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Chris Paul

Christopher Emmanuel Paul (born May 6, 1985) is an American professional basketball point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers.

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I just want to point out that both Chris Paul and James Harden love to have the ball. Like, all the time.
Houston has already acquired Chris Paul, DeAndre Liggins, Ryan Kelly, Darrun Hilliard, Shawn Long, and Tim Quarterman in this offseason.
Interesting insight on the Chris Paul and Doc Rivers situation.
Chris Paul reportedly lost faith on Doc Rivers because he favored his son over the rest of the team and refused to trade…
Chris Paul (is joining in Houston, per league sources.
Chris Paul reduced his trade bonus from $3.6m to $661k to make the trade work. Cap hit for Houston in 17-18 is $24.6m.
Beverley. Williams. Dekker. Harrell. Liggins. Kelly. Quarterman. Hilliard. 2018 1st. That's what you get for Chris Paul in this…
Chris Paul got traded to the wrong team in Texas. And now he gets to lose to the Spurs in the 2nd round.
James Harden and Chris Paul on the same team? I hope CP3 and Harden glide across the playoffs
Phil Jackson out. Chris Paul traded. . And it's not even July 1 yet. . The is the best drama in sports.
Big Day in the NBA already with Chris Paul getting Traded to Houston and Knicks parting ways with Phil Jackson
Breaking: The Clippers are trading Chris Paul to the Rockets for Sam Dekker, Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams. (via The…
Chris Paul is traded and the Nuggets don't even get a word in with him. Tough break
The world wanted to see Chris Paul link up with Anthony Davis & Boogie. Now this. 🗑️
BREAKING: Chris Paul is heading to the Rockets after he agreed to opt-in with Clippers (via Woj).
BREAKING: Chris Paul has been traded to the Houston Rockets. Clippers fans right now.
Chris Paul and James Harden were determined to play together, and found a way with Rockets-Clippers trade agreed upon t…
The Rockets are pairing Chris Paul with James Harden. report.
Chris Paul opts into contract with the Clippers. He's being traded to the Rockets (Y!)
Houston ‘has emerged’ as serious threat to sign Chris Paul (per
The biggest obstacle in assembling Team Banana Boat: does Dwyane Wade or Chris Paul get to wear
Im a big fan of Chris Paul. Hope he ends up in San Antonio and gets deep into the playoffs.
Chris Paul has been great defensively for quite a long time. He's an excellent point guard and has been for a decade now.
Gordon Hayward to Miami. Blake Griffin to celtics or Miami . Chris Paul to either Houston or Spurs . KD-resigns . Curry-re…
ESPN : Chris Paul and Blake Griffin opt out of their contracts . DeAndre Jordan :
BleacherReport predicts Blake Griffin to the Celtics, Chris Paul to stay on the Clippers and Gordon Hayward to join the Heat
The Rockets reportedly have a 'serious chance' at landing Chris Paul this offseason
"Blake Griffin opting out, Chris Paul opting out, and ya barber opting out.". Doc Rivers:
To expedite their Paper Clip departures, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul signed with the same agent...V Stiviano...
Clippers falling off ! Chris Paul and Blake Griffin opted out they contract
I wish the Hawks would go after Chris Paul or Blake Griffin but it's just a dream smh.
gregg popovich when he sees that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are both free agents.
Clippers Paul and Griffin headed to fee agency. I would find a way to sign Chris Paul. As for Blake, don't let the door hit leaving. Bye bye
Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have both opted out of their contracts.
Blake Griffin reportedly wants no part of Chris Paul anymore. 👀
time to opt out as a clipper fan since Chris Paul and Blake Griffin already did 🤔 we as Laker fans will adopt you bill miller 💀
Chris Paul too, he informs Clippers he will be a free agent this summer
Update: Chris Paul has informed the Clippers that he is opting out of his contract and will become a free agent.
BREAKING: Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will opt out of their contracts and become free agents.
Chris Paul, Blake Griffin are free agents. DeAndre Jordan is on trade block. Doc Rivers may get that rebuild after all...…
Chris Paul declines player option, will become free agent (Y!)
