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Chris Traeger

Christopher Chris Traeger is a fictional character played by Rob Lowe in the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation on NBC.

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Live your life the way Chris Traeger dances
Why do I identify with Chris traeger so much
Things to remember:. 1. Ann Perkins makes a way better couple with Tom Haverford than she does with Chris Traeger. 2. Ben Wyatt is UNDERRATED!
Life threw me a curveball this week. Was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Luckily I have Chris Traeger to remind me:
If you have seen Edge of Tomorrow once you have LITERALLY (Chris Traeger voice) seen it 500 times
There is no TV character that is as similar to me than Chris Traeger 😂😂
Omg I'm 100% Chris Traeger on roadtrips. Have a great time!
I need someone who treats me the way Chris Traeger treats Champion.
Character dev takes a bit. First season or two feels a bit like an office knock-off. Season 3 bring…
Hmm...I was kind of seeing Jeff Bridges as I just keep thinking of Chris Traeger on a horse. It could…
Chris Traeger stop pooping gif but for rain
there needs to be a Chris Traeger pop!
PARKS AND REC 😱we watched a show in my history class w/ Rob Lowe and I almost screamed CHRIS TRAEGER 👏🏼
Justin Trudeau is Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation plus Mr. Peanutbutter from BoJack Horseman.
Another Chris Traeger thing i'm adopting into Sportacus canon: he takes 1000 supplements when bad stuff happens to not be sad
Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger just moved away from Pawnee and I'm v emotional 😭
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Rob Lowe's character in californication is like the scary version Chris Traeger
I've never felt more like Chris Traeger
Tbh Chris Traeger in Parks and Rec is really annoying and I don't like him
Why is Rob Lowe now playing Colonel Sanders? Chris Traeger LITERALLY would not support this.
I wanna be as positive as Chris Traeger
Become chris traeger post Dr. Richard Nygard and live your life the best way you can.
FDR was literally the Chris Traeger of Presidents.
"I promised myself I wasn't going to cry tonight and I've already broken that promise five times". - Chris Traeger, Best Best Man
Idk who yells names more to introduce someone the migos or Chris Traeger
Jeg likte en – Parks and Rec - Literally every time Chris Traeger says literally
For some reason I read this in a Chris Traeger voice. "Joe Panik! 👉👉"
I feel like Chris traeger at Leslie's engagement party
Happy Birthday to Traeger award-winner Alex McIntyre, city manager.
Ron Swanson v. Chris Traeger is the study
I wish I had as positive an outlook on life as Chris Traeger
I am Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec level of happiness
I feel like we should all strive to be like Chris Traeger
Life goal is to be Leslie Knope. Tried to start by being Chris Traeger. Only succeeded at being April in disguise.
There was a point in my life where I was becoming Chris Traeger but college has morphed me into Jerry.
I was trying to stick with one character per tv show/movie but I just Chris Traeger too much to not include him
Hargrave is literally the Chris Traeger of Estacada
Cannot handle when Chris Traeger gets dumped, heart breaking
Working hard to LITERALLY be as positive and uplifting as the great Chris Traeger this summer.
Chris traeger is the most perfect human being ever.
I just helped a Nurse by the name of Ann Perkins. I really wanted to ask how Chris Traeger is doing
Holly is...literally..the BEST. (Channeling my best Chris Traeger from Parks & Rec.)
Chris Traeger is literally one of my favorite characters in Parks and Rec
Depression-masking Chris Traeger is my current aesthetic
is it weird that your character Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec inspires me?
I love binge-watching but it does make my husb talk to me like Chris Traeger for days after. "You are, literally, the best..."
If I had to pick a spirit animal based on it would be a mix of Ron Swanson, Chris Traeger and of course,
Reminds me of Chris Traeger in Parks & Recreation "this is *literally* the best thing to ever happen."
Okay but when I look at Rob Lowe all I can see is Chris Traeger
My BF is watching for the 1st time, and I just heard him saying "Ann Perkins" in a Chris Traeger voice to himself in the bathrm
Someone suggested to me today that Sodapop Curtis would actually grow up to be Chris Traeger & I am so on board.
I like to think I'm a fun hybrid of April Ludgate, Chris Traeger, and Ben Wyatt, depending upon the context in which we know each other.
