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Chris Redfield

is a player character from Capcom's Resident Evil series. Chris debuted as the protagonist of the first Resident Evil video game, along with Jill Valentine, and is one of the two protagonists of the game Resident Evil Code: Veronica, in which he looks for his missing younger sister, Claire, and one of the main characters of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

Resident Evil Jill Valentine Roger Craig Smith Wentworth Miller Piers Nivans Resident Evil 5 Tifa Lockhart Albert Wesker Leon Kennedy Rebecca Chambers Resident Evil 7 Rocket Raccoon Sheva Alomar Nathan Drake Resident Evil 6 Sam Fisher

I never even played the game or even like the series but why am i getting all crazy about the piers x chris redfield relationship..
Chris Redfield can compete with those characters.
The cord reaches just short of the only female non-playable characters in the controller to Chris Redfield/Tifa Lockhart/your
a game just came out with Chris Redfield voiced by Roger Craig Smith. but they didn't get him back. for Not A Hero. even w/RE7 backlash. ok
Just in RPGs wearing dental floss for Christmas and think youre a tiny allowance trying to Chris Redfield/Tifa Lockhart/your
If the menu doesn't include a Chris Redfield-themed beefcake, then I don't wanna go there, hunf 😤
The voice actor that dubs Chris Redfield in French also does McCree..
Are you going to broadcast the newest Resident Evil 7 DLC starring Chris Redfield?
I liked a video Chris Redfield mistakenly turns Spiderman into a Symbiote (Black Suit) | Marvel vs
Cooking Mama. The mixture of other girls who plays games in an "attention *** for fun, only to Chris Redfield/Tifa Lockhart/your
Oh good, Chris Redfield is back to punching things in RE7.
Chris Redfield/Tifa Lockhart/your Dragon Age Inquisitor/any video for your cartridge doesn't work on hand.
//Even him. If you can have Dante and Chris Redfield in the game then he should no problem.
So is Chris redfield not gonna retire? We just gonna let his *** punch through boulders 40+ still?
There's only two things I know about Resident Evil 5. 1) Apparently it's not that great. 2) Chris Redfield punches a boulder
Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5, released in 2009. looks better in his base costume. than in MvCI. released in 2017
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
New RE7 video by Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero DLC - 8 Minutes of Gameplay Walkthrough (Chris Redfield) -
How about some more Resident Evil characters.. Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield , Carlos , Jill Valen…
Zero from megaman, Strider, bionic Commando,Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy, Sakura f…
And at this rate I may make a Chris Redfield account to compliment my Wesker and then get solos out as soon as I have a chance.
"Me and my sweet *** are coming right now!". Esto lo dice una tal Jessica en Revelations 1, acudiendo a ayudar a Chris Redfield. ORO.
"I know that you're Chris Redfield's sister, and you're the boss of TerraSave."
"What happened to the legendary Chris Redfield, huh?! What happened to you?!"
If it's up to Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, I think Leon is way cooler than Chris. Chris seems a bit boring to me.
small brain: re6 Chris is sad . Big brain: chris redfield has been sad since day one and knows no peace
This morning I was having a smoke with dean's mom and talked to her about how sexy Chris redfield is
But chris redfield from Resident Evil does!
*** He wasn't selfish...he was such a beautiful man. That was also to made tribute to a big rockstar same to chris…
he does it better and more seductively then Chris Redfield ever could!
The real question here: . I want to know how Raymond cast a perfect shirtless decoy of Chris Redfield.
Jedah, Hulk, Chris Redfield, Rocket Raccoon and more face off in this Marvel vs. Capcom:…
Yeah, sister of Chris Redfield. What's your kids names?
Chris Redfield with the hands. I smash boulders
Now. Chris Redfield. Do you know anything of his whereabouts?
I'll kill Chris Redfield if he is that ugly white man
I liked a video Resident Evil HD Remaster Chris Redfield part three
He is so hot. Oi. Dammit, Chris. I love you forever and infinity xox.
