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Chris Woods

Christopher 'Chris' Charles Eric Woods (born 14 November 1959 in Swineshead, Lincolnshire) is a former England international football goalkeeper, who played in the Football League and Premier League for Queens Park Rangers, Norwich City, Sheffield Wednesday, Reading, Southampton and Burnley, in the Scottish Football League for Rangers, and in Major League Soccer for the Colorado Rapids.

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B'ham! Chris Woods suckered City of Bessemer! Bessemer City HS, half of it got built! Be ware if he becomes Mayor Ur screwed!
The Cabin in the Woods, it has Chris Hemsworth in it. Really good movie!
Hung out with Chris and Leea again yesterday afternoon at Zack Woods and then we went over to the back side of Gree…
We back parents Chris & Connie. No court should ever stop a mum & dad trying to save their son
That was Chris brown and Martin woods wasn't it?
Chris Woods is becoming something of a cult hero at new club Barnsley.
While walking in the woods one day,. Chris and Martin saw something strange. A little leaping lemur who liked to boun…
Hillary! Blood on your corrupt, criminal hands! Do you ever think of Chris Stevens, Ron…
They're both absolute wankers by all accounts. Woods walked out at a Chris Rock show recently. Poor daffodil.
This year, we are so proud to be honoring Chris Woods, and
Oh man, I forgot how great Chris Pine is in Into the Woods.
hey ken do you know if Chris or Odette are going to be filming this week?
A cabin flying a Confederate Flag with many Bernie Sanders 2016 signs in the yard in the middle of the woods.
Zoboomafoo and the Kratt brothers!While walking in the woods one day, Chris n Martin saw something…
I had a pair of Chris Woods replicas. The ball stuck to your palm like glue!
hey guys I'm in your neck of the woods today
domain names
Professional runner outruns 2 bears while training in woods
You're right their out scurrying in the woods somewhere
I was going to warn you that of the was in your neck of the woods!!!
Chris Froome takes the expression "nature break" a bit too literally, rides off the road and into the woods.
have tabled a bid of €200million for Waghorn, Tav, Kiernan, mckay and Chris Woods. Dave King asks me what I should do.
Mind when Chris Woods didnae save Joe Miller's penalty on April Fools day 1989.
England goalkeepers Nigel Martyn, Chris Woods and Tim Flowers smile for the camera at the Detroit Silverdome during…
Bet Your Dad can't wait to hear the thoughts of Gary Linekar and Chris Woods on the Athletico Madrid draw.
Chris Woods in every other scene. And where is James Olsen?
2017 PG- Collin Woods had 18 & 8 in a win over Vinemont. Collin is Avg 21.6 pts and 9.6 assist thru 5 games.
Ya brother might have a problem he need that Tiger Woods Therapist
Not sure what Chris Pine's accent is supposed to be in Into The Woods, but I'm enjoying looking at his face.
Hillary Clinton Emerges from the Woods to Warn About ‘Threat’ of Fake News via…
The woods near where I grew up had something pretty ancient rotting away in them. Not a DB4 but looked older.
Chris woods is a poc living under white skin 😹 open your mf eyes ?😂👊🏾
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Hun, if a prince kisses you in the woods it's okay to kiss him back. even if it is Chris Pine.
ohhh yea by the trains 😭 then I got one where we're in the woods. I'll never forget when we smoked at banning
I'm at the Cedarcrest market today, filling in for Chris from Lone Woods. Come say hi!
Just watched back the Brighton highlights and the only Leeds chance shown was Chris Woods scuffed shot 😂.
Libby and Chris Read are from Exeter neck of the woods, right? Or Cornwall at least. C'mon you Greasies! :-)
Chris woods has got the personality of a fish
I liked a video The Cabin in the Woods - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann
Welcome Thanks for connecting with us at Halo . Enjoy & have a great day in your neck of the woods!
Chris Woods would have chemistry with a hardwood floor.
here's an up and coming young actor from your neck of the woods. Dylan Schmid -
Contractor Chris Woods of Birmingham has gotten his money. Please go away now. Chris, you're embarrassing our revitalizing, resurging city.
Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen singing Agony in Into The Woods is everything 😍😵
Dennis Rodman, Tiger Woods, Chris Brown now Kanye West. What is it about f* up that turns your hair blonde
Tiger Woods to start 2017 season at Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines
I dont mean to be a *** but does anyone else think apart from his goals,Chris Woods all round game is shocking,chap has two left feet
Brighton beat Chris Woods' Leeds 2-0 in front of 28k and go top. Surely a premier league side in waiting? .
Chris Woods and Ian Somerhalder aren't going to be here😣😣😣
Woods, Warren and Baseball turf fields at UBC are all closed today as is U HIll. Training and programs on these fields are thus…
Did this girl sleep with tiger woods & Jay z?!!?
I will never forget Shrillary's lies, I will never stop reminding folks of the Benghazi 4. Chris Stevens Ty Woods…
Sammy, McCoy, Darby, Woods, Shaq, all healthy. Not much room for excuses anymore
I wantjto have chris woods hush puppies
you could say that. I didn't have a good feeling going into last night though so I wasn't surprised of the outcome
I am so tired of contractor Chris Woods in Birmingham. He has gotten his money. Now move on. He is a disgrace to the respected Woods family.
- Amb. Chris Stevens, USFS officer Sean Smith and CIA contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty all murdered by Islamic militants.
What really happened on that Thursday here at Augustus high school that led to Chris Woods death HSHACAJGS
FOOTBALL. Former England goalkeeper Chris Woods on Bermuda's Nathan Trott:. ‘ticks all the boxes’. More:…
Watched a big time 2OT win for Hightower & coach Kevin Woods over Silsbee 98-95. Great atmosphere at Hightower HS
I am crying for Amb. Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods, all left to die under Hillary
It was the same guy who set up the camera in the woods that caught Winter Soldier killing the Starks
So the biggest fake comes out of the woods to complain about fake news?.
Fowler was injured part of the time. His stats were mediocre. Chris Denorfia will fill his spot just fine.
Not DAPP, not fight for 15, not Ohio's horrid abortion-banning bill. Nope, this claptrap is what brings Hillary out…
You know, since Hillary Clinton took to the woods after the election those sightings of terrifying clowns have stopped.
Oakman beat Shades Mountain tonight 97 to 82. 2017 PG- Collin Woods had 37 points and 10 assists.
Did this girl sleep with Tiger Woods and Jay Z?..
I think this girl slept with Tiger Woods and Jay Z...
if this is still open - Kevin Drinkell, Dale Gordon, Rob Fleck, Chris Woods, Andy Johnson
love Terry Butcher's diving header over Chris Woods head. For Terry's last game as a hun. Badger had a *** that day too
My mom gave me this from Seminole Heights Pre-School. Chris Woods and Travis Kerbo was here...
Chris Woods bogies 17th!! . Now has a one-shot lead with one hole to play. the great has the coverage.
Squeeky bum time at Chris Woods lead by 2 shots on 17th but he's a nervous Nelly now. follow the action.
Ahh, right,no keepers, where's Jim Montgomery and Chris Woods?
Stokes 2nd was the most embarrassing goal conceded at home since Almunia kicked it at Chris Woods head
Didn't realise Chris Woods was the keeper for Nottingham Forrest his career. Understudy to Shilton right enough.
Don't Kanye me or I will Chris Brown yo *** and Tiger Woods yo girl.
Thanks Chris. Mist really does transform woods. I look forward to seeing what you've got!
I'm going to at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion in The Woodlands, TX - Aug 12
LIKE if Tiger Woods is like your life.
Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren cozies up with billionaire boyfriend in Swiss Alps
Thinking about using a couple vacation days for a solo trip to Gatlinburg. I just need to sit in a cabin in the woods and just be
Sorry, Tiger: Ex-wife Elin reportedly with someone richer than Woods -
Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren cozies up to her billionaire boyfriend in the Alps:
Cheeky moment. Owen Archdeacon nipping in between Jimmy Nicholl and Chris Woods short free kick to set up goal in 1987
Whitely Woods Ford is rideable.and quite refreshing !
