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Chris Packham

Christopher Gary Chris Packham (born 4 May 1961) is an English naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author.

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BBC News - Chris Packham asks Ant and Dec to end 'animal abuse'
Please vote in the Radio Times or poll. Please RT.
VOTE: I voted to agree with that is cruel to animals
Chris Packham speaks to the Badger Army - puts the wide conservation message against cull. We will win. via
Chris Packham in Winchester on Saturday quoted Ghandi: first they ignore you, then laugh at you, then fight you- THEN YOU WIN!
Chris Packham breaks his silence to speak out against killing badgers!.
BBC News - Chris Packham joins hundreds on badger cull protest in Winchester . …
Chris Packham among more than 100 people marching in Winchester against badger culls - 23/11/14 - -
Chris Packham speaks to the Badger Army at Winchester Badger Cull Protest htt…
Badger Army comes to Winchester along with Chris Packham
Chris Packham joins badger cull protest in Winchester
Chris Packham speaks to Winchester badger protesters today
Ant and Dec asked to end 'animal abuse': TV presenter Chris Packham writes an open letter to TV presenters Ant...
Chris Packham's. Tastes of those Frazzles crisps. Michaela Strachan's tastes of mustard.
I didn't know Chris packham was on fletch n sav. Put on a bit of weight though!!!
Anyone fancy a game of 'Jamie Oliver or Chris Packham?'
that can't be right - foxes are cute little fluffy-wuffy pusscats. Chris Packham said so
Tadpoles Not Included 27th Nov Enjoy an evening with Chris Packham -
Chris Packham and Bill Oddie join conservation leaders in saying farewell to Suffolk-born environmental champion
My Chris Packham tour tickets came. Admit I'm 50% going for the animal insight and 50% going just to look at him. Mm
Lovely tributes from Chris Packham, my dad,Bill Oddie & at the funeral of Derek Moore, bird champion.
I'm sure the toddler in question is grateful Chris Packham clarified this. No doubt the fox bite is a myth
According to the expert,Chris Packham,foxes don't do this .He said people are wrong to blame foxes.He's an expert.
"I hate Russians also. But love their Vodka!!"
That is delightful! And Chris Packham said animals don't play!
"There’s a weave of human nostalgia that goes hand in hand with canals"
Chris Packham travels every where on foot or Volvo.
Chris Packham of BBC introduces viewers to the iSpot website explore and record nature
Daily podcast of birdsong presented by Chris Packham? SIGN ME UP
Read about my work with Hear in Malawi campaign in the
Excellent. Relayed to wife. Except she was thinking of Chris Packham. And she doesn’t know how Bible begins. She did not laugh.
Pretty sure we saw and Chris Packham filming Autumn watch today at lunchtime
I wish my iPod would stop capitalising things without me realising, eg BELLOWHEAD, GARETH, CHRIS PACKHAM:/
Have you booked your spot yet?! Come and celebrate conservation champions with Chris Packham
Chris Packham- you reduced an entire conference room to tears. Fantastic talk
Chris Packham moved to tears - not a sight you'd usually expect to see A great story.
- it was a perfect storm, Malta massacre, Chris Packham, threats, chases etc, but it was the birds' story that mattered
Autumn river your heart out Chris Packham (we see herons, geese, swans, cormorants and the odd porpoise☺) h…
Has anyone ever seen Chris Packham and Adam Llallana in the same room?
Chris Packham show in IOM: Tuesday 2nd Dec, at the Gaiety Theatre, read more on MBL website -
Peregrine squabble - pics & video. New blog by the next Chris Packham
WRAS have had this fantastic book "100 Things That Caught My Eye" and a beautiful barn owl large photograph by... http:…
Chris Packham Invites you to a Culture Vulture Dinner Party. I hope you are well dear Nicole. Rxx
a mixture of Bear Grylls, Steve Backshall, Chris Packham, and David Attenborough
News: 'My dizziness got so bad I feared it was a brain tumour,' says Chris Packham.
Film role for wildlife star Chris Packham
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Vulture lovers! Help us conserve these vital & threatened birds. See this fun clip with Chris Packham to find how. ht…
There is a mini murmurration of starlings on our bird table. Chris Packham would barely give them a MMm but I love 'em.
The beer drinking Tucan - surely not - Chris Packham presents for the next 25 days
Book review - 100 things that caught my eye by Chris Packham
- Sunday book review – 100 Things that Caught My Eye by Chris Packham
the two below are Chris Packham and Kate Humble..They go to any lengths on Autumn Watch
Chris Packham is feeding bearded *** on Autumnwatch. It's a bit boring watching Noel Edmonds eating a sandwich.
