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Chris Waddle

Christopher Roland Chris Waddle (born 14 December 1960 in Felling, Tyne and Wear) is a former footballer from England.

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Lemala make Chris waddle look right footed. Oh and he's useless.
Chris Christie should waddle for office ;) To run 4 office is asking too much
Chris Waddle during the World Cup "Diego Costa will struggle in the Premier League, going to be too physical for him" expert an…
I Sherwood love to stick me Jermain Jenas up your Gary Mabbutt and make you Chris Waddle.
he's like Chris Waddle or James Milner scruffy but effective IMO
When discussing hair, and discussing it we shall be, my dear, we can´t get past Chris Waddle in any ordinary fashion. h…
And long may Mr Chris Waddle be a legend in his own right!
So you're saying Chris Waddle was NOT a thing of magnificence?
Chris Waddle is also a legend at He still lives there. you refer to had a lot of local lads. It was their Club.
Chris Waddle apparently said on radio Westwood is worth 15-20pts for Owls. Can't disagree. Sure plenty of fans would say worth £15-20m
Well done Chris Waddle for saying on Radio 5 just how expensive tickets were for Wednesday fans today ! £45 for Elland Road,no thanks...?
No surprise Chris Waddle saying Wednesday shaded it !!! on drugs me thinks .
Waddle actually said Ashley isn't normal ?.. Chris isn't talking from a position of strength, really, bless him
On Five Live, Chris Waddle said Pardew would be gone at any other club and that "Ashley isn't normal."
Listening to Chris Waddle on 5Live - People of a Geordie persuasion should say 'Sweeper Keeper' more often...
Chris Waddle probably thinks someone should have a "pelanty"
Back under way at Elland Road. Chris Waddle thinks substitutes will break the deadlock. Are there goals in this game?. 0 - 0
Chris Waddle: There doesn't seem to be an out and out poacher at the moment. We're not seeing enough quality. 0 - 0
. Hi Alex, listening to the match in 5Live. Chris Waddle is singing your praises!! Have a great season mate
Neil "Razor" RUDDOCK, Ossie ARDILES, Clive Allen, Chris WADDLE... All the Spurs of 1987-88 season in stickers :
Chris Waddle player manager of Hallam Sunday is raring to go Sandygate 11am ko all welcome
Wondered if any other 30+ year old play 5 a side and still pretend to be Chris Waddle
Chris Waddle hit the nail on the head during the World Cup.
Didn't understand a word Mauricio Pochettino was saying, expected him to end with "Chris Waddle"
prepare to spend an evening with Chris Waddle ->
Fox Sports have Peter Drury (main) and summariser is Chris Waddle, ex-Newcastle, Sheff Wed, England & Pizza Hut!
Fox Sports has Peter Drury and Chris Waddle commentating Liverpool Everton, brilliant just brilliant
Peter Drury and Chris Waddle. The accountants for the Vs
John Murray and Chris Waddle are masters on Radio 5 - but should they be used more on TV?
Chris Waddle: "If Ryan Shawcross had joined Arsenal instead of Chambers, he would be in the England squad now." 
"If Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross went to Arsenal instead of Calum Chambers he'd be in the squad tonight." - Chris Waddle
I fear that The Green Wing would sail over their heads like a Chris Waddle penalty. (That's a much better football joke.)
'On This Day in Spurs History - August 8th' 1986 - Tottenham took a side down to Brighton to play in Gerry Ryan's testimonial. Spurs won 4-0 with two goals from Mark Falco and two from Chris Waddle. The side also featured the following: Clemence, Danny Thomas, Ardiles, Hughton, Roberts, Miller, Mabbutt, Howells, Galvin, Stevens and Clive Allen, who despite not finding the target in this pre-season match, did find it on 49 occasions once the season officially kicked off. David Pleat went on to coach a very fine Tottenham team that season that challenged on three fronts only to end up empty-handed. I was privileged to watch them several times during that campaign and they were a truly great Spurs team. Let's have a nod to the fabulous 86-87 side with a like or two.
In 1987 Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle had a hit single with 'Diamond Lights', and performed on Top of the Pops.
Listening to Glenn Hoddle & Chris Waddle's song Diamond Lights again, it's MEGA.
wants me to put em on a shelf in his bedroom under his David Hirst, Chris Waddle & Hillsborough paintings!!