I liked a video Chris Lake and Michael Woods discuss Black Thong and the Dance music scene in the USA
Ppl need to listen to Get you good by Roy Woods & All in your mind by Chris Miles
Listening to only one song from Into the Woods bc Chris Pine's singing.
I watched Into the Woods last night and now all I can think about is Chris Pine 😍
Su'a Cravens, Cody Kessler, Antwaun Woods and Anthony Sarao walk out as captains for their final game.
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i heard out of the woods on the radio just now OMFG
Drone warfare: life on the new frontline | Chris Woods
My momma living good … big house in the woods 💯 If momma ain't right you doin something wrong … ❤️
I'm becoming chris mccandless and venturing into the woods to find myself. Real talk.
that's better than me I do them and regret it the next morning
We never would've expected Chris brown to beat a woman, but he did. Tiger woods was a cheater. Celebrities can indeed do bad things.
My brother popped out of the woods the other night to scare Chris and I... And Chris threw me in front and ran... 😂😂😂
Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods. Sorry guys, Donald has something more exciting to talk about.
Tiger Woods asks his caddy for a sand wedge. His caddy thinks he asked for a sandwich. Tiger has to play the shot with…
75% of a Scandinavian park ranger's job is rescuing black metal bands that get lost in the woods shooting album covers.
Morgan opts to leave Blades... Thanks and good luck Morgs
me and Chris woods had a December bday too!😏😕😈
Sez the woman who didn't "Stand Up" for Chris Stevens, Ty Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty.
Our favorite photo of 2015! Photo credit: Mike Yarger Photography. Sent to us from: Chris M., Volunteer
It's a scary feeling when you've find your grandpa in the woods after a hunt.
Any news regarding Chris woods injury?
Chris Baxendale likes your post on his timeline: "Happy birthday Chris smile emoticon".
All I want for Chris Woods is You! This deserves way more than 3k views
Proud of Leeds Last Night- good performances all over the pitch and delighted for Chris woods- we are going to the direct style of Sam Byram
Tiger Woods at 40: the good, the bad and the ugly of golf’s former world No1. By
Left it late, but we think our Xmas parody single 'All I want for Chris Woods' can still make the top of the charts! h…
From Princess Diaries 2 to Into the Woods (10 years between), Chris Pine is the most perfect/handsome prince ever 😍😭
Halfway through Into The Woods and I realized I unintentionally had a Chris Pine movie marathon today. This is the opposite of a problem.
Chris Stanley, Nick Beckstein, Mark Blake, Steve Woods and Danny Flowers ... your names were drawn for this...
is the dog there to fetch all Chris Woods efforts from the roof
Chris Woods dive is the most aesthetically pleasing thing I've ever seen
30: Chris Woods slots home a Stuart Dallas cross from close range, 1-0 to
Phew 'cause it was looking well pallid 'round this neck of the woods 👻
I'm more into the Elijah Woods/Daniel Radcliffe/Richard Madden and sometimes Chris Evans kinda guy
If that is Chris Webb I see in the corner I'm gonna lose it lol
Fleet foxes makes me wanna be like Chris McCandless and leave everything for the woods
DEEP SEA KNOWING. Song by Chris kip woods: via
when's tsunami tommy and Chris getting on a track?
Chris Pine as Cinderella's Prince in Into The Woods is fine af.
WATCH: Chris Woods suffered every golfer's worst nightmare today but GMac was on fire
At one point Chris Moore was running so hard he spent part of practice puking his guts out near the woods. Don't tell me they don't care.
Delicious kale and yam salad is the perfect cool dish that will keep well during the 14 mile hike to your next deep woods s…
The Unthank Kitchen - not your neck of the Nwich woods tho? Chris and I were pretty pleased with the Copper Kettle in town..
.& discuss the implications of the increasing use of drones on Oct. 5 (FREE):
HAMMER TIME: Chris Woods challenges to break his clean sheet record. http:…
Sudden Justice: debating drones with Chris Woods and Dr. Jack McDonald Oct. 5
HAMMER TIME: We sat down with and Chris Woods for our latest Hammer Time video
Chris Hemsworth is fine but unless he playing Thor, idc what movie he's in. Minus Cabin in the Woods.
Captains for today's game are LB Ricky Tkac, DL Chris Woods,WR William Morris, K Trevor Smith with honorary captain Kevin Grooms.
