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Chris Waddle

Christopher Roland Chris Waddle (born 14 December 1960 in Felling, Tyne and Wear) is a former footballer from England.

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Some more 90s Pizza Hut sporting disaster ad therapy. Lovely bit of laughing into his drink acting by Chris Waddle.
Chris Waddle should be dropped from your football commentary team & not attendedthe match if he felt itwas so wrong
Chris Waddle in action for England against Romania
Chris Hemsworth to Host "SNL" for the Second Time This Year: NBC has announced the line-up of hosts for Decemb...
Danny Mills and Chris Waddle. answer to the Chuckle Brothers
Chris waddle saying good things on 5 live too
what about Chris Waddle does he ever pop in? Need the help on a or legends!
Chris Waddle, reminding everyone that he's a massive ***
Tonight's teamsheets signed by Chris Waddle &
.were debating the unity and defiance on show tonight, Chris Waddle seemed annoyed no one was chatting about 442 or substitutions
Tottenham legend discusses France game as three Spurs men get start: CHRIS WADDLE has praised the France team ...
5Live just had Danny Mills and Chris Waddle doing the same. Nightmare.
So Chris Waddle thinks tonight's game shouldn't take place , hasn't stopped him taking his ticket and fee for the game
Chris waddle out of touch with public opinion again. Of course it should be played
Chris Waddle on 5live thinks tonights England/France game should of been cancelled.have a word with yourself son
Of course the match should go ahead Chris Waddle..
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having just heard Chris Waddle, can't you put aside your obsession with controversial opinions to create debate just for a night
the the the the butras buttas gali, Chris Waddle scorchio!
I don't care much for Chris Waddle's opinions on football. So why would I want to hear his views on international diplomacy?
Random thought: Chris Waddle's arguing on radio that tonight's England v France game should not have gone ahead. So what's he doing there..?
If Chris Waddle is so against this game, why is he covering it? Surely he absence would be a greater statement.
Chris Waddle. Beyond parody. Moaning about how a game he's being paid to commentate on shouldn't be played. Hasn't got s clue.
Dear Chris Waddle, try looking 'friendly' up in a dictionary before you say should be off. What better reason to play
Chris Waddle is so wrong, because its a friendly it shud go ahead. Football & result doesnt matter but the statement does
Very poor judgement to have Chris Waddle at the game if he thinks it shouldn't go ahead. Has he taken a 5 Live fee?
can Chris waddle's other brain cell not realise tonight is about freedom, not football!!!
Chris Waddle again says it how it is... He really needs a high ranking job within footballs hierarchy.
Chris Waddle speaks his mind doesn't he? I applaud him!
. . Can you get Chris Waddle off the radio... Forever!. Constant whiner. So out of tune with the moment
So Chris Waddle thinks it shouldn't be played because it won't be like a normal game? That's exactly why it should be!
Chris Waddle, turn around, go home and don't pick up your wage for tonights match if you feel so strongly!
Chris Waddle shouldn't be in a position to comment on whether the game happens. Above his pay grade. that we go on.
Got to respect Chris Waddle. He feels the shouldn't be played, yet he is being paid by as a Pundit.
Chris waddle arguing vehemently that shouldn't be played - while being paid to watch it
Chris Waddle is spot on with what he says, a meaningless game shouldnt be played tonight
Chris Waddle fuming on 5 Live saying the game tonight should of not gone ahead. . Kind of agree with him 🇫🇷
Chris Waddle talking crap on 5live. Saying no reason for tonight. But he would have been happy to go ahead if it was a qualifier.
.Chris Waddle talking tosh. If he also says the players should "have went" somewhere I will turn to
I presume Chris Waddle is still getting paid this evening despite his reservations?
Chris Waddle is out of line on show some respect man
Chris Waddle is entitled to his opinion but he's always wrong. Completely missing the point.
Chris waddle,s talking twaddle. Important game for solidarity
Strangely refreshing to hear Chris Waddle on say he doesn't think should be played tonight.
"I don't think this game should go ahead," said Chris Waddle, who is still willing to get paid to commentate on it.