Sources: Chris Paul also intends to opt out but is waiting until June 29 to make it official.
Breaking: Clippers' Blake Griffin and Chris Paul opt out of contracts, will become free agents - reports via ESPN app
*if Chris Paul, and Paul George end up with Kawhi Leonard on the Spurs*. Warriors executives:
I hate it mills my favorite spur and there something bout Chris Paul going to the Spurs I don't like
I wonder if this means no Chris Paul. Or it means Patty Mills will be going or just that Forbes is…
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trade rumor expectations: Jimmy Butler to Cavs, Chris Paul to Spurs, Gordon Hayward to Celtics. reality so far: Dwight Howard to Hornets...
If you add Chris Paul to this somehow then definitely. *** maybe as is. I'm here to see that
Will there house mate be Porzingis,Westbook,Paul George or Chris Paul & Luke Walton?
Spurs need to get rid of Danny Green, Patty Mills, Pau Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge to sign Chris Paul
I swear if Ginobili comes back and we don't sign Mills nor Simmons and we sign Chris Paul we would be screwing ourselves
At this rate I don’t even want Chris Paul. I don’t think he’s the answer if we have lose Green and Mills and maybe Juice.
What I want:. Chris Paul on the Rockets. Kyle Lowry on the Spurs. Gordon Hawyard on the Celtics
The Cavaliers are interested in acquiring one of Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler, or Paul George. (via
Can the Bulls just get Gordon Hayward and Paul George and Chris Paul? And keep Jimmy Butler too 😎
People are saying Spurs are clearing way for Chris Paul, but I believe they're trying to get Gordon Hayward
Really not Still got Jimmy Buckets, Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, Gordon Haywood On the market
If Earl Watson was D'Angelo Russell's coach he'd already have been compared to Bob Cousy, Magic Johnson, Chris Paul and Steph Curry
How about Paul George and Jimmy Butler go to Cleveland, and Gordon Hayward and Chris Paul to Golden State.
Ideal summer moves:. Chris Paul to the Spurs. Jimmy Butler to the Rockets. Gordon Hayward to the Celtics. Paul George to the Cavs
Fultz, LeBron, George, Butler, Hayward, Griffin, Chris Paul, Durant, Melo, ...they're all connected somehow, I'm sure of i…
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On AmicoHoops: We've heard the Chris Paul rumors. But who else should target? examines.
Been away from my phone, but just now seeing the Chris Paul, Beverley, and now Paul George stories. Goodness.
Report links Chris Paul to And it likely won’t be the last big name attached to Denver:…
Chris Paul is keeping his options open as he mulls his NBA future. According to a report by Broderick Turner of...
Chris Paul plans to meet with during free agency via reporter
Chris Paul will go down as one of the best point guards in the history of the NBA though.
If I were Chris Paul, I'd let every team take me out for dinner. don't care how rich I am, I'm not turning down 30 free $200 steak dinners
Chris Paul is expected to meet with the Clippers, Spurs, Rockets, & Nuggets in free agency. (via
Of 2008'S HORNETS "BIG FOUR" Tyson Chandler, Peja Stojakovic, David West, and Chris Paul... Paul is the only one trying to put a ring on it😂
the "only other knock-off of Chris Paul that the other rich guy was willing to pay for"
Not sure how the Clippers' July goes with free agents Chris Paul & Blake Griffin ... but what a June! New arena in Ingle…
Currently or will be by end? I'd say Curry, Chris Paul, JKidd, AI, Steve Nash, Oscar Roberts…
Blazers chose not to draft Chris Paul in 05. Also, Meyers Leonard over Draymond Green.
Next Season Cavs can get Paul George..Paul Pierce..Chris Paul..Paul Mooney..Paul Bearer..still Warriors in 7
JaVale McGee has more rings than Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Russ Westbrook combined
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Spurs need either Chris Paul, or Derrick Rose. Cavs need to get rid of J.R, Shumpert, and Korver and try to go for Paul…
JaVale McGee is an NBA champion. George Karl, Chris Paul and Charles Barkley are not.
