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Chris Sale

Christopher Allen Sale (born March 30, 1989) is an American professional baseball pitcher with the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball.

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Jose Altuve's 2nd home run off Chris Sale: 108.5 mph, 415 feet, per Altuve's hardest hit of any kind this season.
Chris Sale implodes in first postseason start
John Farrell, Boston Red Sox manager, explains decision to stay with Chris Sale to start sixth inning
Jose Altuve against Chris Sale and the Red Sox- 3-4 with 3 homers. Aaron Judge against Trevor Bauer and the Indians. 0-3 3 k’…
Red Sox 2, Astros 8: Chris Sale disappoints and Game One goes poorly for the Sox
Fantasy Baseball Alert: Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale, and Gio Gonzalez will only pitch a couple innings if any this weekend. They can be cut
Chris Sale (25.1 Box-Toppers, 1st) would secure B-T Player of Year honors if he's Player of Day in start TU—
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Chris Sale has now struck out 191 batters on the road this year, the most by any pitcher in at least 104 years.
Chris Sale is the first starter in the American League to reach 300 strike outs since Pedro Martinez did in 1999.
Full list of AL pitchers with 300 Ks in a season this millennium:. 1. Chris Sale. 2.
How is the caption for this picture not "Chris Sale's arm tragically detaches from his body mid-pitch."
I do...Kluber has only ran further and further away since.
Did Chris Sale have to pitch the 8th inning? via
We have no idea how Sony made a sound bar this slim, but it sounds great and it’s on sale on Amazon…
In his first year out of Chicago, Chris Sale is having the season of his life:.
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Chris Sale has joined Pedro Martinez as the only Red Sox pitchers ever with 300+ strikeouts in a season. Martinez struck out…
Chris Sale's 300th strikeout of 2017. Of course it was on a slider.
Whenever I feel sad, I just watch slow motion video of guys trying to hit Chris Sale's slider and I'm happy again.
Chris Sale had 300 on his mind tonight.
Chris Sale is the first American League pitcher to reach 300 Ks in a season since Pedro Martinez in 1999. . Incredible…
Chris Sale has been great this year, no doubt, but Corey Kluber has been the best pitcher in baseball since June.…
Buck Showalter celebrates Chris Sale's 300th strike out.
Chris Sale joins Randy Johnson, Clayton Kershaw, and Aaron Judgе as the only players since 2000 with 300+ strikeouts in…
Didn't take long for Chris Sale to join Boston's pitching elite.
Chris Sale just found out Cleveland is on the same side of the bracket http…
How will Chris Sale’s dominant start last night impact the AL race? weighs in.
191 of Chris Sale’s 300 strikeouts in 2017 have come on the road. That’s the most by ANY pitcher since at least 1913.…
Chris is the 1st American League Pitcher to reach 3⃣0⃣0⃣ strikeouts in a season THIS CENTURY!
Chris Sale is just the 2nd to reach 300 K's in Red Sox history. The other? Pedro Martinez.
◆ Chris Sale records his 300th strikeout this season - HardballTalk (blog)
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With 300 K's, has ace Chris Sale locked up the Cy Young?
Former P Chris Sale blanked the Orioles for 8 innings and reached 300 strikeouts in Boston's 9-0 victory…
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Chris Sale becomes second pitcher in Red Sox history to record 300-strikeout season in sweep of the Orioles:
Chris Sale with 300 strikeouts... Here's the pitch location of all of them. 🔥🔥🔥
Chris Sale reached 300 K in a season in the 3rd-fewest innings ever. Only Randy Johnson/Pedro Martínez have done it…
Chris Sale reached 300 strikeouts in a season in 209 1/3 innings. Only Randy Johnson & Pedro Martinez have done it fast…
Chris Sale has 18 10-K games this season, most in MLB. That is 1 shy of the most in a season in Red Sox history. https:…
If gets 8 pitches against Chris Sale does he hit 1 of them?