Oh shut up Chris Waddle, you don't think this game should go ahead, yet you seem to be happy enough to take the BBC shilling to commentate.
I dreamt I tried to book Chris Waddle on our sports show and accidentally booked Glen Hoddle.. Seriously brain?? No. Just. No.
How is Chris Waddle not part of the FA youth development? SFA should hire him. Kids would learn a lot from his advice.
Ace interview with John McClure on Chrissy Waddle and the rock and roll spirit in Cutter now -
First picture of Chris Pine from set of Wonder Woman released: submitted by SmallTownIowa [link] [2 comments]
The Cutter meets Reverend and the Makers frontman John McClure to discuss the geezerness of Chris Waddle -
He needs to team up with Chris Waddle again. Put out a remix of Diamond Lights.
Great night for Sheffield Wed. Famous old club who had a cracking team in early years of Prem ( Des Walker, Chris Waddle, Mark Bright)
Chris Hemsworth's First Instagram Vid Is Super-Powered: Marvel's Thor and a few of his pals pulled off a Super...
well this beats our night with Chris Waddle
These dudes Waddle and Chris are legit eating chocolate fudge out of a jar on a spoon.. Lol
Do you think Chris Benoit should still be recognized?: In this "megathread" we'll be discussing if WWE should ...
Exclusive Cover Reveal: NEW AVENGERS Chris Burnham Variant: Check out this variant cover for NEW AVENGERS ...
On Thurs 26th Nov we will be holding an Evening with ex England, Newcastle, Spurs and Wednesday player Chris Waddle
"Chris Waddle. :-)" Him and the guy who played for the Barry someone
TIL during the filming of “MacGruber” Chris Jericho improvised a *** joke while shooting his scene. The cast ...
good lad! Now get your head down and be the new Chris waddle.
2 new phone cases out now at Gordon Banks & Chris Waddle
Sheffield Wednesday legend Chris edition art out now at Goo...
Are we going to get the same for 1990? "What if Chris Waddle didn't blast the ball past Jupiter?"
ah reverse colours. Btw, watch clips chris waddle at marseille on youtube. Mesmerising
Doncaster Town Cricket Club to host 'An Evening with Chris Waddle' - Thorne Gazette
give the pods a listen, if you haven't already. Chris Waddle and Charlie Nicholas outstanding.
Chris waddle you absolute *** !! Beckham was "good not great" but "fantastic at making chance and setting up goals" you make no sense!2013
So while the RFA gets its own Warren Commission on their exit, the FA gets Chris Waddle yelling stuff. JMH
You've gone full Chris Waddle mode for your last 2 articles. It's a bit trite and a bit dull.
What was Ian Madigan thinking having a haircut before the RWC QF? Did he learn nothing from Chris Waddle before the Italia 90 SF?
We are all puppets in a Mahrez universe. He is the alpha and the omega. The Algerian Chris Waddle.
I saw Chris Waddle in there once. Suddenly all becomes clear.
Newcastle v Spurs. Chris Waddle and Paul Gascoigne take on David McCreery
Has Chris Waddle always pronounced our name with a z - 'Arzzenal' - or have I only just noticed this annoying pelanty-style trait?
LOVE this..RT Expert comments on tonights game from Chris Waddle...
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Expert comments on tonights game from Chris Waddle...
Basile Boli & Chris Waddle rapping in perhaps the most 90's video of all time. Strangely catchy.
Chris Jericho on Instagram: “Ladies & Gents, may I introduce the charter members of the fan club.
Dropped his shoulder like Chris waddle there.
Can someone at tell Chris Waddle that its pronounced ARS-EN-AL not Arsal...
John Murray & Alan Green with Danny Mills and Chris Waddle summarising.
aye+ chris woods in goal,Des Walker in defence,Carlton Palmer in midfield and the iconic Chris Waddle up front
Just finished listening to Charlie Nicholas and Chris Waddle. Glad I got to see them playing back in the day.
Wish you were commentating on my telly. What's the odds we get Tony Gale, Niall Quinn or Chris Waddle.
Cheryl Tweedy is starting to get a bit of a Chris Waddle television Geordie accent
ridiculous is a strong word - ridiculous was when Carlton Palmer was chosen over Chris Waddle by Graham Taylor!