Spurs recruit Paul George and Chris Paul, GS can rap it up! Or Jimmy Butler!
Javale McGee got a ring before Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George
Adrian Wojnarowski: Clippers, not Spurs, ‘pretty overwhelming favorite’ for Chris Paul
Deron Williams just passed Chris Paul on the all time finals scoring list with 2
Well they shouldn't have let GS build such a super team. Someone remind me why Chris Paul wa…
Some all star snubs in 2017 -. Chris Paul. Rudy Gobert. Damian Lillard
Right but Chris Paul isnt leaving a decent team just to seek a ring. Thats the difference. OKC was a sti…
I'm still salty that the golden state warriors were able to pick up KD but the lakers weren't allowed to pick up Chris Paul...
The Spurs, if they can get Chris Paul. Cleveland and Gokden State don't have real coaches
Pretty embarrassing that Deron Williams and Chris Paul still have the same amount of points in the NBA Finals.
“Who’s better Chris Paul or Deron Williams” used to be a frequently asked question.
We used to have Chris Paul vs Deron Williams debates. Life comes at you fast.
Chris Paul can't jump over a milk crate. It's over 😭
Chris Paul not going to the Lakers, Lamarcus Aldridge not being Duncan 2.0, Bulls front office jaggin every decisio…
This one's always a crowd pleaser: Tim Duncan and a young Chris Paul.
Deron Williams has checked in to an NBA Finals game. This officially ends the Deron Williams vs. Chris Paul debate of 20…
Nash! As an individual, Chris Paul is obviously better but within a team context, Nash just brings out the best in his teammates.
Objectively, Chris Paul. But I'd rather have Nash pretty much in any scenario, and I have a feeling most other peop…
Id rather build around Steve Nash than Chris Paul but I do think Paul is the better overall player.
With that being said I view Lebron as a point guard like Chris Paul or Steve Nash who can just score a…
Chris Paul had 11 seasons (out of 11) with a higher PER than Nash's first MVP season.…
To be fair, Chris Paul has 11 seasons (out of 11) with a greater PER than Steve Nash's first MVP season…
Paul Pierce, Tracy McGrady and Chris Paul are on my Mount Rushmore for most over hyped NBA players all time
Don't be surprised if the try to make a run at Chris Paul this offseason. From
Chris Paul told the kids in Michael Jordan's 🏀camp they would all get free J's if he missed 3 shots ... https…
I usually agree with you but cp3 over Nash? It's not even close nash was miles ahead of Chris Paul.
Dejounte Murray , Patty Mills, and Jonathan Simmons...why are we wasting our money on Chris Paul again ???
Coach Pop I know you're the basketball guru but if you get Chris Paul that'll be the worst decision you could make
Chris Paul watching Deron Williams play with LeBron in the finals
The Spurs targeting Chris Paul in free agency concerns the Clippers, per
Under Coach Pop??? Chris Paul's game would be 10x better
Former Spur Stephen Jackson on if Chris Paul joins San Antonio. "The Spurs would definitely be a championship team." ht…
RUMOR: Chris Paul may have interest in going to San Antonio 👀
Chris Paul and the reportedly have 'mutual interest' but is it really feasible?
Chris Paul has interest in playing for the San Antonio Spurs. © NBA updates. -Maria juana :)
Do you think the San Antonio Spurs could finally take Chris Paul over his playoff hump? 🤔
Chris Paul and the Spurs reportedly have mutual interest. 👀 (ESPN)
According to he believes the Spurs could legitimately sign Chris Paul this offseason.
What happened to Deron Williams? I remember a time when he was considered the 2nd best PG behind Chris Paul.
Don't look now, but Javale McGee has more career points in the WCF than Chris Paul a ring ...HOF... Durant? Chris Paul? All HOF now if LeB…
Chris Paul shocks the world and dunks on Dwight Howard! I don't think anyone saw this coming.
Still mad that the league blocked the Chris Paul and Dwight Howard move to the Lakers.
