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Chris Wade

Christopher Chris Wade is a former Whitewater real estate broker. He is currently retired, and his son Chris Wade, Jr.

Los Alamitos Long Island

The Ottawa Senators have invited Alexei Yashin to their alumni game on Parliament Hill. . Daniel Alfredsson, Chris…
They say it every single time he catches a pass it’s stupid
love you based god my favorite lineup was 2012 miami heat mario chalmers lebron Wade ray Allen chris bosh!! maybe b…
team with Damian Bates, Trey ebert, dwyane wade, chris paul, and Dwight Howard
My two favorite detectives on SVU, sorry Iceberg.😊
First fight up tonight is a rematch of a 2014 Ring of Combat title fight: Frankie Perez vs. Chris Wade
Remember him with Chris Bosh and D Wade? Lebron invented the term “super team”.…
BadLuckAsses. LeBron James, D.Wade and Chris Bosh you are all banned from ever coming to another Ducks home game or…
D wade and Korver are also off the bench and need to get their touches. It’…
D rose should come off the bench when he returns. He might contribute off the bench like D w…
Wade uses his dribble to get to the rim!
if Dwayne wade and Chris Bosh went to the Cavs and not lebron going to the heat
Miami meets Clemson as the Tigers come out of the chaos, Tigers simply wade through the trash talk.
LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are teaming up in Miami.
Wade gonna put Marc Gasol on a poster.
That’s am everywhere thing, we say that here in the states.
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team with chris bosh, Goku, wade carnes, Mr.crabs, and dan barnes
Today's snax is onion chop suey a la Chris Kluwe. Mix some trans fat with some smurves. Yum. Y now it's time for th…
I wish melo was unselfish as Wade is at end of day it’s bout sacrificing to win Melo Ego too big accept the fact th…
team with Mario, chris paul, wade carnes, lebron jordan, and jerry west
Lol Lebron with in his prime Dwayne Wade and In his prime Chris Bosh couldn’t beat past his prime dirk nowitzki and…
The next decade for the will resemble what the 2001-2008 Detroit Pistons looked like, only if they had dra…
Very excited for this show THIS SATURDAY evening 6pm featuring 4 of my fantastic stude…
My niggga wade turn into curry in the playoffs
TOMORROW Wade chats it up with The captian Steve O and The Kaiman Chris from Revolution Radio 2.0…
Wade aint have the jumper Mitchell does. never has, never will. He's strapped up
You can never really go wrong with Santana. The cover of Whole Lotta Love he did with Chris Cornell is incredible
The Departure of Kyrie, Wade & Zeke Thomas will play a MAJOR ROLES in & for
Would love Chris Harris to opt out and come rejoin Wade down in LA
Just watch some of his highlights he is just like rookie wade it’s so fun to watch him especially si…
And Lebron don’t got hofs on his team 😂 cmon na Kyrie Chris Bosh Kevin Love d wade ray Allen (he provi…
I don’t like Stevens hate on the Cavs this morning we going to the Ship! Peanut butter Jelly Lebron & Wade 🐐🐐
Hi i want Wade lebron and healthy bosh mike miller chris Andersen back to Miami also chalmers battier Haslem . wah
wade always had better supporting casts then Melo & they need to take Robeson out the starting lineu…
The Lancet wade in stating SAD offers no benefit , and recommending rehabilitation and other conservative measures. https:…
Yes I would but if LeBron didn’t have Kyrie, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love all in…
LeBron and Dwyane Wade know each other so well when the Bron need somebody to pass it to at the ra…
Since Bulls & Doug Collins are runnin in reverse anyway, make things easy and take Deng+Clarkson for Wade. Deng was son Chris's guy at Duke.