Chris Woods leads the Purple team with nine points. David Patten and Jordan Richardson each with 8.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Don't Kanye me or I'll Chris Brown you and Tiger Woods your mom!
: | Bout to open for Chris Woods and Sundy Best at Jack Rabbits yall :):):).
Always good to run into my frands up in my neck of the woods. Beers on point at
Golf carting through the woods with .
Check out this ThurstonTalk article on former CHS and Pioneer principal Chris Woods. Chris, we hope you're doing...
Ok my beautiful Chris Woods , going to watch TO & be back later. I love myself
New the impressive new single from http…
Three incredible guitar soloists in one show on September 19th: Will McNicol, Chris Woods and Elliot Morris £10 adv. http…
TONIGHT is SUNDY BEST, Chris Woods and Jesse Montoya at JACK RABBITS, tix at or door at 8pm
Why want to follow you when you can have TONES OF CHRIS WOODS FOLLOWING YOU
I've never been followed by so many Chris Woods.. This gotta be the best day ever!😂
Um Chris is gonna notice someone and nobody is gonna notice that :) : ) . YAY TO ALL CHRIS WOODS !!!
you know I think I'm on something I'm seeing Chris Woods everywhere 😂😂😂
idk anybody from the woods other then clip , mark & Chris lubba
Chris Lloyd of McGuire Woods commends IN for linking regional business needs to K-12 education to address workforce needs.
Billy Magnussen and Chris Pine performance of "Agony" in Into the Woods is great!
Attorney Hounding Climate Scientists Covertly Funded By Coal Industry; in other news, bears s**t in woods by
Yey! Looking forward to seeing Chris Whittam tomorrow in our neck of the woods 󾮗󾭞.
Only 17 tickets left for Sun 5th Sep ft Go to to book yours. htt…
Check out the awesome Chris Woods - He has agreed to come and do a gig and workshop at Strollers on 2nd October
sounds like a fantastic time . just think, you're in the woods but pLOT TWIST YOU SEE TWISTY THE CLOWN
Golf: Chris Paul and Tiger Woods with a Little Bit of Trash Talk - Clips Nation
The relief on Chris Woods' face when he scored that! He's just been trying too hard! Glad he's off the mark
Can't tell if I've just seen a persied meteor or if it was Chris Woods penalty...
Here at DOJ watching a white activist by the name of Chris Woods aka Woo ... Watch out for him.. He's a police informant.. Ph…
Check out my interview with US goalkeeping coach Chris Woods
From left to right: Joe Clark, Chris Woods, and Brandon Wright accepting the prize from their winning video!
Chris Woods has joined West Ham as the club’s goalkeeping coach. He played for England 43 times. Welcome Chris. dg
I hope Chris Woods puts James Collins in goal during the warm up sometimes like Mimms did. I want to see Collins head every save again.
Podcast: ‘Sudden Justice’ author Chris Woods on CIA accountability and the politics of US drone wars via
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Congratulations to Joe Clark, David Crabtree, Brandon Wright, and Chris Woods for creating the winning video for
I hope to god someone get's it into their head to get rid of Achterberg and get Chris Woods in. Plus Rene and another.
By the way, all coach suggestions by are utterly brilliant - Rene Meulensteen, Ledley King, Chris Woods and P…
Read what Chris Woods says about conserving in May edn p8 http:/…
a very young Steve Sutton and Chris Woods on the back row there!
First look - our Nov Hot Topic is on human consequences of drone warfare, w Dr Peter Lee and Chris Woods
we had Waddle,Dez Walker,Chris Woods,John Harkes,David Hirst,Danny Wilson-proper good team
keepers Peter Shilton, Chris Woods and Gary Bailey training in 1984
“Chris Hemsworth. Chris Evans. Chris Woods. Chris Pine. Chris Pratt” we all see the connection 😍
Chris Pine as Prince Charming in Into the Woods is just omg😍 can't wait
I guess Chris and Martin won't be seeing something strange while walking in the woods anymore 😭😭😭
These posters are not making us excited at all. Nope. Not even a bit.