Chris Sale became the first pitcher since Randy Johnson (1999) to record 300 strikeouts in his first season with a team.…
SpeedeNews: For Chris Sale, less is more in September - For Chris Sale, less is more in September
I just assume Chris Sale is going to have a game with 11 or 12 K's and then I'm disappointed when he only has 8. That's how g…
For the and Chris Sale, it’s a September with an eye on October:
Sox keep rolling day off today 10 games left 3 game lead Chris Sale is good. Tour Championship top 30 !!!. Pats prep for Houston
A Royals exec was once anonymously quoted a saying something like drafting Christian Colon over Chris Sale kept him up so…
Chris Sale needs 13 K to become the first AL pitcher with 300 K in a season since fellow pitcher Pedro Martínez…
Polk in the Pros is coming to an end soon, but Wade Davis and Chris Sale have shots at postseason glory:
It looks like two local products will make it to the postseason: Wade Davis with the Cubs + Chris Sale with Boston.
will start Dylan Bundy, Kevin Gausman and Wade Miley vs. Boston has Doug Fister, Drew Pomeranz and Chris Sale.
Chris Sale finishes the night with 9 K against the Rays. His 287 K this season are now 3rd-most in a single-season in Re…
Chris Sale record vs the New York Yankees this season:. 0-3
Chris Sale had never allowed back-to-back HRs in his career. The New York Yankees changed that tonight.
The have been less than -150 favorites in only one of Chris Sale's 27 starts this year. Tonight's current line…
Chris Sale (11) already has more career games of 10+ K and no BB than Bob Gibson (9), Nolan Ryan (8) & Sandy Koufax (7)
Bob. Come on, man. This is the LEAST compelling race. Chris Sale is the Cy Young. It's not close. Please inform you…
Corey Kluber is a starter who can close with the best of them. And he's closing in on Chris Sale in Cy Young race. https:/…
Chris Sale better watch out or that Cy Young might slip out from under him
Indians rocking Chris Sale gets Corey Kluber back into Cy Young race - got him for cheap in FF draft
Chris Sale has pitched like 30 games against the Indians. ERA north of 5. Unreal.
BREAKING: Red Sox traded SP Chris Sale to the Yankees in exchange for C Gary Sanchez and OF Aaron Judge.
Chris Sale: needs 9 K today to join Randy Johnson and Pedro Martínez as only pitchers to reach 250 K in 25 or fewer game…
sportingnews​.com >> Pedro Martinez supports Chris Sale's bid to claim one of his Red Sox records
Gio Gonzalez lowered ERA to 2.49 tonight, leapfrogging Chris Sale for 3rd best in MLB. Only Clayton Kershaw and Max Sche…
Sox Yanks Sunday Night Baseball with Chris Sale on the hump. The ultimate Sunday scary killer
Chris Sale has 1,473 K in 1,271⅓ innings during his career. Nolan Ryan had 1,437 K in 1,271⅔ innings after turning 40…
Hansen: "I like to compare myself to some of the best pitchers in the major leagues. Chris Sale, Max Scherzer." Ha…
Chris Sale has 15 starts this year with 10+ Ks. Only Big Unit (23), Pedro Martinez (15) have done that since 2000.
Yahoo! Sports - - Carlos Rodon shows the Red Sox why Chris Sale thinks &aposhe could be as good as anybody&apos
Chris Sale couldn't be much happier w/ Also thinks/hears are in capable hands w/ Rick Renteria.
hope they beat FGCU and really stick it to Chris Sale.
Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrell giving up ten runs is just... so delightful
Hope Sandy Leon is back for Chris Sale's next start
Also, it appears that Sandy Leon is Chris Sale's security blanket and I hope Leon is back in the lineup quickly.
Of course Chris Sale gives up three runs in the first. Of course.
Chris Sale has 14 10-SO games this year. No one's had that many in a season since Randy Johnson in 2002
Hamilton Collection
Chris Sale and Jose Quintana were too good for these terrible White Sox teams.
Theo Epstein once inquired about Chris Sale. Rick Hahn responded by asking for Kris Bryant
Chris Sale has a FIP of 2.09 this year. If he keeps it up, it'd be the best FIP by an AL pitcher since Pedro in 1999 http…
Chris Sale, David Price, and Steven Wright's commercial is hilarious 😂😂😂.
Chris Sale, David Price, and Steven Wright starred in a commercial and its hilarious 😂😂
That's happened too many times the last couple of years, had an opportunity for Cole Hammels and/or Chris Sale.
