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Chris Rock

Christopher Julius Chris Rock III (born February 7, 1965) is an American comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer, film producer and director.

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I can't front,that show had to be epic!Kevin Hart,Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock! Th…
My first time at for Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock...but then Jeffrey Ross, Amy…
Chris Rock,Aziz Ansari & Jon Stewart dropped into the Cellar last night. Don't think all 3 dropped into the same show but If I were in town
there's a similar Before-style film with Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson I think (I forget the name)
If you're looking for a good comedy stand up, search for Trevor Noah on youtube. Dude's way better than Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence.
Watching Cam go through a practice like this where all he does is hand off is like going to a Chris Rock concert where all he does is sing.
Chris Rock, Ice Cube, DL Hughley and even the Department of Defense pay tribute to the late
Semi-related: he may have gotten the John McCain bit from Chris Rock too:
tell me you honestly like listening to Niki Minaj, Jay-Z, RZA, Chris Rock and Raekwon on that album & ill leave u alone
Jay Pharaoh is the 🐐. That Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock ones had me crying 😂😂😂
Richard Pryor > Chris Tucker > Eddie Murphy > Chris Rock. That's the order of the 4 blac…
Today's episode is brought to you by the letters D, A, M and N (In my Chris Rock voice.)! 🎶Everybody Hates Chris🎶
I really enjoyed that film. I'd like anything with Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson tbf.
Remeber that old Chris Rock joke about telling kids to not do drugs, but they'd say 'I could be Mayor…
Rick Ross thought Chris Rock was gonna be like he was on the end of Blame Game on his album ... Sike
List of Rocks I'd want as a politician before Kid Rock:. -Dwayne Johnson. -Chris Rock. -Roc Carmichael . -Cast of School of Ro…
Kendrick, Meek, Chris Rock, Anthony Anderson, Aziz Ansari & more speak on how they developed relationships w/ women
Rea: "Isn't Jamie Foxx the voice of the Zebra from Madagascar?". Me: "No Rea. That is Chris Rock.". *Face palms*
They're both absolute wankers by all accounts. Woods walked out at a Chris Rock show recently. Poor daffodil.
Imagine if Eddy Murphy did Delirious as an upcoming act vs. Leather suit Eddy or Chris Rock on Bring Back the Pain.
Wealth is not about having a lot of money; it's about having a lot of options. - Chris Rock
I went from watching Kevin Hart's stand-up to Chris Rock's, then Eddie Murphy's, and now Steve Harvey's 😂
Dave Chappelle is throwing a 10-show party at Radio City, with Chris Rock, Trevor Noah, the Roots and more
Chris Rock yelling at Richard Jefferson to "stay down" is THE FINALS.
Bill Clinton was also in Epstein's little black book, so was Chris Rock & other notables.
I want to say Chris Rock & Kevin Hart the only two successful & relevant blk comedians that didnt cros…
Kevin Hart isn't as funny as Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy. Too pc but maybe he doesn't want to lose followers. Comedic geniuses don't care.
" You will always be known as the guy who is not Chris Rock " . - James Corden to Kevin Hart
You gonna tell Chris Rock and Kevin Hart they can't say the N-word anymore? You've made your living by ra…
They say? Imagine if white people wanted to fire Chris Rock or Kevin Hart because they say *** or "hillbilly", we'd tell those
In the "PBS : Kennedy center honors Eddie Murphy", Chris Rock said "our next presenter is brought to u courtesy of Walmart, Tracy Morgan"
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
GED grads: Judge Mathis, Jessica Simpson, Chris Rock, Peter Jennings and Michael J. Fox- they go places!
I always imagined the voice of the black kid from Captain Underpants to sound like Chris Rock, not Kevin Hart.
Remember when Wesley Snipes and Allen Payne ran dope and Chris Rock sucked a glass peener?. The 90s remembers.
Yes plz do TK your boy Chris Rock be in Boston November. So you definitely need to come.
Enter to see Chris Rock at the Dolby Theatre from
Israel: Chris Rock to bring laughs to .. Link -
EXCLUSIVE: Chris Rock cheated on his wife with Kerry Washington
Chris Rock allegedly cheated on his ex-wife with Kerry Washington
Mood: Chris Rock at the end of Blame Game
How come all my black friends have mad white friends but all my white friends only have one black friend . -Chris Rock
"Chris Rock in a Hard Place" On the road and starting over after a divorce (
Hey man, sounds like subject of a song for you. Holy Roller Church Hen Eatin Banana 🍌 Salad!!! Roc…
it's a Chris Rock film he did a couple years ago.