Little Giant Ladders
Chris Paul . Isaiah Thomas . John Wall. Damien Lillard. Kyrie Irving . My favorites point guards(not in this order)
Okay than put Chris Paul above him. Probs the best all around point guard in the league. And Thomas ave…
I wrote about Ray Felton, one of my favorite role players of the Chris Paul era
Magic, Oscar, John Stockton, AI, JKidd, Chris Paul, Steve Nash. He isn't even the second best PG of his generation 😂 h…
It's safe to say Big Baby is not a huge Chris Paul fan...
Carmelo Anthony texts Chris Paul for his birthday today .. 💍😂
Chris Paul, Westbrook, Curry, all of them were in the was John Wall
Chris Paul and Paul George should go to the Pelicans
This Tony Parker injury is just part of making a case for Chris Paul to come to San Antonio. The jig is UP.
I still want to see Chris Paul, James, Wade and Mello all together
Chris Paul is still headed to the Hall of Fame. "Who has the most rings" culture overshadows the brilliance of certain NBA sup…
The playoffs have not been kind to Chris Paul.
Candace Parker is a better CP3 than Chris Paul. She has 1 championship and 2 MVPs for LA. In the same time CP3 has mult…
Nah. Chris Paul has had great talent around him. Romo had trash outside of Witt, Dez, Ware and a few others. Paul is just overrated.
3 things you can count on in life:. 1. Death. 2. Taxes. 3. Chris Paul not making the Conference Finals
That moment when Chris Paul is getting his boat ready to set sail on the Doc River for his long summer trip. 😂😂😂
Chris Paul is like a whiny lil' Jason Vorhees. Glad to be rid of him.
man I just feel so bad for Chris Paul, he needs to leave and get that ring somewhere /:
It definitely could. MCW, Canaan, and Grant made Rondo look like Chris Paul.
Chris Paul told Paul Pierce in Game 6: “You’re not ending your career in Utah”
Let me do it like this:. 1. Magic Johnson . 2. Steve Nash. 3. John Stockton. 4. Allen Iverson. 5. Chris Paul
Oh. Chris Paul is shooting 55% from the field, 48% from 3 when George Hill is in the game in this series.
in light of the Clippers' win, i have to wonder if Chris Paul expected to be back at Staples Center for a Game 7. did anyone ask?
Not ready to say Chris Paul infuriates opposing NBA fan bases more than Reggie Miller did, but, we're getting pretty da…
Chris Paul, Paul George, George Hill. Chris Anderson Varejão. Michael Jordan Hill. What was that game called?. When can we play it again?
."They're really limited right now. They're getting old. Chris Paul himself, obviously, but Jamaal Craw…
Wait people really think Steve Nash is better than Chris Paul 😐
Chris Paul never played with a team as good as Amare Stoudemaire, Shawn Marion, Diaw, Barbosa. Nash had them all in their primes
Steve Nash is lightyears better than Chris Paul. Chris Paul could NEVER. Don't let them stats fool you
What does Steve Nash do on a basketball court better than Chris Paul?
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Nash got MVP in 04-05 for 15.5 ppg and 11.5 ast. Chris Paul in his 3rd year in the league put up 21.1 and 11.6
Steve Nash is highly overrated and it makes me want to fight when people say he's better than Chris Paul
Chris Paul career PER is higher than Nash's PER in his two MVP seasons.
Chris Paul is easily a better basketball player Nash had a better career as far as accolades but CP3 is much better
Nash, but it's close, 2 MVPs, club 180 shooter, great assist man... . Chris Paul is a better defender bu…
Couldn't y'all had Chris Paul running the point for the 00's? Or even Steve Nash? AI's not a point guard
I'm rarely one to defend Chris Paul and his Napoleonic tendencies, but the Nash vs CP3 discussion highlights the importance of coaching.
Bill Simmons thinks Chris Paul is worse than Steve Nash, Isiah Thomas, and Bob Cousy. Hilarious.
Chris Paul realizing he will never win a ring as long as he plays for the Clippers. .
