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Chris Packham

Christopher Gary Chris Packham (born 4 May 1961) is an English naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author.

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Oh look the 7 MPs supporting LACS have signed an EDM over hunting & Chris Packham LACS is supporting it. Well I nev…
I admit not having read yet but I feel there is something already wrong with this Chris Packham piece ...
They are horrible evil birds. Don't listen to Chris Packham.
So many things wrong with this statement by Chris Packham. It's good that men have nothing to do with making babies…
More guys that look like Chris Packham would help reduce the birth rate.
'I want us scattered together': Chris Packham plans to have his cremated ashes mixed with his pet poodles'…
Chris Packham's gone mad aswell, it's catching
Chris Packham plans to have his cremated ashes scattered with pet poodles'
When I was 10 our class was on The Really Wild Show with Chris Packham. I had him down as an *** even back then!
Chris Packham: "Britain is too full. Women must be educated to reduce the birthrate". What? British birthrate is low
What? Someone needs to tell that men are involved in producing children.
Ashes! Chris Packham wants ashes to be scattered with his dogs' so they can 'fuse together' The 55 year old told a…
forget the Trump headline, what drew my gaze was the Chris Packham story top left! The world is goi…
Britain too overcrowded because women are not 'educated' enough to stop having children, Chris Packham suggests
1st hoopoes are arriving in Tuscany,so beautiful & tragic they are being shot in
I played with Chris Packham and lovely dogs months ago! Paddy is away until Thursday so I don't get to w…
Privileged to announce our latest - Read our full interview with the eco-warrior here https:/…
You get to play with Chris Packham and lots of clever dogs, with no steaming hangover. I know who's got the better deal 😉
WATCH: Chris Packham witnessing mass bird slaughter over the 'killing fields' of Malta Bgen wat can do tho !
Kathleen Jamie Kathleen Jamie!!! They are so good. Struggled with Chris Packham.
Chris Packham & the Winter Watch team are live from on tonight with all angles covered!
Well done The Daily Mirror for exposing this horrific trade in South Korea. To quote Chris Packham, regarding...
Chris Packham calls for better job opportunities for autistic people
Signed it. Please remember to sign. A good cause and it will really annoy Chris Packham and the Fat Controller.
I take back what I said about Chris Packham, good piece on the lunchtime news about ticks!!🕷
3 back to back events yesterday. Chris Packham, Alexei Sayle & Billy Bragg. Brilliant. And plenty more to come
This from Letter from Chris Packham to M&S - Steve Rowe CEO Marks and Spencer Group plc London W2 1N...
Grouse-shooting industry seriously rattled by Chris Packham video
Rather than Alan Shearer giving his two penn'oth at half time, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan will be presenting Moth Watch
Chris Packham remembers a beloved childhood pet and his teenage punk years
. I've never seen anything like it. I need to get Chris Packham on the case,. or that little Bug chap from the One show :)
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Wild boar given the Chris Packham seal of approval. Quite right too.
Great job by Chris Packham and the team Have thoroughly enjoyed watching, even if my 11yr old is lukewarm
Very thrilled that Chris Packham (Springwatch) kindly wrote the foreword for Bobby so wonderful of him!
📷 This afternoon we went outside to look for minibeasts in our trees, inspired by Chris Packham on...
Will someone please tell Chris Packham to stop saying "was sat"?! This is the BBC, for goodness sake.
Wikipedia is dangerous. Just discovered Chris Packham is a year younger than my parents.
Chris Packham there, wearing a jumper that even the 1970s would've rejected...
Chris packham's jumper looks like a bee on acid 🐝🐝
great show tonight... Chris Packham is the star of the show as always.
packham. Never mind the jumper ; it's the cool brown strides I'm diggin
Someone tell Chris Packham that Man at C&A 1973 rang... They want their sweater back...
"..he has in his mouth a *** Chafer..." Chris Packham there, making me giggle like a child!
my mum won't stop going on about Chris Packham's jumper, she hates it lol 😂
I'm not sure what's more impressive... All the gorgeous animals or Chris Packham's shirt!
Is Chris Packham trying to scare all the wildlife off?