: Our last speaker is Chris Wade from Winning strategies creates value in
Our final speaker now is Chris Wade to round off our discussion
team with spongebob, Nick young, captin crunch, chris bosh, and dwyane wade
Lol he meant him Lebron Wade & Chris Paul they're group is called the brotherhood 😂
Lebron didn't go to Boston... but he went to Miami and played with Chris Bosh, Dwayne wade, Later r…
It took him 7 tries to get 3 rings even being paired with players like wade and bosh a…
No he wasn't you dealing with an aging d wade and the uncertainty of chris bosh. Not a much better upgrade but an u…
lol i actually didn't consider that they were talking about the heat LOL. chris bosh has aids and dwayne wade has n…
Wade Phillips calling Chris Watson a "punt catcher" is an all timer
We’re puttin’ on the B-Dubs Blitz to celebrate our 35th anniversary.
Yeah that’s more then Melo or Chris paul or de rozon or IT or John wall Or Jimmy butler or Wade
Polk in the Pros is coming to an end soon, but Wade Davis and Chris Sale have shots at postseason glory:
Bro chill brons the same *** who left Dwayne wade with an unhealthy Chris Bosh!!!
If LeBron could win without Wade or Kyrie why didn't he win be-nvm
I'll just say that I didn't see Chris Bosh or D.Wade chattering on about Lebron. Kyrie is passively saying 'we ain't friends'
Props to Manusky for having the defense prepared and attacking yesterday. Made Wade look like the inferior DC. Eating crow over here.
Is the Dwyane Wade shooting guard era over for the Miami Heat?
team with chris bosh, Goku, dwyane wade, jerry lucas, and larry bird
New post (UFC Fight Night Replay 2 Short clip of Chris Wade taking down Mehdi ...) has been published on me auto -…
can you please make The Quarters great again and dump Scotty? Dave, Mike, Sarge, *** I'd even take Chris Wade.
Chris better get his bank up to pay us
It looks like two local products will make it to the postseason: Wade Davis with the Cubs + Chris Sale with Boston.
the heat wasn't even a super team Dwayne wade wasn't in his prime and LeBron carried them all…
Chris Thompson is such a massive part of this offense
team with Nick young, wade carnes, chris bosh, Gavin young, and Shaq O'Neal
Lol now it's even since you trade raped 2 people
team with wade carnes, chris paul, jason Voorhes, Mario, and michael jordan
And the Big Three of the Miami Heat, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, always makes it fun!!!
will start Dylan Bundy, Kevin Gausman and Wade Miley vs. Boston has Doug Fister, Drew Pomeranz and Chris Sale.
FIRE! 🔥 Watch as LeBron & Wade square off back in 2006! LeBron finished with 47 and DWade with 44 in this epic duel! htt…
Hey, Chris. Are you still able to log in to your Origin account? -Wade
stud/Detroit Tigers RHP Prospect mentioned in recent article of
Statues MSU fans want built at Davis Wade Stadium:. - Dak Prescott. - Jace Christmann
Not only is Miss. State beating LSU, 30-7, entering the fourth. Davis Wade Stadium is ripping Tiger Stadium in music, noi…
that ur stupid if you think cause shreve has had one stretch that means he is gone. Judge is still g…
Peanut butter, jelly, and wheat bread . LeBron, D Wade , and Chris Bosh
Texas has to give Chris Warren the ball this drive. The guy is a monster
Chris Warren is 250 man. Why that play call
I saw the prelude stuff. I watched chris smoove play it. I'm gonna be a PG on the bulls and run the game with wade
Shreve is 27, 28 in July. Wade will be 23 next season.
FTFD would like to congratulate FF Chris Foltz and FF Wade Napier on being promoted to Firefighter last night at...
That Wade ad is gonna reach households w little coloured boys and they're gonna see a positive version of themselves on TV.
Looking at rest of lineup. Ellsbury is 0-for-9 vs. Sale. Gardner 2-for-12. So, Ell…
There were super teams in the 80s and 90s. LeBron, an aging wade, and a decent Chris Bosh…
Some great photos by Chris Wade of the GB men's squad at Caversham.
We makin a run rn, I'll be there in 2 and half hours
team with puss n boots, wade carnes, Caleb Barnes, dakota thompson, and chris paul
Donald Trump's incredibly unpresidential statement on Charlottesville | Analysis by CNN's Chris Cillizza
Forgot Joe Barry went with McVay to be Wade's LB coach
He was drafted before Carmelo, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade ... and is known as an iconic bust. Darko Milicic's story:.
one for innuendo bingo on the darts, apparently James Wade had to grind one out...
