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Chris Paul

Christopher Emmanuel Paul (born May 6, 1985) is an American professional basketball point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Sec of labor - Chris Paul. Sec of transportation - Earl Boykins. Sec of big shots - Robert Horry. Chief of Staff - Jar…
Nah he ain’t better then Ben Simmons lol or Chris Paul , or Rubio .. u might wanna start watching sum nba first
WATCH: James Harden, Chris Paul make cameo in 'Madden 18' ad
Lebron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony can now all hit 2018 free agency. Don't rule out the Banana…
Steph Curry: "The amount of support I saw around the league this morning was amazing." Mentioned LeBron and Chris Paul.
The Madden commercial with James Harden and Chris Paul makes life worth living.
Today was the day the entire Golden State Warriors team and Lebron James and Chris Paul and LeSean McCoy truly became Pr…
David stern vetoed Chris Paul going to the lakers but Adam silver gone let all these teams form
Chris Paul wants Donald Trump to after his comments on NFL players kneeling and the Warriors visiting the Whit…
Q&A: Rockets' GM Daryl Morey on new owner, Chris Paul, and catching the Warriors via
Carmelo Anthony, James Harden and Chris Paul on the same run today. . 👀🚀?
Chris Paul rode into the Iguodala pitch like Jerry Maguire. Harden accidentally called, awkwardly wished him luck o…
Lol he meant him Lebron Wade & Chris Paul they're group is called the brotherhood 😂
Maybe a bit too kind: Al Horford at 30? Chris Paul at 7? Draymond ahead of John Wall and KAT? I do agree Irving beh…
Chris Paul better than John Wall & Kyrie Irving? He's never even seen a conference finals 😂
Kevin Hart and Chris Paul handing out food and water in Houston. 🙏🏼 (via
When Eric Gordon averages more PPG coming off the bench for HOU than Chris Paul gets while starting, will you see it then? Overrated.
Dwight Howard signing is up there. Chris Paul not so much, given his age.
Not this season you're buggin out mad hard, Chris Paul doesn't bring championships like that
Throwback to Chris Paul throwing it down on Dwight Howard
You mean Pau Gasol? I believe Chris Paul was supposed go to Lakers
When the Lakers attempted to deal Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol for Chris Paul, Odom claims to have lost his purpose.
For those who don't understand the impact Chris Paul has on a locker room, Blake Griffin is now dating Kendall Jenn…
Chris Paul need to stay far from my team
Chris Paul is a Rocket. . Paul George is with the Thunder. . Kyrie is a Celtic. . Isaiah is a Cav. . Jimmy Butler is a Wolf/W…
Star players traded this off-season:. Jimmy Butler . Paul George . Chris Paul. Kyrie Irving . Isaiah Thomas . Greatest off-s…
Chris Paul got sonned by Gordon Hayward and Joe Johnson.
DONT BE A Lebron James, a Paul George, a Chris Paul, and a Gordon Hayward. Stay where you are and be unhappy.
According to numbers Chris Paul is a better point guard than Jason kidd just going off pure numerical…
Also do you agree with Payton saying John Wall is better than Chris Paul right now?
Marvin Bagley III has already been getting buckets with NBA stars like Chris Paul and James Harden at the Drew League. htt…
Little Giant Ladders
They've done it before. Signed Russ Westbrook, Chris Paul, Joe Johnson & others from the Nike side. Brought DWade o…
You can pick 3 to build around in their prime. Who are you taking?. Mine:. 1. Chris Paul. 2. Kobe Bryant. 3. Lebron James htt…
"CP3 camp was a great experience! Chris Paul was very hands on all week & it was a competitive atmosphere." ~Jon Davi…
Warriors rumors: Golden State once attempted hard to trade for Chris Paul back…
"I want to thank Chris Paul and his team for the opportunity to participate in his elite guard camp. It was a great ex…
Chris Paul now, Wade in their primes
every time you guys speak of LBJ you say he is leaving next yr, what if he doesn't and Houston send Chris Paul over w/Wade
"The rockets only have James Harden and Chris Paul and Chris Paul *** Blake Griffin is better." - (talking nonsense)
Chris Paul dressing like Creflo Dollar is just one more thing I can't wait to hang over his head for eternity.
