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Chris Murphy

Christopher Chris Scott Murphy (born August 3, 1973) is the U. S. Representative for , serving since 2007. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

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They should have put Sanders with Chris Murphy...
Hiked today with my awesome senator, Chris Murphy of Connecticut. He's the real deal.
Congress on Your Hike: Senator Chris Murphy on the Racebrook Tract in Orange and Woodbridge today
Chris Murphy is talking like a guy who doesn’t like being a Senator anymore. ‘Unpopular, hurtful age…
Chris Murphy's court of appeal judgement is next Tues 10.30am An epic story of hope, identity and betrayal.
I also like Harris and Chris Murphy or Kirsten Gillibrand. I think Ken…
FROM THE NEWSROOM:. QVCC President, Dr. Carlee Drummer welcomed US Senator, Chris Murphy as he arrived for his...
With all due respect,this is BS. Kamala Harris.Chris Murphy. Joe Kennedy. Corey Booker. etc.
I think there are a lot...Warren, Kander, Joe Kennedy, Chris Murphy, Franken, Harris. They need to be as…
I see ppl throwing out the usual names: Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillebrand, Joe Kennedy, Kamala Harris, Chris Murphy.
Another vote for either Chris Murphy or Joe Kennedy.
Kicking off the Serious Games stream with Jeff Brand, Erica Southgate, Adrian Webb and Chris Murphy
A couple senators have (Rand Paul, Chris Murphy, maybe others), but it's not enough. And not talked about much?
Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chris Murphy, Julian Castro...all better choices. But I do like Warren.
Chris Murphy at head of ticket. Maybe Harris VP. Or Michael Bennett. Or Dev…
"This bill is lighting the American health care system on fire." - Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), just now on the Senate floor.   10% Off
You heard of Chris Murphy or Richard Blumenthal? They've managed to stay in office, too.…
it strains credibility to think that Chris Murphy believes he is a Presidential cand…
Chris Murphy: "It strains credibility to believe that Donald Trump didn't know about this meeting." (via ht…
Chris Murphy: "If this were a normal political world, Jared Kushner wouldn't have a job by the end of today."
I would vote for Jason Kander,Adam Schiff,Kamala Harris Ted Lieu,Chris Murphy, Hillary (face it.the election was a…
13. U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, Connecticut’ junior senator, estimated that $8B is abt how much would be lost in Medicaid fund…
You're a sitting US Senator. . But you're also Chris Murphy.
More grandstanding from the vile and partisan Chris Murphy . Hey Senator how about fixing your state ?
Chris Murphy throwing down in the Senate. He’s my senator and man am I proud of him.
Back steps of the US Capitol. Now. . Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillebrand, Chris Murphy + more leading a protest.…
Chris Murphy "Trust me those guys aren't going to save the ACA." Mike Lee, Ted Cruz & Rand Paul. I concur
Chris Murphy going in on the Republicans' secret health care plan is a must-listen
But as Chris Murphy points out, Trump detonates it for a class of cable news talkers. Not for voters.
GE also is among the main contributors of McCain and Chris Murphy who both went to Ukraine…
Chris Murphy to on Republican objections to the Senate health bill: "Give me a break. These are crocodile tears."…
Chris Murphy: "We want the Trump administration to stop sabotaging the Affordable Health Care Act."
Chris Murphy, Liz Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, etc.Democratic Senators holding the floor are my Avengers.
policy is deliberate famine, starve to the negotiations; US should back away quickly: https:…
Senator Chris Murphy YOU are a HERO! Please keep fighting for US because trump is not...
Chris Murphy, Executive Vice President for Warrantech Automotive, moderating at the 2017 Convention & Expo this…
Senator Chris Murphy is fighting for the Pentagon to buy American parts via
Thank God we have people like you & Chris Murphy who care about the people. Lamar Alexander was rude,…
A record number of senators questioned a Saudi arms deal — but not enough to stop it by
The boredom of waiting for the coach to the airport.
Watch this. Now. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is NOT having it. .
