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Chris Paul

Christopher Emmanuel Paul (born May 6, 1985) is an American professional basketball point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Lol if you think the clippers are pathetic now wait till Blake Griffin and Chris Paul leave
Chris Paul and Griffin are missing that extra gear - that it factor.
The Clippers so trash. Remember when Chris Paul was a superstar and people knew Blake Griffin existed? 😂
Hate to say it but we need to get rid of Blake Griffin & Chris Paul. Start rebuilding around a new young stud or even rebuilding around DJ
Karma for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Ball don't lie. Squids
Chris Paul of Highland Mills and Chester's Matt Herasme helped Don Bosco Prep hoops to best season in school history https:…
Clippers lead down to 9, and Blake Griffin/Chris Paul are at the scorer's table.
Hope Blake Griffin and Chris Paul gets back to back Wins today against Sacramento
Chris Paul operating off a double screen with Blake Griffin popping for 3 or Andre Jordan rolling on display & tough to defend
Clippers lead the Kings 44-42 at the half. Blake Griffin w/ 12pts, 4rebs. Chris Paul w/ 11pts, 6asts. Both teams shooting 43% from the field
imagine how good Booker would be with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin instead of Tyler Ulis and Marquese Chriss.
Report: optimism about re-signing superstar PG Chris Paul & superstar PF Blake Griffin in FA could change if they lose in 1st rnd.
I'm swapping him and Blake Griffin so he can play with CP3. He would DOMINATE with Chris Paul, perfect PG fit. Woul…
Mobile Madness reaches the round of 8. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and more have joined the Madness and are available…
you talking about last year right? Beating a clippers team who had no Blake Griffin or Chris Paul right?
Chris Paul has a knack for stealing the ball, but his hands pay a steep price
Chris Paul's hands are the indispensable tools of his trade, no matter how gruesome they look
Chris Paul. Bruce Bowen (on Jordan). Kobe Bryant . Dirk. Shaq. Combination of 3pt/ Defense/Iq This team would win in 6…
That might be the worst shot Chris Paul has ever taken
Chris Paul vs Deron Williams point guard matchup, throwback to like 2009
He'd be a flea to Wade. Take off your rose-colored glasses. Just like ranking Bob Cousy over Chris Paul at PG. Cousy never
Listen, if the Browns somehow get duped into trading away that pick, Roger gotta step in like David did for Chris Paul.
Chris Paul could be 70 with a walker and he would still kill the Grizzlies.
yeah i know what you mean tho. Nash would better compare with Tony Parker, Chris Paul or even Jason Kidd
If the Lakers get Chris Paul and Dwight Howard I might actually end up watchin basketball for once just to see how things go
Chris Paul looks at rebounds in box score: "Is that right? Yeah, 62-36. That's crazy."
Hello James Harden I would like to introduce you to a guy named Chris Paul
And that right there is why Chris Paul will always be a better point guard than James Harden
Blake Griffin. Gordon Hayward. Chris Paul. The free-agent class is headed for a big payday this summer
I've watched PJ Tucker guard anyone from Chris Paul to Lebron James to Anthony Davis to Demarcus Cousins... you raptor fans g…
Chris Paul (thumb) doesn't skip a beat in return to action
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Basketball> West> Clippers run out of gas in CP3's return aga--
Chris Paul cleared by doctors, could return against Warriors
Check out this cool episode: Enjoying this. 😎👏🏻 https…
Chris Paul's Return Not Enough as Fall to# Spurs, 105-97 >>
Check out this cool episode: Enjoying this. 😎👏🏻
Perfect time for Chris Paul to reunite back in New Orleans
Chris Paul to LA trade was vetoed because the league had control of Clips and wanted them to be relevant, Clips got CP3.
Welcome back, Chris Paul! Here's your gift, you get to guard Kawhi Leonard -- congratulations!
Hotter Take: Chris Paul is the most overrated player of all time
Chris last night ... photo by paul ryan tan
Fun day with my mate Gav, introducing his father in law Paul to flyfishing... Paul nailed it...
