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Chris Wallace

Christopher Chris Wallace (born October 12, 1947) is an American conservative journalist and television anchor who is currently the host of the Fox News program Fox News Sunday.

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He is too negative and accusatory with his questions and criticisms - he needs to be more like Shawn Hannity
Wow, Chris Wallace is chewing on like he's a Milk Bone
Chris Wallace begins Q with perception Y POTUS got along better wth Middle East than European Allies (Allies NOT Lo…
Wondering if he was watching a replay of Cassidy on Fox Sunday with Chris Wallace ??
Chris Wallace on Middle East trip: I think that this was a very substantial and largely successful trip by the presiden…
Chris Wallace uses interview time with Rex Tillerson to sound off on Trump like an 8 yr old with an attitude…
MEDIA: Chris Wallace, ,Chris Matthews. You base all the rhetoric and Goal of high ratings for…
He because Chris Wallace is corrupt he hates the POTUS he is far left can't stand him anothe…
Heading to Joint Base Andrews on with Chris Wallace- his 20th year anniversary with throughout the world.
Christ, another bot, but no, Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, Marie Harf, Dana Perino, Krauthammer plenty of anti trumpers at FOX
turning you off a joke! Chris Wallace putting his own spin "I'm not kidding"
Chris Wallace & Shepard Smith rip into Trump on Fox News. Wallace says Spicer's Nixon like non-denial denial took his "br…
Even Fox News is having trouble getting WH surrogate for Sunday shows: "They're not answering the phone," Chris Wallace says o…
Chris Wallace needs to be sent to Communist News Network as a supporter for Criminal Clinton totally against conser…
Ex 3-term Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus in going head-to-head with Chris Wallace has impressed even his skeptics.
One of FOX's best outings, with Chris Wallace adding an indelible mark to the Krauthammer legacy
To be fair there are some good journalists at Fox. Chris Wallace , Brett Baird , Shep Smith to name a few
Foxnews only for lunatics except for Shepherd Smith, Chris Wallace & Judge Napoliano it would have no credibility. .
Sarah Palin's treatment at Fox News: Roger Ailes called her "hot" and Chris Wallace hoped she would sit in his lap
I remember Joe + a 1st round pick for Rodney Rogers & Tony of the worst Chris Wallace trades of all time
"Senator James Lankford (R-OK) on Chris Wallace right now wants President Trump to release his tax returns. He say…
Yeh, be careful Liz.. Don't worry, Hemmer, Juan Williams and Chris Wallace will hold down the fort...(sic) (If ther…
For the record Anderson Cooper, Lester Holt, and Chris Wallace had the highest favorables.
"Ain't have no father so I listened to Chris Wallace/ sellin dope bustin' notes poppin collars.".
3. But while campaigning, Trump responded to Chris Wallace asking about his position on overturning Roe vs. Wade...
If any show could be described as 'art for art's sake,' it would be Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday.
Scott Pruitt, our new EPA Director, did a fabulous job on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. POTUS' Cabinet picks, are excel…
Not going to watch Fox News Sunday much longer.. Chris Wallace, is very bias against the new administration. He is not f…
Scott Pruit the guy who got demolished, roasted by Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday? That is a guy…
Considering that network TV gave climate change one hour in 2016. Chris Wallace interview today of Pruitt was epic. https:/…
Chris Wallace systematically destroys EPA head Scott Pruitt: Climate change is not ‘all a coincidence’
You stood up awesomely to corporate mouthpiece Chris Wallace. The bought ones sure want to keep America in economic chains.
Chris Wallace did a btr interview of How would he chngAHCA? What Dems or TuesdayGrp agree w/him on repeal only?
Jim Jordan has a better handle on what we want legislators to do than Chris Wallace will ever hav…
Thank you for standing strong. Great job pushing back against Chris Wallace.
Been thinking, might be willing to accept a few refugees if thr countries will take .John Dickerson, .Chris Wallace
Hey Democrat hack Chris Wallace,. Not REQUIRING people to purchase maternity coverage is not the same as "taking away" m…
I repeat: Sheppard Smith, Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace are closet Establishment hacks.
watch Nunes' interview with Chris Wallace on Sunday. He's in the tank with Trump.
