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Chris Motionless

Chris Motionless Cerulli (born October 17, 1986) is an American musician most commonly known as being the lead singer and frontman of the metal band Motionless In White.

Angel Eyes New Years Day Marilyn Manson Kellin Quinn Ricky Horror Austin Carlile Andy Biersack Vic Fuentes Danny Worsnop Mitch Lucker Oliver Sykes New Beginning Jeffree Star Ronnie Radke Tyler Carter Oli Sykes Davey Havok

ooo my god way is chris motionless is so HOT love him i wish i could date him but no i am to young for him im 13 years old.
Chris motionless is a nice guy and i wont to meet him so bad but he his a cool guy i hear ash from New Years Day said that but ya i live in utah south ogden. so i hope i get to see you on mar 3 of 2015 :)
"Chris Motionless looks like a Marilyn Manson wannabe"
fan lies motionless after an attack by fans of the club the SPFL think we can't do without
I love talking about sex then having chris motionless brought up in the conversation :-)
Say what you want about the way he dresses and his music, I would take Chris Motionless's morals over…
I made a new on called 'So you think you know Chris Motionless?'. Play it now!
Chris motionless does not drink, im impressed!!
Chris Motionless is just too hot in this video!! And his voice is just too *** sexy!!
Someone just asked me if Chris Motionless was his real name…. Oh
planetsixstring: Motionless in White’s Chris Motionless on Working-Class Values, Wearing Makeup and ‘ [
"I don't think Chris Motionless is attractive"
I liked a video from Motionless In White frontman Chris Motionless on how to be a goth
Motionless In White frontman Chris Motionless makes it no secret that he has an affinity for debonair secret agent James Bond, and has proven time and again ...
Chris Motionless is the most perfect man to live. He like s just so ugh! I LOVE HIM! My life dream is to meet him one day.
I added a video to a playlist Bryan Stars Interviews Chris Motionless at the 2014 Vans Warped Tour
Was really surprised that chris motionless is really chill and really normal and not scary at all. As bad as that sounds.
well...unless you're Chris Motionless... or Jeffree Star. (Meeting you at the bvb concert was unreal btw! 😻😻)
Chris Motionless and Maria Brink together in Contempress is pERFECT
a New Beginning feat. Chris Motionless//Upon this dawning.
Chris is just the most adorable and sexiest person ever!
I can imagine Jack Skellington with Chris Motionless' eyebrows XD
Join us in on Instagram just like did in their photo of Chris from Motionless In White! http…
Gah I have the biggest crush on Chris motionless
Slowly developing a crush on Chris Motionless. Oops
poned Upon this Dawning - A New Beginning ft Chris Motionless por favor
Chris Motionless is love. Chris Motionless is life. Except it.
Photo: night-cr4wlers: Chris Motionless of Motionless in White Photo by: Jeremy Saffer
*cries because can't Mary Chris motionless*
I still met Austin from Of Mice & Men. Chris from Motionless in White, Levi & Jerod from Miss May I, Kellin from Sleeping With Sirens and
Isn't Chris Motionless and Ricky Horror to die for?💀❤💀
I think we all can agree that Chris Motionless described our country better than anyone now
I remember when I was a guy and I was dating gabby, who was also a dude and I tried to be Chris Motionless but I had to give up and go back~
I'm probably the only one who can spend the whole day watching videos of chris motionless tbh //:
Why are you worried about Alex from target when there are men like Chris Motionless out there .
I found my Chris Motionless shirt that I cut up a summer or two ago, lol. So hype.
The new In This Moment video features Chris from Check out *** here:
Álbum de fotos: Chris Motionless of Motionless In White edited by me [X]
I liked a video from Chris Motionless on winning over unreceptive crowds, taking the torch
I'm starting to fall in love with Chris Motionless.
"im gonna be the first black girl to propose to Chris motionless*
I have never found so much comfort in someone's voice as I do with Chris Motionless
New Years Day Angel Eyes ft Chris motionless
they are awesome. Sean Murphy did a great job. The ones with Chris Motionless are amazing too http…
Since Brooke Chambliss and her family seem to think so. Who do I resemble more of? Andy Biersack or Chris Motionless lmfao
Still can't get over the fact I met Chris Motionless from Motionless in White. Even though it was 4 years ago. Still amazing.
