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Chris Turner

Christopher Robert Chris Turner (born 15 September 1958) is an English former footballer and manager.

Lupe Fiasco Rachel Brown

but i really want to know why Chris Young, Garth Brooks, & Josh Turner aren't in the Forever Country song😕
Hope the Mets fans booing feel great. Awful. The offense did nothing, yet we boo this guy? Please.
Jeurys Familia gave up only one home run ALL season.
Enthusiasm is the Defining Difference in this race for the Presidency:
Enthusiastic crowd at the Grantville Volunteer Fire Company! PA is ready to carry this movement all the way to the White ***
umpire providing the squeeze so hard. But yeah man, if there's a baseball game other than Game 7's to watch, this is it.
ridiculous! Such a big game and they can't get the calls right! Ugh
That passed ball was right down the middle for a ball.
Business Transformation with Marsha Maldonado & Chris Carpenter of broadcasting systems, only at
I wish, but they are willfully ignorant.
2 debates, 2 left wing moderators - do you believe the anti-Trump bias of the MSM in these debates is now apparent t…
Biased moderator goes at Pence, crazed Kaine interrupts 72 times – Pence still wins big LIVE NOW
Something fishy here Justice drops case against arms trader drops too? . http…
EARLY VOTING: MN & IA already underway, more states coming up in the next week: OH, ME, AZ, IN — check w/local officia…
Thank you South Carolina! Everyone has to get out and VOTE on 11/8/16. .
'Small business says Trump is their pick for president'.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
With all the and revelations of our corrupt Gov, why not turn to an outsider to clean house?
💥💥 . Apparently got this message loud & clear.Very disappointing but can't really blame him.
What a mess Obama will leave for new POTUS. Obama care is a joke not to mention Foreign policy. Thanks, butthead!
of COURSE they did! why have integrity for right and wrong particularly when the Clintons are involved? h…
FREE SPEECH CRACKDOWN: EU orders British press NOT to reveal when terrorists are Muslims
Kaine overly scripted & offensive. Pence the clear winner – boosts joins me 7p
Obamacare implodes as premiums explode and insurance companies bail. Trump Econ Advisor, Peter Navarro joins me 7pm
.Pres. Bill Clinton is our best surrogate. We're thinking of having him in the spin room with us. https:…
.Our campaign thinks all issues are women's issues
Thank you for your kind remarks on the important issue of PTSD and the dishonest media. Great to be in…
Bill Clinton is right: Obamacare is 'crazy', 'doesn't work' and 'doesn't make sense'. Thanks Bill for telling the tru…
Let's all pray for Chris Turner owner of for less pain and speedy recovery during this time. Thank you
Ed Davis and Evan Turner paid the dentist a visit and the dentist won 😂😂 (Via Evanturner/IG)
Have no idea what a dantysnowflake is. Did you mean dainty? Have a nice day, truly. Bye.
Obama may be a weak and pathetic ideologue, but the Clintons are like Bonnie and Clyde, running their rackets since the A…
Poker celebrity at ready for just like & go
Fortune 100 CEOs 💞 because they love status quo & don't like change. The slightest uncertainty rattles t…
I would be shocked. Who would ever leave Melania for Hillary?
The destroyers of everything good in America. The should be tried for treason and sentenced to death by hanging.
Newly uncovered letters raise concerns DOJ agreed to substantial & inappropriate limitations on the scope of its
If you watch nothing else today, watch this. Hillary Clinton's clumsy scams are getting old. She's ALL for show, no substa…
VF: "Shooting up a *** nightclub? Not deplorable. But being an American who wants to preserve America? Deplorable." https:/…
Must be a typo cause there is no way in *** that Trump ever makes this trade. He likes to win!…
This is a very important story, Jerome Corsi is an expert when it comes to foreign and domestic political issues of the…
God help us if sick, corrupt Hillary wins but this Koo Koo Bird is the backup -- Trump must win
BREAKING: Police shoot machete-wielding man at University of Colorado. Attacker died on scene.
I go back to Hillarys judgement: Her decision to choose Kaine as VP is the latest example -- I bet she wants a do over --…
Q: Anything that might surprise ppl @ your political views? A: Probly all of my positions bc most of the people who hate me…
How can Hillary claim to fight for women when she's covered up and defended Bill's crimes for years? Video by
Reminder: Hillary was FIRED from her staffer job b/c she was an unethical & dishonest .