Representing Summit at the Govt Summit this week. Pictured are: Chris Wallace, Felicity Ours and Joe Ha…
Fox News host Chris Wallace pointed out to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) that his plan to reform the health care...
‘This isn’t freedom’: Chris Wallace grills Paul Ryan for plan to crush seniors with health care costs
Chris Wallace is an establishment butt boy.
My new pledge is I only watch Fox, but if Chris Wallace, Shep, AB, Sour *** Juan, Geraldo come on, I turn off tv &…
Chris Wallace on meeting with Merkel: “I was struck more by what they didn’t talk about than what they did talk about…
Okay .fox isant as bad as liberals think but you have to watch out like Chris Wallace and the cup of joe show are okay , fox and friend..
Fox's Chris Wallace: 'Inconceivable' Trump was unaware of Flynn’s Turkey... via
Chris Wallace forgets to mention that Gen Flynn had fully disclosed his Turkey relationship w the US Congress..?.
He'd land a new job pretty quickly. He, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier seem like pretty reasonable guys. Most of the rest are bogus.
R.I.P. Chris Wallace aka He had mad flow and rhyme but the best rapper of all time is Tupac Amaru Shakur
I will be interviewed at 9:00 A.M. and Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace at 10:O0 A.M. CNN Iowa Poll -13 point lead!
How the *** does shameless fake news pimp Chris Wallace know what evidence Donald Trump has to claim he has none?.
You mean if the guest himself/herself is honest and doesn't themselves have an agenda? Shepherd Smith, Chris Wallace, Jake .
Chris Wallace: "It was one of the best speeches in that setting I've ever heard any president give."
I doubt Chris Wallace voted for him so it was interesting to hear him say that "today's the day Donald Trump became presi…
Chris Wallace: "I feel like tonight became the President of the United States."
"Tonight, Donald Trump became the President of the United States.". ~from a very moved Chris Wallace .
Chris Wallace on Trump Speech: 'I Feel Like Tonight Donald Trump Became the President of the United States'
When even liberal Chris Wallace says as it as good a speech as he has ever heard at State of the Union.
Have you watched your Washington Correspondent Shepherd Smith? Look at todays interview with Chris Wallace! I'm sick of Smith...1/2
Chris Wallace&Shepherd Smith are only people at Fox with any integrity. Why can't trump supporters see they're being pla…
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Sam Shepherd was very disrespectful to Chris Wallace today. Get off your soap box Sam your not even tolerable. Wake up Fox🇺🇸
I'm sure Chris Wallace would agree after the angry tirade he endured at the hands of Shepherd Smith minutes ago!
Shepherd don't interrupt Chris Wallace as he was talking, it makes you look very rude!
..Shepherd, Shep, Sh, calm down. You sounded like a child during interview w/Chris Wallace"know how much u like it here"😖
Great Scott Shepherd you've now gone so far LEFT that you've begun refuting Chris Wallace. How crazy is that.
Shepherd Smith just shw'd his true loyalty to the left, once again on Fox News. Time for him to go. Chris Wallace, gr8 job calling him out!
Two journalists from Fox News who's journalistic integrity I've rarely found myself questioning are Chris Wallace and Shepher…
How quickly people forget. Somebody you own Fox like Shepherd and Chris Wallace or leaning LEFT, NOT GOOD
Chris Wallace can't wait to call on his panelist the arrogant Steve Hilton--who at every opportunity disrespects Pres Trump--"Trump Trump".
David Johnson (1st team) and Chris Wallace (2nd team) representing Marshall POTY, Carideo COTY.
Fox still has more skeletons in the closet! Shep Smith, Chris Wallace to name two. They need to leave also.
Shep Smith & "Chris Wallace" R standing up for American values; standing with the media is an American value; Russians…
How about making your viewers happy and sending Chris Wallace and Bob Beckel to CNN!
Just wanted to say thank you to Chris Wallace for being a real reporter & American patriot.
Fox News Chris Wallace Sunday President Trump’s latest attack on the media had gone too far. BOO HOO. Corrupt Media is cr…
Chris Wallace is the only salvageable thing from Fox when he speaks to journalistic integrity me thinks his father is smilin
White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on Sunday clashed with Fox News host Chris Wallace over the media's co...