Crikey! Never thought I'd see Michaela blowing Chris Packham's pipe.and on Autumnwatch too. You wouldnt have caught Kate Humble at that!
Toenail clippings in the greenhouse, rope swings on the landing and stilts in the garden... Join naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham as he explores the fascinating family home of Charles Darwin:
Autumnwatch returns to BBC Two at the end of October with Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Martin Hughes-G...
Chris Packham, Victoria Wood and Eddie Izzard get together to try and fathom why, despite their obvious success, they are so utterly joyless
Pencil sketch by me Chris Packham of Marolyn Monroe.
Chris Packham recording Dark image yes, better images on the Radio 4 website soon
Come and meet Chris Packham at the MyPetonline stand at the National Pet Show this weekend. Details here:
Chris Packham explores the anatomy and physiology of the world's largest land animal.
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Join guest speaker Chris Packham in 10 minutes as he discusses how to protect the skin with 3M's Rob Brill
Walk on the wild side with & enjoy enigmatic creatures at night via htt…
It's heating up! A suggestion has been made that animal fiddler Chris Packham is indeed in the club...
bet Chris Packham picked some tunes.
Springwatch's Chris Packham says more should protect endangered species. What like the “bearded Bill Oddie'?
Tomorrow at 12, Rob Brill from 3M and Chris Packham from Enviroderm Services give advice on how to protect your skin
only round the Bay of Biscay, Chris Packham will give a talk I think. My first 'holiday' in 4 yrs. 2 days will do :-) x
oh dear. I was only reading the other day that Chris Packham has that. Hope it turns out not to be the case.
TV's Chris Packham: Permit hunters to shoot deer and mink
next time you shoot one of Chris Packham's birds, wear protection. You don't know where those dirty titsiss have been.
A Monday morning for from a photo by Chris Packham. All the best to you today, Lisa.
is this something Chris Packham should be presenting... or is the BBC too biased?
Springwatch host Chris Packham says hunters should be allowed to shoot deer and mink for a fee
Please vote No! Let's bring back the Wolf, it too was persecuted by *** that talk out their *** -
Chris Packham says 'hunters should be allowed to ...
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hoping to spot whales & dolphins & listen to a talk by Chris Packham :-))
Oh Chris Packham has a nice gaff eh.
Be careful what you wish for. We got a maggoty bird a few weeks ago. THANKS. (Don’t tell Chris Packham)
Oh ok it was Chris Packham a Wildlife Presenter *** got it wrong :(
Loved "Through Keyhole" t.nite, LMFAO with Chris Packham and his Dolphin *** Keep up good work Keef! Ooosh!
Found out today that Jenny Packham is the sister of Chris Packham (The Really Wild Show Etc). Mind blown.
My smugness knows no bounds getting that it was Chris Packham on
Hope chris packham doesn't think he owns a banksy
Salvaged a draw in hubbyVwife battle. He guessed Will Mellor and I got Claire frm Steps. Chris Packham eluded us both.
whoa there, Chris Packham fan club just turned up.
Don't believe Keith Lemon. Chris Packham lives in Engalnd accordingly to
he got a picture with Chris Packham, I wonder how?
Literally have the biggest crush on Chris Packham
Chris Packham still thinks he's bird watching tonight
Cheers to Chris Packham who just confirmed that dolphins are a little rapey at times
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I would marry the heck out if Chris a Packham
What's going on with Chris Packham's hair?
My wife still believes that Chris Packham has nerves in his hair and needs anaesthetic to get it cut. How the *** did that rumour start?
do you remember the German "terry nutkins" in Berlin ? Seeing Chris packham on thru the keyhole gave me a flash back
I want to touch Chris Packham's hair so bad.
Had Will Mellor as soon as that White van pulled up but was clueless with Chris Packham, he's a bit weird
I hate Chris Packham more than life itself. Guile, Street Fighting, selfscente Bellend
Never heard of Chris Packham before, but his house was amazing.
Ref:"Through the keyhole" it was Chris packham, s house. would have been a really wild show if they hadn't have got that. lol.
Actually Jimmy Carr and Chris Packham are very weird crushes to have
Chris Packham on I still TOTALLY would. He's gorgeous.
Great time at the British Wildlife Photography Awards with the RSPB. Chris Packham was ace too!
The logo can be downloaded from Chris Packham's website. Just ask your local print shop to print it onto a t-shirt.
Chris Packham on photography, nature, and his passion for the New Forest and ... - Bournemouth Echo
Looking forward to the BBC internal inquiries into Chris Packham and Simon King, and John Craven and Bill Oddie...
