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Chris Penn

Christopher Shannon Chris Penn (October 10, 1965 – January 24, 2006) was an American film and television actor known for his roles in such films as The Wild Life, Reservoir Dogs, Footloose, Rush Hour, True Romance, All the Right Moves and Pale Rider and in the videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Tom Sizemore Eric Roberts Dennis Hopper James Gandolfini Kevin Bacon Jonah Hill Lea Thompson

Mike Hull's wildly successful debut, Chris Hogan went deep and good gracious Sean Lee - it's our NFL Week 14 recap
Yeah, like around Penn Station/Times Square. Right in heart of Manhattan.
that and like everyone that should be studying right now. Including myself
Thanks for the AKWIRE shout out during your awesome presentation yest. at , Chris and BIll/Glen…
My talents include being able to tell from with 87% accuracy
More power to the people who get to choose their roles. I don't.
I'm so glad that I got to spend some time with at Penn last night!
Chris Cox's plans for BIKERS4TRUMP & the INAUGURATION . As many as 10K including LARGE CONTINGENTS from FL, CA & PENN. ht…
To think that me and Patriots beast WR Chris Hogan were both using penn state 123 at the same time. I'm honored to say that.
but how do you leave a deep threat like Chris Hogan wide open in the middle of the field??
OF COURSE Chris Hogan played four years of LACROSSE at PENN STATE. Belichick was like, "yes, yes, whitest white receiver ever."
Penn State's offense still making noise -this time former laxer Chris Hogan
Of course Chris Hogan played lacrosse for 4 years at Penn State lol
Aye, respect to Chris hogan on reeling that in. They said Monmouth college, but nah. He a D1 laxer from penn state. Don't forget that
Penn state lacrosse getting some love on national TV. Chris Hogan can ball
Penn state's very own Chris Hogan with the clutch momentum swing!
And, Chris Hogan from Penn State makes a kind of nice catch for the New England Patriots.
My happy place is about halfway into the original Footloose - right when Kevin Bacon teaches Chris Penn how to dance
1965 Nicolas Cage, Matt Dillon and Chris Penn on the set of Rumble Fish, 1983, directed by Francis…
I've got this bizarre mental block about Chris Penn's face and every time I try to remember him in something I just picture Bobby Moynihan
Yup, Chris Penn and Tom Sizemore.used to get them confused. Now I'm not sure why
Try for Leigh East by Chris Penn, converted by Tom Worthington. Leigh East 24-0
I always liked Chris Penn, esp in At Close Range and Resevoir Dogs
Why an NFL player is bringing Sonic Drive-In to Hawaii: The Kemoeatu brothers, Maake and Chris, both had succe...
Rankins and Austin Johnson or wait and take Chris Jones and Penn St kid
"She's escaped prosecution more times than el Chapo, perhaps Sean Penn should interview her" Bars 🔥🔥🔥
Man, nobody been so high on Chris Hogan since he was poached off the Penn State lacrosse team by Monmouth!
Today Manager Chris Penn will be discussing how we can drive client value in conference
I'm at Penn Station and I wanted to take a pic with Chris's Les Mis poster but there was like a stampede of people and I couldn't :(
White dude bucket-drumming in Penn Station. There's, as Chris Rock's mom said about a white beggar, "no reason for that."
Sorry you guys didn't come into Penn station sooner I would have bought all 4 of your meals!! Good Luck on Friday!!
most people would know Chris Brown rather than Sean penn.
Sending good vibes to the as they go support the in the NCAA Tournament! Go Dukes!
With Penn back, have 1 of the top OLs in the NFL. It ensures what agent David Mulugheta said: K Osemele's $60M deal …
forget Rocky, new idea for best of the best 4. Someone call Eric Roberts and get me a necromancer for Chris penn
you could've mentioned Sean Penn, Woody Allen or Charlie Sheen but no, you just had to pick Chris.
This Chris Matthews reaction to Brian Williams is the real winner.
We gotta get Chris from penn station bruh
Chris Long is alright but they probably kept Jones and drafted or get Penn or Okung
Do the Lions have any interest in Chris Long, Beachum, Foster, Penn, Aldon Smith, Upshaw, Freeney, Wisniewski, or Leon Hall?