I can't believe Chris Redfield's gotten three different faces in the span of one year.
— Indomitable has RE accounts too (Chris Redfield and Helena Harper) I can talk to her and see if she w…
Just a doodle I got to do in my free time. I've been pretty busy lately... Don't you think Chris Redfield is...
Why does everyone and their mother get to beat up Chris Redfield?
"Yer favorite character is... Let me guess... Chris Redfield?" He raised his eyebrow, it was his fa…
Chris Redfield garnered the help of Leon S. Kennedy and Rebecca Chambers to stop the merchant’s death,.
The heros Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy in vendetta
Chris Redfield is an American Special Operations Unit Captain of the Bioterrorism Security.
I liked a video La historia de Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield was disarmed by a man who sells soft drinks. Let that sink in. No wonder he became a Villain. Not A Hero explained.
Chris redfield was the dude who was in prison break
Agreed the second was ok. To be fair, the one with Chris Redfield wasn't dreadful
Well out for walk, decided to break out RE6 Chris Redfield. Funny have people asking for selfies.
Chris Redfield. Proving that steroids will make you strong enough to punch boulders. Warning: Ca…
The Chris Redfield DLC for RE7 will be out soon which means I can annoy everyone I know with where it fits in the canon again
// So far... Looking at these faces, RE 7 character "Redfield" is 100% Chris Redfield.
Hey, you with the RE7 fan theories. Chris Redfield looks different because they scanned real actors this time. Mind blown!
"The new Chris Redfield isn't as buff." -- "Yeah, it's like Pikachu." 😂😂😂
You know what's funny I literally painted the same composition to 5 years ago with Chris Redfield &…
Chris Redfield returns in the free “Not A Hero” DLC for this Spring. Who or what is he chasing? Find out soon in this se…
I added a video to a playlist Characters Voice Comparison - "Chris Redfield"
I added a video to a playlist Comparing The Voices - Chris Redfield
I dreamt they revealed Chris Redfield in MvCI. I wasn't impressed initially. But then I saw him airborne and shooting straig…
Capcom what I wanted to ask is why did you make Chris Redfield skinny Resident Evil Vendetta? I liked it…
Sorry,I think you're an intruder. I'm Chris Redfield anyway
Captain Chris Redfield, No Hipe is pretty hardest ( haven't played for months )
and day, visiting Kari and her Mommy and Daddy to congratulate them on the new home as well as ogle the 'lost daughter' of Chris Redfield »
Yeah. I think they said that they wanted to explore more the Chris Redfield. Similar to RE 5.
Chris Redfield... Whats peoples thoughts ? I know me and buddy are going through No Hope Left
Fan of Find out if the cute Chris Redfield is worth your money:
Capcom confirms Chris Redfield, protagonist of the DLC "Not a Hero" from Resident Evil 7.
I chose the Mia Ending on my first playthrough too :) I'm hoping Lucas and "Chris Redfield" is explained in Not A Hero!
Sup Chris Redfield? (Seriously, that's like my favorite role you've ever played! Lol.
yea...i miss the good ol days with real villains for Chris Redfield to punch...
like, if that is THE Chris Redfield, man oh man
yall im still torn over Chris Redfield in RE7
what *** is they call him Chris Redfield in the Credits
Your boy Chris Redfield to the rescue! RE7 still 👌🏼
do you think there's another Redfield sibling or is RE5 and 6 Chris a body double
I really want Redfield to be confirmed to be H.u.n.k in the free DLC but at the same time really like that look for Chris...
Why does Redfield look vastly diff than Chris Redfield if he's supposed to be him?
Had a laugh reading this “Ask Chris Redfield” Tumblr. Perfect balance of not serious yet why so serious.
I liked a video from Resident Evil 5 Chris Redfield Campaign Gameplay Part 1
Spoiler alert for Resident Evil seven but wat is capcoms obsession with Chris redfield
are u voicing Chris redfield in the new Resident Evil animated film that coming out soon ??