Chris Waddle commentating makes me want to claw my eyeballs out with rusty nails
Barton's not talking about Chris Waddle is he?
Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle are currently sat on the sofa together on Any excuse to show this... htt…
Chris Waddle predicts big things for Florian Thauvin - but says the Frenchman will need time to settle in.
Thauvin may not beNewcastle very long if he fulfils immense talent,suggests Chris Waddle | Daily Mail Online
Chris Waddle says Newcastle United new boy is destined for the top
Chris Waddle says Newcastle United will struggle to hold on to their new, talented 22-year-old attacker Florian Thauvin should he fulfil
ICYMI... Newcastle United new boy Florian Thauvin wants to emulate Chris Waddle...
peach Leo canny Chris waddle flying header home to Alnwick as well as I recall
can we think of any other footballers who worked in factories? Chris Waddle worked in a sausage factory didn't he.
Definitely the type of top player we should be recruiting: Pace. Skill. End product. Reminds me of Chris Waddle.
I enjoyed Chris Waddle asserting that Memphis De-pie's would be sold soon at Old Trafford and it'd be all over social media
Both were quotes, but then Vinnie Jones and Chris Waddle were both footballers too.
post-euro '96 pizza hut ad with Gareth Southgate, Chris Waddle and Stuart Pearce:
That Coutinho volley has just hit Chris Waddle's Italia 90 penalty
Do you agree with Chris Jericho that 'the crux of this business is being able to talk' instead of wrestling ab...
reminded me of that Chris Waddle thing - "he didn't know what he wanted to do so defenders didn't either"
Good luck mate Chris Waddle is still God in the best parts of Sheffield 👍
I honestly kept waiting for the presenters to say "Butros Butros Gahli; Chris Waddle"
I love it, Chris Waddle still feels the need to criticise United's defence despite Chris Smalling getting man of the match.
Chris Waddle ltd edition art now on sale at
Chris Waddle speaks about Dele Alli; has warning for Tottenham fans...
Also, GF Ajaccio have just missed a Pen Chris Waddle would wince at!. Bloody *** .
What did you think of Alli's cameo performance for Spurs on Saturday?
no idea, what does Chris Waddle look like?
Paul Rideout and Chris Waddle both scored in fa cup finals and played in Scotland
the 6th player for the quiz is Chris Waddle
The Robson & Jerome of the football world. Glen Hoddle & Chris Waddle Diamond Lights .
Interesting that Chris waddle has a mouthful to say about our performance today considering its the 1st match. Keep calm.
Chris Waddle making excuses like 'its a hot day' and 'they've had tough pre-season'. I've heard it all now.
Chris Waddle commenting on Spurs performance today: "There's a long way to go." Honestly, bring back Michael Owen.
Pathetic how many United haters there are out there - pundits (Chris Waddle) and fans. If that was Arsenal of Chelsea, "Great win".
Chris waddle stop crying you Geordie Tramp
"We've not saw (sic) the best of them. It's a long way to go this season..." - Chris Waddle on sharing some fascinating insights!
Chris Waddle said that Schweinsteiger is good at awareness
"Chris Waddle, you were wasted at football." I saw him play, you're not wrong!
There's a long way to go in the season. thank you Chris Waddle 🔫
Chris Waffle (Waddle) saying Schweinsteiger will find it tougher here. He's a World Cup and Champions League winner, not on work experience.
Chris Waddle (BBC) : This game is more like one of those testimonials.
For anyone listening to Chris Waddle on - just to let you know, this isn't what Geordies sound like.
And so it starts. The erudite Chris Waddle tells us Schweinsteiger 'will find it a lot tougher here.' Funny if wasn't so stupid.
Keep thinking I've got it rough with Chris Waddle on 5Live, then I remember you've probably had to pierce your eardrums
arseblog . The radio is an improvement to . But there's Chris Waddle on
Chris Waddle has just cracked a relatively good off-the-cuff Elvis gag on and it's gone totally unheralded
HT: Man Utd 1-0 Tottenham. "Spurs excellent for first 15 mins, but United punished their mistakes" - Chris Waddle
Look on the bright side. R5 live has got Chris Waddle on.
