Chris Tucker & Kevin Hart

Christopher Chris Tucker (born August 31, 1972) is an American actor and comedian. Kevin Hart (born July 6, 1979) is an American actor and stand-up comedian. 5.0/5

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I'm finally ready to admit the sad truth..This one hurts but it's official, Kevin Hart is funnier than Chris TuckerπŸ˜”
Vir Das has joined the likes of Kevin Hart, Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Chris Tucker, Bo Burnham, Bill Burr and Russel...
I didn't think it was possible to have Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart in the same movie. They are the same guy? Right?
If you had a time machine and swapped Rush Hour-era Chris Tucker with Kevin Hart, nobody would notice
Chris Tucker might be my favorite in-movie comedian. Over Katt Williams, Dave Chapelle, Mike Epps, and Kevin Hart idc idc
Ugh. Omar Sy is charisma personified. Kevin Hart is just a smaller, slightly less shrill Chris Tucker.
Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Jammie Foxx, Chris Tucker, Tracy Morgan, and Kevin Hart do all seasonal black comedians do a cop movie?
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence vs Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker vs Ice Cube and Kevin Hart
Probably the only person who doesn't find Kevin Hart funny. Tries too be hard to be like Katt Williams and Chris Tucker.
Who is the funniest comedian? β€” Chris Tucker. . Kevin Hart. Eddie Murphy. Jim Carrey.
Kevin Hart is a great stand up comic but his movies will never be on the level of Eddie Murphy, Martin, or Chris Tucker's movies..
They are making Last Friday with Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, & Mike Epps πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ I gotta see that!
Ice really goes well with all comedians:. Chris Tucker . Mike Epps. Katt Williams. Kevin Hart . Kinda Tracy Morgan... First Sunday was okay
Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones had good chemistry like Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan. Maybe Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell will follow.
Some of my fav Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Trevor Noah, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith
If Ice Cube does a 'Last Friday' movie with Chris Tucker, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart and Mike Epps that'd be the greatest thing ever!
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Are you telling me that Chris Tucker, Katt Williams, Mike Epps, and Kevin Hart are all in the Last Friday movie coming out? I'm in there
Are you really making a Friday with, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams and, Mike Epps
Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams & Tracy Morgan in the rumored "Last Friday" movie?
Hi, I'm Kevin Hart! Can you find me an Asian friend so I can start making Chris Tucker's movies?
I'm top 10 funniest people I know and that list includes Kevin Hart, Jim Jeffries and Chris Tucker
What I want to watch is a movie acted by Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart
Whats trending this morning. - Hunt Valley Auto Body, in Cockeysville, Maryland, is capitalizing on Deflate-gate by offering free air pressure checks to Patriots fans. - Jasmine Tridevil, who in 2014, claimed she had undergone plastic surgery to obtain a third breast, was charged with a DUI over the weekend in Tampa. TMZ claims her blood alcohol content was .180 and .178 - Arnold Schwarzenegger is being inducted into the WWE's Hall of Fame - Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart will appear on the post-Super Bowl Tonight Show, and will compete against host Jimmy Fallon in a β€œLip Sync Battle” - CBS is turning the Jackie Chan - Chris Tucker movie "Rush Hour" into an hour-long show - EA Sports has released its annual Super Bowl Madden simulation. The Patriots beat the Seahawks 28-24. The official Madden Simulation has an all-time record of 8-3 - Pop star Nick Jonas is joining the cast of Fox's new show ''Scream Queens''. The series is about a college plagued by a series of murders. Lea Michele, Joe Manganiello, Ab ...
Imagine Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker in the same movie!!! β€” feeling curious
I think Disney should do a movie about all of those Reindeer Games from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Those games have me intrigued. I really want to know what kind of games Reindeer play. Maybe they can get Kevin Hart to play Rudolph. Will Ferrell, Chris Tucker, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari, Adam Sandler. I mean I'm just spit balling here. I don't even really know if all the reindeer were guys. As I sit here and think about it, there's no way they could have been all guys. There have to be at least a few lady reindeer in there. Maybe Tina Fey, Monique, Aisha Tyler Moore, could get in there too. All these years I've always thought that those reindeer were up to no good while they're off hiding playing those Reindeer Games. It can be called "Reindeer Games" Do you think this would be a good movie? What kind of games do you think reindeer play? Somebody needs to go ahead and call Disney. Of course Kevin Hart would be the star of the movie.