Penn & Teller and Chris Hitchens take on Mother Teresa.
Source: LT Donald Penn is slated to visit today, his 1st free agent visit. Penn & OAK are locked in a contra…
Penn State and the Big Ten: Ranking Chris Godwin and the rest of the conference's wide receivers
Raiders Need Chris Long and Reggie Nelson and Donald Penn and we need a RB with them we'll make it to playoffs🔥
Oh look, it's the guy who made fun of the boys who got raped at Penn State.
UW women to open NCAA tournament against Penn on Saturday: The Huskies, a N...
I hope with all this frustration towards Chris you feel the same towards Charlie sheen, Sean Penn and others who has done worse.
New Patriot WR Chris Hogan was a great lax player/leading scorer for Penn State in 2009
I might go to at Festival Pier at Penn's Landing with Jason Isbell in Philadelphia, PA - Jun 17
RIP Tony Scott, Victor Argo, Ed Lauter, Chris Penn, Dennis Hopper, and James Gandolfini. You're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool.
Nah, Chris Penn would have tried to call Lawrence Tierney, but he's not answering his phone anymore.
Attn and reporter friends in Philly: "Billy Penn seeks Reporter/Curator"
once you sign Chris Penn and Sable, you've got the green light
Line of people stretching a whole block long in Penn North prays Serenity Prayer. "Whose city? Our city!" https…
Hurricane Chris looking like he sell drugs by Penn North
I think Trump should produce his GMAT score! Did he actually score high enough for Penn or dad's donation?
I can hear the smile every time talks about that Chris Childs-Kobe incident.
First Football signings of the year LeeAndre Fisher, Winston Green, and Benji Jones sign with William Penn in Iowa. http…
So proud of my brother Chris Schneider who just graduated from Penn State AND made Dean's List! WE ARE!
Smoke condition at NY Penn Station. Affects platforms & some concourses. Delays appear minor.
Ohio State & Penn State still lead in B1G with 9 ESPN300 commits. RB Kareem Walker announces tomorrow, Michigan would have 9 if …
Happy birthday bro, hope everything is going well at Penn
Former player, Chris Lubanksi, discusses how baseball has made him a better student:
Chris Christie gave it the runs tbh
Archbishop Ryan 52, Penn Charter 50: Izaiah Brockington had 19pts/6asts. Chris Kuhar iced it with two free throws with nine seconds left.
Where did those bracketology guys go?
Where did those guys go? didn't get them but several got some big time gigs
No need until a daytime protest turns into an evening CVS fire @ north/penn where tons of drugs hit streets
The Wild Life has Lea Thompson reuniting with Chris Penn after All the Right Moves (whose steel mill scene reminded me of Homer's Phobia).
In the roles of Chris Penn and Tom Sizemore... The Duplass Bros. True Romance Live Read.
Chris is mad because Manny Pacquiao and the Atlanta Falcons let Nas down lmao
You know she is the best when she brings you lunch because you're stressed about juries and haven't eaten yet.
10 years after their son's death, Chris and Marianne Cooper fight for kids with disabilities http…
Adam Stiebel, Penn Cooper, & Chris Crump over the weekend visiting friends & the house they built in Ensenada, MX. https…
.Ambassadors Bobby Bell & Chris Penn visited with James McGinnis pregame today ht…
also, the teaching Chris Penn how to dance montage from Footloose
Chris Collinsworth trying to sell a Penn State job that isn't open.
Rapaport is up there with Michael Pena and Chris Penn for most underrated actors of the past 20 years
gotta love some Eric Roberts, JEJ and Sally Kirkland...including Chris Penn and Ahmad Rashad!
It's official! Chris Rock is next year's Oscar host. Here's a look back to when he annoyed Sean Penn and Jude Law:
I hope Chris Rock picks up where he left off after Sean Penn interrupted him and continues to lay into Jude Law at the Oscars next year.
To everyone hating on for coming to JMU, it doesn't change the fact that we're 7-0. Go dukes.
Chris Rock is hosting the Oscars? Sean Penn better brush up on his utter humourlessness.
wait ??? Chris Rock is hosting the oscars again? i hope he pisses off sean penn even more.