Chris Paul does the math and realizes it is impossible to beat the Jazz in game 6.
A Chris Paul or *** even James Harden fr 😭 but rondo would be a good move, he should go to the spurs.…
Chris Paul was befuddled by this question
Chris Paul is a less darker version of Tony Delk
I would have been perfectly fine if Gordon Hayward threw the ball at Chris Paul's face right here
Chris Paul has to figure it out at some point that he just needs to go play in the East
Chris Paul is here to make state farm commercials and kick your *** at basketball, and he's all out of state farm commercials
"Don't matter if we face Paul George,pau gasol,Chris Paul,Paul wall,Paul revere they all can get this work"
State Farm watching Chris Paul and Damian Lillard's schedules clear up
Chris Paul has 10 assists tonight. He is the only player with at least 10 in every game of the playoffs so far
Chris Paul is the only player with 10 assists in each of his games in the playoffs!
After Game 1 I'm not sure if I would have been more surprised to see a Jordan-Gobert matchup or Chris Paul vs. Raul Neto.
Even after Blake Griffin's injury, he's trusting Chris Paul and the Clippers to win it all 😂😂😂
Chris Paul,Courtney Lee,Trade up for Josh Jackson, Sixth man of the year!
is Chris Paul the Tony Romo of the NBA?
Chris Paul is so overrated for a player who haven't been to a Western Conference finals or a NBA final.
I'm starting to think Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan will be best remembered when their NBA careers end for their State…
Used to think Chris Paul and the Clippers were the biggest cry babies in the league, but Kyle Lowry and the Raptors may have them beat.
I didn't care so much about Chris Paul. Whom ever was on Hayward was holding him blatant all 4th qtr. If…
Chris Paul's 4-point play in the 3rd quarter was a moment in the game where things really felt like they were slipping aw…
One year ago Blake Griffin (quad) and Chris Paul (hand) were ruled out for the playoffs after suffering injuries in Game…
I love when Chris Paul turns on Score-First Point God Mode.
Chris Paul had a classic performance last night. Hes in his Point God mode. If he can stay healthy we're gonna get a 40 pt game from him.
Kevin Durant, Kyle Lowry, Chris Paul and George Hill ALL had worse injuries than Rose's knee scope…
Chris Paul reminding everyone why he's still one of the best players in the NBA.
What a gutsy win by the Chris Paul is so clutch. Take back home court with sidelined.
Chris Paul about to kidnap some girls
First round Chris Paul is like a GoT character. You know he's gonna die later so enjoy him now.
Chris Paul treating the ball like a yo-yo
Chris Paul filthy fake bounce pass off the pick straight into an alley 💦
• Clippers come back on 4 game winning streak. • Chris Paul injures three fingers and/or hand. • Clippers go on 6 game…
You can't feel good about yourself when you're losing the match up when Chris Paul is out. That's what's happening right now with Mack.
got to get Mack off the court because he is a guaranteed bucket for Chris Paul, literally use any other Jazz PG
Shelvin Mack comes into the game, Chris Paul scores on him immediately, Nick and I text each other at the same time
Going from Ingles to Mack has to be quite a relief for Chris Paul.
"Aaah.". - Chris Paul, on going from being guarded by Jingles to being guarded by Mack
Sports Nation debating if Chris Paul deserves a statue outside of Staples 😂. I guess everyone really does get a trophy now
Doc Rivers needs Chris Paul to step it up tonight in game 2 vs. the Jazz. 😂
Chris Paul sure seems accident prone and his twin brother is nowhere in sight to help him.
Chris Paul getting a statue outside of staples ?
Robin Lopez got ejected for smacking Chris Paul twice in the face.
"That's what you get for not letting Chris Paul come to the lakers David Sterns" punk
Chris Paul when he remembers it's the Playoffs and he plays for the Clippers every year.
Chris Paul looking like Eddie Griffin when he was in Jason's Lyric.😂😂😂
Chris Paul was the only one that showed up in the fourth, everybody else...MIA
According to book, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul dislike Stephen Curry.