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Thank you so much to everyone for helping share our campaign against B&K’s application to develop a new beagle breeding facility. We’re thrilled to have received so much support for the you also to those high profile individuals who have enabled our message to be shared far and wide. Thanks to Ricky Gervais, Jilly Cooper, Carley Stenson and Chris Packham. Please sign and share the petition:
Peregrine Chicks Grace Norwich Cathedral For the First Time in 200 Years "If you own a tall building ... you should be putting up nest boxes." So says wildlife expert, Chris Packham, who is hoping that the success of the Norwich cathedral peregrine falcon project will be repeated at sites around the country to help boost numbers of the once threatened species. Ten chicks have fledged from a platform on Norwich Cathedral since 2011 and, the RSPB reports there are currently 1,500 breeding pairs in the UK. "Peregrines have made a remarkable recovery and are nesting in many cities around England," said Mr Packham who added that the birds “…are nesting in our towns and cities there's no reason why they shouldn't be spreading further as there are big enough buildings in many places." Peregrine numbers have recovered from the detrimental effects of pesticides in the 1950s and 1960s and have expanded in range in lowland England - making use of new sites such as pylons, cathedrals, churches and factory buildi ...
Can't go far wrong with for pre match build up. Great banter from Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan
Have you seen that programme where Chris Packham admires Michaela Strachan's jewellery? Blingwatch.
Husband watching - there's Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, just need Terry Nutkin...
Dad seems to think Springwatch is good viewing... Chris Packham staring at Michaela Strachan's badger is not good TV
I think Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan secretly love each other
Chris Packham is rather too excited about badger poo, even Michaela Strachan looks embarrassed. Now talking about adder action.
Never realised how small Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan are until I saw them standing in a field. -
Chris Packham about to lose it with Michaela Strachan! To be fair, her football analogy makes absolutely no sense!
Don’t miss it! BBC Springwatch at Mon 26th May to Thur 12th June 2014: Springwatch returns to BBC TWO, broadcasting live from a brand-new home, RSPB Minsmere on the beautiful Suffolk coast. The three-week long party, hosted by Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Martin Hughes-Games starts on Monday 26th May and stretches right through to Thursday 12th June 2014 The reserve is one of the richest areas in the British Isles for wildlife, and in spring it is bursting with a stunning array of both exotic and familiar species. Where better to celebrate the series’ tenth birthday – Springwatch has become one of the UK’s longest-running and most-loved wildlife series. RSPB Minsmere, on the stunning Suffolk coastline, boasts an unprecedented array of internationally important habitats from sand dunes, shingle beaches and saline lagoons to reedbed heathland, woodland and grassland. There will be entertainment from a colourful cast of local characters, including rare birds such as marsh harriers, avocets an ...
Today Ainsley Harriott is joining our collection of high profile celebrities who are calling for an end to the use of in experiments. Celebrity supports of include Mary McCartney, Kirsty Gallacher, Jilly Cooper, Ricky Gervais, Paul O’Grady, Kimberly Wyatt, Chris Packham, Helen Skelton, Dave Spikey, Miranda Richardson, Wendy Turner Webster and Ann Widdecombe. Find out more here:
Chris Packham back at Number 8, Pershore on Tuesday 1st July at 7.30pm. Tickets £16.50 each.
Chris Packham: Why I'm fighting to stop the slaughter of Malta's wild birds
Interesting thing from Chris Packham on Nature's Weirdest Event's of all things ... "The smarter the animals are the more they play. Play is important in animals, as it teaches empathy and compassion." I think as a society, and world in general, we need to play some more.
really wish I had flipped channels now after witnessing bot fly removal in human hosts. Feel sick. Thanks Chris Packham!
Chris Packham is my guilty pleasure 😍
yes. The male squashes the eggs onto the females back, and a layer of skin grows over them until ready. Cheers Chris Packham!
Earlier this spring the Park hosted BBC presenter and naturalist Chris Packham and his team to discuss the enjoyment of natural public spaces, nature parks, conflicting activities and tourism. The sound of the corn bunting (durrajsa) stopped us in our tracks as did the sight of dozens of Pyramidal Orchids in full bloom.
Chris Packham has driven me from the living room. Jeez.
And the quote of the day goes to Chris Packham with "an incredible example of sexual dimorphism" Thanks Chris.
Introducing baby frogs coming out of a big frogs back on BBC2. That's gonna be in my nightmares. Thanks Chris packham.
BBC2 now 'Nature's Weirdest Events' awesome prog w Chris Packham, catch it on iPlayer if u missed it :)
Chris Packham's speech impediment gets on my *** ..