Sean Penn speaking to a team of writers: "okay, everyone-- we've got to think of every possible way to scold Chris Rock at this Oscars."
Such great news! I really hope Jude Law and Sean Penn will be attending too.
Chris Rock: Hosting Oscars again. Jude Law: Bit role in a Melissa McCarthy comedy. History is not on Sean Penn's side.
Chris Rock gotta *** Sean Penn off again when he hosts next year's Oscars
Chris Rock is hosting the Oscars? Distasteful. We should have Sean Penn host! At least he's respectful to Jude Law.
returning to host and Sean Penn isn't happy, I'll bet. via
Sean Penn has to be super excited about Chris Rock hosting the oscars
Will Biden challenge . Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) in 2016? Penn. is right next to Delaware and Joe grew up in PA...
Chris Rock is back as Oscar host! Loved him the 1st time but some stars weren't pleased [Sean Penn]
Chris Rock had Sean Penn so salty the last time he hosted he had to clap back from the podium lmao I wanna see that moment again
LOL, I forgot that Sean Penn got mad at Chris Rock's joke about Jude Law.
Chris Rock, I hope you will be kinder to Jude Law when you host the Oscars next year. Sean Penn is watching.
Chris Rock returns as Oscars host. Sean Penn probably not happy. (But then, is he ever?)
So happy to find that Chris Rock will host the next year. I love that man! Hopefully Sean Penn isn't invited.
Watch Sean Penn get mad at at 2005 Awards
Uncle Chris hosting the Oscars again. Somebody tell Sean Penn to take his chill pill in advance.
In '05 he offended Sean Penn. Who will irk when he hosts Oscars again next year?
she's such a racist. I would pull my kid out of that school immediately.
oh no, they're just hoping Sean Penn doesn't talk back if Chris jokes about Jude Law again.
Chris Rock announced as host of 2016 Academy Awards. Jude Law announces he has six movies coming out. Sean Penn announces he's on Ritalin.
Chris Rock to host the Oscars again next year. Sean Penn also ready to defend Jude Law's honor again at a moment's notice.
Pretty good news that Chris Rock is hosting Oscars. Sean Penn lecturing him about how important Jude Law is one of the great Oscar moments.
Penn State will need plenty of Saquon Barkley against Maryland, but Chris Godwin could spark Lions' passing offense:
Chris Rock might host the Oscars again—bring your A game this time, Sean Penn
Penn State and biology wasn't my best decision... I just put a spoonful of cinnamon in my coffee
If you wanna come to Eastern state penn with me Eddie and pizz let me know
Chris Rock may host the upcoming Oscars, I hope Sean Penn doesn't show up with Jude Law!
Hope Chris Rock and Sean Penn resume their feud at the upcoming
Let's play SOFTBALL. Chris Matthews now talking to Rudy Ghoul. So nothing productive here first segment.
Oh god, I want Chris Rock to host the Oscars again just so he can offend Sean Penn again:
Remember when Sean Penn presented an Oscar and used his speech to defend Jude Law after Chris Rock joked about how many movies Jude was in?
A line from Gershon Mosley's Park Ranger Series at Penn 😁 check the full video on YouTube!. 📹| Chris…
Chris Rock and Sean Penn for Oscar co-hosts, please.
Chris Rock could be back hosting the Oscars. Suddenly I want Sean Penn to get nominated for The Gunman.
Luke Hochevar gets the final out of the 5th. Chris Young's final line: 4.2 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 4 K
I'd love to see Chris Rock host the Oscars again. I would also like them to suspend Sean Penn over the stage so he can be mocked all night.
Sean Penn didn't like how he dissed Jude Law in '05, but could be back as Awards host
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
My fondest memory of the last time Chris Rock hosted the Oscars is his Jude Law joke pissing off Sean Penn.
Great inning Chris Young, just give me 5 more of them.
If Penn State puffs its chest out, all good. If Pitt does likewise, they should just worry about themselv…
watching American Sniper. Bradley Cooper reminds me of Chris Penn's Willard in Footloose.
going old school. 1983 All the Right moves with Tom Cruise, Craig T. Nelson, Lea Thompson, and Chris Penn. Great flick
Chris Penn is so good in Resevoir Dogs that no one has noticed that his dialogue has barely anything to do with the scene he’s in.