And lose to the mavs after they join D wade and Chris bosh
Wade Boggs joined the broadcast and talked about his beard, NESN, Chris Sale’s dominance and sabermetrics.
He also didn't join Dwayne wade and Chris bosh in Miami
Sorry to wade in here but we made similar complaints in September 2016, sad to see customer feedba…
Ok that's 2015 when LeBron left.what does this have to do with anything you headass? Chris avg close to…
team with kevin garnett, John wall, chris bosh, dwyane wade, and lebron jordan
Chris Paul now, Wade in their primes
DH/2B/3B. He would essentially replace Holliday but provide a lot more versatility & allow Wade to c…
Wade Miley is fiddling with a spike curve a la Chris Tillman, Jeremy Hellickson. It's quickly become an out pitch.
every time you guys speak of LBJ you say he is leaving next yr, what if he doesn't and Houston send Chris Paul over w/Wade
team with Russell westbrook, lebron jordan, chris paul, damian lillard, and dwyane wade
With Wade Miley at 39 pitches through two, the "Are we going to see Chris Tillman tonight?" threat level is orange.
Watching Chris Smith and Wade Miley pitch from this close is extremely underwhelming. I feel like I could hit these guys lolol
And d wade and Chris bosh were in decline 🤦‍♂️
One of the best movies ever made. This film is really underrated and everybody should watch it
The have announced their hiring of Wade Martin, formerly of WME IMG, as VP of Corporate Partnerships and ***
Dwyane Wade will be remembered as one of the greatest shooting guards of all-time.
and Chris Wade take a look at Friday's early Pick 4 at Los Alamitos. via
team with Vegeta, jason Voorhes, chris paul, dwyane wade, and Gavin young
team with dwyane wade, chris paul, John wall, batman, and Shaq O'Neal
Congratulations to Chris Jones for being awarded the Ken Wade thesis prize, very well done!!!
He hasn't had d wade, Chris bosh, ray Allen, kyrie, kevin love?
Why Melo look like a nugget Wade heated and Chris Bosh looking Jurassic😂
You spelled Abs wrong . but I probably say no because Wade will be bought out and I don't…
Deng and Ingram and brewer for Rondo and Wade (expiring and can help recruit boys to LA if he likes it)
team with chris bosh, dwyane wade, ross teeter, Goku, and joakim noah
I think so too, cuz if it don't work Chris Paul gone next year to meet up wit wade,bron, and melo
2018 staring line up pg. Chris Paul sg Dwyane Wade sf LeBron James pf Carmelo Anthony c Kristof PorZyngas put it on wax lol
Chris there are creative ways in which the Yankees could plug 1B. Headley, Wade, Refsnyd…
The once LBJ Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh were put together to form a super team in the east. They won 2 championships.
Some hot takes last night saying that Chris Paul, Carmelo, LeBron and Dwayne Wade will all be at the lakers the season after next
you may have called up Andujar, Wade, and Fowler, but I will not forgive you for resigning Chris Carter.
Heat introduce power trio of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh to fans
🤔😂😂😂 Do me a favor and submit my topics: Paul George, Wade, Melo, potential free agent fits, Billups..all far more…
2018 nba free agency lebron James Chris Paul Dwayne wade and Carmelo anthony(early termination option) the banana boat crew in full effect
Just seen a slingshot for the first time in awhile.reminds me when Wade took me & Chris to Walmart bought us both slingshots then took
Do you think Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony & LeBron James will play on the same team before they retire?
how you live in Florida and not like d.wade ? are you human ?
LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul are officially named to the All-NBA Finesse Team.
Donald Trump's bullying of Mika Brzezinski crosses a line | Analysis by Chris Cillizza
Watch Zion Wade and Chris Paul II's hilarious take on stats. SAP makes NBA stats so simple even a kid can understand.
14 years ago tonight, some people actually thought Darko Milicic was better than Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.