As if I didn't see Chris Waddle in Players last night 😐
they forgot the sir in front of chris. SIR chris waddle
Iomandra for 5E?: Does anyone think Chris Perkins will ever release world and story gameplay and information a...
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In the war of words between Chris Conte and "Waddle and Silvy", I'm not really sure who I root for
I like the way wood pigeons waddle around. Which in turn makes me think of Chris Waddle. He kind of lollopped around rather than waddled.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
lol got my picture taken with Chris Waddle and it was in the chronicle once lol:)
Okay, but Chris Waddle is there, in the background?. For £5010, 6 pack of monster munch and Leyton Orient season ticket.
When you make Chris Masters look average, you’re a monster.: submitted by Flint_Ironstag87 [link] [10 comments]
James scores, 4 0 Man Utd Lead , maybe a back 3 is the way forward as Chris Waddle has been saying for years
I'm sure that was Chris Waddle on the leccy guitar!
Got mugged off by Chris Waddle in the match today, nut megged me and lot😂⚽️
If the Spanish did this some risqué British comedians would mock it with phrases like Scorchio & Chris Waddle
Chris Waddle to Torquay United. Back when Chris Evans was rumoured to be staging a takeover!
MetsFan4Ever is Chris Jericho: I just recalled Chris Jericho told the exact same story you did about Vince and...
Exclusive 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Clip: Chris Pratt Finally Plays the Smartest Guy in the Room: submitted...
How many haircuts is Sharon attempting in ? She looks like Chris Waddle
All day I've had Chris Waddle's words in my head: "We never never never learn" True for the football, true for the cricket.
"oh look Chris Waddle's penalty kick is up here"
Watching YouTube videos of Chris Waddle at Marseille. Just amazing.
local hero. Him and Chris Waddle tie.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Chris Waddle. What's she playing at trying to kick off at him
Fantastc rant from today on about the poor England performance! Well done lad! The Chris Waddle of cricket!
Penguins spend as much as 75% of their lives at sea, but all penguins mate, nest and give birth on land or sea ice.
That's abject by England. Only one thing for it - the Boycs verdict on Should rival Chris Waddle on England's World Cup exit
Does Michael Vaughan's post-failure England rant make him the Chris Waddle de nous jours?
good news for english footy fans Stuart Pearce, Chris Waddle, Gareth Southgate, Paul Ince and David Batty have all been awrded
Remember in the early 90s, we signed a big name,Chris Waddle(GOD) and the rest followed. Why cant we do that again? Just 1 big name!!!
and it's great to see you're following and spurs step over lollipop legend Chris Waddle!!!
I went to Sea World once and stood next to Chris Waddle. I didn't sign for Spurs though!!
Chris Waddle, too, was supposed to have been pretty languid but very good on the ball.
Jeff Tweedy solo album called 'Diamond Light'. Thus far I've not been able to establish whether Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle are involved.
So We've finally signed Debuchy. Seems though that after 18 months at Newcastle he still cant speak English. A bit like Chris Waddle really.
Chris Waddle: "Suarez has to get severely punished. There will be people who will defend him, I don't know why. Make him wear a gumshield."
Last nights dreaming mostly consisted of Chris Waddle and being drunk in a bar only wearing boxers.
I wonder what Chris Waddle has seen?
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Kevin Steen! Chris Hero! Christopher Daniels! Check out what we came up with for these 3 big matches on Sunday...
. Chris Waddle,Paul Parker,Des Walker only average.Gascoigne the only one worth paying to see.
Gov chris Christie has announced he won't run for president. However he will waddle.
Chris Waddle up next.ohhh hits the bar...
Kind of Alan Hansen to admit he was wrong about But it was Chris Waddle, the crowing cockerel, who started all that rubbish
Chris Pratt tried out for both James T. Kirk and Avatar’s Jake Sully: submitted by NikKnack [link] [comment]
TV Show Idea "Hoddle, Waddle, Boyle and Trouble". Glenn and Chris and Susan are three witches plotting bad things on a…
How the Velociraptors and Chris Pratt may be handled in Jurassic World (POTENTIAL SPOILERS): Potential spoiler...
i thought it was chris waddle? "Hansen says he was wrong to say Walcott did not have a football brain
In Manchester airport and pretty sure I've just seen Chris Waddle. Great start to the holiday
Just posted Part 2 of our Gaming in Kazakhstan series by Chris Rogers to the Gamerati blog: submitted by e...
why is Chris waddle flying the plane?