All these Park n Rec eps made me realize Im both Chris Traeger and Andy Dwyer (pre-guardians of the galaxy)
Currently John Lithgow is the Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, and Chris Traeger of this show. Sherri Shepherd is Tom.
pretty much anytime Chris Traeger says "literally" and "Ann Perkins", flu season, him dancing, and talking with Orin.
Chaz rolled over in the middle of the night the other night and I shot up and went "Ann Perkins" in a Chris Traeger voice & fell back asleep
I feel like Nick and Vanessa are a lot like Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger
Chris Traeger is always happy to advise!
I try to be an Andy Dwyer, but I get told I'm a Chris Traeger. lol
(Oops, sorry, my tuner dial got bumped from Andy Dwyer to Chris Traeger there for a moment.)
If you’re curious the previous thought was “what if Chris Traeger is Sam Seaborn?”
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I like to thing that Sam Seaborn had issues along the way, entered Witness Protection, & emerged as Chris Traeger in Indiana.
How about a comparison study between Jerry Dipoto and Chris Traeger (Parks and Recreation)? I swear Jerry wears bumbleflex!
The bump zoom in Parks and Recreation when Chris Traeger asks Ron Swanson to wear yoga pants is my favorite 5 seconds in television history.
*que Chris Traeger voice*. I LITerally need a taco right this very minute.
Strangely attracted to Chris Traeger right now
my hobbies include crying over Chris traeger and eating hot cheetos
I really relate to Chris Traeger from that one Valentine's Day where he's the most miserable person in existence
needs to do the Chris Traeger character while voicing Lion Guard...
Every time I read the word "literally" I read it in Chris Traeger's voice.
I feel like your real life personality is the exact opposite of Chris Traeger
Find someone who says your name the way Chris Traeger says, "Ann Perkins!!"
Every time I say literally, I say it in my head as Chris Traeger from parks and rec.
I'm a mixture of Leslie Knope, April Ludgate, and Chris Traeger and this is why it hurts to be me
I love how many people at EMU call me "Jess Green" almost exclusively. It makes me feel like Chris Traeger. 😁
I aspire to have the demeanor of Chris Traeger before my life is over
Chris Traeger's emotional and depressive breakdown in seasons 4 and 5 of parks and rec is my aesthetic
The unspoken truth is that Chris Traeger and Ron Swanson are TERRIBLE.
3 things we can learn from Parks and Rec's Chris Traeger about ministry -->
i *literally* read that in Chris Traeger's voice.
Everyday I struggle between trying to be Ron Swanson and trying to be Chris Traeger. Turns out I'm actually Ben Wyatt.
I'm not a college football fan, but one day of P.J. Fleck and I'm already getting some hardcore Chris Traeger vibes from him.
Parks and Recreation S06EP13.why Ann Perkins?.why chris traeger???
Chris Traeger is the best parks and rec character
I'm either like Chris Traeger or Ron Swanson there is no in between
If Chris Traeger coached a college football team his name would be P.J. Fleck
Watching Rob Lowe's masterful Chris Traeger, I envision Lowe starring as a pastor in a megachurch. Now get those Parks and Rec writers.
Guys I just met *** Chris Traeger on tinder oh my god, extreme positivity, loves working out, uses strange vocab choices.
chris traeger. - so positive !. - literALLY. - everyone needs a chris in their life . - so cuuutee
Thank you for Chris Traeger aka the embodiment of all that is good in the world
Life goals are to be as authentically positive and enthusiastic as Chris Traeger
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So many faves but a top is whenever Chris Traeger gives the straight face right to the camera.
PJ Fleck reminds me of if Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec coached football
i'm so pumped for this new album it's *chris traeger voice* LITRALLY going to be his best one yet
Chris Traeger crying about a box of tissues running out is honestly me all the time
I like Chris Traeger the best. Makes me laugh every time!!!