'Natures weirdest events' on BBC right now, Chris Packham starts out by saying 'nature surprises and can scare us with extraordinary behaviour'. The whole time he's under the watchful eye of a miniature stuffed badger - I'd say that qualifies. I'm glued.
Chris Packham's voice is really annoying. (I don't mean to offend anyone with this message.)
Still got a ticket for Chris Packham at Camberley on Thursday! £17
"They're not our birds, they're not malta's birds and they're not africa's birds. They are birds that share our world and environment" Chris Packham referring to malta's yearly killing spree...Absolute legend!
Good afternoon everyone, Just a little reminder that on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th May, I'm going to be hosting presentations on behalf of National Geographic Kids UK at London Pet Show, Earls Court. I will publish timings of my presentations shortly, and hope you come and say hello!! Also appearing throughout the day will be Ben Fogle, Chris Packham and Steve Backshall!! See you down there!! AnimalMan Nick xxx
knows we're right. Badger culling won't help farmers Chris Packham on the cull
Little Giant Ladders
I have one spare ticket to see Chris Packham in Camberley in Thursday. Up for grabs! £17.
Chris Packham speaks out against culls
Chris Packham speaks out against culls, copy & paste or quotes help us trend RT's don't :)
Stewart Lee sat down beside me on the train & told me my roots needed dyeing. Then he turned into Chris Packham, which made more sense.
¦ 531 ¦ Poacher diaries ¦ According to ornithologists, the Maltese government has justified spring hun…
→ → Chris Packham and Malta → I feel compelled to write to you concerning the visit to Malta by Chris Packham and th…
'Massacre on Migration - Malta' video diaries presented by Chris Packham and produced by Jez Toogood, Ruth Pearcey and Luke Massey. They were posted to YouTube daily 21st - 27th April 2014.
On the show we were joined by Ana Matronic, Sophie Raworth, Joe Swift and Chris Packham, but as it was a bit of a Eurovision special we also created the super group the Brotherhood of Fizz! Which bands would you like to see join forces to make a super group?
One of the greatest humans to exist right now is Sir David Attenborough. A human who has never ceased to push his wonder of nature to the masses, by dissecting the oddness of non-humanity and expressing it, without condescension, personification or even - and what art this! - anthropomorphism. A man who shuns easy narrative to the much more interesting real story. Chris Packham strives to do the same. I salute him for this. Yet the master was Hardy. He, despite living through an age of Victorian self-delusion, where everything was subject to the soul-sapping filter of the reductionist, the lazy romantic, the polisher of all but the smoothest of edges, he flung upon the page something so out of kilter. Here is an example. Hardy is writing on a balmy night, window open ,light aglow, ink long to dry in the humidity of the evening. Insects fly in, he patronises and mocks their actions, then by the second verse works a self-denoument of that very reductionism. So without the following poem, there would be no . ...
" A liar, an abolitionist and hypocrite. Same goes for Chris Packham." E Mails to Malta Today who printed em but didn't agre…
PABBC wildlife presenter Chris Packham was questioned by police for five hours on Saturday after trying to film hunters killing migratory birds in
“Packham held by cops for filming Maltese bird slaughter >>> erm... did they stick him in a cage?
Maltese bird hunters complain to police over Chris Packham ‘defamation’
Packham home after police bird probe: Well done Chris
Chris Packam held by police for filming documentary on Maltese bird slaughter
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Chris Packham 2nd most read and 5th most shared story on the BBC website. //cc
Chris Packham just awarded me first place in Landscapes, feeling very proud. Well done too to Colin Mcllory for winning the horse/ pony award. NFCC won two out of three.
Chris Packham in England after questioning by Malta police
VIDEO: TV naturalist Chris Packham quizzed by police after confrontation with armed hunters (From Daily Echo)
BBC presenter held in police custody for hours - Chris Packham in Malta
Packham home after police bird probe good work Chris, keep the pressure on, this needs to be stopped!
[WATCH] Hunters assault BBC Springwatch presenter Chris Packham as he passes through Mizieb with cameras • police ask to speak with Packham at police depot
Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party expresses its solidarity with Chris Packham and David Camilleri
Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson, Prof. Arnold Cassola, said: ?We would like to express our solidarity with David Camilleri and Chris Packham who, in different circumstances, have fallen victims to intolerance and violence.? ?Everybody should be allowed to express freely their opinion for or aga…
Check out: BBC wildlife presenter quizzed by police in Malta after filming bird hunters via
A St Albans wildlife photographer has joined television presenter and naturalist Chris Packham in Malta, where both are campaigning against the annual “massacre” of migratory birds.
Police hold BBC wildlife presenter Chris Packham as he targets bird hunters in the Med taking part...