Christopher Aubrey "Chris" Shiflett (born May 6, 1971) is best known as the lead guitarist for the rock band Foo Fi…
Chris Rock looks the exact same today as he did 20+ years ago! It's amazing.
"I wasn't a good husband a lot of the times," Chris Rock says of his divorce in candid interview with Rolling Stone:
Chris Rock with a Pacers joke tonight. "I went downtown, and it was a block and a half. Y'all better build something for Paul…
Oh me too!! Chris Rock and George absolute favourites
What an *** Chris Rock thought he could get away with cheating on his wife because he was the breadwinner
Chris Rock has a better theory of politics then the majority of Democratic primary voters in 2016
Watch Jimmy Fallon and Chris Rock make fun of Kill The Noise & Dillon Francis
Like Chris Rock said.."I don't condone violence..but I understand"...
In our latest cover story, Chris Rock opens up about infidelity, his new tour and starting over h…
"The worst thing about a black funeral is after the service they serve the same food that just killed the person." ~ Chris Rock
I have to say, I like GOTG but ate this poster, looks like one of those "rock bands" that are put…
I added a video to a playlist Prince Chris Rock Interview - Best Document 2016
id take chris rock over chris tucker. Rock has some range. Just not a fan i guess
Russell Brand, James Hetfield, Pamela Anderson, Chris Rock, Terry Crews. Just some of the celebs who've spoken out about por…
does this mean I'm not your most famous follower anymore? Kind coarse over that but like Chris Rock…
Last week I watched mayday parade, snoop dogg, and bassnectar. This week I watched magic men and Chris rock. okay my life is sick
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No comedian has better stand up comedy specials than Chris Rock. Don't @ me. As always, your opinion matters not.
Chris Rock is my favorite comedian hands down
Chris Rock's feature on Blame Game is gold
Basically like the Chris Rock stand up routine "put some 'tussin on it"
& follow for the chance to win a Exclusive Batgirl (Black Suit) Rock Candy figure!
did you guys talk about this Chris Rock on Fallon playing a Tim Wilson song?.
Jay and Chris will be sorely missed. But the Pride of WV will rock on!! Look forward to an updated intro...…
Chris Rock speaks on how he built a relationship with Rick Ross.
Yeesh. Don't try to be funnier than Chris Rock, Breitbart. You will lose every time.
Chris Rock opens up about his infidelity and divorce
Chris Rock on the Final Obama White House Party: 'It Was Like I Died and Went to Black Heaven' - Breitbart
I liked a video Do Not Play List with Chris Rock
Sylvester Stallone did not laugh at Chris Rock's 'Black Rocky' joke. Oscars
Cree singer from northern Manitoba gets Tonight Show nod
Chris Rock wants to film his specials in front of majority-black audiences only
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how can I purchase a parking pass for tomorrow's Chris Rock show? I can't find it on your website.
Chris Rock'a "Death protects legacies and time can destroy legacies" perspective on his HOT 97 interview just really got me thinking
If u are on the west coast turn on Jimmy Fallon apparently him and Chris rock roast me and dolphin song
"women are like the police...they can have all the evidence in the world but they want your confession"- Chris Rock
1986 Chris Rock and Kid N Play at Latin Quarters i think... legendary New York City club
A cop pulled Chris Rock over and was like "Do you live around here?" . Chris was like, "DO YOU LIVE AROUND HERE?! Cops cant afford this!"
Probably should cop my Chris Rock ticket ASAP
Just think how Chris Rock must feel!
omg this episode of fresh prince has Chris Rock in drag trying to mack on Will WHAT IS HAPPENING
B4 casting Chris Rock the part of Osmosis Jones was intended 4 Daniel Day-Lewis, who was fired for attempting to climb inside Bill Murray
Indeed! But is not Chris Rock, Eddie Griffin, Eddie Murphy or co. Big fun, never watched ur performanc…
Charlie Murphy's first big role came in the Chris Rock & Nelson George penned "CB4" as Gusto opposite Chris Rock.
Chris Rock adds second Sugar Land show, but don't bring your cell phone–Me...
Chris Rock will be playing the Park Theatre Monte Carlo Resort & Casino- Las Vegas June 10th. Win tickets with...
Comedy superstar Chris Rock set for Saturday, June 10 at Park Theater at Monte Carlo Resort Casino w/2 performances at 7 p.m. and 10:30 p.m
I might go to Chris Rock at Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ - May 6
Tonight's safety tip from Chris Rock: Don't take big drink of water while Dave Chappelle is saying something.