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The 1 time Chris Packham liberates himself from the confines of a puffer jacket & he dresses like a calamitous 1970s wallpaper
Yes, I'm enjoying watching the fledglings, but more importantly, what's going on under Chris Packham's disco Derek jumper?
have you admired Chris Packham's knitwear this evening?
There is absolutely no excuse for Chris Packham's shirt
Can someone please get Chris Packham to stop saying "reed warbler"
Chris Packham sets the new summer trend. For deckchairs..;)
I think that jumper is step too far Chris Packham - it's distracting from the drama of the parasitised nests!
Chris Packham is doing his best to scare off the wildlife in that rascal shirt!
Chris Packham looks like a liquorish allsort.
I love but that jumper is the wildest thing I've seen all night Chris Packham
Chris Packham needs to sack his stylist tonight. That jumper...
Someone needs to tell Chris Packham that the 70s want their jumper back.
Chris Packham's bizarre outfit on Springwatch.. Half Cambridge Utd or Barnet
Jeepers!!! . Is Chris Packham wearing the worst ever football kit mash up ? EVER !
chris packham on tonight's . Now that is some sweater.
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Chris Packham wears some offensive shirts but tonight's really takes the biscuit. I cannot look at it.
Who the buff dressed Chris Packham? Is that a mouse peeking out of his collar?
BBC springwatch Did Chris Packham just say plucking post?
Chris Packham's bizarre 70s style top looks like it could be a barcode for Liquorice Allsorts.
*** is Chris Packham wearing on Last time I saw something that awful was a bad present from my mother in the 70's I never wore
Now watching Springwatch with cat murderer Chris Packham.
What a life - straight off the golf course into a live broadcast. I salute you Chris Packham
Chris Packham rocking a Coventry City away shirt from the 70s tonight.
I cackled far too much on the Springwatch sofa, didn't I? It was hard. I've never sat that close to Chris Packham.
Chris packham has some eccentric sense of style 🤔
Why is Chris Packham wearing a deck chair?
20:00 Springwatch: Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan catch up with all the past weekend's wildlife action.
I'm going to put it out there. I quite like Chris Packham's shirt on this evening's
which band's lyrics is Chris Packham quoting this year ? ? Motorhead ?
Chris Packham is a horrendous nonce.
I hope Chris Packham doesn’t get fired for punching a badger or something.
man alive !😳what is that Chris packham is wearing ! Words fail me 🤔
What the heck is Chris Packham wearing?
18:30 Springwatch Unsprung: Chris Packham is joined live in Suffolk by special guests including comedian Ed Byrne.
Rabbits hopping mad about hutches, says naturalist Chris Packham
We've been set a new design challenge from Can you guess what it might be?
When I text "can u get me mkat?" to Chris Packham, this wasn't what I had in mind. Oh, well. Live and learn.
Chris Packham top 10 punk rock and post punk gigs - Louder Than War
Corr blimey, Chris Packham's jacket has got enough zips!
13:00 Radcliffe and Maconie: Chris Packham joins Mark and Stuart to talk about the new series of Springwatch.
Forthcoming events newsletter out - highlights include Adam Henson, Mark Webber and Chris Packham:...
Horrible thought, when Sir David Attenborough goes, who takes his crown, Bill Oddie, Chris Packham or Sir Tony (Baldrick) Robinson?
Chris Packham has revealed he contemplated suicide several times
Wildlife presenter Chris Packham reveals how his pets' deaths made him suicidal | via
Chris Packham photographs the impact of litter
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Wildlife presenter Chris Packham reveals how his pets’ deaths made him suicidal
Chris Packham reveals his battle with depression and suicide attempts
agony of Chris Packham: I wanted to kill myself twice when my dog died
Chris packham reveals 'great, hopeless vacuum' in battle with depression
Comment on Speaking the Unsayable. by Chris Packham – the worst stereotype of scientist. | Psybertron Asks
Just read, My cat Sooty did the same for me. He's dying of cancer now. Your story gives me strength.
Suicide bid of Springwatch Chris Packham: I wanted to kill myself when dog died
Chris Packham reveals 'great, hopeless vacuum' in battle with depre... via
A true hero to all living creatures. . The should treasure Chris Packham, not sack him
Springwatch host Chris Packham reveals lifelong battle with depression.