Glen Hoddle taking after Chris Waddle on making words up. Never heard of player need awareience before.
Chris Waddle on 5live just now telling us how to use the BBC sport App. The world has officially ended.
'If they're controlling the game like they have been doing, they really want to get that goal...' Thanks Chris Waddle. Thanks.
Chris Waddle just said Ashley Young is a good crosser of the ball! Since when!
Good to see Spurs are listening to Chris Waddle. Get the ball in the net he says. Kyle Walker obliges.
try Alan green on the radio with Chris waddle
Chris Waddle: 'You have to feel a bit sorry for Tottenham, they've dominated the football match.'
God, listening to Chris Waddle commentating on on is a painful experience.he really does not like United at all.
Chris Waddle has written us off. Good sign that
Chris Waddle talking sense about LFC's chances this season sadly
Chris waddle on 5live seems to think Memphis will struggle with the physical side of english football 🙈
*Ray Clemence & Chris Waddle legends night update*. Apologies - there has been a mix up and we may have to move the date. Will update soon!
Gazza and Chris Waddle the cameraman at a reserve team match Spurs v Chelsea at White Hart Lane 1989
Insightful thoughts by Chris Waddle on the Gareth Bale situation although none of them reflected by the title
Waddle: Ellis Short has reached his limit at Sunderland: Former Newcastle United star Chris Waddle feels...
Chris Waddle had the Michael Caine & Citizen Kane references all lined up - it was more like listening to the genius of Sid Waddell
My jam for the year -Chris Waddle's Joy Daddy ft. Joey B
Just imagine Chris Waddle talking dirty... Have a great day.
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Coolio, Louis Walsh, Vanilla Ice, Dappy, Chris Waddle and John Barnes for a bit of sporting background
Chris Waddle is desperate to take over from Steve Claridge as most miserable pundit.
earlier the BBC had John Murray and Chris Waddle commentating. Brilliant stuff, Sky can't match that in a month of Sundays.
He has a friend called baron cash you should see his."Chris Waddle en Chevy tho 👌✌️"
legends of the day: Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle ❤️
What universe is Chris Waddle in where Joe Hart plays for spurs?
A round-up of the leading football stories making the back pages of Friday's regional newspapers. LONDON EVENING STANDARD Mauricio Pochettino insists Tottenham's youngsters are just as good as Southampton's famed youth products but believes his current club need to use the system more effectively. Andre-Pierre Gignac wouldn't even get into the Arsenal side, according to former Marseille winger Chris Waddle. MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS Manchester City are hoping Yaya Toure can prove his fitness in time to face Tottenham after the Ivorian dashed home from international duty. Jamie Carragher doesn't think Manchester United are in a position to challenge for the Premier League title just yet. Manchester City have the most complete attack in the Premier League, according to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. LIVERPOOL ECHO Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has hit back at criticism of Raheem Sterling, insisting: "The boy is being hung out to dry." NEWCASTLE CHRONICLE After beating Stoke City in their last game, Wes Brown be ...
Will Graham not like that! Actually are you sure it's not Chris Waddle and Wayne Rooney's dad sat in front?
. Chris Waddle better than Trevor Steven ?, in the bin you go
Agree with Chris Waddle about the lack of width. It would have been good to see Dyer and Routledge against this lot.
Chris Waddle and Barry Davies show their class:
Just realised meeting Chris Waddle was better than meeting David Bentley and Peter Crouch. Waddle can booze and has brilliant stories.
Lemala make Chris waddle look right footed. Oh and he's useless.
Chris Christie should waddle for office ;) To run 4 office is asking too much
Chris Waddle during the world cup "Diego Costa will struggle in the Premier League, going to be too physical for him" expert an…
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I Sherwood love to stick me Jermain Jenas up your Gary Mabbutt and make you Chris Waddle.
he's like Chris Waddle or James Milner scruffy but effective IMO
When discussing hair, and discussing it we shall be, my dear, we can´t get past Chris Waddle in any ordinary fashion. h…
And long may Mr Chris Waddle be a legend in his own right!
