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Chris Webber

Mayce Edward Christopher Chris Webber III (born March 1, 1973), nicknamed C-Webb, is a retired American professional basketball player.

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Chris Webber sure knows a lot about basketball for a guy who called a timeout with none left and cost his team a national championship
The best explanation for that Sean Miller timeout at the end there is that he thinks he's Chris Webber.
Love the new faces on desk. Chris Webber, Isiah Thomas, Barron Davis & Chris Bosh.
Stick around after / for Postgame on TNT with Chris Bosh, Chris Webber, Isiah Tho…
Chris Webber and Josh Howard agree not,. And curse thine name to gods above.
"That was Chris Webber!" - Announcer praises Thomas Bryant for spinning around Ohio State defender and hitting tou…
Them Gray suits boy... and I think Chris Webber had a FIRE Brown suit on the other day he looked so handsome
Nice of Reggie Miller, Marv Albert n Chris Webber to bring awareness to Wilt Chamberlain's historic 100 point game during the ASG broadcast
Former Kings star Chris Webber among 14 finalists for Hall of Fame - Sacramento Bee
Congratulations to Chris Webber and Tracy McGrady for being selected as finalist for the Naismith Memorial Basketba…
Rollie Massimino, Chris Webber among finalists for Basketball Hall of Fame - ESPN
Chris Webber, Rollie Massimino and Rebecca Lobo headline the Basketball Hall of Fame 2017 finalists.
Chris Webber deserves to be in off the strength of what happened in the 2002 Western Conf. finals... T-Mac deserve…
I would rather Kristen Ledlow call this game than Chris Webber
That Roberson block probably had Chris Webber feeling some type of way
Despite names like Tracy McGrady, Ben Wallace & Chris Webber, there are no sure-fire locks for the 2017 Hall of Fame
Chris Webber and Doris Burke are the most annoying commentators on 2k they suck big time
Chris Webber is solid. Fratello is good. But going from Mike Gorman to Marv Albert is like going from Pink Floyd to Smashmouth
Marv, Mike Fratello and Chris Webber will have the call for Celtics/Cavs on TNT tomorrow.
My NBA HOF picks this year would be Tracy McGrady, Mo Cheeks, Chris Webber, Paul Westphal, Eddie Sutton and Rebecca Lobo.
If Reggie Miller wasn't a 1st ballot HOFer then Chris Webber and Tracy McGrady are not worthy enough to be 1st HOFers either
VIDEO: Kevin Garnett and Chris Webber share heartfelt memories of Craig Sager.
TNT making me listen to Chris Webber followed by Reggie Miller is basically lighting me on fire for 5 straight hours.
He may not have had the impact of Vlade Divac, Chris Webber, Peja Stojakavic, Mike Bibby, but he kept Kings afloat until DC
Idk who's a worse commentator, Bill Walton or Chris Webber
Bill Walton is up there with Chris Webber.
I'd rather listen to Chris Webber commentate a game than Bill Walton
I hate watching games when the commentator is Bill Walton, Chris Webber or Reggie Miller
Watching this Maui invitational game. Bill Walton makes Chris Webber sound like Marv Albert.
Bill Walton and Chris Webber are the worse commentators ever
Chris Webber puts Point Beach on the board. 7-7 with 5:19 to go in the 3rd quarter.
only Chris Webber got a mean *** barber. Everybody else be thuggin hard 😭
Chris Webber got the same barber as Steve Harvey
I need to find Chris Webber's barber, mans line up is so crispy
congrats on passing Chris Webber tonight!
Chris Webber just said we are used to seeing Oladipo get to the line. I chuckled.
"You don't want to wake a giant that's already awiken...". - Chris Webber. *** is this *** talkin about fam...?
Chris Webber better stop... he's bound to catch a case of lockjaw...
Looks like Chris Webber already got to Durant.
Chris Webber just compared Arvydas Sabonis and Dell Curry's shooting ability 😂😂
Chris Webber just praised Anthony Morrow for posterizing KD, saying it was personal...too bad it was Grant with the dunk l…
Idk how Chris Webber is still employed 🤔
"Everybody says that Thompson can't shoot." - Chris Webber. Who said that? Seriously. Who?
TNT should really just pull Chris Webber off this broadcast at the half. It's so bad.
Sacramento Kings legend Chris Webber will be in attendance tonight at the home opener at Golden 1 Center. Always receiv…
Chris Webber, Elton Brand, Glenn Robinson, Keith Van Horn, Larry Hughes, Mutombo. Sixers fans got an argument too.
