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Chris Soules

Christopher Douglas Chris Soules (born November 6, 1981) is an American farmer most well known for starring in the nineteenth season of ABC's The Bachelor.

Sean Lowe Arie Luyendyk Witney Carson

Is this real? Sean Lowe and Chris Soules are Trump supporters
"You, Chris Soules, & Sean Lowe, are truly, 3, of, the most, humble; ~Bachelors, on; TV:) I see, so much, light, in, your hearts."
Q105 has got your Meet & Greet passes to Bar Centrale inside Foxwoods Resort Casino to meet Chris Soules, Jared...
Yes the corn conventioneer was trying to get ahold of me to look at Farmer Chris Soules snap chat
Chris Soules is staying busy this planting season. Catch our interview with him on our website.
Clay & Associates, DDS, PLC knows how to throw an Open House with celeb Chris Soules Thank You for partnering...
Listen for Emily's interview with Chris Soules tomorrow.
Chris Soules is at the Grand Opening of Clay & Associates tonight. Come get a picture with him.
still thinking about Chris Soules saying he "wished he didn't have to let me go" while hugging in my dream last night & I can't get over it
πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ it's for sure Chris soules that comes back!!!
omg. I think Chris Soules is going to show up.
Proud to announce that I'm now Chris Soules
I had a dream last night that I met Chris Soules and he kept wanting to hug me and that was the best dream pretty much ever πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
My just met Chris Soules at the casino and sent me a selfie. ARE YOU KIDDING ME πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
Watch out Chris Soules () β€” another Iowa heart throb will soon be looking for love on
Will another Iowan be on 'The Bachelorette'? -
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I still think Chris Soules made a huge mistake by letting Jade go. Sorry homie, your loss πŸ™ˆπŸ°πŸ’•πŸŒΉ
I can't get enough of Chris Soules singing country music on a tractor. Mary me 😭
I liked a video The Bachelor's Chris Soules SNAPS at Adam Carolla
Doesn't Stephanie from looks like Whitney from the bachelor Chris soules season
Who was your favorite contestant from Chris Soules season? What about from Kaitlyns season?
Chris Soules and Amanda Stanton are gonna be on Bachelor in Paradise 😳
just saw Chris Soules at Starbucks in captiva!
Been confirmed Chris Soules to BIP. Could your impossible thing be joining Chris, JJ and Jared there?
If Chris Soules has a little brother I for sure just saw him. 😬
well at least you got x and o's yesterday. Take of yourself. Chris Soules is going to BIP - per gossip.
has Chris soules tried talking to you again ?
Chris Soules Net Worth: Chris Soules who grown up in farming lifestyle came to be on 6th November 1981. He cou...
my mom said it's rumored that Chris soules is on bachelor in paradise I'm gonna punch a wall
Why is Chris Soules in Davenport doing promotions for Sun Tan City.
Also your chance to hang out with Iowa's Chris Soules.
Chris Soules, you are such a great uncle and a beautiful man. I hope love finds you soon.
Chris Soules Continues To Express Excitement Over β€˜DWTS’: . Chris Soules decided to go on Dancing With The S...
Whaaat? Chris Soules will be at Sun Tan City on Kimberly on April 5??
Working with Chris Soules from "The Bachelorette" and "Dancing with the Stars"... and he starred in season 19 of...
Chris Soules is doing a meet and greet at sun tan city LMAO
Petition to make Chris soules to bachelor every season from now on
I'm forever in love with chris soules
I added a video to a playlist Chris Soules to Help North East Iowa Food Bank (
C/O NEW BLOG POST Chris Soules - Chris Soules finally popped the question to Whitney Bischoff on "The Bachelor,...
Brody Jenner, Jason Biggs, Wyclef Jean, "Bachelor" Chris Soules, Charlotte Mckinney and are at the .