Please show your support for Chris Packham detained by Maltese police His crime? Reporting on the butchering of rare bi…
BBC wildlife presenter Chris Packham questioned by police in Malta: The TV naturalist was held in a station wh...
Their privacy is of FAR greater importance than those birds' lives, obviously. Keep up the great work
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BBC News - Chris Packham in UK after Malta probes him on bird hunting
BBC Wildlife presenter questioned for 4 hrs by police after filming of migrant birds in
Chris Packham is on a mission to raise awareness about the mass slaughter of migrant birds on Malta. He and 3 colleagues with the support of Birdlife Malta are making video diaries between YouTube 21 - 26 April.
Chris Packham held by police after filming bird hunters taking part in 'senseless slaughter'
Come on Chris packham is 1 of your presenters, he's not done anything wrong help & help…
Packham home after Malta police quiz Wildlife TV presenter Chris Packham returns to the UK after being quest...
Chris Packham questioned by police in after filming bird hunters
Chris Packham in UK after questioning by Malta police
For the record .. I do not support hunting of birds or any other creatures including foxes. I don't know anyone of any nationality in any country (including Malta) who is a hunter. I am pleased that the majority of Maltese people wish spring hunting would stop. And I support the work that Chris Packham is doing to raise awareness of spring hunting in Malta. So there.
Chris Packham has been arrested in Malta for exposing their mass cruel hunt of birds. Absolutely outrageous. I'll be interested to know what they might charge him with. Intimidation tactics. We are with you Chris. Please share.
Chris Packham Joins Peter Smith to Learn about Beavers at Wildwood, then goes on to explore the history of beavers in Britain and the efforts going on to bri...
HAMPSHIRE TV naturalist Chris Packham was questioned by police officers after an angry confrontation with armed hunters.
Always had a lot of time for Chris Packham (likes: The Smiths / nature). He's gone even further up in my estimation now. Hope he manages to draw some attention to, and thus bring an end to, this horrible annual slaughter.
BBC presenter and naturalist Chris Packham, who is presently in Malta documenting the spring hunting season, has been called in by the police, The Malta Independent is informed.
Well...this is really my day off, but instead i have found myself looking at the reports given by Chris Packham about the bird massacre in Malta. So this month the donation has gone to help save these birds...
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TV Presenter Chris Packham, off his own bat and at personal risk, is making great efforts to highlight the utterly pointless, unnecessary and illegal shooting of migrant and resident birds in Malta - see
A quote from Chris Packham. Packham describes Malta as “sort of a bird *** and expresses his shock at the widespread nature of hunting in the country. “It’s such a contrast to the UK where we go to extraordinary lengths to protect our birds.” I am sorry Chris but the persecution of birds of prey in the UK is spiralling as recent events will show and except for the small minority groups I can't see the government doing anything about it, they are the ones who should stop protecting their rich landowning cronies, but they won't because they line the governments pockets.
Sat on the plane home, next to Chris Packham
Chris Packham has been detained by Maltese police for the last three and a half hours after exposing the massacre of migrating birds in Malta each spring in his online video diary, Malta: Massacre on Migration! See what the Maltese authorities want to hide here:
Chris Packham arrested in Malta, whilst helping the bird's. Two words "Keep Fighting" the birds need you! Keep strong and don't let obstacles hold you back. Ban the spring hunt!
Chris Packham has been detained in Malta whilst protesting about Spring hunting. Thoughts?
Chris Packham been arrested in Malta. I'm cross Malta. No more Malteasers for me.
Looks like Springwatch may need a new presenter - wildlife expert Chris Packham has been detained by the Malta police while conducting an investigation into the illegal Malta Spring Hunt where thousands of endangered and internationally protected bird species are slaughtered during the migration by illegal hunters.
Just watched the 4th video from Chris Packham in Malta, he's gone up in my respect. The guy is doing all the right things.
“BBC News - Migrant birds in Malta 'shot as trophies', says Chris Packham
Chris Packham interviews Maltese television presenter Moira Delia. After speaking out about the spring…
Under intense pressure after thousands of complaints the BBC edited their interview with Princess Anne at last minute to include footage of Badger Army march & statement from Badger Trust against gassing However the fact remains that after dragging Chris Packham over the coals for speaking out against the cull the BBC gave Princess Anne free reign to talk of badgers exploding in number and even if bovine TB was not a problem to claim they should be gassed anyway to control numbers and protect bees and hedgehogs This all the more worse as the interview went out only days after the Government announcement on cull extension and more research on badger gassing Despite being a state funded broadcaster with clear operating rules on political impartiality, BBC Countryfile seems to have taken on the job of selling the Government cull policy I will be writing to the Director General of the BBC on Monday demanding an in depth interview for Badger Trust on Countryfile in the next few weeks to respond to Princess An ...