We're gonna love 2020 Dem primaries with Chris Murphy and Ben Rhodes.
Fortunately for me (and more importantly, for America) Chris Murphy is meaningless. A fart in a hurricane as it were.
Sens. Chris Murphy [D-CT] and Rand Paul [R-KY] [2] and Reps. Mark Pocan [D-WI] have introduced resolutions to block the Saudi arms deal.
Chris Murphy: "There is a potential obstruction of justice case surrounding the way in which Comey was fired."
Joy, I hope someone will tell about Chris Murphy's telling about Trump's lawyer being voted BEST in Russia! Circle of CORRUPT!!!
Matthew Miller and Chris Murphy on agreeing with on Mike Flynn possibly being directed b…
Chris Murphy to "...Have to ask if we're just scratching the surface of individuals in the W.H. who've been knowi…
I am very pumped about Chris Murphy. Also Kamala…
Booker, Merkley, Schiff, Perez, Gillibrand could all be on the ticket. Dark horses Chris Murphy, Kamala H…
I'd also like to see Chris Murphy get more airtime.
Finally chilled out.Had a glass of Rioja. How good has Joe Murphy been for us?Few errors but over all class. Perfect tonight.👊
Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Chris Murphy is no Trump supporter, trust me, folks.
Also on the latest episode: Max parties at a convenience store, Mike has a pricey mixup and Shane misleads a friend.
I need to find ma self a Chris murphy
New pod! Mike chats with Chris Murphy about the band's Geffen era, "The Other Man," and more…
Amberjack and Snapper abound when Captain Rick Murphy and son Collin visit Captain Chris Trosset’s favorite...
We are thinking of hosting a Launch party somewhere in town on 5/21 for Chris Murphy's "Fight Back CT". I'm...
Wish we can keep Chris Christie, NJ is 100% ruined now because of Phil Murphy.
This is weird. I know a Chris Murphy
U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy press conference on the Affordable Care Act
Oh - and Chris Murphy too. Honestly, I feel our bench is getting deeper by the day.
"Take back Vanessa Redgrave. Take back Take back Eddie Murphy. Give 'em all some place to go . . .".
innocent blood...reminds of my brother Chris Murphy, minding his business, walking down the street, murdered by a fool
I don't trust us picking no names, although Murphy, Breeland, Smith turned out to be o…
I like him too! We have a deep bench: Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Gavin Newsom, Seth Moulton, Jon Test…
A dangerous mystery threatens Chris Murphy & those he loves. Can he protect them?
.Chris Murphy of and Moe Berg of The Pursuit of Happiness have all signed the guitar!…
Sen. Chris Murphy says it's amazing we need a "March for Science." It's like needing "A March for 2+2=4."
Chris Murphy induces a 4-6-3 DP to end the 1st. Mercado-Hood, Schuyler & Adams coming up for USD in the bottom of the 1st
Sen. Chris Murphy: Syria airstrikes "didn't change the balance of power"
Need an audio fix? Catch up on recent episodes with Brian Williams & Chris Murphy from https:…
Chris Murphy tells Tillerson needs to "rethink the timing of his trip to Russia" following Syria attack, don't rew…
Conn. congressman Chris Murphy says has been secretly sending hundreds of troops into Syria and may be sending hundreds more.
Boushie family lawyer Chris Murphy "the family is here to watch in a peaceful way" high police presence, blocked roads, me…
Honoured to receive the SMS JA Young Medal from Belinda Hutchinson. Thanks to Chris Murphy, Rob Vandenberg, Joel Negin for…
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For 2020 I think Chris Murphy, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff and/or Joe Kennedy could assume that mantle.
Sen. Chris Murphy on Wikileaks release "suspiciously timed" during moment of weakness in the Trump operation http…
Sen. Chris Murphy on "The world is freaked out right now because they see American leadership vanishing bef…
Did the Russian ambassador try to recruit *** Durbin & Chris Murphy & JOHN MCCAIN to become Russian spies? My word how d…
Sen. Chris Murphy: "An independent, nonpartisan commission is the only way to really get to the bottom of this."