Chris Sale and Max Scherzer have more in common than starting the All-Star Game
I'm actually looking forward to watching the MLB All Star game. I have Chris Sale to thank for that
Chris Sale will start the All-Star Game for the American League and Max Scherzer will open for the National League. https…
Michael Kopech, acquired by the White Sox in the Chris Sale deal, lit up the radar gun, going 99, 99, 100, 100...
Chris Sale has recorded 10+ Ks in 12 of his starts, passing Pedro Martinez (1999) for the most ever by a Red Sox before the A…
Mookie Betts, Craig Kimbrel and Chris Sale named to American League All-Star team -
Chris Sale started the 2016 All-Star Game. No pitcher has ever started consecutive All-Star Games as a member of 2 different…
Pat Neshek has allowed just *four* XBHs to lefties this year. They are as follows:. Adam Lind, Matt Carpenter, Asdrubal Cabrera, Chris Sale
Chris Sale is the best thing to happen to Boston sports since Tom Brady.
.really buried the lede in his great Wade Davis feature. Chris Sale, is that you??…
And a 1-year-old Chris Sale flings his poop diaper in protest.
Chris Sale, 6'6", to Doug Fister, 6'8", after signing with the Red Sox this weekend: . "We'd make a heck of a basketball team."
Blue Jays game this Friday and David Price pitches Thursday and Chris Sale pitches Saturday...I get to see Doug Fister! ***
Remember when Kyle Schwarber wasn't worth Chris Sale? That was cute, Now he's getting sent to AAA
Chris Sale might actually rip John Farrell's throat out with his bare hand if he tries to come out to the mound and mak…
Alex Gordon out on a sacrifice bunt, pitcher Chris Sale to first baseman Sam Travis. Alcides Escobar to 2nd.
Chris Sale remains in AL, Mets quiet at Winter Music Conference this year.
Ty Kelly turns into Phillies' unlikely hero against Red Sox ace Chris Sale
Chris Sale was also the model for the 'Blair Witch Figures'...
Chris Sale, Andrew McCutchen, Bilal Powell, etc..pretty soon it's gonna be Dwayne Bacon and Derwin James
Craig Kimbrel is Boston Red Sox's MVP even more than Chris Sale but John Farrell needs to be careful with him
Chris Sale struggles in return to Chicago but lefty beats White Sox thanks to mates’ six home runs
Chris Sale strikes out a pair but the White Sox get a run back in the 3rd. The lead 7-4 as we head to the 4th. https:/…
Chris Sale is a good dude. He is a classy gentleman.
Todd Frazier jokes White Sox should have worn taped-up jerseys to greet Chris Sale
Even after trading him away for Chris Sale, Red Sox know Yoan Moncada is 'going to have success' -
And "Chris" Sale didn't fare too well either. :)
A standing ovation for Chris Sale as he takes the mound in the bottom of the 1st.
[Chicago Tribune] Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale on facing his former White Sox team
Wow sounds like Chris Sale REALLY loves chilling with the boys 😏
Farrell: Hey Chris, we're thinking of taking you ou--. Sale: No. Farrell: Alrighty sounds good.
Chris Sale-Jose Quintana showdown turns into a dud, but Sale happy to see Red Sox get win v…
Full count Chris Sale what is the outcome?
The Red Sox's offense came alive when pitcher Chris Sale needed it most in his return to Chicago. https:/…
"My guys allowed me to suck tonight," -- Chris Sale.
No pitchers’ duel for Chris Sale, Jose Quintana in 13-7 White Sox loss to Red Sox via
Rogers: Sale trade could work for both Sox: As weird as it must have been for Rick Hahn to watch Chris Sale pitch……
Chris Sale has a bumpy return to Chicago, as he receives a warm welcome from White Sox fans, stri... - via App
Chris Sale didn't start to suck until Pablo Sandoval showed up. Just making an observation here.
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After White Sox make him look mortal, Chris Sale says of South Side: 'A l...