Tim Hardaway Jr defense on Chris Paul and James Harden in Drew League
did it again. James Harden, Chris Paul, Derozan, Julius Randle, Hardaway Jr. and more. on the so…
James Harden and Chris Paul teamed up in the Drew League to preview the new-look Rockets backcourt.
us this team in ur next video . Chris Paul. Klay Thompson. Jimmy Butler . Kevin Durant . Anthony Davis
u should put this in ur next video n use this team 👇👇👇. Chris Paul. Klay Thompson. Jimmy Butler . Kevin…
Trevor Ariza got Travis Scott to perform at his wedding, and Chris Paul and James Harden LOVED it!. (🎥: & | S…
Chris Paul ... kd ... L.james... k love .. Marc Gasol that my 5
Clipper Darrell singing "Baby Come Back" to Chris Paul before James Harden stopped him. 😂.
Clipper Darrell sings "Baby Come Back" to Chris Paul, but gets stopped by James Harden. 😂
Outside of Chris Paul and Mike Conley, name me another elite…
Chris Paul and James Harden in the same back court..
Done a few but off my head zac Johnson, chris wood and Paul lawrie for banter... who you got?
Sadly not. Chris Paul is barely taller than I.
I'm so glad that Chris Paul is going to the rockets
What if the NBA had not rejected the Lakers' trade for Chris Paul?
Chris Paul and James Harden in the Rockets pinstripes would be 🔥 . cc:
This is great from and my last comment on the matter.
Has Paul, Ross and Chris seen it yet? They will be so sad and angry.
Paul Mooney said Chris Brown was fearing from his life in the Rihanna situation & she deserved to get her asswhipped cuz it was self-defense
Lmao chris Paul ahead of zeke and Stockton trash
got a Chris Paul state of mind, I'm never out of bounds
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Mike, keeping to the 'meaty' issues as wonder Paul Hendry left TV!
Blake Griffin has no hard feelings on Chris Paul for leaving Clippers
No hard feelings for Blake Griffin after Chris Paul exit, says staying with Clippers a 'no-brainer' | via
Chris Paul is not taking a pay cut.
The Chris Paul trade to the lakers going through
What's been the biggest move of the summer? ranks the top five
In 2 years Chris Paul memo harden and lebron will be on Houston Rockets
Chris Paul is literally the glue of the friend group
What off-season moves will ultimately have the biggest impact on your favorite team in 2017-18?
Probably cuz Chris Paul will be playing in the western're technically not wrong tho.
sportingnews​.com >> Blake Griffin has no hard feelings towards Chris Paul as he takes over as Clippers'
there are no PGs (except Chris Paul) the rest of them are combo guards.
My reaction when the NBA vetoed the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers!!
Still can't believe the Rockets have a backcourt of Chris Paul and James Harden 🚀
Chris Paul may have averaged 20 assists with harden and reddick launching threes all year
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Logan Paul, Chris Paul, Cliff Paul...y'all still ain't beatin' me in the Eastern Conference Finals.
Clippers' Patrick Beverley is ready to succeed Chris Paul, with an accent on winning
Manafort appears to have been in debt to pro-Russia interests before joining Trump campaign. By as much as $17mil:
Chris Paul has what to show for his career? Some assist titles, ASGs and some all NBA teams. Melo of point guards
Doc Rivers on the biggest difference in style of play with Chris Paul gone: "We'll have ball movement"
07-20 Kevin Hart and Chris Paul's 6-year-old son teamed up for the ultimate alley
Of course I did well when the "ball was in my hands" but I wasn't maximized being a Chris Paul type PG (not saying I was as good as CP3)
9) Chris Paul . AAADFGFTCFYV . I love watching those Allstate commercials. Allstate or nationwide?? I forget. Look at h…
On life without Chris Paul'We'll have ball movement': via
When ppl say Chris Paul is a Top 3 all time point guard, & he's never made it out of the 2nd round
New forward Luc Mbah a Moute (played with Chris Paul for 2 years with the Clippers & saw 1st han…
Did you go to Opening Day at Del Mar? breaks down with .
