportation king himself but chrisette michele wrong? I guess
George Bush Sr & his wife Barbara sent themselves to ICU so they don't have to go to the inauguration but Chrisette Michele...
coming up -- win tickets to the Valentines Love Affair -- Joe , Chrisette Michele, Ro James , and Vivian Green at the Fox Feb 14th !!
Win tickets for Chrisette Michele at House of Blues, December 30, 2016 with Do312
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Chrisette Michele, Jennifer Hudson, Ledisi, Fantasia, Yolanda Adams... Every single one of the Clark Sisters. I lov…
Song of the day: "Aston Martin Music" by Rick Ross featuring Drake and Chrisette Michele.
mood: Listen to Aston Martin Music (feat. Drake & Chrisette Michele) by Rick Ross on
& its not even really no popping *** people in it.. Musiq Soulchild, Chrisette Michele & someone else
After spending five years as a backup vocalist for Chrisette Michele, Ashleigh Smith says she took to heart o...
“Milestone”, the fifth studio album by Grammy Award winner Chrisette Michele, has been released.
I might go to Chrisette Michele at Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO - Jun 10
Oooo, how bout singing something by Angie Stone, or Chrisette Michele? 😁
Warming down after a practice routine to Golden by Chrisette Michele. Enjoy
Hey listen of XXI Century. Now playing Chrisette Michele - A Couple Of Forevers on.
My shaven head is my way of saying 'I wont take no for an answer,' it ...
Tank Musiq BJ Ro James Chrisette Michele etc I never hear these artists on the radio
heads up, AXS says starland show is sold ou, but if you ignore message it looks like tix still available
My ears sort of turn off when someone tells me that what my heart is s...
Chrisette Michele is here this weekend but idk anybody who's as much of a fan as me 😭
Listen to A Couple of Forevers by Chrisette Michele on
Her voice is *** beautiful and unique "Chrisette Michele is beautiful man yhuuu ❤"
Chrisette Michele is beautiful man yhuuu ❤
Chrisette michele rescheduled her concert. Good because I'm tired lol
I liked a video from Sing it Stripped Down | "Make Me Fall" - Chrisette Michele |
A female piano player is always pretty cool to me.
A new favorite: Chinx "Like This" featuring Chrisette Michele and Meet Sims by on
Chrisette Michele and spring concert Monday. Decision day turn up was Tuesday. Claflin came today. And MYAF tomorrow and Friday
This song got so much play when I lived on the west coast. Slow Down by Ghostface Killah, Chrisette Michele ♫
Today feels like a strictly Chrisette Michele, Amerie and Corrine Bailey Rae day.
Ashton Martin Music - Rick Ross ft Drake and Chrisette Michele, is on now! with 'Member? You 'Member!
Chrisette Michele talks Life, Love and Music. Stream now on our NEW Ebony Channel
Chrisette Michele looks so pretty with hair !! Where have I been ? 😍
I'm listening to A Couple Of Forevers by on
Chrisette Michele speaks out on why she was forced to remove her ovaries
I liked a video from Chrisette Michele Presents Rich Hipster Belle at Essence Fest 2015
Chrisette Michele - A Couple Of Forevers listen, like, share at
Chrisette Michele & Jazmine Sullivan got me through these Garda times.. 😭
Chrisette Michele's Good Girl is the "pick me! 🙋🏽" anthem. Smh.
About to turn on my Chrisette Michele & hop in the shower ..
Chrisette Michele - couple of forevers is my wedding song 👰🏾💍
Somebody tell chrisette michele she has a classic voice. Don't lose it
Chrisette Michele gon be my wife as soon as I hit $1M
I liked a video from Chrisette Michele sings "If I had My Way" Live on The Quiet Storm
Jennifer Hudson , Chrisette Michele , Erica from BGC , Remy Ma , freakin Michelle Obama like *** 😂 I look like none of these people !
So.I guess I'm having a Chrisette Michele love fest today.
oooh u get to see Chrisette Michele tonight!!! WOOP WOOP!!! How ya feeling ?
Excited to see Erykah Badu, Miss Jill Scott and Chrisette Michele on the STA's! .
