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Chris Powell

Christopher George Robin Chris Powell (born 8 September 1969) is an English football manager and retired player, who had a long career as a left back, crowned by five caps for the English national team.

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I've been doing the Chris Powell workouts. I've lost ten pounds. It's super easy and not overly *** my knee. We will see how it goes.
2017 Honda Pilot EX for Brian from Chris Powell at Tameron Honda in Birmingham
VOSS: The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort. Colin Powell s
I don't even miss that, I miss Chris Powell more than anything tbh he was Charlton.
Someone needs to remake one of these videos, but add in Chris Powell, & downfall with Duchatelet ! .
Sam Powell not returned for second half. Who are our under 16s half backs?
If you could lure Chris Powell to the Gills, he'd be a superb appointment. Get Chris Kinnear of Dover if Powell can't be lured.
We looked into how Drake's fanbase has changed over time w/ Ep. 74: Best Of Podcast…
But true in one respect. I remember the Enoch Powell era and that 20% of w-class…
Saints on The Hil. Chris Powell ’17 on brothers as best friends. Poignant. Humorous. He even tossed in a promposal!…
.sorry this race is between Chris and TBone. No pouting
.sorry this race is between Chris and TBone!
.it's between Chris and Tbone. Chris was totally in the spirit of the greats when he sang last. They rejoiced!
.this whole thing is between Tbone and Chris.
Bring fitness to your company culture with these exclusive tips from TV trainer
NEWS | Oporto client/former & manager Chris Powell will be a guest on BBC Sportsworld on Saturday. ➡️…
I hope Chris Collins opponents realize how great of a quote this is for them, come 2018
+ this:. Wolf Blitzer: Did you read the health care bill?. Chris Collins: "I will fully admit, Wolf, I did not."
My pic with Chris Brown, Mac Powell, and Dave Ramsey at…
Perhaps unconventional but could work. If he got the job I think he'd bring in an assistant. Wouldn't be…
Chris Powell smacks around for failures, at expense of taxpayers
Bindi Irwin and boyfriend Chandler Powell, along with his parents Chris and Shannan, visit
I swear I can't wait till me and chris gtfo of this town
We had on the and said "Donald Trump is the candidate America deserves" in September 2015!…
I'll ask Chris Powell about that, thanks for the heads up...
This episode is dedicated to the podcast. If you miss the black opinoins, we got you.…
Interesting, Fosun seemed initially prepared to give him a chance when Lopetegui fe…
New phone that needed a new screensaver.. Chris Powell seemed perfect to me. ❤❤❤ this image.
4/5/2008 Chris Powell was 38 years and 238 days old when he scored v oldest scorer.
Fun times ahead in Lindale with Randy Rogers Band, The Powell Brothers, Chris Colston and Bo Brumble Music!. Part...
Normal Powell is legit a garbage NBA player
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
If only it was a reality right Tammy Ellement Christmas
I would love to have a season like we did under Chris Powell again. Seeing your lot too broug…
Another beautiful Powell flute! . Powell is a Handmade Custom Powell, and it comes with two...
Chris Powell: Searching for the unicorn — a ‘fair’ school aid formula
Yes mate. That's logical to me to. The likes of Kenny Jackett or Chris Powell would be good. I do feel…
Chris Powell and credit the board for sticking with Darren Ferguson, who has delivered…
Peter Varney, Guy Luzon, Karel Fraeye, Chris Powell, Marc Van Osselaer and many more in Episode Four of Getting to…
Dr. Richard Besser discusses a new study, and trainer Chris Powell demonstrates some high-intensity interval……
Chris Powell and Heidi Powell are the real relationship goals 😍
trailer looks good. If is in the film: Aramis Knight- Boy on Star-Lord's Ship (IMDB) . Perfect for Chris Powell?
28/2/2001 Chris Powell becomes the first Charlton player to play for England since Mike Bailey in 1965.
not impressed, how have we gone from the class of Chris Powell to this chav in such a short time
Thinking of all those friends past, present and future. Great song to stir up memories of growing up!