Deandre Jordan catches the lob from Chris Paul and down a thunderous dunk over Manu Ginobili.
Chris Paul: "There’s no excuses. This was our first game with everybody. I probably threw some guys off, but we’re going to figure it out."
Chris Paul on how long it'd take to get in sync: “I was hoping no time, but we lost. But we’re going to see. You’ve got to be optimistic."
Honestly a better situation and Chris Paul seems like he'd fit in that system & play-style perfectly.
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Feel just like only the fifth lost I have ever seen Chris Paul lose! The clippers usually win whenever I watch and…
Why exactly was Chris Paul out many weeks and unable to play last night after the break but magically ready today? Kinda a pansy move IMO
Feel like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin don't maximize each other.
Good to see Chris Paul throwing assists to Blake Griffin again.
For the first time since December 18th, 2016, the Clippers have both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin healthy and ready to go.
how in the *** is anyone's ideal PG not Chris Paul
Both should leave, Blake to Boston and Chris Paul to San Antonio, but it seems CP3 has already agreed to coming bac…
Clippers get Chris Paul back, but fall to Spurs, 105-97
Chris Paul is back from his thumb injury
Chris Paul to return for Clippers tonight against San Antonio Spurs - Los Angeles Times
Chris Paul's return not enough to get the Clippers past the Spurs
46-43 Don Bosco Prep, 5:09 left. Big buckets for Manley Dorme and then Chris Paul
I was the "no, I assure you Deron Williams is better than Chris Paul" guy 😕
I never been so happy to see Deron Williams play basketball lmao he still Chris Paul's favorite son tho
Remember when people actually debated who was better between Chris Paul and Williams?
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Will Deron Williams win a ring before Chris Paul?
If get Williams and Bogut they only need Chris Paul and Charlie Villanueva to reunite Channing Frye w/ 2006's all rookie first team.
Seems like so long ago the Chris Paul and Deron Williams were considered the two best PGs in the league
Utah Deron Williams was better than Chris Paul, I don't care what anybody says. After he left Utah, 🚮🚮🚮
Deron Williams ready to be a champion and stick it to Chris Paul !!!
Wow, remember when Chris Paul vs Deron Williams was a legit debate people had.
Remember when people used to debate who was better Chris Paul or Deron Williams
Cavs are going to get Williams? For real? . Oh but the lakers can't trade for Chris Paul makes sense. . Screw the NBA
Remember back when people were comparing Deron Williams and Chris Paul? lol how times have changed
Chris Paul, John Wall, LBJ and curry obviously. Assists not the only merit of play making thou…
Chris Paul and John Wall are great defenders, execute extremely well, don't turn the ball over a lot
Chris Paul has reportedly verbally agreed to signing a new 5 year, $200+ Million, 0 ring deal with the Clippers.
sign rose a max contract because we need him or try to sign Chris Paul and then we would be a super team, don't trade Melo
Rose. Westbrook. Curry. Kyrie. And kick Chris Paul off the list. He's not worthy
Ricky Rubio would actually be a better fit for this Knick team, but Rose has an expiring contract and Chris Paul is available in the summer
In the playoffs:. Chris Paul: 21ppg on a 58 TS%. Chamberlain: 23ppg on a 52 TS%
While everyone want to see Chris Paul go to the Pelicans, I want to see John Wall, Patrick Patterson & Darius Miller go to the Pelicans.
I haven't been this excited about a trade since Chris Paul and Dwight Howard went to the Lak- oh wait..
Chris Paul needs to reach back at his old team like 1-3 to make it a little interesting
Crazy thought of the day... the OGs of the NBA are now Melo, Lebron, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul... crazy how time flies!
GAMER/PHOTOS: Chris Paul and Don Bosco Prep get revenge on St. Joseph in Bergen County Jamboree semifinals
Chris Paul up to 26 points, 13 in fourth quarter, and Don Bosco Prep leads, 59-55, with 31.5 seconds left
Joseph Radi 3 ties it at 48 for SJR, Chris Paul answers with one of his own. 51-48 Don Bosco, 4:19 left
HALFTIME: Don Bosco Prep leads St. Joseph (Mont.), 30-26. 11 points for Chris Paul to lead all scorers
Chris Paul was shorter than his state farm agent.