Since November 29th, I've seen Dave Chappelle - 7 times, Louis CK - 4 times, Chris Rock -3 times at The Comedy Store. Ya'll should go. :p
I hadn't missed a Louis CK,Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle drop in since Sept 21.Tonight I go watch a…
Ross got Chris Rock on the album lol
Birdman might pull up on Chris Rock instead of getting at Ross
Chris Rock sounds old on the Rick Ross skits 😔
Nas, Future, Gucci Mane, Chris Rock and Jeezy are all on new album!. Stream 'Rather You Than Me’ —>…
Chris Rock hip-hop features are individual treasures. See 'Blame Game', and now on Rick Ross's 'Idols Become Rivals…
Rick Ross bringing back Chris Rock on the skits reminded me of how great MBDTF really was.
Listen to it, Chris Rock jumps on Rick Ross’s ‘Idols Become Rivals’ Track
Chris Rock is in Rick Ross's album and he's cracking me up😂💀
I wish Chris Rock woulda said something funny on this Ross album
Rick Ross - Idols Become Rivals ft. Chris Rock (Birdman Diss) he killed Birdman on this track
Chris Rock is easily the worst part of the new Rick Ross album.
I think growing up watching George Carlin, Bill Hicks and Chris Rock made it hard for me to get offended by jokes.
Honored 2 be a part: Samuel L. Jackson, Janelle Monáe, Chris Rock & more celebs want u 2 know your Baldwin
Guessing agrees with Chris Rock, drugs sell themselves, you offer people drugs. Or more likely Como is an ***
Chris Rock did Osmosis Jones, the Sgt. Bilko movie, and two Grown Ups, but TNA is still clearly the worst thing he was ever involved with
Chris Rock was behind Pootie Tang and Good Hair. Idk idk idk
Chris Rock and Jeffrey Ross should MC and roast the daylights out of him.
I'll never forget when Chris Rock asked Brandy why her eyes were so far apart during a interview for "Osmosis" 😭
The snapchat channel was live today. Having a Chris Rock clip on the news article. Respect for the insight. Well executed
Its the love child of Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy
I know Dilla. So is Isiah Thomas, Chris Rock, Endy Chavez, and Ashton Kutcher. Star studded birthdays
Also happy birthday to my birthday twins: Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Colletti, Steven Stamkos, Chris Rock, and Charles Dickens to name a few🎂🎉🤗
Chris Rock, Garth Brooks and Ashton Kutcher have birthdays today! If you could have a BIRTHDAY DRINK with one of...
If I don't get a Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, or Chris Rock stand up for halftime next year I'm shooting up my nearest school
Richard Pryor live at the sunset, Eddie Murphy raw, Chris Rock bigger and blacker, Louis ck at the beacon...
As far as guys who perform onstage, I love Chris Rock. I'm kind...
Watching "Boomerang" and this joint had Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence & Chris Rock all in one film.
Chris Rock joins Dave Chappelle to burst Democrats’ election night bubble on ‘SNL’
Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle hit the stage
The Chris Rock skits on Crunk Juice were funny to me
& follow for the chance to win a Lara Croft Rock Candy!
Yo D-Rock , how do you download music from soundcloud to your mac??
Chris Rock had to remove a racist joke from his stand up routine because although it was a joke and most people recognized that,
Chris Rock said there were Black people. and then there are people like you ( blind & over schooled - but lacking education )
mostly just want to see a show there honestly, I'd go opening night if I didn't have Chris Rock tickets.
. I guess you missed Chris Rock's bit on the difference between black people and niggahs from 1996?.
. Chris Rock is so famous for saying. that there are Black people. and then there are n-word people
Trump Presidency effect: The media, who should be seen as reporting, is now seen as candidates. Didn't Chris Rock m…
Chris rock plays a crackhead named pookie, that movie is a work of art.
a black supremacist recently told me Michael Jordan and Chris Rock are both *** . so I guess that's what I am
Kevin Hart is funny, Chris Rock is a legend
Meet Black Singles 300x250
My day working with the very talented Chris Rock
Might want to hold off on throwing stones there buddy. You're not exactly Chris Rock in the wit department.
It would be fire if steve harvey got on that stage and pull a chris rock. Gunna be a lot of money in 1 room, take the money and give back
Star with plastic bottles. Here's how to make Chris
As Chris Rock once said about MLK Day on SNL, "It's not like we're askin' y'all to work an extra day."