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
About to begin a rally here in Henderson, Nevada. New Reuters poll just out- thank you! Join the MOVEMENT:
Typical CLUELESS libtard. You have backwards thinking SO BAD. You are HOPELESS!
Chris Turner, thanks for following. I hope you enjoy my posts
A look back at Chris Turner's INT vs. Coastal Carolina on 11/19/15. Named Preseason All-Conference today. https…
Fantastic cornet recital from Richard Marshall, Tom Hutchinson and Chris Turner
&'s all clear now thanks to Stuart Tanfield & Chris Turner
The Leap :How to Survive and Thrive in the Sustainable Economy by Chris Turner
R.I.P to a phenomenal man Horace Turner you were a REAL impact man! You will be missed, but never forgotten.
Top Gear need to find Chris Evans' replacement! I can think of 3 guys who suddenly have a lot of time on their hands ht…
I think it would have to. I heard the song given to PC was nothing more than a rough demo.
Chuffed to announce I'll be replacing Chris Evans on from now on!
it'll turn up on Ferry's next album. Same backing track, 'new' vocals ;)
I'm working out with at 2:20 PM Track me at
Mixed feelings about Tozer's leaving. Good positionally, in the tackle and in the air, but the worst passer at the club.
I bet Phil Collins was thrilled when he had to take this piece of toss to Frida knowing they were obligated to use it.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Today marks the beginning of the end of sport on BBC Radio. RIP
More practice: Bryant Turner working for Mich'ael Brooks (leg); reps for Chris Rainey, who took shot to ribs vs Ham
Feeling bad on that Turner home run and all, but omg Chris Hatcher at bat.
KD can go to the Warriors the team who just finished 73-9 but Chris Paul couldn't go to the Lakers... The NBA is a joke
These types of deals can happen but when Chris Paul wanted to come to the Lakers the NBA said it would be "unfair" and stopp…
Chris Marsden in for Paul Breen Turner with the Drivetime Show now till 8pm with great music listen to on your...
David Cameron. Boris Johnson. Nigel Farage. Chris Evans - Top gear. . Have you all booked a lads holiday now need to pull t…
Seriously though?? How you going to veto the Chris Paul trade to LA.
Lebron joined a mediocre team that had his best friend on it who was pretty good and brought Chris Bosh with him.
Our amazing ambassador, Chris - the blind wood turner after his Speed Of Sight driving…
Dimensions of the park here in Fort Bragg very similar to that of Turner Field: 331/387/405/387/331. But hitters said ball…
I can Keep Turner for a 20th next year but he is killing me having him on roster. Is he worth the squat this point?
Celebrate the diversity that makes America, America. Share this video to show
You can donate to the Chris Turner Statue Fund online at or join CT5 Club
Given the celebrity bloodbath that has taken place in 2016, this post is starting to look prescient.
Have you listened to Kira talk to Chris Turner about her very interesting life? Listen in now on...
VIDEO: Dodgers game interrupted by hot dog-hating *** On The Field (no, really!)
when do you plan to drop Timmy turner bro??
Yall catching the strength of Ray Rice, Ike Turner, and Chris Brown in one slap lmfao
Cowden boss Liam Fox confirmed tonight that he has signed former Dumbarton midfielder Chris Turner.
Featuring music from and more! Episode 3 of Chris Hov is in the Building is here!!!
If you haven't done so already, listen to Erin Sullivan chat with Chris Turner about her work and life on...
High school may end, but Chris Turner rants will last me a lifetime
time to vote for Sober Saturday night . Josh Turner vs. Chris Young
he was found in Mansfield near the 287 Turner-Warnell exit
Back to Back miles under FIFTEEN MINUTES woho avg speed of 4.1 mph
Girardi over managing...again. Tanaka was at 82 pitches and cruising, give your bullpen a day off dude.
I'm working out with at 8:02 PM Track me at
David Wright has hit 7 homers. That leads the league among people who have been pronounced by to be dead.
Who wants to start an adult store with me Turner and Chris
Chris brown, Terrance Howard, Ike Turner. TBH I could go on with how many beat their woman 😩
Skinny *** violent... They beat women... Look at Chris Brown and Ike Turner
Ike Turner and Chris Brown were ruined. Sean Penn beat up Madonna for nearly 24 hours after tying her to a chair and
Ike turner and Chris brown were destroyed
Rotary Club of Friendswood is proud to announce club member Chris Turner has been recognized by the U.S.