We're pretty sure you've heard by now how SLAYED the 2015 Soul Cyphers in the https:…
Ten years and counting... Listen to Steady by Chrisette Michele on Apple Music. ✌🏾️
Chrisette Michele..this woman represent my truth..
Somebody buy me this ticket to see Chrisette Michele!
Biz Zar Radio: Playing Chrisette Michele - Together (Clean) - submit at and for rotation
Can't wait to see Chrisette Michele tomorrow! 😊🙌🏽
I'll probably always love all of Chrisette Michele's music
Chrisette Michele at Nightclub in on December 10 - Single Release and Birthday Party:
Chrisette Michele been in my city all day and I had not one clue
I liked a video from An Acoustic Evening with Chrisette Michele | Houston, TX
Chrisette Michele is such a beauty, tattoos and all 💛
Steady by Chrisette Michele added to favorites.
Loved having songstress Chrisette Michele (in the office today!
Steady by Chrisette Michele added to favorites.
with repostapp. ・・・. Wendy Williams dishes on Chrisette Michele's revelation…
A Couple of Forever's: Chrisette Michele's Love Story is a Lesson on Second Chances
I could listen to Jazmine Sullivan, Chrisette Michele and Marsha Ambrosious on loop for days.
When you wanna go see Anthony Hamilton and Chrisette Michele and he wanna go see Mike Epps. So guess which one we will go to😂😂😂
Corrine Bailey Rae and Chrisette Michele. I don't trust a woman that doesn't listen to these two
But if I made an album and could only have one artist sing all my hooks... Corrine Bailey Rae. Ok two, Chrisette Michele.
Listen to Rick Ross feat. Drake & Chrisette Michele - Aston Martin Music by teknician on
like Hov song on the Kingdom Come. . You Lost One. *Chrisette Michele voice*
So glad I was there to witness this impromptu mic toss ft. India Arie, Chrisette Michele, and Lalah Hathaway!!
I just used Shazam to discover Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross Feat. Drake & Chrisette Michele.
If they ever make a Tammi Terrell biopic, I vote Chrisette Michele to play her.
Oh and a met and greet with Dej Loaf, Remy Ma, Chrisette Michele, Jazmine Sullivan, Monica, and Alicia Keys
2015 schedule ranges from Blue Oyster Cult to Chrisette Michele,
Did we just forget that Chrisette Michele made Drake a video vixen?
I could never listen to "Your Joy" by Chrisette Michele without crying
You really think that Chrisette Michele, a Grammy Award winning artist who is very much RELEVANT right now sold a story? DELUSIONAL.
This Chrisette Michele song stuck in my head and Won't go away 😂
Chrisette Michele is gorgeous. And her boobies look so, so good in that pic. 😍
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How is Stacy Francis blaming Chrisette Michele for "leaking" the story about Whitney Houston slapping her? That been out.…
Can we revisit this stunning image of Chrisette Michele?
The fact that I'm going to see Chrisette Michele this weekend 😩
Chrisette Michele's voice is freaking amazing.
Y'all don't appreciate Chrisette Michele's beauty like y'all should.
Would've came back for you, I just needed time. Aston Martin Music - Rick Ross Ft. Drake & Chrisette Michele
If I have my way x Chrisette Michele
Loyo sisi wenza iatchaar 😍❤😭 "Chrisette Michele is my new celeb crush (^•^)"
Chrisette Michele is my new celeb crush (^•^)
I sit on my bed and wonder, How it'd be if you were mine - Notebook,Chrisette Michele
can you guys go listen to Ah Yeah by Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele.
All I can do is just write down every emotion I feel, Hopefully one day you'll find out my love for you is real - Notebook,Chrisette Michele
Do you have any idea how hard it is to act like you don't mean a thing - Notebook, Chrisette Michele
My favorite song will always be A Couple of Forevers...Chrisette Michele 💛✊👑
Bruh like do Yall kno how much I love Chrisette Michele ?
Chrisette Michele chrisettemichele was a fan favorite at Ubiquitous Hair & Health…
I think I have more pictures of Chrisette Michele saved to my phone than I do of myself.