Roger Weeks I am 65 years old and throughout my life have been a staunch supporter of the BBC, perhaps foolishly believing it to be an impartial broadcaster, much appreciating Robin Day’s exposes of the politics and politicians of the day. How things have changed. The BBC’s treatment of the Badger Cull by either ignoring it completely or heavily biased reporting to support the policy is intolerable. Chris Packham is sanctioned while Monty Don isn’t. Major demonstrations are ignored. Interviewers aren’t conversant with the facts while they struggle to portray an illusion of impartiality. The interviews that have taken place have assumed the format of party political broadcasts rather than a free and open debate on the subject, a common occurrence these days when interviewing Government Ministers on any subject. Unfortunately the BBC appear to be tainted with a virus of Governmental subservience while politicians seek to control by whatever means necessary. Countryfile is once more exposing the frac ...
My mate Chris Packham is campaigning to stop the massacre of birds in Malta & doing nightly video diaries on you tube …
Every successfully Foundation has the 'Unsung' Hero's that are part of the big picture. . . . Those hard-working team members that are not celebrated or praised enough! Meet Richard, Justina, Werner & Louis who keep AfriCat ticking every day! These new images taken by Chris Packham, will be part of the new PLAINS CAMP interior - opening 1 May. The AfriCat and Okonjima team members will all be honoured for their hard work and loyalty and support on the 'Wall of Fame' in the new lapa/barn area . . . . To read more about WHO DOES WHAT @ AfriCat see:
Badger Trust appointment welcomed by celebrity wildlife campaigners & politicians from Dr Brian May and Chris Packham to Simon King and Zac Goldsmith Wildlife celebrities, politicians from across the
Bad news: I went to the Drs for phyisio referral, now in more pain from her checking how restricted my movements are. Good news: Great British Sewing Bee is on tonight! Even better news: I'm going to see Chris Packham in March! Bad news: I've got to take my mother & the boys! Oh well, still very excited!
Literally just bumped into Chris Packham on Tottenham court road. He was pretty polite about it
well he's done it again the X factor winner of 2009 Joe McElderry chalked up another telly triumph last night as he soared to victory on ski challenge The Jump. The 22 year old who also won pop star to opera star in 2011beat Donald Macintyre 48 in the final jump of the series. Is Joe the next Eddie the Eagle ? Yesterdays anagram answer was VUNERABLE and todays anagram is FORGODEBIT. Programme of the day is on BBC 2 at 9.00pm Inside the Animal mind. Chris Packham discovers the problem solving abilities of crows and a ingenious octopus. Have a good day.
Munky going mad watching dogs on 'Inside the Animal Mind' on BBC2. Chris Packham looking a little Mark Kermode styley.
Tonight on Inside the Animal Mind on BBC2, Chris Packham will find out what goes on inside a dolphins mind. The show will highlight members of the Dolphin Research Center pod using their echolocation to imitate behaviour. If you're in the UK, tune in at 9pm to find out what's going on inside the minds of some of our family members. Don't forget to let us know what you think of the show!
"Inside the Animal's Mind" by Chris Packham is on BBC2 on Tuesday 28 January at 8pm starring Jazz with some footage from training starring Eric Watson and some of the Gow players
I'm a big fan of Spring/Autumn/Winterwatch, but I do wish they'd lay it on the line. In practically every programme they remark on this or that bird or animal suffering persecution - it was the endangered Hen Harrier last night - and they're invariably referring to wildlife on private shooting estates. But they never quite say so. Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan make their views known clearly enough in articles elsewhere. So they're obviously gagged on the Watch programmes and can't just come right out and say "Gamekeepers are complete *** and they'll kill anything to protect the birds they want to shoot for fun!". They didn't even dare comment on the badger cull and you could see both presenters gritting their teeth when all they were allowed to say was "It's a divisive issue". MInd you, who can blame them? Bill Oddie opened his mouth once too often and look what happened to him. And without these people we risk bloodsports apologists like Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury coming over from ...
Might just book tickets to Chris Packham and go alone. Cause that's not sad or anything...but hey.
I honestly would but I start at 8.30am on the Monday... :L I love Chris Packham so much too :'(
Love it how Chris Packham doesnt fall for cute. Everyone goes "ah" he goes "oh come on"
Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham are doing a nature programme on TV. Am I 10 again?
I think it fairly self-evident that Chris Packham is some sort of android. He has barely aged a day since The Really Wild Show.
Lovely to see Chris Packham so enthusiastic about foxes! Saw yet another on my evening walk earlier - magical!