And Chris LYING Wallace cannot FORCE the American People to believe his lies!! He has been lying since???
Wallace has been changing over the past year. He has become aggressive & in attack mode instead of interviewing.Is he well?
Maybe if the reporters were telling the truth they wouldn't have to be called out - including Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace? Are you saying that as a Citizen of the USA the POTUS is not allowed the 'Free Speach' that You have as…
Today Chris Wallace put truth before party. Regardless of your affiliation, his loyalty to the truth is something we should…
Well Chris Wallace - The press was Obama's cheerleader - why would he call you an enemy? No need! .
His dad is broadcasting legend Mike Wallace. He's the only one on Fox who isn't mind numbing to listen to.
Chris Wallace: “We don't have a state-run media in this country. That's what they have in dictatorships.”.
Shepard Smith gotta go Chris Wallace is just throwing a temper tantrum
2 takes on Trump v MSM. From and from (Alicia Shepard)
Who won? The people vs the MSM or the MSM vs the people? Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace of Fox News shut Reince Priebus right the *** up:
Chris Wallace very defensive interview with this past weekend on fake news. Feeling guilty?
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Chris Wallace is an absolutely worthless little twit, on his best day he is a looser.
Chris Wallace's opinion 💩is just that his opinion nothing more
don't you dare silence or Chris Wallace! They are the only credibility you have!
Chris Wallace has continued to follow orders from Murdoch to attack Pres Trump at every opportunity.…
Smarmy Chris Wallace more interested in pushing anti-Donald Trump gossip then actually reporting the news. Sad!
I refuse to listen to the liar Chris Wallace.
Chris Wallace is part of the problem. He is another nasty person who doesn't care about the American people
Chris Wallace is back in action-man mode in this skilfully shot if slightly uneven thriller.
Fox News anchor berates Donald Trump's chief of staff: 'You don't get to tell us what to do'
Chris Wallace is not in charge of lines in the sand ...
why do you people always say left this and left that all media is under attack and not having ask Chris Wallace of Fox News
If its then Leftist political hack, Chris Wallace, is doing the Democrats' bidding on T…
Limbaugh: "Donald Trump has nobody helping him other than the people who voted for him."
⚡️ “Fox News' Chris Wallace: Obama never said we were an enemy”.
Chris Wallace, there is absolutely no excuse for lamestream media lies, policy attempts. Join them and you are suspect too!
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No, he just treated half of America like we didn't exist! You wouldn't know about the forgotten men and…
Chris Wallace slams Trump for attacking media: He ‘crossed an important line’
Take note of Reince Priebus's categorical denials to Chris Wallace about Russian contact with the Trump campaign. I suspect…
You know things are bad when reporters like Chris Wallace from Fox News are making sense and have to correct Trump on h…
"Fox News anchor Chris Wallace warns viewers: Trump crossed the line in latest attack on media" -
Chris Wallace,. Is it poss that Obama never called the media the enemy bc all you guys did was kiss the man's…
To quote Chris Wallace, "You don't get to tell us what to do."
It was Chris Wallace who crossed the line as he has been doing on a regular basis. He has joined the &
Chris Wallace: Obama didn't like the media, but he never said we were the enemy
FOX Anchor and Elitist Chris Wallace Warns: Trump ‘Crossed the Line’ in Attack on Media (VIDEO)…
Dear Chris Wallace, when media hides Hillary stealing $6bill from Haitians but hypes "TrumpsJewish Star" they are the en…
Fox News' Chris Wallace challenges Priebus: 'You don't get to tell the media what to do!'
Chris Wallace to Reince Priebus: "Barack Obama whined about Fox News... but I gotta say, he never said we were an enemy…
Chris Wallace getting his tight little panties in a bundle. What a sensitive HACK
Chris Wallace needs to do his homework a little better before going on a neg rant about Pres Trump.
Hey, you brushed Chris Wallace's boot prints off your fanny yet, you little WEASEL?? :)
Chris Wallace became a little unhinged today. Unlike him. Had his facts all mixed up. Chris needs to recharge a bit.