Fb aye yall, what yall think. Chris Tucker n Kevin Hart to play, Uptown Saturday Nite and Let's Do it Again
Kevin Hart funny, but it's like he tries too hard. It don't come natural like Mike Epps or Chris Tucker
'Tower Heist' was suppose to star Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Tracy Morgan, and Martin Lawrence.
Call up Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Katt Williams and ur new bff Kevin Hart and make a new Friday
Lol Kane thinks Katt Williams, Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker are funnier than Mike Epps and Kevin Hart smh
Looks like they got another one. First Wesley Snipes, then Martin Lawrence, the Wayans bros, Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Samuel L Jackson, Kevin Hart, and now this ***
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Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Marlon Wayans, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Tracey Morgan, Kat Williams .& Dave Chappelle need to all play in one big movie mehson ...
Yo Kev, ask him why people don't like Friday after Tucker? He ain't no Chris Tucker. And he *** sure ain't no Kevin Hart!!
What the *** happened to Chris Tucker and Dave Chappelle? Now we got Kevin Hart and Tracy Morgan πŸ˜’
This has been bothering me. Why do they make our successful black stand up comedians wear dresses? Is it to emasculate us and demerit their strong black influence on pop culture. Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Rudy Ray Moore , Kevin Hart , the Wayans, Martin Lawrence , Chris Tucker ,Even Richard Pryor. These are all very strong willed men with great knowledge of politics, race, and the overall human condition... Yet they must wear a dress to solidify their success. While the amazing black comics who decide not to wear dresses don't enjoy the same fame and notoriety that their colleagues do. Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, *** Gregory and Deray Davis have yet to reap the monetary and professional benefits that I believe they deserve. Do you think that the powers that be intentionally give our people effeminate roles in movies to belittle us as men? Your thoughts please...
Hubby and I are big movie buffs!! Who do you think had the best chemistry or was more hilarious as a co-star with Cube? Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Tracy Morgan or Kevin Hart? And why? What's your fav line from those movies?! Lol!!
β€œWho was the best Up Comedy: Katt Williams & Kevin Hart. In Movies:Chris Tucker & Martin Lawrence
Sorry but Kevin Hart will never be as funny as Chris Tucker dancing to Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Did I miss the point where Chris Tucker regenerated into Kevin Hart?
George Lopez, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, and Russell Peters never disappoint!! Always cracking me up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
Every major black male actor has worn a dress or been in womens clothing at some point in his career. Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Wesley Snipes, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Marlon and Shawn Wayans, Kenan Thompson, Ving Rhames, Kel Mitchell, and others. Why are they putting black men in dresses?
When sick I turn to a Will Ferrell movie, or stand up comedy by; Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart or Chris Tucker πŸ˜‚
Top 5 funniest people in the world:. Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Jim Carrey, Russell Peters, Khalil Locke
Rapper/Actor Ice Cube joined the nation and talked working with comedians Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, & Mike Epps. He also talked about the state of Friday 4
Chris Tucker, Mike Epps & Kevin Hart in a movie together . I wouldn't even know how to handle that shxt lol .
Hello, Gang. Mr. Non-photogenic here󾌩. Had a very nice night at the Kimmel Center at the Marian Anderson Awards, honoring Berry Gordy, founder of Motown. I kept looking at him, thinking that he looked just like his cartoon character in the old Jackson 5 Saturday morning show! What a legend! The event was tres cool, and reminded me how much I appreciated the live entertainment world. I thank my friend, Mia Tinari, who, with her family, just "get" it and inspire me to keep my hand in arts and culture, and the importance of giving back, even if my giveback isn't what it once was - we'll get there. I'll tell you what... Chris Tucker is one funny, crazy *** talented guy - funny, versatile and cool. I think he, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart, with Emeritus Status to Billy Crystal and Eddie Murphy, should host every award show Ever!!! Cody Wise and Brandon Victor Dixon, wow!, and "close the door!" Boys II Men, holy harmony, Batman! Proud to call you guys Philly's Motown treasure -- it is, "so hard to say goodbye ...