Gimme the Warriors, you're done... Tim Hardaway, Latrell Spreewell, Chris Mullin, Chris Webber and Owens... you're done.
Michael B. Jordan, Hannibal Buress, Chris Webber and More to Appear in NBA 2K17: . Two new trailers introduce ...
They traded Chris Webber away for Mitch Richmond get can't support it
Did you tell Shaquille O'Neal or Chris Webber this?
Feeling like Chris Webber after the unc game rn
Durant to the Warriors is basically the same as if Chris Webber signed with the Lakers after losing the 2002 Western C…
Mike Tirico retiring and we STILL gotta deal with trash *** and Chris Webber commentary. Take them instead, lord
If ESPN let Karl-Anthony Towns broadcast an NBA game, he would already be a million times better than Reggie Miller & Chris Webber.
Greg Oden has played in more NBA Finals than Pete Maravich, George Gervin, Chris Webber, Vince Carter, Walt Bellamy, and Dominique Wilkins
Jimmy King says it's not confirmed yet if Chris Webber will be at the Fab Five camp. He's still working on it. So we'l…
When Paul Pierce joins Chris Webber and Reggie Miller as telecasters next season
lmao stop he let Chris Webber rob him of 2 chips lol
downside he could be the sixers next Chris Webber, Elton Brand or Andrew Bynum 😣
I wish TNT's announcing trio of Marv Albert or Kevin Harlan, Chris Webber, and Reggie Miller would do the commentary than the ABC crew!
The biggest game of the season. and Chris Webber is on the call
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what about Allen iverson Chris Webber or dikembe mutumbo
It takes a lot to get me mad but Chris Webber has got to be the worst NBA announcer ever. I'd rather hear Gilbert Godfried call a game.
I wish they take Chris Webber off the commentary.he's awful 😂
I've heard Chris Webber say like 12 made up words tonight
Chris Webber has the IQ of a freshly graduated 6th grader
Can we sub out Chris Webber at the half...
can someone please tell Chris Webber it is pronounced Rob-er-son not Robe-r-son.
As much as Chris Webber irritates me as a commentator, I would listen to him EXCLUSIVELY over Rob Black, Jack Armstrong and Leo Rautins.
Chris Webber is...not great at this.
How is Chris Webber not in the Hall Of Fame?
Marv Albert and Chris Webber are at their absolute worst tonight. Bring on the radio call from the Warriors announcers!
I remember Chris Mullins, Tim Hardaway with the killer crossover and Spreewell, Chris Webber and Owens were Warriors superteam but injuries.
I love seeing Chris Webber and Reggie killer without any championship rings 👌🏼
Reggie Miller and Chris Webber saying that Serge Ibaka is the Thunder's most important player lol, they deserve to be rin…
Chris Webber is the Joe Buck of basketball
I'd almost rather listen to Joe Buck than Chris Webber and Reggie Miller. Man these guys are annoying on the call.
On everything I love Chris Webber and Reggie Miller gotta be the worst commentators to ever put they mouth to a microphone
Chris Webber pays tribute to Craig Sager with his socks. (via
No they're not. The best would be Ernie Johnson [moderator], Kenny Smith, Greg Anthony, Hubie Brown and Chris Webber.
This day in history (98) Chris Webber was traded to the Kings for Mitch Richmond & O Thorpe
All Chris Webber does is bury his nose in the *** of whoever he's talking about. He's a terrible analyst compared to JVG.
Chris Webber defends his intense reaction to Game ...
A bit of the 90's and early 00's resurfaced in me while watching basketball this week, Chris Webber and Tyra
Will somebody tell Chris Webber it's "Aminu" not "Amino"
Side note: Chris Webber makes Steve Smith sound like Chick Hearn when broadcasting. I swear I'd rather watch on mute when Webber is color
My uncle tends to watch sporting events on tv w/o the sound on.. Now I can understand why after having to listen to Chris Webber commentate
im watching the game right now and I just heard Chris Webber say "hisself". 😂😁😁
Chris Webber on Russell Westbrook: "You cannot question his heart or his work ethic.". Marv Albert: "But sometimes his…
"Everybody wanted to trade Tim Duncan." - Chris Webber. . What the *** is he talking about?
Sounds like Chris Webber is the only person in the world cool with that your turn, my turn system.