Comment on Chris Packham – the worst stereotype of scientist. by Speaking the Unsayable. | Psybertron Asks
Aww love Chris Packham, (one of my first crushes!). I'll definitely be buying his memoir. http…
Wildlife presenter Chris Packham reveals he was diagnosed with Asperger’s and in his teens bullied as the weird kid
.has revealed he was diagnosed with Asperger's in his 20's in 'Fingers in the Sparkle Jar'
Wildlife presenter tells of struggle with .
‘A great, hopeless vacuum’: Chris Packham talks about his autism, depression and suicide attempts
Really looking forward to getting my paws on a copy of Chris Packham`s book “Finger in the Sparkle Jar”
Chris Packham reveals battle with depression that led him to the brink of suicide twice
really admire Chris Packham for being so open about his struggles with aspergers and suicide
Incredibly moving, Chris Packham on his battle with depression and suicidal thoughts
Wildlife presenter Chris Packham tells of struggle with depression and diagnosis with Asperger syndrome
Chris Packham admits he was planning to commit suicide after his dog died
Presenter Chris Packham has revealed his battle with Asperger's syndrome, is there a stigma about mental health?
BASC issues response to Chris Packham lead shot article | The British Association for Shooting...
We haven't had Chris Packham, Kate Humble, Liz Bonin and Michaela Strachan! Lots of ladies to get down!
Haunting photos capture the impact of litter on wildlife: via
that's a good dream. Maybe we could get Chris Packham to destroy the Northern Line
Looking forward to interviewing about Shakespeare and wildlife Sat 30th April 8.30pm
Chris Packham, best known for his television programmes including the BBC's Springwatch and Autumnwatch,...
New blog: we talk to about his views on and hopes for the future
Perhaps he went as Chris Packham's hand luggage?
Join me at Stratford Festival Saturday 30th April 8.30pm - ' in conversation '
- Wasps are evil. The end. Sorry Chris Packham ...
Tickets on sale now to see at on 4th May - htt…
I hope they have more on soon I miss Chris Packham
the kids were all like 'so he's an old version of Chris Packham...' 😁🙄
About to drop the phattest white label promo since Chris Packham and Terry Nutkins in 1990.
One of the first to sign was Chris Packham, presenter of the BBC’s Springwatch, Autumwatch and Winterwatch...
I wish you were still on Sringwatch, I cannot watch it with chris packham on there. You are the reason I bird watch. x
If this had happened to Chris Packham, I'd have enjoyed that Golden Eagle segment :)
The impacts of litter- in photos. Just something to think about during your week!
We've got Chris Packham coming 4 May for his new memoir:
Ban driven grouse shooting Supported by Chris Packham, Bill Oddie and the League Against Cruel Sports,
Get rid of that rude, arrogant and smug Matt Baker and replace him with either Chris Packham or Steve Backshall please.
3 of 5 stars to The Practical Naturalist by Chris Packham
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
On a train this morning with Chris Packham
Beautifully executed photos to raise awareness for a cause I believe strongly in! Great idea .
Chris Packham photographs the impact of litter - in a series of 10 images that tell a very sad tale...
Chris Packham photographs the impact of litter - in pictures
Heartbreaking pictures by ChrisGPackham explores the impact of litter on our environment
Heartbreaking pictures by explores the impact of litter on our environment
What a spectacle the Superb Owl World Series would be. Bill Oddie & Chris Packham could do a slightly blue musical duet.
"Bill Oddie... might bump into Chris Packham and lamp him for stealing the Springwatch gig."
Disappointed isn't a nightly BBC2 show with Chris Packham and Kate Humble. Maybe also covering oil and WD40.
The first time I met Chris Packham - well, you know that noise Homer Simpson makes when he sees donuts? That was me.
Hoping that Bill Oddie will be invited to present along with Chris Packham.
OMG Russell Howard looks like Chris Packham in this 😷
'Worlds Sneakiest Animals' with Chris Packham on tv at Christmas. Featuring that 'Rogue Badger' no doubt...
So, thanks to the help of BBC expert Chris Packham it turns out one of the vids shows a fox vomiting. Lovely! via
our penguin sweatshirt is worn by Chris Packham so they could be a pair
I'm surprised Chris Packham likes the Clangers. Surely Darwinism should run its course and they should die out.