Chris Penn and Danan Hughes autographed 8x10 and Marcus Allen 8x10 in frames $20. Not to shabby.
Looking forward to presentations by David Mitchell Dan Moriarty and Chris Penn at Build-SA Event 01!
I feel like Chris Penn from Footloose — playing Dance Central 3
Chris Penn needs to leave Cap alone tbh.
Surprised Penn didn't wait to interview him, since he played there & has done well for himself.
See, like this. THIS is something to be upset about. Not Obama filling out a *** bracket.
- Penn has named Stanford associate head coach Nicole Van *** as their new head coach.
.joins & on to discuss Chris Borland's retirement and how education plays a role
I hope its true girly that they picked for bachelorette. Inotice Des,Michelle,Sean Penn,Chris Soulespicked Kate
An episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent from 2005 is on. Chris Penn is in it & he's at least twice the size he was in Reservoir Dogs
Leah you are a truly a warrior! Your Penn State family is celebrating this great news! (📷via h…
Chris Fanini, winner of the Achievement Award, is the co-founder & CTO of
Congrats to IST alums Ray Mastre '04 & Chris Fanini '12 on receiving the Alumni Achievement Award!
pretty sure most normal human beings don't care what Maher or Penn say, think or feel. They entertain.
Sean Penn is proof liberalism is a mental disorder.
Once again, I am amazed that anyone cares what Penn "thinks." Do you suppose he even read the letter?
. No one's interested w/ commie Penn's sentiments. He oughta just move to Cuba. Him & O can be neighbors there.
Sean Penn, buddy of the Castros and Hugo Chavez, accuses the GOP of "criminal mutiny" on show.
Under the Radar presents Burlap to Cashmere, Melanie Penn and Chris & Jenna. At the Community Coffeehouse on...
For a conservative, Penn grad school is an endless series of microaggressions.
SERIOUSLY Dude Pursuing AB is on the negative side of the Chris-Penn-o-Meter
Princeton and the U of Penn and still can't understand the intelligence that Jay-Z has...
Wishing Chris Borland well as he pursues the next chapter in his life. Standing by to assist and support a known Agent & T…
Due to the birth of his daughter, Chris Brown will no longer call women *** in his music. No word yet on if he'll st…
Watch this Penn State sociology professor SCREECH on a plane about ‘U.S. imperialism ’ via
When I see Sean Penn on TV I wonder how many people forget he was Chris Brown b4 Chris Brown pulled a Chris Brown: .
The scene in Footloose when Kevin Bacon teaches Chris Penn to dance makes my life.
Maurice Clarett (had an interesting take on Chris Borland's retirement »
Encountered the legendary pokemon Chris Thomas in penn station
.talks Chris Borland's retirement and NFL free agency with & on Stream:
Is VR for books one the horizon? Virtual reality and the future of publishing
Penn State Fraternity Latest To Get Shut Down: Admittedly, not the worst scandal in Penn State history
Awesome Chris! Let us know what you think with Sean Penn.
If you're a Penn fan you gotta feel good about Steve Donahue. Boston College not a good fit, but he's *** of a coach.
Drake will steal your girl in a quick minute, Chris Brown will just take her to the room, and Big Sean's not even lightskin...
*** I feel dumb. I meant Big Sean but I'm listening to Chris brown right now so I'm not paying attention.
my favorite rappers are Drake and Chris Brown but yup nice try! Keep that Kendrick album for the summer when your A/C don't work
Chris Borland was scheduled to make $530K this year, plus $10K workout bonus. Not many jobs pay 24-year-olds $540K for 6 …
Chris Penn was so hot when he played Willard in Footloose 😍💘😭
If Bobby Wagner thinks Chris Borland just doesn't "love the game" enough, he clearly missed the entire point of tonight's announcement.
Took a lot of guts to do what he did, much respect to Chris Borland! Best of luck in his next career!
Chris Borland retires, back to school tomorrow, and Penn State this weekend. Its going to be a terrible week
A hearty yes to Chris Borland and brain health. A disgusted no to anyone who heard the news and worried about 49ers’ lineback…
$1,037,436: Amount that Chris Borland made in his NFL career.
players wising up. Gladwell's thesis (football as military, w/only low socioeconomic class opting in), could be: ht…
Who's more worried about Chris Borland retiring-Jed York or Roger Goodell?