Might win 50. Austin Rivers and Pat Bev running your offense now not Chris Paul.
Chris Paul and James Harden at Kendrick Lamar's concert in Houston. 👀🔥.
Chris Paul is now in the same backcourt as James Harden, moving from to
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Chris Paul and James Harden vibin out at the Kendrick Lamar show in Houston! 🔥💯
Chris Paul and James Harden's contracts are just too much to bare now...
Anyone want to pay Chris Paul and James Harden $450 million combined?
James Harden and Chris Paul together at the Kendrick Lamar concert in Houston. What a time.
My man traded for Chris Paul, locked up James Harden long term and told the dealer to cash him out right now. Salute. https:…
"The Houston Rockets have traded James Harden, Chris Paul, and Eric Gordon to the New York Knicks for a top-60 prot…
James Harden, Chris Paul, Eric Gordon and Nene ballin in Seattle. . Billy Gates needs buy the team for his…
James Harden & Chris Paul at Kendrick Lamar's show in Houston
Just imagine going up to Seattle to watch Chris Paul and James Harden play 😩😩
I'd sell the Rockets too if my hopes depended on James Harden and Chris Paul in the playoffs.
James Harden on the uniqueness of his pairing with Chris Paul: "I don't think anyone's ever seen anything like this bef…
"Where do you go to school?". "Wake Forest". *blank stares*. "Ya know, Arnold Palmer, Chris Paul, Tim Duncan? TOP 3…
"Inferior guards play on the sidelines and great guards play in the middle. Isiah, Magic, Chris Paul, all get to the mid…
I wonder will Chris Paul still win a ring cuz golden state ain't going nowhere
Carmelo Anthony watching Chris Paul and James Harden have fun in Houston while he's stuck in New York:
With D’Antoni in Houston for the Chris Paul announcement Jeff Bzdelik is head Rocket on the scene.
Chris Paul: "Hi, I'd like to play for the Spurs. Just give me Tony Parker's minutes". Gregg Popovich:
Our intern Lauren Davidson asking fans if they are team Chris Paul or James Harden. CP3Day…
Forget Rondo. All we need is that third NBA team with a Xavier Point Guard! Same mold as Chris Paul. Learn!
Chris Paul and. Eric Gordon? Isiah Taylor? Zhou Qi? I can't name any other conference final virgins in our rot…
Chris Paul on trade to Houston Rockets: 'It was time for a change'
NC has Chris Paul. NC has John Wall. NC has 9th Wonder. NC has Carowinds. NC has Cookout, Krispy Kreme, Bojangles, AND Cheerwine…
The last line from Chris Paul on Melo possibly coming to Houston: "Man, sit back and wait."
Chris Paul isn't a hall of famer. He's a glorified Rafer Alston. 08 offseason when they got Artest is way ahead of…
【NBA BIG Trades and Transactions】. Jimmy Butler to Timberwolves. Chris Paul to Rockets. Paul George to Thunder. Gor…
"Dunn and Chris Paul both have the same first name, so we feel confident he can be the same type of player."
James Harden and Chris Paul are at the Cox Pavilion watching the Rockets and Cavaliers game.
Chris Paul and James Harden are sitting together courtside at Cox Pavilion for the Rockets summer league game.
Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza also here at Cox Pavilion.
Conversation happening courtside at Cox Pavilion right now: Gregg Popovich and Chris Paul.
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Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony aren't help for Harden over Patrick Beverly and Ryan Anderson?
I think Houston will regret losing Patrick Beverly for Chris Paul.
(2006) Stuart Scott giving Chris Paul the rookie treatment his sophomore season. Classic.
So Kendall Marshall is the Clippers new late game Chris Paul? Eerily similar results.