Chris Murphy HRC refused to give FBI 30,000 emails lock her up for YEARS, choose your battles poor loser
Its the love child of Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy
Murphy on Russia and Trump : 'This is as scary as it gets'
I currently reside in CT. I see your Sherrod Brown and raise you Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal.
already told u we are moving to Pluto with Murphy Charlie n Oscar & Chris brown xx
Guess Chris is a person that know people --- Wallace: Ayoutta, Speicer being disingenous on Gorsuch --- is that SO?
Franken joins Senators Chris Murphy, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul in asking the WH, State, and DoD for more info on the…
The DNC is really pushing Chris Murphy. Really pushing.
I just donated to Chris Murphy's campaign for Senate. Add yours here:
Hey, Jim, you would totally kill it in debate Chris Murphy!!
Sen. Chris Murphy talks about Democrats' resistance strategy on Capitol Hill
.on Russia-relationship: 'This is as scary as it gets'
Read the latest reason why a whole lot of residents are proud to be constituents:
Tough loss for the last night but congrats to a tough team
Every time I talk about how proud I am of Chris Murphy someone from NY or MA feels the need to bring up Elizabeth Warren or Chuck Schumer
Sitting in today at at Sen. Chris Murphy thinks it's gone from 80/20 to 50/50 on whether ACA will be repealed
Sen. Chris Murphy: Not sure the Devos hearing could have gone much worse
Sen. Chris Murphy laments the challenges in bi-partisan legislation as he speaks at a Washington Post Briefing.
Thanks to Senator Chris Murphy for making CT proud in DC! Keeping open to cooperative possibilities
Conversation with Sen. ChrisMurphyCT & WashingtonPost's jameshohmann– LIVE on C-SPAN3
At The Daily 202 Live at Washington Post. Sen Chris Murphy: "I'm exhausted so it is hard to understand how this pace continues."
Support Chris Murphy's campaign for Senate: He speaks truth & facts to power. Take on take on & MAGreater!
Sen. Chris Murphy vows to speak on Sessions' record tonight "with gusto": "Go ahead and rule me out of order."
heck yeah I mean some songs Chris Murphy has written could EASILY have been sold to Harry
or better yet work with Chris Murphy of seminal Canadian power pop band Sloan on your new record
Sen. Chris Murphy invites Betsy DeVos to come to Connecticut, the site of Newtown, to share her views about guns in school…
"It’s time to take Washington back from the gun lobby." - Sen. Chris Murphy at
Chris Murphy, Jeff Merkley, Elizabath Warren, Cory Booker and Al Franken are my heroes RN.
. Welcome aboard, Chris Murphy. . We can't sleep for fear of waking. up in a NUCLEAR WAR.
Bless you, Chris Murphy, for being who you are. Thanks.
Dr. Chris Murphy thinks the government knows better than you about your own health care. What a terrible choice for senator.
Chris Murphy, we love u in Chicago 💕 TY u for taking up this fight for our nation
I often find myself thinking "I hope Chris Murphy was able to find time to squeeze in a nap today"
Murphy emerges as leader of anti-Trump resistance: In the weeks since inauguration day, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn.,…
Stylized peony for an upcoming appointment. Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy on Russia-Trump relationship: 'This is as scary as it gets' - CNN.
Senate Foreign Relations takes hard line on Russia | TheHill
Murphy on Russia : 'This is as scary as it gets'
see you in 2020...I predict Chris Murphy for Dems..I like that guy
400 free Varsity Relay of Chris Murphy, Ben Regan, Kyle Paeth, and Nolan Dowling places 7th! Great job boys!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Chris Murphy. All I'm going to say is Dodd-Frank. please for the love of anything at all.
Chris Murphy thinks that guns being loud is a “safety feature.” Top job, whatever focus group that came from.
Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsome, Cory Booker, Kristen Gillibrand & Chris Murphy are all names to keep an eye on. Stay hopeful my f…
What a hero Elizabeth Warren is. Chris Murphy's furrowed brow says it all. 💖
Sen. Chris Murphy: DeVos as nominee for education secretary "sends shivers down the spine"
Wow: Betsy DeVos tells Chris Murphy, ex-Newtown rep, that guns in schools may be necessary to protect against bears
I previewed the Royal Rumble match with on his podcast. He's a big Buddy Murphy fan. Bless him.
Read of the Week: Kevin Murphy, mercenary for hire in the
just called CT sen. Chris Murphy to thank him for defending the ACA. even if you live in a blue state, call & make yourself heard!
Senator Chris Murphy from CT needs to go!! He thinks he is relevant!!!
Dan Malloy an Chris Murphy.Last of the Dems left in office held in power by big city minority voters who only TAKE
Was there ever any doubt?. Chris Murphy is currently scrambling to release his statement saying "Me too!"
I'd love to see get another shot in the NBA. Great breakdown by on what he can bring.
Kevin Murphy is lighting up the D-League, fighting for another NBA opportunity (by -
Kevin Murphy, mercenary for hire in the D-League .
I called my representative this morning Chris Murphy to thank him for voting against the repeal of ACA. Simple to do, help them help us.
I don't know much about Sen Chris Murphy, but I know he voted no on repealing the ACA, and that his profile picture is fierce lady athletes.
... new article by our own Dr. Chris Murphy on and in
Chris Murphy is nothing more than a liberal a hole
Chris Murphy (D-CT) on confirms that he is not prepared to be our next Secretary of State…
How woman who broke news of WW2 was also first to '3rd Man' spy - Chris Murphy via
I want Chris Evans to ask about Danny Murphy
He looks like a grown up version of Chris Lilley's Nathan & Daniel Sims.
Shout out to Shaun Street & Jason Smith, thanks to Chris Murphy for strapping them in "Indiana" Brown Leather with…
Sen. Chris Murphy gorged on 3 watts of moose heart
Portman/Murphy bills sends the message that the stands with
Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) says President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Labor secretary is the exact opposite of...
Chris Murphy REALLY doesn't like idea of Rex Tillerson as Sec of State
Chris Murphy (Connecticut politician) Wikipedia article edited by Sagecandor
Donald Trump got what he wanted from Rudy Giuliani, used him & tossed him aside. Just like he did to Chris Christie. And w…
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Had a great time with Brandi tonight. Portrait of her buddy, Mr. Pugsly Malone! Chris Murphy
Seriously, these color rush uniforms are nasty. We need someone to pull a Chris Sale and save us all from this mess.
"I can't imagine anyone less qualified for this position,' Sen. Chris Murphy on Anthony Puzder…
Senator Chris Murphy: Donald Drumpf Labor Pick is a 'Giant Middle Finger' to Workers and their Rights —
Chris Murphy: Donald Trump Labor Pick 'Giant Middle Finger' To Workers |... for all my beautiful family love
CHRIS MURPHY,S CONTRIBUTION RECOGNISED. Chris Murphy stepped down as chairman of St Patrick’s GAA Club at the...
Glad to see Chris Murphy and Rob Portman fighting propaganda/disinformation
big fan of your work and suits! Don't listen to haters. Nice couple! best of luck - Chris
Chris Murphy: U.S is playing a role in every life that is being lost in Yemen
nevilleman. Chris Murphy is literally the worst. He so full of sht I can smell it here.
Thanks to Chris Murphy for his workshop today, definitely food for thought! Design Business…
Election Day Show! Chris is joined by candidates Chris Sununu and Annie Kuster. U.S. Senator Chris Murphy is also...
Elizabeth Esty, Chris Murphy and Dante Bartolomeo appearing together at Cheshire High at 11 am.
10:45 a.m.- Elizabeth Esty, Chris Murphy, and Dante Bartolomeo will appear at Cheshire High School at 11 a.m.
also be on the lookout for Chris Murphy out of CT. Started the gun control filibuster a few months back.
