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Chris Welsh

Christopher Charles Welsh (born April 14, 1955 in Wilmington, Delaware) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher and a current sportscaster for the Cincinnati Reds.

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Remind me which characteristic results in being thrown off of rooftops.
grow up Chris. Che was a rapist and murderer. Fidel Castro committed genocide.
Turner honoured with Welsh Conductor of the Year award: Chris Turner joins the list of Welsh Conductors of the Year…
They are not even in the Welsh League Yet
Sunderland 0-3 Reading. Chris Coleman maybe not the Bill Shankley all the Welsh were claiming 😂
The sad demise of Welsh rugby under Gatland continues!
🎶 Listen out for a special Welsh themed playlist ahead of Chris Coleman’s first game in charge 🎶
They're made of sturdy stuff in ! Next time a slightly nippy Welsh morning makes me question if I want to…
And on the 355th day the Welsh gods sent us Chris Coleman to hopefully win a fecking game at the Stadium of Light ! HAWAY !
Welsh to Walker 39yd TD pass on a 4th and 10 play ties the Wilmington/Washington gam…
Welsh scores his 4th TD of the game, a 52yd run...35-28 Wilmington still leads, 8:31 left in the 3rd
Nick Welsh scores his 3rd TD of the game..Wash Hi takes a 21-14 lead with 10 mins left in the 2nd Q
Wash-Hi strikes first with a Nick Welsh 30yd TD, Wilmington answers with an 11yd TD by Cam Marett!! 7-7 with 7:30 t…
In the Welsh Christmas tradition (The Mari Lwyd) A skeletal horse visits your home singing rhymes outside your door
One of most popular paintings 'Running Away with the Hairdresser' painted by leading Welsh artist
Pryn'awn da! Many thanks for your wonderful, lovely calendar, card and care in parcelling-up. I'm Welsh (…
Why does it look like he is on a trade stand at the ExCel Centre trying to get investors into Welsh rugby?
I married a Welsh girl Chris, that's risk enough and excitement for anyone in my opinion. No need to add…
Chris Coleman reveals he may have NO money to spend in January - and answers questions on possible Defoe return and…
Some great transfer insight here from Chris Coleman on his January targets and budget
Chris Coleman was asked about bringing Jermain Defoe back to and also Gareth Bale! Here's his response…
Ha! It’s Chris but a lot of people have called me Taff going back to my uni days so either works. My…
I'd say so. That and the potential bow tie tying contest Chris Welsh challenged us to on sta…
is on Chris is THE DEFINITIVE definition of the Cymru/Welsh word CWTCH. And a BRILLIA…
“Turn it up Dave, I love a bit of Chris Rea” (if you didn’t say that in a welsh accent, then who even are you?)
Good to see Welsh film, The Lighthouse, is still on iPlayer for a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to finally s…
Was that supposed to be an Irish accent Chris just did? Sounded more like Welsh!
Check out WART - A Cosmic Horror Series - Book 4 by Chris Welsh on Only 15 euro to go!
Listening to Chris Welsh taking us through the story and development of Northala Fields
Chris Pine Net Worth: Christopher Whitelaw Pine was born on the 26th August 1980, in Los Angeles, California USA, o…
Just saw the Welsh team 😩. Fair to say all optimism of a victory against the Boks disappeared as I read through our…
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Hadleigh Parkes now Welsh qualified, you don’t want the 3 best centres in Wales at the Scarlets and…
Great Podcast here previewing this weekend's JD Welsh Cup games. Amongst those giving their views is our manager Ch…
Training & education across the supply chain needed to improve quality of Welsh/ home grown timber. From Dainis Dauksta’…
Our team in the Govilon office on the Monmouthshire and Brecon are embracing the Welsh Language with some top tips.
I think he’ll prove to be a good acquisition. A non Welsh qualified player that gives their midfield bal…
Hello Chris, I assume you’re interested in French medieval tithe maps? But has this on Welsh tithe…
Around the Bases with Bubba & Mo EP40 – Chris Welsh talking Arizona Fall League. by
Chris Hopkins: it makes me proud to have such a great Welsh team here today
Come on give us another Chris Coleman interview. Let's hear from the Welsh wizard
So no welsh or Scottish born live and work in England? Get real.