So Chris Waddle was the man to fly the world champions home...
'Chris Waddles' Former England Star Chris Waddle mimics the walks of various wildfowl around the Wetlands of the UK.
Chris Jericho is doing everything John Cena failed to do against Bray Wyatt: During Cena's feud with Wyatt, he...
- that's pretty bad Chris, I thought youd have gone for Waddle in Chernobyl
Goodluck Cheryl Eth Eth Eth Butros Garlee Chris Waddle Cole. (Them two are far to flippin good looking to last) :)
Never knew John Lennon and Chris Waddle were related...
That's what Chris Waddle was saying during the World Cup, spoke a lot of sense.
Chris Waddle on Thomas Müller: "If you make 20 runs, you might get one chance, and he’ll make every one of those 20 runs." [2/2]
Chris Waddle on Thomas Müller: "He gets his chances because of his honesty and endeavor." [1/2]
When the second half starts apparently Chris Waddle is going for a lie down in the disabled toilet
Team of the tournament as chosen by BBC Sport pundits Alan Shearer, Chris Waddle, Rio Ferdinand & Tim Vickery.
Chris Waddle did something similar. He just really enjoyed scoring goals!
When the BBC pundits on the beach went through team of the World Cup... What bar did they pull Chris Waddle from?
who's reactions mine and yours? I'm thinking I'm chris waddle and yours is the shearer 😂
I'm pretty sure me and my friend don't turn into Alan Shearer and Chris Waddle
So If Chris Waddle hadn't blazed the Penalty over, Germany instead would win in '94, making them 54, '74, '94 and '14, OCD perfection
I'd say so. Although Chris Waddle's 3 pointer was a highlight!
CHRIS WADDLE on James Rodriguez: "I would let him play a free roaming role. Give him the shirt, ball and let him play.
This has penalties all over it. . Bad memories. . They definitely shouldn't let Chris Waddle or Da…
get Chris waddle in to replace Alan
Chris Jericho Interview with Michael Cole: submitted by Daddyshangout [link] [comment]
Period from 1989 to 1991 where one of greatest footballers in the world was English and his name was Chris Waddle.
the death of Tika-Taka v Holland. And Chris Waddle ranting.
People forget how sick this guy was | CLASSIC CHRIS WADDLE CHIP - beats Dave Beasant in 5-aside game!: via
"Rolando's been given a second yellow for arguing with the life support. er, the linesman" - CHRIS WADDLE
q5 No, he declined and Chris Waddle took it and missed
Did Chris Waddle say he wanted a Holland v West Germany final on 5Live just now? I have some distressing news for him...
more chance of Chris waddle scoring a penalty
'Its Goodbye' performed by Glenn Hoddle & Chris Waddle 1987 yeah it gets better !
Welcome to ESSENTIAL! IS! JERICHO!!: Chris Jericho is one of the most charismatic and successful wrestlers in ...
Chris Waddle: "I'd rather play for my Sunday League team than - It's your Pint Sized
Alan Green and Mike Ingham (last match). Hoping that Chris Waddle provides the expert view. Give me anytime.
How is Chris Waddle qualified in any way whatsoever to criticise anyone about penalties/pelanties?
pelanties in the words of Chris Waddle 😂
is this an actual word in the north east. My football hero, Chris Waddle, says it on TV and radio a lot.
Chris Waddle is very good on the radio
A shootout to decide who plays in a World Cup final. Why do I think Chris Waddle will struggle to sleep tonight?
As Chris waddle would say great pelanties
Chris Waddle and Gareth Southgate suddenly not feeling so bad about themselves.
Chris Waddle's penalty has just flown past my window.
Chris Waddle and Stuart Pearce are sitting at home now staring into space
Chris Waddle says the match has gone to PELANTY's.
"Looking at how the game went, we should have started with penalty kicks." Chris Waddle
Can't believe they're deciding a World Cup semi final by a lottery! Hang on... what? But Chris Waddle said... Is it not a... Oh.
In the words of Chris Waddle, time for pelantees
Pleased I'm not listening to Radio 5 Live, Chris Waddle is co-commentator!
penalties, or as Chris Waddle would say, pelanties. Who would have thought it.
