Chris Matthews & Roger Ailes

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A thought on a Thursday night: Only SIX PERCENT (6%) of all Americans trust the media to tell the truth. That is the findings of Scott Rasmussen, consistently one of the most accurate pollsters in the business. A whopping 42% find it very difficult to trust the news media and another 12% believe the news media can't be trusted at all. What does this say about the people who report the news? Oh, the liberals will say that if you watch Fox News you're stupid and the conservatives will say that if you think Chris Matthews is reliable you could be Baker Acted by your family. The reality that we live in is that the news media has totally abdicated its responsibility, which is to report the news in such a way that people can make their own personal decisions based on the facts. Instead, we have a news media that believes its job is to influence the way people think and that's just wrong. I'm an independent. My vote is influenced by my conscience, my values and my wallet. I do not trust our elected officials sta ...
MSNBC host Chris Matthews had tough words for Sens. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Rand Paul (R-KY) who pointedly questioned Sec. Hillary Clinton today regarding her role in the September 11, 2012, attack on an American consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Matthews called Johnson a “pissant” due to his harsh line ...
In the State of Ohio $177,000,000.00.That's right, One hundred and seventy seven million dollars have been spent on advertising by political parties this election season. Now who gets all that money? CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC.they get it all! Don't you see the BULLSHIZ that is fed to us each night on television. Every *** one of the announcers, no matter what channel you were watching after the debate Monday night.said the same thing.STOP THE NEGATIVE ADS. What a bunch of hypocrites they are. They try to con us all.That's how they make their money!! That's why the CNN Center in Atlanta is bigger than a casino in Las Vegas. The network's puppets in front of the camera tell you one thing while the CEO's and accountants are calling the Brinks truck again and again. Chris Matthews & Bill O'Reilly make millions telling us each night that they fight for you, they represent our point of view whether its republican or democrat. That the ads have to end. All this go on each night while Roger Ailes of ...
I feel sorry for roger ailes having to sit next to Chris Matthews last night. Hope he took a good shower afterwards
Cardinal Dolan: "This dinner has brought together two people who don't like being in the same room together: Roger Ailes and Chris Matthews"
Mitt gave a very good speech...who was that sitting between Chris Matthews and Roger Ailes?
At the Al Smith Dinner in NYC. Chris Matthews, Roger Ailes all on the dais with Pres. Obama/Mitt Romney.
Cardinal Dolan jokes that brought together Chris Matthews and Roger Ailes.
Isn't that Roger Ailes two seats down from Chris Matthews at the Al Smith Dinner?
Life was better before I saw this much Roger Ailes... And what's going on w Chris Matthews?
Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, Mort Zuckerman and Roger Ailes on dais at Dinner.
Katie Couric behind Romney (and soon Obama) at the dinner. Also there: Chris Matthews and Roger Ailes.
So great to see Chris Matthews gobbling grub with Roger Ailes, all in 1897 white tie. A perfect picture of the hungry journalist, 2012. FTA.
At the Al Smith Dinner. Obama and Romney seated 2 seats away from each, behind them Roger Ailes and Chris Matthews
It must be awful and/or awesome to be the guy sitting between Chris Matthews and Roger Ailes.
Al Smith Dinner is on C-SPAN. Roger Ailes and Chris Matthews sitting in the row behind Obama and Romney.
Roger Ailes and Maria Bartiromo are directly behind Romney. Chris Matthews is behind Obama.
Dais also includes Mayor Bloomberg, Henry Kissinger, Chris Matthews of MSNBC and Roger Ailes of Fox News.
what a panel. Roger Ailes, Chris Matthews,. Matthews is covering face.
Is that Roger Ailes stuffing his face next to Chris Matthews?
Ok this is creepy w Chris Matthews behind Obama and Roger Ailes (stuffing his face) behind Romney
Roger Ailes should hire Keith Olbermann. And run him opposite Chris Matthews.
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