Chris Packham looks like the sort of bloke who sent a picture in to the gallery on Vision On
Chris Packham fair dishing out the shade
The Wonder of Animals Chris Packham discovers the unique features that make certain animal...
Have the BBC given up on Christmas this year? BBC2, 6:30pm, Christmas Day, Chris Packham presents World's Sneakiest Animals
Really?Chris Packham prayed with me. Actually, Chris Packham prayed at me. Bit awkward.
Cracking shot, though Chris Packham would say pity about the Redshank legs in the background !!
I have a column in the new standing in for Chris Packham. In it, I have several OPINIONS. . cc
...for being like that. Celebs know honesty usually backfires. But makes dull content. Want more 'Chris Packham's'
If you're enjoying sign the petition to keep on the .
demand the BBC sack wildlife presenter Chris Packham
Chris Packham the wildlife expert + enthusiast is being labelled an extremist because he doesn't support the killing of wildlife. Lol.
Decline in over threequarters of UK butterfly species is 'final warning' says https…
Decline in over three-quarters of UK butterfly species is 'final warning', says
The awful prospect of losing our insects. A warning Cameron's Government refuses to hear. Bri
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Unfeasibly lachrymose judge Keith Brymer Jones is the Victorian love-child of Chris Packham and Simon Price
Was on a prog a few yrs ago with the Welsh answer to Chris Packham, Iolo Williams. He was trying to make me like animals
What do Autumnwatch's Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham really think of each other?
Poor “Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan have definitely mated
Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan have definitely mated
tonights Autumn Watch, Chris Packham talking about Badger cubs cavorting on his lawn, 9.35pm. Karen, Norwich
Chris Packham should have been buried with Terry Nutkins.
Christ, have they got nothing better for Chris Packham?. 'Exploding Knickers?'. Surely this is a gig for Robert Webb?.
Chris Packham defends himself on Derby visit after call to sack him .
Here's a couple of pics I took at Nelson Ghost Town (where Chris Packham is on BBC2)
A presenter with knowledge, a viewpoint & principles- The BBC should treasure Chris Packham, not sack him
Chris Packham should b treasured by BBC. Pls share widely. TY.
BFA team meeting Chris Packham at thanks for stopping by.
can't stand Chris Packham, so far up
is holding an event with to raise awareness of wild places and nature: More here:
Read Chris Packham's article about NGO's. Fantastic! Really good!! NGO's need to address this - urgently!
Join Chris Packham & wear Badger Army T Shirt with pride opposition to cull
'Warblr "Shazam for Birds" App Turns Anyone into a Chris Packham' says
The Queen is the Patron of the RSPB (that'd be the Royal bit) and the wonderful Chris Packham is Vice President of the charity!.
Our latest newsletter: new director, land reform, Chris Packham and more Sign up for it …
Not sure about the new Chris Packham programme...
Do you reckon the subs at The Times are playing the same game that Chris Packham used to on Springwatch with Smiths songs?
Slim chance I know, but has anyone got a spare/unwanted ticket to An Evening with Nick Baker/Simon King/Chris Packham?
Trowbridge vets team up with Chris Packham and Bristol University in Big Tick Project: THE fight against ticks... http:…
TV presenter Chris Packham backs new Rewilding Britain group
An urgent plea from Chris Packham - as usual he sums it up perfectly via
Chris Packham: Paranoia about the dangerous outdoors is absurd – get...
Chris Packham's Natural Selection BBC4 - WOW! I was half expecting the thought police to march in and shut it down!
Chris Packham sent me a live snapping turtle through the post. Foolishly I opened it in my loosely tied dressing gown, …
Springwatch 2015 crid:23v7l2 10/12. Live from RSPB Minsmere on the wild Suffolk coast, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan bring ...
Chris Packham calls for wolves to be reintroduced to Scotland
Chris Packham is dressed as though he's about to go and deliver pizzas
Big fan of this year, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan are wildlife heroes!
Molly decides watching Springwatch with Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan is a good plan ~
Not watching it it's *** I'm watching Chris Packham trying to get into Michaela Strachan's knickers.