Chris laying down some vocal tracks today! Also, in case you didn't know it, Ryan, our producer and friend, is...
Happy veterans day to my dad my grandpa A.G Criswell my auntie Jan Woods too my boo chris many other who served our country thank you
Can't wait to get away from everything for a couple days and get in the woods
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FORREST GUMP RUNS THROUGH MONTANA AND GLACIER NATIONAL PARK. Forrest Gump, one of the best films of 1994, was partially filmed in Montana, when Forrest took to the road and began to run across America. Today, the scene of Gump running across the country is often referred to when real-life people attempt the feat. Director, Chris Woods, filmed parts of the road trip when Forrest(Tom Hanks) jogged through Montana on his journey across the Country and back again. This American epic romantic-comedy-drama film is based on the 1986 novel by Winston Groom. The film was directed by Robert Zemeckis and starred Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson, and Sally Field. The story depicts several decades in the life of Forrest Gump, a simple minded, naive, but good-hearted and athletically prodigious, man from Alabama who witnesses, and in some cases influences, some of the defining events of the latter half of the 20th century in the United States; more specifically, the period between Forrest's ...
De Gea enthused by coaches Van Gaal and Hoek David De Gea admits he and his Manchester United team-mates are thoroughly enjoying work with new manager Louis Van Gaal and his 3-5-2 formation that continues to produce impressive results. Since taking charge of the Reds earlier this month, the Dutchman has overseen three consecutive pre-season victories against LA Galaxy, AS Roma and Inter Milan with a system that was previously unknown to most of the first-team players. Van Gaal has also hired a new goalkeeping coach in Frans Hoek, whose previous pupils include Edwin van Sar at Ajax and Victor Valdes at Barcelona. Now, the 57-year-old is getting to grips with De Gea and the Spaniard is delighted with how things are going. “Things are new,” David told “I have a new coach and we have a new formation - we are all enjoying it and working hard to adapt. Everyone is enthusiastic." Expanding on his early work with Hoek, who has succeeded former coach Chris Woods, De Gea said: “We have mainly be ...
This looks wonderful: Photos from the upcoming film of Stephen Sondheim's "Into the Woods":
Dont go down to the woods tonight DEAD WOOD Dundee Crime Series 2
Chris Fine is looking good in them Into The Woods stills holy moly
Chris Pine looks ridiculous in Into The Woods . It's too funny
Free samples of an awesome book series! Why not give it a looksy! Spooky fun! Witch in the Woods…
Chris Pine may look like a fairytale prince, but will he be able to sing like this? Into the Woods - Agony:
Hiking in the woods when I was 7, a childhood friend, Chris, climbed up and over a fallen tree laying across a...
Chris Pine from Into the Woods...sup bbe.
Check out new images of Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine and the cast of
Foto: Chris Pine appears in one of the first pictures of Into The Woods.
Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine Go ‘Into the Woods’ in First Look at Rob Marshall's Musical (Photos) via
tumblr tells me Chris Pine is gonna be in a new film...Into the woods
I took Truth and Henry not being aligned with Woods from the start as a bad omen.
“First look at Super excited for this.
Disney releases the fist stills for Into The Woods! Ah! via
First Look: Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, and the Cast of Into the Woods
Disney's 'Into the Woods' drops 10 new production photos! See Meryl Streep, Chris Pine & more in costume:
listening to chris Evans as we drive to the festival from london. very excited :-)
What really happened Thursday at Augusta high that lead to Chris woods death?
I liked a video Chris Rock shows the Black Progress (Tiger Woods)
I got a 40 that I call tiger woods, it'll put a hole in a *** the size of a golf ball
Mid Poly Woods by Chris Manfre . a quiet place to read
Chris calls me crazy, ha I'm not crazy 😀🔪
: Looks like you'll be teaching me Chris! I may be down your neck of the woods before Summer's out - be good to hook up.
Chris woods working with the USA team..
Thanks for the chat about Chris Woods and Suarez.
And I just ran into Mr. Humphrey and he mentioned Chris Flannery was good at directing videos
Because Chris Woods, who leads us, works down the hall from you. Says you're an inclusive leader!
Tiger Woods rallies for a 74 at Congressional in return to PGA Tour
I thought I heard that too. Is that thee Chris Woods?