Scots and Welsh love Scotland and Wales have homes and do not need…
Welsh Wednesdays: Re-release of one of my favourite Welsh books: "Just a Bit of Banter, Like" by Chri… via
Runahild-Sjelens Heim Remix featuring Chris Welsh from Sun and Moon Dance: via
Thom Brennaman and Chris Welsh wondering openly on the Reds broadcast why Michael Lorenzen isn't starting right now.
NEWS: Chris Grayling pays tribute to Welsh Labour intervention in Cardiff Airport describing it as "a great success"
UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling pays tribute to the Welsh Government-owned Cardiff Airport.
Not even Welsh, and I'd like. (Just don't do it against Ireland, ok Chris…
The Welsh one has Parks&rec era Chris Pratt vibes and always stomps around and has a loud wee with the bathroom door open
Do you know someone who could be nominated for this years Welsh Librarian of the Year Award? Nominate them now
I get the no obligation thing. I feel the same way about Brexit, (and Trump). I'm a Welsh ex-pat by the way, hence my interest
welsh royalty! Looking forward to seeing you in Cardiff later this year. Loved the show tonight!
All true Chris but what was context? Brexit or Donald Trump policy?
that's right Chris and was a game there the night before in anglo Welsh so was never gonna be home support
so Chris who has never worked in a commercial business knows more about the poss effects on business than Welsh business owners !!
Chris Bryant a Labour traitor to his constituency & the Welsh people who voted to leave the EU shameful
thanks Chris so why you supporting a bill that will damage Welsh economy.. example no single market access no Ford's in bridgend
Good to agree with Chris Bryant for once. might see the sense in having an Independent Welsh Labour Party soon
thank you Chris another Welsh LAB MP putting Wales first.. Pity my MP seems more interested in whips money than us
This zoo is for sale and comes with the animals
Higher are the Key to Future Economic Success for the Wider Welsh Economy. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Liberals like Chris Matthews and the propagandists at CNN believe blacks are too stupid to get an i.d.! https…
Now that u know my family & I are HUGE LIFELONG Reds fans, check out what Chris Welsh…
then I'd be able to say I'd served food to Chris Pratt AND the Welsh teacher from Skins, WHAT a life
Chris Coleman can discuss it with you all he likes, but if you don't have a Welsh granny it's a non-starter
Chris Jones used a selection flies to secure 5th place in the Welsh Bank Trials at Garnffrwd Fishery…
I hope this is only to make more JTM commercials with Chris Welsh.
jock football is on a par with the Welsh league these days but the Welsh have a Better national team
Welsh? I'm a London lad 👍🏻 just a note Sinclair has hit double figures first time in 7 years.
Snuggle up and keep warm this evening with a Welsh wool blanket!
Make the Web More Welsh by Registering a .Cymru or .Wales Website |
Celebrating those that think faster and further. Chris Pyke shares the finalists, Welsh Business Awards:
that's sold me, any space over there for a Welsh person with a small tea business?
Worrying to hear alternate facts from on just now... *67%* of Welsh goods exports go to EU. h…
Northwestern wins sixth in a row, beats IU at Welsh-Ryan to improve to 7-2 in Big Ten, and carries look of NCAA team. Kudos, Chris Collins.
For : Sam King, PO Joseph, Chris Chaddock, Gregor MacLeod out. Hunter Drew in lineup. Matt Welsh gets the start.
Need Welsh Valleys investment, not Cardiff centric, to spread wealth & bring jobs to workforce not workforce…
I'm sure Chris Welsh, Marty, and Thom wouldn't mind having you in the booth!
Good work You seem to have the best of the Welsh weather in North Powys…
I’m about to go out for a Full Welsh Allan. Let see if there’s Ketchup. This could be the start of a bigger rift??? 😱😱😱
why does Tony vilander have a welsh accent 😉
Average crowd last 10 years in Welsh FA Cup Final..1300. 2 x Alliance clubs, Prestatyn/Caernarfon in final would DOUBLE that.