When Kenny Smith said DJ can only dunk well because of Chris Paul lmao
"Deandre Jordan can't dunk without Chris Paul throwing him the ball...". - Kenny Smith, TNT.
Are we going to ignore that Kenny Smith just said Deandre can't play basketball without him getting passes from Chris Paul lmao
Kenny said Deandre Jordan only plays good when Chris Paul throws him alley oops.
Kenny said he can't even dunk without Chris Paul 😭😭😭
Lmaooo Kenny Smith pulled the deandre can't play without Chris Paul card. Tears
"Deandre can't dunk without Chris Paul"kenny lmao
Kenny in savage mode saying DeAndre isn't good unless Chris Paul is throwing him oops.
Whoa Kenny "he can't play unless Chris Paul throws him an alley oop"
State Farm agent you see in commercials with NBA star Chris Paul lives in…
That *** was a bowling fanatic when he was here in OKC, ppl forget Chris Paul started his NBA career here..
Carmelo Anthony maintains a dream of playing with Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade. from OKC:
HEDGE brief: Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul outraged by Knicks’ handling of Charles Oakley
Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul weigh in on Charles Oakley drama
I expect a wall of water from to hit right after we trade for Jimmy Butler & Chris Paul.
The Clippers have 3 of the top 20 players this year in win shares/48 minutes: Chris Paul, Deandre Jordan, and... M…
Just think if the Clippers never traded that and took Kyrie and then traded him to New Orleans for Chris Paul
"I can hit the mall and ball like Chris Paul" . - GOAT
Clippers are 3-7 and giving up 118.4 points/100 possessions since Chris Paul injured his hand.
Meet the 7-year-old basketball phenom who has handles like Chris Paul.
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you're are right Chris Paul is the best pure PG in the game. good stuff !
team with chris bosh, jerry west, Damian Bates, Blake Griffin, and Paul george
Everyone will play... except for Chris Paul. :/
*grumpy* They promised me a monoid at the door.
nah, Chris Paul is a better shooter than Thomas ever would be today.
This lady said I look like Chris many questions. 😐
wouldn't he be doing what prime Chris Paul did? That's what I see when watching Isiah highlights
Martellus Bennett, Devin McCourty, Dont’a Hightower, Chris Long & LeGarrette Blount have all said they will not go to t…
Chris Paul is also pushing the Clippers to trade for Carmelo Anthony "at any cost". (via
Jayson Williams offers perspective on best friend Oakley, takes exception along w/ Chris Paul that Oak needs 'help' https…
People from Goodlettsville still call me Chris Paul
they all about the hype but the game don't change on any level ever star needs role players ask Chris PauL
Just noticed the crazy separation between Chris Paul and every other PG in ESPN's DRPM:
Can you believe Kanye worked with Paul McCartney as well as Chris Martin though? If we're gonna make connections between Coldplay & Beatles
Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul are voicing their support of Charles Oakley
Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade blast the Knicks over treatment of Charles Oakley 👀
I liked a video from Charles Oakley Arrested for Fight in Stands! Dwyane Wade & Chris Paul
The Clips are 3-7 without Chris Paul. How much of that is Austin Rivers' fault? via
Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul become the latest to weigh in on the Charles Oakley drama
Austin Rivers needs to learn when to throw oops cause Chris Paul would've hit Jordan just then
Austin Rivers has really improved his game under Crawford and Chris Paul you can tell Crawfords game has especiially rubbed off on him
Chris Paul lobs the alley-oop pass to Deandre Jordan for a monstrous slam over Brandon Knight. 2013
Blake Griffin doing his best Chris Paul impersonation. 👀🔥.
Halftime at Pine Belt Arena. Don Bosco Prep 33 Notre Dame Prep 27 Chris Paul all over the court for the Ironmen.