Medical examiner confirms deceased person in canal was Joshua Redfield
Originally Chris Redfield was smoking in the cast video for Resident Evil. This was replaced with scenes from the open…
>datamining reveals this guy really is Chris Redfield. Mind = blown
Chris Redfield: It's pay back time, we gotta destroy Umbrella, now let's finish this once and for all. Also Chris…
Chris Redfield in RE7 looks like a D-List actor attempting to play Chris Redfield.
don't mention RE5 to me. You know I hate Chris Redfield
TRUE.the thing is "redfield" has lighter hair than chris which is hmm.
i cant wait till April when the chris redfield dlc comes out and piers will be alive and they're married
watched the last RE7 video.. how could you point out wesker from a gun but not know when you're confronted by Chris Redfield?
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I trust Chris Redfield not shooting this chicken more than anything.
Ok madhouse completed for RE7. realized i hate Chris Redfield's new voice.
Jill Valentine . •looks like an innocent puppy but could actually kill you. •CHRIS REDFIELD. •great s.t.a.r.s member https:/…
>That time Chris Redfield wanted to get...
>That time Chris Redfield wanted to get his *** wet, but ended up getting triggered and…
I also remember the fourth Resident Evil film had a reference to it because Wentworth Miller played Chris Redfield
I like Wentworth Miller but man was he all kinds of wrong for Chris Redfield.
AFTERLIFE. it's the ONLY 1 that has my fav character played by 1 of my fav actors: Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield!
The new Resident Evil movie will not be the same without Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.
Chris Redfield has thought for weeks about which one he " Biohazard Vendetta "
please do Chris Redfield vs Marcus Fenix (Resident Evil vs Gears of war) i think it's be just a huge gorefest
I don't hate because he's been in Resident Evil afterlife as chris redfield.
NW VIDEO: Looking at the Dead BSAA agent photo and if Chris Redfield's BSAA will be involved in
. dug out my Chris Redfield and co conspirators :).. ... ⋆ ⋆…
Ugh they voiced Chris Redfield in Vendetta using a nobody and ruined the model. just make CGI movies😭 live action adaptation-
Jill Valentine has no involvements whatsoever. Resident Evil: Revelations:. Chris Redfield has been missing for over an hour and a half. (+)
"RE6 logic Vs RE: Rev' logic. Resident Evil 6:. Chris Redfield has been missing for six months. (+)
He then proceeded to Chris Redfield a boulder that is about the crush them off of the cliff that they're on.
I love that Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers are now making their debut in the CG films. Boy I am excited
The Resident Evil Animated movie is back in "Resident Evil: Vendetta" with Leon returning. Also Chris Redfield & Re…
I don't normally like saying thanks (it sounds rude to me) but when I do say thanks I try to say it like Chris Redfield and no one gets it.
For that you most watch Chris Redfield punch a rock!
I hope the Resi line does well enough for to do Chris Redfield, Wesker, Ada Wong, the first zombie from RE1 and a few others.
Cloud is overrated. Chris Redfield from Syphon Filters was where it was at
so where is Jill Valentine ,, chris redfield and ada Wong in this movie?!?!?! U can't do this🤔😤
Can someone be my Chris Redfield if I cosplay as Sheva?? You've got to be just as hot as him though
I liked a video RE 20th Anniversary – The Evolution of Chris Redfield
LOTS going on this weekend. So let's spend some of it together. . Admiring Chris Redfield's impossible triceps.
“Claire! It’s your brother! It’s your brother CHRIS redfield! about that way out of this prison you were looking for.”
"I just don't see how a human can become this." -Chris Redfield (Resident Evil - Code: Veronica,…
that's my Chris redfield account xD
I already have a Chris redfield a account wait lemme show it you Sis!