So you're saying Chris Waddle was NOT a thing of magnificence?
Chris Waddle is also a legend at He still lives there. you refer to had a lot of local lads. It was their Club.
Chris Waddle apparently said on radio Westwood is worth 15-20pts for Owls. Can't disagree. Sure plenty of fans would say worth £15-20m
Well done Chris Waddle for saying on Radio 5 just how expensive tickets were for Wednesday fans today ! £45 for Elland Road,no thanks...?
No surprise Chris Waddle saying Wednesday shaded it !!! on drugs me thinks .
Waddle actually said Ashley isn't normal ?.. Chris isn't talking from a position of strength, really, bless him
On Five Live, Chris Waddle said Pardew would be gone at any other club and that "Ashley isn't normal."
Listening to Chris Waddle on 5Live - People of a Geordie persuasion should say 'Sweeper Keeper' more often...
Chris Waddle probably thinks someone should have a "pelanty"
Back under way at Elland Road. Chris Waddle thinks substitutes will break the deadlock. Are there goals in this game?. 0 - 0
Chris Waddle: There doesn't seem to be an out and out poacher at the moment. We're not seeing enough quality. 0 - 0
. Hi Alex, listening to the match in 5Live. Chris Waddle is singing your praises!! Have a great season mate
Neil "Razor" RUDDOCK, Ossie ARDILES, Clive ALLEN, Chris WADDLE... All the Spurs of 1987-88 season in stickers :
Chris Waddle player manager of Hallam Sunday is raring to go Sandygate 11am ko all welcome
Wondered if any other 30+ year old play 5 a side and still pretend to be Chris Waddle
Chris Waddle hit the nail on the head during the world cup.
Didn't understand a word Mauricio Pochettino was saying, expected him to end with "Chris Waddle"
prepare to spend an evening with Chris Waddle ->
Fox Sports have Peter Drury (main) and summariser is Chris Waddle, ex-Newcastle, Sheff Wed, England & Pizza Hut!
Fox Sports has Peter Drury and Chris Waddle commentating Liverpool Everton, brilliant just brilliant
Peter Drury and Chris Waddle. The accountants for the Vs
John Murray and Chris Waddle are masters on Radio 5 - but should they be used more on TV?
Chris Waddle: "If Ryan Shawcross had joined Arsenal instead of Chambers, he would be in the England squad now." 
"If Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross went to Arsenal instead of Calum Chambers he'd be in the squad tonight." - Chris Waddle
I fear that The Green Wing would sail over their heads like a Chris Waddle penalty. (That's a much better football joke.)
'On This Day in Spurs History - August 8th' 1986 - Tottenham took a side down to Brighton to play in Gerry Ryan's testimonial. Spurs won 4-0 with two goals from Mark Falco and two from Chris Waddle. The side also featured the following: Clemence, Danny Thomas, Ardiles, Hughton, Roberts, Miller, Mabbutt, Howells, Galvin, Stevens and Clive Allen, who despite not finding the target in this pre-season match, did find it on 49 occasions once the season officially kicked off. David Pleat went on to coach a very fine Tottenham team that season that challenged on three fronts only to end up empty-handed. I was privileged to watch them several times during that campaign and they were a truly great Spurs team. Let's have a nod to the fabulous 86-87 side with a like or two.
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In 1987 Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle had a hit single with 'Diamond Lights', and performed on Top of the Pops.
Listening to Glenn Hoddle & Chris Waddle's song Diamond Lights again, it's MEGA.
wants me to put em on a shelf in his bedroom under his David Hirst, Chris Waddle & Hillsborough paintings!!
As if I didn't see Chris Waddle in Players last night 😐
they forgot the sir in front of chris. SIR chris waddle
Iomandra for 5E?: Does anyone think Chris Perkins will ever release world and story gameplay and information a...