Trent Baalke: "We are very confident" in Chris Borland and Michael Wilhoite filling in for Patrick Willis next season.
Good for you, Chris Borland. Good for you.
Maybe one day we'll look back at Chris Borland as a trail blazer. The young, budding star who picked his health over the NF…
Wow. Chris Borland is retiring over concerns about the impact of concussions. "I don’t think it's worth the risk." http:/…
49ers LB Chris Borland told he's retiring from the NFL???
Comey I need you to talk to Chris Warrener communication then put me in witness protection 7600 Penn Ave So Richfield Minnesota 55423
It makes me so mad that people still like Sean Penn and Chris Brown
not the same thing but Penn State entered the women's Vball tourney as the 8th seed and won it all again in December.
Order Miche Bag Online!
only U Penn which I'm on the waitlist...rejected from two then waiting on one.
.joins & in studio to break down the NCAA Tournament seeding. Stream:
ASU meathead football player hits, chokes girlfriend? He took a page from Chris Brown's playbook. Unlike Brown, watch him go to prison!
coming up today with & on . 330: in studio. 430: . Stream:
Chris Penn, Sheen, Downey Jr. and Rob Lowe...same class at Santa Monica HS.
I mean, I know it's Chris Penn but I just keep hearing Jonah Hill.
Anyone driving in Penn Beach area please be careful there is black ice everywhere
Word is Penn State DC Bob Shoop is staying at Penn State/ not coming to LSU. Good Gracious
Not to mention the fact that this is only a consequence of Chris Brown being a Black man. Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Emma Roberts
Do you follow him to find out which recruit Pitt wanted but committed to Penn State?
A Snap from New Years at all Tarantino theme. Nice Guy Eddie - Chris Penn we made you…
apparently you are not Penn State material
Jerry Jones didn't really compare having Chris Christie in his luxury box to sitting next to Nelson Mandela, did he?
Ask yourself has Sean Penn ever been booed for beating Madonna the way Chris Brown has been booed for beating Rihanna?
From Chris Penn to Bratz doll real quick
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Nick Young definitely talked to Jeremy Lin like Chris Tucker when he picked up Jackie Chan at the airport in Rush Hour for l…
I miss being tan! The summer needs to get here fast.
Good win at Penn State! They can still turn the season around.
"My girlfriend doesn't suck *** and I totally respect that. Jk I cheat on her" - Penn State
Penn's IAA clarifies that it never officially invited former NYT writer Chris Hedges to speak at their conference
I'm not a fan of jokes that make light of child rape, but I defend your right to joke.
"These Philadelphia fans, they are the worst in America," Chris Christie was overheard saying. cc
they stained my penn state sweater 2nd period, Mfs brought stain gang back 😕
Just six days until we BLACK OUT Penn State! Pack St. John Arena on Sunday and be loud!
Chris Christie's relationship with the Dallas Cowboys is legal, but is it unethical?
Chris Hedges is blackballed by Penn after likening ISIS to Israel via
"Gave head to this random guy because he shared his cookies with me. - Penn State
Interested in marching this summer? It's not too late. to sign up 4info. Next camp in 2 wks.
While you've been practicing your instrument over the past few years, we've been making a
Chris needs a baseball field on that farm.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
whenever I'm walking with you in general
I Am Sam would've been a lot funnier with Chris Penn as the lead instead of Sean..
Chris Christie's people say no tax money was used to fly him to Dallas for the Cowboys game.
This is a great album! Clarence Penn, Adam Rogers, Chris Potter and Ben Street.
So excited to have coming on full-time today at as a web developer. Off and running in 2015!
Is no one going to state the obvious about Chris Christie in Jerry Jones's suite? He's just fundraising. Don't hate the p…
The Filmmaking Picutre of the Day takes us to the set of Sean Penn's emotional story of Chris McCandless in...
I think Chris Ballard and Dave Toub are looking like a done deal to leave the organization. That's going to suck
Per source, Kansas City's Chris Ballard has turned down the Jets' interview request.
