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Chris Packham

Christopher Gary Chris Packham (born 4 May 1961) is an English naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author.

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Literally just bumped into Chris Packham on Tottenham court road. He was pretty polite about it
well he's done it again the X factor winner of 2009 Joe McElderry chalked up another telly triumph last night as he soared to victory on ski challenge The Jump. The 22 year old who also won pop star to opera star in 2011beat Donald Macintyre 48 in the final jump of the series. Is Joe the next Eddie the Eagle ? Yesterdays anagram answer was VUNERABLE and todays anagram is FORGODEBIT. Programme of the day is on BBC 2 at 9.00pm Inside the Animal mind. Chris Packham discovers the problem solving abilities of crows and a ingenious octopus. Have a good day.
Munky going mad watching dogs on 'Inside the Animal Mind' on BBC2. Chris Packham looking a little Mark Kermode styley.
Tonight on Inside the Animal Mind on BBC2, Chris Packham will find out what goes on inside a dolphins mind. The show will highlight members of the Dolphin Research Center pod using their echolocation to imitate behaviour. If you're in the UK, tune in at 9pm to find out what's going on inside the minds of some of our family members. Don't forget to let us know what you think of the show!
"Inside the Animal's Mind" by Chris Packham is on BBC2 on Tuesday 28 January at 8pm starring Jazz with some footage from training starring Eric Watson and some of the Gow players
I'm a big fan of Spring/Autumn/Winterwatch, but I do wish they'd lay it on the line. In practically every programme they remark on this or that bird or animal suffering persecution - it was the endangered Hen Harrier last night - and they're invariably referring to wildlife on private shooting estates. But they never quite say so. Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan make their views known clearly enough in articles elsewhere. So they're obviously gagged on the Watch programmes and can't just come right out and say "Gamekeepers are complete *** and they'll kill anything to protect the birds they want to shoot for fun!". They didn't even dare comment on the badger cull and you could see both presenters gritting their teeth when all they were allowed to say was "It's a divisive issue". MInd you, who can blame them? Bill Oddie opened his mouth once too often and look what happened to him. And without these people we risk bloodsports apologists like Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury coming over from ...
Might just book tickets to Chris Packham and go alone. Cause that's not sad or anything...but hey.
I honestly would but I start at 8.30am on the Monday... :L I love Chris Packham so much too :'(
Love it how Chris Packham doesnt fall for cute. Everyone goes "ah" he goes "oh come on"
Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham are doing a nature programme on TV. Am I 10 again?
I think it fairly self-evident that Chris Packham is some sort of android. He has barely aged a day since The Really Wild Show.
Lovely to see Chris Packham so enthusiastic about foxes! Saw yet another on my evening walk earlier - magical!
You can say what you like about Chris Packham but he's 1 of the few people involved in conservation that combs their hair
Winterwatch giving me London nostalgia, by broadcasting footage of Chris Packham looking at foxes sat on sheds
Watching and thinking once again that Chris Packham really doesn’t like Martin Hughes-Games. Looks of utter contempt.
my mother just text me to say that Chris Packham looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle in that jacket. :-).
Chris Packham's surname is a tad ironic.
*erupts with excitement* Chris Packham is doing 'An Evening with Chris Packham' at Newton Abbot none of you understand how much I love him
Where did Chris Packham get his lovely green puffa?
We'll done Chris Packham and Iolo Williams for talking about Raptor persecution in the UK on Winterwatch. Time to name and shame. Shooting.
Is it just me or is Chris Packham looking more like Justin Bieber these days? It's just me isn't it.
Chris Packham, I have to say that I was surprised and disappointed by your 'ageist' comments as you ascended the hill to observe the grouse!
Chris Packham looking remarkably like the Hulk in is green puffer coat tonight ;) great show btw - loving all of it!
Haven't noticed Chris Packham sneaking any song titles into this run of Winterwatch. A few non sequiturs, but probably just him being odd.
What the *** is going on in Winterwatch? Chris Packham just talked about engorged eyebrows and Michaela talking about blackcocks yesterday
According to Chris Packham - to attract a mate, its the size of your eyebrows that matters! (If you're a Red Grouse!)
I guess being with nature makes you look younger. Winterwatch presenters, Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Hairdo are 52 and 57, respectively
I hope I don't wake up one day and dress like Chris Packham.
Red and Engorged?!. How is chris packham getting away with all this innuendo on beeb2 as well
It wouldn't be a "watch" without Chris Packham picking up some poo :-)
Why does every programme with Chris Packham feature pine martins? Every Really Wild Show when I was a kid and now
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Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, foxes! Winterwatch - sorted for the next hour :-)
Chris Packham "we promised you black *** live this morning". Michaela Strachan "there's been one particular black *** that's made me smile". The British Broadcasting Corporation I salute your naive lack of censorship on family wildlife shows!! I'm sure it would be acceptable just to call them grouse.
