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Chris McKendry

Chris McKendry (born Christine McKendry February 18, 1968) has been a journalist for ESPN since 1996. Currently, she primarily serves as co-anchor of the 12-3pm ET weekday block of live SportsCenter shows, alongside Jay Crawford.

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Why Grand Slam tennis host Chris McKendry has 'best job' at ESPN
Chris McKendry thinks Juan Monaco should try hypnosis to help with his awful forehand
Do you agree with Chris McKendry that Kevin Anderson should speak like an intelligent adult?
Chris McKendry raises eyebrows after suggesting Marin Cilic should use a one-handed backhand.
All they do is state the obvious. They're not even versed in sports lingo. You're sensational as are Chris McKendry,
ESPN hosts a debate between Justin Gimelstob and Chris McKendry over whether Caroline Garcia should be fined for her grunting.
will someone *please* tell Chris McKendry that Milos Raonic's last is pronounced "Row-nich" (1st syllable rhymes w/ "ow") not "Ronnich"?
Steph Curry out two weeks means Warriors beat the Clippers in 6 games instead of 5. Because no way Chris Paul goes to co…
Great post. She's one of the best on SC. Could you post some of Chris McKendry?
Yup. How about after 1400 in our dorms? Im meeting with Dr. McKendry at 1300. Or any time all day afterward…
Chris McKendry just made a Ryan Minor reference on
Chris McKendry's eye brows look really weird today. Wondering if they just aren't dark enough or if she's been botoxing.
Chris McKendry looks like a third world country plastic surgeon got a hold of her eye brows. Girl, fix your face. That…
Whoah Chris McKendry looks hideous, bunchy hair and those high eyebrows make her look much older and sleep deprived
Uh oh.can Chris McKendry move her eyebrows?
What country and/or planet is Chris McKendry from and why is she announcing tennis?
By contrast, the interview he had on ESPN with "Delicious" Chrissie & Chris McKendry was 👎👎. Pam & Darren would've been better.
Someone seriously needs to tell Chris McKendry that she is pronouncing Leo's last name wrong...
Chris McKendry used that to describe Coric lol
Yay ESPN! Chris McKendry and LZ! Love them, glad they're doing US Open coverage!
Chris McKendry, on Serena: "This is the first match of what we all hope will be a march toward a calendar grand slam." All of us?
I bet Chris McKendry wishes her name didn't sound so much like Britt McHenry.
lol, no doubt. I'd pay to see Chris McKendry knock him out
This daily Jay Crawford/Chris McKendry nerf ball contest is the most miserable/awkward thing ever. Make it stop.
“Day 1 of the Tim Tebow tryout era in Philadelphia.” - Chris McKendry, almost non-ironically, on ESPN
Chris McKendry is so Bae she don't even know fam
Jay Crawford is a Browns fan and Chris McKendry is an Eagles fan? Why haven't they pointed this out 10,000 times already?
Chris Christie is lecturing people on how harmful weed is while ignoring the fact that he's addicted to cheeseburgers http:/…
At first I thought it was Chris McKendry and was bummed. Glad it wasn't.
Chris McKendry also got her start in DC, so that made it even more confusing.
When I first read about Britt McHenry, I thought "Oh snap, Chris McKendry seems so humble on Sportscenter." And I'm from DC!
Jay Crawford and Chris McKendry are the absolute worst combo
LOL John McEnroe getting a little fiesty on ESPN2. Chopping it up w/ Chris Evert and Chris McKendry
Mark Dantonio joins ESPN's Chris McKendry and Jay Crawford for a live segment on SportsCenter at AT&T Stadium.
Chris McKendry is definitely banging Jay Crawford right? Has to be.
Darren Cahill, Pam Shriver and Chris McKendry on ESPN all tip Petra Kvitova to win the women’s singles title over Genie Bouchard
Went on a great tour of ESPN in Bristol, CT (the home of sports)! We saw a bunch of the on air personalities. Herm Edwards, Linda Cohn, Colin Cowherd, Kevin Neghandi, Scott Van Pelt, Chris McKendry, Dottie Pepper, and Bob Ley. Went into the Baseball Tonight studio, the NFL Live studio and watched the people in the production room for the 1:00pm SportsCenter. Pictures will follow.
Young Canadian Genie Bouchard joins Chris McKendry and Darren Cahill in the ESPN Studio to discuss her victory on court today, her goals for 2014, and the ...
Digital Serve: Day 3 Preview: . Chris McKendry and Chrissie Evert preview Day 3 of the Australian Open.
definitely. Should throw Chris Mckendry or Hannah Storm in there
There are only three reasons to watch ESPN: 1). Kenny Mayne 2). Mike Ditka 3). Dr. Lou Holtz Honorable mention to Hannah Storm, Suzy Kolber and Chris McKendry.
Chris McKendry & Jay Crawford are like high schoolers. They don't just report-they assume, INSTIGATE & sometimes just make stuff up.
Three minutes away from watching Jay Crawford and Chris McKendry explode tomorrow.. Why is the world so cruel? I just wanted a tie...