I liked a video from Chrisette Michele - Love Is You (Cover)
Chrisette Michele Performing Live at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans on Jan. 29th
My mom has be hooked on this couple of forever by Chrisette Michele 😍😍😍
“Gotta Listen To Chrisette Michele's Album After This” she still make music ? 😭😭
A Couple of Forevers by Chrisette Michele on New R&B
Chrisette Michele gave Lenny Green a very special belated birthday present on The Quiet Storm. She sang her first hit, "If I had My Way" for him live. -...
I'm excited for this new Chrisette Michele album, it's a shame I won't be at her concert next month
Added a new video: "(NEW) Greg Baker & Chrisette Michele interview Part 1."
Rick Ross - Aston Martin Music ft. Drake, Chrisette Michele: via i love this song
aka (Maleh) & Chrisette Michele should just do a collaboration already - I love their voices on repeat mode right now Maleh - you make my heart go - *** beautiful tune indeed
A little Chrisette Michele to take me through the night.
If you watched last season of "R&B Divas LA" you know cast newbie Chrisette Michele didn't have the warmest relationship with fellow castmate...
“Chrisette Michele x Couple of Forevers”-- forever never last
Ladies , or gents, that went to MACUFE , how was Chrisette Michele ?! I'm hacked that I missed her ...
Blame It On Me by Chrisette Michele with Instantly took me to fall 2011. Instantly. 😑
If my auntie cops these Chrisette Michele tickets for me 😩🙌
LIVE in November 7th at The Crest Theatre! will be opening RT
Chrisette Michele playlist on this ride back home 👍😍
Chrisette Michele's first album is a national treasure.
Chrisette Michele says she's over being disappointed by Chante Moore.
How will you kick off your weekend in Downtown Jacksonville - at the Pirate Party at Treaty Oak Park? How about the Jax Soul Series with Chrisette Michele at Ritz Theatre and Museum? Or live music at Jacksonville Landing?
- Pearl Jam, Chrisette Michele, Ryan Adams among highlights of new concert season
St. Louis! September 25th Chrisette Michele in concert at the Pageant.October 10th crooner Will Downing...
Now Playing: A Couple of Forevers by Chrisette Michele on Urban Radio - Adult Hits
"What does a Chante Moore feature mean on Chrisette Michele's fifth album." That was
We will be at the Macy's Music Festival w/Chaka Khan, Charlie Wilson, New Edition, Chrisette Michele, etc. July 26th - Pau…
I would love to hear Amber Bullock and Chrisette Michele collaborate
The Roots - Rising Up ft. Wale, Chrisette Michele: via what u know bout this?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
A new favorite: Wale - Money Changes Feat. Chrisette Michele (Prod. Key Wane) by on
Chrisette Michele's Epiphany is one greatly underrated album.
Actually, if Chrisette Michele could sing her own soulful version of "If My Heart Were A House" by Owl Eyes, I'd just fall out and die.
Chrisette Michele: Is this the way love feels
Chrisette Michele: if I have my way
Had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful woman Chrisette Michele when she came to visit Magic 102.3 She was so sweet...
chrisette Michele x all I ever think about
watch (Chrisette Michele) on the new season of trust u dont want to miss it tomorrow W…
I just used Shazam to discover So In Love by Chrisette Michele Feat. Rick Ross.
I have to listen to Chrisette Michele daily
I thought about you the other day.. have you heard "Is this the way love feels" by Chrisette Michele?
city ,had a ball at David Chappelle concert ,with ashy Larry ,the Roots ,Bilal & Chrisette Michele
I might go to Chrisette Michele at Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis, IN - Jul 19
Ah Yeah - feat. Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele by Musiq Soulchild on
I remember seeing perform at UMES.opened for Chrisette Michele.I been a fan ever since!
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Saturday & LIVE at the . 201 TALLAPOOSA ST. . Montgomery, AL 36104 7:00pm
Chrisette Michele recalls some memories of Whitney and pays tribute with her version of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" For more on this, click here:
Whatever style Chrisette Michele has in her head right now, I need!
My boo chrisette michele gonna be on there
The way my heart reacts to Chrisette Michele's "A Couple of Forevers" is so weird 😖
Chrisette Michele"Blame It On Me", innocence is liable to face the same as a killer, life not knowing when it'll end in the midst. Revelations :
Hi Mrs Jackson. Long time since we visited during the MD Black Caucus Interview/Chrisette Michele Concert! How are you?