The Red Sox win 13-7 in a Chris Sale-Jose Quintana match-up that produced six Red Sox home runs in a game and some ugly b…
The Carry Out 5-30-17: “Chris Sale returned to town but no word if he yelled at Kenny Williams just for fun”
Chris Sale on giving up six runs: "I gave up a touchdown but didn't let them kick the extra point...Nah, I stunk. I was…
Chris Sale - 101 whiffs! - is one of five pitchers to reach 100 Ks in his first 10 starts of a season (Pedro, Unit, Cl…
Chris Sale hit hard, given run and fan support in Chicago return
Diabolical move by the White Sox to advertise throwback jersey night right in front of Chris Sale's face.
2nd time Chris Sale has allowed at least 6 runs and 10 hits on the road. Other- July 30, 2015 with White Sox...against t…
Rogers: Sale trade could work for both Sox
Chris Sale wins in his return to Chicago, but the Red Sox left-hander needs a lot of help. https:…
After make him look mortal, Chris Sale says: “A little piece of my heart will always be” on South Side…
Chris Sale cutting up the White Sox throwback jerseys on his start day
Official petition for the to wear the throwback jerseys on Tuesday night vs. Chris Sale. Sign here:
How to treat Chris Sale if you're a Chicago White Sox fan:. - Standing ovation in the 1st inning. - Enemy afterwards http…
is now a better pitcher than Chris Sale, Pedro Martinez and Cy Young.My column:
During that rookie season, Heston tied for most HBPs (13) in MLB with Chris Sale, Nick Martinez, and Jimmy Nelson.
Chris Sale strikes out Chad Pinder, gets Josh Phegley to fly out with tying run at third base. 2, 1 after 5 innings
Im glad we didn't pick up Chris Sale, our mothers day jerseys are safe. Daniels
Chris Sale moves closer to history with his 7th straight 10-K start.
I went to a taco fest in the rain today. It was miserable, but seeing Chris Sale's final line makes it all better.
Chris Sale has 85 strikeouts with the tying Randy Johnson's record for most strikeouts through eight starts wit…
I remember when people would tell me Jake Arrieta is better than Chris Sale
Every time I see Yoan Moncada's name I think about what Chris Sale and Andrew Benintendi are doing at the MLB level and I'm to…
Hmm. "Chris"ening? Chris Gimenez doubles off Chris Sale over the head of Chris Young.
No problem Scott. We'll give you Chase Headley for Chris Sale
Chris Sale is ‘Likely’ to be suspended for throwing behind Manny MacHado.
Just dropped another Emergency Edition of on iTunes. All hail Chris Sale, new captain:
Most strikeouts through a pitcher’s first six starts with a team?. Randy Johnson: 63 with 1999 Chris Sale: 63…
Chris Sale dominates the Orioles, is not going to lose sleep over Manny MacHado’s hissy fit. htt…
Manny MacHado ripping apart the Red Sox after Chris Sale threw behind him tonight.
Red Sox vs. Orioles: Chris Sale 'not losing sleep' over beef with Manny MacHado
Red Sox ace Chris Sale threw behind Manny MacHado at the knees in the top of the first inning.
Chris Sale throwing at Manny MacHado is insane
Adam Jones gets a solid ovation from the Fenway crowd but the mood quickly turns as Chris Sale throws behind Manny Mach…
Chris Sale throws a ball behind Manny MacHado let the Orioles know this ain't over.. Notice Sale demeanor after.. he i…
Chris Sale or Yu Darvish will win the al Cy Young.. you heard it here first
Chris Sale joins and Roger Clemens as only pitchers with 10+ Ks in 4 consecutive…
will face Rick Porcello, Chris Sale, Drew Pomeranz and Steven Wright this week. Sox
Chris Sale has the support of his manager, if not the Red Sox offense by
Chris Sale has support of his manager, if not Red Sox offense
Most Ks in first 5 games with a team (since 1893):. Randy Johnson – 55 (ARI). Chris Sale – 52 (BOS). Pedro Martinez – 51 (BOS). v…
Smoltz: "It may not be as sexy as what Chris Sale has done tonight." It does make sense that John Smoltz finds losing sexy.
Bob Costas and John Smoltz are too busy going down on Chris Sale to even acknowledge Masahiro Tanaka's existence.
Yoan Moncada has to turn into Mike Schmidt and Michael Kopech into Roger Clemens for me to regret the Chris Sale trade.