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When the magic traded Chris Webber for penny and 3 first round picks
Much more peaceful game without Chris Webber talking
its Chris Webber. He's still thinking why he didn't pass the ball to jalen. Dude is clueless
chris webber calling this game is like when AC Slater did the sports in save by the bell
*** don't wanna hear Chris Webber no time out but Ima call a time out head ***
Remember when Tyra Banks was with Chris Webber? They were a very cute couple.
He'd still be better than Chris Webber though
Our NBA African American commentators are failing us right now, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber and Steve Smith are all garbage
Could we have these two commentate games and never hear from Chris Webber or that old nutjob Marv Albert again?
I think the fact that Reggie Miller and Chris Webber aren't covering this series is what makes it the best one so far.
Ima tell TNT to make that happen. Someone needs to get Chris Webber off the air
Chris Webber's commentary is so annoying.
with no Reggie Miller, Chris Webber or Mark Jackson to make it excruciating? THANK YOU!
Thank god Chris Webber not commentating this game😂😂
Yep, what the Chris Webber fan just said
coming from the same dude who confused Chris Webber who's throw him out the window trash to Steve Smith
you're the Chris Webber of West Columbus😂 still banned?
I swear if they replace him with Chris Webber I'm officially done with tnt
I'm just glad Chris Webber not commentating this game
nah but Chris Webber was my biggest hero growing up
you should do a video on what if the Warriors and magic didn't trade for Chris Webber and penny hardaway it would be the best vid
I'm a professional; I feel I'm one of the best in the game. -
I wouldn't say because of him but sure he helped in that aspect. But I think even Chris Webber more deserving.
Forthcoming events newsletter out - highlights include Adam Henson, Mark Webber and Chris Packham:...
yeah dirk, KG, Chris Webber, Antoine Walker, Amare...what is talkin bout ?
Hope keep making fun of Chris Webber TNT's analysis. He says the most obvious things with so much passion. Mistakes ar plenty
Can America come together to replace Chris Webber with Raja Bell on every NBA broadcast ever please?
I hate when Chris Webber calls the game. He's so corny & doesn't shut up.I'd rather not have an announcer if he callin…
Yao Ming. Chris webber Rasheed Wallace Michael redd Jason Kidd lmao dude just talking out his ***
Chris Webber in the championship game calling Timeout.
Vince, AI, Kobe, Shaq, Ray Allen, Chris Webber just to name a few just as good if not better than all these guys
Might as well bring back Chris Webber's Dada sneakers
Chris webber is the most biased game analyst I have ever heard
Chris Webber is the Jon Gruden of NBA commentators
You’re absolutely right, Chris Webber, Aldridge isn’t strong enough to knock Steven Adams over when he’s standing on one leg. 🙄
Chris Webber is the Emmit Smith of Basketball broadcasting. Watching this game on mute!
Idk if I've ever loved anything as much as Chris Webber loves Steven Adams 😂
Nobody can do it better than Marv Albert, Kevin Harlan, Mike Breen, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber and Jeff Van Gundy.
Chris Webber just compared a Durant drive to what he assumes George Gervin might have looked like driving down lane.
Listening to Chris Webber commentate is like listening Cris Collinsworth
Grabbed a Chris Webber and Mike Lewis CONDORS jersey today for the low fare
I was talking about Chris "Weber" not Chris Webber - Weber is notorious for the '83 YMCA league T/O fiasco and was sitting behind Van Gundy
Chris Webber and Gary Payton used to be the goats on nba tv. Straight comedy
Chris Webber or Gary Payton were always great on there
are you saying Chris Webber is better than Reggie Miller?
Chris Webber throwing a fit like he is possessed by Bruce Bowen, spurs had their shot, good game, uncalled fouls on both ends
out of nowhere Chris Webber sounds like Stephen A Smith
Chris Webber is the Cris Collinsworth of the NBA
Also, Chris Webber is everything that Reggie Miller isn't, by which I mean, good
Chris Webber has to be the worst analyst.. Yes worse than Chris Collinsworth
When you gotta listen to Reggie Miller and Chris Webber back to back
Chris Webber getting up there with Bill Walton and Chris Collinsworth as announcers I hate
calling yourself a Warrior fan yet dont know who Chris Webber is, or how many times he became Warrior...cmon google it! STUPID
He needs to get out of Nets purgatory. He was unreal in the NCAA Tournament (with Chris Webber)
More like the new Mike Bibby and Chris Webber 😂😂😂
I don't know what's worse, Chris Webber timeout or Nick Anderson 4 free throws.
people forget that the Magic drafted Chris Webber and could've had a front court of Shaq and C Webb
.with his sixth triple-double, passing Chris Webber for most in a season in Sacramento era.
steph miss a contested three . Chris Webber: that was a great miss
Really dope video of NBA players speaking about Phife Dawg. Jamal Crawford, Damian Lillard, Draymond Green and Chris Webber.