NEW YORK -- On a day when he was asked about everything from Phil Jackson to wanting to play with Chris Paul and...
No Carmelo Anthony, no Dwayne Wade, no Chris Paul, no Kobe Bryant, no Tim Duncan. This All-Star Game is like the end of an e…
So your telling me Chris Paul and Damian Millard aren't all stars but Klay Thompson did?
The fact that Thompson made it over Chris Paul, blows my mind...
You know you're getting old when Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade aren't all-stars.
.received 23 All-Star votes from players. That's more than Chris Paul, Mike Conley, Klay Thompson, Draymond…
Chris Paul should've been an all-star over Klay Thompson and I'm not even a huge CP3 fan.
if you voted for Klay Thompson over Damian Lillard, cj mccollum, Chris Paul, and Mike Conley...
Technically you picked Chris Paul, so cross Thompson off
Chris Paul should hands down be an all star over Draymond green and Klay Thompson
How is Klay Thompson an All-Star over Nikola Jokic and Chris Paul?
All of Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, CJ McCollum and Mike Conley have been better than Klay Thompson this season.
I would have picked Conley instead of Thompson. Also would have taken Chris Paul before Thompson despite his current injury.
Klay Thompson made the All Star team over Chris Paul and CJ Mccollum GTFO.
I luv Chris Paul he gives so much of himself to other and the game he love.
LA Clippers' Chris Paul w/ ESPN's Rachel Nichols at the hosted by the NBA and Kaiser Permanente.
Remember when Chris Paul wasn't allowed to play for the Lakers because of "How stacked they'd be"... Look at the NBA now! lol
It wouldn't work melo is a scorer and needs the ball in his hands cave need somebody like Chris Paul
They were not "too good" lol Chris Paul, Peja stojakovic and David west was their big three in the west lol 😂
Chris Paul, Rachel Nichols to participate in NBA Total Health Forum hosted with Kaiser Permanente.
Lebron wants Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony & Anthony Davis to all come off the bench for him in Cleveland.
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Can the LA Clippers make it over the Western Conference Semis Hump with the core of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan?
Chris Paul (especially with that beard), Kelly Oubre, Isaiah Thomas lowkey, Aaron Gordon, Giannis of course, LeBron…
NBA Power Rankings: The Clippers lost Chris Paul at a bad time
Chris Paul doesn't deserve to be an all-star. Harden better, Westbrook better, steph better, Pablo Prigioni. BETTER.
BREAKING: Clippers announce Chris Paul will miss 6-8 weeks due to surgery for torn ligament in left thumb
Chris Paul out 6-8 weeks with a torn ligament in his thumb
BREAKING: Chris Paul will undergo surgery and miss 6-8 weeks to repair a torn ligament in his left thumb.
LOS ANGELES -- The last time Chris Paul went down with an injury, the Los Angeles Clip... via
Well would you look at this Paul Thomas... the night where Chris Thompson took over your DJ booth bieber style 👀😂...
Chris Paul Sprains Left Thumb, X-Rays Negative: Chris Paul sprained his left thumb in the second quarter of the Los…
but he's not better than Chris Paul
An update on CP3, who sprained his left thumb in tonight's game. .
And Chris Paul’s new dance partner is Jerami Grant. . (Via
Clippers' Paul sprains thumb in win over Thunder
Injury Update: Chris Paul is out for the game with a sprained left thumb.
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Update: Chris Paul still has the crossover going.
Chris Paul's X-rays on injured thumb are negative: Chris Paul left Monday night's game with a thumb sprain,……
Chris Paul with the nasty crossover and shot!.
Los Angeles Clippers PG Chris Paul is the 10th player in NBA history to reach 8000 career assists
Clippers guard Chris Paul leaves game with sprained thumb, more tests coming
Chris Paul scores 20 and dishes 13 assists in sixth straight win!