Had a dream that Ben Higgins & Chris Soules pulled up in a car outside of my house and wouldn't let me take a picture with them πŸ˜‚
Ben higgins is just a better looking JJ. Put it back in the toilet, bring back my boy Chris Soules. Justice 4 Jubilee
so true! It's why Ashley S from Chris soules will always be my fave. Pure entertainment
Gonna see The Choice on Tuesday. Meeting The Bachelor Chris Soules at the hockey game Saturday
saw bachelor live now and Chris Soules agrees with us as well Leah is a personal fav of his :O
Chris Soules is so perfect that it actually causes me pain
apparently you're not up on your as Season 19 did just that with Farmer Chris Soules 🐷from Iowa! 🌹
I never really appreciated how great & fun a bachelor that chris soules was/is until this boring season. Jubilee was the best.
everything is fate.Sometimes you have to make desicions.My opinion,Caila is boring.She is like Chris soules this seaso
Just caught up with fell in Love with two women...what!😯😯 Is he going to end up like Chris Soules?
Take a page out of Chris Soules book, bring Olivia to the dessert and LEAVE HER THERE!
I am sick of Chris Soules popping up over and over. i don't like him after his show.
maybe Ben should listen to Whitney instead of Chris soules!
Chris Soules on Bachelor Live... showing everyone that he's really just a *** wrapped in a whole lotta boring. πŸ˜’πŸ™„
Does Chris Soules have nothing better to do than appear on every reality TV?
Ben>>>>Chris soules. If only Ben could have been the hot farmer from Iowa.
The last time women were this excited about a caucus in Iowa Chris Soules was
Caucus Update: Farmer Chris Soules is caucusing in Iowa & now Chris Harrison is a projected nominee for president.
Chris Soules may have taken a photo with Republican Presidential candidate Chris Christie, but the former "Bachelor" star,…
Did we forget that Chris Soules was a sucky bachelor?Why are we still showing him?
Chris Soules made tonight! Would love to hear where he'd place the girls on the πŸ¦„? πŸ˜‚
Stop trying to make Chris Soules happen. He's not going to happen
Chris Soules has used up his bachelor spotlight and is now just overstaying his welcome.
Chris Soules is really trying to ride the fame train. He's on every other week and his relationship didn't even last.
"Let's check in to see how the Caucus is going in Iowa.. One of our ABC news analysts is joining us now... Oh. Wait. It's Chris Soules" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
did Chris Soules have to drive more than 2 hours to caucus? will we ever have these answers?
I'm still in love with Chris Soules :// *sigh*
DYING to know who Chris Soules was caucusing for
Why do they keep going back to Chris Soules? The relationship didn't work out. Why keep going back to him?
Pull a Chris Soules and tell the girls you're capable of seeing through someone and making your own decisions, Ben.
is delayed for coverage or as I like to call it, "replaying Chris Soules' season"
Also wondering who Chris Soules is caucusing for
yeah, she was on Chris Soules' season
You think I could get Chris Soules to be on my season if I become The Bachelorette?
Todd Calfee was caucusing with Chris Soules tonight it seems
Update your maps at Navteq
No, for real, the only time I cared less about Iowa is when Chris Soules was
this is like Chris Soules season when he took Britt on a Hot Air Ballon , like Britt Amanda wool up with makeup tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ok Ben just copied Chris Soules date with Britt
My favorite part of the is when they cut to Chris Soules in Iowa on and made innuendos with the word "caucus"
All I know about Iowa is that Chris Soules is from there.
I would be willing to bet money that Chris Soules was a.) not in iowa b.) not 'caucusing' c.) using skype for the first time.
I wonder who bachelor Chris soules voted for
Chris Soules just did an Iowa Caucus commercial. Look at that Bachelor strategize
My best source on intersection of politics & brotherβ€”tells me Chris Soules called into the aftershow post-caucusing in Iowa.
I wonder who Chris Soules caucused for
Shirtless Ben H. really pales in comparison to shirtless Chris Soules
ABC wants us to know that Chris Soules, Sean Lowe and Jason Mesnick are royalty. πŸ‘€
Chris Soules & Jaleel White win for making the best, funniest side comments
'The Bachelor' star Chris Soules' culinary skills put to test when ...
hey just when you think that NASCAR can't do worse they get Chris Soules to grand Marshall
Big thanks to Chris Soules for helping us support the University of Iowa Children's Hospital at today's event!...
My cousin just met Chris Soules and sent me this, I'm melting.
Are you joking?!!! Chris Soules is a certifiable jerk! He wants to be Bachelor 2nd time!