Jimmy Butler learned he got traded while playing spades with Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony https:…
Lebron, Chris Paul, Carmelo and D Wade all free agents end of next season
.really buried the lede in his great Wade Davis feature. Chris Sale, is that you??…
So LeBron, Chris Paul, Melo and Wade will all be free agents in 2018 now? 🤔
I am a big Fowler fan but don't get the call up at this time . We have 3 starting of plus…
Is it me or did Chris Paul make his contract expire at the same time as lebron and wade
In June, not Sept, have 9 players 24 or under on MLB roster, including Andujar/Fowler/Herrera/Wade at 22.
Fowler and Wade can add a.REAL speed demensio. The other two guys don't anymore
Because of CP3 opting in:. Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James will all be unrestricted free agents…
Frankie Perez, Chris Wade to Clash at UFC on Fox 25 in Long Island
team with dwyane wade, spider-man, jason Voorhes, klay thompson, and chris paul
yes d wade won a ring in 06 wit Shaq but after than he was swept by the bulls and bosh wasn't nothing but a stat stuffed
bruh really?? Kd joining a 73 win team is the same as Lebron joining wade and bosh. What did they do before Lebron??
In honor of the 10 year anniversary, the crew revisit Chuck & *** Bavetta's 'kiss' & look at more iconic smooc…
Butler,Wade, and the bulls are complete garbage
Will Wade, Greg Marshall, Chris Holtmann. All 3 could use this as their shot at competing in a tougher conference.
WINNER! James Wade with a strong performance to beat Adrian Lewis. Good win for the Machine!
Lebron went to Miami who missed playoffs,neither he or bosh had won and wade won 5 years prior, GSW WAS ALREADY ESTABLISHED
Tomorrow at Tejas Kitchen Bar Patio in Shreveport with Wade Reeves. We're on a mission from God. 6pm. Swing by...
Carmelo Anthony maintains a dream of playing with Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade. from OKC: featured in NBC s Science of Love
Anderson vs Wright. Lewis vs Wade. Taylor vs Barney. MvG vs Klaasen. Chizzy vs Huybrechts. 😍 Stand up, if you love the darts. https…
Chris, I think we have to count bullets. I agree, Wade
He has a tough got in the UFC. Losses to Gilbert Burns and Chris Wade who are both super legit. Then a loss to Josh Emmett...
team with Carmelo Anthony, chris bosh, kobe bryant, wade carnes, and frank jones
Should i sell my My IG for 350$? Dwyane wade and chris bosh follow me and it has 20k+ followers
I liked a video from Taj Gibson Poster! Multiple Lobs! Wade Ejected! Timberwolves vs
After a four-year run with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the Heat now lack star power and sizzle.
*D Wade stopped icing to come out and meet with Chris's kids, mostly his young son.
RESULT: James Wade wraps up a straight sets defeat of Ronny Huybrechts with a roof-raising 141 checkout!
Minimal disruption to training but Cats can’t wait for Chris to be back
LeBron James passed Moses Malone for eighth on the scoring list. Check out his all-time evolution
team with wade carnes, chris paul, homer, Trey ebert, and dan barnes
Wade Rifkin of CCOA on Developing Programmatic for Out of Home
"I'd even put Dwyane Wade ahead of him in the last 2 minutes." 🤔. - on LeBron's place in the Top 5 all-time pl…
Ohio State five-star cornerback commit Shaun Wade has been named USA TODAY's Defensive Player of the Year.
If you didn't play this as a kid did you even have a childhood?
The team will face Miami on Thursday, who have been sub par with no Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade.
😂ik. Bet he would give d wade that work😂
Dwyane Wade, Jimmy butler, and Chris bosh are about to make a new big 3
Y'all remember when Miami had Wade, LeBron and Chris Bosh?
team with Caleb Barnes, Deandre jordan, dwyane wade, chris paul, and kevin durant
Edge and Chris Jericho on John Cena burying Wade Barrett: via
Suprun hired a PR firm and that means he's making money from his fake resume?