Chris Paul is 1.5 Win Shares from passing Magic Johnson (20th all-time). LeBron James is 1.1 from passing Tim Duncan (6th). 8.6 from Jordan
LeBron & Stephen Curry used to be friendly. Same with Curry & Chris Paul. Those friendships are no more. Why? .
Chris Paul has never made the Western Conference Finals Russ has been to 4 (I think) and Harden to 2.
I've been to the Western Conference finals more times than Chris Paul.
Chris Paul and Grayson Allen looks like every 10-15 minutes like shes trying to elicit some kind of interaction
Chris Paul doing the Mavericks dirty tonight! 🔥.
Yogi Ferrell playing some great defense on Chris Paul! 👀🔒.
Yogi Ferrell out here balling against Chris Paul. Watch this -- Awesome.
If Yao Ming, Calvin Murphy and Reggie Miller in the Hall of Fame right now, Chris Paul in there easy.
Chris Paul without a doubt is one of the greatest point guards of all time. Period
Berry flop on his three's like Chris Paul
Berry hit him with the Chris Paul special
Tad Devine the chief strategist for Sanders' presidential campaign, worked w/ Paul Manafor…
Oh, don't listen to that blasphemer. Chris knows good & well he's trash. Further, Chris knows he can't e…
team with kyrie irving, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony, and chris paul
Chris Paul faking the whole Suns team out! 🔥.
Watch how Lebron and Chris Paul run offenses. Then watch Westbrook. They are concerned more with the…
“Paul Ryan isn’t his friend, that’s the loser wing of the GOP. Not the winning wing, the winning wing is ~
Lovely sunny day out in West Kilbride on the for our candidate Paul Reid 🌹…
Kasabian star Chris Edwards hands over thousands to charity in memory of Oadby 20-year-old. Paul and Mairi said:...
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Have you rethought your life decisions yet Aubrey lad and decided to ask Paul and Chris for your job back? 3-1 👊
Chris passed 1st time in Mitcham with Paul! No picture for Chris though!
Man Everybody know jocland looks like Chris Paul mama.
Give it up Paul, consumer confidence way up, manufacturing index higher than ever, stocks setting new…
Paul Ryan's low approval rating might end up being the factor that helps him keep his job. Chris Christie was hired…
Chris Ulmer - special books by special kids - spent a full 10 minutes of class time every morning individually complimenting his students.
Chris Francis you just talked about this place
Chris Paul bet MJ that if he missed 3 shots, the whole camp would get free Jordan's. 😂
Chris Paul with the crafty assist to Jamal Crawford for the 3! .
While Harden was grabbing and holding Draymond shoulda just ran and broke his hand chris paul style.
Chris Paul made you look... all over
trey Burke starting go in that lineup with Chris Paul.
. Chris Paul for Jrue Holiday and E'Twaun Moore. Make it happen this summer.
Lol if you think the clippers are pathetic now wait till Blake Griffin and Chris Paul leave
Chris Paul and Griffin are missing that extra gear - that it factor.
The Clippers so trash. Remember when Chris Paul was a superstar and people knew Blake Griffin existed? 😂
Hate to say it but we need to get rid of Blake Griffin & Chris Paul. Start rebuilding around a new young stud or even rebuilding around DJ
Karma for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Ball don't lie. Squids
Chris Paul of Highland Mills and Chester's Matt Herasme helped Don Bosco Prep hoops to best season in school history https:…
Clippers lead down to 9, and Blake Griffin/Chris Paul are at the scorer's table.
Hope Blake Griffin and Chris Paul gets back to back Wins today against Sacramento
Chris Paul operating off a double screen with Blake Griffin popping for 3 or Andre Jordan rolling on display & tough to defend
Clippers lead the Kings 44-42 at the half. Blake Griffin w/ 12pts, 4rebs. Chris Paul w/ 11pts, 6asts. Both teams shooting 43% from the field
imagine how good Booker would be with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin instead of Tyler Ulis and Marquese Chriss.
Report: optimism about re-signing superstar PG Chris Paul & superstar PF Blake Griffin in FA could change if they lose in 1st rnd.