Chris Jericho's pyro fails to impress.: submitted by DaHagerBomb [link] [6 comments]
Chris Hero has devoured his motivations it seems. Recent Picture.: submitted by _GoatFace [link] [16 comments]
Chris Pratt wants to kill Tony Stark.: submitted by WTFItsCiaran [link] [comment]
Chris Masters is a real life superhero: submitted by rufusjonz [link] [2 comments]
Chris Jericho Fozzy new album review: submitted by buddytalks [link] [comment]
In the war of words between Chris Conte and "Waddle and Silvy", I'm not really sure who I root for
I like the way wood pigeons waddle around. Which in turn makes me think of Chris Waddle. He kind of lollopped around rather than waddled.
lol got my picture taken with Chris Waddle and it was in the chronicle once lol:)
Okay, but Chris Waddle is there, in the background?. For £5010, 6 pack of monster munch and Leyton Orient season ticket.
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When you make Chris Masters look average, you’re a monster.: submitted by Flint_Ironstag87 [link] [10 comments]
James scores, 4 0 Man Utd Lead , maybe a back 3 is the way forward as Chris Waddle has been saying for years
I'm sure that was Chris Waddle on the leccy guitar!
Got mugged off by Chris Waddle in the match today, nut megged me and lot😂⚽️
If the Spanish did this some risqué British comedians would mock it with phrases like Scorchio & Chris Waddle
Chris Waddle to Torquay United. Back when Chris Evans was rumoured to be staging a takeover!
MetsFan4Ever is Chris Jericho: I just recalled Chris Jericho told the exact same story you did about Vince and...
Exclusive 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Clip: Chris Pratt Finally Plays the Smartest Guy in the Room: submitted...
How many haircuts is Sharon attempting in ? She looks like Chris Waddle
All day I've had Chris Waddle's words in my head: "We never never never learn" True for the football, true for the cricket.
"oh look Chris Waddle's penalty kick is up here"
Watching YouTube videos of Chris Waddle at Marseille. Just amazing.
local hero. Him and Chris Waddle tie.
Chris Waddle. What's she playing at trying to kick off at him
Fantastc rant from today on about the poor England performance! Well done lad! The Chris Waddle of cricket! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Penguins spend as much as 75% of their lives at sea, but all penguins mate, nest and give birth on land or sea ice.
Does Michael Vaughan's post-failure England rant make him the Chris Waddle de nous jours?
good news for english footy fans Stuart Pearce, Chris Waddle, Gareth Southgate, Paul Ince and David Batty have all been awrded
Remember in the early 90s, we signed a big name,Chris Waddle(GOD) and the rest followed. Why cant we do that again? Just 1 big name!!!
and it's great to see you're following and spurs step over lollipop legend Chris Waddle!!!
I went to Sea World once and stood next to Chris Waddle. I didn't sign for Spurs though!!
Chris Waddle, too, was supposed to have been pretty languid but very good on the ball.
Jeff Tweedy solo album called 'Diamond Light'. Thus far I've not been able to establish whether Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle are involved.
So We've finally signed Debuchy. Seems though that after 18 months at Newcastle he still cant speak English. A bit like Chris Waddle really.
Chris Waddle: "Suarez has to get severely punished. There will be people who will defend him, I don't know why. Make him wear a gumshield."
Last nights dreaming mostly consisted of Chris Waddle and being drunk in a bar only wearing boxers.
I wonder what Chris Waddle has seen?
Kevin Steen! Chris Hero! Christopher Daniels! Check out what we came up with for these 3 big matches on Sunday...
. Chris Waddle,Paul Parker,Des Walker only average.Gascoigne the only one worth paying to see.
Gov chris Christie has announced he won't run for president. However he will waddle.
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Chris Waddle up next.ohhh hits the bar...
Kind of Alan Hansen to admit he was wrong about But it was Chris Waddle, the crowing cockerel, who started all that rubbish
Chris Pratt tried out for both James T. Kirk and Avatar’s Jake Sully: submitted by NikKnack [link] [comment]
TV Show Idea "Hoddle, Waddle, Boyle and Trouble". Glenn and Chris and Susan are three witches plotting bad things on a…
How the Velociraptors and Chris Pratt may be handled in Jurassic World (POTENTIAL SPOILERS): Potential spoiler...
i thought it was chris waddle? "Hansen says he was wrong to say Walcott did not have a football brain
In Manchester airport and pretty sure I've just seen Chris Waddle. Great start to the holiday
Just posted Part 2 of our Gaming in Kazakhstan series by Chris Rogers to the Gamerati blog: submitted by e...
why is Chris waddle flying the plane?