Only just discovered that Chris Woods is the USA goalkeeper coach...
Never know legend Chris Woods GK was a coach
Didn't realise that Chris Woods was the USA goalkeeping coach ! Very unlike me not to know that !
How did Chris Woods get the Goalie coach gig? Bizarre isn't it? Can't be just his Everton coaching links with Tim Howard.
I see that former Claret's keeper Chris Woods is part of the USA coaching team
What the feck is Chris Woods going on the USA bench.
Didn't realise Chris Woods was goalkeeper coach for 🇺🇸
is that Chris woods on the USA bench ?
Just seen Chris Woods on the bench for goalkeeping coach
Well I never knew Chris Woods was USA's goalkeeping coach
Wait a minute, Chris Woods is the US goalkeeping coach? When did that happen?
Thought that was Chris woods on the American bench
Chris hemsworth, kembaran gueh. On fox movies ★ The Cabin in the Woods —
Website Builder 728x90
Love Chris woods getting himself on the USA staff... proper looked after him there!.
What's the deal with Chris Woods and US team? Temporary GK coach for the WC only I presume due to working with Howard before?
70,432 people could have seen 'Chris Woods' since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic.
the 1st mention of 'Chris Woods' appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in United Kingdom!
I swear I just saw Chris Woods sitting with the US coaching staff!
Is that Chris woods on the US coaching staff?
Is that Chris Woods sat next to Klinsmann?
When did Chris Woods sign up to the USA coaching team?
How long has chris woods been with America ?
How has Chris Woods ended up working for Team USA immediately after working for ?
Had no idea Chris Woods is now part of Klinnsman's coaching staff for USA
Is Chris Woods the USA Goalkeeping coach now? He coached me when I was young :) cool
Chris Woods on the USA bench has got more World Cup time than Fraser Forster
What is it that Chris Woods likes so much about sitting on benches during World Cups?
Chris Woods on US coaching staff what a life that bloke has!!
Is that Chris Woods on the USA bench???
Was that Chris Woods sitting next to Jurgen Klinsmann ?
Was that Chris woods on the American bench there? Didn't half look like him!
Was that Chris Woods sitting next to Klinsmann.
Chris Woods looks on from the bench alongside Jurgen Klinsmann
Did they just say Chris Woods the US coach?
Chris Woods has done a tremendous job
"Use what talents you possess, the woods will be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best."
just spotted Chris woods on USA bench, Howard must like his coaching from Everton days !!
I never realised the Great Chris Woods was goalie coach for the Yanks!
Is that Chris woods the coach for USA?
There's an Englishman on the bench, former England goalkeeper Chris Woods is part of Jurgen Klinsmann's backroom staff.
See Chris Woods has got himself a tidy job with Good luck to him. .
Tim Howard made it easy for him. should be able to enlighten you on Chris Woods 'coaching'...
Did I just see Chris Woods on the USA bench? Is that a Tim Howard thing?.
Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and Phil Neville could yet become part of Louis Van Gaal’s staff at Manchester United, with the decision on their futures possibly not taken until after the World Cup when the Dutchman’s tenure as Holland coach ends. Van Gaal brought in Frans Hoek to replace Chris Woods as the goalkeeping coach and made Marcel Bout the opposition scout. Scholes, Butt and Neville are unsure if Van Gaal wants them to stay. So far, he is yet to contact any of the trio. Scholes, in particular, has stated he does not expect to be retained. “I’ve not spoken to Edward Woodward. I came back for Ryan Giggs for the last few games of last season to try to help out but I’m not waiting for a phone call and don’t expect to be at United next season.” [Source: Guardian, Paddy Power]
Five facts about Louis Van Gaal’s new United staff New Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal is bringing two assistant coaches with him, but who are they and what do they offer. Manchester United finally announced that Louis Van Gaal will be their new permanent manager this week. But while most of the headlines were taken up with that news and the fact that Ryan Giggs would act as United’s assistant manager, there will also be at least two new faces in the Old Trafford dug-out. Frans Hoek and Marcel Bout will be following Van Gaal to the club this summer, the former as goalkeeping coach and the latter reportedly focusing on opposition scouting. But what else do you need to know about them? Here are five facts to get you started: 1) Hoek is currently the goalkeeping coach of the Holland national team. He has been part of Van Gaal’s coaching setup at Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern Munich and will replace Chris Woods at Old Trafford. He has previously worked with legendary United goalkeeper Edwin van de ...