“make Alex be chris pls ill die 4 this” ur now chris motionless sry
Check out Inked Mag interview with Chris Motionless of talk about mini coffins, and tattoos:
Remember when Chris Motionless complimented my eyebrows
I've a thing for Chris Motionless sprung outta nowhere
My baby Chris Motionless is the sex
Foto: mitch-luckers-dimples: Chris Cerulli of Motionless in White by Erlinda Sanchez on Flickr.
“Once i get you 😏 Chris motionless & Ash Costello, Angel Eyes music video.
2 things matter to most to me .motionless in white and my amazing boyfriend chris :) chris Rodriguez and chris motionless are bae lol
Agree. The film that goes with this song is very well done too. Also makes me grin seeing Chris Motionless making the rounds --
No puedo explicar mi amor por Chris Motionless. Pero look at them, they awesome
Sister: "I should be Marilyn Manson. OH WAIT I should be the guy with the eyebrows!" Aka Chris Motionless
Lol. My drawing of Chris Motionless while watching Lololol. Sorry 4 drawing u so bad!
There's something about Chris Motionless I don't know. I find him so freaking hot
You left me. You left me brokenhearted :) ♫ A New Beginning (Feat. Chris Motionless) by Upon This Dawning —
I'm gonna go back to faking Chris Motionless after Christmas.
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my fav fic is where Chris Motionless impregnated gf & broke up w her b4 he knew & dated ash Costello & she was bipolar so he didn't tell her
Why do girls still rock the Chris Motionless eyebrows.. Looks so transvestite
Austin Carlile, Ali Tabatabaee, Corey Taylor, Chris Motionless, Mark Hoppus and Jeremy McKinnon are my heroes.
I want the attitude and outlook of a Danny Worsnop and Chris Fronzak lovechild with the appearance of a female Chris Motionless.
New Years Day ft Chris Motionless Angel Eyes I think will forever be my favorite song 😍❤️.ht…
Not happy that Danny Worsnop is gonna be in TDC. They could get Craig Mabbitt, Chris Motionless, MARIA BRINK! ANYONE BUT DANNY
Angel Eyes - featuring Chris Motionless by New Years Day on
Chris Motionless , Oliver Sykes , Vic Fuentes and Austin Carlile make creamy tears run down my legs
Sebastian from Black Butler reminds me of Chris Motionless for some reason
Even though I have a big's empty. Like an empty container or a empty walnut. I don't know what to do about that. Any suggestions? And, I love Austin Carlile, Vic Fuentes, Chris Motionless, and Andy Biersack as much as my sister. I just hide it from her. 💙😂😛
I'm alone for 13 years. When i was kid, nobody play with me. My family don't spent their time with me but they spent their with my brothers. When i was teenager, i get bullied by bullies and society. They kill me with their words. I just ignore them. My family still don't care about me. Then, i be music lover. I like Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Suicide Silence, Killswitch Engage, Linkin Park, Motioless In White, Pierce The Veil and more. Since i'm interested in music, i just want to be like Andy Biersack, Chris Motionless & Mitch Lucker but it's failed. I don't have money to buy music instruments and friends to support me or be part of my band. Then, i study for culinary arts because i love arts. Sorry if i hurt you all or ask you to be my gf. I just wanna be your friend. I know i'm Emo but i'm proud of myself. I want to be different from society. Nobody can't judge me anymore. I don't care if you all or society hate me. Remember 1 thing, i'm still human. I always support LGBT. :)
Have you seen Chris Motionless on stage with Machine Head?
Or does Herman Munster remind me of Chris Motionless? Maybe
Chris Motionless' voice makes me melt sweet Jesus.
I'm 10% positive that Chris Motionless bases at least 99.99% of his style off Antichrist Superstar era Manson
Chris Motionless' part is the best part of the song, by far.
hi everyone! :) I started writing a FanFiction on wattpad about Chris Motionless. Chris fans out there please visite my acc: skittledarkside
Ricky Horror isn't attractive neither is Chris motionless or FRONZ or ghost
I'm not Chris. Motionless and that's already been written obviously. 😂😂
I just checked out that Avatar band that ima see tomorrow playing with Escape the Fate and the singer is a lot like Chris Motionless lol
in the words of chris motionless BLEUGH
Can I just look like Chris motionless or nah
So I was a huge MIW fan... Then I saw that Chris Motionless was a Flyers fan... ;) (don't care that they're out)
"How big are your ears" "Are you related to Chris Motionless"
If Chris Motionless sneezed in my face i'd say Thank you.
Andy Biersack way sexier than chris motionless
Chris Motionless is such an amazing singer .