Chris Spence should crawl under a rock and stay there! .
that was me when Timmy would dish me the rock😂😂😂
folks always want some credit for doing what they're supposed to do. That's who Chris Rock was talking about?
Chris rock ticket prices are insane
Top 3 comedians all time. 1. Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock. 3. Eddie Murphy
When is Sriracha getting a podcast? How many of your jokes does she write?
Chris Rock Performing LIVE at Phoenix's Comerica Theatre on Feb 25! Two Shows! Buy your tickets here:…
Unfunny people like him Adam Sandler and David Spade think they are funny just because t…
When Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle surprised the audience at the standup club via
Two types of people in the world:. Me: Pick Chris Rock meme to analyze. Girl in my class: Picks a meme about osmosis
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Talena wants to be distributed database data management rock
You might heave but this is a must watch. The Rock is beyond awesome for this stuff.
It must be hard to make Chris Rock a Flintstones character. I mean, how do you make his name Flintstone-y? Christonepher…
"Trump won, because he had enough ex-wives to vote for him.”—Chris Rock
I liked a video Jay Rock Tells Soulja Boy and Chris Brown What a REAL BLOOD Means and IS
You know you need a good night out! Get your tix now to see Chris Rock!
This Psyops business really isn't for you guys. Remember when that *** Chris Rock said "Obama is our boss"?
didn't Chris Rock have something to say about this?
I added a video to a playlist Chris Rock Interviews Prince in 1997 | MTV News
Now behave. Remember, Chris Rock said the president is the "dad of the country."
& on scene at Chris Gibson Arena, McLaughlin N/O Queen for smoke in the main building area. https…
I didn't know Stephen A Smith was in the Film 'I Think I Love My Wife' along with Chris Rock...
Yo this man Stephen a smith was in a movie with Chris Rock
If you like comedy and havent been to the Cellar, make a pilgrimage: A ‘Billion Dollars’ Worth of Comedians’ for $14
2 paraphrase Chris Rock ask any white woman if she would like to be black woman. Not a 'Beyonce'. Regular person
"how long is it gonna take you to bone that new executress?". -Chris Rock
I can only imagine what Chris Rock's reaction to this photo these days is if he ever sees it.
Good luck with the new singer and record!!.
Chris Rock isn't funny by any means
would anyone like to purchase this very rare promotional stress ball from the Chris Rock film "Down To Earth" for $…
Can't wait til u get home g. You ugly as *** and look like A mix of Andre Drummond and Chris Rock. HAPOY bday Bro…
I liked a video Chris Jericho on: his funniest memory of The Rock
or that chris rock line: "yeah my wife's a *** I love her, she loves me. but when the race war starts, I'll kill her first"
these people instantly bring to mind Chris Rock's bit on people who don't eat pork
Nick, you were in "Head of State" with Chris Rock. I mean, I'm sure the movie has fans, but...well, okay.
Continuing his look at Florida bowl games, Chris Green reviews Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Orange Bowl
Chris Green with an updated review of Hard Rock Stadium, home of
Watch out he might be coming for you!!
Officially obsessed with E.P. Classic metal sound. Freaking love it. Rock fans, check it out.
Spitting more crack than Chris Rock when he was a new jack
Girl at work: Want to hear a funny joke?. Me: You got Chris Rock tickets?. Girl at work: No. Me: Then no thanks.
Elijah Jones (Bt 182) and Ryan Resnick (OJR 160) going for third place at Escape The Rock tournament. Chris Berry (Bt 152) going for fifth.
Everybody needs a good laugh right! Yes it's true! Get your tix now to see Chris Rock!
“It was magic, man.” . A peek inside a legendary night of standup that wasn't announced, planned or, sadly, recorded
The audience had no idea Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari and Dave Chappelle would show
After my set at the Cellar Chris Rock dropped in, then Chappelle, then Louis CK. Previous to all of this, I felt like my set h…
Pastor Chris is amazing. Leading Connect so well. @ NLC Greater Little Rock
he's gonna rock Chris brown and Carl at the same time
. people forget what Chris Rock comedian . said . about Michael Jackson: "Another child?!!?"
If racist comedian Chris Rock ever tried to be in politics liberals would be fine with it...double standards
If Kid Rock and Chris Rock had a debate at 30 Rock, it’d be “Rock vs. Rock at the Rock”.
Chris Rock is my favorite comedian of all time.
The man is a comedian. Chris Rock said discimination things about blacks. Is he racist too against blacks?