Amy Marie Wallwork I wanna come but I'm still scared of Dale McNamara and Chris Woods.
David De Gea is discussing a new £18million deal with Manchester United. The Old Trafford club want to reward the Spanish goalkeeper for his form in the season just ended, when he won United’s Player of the Year award. The new deal would see De Gea’s pay jump from £52,000-a-week to £85,000. United are also discussing a two-year contract extension, taking De Gea up to 2018. They are also aware of Real Madrid and Barcelona eyeing his situation. He will have a new goalkeeping coach next season when Louis Van Gaal is finally installed as United’s new manager. Van Gaal intends to replace Chris Woods with Frans Hoek, his keeper coach at Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and currently Holland. [Source: Daily Star]
Louis Van Gaal having agreed a three year contract looks set to be finally confirmed as new manager tomorrow and draw a line under the uncertainty that has enveloped Old Trafford since Moyes’s dismissal last month. Minor tax details, plus a delay in resolving the future of Giggs, Phil Neville, Butt, Scholes and Chris Woods, forced United to shelve plans to announce Van Gaal as manager last week. But with the Dutch squad given a rest day on Monday before flying to Portugal on Tuesday for a training camp, it is understood that United, Van Gaal and the Dutch football federation would prefer to tie up the appointment in the next 24 hours before World Cup preparations intensify. Van Gaal’s held discussions with Giggs in Holland last week, during which the 40-year-old was offered a coaching role. But with Giggs on holiday in Dubai and Neville, Scholes, Butt and Woods yet to be given an indication of their possible involvement under Van Gaal by executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward, the final stumbling block t ...
Rd4 Murray bridge SA Moto 1: Had a average start out of the top 10 to come back to 4th and almost made the pass for 3rd on the last lap but didn't quit get there Moto 2: Got another bad start and took a bit to get around some guys and could only find my way back to 7th Which gave me a 6th for the day Know I've got the speed to run with those top guys now just gotta work on those starts Massive thanks to everyone involved Tattoo Racing Australia , One Industries, Scott goggles, Chris Woods, Peter Wilson Keen to get some more training done during the 7 week break 😄
Manchester United TRANSFER NEWS AND RUMOURS. Incoming United manager Louis Van Gaal could have Ryan Giggs available as both a player and a member of his coaching team next season, reports Alan Nixon. The 40-year-old Old Trafford legend will meet Van Gaal before the end of the week and is 'keen' to work with him. Giggs is also going to tell the Dutchman - who refused to talk about United at a Netherlands press conference on Tuesday - that he would like to be considered for a playing role as well as a coaching job. While Giggs is set to remain under Van Gaal, United have reportedly axed Phil Neville and Chris Woods from the club's backroom staff. Both arrived at Old Trafford as part of David Moyes' coaching staff. Former United favourite Roy Keane has hammered United defenders Phil Jones and Chris Smalling, amongst others. In a withering end-of-term verdict on the year of famine for the Old Trafford giants, Man United legend Keane scoffed at the hype which trumpeted Jones as the "new Duncan Edwards" when he ...
Phil Neville and Chris Woods are the first victims of the impending Louis Van Gaal shake-up having been told by Manchester United they have no future at the club. It is understood that vice-chairman Ed Woodward delivered the news on the same afternoon that Rio Ferdinand was informed he would not be offered a new deal. Nicky Butt, who assisted Giggs in his interim role at the backend of the season, will return to his old role with the under-18s. Paul Scholes, another member of the 'Class of 92', who had been assisting Butt on an ad hoc basis, is also expected to continue his casual coaching role at the club. [Source: Independent, Guardian, Daily Mail]
Van Gaal will officially be unveiled as United’s new manager Thursday or Friday and the club will then reveal who will join the 62-year-old on the coaching staff. Louis Van Gaal will meet with Ryan Giggs for crunch talks about the Manchester United legend's future The Holland boss will leave his World Cup training base to meet Giggs in a secret European destination Phil Neville and Chris Woods will definitely leave the coaching staff Nicky Butt and, perhaps, Paul Scholes will head back to the Under 18s Van Gaal is expected to offer Giggs a role but the Welshman may not take it Đại khái là vậy.