20+ likes and I'll post a cover of me doing Upon This Dawning's song A New Beginning ft Chris Motionless :3
I'm attracted to Chris Motionless in the *** music video and I have no idea why
Chris motionless is my God and saviour he's my get away when things go wrong.
I was just told that I look like a girl version of Chris Motionless. My inner 15 year old is screaming with happiness.
Chris Motionless and Oli Sykes need to come here so I can do bad things to them..
Chris Motionless will forever be my babe . Ugh 😍
Chris motionless said that in an interview once lmao
Ooooh I really like Kellin Quinn and Chris Motionless. Do they like cockroaches?
Single and looking for: Andy Biersack, Chris Motionless, Mike Kuza or Kellin Quinn, will give anyone a chance but those are just my top options
Go find me and on omegle (Motionless in white, black veil brides,Chris Motionless, warped tour, bands)
Chris Motionless's parts in Angel Eyes by New Years Day is what I live for
Oliver Sykes is in the top 10 metalcore vocalists and Chris Motionless isn't? ***
Omfg Ash Costello and Chris Motionless' photo on Instagram:')
I want to flirt with chris motionless at warped tour lolol.
Chris motionless has the same STYG shirt as me I'm so happy
Dustin asked if I'm trying to be Chris Motionless but in reality I want him in me?
Chris Motionless doesn't want to die in a car accident and that's exactly what Mitch said, omfg
*** - In this moment ft. Chris Motionless
you know how I said I have cc feels, its changed im back to chris motionless, just keeping you updated :)
Chris Motionless on NY Ink talking about his grandfather's death is gonna make me cry :(
Tempted to go all out Chris Motionless with lip piercings...
it would be AWESOME 2 see & hear Chris Motionless & Michael Orlando sing together and also KUZA
Do you like Chris Motionless? — He's cool people to me. Wil Francis speaks highly of him, so he must be doing so...
Not even ashamed of how much I fancy Chris Motionless. Babe!
Why are people saying Chris motionless of Motionless In White is dead he can't be though
Upon this Dawning - A New Beginning ft Chris Motionless
My mother agrees with me that chris motionless is handsome.
Can I have Chris Motionless now or later?
Dear Jesus, please coexist is Chris Motionless and Satan. Amen.
if one person can ACTUALLY pull off makeup without looking dumb is Chris Motionless.
One of the many things I love about Chris Motionless.
Featuring Chris Motionless from MOTIONLESS IN WHITE! New album, 'Blood', Century Media Records, 2013. Get the new album 'Blood' now! iTunes -
I imagine sex with Chris Motionless to be very rough and rather kinky. Yes please.
I need to find some pictures of Chris motionless to send her so she'll calm down
That one time my sister said I have nice eyebrows. Like have you seen Chris motionless? Look at him then come talk to me.
I am desperately wanting to draw Chris Motionless but drawing people is ard
Chris Cerulli. 😍 AKA Chris Motionless! ❤️ He is one cutie. And I love Motionless In White! 😁
Chris Motionless ladies and gentlemen :p Aha
My mcm is Chris Motionless his perf😻😘
Chris Motionless is like the goth version of Jeffree Star let's be real
On a scale of one to Chris Motionless how hard are you trying to be Marilyn Manson
On a scale of Chris Motionless to Chewbacca how much eyebrows do you have
Maybe this is why I can never get to sleep...i'm forever distracted by Chris Motionless!
My favorite person in the world is Chris Motionless.. He is just so awesome and I love his music :)
Behind the scenes of Angel Eyes by New Years Day feat. Chris Motionless
Why can't I just be Marilyn Manson or Chris motionless?
God *** Chris motionless is an amazing vocalist wfghjkl
I think of Ricky Horror as Chris motionless and Andy Biersack's child. Is that weird?
I mean, Chris Motionless is the embodiment of perfection
We really need to talk about Chris Motionless more
Ash you're so lucky to roll around in bed with Chris Motionless! I'm so jealous!!!
To celebrate 1 MILLION views of "Angel Eyes ft. Chris Motionless" we have teamed up with Hot Topic to premiere...
ok here's the plan get my nose and lip pierced. Get a new hair style I know I want a style like Chris motionless. and pick what color or colors I want.
" you say you have a thing for Chris Motionless but, i look nothing like him." well like i told you babe i find you attractive also. i typically have two types ha. your my man Ryan don't worry i am not going any where =]
//There's always Chris Motionless? I mean pick who you'd like obviously. Just trying to think of suggestions.