Chris Powell - his love for the club and fans can never be matched
I really wanna meet heidi and chris powell I genuinely think they're the best people in the world
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
New this week - How to make a video CV with Chris Birchall, Liam Powell on a career in HR, and a mention in The Telegraph. Login to LAPS now
no bigger fan of dave than me chris, but we need ball winners and forward passing it's plain to see Chris
Why Hurricane Chris put out the best song he ever made and it's the Kodak diss
I had to look twice there, genuinely thought it was Chris Powell for a second
I hate the waffle that comes from KR, a decent manager, you know like Chris Powell, let his football do the talking.
My dislike for Robinson stems back to comments he made about Chris Powell in our promotion season & the comments he made to me last season.
Chris Powell will feature in both Episode 1 & 2 of
you're crazy. That pun was amazing.
Shamorie Ponds on good friend Myles Powell: "This was a big win for me. I wanted to get him at least once."
Can't forgive Huddersfield for the disgraceful sacking of Chris Powell. Worst decision ever.
Have to love Chris Powell during the warm up, so much time for the ball boys and young fans
VIDEO: Chris Powell has been talking us through the team news for today’s home game against at Pr…
The tireless Chris Graham was back in BSA on Friday to add a web of VHS tape to his Atrium Occupation (and have a quick…
Grant Williams sees oil pricing transitioning to the yuan and gold
Gold miners burned by bad deals are again rushing to MA
Do have a boyfriend, Chris Powell is the name. Charooot! Nilamon na ng laro.
50 years of going to games at this location and the only problem I had was getting out of the parking lot.40 minutes from Fytvl
To be honest could do what Derby are doing with Chris Powell and McClarren - Blues team up with Zola and Rowett?
Go again. Our Head of Strength & Conditioning Chris Powell oversees another session at Pro:Direct Academy London.…
I adore Chris Powell! They have earned their place in heaven for what they do! God bless them! — watching Extreme...
Chris Powell of delves into what biggest issues really are
Setting up for and Chris Staros talk/book signing at the Great Hall at the uwstout memorial studen…
Our career panel is beginning now! Chris Powell, Nicole Rogers, and Jeff Osborne are going to…
Grizzlies fall in Powell River -Victoria’s division lead cut to two points after 4-3 loss
That feeling when you see chris Powell sitting in the derby bench;If it were a song it's I want you back for good-take that
- Daniel Jacobs is new favourite to face Chris Eubank Jr, JEFF POWELL: There is a new favourite to be the ...
I'm torn! McClaren is a *** and i like Ranieri but Derby have Chris Powell as Assistant Manager
Chris Powell is saying, right lads done well, now its ET, lets play for the draw.
Chris Powell and Kevin Phillips thrown in for good measure
Chris Powell looks like someone melted slightly.
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No matter what match I watch, Chris Powell always seems to be on the bench
1️⃣ man. . 4️⃣ shirts. . Good luck to assistant boss & our ambassador, Chris Powell in tonight’s replay…
WATCH: also caught up with Chris Powell to discuss this evening's team selection and his final thought…
A rare piece of good news. Should there be no further changes to dates of fixtures, I'll be at Derby V Burton as a guest of Chris Powell.
could do with Chris Powell at Palace Ab
2017 Honda Accord for John from Chris Powell at Tameron Honda in Birmingham: via
Ok, I would add Paul McGrath, Chris Powell, John Gregory and Van Der Laan! What an odd mix!
Chris Powell and Ricky Otto, absolutely worshipped these 2 as a kid
All I need in life to be happy is a team managed by Chris Powell.
genuinely hadn't heard of him before yesterday. Most random pick since Sven went for Chris Powell in first game.
Bilal Powell or Harris as my long shot RB this weekend?
gross of the grossest but. . Asiata, Paul Perkins, CJ prosise, Chris ivory or Powell? I need 4/5 and I'm gonna puke
Your new dog may be a puppy which gets faves/likes on social media but mine has a better career win % than Chris Po…
Powell told Clinton in 2009 there was a "real danger" she'd be caught & that he used off books system, kept quiet.