Here's another shot of the "Chris Welsh Show," and the Welsh's Shine in front of him w/Jason
That's awesome. I bet Chris Welsh would be an interesting conversation.
they should play Pro12 game there instead of these cup games. Would sell out if all the Welsh players on show.👍
Northwestern should probably just give Chris Collins a blank contract and tell him "Write in any figure you'd like"
why suggest an English cap is worth more than a Welsh one? Classy (not).
Some say that local welsh club rugby is dwindling. No. What we see is some very competitive Leagues and great team spir…
Good luck to Chad Cavanagh and put your long underwear on Kyle Welsh and Chris!!
Didn't want to open cuz I didn't want to hate you.but you're one of the good guys! Thank you!
resigning as Shadow Welsh Sec and remain as CC MP I thought. If so then she's genuine.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Attended the Gwent Landlords Forum. Speakers Gareth from Dwy Cymru Welsh Water & Chris from "The DPS" good event. https:…
My interview with broadcasters and Chris Welsh earlier today on
Na you got to come at this man saying New York City not Mecca of basketball? Kid is a joke!
you're clearly unfamiliar w/the history of the sport in NYC. Forget the NYK. Look up Rucker Park. All you n…
Harvard's freshmen combined for 50 of the team's 70 points, including 41 from Aiken, Henry Welsh and Chris Lewis, all off the bench.
Freshmen Seth Towns, Bryce Aiken, Chris Lewis, and Henry Welsh all have six or more points thus far.
Assume this guy was trying to reach Welsh manager Chris Coleman. Failed in that, but succeeded in making a *** of…
Quote of the day from Chris Coleman, There is not a team on the planet Aaron Ramsey couldn't play for. He is Welsh so Brazil is already a no
Wales manager Chris Coleman is an absolute delusional Welsh clown..
Chris Coleman defends Welsh players not wearing poppies as he disappears up the giant *** of FIFA closely followed by the Welsh FA. Wanker.
Chris Williams on Welsh cartoonist Staniforth and the First World War at Cardiff
cop out from Chris Coleman and Spineless Welsh FA
Funny how some people who want to protect British culture don't value the British/Welsh language!
"The Welsh are all actors. It's only the bad ones who become professional" - Richard Burton. greatest actor was bor…
Congrats to Chris and his team at the opening of the Welsh chapter of OxPharmaGenesis with First Minister.
Chris Tarrant is talking about the Welsh settlement in Patagonia on channel 5, WPO knowledge is serving me well...
Powys small businesses bearing the brunt of Welsh Government's business rate betrayal -
We're all political to a certain degree, and this channel is Welsh-issue based. Hence Welsh derivatives are tonal.
Kidwelly Castle (Welsh: Castell Cydweli) is a Norman castle overlooking the River Gwendraeth & the town of Kidwelly, Car…
Did you know as of Midday 16th November, Welsh people are all working for free until year end?
The Welsh version of the advert is pretty shoddy.
who is Irvine Welsh and why should anything he says matter?
I'm just gutted augusto Fernandez is out injured, I was hoping he'd break the legs of a certain welsh *** next Sunday.
She lied to you Chris, she's not Welsh...she played you.
not from the club Chris, thankfully, but from WRU Welsh Exiles. The age grade player pathway for welsh qualified players.
Hi please can we have Welsh independence now ???
Hi there, just to let you know I am still here to assist, I just need a DM with the details, Chris.
Gareth Bale insists 'it's an honour' to win Welsh Player of the Year award
I don't even wanna know what Chris Christie is feeding himself right now .