Chris just said the most important camera thee BBC has is the camera ! OMG ! LOL !
Winterwatch. They're watching birds called Black *** and of course, it is innuendo heaven for Chris Packham.
Mum: "I want Chris Packham to be my best friend but he keeps ignoring my calls. He thinks I'm a stalker."
Will tune into WinterWatch in the hope Chris Packham goes postal and starts picking off squirrels with a sniper rifle
Winterwatch isn't on til after the watershed. Wonder if its anything to do with Chris Packham obsession with Black c0ck live
I quite fancy Chris Packham. Is that really bad...? Ha. Yes.
No way did Chris packham just say, we promised you black *** live on the internet. Pmsl!'
Just booked tickets to see Chris Packham at the playhouse, fingers crossed it'll be as good as I hope it'll be.
So then. how many times will Chris packham get the words "black *** into tonight's winterwatch?
Go & ogle African birds with Chris Packham MT . A few places left on bird watching tour to The Gambia
Chris Packham has spaces on a bird watching tour to The Gambia! Now then, binoculars...check, camera.check, money.err,!! Bugger!
I need a "Pocket Packham" - mini Chris Packham for dog walkers etc (bit like the hologram from Red Dwarf) for nature duffers
I blame bloody Chris Packham and her
Still a few places left on my bird watching tour to The Gambia too ! Dates run from 28th Feb - 3rd March.
Just got back from press tour in Pasadena in sunny California, promoting Brann our Raven and Starlings for 'Inside the animal mind', for PBS Nova channel. And programme 1 of 3 airs on BBC2 here 9pm 28th January, UK version presented by Chris Packham, then 4th & 11th Feb. Had a great time over there, everyone loved the footage of Brann, his fame spreads, feel like his agent!!
.Chris Packham "We have to play a peoactive role and that means killing things", words of a wildlife expert
Chris Packham 2011 "We have to cull deer in this country because there are no natural predators.cont'd
But when I clicked on it again, it was Chris Packham.
who to ..? Chris Packham? best man? or was he the crying guy at the back still in the friendzone
How does Chris Packham keep a straight face through this? You might have to turn the volume up.
"Chris Packham presents the moorhen" might be my favourite ever sentence.
yeah, Porrit is. And Chris Packham. I wonder if we can get any to quit over this... (sorry to jump in)
Is grateful to chris packham and winterwatch for proving to my husband that weevils are real!
Chris Packham gets all excited about on the internet
Chris Packham COULD be the new David Attenborough - who knows ??
Um er, em I hear nature expert Chris Packham is an expert?
Right, I'm no longer watching 'winterwatch' after Chris Packham promised Black *** on the webcam in the morning.
Just seen where Michaela Strachan says "a black *** makes me smile" and Chris Packham "loves a good Chuff" interesting night
I reckon someone has had a word with Chris Packham. Black *** Live has become male grouse. Winter Watch ain't what it use to be
Chris Packham voted in as president of British Trust for Ornithology
Chris Packham black *** live - oh how I've laughed every time I think about that and chuff - I'm back at school
yesterday I tuned in just as Chris Packham said he was looking forward to seeing black *** live. My inner 10 year old snorted
did I just hear Chris Packham say "black *** live this morning live on the internet"?
Did Chris Packham just tell us that a fox walked from Brighton to Rye, a distance of 360km? Which way did it go?Via Portsmo…
Chris packham on winterwatch bbc2 what a bighead prat
Can someone tie me up, dress me as an owl and send me to Chris Packham?
Chris Packham or George Clarke, can't decide who I like the most! x
Just catching up on Winter Watch. Did Chris Packham really just say, lets check out that 'carcass cam.' Lovely.
Did Chris packham just say what I thought he just said!?!?!
Watching Winterwatch on BBC2. Chris Packham just said he likes a nice chuff! Saucy bugger!
I think Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham are competing to see who can use the word chuff in the most inappropriate way,
Chris Packham has now just said "I love a chough". BBC Winterwatch is just pure filth!!!
what the fook. I turn BBC 2 on and Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham are watching 2 foxes having a bloody gud shag, freaks.
Did I really just here chris packham on winter watch tell people to log on to the BBC's black *** camera in the morning?
Classic Chris Packham on Winter Watch just now when commenting on the behaviour of a vixen munching on a horny male fox's winter food stash (part of his flirting tactics) "she leaves a smelly message for her benefactor" just so knows she appreciates it. Smooth.
Anyone watching winterwatch? Chris packham going on about black *** on the Internet. You can't tell me he isnt smirking inside!
And another bold statement from Chris Packham... TV gold!