Every time i hear the word literally, i repeat it with a chris traeger voice in my head
Practicing portion control with a pint of Ben & Jerrys is LITRALLY (Chris Traeger voice) impossible
Chris Traeger: "I've hatched 11 eggs since breakfast. How many have you hatched, Tom?". Tom: "0. What good is a game whe…
Chris Traeger is my spirit animal honestly
if im not season 4 Chris Traeger, i dont know who is
Every time I look at the health substitute I can't help but think about Chris traeger
U know when Chris traeger has to keep productive and active to he doesn't fall into a pit of despair? That's me
Sam is just a prequel of Chris Traeger, he's so sweet and positive. I'm working on a theory that the two worlds connect completely.
Chris Traeger. Not marry, but that's who I'd like to be.
Can you settle a bet btwn hubby and me? Is Chris Traeger what happened to Sam Seaborne after stress of the WH? He adopted new ID?
Oh. Nice try Chris Traeger. You.. are just hilarious
My goal is to be as happy as Chris Traeger
Origin story: Chris Traeger was born the moment Sam Seaborn said, "I'm NUTS about dental hygiene!". Brilliant convergence,
The more I (re)watch the more I realize that Sam Seaborn is just a young Chris Traeger
This is the closest I get to Sam "Schools Should be Palaces" Seaborn...I mean Chris Traeger...I mean Rob Lowe. Brus…
The West Wing: exactly the same except Rob Lowe isn't Sam Seaborn he is Chris Traeger
I'd like to think that Chris Traeger is Sam Seaborn needing to unwind after his work in the White House.
I really hope there is a real life Chris Traeger out there and preferably one who looks just like Rob Lowe 😍 😭😭
I forgot Rob Lowe was the bad guy in Tommy Boy and now I'm mad at Chris Traeger for breaking up with Anne Perkins ALL OVER AGAIN
I wish Rob Lowe was Chris Traeger. Like for real.
All I can think of when I see Rob Lowe talk excitedly about his Comedy Central Roast, is how very Chris Traeger that is of him.
Rob Lowe narrates WWII in HD but all I can hear is Chris Traeger
I'm Tom Haverford, Chris Traeger, and Ron Swanson all at once
Ann Perkins. ~If you didn't read that in Chris Traeger's voice who r u. ~Beautiful Land Mermaid. ~Smart. ~Leslie's gf™ htt…
bro. Ann Perkins is legit. Don't let Chris Traeger tell you otherwise. Not without my coffee.
In my own private universe, Sam Seaborn simply grew up to be Chris Traeger
Sam Seaborn just said, without irony, "I'm nuts for dental hygiene!" And lo, Chris Traeger came into being.
Sometimes I'm like Chris Traeger and other times I'm like Ron Swanson. And sometimes Leslie Knope ya never know
Just an Ann Perkins out here looking for a Chris Traeger tbh
and ur also cute!! I don't have a photo of Chris traeger writing "CUTE" down tho :( lol
Everytime i go to starbucks i consider bein like *chris traeger voice* hi! I would like a green tea frappucino. I would like it to be venti
I think perfectly encompassed my emotional rollercoaster of a life so far with Chris Traeger lol
I always get Chris Traeger on Parks and Rec quizzes so obviously
"How we deal with tragedy defines who we are." Wise words from Chris Traeger. 💕
I couldn't remember what Ann's last name was so I thought of Chris Traeger doing the finger snap thing and saying "Ann Perkins!"
Chris Traeger is so athletic, even his veins are formed in the shape of a running stickman! :D
My dentist reminds me of Chris Traeger and that makes me so happy
Okay, time to buckle down and get work done. Gotta stay positive! I'll just imagine Chris Traeger standing behind me
I just figured out, I'm the Chris Traeger of my office. I guess I'm OK with that.
Chris Traeger in parks and rec is everything I aspire to be in life.
Luckily I take enough vitamins and herbs to choke Chris Traeger. Plus I have the gym. 3 book projects. Personal projects. A class to teach.
Chris Traeger is litcherally my favorite character on any show
Chris Traeger is lovely and I'm glad "fallopian princess" is a title.
1st day of grad school is literally in the books! Reading and writing is my happy place. (*spoken in my best Chris Traeger voice)
I feel like chris traeger when he got the flu😭
I just want a Chris Traeger or Andy Dwyer in my life
As chris traeger once said, you are ~literally~ the best
Joey Bats had his hand cocked and loaded. Odor...*Chris Traeger voice* LIT'RALLY...beat him to the punch.
aw i love Chris Traeger. when's the marathon? i remember you did them when you were in school.