So Chris Waddle was the man to fly the world champions home...
'Chris Waddles' Former England Star Chris Waddle mimics the walks of various wildfowl around the Wetlands of the UK.
Chris Jericho is doing everything John Cena failed to do against Bray Wyatt: During Cena's feud with Wyatt, he...
- that's pretty bad Chris, I thought youd have gone for Waddle in Chernobyl
Goodluck Cheryl Eth Eth Eth Butros Garlee Chris Waddle Cole. (Them two are far to flippin good looking to last) :)
Never knew John Lennon and Chris Waddle were related...
Chris Waddle on Thomas Müller: "If you make 20 runs, you might get one chance, and he’ll make every one of those 20 runs." [2/2]
Chris Waddle on Thomas Müller: "He gets his chances because of his honesty and endeavor." [1/2]
When the second half starts apparently Chris Waddle is going for a lie down in the disabled toilet
Team of the tournament as chosen by BBC Sport pundits Alan Shearer, Chris Waddle, Rio Ferdinand & Tim Vickery.
Chris Waddle did something similar. He just really enjoyed scoring goals!
who's reactions mine and yours? I'm thinking I'm chris waddle and yours is the shearer 😂
I'm pretty sure me and my friend don't turn into Alan Shearer and Chris Waddle
So If Chris Waddle hadn't blazed the Penalty over, Germany instead would win in '94, making them 54, '74, '94 and '14, OCD perfection
I'd say so. Although Chris Waddle's 3 pointer was a highlight!
CHRIS WADDLE on James Rodriguez: "I would let him play a free roaming role. Give him the shirt, ball and let him play.
This has penalties all over it. . Bad memories. . They definitely shouldn't let Chris Waddle or Da…
get Chris waddle in to replace Alan
Chris Jericho Interview with Michael Cole: submitted by Daddyshangout [link] [comment]
Period from 1989 to 1991 where one of greatest footballers in the world was English and his name was Chris Waddle.
the death of Tika-Taka v Holland. And Chris Waddle ranting.   10% Off
People forget how sick this guy was | CLASSIC CHRIS WADDLE CHIP - beats Dave Beasant in 5-aside game!: via
"Rolando's been given a second yellow for arguing with the life support. er, the linesman" - CHRIS WADDLE
q5 No, he declined and Chris Waddle took it and missed
Did Chris Waddle say he wanted a Holland v West Germany final on 5Live just now? I have some distressing news for him...
more chance of Chris waddle scoring a penalty
'Its Goodbye' performed by Glenn Hoddle & Chris Waddle 1987 yeah it gets better !
Welcome to ESSENTIAL! IS! JERICHO!!: Chris Jericho is one of the most charismatic and successful wrestlers in ...
Chris Waddle: "I'd rather play for my Sunday League team than - It's your Pint Sized
Alan Green and Mike Ingham (last match). Hoping that Chris Waddle provides the expert view. Give me anytime.
How is Chris Waddle qualified in any way whatsoever to criticise anyone about penalties/pelanties?
pelanties in the words of Chris Waddle 😂
is this an actual word in the north east. My football hero, Chris Waddle, says it on TV and radio a lot.
Chris Waddle is very good on the radio
As Chris waddle would say great pelanties
Chris Waddle and Gareth Southgate suddenly not feeling so bad about themselves.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Chris Waddle's penalty has just flown past my window.
Chris Waddle and Stuart Pearce are sitting at home now staring into space
Chris Waddle says the match has gone to PELANTY's.
"Looking at how the game went, we should have started with penalty kicks." Chris Waddle
In the words of Chris Waddle, time for pelantees
Pleased I'm not listening to Radio 5 Live, Chris Waddle is co-commentator!
penalties, or as Chris Waddle would say, pelanties. Who would have thought it.
And now, as Chris Waddle would say, 'pelletnies'
As Chris Waddle would say. it's gone to pelanties!
As Chris waddle would say,pelantees...
exactly, we've successfully seen off this dirge, and now as Chris Waddle would say "peletnies".
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