Sat watching Winterwatch with Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham and was amazed at the story of the fox fitted with a tracker recorded at traveling over 50 miles from its home. Its a shame the BBC did not tell them it was found wrapped around a lorry wheel
I mean honestly. Chris packham giving urban foxes names!!! Is this what im paying my licence fee to the BBC for. .sigh
Watching Winterwatch I recorded. Is it right that Chris Packham has just said (in reference to male black grouse)..."we can offer you Black *** live, first thing in the morning!!!..lecking live! in your own front room. What more can you ask for?" Um...a few more saucy innuendos on Winterwatch, please Chris?!!
Watching Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham getting excited about black *** on Winter Watch. Apparently Chris promised the viewers some good black *** action this morning and Michaela has never seen a more impressive black *** display.
TV gold - Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan talking about black *** Giggling like a child.
Just caught the beginning of Winter watch on the BBC live from the Cairngorms. I think that presenters Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham have a competition for how many times they can say 'black *** lecking'.
Is Chris Packham purposely saying black *** repeatedly on Winterwatch as a bet? and now one of them's pretending to be a salmon??
How many times is Chris Packham going to say tune into "black *** (male capercaillie!) on the Winterwatch webcam. Where's Mary Whitehouse when you need her!
Thought I was watching "Winterwatch" until I heard these two lines, Michaela Strachan " Here's a little black *** that made me smile this morning" !!! Chris Packham " Tune in black *** cam" !!!
Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan are jabbering on about black *** with an alarming alacrity.
You have to love chris packham and his black *** camera just as well its winter watch
Chris Packham, Winterwatch, BBC2, talking about big black *** How rude?
Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham talking about their favourite black *** on Winter Watch. You'd think they would use it's Latin name or something!
Michaela Strachan. . Is she part of a bet? Chris Packham now on about black *** camera and he known for his winter watch jokes!
God bless Chris Packham! Does he not realise he is fodder for Scott Mills Innuendo Bingo?! "We promise you black *** live on the Internet every morning!"
Did BBC Winterwatch naturalist Chris Packham just say "we promised you black *** in the morning"? I think he did as Michaela Strachan has just qualified "here's one black *** we've all enjoyed"! I pay £145 a year for this - I'd pay more!!!
Winterwatch on BBC2. Just heard Chris Packham promise us black *** live at 9am!
Six minutes in and Chris Packham mentions black *** then Michaela Strachan joins in with a black dock that makes her smile. Hm
Chris Packham promised us a video of a black *** and thats what we got :D
Well, Chris Packham promised black *** this morning and by golly, somehow he delivered.
How chris packham can get away with saying "I promise you'll all get abit of black *** in the morning", on Winterwatch, I'll never know! Pmsl.
sweepstakes on how many times Chris Packham says "black *** on Winterwatch tonight?? My money is on 5.
Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan eat your heart out. :-)
To hear the song of silence listen for the sparrow's song ("Lost Letters: Lao Tzu to Chris Packham.")
I never expected Winterwatch to be so explicit! Chris Packham just informed everyone that 'we don't just have to wait till the evening to see black *** we can watch it all day on their black *** cams'. O_O
Chris Packham watching Black *** on cam. Michaela saying she's rather damp. Great *** and blue ones. No beaver cam though as I think that would be one step too far pmsl. Winterwatch don't you just love it lol.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So..Chris Packham just recommended I tune into a live feed of black *** cam. I always knew he was a wrong un...bring back the Humble.
Chris Packham introduces Blackcock live, in your living room.
Watching 'Winter Watch' and apparently "Chris Packham is gagging for some Black *** action"... Yes this is an actual quote from the guy on the TV, keeping a straight face and referring to a type of Grouse found in Scotland!!
How many times can Chris Packham say Black *** At least it makes me laugh
Oh dear, Chris Packham.going on about black *** on Winterwatch.and all we want is Michaela's beaver
How can Michaela Strachan tell Chris Packham she has two great *** on her bird table without laughing uncontrollably
Channel flicking as you do.caught 30 seconds of 'winter watch' Michaela Strachan is going on about '2 great *** and then Chris Packham shows us a 'black *** .
Chris Packham enjoyed saying 'black *** a little too much & too often me thinks!!'
Watching winterwatch Apparently Michaela Strachan has seen 9 cold *** today and Chris Packham has seen a black *** Rude people.
I heard Chris Packham say he liked to wake up and see four black *** in the morning. Ha
Next on Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham film a group of doggers in a remote carpark
Chris Packham discussing black *** live on BBC winter watch, whatever next...
Listening to Chris Packham talk about Black *** on a Tuesday night with the fam... Standard.