My Remedy Drive buddy is marrying my super awesome drummer friend I'm currently in Canada waiting for Poutine.
blog's new issue features Chris Mares, & Matthew Turner - host of
Get Chris Turner out of our club, such a useless ***
Nice to see Chris Turner behaving rationally for a change 👍🏻
is it CFC or chris turner that doesnt want DT there think its the latter
Yes I've been short listed for next year's Turner Prize!
Absolutely stupid how town have banned the DT. Chris Turner has made a mess of the club and the clubs name is being dragged down with him
Derbyshire Times are banned from Chesterfield FC after the PPP incident coverage. Chris Turner throwing his toys out the pram?
Think Pearson will do the job for you. What's Chris Powell been doing?? Not heard of him for awhile
Need help! Please vote hourly at The Showdown: by ft.
Soul night organised at Posh for fund
CHRIS TURNER STATUE FUND: Soul night organised in honour of a Posh legend
is as big an oaf as ... 2 of rudest & arrogant men on earth. Nina Turner?? NumbNuts!
Why does Chris Matthews have Nina Turner on to discuss Hillary's emails? She knows nothing about anything.
Chris Turner on transfer plans: "We'll be bringing in a number of other players. Two players are very close to coming t…
Street Etiquette blew up, Jeese Boykins blew up, Chris Turner and MeLo-X doing it smh
2/2 Alan Smith, Lawrie Madden and Chris Turner are all here. No Nigel Pearson or Danny Wilson. Couldn't make it.
Career roadmap: How a mobile developer found his calling: Programming didn't come naturally for Chris Turner. ...
Thinking about it, I think it was Chris Turner, not Gary Bailey
'25 all end to end here but still Lancaster City 0 - 1 Padiham. Chris Turner with the goal ⚽
I remember Billy Garton,Ralph Milne & Chris Turner yet this is the worst bunch of useless b'stards I've ever witnessed
I'm a big fan of Chris Turner's original mix of "Liquid Love", but this version with Snarky Puppy...high octane.
Spireites chief executive Chris Turner has clarified the position re Sam Morsy amid transfer rumours. Click here: https…
One of my songs. Video coming soon. Pls share with friends. Chris Turner's Memoirs: “I’m hangin’ on to Jesus” (Song)
Chris Hayes 01/6/2016 talks to Bernie Sanders' surrogate Nina Turner an... via
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Ayyyeee new today yall jam this frfr. RAPS!!!.
Re-watched last night, and just read this:
Shilton, Clemence at Barnet, chris Turner at Hartlepool, Sheff Wed and joint at the O's.
motorsport chief Stuart Turner also confirms Chris Craft, Colin Vandervell and Vince Woodman would have new Capris for the
Stealing from here, but this would also be a good nickname for Justin Turner.
Chris young and josh turner are too good👌🏻
New Turner coach turning team around. Love to see positivity and knowledge at work!
Are you ready? returns TONIGHT at its new time of 9/8c:
Playing the drinking game. Down a shot every time David Gest mentions Michael Jackson or Chris Maloney mentions Gary…
Tom Coughlin makes Eli Manning tear up, owns John Mara, rides off into the sunset:
In 2014-15 ET had a 1.3 win share %, which trailed Chris Paul by *only* 11.6. Evan Turner is a mediocre player at best.
"Age disappears when one is swimming." Swimming with by
Countdown by Consequence x Lupe Fiasco feat Chris Turner on
Aw Forreal? I've preached their a couple times. Pastor Turner. Is Chris and Dan the youth leaders there still?
Chris Young and Josh Turner sing baby makin music😂 voices of angels.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
hopefully Turner Ward can get through. Early last year he was missing 89-90 at the belt.
watch RAW dude, Neville and Owens killed it
I obviously can't prove this, but Chris Gayle's comments are pretty much identical to ones Shaq made to Beverley Turner on an ep. of NBA 99.
thanks for voting Chris Turner into our Hall of Fame!
I really really want to see Billy Currington, Josh Turner and Chris Young live 😫
Chris Turner, Jesse Fischer Electric Ladyland wow, wow, you have to listen!
for giving me two of the happiest moments in my life with the Giants super bowl wins.
Chris Turner: the Legend of close up snapchats
INTERVIEW: Chris Turner speaks to about the manager situation at the Proact Stadium
7/10/86 Andy Jones slams his pen past Chris Turner as lose 2-5 to LC2 2leg
Uzowihe, Dessources, and Wells all recorded one sack. Chris Turner sealed the victory with his interception late.