Chrisette Michele's first album changed my life
Btw I have a huge crush on Chrisette Michele. Almost as huge as my crush on Jill Scott.
Who's coming with me to see Chrisette Michele in July?
Chrisette Michele - A Couple of Forevers.Do I really need to say more?
CALLING ALL SINGERS!!! We are going to give a set of tickets for Tevin Campbell, Oleta Adams or Chrisette Michele...
Feel free to check me out At VA GOT TALENT on sky 4 sunday nights!! & PRESS PLAY to check out my Chrisette Michele cover "if I had my way"
I swear u look like Chrisette Michele now lol
Rick Ross ft drake and wale-diced pineapple Rick Ross ft drake and chrisette michele-Aston Martin Music Diz are kind of songz I'll never get enough of
Rick Ross ft. Chrisette Michele and Drake _ Aston Martin Music. This track still goes in hard!
Chrisette Michele's album, Better, needs to be bought yaz. Gtown Musica won't allow me to be great. Mxm
Chrisette Michele's voice is making me cry 😳💖
Y'all are just over doing Chrisette Michele's hair do! AOWA! 😕 too many girls looking the same out here! Ke di trend mo di feteleng!
Chrisette michele, BB Kings on june 27th. might have to be there
Chrisette Michele going at meduse on August 14 I wanna go 😩
Chrisette Michele is coming to town! I might have to go! 😁
Aw dang! I understand though. Chrisette Michele puts on a great show, from what I hear!
I just used Shazam to discover Pray Me Well by Chrisette Michele Feat. Rob Glasper.
► Wale ft Chrisette Michele - of Wale's best tracks
Mam cool please play me Chrisette Michele "A couple of forevers"
Chrisette Michele DM'd me bc she liked my lipstick in my Avi 😌💅
Chrisette Michele-Golden: "I'm so ready to love, I'm so ready to promise my all. I'm so ready to give 'til the day that my life is no more. I'll be everything that this woman can possibly be, Cause I'm ready to be like the olden days when commitment was golden" I wake up to this song 🎵😊 *singing out loudly*
Ten Foot Stilettos is a single by Chrisette Michele featured on her new album 'Better'. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Make sure you visit Jukebox...
Loved bringing the funk to the Mable House Amphitheater this weekend! Opened for Bob Baldwin/Marion Meadows, Chrisette Michele, and Pieces of a Dream. Not to mention DJ B.Sharp was tooo funky! Very blessed to have been in the line-up! Thanks to everyone for your continued support.
Long day and I plan to shut it down early. West Coast thanks for the love as always, let's work. Tallahassee, FL it's official Chrisette Michele and J. Holliday August 31st. San Antonio you're on deck. Houston, TX Chico DeBarge is coming your way. I love what I do.
I don't own the video. Credits go to JWILL95RARE (Original video: I love Chrisette Michele. Been a...
at my desk with Chrisette Michele... Feeling all in love and extra.
Guess who's brother got her a backstage, all-access pass to see Chrisette Michele???.
**Road to Essence Festival Makes a Stop in Bentonville for a FREE Community Concert** Share this post! This year, for the 2nd year in a row, Bentonville is a host city for the Road to Essence Festival. Road to ESSENCE will take place at Tiger Stadium in Bentonville, Saturday, May 31, 2014. Doors open at 5:30pm, concert starts at 6:30pm. This free, family-fun event is open to the public, so invite your friends to take part! Tiger Stadium is located at 1901 SE J Street in Bentonville. Artists performing at this year’s event include Chrisette Michele, Chante Moore, BBD (Bell Biv Devoe) and host/DJ MC Lyte. More talent is expected to be announced soon! • Chrisette Michele, is a Grammy Award-winning R&B and soul singer-songwriter. She won a Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance in 2009 for her song "Be OK". • Chante Moore is an R&B and jazz singer and is also featured on the reality show, R&B Divas: Los Angeles. • Bell Biv DeVoe is the R&B/hip hop musical group that branched off from New ...
some pieces of magnificent creative execution really overwhelm me. In this case the awesome Artist too, Chrisette Michele ( my future wifey ) call it The female version of me ... The simplicity of the video to tell the story is just genius in my standard, This goes for the details in the technique used, the small little devise used to go from one picture to picture (head turn), the post card idea, the make up, the body art etc...are wayyy too it didnt dig deep in the pockets budget wise... I would have loved to Shoot and be briefed on this project. :-)
Chrisette Michele performs Epiphany & A Couple of Forevers on the Tom Joyner Morning Show while visiting the Red Velvet Cake Studio. Log on to www.