Former NY Times Middle East bureau chief Chris Hedges disinvited to speak at UPenn after comparing Israel to ISIS.
“Important: A SUPER slow-mo of the Jerry Jones/ Chris Christie hug thing they did awkwardly hilarious
Chris Angel, Penn & Teller, The Amazing Randi are all examples of magicians who admit it's all nothing but tricks.
Best part of the MMP this week was doing his Chris Penn impression.
Chris thinks penn state molestation jokes are funny..that moral high ground is made of sand
only thing shaky in that game was the PI flag being picked up and Chris Christie's belly.
Eddie was great. Martin Lawrence was okay. But Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart??!!
.responded to allegation former NYT writer Chris Hedges was uninvited from conference after Israel comments
Enjoyed your show Saturday night. Everyone check him out! I rolled laughing! Chris Penn... Lol
Penn Station: Travelers once entered like gods, today scuttle in like rats
Idk whats more annoying-Penn state fan that eats *** or 2 Steelers fans that sit at home every yr
I think he's (Penn) a good actor, but I'm really more of a Chris Hemsworth kind of girl.
Chris Hedges is blacklisted by Penn after likening ISIS to Israel
With all due respect to Chris, Dan, Rich and ALL the SportsCenter talking heads... but Stuart Scott…
Today I had my *** grabbed more times than a Penn State football player😂😂
Malvern Prep 58, Penn Charter 38: Chris Anderson scored 14 of his 18 points in the second half to lead the Friars in their In…
The loss of old Penn Station. A story of desperation and indifference by
Good start to Inter Ac for the Friars with a 58 - 38 win over Penn Charter Senior Chris Anderson had 16pts h…
Best of the Best(1989) is truly the best of the best. Eric Roberts, Chris Penn and James Earl Jones as the head karate coach.
Just received a press release for a movie starring Chris Penn. Chris Penn, who died in 2006. (Also: Anthony Michael Hall is in it.)
1)Chris Penn? Do you mean Mike Starr?. 2)Mike Starr, the evil hitman who chugs ulcer pills?
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wow why do i not remember Chris Penn dying, and at 40 so young
Wow. . Tom Sizemore & Chris Penn in one scene in one movie at one time.
Sweet. True Romance is on. Great movie. The Walken slays me... Tom Sizemore and Chris Penn steal it... And the whole cast just works.
Last night was a great night to do some father:daughter bonding. So i decide we should watch one of the best blockbuster romance movies of ALL time! With big names like Brad Pitt, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Walken, James Gandolfini, Val Kilmer, Samuel Jackson, Tom Sizemore, Chris Penn, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman and Christian Slater.
Re-watching has made me realise that Jonah Hill is a weird, alternate universe version of Chris Penn's 'Nice Guy Eddie'.
Penn State's non-conference schedule for 2014 currently tied for second toughest of team's who've released schedules.
Interesting to note that Penn State's newly posted schedule lists Big Ten Tournament as starting on November 2 at campus sites.
Friend of PolicyLab Chris Feudtner co-writes "U of Penn must end its investments in tobacco"
same! That was the album that got me to love the band. That song and "This is War" are my two favorites from that album.
I'm still a big fan of "This is War" because it had closer to the edge.
yes! I think that is one of my favorite albums of all time.
City of Angels is seriously my favorite song from the new album.
Woke up this morning hearing the sounds of the metronome and craving a PB & J. It has begun.
Chris Penn Grenier - any luck getting on FB again? Anyway, I am picking up that fantasia set on Sunday sometime. So thank you!! I have a few of the pieces (the large deep bowl and the pasta bowl) but all the others are unique. Again, thanks!!
Have fun in Chicago see you at Penn Towers :-)
Not gonna knock Chris Paul too much because as long as he's on the court, you'll have a "puncher's" chance
"I hate Chris brown he's a woman beater" *Watches Sean Penn movies*. Ladies and Gentlemen our society is full of hypocrites.
All of that sunburn from the weekend and I didn't even get a tan out of it smh.
I am still in love with the frozen soundtrack. Mainly the orchestra music by Christophe Beck it is just so beautifully composed.
McDonald's and Frozen while studying for the IB history exam. Can't get much better.