Can Michael Kay and the YES network please stop talking about Chris Sale never having arm problems...
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Expectations were sky high when the Red Sox acquired Chris Sale from the White Sox, but he has not disappointed.
I added a video to a playlist MLB The Show 17 | Ranked Head to Head Seasons | Chris Sale is Dirty!
*** ya Mcnulty tell him! Chris Sale is better than Lester. It's just common sense
Moore and Yost will never part with Colon after taking him over Chris Sale!
Chris Sale is nasty. Can you imagine him paired with Lester ? Instead of the sensitive one David Price
The beat the on Thursday. But why did Chris Sale come out?
the whole team needs to pay for Chris Sale's dinner tonight
Kimbrel needs to go up to Chris Sale and tell him to kick him in the balls.
Farrell needs to learn how to coach! He should have left Chris Sale in!
Chris Sale gets a No Decision after taking a shutout through 8 innings and 13 K's. Inexcusable. This offense needs to wake up!
There is absolutely no excuse for pulling Chris Sale. John Farrell is going to get carved up for this one and rightfully so…
Come on Chris Sale needs some offense! Poor guy will lead the majors in era and be lucky if he gets 10 wins!!!
Re: Chris Sale. This is the 28th time in major league history a starter has struck out 13 hitters while finishing with 10…
Looks like Chris Sale is definitely working out for the Just needs better run support .
Farrell absolutely needs to send Chris Sale out to pitch the 9th.
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Chris Sale needs to put some salt bae on his teammates bats.
Chris Sale: 10 K in 3 straight starts, 1 shy of longest streak for Sox LHP in 100 years (2010 Lester: 4). Sale's the best pitcher in the AL.
For God sakes someone score some runs for Chris Sale he is dealing needs a little help
Hey can y'all get my man Chris Sale some runs please? He only needs one
Major League Baseball needs to step in and nerf Chris Sale. Enough already.
He’s really rolling now! 7 Ks, no score through 5 for Chris Sale.
Chris Sale needs to legally change his name to Kris Sale
Chris Sale just struck out Starling Marte swinging on a pitch that bounced in the batter's box he was standing in. http…
Also, three starts in, Jameson Taillon has already went toe to toe with Chris Sale and John Lester. He's pretty good.
Jackie Robinson Day in MLB vs 4:05 pm & RSRN with Joe and me. Chris Sale looks for first win.…
Chris Sale got his first win on the Red Sox w/ no run support once again. Should be 3-0, his numbers are insane. Go sox…
I see these numbers and I think "juicy trade bait." Is it too early to secretly hope for a Jake Arrieta or Chris Sale injury?
The gold standard for that type is Chris Sale, of course, but I'd be happy with an Adam Conley.
Adam Conley reminds me of a younger version of Chris Sale
Yoan Moncada hit a homer and Michael Kopech struck out 10 in 4.1 IP. Good day for the Chris Sale returns. White Sox kids are…
Chris Sale congrats on your fabulous start also congrats on great team effort do it for Red Sox Nation
great night overall. Chris Sale did great. The bullpen did great. And Sandy Leon won it in the end. Lets get some rest Sox Nation!!!
Chris Sale's my new favorite pitcher
Chris Sale records his 1st K with the Red Sox and it's filthy
Chris Sale's first pitch for the 96.3 MPH... His 3rd pitch 98.4 MPH. I think he's pumped up.
About to keep tabs on Chris Sale's first start with the BoSox. Will miss his delivery/slider. Won't miss Adam LaRoche/cut up jersey jokes.
incase you forgot the sox got Chris Sale
I think it's safe to say Red Sox Nation is stoked to see Chris Sale pitch tonight!
Red Sox baseball is back today and we get our first Chris Sale appearance! Can't wait Red Sox Nation!
My matchup of the night, arguably the entire 1st week of season. Chris Sale vs via
On this Week's BG Baseball, & talk Chris Sale, Zack Wheeler, Jake Odorizzi and more...…
Good morning Boston sports fans. The Celtics are 1 game behind Cleveland and the Red Sox have Chris Sale. What a time to be alive.