Kick start your Summer with the RVA Grooves Concert Series, Friday May 23, 2014 at 7pm at The Hippodrome Theater with Grammy Award winning artist Chrisette Michele. Tickets available at
Chrisette Michele ft Will I Am- Be jam this morning. Take the good with the bad :-)
i'll name two. Chrisette Michele and Jill Scott
Chrisette Michele's Album "Better" I swear I play this album morning, noon and night endlessly. I love it!
I will be here.will you be here on the 23rd? We start our concert series with Chrisette Michele.
I just used to sing along to A Couple of Forevers by Chrisette Michele
Alright I'm done. Time for some my Toni Braxton and Chrisette Michele stations 🎧 😌
Chrisette Michele is a young artist that defies artistic labels. She's jazz, hip hop, R & B, gospel and everything in between. However, when an artist doesn'...
These streets hold my deepest days...this hood taught me golden ways... made me, truly this is what made me...Break me not a things gonna break me..Nas ft Chrisette Michele. No matter how bad I'm feeling hearing this song I feel like John coffee at the end of green mile...hearing the music takes you away
Im so ready to love , im so ready to give my all ♫ Golden – Chrisette Michele
I liked a video Ten Foot Stilettos by Chrisette Michele (Album: BETTER)
The result of too much free time, too many bobby pins and Chrisette Michele's music 😂😩
the whole female R&B list is for the birds besides Tamar Braxton y aint chrisette michele on there
Im so guarded I've been hurt. Im so cold now some one hurt. Yea i like you yea you me. But i can see ya charades. -Chrisette Michele-
I added a video to a playlist Chrisette Michele - A Couple Of Forevers
Chrisette Michele is going to be there too? I'm in love it need a date
The Roots - Rising Up ft. Wale, Chrisette Michele I bump this continuously, esp at the gym.
A Couple of Forevers by Chrisette Michele on 93.1 WZAK! Next up: New Edition.
Listerning to Chrisette Michele Couple Forever on repeat. ... Thank you maBizo enjying the song wth my little nunuza :)
I'm listening to: Aston Martin Music (Ft. Drake And Chrisette Michele) by Rick Ross on my amazing Nokia Lumia.
WE ARE OFFICIALLY 10 DAYS FROM Blissful Grandeur- A Popup Wedding Celebration DC 2014!! This week RKristi will be acounting down as we feature the wonderful sponsors, vendors and couples of Let the Party Begin! Now for the results of the first dance selection .(drumroll, please.) With 62% of the Votes, the winner is Chrisette Michele- A Couple of Forevers!! Tune in to watch them dance the night away at 6pm, May 25th as we stream live from! Thank you for voting and please LIKE, SHARE and TAG!
Guess who's going to see Chrisette Michele next week!?!? SHE AS IN ME.. IS! LOL
Second installment from the Chrisette Michele/Konee Rok music video series "Prisoner of a Still Picture" Song by Chrisette Michele Featuring Nello Luchi Concept,…
Jammin to "Golden" by Chrisette Michele. Love this song! ❤
Jagged Edge, Chrisette Michele and Raheem DeVaughn are coming to Delaware! Friday, June 13th get your tickets!
Sushi, homework, and Chrisette Michele... my current situation
Listen to Chrisette Michele for free on Slacker. You'll find everything about Chrisette Michele, Chrisette Michele's songs, Chrisette Michele's albums, Slacker Stations Chrisette Michele is featured on and discover artists similar to Chrisette Michele here on Slacker. You'll find all of your favorit…
Three Natural Songbirds.rockin it out quite naturally! Janelle Monae, India.Arie, and Chrisette Michele photo - ATLblackstar
Chrisette Michele at Center-Stage Atlanta June 5 AND June 6? Yup, I know where I'll be in a couple of weeks.