So is this ban just on Magic Johnson or all Magic? Does this mean no takes on The Orlando Magic, Chris Angel, or Penn & Teller?
BASEBALL: Pennridge throws North Penn's Anthony Cameron out at home after Chris Kersey single in 7th
MORE random? Probably not. But there's a Chris Penn ep in S3 that's as random.
Chemung Cty sheriff, Chris Moss, is running mate. (For map-challenged: Chemung is at Penn/NY border.)
Me and Chris Penn just killed a copperhead with rocks
not a bad few days...Delaware stopped by Friday, Cornell yesterday and Penn State today...
be brave with your recruitment policy, don't be afraid to recruit from outside the hotel sector- Chris Penn, GM
Sean Penn to cozy up with top Republicans: Chris Christie, Rick Perry and Sheldon Adelson. via
Graduation in 32 days & my last day of school is June 9th (I think). Then 50 days until my first Jersey Surf show in Kansas!
Finally did the math placement exam for JMU. My brain hurts.
Y'all stay on Chris brown and Rihanna. No one mentions Sean penn and Madonna. 😕
Male stars such as Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher and Sean Penn are also trying to help, uploading photos of themselves with plac...
Juniors get out of the freaking senior lot. I never even had to park this far back as a junior 😡
DUCKWACKER Mini Call Necklace. Elizabeth Cowser gave Chris freedom to do his thing & it turned out sick! Thank you!! ht…
Congrats MLax as they advanced in the with 16-11 win over Penn
I think that was one of the most painful showers ever. Don't forget your sunscreen kids!
A direct quote from outspoken atheist Penn Jillette. Couldn't put it into better words if I tried. .
Oh I guess I need to do the math placement for JMU considering its die Tuesday...
Forgot sunscreen on my back today. Won't ever be doing that again!
Just larped with Chris dussold and Richard.
A very special Mother's Day for me with Chris graduating from Penn State and celebrating it with Rob and him.
University of Penn alum/former coach Chris Lee is an assistant at California. Good to see old club faces coaching at the NCAA Championship.
Chris Fredrick gets in on the Drexel scoring barrage. First of the year for him. 11-6 Drexel. Penn needs to stop the bleeding right here.
Penn gets back on the board thanks to Chris Hilburn nets one. 5-3 Quakers. Would be much different if Drexel could hold on to the ball
From around X comes Penn! Diving away from the goal to make it 5-3 Penn. Unassisted by Chris Hilburn
Penn's Chris Moriarty gets :30 for a hold. Drexel man up.
I finally found out the name of 're tlao febela' it's Baila - Dj Chris ft David Penn
The late Chris Penn?!? Umm, sorry no. I'm not on board with either Penns.
Let's go Drexel Men's Lacrosse team as they face Penn at 3pm in the first round of the NCAA tournament! …
So you're paying for my dinner then yeah?!
Chris Penn wonderfully understated, as usual.
hence the ''s but you said it was! Your dinner thing, same difference still in celebration of your birth!!
I belated to you my dear, It's not too late as it's still your 'party' tonight so THERE. ;)
Gonna be one sleepless nite... vs Penn at 3 tomorrow afternoon
Picture of being a boss at Penn State I took.
Chris Borland said he looked up to at Penn State, implemented some defensive schemes at Wisconsin.
Why did they hire Chris Penn to help out on this Dan Henderson hype video?
Back in the days Halloween 1993! @ The Monkey Bar ALL EXCLUSIVE! I shot party hosted by Jack Nicolson who showed up in blackface and an Afro wig to support his friend Ted Dansen who had gotten *** for wearing a similar costume to an event with his girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg. Ron Hardy, Chris Penn, Floyd Mayweather?, Michelle Johnson, Peter Barton, Allen Finkelstein, Ed Begley Jr., Bud Cort, Michael Buffer, Steve Bing, Jennyl Trepanier, Esai Morales, Nick Savalas, Judd Nelson, and tons more. Who do you spy? I take a tumble in this video shot by J.D. Ligier
(1/2) Reservoir Dogs, Steve Buscemi is all like I don't tip I don't believe it, Chris Penn says, I don't even know a Jew that has the balls to say that. comedy
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