OKC basketball has seen Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and will see Paul George. Not bad for a fly over.
what about the Paul team? Pierce, George, Westphal and Chris Paul?
Speaking of Chris Paul, the Paul's have a decent team... Westphal, Arizin, George, Pierce, Millsap
Docs first year with the Clippers was the best team Chris Paul ever played for. Doc ruined it when he traded Dudley and let Collison walk
NBA owners have pushed commissioner David Stern to kill the deal sending Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers, sources tell Y!…
Nick young about to get a ring before Chris isn't fair
Rockets GM Daryl Morey joined to discuss Houston's monster acquisition of Chris Paul
Pat Beverly and Sam Decker will be traded kapalit ni Chris Paul? Hmmmn I think CP3 will just frustrate James Harden.
we really got Chris Paul and pj tucker for Lou will and Pat Bev lol
Funny the people who rather have Pat Bev than Chris Paul also think Melo is washed... 🤔🤔🤔
Live footage of Gregg Popovich running to save Derrick Rose after hearing Chris Paul traded to Houston
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These *** rather Lou Williams and Pat Bev than Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony
Chris Paul and Steve Nash are the best point guards I've seen in my lifetime
Did u compare a out of his prone Nash to 9x all star 6x 1 team defense Chris Paul ? Just stop
Carmelo Anthony will reportedly join Chris Paul and sign with the Rockets if New York agrees to buyout his contract. (via…
Chris Paul, Paul George, Paul Millsap on the market. Paul Pierce going from NBA to ESPN. Paul Zipser tanning. It’s the Summe…
Chris Paul (posted this moments ago on his Instagram story. Wearing shorts and has a graphic of he and…
Paul George to OKC... Chris Paul to Houston... Jimmy Butler to Minnesota... Dwight Howard to Charlotte...Free agency ain't started yet!
Paul George to Oklahoma. Chris Paul to Houston. Jimmy Butler to Minnesota. I can't bare no more
Chris Paul, Cliff Paul, Paul McCartney, Cliff Huxtable it don't matter. Warriors vs Cavs part 4 coming up.
Patrick Beverly? Lou Williams? Sam Dekker? For Chris Paul.all those guys are 💩
Okc just got Paul George, Chris Paul goes to Houston, Jimmy Butler goes to Minnesota. NBA is getting wild 😱😴💀
Trade summary:. Rockets get - Chris Paul. Clippers get - Patrick Beverley, Sam Dekker, Lou Williams
Everybody thought that Chris Paul was going to San Antonio and now looks where he's at
On West hierarchy: Yes, Paul George is a lot better than Oladipo. Similarly, Chris Paul >>> Pat Beverley. Won't make up an 8…
Everybody wins as Chris Paul forms a super team in Houston.
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KD after seeing Chris Paul get traded to the Rockets and Melo or PG13 want to go to Houston
Throwback to Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin finding out that Chris Paul got traded to the Clippers. .
Chris Paul will be taking Anderson's in Houston and force Ryan to switch to Chris is a 6 time NBA steal leade…
Will be talking Chris Paul trade, other and Lonzo Ball's future with in 10 min…
I think so too, cuz if it don't work Chris Paul gone next year to meet up wit wade,bron, and melo
2018 staring line up pg. Chris Paul sg Dwyane Wade sf Lebron James pf Carmelo Anthony c Kristof PorZyngas put it on wax lol
Would you rather have Nash or Chris Paul? I'd rather take Nash.
Wire: Is Doc Rivers to blame for Chris Paul leaving Los Angeles? | SPEAK FOR…
Some hot takes last night saying that Chris Paul, Carmelo, LeBron and Dwayne Wade will all be at the lakers the season after next
"Chris Paul, Paul Wall, Sean Paul, it don't matter. Dubs in 4."
Mike D'Antoni can only run one style of offense. But no NBA player is more tailor-made than Chris Paul. Steve Nash + defens…
Do you think Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony & Lebron James will play on the same team before they retire?
Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul are officially named to the All-NBA Finesse Team.