*** how didn't I see Chris Soules yesterday when I was working
Me : OMG The Bachelor Chris Soules is here! Hubs: OMG I just met the inventor of the Breeding Buddy!
Girl time! See how Whitney Bischoff has been doing following her split from Chris Soules:
"The Bachelor" Chris Soules photo opt and other scenes from
Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff have called it quits 2 months after their engagement! Are you surprised? http:/…
I just am in love with the fact that Chris Soules is apart of American agriculture. Makes my heart warm 🌹
"It's over: Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff have called off their engagement πŸ’”
Can we stop making chris soules famous yet or?
NO...NO...NO...Chris Soules should NOT have a 2nd chance to be the Bachelor...He's a Fame ***
Chris Soules, a nice person? I don't think so...He's a *** ..He USED Whitney for his 15 min of fame...
Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff and Witney Carson about an ugly Bachelor... via happier times
Justin Bieber Found Guilty, Chris Soules' Girl Feud and more celebrity n...
I liked a video 'Bachelor’ Chris Soules Addresses Breakup Rumors as He's Eliminated from 'DWTS'
Check out our interview He will be at June 13th! We will be there covering the event!
What has Whitney Bischoff been up to since her breakup with
Hi, Chris Soules. I can't emotionally handle videos of you giving roses to sick children at the UI Children's hospital, but we can date.
Chris Soules: Is it Over Before it Begins?: Ending before you start?
I'm not listening to you bc I'm too jealous you saw Chris Soules
Everything's rosy with her! Whitney Bischoff enjoys fun times with the girls after split from Bachelor
Say it ain't sow! "Bachelor" Chris Soules and Chicago nurse Whitney Bischoff are splitsville: http:…
Another couple split: Whitney Bischoff and Chris Soules break up. Story:
The Bachelor runner-up says she wanted a "happy ending" for Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff
Just figured out that Whitney and Chris Soules broke up?! I'm so sad.πŸ˜žπŸ’”
Chris Soules, the former Bachelor, visits with kids at
Team up with the Iowa Hawkeyes and Chris Soules this Saturday to raise money for the University of Iowa...
Whitney Bischoff has the best medicine for a breakup: Ladies night!
Chris Soules: The Island: The Island is composed by Steve Jablonsky and conducted by Blake Neely. The score is mostly
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
OMG just saw the crazy low scores judges gave Patti LaBelle! She was so much better than lead foot Chris Soules! Can't believe the 5s
Whitney Bischoff: Jealous of Chris Soules, Witney Carson on Dancing with the Stars?
Eastern Iowa has it's own reality star. Here's a sneak peak into Chris Soules upcoming DWTS.
Happily ever after on Chris Soules says his new fiancΓ©e is his soulmate:
Chris Soules: proof that no amount of media training prepares you for women who want real answers.
Chris Soules might've seemed like the obvious choic... |
Sean Lowe says Arie Luyendyk was told he'd be before Chris Soules got the gig:
Sean Lowe says Chris Soules almost didn't get Bachelor gig: Chris Soules is well on his way to finding love on...
Carly Waddell & Chris Soules: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: Read on for the facts on The Bachelor contestant ...
ICYMI: Chris Soules was taught how to "throw the crown" this week by Theta Alpha Chapter, Coe College:
Jimmy Kimmel Pays a Steamy Visit to The Bachelor's Chris Soules in the Shower (PHOTOS)
The national agriculture community is having a great conversation about Chris Soules &
Chris Soules you got a lot in store for you.
I might have stayed in Wisconsin if the farmers were half as hot as Chris Soules.
Today on LIVE with Taraji P. Henson, Dolvett Quince, and Chris Soules stop by. Tune in at 9 a.m.
β€œSo corny! Watch the latest season 18 Bachelor promo with hottie Chris Soules:
You fell in love with him on The Bachelorette, now fall in love with Chris Soules again as THE BACHELOR. …
Chris Soules will be the next YEE HAW
The race for who will be crowned Bachelor 2015 is heating up in a big way! Chris Soules, the gentleman farmer from Andi Dorfman’s just-finished season, is going head-to-head with Arie Luyendyk, Jr., the kissing bandit and runner-up in Emily Maynard’s love race. While Chris seems to be banking o...
Making a pit stop in Strawberry Point to see Chris Soules
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