Me and you were built like armor nothing can stop love from loving us, i was the only one you were the only one. Together til never and forever and forever. Chrisette Michele.
Can't Forgert About You - NAS Ft Chrisette Michele This joint still gives me goose bumps till this date, Chrisette'a vioce she can sing for me any given time on earth *** :'(
I will be on WSFA Alabama Live today, with one of the opening acts for the Chrisette Michele & Marsha Ambrosius concert. Make sure you tune in! :)
And then we have none other that Mr. Walter Wally B. Jennings as another amazing artist that will grace the stage at Purple Kisss Ent presents Roof Top Rhymes Hosted by Poetic Kiss!! Walter “Wally B.” Jennings is a native of Tampa, FL and has been writing poetry for 20 years and performing publicly for the past 10 years. He is the founder of “Black on Black Rhyme-Tampa”, one of Tampa’s largest and longest running poetry shows. Wally B. has shared the stage with some of the nation’s most popular entertainers, including: K-Ci & Jo-Jo, Chrisette Michele, Silk, Dave Hollister, Comedian Steve Brown, Def Poetry on Tour, and the legendary Last Poets. Wally B.’s poetical talents have allowed him to perform in venues all over the nation, such as: St. Louis, MO (Legacy Bookstore), Philadelphia, PA (Jus’ Words), Greenville, SC (Wits End Poetry), Knoxville, TN (Time Warp Coffeeshop), Jacksonville, FL (Soul Release; Karpeles Museum), Miami, FL (Funk Jazz Lounge), Duke University, The University of Fl . ...
Can't wait to see New Edition, Mint Condition, Neyo, Chrisette Michele, and Keyshia Cole in concert this summer with Stephanie Strange!!! Now back to singing "If It Isn't Love" with my broom on the kitchen floor! Lol
I cant wait to capture images of Chrisette Michele as the photographer at the WDKX 40th Anniversary Celebration this weekend.. you all better get your tickets Now !! Featuring Some of the Roc's Finest also Carlton Wilcox Live Nate Anderson Trent Monroe Timothy Mitchum Toshman Powell Renee Anderson Jasma Singleton And many many more
Daywith Kem and Chrisette Michele headling the beginning of a fanstastic 3-day Festival! Come join us! Let's do this Mark Anthony!!
Chrisette Michele got me all tangled up
MACYS MUSIC FEST! MACYS MUSIC FEST! Starting Wednesday your favorite station will be giving you a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Macy's Music Festival at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati July 25th and 26th! This year features an awesome all-star line-up with Charlie Wilson, Robin Thicke, Chaka Khan, K. Michelle, After 7, New Edition, Ne-Yo, Keyshia Cole, Mint Condition and Chrisette Michele!
♫ I'm listening to Epiphany (Im Leaving) by Chrisette Michele in I used to listen to this...
Mos Def Official and Chrisette Michele will be at Constitution Hall on Saturday, May 10th for this year's festival. Join team.
I might go to Chrisette Michele at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC - May 10
Marcia Griffiths, Chronixx, Beenie Man join Jazz and Blues line-up MARCIA Griffiths, Chronixx, Chalice and Moses Davis, who performs under the stage name Beenie Man, will add a tasty mix of sweet reggae to this year's staging of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. The event, scheduled for January 30 to February 1 at the Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium on Jamaica's north coast, has already signed big-name Jamaican act Beres Hammond, as well as major American singers Chaka Khan, Toni Braxton, Aaron Neville, Crystal Gayle, Chrisette Michele and Joe. Griffiths, regarded by many as the queen of reggae, will celebrate her 50th anniversary in the music industry with a special performance that will feature appearances by Bob Andy, Judy Mowatt, Freddie McGregor, Tony Greigg and Chris Martin. Griffiths has established herself as a formidable solo act, but was, for many years, a member of the famous all female trio the I Three, singing back-up for Bob Marley & the Wailers. Reggae revival advocate Chronixx has brough ...