Tough day with the media? My God you even got into it with FOX Chris Wallace. A little touchy are we?
you did a great job with Chris Wallace that prissy little girl.. but I hope you aren't dicking us over. needs to
"Barack Obama never called Fox an Enemy of the People" - Chris Wallace takes over his knee on Ser…
Chris Wallace of Fox News sounds the alarm about Trump's calling the press the "enemy of the people"
Globalists hijacked America they use the media to control the public, Trump took back America & is tearing down their media. "Chris Wallace"
, I saw it the interview with Reine . Chris Wallace wouldn't give him a chance to talk was rude this
"Chris Wallace" has become 1st FACT checker on FOXNEWS .
Why not let host Chris Wallace retire, and .replace him with excellent jouranist Andrea Tantaros?
I think Chris Wallace throws the hard questions which I think is a good idea that way you can clear
.Chris Wallace's full interview with WH Chief of Staff Priebus - Part 2.
You did a great job of putting Chris Wallace in his place The debates Chris ASKED TRUMP IF HE WOULD CONCED BUT NOT HILLARY?
Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith are the only journalists worth a *** at Fox News
Complete list of all 80 false things Trump has said in first 4 weeks. => Chris Wallace
I'd be willing to bet Chris Wallace voted for Hillary.Twice!
Chris Wallace, on FOX&FRIENDS THIS AM waving bye to last vestigages of integrity. WE GET YOUR SOCIAL ENGI…
Why does Fox have Shep Smith, Chris Wallace and Bob Beckel??? They should go work for CNN or MSNBC
Fire Shepard Smith; Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and Bob Beckel! Have to change channels when the appear!
I have never seen people that are so negative as Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Chris Mathews, Charles Schumer.
Fox rid itself of Shepherd Smith, Geealdo, Juan Williams, and Chris Wallace.
I will not watch Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Bob Beckle or Juan Williams, or the shows they appear on.
Fox News is getting as bad. Ref. Howard Kurtz, Shepard Smith, Bob Beckel and Chris Wallace. Losers!
Howard Kurtz, Shepherd Smith, Chris Wallace, and Bob Beckel are Trump bashers. They need to go to CNN. Sickening bunch!
WTH Chris Wallace? Trump didn't instruct the Senate to rewrite the rules to allow 51-vote confirmation. Harry Reid did that!
TOMORROW on Vice President goes one-on-one with Chris Wallace - Tune in at 2p & 10p ET on Fox News
What just happens on fox, it lookid like Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith were about to duke it out ??
God bless Chris Wallace for not interrupting this spectacular Kellyanne Conway meltdown.
Crooked Hillary sent Bill to have you on with Chris Wallace at 10:
Chris Wallace is telling how to negotiate Chris did you ever negotiate a lemonade stand?
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Bill O'reilly needs to retire & continue to write books. Chris Wallace is a joke & an agitator. No good for Fox!
Fox sees fair and balanced as ... Sean-right. Bill- middle. Martha- the new Kelley and left. Chris Wallace- left. Brett-middle . So I watch one
not sure why Chris Wallace is say POTUS need Congress for the Wall. Wall Bill passed in 06. Come on guys ur better than this.
Bill O'Reilly is an opinion person. They exist... Chris Wallace & Shep Smith are news folks. You don't have to like Fox, but there's a diff.
Sunday shows missed the boat on the Inaugural - even usually dependable Chris Wallace. far better
Bret, Shep, and Chris Wallace aren't bad, but Hannity and O'Reilly are awful. "War on Christmas" over a dang cup.
We all know Chris Wallace should join Megan Kelly
take it to the bank. They will stop the second Chris Wallace and John Dickerson get their bookings. Mark it down.
Perhaps it's time for Chris Wallace to join Megyn Kelly in NBC obscurity. His panel this weekend was biased. Chris, you are not your daddy.
Chris Wallace has exposed himself as a partisan hack like his daddy, go over with Megan Kelly to the other side where you belong 👎😘
Fox News should send Chris Wallace to wherever M Kelly ended up. Send Juan Williams too.
Chris Wallace's demeanibg attack attitude towards conservative guest is the r…
My family, my friends and I stopped watching Megyn Kelly because if her liberal leanings. We intend to stop watching Chris Wallace!