And now, as Chris Waddle would say, 'pelletnies'
As Chris Waddle would say. it's gone to pelanties!
As Chris waddle would say,pelantees...
exactly, we've successfully seen off this dirge, and now as Chris Waddle would say "peletnies".
Chris Waddle and Alan Green of - yawn... Imagine replaying this whinefest 20 years hence.
Heading towards the inevitable pelanty shoot-out. Word to Chris Waddle.
To keep things interesting, I might have to turn over to just to hear Chris Waddle call them 'pelanties'
One of the highlights of this World Cup has been the whole Punditary team especially, Brad Friedal, Chris Waddle &
Amazes me every time that Cannavaro doesn't say "Chris Waddle" every time they ask for his opinion
Great quote from Chris Waddle on 5Live - "The lads gone down - he's not injured, he's just collapsed with boredom."
Great punditry from Chris Waddle. . "Do you want to say anything, Chris?". Chris Waddle "No".
Rojo looks little bit like the offspring of Chris Waddle?
I've got ITV with 5 Live comms.Chris Waddle "He's not down hurt, he's fainted with boredom" :))
is it still going on, got the radio on in background but not listening. Cant stand Chris Waddle.
Rodrigo Palacio has one of the worst haircuts I have ever seen. Worse than Chris Waddle's 80s mullet effort.
blame Chris Waddle he's co commentator
Not bothered with Wendyball 4 many years due 2 the cheating but Chris Waddle, in particular, makes it v bearable on the radio.
Chris Waddle on radio:"The player isn't down because he's injured,it's because he's collapsed from boredom".I think he was joking!
yes, they always tell the truth and Chris Waddle is brilliant
As Chris Waddle would say, this game's going to pelanties.
Chris Waddle on "the Dutch player has collapsed with boredom"
Ditched switched to Chris telling it like it is, as usual.
Player injured, "Yeah, he's followed through." - Chris Waddle . Yeah, thanks for that Chris. *doughnut pending*
Chris Waddle excellent on 5 live, far better then that helmet Townsend.
"Waddle: "Where is He's not made any runs whatsoever" keep watching Chris, this is his night Chr⚽🏆
MT for "Chris Waddle: "Messi went around the wall and not through it. Normally he goes over it..."
Chris Waddle starting to look like Jon Voight
Chris Waddle's hair is terrible. Did he use marker pen?
*** is Chris Waddle dying his hair with, looks like he rubbed it with a marker pen
I'll take Willian, John Terry, Chris Waddle, Gareth Southgate, David Batty and a blindfolded Stuart Pearce over all of these players!
Sly dig from Lineker there? 1990: "Bobby Robson got us all together: the four of us who volunteered, and Chris Waddle". Get her!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Gary Lineker just said the saddest words in English World Cup history: "The four of us who volunteered, and Chris Waddle."
Chris Waddle tucks Robbie Savage in at night
Gary Lineker appears to have forgiven Chris Waddle for costing him the chance to play in a World Cup final.
is Chris Waddle turning into a grumpy old (slightly overweight) man?
Love trying to decipher Chris Waddle on I really hope there's a penalty to discuss in this match!
I watched three young lads having a kick about earlier. It made me think back to my own youth always kicking a ball about with the lads. Back then we were always being Bryan Robson, Gary Lineker, John Barnes, Peter Beardsley, Chris Waddle, Glenn Hoddle or of course the ultimate Gazza. Basically any English football star and there were many to pick from. Soon we had Shearer, Sheringham, Pearce and such. However these lads were Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo. Not once did they claim to be an English player. And that says a *** of a lot about where we rank these days
Also, why can't Lee Dixon say the word 'tackle'? Is it a gimmick like Chris Waddle's pelanties (which, btw, John Hartson has hijacked)?
If you missed Chris Waddle vent his frustrations on last night, here you go: . …
oh dear I've just agreed with Chris 'penaltymiss' Waddle :(
Chris Waddle hit the nail on the head with his comments on the English national side. Anyway its done...Who to follow now.. Costa Rica?
Paul Gascoigne and Chris Waddle salute the England fans after their World Cup elimination by Germany in 1990.
Chris Waddle's rant on is spot on. The Premier League is as much to blame for the squad's shortcomings as anything else.