Adrian Petterson and Chris Paul are both the same person, great players but they will never win any championships
Jawun Evans from OSU reminds me of Chris Paul. He has a bright future ahead of him. But take this L though
Chris Paul has 0 regular season games of 8+ turnovers in his entire 12-year career. Russell Westbrook has 6 such games THIS…
Some others who didn't make the cut here: Mark Teixeira, Nick Mangold, Padma Lakshmi, and Chris Paul.
how many has Chris Paul won? how about elgin baylor? Karl Malone? even otto? 0. greatness isn't all about rings
Chris Paul passed Danny Manning in the 1st half for No. 6️⃣ on the Clippers' all-time scoring list.
Chris Paul is actually a good one for like 10-15 years down the road.
Chris Paul is in pretty good company. 🐐🐐🐐.
Chris Paul becomes just the 10th player in NBA history to rack up 8,000 career assists. . He did so in just 806 career gam…
LA Clippers rally back in Chris Paul's return, defeat Kings, 106-98
Clippers' Chris Paul moves into 10th place on all-time assists list
Chris Paul can come off the bench when one of the splash bros needs a rest.
Chris Paul moves in to the Top 10 all-time assists list, passing Rod Strickland for 10th place!
to Send my boy Chris Paul to the NBA All-Star Game
First time i see this kid Dennis Smith Jr, man he's like Chris Paul with elite athleticism, his 27 Pts, 11 Rebs, 11 Assists…
you're starting a team right now, you can pick from Wall, Chris Paul, Dame, & Kyrie. Say they're all 25 so age isn't a factor.
A Chris Paul fan just said he's more skilled than Magic Johnson
How many wins would the Knicks have next year with Chris Paul and Tony Allen?
Sports predictions for '17: Tony Romo, Chris Paul, Bryce Harper on the move via
Chris Paul worked with and to open a new technology center at the Greater New Orleans YMCA thi…
Chris Paul does a little bit of everything for the
Chris Paul really is a point god. Watch this full possession. .
Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Kobe all make an appearance in my at
Chris Paul is just so *** good -- watch this entire possession, the man. does. EVERYTHING.
Young Thug made Chris Paul & Bruce Bowen that moment he joined the league of the best
BREAKING: Chris Paul & Deandre Jordan involved in a car accident that sent one person to the hospital, both players are safe
"Deandre & Chris Paul got in a deadly crash". These dudes chilling on the beach calm as ever lmao
Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan were involved in a car accident involving multiple people. One person sent to hospital. DJ a…
I seen Chris Paul fall a couple times lmao
Even in street clothes, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and JJ get prime seats on Clippers bench. CP and Blake have been active cheerleaders
Mike Malone - "No one can do what Chris Paul does. He's arguably the best point guard in the world."
Chris Paul looks like the interior of a Buick Skylark.
"Chris Paul is dressed like he picks up ladies at the Regal Beagle." - making jokes that only other olds will get.
One of the rare times since L/U lock was installed that a gamble payed off. So relieved Chris Paul is sitting Let's Go Crawford!!
Still can't believe the Hawks passed up on Chris Paul in 2005. Could have been Paul, Josh Childress, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Zaza 😱
Draymond Green currently in baby limbo and Chris Paul's Clippers play 10.5 hrs after lineup lock on Xmas. Merry Christmas DFSers.
People like Chris Paul and before him Allan Iverson will have you thinking you can actually do a smooth *** cross over, until u hit ur balls
Unfortunately for Chris Paul, he didn't best Gary Grant & Norm Nixon for the Clippers' franchise record for assists in a ga…
"You're the greatest!" ~Billy Crystal to Chris Paul after 111-109 win over Spurs in Game 7, 1st round.
Chris Paul just picking the apart on these screens. Can’t let him get down hill. Have to find a way to stop his penetration.
Nets. Celtics. Knicks. the Nets trying to trade for Dwight Howard...Celtics want to trade Rondo...Knicks want Chris Paul
Chris Paul unleashes the crossover & finds Jamal Crawford for the jumper to lead Monday's Top 10 Plays!
Dwight Howard, James Harden and Chris Paul all to record a double double
Out of curiosity between Chris Paul and Steve Nash who has the better career PAAC and single season PAAC?