NEVER watch that Chris Wallace *** ox have been doing excellent job of taking TRASH out (Kelly,Will). Wallace…
Why did Chris Wallace miss the mark yesterday reporting on crowd size when real story was Foxconn investment in U.S.
Watching "Fox News Sunday" it appears with the departure of Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace has appointed himself the official Tr…
Chris Wallace of Fox News, maybe needs to follow Megan Kelly over to nbc, or is retirement in the near future?
Fox, you are part of main stream media. Juan Williams, Richard Fowler, Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly, etc.
Chris Wallace was an *** today. I am going to start turning him off every time he appears like I did Megyn Kelly. Maybe he will disappear
. Chris Wallace is Foxes Chuck Todd. Can't stand the guy. Why didn't he show this picture of the crowd when Tr…
I really love listening 2 host Chris Wallace's views, though I don't always agree with him! He has such…
be careful with Chris Wallace. Just mark my words. He is a Chameleon. That is all I have to say ...
Last time I will ever watch Chris wrong! You are way off mark!
Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are from the professional wing of Fox News while Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly are from its…
Chris Wallace does not let Reince Priebus get away with his talking points via
Chris Wallace fires back at Priebus' "ridiculous" argument over crowd size
"Chris Wallace" reports actual & heads explode. A picture really is worth a thousands…
More absurdity. Chris Wallace tells Trump's chief of staff that Trump is flat lying, Reince goes photo-truther:
Note to Chris Wallace:''A lie can travel half around the world before the truth comes out'' Mark-Twain.
Chris Wallace is a BIG TURD, last weekend he bashed TRUMP
Chris Wallace naming assailants in FB Live torture video solely as "blacks." Even basic j-school training makes you pause on that verbiage.
You are the reason I quit watching FOX. Shame though...I really like Chris Wallace.
The success of Fox News Sunday rests squarely on [Chris Wallace's] Hawaiian shirt-clad shoulders, and he pulls it off.
Chris Wallace: "is almost more the president than the president is. We pay more attention to him than h…
absolutely, along with Chris Wallace, that would be America's Network for sure
Tmw Chris Wallace grilled on over how many votes she got. So funny. Gangsta Chris
After pushing thru for the double OT win vs the Pelicans, Grizz GM Chris Wallace went to each player in MEM locker room to…
CHRIS WALLACE CALLS OUT Jill Stein: ‘Where do you get off saying the American people need a recount?’ [Video]
Chris Wallace absolutely roasts Jill "moonbat" Stein on her recount scam
Chris Wallace embarrasses Jill Stein on live television via
Saw your unhinged nature during Chris Wallace interview. Laughable!
VIDEO : Chris Wallace Rakes Stein Over the Coals “There’s not a CHANCE IN THE WORLD the vote will change”
And Clintonstein on Chris Wallace program made an ABSOLUTE *** OF HERSELF. She nothing but an hysterical old woman
Chris Wallace.There's more noise now than there's ever been but people find their way to the truth.
Chris Wallace: "What's behind your challenge in three states?". He then brings up Crooked Jill Stein's fundraising dol…
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Just when I thought couldn't get any better.Chris Wallace just added as keynote! Mar. 13-15 in DC
This is very hard to watch... Chris Wallace interrupts on almost every answer.. Only th…
Jill Stein runs into a Chris Wallace BUZZSAW in the most painful recount grilling yet
Anderson Cooper is creeping into Chris Wallace territory of actually being an unbiased Journalist. Thought he was g…
Featuring deft interplay between Chris Wallace and Stuart Varney, Fox News Sunday is an immensely appealing social satire.
Schumer made clear with Chris Wallace that he will be a tough partisan and fight change every inch of the way.He is a mor…
bring back your amber waves! Who sent you to Chris Wallace's barber?
Love this - Chris Wallace ,"Obama ruled by the power of a pen & Trump can undo him by the power of the pen!"
Chris Wallace was responsible for controversy likely suggested by DNC timing when & Project Veritas were exposing 💩
Alcohol, pretzels and shock once Chris Wallace said early on that Trump could actually win.
And Chris Wallace told him to stop it.