Tomorrow is the big day!! Can't wait! Grace Weber: Live From Webster Hall ft. Rachel Brown and Chris Turner...
always a pleasure to my ears to hear beautiful voice feat on love u got me frm Chris Turner
Looking forward to debate at Cllr Ed Turner & Chris Tinker 5:30, Hilton
I'm not sure why I can't stop listening to zero by Chris brown
yeah we also went to josh turner last Friday, Chris young is coming too on the 16:)
Chris Turner was beaten badly on a 63-yard TD pass to Billy Reed, but it is coming back after a holding penalty.
Darrell James is able to get his paws on a pass that Chris Turner actually had defended well. SIU at LU 15 and will attempt a FG.
Dinner with Sharon and family (@ Valentino's Grand Italian Buffet in Omaha, NE)
I added a video to a playlist Chris Turner performs an Improvised Rap at Spank!
Consequence,Chris Turner, Lupe Fiasco -countdown - live on
Here is Chris's eyebrow thing he did!
PHOTO: Chris Martin of Coldplay during 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' at [getty]
Chris onstage at the Global Citizen Festival in NYC
Franco had 2 INTs, including the 50-yard TD. Lane (80 yds) and Turner (7 yds) also had pick-6s. Chris David had 7 tackles, Mowad had 1 sack.
It's Chris Turner's Birthday today! Go wish this cyborg from the future a Happy Birthday. 🎈🎉
What's this I hear about chris turner money laundering
Chris Brown is so cute with his daughter 😍
Listen to Stop Signs Ft Chris Turner & PJK by Stalley on
that's what I mean Either way it'll be a week of rapid overreaction. Either way jets are still a decent team so 🐸☕️
You shouldn't be torched considering it looks like literally the entire Jets team will be injured for this game, but
Even if people think a natural food's totally safe, it might not be:
sam smith James Bond Theme song is uh awful. Tina Turner and then Madonna and Chris Cornell still my favorites
Celebrating 20 years of this December, featuring Natal artist Chris Turner!
some good DHB highlights if it doesn't kill your eyes. Also, holy Jordan Steffy and Chris Turner.
Chris and Veronica take an ergonomic break during computer class in a new…
Chris Stigall is so homophobic. He defended the attackers & demanded victims be known.
thanks for sharing, Lenny and Chris. Great read. Good luck Lenny. R Turner family is proud and cheering for you!! 😉
now I can listen to your show! Can't wait, thrilled about the time switch! Congrats Sam!
Thanks Chris Turner and for a great night!
also what is Christians state with WWE? Does he ever see himself wrestling again?
how did Christian feel about dropping the belt immediately back to Orton right after winning it?
and that no one since Chris Rea when he was driving home form Christmas was anyone so desperate to get the Middlesbrough
The new is a page-turner on design thinking. With of and more.
Freaking Howard from Salem, MA finds his way onto , might as well give him a show at this point!
Yeesh. Why don't you tell us how you really feel, Chris Alexander? http:…
There are literally two kinds of awful in this world and they both played for Boston. Curt Schilling and Tom Brady are the worst.
It bothers me that chris brown and pia Mia have a song that sounds exactly like this
updates Chris Turner for position FB to RB origin -- to Milton, GA
I added a video to a playlist Consequence - Countdown ft. Chris Turner, Lupe Fiasco
true story BB. Hard to see both Turner and Sasso in the same squad if Loovens and Lees are also fit.
but will it cover your food? Or will you be singing for your supper?
I will not miss Chris young and josh turner for anything 😍
Chris Turner a man with many talents even when unloading a U-Hall truck! Logan Bubba TurnerPerry Turner
Chris Turner missing for Accies, Redmond & Lyon back in training, Sneijder & Bilate missing for United, Dow, Morris & Paton yet to feature.
get Chris Turner back and lie him in front of the nets using an ainscough crane
A new favorite: Liquid Love (Kasper Remix) by Chris Turner - Limited Vinyl and Digital Release TBA by
Might actually go to that Chris Travis show since I'm not going to hard summer
I do look like Chris brown a lil bit, now I see what people be talking about 💯
All Frank Turner albums on shuffle kind of night 🎵👌
forgot how much I love Chris from skins😢😍
decent. still killin tho lol. Consequence - Countdown ft. Chris Turner, Lupe Fiasco via
you're the best dude. Pleasure to listen to you; keep up the great work.
Listened to Cheap Heat at work today and now ESPN radio on the way home, just can't get enough of !
Well I know josh turner is in September and Chris young October so we have enough time to prepare ourselfs lol
dude im totally down! Chris young and josh turner are coming again! We should go together with alma lol 😊
Penalty against Turner for laying on. Where's the penalties against Chris Hill for every tackle he's made all game?