Need to see the Chris Waddle interview...
Chris Waddle is absolutely spot on here. Great rant
"We never ever ever learn." Chris Waddle's excellent rant after the England game
'WE NEVER EVER LEARN' - Chris Waddle vents about the England team's early World Cup exit. -
Chris Waddle England rant. It's like the queens speech for England at tournaments quality via
Chris Waddle pretty wound up, but spot on about the England team
I love Chris Waddle's biennial rants about the England team. He's right every time. He was right the first time and not…
"The Premier League is a great advert for our football but it does our national team no good whatsoever." - Chris waddle
& Chris Waddle need to get off the sanctimonious pundit chair & effect a change, manage a club, show…
Chris Waddle 'fed up' as Former England winger blames Premier League via great article and so true
Back To The Shack (again) 430 Let's hope we fare better in Russia in 2018. Our playing in this year's tournament was in the same league as John Barnes' rap in this song. He was selected to perform it after a contest with other players including Peter Beardsley, Paul Gascoigne, and Chris Waddle. Gazza doing it in Geordie would have been great.
Someone get Chris Waddle involved in our footballing rebirth. That man needs an outlet. Hard to argue with his passionate plea for progress.
Chris Waddle rants about England's World Cup exit. they Never Ever Learn...
I heard my mate chris waddle rant , some of our younger players in this country would do well to listen to legend , has…
.flagged this up. An incredibly passionate, honest, fiery Chris Waddle on England. Must listen
“Listen as Chris Waddle lets rip after last night's match
Chris Waddle,s rant on England's World Cup!! He's hit the nail on the head! Must listen!..
Excellent piece from Neil Ashton in the Mail..Ave some of that you losers.Also Chris Waddle's spot-on rant on BBC sporf..
Wow! YES SIR! Chris Waddle shows how to properly pundit:
Luck to them but the chris waddle of this world are a dyeing breed .absolute legend and a truly world class player and …
Chris Waddle is 'fed up' with England's mentality and player selection, as the former Three Lions winger lays into Roy Hodgson's side after their Uruguay defeat.
Chris Waddle: "Glen Johnson has always had a weakness at defending." Arf.
.Chris Waddle, who played in last WCup team I can say I was proud of, is spot on: …
I didn't want to talk about last night but this is spot on from Chris Waddle … Agree?
Here are a few pictures from Day 6 at the World Cup which included a radio show on the beach with Chris Waddle, police and coconuts, a Spanish press conference, a Brazil game & a little trip to the Maracana!
On Five Live. Mark Chapman: "We're about to hear an interview with Gary Neville.". Chris Waddle: "Why?". MC "Do you know we're live?". CW "No."
In 1990 in a semi final Vs West Germany, Paul Gascoigne was booked which meant he would miss the final should England have progressed. The game famously went to penalties & Gazza who was still distraught at his earlier yellow handed his spot kick duty to Chris Waddle.most unfortunate sequence of events ever cos I firmly believed that team would beat Argentina in the resulting final.
Diamond Lights Re Release for the World Cup 2014. WATCH WATCH WATCH! SHARE SHARE SHARE! Glenn Hoddle,Chris Waddle and friends staring in the Raising Money for Marie Curie Available on ITunes the Link to watch the video and spot the Football Legends and Celebrities
World Cup 2014- 'England We Love You' Remake of the 1987 classic football hit,'Diamond Lights' sung originally by Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle, written and ...
OPINION OF EXPERTS ON THE LIKELY WINNERS OF BRAZIL 2014 :Gary Lineker: I just get a feeling this might be Lionel Messi's time, and Argentina's World Cup. They are a bit lightweight defensively but have a good coach in Alejandro Sabella and some brilliant forward players. I think Messi was saving himself the last few months of the season and he will take some stopping. And they have got a nice easy group so will probably get to the knock-out stages without wasting too much energy. Alan Shearer: I'm going for Brazil. They had a great Confederations Cup and have a manager in Luiz Felipe Scolari who has done it all before. If Neymar performs, which he did last summer, then they have a great chance. Chris Waddle: Spain and Argentina will go close but my pick is Brazil. They are the hosts and they have a very powerful squad. They are on a mission as well because of all the problems and protests there have been over whether they should be hosting the World Cup and is it money wasted or not. I think they have got ...