I guess Chris Wallace should have asked Hillary if she would support the election no matter who won. Surprise!!
When Chris Wallace says they went easy on him...
Great job, Chris Wallace. The political backbone of .Last night wasn't easy but you you always reigned it in.
loved him and Tucker. Chris Wallace also said he could be Pres I think right before Brit.
Chris Wallace acknowledged his failure to ask Clinton the same question he asked Trump. It was not because no one "wondered"?
. It was AWESOME to watch. Chris Wallace did the same to some lib female earlier in the evening.
I liked a video Chris Wallace on Trump's 'pitch perfect' acceptance speech
is trending. I guess Chris Wallace should have asked everyone if they would accept the election results
Chris Wallace is my new journalistic hero!!!
Chris Wallace on Trump's 'pitch perfect' acceptance speech |
Chris Wallace on Trump's 'pitch perfect' acceptance speech
Chris Wallace was banging Trump for the longest.. I'm not shocked, n he shouldn't be!!!
Chris Wallace pretty much summed up the sudden surprise election, and why it happened
Any longer and we'd have to call Chris Wallace to ask if she would accept the results
At Fox healthy doses of crow to eat for Megyn, shep, geraldo, juan,perino, stirewalt,geo will,Chris Wallace,Judith Miller,hume. eat up
Up until 3:30AM. Loved the moment when the lightbulb lit up and Chris Wallace said, "Trump has a chance to win this."
Tonight sure makes you wish Chris Wallace had had the presence of mind to ask Hillary if she'd accept the results of the el…
Chris Wallace has said "diametrically opposed" about a half dozen times. And my mind has gone to every single time.
387912 - In the middle of live election coverage, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace says that he is finally open to...
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Shepard and Chris Wallace just said the polls are wrong. So we must be doing good. .
Bob Woodward just called Trump a racist on Chris Wallace's show. Dana P, Chris, & Juan never challenged him. What's wrong with Fox
can't stand Megan Kelley and Chris Wallace, they ask a question and before the person can explain the have to be rude and interrupt
Chris Wallace's sarcasm is just off-putting. He can't get so he hits Pence Trump. What's h…
Baldwin has long arms... Chris Wallace voice
Could be wrong but seems Chris Wallace from Fox News might be the only journalist with a spine this election season. htt…
WHEELS COMING OFF: Chris Wallace the 1st Main Stream Media Journo to Hammer & for Pay to Play Sch…
..Mook is a Liar .. Chris Wallace let Mook Spin, Bob and Weave a Tale on ..
Chris Wallace does excellent job decimating Clinton campaign talking pts. It's not Comey who brought this issue into election , was Hillary.
Chris Wallace (not a Shill) decimates Robby Mook on Fox News Sunday. Clinton narrative now is that FBI does not have a warran…
Chris Wallace reminds us that the FBI previously refused to reopen the Hillary case so 'This is a Big Deal' .
Trump is correct concerning the media. Time stats prove it. Matt Lauer town hall and Chris Wallace were the most even.
.Chris Wallace says, SICK HILLARY at the :28 second mark. .
Focused and insistent, Chris Wallace plays role of America’s hall monitor (by
Chris Wallace makes Robby Mook squirm as they quabble over the legality of the Podesta email leaks vs the Trump tax…
Why didn't Chris Wallace ask Hillary if she would accept election results?
Chris Wallace nails it on this one! Whoever coaches to creepily smile past all the lies, m…
Way to go Kellyanne. You are Mr. Trump's manager. You are a woman. Great answer Chris Wallace Sunday.
Chris Wallace to Mook: Why didnt you care when the Trump tax returns were stolen & then released to the public?
Fox News Sunday with chris wallace today 10/23/16 Interview with Kellyanne Conway...
I think you’re the best on Fox at covering both sides. You and Chris Wallace are shining lights for them right now.
Chris Wallace looks like he's about to get hit by a wave of fruit juice in a kids' candy commercial
I think Chris Wallace did a magnificent job. He blew the other moderators out of the water.
Chris Wallace was really best ever. That's a high bar. He seemed to really care about both contestants' doing their best.