Second performance video of kinetic energy 'Swarm' by Chris Turner/Favourite Colour: Black
Edinburgh Festival starts 8pm TONIGHT in Evesham w/ &
Josh turner, chris young, & Luke Bryan concerts in sept and oct, as well as my 21st bday in sept!
Well, UF doesn't have one, and FSU's QB's are all on the Ike Turner Award watch list
There's a Frank Turner gig on my birthday and I won't be going, Oh, 😔 ok then
Connecting with our customers: Eaton's Chris Gowin at for a recent site visit.
Channeling my inner Chris Turner today! — listening to Erykah Badu
A brilliant Chris the blind wood turner cleaning the buggy by
's newest signing Chris Turner directs a ballsy new video 'Swarm' by for
It’s weird to hear personalities cheering for asking the 1 question they’ve spent the last year avoiding
LIVE on Chris the blind wood turner cleaning the buggy
I know Chris Brown ain't crying about any woman in his life being locked in a closet.
Josh Turner in September and Chris Young, Luke Bryan, Dustin Lynch & Randy Houser in October 😭💕
Aiden Turner, Josh Duhamel, and Chris Patt should hug me right now.
Remember, no one is making you watch. And awards are nonsense anyway. It's a significant gesture that may help save some pe…
Perhaps the platform should be different, but considering how unwelcome it seems to be to everyone, it's where she's needed…
No idea what's happening at the ESPYs, but I could watch this a few more times.
Maybe Caitlyn Jenner makes you uncomfortable and maybe she shouldn't be honored tonight, but there's no doubt her message i…
hey UK friends… we're still working out the details but Jake Shimabukuro is doing a small UK tour this Autumn.
I liked a video from Chris Turner singing "If You Want Me To Stay" by Sly & The Family
The Bishop, the Dean and Chris Murphy of John Turner builders as last tile is laid
agent turner says could it be the transfer record breaker? No ideal pal. Only know Mcgugan not done and big name coming .
Take a look at this spot Sound Designed by Chris Turner for Director Paul Murphy who came 2nd with it at the YDA...
2/2 Saunders on look out but I know from Chris Turner he's "very impressed" with squad. Only 1 down really. Roberts, Ryan out; E-B in.
My mate Chris Turner and the Jungle crew, at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
OFFICIAL: Hamilton have signed midfielder Chris Turner from Dumbarton on a free transfer.
Hamilton add Turner from Dumbarton: Hamilton Accies confirm the arrival of Chris Turner after the midfielder l...
Hamilton have completed the signing of Chris Turner from Dumbarton. Every confirmed Premiership move:
Interesting chat with ex-manager Chris Turner for today's on the IOR era. Read his views here.
Spireites chief executive Chris Turner accepts an invitation to become a patron of Details here:
and Chris Turner and Addison Turner, wow how cool do we feel, Carlos & Mrs Santana NBA Finals Star Spangled Banner, our peeps!
Rumours circulating that have contacted Chris Turner to enquire about availability of Ebanks-Blake. (...we were all thinking it)
Ritchie Humphreys and Chris Turner returning to The Vic on Saturday, August 1 for pre-season friendly with First confirmed friendly
Hundreds pay tribute to "a giant of a man" Chris Turner, a true Peterborough legend
Ritchie Humphreys remains contracted to Chris Turner tells me he signed a new one-year deal during th…
VIDEO PREMIERE: Rat Habitat Goes from Boombox to Yoga in 'Murphy's Word' ft. Chris Turner
Very sad news - ex St Neots resident and POSH player/manager Chris Turner has passed away after long illness. Thoughts go to his family
. That's the wrong Chris Turner. Chris Turner, formerly of Cambridge & Peterborough is the lad who's passed away.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Very sad news for all POSH. Chris Turner, son of god passed away earlier this evening. Our thoughts go to Lynne... http:…
Very sad news this evening. A true Posh legend, Chris Turner has passed away. Our thoughts go out to Lynne and all his famil…
The Football Club are deeply saddened to announce that Chris Turner has passed away following a long battle with illness.
Thank you for the great service. Really pleased with what you guys have done. Chris. Chris Turner, Vice Presi...
if only Gary Bailey's knees held out... Would Ks have saved us from the Chris Turner years!
That looks like the machine that sacked Chris Turner in the Twerpzone in '07. Beast!
the death of Chris Kyle really touches me. everytime I see it discussed on the news or today on dr Phil it always brings a tear to my eye.