You can say what you like about Chris Packham but he's 1 of the few people involved in conservation that combs their hair
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Winterwatch giving me London nostalgia, by broadcasting footage of Chris Packham looking at foxes sat on sheds
Watching and thinking once again that Chris Packham really doesn’t like Martin Hughes-Games. Looks of utter contempt.
my mother just text me to say that Chris Packham looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle in that jacket. :-).
Chris Packham's surname is a tad ironic.
*erupts with excitement* Chris Packham is doing 'An Evening with Chris Packham' at Newton Abbot none of you understand how much I love him
Where did Chris Packham get his lovely green puffa?
We'll done Chris Packham and Iolo Williams for talking about Raptor persecution in the UK on Winterwatch. Time to name and shame. Shooting.
Is it just me or is Chris Packham looking more like Justin Bieber these days? It's just me isn't it.
Chris Packham, I have to say that I was surprised and disappointed by your 'ageist' comments as you ascended the hill to observe the grouse!
Chris Packham looking remarkably like the Hulk in is green puffer coat tonight ;) great show btw - loving all of it!
Haven't noticed Chris Packham sneaking any song titles into this run of Winterwatch. A few non sequiturs, but probably just him being odd.
What the *** is going on in Winterwatch? Chris Packham just talked about engorged eyebrows and Michaela talking about blackcocks yesterday
According to Chris Packham - to attract a mate, its the size of your eyebrows that matters! (If you're a Red Grouse!)
I guess being with nature makes you look younger. Winterwatch presenters, Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Hairdo are 52 and 57, respectively
I hope I don't wake up one day and dress like Chris Packham.
Red and Engorged?!. How is chris packham getting away with all this innuendo on beeb2 as well
It wouldn't be a "watch" without Chris Packham picking up some poo :-)
Why does every programme with Chris Packham feature pine martins? Every Really Wild Show when I was a kid and now
Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, foxes! Winterwatch - sorted for the next hour :-)
Chris Packham "we promised you black *** live this morning". Michaela Strachan "there's been one particular black *** that's made me smile". The British Broadcasting Corporation I salute your naive lack of censorship on family wildlife shows!! I'm sure it would be acceptable just to call them grouse.
Chris just said the most important camera thee BBC has is the camera ! OMG ! LOL !
Winterwatch. They're watching birds called Black *** and of course, it is innuendo heaven for Chris Packham.
Mum: "I want Chris Packham to be my best friend but he keeps ignoring my calls. He thinks I'm a stalker."
Will tune into WinterWatch in the hope Chris Packham goes postal and starts picking off squirrels with a sniper rifle
Winterwatch isn't on til after the watershed. Wonder if its anything to do with Chris Packham obsession with Black c0ck live
I quite fancy Chris Packham. Is that really bad...? Ha. Yes.
No way did Chris packham just say, we promised you black *** live on the internet. Pmsl!'
Just booked tickets to see Chris Packham at the playhouse, fingers crossed it'll be as good as I hope it'll be.
So then. how many times will Chris packham get the words "black *** into tonight's winterwatch?
Go & ogle African birds with Chris Packham MT . A few places left on bird watching tour to The Gambia
Update your maps at Navteq
Chris Packham has spaces on a bird watching tour to The Gambia! Now then, binoculars...check, camera.check, money.err,!! Bugger!
I need a "Pocket Packham" - mini Chris Packham for dog walkers etc (bit like the hologram from Red Dwarf) for nature duffers
I blame bloody Chris Packham and her
Still a few places left on my bird watching tour to The Gambia too ! Dates run from 28th Feb - 3rd March.
Just got back from press tour in Pasadena in sunny California, promoting Brann our Raven and Starlings for 'Inside the animal mind', for PBS Nova channel. And programme 1 of 3 airs on BBC2 here 9pm 28th January, UK version presented by Chris Packham, then 4th & 11th Feb. Had a great time over there, everyone loved the footage of Brann, his fame spreads, feel like his agent!!
.Chris Packham "We have to play a peoactive role and that means killing things", words of a wildlife expert
Chris Packham 2011 "We have to cull deer in this country because there are no natural predators.cont'd
But when I clicked on it again, it was Chris Packham.
who to ..? Chris Packham? best man? or was he the crying guy at the back still in the friendzone
How does Chris Packham keep a straight face through this? You might have to turn the volume up.
"Chris Packham presents the moorhen" might be my favourite ever sentence.
yeah, Porrit is. And Chris Packham. I wonder if we can get any to quit over this... (sorry to jump in)
Is grateful to chris packham and winterwatch for proving to my husband that weevils are real!