Chris redfield and Leon S. Kennedy is life 🖤
I love the Resident Evil 5 lp of and 💕 Chris lobster redfield ❤
Chris Redfield was born in 1973 and raised in new york city, He eventually drifted to Raccoon City 1998
4 years ago, I drew a pic a day for January. Here's the first day. Resident Evil 6 Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans.…
I love how Chris Redfield became such a B a r a icon
im sorryf or the chris redfield screenshot spam TT TT
If I cosplayed Vincent Brooks, Chris Redfield, and Leon S Kennedy...what's stopping me from cosplaying James Sunderland...
*Creepy caterpillar craws on the wall, Terry slowly walks out the room* That's Chris Redfield's work already. He deals with those guys.
Jill Valentine & Chris Redfield with all they have been through they would be good in a fight :)
LaydLove, who do you like better, and think is hotter from RE? Chris Redfield, or Leon S Kennedy?
lol only things from RE5 that are in RETRIBUTION are Albert Wesker and Chris Redfield
Bruce McGivern and Chris Redfield and Leon S Kennedy and Jill Valentine and Billy and Rebecca and so many more
📷 headingsouthart: Marvel vs Capcom Steve Rogers and Chris Redfield.from my patreon
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" Miss you Wentworth Miller... of Chris Redfield. Behind The Voice Actors, Resident Evil : Afterlife " (T^T) not only to find
No no no no no no no no Leon Scott Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake muller those are my boys I love them to death especially Leon
characters like Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy I mean you can't say it hasn't developed it's own identity or
Chris Redfield summed up in one single screencap.
Chris Redfield in this one always looks like he can't put his arms down.
can you be the Sheva Alomar to my Chris Redfield?
Another Epic new shot of my Resident Evil 5 Chris Redfield from James Bissett Photography :D. https…
I'm like dropping hints that I love Chris Redfield. I love Chris Redfield
lt's hard to find Chris Redfield in an Umbrella Uniform
my ultimate capcom team is Chris Redfield, Trish from DMC and Albert Wesker.
a god reborn looking to take over the world yet there was someone he despised and wanted dead someone by the name of Chris Redfield -
Resident Evil 7's main villain should be the boulder that Chris Redfield beat up for no reason.
Leon S. Kennedy is better than Chris Redfield. Sorry not sorry.
*my husband controlling Chris Redfield* . "Maaan, I'm sick of this zombie!". *shots ring out*
It was an honor to play as Chris Redfield again. You'll always be the best Chris Redfield. 😁😁😁
tru tru because of them I realised that Resident Evil's Chris Redfield is such a hottie
From S.T.A.R.S. member to burly soldier, this is the Evolution of Chris Redfield. SPOILERS!.
When your plans for Global Saturation are almost complete but Chris Redfield shows up
I can't believe Chris Redfield is a Saiyan
What if Chris Redfield was named Chris Whitemarsh instead
since you love Resident Evil kendra. Do you think chris redfield and Jill Valentine are lovers?
when I think about Resident Evil nowadays, the first thing that always comes to mind is Chris Redfield punching a boulder to slow it down
Me while playing Resident Evil 6:. I ship Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans so much you don't even know how much I want them to have bromance
I'm guessing that Chris Finke got Redfield's scholarship
My buddy Chris Redfield through the years!
Chris' NEVER skip boulder punching day.
just found out that Roger Craig Smith, voice actor of Chris Redfield and Deidara is Tempest in Lunar Silver Star Harmony. How cool ^^
Gerard Butler is like the real life Chris Redfield after he became bara
I liked a video from Comparing The Voices - Chris Redfield
I like think that BBA Ryu and BBA Chris Redfield are brothers.
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Can have default avatars with such high quality on PS4? Look at Nathan Drake (U4), Solid Snake (MGS5), Chris Redfield (RE6).
It looks like Chris Redfield found a new virus. I don't know if he is fighting against it.or enjoying it.
I love Chris Redfield so much omg just a reminder
How do you get hueg arms like Chris Redfield?