📰 incredible efforts for Wales were recognised by the Welsh media at the FAW Awards last night.…
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Constructive meeting with Chancellor & Welsh Conservative colleagues re. Swansea & Autumn Statement
Here's the rural leadership group's first meeting in Brussels with Chris Miles, Welsh Government EU Office…
Gareth Bale receives fourth consecutive Welsh Footballer of the Year award
As someone who lives in an island I'm kinda nervous about Chris Christie getting power.
congratulations Chris from all of us Welsh in NZ
: Gareth Bale named Welsh Footballer of the Year for a fourth consecutive year . GARETH BALE has been nam…
"HHhuELLo my name ius Babadook Canterbury, please cast me in-". [LOOKING AT GIANT HAND]. ""Human Movies""
Wales prepare for Serbia clash alongside Welsh rugby team
Nuffield Health sponsors Welsh Cycling award: Chris Corbett, from Caerphilly Cycling Club was awarded the Club…
'The town has been proud to host a barracks since 1805'. MP Chris Davies' anger over plan to shut British Army's Welsh he…
Almost a quarter of Welsh population live in poverty, report finds
Together stronger? Chris Coleman's Wales remarkably joined on training pitch by Welsh rugby team! - ...Together s...
When I think Dave Parker, Barry Larkin, and Pete Rose...I also think of Chris Welsh immediately.
My parents are in Hawaii and my mother is sending me pictures they've taken with Welsh tourists because we are small in number, apparently…
Something weird happening in Labour. Everytime Corbyn announces policy it comes back as an echo in a Welsh accent. http…
OMG. Chris Welsh just said on Reds game, "... When one is directly related to the other. They call that inversely related." 🤔😞
This does not mean Chris Welsh won't be sporting a speedo during broadcast...just not me
So solagne beating jay z up is excused cause we don't know the story but don't support Chris cause he beat Rihanna up…
At which point was Bres in error and Chris Parry not? Fair play to Bres he is a total hero if not Welsh..
we could do a whole lot worse than get English or Welsh refs in for all our games. Still huge bias.
Caerphilly cheese burgers. Chris made 200 burgers from our own lamb mince when will see welsh lamb burgers on the menu
Subtext: Conservatives desire to wipe any Welsh identity off the map and rebrand all Welsh people as English people.
Another example. Welsh lab run council, cut services= city is filthy. Yet simultaneously they're heading clean up?
When the make off season changes. I hope one isa new color man for tv. Chris Welsh makes my ears hurt
Chris Welsh is killing your rookie pitcher for lollygagging. Is Campos a lollygagger?
A very accurate picture for those who follow Welsh politics. 👍🏻
. Count me in for that, if you like I'll get you a leg of Welsh lamb instead to make you feel more at home Chris...
While Tibet is truly a worthy cause, we should take a moment to remember the plight of the Welsh occupied for 800 yrs…
Great to see Reading and Welsh dragon Chris Gunter receiving his new this week! 👞✌🏼
Perhaps the Welsh Nationalists should have spent more energy recruiting new members and less on attacking Labour...
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should of heard Chris Welsh earlier talking about just let him keep pitching as long as he feels good. Moron
Goal!! Chris Welsh scores on a PK to cut the Wofford deficit to 2-1. 32 minutes remaining.
It wasn't their proudest moment and they have said so.They can't afford to let that happen again. I love Welsh passion
At least doesn't claim to be Welsh or have a direct constituency responsibility. Neither will be PM.
Welsh Labour think this display will be forgotten. It won't now, and it won't in future voting days.
He isn't saying Brexiteers are right. He is correctly pointing out their disaffection isn't going to disappear with Brexit
Had a very random dream about last night. Kept thinking he was Australian! That typical Welsh Australian mix up people make
should also add in a few lagoons. And maximise the Welsh supply chain & money. The benefits mostly accrue to the investments made.
Just listening to the videos from tonight.. You wouldn't know if I went to a Chris Young concert.. orrr a Kevin Welsh one.
The same Neil McEvoy who wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer pounds on jollies to Mexico and Las Vegas? Surely not. https:/…
Welsh Premier: Robins fly nest with confidence soaring: NEWTOWN manager Chris Hughes insisted his side had no...
Living in NJ r whole life as Reds fans, my Moms top moments =Chris Welsh Happy Birthday 2 her on air, Concepcion's kiss!
Hey! Let us know what it's like. It sounds a bit Welsh!?
Welsh Rugby 7′s international, Chris Knight, speaks about the challenges of... Read Blog:
Da Iawn Chris Coleman., not a traitor like the WRU and Welsh athletics!