Chris Packham gets all excited about on the internet
Chris Packham COULD be the new David Attenborough - who knows ??
Um er, em I hear nature expert Chris Packham is an expert?
Right, I'm no longer watching 'winterwatch' after Chris Packham promised Black *** on the webcam in the morning.
Just seen where Michaela Strachan says "a black *** makes me smile" and Chris Packham "loves a good Chuff" interesting night
I reckon someone has had a word with Chris Packham. Black *** Live has become male grouse. Winter Watch ain't what it use to be
Chris Packham voted in as president of British Trust for Ornithology
Chris Packham black *** live - oh how I've laughed every time I think about that and chuff - I'm back at school
yesterday I tuned in just as Chris Packham said he was looking forward to seeing black *** live. My inner 10 year old snorted
did I just hear Chris Packham say "black *** live this morning live on the internet"?
Did Chris Packham just tell us that a fox walked from Brighton to Rye, a distance of 360km? Which way did it go?Via Portsmo…
Chris packham on winterwatch bbc2 what a bighead prat
Can someone tie me up, dress me as an owl and send me to Chris Packham?
Chris Packham or George Clarke, can't decide who I like the most! x
Just catching up on Winter Watch. Did Chris Packham really just say, lets check out that 'carcass cam.' Lovely.
Did Chris packham just say what I thought he just said!?!?!
Watching Winterwatch on BBC2. Chris Packham just said he likes a nice chuff! Saucy bugger!
I think Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham are competing to see who can use the word chuff in the most inappropriate way,
Chris Packham has now just said "I love a chough". BBC Winterwatch is just pure filth!!!
what the fook. I turn BBC 2 on and Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham are watching 2 foxes having a bloody gud shag, freaks.
Did I really just here chris packham on Winter Watch tell people to log on to the BBC's black *** camera in the morning?
Classic Chris Packham on Winter Watch just now when commenting on the behaviour of a vixen munching on a horny male fox's winter food stash (part of his flirting tactics) "she leaves a smelly message for her benefactor" just so knows she appreciates it. Smooth.
Anyone watching winterwatch? Chris packham going on about black *** on the Internet. You can't tell me he isnt smirking inside!
And another bold statement from Chris Packham... TV gold!
Sat watching Winterwatch with Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham and was amazed at the story of the fox fitted with a tracker recorded at traveling over 50 miles from its home. Its a shame the BBC did not tell them it was found wrapped around a lorry wheel
I mean honestly. Chris packham giving urban foxes names!!! Is this what im paying my licence fee to the BBC for. .sigh
Watching Winterwatch I recorded. Is it right that Chris Packham has just said (in reference to male black grouse)..."we can offer you Black *** live, first thing in the morning!!!..lecking live! in your own front room. What more can you ask for?" Um...a few more saucy innuendos on Winterwatch, please Chris?!!
Watching Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham getting excited about black *** on Winter Watch. Apparently Chris promised the viewers some good black *** action this morning and Michaela has never seen a more impressive black *** display.
TV gold - Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan talking about black *** Giggling like a child.
Just caught the beginning of Winter Watch on the BBC live from the Cairngorms. I think that presenters Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham have a competition for how many times they can say 'black *** lecking'.
Is Chris Packham purposely saying black *** repeatedly on Winterwatch as a bet? and now one of them's pretending to be a salmon??
How many times is Chris Packham going to say tune into "black *** (male capercaillie!) on the Winterwatch webcam. Where's Mary Whitehouse when you need her!
Thought I was watching "Winterwatch" until I heard these two lines, Michaela Strachan " Here's a little black *** that made me smile this morning" !!! Chris Packham " Tune in black *** cam" !!!
Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan are jabbering on about black *** with an alarming alacrity.
You have to love chris packham and his black *** camera just as well its Winter Watch
Chris Packham, Winterwatch, BBC2, talking about big black *** How rude?
Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham talking about their favourite black *** on Winter Watch. You'd think they would use it's Latin name or something!
Michaela Strachan. . Is she part of a bet? Chris Packham now on about black *** camera and he known for his Winter Watch jokes!
God bless Chris Packham! Does he not realise he is fodder for Scott Mills Innuendo Bingo?! "We promise you black *** live on the Internet every morning!"
Did BBC Winterwatch naturalist Chris Packham just say "we promised you black *** in the morning"? I think he did as Michaela Strachan has just qualified "here's one black *** we've all enjoyed"! I pay £145 a year for this - I'd pay more!!!
Winterwatch on BBC2. Just heard Chris Packham promise us black *** live at 9am!
Six minutes in and Chris Packham mentions black *** then Michaela Strachan joins in with a black dock that makes her smile. Hm
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