Incidently, Chris Redfield is my fav char from RE. Second would prolly be Leon. Just intuitively those are my favs. :P
We need to call Chris Redfield to punch his boulder *** into a volcano
You are a friend of Chris Redfield? c'mon tell me!!! or you will be our new test subject.
We already had John Cena boulder punch better than Chris Redfield. How can they top that?
//Looking for a Chris Redfield who's up for a slow burn relationship ;)
Chris Redfield and the Goat intern weren't that tall, so you're good.
Thanks for the follow little girl. Mi name is Chris Redfield captain of BSAA.
Well less then a week and it will be LFCC Time. Prepare London Officer Chris Redfield (Resident Evil Code...
The evil Umbrella Corporation returns and only Chris Redfield can stop them in "Resident Evil 5." The game...
Why did chris redfield punch a boulder?
I liked a video from Resident Evil Remastered Walkthrough Part 6 - Chris Redfield No
if you come across a dead end, like a boulder, tapping the screen gets Chris redfield to punch it out of the way.
MY WALLET IS ON FIRE BC.. ulala figma and chris redfield nendo two series i love that id never think id see GET MERCH
So I'm playing Resident Evil 5 for the first time. If I may say, Chris Redfield sounds so young compared to 6.
goin live real soon with RE Remaster - Chris 100% run, then some RE 2 Claire A after...might as well make it a Redfield day.
Chris Redfield nendoroid announced as part of Resident Evil's 20th anniversary!
Today's sponsored by our beloved Chris Redfield!
Nathan Drake, Nathan Hale, Alex Shepherd, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, Sam Fisher, John Forge. They're all samey and it's boring.
I must have Chris Redfield vs Agent Coulson on the big screen.
Okay I may end up playing Resident Evil Remastered on PC, because *** Chris Redfield is looking really good!
At least you're not doing Project X Zone 2. I can't decide if I want a Phoenix Wright/Chris Redfield combo or not.
When you "creep" on Adam Crosman and Maicou Maniezzo's profile every now and then 'cuz Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans
yeah i also though it was troy baker but it isn't, forgot the name but it's Chris Redfield from Resident Evil voice actor
Roger Craig Smith is a fantastic Sonic (from his Chris Redfield role) and Kate Higgins a great Tails (after her Sakura role)
Chris Redfield prepared to save the day! Cosplay by King of the North Cosplays
Chris Redfield has a new Zombie slaying partner
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Chris Redfield and Thor team up with the Mighty Thor UK!
One of the founding members, Chris Redfield, asked us to help him find his missing partner, Jill Valentine.
Just saw the cast revealed for the final chapter for Resident Evil: no Chris redfield and no Jill Valentine?! 😭😭😭
The creepiest demon yet. Time to call in the B.S.A.A. looks like a job for Chris Redfield. 😉
Let Us Play Resident Evil HD Remaster Chris Pt. 13: Following Mr. Redfield. The time has finally come to...
Almost all of my cosplays so far missing Chris Redfield 2 version Bill from left 4 dead and Alphonse Elric (Human)
Jill Valentine & Chris Redfield back together. The dream partners? Or the lovely couple?.
when you place top ANYTHING with Chris Redfield*. fixed
Chris Redfield to my lovely captain by Ulyssesgrande
Remember when Chris Redfield got Hulks help to take down BOWs and find Wesker? Good times.
I'm also thankful for everyone involved in the decision to make Chris redfield's neck and biceps bigger than his head. Happy thxgiving
They also use Chris Redfield's RE5 model on the "I can use photoshop" boxart.
Where’s Chris Redfield when you need him xD
Its so sad that they took the real Chris redfield out of the film and probably " replaced " him with a new one.
Jeez bro must I do Knife only, invisible enemies, Chris Redfield on hard + No Saves or First aid sprays under 2hrs Uber challenge
This is the best Chris Redfield outfit ever. Why wasn't this UMvC3 DLC
I didn't see Chris Redfield in the Captain America Civil War trailer.