It makes me cringe watching Dave Brandon ask for a Chris Webber apology in the 30 for 30.
Casual fans and Chris Webber call Westbrook a good defender. Literally everyone else with eyes who can read knows he ha…
Jalen Rose says Chris Webber deserves to be in the hall-of-fame more than Yao... I think he's right
What's really important is why is Chris Webber allowed to announce
"They all wanted to go to duke , Chris Webber visited duke and stayed with me." - Brian Davis 😂😂
Chris Webber (Jalen too). Reggie Miller, you haven't won a chip... never!
I'll forever hate Elton Brand and Chris Webber too. Dudes played great until we paid them.
Chris Webber went to Detroit Country Day, so I feel like he has real insight into these teams.
Is it okay to revisit a hair style you had in the '90s? Chris Webber says yes
Chris Webber for sure stay in your lane and don't proclaim Frankcamp as the mayor of Wichita because of his high school stats.
Chris Webber just became the first person ever to describe Ryan Anderson as "athletic"
Bro someone at TNT or something fire Chris Webber. Better yet, replace Doris Burke and put him there so we can kill two birds
DeMarcus Cousins has 17 games in '15-16 with 30p/10r, 3 behind Chris Webber's mark (since '85-86).
I went to sleep watching NBA TV and in my dream Chris Webber was talking about Demarcus Cousins and him getting suspended.
Chris Webber just said Sacramento is part of the Bay Area.
I can't believe Michigan is an 11 seed. Chris Webber ain't call a timeout for this
Gah, watching The Fab Five and I can't help but feel bad for Chris Webber.
I might not be able to watch did to Chris Webber being on the call. Go Canes
if only they had Chris Webber to do an interview
Pulled my Chris webber jersey out the closet classic kings warm up jacket just 2 remember memories of happiness with kings
CORRECTION: Game at 6:20 p.m. Thursday. Ian Eagle, Chris Webber, Len Elmore and crew will be on call. Game on TNT.
Although asking the Kings to rebuild properly is something they havent done since trading for Chris Webber in 1998
For those who wonder about mute button need: Announcers for Duke-UNCW are Ian Eagle, Chris Webber, Len Elmore, Evan Was…
exactly I haven't seen a man as big as he is make guard type moves like that since Chris Webber.
Working the same college hoops games as Ian Eagle and Chris Webber this week.. That's pretty freakin cool
Somebody tell Chris Webber Willie might have a career.
Canes-Buffalo tipoff at 6:50 p.m. Thurs. on TNT! Commentators will be Ian Eagle, Chris Webber and Len Elmore!
For my Buffalo tweeps: Ian Eagle, Chris Webber and Len Elmore will have the Buffalo-Miami game. Time: 6:50 p.m.Thursday…
Chris Webber when he called the timeout against UNC
Andre Miller etc etc. Don't reserve it to just PGs. How about Pau Gasol, Vlade Divac, Chris Webber. Long list.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Now lets talk about the real matter at hand.Chris Webber and Greg Anthony need to jump in front of moving traffic
Greg Anthony is lighting up this Pels team. Chris Webber is killing this team and how dumb they really are lmao
Kevin Harlan, Chris Webber and Greg Anthony are on the call for Oklahoma City vs. New Orleans
Anthony Davis (59 pts, 20 rebs) joins Shaq & Chris Webber as only players since 1983-84 to have 50+pts and 20+rebs in sing…
Anthony Davis (59 points and 20 rebounds) with the first 50-20 game in the NBA since Chris Webber in 2001.
Players I was too young to remember their primes I would have loved to see: Reggie Miller, Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Chris Webber
"Deep in the night Chris Webber, don't turn your back." 😳😳😳 -Reggie Miller. He gotta be doing these on purpose. Wth.
Chris Webber is basically a black, likable Chris Collinsworth.
>> Chris Webber calls Kobe Bryant 'one of the greatest competitors ever'
Chris Webber has high praise for Kobe Bryant before his final All-Star game
Listening to Reggie Miller calling a game... Chris Webber
Listening to Reggie Miller and Chris Webber cast this game together is getting brutal...