Even Enoch Powell thought students should be excluded from immigration numbers, points out Chris Patten on
It looks like Powell should be arrested and charged too based on the full content of that e-mail.
.Email 30324 Colin Powell admits using private comp for CLASSIFIED info, advises how to mirror
Powell ain't nutt'n but a no good snigger
Would you never go for Chris Powell? Or should we get a Darrell Clarke campaign going?
Chris Powell overlooked at Derby, Paul Ince at Wolves now JFH has gone. Wonder what Sol Campbell and Jason Roberts think about this 😴😴😴
JFH gone. Great, that's a month of listening to Clarke Carlisle, Jason Roberts and Chris Powell play the race card.
Looking forward to watching the amazing Ian McDiarmid (The Emperor in Star Wars) play Enoch Powell in Chris Hannan…
drop powell or chris thompson for perkins? Ppr
pick up perkins and drop chris thompson or powell? Stay put?
Les hunting around for Chris Powell mobile, or Paul Ince as back up
Bit early for Chris Powell to start to park the bus
If you're a beginning woodworker, practice with plywood first. Cutting exotic hardwoods too short or narrow = tears.
Chris Powell is the right choice over for Oklahoma County Clerk.
Chris Powell channeling his inner Arsene wenger with that jacket
RAMSTV: Assistant Manager Chris Powell has been discussing team selection for on 📺
Chris Powell - £850k to Charlton in 1998. Powell would go on to be a fan favorite as a player and manager.
lol Chris you practiced this so much 😂
Stephen Harper goes Bohemian: Chris Hall His summer vacation always coincided with it.
everyone in should follow Chris Powell Chris is the Head Groundskeeper of the Cleveland Browns!
TERSE EMAIL WARNING Powell told Clinton aide 'not to get me' into scandal via
True! The Trumps are just common folk who understand middle class concerns.
Hi Chris, both ferries to and from Powell River are running. You can check here for notices. ^kh
At this stage of the season under Chris Powell we were Top of the League, Undefeated 7W 2D 0L and had 22,000 fans at home 👍🏻…
That's a lot of metal. Bang your head. Literally.
Everyone in should follow Chris Powell at - He is the head groundskeeper for the Cleveland
Chris Powell, happy with that although would have liked Kins if he was on it.
Colin Powell warned Clinton aide 'not to get me' into email scandal
When you recruit you can take a risk: Chris Powell, Ferguson, Mourinho, but Slade has had 23 years. no promotion
IF he goes and it's a big IF, I'd like Chris Powell next
did what? Have a private email server? They all do it- Bush, Powell, Rice etc. Irresponsible, yes. Criminal, no.
, wouldnt discount it winning @ soon.Should have tried to win, trained by a C Powell so what do you expect
WikiLeaks: Colin Powell warned Team Hillary what would happen if they kicked him under..
Hi.It's smooth jazz mixes on Chris Standring, and Doc Powell with Donald Grammer and Gail Jhonson on.
Chris Powell PR Thanks 4 the follow! Check out & Subscribe 2my Youtube Beauty Channel at …
Chris Powell: Huddersfield Town sack manager - BBC Sport - one year ago today! After only 3 league wins
visit us this weekend bright and early. Mike Brown (aka Chris Powell) vs his old club. Fun times a…
1 year ago today Chris Powell was sacked, who would have thought 1 year later we would have been 3rd in the league with a…
Chris Powell is expected to stay on at Derby County as Steve McClaren's assistant manager, BBC Radio Derby understands
Steve McClaren expected to return as manager, talks ongoing. Chris Powell will be his No 2. All changed in last…
Hi Jacob, we are not offering this as we believe Chris Powell has it until the end of the season.
Majority of Derby fans want Chris Powell to be permanent manager and Martin to be recalled from his loan you are in the MM fan bracket
Sounds like the players are positive about what Chris Powell has done so far
Chris Powell has given us more freedom, says skipper Richard Keogh.