Steve Nash has better career 2 point, and effective field goal %. Chris Paul only has defensive edge.
no way. Steve Nash is a way better shooter than Chris Paul. Paul is better because of defense. Don't downgrade nash though
CP3, master of dimes. Chris Paul is the 1st player w/ 20p/20a & 0 turnovers since '77-'78 (when individual turnovers were…
Chris Paul has his first 20/20 game in win over Pelicans Chris Paul Lifts Los Angles Clippers to victory with his …
Chris Paul is the 1st player with 20 points, 20 assists and zero turnovers since 1977-78 when turnovers for individuals w…
Tony Parker better than Chris Paul tho so he better than Steve Nash too 👐🏾
Chris Paul is unreal and will always be my favorite all time PG behind Nash
Chris Paul tonight had an amazing game tonight in a 133-105 win over the Pelicans: . 20 points . 20 assists . 5 rebounds . 3 st…
Chris Paul operating with efficiency (13p on 9 shots) and the hold a 61-53 halftime lead over the at Stap…
Man, these Russell Westbrook & Steven Adams pick-and-rolls are beautiful. Reminds me of Chris Paul & Tyson Chandler back in the day.
Chris Paul on playing with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony: 'Anything is possible'
Russell Westbrook has really been better than Chris Paul since 2012. So yall can knock it off with that noise that Westbroo…
Chris Paul talks about possibly playing alongside Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony one day.
From earlier: Chris Paul doesn’t rule out teaming with Carmelo Anthony
Chris Paul on joining forces with Dwyane Wade, Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony.
5 years ago today, Chris Paul & Kobe Bryant thought they were going to be teammates | VIDEO: https:…
5 years ago today, the NBA blocked the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers.
you said Melo is better than Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul, and Jimmy Butler. Those are bad takes.
Chris Paul may not win a ring unless he do what Gary Payton did..
no way -_- Now I feel like all my pulls are *** I pulled a Jimmy Butler an Chris Paul an Drummond And that's it
Timeout thought: Didn't know Chris Paul played for Butler...oh wait that's Tyler Lewis!
Just think, a team existed of under 25, Chris Paul, Chris Andersen, and JR Smith, With PJ Brown, and David West, with Byron Scott as coach..
yeah, we really did… on top of that, Dolan vetoed a Chris Paul trade in favor of the Melo one, from what Walsh said…
Jawun Evans just used his body to seal off a big in transition, justifying Bill Walton's liking of him to Chris Paul earlier.
Chris Paul had laser eye surgery this past summer. Apparently it worked.
All purpose parts banner
Andrew Harrison stuff Chris Paul at the rim!
Lmao wait why Michael Conley drop Chris Paul off like that 😭😂😂 dropped 30 on that man 😭😭
Chris Paul will just go ahead and take that
Looks like Chris Paul's entire family can run the point...(via
This is kinda crazy. Chris Paul has passed Michael Jordan and is now the all-time NBA leader in WS/48:
I wonder if Chris Paul is better than Damien Lillard in his own division at the moment
If LeBron would've been complacent, Westbrook, Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, & Damian Lillard would all have rings right now.
How the Pelicans trade Chris Paul, tank for Anthony Davis, rebuild and 1-9
What did David Stern accomplish by vetoing that Chris Paul trade? Landing Anthony Davis means nothing with poor management.
Chris Paul ain't ever played with a NBA MVP on his team. Of course Westbrook made it over him. Plus Chris Paul and…
Durant keeps losing his shoes because theyre trying to join Blake Griffin and Chris Paul's shoes in LA to form a super team.
Chris Paul is a master at this. Is . Austin Rivers open in the corner? Sure, but Blake hasn't touched the ball in 5…
LMAOOO on I'd rather do the Nae Nae like Chris Paul than nuts in my mouth like Mozgov when Blake teabagged him 😂😂😂
Never trust Scarborough girls in my life.. Quick to set you up like Chris Paul to Blake Griff on a fast break😂😂
*** I didn't even catch that lol reminds me of when Damarcus Cousins pulled Isaiah Thomas away from Chris Paul.
My top FD shares tonight (75% or more of tickets) are Chris Paul, J.J. Barea and Mason Plumlee.