The Benett Career Institute is proud to be hosting the Celebrity Beauty Symposium featuring Chrisette Michele this Sunday. You can find the event in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.
she's only up against John Legend, TGT, Chrisette Michele & Faith Evans
Chrisette Michele performing at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana
wants to wish Chrisette Michele a happy birthday. Come party with and The Real Kid Capri at the 2014 Rooms still available.
Mornin FB Fam...i went to bed at a good time last nite and dont yall know I over slept...aint that some mess...also, i have been pulln up old videos of the Temptations and those was some dressn/steppn men. Besides, i just love the fashion of that time. If u wanna see what i saw, pull up the Get Ready video and they have on the black suits...OMG I LOVE IT! Man, that was the time...the music was so good and sutle...This mess (music) now is so freakn crappy, some of it anyway...Eric Benet, Avant, Chrisette Michele and India.Arie just to name a few that keepn the groove smooth. Be BlessED!
Born in Quezon City on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, Tracy Cruz’s alluring voice is comprised of sounds old and new, resembling Jill Scott’s throaty moans and Sarah Vaughan’s lyrical accentuation, all while still managing to remain distinct. With a vocal range that stretches from unbelievable lows to soprano highs, Tracy pulls from her thriving passion of Filipino ballads, blended with the influence of her former vocal coach, Ledisi. A chance meeting of her future producer, now husband Allen Ross, in college produced 2 children and 2 full-length albums and an EP. Tracy has collaborated with and performed with the likes of Miki Howard, Chrisette Michele, Kanetic Source (former emcee of Ozomatli), American Idol finalist Deandre Brackensick, Sy Smith, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Latoya London, Apl. de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas, Slim of 112, Martin Luther, Jaguar Wright, Zion I, Pep Love, Living Legends, and Crown City Rockers. Tracy has accumulated national recognition with her album "Feel'osophy" in ...
I've been listening to A LOT of music lately, and I must say most are good and some are bad, but these albums I must take my time out and give acknowledgement to. First and foremost "The Electric Lady" by Janelle Janelle Monáe. I have been raving about this album before it came out and when I tell you it's like musical perfection I'm not lying. Secondly "Better" by Chrisette Michele. After that last disappointment from her I was reluctant about this one, but his lives up to the title. "Better" is better than "Epiphany" to me. Finally, and this is a new addition to my collection, "Black Radio 1 & 2" by Robert Glasper. I listened to the first one last night and the jazz and features were perfectly blended with modernism in a way that was highly enjoyable. I recommend these wholeheartedly. I just had to take my time out and appreciate the greatness of musical arts and things that aren't so "mainstream."
Robert Glasper, Music Soulchild and Chrisette Michele- Ah Yeah... Listen to that ish
CENTRIC, a BET Network, finally revealed the lineup of performers for the 2013 Soul Train Awards. Jennifer Hudson, Tamar Braxton,Smokey Robinson, K. Michelle, Ron Isley, Eric Benet, Candice Glover, Kem, Chrisette Michele, Bobby Caldwell and more are set to perform at the ceremony. “We are gearing up for a big show this year, and the performers set to take the stage are just the beginning of what’s to come. I hope everyone is ready because Centric is bringing the party to Las Vegas come November 8th,” said Paxton Baker, General Manager and Executive Vice President, CENTRIC. “We are forever grateful for the involvement of so many amazing performers and their loyalty to the Soul Train and Centric brands. Music is the core of Centric’s DNA and our diverse roster of new talent and legendary artists display our continued commitment to providing quality programming for soul music lovers.” The 2013 Soul Train Awards will be hosted by actor Anthony Anderson and taped in Las Vegas on November 8. The sh ...
WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE R&B ALBUM OF THE YEAR, SO FAR? This year we’ve seen one of the most impressive R&B album lineups to hit the shelves. What’s even more impressive though, is the back-to-back chart topping hits that have been pulled from each album and the impact they’ve had on the current state of R&B. Since the top of the year, we’ve been blessed with the sounds of Chrisette Michele, Kelly Rowland, the big return of Justin Timberlake (who dropped two awesome albums in one year), John Legend, debuts from three of R&B’s most elite crooners, T.G.T., bad girl of the south, K. Michelle, and two of this year’s top breakout artists, Tamar Braxton and Ariana Grande. But, it doesn’t stop there… Upcoming albums to be released in the remainder of the year include: Chris Brown, R.Kelly, Lyfe Jennings, Mario, and rumored albums from Mariah Carey, Beyoncé and Rihanna.