Nice job tonight Chris Wallace 👏🏼 Great questions & nice redirects when they tried to squirm out of an ans…
Watching it now recorded. Much better job than during debate for Chris Wallace. Tha Mook looks like a bag of arroga…
Did not know that reporter Chris Wallace is the son of reporter Mike Wallace, they look…
It's a bit late. But finally watching the final debate. Chris Wallace is killing it as a moderator.
You are a credit to your profession Bret, as is Chris Wallace. And of course Brit. & Tapper. That's all, sadly.
I think your confusing Hume with Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace nails it. Hillary jumped all over Trumps stolen tax returns yet critical of her illegal emails revealing…
Chris Wallace just had to silence the audience from laughing at Trump saying "No one has more respect for women than me."
GM Chris Wallace says Troy's combo of upside, versatility and availability to contribute right now simply too much to over…
Serial liar Mook tries to deflect $12million pay-to-play to king of Morocco to the Russians. Watch Chris Wallace's reaction…
Hey, Chris Wallace -if you think it's okay to put private emails out there, how about publishing yours?
Chris Wallace was week here. He should've said who cares where the information came from it was pay to play.
Chris Wallace Asking About Accusers with Melania and Bill in Debate Hall Was Awkward: qua
Tom Hanks didn't have that Chris Wallace squawk.
Tom Hanks -- I INSTANTLY knew he'd be Chris Wallace for this final debate skit.
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump:. "Chris, nobody respects women more then I do". Tom Hanks as Chris Wallace:. "Sett…
Tonight's debate moderator Chris Wallace says his model is not his father, the frisky Mike Wallace, but Jim Lehrer, th…
Good and welcome critique of Chris Wallace and more by John Nichols
Chris Wallace should be the next Jim Lehrer: moderating like 12 general election presidential debates. He was REALLY great.
Who knew that Chris Wallace would position himself in this cycle as the next Jim Lehrer of presidential debate mode…
All Pres. debates shld be held on w/Chris Wallace moderating just Jim Lehrer did for decades,BC truly fair&balanced!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Bravo Zulu to Chris Wallace for his professionalism moderating the last Presidential Debate last night.
Chris Wallace, should dress as Drew Carey, from for the debate tonight; because the rules are made up, and the vo…
Chris Wallace even tried to back her up because he's a corrupt journalists.
Hears research, Sheppard Smith,Meghan Kelly donated heavy to Clinton campaign, and look this up,Chris Wallace is a Democrat .
Chris Wallace is the New Jim Lehrer His Dad is smiling down on his proud.
Chris Wallace rocked that debate. We've found our new Jim Lehrer. He should do all the debates in 2020.
You say this as if Chris Wallace sent her the questions with *** pics attached
Chris Wallace misleading the American people. "Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit." - Ronald Reagan
Chris Wallace goes beast mode on night (because he's not a potted plant, people!)
aftermath..and I agree w/ Chris Wallace is the New Jim Lehrer
So true. He did a great job. Chris Wallace is the New Jim Lehrer
TBH Chris Wallace should become the new Jim Lehrer of debate moderators. Gold star performance.
MT Yes, an outstanding performance! His daddy, Mike, would have been so proud!. Chris Wallace is the New Jim Lehrer
I agree Bravo to Chris Wallace the real winner of the debate. He did a good job.
Watch: Chris Wallace had to shush the crowd after they laughed when Trump said "nobody has more respect for women than I do."…
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Chris Wallace did the best job of moderating a debate I have seen in a long time, maybe ever, especially with these two.
I gotta say, Chris Wallace has been killing it.
Hillary Clinton fell apart under basic questioning from Chris Wallace. That she's winning this election is both a tragedy a…
Can we agree that Chris Wallace is now the debate moderator of the future, a la Jim Lehrer? I mean,God willin & the creek don't rise.
The sniffling is better. Hillary brought it tonight, Chris Wallace was very good, Donald has run out of time, and lines.
Chris Wallace is the best moderator I've seen since Jim Lehrer; both are quintessential professionals
Chris Wallace: time for closing statements, Mr. Trump please say something positive about why you deserve the people's…
Tip of the cap to moderator Chris Wallace. Well done, sir
Chris Wallace should become the new Jim Lehrer in doing the 1st presidential debate for every debate.
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