News from B.j. Murphy... "My latest article, "Need a Ride to Vote? Don't Worry, Uber and Lyft's Got You," is now...
*refers to Chris Rock neighborhood bit about Eddie Murphy, Mary J. Blige and a Dentist*
SMART GUN LEGISLATION. I believe assault weapons and other weapons of war have no place in a civilized society.
.Podcast: Senator Chris Murphy's guilty pleasure song from the 80's is: .
CT Sen. Chris Murphy: “The reality is every 16 hours a women is shot and killed by her husband or boyfriend."
Gilead Sciences are based in Branford CT - bring on our Senator Chris Murphy
An interview i did with Chris Murphy on HOW DOING COMEDY CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
Senator Chris Murphy: US support for Saudi Arabia ‘can’t be unconditional’
Chris Murphy (Connecticut politician) Wikipedia article edited by Rms125a
Chris Murphy is a national treasure.
Two weeks of rest and then SF when everyone is healthy and probably Murphy and Sweezy back on the roster? Okay.
If Murphy keeps this up oline will have to double down and should help Ryan and Preston
Jeb Bush & Mike Murphy spent $100m but couldn't locate a tape that Jeb's cousin was responsible for? Great oppo research guys.
Scary thing is that Murphy (4.5) is dominating in sacks compared to Kerrigan (2.5) and Smith (0), the two guys we expected
The mental health system has failed Chris Murphy, the human comb-over.
The Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation would like to thank multiple platinum sponsor Chris Hart. We are very... https:…
Daniel Murphy's gotten 2 outs from 3 misplays in this inning. A bad throw, a flat-footed dive, and an outright clank.
Chris Murphy and the Blind Blakes! Catch them live on at The Little Easy. Origin…
This Thursday night is beyond huge! Grab your tickets NOW for Morgan Wallen, and Brandon Lay!
Disgusting. Chris Murphy wants to take advantage of the loss of life to further his own agenda.
stoked when I saw him in, that Murphy sack was all his blitz
Senator Murphy 's guilty pleasure song from the 80's is for the 99%. Listen:
Ryan is a good man with national appeal. As is Chris Murphy
Sen. Chris Murphy threatens to ‘go all Richard Sherman on Republicans’
Murphy maybe bigger, chappelle (for all or 3 years) then who? Chris rock? And it's a stretch for them last two.
Chris Murphy and Rand Paul are forcing the Senate to at least think about the wisdom of selling arms to the Saudis.
same here. Chris Murphy on the other hand was excellent.
DEMOCRAT Chris Murphy blames europeans for muslim crimes etc,not letting them assimilate
chris murphy (D)senator blames problems in europe NATIVES telling muslims they cant assimilate when asked if trump will cause terrorist acts
Chris Murphy just on Guy makes good Clinton surrogate but just excellent at answering Q's that stump most pols.
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"They’re supporting a bill by Senators Chris Murphy, Mike Lee, Al Franken and Rand Paul..."
are you going to post any of what Chris Murphy said?
Nice job by Sen. Chris Murphy just now with Chris Matthews on Hardball.👍👍👍
Chris Murphy has real star appeal...
Senator Chris Murphy, D-Conn., stop the Pentagon from selling a billion dollars of military equipment to Saudi Ara
Check out the stellar review of Chris Murphy's Red Mountain Blues and Surface to Air in Ro…
sources: Chris Murphy and Rand Paul are preparing legislation this week to oppose the $1B arms sale to Saudi
Sen. Chris Murphy says on conf call that he expects vote "this week" on Senate floor to block a pending $1.15 bil arms sale…
Middle age: hmm nearly 9pm. Bit late to start watching a film... Oh Chris Hemsworth, Cilian Murphy and Ben Wishaw, you say? *presses play*
Senators consider vote to block US arms deal to Saudi Arabia – report
Chris Murphy at Coldwell Banker Bain has a really informative website that lists all the homes for sale in Pierce...
^^Hello Gary...are you there? Why did you make your comment re Chris Murphy?