Janelle Monae is gorgeous! Love her almost as much as Chrisette Michele... Almost.
Amazing repeat of the performance of Black Unicorn with 2Chainz, Chrisette Michele, and Sunni Patterson on the Arsenio Hall Show!!!
No lights but the candles are lit, eucalyptus oil burning, Chrisette Michele and Lauryn Hill in heavy rotation, push the curtains back to watch the downpour as I catch up on some work.perhaps grab a canvas some paint and prentend to be Lady Picasso. Allowing the kids do whatever, as long as they leave me I have a sippy sip kinda day. NO .however this is sure to be shout lived.
my pandora is on the Chrisette Michele station...but may I ask why it's been playing gospel music all morning?
So Fantasia, Musiq Soulchild, & Chrisette Michele will be at the River Center in Sept. I gotta go see em!
one sure fire queen who can get it all from me is Chrisette Michele and Kerry Washington. But Kerry married.
R&B is my first love but I can't live without neo soul!!! Jill Scott, Ledisi, India Arie, Vivian Green, Chrisette Michele...
I hate that artists like Chrisette Michele, Janelle Monae, Melanie Fiona, Jill Scott, Angie Stone are "centric" but the Ciaras, Beys are R&B
Boy, that Chrisette Michelle know she can sing. Got Steve and I up here going crazy!! Chrisette Michele
Hip-hop heavyweight and Patchogue native Chrisette Michele hit the Hamptons to celebrate her much anticipated fourth album. Michele, who has collaborated with Jay-Z, Kanye West and Drake, has returned
July 13 Blue Cross Arena TGT, Kelly Rowland, Chrisette Michele, & Kelly Rowland. Do you have your ticket yet?
Coming off such an amazing 2012 for music, with a few exceptions that you've heard me comment on (e.g., Laura Mvula, Chrisette Michele, Bradd Marquis, Josephine, Anouk, Cleveland P. Jones, Justin T., the Foreign Exchange remix project, etc.), I was starting to be seriously letdown by plenty of the 2013 releases. Then these last three days have single-handedly restored my faith in 2013 music. While some are 2012 discoveries I only just made, like Samson for President and Josh Osho, much is from this year. It's a late starting year, but turning into a good one after all. Whew! I was starting to worry for my Best of 2013 list! Who you lovin' this year?
Well... Chrisette Michele is taking me on to la-la land... "Loves gotta make me feel better!" Give me people like her, John Legend, etc., a glass of Sangria at a lawn concert somewhere Good night folks!
BIG LOVE 2 every1 who locked in 4 2nites 'Big RnB Show' there was sum serious tunage played on Mi-Soul rite there! Played BRAND NEW tracks from the likes of Beyonce, India Arie, Chrisette Michele, Chris Brown ft Aaliyah, John Legend, Kelly Rowland & Marcus Houston as well as bangerz from Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Robin Thicke & K Roosevelt just to name a few! Just so such good music out there! AND we even managed to squeeze that old skool hour, playing nothing but 90s/00s RnB classix! If u missed any of it jst watch out for my listen again mixcloud link & check back here 4 da full track listing! Catch you all next Monday at the same time from 9pm when the incredible Max Marshall will be joining us live in the studio! U know u dont wanna be missing that!! Til then, Peace, Love & Light
Let me know what you guys think of this spoken words poem I wrote called Unwritten Letter it was just something I put together: I was writing this letter to tell you how I feel, but as I began to move the pen words couldn't appear. When I start to think about the past my eyes filled up with a bunch of tears. See I thought we had a couple of forever's like the Chrisette Michele song, but instead I was like Melanie Fiona how did I become the wrong side of a love song. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that like a magician you disappeared, but you just didn't didn't disappeared you took the most variable thing that I had, so I guess I can call you a con artist instead. I mean I ripped my own heart out and gave it to you, because with you, you were the air that I breath, you were my heart beat. See without you I thought I couldn't breath, so without you I would die. Like a mother pushing her baby bird out of the nest for the first time hoping that it would fly. I took that leap. Hoping you would ca ...
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