Too busy staging busy train rides instead of getting Welsh MPs to support the
In a moment of levity I have decided to consult the stoats as to whether they trust Welsh Labour.
Chris Coleman being extremely disrespectful to Welsh footballers by saying only two or three of them are good enough to get into Team GB
Add a touch of to your decor with tableware
Coleman says no to Welsh players being "cherry picked." still resonates. What a ledge.
great idea! 😂 think Chris needs to watch his back.
Sorry to every welsh person out there,but Chris Colman who I hav a lot of respect 4 is a *** head 2 to blame Arsene 4 Ramsey injury
Love Steve Welsh's Chris Waddle print from shop. Chris has written the foreword for our book
Tech Talk with Chris Welsh: Distinguishing between a foul tip and foul ball with Ted Barrett:
How the $/do you step out of the strike zone Chris Welsh
Chris Coleman / FAW not interested in a Team GB football team for Tokyo 2020. So Welsh out, but musn't stop men and women's team from rest!
Chris Coleman can "smell" the identity of the Welsh players. That's a good start, I suppose.
Chris Coleman thinks a Football team would be English except for a few very much like the Welsh national team then!!
Sorry for the wait, our lines are 24/7. If you have any other questions, just let me know. Thanks -Chris
If you already have an account, you can log in online and send a secure message to us. Thanks -Chris 2/2
Firelight - listen back to his appearance 2 weeks ago
Croydon Advertiser published Welsh boss hits out at 'cowardly' tackle on Crystal Palace...: Wales boss Chris ...
I've seen the tackle on Jonny Williams in pre-season at - it was cowardly, says Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman said he tried to talk David Vaughan out of retirement decision - but said midfielder been 'great servant' to Welsh football.
Can't think of many other Welsh managers though. But wooo, Chris.
You should bring back Superstars! Only one medal -Gold and losers get nothing,or an open top bus parade if there Welsh😜🙈
Later Chris Coleman will name which of our Welsh boys will be in the squad for the World Cup qualifier
If the lunatics take over the asylum I'll stick to Welsh Labour thank you Chris.
So Welsh Labour MPs won't give up 6 hours of their time for Wales? Dear me.
Chris brings new meaning to the term Welsh turnip
Welsh speakers and will force all to speak Welsh. More of rubbish they are fed by unionists
Then maybe most Welsh just aren't fussed. Not a cop out, just where Welsh independence ranks with Jo Blogs
watched by non Welsh speakers apart from rugby and itv and BBC Wales like western mail. All pro union
what always amazes me is when it comes to sport we are mainly passionately Welsh but outside of it? Nowt
Their anger at being called out on their ineptitude stems from fear of a Welsh Labour extinction. They are truly pathetic.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Welsh Labour MPs forget to take part in a debate on powers for the Welsh Gov and get offended when we ask why? There's…
but Chris the Welsh were overwhelmingly pro- Brexit. I've the people who elected you
Where's the attempt to mislead? 23 of 25 Welsh Labour MPs were not in the chamber to discuss the Wales Bill…
There was only 2 Welsh Labour MPs for the most part. Your lot abstained. No commitment to Wales from Welsh…
Utterly shameless empty rhetoric. Ascend from your knees Wales and vote them out of every Welsh constituency.
Dragon and Eagle in their new home (for a week). If you're at the royal Welsh show this week go check them out.
I'd be careful if I were you, Chris, didn't Plaid Cymru take your constituency in the Welsh Assembly?
Will they hold a referendum to ask the Welsh people whether they want it 'regained'?
Chris Jones something you need to tell us mate lol
Well I suggest us Welsh all support at Rio.
World number one darts player Michael van Gerwen was stunned by a young Welsh artist with…
Welsh politics will be reduced to moaning about that for the foreseeable.
Wales would have been more difficult to ignore if Welsh people had voted to remain.
couldn't give hoot what you think cos I am WELSH and proud and we did better than Hodgson to me Corbyn is Chris Coleman
Asked Chris for a Welsh word to call each other after the civil partnership. He found this. Pron. cumnioor 😂
Concerns Welsh Government 'frozen out' of EU talks
Welsh Tory Leader failed to guarantee Welsh Euro-funding post-Brexit. Will he explain future uncertainty on farm subsides…
hi Chris (on behalf of Joe)... He has been with a 'welsh accent all night' daffyd, whilst almost grafting on j plenty!
or is it the Welsh Nationalists that have a lady leader ?