All NewsSubmit News“No. I did not save your life”—Chris Motionless on insincere music cultureDecember 4, 2013 by Matt CraneMotionless In White frontman Chris Motionless recently went on a pretty lengthy rant in a post on his personal blog. The singer expressed his frustrations on a number of issues…
Shawn Milke, Dennis Lee, Craig Owens, Morrissey, and Chris Motionless are lyrically my favorite authors of all time!
Ricky Horror, Joshua Balz, Chris Motionless & Marilyn Manson need to teach me how to do my makeup ~
Is just a nether deviler worship band in the words of chris motionless the 21 were human enough said.
Everyone needs to listen to Angels Eyes by New Years Day,it's amazing and it has Chris Motionless in it so
chris motionless fkn hot un *** video.. He's got the fk me eyes... \m/
I would like to love on Chris Motionless for the rest of my life.
I love Chris Motionless's voice so much
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Dose someone of my followers know Chris Motionless?
Chris Motionless needs to grow his hair long again
I look up to Landon Tewers and Chris Motionless the most
Photoset: nicolehumblee: Chris motionless is probably the most perfect human being on earth
Do you know how to Chris Motionless now Chris
I think if Chris motionless got mad and yelled at me I would just get really turned on
One more to the first time I saw Motionless in white and got to meet Chris!
I got Chris Motionless on "Which famous musician is right for you?"
Chris Motionless is my husband. . -. We are the damned, the cursed and the broken. There's so much more…
I remember when I saw Chris Motionless at Walmart one time.
Everyone would hate motionless in white without Chris Ffs
No one understands my obbession with chris motionless
Chris Fronzak, Chris Linck & Chris Motionless. . Chris' are just perfect.
this is totally irrelevant but im sobbing at yet another Chris Motionless fan-fic :( fgs lol!
Today a sixth grader told me she was marrying Chris Motionless.
are you interviewing Motionless in White or Chris from Motionless in White there's a difference
Chris motionless was on NY INK and Chrissy was the dominatrix in the video for creatures !! 💀👌👍👻
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — Chris Motionless
I totally agree with what Chris from motionless in white have said...
Chris Motionless is one badass mother fukker lmao :')
Am I the only one to think that Chris Motionless is very attractive ? Anyone ?
but you're basically a Chris Motionless clone :/
Okay yea Chris Motionless, Davey Havok and my friend Phil are edge. I like my alcohol. I'd give it up for one of them for a week at the most
Chris motionless seems like a really nice loving guy lol xD
Chris Motionless is on point tonite.!!
Foto: slipsknot: Chris Cerulli - Motionless In White by Larry Bailey on Flickr.
Chris Motionless' high screams are beautiful
Guys like Kuza,Balz,Ricky Horror, Chris Motionless,Devin Sola, Angelo Sorrento and Sid Hilton make me wanna cry because their make up looks better than mine. .-.
On June 11, 2013, Motionless In White released the Deluxe Edition of Infamous, featuring remixed and remastered versions of all the original tracks, alongside two new songs, remixes by Celldweller, Combichrist and Ricky Horror, and re-recorded drums by Richter. Motionless In White did their first full UK tour in September 2013 with The Defiled and Glamour of the Kill Motionless In White will be opening for In This Moment on the HELLPOP Tour in the U.S starting in Q4 of 2013 Motionless In White will be doing a short tour with All That Remains in December of 2013 On the 23rd of December 2013 Chris Motionless announced via Instagram that the band would be releasing a new album in the upcoming year.
What 2 vocalists should do a song together? I'd choose Caleb Shomo and Tyler Carter, or Chris Motionless and Marilyn Manson- MoshMike
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Check out Chris Motionless in the new In This Moment video!
Ricky Horror and Chris Motionless are honestly too perfect. Okay? Ok
ask Chris Motionless how was his sex scene cameo like with Ash from New Years Day on their "Angel Eyes" video?
Kay guys. I'm gonna spam Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes, Austin Carlile, and Chris Motionless when I get back. My parents need me to help paint the kitchen n.n -xDeath_Inbloomx
Norman Reedus and Lauren Cohan are my two main idols. Chris Motionless and Taylor Momsen are my music idols.
I got a spoon, f all zombies imma spoon you more than fangirls wish to spoon Kellin Quinn or Chris Motionless
Thanks to my boss for pointing out that I like eyebrows. Chris Motionless, Kuza, Dave Navarro, Jafar, Cory La Quay.
Next week could you please do a Chris Motionless rockstar cut out. And Danny Worsnop :) x
If Danny Worsnop, Chris Motionless, Michael Vampire and Kuza did a song a song together it would be so insanely amazing...