Chris Powell has given us more freedom, says Derby County skipper...
Chris Powell is the right man in the short term but not long term. Would love to have seen Chris Martin with Vydra up front.
You won't hear from Chris Powell on Sportscene tonight. Derby County have refused to make anyone available to BBC Radio…
VIDEO: my thoughts on how Derby County's stand-in manager Chris Powell handled today's press conference
Derbysport published Derby County: Steve McClaren and Chris Powell lead betting for...
Chris Powell & Steve McClaren top the betting to become the next manager. Click here for the full market:…
I just can't wait to hear the views of Sol Campbell on a black manager being sacked. He quoted 2pac when Chris Powell got…
Derby investigation into Nigel Pearson ongoing and could go into next week. Chris Powell's job to lose at this stage…
Derbysport commented Chris Powell dedicates Derby County win at Cardiff City to...
Chris Powell takes charge of Derby County after Nigel Pearson suspended - and Rams fans love him via
Confirmation from Derby that Chris Powell is in charge of first team affairs until further notice
VIDEO: Chris Powell spoke to after 2-0 win at this evening - here's a clip of his in…
LISTEN: Chris Powell after Derby's 2-0 win over Cardiff. On Pearson: "I've lost a mentor and a good friend"
Chris Powell tells that Nigel Pearson picked tonight's team.
great interview with Chris Powell tonight squire
(examiner) Twelve months on and how do David Wagner's Huddersfield Town stack up against Chris Powell...…
2016 Honda Civic for Ryan from Chris Powell at Tameron Honda in Birmingham
All purpose parts banner
Click here to support Nikki's Cremation/Memorial Service by Chris Powell
Hudds Town thriving under David Wagner. Pleasing to see Chris Powell is already instilling a negative, small club mentality at Derby County
I know someone, Chris Powell or Mark Robbins - any help.
2017 Honda Odyssey for Adam from Chris Powell at Tameron Honda in Birmingham
Learning the ways of the Enduro Force from the Better Buzz Jedi Masters! I want to thank Chris Powell, Michael...
I was too young to understand transfers so can anyone explain why we sold Chris Powell back in the day!?
.Despite Chris Wallace's boorish behavior, you acquitted yourself well as usual in explaining Powell's relev…
Chris Wallace of turned Republican partisan today, attacking for mentioning Colin Powell but then d…
IMAGES: Look back at the career of new Assistant Manager Chris Powell in pictures: 📸
WoW Chris Wallace w/ Adam Schiff . via It's not about Powell he's not running 4 prez, but what Hillary did.
Chris Wallace on the mark. Holding serve on comparing Powell to Hillary was what reporters need to do more of. KUDOS!
Dems have not a lick of honesty, integrity r love for America
Chris Wallace looses it on FNC with Rep. Schiff comparing Hillary's email scandal 2 C Powell.
WOW.sounds like spoiled kid and so did it why can't she get away with it .LOL I cannot believe...
Adam Schiff told Chris Wallace that Colin Powell had used a private server while Sect. Of State. He said it was AOL ! PRIVATE SERVER ???
Breast Cancer Awareness
Chris Wallace finally shutting down the ridiculous "C. Powell did it too!" defense of
Chris Wallace giving no quarter and rocking it: Chris Wallace Has Had Enough [VIDEO] via
Chris Wallace desperately tried keeping Colin Powell out. Til Wallace brought Powell up. Guess Chris was nervous...
..point chris made was that powell did nothing wrong..Clinton DID
DEAL DONE: Derby County have hired Nigel Pearson as manager on a 3-year deal. Chris Powell will be his assistant. (Sou…
Congrats to Chris Naunheim, Austin Powell, and David Maffly-Kipp on being named to senior all star game! https:…
Chris Wallace (destroys Powell excuse for Hillary actions.
Watch Chris Wallace (aka Notorious BIG) shut down this Hillary shill comparing her emails to Colin Powell.