Chris Packham on Winter Watch has just said THE PROMISE OF BLACK *** LIVE
Chris Packham is going to get banned from the bbc. Latest quote "black *** live, first thing in a morning, it's a very real possibility"
Chris Packham, says to Michaela Strachan. "The promise of Black *** first thing in the morning would be too much to hope for" he just said "male genitalia" too. Winter Watch, very dirty people! ;-)
Winterwatch is very dirty this year. Chris Packham keeps talking about black *** Second time today I've been proud to be a licence fee payer.
Chris Packham .hilarious x I will say now I have seen black *** so many times living in the Highlands x
Chris packham winter watch what a knob
Omg !! Quote from Chris Packham on winter watch, "nothing like the promise of black *** in the morning to get you excited" !! In reference to the bird, apparently !! Can't stop laughing and thought Michaela Strackon was going to burst out laughing !!
Watching Winterwatch.Chris Packham has promised black *** in the morning.we are talking beaver but the otters wet!
Has Chris packham really just said " the chance of black *** in the morning is one not to be missed". Rofl
Sorry to be childish but how is Chris Packham saying this without giggling!!
Do you think Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham have ever done it?
Chris Packham is on BBC Two every night this week with Winterwatch. He will be live at the Wyvern Theatre in July, with an entertaining and informative look at some of nature's most popular and interesting species.
Chris Packham - Patron of World Land Trust (WLT), TV presenter, zoologist and conservationist - led a WLT debate about aspects of conservation that are often...
Congratulations to Chris Packham who's been voted as President for The British Trust For Ornithology (The BTO).
Who watched 'Winter Watch' with Chris Packham last night? Any of you taking part in the bird table experiment?
even Winterwatch and a heavy dose of Chris Packham hasn't lifted my spirits. bad bout of man flu
Watching winter watch!!! I wish they would put Chris Packham into hibernation!!! Did you know you can watch a black *** on their live webcam??!!! How Michaela kept a straight face I don't know?! I promise that's what he kept saying!!! He could have added a black *** ( bird ) !!! Omg he does my blue *** in honest!!! Deborah xxx aargh lol
Did Chris Packham just say on BBC TV, "There's nothing like black *** in the morning"?
Chris Packham encouraging people to tune in to see black *** fnarr fnarr!
Watching winterwatch 😊Chris Packham. Still how i remember him when watching him in the 1980's / 90's. 😁
Watching winter watch..chris packham talking about black grouse...his words were "and with our live camera we can give u the hen and black *** ...what better can u get than black *** early in the morning".you cud see macjealla strachan trying not to *** herself laughing. ...
how many layers can Chris Packham wear
According to Chris packham on winterwatch while watching some black grouse preening in the snow, "there is nothing like black *** in the morning!! Well, I'll give him the benefit of that one !! Lol
can't believe even Chris Packham could correctly identify a 'blooo *** at seventeen months! (smug with maternal pride!)
Is anyone watching Winterwatch? Chris Packham making interesting promises about what you can get first thing in the morning if you press the red button on your remote - apparently!!!
Almost certain Chris Packham just said "there's nothing better than a bit of black *** first thing in the morning".
Love having Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan presenting together again!
Watching Winterwatch on BBC 2. Apparently Chris Packham thinks there is nothing better than a black *** in the morning! Ooh Matron.
Chris Packham on Winterwatch has just spent the last 5 minutes repeatedly talking about how they are going to have "Live 'black *** '". The first time was funny because I am pretty sure it was an accident. The 3rd time was like that annoying guy in the pub who makes people laugh for the first time ever so repeats the exact same thing in the hope that people will laugh again. The 10th time just made him sound like an actual *** ..
Chris Packham just offered ' *** live 1st thing in the morning' on Winter Watch on BBC2. I'll pass thanks Chris.
LEGENDARY Chris Packham, talking about 'Black *** Cam' on the BBC's Winter Watch. Careful, Packham, "Who doesn't love black *** in the morning"? Said with a massive smirk on your face might get you in trouble, even if you were talking about Black Grouse!
Chris packham getting saucy on winter watch!
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Chris Packham gets really excited when he see's a big black *** Watch black *** live on Winterwatch B.B.C 2.
Chris Packham (Winterwatch BBC2) has just entreated the nation to press the red button at 9.00am tomorrow morning for Blackcock Live. That could be misconstrued.
Just watching winterwatch! Apparently chris packham thinks there is nothing better than watching black *** in the morning !
Mmm. Chris Packham on Winterwatch, BBC 2, encouraging you to watch, "black *** in the morning". Mikela Strachen is actually blushing!
It's a night for classic quotes... Chris Packham, on BBC2's Winterwatch: "We can offer you Blackcock live; and it doesn't get any better than that in the morning!" o.O
Watching Winter Watch!Chris Packham says you can see Blackcock first thing in the morning! Followed by Ms Strachan saying squirrels like to bury their nuts! Don't we all love, don't we all!!!