When asked who will win the World Cup?, the studio pundits Gary Lineker et al Alan Shearer, Chris Waddle all say Brazil will win. Good vote of confidence then for our lads.
The BBC Sport pundits predict who they think will win the FIFA World Cup as the tournament prepares to kick off. Rio Ferdinand, Phil Neville, Martin Keown and Gary Lineker feature, along with Danny Mills, Chris Waddle, Danny Murphy, Jason Roberts and Brad Friedel. Who do you think is going to win? Get the latest news at
Just been told by an enthusiastic worker at RTS that the World Cup is like Christmas coming on Thursday. Not sure if everyone feels that keen about the takeover of media being obsessed by football. Are you entered in any sweepstakes and if so which teams did you get. I have Italy and not sure if that is a likely to win being Argentina and Brazil seem favourites according to the likes of Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, Phil Neville and Chris Waddle. Well if this is Christmas coming I haven't got my turkey and no one is getting presents. However plenty of beverages and BBQ's are planned. Come on Italy!! Oh and England of course.
Imagine England had Chris Waddle and John Barnes on the wing now.
We all love a big match penalty shoot out. . Apart from Stuart Pearce, Chris Waddle, Gareth Southgate, David Batty, John Terry etc
Roy Hodgson has already decided who is to blame for England's World Cup exit. With just weeks to go before the tournament, the 66 year old has declared that he has a clear idea who will be taking the flak for England's limp elimination in Brazil. "Everybody needs to know their role in the squad, from leaking information to the press, or forming a disruptive dressing-room clique, to giving a penalty away against Costa Rica. We've got lucky in the past by coming up with last-minute hate figures like Chris Waddle and David Beckham. But this time we're leaving nothing to chance. Hodgson's choice is still under wraps, but reliable former scapegoat Emile Heskey is being touted for a recall. Hodgson said "The biggest challenge is where I don't point the finger, there's so many players I can count on to let me down, whether through incompetence, naivety, or our old-fashioned blend of arrogance and fear, that picking just one scapegoat wont be easy. Its important that we don't spread the blame, though, No-one want ...
Cant seem to see either Chris Waddle or Gary Stevens in the England squad..
Remember this kid trying his luck at Sheffield Wednesday v Chris Waddle.. he didn't get any change from Waddle but became a world class player.. A joy to watch
The BBC have announced their punditry team for the World Cup. Rio Ferdinand (went to 3 World Cups), Brad Freidel (also went to 3), Chris Waddle (went to 2) and Robbie Savage.
Yes a very attack minded Redstar parked the bus in the face of a multi-talented Marseille of Abedi Pele,Chris Waddle, Desailly etc
I only needed 3 stickers to complete my PL 94 sticker album: Savo Milošević, Chris Waddle & Peter Ndlovu! Haunts me to this day!
Very close between David Hirst and Chris Waddle though. 38% of the votes went to Hirst, 39% to Waddle. Great players in their day.
Chris Waddle voted Wednesday's best ever player, Ron Atkinson the best ever manager, and 1990/91 the best ever season. Correct in my view.
Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live, Allianz ArenaBayern Munich 0-0 Man Utd (Agg: 1-1) "I think Manchester United defensively have been excellent. You expected Bayern to come out of the blocks quickly, Arjen Robben has been a threat but saying that David De Gea has not made a save. I think Bayern have lost that cutting edge. Pep Guardiola is a coach who can work a team, he can get them to the final third but then he needs that bit of magic. Robben has been a handful but without hurting United. Franck Ribery has been in and out of the game. United have defended well."
Chris Waddle does an Andre Marriner repeatedly mixing up Man United's Ashley Young with Chelsea's Ashley Cole
Wow - Chris Waddle is sounding out of touch with modern sport
Chris Waddle with old school views re sports psychologists on 5 live
Chris Waddle trying to get his head round the idea of the England team having a team psychiatrist is comedy gold.
First Kevin Keegan, then Chris Kamara and now Chris Waddle! How many more formerly dodgy haired football legends can we get to support our fundraising cause?!
"Mesut Ozil had the tag of a world-class player when he came. The other players thought what a signing. "All the players got a spring in their step. But the season has gone on and he looks completely drained now - I am not sure if that is mental or physical." - Chris Waddle (BBC 5 live)
remember the p.a. man at west ham,when reading the teams out,referring to Hodd,and Chris Waddle as pop stars.