10 tm points league ..4 keepers - Harper, Rizzo, Miggy, ...and one of Trea Turner or Chris Sale ?
Chris Sale has 10 K today... he had double-digit strikeouts in 4 games last season
Matt Holiday owns Chris Sale! Sources are indicating is panicking right now.
And that's why we signed Matt Holiday when the traded for Chris Sale!! Let's go!!
Meanwhile, in the game Chris Sale did not pitch, the Red Sox have gone down 13-0 in the 8th inning. Ruben Amaro Jr.’s managing stock soars
Chris Sale will face a relatively representative Tampa Bay lineup today at JetBlue Park: Longoria, Miller, Kiermaier, Souza.
Cutler on Chicago's Mt. Rushmore of polarizing athletes right? Him, D.Rose, Sammy Sosa and Chris Sale? Is that the group?
Rick Hahn: The art of the Chris Sale trade
Eduardo Rodriguez is expected to start Thursday and Chris Sale is expected to start on March 6.
Hanging out watching Eduardo Rodriguez throw bullets with Chris Sale
We now know when Chris Sale, Eduardo Rodriguez will make their first spring training starts https…
Eduardo Rodriguez to make his first spring start on Thursday. Chris Sale's tentative debut in West Palm against Astros on M…
you have to copy Brutus The Barber Beefcake's attire to Chris Sale
A few Red Sox hitters got their first look at Chris Sale on Monday.
Chris Sale's slider is so dirty that he struck a guy out and hit him at the same time 😳
what's the point of keeping Butler in his prime with an old roster and little athleticism? Chris Sale trade to Boston part 2
When you realize Chris Sale, David Price, and Rick Porcello are all present for your first full tea…
I hope Chris Sale doesn't pitch against the White Sox this year, that'll just crush my soul.
Michael Kopech says that Luis Basabe who came to the White Sox in the Chris Sale trade is one of the best outfielders he'…
Chris Sale, Rick Porcello, Joe Kelly, David Price and Drew Pomeranz set to get to work.
Chris Sale's don't-mess-with-me attitude exactly what Red Sox rotation needs -
AUDIO: John Tomase's initial impressions of new Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale
Chris Sale in tow, the math is simple for Red Sox: "What we're throwing out there is gonna look good every night."
COLUMN: Chris Sale exactly what Red Sox rotation needs beacuse of talent, attitude
Red Sox - Chris Sale's attitude sometimes gets him in trouble, but it's what Sox need. - WEEI | John Tomase…
1. Rick Porcello and David Price will never win a playoff game 2. Chris Sale is all hype 3. BILLY BUCKNER
Also, Chris Sale, Rick Porcello and David Price (w/ Chandler Shepherd in foreground) throwing their first bullpens
Chris Sale is so ready to carry us this postseason. David Price being your game 3 starter is banana land.
I'm ready for some baseball!! Chris Sale was a big move, Red Sox Nation in great shape🔥
Chris Sale is miles ahead of David Price. You dumb af only people from Boston are dumb I swear
Tales from clubhouse: says Chris Sale knows what he's getting into in Boston -
"I'm hoping we push each other to reach new heights." Chris Sale on joining forces with Porcello and Price.
Never thought I'd see Chris Sale and David Price warming up together in Red Sox jerseys
Most of Red Sox's front office watched Chris Sale, Rick Porcello and David Price -- the...
Guys. this is a picture of Chris Sale throwing to David Price.
Just turned on TNT. Chris Sale got it for destroying uniforms when the White Sox were AGAIN going to wear the 1976 unis. Why didn't...
When you realize Chris Sale is on the Red Sox but then realize Yoan Moncada is on the White Sox
New stud Chris Sale opens the door on a new season.
We'll just let you enjoy seeing Chris Sale in red:
honestly I'm worried Chris Sale is on that list and David Price will break his fist punching him out.
Red Sox - Getting our first look at Red Sox aces Rick Porcello, Chris Sale, David Price - WEEI | John Tomase…
Chris Sale talking shop with Brandon Workman and Brian Johnson.
By dumping Chris Sale and Adam Eaton, my team made all the right moves to stay out of last place it seems
PECOTA thinks the White Sox are just as good with or without Chris Sale and Adam Eaton
The White Sox dumped Chris Sale and Adam Eaton and PECOTA projects them to win just one fewer game this year.