We have multiple couples in our group. Here is Fancy and Wraith cosplaying as Chris and Clair Redfield.
I think Roger would work for Knuckles, Espio, or Storm. For Storm, he should use a voice that’s deeper than his Chris Redfield.
Alyson😊 wish you could return as Claire Redfield the character was born with you😭 "I've to find my brother Chris" keep on it!
My aesthetic: Chris Redfield in slutty outfits
he mos def plays a better Captain Cold rather than a Chris Redfield.
Today is Veteran's day, so shoutouts to Chris Redfield, Spencer & Sentinel for defending humanity from bioterrism. terrorism…
Photo: My Anime Banzai line up. Chris Redfield for Friday and John Constantine from Hellblazer on Saturday...
Undyne, Sabin, and Chris Redfield walk into a bar...
I'm hella late to this but I finally finished , you were amazing! Kyle Crane vs Chris Redfield, who'd win?
I always love hearing Chris Redfield try to sell me Ram trucks on the radio.
Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield will help you now
Try and extract Chris Redfield if you can find him
I'm not saying chris redfield needs to have dad beard but. He do
Dante, DMC3 Version. Chris Redfield (GameCube version). Leon from the cancelled Resi 4.
Chris I can't post at the moment because my internet is off. Claire Likeaboss Redfield
I totally forgot about sailor Chris Redfield. I really need to buy and play Revelations on Steam.
Like, I never really considered that Chris Redfield was *** but it makes perfect sense.
RE7 development group: okay so who's gonna be protag of this game?. ME CRASHING INTO ROOM AND PASTING UP SAILOR CHRIS REDFIELD EVERYWHERE
makes helps. Capcom does this with Chris Redfield already. Get used to it, and bring on more please
// Just was wondering if that was about my RP starter to you that I sent btw are you that Chris Redfield?
"gif request meme: # 7 - favorite platonic relationship for Resident Evil: Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans." chris and piers are *** bye
I'm I the only one who has to call Chris Ryan "Chris Ryan" or I don't feel right? Like idk how people just call him Chris…
Chris Redfield is looking down at you.
I got Chris Redfield of Resident Evil fame so I'm cool. Who's our partner?. Morgue
excuse me but that's Chris(t) "McBro" Redfield. known for punching boulders and withstanding zombie hordes mysteriously
💅🏻 I hope. I mean I only bought Resident Evil 5 cause Chris redfield was so hot
Wentworth Miller playing the role of Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Afterlife
TIL the guy on the cover of the original "Resident Evil" boxart isn't Chris Redfield, it's Richard Aiken. via /r/gaming …
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Chris saved my life in more ways then I thought were possible. I love him so much. ❤️
Now with my green coat I feel like Chris Redfield!!
it felt weird hearing chris redfield talking about a bunch of women discussing wedding dresses :S
the *** from Just Cause could make it into a fighter, if Chris Redfield did it in MVC3. Anyone can
I love watching Chris Redfield combos omg. *-*
*turns on marvel at summer jam to watch some Chris Redfield*. *turns it back off once he loses*
How can 1 guy be Dante, Ken Masters, Chris Redfield, and many monsters⁉️ Ask 😎
I want to be spitroasted, DP'd and bukkaked by Leon S. Kennedy in his RE4 outfit and Chris Redfield in his BSAA outfit.
and Sam Fisher, and Ezio, and Dante, and Vincent Valentine, and Leon Kennedy, and Chris Redfield. 😅
Indeed. It was an omen of things to come! One of the VAs is actually Roger Craig Smith, who voices Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield & Barry Burton cosplayers, again I took this about a year or so ago at one of the MCM…
. I recognised your voice immediately when playing as Kyle Crane on "Dying Light", I said "He sounds like Chris Redfield". ☺
Chris Redfield. We met when you were little with your sister Polly.
Chris and Rio as Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar - pretty awesome job - photos by
Overheard: Chris Redfield: After we rescue Jake, I'm turning in my gun. Piers Nivans: What? Wait a...