Still on the subject of Luke Shaw, Chris Waddle is in the PL TV studio (non-UK) saying Shaw should go to World Cup instead of Ashley Cole.
On this day 30 years ago, Pompey were destroyed by Kevin Keegan, Peter Beardsley and Chris Waddle at home to Newcastle United (1-4). One of my first home games. What star players do you remember watching as a child at Fratton Park?
Friday Rant:- Co-commentators are damaging the game!! For example: Tackle goes in from a defender in the box and a penalty is given. Co-commentator - "great decision by the referee looked a penalty all day." 2nd replay from a different angle - "The referee had a tight one to give there but still a penalty in my book..." 3rd replay from another angle - "Mind the defender looks to have touched the ball surely the referee could see it from his angle..." 4th replay - " How did the referee and his assistant miss that! If this team go down they will point to this decision - he's had a shocker!!" Worst offenders _ Davie Provan, Chris Waddle (pelenty) and Michael Owen! There now that feels better!
What have Lincoln City, FootballBingo & Chris Waddle got in common, Ans: Funding Grassroots Footy, Download "football bingo" app to support.
Former England winger Chris Waddle "I have looked at Manchester United tonight and, I know they have key players missing through injury, but other than Januzaj no one has looked threatening in that final third
Very quiet tonight Bill King . Surely MOTD of interest soon. Malcolm Mcdonald, Chris Waddle.and Kevin Keegan not very good today.
Nostradamus, Vijay Amritraj, Chris Waddle, Michael Owen and King George VI of the United Kingdom were all born on 14th December
Chris Waddle giving his usual unbiased opinion on all things
Hoping can channel JPP, Chris Waddle, Basile Boli, Marcel Desailly, Abedi Pele and the rest tonight
Chris waddle n Jupiter next on stage.
Sam bailey looks like chris waddle tonight!!
Sam Bailey going for the Chris waddle look
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our CHRIS WADDLE Conundrum. Nice one!
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble CHRIS WADDLE in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
The watching Chris Waddle even had to bow down to strike today.
In 1992-93 the Football Writer's Association was won by Chris Waddle (Sheffield Wednesday)
Spurs legend Waddle confident Lamela will get better - Tottenham legend Chris Waddle is confident Erik Lamela wil...
McFly and Busted have to be the worst idea for a musical collaboration since Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle.
Lmao Chris Waddle looks like a greaseball monkey talks $hit out of horses *** !!
That's an actual quote from Chris Waddle!
This Chris Waddle article is brilliant nonsense. .
"I'm aff the fat burds, especially after that time i pumped Chris Waddle's daughter"
Chris Waddle backs Tottenham Hotspur to challenge for Premier League title - Sports Mole
Tottenham legend Chris Waddle has offered manager Andre Villas-Boas a solution to his strikers dilemma.
Tottenham legend Chris Waddle is confident Erik Lamela will prove his quality. read more
Chris Waddle says that England's chances of performing at the world stage is being hampered by the large number of foreign players, agree?
Former England winger Chris Waddle has warned that the national side's chances of success are being harmed (more)
Ally shutout Waddle, like Waddle was up to bat, and she was Chris Sales pitching.
wide players, Chris waddle and beckham
Chris Waddle gives Cristiano Ronaldo 8/10 for dribbling ability. What the *** is a 10 then?
you should read Chris Waddle's views about grassroots football in the standard. Sounds very similar to yours
1993 BBC FA Cup final day feature on Chris Waddle, w/ added New Order. Dig that assist for Papin vs. Meeelan.
I wish they'd stop putting a pics of retired football players in the paper. Chris Waddle is 52 & looks like Percy Thrower!
"Former Spur urges switch to 4-4-2 further proof Chris Waddle doesn't have a clue about anything
Chris waddle thinks spurs can win lge this year! He's seen them play hasn't he??
Chris waddle what have you been smoking ?
Look at this fantastic sportsmanship from Lothar Matthaus to Chris Waddle in 1990. More in next week's Golden Years.
Former Tottenham midfielder Chris Waddle believes that the North London club can win the Premier League title this season.