December 27,2013... We all going to be screaming "Smokey!!. Yes the Last Friday is coming out that day. Can't wait. Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Chris Tucker, Katt Williams, Charlie Murphey,Anthony Johnson (Ezal), Tommy Lister(Deebo),John Witherspoon,Tracy Morgan, and my man Kevin Hart plus more. I hope Nia Long and Terry Crews be back in there. I wonder ..heck i know they are going back to the hood. And after this be prepared for the new Set It Off Two movie
When I was younger, I though Chris Rock, Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart were all the same people
I don't follow Paula dean...never watched her shows or read her books. But I do not understand why she should lose everything she has worked her whole life for because of something she said years ago. So what if you don't like her I'm sure there is someone out there that doesn't like you either, should you have everything taken away because because someone didn't like something you did or said. Alec Baldwin just dissed *** people this week nothing happened to him, Mel Gibson has been proven to be the worst racist of this generation yet they get a slap in the hand. Even black celebrities do not agree with her treatment. Jamie Foxx replied, β€œIf you take someone from the Deep South, and I'm from the South, sometimes you’ve got to understand where they come from -- not to say it's right. Chris Tucker told Calloway, β€œI think everybody deserves a second chance.” Kevin Hart added, β€œI think she made a mistake. I definitely think there should be consequences. I think they were a little severe. Taking eve ...
..Ice Cube & Kevin Hart got a movie on the way call RIDE ALONG... Who needs Chris Tucker?? He aint even FUNNY no more.. Leave him out of Last Friday...
1) T.I was really dancing lol 2) Erykah Badu has a Donk fa real! 3) I think Paula Patton was smoking that oohhwee before the show! 4) Chris Brown and Ciara are the best dancers in the game right now! 5) Uncle Charlie was gettin it! 6) I love Kendrick Lamar the best new lyricist out right now, J Cole a close second! 7) Chris Tucker was kinda wack, I was disappointed! Kevin Hart should've been the host!!! TURN UP 8) Nicki Minaj got a stylist! 9) Most akward moment, Bow Wow interviewing Ciara standing next to Angela Simmons both are his exes 10) I miss R.Kelly, he took me thru middle school, highschool, and college last night with his performance!!
Good Afternoon y'all! I just watched the BET Awards from yesterday and what I like about the part of the show was the actors Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart. Kevin is real funny, making fun of Nicki Minaj. Oh, I can't wait 2 c his comedy movie "Let Me Explain".
Watching "Real Husbands of Hollywood." I like Chris Tucker. He is hilarious, but I swear BET should've gotten Kevin Hart to host the 2013 Awards show. Maybe next year right?
My favorite part of the BET Awards was Tamela Man and Robin Thick with pharrell and.Ti and Kendrick Lamer with Erykah Badu and Charlie Wilson with Pharrell and Justin Timberlake. And last but not least Kevin Hart he was Turnt up fa sho "LOL. Chris Tucker was a fool 'LOL". It was cool.
I have a few quick comments on the BET AWARDS -Mariah Carey- What was that all about? No comment on her performance. If you have one please share -Miguel- ripped up shirt? Ciara- Body Party -amazing! Love that song Brandy- goofy during the interviews Kevin Hart- Annoying! Chris Tucker- Not funny at all Nicki Manaj- No competition in the rap game for females Charlie Wilson- Amazing each and everytime R Kelly- Amazing voice but I still see a pedophile Grand finale- Paula Patton! What was she on ( oh yea every man except hers) and Robin Thicke get your woman!! Who did I miss!
A couple of observations about the BET Awards last night: What was the purpose of Chris Tucker hosting? B) The person on the censor button was over zealous! Where in the *** were the biggest news makers of the year: Charles Ramsey & Sweet Brown! D) Ciara's performance was lotion worthy! Kevin Hart was too turnt up! I swear that Charlie Wilson still has some of that cocaine he snorted from the 70s & 80s in his system! That man has too much energy at his age! F) I really missed my calling to be a hypeman at a reggae concert! And finally JANELLE MONET IS THE SH!T! Happy Monday morning!
