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Chris Matthews

Christopher John Chris Matthews (born December 17, 1945) is an American news anchor and political commentator, known for his nightly hour-long talk show, Hardball with Chris Matthews, which is televised on the American cable television channel MSNBC.

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Hmm seems we may see Chris Matthews implicated in story? No WONDER!
😆 There are people scamming SSD and Chris Matthews is not going to convince me…
Kristol going haywire. Chewing the caroet as Trump successes expose Obama flops. Next sto…
"I dont know, I thought the way he touched it was kind of hitlerian" - Chris Matthews probably
looks like Sean lost to Lawrence O'Donnell, other FOX'ers losing to Maddow/Chris Matthews via
I am so grateful to people like Bill Maher, Chris Matthews and Margaret Carlson for opposing Berkeley’s censorship.
It's optics Greta. What would you think if Anderson cooper or Chris Matthews went over to Fox News?
Oh man, we're going to Obama Mr. Gibbs, Obama is a racist. Uh oh.…
During the campaign, Pres. Trump said he would enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information
V pleased that Chris Carter & Brian Matthews to speak Conf, 27 June.
Like when they abandoned him when he tried to be President. Chris Matthews made him cry. :)
Unlike Chris Matthews who seems to like his leg being peed on by Libturds💩.
Ravens need more from WR Chris Moore if they wish to succeed
They are many more that needs sued Joy Reid,Maddow, Chris Matthews, Many more
It was awesome and as Chris Matthews would say "gave me a chill up my whatever"
See I missed what he said on Chris Matthews cz I already stopped watching anything he is on.
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said on Chris Matthews he loves leaks, how about wiki leaks, he do not like them,…
do you know who gave half of cnn and msnbc their start? From chris cuamo to chris Matthews to Andrea Mitchell.
We don't love Chris Matthews Hardball.let him go NOT Lawrence who we like AND WATCH!
So true...but so what? Nobody will challenge him on it. They should. See theological abortion chat w/ Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews asks critcal questions, that's what journalists are supposed to do. They aren't there for 'entertainment'.
I liked a video Holocaust denier Chris Matthews says Hitler never used chemical weapons
Does Chris Matthews still have that thrill up his leg? I'm sure it's progressed to a full on anti Trump aneurism.
Larry Elder vs Chris Matthews--longest 11 years of Chrissy's life.
Coming tomorrow: our marathon, monster length 40 minute HSNCT preview! Hear Ben and Chris break down the event and give the…
Wonderful news on your ratings. But we knew that. You & Rachel & Chris Hayes, Chris…
Hmm! Why is Chris Matthews on fox so darn stupid? We found the answer!
MEDIA: Chris Wallace, ,Chris Matthews. You base all the rhetoric and Goal of high ratings for…
Sean Hannity I think Chris Matthews is it a total disgrace to the whole Fox network I need to be fired
Stopped watching them more than nine years ago. Right after I saw Chris Matthews gett…
Ooooh!! Chris Matthews just got a leg thrill!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Reminds me of Chris Matthews telling his audience that he doesn't give a *** about the grieving mothers of the Ben…
I'm so very sorry you have to listen to BlowHard Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow & OMG so many othrs so full of smelly S*%t‼️
A must watch: Rex Tillerson schools Chris Matthews on EVERYTHING.
Chris Matthews and Shepard Smith are Liberal lap dogs, cockholsters for the Democrats and they fired Bill O'Reilly, what a joke Fox is
Washington could not tell a lie, Nixon could not tell the truth, DJT cannot tell the difference!" HAH! Chris Matthews
"How about that Richard Spencer and Breitbart and Steve Bannon, Chris Matthews? I sure hate brown people, Jews." -Uncle Pat
Chris Matthews just namechecked Mr. Green Jeans on air. My crush on him is now true love.
Chris Matthews says Macron's election creates "a lot of hope for older women" because he's married to "a very attractive old…
u forgot Matt Laher, the crier, Martha Radaz, Robin Roberts, Chris Matthews, and the biggest star Brian Williams!!!
I watch every day. But chuck, Greta, Brian, never. Usually not Chris Matthews. Always Chris Hayes, Rachel, Lawrence, of course, Joy.