Smh they got Reggie Miller & Chris Webber commentating this game... TNT/NBA HATES ME !!!
Chris Webber is horrible at color commentary. [ & Reggie Miller ]
The way Reggie Miller and Chris Webber be talking, you'll think they own multiple rings. 😂 😂 😂
All the awesome of Chris Webber is being mitigated by the awful of Reggie Miller.
Chris Webber and Reggie Miller both commentating this game yep I'm putting the tv on mute
The bad thing is Reggie Miller and Chris Webber are commentating this game, the good thing is they can't ruin the Warriors game.
Never thought about it until now, but Chris Webber & Reggie Miller pretty much had identical careers.
Why they insist on letting Reggie Miller and Chris Webber call the same games? Poor Marv smh
I like Chris Webber but having Reggie Miller along side for this game, its gonna be hard listening to this guy 😑
Chris Webber and Reggie Miller tonight. Here we go.
Jesus why Reggie Miller and Chris Webber why both
Cam's actions reminded me of Chris Webber's when Michigan lost to Duke in Final 4: petulance/immaturity when it doesn't go your way.
I'll never forget how Chris Webber handled the aftermath of the time out. Took every question, has owned it ever since.…
Growing up I was told I looked like Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Jason Weaver, Chris Webber and Casual the rapper from Oakland. Who did you get t…
so what ? I still know DC basketball. Rod Strickland calbert cheaney Chris Webber. Sorry my mom is from Boston.
nothing beats "run pass shoot slam, that's the reason I'm a Bullets Fan, Chris Webber you da man you da man, Calbert Cheaney...
Who doing this top 100 NBA players of all time?? No way Reggie Miller better than James Harden and Tracy McGrady or Chris Webber
can we get Mil/Seattle Ray Allen,Rookie Durant,Patrick Ewing & Jason Williams or Chris Webber for LUT?
Hamilton Collection
Chris Webber laid out the blueprint.. All Deandre Jordan gotta do is practice the Freethrows non stop and he's good!
Hilarious. Chris Webber just said it. "Scoring without dribbling". The sick thing is, it's not rocket science, why don't man teams know this
Chris Webber might have to go in the same box as Collinsworth & Reggie Miller, he's *** on the ears when commentating
Chris Webber has the cleanest cuts and edge ups
We need to get Chris Webber off the air. Please. Give me Hubie Brown. Give me Chanel West Coast. Give me anyone but Chris Webber.
Don't know if I hate Chris Webber or Austin Carr more as a broadcaster.
They got T Mac, Chris Webber, David Robinson, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki in the Like Mike movie
That move by the was right up there with Chris Webber's knucklehead move in '93 NCAA basketball final.
Kirk Cousins went into full Chris Webber mode
Today, Chris Webber is exactly as old as Rosa Park was the day of her arrest: 15,640 days.
ever heard of Chris Webber? LOL you dumb. Klay more understandable but Doug Christie one of the best defenders in NBA history
Hey Jalen Rose how was your day going? and How was Juwan Howard and Chris Webber going? RT
Chris Webber and Jalen Rose rocking bald heads at 19 years old in the primes of their hairline lives 😂 😂 😂 😂
We had Kobe, we had Shaq, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, dirk, VC, KG, Tmac, AI, Chris Webber, Grant hill, our generation lit!
Mark Price, Wesley Person, Glen Rice, Chris Webber, Brad Daugherty ima prolly end up revising this lol featured in NBC s Science of Love
Chris Webber admits to stealing Iverson's shoes — advises Kobe's teammates to do the same: https…
don't forget to mention Jeff Long has ties to Duke and NC St and was at Michigan when Chris Webber called that TO
Gilbert arenas needs to be in 2k16 along with mvp Derrick Rose season.. And 2010 lakers and Chris Webber kings
Chris Webber, Morgan Stanley, Joshua Jackson. Lots of famous people playing today
Lol I thought it had cwebb name on it like Chris Webber 1s lol I could be wrong
I'm assuming a player had a Chris Webber moment cause Fedora did not look happy. I can't imagine he called that
Chris Webber thinks that was a bad timeout call by Chapel Hill.
was Chris Webber an alternate for Dream Team 3 in the 1996 Olympics?
oh *** get him, we get to bring back and Chris Webber.
and when you say Chris they think Webber
Mark Brendon and Timo you are officially World Endurance Drivers' Champions! http…
I liked a video NBA special: Chris Webber interview with Oscar Robertson
rondo on pace to double chris webber franchise record for triple doubles by March
Chris Webber is a POS for selling out that old guy.