Chris Powell will be the assistant to new Derby County manager Nigel Pearson . Latest:
Great smack down of Dem Rep by Chris Wallace over Hillary vs Colin Powell! It's time to call BS on the BS.…
.report faulted Powell as well as many others& administrations. Chris ignored all
Former Huddersfield Town manager Chris Powell back in football: The ex-Charlton Athletic boss will be ...
BREAKING: Chris Powell named as Pearson's assistant at http…
Former manager Chris Powell set for return to
Derby County returning hero Chris Powell will team up again with...: CHRIS Powell will renew acquaintan...
Think Pearson will do the job for you. What's Chris Powell been doing?? Not heard of him for awhile
Nigel Pearson and Chris Powell at Derby. Ultimate good cop/bad cop combo right there.
that's why they've also hired Chris Powell :-)
So Nigel is back! Pearson joins on a 3 year deal as manager with Chris Powell & Kev Phillips in coaching staff.…
would love Chris Powell but unfortunately we're racist thugs
So who do we want? Chris Powell, Uwe Rosler, Nigel Adkins, Gareth Ainsworth, Micky Adams, Steve Davis...
Chris Powell's odds have been pushed out to 12/1, with Nigel Pearson a long shot at 25/1.
Sack Jose Riga and rehired Chris Powell and don't sell out best players like Couisn Solly Lookman Henderson Jackson
Honda Crosstour for Teresa from Chris Powell at Tameron Honda in Birmingham
"It's gone too far, they don't see any hope". Chris Powell on the fans perspective & the need for stability. https:/…
I think we could do worse than Pearson. I just think we could also do better. Chris Powell would probably be a good assistant
Nigel Pearson& Chris Powell read Laurel&Hardy recipe for disaster, just not the stature for a club like Aston Villa.
Chris Powell says Pearson and Shaky got players in training to keep fouling Mahrez to toughen him up
Nigel Pearson and Chris Powell as assistant sounds like a good combination to me,looking closer to happening too,
A2016 Honda Civic for Kevin from Chris Powell at Tameron Honda in Birminghamdd a message to your video
2016 Honda Accord for Lisa from Chris Powell at Tameron Honda in Birmingham
What a depressing way to end all of Chris Powell's amazing rebuild of Charlton. Thrown away in two years by Duchatelet & M…
The sent Andrew Sopko to Rancho Cucamonga and got Chris Powell in return
Andrew Sopko, Dodgers' 7th-rd pick last year out of Gonzaga, promoted to Class-A Chris Powell sent to
Nigel Pearson wants Chris Powell as his No 2 when he returns to management, as consider approach
'Foxes have aura of champions': Former Leicester defender, Chris Powell, is backing the Foxes to complete "one of …
Former & boss Chris Powell joined Jeff Stelling for more here:
Gavin McCann, Michael Ricketts, Chris Powell or Adam Lallana, who's the worst player to represent in the last 15 years
anyone imagine Chris Powell, mark robins or Simon Grayson doing this? I can't, most passionate manager since LC
Podcast coming up with highlights, chants, tears, Ranieri, Schmeichel, Morgan and Arlo White, Chris Powell and Graeme La Saux.
agreed mate.especially when in past jay bothroyd and Kevin Davies have caps.some say I'm a better left back than Chris Powell
Charlton fans hold a mock funeral procession as Chris Powell offers his thoughts on the current goings on SS1 https:…
Chris Powell, dean Saunders Gary bowyer Richard money there are loads.
basically a load of waffle from RD. What did he say about what Chris powell said? .
Tryin to lose 45 lbs. Work in out with Chris Powell and trying to eat better.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
you were on the ground before Chris brown even came out😂
I got a Chris Powell comparison fam lol
I will never not watch Chris and Heidi Powell are serious
I love Chris Powell, but I've got to get to & rest. on
Going LIVE in 20 minutes with Chris Honeycutt and Seth Powell! Join us at 9pm!