LeBron passes Moses for 8th in all-time scoring. breaks down clips of old LeBron vs. new LeBron --->…
Alex Erickson thought he was taking this to the house... Chris Boswell had other plans. 72-yard return!
How many emails did you have to wade through on your quest?
Apologies, but there's a lot of angry buzzing to wade through.Look up Cox & (al nusra)White Helmets
Trevin Wade and teammates out tonight to help launch his foundation. Raising money for needy children. Good work by all h…
Chris Bosh update:. Dwyane Wade says it's not the same health scare and Coach Spo says he will be back shortly. Sounds…
team with jahlil okafor, Carmelo Anthony, Vegeta, chris bosh, and wade carnes
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so LeBron Jordan, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade are not better than Jordan, Pippen and Rodman? You are high
Chris Wade talks UFC Hidalgo: ‘I wanted to fight at Madison Square Garden’
Dwyane Wade, Heat now must adjust after messy breakup (via The culture is the thing.
FTW: 4 MLB trades that won’t happen but should - Chris Sale to the Dodgers, among others.         
Wade was doing all the work, ofc. And played under 40 mins. 39, okay, but LBJ about 44. Even Chris Bosh better
At his best, Dwyane Wade was a better player than Kobe Bryant.
MLB deadline trades that should happen
Latest on the starting pitching market, from last night: featuring Dodgers, Chris Sale, Yankee…
team with chris paul, wade carnes, stewie, Caleb Barnes, and lebron jordan
🚨 Four stars kicked off the with a powerful call for in 😱
New post: "FTW: MLB trades that won't, but should, happen"
Chris Sale, Sonny Gray, Rich Hill, Chris Archer all on the trading market
FTW: MLB trades that won't, but should, happen
I be trying to hit up wade zubair Chris *** even Ricky
Chris Sale to the Dodgers and other MLB deadline trades that should happen - For The Win
Update your maps at Navteq
Post times this week at Los Al: . Friday 7pm. Saturday 7:30pm. Sunday 6:30pm. Check out Chris Wade's picks for Friday:
Confident Chris Wade wants to fight top of the UFC's 'Russian list,' Khabib Nurmagomedov
aims to continue climb towards Top 15 via
team with jahlil okafor, michael jordan, dwyane wade, chris paul, and Shaq O'Neal
Bron, Durant, Steph, Wade, Duncan, KG, Dirk, Chris Paul off the top of my head. Maaaybe Kawhi and Dwight.
JR Smith wants a spot saved for him for when Carmelo, LeBron, Chris Paul, and Wade team up.
Wade said Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem were the loudest voices in the huddle between Q4 and OT.
*** d Wade and Chris bosh were not in their prime. 2005-09 Wade was prime not 2012 when Lebron came..
you're wrong because Chris bosh, Ray Allen and Wade were all also past their prime
My story: Miami says Chris Bosh out for remainder of playoffs; Wade says Bosh has never been a distraction https:/…
Long Island's Chris Wade is on a 6 fight win streak and taking his UFC division by storm! Wil we witness number...
What team in the east would've beat a team with DWayne Wade, Paul George, and chris bosh from 2011-2014 season? I'll wait
D-Wade on Chris Bosh's ordeal: 'I feel for him, and that makes me not want to take any of these moments for granted' https…
wade ain't no LeBron & Chris Bosh out for the rest of the playoffs
Wade on potential of facing LeBron in playoffs: "You talk to me after we get four wins in this series. Then I'll answer…
Wow so Chris bosh is really out for the remainder of the playoffs... Welp guess Wade just gotta keep on doin what he doin
Is he sure? Wade is clutch and will play harder than anyone in the league against you.
Dwyane Wade on Chris Bosh's health- 'One of my best friends not able to be out there.I'm sure it's killing him.'
LeBron James says he'd take pay cut to play with Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul via
How LeBron and Melo's dream team could happen (but won't)
I was Finna put you but she just made me CRY g
Tune in now and listen to talking about 'The Mask of Masculinity' at
Yes, Chris Beard after just 1 year at UALR & rumors of Wil Wade being considered at Vandy. UNLV is also "guilty"
Chris "Wade did good today, lets dog on Joe Johnson" Wittyngham lol
All this talk about Lebron James, D-Wade, and Chris Paul going to New York with Melo got me like...