Kevin Hart is popular and highly paid comedian right now, but I don't think he is near Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy level of comic
Cry about it then. Go after every comedian. Daniel Tosh, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, etc. . Be consistent.
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I HAD TO bae! You know I can't resist a good show. From seeing him in Miami, he's my favorite comedian. We seeing Chris Rock too!
The best you've never heard Chris Isaak - Blue Hotel
Went to the Comedy Cellar last Friday, less than 1 week later Chris Rock, Chappelle, Schumer, Anzari, and Seinfeld show up and
"I'm scared to death of being ordinary. That's why I had to work harder than others." ~ Chris Rock
You think you got what it takes to rock the crowd? . Let's see what you got! . Come check it out! .
get roughed up.experience. See Chris Rock's video simple
great job editing Trent's blog! "Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Aziz, Jerry Seinfeldm, ...". see the mistake? hint: jewish name
That reminds me of the Chris Rock joke: "I saw a prostitute the other day and she said, For $200 I'll do anything you want."
If Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock do a comedy tour I gotta be in attendance
Waking Chris up with some 80's rock music I'm such a good friend 🤘🏻
Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari, Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle & more all played the Comedy Cellar last night
Comedian gets hosting gig of a lifetime bringing up a at Wed nite
To paraphrase Chris Rock, if your daughter is dating a google, you have failed as a parent.
Whew boy. This is like the dramatic mirror of the SNL election night skit with Chappelle and Chris Rock. "I tried t…
Meet the kid who followed Chris Beard — from McMurry to Angelo to Little Rock to UNLV (sort of) and now Texas Tech: . https…
Think this is the Chris Rock joke about rich & wealth. Rich is a football player making millions, wealth is the guy paying him
Flashing back to my senior year when I became President and with the help of my sis we had Chris Rock's mom sp…
What is this, a Chris Rock stand up routine?
Straight out of Chris Rock's stand up routine.
Chris Rock is gearing up for his Total Blackout stand-up tour — with some help from his famous friends. The...
I’m casting my for And yes, I was totally surprised it was Chris Rock.
Not sure whos milly rock is worseee chris brown or rihanna?
Anyone want to go on tour with Bon Jovi? Check this out! - Chris
Chris Rock at the end of Blame Game >>>
Lol bru if you ain't rock with Chris brown in middle school you didn't get any "pwussy"
*** Chris can beat Rock and use scissors. There is no stopping him.
Chris Rock adds THIRD show at DPAC on February 13, 2017
Juice shot more clips then Chris rock
still have Alice in Chains on heavy rotation and will cop to Pearl Jam too. Grunge & classic rock were my gateway.
And Chris Rock is opening for me at
Hard to blame him. "A man is as faithful as his options", says Chris Rock, and Hunt's are better than most MPs.
Chris Rock not on enough comedian lists
Chris Rock may be the best comedian of all time
Jimmy Fallon's Chris Rock impression crashes and burns at the Golden Globes 😬. My latest for 📢.
Acclaimed comedian Chris Rock brings the "Total Blackout Tour" to Orlando on April 16& 17.
Chris Rock has kind words for Blair Breard producing "Louie" for peanuts. "Scott Rudin couldn't do that. He would expl…
Oh look, Netflix snagged another comedian from HBO. Now, did Amy get as much of a raise as Chris Rock?
“No comedian in the world says, 'Yeah, I want to follow Brian Regan.'" – Chris Rock. See February…
Like one day it's Meryle, another day it's Chris Rock, another day it's Bruce Willis. Ya catching on yet. This will…
Chris Rock was already on and a comedian
Chris Rock is a real comedian. I doubt he'd want to be associated with her.
Jimmy Fallon raised a few eyebrows by including an impersonation of comedian Chris Rock in his Golden Globes openin…
The Teleprompter goes down and Jimmy Fallon does an impression of Chris Rock? This is what happens when non-Comedian's host award shows. 😂😭
Besides him, Chris Rock is the only standup comedian with the wits to articulate a sarcastically awesome performance.
the Chris Rock movie with him and Rosario Dawson. Its kinda like one of those documentary comedies
Chris Rock kicks it at S.A. Red Hot Chili Peppers show
"I love being famous," the black US comedian Chris Rock once quipped. "It's almost like being white." But a grow...
You heard it correct… Chris Rock is bringing his act to the Valley! Get tix now!
Chris Rock ... LIVE the Valley! Yes it's true! Get your tix now!
The rumor is true! Chris Rock is coming to the Valley! Get your tix now!
Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx & Bernie Mac do it for me. Used to love Katt Williams. Don't as much now. Still think he's funny, though.