I love chris traeger but i also hate him. He can be really annoying but also really positive and spirit-lifting
Just a Chris Traeger looking for his Ann Perkins.
Chris traeger as an old man is aesthetic goals
whenever I say *quite literally* please know I'm saying it like chris traeger from parks & rec.
Mood: Chris Traeger singing take me out to the ball game
i wish i was as positive about life as Chris Traeger is
My day was spent half laughing half sobbing over how I am actually chris traeger
So I'm in training for the Women's Mini Marathon and Chris Traeger is fast becoming my spirit animal.
Tbh we really need a Chris Traeger appreciation month
I feel like I'm Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec's long lost son or something
I need as Chris Traeger telling me that everything will be okay lol
it's okay. It's not for everyone. I literally can't stand Chris Traeger.
i'm gonna keep going, matt murdock (my baby), alison from pll? emma swan, HAN SOLO, shrek? chris traeger
Vision is to the Avengers as Chris Traeger is to Parks and Rec. Do not dispute me.
I wonder what it'd be like to try a Chris Traeger impression for a day
Whenever I don't feel like working out, I just ask myself what would Chris Traeger do? He's my idol.
*Chris Traeger Voice*: My life is LITerally falling apart
If I use the word "literally" in a social media post, just know it is to be pronounced the Chris Traeger way
And much like Chris Traeger (because Rob Lowe and I are basically…
I've never related to a character more than Chris Traeger
What are your talents? Well, my friend, I do a mean impression of 1. A Young Ned Stark 2. Tom Haverford when he's hurt + 3. Chris Traeger
There's a man running for office around here named Robert Lowe & I think of Rob Lowe & then I think of Chris Traeger
who wins in a fight, Chris Traeger or Sodapop Curtis ?
"Life is precious and everyday is a miracle." - Chris Traeger
If overtime he really can't ssh, pull a Chris Traeger, like when he dumped Ann in s3, &/or be upfront "why can't we be friends?"
Good to know Chris Traeger's "Literally" line originated in Wayne's World. At least I want to.
do I love anyone more than chris traeger NOPE
Jake just pointed at me and said SUZANNE HICKEY the same way Chris traeger does in parks and rec and I WANT TO CRY IT WAS SO SWEET
Chris Traeger is too pure and nobody is worthy of him. Not even Ann Perkins. Not even Lil Sebastian.
of all people U picked Chris Traeger , is there a Ron in here rn bc I'll take tht name in .2 milliseconds
After finishing Parks and Rec I LITERALLY cannot say 'literally' without saying it like Chris Traeger
I finished parks and rec last night and now I feel like chris traeger when he kept having to see dr richard nygard
I love the way Ron Swanson and Chris Traeger appear either side of the app draw on my Nexus 9!
It's scary how much i relate to chris traeger when he goes extremely dark and depressing
Recently I've literally been like Chris Traeger lmao. Happy and upbeat but horribly depressed and wanting to die ☺
If you took Ross Geller, Ted Mosby, Ben Wyatt, and Chris Traeger and mashed them into one sitcom amalgamation you would have me
for those of you who don't know me and are wondering what I'm like in real life, I am the short blonde version of Chris Traeger
That scene in parks and rec where Chris Traeger says he urinates roughly 12 times each night is gonna be me in an hour
Dance like you're Chris Traeger and "One Headlight" just came on
Starting a show with Pam Beesly and Chris Traeger. If it's not good then idk man idk
I love Chris Traeger with all my heart I can't think of anyone I love more
Sometimes I think Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec and I have a lot in common.
Be the person Chris Traeger knows you can be.
In my best Chris Traeger voice, "The Speedy Freeze is LITERALLY the best drink I have ever tasted."
Live your days like you're Chris Traeger
my metamorphosis into Chris Traeger is almost complete
I have literally been up all night *Chris Traeger voice*
Kyle is definitely Chris Traeger off Parks and Rec
Can't read or listen to the word "literally" without thinking of Chris Traeger (BAEger). I just can't do it. I LITERALLY just can't.