I think the Welsh Parliament has a female leader too.
Don't need any Sheep and Cattle Drench? Then get to Welsh Farm Supplies stand and speak to Chris about his hurdles.
You were all so kind to us during the Euros. Our Welsh hearts ache for you now.
Looking forward to heading to Wales tomorrow for Sunday exploring and then Monday at the Royal Welsh Show. Any...
Context: Welsh news outlet published nothing on THE most important Welsh political news that day.
Around 100 European students cancel places at Welsh university because of Brexit
Reward for Welsh stupidity Wales told not to expect same level of funding as it got from the EU after voting
As Wales expresses own identity at Welsh Govt has these pamphlets at tournament exhibition in Paris. Doh. ht…
Take the Sir Clive Woodward approach, get the team to write the rules. Chris Coleman did same with Welsh team
not for ALL children u have welsh med schools leave dual stream alone this is not a dictatorship
It's official! Wales are better than England accoring to the FIFA World Rankings
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So.. the Wales Bill was voted on today.. and where was everyone? WELSH LABOUR YOU ARE A SHAM.
thought I'd try my luck & be cheeky. I'm off 2 the Royal welsh agricultural show would you like to fund my members ticket.
To Russia with love. Aber oats on plot display in St Petersburg A good showing just the Welsh football team.
some Patrick Hannan books you might like: The Welsh Illusion & A Useful Fiction
I'm reading Who Speaks for Wales by Raymond Williams and Ned Thomas' The Welsh Extremist 👍
This is how much "Welsh" care about and its people,. Time for change... https:/…
The closest tie within the U.K State is the respect between those who campaign for Scottish, Welsh, English and Cornish Independence.
Only 2 out of 25 Labour MPs turned up for the Welsh debate this week They both abstained on vital Welsh issues
Former Head Boy Chris Booth part of Royal Welsh ride to mark centenary of WWI battle:.
They didn't forget, they simply know the Welsh political populous lack the courage to question systematic contempt
.challenges Welsh Secretary to justify why he has reserved powers from Wales after voting to devolve to Scotland.…
This is such tremendous news for Chris Loyn and Welsh Architects. Well done everyone
Chris Loyn is flying the flag for Welsh architecture! Congratulations to architect, client and contractor from RSAW
What we do know is Wales is defenseless as Labour MPs will not support Welsh Labour policy. Welsh Labour has to be rep…
Lol the mandem all caught wines and drew Welsh tings on podium together at the same time heroic
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Marty for sure. I can't stand hearing Chris welsh do a game he loves the other teams guys way too much.
. Welsh fella didn't like losing . Thought he was going to turn Jim's podium over
You should probably ask for credit. "CHRIS WELSH'S Tower (written by tom somebody)
I went to do a mock draft and saw the Welsh as one of the team names and saw Chris Welsh as their name
- Of course not, There's one thing "Welsh" MP's hate more than anything, Accountability...
Would you like to tell the working people in your constituency how you voted n the the other day? htt…
Alun Cairns: 'EU funding for Wales can't simply be replaced by Westminster'.
Well, Welsh MP's didn't fight hard enough for remain in Wales.Don't blame Corbyn. It was your doorstep Chris!!
Thanks to wonderful MPs for supporting Welsh devolution. Pity MPs abstained, though
Take a a look at these mouth-watering new dishes by The Gower Hotel's new head chef - South Wales Evening Post
Welsh boxer Tom Doran aims to spoil Chris Eubank Jr party: Eubank Jr makes the first defence of the Lord Lonsdale…
EU leaders are planning a power grab that could place the future of in doubt says
Hope Welsh National squad are on the first plane home ✈ That will put a stop to the FAW having all expenses holiday. Grassroots football?
FTA Chris Welsh's presentation on mega vessels well received at International Transport Forum event in Leipzig
Minor throwback to the moment "Chris Coleman and his men freed Welsh football from the shackles of their history".