My style always varies between Andy Biersack-type rockstar and Chris Motionless-type dark goth lord of the underworld. And I'm ok with that.
Don't ever say "I want to learn to scream like Ronnie Radke" or Craig Mabbbitt, or Andy Beirsack, or Vic Fuentes, or Kellin Quinn or Oli Sykes. Scream wise they are all trash vocalists. If you want to learn to scream like someone try some good vocalists like Phil Bozemen, Tim Lambisis, Chris Motionless, James Cheal, Christian Johansen, Jake from ABR, or someone like that who is actually good at it
He is co oping at my work and he met chris motionless and he said they were good and i almost cried
What if Chris Motionless just started walking through the mall of my school :O I'd die. (The mall is just an open area for people to sit)
I also have an obsession with Chris Motionless. Deal with it.
I cannot cope with pictures of Chris Motionless dressed as a ring master. God help me.
Chris Motionless is one attractive man
Between Tony Perry, Chris Motionless and Austin Carlile I don't know who's legs I want more.
Chris Motionless and Ash Costello are so perfect and this song is so good
Chris Motionless of Motionless in White Interview for Ink & Honor: via
I would definitely let Chris Motionless shove a switchblade in my face if the time came
I've finally come to the conclusion I'm a massive fangirl bc crying over chris motionless : (
Uh-oh. I lost my picture of Chris Motionless and I.
What's up sociopaths I'm in love with this song it's called Angel Eyes by New Years Day and chris motionless is in it don't try to hide!🙊
Chris Motionless looks very attractive in Angel Eyes
It's depressing how good Chris Motionless looks in a skirt
5 days till I get to see Chris Motionless !
Me getting a hug from Chris Motionless this weekend, this guy is seriously a huge inspiration and it made me so happy htt…
Watching the Upon this Dawning video with Chris motionless in English yolo
Beau Bokan, Chris Motionless & Nick Trask don't get enough credit as lead vocalists.
My mother thinks Chris motionless is terrifying
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Thanks and so do you! If I was 20 yrs younger I would be all over Chris Motionless! LOL
I actually think Chris Motionless is highly attractive tbh
I'm sorry but Ash Costello and Chris Motionless make a fantastic couple
Can Chris Motionless and Ash Costello just get married already?
I wish I could scream like chris motionless
u guys have great taste in music! Chris motionless is so nice and hot :)
My daughter idolizes Chris Motionless! I love him too! He is so nice!
We will be premiering Angel Eyes (Feat. Chris Motionless) soon. Stay glued to our page tomorrow for when and where. http:…
Hearing Chris Motionless scream PIE & COOKIE is the best thing EVER
okay Chris Motionless is just. so. so beautiful. I cannot deal.
you guys know that spiderweb on Chris motionless's elbow? I want that.
Listening to Motionless In White! Rock N Roll forever! I wish I could scream a 1/4 of how good Chris Motionless can.
Photoset: Ash Costello and Chris Motionless on the set of Angel Eyes. Somewhere in California. Spring 2013.
Photo: i-giomonster96: Chris Motionless and Josh Balz at the Mayhem Fest.
My personal idols are Ronnie Radke (even after all the dramas that's been caused), Oliver Sykes, and Chris Motionless
If it wasn't for Maynard James Keenan, Chris Motionless, Mitch Lucker, and Marilyn Manson and their outlooks on the world I would go insane.
Remember when ma saw the picture of me and Chris Motionless and she was convinced he was a girl. Oh Catherine.
at least you know they're football teams /: (Chris motionless is in bless the fall btw)
Chris motionless would've seen,probably hopefully applauded, cheered and thanked me if I had since he was in his text right next to them
Photo: toxxiczombie: Chris- Motionless in White by LLDPhotography on Flickr.
Chris Motionless touched my hand this show. I felt amazing.
Okay I'll stop posting pictures of Chris motionless now.
music video for Angel Eyes ft Chris Motionless was the best I've seen this year because of the acting and camera work!
Angel Eyes feat. Chris motionless. That or blessthefall
I found a random dude in the background of a pic of Chris Motionless. I thought you all would like to see him better.
Black veil Brides in the end or New Years Day Angel Eyes feat. Chris Motionless
In other news heres the beautiful Chris motionless.
Chris motionless be with me during this semester of college
Chris Motionless Is so perfect, so are his tattoos. I wanna hug him! ._.
Chris Motionless is more romantic than your boyfriends.. ??