Headcanon where Sam Seaborn changes his identity to Chris Traeger and moves to IN after a failed CA political career
I'm more like Chris Traeger than I thought.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
it's garbage that no one ships Ron Swanson and Chris Traeger total garbage
New goal: to be as positive as Chris Traeger
Claire's new favorite word is literally & I'm literally wishing I had taught her to say it like Chris Traeger
I use literally as much as Chris Traeger
girls are Chris Traeger Literally the worst
This girl at work uses "literally" in every sentence. She literally could be Chris Traeger.
You're too nice. He probably didn't even know you were kicking him out. Like when Chris Traeger dumped Ann Perkins on P&R.
Sometimes I'm Chris Traeger, but the rest of the time I'm Ben Wyatt.
I was hoping for a hybrid of a Chris Traeger and Leslie Knope
Chris Traeger is everything I strive to be in life
Come donate blood today! It's the last day to give at ISU! Chris Traeger would like everyone to come save 3 lives!
I wrote a really long thing about life as an English major. Chris Traeger helped.
I just dreamed Chris Traeger was my boss at work. And he found Christianity. Holy Hannah.
I relate to chris traeger on such a deep level
I need someone like Chris Traeger in my life
I'm Ron Swanson and I need to be more like Chris Traeger.
i wish i was as happy & positive as Chris Traeger from Parks n Rec
Okay but Bates Motel just further proves that and I watch (Chris Traeger voice) LITERALLY all the same shows
Ever wonder whether Chris Traeger is just Sam Seaborn's alias after he failed to meet Bartlet's expectations of holding office & went cray?
Now that Pam Beesly has kissed Chris Traeger. How long do we have to wait for Ann Perkins and Jim Halpert?
I just watched a montage of all the instances in parks & rec where Chris Traeger points and says "Ann Perkins" god bless america
CNN says Bernie Sanders is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and all I can think of is if Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins are at his event
I wish I had someone in my life like Rob Lowes' Chris Traeger from
"Let your brain unlock the door to your heart's future." -Chris Traeger [ ] my guy through the gloom. ❤️
One day I'll have the mindset of Chris Traeger
You know you watch too much Parks and Rec when you start speaking like Chris Traeger
My goal for the upcoming summer at camp: live as a combination of Ron Swanson and Chris Traeger
Whenever I get sick I feel like Chris Traeger when he compares his body to a microchip
I LITERALLY *Chris Traeger voice* love every video where different animals are chillin with other animals.
Sometimes I wish I was as positive as Chris Traeger
'Way to be, duck!'. I wish Chris Traeger was real and my friend.
I need Chris Traeger's positivity in my life every day
Chris Traeger, the City Manager on "Parks and Recreation," says the word "literally" 39 times throughout the span of the show.
Want Chris Traeger to be my life coach
I'm in a really good mood today. This is what it must feel like to be Chris Traeger.
I sputter more words about death than Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec does
They've just hired an American in and it's thrown my whole UK Parks and Rec vibe I'd created for myself. Hopefully he can be Chris Traeger.
low key never liked Chris Traeger anyways
Dean Sanderson and Chris Traeger.two of the greatest characters ever. More people need to watch
Chris traeger is literally the healthiest person I know
I started taking vitamin supplements. I am the embodiment of chris traeger. Also, i have to cut them in half bc i cant swallow big pills 😳
Chris Traeger is . Literally. One of my favorite tv characters
[chris traeger voice] bethany hawke is LITERALLY. the only one that bathes.
Forever wishing I had a Chris Traeger in my life, I'd be a much better person
You are literally Chris Traeger from Parks & Rec
She was sick when this was taken. *** I couldn't look this good even if I was healthier than Chris Traeger
I don't know if I aspire to be Sam Seaborn or Chris Traeger... Tough one.
I really need to help. She's the Ben Wyatt to my Chris Traeger when it comes to getting rid of clothes.
You are LITERALLY my favorite person ever! -Chris Traeger
But how do we know Chris Traeger isn't Saitama?
I read this in Chris Traeger's voice.
I used amazing to describe 4 things at least today I am Chris traeger from parks and rec
Chris traeger is most underrated parks n rec character
why does Chris Traeger from parks and rec remind me of Mr. Meader
Just saw Nick Offerman on the West Wing. Too perfect. I've already been seeing Sam Seaborn as Chris Traeger constantly.