Turn down I am sleepy. Bet awards great Chris Tucker terrible host. Monique still my favorite host hands down Kevin Hart the second best. Dewayne Wade my dream lover. Charlie Wilson highlight of the night. Goodnight
So in conclusion; Chris yea Nicki & Taraji win Best Dress Awards, 2 Chainz needs needs to pawn one of them Chainz & purchase a stylist...& wash his hair, Kevin Hart just overused & abused Justin Timberlake, J. Cole & almost the whole cast of Best Man 2 can get "it" Charlie Wilson needs a oxygen tank...or a bigger suit, Snoop still got it; Mariah doesnt & drumroll RKely Gnite All...its been real! S/O to Veronica Deshawn Megan MonΓ© Adria Mason Anita Refill KiAuna Marie Tabathia Drisdale Gina Rochelle Rochell Thompson KeeShana Craig AuDrea Jeanette and many more...glad to know I'm not the only lame FBK'er!
Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart and Rickey Smiley need to do a comic show together !
DL Hugley, Bernie Mac, Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Kevin Hart, Corey Holcomb, and Chris Tucker are my favorite stand up comedians.
Chris Tucker is hosting the 2013 BET Awards. He better host it like or better Kevin Hart and Samuel L. Jackson.
Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy... (In no order whatsoever) are the best comedians walking this planet!
A kings of comedy tour would be NUTS una Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker plus others I can't think of I would CRY πŸ˜‚
Chris Tucker so funny. Deray Davis so funny. Kevin Hart so funny.
Mike Epps, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawerence, Dave Chapelle, and Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Will Farrow all in one movie would be
I'm sorry, but Kevin Hart is NOT that funny to me.He's NEVER to be compared on a level to Richard Pryor, Robin Harris, Bernie Mac & Chris Tucker. And the new Generation of Wayans need to take heedful notes from their Fathers.In Living Color was a Beacon of Hope for Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey & Jennifer Lopez.
Most of yesterday I watched Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, and Bernie Mac do their stand up comedy , I watched their stage presence, their deliveries, and how they told their stories , I wanted to learn from some of the best , I'm doing stand up this Wednesday in Harlem @ 46 west 116th street , I'm gonna perform on an empty stomach to remind myself when I'm on stage of how hungry I really am for sucess . Kevin Hart, Bernie Mac , Eddie Murphy , Chris Tucker, D L Hugley , Steve Harvey, Cedric the entertainer , Chris Rock , and a whole host of other comedians became actors from doing stand up , I'm hoping the same results happens for me , that's my vision , like Kevin Hart always say , Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to put in the work it take to become famous . I'm too determined to quit , so let's see what comes from my stand up starting Wednesday night .
There nothing funnier than "Black Comedy" shout out to all those who keep us laughing - Redd Fox, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Jamie Foxx Etc. who's your Fav. Comic??
Any movie with Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler, Martin Lawrence, or Chris Rock, or Chris Tucker will be hilarious.
Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Charlie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan, and Aj Johnson. The Last Friday is gone be epic.
Whose trying to see Martin, Cole, Tommy, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, and Tracy Morgan in a movie?
Who do u think are the top 5 most SUCCESSFUL comedians of all time? Not who u personally like the most, but who u think sell out arenas and sold millions of albums. Remember we are talking stand up comedy. I'd say Kevin Hart, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Chris Rock and Dane Cook. But so many more can be in that list.
Imagine having Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Kat Williams, and Martin Lawrence all in one high school classroom ?
Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Mike Epps & Kevin Hart are the top funniest black men alive
Aries Spears, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, DL Hugley, and Eddie Murphy are the funniest people in history
If only Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Madea, Joe, Cedric the Entertainer, Marlon Wayne, & Chris Tucker were all in a movie >>>
Kevin Hart funny, but he aint all that. His comedy a lil immature, more for kids and teenagers rather than aldults. He aint no legend comedian like Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, or Chris Tucker. But he aite doe.
I think Martin Lawrence,Kevin Hart,Rickey Smiley,Chris Tucker and Mike Epps should do a comedy show that would be to funny!
Chris Tucker & Kevin Hart always have me Dieing, Kat Williams just make a *** laugh
Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart and Eddie Griffin Are the best comedians EVER! πŸ˜‚ xx
Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Jamie Foxx, Lavell Crawford, Kevin Hart, Deray Davis and many others are my favs as well.
Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart in a Friday movie would be hella funny
I wish i was best friends with Kevin Hart , Chris Tucker , or Omar Epps((:
Chris Tucker,Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, & Katt Williams ALL need to come out in a movie together!
Steven Gerrard, Chris Tucker, Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, T.I., Fabolous, Usher and that's all I can think of right now
A while back Brett Ratner wanted to do a kind of black "Ocean's Eleven" with Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart
People said i put them in the mind Of... Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Soulja Boy, and Akon.. But im still me Alwayz and Forever me! AKA Kelvin Hayes!!
Before there was Samuel L. Jackson, Arsenio Hall. Martin Lawrence, Wayans Family, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Jamie Foxx, Adam Sandler, Dave Chappelle, Charlie Murphy, Tracy Morgan, and Kevin Hart there was Eddie Murphy!!! Eddie Murphy helped start these comedians career and he opened the doors for black comedians to star in major movies!! Greatest to do it! Pryor's Student!
Eddie Murphey, Martin,Fresh Prince,Kevin Hart,Chris Tucker, Dave Chappelle show,Chris Rock & the one in only JIM CAREY. My comedy collection
Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac, Jim Carrey, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Adam Sandler, Tyler Perry, David Mann, Eddie Murphy and Will Ferrell are one of the reason why I love life:')... Love Black Comedy/Comedy! ❀
Hold on.Chris Tucker, Katt Williams, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart & Charlie Murphy are all in Last Friday? Pure Comedy
Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Chris Tucker,Charlie Murphy, Ice Cube && more on da Last Friday movie gone b good a'f
who is more funny on a stand up comedy? Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart or Chris Tucker?
Charlie Murphy,Kevin Hart,Chris Tucker,Tracy Morgan,Mike Epps,& Katt Williams all gone be in "Last Friday".
Chris Tucker, John Witherspoon, Katt Williams, Mike Epps, and Kevin Hart in one movie?.im fitting to be no good
Laughing already knowing that Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Katt Williams & Mike Epps are altogether in this one. πŸ˜‚
So Mike Epps, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, and Katt Williams are supposed to be in this new "Friday" movie.
Man if they put all them actors in the Last Friday... That's going to be non-stop laughter!!! Mike Epps,Kat Williams, Charlie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Aj Johnson, Tiny Lester, and Ice Cube* epic
Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, and Will Smith are the funniest people to me
First 3 hours of work was spent on the phone with my sister talking about ERRTHING!!! LOL! I really need to stop calling her in the morning and be more PRODUCTIVE. LOL! But she's the funniest the person I know besides myself, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Depree, Mike Epps--- just to name a few :)
Taken 3 should star an all black cast starring: Chris Tucker, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. It would be a comedy of coarse... and the title would be "I Done Been Took!"
Mikes Epps, Katt Williams, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart, and Chris Tucker. All in one movie. That's just my dream. Dat wud b a killer one.
Kevin Hart .. Mike Epps .. Ice Cube .. Chris Tucker .. Katt Williams n more they gonna be in the new friday movie called The Last Friday Yezzzr ... Deff gotta go see that On Another Note Ya See Them 49ers Lets Go 34-0 Its HeavyTraxx !
Last Friday looks like its going To be hilarious!! Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Chris Tucker, Kat Williams, & Terry Crews a ...
Chris Tucker is back. Got to see this plus Kevin Hart and Kat Williams.
Off work up early watching "Money Talks" & I forgot how funny Chris Tucker is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ him Martin Lawrence & Kevin Hart only comedians I laugh at
Kevin Hart gone be in along with Chris Tucker, Katt Williams and Charlie Murphy and AJ Johnson I'm there and sitting front ROW!!
So the Last Friday has Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Chris Tucker, AND Katt Williams in it?!!! lol I cant wait for it to come out...
Im so ready for the new Friday,there are so many comedians in this movie I have to put on my seatbelt.Kevin Hart,Chris Tucker,Mike Epps(dae dae),and Kat Williams(Money Mike) Yeah I know I'm a be feeling some kind of way in my K. Michelle voice
Omg , Chris Tucker , Mike Epps , Katt Williams and Kevin Hart , all gone b in the new Friday movie ! Wow
Last Friday is going to be movie of the year. They have Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy.