Ryan Giggs will meet with Louis Van Gaal in the Netherlands on Wednesday as Manchester United move towards finalising their new management team. Dutch national coach Van Gaal, 62, is set to be appointed as United boss and will speak to Giggs about a potential coaching position at Old Trafford. Welshman Giggs, 40, ended the campaign as United's interim manager following the dismissal of David Moyes in April. A number of the staff who worked under both Moyes and Giggs during his four-match spell in charge, including Phil Neville, Chris Woods, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt, are likely to leave the club. United, who are due to release their third-quarter financial results on Thursday, finished seventh in the Premier League and will not be playing in European competition next season.
8777 NEWS: MAN UTD: De Gea & Mata named Spain's provisional squad for World Cup. Van Gaal keen to keep Giggs on Man Utd but Phil Neville and Chris Woods will leave.
Anybody got or know anyone who has tiger Woods 14 for ps3 they don't want or could lend???
Chris Woods has departed man utd, Phil Neville is apparently on his way too
Phil Neville and Chris Woods join Rio Ferdinand in Manchester United exodus. The coaches have their contracts terminate…
Manchester United sack Phil Neville and Chris Woods . They have been tld they have no future at the…
Appalled that we keep throwing away good goalkeeping coaches. Eric Steele and why Chris Woods now he's improved Dave's game so much
Man Utd tell Phil Neville & Chris Woods they hav no future as Louis Van Gaal appointment nears
First Rio is told his services are no longer required in the corridor at Saint Mary´s after the game, and now Phil Neville and Chris Woods have also been told to run away in small jumps. We can argue the rights and wrongs of the individual decisions, but it´s the way the club have executed the sackings that once again bring their lack of class into the spotlight. Embarrasing doesn´t remotely cover it.
Sad that Chris Woods too is on his way out. He's done a marvellous job on De Gea this season!
Manchester United has parted ways with Phil Neville and Chris Woods. Good move if you ask me, not good enough. .
apologies, blame a hangover, four hours' sleep and the fact I was writing about Chris Woods at the time. Normal coach!
Phil Neville and Chris Woods set to leave Manchester United as not in new managers plans
Why is everyone saying Chris Woods should go? He is the reason why David De Gea is what he is right now.
Matt Heath, Michael Woods and Conor Sellars "asked to come back to pre-season training". Chris Hall waiting on recovery.
Reports that Chris Woods and Phil Neville are leaving United. No major surprise, but Woods had made a big impression wit…
Phil Neville and Chris Woods' time at United is over after Ed Woodward told the pair they have no future at the club. (Da…
Manchester United have reportedly terminated the contracts of coaches Phil Neville and Chris Woods. (Source: The Times)
The Moyes back-room staff of Chris Woods and Phil Neville has been told to leave United. Their services are not needed anymore.
Not sure how true the talk of Tim Flowers is for GK coach but Chris Woods lost a job recently :)
According to widespread reports, Ed Woodward told Rio Ferdinand that he won't be offered a new contract, in the dressing room right after the final match vs Southampton. He did the same and told Phil Neville and Chris Woods too in the dressing room. All 3 are leaving Manchester United. SD
Phil Neville and Chris Woods told they have no Man United future by Ed Woodward ...
Ed Woodward said that Phil Neville and Chris Woods have no future at United next season... really feel sorry for Phil...
I thought chris woods done well with de'gea
Chris Woods should stay. De Gea was amazing this season.
I'm seriously doubting Ed Woodward's capability. or maybe, he was acting under Glazer's order. Either way, it does not make sense to sack Chris Woods now. (Unless the new manager says so) And it does not make sense to appoint Rene Meulensteen as a coach without the approval of the next manager. This is disastrous.
Chris Woods has been released from his coaching duties at Manchester United, according to the BBC. And as per various sources Phil Neville looks set to follow soon.
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