Have you had the Chris Turner Experience yet cc
I hope chris pratt has a pet velociraptor in jurrasic world. It should just be a turner and hooch remake
A trio of Brett Eldredge, Chris Young, and Josh Turner singing me to sleep right now would be amazing.
The internet gets hot and bothered over Poldark’s ‘Mr Darcy moment’ via
some Mets blogs are so negative and awful sometimes
That being said the Mets still have a good rotation and I still
The should have Syndergaard undergo preemptive Tommy John surgery. Or does it not work like that?
would I be a hammer or a wrench in your opinion?
wish I could favorite 2000 more times and RT
Welcome to Chris Turner, who joins RD:IR Analytics Administration team today!
CBS Sports and Turner Sports’ Exclusive Coverage of the 2015 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball via
it was a very productive day Thanks for making it enjoyable
Gorgeous evening to end a productive weekend. Thanks to for all the help!
Everybody hates Chris is my all time favorite show 😂👌
Isaiah Taylor is legit. Turner's picked up his game too. If he bangs down low like he can they'll be okay.
The most popular film on BFI Player this week: Mike Leigh's Mr. Turner
Hastings take the lead as Chris Turner beats Dave Knight against the break. 2-1
Jamar Taylor,Michael Thomas,Walt Aikens, Billy Turner, Dallas Thomas, Chris McCain, Dion Jordan, Rishard Matthews, Matt Hazel do it for you?
Hot: Turner Classic Movies hosts Treasures from the Disney Vaults tonight!
Thrilled to be at to talk with Jeff Mirman from Turner Sports and Chris Golier from...
Video: brownglucose: theblackregalia: Charlamagne tries to compare D’Jango to Nat Turner.. Chris Rock...
Turner will be watching his first race today..I'm a proud dad. *** seeing him like this but he's gonna be ok
Ah yes I'd forgot about that, so essentially you were rooting for Dallas Carter! 😄 Still we signed Chris Turner before that.
So Evan Turner signed my hat Chris Copeland gave my brother his head band got Larry Birds autograph tonight was good🍀!
What I would do to have a voice like Chris Young or Josh Turner 🎶
POLL:. Chris is in the bed, I was going to bed but can't sleep. Would it be wrong of me to sneak out and watch a...
Chris Arreola determined to do better & fight his way to the BEST!:
best thing to happen since Chris Turner!
And our bench is nice too. . Scott Van Slyke, Justin Turner, Chris Heisey. . Just to name a few. .
I can confirm the will sign Ron Parker. Agent Justin Turner tells me the deal is worth $30 million in total money …
Pretty embarrassed to be a Glover at the moment. Total shambles.
The sale of Eoin Doyle to Cardiff will play a key part in Chesterfield's progress, says Chris Turner - http…
Great commitment shown from Paul Cook, Eric Nixon and Chris Turner offering their support and encouragement to today
What the what? Caught the open of prairie home companion tonight. No Garrison. It's Chris Thile hosting the show.
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our CHRIS TURNER Conundrum. Nice one!
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble CHRIS TURNER in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
. Mr Turner told me he would ask cllr Brady why he has made.. 1/2
done. Are the local MPs such as Karl Turner getting involved?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Chris Paul fined $25,000 by NBA today for comments he made about an official
“NBA fines Chris Paul $25,0 for public criticism of referees after Thursday's game with Cleveland.
Run today to honour my mate Chris turner whose funeral it was yesterday, age 46. Did it for you mate even after 7 pints!
LOL, R U kidding me?!? defending is like Ike Turner defending Chris Brown ..
Also: hope we can get update on G Chris Turner, who left the game just over 1:00 in with an apparent upper body injury (1/2)
“Now And Then. the Chris Brown and Ike Turner one is on point lmfao
Chris Turner - LOVElife is a Challenge (there are some tracks on Spotify that I didn't get in the original DL... SO DOPE)
SURF'S UP: Thanks to News 4 fan Chris Turner for sending in some pictures of surfers riding the waves...
it wasn't a very nice song I choose to block out that time in Macho Mans life RIP
Family update : alex has an uncle who like like astronaut Chris Hadfield. And like Ted Turner.
I'm happy 1M + for I wish him all the best & I think Chris Turner shouldn't be so defensive
Okay. So now we really need a second bathroom at the station! Larry Sawyers Chris Turner Rodney Adams
“This golden retriever GIF is a straight up daymaker.
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