Ace to hear the man with the best voice and music taste Chris Packham kickin up a brilliant punk rock soaked storm this arvo! X
think Michaela Strachan& Chris Packham cd be persuaded to take part?
Chris Packham talks about the University of Lincoln: Browse by latest…
Chris Packham talks about the University of Lincoln
Chris Packham and Terry Nutkins looking like they're about to drop the hottest progressive techno white label of 1990 http…
I suddenly realised that Martin Hughes-Games is Tigger, Michaela Strachan is Roo and Chris Packham is Rabbit
On BBC2 Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham are just having a chat while holding owls. And this is why I’ll never begrudge the licence fee.
Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham on Basically the really wild show 20 years on. Miss you Terry.
Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan do not seem to age.
Chris Packham's top 5 winter birdwatching spots
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Chris Packham attends his 1st badger march, speaking to crowd at Winchester on Sat.
African Elephants in Botswana taken by wildlife photographer and television presenter Chris Packham
BBC News - Chris Packham asks Ant and Dec to end 'animal abuse'
Please vote in the Radio Times or poll. Please RT.
VOTE: I voted to agree with that is cruel to animals
Chris Packham speaks to the Badger Army - puts the wide conservation message against cull. We will win. via
Chris Packham in Winchester on Saturday quoted Ghandi: first they ignore you, then laugh at you, then fight you- THEN YOU WIN!
Chris Packham breaks his silence to speak out against killing badgers!.
BBC News - Chris Packham joins hundreds on badger cull protest in Winchester . …
Chris Packham among more than 100 people marching in Winchester against badger culls - 23/11/14 - -
Chris Packham speaks to the Badger Army at Winchester Badger Cull Protest htt…
Badger Army comes to Winchester along with Chris Packham
Chris Packham joins badger cull protest in Winchester
Chris Packham speaks to Winchester badger protesters today
Ant and Dec asked to end 'animal abuse': TV presenter Chris Packham writes an open letter to TV presenters Ant...
Website Builder 728x90
Chris Packham's. Tastes of those Frazzles crisps. Michaela Strachan's tastes of mustard.
I didn't know Chris packham was on fletch n sav. Put on a bit of weight though!!!
Anyone fancy a game of 'Jamie Oliver or Chris Packham?'
that can't be right - foxes are cute little fluffy-wuffy pusscats. Chris Packham said so
Tadpoles Not Included 27th Nov Enjoy an evening with Chris Packham -
Chris Packham and Bill Oddie join conservation leaders in saying farewell to Suffolk-born environmental champion
My Chris Packham tour tickets came. Admit I'm 50% going for the animal insight and 50% going just to look at him. Mm
Lovely tributes from Chris Packham, my dad,Bill Oddie & at the funeral of Derek Moore, bird champion.
I'm sure the toddler in question is grateful Chris Packham clarified this. No doubt the fox bite is a myth
According to the expert,Chris Packham,foxes don't do this .He said people are wrong to blame foxes.He's an expert.
"I hate Russians also. But love their Vodka!!"
That is delightful! And Chris Packham said animals don't play!
"There’s a weave of human nostalgia that goes hand in hand with canals"
Chris Packham travels every where on foot or Volvo.
Chris Packham of BBC introduces viewers to the iSpot website explore and record nature
Daily podcast of birdsong presented by Chris Packham? SIGN ME UP
Read about my work with Hear in Malawi campaign in the
Excellent. Relayed to wife. Except she was thinking of Chris Packham. And she doesn’t know how Bible begins. She did not laugh.
Pretty sure we saw and Chris Packham filming Autumn watch today at lunchtime
I wish my iPod would stop capitalising things without me realising, eg BELLOWHEAD, GARETH, CHRIS PACKHAM:/
Have you booked your spot yet?! Come and celebrate conservation champions with Chris Packham
Chris Packham- you reduced an entire conference room to tears. Fantastic talk
Chris Packham moved to tears - not a sight you'd usually expect to see A great story.
- it was a perfect storm, Malta massacre, Chris Packham, threats, chases etc, but it was the birds' story that mattered
Autumn river your heart out Chris Packham (we see herons, geese, swans, cormorants and the odd porpoise☺) h…
Has anyone ever seen Chris Packham and Adam Llallana in the same room?