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chris motionless is just...unf...i can't get enough of him lol and then the video for Angel Eyes made it even worse!
I liked a video Chris Motionless Make-up Tutorial! (Motionless in White)
If you had 24 hours to spend anyway you wanted, and m... — Move in with Chris Motionless and make my friend Soph...
I saw a girl today that was the double of Chris Motionless. She had the same hair-ish. Eyebrows, piercings. Thought it was him.
some guy at the train station today looked like a mix of Mitch Lucker, Levi Benton and Chris Motionless
Don't hate because you ain't Chris Motionless
I just realized that Chris Motionless draws his eye brows on :| Meh, I'd still go completely straight for him :P
I need to start writing my letter to Chris motionless real soon. Endless things I wanna say. Don't know how to start it.
It will be judged by Synyster Gates, Amy Lee, Chris Motionless and Rob Flynn.
Thankyou, Chris Motionless. For being an amazing singer/screamer. And for accepting me. I love you, MIW!!!
Sex with Chris Motionless would be nice
In every music video chris motionless is featured in, he never wears make up...
I want her hair and her voice and her body :( Chris Motionless's voice! ^.^ Go makan banyak banyak and rebond your hair!
Sorry the only feminine boys I like are Davey Havok, Jared Leto, and Chris Motionless. I prefer my boys to be metal.
if your hero is mentioned. Austin Carlile . Oli Sykes. Danny Worsnop. Chris Motionless. Mitch Lucker. Ben Bruce. Jeremy Mckin…
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Whenever I wear creepers and skinnies together I feel like Chris Motionless hm
If you don't look like or have Chris Motionless personality bye
*2009* I met chris motionless before he got really famous with the band
I love that picture of Jonathan Vigil and Chris Motionless performing
MIW or a field comp.. Rob Zombie inspired haunted houses and a show or sets and nerves.. Chris Motionless or Mr. Allmond..
I would pay 80 to sit and talk to Chris motionless for a good hour
actually no i wanna meet Austin Carlile or chris motionless or nsn or panic at the disco
Meeting Chris Motionless and watching Miw had to be the best there music is what gets me through anything.
“Chris Motionless > Kellin Quinn :-)” you can't even compare them tbh. Sorry not sorry
Erin Chris motionless sang to me!!! And ugh yesterday and today were perfect
I have Chris Motionless on both my lock and home screen
Idk how Kellin's hair grease has to do with him as a person like Chris Motionless has oily skin but no one ever talks about that
Chris Motionless is doing it right...
ATTENTION MALE POPULATION. . If you think you look like Chris motionless enter my "CHRIS LOOK ALIKE" contest to win a fabulous prize!
Think ill have a "Chris motionless look alike" contest. That way I can pick out a cute bog to date that looks like Chris.
came out of the shower without taking my makeup off only to hear my mother say I look like Chris Motionless..
Chris Motionless is probably the nicest dude ever.
Jared of mmi danny from asking alexandria Kenny Leath main stage manager from warped tour & chris motionless of miw
I'm just in love with Chris Motionless
Chris Motionless seems like such a sound guy
Just one of the many reasons why you should respect Chris Motionless.
Oil Skyes and Chris motionless are the sexiest human beings to walk this earth.
Photoset: nicolette-the-nocturnal: Motionless in White at Mayhem Festival part 3: Chris Motionless
Gotta say, Chris "Motionless" Cerulli looks very attractive now. I mean, He always did. I just find him attractive now.
The things I would do to kuza and Chris motionless should be illegal in 50 states and Puerto Rico
Chris motionless is sexy and elegant and I won't rest until I get in his pants
More men should dress like Chris Motionless
Chris Motionless is kinda scary in a kinda hot way o.o
Can I please go back to Hollywood and sed Chris Motionless
When men can do their make up better than you can cough Marilyn Manson cough Chris Motionless cough
Forbidden zone - Misfits followed by Forbidden Planet - Michale Graves feat Chris Motionless. I see what you did there spotify...
Inside this weeks Kerrang Mag. MIW,BVBfans checkout and get this weeks. Chris Motionless :D RT
This one time i saw Chris motionless on tv in LA ink and i flailed
Chris motionless or jinxx . Which one would you pickx
Chris Motionless has the most beautiful and perfect tattoos that I've ever seen
something that ponders me is how some one can find Chris motionless attractive i mean i know when there is a good looking dude but not him
Jason Butler, Tyler Carter, Shayley Bourget, and Chris Motionless seriously have THE best voices. They're so gorgeous.
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