Chris Rock was too big. Eddie Griffith would have been an good look
"'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' is the best album in the past 50 years," - Chris Rock.
Thank you to all Wailers Worldwide for turning this to a Trending Topic. We won't stop until we KICK Buhari out of ASO ROCK…
The best all over the word Chris Rea - I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
I thought Hollywood was replacing all White game show hosts with Black ones? How does Alec Baldwin get…
Ladies: I'll break up with your boyfriend for you. $25 for a basic package, $35 to hurt his feelings, $50 to damage his psyche beyond repair
. Uchiko and get the hot rock warm app. Place is pricey but amazing!
What did we do to deserve this terrible year!! *looks at memes that were popular this year* Fair enough
Was Jay Rock's verse in Money trees better than Kendrick's? 🤔
2/2 I find Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock funny. I don't get all the black culture references but I can see the humour. 2/3
check out Biz performing Benny and the Jets live on Chris Rock show via youtube
Ricky Harris has passes away. He is best known for his role on Chris Rock's Everybody Hates Chris.
I think you could. What if a homeless man just came up and punched you, which causes you to drop your wallet into a sewer.
The best you've never heard Adam Levine - Chris Jamison - Lost Without U
I guess Chris Rock is a sellout in your world too, huh Talcum X??
Oh man thanks D25 Chris and Dave way to support the front end you guys rock 🎸
Chris Rock is killing it right now at the
Beer in Review 2016: Best in Colorado beer from Chris Black at Falling Rock Tap House
"Roquefort - it's French for 'strong rock' don't you know" (it's not)
Mm, Beer. Best in brews from Chris Black of with…
Good question. I think Chris Rock gets hassled a bit, but he's not as recognizable as a 7-foot bb player.
ROFFEKE is like other but with rock ’n’ roll at the heart of it!
I write for a Velvet and I like '50s rock/mainstream music. . Chris' Biography: Coming out when the bombs drop
Chris Rock needs a bigger and blacker type of set in tonight monolog on the
Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho closest thing in this current day. Nobody will ever beat The Rock or Stone Cold.
"If you haven't seriously thought about killing a mofo, you ain't been in love." —Chris Rock
Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock both have stand up specials coming out this year on Netflix.
Huge thanks to & for the free ticket to I just booked it so I'm all set. You rock! 👍
The best you've never heard Chris Young - Lonely Eyes
I remember Schultz being praised for creating a Black character, but Chris Rock summed up how little Black kids...
Traffic, starring Mandy Patinkin and Chris Rock. Directed by Ang Lee, music by Puff Daddy. Budget: $75m
US comedian/actor Ricky Harris, who had a recurring role in Chris Rock’s “Everybody Hates Chris” sitcom, died of heart attack a…
bruh, Chris Rock & Dave Chapelle are way funnier than the hommie!
I respect your holier than thou attitude. I imagine you hate Russell Peters, George Carlin, Chris Rock, and all the legends.
I saw the worst of black ppl and the worst of white ppl - Chris Rock. Chris Rock on CNN's Larry King Live (2001)
Jerry and friends have some "bits" they'd like to try out. Silverman, Sebastian Maniscalco, Chris Rock, Bill Burr.
When ur happy because you're Chris Rock but then you're really dreaming and ur actually David spade
One funny front row! Amy Schumer sits courtside with Chris Rock, Leslie Jones and more
Amy Schumer and Chris Rock watch the Indiana Pacers play the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden in New York…
"Mel Gibson, Jet Li, Rene Russo, Chris Rock. This is the first avengers"- Andrew talking about Lethal Weapon 4.
😂 Chris Rock just been ok to me.. he like a lil over Steve Harvey
All I want in April is to see Chris Rock live!
Streets of Rage live action casting suggestions GO! My picks are:. Chris Rock!. Owen Wilson!. Jackie Chan in drag!
eddie Griffin, Dave chappell, Chris you still had bill Hicks and George Carlin
Who was considered the role of Huggy Bear in Starsky & Hutch (2004)?. 1, Chris Rock. 2, Eddie Murphy. 3, Tracy Morgan .
LMFAOOO can't wait to see Kevin Hart and Chris Rock perform with Basket Mouth in the next 1020 laughs. Thank You Trump
Dave Chappelle Roast feat. Chris Rock, Paul Mooney & doesn't even matter. Get on this now
Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock burst every Democrat's bubble in one perfect 'SNL' sketch.
Chris Rock is totally going to run for president in 2020
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