Winterwatch Chris Packham is offering everyone live black *** in the mornings! Oooeeer!
Chris Packham starting early with the double entendre. first program of Winter Watch and he's offering black *** live.
OMG and now Chris Packham on 'Winterwatch' is offering lots of black *** (not in right frame of mind for Corrie :-(.ill stick with ***
Fine moment of BBC tv. Chris packham on winter watch telling us we can see black *** live. Um.
Puh Chris Packham is offering black grouse live huh won't be as exciting and dramatic as lamb watch Brett style - watch this space
:To quote Chris packham on winter watch ' come and watch Black *** live, in the morning' .
OMG! I wish Chris Packham would stop saying "black *** live!" Repeatedly on Winterwatch!
Pretty sure Chris Packham just said "black *** live - necking" Winterwatch is getting a bit risqué!
Did anyone else just hear Chris packham just say "nothing beats a bit of black *** in the morning" on winter watch.or was it just me.
Did Chris packham really day they could offer us black *** early in the morning on winterwatch BBC2 ?
Chris Packham wants u to love that black *** in the morning...
Hot lemon tea. Mm to sooth a croaky voice and drippy nose! I'm sure Chris Packham on Winterwatch will make it al better, right Cheryl Williams
Winter watch is on tonight with Chris Packham! Bring on Chris and the animals. They could get rid of that Michaeala person - she is just annoying an no doubt scares the critters. Although I like the bloke they send out to risk his life looking for small furry creatures! Can't remember his name but he is very hairy!
Television presenter and conservationist Chris Packham has voiced his support for the campaign to protect The Sanctuary Local Nature Reserve, describing its potential loss as ‘a vile act of wanton vandalism.’
A lovely little report about our Wildlife and the effects our wet and mild weather is having on them from Chris Packham, can not fault it except no mention of The Hedgehog so here is my own little report .A poo this morning proof they are still very active in our gardens ,An empty food dish under the Barby and eaten food in the Hibernation pen where my Spring releases are (been sick) So please keep putting food (Dry meaty cat food) out there try to poke it some where away from cats or put down meal worms ,Digestive Biscuits, Spikes hedgehog food (available from Pet shop in Ashberum Rd Carlton Colville next to the Co.Op ) There is no insects about for them and lots of competition from the birds for worms ,Please Help ,Hopefully this cold snap this week will put there body clocks right again and nite nite till Spring thank you so much for reading GLo.x
I am watching country file with Chris Packham and thinking of Pete. Still don't see it myself although Im sure he's a nice chap.
I read in today's Sunday Mail that wildlife presenter Chris Packham wants to see wolves introduced back into the Scottish I adore wolves..but I also adore my country and the freedom to walk the hills and surroundings in relative safety.Scotland has been without these beautiful for centuries,and me personally would not want to see wolves introduced back into the wilds of Scotland,for many reasons. Iam interested in what you all think of this.
to all the wildlife photographers Chris Packham the naturlist is on at the Colne Muni on the 25 Matt Marchbanks
"The vast majority of our habitats are in a critical state," warns naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham
It just not fair to make Chris Packham talk about 'the intriguing parrot fish on the barrier reef in Australia'
Love that natures weirdest events programme with Chris Packham
Today I am finding Chris Packham irritating - he has silly hair and forgets to move his mouth when talking
Chris Packham stayed at our hotel in Gambia. Just saying.
Ooh Eer, Off to see Chris packham in March, excited muchly !!
Springwatch presenter Chris Packham spoke freely about the badger cull when he met Care for the Wild CEO Philip Mansbridge for an interview recently. Here he...
Hearing Chris Packham say "Pressure" is the funniest thing I've heard this year.
I hate Chris Packham, he's so smug and annoying.
Hi can I reserve 2 tickets for Chris Packham please..he's not on fb. Thank you
TOP TV wildlife presenter Chris Packham will be judging a photography competition aimed at capturing the New Forest 's unique wildlife and landscape.
Winterwatch returns to BBC Two this month. Over four days, from Monday 20 to Thursday 23 January, Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Martin Hughes-Games will follow the stories of the UK's wildlife in winter, broadcasting live from a stunning new location in the Scottish Highlands – where winter h...
Go Wild At Windsor is a VHS video of Windsor Safari Park made in 1988 by windfilm. It's presented by Terry Nutkins and Chris Packham. This is about half of t...
Quite enjoying Chris Packham saying 'the structure of crows' brains'
Anyone see Chris Packham with Crows on TV ( nature's weirdest events ) brilliant.such clever birds :-)
OI! CHRIS PACKHAM animals evolve, they're not designed. ***
Watching The Chas - Chris Packham should be the Chaser - knows so much and explains it too. Bradley Walsh in awe LOL
g'night Tweeps... off to bed with Chris Packham :-)
one hour of war and peace is enough for tonight.. then I'll put on chris Packham!