I see Chris Matthews having a 3 sum with Hayes, Maddow, all those guys, he's always got drool on the side of his mouth.
.Just flat out told Chris Matthews that he has seen evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and…
Cat got your tongue? Guest stuns Chris Matthews by praising THIS Policy...
Chris Matthews on President Trump's first 100 days: "It's an F so far"
Chris Matthews: What 21st Century Fox did was right
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Mike Wallace, Breshad Perriman, Chris Moore, Michael Campanaro, Chris Matthews, and Keenan Reynolds. You aren't going far with that WR group
Where was Dan Rather when Chris Matthews said the same EXACT thing an never apologized? Double standard Dan Rathe…
Dan Rather is a liar. ... a . Chris Matthews said the same thing, and never apologized RATHER is an imbecile
Watch MSNBC's Chris Matthews saying 'Hitler didn't use chemical weapons'. Where was all the outrage then?
"He (Obama) sends shivers down my leg" - Chris Matthews . Never have I seen such a media "love fest ". . Now with Tr…
Other than Chris Matthews, I'm pretty impressed with all of MSNbc's efforts. I do wish…
Yes Sir! You would be the new Kennedys! Chris Matthews wants you to be the new Romanovs and executed at the Tidal Basin.
Is Dan going to ask for Chris' firing?Flashback-MSNBC's Chris Matthews: 'Hitler Didn't Use Chemical…
Chris Matthews, Joy Reid, Scott Pelley, Keith Olbermann, making it happen. Need more from CNN.
Thomas Friedman, Dan Savage, and Chris Matthews are getting the band back together and going on a Syrian War r…
Chris Matthews speculates Trump strike is a "set piece" to "kill the narrative that he's in bed with Putin."
Last night Chris Matthews describing Kim Jong Un & I thought it was Trump until he mentioned murder of half brother.
Wow, Chris Matthews calls Merkel the "best leader in the world right now." I dont even know what to say—truly hard to bear…
A 'lobotomy' didn't work out too well for Rosemary Kennedy, but maybe Chris Matthews would have better luck. It's w…
Chris Matthews put ex rep.congressman joe Walsh in his place said segment wasn't about trump,but about Stephen king of Iowa
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Keep it up Michael Moore! We need u & Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Madow, Chris Matthews & anyone w/a voice to speak for us!
Meanwhile, Chris Matthews thinks DJ Tang's admin is just a big reality show! Media is not taking this seriously.Still a game to them!
I look for the immediate firing of the ridiculous Chris Matthews, Rachael Maddow, Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Brian Williams
Last night was so exciting! Chris Matthews and Brian Williams did a great job, then with perfect timing, Voilà! 2 B…
as soon as I saw Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams and Chris Matthews, I turned it off
1. I am watching the Rump/Poosin report by Brian Williams/Chris Matthews. Interesting. Eerie how it kept cutting out during damaging info.
Rep now on MSNBC interviewed by Brian Williams and Chris Matthews about intelligence preserved by Obama admin.
Two stiffs Katy Tur and Ali Velshi appears to be a quota on Comcast last segment included Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell
Brian Williams and Chris Matthews are jokes. They should have called Trump a liar 10 segments ago. I only listen to Rachel
Brian Williams & Chris Matthews both bringing up possibility of Trump blackmail on MSNBC. The rhetoric is heating up.
Desperates Brian Williams and Chris Matthews drag out the smut team tonight on MSLSD in flailing attempt to resurrect Russia issue.
I'm watching MSNBC now. Two hours with Chris Matthews & Brian Wms.
Brian Williams and Chris Matthews are knocking it out of the park on Trump/Russia on MSNBC!
So I tune in on MSNBC to see at 9 and what I see is Chris Matthews slobbering and interrupting, and Brian Williams stiff as usual?
When I put on MSNBC and see Brian Williams and Chris Matthews on instead of Rachel Maddow
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
She's off tonight but Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams & Chris Matthews going over everything! They have a team in Russia...👀🍿🍿🍿
I'm curious why it's Brian Williams, Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell on this Russian-Trump story in 's time slot?