"You had. the potential. to be great. And what you don't get,. is that you still have. the potential to be great.". Chris Powell, Fitness Trainer
Wonder if those legends will be treated as well as Chris Powell was.
Over the moon to see former favourite. Chris Powell confirmed to play in
CHRIS POWELL: . Former favourite. Chris Powell CONFIRMED to play in testimonial game 'One More Time' at the iPro!! .
Fast “From - Here are Powell's tips for fast...
Chris Powell's trying his hand at officiating this weekend.
I think the Jets will get Bilal Powell back. Chris Ivory goes to Dallas. Jets will also take Zeke in the draft. Zeke - RB1
.And yes, Powell had his own personal account -- i.e. on a private server.
Even Heidi and Chris Powell have joined the flexible dieting fam 😎 it works.
luv the show. Read the book couple years ago. Would luv 2 c Chris Powell on this show. I don't think he gets the true struggle
ICYMI: Katrien Meire & Chris Powell are the stars of our latest video! -->
Luke Freeman. Seems to be getting game back after a poor season. Just been reading a good cafc blog. Chris Powell's flat cap?
is Chris Powell on the show tonight Andy?
Andy, have you got Chris Powell on tonight? If so, any chance I could send you a couple of questions for him?
Chris Powell on talksport at 10pm Thursday with Andy and Jason talking about the cafc situation so tune in
Chris Powell, Mark Powell and Jim Powell accept the annual Pro Bono Award from the Pennsylvania Bar Association.
Fans now chanting the name of Chris Powell, who stood up to the regime
Chris Powell is a fitness expert and can play guitar and piano? What am I doing wrong with my life
I genuinely like Chris Powell. He comes across really well. Sinclair seems OK too.
VIDEO: Liverpool v Man Utd 'still biggest tie': Chris Powell and Trevor Sinclair join Dan Walker to preview Su...
Good luck to Jose; however, this time he doesn't have games in hand or Chris Powell's proud squad to see him through
we lost our faith the day you treated Chris Powell so disgracefully
Well, I liked Chris Powell & I thought he was doing a decent job, but I'll hold my hands up, David Wagner's Town are a class above! 👍🏼😊
We got a draw under Chris Powell so I imagine we're gonna win 4-0 under David Wagner in the replay!
I'd like to report racial abuse from directed at Chris Powell
Thanks Chris, there was the opportunity to get my foot in the door and hopefully I kicked my way through.
This lady worked with Celebrity coaches Chris and Heidi Powell
Why do people still call Chris Powell sir chris ?
Could the impossible happen: Sir Chris Powell set to return as Valley Boss with complete control of players and back room staff.?
You could be right, Lee Clark ,Chris Powell Paul Dickov outsiders.
Chris Simms predicts a Patriots/Cardinals Superbowl with the Patriots winning. I sure hope he's right. Love to see another …
If you ever get chance to speak to Chris Evans the names Moxey refused to take a chance on signing were unbelievable.
Will someone tell the 19000 people who watched the puddle, that Chris Powell left a few weeks ago and things have changed.
Jack Hobbs, Matt Mills, Chris O'Grady, Matt Fryatt and now Nick Powell. Forest trying their best to emulate their superior neighbours.
he is definitely a Chris Powell mini me.
I like Chris Powell but seems to be a bit nice. Cooper or Wilder for me. Or Lee Clark just to see Callum explode.
Good Morning! Brandi Powell & I are in for Chris and Megan today. Join us for th latest overnight headlines...
just did one a few minutes ago. Chris Powell Level 1 Beginner WO 15min. My abs feel it
Imagine Chris Powell's first home game back as Charlton manager. . We'd sell out within a day, that's how to reach 'Targe…
"He opens up our heart, and shines right through the dark." By Chris Powell "He Makes"
Bilal Powell or Chris Ivory to come back? Both?
No Eli Apple. No Tyvis Powell. No Vonn Bell. And no Chris Ash. I know there's more talent behind them than in Urban's first year.