Lebron, Chris Paul, Carmelo and D Wade all free agents end of next season
So LeBron, Chris Paul, Melo and Wade will all be free agents in 2018 now? 🤔
Is it me or did Chris Paul make his contract expire at the same time as lebron and wade
Chris Paul is running an offense that made Steve Nash a 2 time mvp. look out NBA
Because of CP3 opting in:. Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James will all be unrestricted free agents…
Wonder if Chris Paul plays as long as Stockton and Nash?
lol 18 & 10? so if Clippers win 60 games Chris Paul woulda been in MVP race this season? lol gtfoh nash
Chris Paul is headed down the same road as Steve Nash did
Replace Steve Nash with Chris Paul and recycle stories.
Chris Paul vs. Steve Nash PER by age (if CP can stay healthy as Nash did until 38, he's starting from higher spot ):
Chris Paul and James Harden blaming each other after they choke in the 2nd Round
Kevin Durant ain't worried about the Rockets acquiring Chris Paul. 👀
Chris Paul and Blake Griffin really held Deandre Jordan hostage so he'd stay just to leave him stranded in 2 years Lmaoo…
Rockets acquire Chris Paul from Clippers in 8-player deal
Chris Paul, Pual Wall, Paul Bunyan, Paula Deen, Lightning McQueen, dairy Queen, It don't make no difference to me.
When Blake Griffin heard Chris Paul went to the Rockets
Chris Paul had been traded to the Hous-
Mike D'Antoni on Rockets' trade for Chris Paul and fit with incumbent star James Harden
BREAKING: Chris Paul traded to Houston. . In other news: Houston still has zero chance to beat the Warriors.
Chris Paul & James Harden about to be on the same team but they vetoed the Kobe & Chris Paul trade.
CP3's relationship with Doc Rivers was ruined after he refused to deal his son for Melo, per
When Deandre Jordan see Chris Paul cleaning out his locker CP3 to Houston
Just how dynamic is this pairing... (via
So Chris Paul goes to the Rockets but the Lakers couldn't get him when Kobe was there
Chris Paul has had 10 seasons with a higher true shooting percentage than Isiah Thomas' career high
Chris Paul and James Harden practicing late game situations
James Harden and Chris Paul have already started recruiting Paul George to Houston, reports
The NBA world reacts to the Rockets' shocking trade for Chris Paul
*James Harden, sporting a headband and short shorts welcomes Chris Paul at Toyota Center*. "You ready to train, the pac…
The only starter Houston lost in the deal plays Chris Paul's position. Trade doesn't leave the Rockets bare.
Report: Chris Paul grew to "despise" Doc Rivers after he refused to trade his son for Carmelo Anthony ➡️
Doc Rivers finding out Chris Paul was traded for some used lottery tickets and a bucket of water
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Chris Paul n the rockets gone be a swaggy team 👏🏼👏🏼
Deandre Jordan: Who is gonna throw me an alley hoop . Doc Rivers: Chris Paul has been traded so you need to learn how to post u…
The Warriors when they seen Chris Paul went to the Rockets instead of the Spurs
Chris Paul was up 3-1 on Houston, then joined them. but y'all not gon' kill him huh LMAO
We got Bron, Kyrie, KLove up outta here in 5. I ain't worried bout no *** Chris Paul and James Harden man
Everyone in Houston is buzzing about Chris Paul, but I'm more excited for the arrival of Cliff Paul. Our insurance rat…
Do you think Chris Paul will do good at the Clippers
Chris Paul's phone has been blowing up since news broke he was being traded to the Rockets:
Will Chris Paul ever make it to the NBA Finals?
A to Z pod exclusive: Mike D'Antoni dishes on Chris Paul trade, his long relationship w/ & the fit w/ Harden.
When Blake Griffin and Chris Paul hold you hostage in 2015 free agency. Only to leave for better teams in 2017.
NBA Trade Scenario: Chris Paul now with Rockets so Pelicans should chase Patrick Beverley https:…
I love the Chris Paul trade for the Rockets, because it's gonna make it way more satisfying when the Spurs beat them in 6 again.