That draymond pass was very Chris Webber-esque
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I was heartbroken. I still can't look Chris Webber in his eyes and that's on tv. But what an enigma they were. What an era.
reminds me of Chris Webber in that sense.
Crazy Stat of the Day: The Kings' franchise record for triple doubles in a season is 5, held by Chris Webber. Rond…
And this is why ppl hate listening to you Chris Webber
When we had Chris Webber and that overpaid bum Juwan Howard 😂
Hold up what about Chris Webber and Tracy McGrady in their prime prob against wade or harden man listen
Coach calls out "Michigan, Michigan." . The player promptly travels. I laugh out loud. Chris Webber'ing is alive and well.
Chris Webber when he found out wore loafers.
Chris Webber's alma mater inspires a new colorway of his once-signature shoe
- Hey Matt would you compare Bam to Chris Webber?
Buddy in the 90 when me and use to watch them they had Chris webber and Billy Owens ripping it
Now this is how you retro the Nike Air Max Sensation.
This "Wolverines" Nike Air Max Sensation maybe be the best Chris Webber sneaker thus far.
There's dudes who legitimately think Chris Webber than him. It's amazing.
Chris Webber throwing his shoes at Charles Barkley is the pinnacle of comedy in America.
The next Nike Air Max Sensation takes it back to Chris Webber's college days:
In the early 90s, the Warriors had a Don Nelson vs. Chris Webber situation. It didn't work out well for the Warriors.
Warrior fans, you're all herbs unless you own a Tim Hardaway, Chris Webber, Antawn Jamison, or Troy Murphy jersey.
Marv Albert, Chris Webber and Rachel Nichols will have the call for Thursday's TNT game vs. the Grizzlies at the Moda Center
"Chris Webber gets heated on 'Doug Gottlieb Show' over Jalen Rose" via
Mike Bibby, Doug Christie, Peja Stojakovic, Chris Webber, and Vlade Divac. One of my all time favorite starting lineups.
Chris Webber: I don’t want to talk about Jalen Rose: Webber, the former Fab Five member, was interviewed Thurs...
Chris Webber to Teach Master’s Class in Sports Storytelling at Wake Forest (Video)
Former NBA all-star Chris Webber to teach a course at Wake Forest University
Marv Albert will provide play-by-play for season opener with analyst Chris Webber and reporter Craig Sager.
.is set to bring back Chris Webber's first signature shoe.
Happy birthday, Nas! I'll try to overlook the fact you dropped TWO horrible albums in 1999 & you actually rapped over TWO Chris Webber beats
I would agree with about the Kings being the next classic team on 2k if it wasn't about Chris Webber rights.
The Chris Webber~ led Sacramento Kings of the early 2000's was a BAD AZZ TM!!
Happy Birthday to my brother in Germany 🎊🎉Chris Lamar Webber !
My personal top 3 best passing big men of all time: . -Arvydas Sabonis. -Vlade Divac. -Chris Webber
Chris Webber gave his spot to Antonio Mcdyess and *** felt sorry for Steve Smith
Praying for the next two historical teams to be Denver 08-9 and the Kings with Jason Williams and Chris Webber
Tell Your *** Chris Webber to be in NBa2k16i dont know if its about the money or what but we need the Kings in is..
Hi Chris Webber : cwebber918, Wanna get FREE iPh0ne 6? Please checkout my bi0. Thx
Nike and Lebron owe Chris Webber and DaDa a couple M's
Wish I was alive when White Chocolate (Jason Williams ) and Chris Webber were a duo 😩
The need to find a job for Mike Bibby, Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Webber, and Bobby Jackson.
I hope you're right about the Kings but White Chocolate was w/06 Heat+Webber doesn't want his face in 2K
Mike Bibby and Chris webber pick and roll game was different smh
the kid Harry Giles will be our Chris Webber when he decides to come to duke
Just spotted a Chris Webber Michigan jersey on campus. That guy knows what's up
I always thought Morris Chestnut was Chris webber in Like Mike
FIBA comes around and Luis Scola turns into Chris Webber.
"In life when things get down and don't look great, keep your head straight and run through the tape." -Chris Webber
Managing director of Chris Webber is also part of this year's Congratulations! http:/…
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