Votto gets his 2nd hit in 7 games and Chris Welsh says he's hitting better.
Did Chris Welsh just say "you never knew what Chapman was going to do"? Yes, you pretty much were sure he'd give up 0 runs and get 3 outs.
.broadcaster Chris Welsh on the rivalry with "I think they like playing each other.".
Nationalism is only bad when its Scottish or Welsh, apparently.
I will fill in for you on the career on evenings. We'll have to prove my Welsh eligibility. Might have a Stereophonics CD..
and finally it's not hot so I can nap in comfort! 😂
same. I just want to nap and listen to the rain
Chris Welsh was one of the speakers alongside Catherine Trautmann, UNECE & B Logistics representatives
"For the fifth time in a row, the Welsh people have asked Welsh Labour to form the next Government" -
new podcast idea; Chris Spann says lovely Welsh words for 15 minutes b
Chris and I have a poke steak of 28 I'm already in the ring
"You've got to go back to junior varsity where I've seen that." - Chris Welsh
Remember when Chris Welsh thought Simon would be a good Closer candidate?
Course he does, he's Welsh! I think Chris Coleman should leave Aaron Ramsey at home!
This is what the sea creature washed up on a Welsh beach looked like before: Chris Maund, 26, took these photos of…
Hallelujah! 'Plaid Cymru and Labour reach Welsh assembly deal.' What took them so long?
1st night of 2016 UK tour starts here tonight. But does he know how loud the welsh can sing? ht…
Chris! It's birthday in Cardiff, drinks with us? 😜
It's Tuesday ! Its quiz night ! Hosted this evening by the Welsh lovely himself, Chris Evans... Starts at 8ish... x
Hi Chris, it will be down on the Quay outside station at 9.15am. Full details here:
Hot topic: The unwritten rules of The talk of the league was the discussion between Chris Welsh an...
projected starters for the Reds next 4 games: Tom Browning, Jeff Brantley, Chris Welsh, the beer vendor!
projected starters for next 4 Reds games:Chris Welsh, Tom Browning, Jeff Brantley, the beer vendor!
It's bad enough watching the Reds bullpen but Chris Welsh isn't making it any easier
Knew that was coming. It's your fault, Chris Welsh. Ha
Ocean explorer and activist Chris Welsh is my guest on Caroline's Cause Corner this Wednesday morning and we have...
Despite tonight's result well done & Chris Hughton
Chris Welsh makes the Reds boring to watch. Duvall hits a bomb, and you'd think the Indians hit it the way he called it.
Someone tell Chris Coleman to check Mark Nobles family tree for any trace of Welsh. Could do with cover for Allen and Ramsey
He was Welsh national captain and Chris Coleman took it off him and gave it to Ashley Williams. Says a lot.
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chris are you related to bob welsh , I dont remember who he pitched for,. but was wondering if you were related to him.
Even a Welsh Quarry is magical! This from Chris of Cwmorthin Quarry yesterday courtesy
George Grande and Chris Welsh are as good as they come. It's an honor to watch them and listen to them
I'm fed up with Tory school chums plotting to remove Cameron etc. The UK is not your plaything. You want to change PM, ca…
Nearly 600 Welsh firms export to the EU, and 329 to import from it. EU membership vital for our economy
Chris Welsh could be a chance for the bullpen to get a win. Hey Chris you have seen this bullpen Right
Chris welsh & George Grande are my favorite power couple
Boys unlucky today in Welsh cup final lost 3-2 to cardiff school boys. Great game.
Chris Welsh said have essentially the same lineup now that got them to the playoffs a few years ago. I assume FOX does not drug test.
except for Guns and Loud Chris, but they are Maltese and Welsh so it doesn't count. Go JJ!
How bout that Chris Welsh, you're not such a know it all after all.
Extra points for Chris Welsh for using "ghost runner," on a broadcast. +1!
Chris Welsh is undressing George Grande on live tv and WHAT THE *** IS HAPPENING 😳
If it helps, Ukraine in Welsh is Wcrain.
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