At least we got Chris Paul the next year. ... .. . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Blake Griffin is out here looking as smooth as Chris Paul 👀
Chris Paul and Blake Griffin show off their ball handling skills and end it with a Deandre Jordan alley-oop slam!.
Chris Paul and Blake Griffin showcase their handles for a Deandre Jordan Alley-Oop!
Chris Paul had reach an important milestone during his 6-year tenure with the Los Angeles Clippers.
Mike Conley went off for 30 and 10, but Chris Paul got the win with 27 points, 11 assists, 6 steals, 4 rebounds and 2 block…
She was getting Paul Pierce to sign it. Chris Paul was just kidding when he grabbed it. He is still also a wanker.
Someone just asked Paul Pierce to sign a Celtics jersey. Chris Paul walks by and rips it out of her hands and walks away 😂
Chris Paul just had Blake guarded by Baldwin on a switch. Brick 3.
Chris Paul has Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce, Jamal Crawford, Deandre Jordan want me to keep going?
Got a Chris Paul mind state, I'm never out of bounds 👀🏀
.I'll use this analogy. Rondo played with Pierce KG and Allan. They made him look good. However he was no Chris Paul...
Also probably in the early MVP conversation is James Harden, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Damian Lillard, DeMarcus Cousins,…
After 9 assists tonight, Chris Paul is 286 away from passing Rod Strickland for 10th all-time. Then, Andre Miller & Gary Payton ahead
Chris Paul talks with David Aldridge postgame about what it's going to take to go all the way this year.
“We know we’re not one of the most liked teams in the league, and we talked about embracing it.”. - Chris Paul to David Aldridge
Chris Paul interview with Rachel Nichols - live from the Titanic
Then on NBA Countdown, I'll sit down with James Harden for an honest conversation about change, & with Chris Paul to talk social issues.
prem did you see my ball handling some may say Chris Paul like
Briante Weber averaged 2.4 steals per game in preseason play, tying Chris Paul and John Wall for the league lead.
Harden> Chris Paul, Anthony Davis is injury prone, you could debate Durant-Harden, I do agree on LeBron and Steph though.
David Stern can't come back and block this Tristan Thompson-Khloe Kardashian Odom engagement like he did the Chris Paul to the Lakers trade?
Friday's Clippers News: Giving up french fries tough for Chris Paul
Candace Parker brings a championship to LA before Chris Paul.
KD, Chris Paul, Westbrook, and Melo have no rings because their teams are booty
James Harden and Chris Paul lead the outside threats for NBA MVP.
Chris Paul's basketball IQ is on the next level. 😳
Chris Paul pulled the chair on Rudy *** and allowed him to ✈️. [📽:
Chris Paul's all red 11's are tough
2017 Don Bosco Prep (NJ) G Chris Paul has received an offer from Queens (NY).
Aye yo idk who decided to compare Doris Burke to Chris Paul but foh I would give her endless buckets
Players that wasted their great years with lackluster teams:. Zach Randolph. Carmelo Anthony. Chris Paul. Gordon Hayward. DeMarcus Cousins
It says a lot about the personalities of both West and Chris Paul that the latter unsuccessfully tried to get the former to ste…
you know Chris Paul needs one, but Durant like one too lol
We don't need a Westbrook, kyrie, or Chris Paul type pg we just need the Ron Harper from the Bulls type
when Chris Paul scored 61 in HS to honor his grandad 2 days after he died. Missed ft on purpose.
So far I saw Lebron James, Chris Paul and the Dolan Twins. Halloween Horror Nights is full of surprises 🤓
Be sure to see Chris Paul and Bill Courtney article on vis a vis
Chris Paul and Bill Courtney take up the cause with their article:
Clippers were exhausted after intense 7 game series with Spurs, Chris Paul was also hurt.
how come Chris Paul has never made it to the finals or conference finals ?
Throwback to when Chris Paul threw it down on Dwight Howard
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