Go hard or go home! takes on a fitness challenge from Chris & Heidi Powell!
2016 Honda Odyssey for Andrea from Chris Powell at Tameron Honda in Birmingham
if your name is Chris Powell, your wife just called my phone looking for you wondering why im texting you but idk you so...
.outlines everything you need to know about the 51 new country plans in 2016! Read here:
GATA closing in on secrets behind gold cartel? GATA's Chris Powell interview
Powell's WWE Raw Hit List: Roman Reigns will defend the WWE Title in the Royal Rumble match, Chris Jericho returns
Anyway, Chris Rock can host the Oscars until he's Powell old! Amen!
This Lady worked with Celebrity Trainers Chris & Heidi Powell! Listen to Her Story!
Is the job application form at QPR run by Les Ferdinand ? Who is next ? Chris Powell ?
"Possibly... ". talks to Chris Powell about Charlton Athletic & whether he would go back. .
If your New Year???s resolution is to lose weight, Chris and Heidi Powell have a few tips to help jumpstart healthy habits in 2016.
Chris Powell: Charlton Athletic fans will start boycotting matches
that's true. You don't need someone like Chris Powell again. You need a change from top to bottom like we had
Electronic Device Insurance
supporters, would you like to see Chris Powell back in SE7?
The heartbreaking final words of Chris Powell, the father-of-three who died when the crane he was using with his teenage son, Brendan,
Lea Powell - Widow of Chris Powell who was tragically killed. "Close your eyes, I love you"
Personally Pearson, if not Poyet or Monk but knowing our board we'd end up with a Lee Clark or Chris Powell.
Chris Powell who died after his crane collapsed in Brisbane pictured
Fatal crane collapse: Chris Powell remembered as man with passion for family ...
Chris Powell seriously had an interview for the managers job? LOOL Are we following that rooney rule they have in NFL?
What on earth has Chris Powell done to warrant the job? I think we are the only club implementing Rooney rule.
Ex-Leeds boss and former Chelsea ace favourites to replace Chris Powell at Huddersfield...
Feel for Chris Powell and Ramsey. Both super people. Despite sackings, both have LOTS to offer. I hope they get chances others do...
Shaun Bartlett calling Chris Powell 'uncle Powelly' and Astrit Ajdarevic being a hero. What a day this is.
Mgr. Chris Powell out at Huddersfield Town; chance for Duane Holmes to impress new guy & earn 1st team mins?.
Chris Powell sacked. Cue the "black managers don't get a fair chance" brigade
I don't understand people saying Chris Powell was sacked because he's black, the issue is chairman's pulling the trigger to early NOT race.
Waiting for the black lawyers association to pipe up about Chris Powell's sacking 😴
Another ridiculous sacking in football with Chris Powell going. Was doing a good job with an average squad
Huddersfield sack Chris Powell, *** are they playing at sacking a black manager 😱 Jason Roberts and Clarke Carlisle are guna…
Chris Powell sacked with his side near the bottom of the table... just waiting for Sol Campbell to say it's only because he's black
Malky Mackay and Uwe Rosler early favourites for the job after Chris Powell's sacking
The owner Dean Hoyle should be radical and get in from Botswana asap as Chris Powell replacement
Chris Powell is trending. Slow news day elsewhere then. Actually suprised to see Jackie McNamara at York City
Waiting for John Barnes and Sol Campbell to pipe up about the Chris Powell sacking.
Busy day of Yorkshire sport. Another twist in the Leeds takeover, Chris Powell sacked by Huddersfield and Jackie McNamara takes on York City
Crazy, crazy morning so far in the Football League!. - Jackie McNamara new York City manager. - Chris Powell sacked. - Cellino dumps sale
York City appoint Jackie McNamara as new manager Huddersfield sack Chris Powell
BREAKING: Huddersfield Town sack manager Chris Powell after 13 months in charge. More:
Amazing to think that it was only 2014 when we had the likes of Yann, Hamer, Morrison, Stephens and Chris Powell. That was proper Charlton
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