Spurs legend Chris Waddle believes that if Spurs can start scoring, they will be genuine title contenders this season
I spoke to Former England international Chris Waddle for The Evening Standard. Link here:
Tottenham can win title if they get shooting boots on, says Chris Waddle: Former England international midfiel... http:…
Former Tottenham man Chris Waddle believes Tottenham can win the title this season if they get their shooting boots on.
Little Giant Ladders
Reading and Chris Waddle believes we can win the league this year??...
Anyone remember when Chris Waddle said David Beckham wasn't in the top 1000 Premier League players ever? . Yeah, that.
Chris Waddle believes Jermain Defoe and Roberto Soldado can shine together. He obviously wasn't at the Lane for the last 20 mins on Sunday.
The Mail asked Chris Waddle, not sure what's worse
And now, here's Chris Waddle with a hilarious suggestion
‘Defoe and Soldado can shine together for Tottenham’: Chris Waddle believes that André Villas-Boas should depl...
Chris Waddle: Tottenham must play Roberto Soldado and Jermain Defoe to have title shot: ByThe post Chr...
Ron Atkinson will be doing Bahrain 20th / Qatar 21st Feb / Dubai 27th Feb 2014 Further Confirmed dates are England vs Germany (World Cup Special) Didi Hamann vs Chris Waddle ... Bahrain 5th June / Qatar 6th June Robbie Fowler is confirmed for the back end of the year ... date to be announced
By Matthew Nash Adnan Januzaj’s eligibility issue has caused controversy (Picture: Getty Images) Former England winger Chris Waddle believes it is only a matter of time before a full international team is fielded where none of the players were born…
By Matthew Nash Martin Jol has paired up with Rene Meulensteen (Picture: PA) Chris Waddle believes Fulham are not pressing the panic button by bringing in Rene Meulensteen to work alongside manager Martin Jol. The Cottagers sit third-bottom in the ……
Chris Waddle backs Rene Meulensteen and Martin Jol pairing to work at Fulham
Former Newcastle winger Chris Waddle at St James' Park Newcastle 2-0 Chelsea "What a good goal. Vurnon Anita has excelled in that midfield role since he came on, and he put in a great ball from midfield. "Newcastle deserve it, they have been very well organised."
The Telegraph report that Brendan Rodgers will be one of the many people that are invited to give their opinion to the commission that has recently been set up to improve the future of English football. And Rodgers today gave an in-depth view into how he feels, it's well worth a read. When asked if he thinks the English national team needs to be allowed to express itself more, Rodgers replied: “Absolutely! Christ almighty, look at the players who’ve been available to England over the years, guys like Chris Waddle being told they didn’t work hard enough. Then he goes to Marseille and he’s world class. "You look at the players over the last 10 years, the Gerrards and Scholes, the technicians we’ve produced. You are talking about European Cup winners. You cannot say that we can’t play football when you look at the technicians we have there: Hoddle, Waddle, Scholes, Gerrard. “I wouldn’t want to disrespect any coach that has taken the players. But I went into football initially to try and make ...
ON THIS DAY: 17th October 2002 A host of old favourites turn out in Spurs shirts again in a benefit for the Tottenham players of old who have hit hard times. Jurgen Klinsmann, Chris Waddle, Paul and Clive Allen, Paul Gascoigne, Colin Calderwood and David Ginola all played for Tottenham.
Appreciate its a big ask for a former employee of a Tow Law based sausage factory, but Chris Waddle cant pronouce Everton correctly.
Jack Taylor would've given it. Chris Waddle would've missed it.
mate great debate on Radio with David Pleat & Chris Waddle, even English Managers don't bring English players through
Alan Green and Chris Waddle on Five Live to make sure no-one enjoys an easy victory.
Dan Walker's football preview was very interesting - Chris Waddle speaks sense in terms of placing a cap on the...
he's not as bad as Craig Burley, Chris Waddle or Niall Quinn. Consider that a blessing.
Chris Waddle on the problems of Kenny Sansom. "I always thought he was happy, his Norman wisdom impressions were great."
I listen to Diamond Lights, by Chris Waddle and Glen Hoddle a lot.prog synth heaven :) Good vocals :)
Fantastic news that Chris Waddle, Ian Wright and have joined 5 Live pundit team for new season. Big bad John Knows his stuff!
tough one, I'd go David Hirst, Chris Waddle or Des Walker
"Former England winger Chris Waddle will lead out his team of All Stars in a classic match against Reverend and the Makers..."
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