LeBron James Wants his own Dream Team with Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul.
Dwayne Wade has a 38% usage rate this season in 396 minutes without Goran Dragic and Chris Bosh. via
Exactly.they tore Tiger, D. Wade, Chris Brown and dem to SHREDS 😭
So what did Future, Chris Brown, Dwayne Wade, etc. prove about these *** 🤔
Gawking a natural byproduct of unique NBA career
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Ever since Chris brown got cheated on it was never safe for any of us
Nice article, but needs an editor who'll cut the first 7 paragraphs for double the impact.
Gawking a natural byproduct of James' unique NBA career
speaks & we all listen, the most disappointing team this year?, on & more in the Tip:
Great choke from Chris Wade! Televised prelims open up with 2 RNCs .
Freeman Health, CEI (Scott & Chris Wade), Phil and Tiffany Slinkard, and Beimdiek Insurance donated to the future...
Dodson And Fogg's Chris Wade has teamed up with Nigel Planer (that's Neil from the Young Ones (!)) and Nigel's...
One week til I'm hanging out with these little guys in Kenya again. can't wait Fiona Plush Chris Wade...
Chris Brown is on almost every song that plays on the radio. It's crazy.
the big 3? Who are chris bosh and Dwayne wade without LEBRON JAMES?!?!
Yep. were STACKED! How bout we give the mamba some credit. No D Wade, Ray Allen, or Chris bosh on this team.
poured a eighth of Kobe Bryant mixing purple with yellow
Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, LeBron James, & Carmelo Anthony are here at Atlantis rn😎
Pat Riley: "What if I told you the whole squad comes back plus Justise Winslow AND you can get 20 mil?". D Wade: http:/…
Chris bosh n a hurt wade better than gasol n Bynum and bron had better role players
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Imma shoot at you, but cop my mixtape.😂🌚👀
When Bron first got to Miami, D. Wade, and Chris Bosh were considered top 10 players.
.& Wade Davis have been named to the AL team. We now have 6 representing in Cincinnati!
My boys D-Wade and Chris Bosh are gonna school both of em
Man I really hope we see Wade vs LeBron in a playoff series
ATM vs ABM ...I wasn't even Finna post this but here yall go watch closely
Chris Wittyngham & Josh Friedman at saying that Wade is not a game changer and also not ending his carry in Miami... Dumbs
Congratulations to Wade Davis and Chris Sale on making the All Star line up
Next on his list: a bunch of Dierks, some Easton, Chris Stapleton, Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Will Hoge.
Dwyane Wade's mansion with his customized pool 😍🏀
Congratulations to Wade Davis, Chris Sale and on being named to the 2015 MLB All-Star Game Roster!
Chris Bosh congratulated Dwyane Wade while riding an alpaca
he could of had to it was suppose to be D Wade Lebron and Carmelo but he didn't wanna take a pay cut so Chris Bosh did it
Chris I'm his father and I'm also, but I have been at all the camps, he has been the best there.
Lebron and Wade MADE a squad to win rings. Kobe couldnt even get Chris Paul. remember that BLOCKED TRADE?
Buy Miche Bag Online!
That's definitely a fair point. He's not going to waive off Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh. Or, he might - once.
Now i said chris bosh wack like he's not better than she wade 😴
Have you seen this? Win a private dinner party in your own home cooked by Chef Chris
Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade are the 2 historically overrated current NBA players.
yeah Lebron had D-Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen all future Hall of Fame as well
first of all Kobe had show and d fisher lebron had wade and bosh who has Chris had Blake?
.Deflection, Deny, Deceit + other nefarious tactics by folks that unintelligent low info voter can't wade thru.
Dwyane Wade burns fan who says LeBron James carried him:
Tune in to Fine Folk 7.00pm 2nd June on to hear Alan Ritson's interview with Chris Wade re: Beverley Folk Festival
Here are Chris Wade's selection for Friday's races at Los Alamitos: Pick 6 Carryover $33,351.
+UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship 's Chris Wade talks about the importance of training in the Gi, Chris is a …
Title track from IN A STRANGE SLUMBER on You Tube, starring jack Napier as Rick Wakeman on acid and Chris Wade
Islip's Chris Wade (becomes the 4th former New York State high school wrestling champion in the
Lou Neglia’s Brings the Next Generation of MMA Fighters To Atlantic City New Jersey September 19th For Ring of Combat 49 Ring of Combat Continues Its Strong History of Sending Its Fighters to the UFC As ROC Lightweight Champ, Chris Wade, Is Officially Off the ROC 49 Card And Now On The UFC 177: Dillashaw Barao Card Lou Neglia’s professional mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion Ring of Combat returns to the world-famous Tropicana Resort & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 19th with a stacked, 14-bout fight card, featuring 4 title fights! ROC 49 was originally scheduled with 5 title fights but that changed this past weekend as ROC lightweight champ, Chris Wade, received the call that all professional MMA fighters dream of. Wade, who was already contractually obligated to defend his title at ROC 49, was asked to compete on the UFC 177: Dillashaw Barao card by UFC matchmakers. Seeing the possible contract dilemma at hand, Wade’s team called Lou Neglia to give him the news. In typical fashio ...
you can make a case that Ray Allen has been more valuable than D Wade in the playoffs the last 2 yrs. No?
Chris Bosh gets caped by Lebron and Wade
Alumn Chris Wade rocking it at a gala in La with Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Awesome job.
Taking Mason to school...then gonna go see my brother Chris Wade!!!
"I like watching this Heat vs. Nets series, because my boys Chris Bosh and Paul Pierce are playing."-Justin Wade 2014
LeBron plays 3 quarters and has Ray, Wade and Bosh to save him in the 4th. KD has RW that he has to fight with lol
Amazing game today, good job and Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, Chris Anderson , Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade & Miami
Idk if we play the Brows but if we do I hope Johnny does work and breaks Clowney's ankles and throws 8 TDs
It's hot af in my house and my momma talking about open the windows😒
Ever walked past somebody who look good😍🙈 & you turn around to look & y'all both looking 🙉😩😏
Chris Bosh totals 18, 6 boards, 3 blocks. Wade with 14. Ray Allen with 13, 3-5 from the arch.
I have the two best son in laws in the world. Love you Chris Wade and Randy Fahnestock. I don't know what I would do without yall in my life.
Wade launches the lob from half court to LBJ for the flush on TNT
Getting in a car accident BLOWS! But on the other hand I got a kayak today so I'm not as mad
That was like when the pistons selected darko millicic over Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne wade, and Chris bosh,
So the Texans are saying Clowney is better than Brooks Reed, JJ Watt, or Whitney Mercilus?! And Ryan Fitzpatrick is better than Manziel...ok
Ashamed to call myself a Houston Texan fan rn
For a player in only his 11th year, D-Wade looks terrible! What's happened to him? Certainly not in the "Big 3" club anymore.
To anyone who thinks Clowney was a smart choice for the Texans, get ready to earn the overall first round pick next year too!
LeBron and d wade just flopped in under 10 seconds
I've been hit twice. Both were by foreign me it's not just a stereotype. It's factual.
How does Dwayne Wade, a shooting guard, have a less consistent jump shot than Chris Bosh(power forward) ?
Chris Berman points out last two picks in draft were Gamecocks...Justice Cunningham last year and Jadeveon Clowney this y…
Chris look like Wade off of Kim possible
Jadeveon Clowney, Brian Cushing and JJ Watt bout to do damage this year 💯😈🔊🏈
Chris Bosh shooting a lower percentage is not because he is taking a backseat to LeBron and Wade.
Lebron and bosh are hands down the best two players on this team. Why does wade keep getting more recognition?
Chris bosh is and will be the 2nd of the big 3. Wade has been hurt and ineffective
Chris Bosh is fantastic. LeBron and Wade playing terribly and Miami is within two because of him.
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