I love Chris traeger more than I love myself
I'm still thinking about that. he's like a Chris Traeger if Chris was S T A C K E D. and he has a cat. and I have a Crush.
📷 meredithgery: Happy Valentine’s Day, from Chris Traeger ♥ I see him as Sam Seaborn saying this
my Econ professor reminds me of Chris Traeger from Parks & Rec and i love it...
Chris Traeger voice: well! :) life is corporeal + stuff is important b/c I give it importance. i'll try my best :)
Chris Traeger was in a Persona game, and if folks treated a transgender character horribly--I would make a scene.
I love Chris Traeger with all of my heart
It's not the same without Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins
Sometimes when I'm watching I wonder what Chris Traeger would think of Sam Seaborn's negative attitude.
Remember that time Chris Traeger had a one night stand with Dr. Cuddy?
Chris Traeger and Ben Wyatt will fix this
Ann Perkins what are you doing in The Office silly girl stop crushing on Jim you have a child with Chris Traeger and plus Jims inlove w/ Pam
Rob Lowe is 51?! Chris Traeger will definitely live to be 150 years old
With the exception of cocaine & sexual acts, Rob Lowe's Eddie Nero & Chris Traeger characters are the same.
I would be disappointed if I ever met Rob Lowe and he wasn't exactly like Chris Traeger.
That moment I realize Rob Lowe kind of coined his Chris Traeger "Literally" long before as I watch "Wayne's World"
Basically goals. Except Chris. I'm don't wanna be Chris Traeger and Anne Perkins
Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger ruined my life
I just wanted to take the time to say that I hate Ann Perkins and she does not deserve Chris Traeger
I mean friendship goals is Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. BUT Chris Traeger and Ben Wyatt are a close second
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A little Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger running around should be goals.
Sometimes I feel like Leslie Knope and other times I'm def Chris Traeger
Seriously f**k Chris Traeger for putting Leslie on trial doe, hated him from then on
Nothing makes me happier than hearing Chris Traeger say "Ann Perkins."
I just started crying on my kitchen floor thinking about Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger's relationship
I'd like to think that my spirit animal is Chris Traeger but I'm pretty sure it's Mary Richards.
Ok that's it Chris Traeger is my fav
Rob Lowe will always be Chris Traeger to me
In my head Rob Lowe will always always be Chris Traeger and when I see him in something other than Parks and Rec it's really weird.
Rob Lowe is fine. Chris Traeger is not.
Chris Traeger: "Andy, are you aware of what Tennis is?". Andy Dwyer: "Yeah.". Chris Traeger: "What…
I hope everyone's night is great and I hope everyone went to houses with Andy Dwyer's and not Chris Traeger's.
I think I'm a hybrid of Andy Dwyer and Chris Traeger. If only I could run 12 miles a day and if I was in a band.
Parks & Rec is my fav bc my fav characters have traits i admire most. Leslie Knope never gives up and Chris Traeger is eternally optimistic.
My favorite actor is Rob Lowe as Chris Traeger b/c he is me.
From most of the movies I've seen Rob Lowe in, his characters all have similar characteristics to Chris Traeger from parks and rec
Rob Lowe is forever Chris Traeger to me at this point.
First appearance of Adam Scott and Rob Lowe as Ben Wyatt and Chris Traeger, respectively.
Chris Traeger is LITERALLY the best character Rob Lowe has ever done.
Rob Lowe will only ever be Chris Traeger to me.
Watching Rob Lowe in the West Wing is so weird cause hes nothing at all like Chris Traeger
It would be really disappointing if I were to meet Rob Lowe and his personality isn't like Chris Traeger's.
There is an advertisement that is popping up in my TL with a video of Radshida Jones and all I can hear is Chris Traeger saying"Ann Perkins"
I'm mostly Leslie Knope with a little Chris Traeger and an inner April Ludgate
Like if I'm talking about being Leslie Knope why would you send me a Chris Traeger joke?
Yep, I'm down with He's very Chris Traeger-like - now if Ann Perkins would stop by.
ALSO have you noticed that Chris Traeger, Ron Swanson & Pam Beesley are in that new show on Sky1? WHERE IS LESLIE/JIM??
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