Tue"Fight Song"by Rachel Platten is simply&universally inspiringa!Hope Sen.Chris Murphy shares the same view!
Lauren Book, Andrew Korge, Chris Murphy...I'm beginning to see a pattern here.
What does the future hold for Chris Murphy from will look at scenarios for
you are not a fan of Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryer either are you?!
Don't miss Chris Murphy, President and CEO, of the tonight at the Register for free!
"So Chris, do you see yourself working with Ryan Murphy again?"
.on the need for speed in an Andy Reid offense, or the Doug Pederson version.
Murphy: WR Chris Givens is very fast, which creates room for others
Want to attract the best talent? Treat your employees like your customers.
Watch out. He's also having a bromance with Chris Murphy of Ct
Featured speakers at the MBI launch: Chris Murphy of the & Nina Simon of the
Just saw this on Amazon: Audio Recording Boot Camp by Ronan Chris Murphy for $0.99 via
Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, next to you is such a tune even 6 years on
Ryan Murphy: "Darren may follow Chris where ever he’s going or maybe his heart will be broken."
Sen. Chris Murphy: The Republican Congress has done nothing to prevent the next massacre
Chris's face when the interviewers asked him if he was gonna be in another Ryan Murphy production is my favorite 😂👌🏼 https…
Eureste scores on Brandon Lowe RBI single to end Chris Murphy shutout bid; Bandits still up 8-1, top 6th inning
On this week's Blitz, I have two guest co-hosts in Chris Murphy and Geoff Hodgkins talking Brady, Karlos...
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Chris Murphy's John Lewis' and the courage of other Democrats in Congress are why we need to tak…
I would vote Chris Murphy for President in a heartbeat. A timely reminder not all politicians have to be bad.
A heartfelt thank u to Chris Murphy for standing up to domestic terrorist That's all, just THANK YOU!
If there's a moment Chris Murphy wants you to share from it's this
Chris Murphy is a real hero. Age demonstrated how to get our needs met using LANGUAGE instead of war or violence.
Sen. Chris Murphy, of Conn., is just a better,classier human being than Donald Trump, period!
Proud of Chris Murphy & Cory Booker for what they led yesterday. Great senators. I am proud to be a Democrat.
Chris Murphy continues his gun filibuster. Here's why it makes perfect sense he's the one doing it.
Chris Murphy is a hero for taking a stand on gun control. He's going to need allies. .
gets $$ from people that sell baby parts. Planned Parenthood Action Fund endorsement of Chris Murphy for Senate.
Ted Cruz filibustered in 2013 because people were getting healthcare. Chris Murphy filibusters today because people are dyin…
Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan is 26th Democrat to join Chris Murphy & Senate Dems in filibuster.
PA Senator Bob Casey says he is joining with Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut to "demand action on gun violence."
This is my best bud, Chris. He has a great butt. Everyone should touch it. @ Scruffy Murphy's…
Fathers & Police ofcrs Livonia Jim Green, Chris Coyle & Mike Murphy @ BTs last week, had sex in the VIP. The pigs are also stalkers
Chris, on average, how much do you spend on drugs, per month? 1500? Jesus Murphy.
Connecticut's Senator blaming Congress for being complicit in the shooting rampage of Orlando.
Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith couldn't be reached for comment.
Women need to beware Ofcrs Chris Coyle, Jim Green & Mike Murphy. They are looking for sex on the side & been disciplined
Check out the Vice-Chancellor's Awards winners, inc. our Dr. Chris Murphy.
Patriarchy teaches men a very particular type of masculinity that tells them they are entitled to womn's bodies.
Take a trip to 1980s Halifax in this exclusive podcast
Connecticut's Senators have had it with moments of silence, and say Senate is complicit in shootings.
Louis Murphy said this about the trash media coverage of Jameis and he's a Gator. Nuff said. (via
"My" Senator Chris Murphy publicly denies my assertion that we need to be our own first responders.
Listen to Element Dj Competition Mix By Darragh Collopy and Chris Murphy and like and share tnx.