This is a good point that I tried (perhaps insufficiently) to get a little bit earlier today:…
[NIGHT CAP]. Everyone is freaking out, but the Chris Paul trade makes total sense, says
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Since Chris Paul opted into his contract; LBJ, Melo, D-Wade and CP3 will all be free agents next summer. Brotherhood ht…
Chris Paul, Cliff Paul, Cliff Huxtable it don't matter. Cavs vs Warriors part 4 coming up.
"Chris Paul, Sean Paul, *** they can all get grillz from Paul Wall , don't matta, Warriors in Pho"
Some of Chris Paul's best career plays
Jazz insider talks about the new draftees and how the Chris Paul trades affects the West:.
Also credit to Chris Paul for opting in, being real with management - allowing them to get pieces in return for him, rathe…
Chris Paul has been traded to the Houston Rockets.
.doesn't like the idea of Chris Paul being labeled a 'QUITTER', and responds to here:
Pat Bev and Lou will don't mean much when they got Chris Paul now ..they still got Eric Gordon
If the Rockets add Paul George to Chris Paul, Ryan Anderson, Ryan Kelly and Isaiah Taylor they will win the all first name last name award.
I just want to point out that both Chris Paul and James Harden love to have the ball. Like, all the time.
Chris Paul says good bye to LA after trade to Rockets. (via
Houston has already acquired Chris Paul, DeAndre Liggins, Ryan Kelly, Darrun Hilliard, Shawn Long, and Tim Quarterman in this offseason.
Interesting insight on the Chris Paul and Doc Rivers situation.
Chris Paul reportedly lost faith on Doc Rivers because he favored his son over the rest of the team and refused to trade…
Chris Paul (is joining in Houston, per league sources.
That 32 year old is the best decision maker/floor general in the game. Chris Paul is a very valuable asset to any t…
Doc Rivers' preferential treatment of Austin Rivers caused Chris Paul to lose faith in the Clippers coach. .
Chris Paul reduced his trade bonus from $3.6m to $661k to make the trade work. Cap hit for Houston in 17-18 is $24.6m.
Beverley. Williams. Dekker. Harrell. Liggins. Kelly. Quarterman. Hilliard. 2018 1st. That's what you get for Chris Paul in this…
QB Derek Carr has a question about Chris Paul joining
This team can put up a fight against the Warriors🔥🚀. PG: Chris Paul. SG: James Harden. SF: Trevor Ariza. PF: Ryan Anderson
Today's Headlines 😂. 1) Rihanna is dating a Middle Eastern man. 2) Chris Paul & Blake Griffin are leaving the Clippers. 3) Phi…
Chris Paul locked Deandre Jordan in his own house last year to convince him to stay, only for CP3 to leave a year later..…
Chris Paul is now the most accurate passer in Houston.
Chris Paul got traded to the wrong team in Texas. And now he gets to lose to the Spurs in the 2nd round.
Clippers hired Jerry West just to lose Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and J.J. Redick
Blake Griffin and Chris Paul basically forced Deandre Jordan to resign in 2015. Only to leave for better teams.
According to reports, Chris Paul is heading to Houston via trade to join James Harden and the Rockets!
James Harden currently celebrating after Houston lands Chris Paul.
"Chris Paul takes a ton of pressure off of James Harden, in terms of when you get into the postseason, it's not all on him." -
Commissioners don't do things just for fun but if they did...Adam Silver should reject this Chris Paul trade.
Whispers* Los Angeles got a better package for Chris Paul than New Orleans did...
Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers really held this man Deandre Jordan hostage in his own home just…
James Harden and Chris Paul will now turn their focus on recruiting Paul George to Houston (ESPN)
Chris Paul is gonna be droppin dimes in Houston like I drop Whataburger
More details on the Chris Paul trade that has shaken up the NBA:
Chris Paul blew a 3-1 lead against the Houston Rockets. He is now joining them. Where's the outrage?