The 2017 team at the packed Town Hall, including 3 new shirts for Chris Sale, Mitch Moreland &…
Chris Sale was a fantastic add, but I do think the Ortiz's absence will be felt in the lineup and Mitch Moreland won't quite make up for it.
In all honesty if we never would have made that Gomez trade then Chris Sale would probably be on our team rn
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Adam Eaton may have the only throwback jersey Chris Sale's scissors didn't cut up ?
Chris Sale reasoning behind picking is that he used that number in 2009 for the Yarmouth Dennis Red Sox of the Cap…
New podcast with We talked about the Chris Sale & Adam Eaton trades, and his Hall of Fame ballot.
.spoke with White Sox president Kenny Williams about Chris Sale and how he'll fit in Boston
Clay Buchholz will earn $13.5 million next year and the had a glut of starters after acquiring Chris Sale
Chris Sale is such a bargain that he actually will earn $1.5 million less than Clay Buchholz in 2017
Much like the bats of the New York Yankees when Chris Sale stares them down
BREAKING: Per the have reportedly acquired Chris Sale for Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech & 2 other pro…
ICYMI: took inside last week's winter meetings and the Chris Sale trade.…
.acquire LHP Chris Sale from for INF Yoan Moncada, RHPs Michael Kopech, Victor Diaz and OF Luis Basab…
Seriously, these color rush uniforms are nasty. We need someone to pull a Chris Sale and save us all from this mess.
Worse of course. Chris Sale and Chapman joined the division. Jays CANNOT beat Boston for east. Yankees huge WC threat.
I want the White Sox and Chris Sale to pull a Yankees and Aroldis Chapman
I don't get it. The Yankees don't bother to get involved in Chris Sale sweepstakes yet they overpay for Chapman even if they won't compete.
Chris Sale is now in Boston. Aroldis Chapman in New York. and I tackle the moves thus far:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
because Chris Sale would cost us too much. Chapman is just money. You can't win without other players behind him.
Why sign Chapman but not go get Chris Sale? explains Brian Cashman's potential thought process.…
Why Chapman and not Jansen or even Chris Sale? explains the cost analysis.
Me when I remember the Sox traded for Chris Sale without giving up Mookie, Xander, Jackie Bradley jr., or Benintendi
The same people that say trading for Chris Sale was a bad move are the same people that say signing Chapman was a bad move
Boston has Chris Sale, but the Yanks got Aroldis Chapman. Hmm... this should be interesting
After snagging Chris Sale, Dombrowski can afford to be magnanimous. But yes, good to have Betances back handling 8t…
It's December 8th 2016 and Chris Sale is on the Red Sox. The phillies also wanted MVP runner-up Mookie Betts for Cole Hamels.
David Ortiz rethinks retirement after Boston Red Sox get Chris Sale
I don't really understand how the names discussed to acquire Chris Sale are the same ones traded to acquire Adam Eaton.
The Nationals offered Giolito, Lopez, Dunning, and Robles for Chris Sale. They just traded Giolito, Lopez, and Dunning…
Boston Red Sox go all-in by completing blockbuster trade for Chris Sale, one of the best…
trade for Chris Sale has David Ortiz thinking...
The made a blockbuster trade, acquiring Chris Sale from the for Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopesh. https:…
Chris Sale is on the Red Sox and and I bring you an emergency edition of The Red Seat!
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David Ortiz teases return to 2017 Boston Red Sox after Chris Sale trade
Get the duck boats ready for a World Series parade as Chris Sale makes Boston massive favorites in AL.
JUST IN: reportedly agree to terms with 1B Mitch Moreland hours after trade for Chris Sale. https…
MLB:. All-Star pitcher, Chris Sale, is changing his Sox, as he has been traded to the Boston Red Sox for a 4-player package
The future is now for the after dealing prospects for Chris Sale. .
Red Sox acquire ace Chris Sale from the White Sox in a blockbuster trade via
.The White Sox can have the future. By trading for Chris Sale, the Red Sox just seized the present.
The won the Chris Sale sweepstakes. An American League pennant might be next.
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