Murphy did an amazing job on this one
Democratic Senator reacts to Orlando shooting: 'Congress has become complicit' in mass shootings - Business Insider
Congress' "silence" is "complicit" in Orlando slaughter, senator says. via
Thanks to Dr. Chris Ireland and Dr. Lee Murphy for our PT Solutions Physical Therapy segment today. Watch for...
Dem. Senator reacts to Orlando attack: 'Congress has become complicit' in mass shootings https…
senators blame for the Rightfully so.
Sen. Chris Murphy on Orlando shooting: "Congress has become complicit in these murders by its total, unconscionable deafeni…
Connecticut U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy wants vote on his missing persons bill via
Kyle Tucker chases down a ball in left-center as Chris Murphy retires Burlington in order in the fifth. Bees 2-0 mid 5
Joe Donnelly, Chris Murphy, Jeff Flake, and Kevin Brady talk about their love of baseball from an early age:
also not my words quote from Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy :) v powerful and aligns with my thoughts at the moment !
There were a couple I really like. I like Chris Murphy, but I'd like to keep him as my senator
We are pleased to announce the results of the House Captain elections: LEVER HOUSE Chris Murphy (Captain), Jack...
Chris Murphy (CIWM dep CEO) looks at Eurostat data re municipal waste generation and treatment in the EU:
I added a video to a playlist How Eddie Murphy Discovered Chris Rock
.Saudi has bought western weapons more than any other country in the world
Senator Chris Murphy wants to take CT model nationwide
Chris Murphy add a little more butt crack and it's spot on buddy.
.USA sold over $12 BILLION of arms to be used in war on Yemen
Chris Bosh still ain't winning playoff games in Toronto, that ***
righty Chris Murphy is pleased as punch with his first pro complete-game shutout.
Chatsworth gets tested on Thursday facing Chris Murphy and Granada Hills.
Chris Murphy takes the mound and we are underway for game one of a doubleheader against South Bend at Modern Woodmen Park.
@ Mooseheads game years ago, guys from Sloan there. PA played one of theirs, showed Chris Murphy on clock, he lip synced it.
Pitches of the Day, Chris Murphy, Granada Hills Charter High School, 6 K's in 2 IP - YouTube
Chris Murphy and his guitar will be back in the studio with Goss and Maddie at 8am tomorrow. . If you haven't...
Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal are your Connecticut Senators and huge UConn fans.
Nick silva done for the day. Chris Murphy on to pitch for Maine. 6-0 umass bottom 5 1 out
Maine brings in Chris Murphy to relieve Silva. Silva went 4.1 innings giving up 8 hits and is responsible for the runner on second base.
Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) have introduced new legislation to help American allies...
Sen. Chris Murphy to spend two days aboard Connecticut-made submarine in the Arctic
Happy Birthday to Mr Chris Jones of The creator, face of and actor who played Tex Murphy. Thank you for all your games!
By that tool Chris Murphy? Whatz happening to CT? Letting the Petit monsters live, gutting 2A ***
Listening to Senator Chris Murphy speak at School of Social Work.
"If you punch me in the bladder I'm going to go from Connor Murphy to Chris Brown real quick"
Why it's time for to cut off support for in W
.Senator Murphy: US support to Saudi on Yemen war cause humanitarian misery
.US delivered over $12Bill of weapons being used in the bloody war on
.US assists Saudi military & continue support the disastrous war on Yemen
.US support on Saudi war on Yemen evolved into a shadowy military relation
.US support to Saudi war/attack on yemen can no longer afford to be ignored
Well, I went to see some bands play. Colin Mounsey Dave Woodcock and Chris Murphy (and their bands where applicable) all kicked *** Howeve…
Chris Dede is the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.
Sen. Chris Murphy calls for suspending supply of arms to War until assured it's not helping
King nudging up against Chris Murphy's point: that we need our Sunni ally cooperation, but doesn't go as far.
Aye joe Chris Murphy That record you gave me to listen to has soo much bass its making me cough!
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