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It looks like Chris Redfield is joining the fray in Revelations 2 Raid Mode. Isn't this one big Raccoon City reunion?
Roger Craig Smith for example, is Ezio, Sonic, Chris Redfield and Batman now. Same goes for Nolan North and Steve Blum.
Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil all STAR Project at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah...
Albert Wesker: The human race requires judgment! . Chris Redfield: And you're going to judge us? Do you get all your ideas from comic book
Kinda wanna make a Chris Redfield account. :/
The plants from plants vs zombies or Chris Redfield from Res.evil just because he has yrs experience on killing the living dead already
best design in a fighting game is Chris Redfield though.
Cosplay as Jill Valentine with me as I cosplay as Chris Redfield for SDCC a 2015 and I will love you for life.
I sweater gawd i be tryna make my life easy sometimes... Still im here livin life on chris redfield. Smh
-- And pointed at Chris, the B.O.W immediately ran towards the unlucky captain.
"You are so naive Chris, what happened in China was just the beginning." He slightly stepped back, from the floor a --
So you wanna be Chris Redfield in Resi 5?
"That would be awfully polite of you." Chris replied, his voice sarcastic.
She was always on this path. Never 4get Chris Redfield.
Chris Redfield looking dapper with his brown leather jacket and big guns.
I bet Chris redfield's *** is so thick my lips can't go around it
yes you are also have you ever thought of Erwin as Chris Redfield
If you’re looking for a nsfw time with Chris Redfield check out the humplex
please tell me someone mentioned Chris Redfield in RE5.
but Jack "Chris Redfield" Porter> Wannabe Bond. I don't want her with Jack though. They're boring together. He's fine alone.
…Claire? CLAIRE?! *Chris swore under his breath.* Dammit…!! *As he begins his descent from the top floor to the basement.*
I didn't find anything ye--! |A roar is heard as the signal is cut off. Staticky sounds are heard through Chris's earpiece.|
Nothing. *It was all too tense, and Chris forced himself to calm down.* I'm thinking this place is falling apart, is all.
My guess is that Chris D's Chris Redfield will only survive one opening from PR Rog.
I've got your back ;). Chris Redfield is Ryan Kelly . Photo by Victor Trejo
|Using her radio; she sends a signal to Chris's headpiece: "Chris? Come in. Did you find anything?
Photoset: go-captain-chris-redfield: jacket-buttons: I used to laugh so much about this.  Not once in all...
*The hand on Chris's weapon was rock steady as he ascended the stairs, slowly feeling out the area with a wary eye and gun aimed around—
Hey man good job voicing Sonic, Chris Redfield and Siegfried.
I think Chris Redfield is better than people give him credit for. Kinda hard to fight him with Zero tbh
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
RE06 Part 4 is up! And Chris Redfield is clearly a god...
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing Flux get bodied by Chris Redfield. Oh my goodness
Another great podcast with interviewing Joe Whyte, voice of Chris Redfield in RE REmake and HD.
I have been working on buttonholes and had a pretty successful day. Been working with my Adam, Chris Redfield of...
According to Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield ejaculates muscle milk.
C'mon vas you have at least 2 seconds to save woth buff and beautiful chris redfield. It'll be easy~ lol
Chris Redfield confirmed as guest character
looks like he's taking the same steroids Chris Redfield seems to be pumping these days... Guess they share the same dealer. -_-;;
Megaman is in Smash Bros., Megaman has met Chris Redfield, Chris has met Rocket Raccoon. Rocket confirmed for smash.
[chris redfield voice] we got to the..ROOT.. of that problem.
because he found out Chris Redfield killed his absentee father, Albert Wesker, for reasons both work-related and personal.
Deadshot. Moon Knight. Commander Shepard. Geralt of Rivia. Chris Redfield. They'd be my top five.
would be great to see a Harry Mason and James Sunderland vs Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy
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