Very jealous of all those currently down 's closing party. I'm watching Chris Packham talk about goats.
I'm sure the BBC are give Chris Packham extra R words 2 say- the "eerie embryos" "what did the radar reveal?" . Seems a little wadical?!
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Someone has had cruel sense of humour - making Chris Packham say "eerie embryos" on BBC 2. "Eearwee embweeos".
The Chris Packham programme on BBC2 is really quite good. Although I still can't get used to him all neat & middle aged.
sorry bruv. Wrong Chris Packham - the one I'm after loves panda bears
Good to see Chris Packham back telly too. I've not seen much of him since I was a nipper.
Watching TV. Chris Packham keeps going on about aliens.
Chris Packham talking about attachment and imprinting in animals on Nature's Weirdest Events right now on BBC2. Catch up on the iplayer!
Is it weird that I find myself rather attracted to Chris Packham?
BBC 2 Chris Packham. Cool stuff on animal emotions!
Why does Chris Packham irritate me so *** much!?
OK Chris Packham, I get the message, it's not the end of the world, stop building your part up.
Used to really fancy Chris Packham as a kid. Still would like.
Chris Packham introducing prog from depths of had a nice chat with him about his music choices on
Chris Packham I know you haven't written the script, but seriously is for people with no brain?
The wait until is being filled with walking catfish. Chris Packham shares some really odd criters.
Bit of chris packham bbc2, I'm happy. ;-)
Chris Packham makes me want to take my own life
Chris Packham is literally one of my favourite people I follow
HAPPY 2014 FROM TEAM AFRICAT & A SPECIAL GREETING FROM KILIMANJARO - THE BIGGEST CARNIVORE @ AFRICAT'S CARE CENTRE!!! means 'mountain of greatness' in the Kiswahili language. He was approximately 2 years old when he was rescued off commercial farmland and brought to AfriCat North’s Care Centre. During 2008, a farmer from the Outjo-Khorixas area called AfriCat North to report the sighting of a young male lion at one of his water points. As AfriCat’s policy is to try and keep 'wild animals wild', we convinced the farmer to allow this lion to find its way back, but after a few days it seemed Kili was going nowhere and the farmer asked us to please remove him from his farm. On the 26th of January 2013 and as the intense heat gradually subsided close to sunset, the mammoth task of preparing the 4 lions and one leopard for their long trip to their new home at AfriCat HQ, began. Once Shenzi was sedated, we moved our team closer to the boys, Shavula & Thimba. At this point, with no natural light and the fact ...
Oh Chris Packham, how I love you and your weird natural events.
Chris Packham mounting cameras is a news story in itself isn't it?
Chris Packham is mounting cameras outside their den as we speak.
happy new year to all you lovely people out there mine was exciting I watched chris packham natures weirdest events then fell asleep but there I am 30 at the end of the month lol. it was good to see old school chum phill Robertson on paul o grady helping the dogs at Christmas find new home well done to him for all his hard work many dogs found good home this Christmas. Ive got room for 2 little dogs im abit like paul I tend to take in a lot of unwanted animals my family call me doctor dolittle lol.
Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley and Chris Packham join celebrity line-up to speak out against baboon suffering in Kenya: htt…
CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night's TV - Daily Mail Daily Mail CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night's TVDaily MailThe lake at Carbrook golf course in Brisbane, Australia, contains a dozen bull sharks, washed in during a flood. The golfers bring chickens to feed the killers — and as Chris Packham noted on Nature's Weirdest ... So most of the three hours boiled ... January 01, 2014 at 10:35AM
Is it me or is there a lot of Chris Packham on my TV this Christmas. I don't have a problem with this you understand .. I'm just observing
So Chris Packham is the alter-ego of Mark Kermode, right? Like Superman and Clark Kent, all that separates them is a pair of glasses.
Wild New Year's Eve watching natures weirdest events presented by chris packham
It's New Year & I'm watching Chris Packham stroke a newt. Where did it all go wrong?
Listening to Chris Packham saying 'The remote rainforest of Cameroon' with his soft 'Rs'... Warm & fuzzy.
Chris Packham's gotta be dying his hair now?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Lol! Happy New Year peeps, I'm celebrating by watching Chris Packham on catchup with my best friend Baileys to hand
Chris Packham is dumbing down the weather
the party is at BBC2. Chris Packham. Crazy times!
Chris Packham is talking about this beastie on BB2 right now! :)
Lol tumbleweed is such a weird plant! Chris Packham BBC2 elucidating on the delights of the stuff! Very scary vegetation originally from the Ukraine it's amazing! Obviously not had enough wine yet:)
Nature's Weirdest Events. Amusing us by making Chris Packham use the letter 'R' as much as possible.