Chris Packham show in IOM: Tuesday 2nd Dec, at the Gaiety Theatre, read more on MBL website -
Peregrine squabble - pics & video. New blog by the next Chris Packham
WRAS have had this fantastic book "100 Things That Caught My Eye" and a beautiful barn owl large photograph by... http:…
Chris Packham Invites you to a Culture Vulture Dinner Party. I hope you are well dear Nicole. Rxx
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a mixture of Bear Grylls, Steve Backshall, Chris Packham, and David Attenborough
News: 'My dizziness got so bad I feared it was a brain tumour,' says Chris Packham.
Film role for wildlife star Chris Packham
Vulture lovers! Help us conserve these vital & threatened birds. See this fun clip with Chris Packham to find how. ht…
There is a mini murmurration of starlings on our bird table. Chris Packham would barely give them a MMm but I love 'em.
The beer drinking Tucan - surely not - Chris Packham presents for the next 25 days
Book review - 100 things that caught my eye by Chris Packham
- Sunday book review – 100 Things that Caught My Eye by Chris Packham
the two below are Chris Packham and Kate Humble..They go to any lengths on Autumn Watch
Chris Packham is feeding bearded *** on Autumnwatch. It's a bit boring watching Noel Edmonds eating a sandwich.
Crikey! Never thought I'd see Michaela blowing Chris Packham's pipe.and on Autumnwatch too. You wouldnt have caught Kate Humble at that!
Toenail clippings in the greenhouse, rope swings on the landing and stilts in the garden... Join naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham as he explores the fascinating family home of Charles Darwin:
Autumnwatch returns to BBC Two at the end of October with Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Martin Hughes-G...
Chris Packham, Victoria Wood and Eddie Izzard get together to try and fathom why, despite their obvious success, they are so utterly joyless
Pencil sketch by me Chris Packham of Marolyn Monroe.
Chris Packham recording Dark image yes, better images on the Radio 4 website soon
Come and meet Chris Packham at the MyPetonline stand at the National Pet Show this weekend. Details here:
Chris Packham explores the anatomy and physiology of the world's largest land animal.
Join guest speaker Chris Packham in 10 minutes as he discusses how to protect the skin with 3M's Rob Brill
Walk on the wild side with & enjoy enigmatic creatures at night via htt…
It's heating up! A suggestion has been made that animal fiddler Chris Packham is indeed in the club...
bet Chris Packham picked some tunes.
Springwatch's Chris Packham says more should protect endangered species. What like the “bearded Bill Oddie'?
Tomorrow at 12, Rob Brill from 3M and Chris Packham from Enviroderm Services give advice on how to protect your skin
only round the Bay of Biscay, Chris Packham will give a talk I think. My first 'holiday' in 4 yrs. 2 days will do :-) x
oh dear. I was only reading the other day that Chris Packham has that. Hope it turns out not to be the case.
TV's Chris Packham: Permit hunters to shoot deer and mink
next time you shoot one of Chris Packham's birds, wear protection. You don't know where those dirty titsiss have been.
A Monday morning for from a photo by Chris Packham. All the best to you today, Lisa.
is this something Chris Packham should be presenting... or is the BBC too biased?
Springwatch host Chris Packham says hunters should be allowed to shoot deer and mink for a fee
Please vote No! Let's bring back the Wolf, it too was persecuted by *** that talk out their *** -
Chris Packham says 'hunters should be allowed to ...
hoping to spot whales & dolphins & listen to a talk by Chris Packham :-))
Oh Chris Packham has a nice gaff eh.
Be careful what you wish for. We got a maggoty bird a few weeks ago. THANKS. (Don’t tell Chris Packham)
Oh ok it was Chris Packham a Wildlife Presenter *** got it wrong :(
Loved "Through Keyhole" t.nite, LMFAO with Chris Packham and his Dolphin *** Keep up good work Keef! Ooosh!
Found out today that Jenny Packham is the sister of Chris Packham (The Really Wild Show Etc). Mind blown.
My smugness knows no bounds getting that it was Chris Packham on
Hope chris packham doesn't think he owns a banksy
Salvaged a draw in hubbyVwife battle. He guessed Will Mellor and I got Claire frm Steps. Chris Packham eluded us both.
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