I can't tell the difference between Hannah Storm and Chris McKendry. Are they both blonde now? They usually only show the side of their face
I remember watching her on tv with Mary Jo and Chris mckendry last year? year before? She had lost but was still interviewed
Chris McKendry is so stupid she knows nothing about tennis idk who she sleeps with from ESPN
I was gonna say Chris McKendry's gotten so much better...then I realized it was Hannah Storm.
Nothing says major championship like Chris McKendry
I'm not really a fan of Chris McKendry as a broadcaster
Chris McKendry is not a good play by play announcer.
Chris mckendry should NEVER broadcast a sports event even if its the llws
I enjoy Doris Burke, but Chris McKendry doing this Little League World Series game needs to stop and never happen again.
Chris McKendry announcing the consolation game of the Little League World Series between Connecticut and Mexico is BRUTAL to listen too
Ok Chris McKendry can stop announcing this LLWS game anytime now
"Holy shnikes!"- Chris McKendry after a kid hits a hr. She's the worst...
Chris McKendry is absolutely butchering this game. Worst announcer ever.
I don't care how old u is! I will tear Hannah Storm and Chris Mckendry up! I'm tired of bein a virgin! lol
The Word: Looking to Wimbledon: . Chris McKendry, Prim Siripipat and Michele Steele look ahead to...
The Word: Mercury's first win: . Chris McKendry, Prim Siripipat and Michele Steele discuss the Me...
Volkswagen Germany has confirmed it will recall of some of its cars in Australia, in a move that comes after a string of publicity on the safety of its cars.
Chris McKendry and Jay Crawford may be the worst duo on Sportscenter
Chris McKendry is fundraising on JustGiving for Macmillan Cancer Support
please keep Chris McKendry off my television forever.
Is it weird I think Chris McKendry is hot af?
😒 no. Mary Jo and Chris McKendry i believe
Ok Methodist peeps crystal is leaving soon (bo) , so next Saturday after work we are all going to eat Mexican to celebrate her time with us and her new adventures ! Please tell me if your coming
During a very informal/strange phone interview this morning, I was asked about a celebrity crush. She had no idea who Chris McKendry was :(
Chris McKendry where do you get your super cute clothes??
Not sure I would say Azarenka is playing with house money in the third set of a grand slam semi Chris Mckendry
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Our Bekah McKendry is going through the horrors of domesticity, living through what might be the single weirdest landlord story I've ever heard. Bekah works very hard, is very upbeat and now with a new baby in tow, she doesn't deserve this sort of drama. Think of her today as she and her man Dave try to sort out some serious madness...
We have 2 extra tickets to Dropkick Murphies show at Minglewood Hall tomorrow evening. Anybody want them?
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Just so over welding grinding cutting, then welding grinding and more cutting! And it's not even my car, nor am I getting paid for it! Race cars!
if shes not Linda Cohn, Chris McKendry, or Erin Andrews then I dont care
Chris McKendry and Jay Crawford have seemed like they've never been on tv for the last 5 min of Sportscenter.
The only reason I watch ESPN is because of basketball and Chris Mckendry and Lindsay czarniak these days
Chris Mckendry and Linda Cohn are the only two women sports anchors I like.
Watching ESPN right. Jay Crawford: "You put a smile on her face *** Chris McKendry: "Thank You ***
Thank you Chris McKendry for asking Ed Reed 5,000 times what his future will be, even though he clearly didn't want to talk about it.
Chatting Live with Patrick McEnroe, Mary Joe Fernandez and Chris McKendry during the 1st set of tonight's match.
Chris McKendry, Chrissie Evert and Brad Gilbert are in the studio for the Li Na/Sharapova match and ready to answer your questions!
Digital Serve January 13th: Chris McKendry, Chris Evert and Darren Cahill preview day two at the Australi...
Chris McKendry and Chris Evert on the desk means it's time to stop watching for the night...
What is happening on SportsCenter? Pedro Gomez had one of the worst reports I've seen, then Chris McKendry couldn't string 2 words together.
Why did Antonio Davis just wink at Chris Mckendry after saying James Hardin is a good bench player
you should ask Chris McKendry is she thinks she looks like Julie Bowen
Linda Cohn,Jemele Hill,Suzy Kolber and Chris Mckendry are all pure class tho so I shud have said "some women shudnt announce"
Jay Crawford: "Florida State has allowed three points in their first three games...let that sink in." Chris McKendry: "And they've played?" LOL Sportscenter made my day
Love Jay Crawford on Sports Center. He plays a great Bud Abbott to Chris McKendry's Lou Costello!
Little Giant Ladders
Stuart Scott & Chris McKendry on the set for Hooter's breakthrough performance on latest commercial
No more Chris McKendry or Hannah Storm until 2013. We only have 4 months.
Please tell me Chris McKendry is replacing Hannah Storm on set.
so I'm watching SportsCenter and one anchor is Chris Mckendry,who is just god awful, and then they bring in Mark Schlereth!
Our grip guy keeping Brad Gilbert cool on our terrace set. With Mary Joe and Chris Mckendry.
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