Sometimes I think I'm in love with Chris Packham. I think it's the hair
Nature's Weirdest Events on now BBC2 new series with Chris Packham.
Natures Weirdest Events with Chris Packham on bbc2 now
Its just me and chris packham tonight :-)
Also why go out when there is Chris Packham on the telly!
WILDLIFE presenter Chris Packham has said a Bishop’s Stortford primary school’s decision to spend almost £2,000 to get rid of an urban fox is a missed opportunity to learn about nature.
I *heart* Chris Packham even more “If I could push a button to incarcerate human morons and free canines from abuse . . .”
Island was ok. Went to the zoo and spotted Chris Packham! Not in a cage, obvs.
We are such party animals. Just booked tickets for a night with Chris Packham at Shanklin Theatre in to love a bit of wildlife!
the guy on the left looks a lot like Chris Packham
COUNTDOWN TO 2014 STARTS TODAY! 3 MORE DAYS LEFT OF 2013 . . . . a new Chris Packham picture - reminding us all to make a difference - save our planet and take care of those that need our protection!!!
still have a thing for Chris Packham but doubt he is Really Wild.
Another posting which acquired some interest was my comment about Springwatch and the fact that the program doesn't always represent the true picture from the British countryside. As Chris Packham has now received the position of Vice-President within the British Trust for Ornithology, I hope he is buckled up for a few rough years ahead in terms of bringing our bird life back from the brink.
Never mind your big cats I've just seen Chris Packham at the zoo.
Courteney Blunden on a walk with Chris Packham at Africa on foot during 2011...
Another baffling and silly Christmas Dr Who. Can't help feeling that Chris Packham would be a good choice for the next one. No one would notice the lame story lines, too busy swooning!
Can’t shake the mental image of Chris Packham staring at a crisp packet.
UK CELEBRITIES WIN THE FIGHT AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING International celebrities like Ricky Gervais of the UK’s The Office, Joanna Lumley of The Corpse Bride, and famed cinematographer Chris Packham have successfully banded with the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) to stop UK researchers in Kenya from using wildlife for disturbing experiments. The UK prohibits using wild animals such as baboons for experimentation, but the BUAV’s investigation found that in order to get around such laws, researchers from New Castle University were experimenting on baboons in Kenya. Fortunately, following public pressure, the university is finally putting an end to the cruelty. “We are committed to excellent standards of animal welfare and to the principles of the ’3Rs’ in our medical research. This is why we will be stopping the research in Kenya and reviewing all our overseas research involving animals,” a University spokesman said. Continue reading for more about the BUAV and their findings ...
Day two of Winter cat watch...all is well but Chris Packham and Bill Oddy have beggered off due to a distinct lack of action from said felines.
I want to wish you all a happy few days whether you celebrate Christmas or not...take care if you are travelling,there is a lot of roads closed around the south west and trains disrupted!I want to thank you all for your fighting against the evil cull this year..even if you weren't able to reach a zone so many of you have done others things like making a lot more people aware...donating to be vaccinators..emailing MPs!There are a few people I wish to mention personally..well there are many but theses are just a few:- Brian May for making me aware of it all in the first place!Of course Bill Oddie,Chris Packham,Simon King and Virginia McKenna Brian Blessed for getting it all on the TV to spread the word! Secret World Wildlife Rescue for all their hard work,it was a privilege to help with their filming up there. Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare for starting a great group! Wounded Badger Patrol Dorset who will be there if needed next year! Dorset Hunt Sabs for making us aware of the fox hu ...
Last evening I watched a programme on BBC4 about Ladybird Books, the history of, the people behind it, the thinking...Oh the nostalgia. Any of us who had children in the 1960s, or were children in the 60s and 70s, will remember Ladybird Books. Chris Packham and Andrew Motion, among others, grew very nostalgic. Chris Packham said that the books on birds, what to see in the 4 seasons, animals etc were what stimulated his interest in the natural world. The Key Words early reading series were what many kids grew up on: 'Peter is here and Jane is here. They have a dog'. Yes, they did, a red Irish setter. The early versions had a Mummy and Daddy in very traditional roles: Mummy and Jane go shopping. Daddy and Peter wash the car. I remember some of the retold traditional fairy-tales, 'The Billy Goats Gruff', 'Chicken Licken' and 'The Little Red Hen', we had these for the grandchildren...Instant nostalgia! There are people who collect these books, collectors' pieces. To nostalgic for me!
Thing about icebergs on the telly. Thought it might be interesting, and who should be on it but Chris Packham!! Christmas bonus!!!
For all those *** like David Attenborough, Chris packham, prince charles, (and family)who advocate reducing the population because humans are a virus. I'll supply the gallows and the rope So they can do the honourable.thing and lead by example. Cmon psychopathic eugenicists Stick your neck out. Put you money where your mouth is.!!!