I'm swapping him and Blake Griffin so he can play with CP3. He would DOMINATE with Chris Paul, perfect PG fit. Woul…
Mobile Madness reaches the round of 8. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and more have joined the Madness and are available…
you talking about last year right? Beating a clippers team who had no Blake Griffin or Chris Paul right?
Chris Paul has a knack for stealing the ball, but his hands pay a steep price
Chris Paul's hands are the indispensable tools of his trade, no matter how gruesome they look
Chris Paul. Bruce Bowen (on Jordan). Kobe Bryant . Dirk. Shaq. Combination of 3pt/ Defense/Iq This team would win in 6…
That might be the worst shot Chris Paul has ever taken
Chris Paul vs Deron Williams point guard matchup, throwback to like 2009
He'd be a flea to Wade. Take off your rose-colored glasses. Just like ranking Bob Cousy over Chris Paul at PG. Cousy never
Listen, if the Browns somehow get duped into trading away that pick, Roger gotta step in like David did for Chris Paul.
Chris Paul could be 70 with a walker and he would still kill the Grizzlies.
yeah i know what you mean tho. Nash would better compare with Tony Parker, Chris Paul or even Jason Kidd
If the Lakers get Chris Paul and Dwight Howard I might actually end up watchin basketball for once just to see how things go
Chris Paul looks at rebounds in box score: "Is that right? Yeah, 62-36. That's crazy."
Hello James Harden I would like to introduce you to a guy named Chris Paul
And that right there is why Chris Paul will always be a better point guard than James Harden
Blake Griffin. Gordon Hayward. Chris Paul. The free-agent class is headed for a big payday this summer
I've watched PJ Tucker guard anyone from Chris Paul to Lebron James to Anthony Davis to Demarcus Cousins... you raptor fans g…
Chris Paul (thumb) doesn't skip a beat in return to action
Basketball> West> Clippers run out of gas in CP3's return aga--
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Chris Paul cleared by doctors, could return against Warriors
Check out this cool episode: Enjoying this. 😎👏🏻 https…
Chris Paul's Return Not Enough as Fall to# Spurs, 105-97 >>
Check out this cool episode: Enjoying this. 😎👏🏻
Perfect time for Chris Paul to reunite back in New Orleans
Chris Paul to LA trade was vetoed because the league had control of Clips and wanted them to be relevant, Clips got CP3.
Welcome back, Chris Paul! Here's your gift, you get to guard Kawhi Leonard -- congratulations!
Hotter Take: Chris Paul is the most overrated player of all time
Chris last night ... photo by paul ryan tan
Fun day with my mate Gav, introducing his father in law Paul to flyfishing... Paul nailed it...
DeAndre Jordan catches the lob from Chris Paul and down a thunderous dunk over Manu Ginobili.
Chris Paul: "There’s no excuses. This was our first game with everybody. I probably threw some guys off, but we’re going to figure it out."
Chris Paul on how long it'd take to get in sync: “I was hoping no time, but we lost. But we’re going to see. You’ve got to be optimistic."
Honestly a better situation and Chris Paul seems like he'd fit in that system & play-style perfectly.
Feel just like only the fifth lost I have ever seen Chris Paul lose! The clippers usually win whenever I watch and…
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Why exactly was Chris Paul out many weeks and unable to play last night after the break but magically ready today? Kinda a pansy move IMO
Feel like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin don't maximize each other.
Good to see Chris Paul throwing assists to Blake Griffin again.
For the first time since December 18th, 2016, the Clippers have both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin healthy and ready to go.
how in the *** is anyone's ideal PG not Chris Paul
Both should leave, Blake to Boston and Chris Paul to San Antonio, but it seems CP3 has already agreed to coming bac…
Clippers get Chris Paul back, but fall to Spurs, 105-97
Chris Paul is back from his thumb injury
Chris Paul to return for Clippers tonight against San Antonio Spurs - Los Angeles Times
Chris Paul's return not enough to get the Clippers past the Spurs
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