The male cast for the new Last Friday movie... Ice Cube..Kevin Hart..Mik Epps..Tiny Lister.. Katt Williams.. Chris Tucker..Charlie Murphy..and A.J. Johnson. This gonna be bomb *** movie!!!
Ice Cube had done it again! Just say a promotion for The Last Friday! He got Chris Tucker for the next and final Friday! Along with Mike Epps, Charlie Murphy, Kevin Hart and a host of others! I'll be in the theater for this one!!!
this movie is gonna be freaking epic... Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, and Chris Tucker?!? ... I'm laughing just thinking about it
Just seen a post of the cast of the movie Last Friday (Friday 4 the movie) and if that's it that bih gone be to funny. Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Tracy Morgan, Katt Williams, Charlie Murphy, Debo, Ezel, and Kevin Hart.
From Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart to Bill Cosby and Charlie Murphy, these are the hottest comedians currently on tour and making audience roll down the aisles
Kevin Hart. Check. Still to come: Teedra Moses in 2 weeks and Chris Tucker in Nov. MMG in Dec? Still to be decided
I wish Katt Williams , Mike Epps ,Micheal Blackson ,Kevin Hart , Martin and Chris tucker was all in one movie ...i swear that would be a funny *** movie
Who's the funniest American comedian. Chris Rock, Chris Tucker or Kevin Hart?
Ok going to see Kevin Hart, Kojo, Paul Chowdhry and Chris Tucker over the next few months. May die of laughter
Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Jamie Fox and Chris Tucker will be da best comedy tour eva
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Whom would you like to meet? β€” Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, they're just...
Deciding between Chris Tucker, Tracy Morgan, Eddie Griffin, or Kevin Hart! Hhhmmm - who would I rather see?!
If there was a 4 hour comedy special dvd and you where allowed too pick several comedians to be featured who would you choose. I would pick Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, Katt Williams, Chris Rock, Arnez J, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps... the list goes on
Kevin Hart, Mike Epss, Aries Spears, Katt Williams, Chris Tucker, Tracy Morgan & Bernie Mac should have did a movie together !
Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence need to make another movie far only two.. The Ultimate comedy movie would have Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Arnez J, Ricky Smiley, Katt Williams, Chris Tucker, Cedric the Entertainer, Kevin Hart, The Wayans Family and Jamie Foxx ... Who would you add to the film
"Kevin Hart > Mike Epps > Chris Tucker" WHAT???!?! that's all wrong lol. Mike Epps ain't that funny AT ALL smh Lol
I think Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Martin, Madea, Chris Tucker & Katt Williams,should make a movie together...Lol
Well, it looks like Ice Cube really knows what he is doing in the comedy game; from working with Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, and Tracey Morgan to now Kevin Hart, Cube is about to drop another comedy film with another comedian all star.
if your favorite Stand Up is by : Kevin Hart , Mike Epps , Chris Rock , Martin Lawrence , Chris Tucker , Katt Williams , Eddy Murphy
Watchn my fav movie Friday After Next & I cant wait 4 anotha one!! Chris Tucker betta get wit the program.if not I think Kevin Hart will make a *** good Smoky!
I vote that the next "FRIDAY" movie should have Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Chris Tucker on it
Chris Tucker in his prime >>>>> Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Dave Chapelle, and everybody else from the last 20 years
I think they should make another Friday movie wit Chris Tucker, Katt Williams, & Kevin Hart
Wonder what will happen if Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart play in one movie
Lord please give me Kevin Hart, Rickey Smiley, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Will Smith, and Michael Blackson all together at once please. πŸ™
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, Bernie Mac, D.L. Hughley. The men that made my day today even when I thought it was all bad. :)
Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, and Chris Tucker should all make a movie together.
Kevin Hart my boy doe he inspires me to become better in comedy as well as Chris Tucker ..Eddie Murphy ..Martin Lawrence...Mike Epps etc
Your the director for a funny movie who would you pick: Will Smith, Dave Chapelle, George Lopez, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Adam Sandler? Lol
Chris Tucker ,Kevin Hart,Mike Epps and Katt Williams are among some of my favorite comedians.
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