Just saved a dove from a sparrowhawk on our patio! Just call me Chris Packham! Er, or actually, don't :-/
Glad that's over with, however I would like to point out that they gave all my best lines to Chris Packham but that's show business!
Right just heading off for curry with Nick Heath, Gaz and Chris Packham on way to Black Sabbath
I am out walking the dog and there are robins and squirrels everywhere, Chris packham eat your heart out
Looking forward to Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne on Sunday night at NIA - hope you are too Nick Heath and Chris Packham!
Pleased to announce my photograph got highly commended in the 16-18 year old category (last time I'm able to enter the competition sadly) in the RSPCA Young Photography Awards 2013. Well done to everyone else who got placed, but a HUGE well done to my very good friend Danielle who won overall with her stunning photo of a heron. So chuffed for her! Lovely day out, and was great to speak to Chris Packham too who was presenting (and one of the judges) the awards today!
Naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham is given an honorary doctorate by the University of Southampton.
In the same week that he was charged by lions, chased by cheetahs and spent three nights sleeping with an orphaned warthog, Chris Packham returned to the Uni...
Chris Packham awarded honorary doctorate by the University of Southampton
Been on "post and plinth" watch thru the night,not as exciting as Springwatch and no Chris Packham but glad to say no lowlife thieving tealeafs have helped themselves so all is good.
Chris Packham, environmental educator, photographer and producer has made programs for Animal Planet, National Geographic, ITV and the BBC. In this production video interview for Project Wild Thing, he describes the human child as one of the rarest sights in nature today.
How funny.walking into uni beside a bloke who thinks he's the dogs b's and then realise its Chris Packham ...the nature man off the telly.bizarre 󾌯
Great that Chris Packham is succeeding me as BTO president. Best wishes.
I hear Cliff R won't be releasing any more calendars after this year - obv can't compete with the luxury Chris Packham ones!
A sausage roll with Chris Packham more like.
I haven't listened to it yet. Parky and Kirsty ones are my faves. Chris Packham's recent one was fascinating.
That's the one! You were the one who worked it out. Lee & Rhod thought I was Chris Packham's avatar husband. Outrageous!!
only glanced on phone, thought that was Chris packham to the left.
I'm imagining snow on the hedges, reflected in the pool.ooh, *rubbing legs a la Chris Packham*
Just woke up from a lovely dream where I was having ravioli on toast with Chris Packham. I didn't want to wake up
I was an early pioneer. I moved on to Chris Packham soon after. Much more 'earthy'.
Pop in little box with exit hole & then in shed. Trying to hibernate, maybe? Where's flipping Chris Packham when you need him?
Still waiting for proper response from BBC to my email asking if Monty Don is to be treated same as Chris Packham re comments
Emails being sent to Stephen Street (not that one), reminded me of this Chris Packham gold:
Although I am also watching a programme with Chris Packham so...
suddenly my mums huge lifetime crush on Chris Packham seems o.k.
maybe or have some ideas beyond Chris Packham
Whoop! One of my photo's has only gone and won best in catergory people and nature and then chosen as overall winner by none other than Chris Packham from BBC springwatch,Autumnwatch etc.!!! Over the moon is an Understatement! oh and the prize.A Hamper and A HOLIDAY!
Why the picture of Chris Packham? He hasn't exactly been on threfront line.
. Why would you want to gas these little beautys look at chris packham he loves badgers so should the gvmt ***
Can anyone recommend a traditional proper full on barber who does beard duties that I can go to tomorrow in Southampton? David Attenborough, Bill Odey and Chris Packham need rescuing!
Wowser! I like your work Chris Packham but £25 for a calendar? Really ? Plus £4 postage !
I expect Chris Packham will come out of the woodwork now that the cull is over to make a statement criticizing it.
Hmmm. The Great Mouse War of Summer 2013 may have ended, but something has been stealing apples for the last few days. Got up this morning to find a squirrel in my shower. Would now not be surprised to find Chris Packham in my laundry basket.
I don't actually know what the Fox says. Perhaps you could direct all further enquiries to Chris Packham or one of the BBC nature watch producers. Maybe even check some Fox enthusiast forums or post a question on Google answers.
god i love Chris packham so much, i wish he would camp out in my bush
I miss Chris Packham being on my TV every night
Thank You Hunt sabs, Chris Packham, Dr Bryan May all of You. defenders of the Earth
One of my favourite birds is the Goshawk. They can fly through the smallest openings at incredible speed and reshape their bodies as they do so. Here's a clip from a BBC film with Chris Packham: at see the slowed down beauty of the goshawk in flight check too
Findlay, u will be the next Simon King, the next Chris Packham, the next Sir David Attenborough! Go Findlay!
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