Regardless of what happens, this is important: We get at least one year of Chris Paul in a Mike D’Antoni offense. This is…
Chris Paul and James Harden placing blame after the Rockets 2nd round loss
Chris Paul, Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson on the same team? Sure that makes some fans in NOLA so happy...
Chris Paul opting in instead of signing new max contract now will cost him about $11 million next season. But he has a $…
BREAKING: Chris Paul is headed to the
Phil Jackson out. Chris Paul traded. . And it's not even July 1 yet. . The is the best drama in sports.
Big Day in the NBA already with Chris Paul getting Traded to Houston and Knicks parting ways with Phil Jackson
Chris Paul + James Harden could be sick but CP not throwing any alley’s to The Beard I promise that
James Harden: "Join us and I'll show you how to choke in the 2nd round.". Chris Paul: "No. I'll show YOU how to choke in…
Breaking: The Clippers are trading Chris Paul to the Rockets for Sam Dekker, Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams. (via The…
Chris Paul is traded and the Nuggets don't even get a word in with him. Tough break
The world wanted to see Chris Paul link up with Anthony Davis & Boogie. Now this. 🗑️
Nobody upset about Chris Paul leaving.. because Clippers fans don't exist.
BREAKING: Chris Paul is heading to the Rockets after he agreed to opt-in with Clippers (via Woj).
Well. Chris Paul talk coming now. Huge trade. . 1340am,
Chris Paul and James Harden were determined to play together, and found a way with Rockets-Clippers trade agreed upon t…
The Rockets are pairing Chris Paul with James Harden. report.
Chris Paul opts into contract with the Clippers. He's being traded to the Rockets (Y!)
Houston ‘has emerged’ as serious threat to sign Chris Paul (per
The biggest obstacle in assembling Team Banana Boat: does Dwyane Wade or Chris Paul get to wear
Im a big fan of Chris Paul. Hope he ends up in San Antonio and gets deep into the playoffs.
Chris Paul has been great defensively for quite a long time. He's an excellent point guard and has been for a decade now.
Gordon Hayward to Miami. Blake Griffin to celtics or Miami . Chris Paul to either Houston or Spurs . KD-resigns . Curry-re…
ESPN : Chris Paul and Blake Griffin opt out of their contracts . Deandre Jordan :
BleacherReport predicts Blake Griffin to the Celtics, Chris Paul to stay on the Clippers and Gordon Hayward to join the Heat
The Rockets reportedly have a 'serious chance' at landing Chris Paul this offseason
"Blake Griffin opting out, Chris Paul opting out, and ya barber opting out.". Doc Rivers:
To expedite their Paper Clip departures, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul signed with the same agent...V Stiviano...
Clippers falling off ! Chris Paul and Blake Griffin opted out they contract
I wish the Hawks would go after Chris Paul or Blake Griffin but it's just a dream smh.
Gregg Popovich when he sees that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are both free agents.
Clippers Paul and Griffin headed to fee agency. I would find a way to sign Chris Paul. As for Blake, don't let the door hit leaving. Bye bye
Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have both opted out of their contracts.
Blake Griffin reportedly wants no part of Chris Paul anymore. 👀
time to opt out as a clipper fan since Chris Paul and Blake Griffin already did 🤔 we as Laker fans will adopt you bill miller 💀
Chris Paul too, he informs Clippers he will be a free agent this summer
Update: Chris Paul has informed the Clippers that he is opting out of his contract and will become a free agent.
BREAKING: Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will opt out of their contracts and become free agents.
Chris Paul, Blake Griffin are free agents. Deandre Jordan is on trade block. Doc Rivers may get that rebuild after all...…
Chris Paul declines player option, will become free agent (Y!)
Sources: Chris Paul also intends to opt out but is waiting until June 29 to make it official.
Breaking: Clippers' Blake Griffin and Chris Paul opt out of contracts, will become free agents - reports via ESPN app
*if Chris Paul, and Paul George end up with Kawhi Leonard on the Spurs*. Warriors executives:
I hate it mills my favorite spur and there something bout Chris Paul going to the Spurs I don't like
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