Brian Williams is a weak substitute for Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews will be just more white noise no a case like Maddow presents
Brian Williams & Chris Matthews? re: Trump Putin special: I would rather watch Rachel at this hour. I trust what she has to say.
Brian Williams and Chris Matthews doing an in depth show on Trump and Russia on MSNBC right now..tune in and see.
ugh ...why did you run Brian Williams and Chris Matthews instead of those who have actually done the work on Russia?
I'm glad is staying on the trump/Russia connection, but why on earth is Brian Williams & Chris Matthews doin…
Why do u take Lawrence O'Donnell off 2 put Chris Matthews,Brian Williams,why not have Rachel & Lawrence host the show it's there time slot
Also, tonight on MSNBC from 9 to 11, Brian Williams & Chris Matthews are supposed to be exploring Trump/Putin ties.
What inside info do Brian Williams & Chris Matthews have on Trump & Putin to justify a 2 hour special tonight?
at 11pm tonight Brian Williams and Chris Matthews are doing an indepth look at Trump and Russia
Chris Matthews & Brian Williams are acting like presidents have never practiced SOTU speeches before.
Clearly you guys didn't watch Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, Nicolle Wallace, Eugene Robinson last nite who tore him a new one
Chris Matthews has lost his marbles, as well as Brian Williams...they used to be truth tellers...
Thanks. FYI There is a special on MSNBC tomorrow at 6 pm (pacific) on Trump/Putin. Brian Williams and Chris Matthews. 😜
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I'm watching after the just for entertainment value. Brian Williams, and Chris Matthews. 😂🤣 What a circus act.
Jane Price members Kevin Stafford, David Cameron and former chief executive Chris Matthews are voting for will market support.
Can FBN &FNC cancel her appearances and send her CNN or MSNBC. She belong with Rachel Maddox & Chris Matthews.
Chris Matthews has no business interviewing Kellyanne Club. He's 2 busy trying to get in her panties to call her out 4 lying.
She literally just made up a “Bowling Green Massacre.” Lucky for her, the interview was with Chris Matthews, so, no followu…
Liberals like Chris Matthews and the propagandists at CNN believe blacks are too stupid to get an i.d.! https…
Tucker Carlson just called Chris Matthews a 'volcano of dumbness.' Love Tucker!
2 days of entrepreneurship and dealmaking with Chris Matthews 👊 boom — travelling to London, United Kingdom from...
*** Chris Matthews has some serious internal homosexual conflicts. He used to say hearing Obam-Imam speak gave him an erection,
. 3 of the best. Only good ones on msnbc new. Chris Matthews
Why is this buffoon still on the air?
Looks like you and Chris Matthews got the memo from the CNN president.
Chris Matthews called Trump's speech "Hitlerian." That's not far off. Here's his first radio address as Chancellor. htt…
Did I just witness Chris Matthews flirting with Colin?
The drum beat of and nationalism...Trump Speech Was ‘Hitlerian’
Chris matthews calls Trump's speech anti-semetic. Really a Rabbi came to bless the presidency&he spoke of renewing…
No kidding, why didn't you stand up for America Chris Matthews. You helped Trump too
Gojkok, thought I was wrong feeling that way about chris matthews since his remarks about VP Cheney. Don't anymore.
Chris Matthews is an absurd crazy awesome kinda racist
And Chris Matthews with our first Mussolini reference. Bottoms up.
Chris Matthews watching the Trumps walk to the reviewing stand: "Why do I think of the Romanovs?" Wonder if he knows how tha…
Chris Matthews is a fuggin' that needs to die a horrible death involving cancer, AIDS, amputation, ballsack hacking, and d…
Chris Matthews leg thrill withdrawal symptoms have him seeing visions of Hitler after Trump’s ‘America first’ speech http…
MEDIA WATCH: Chris Matthews of MSNBC said that Trump's inaugural speech had a 'Hitlerian' background
Fired up for Paul Richardson next year (cue someone telling me how fired up we were for Chris Matthews after the SB).
Chris Matthews and Kellyanne Conway comes to mind. Let's see how these male Dems fawn over Ivanka. NO WAY.
Trump told Chris Matthews that women should be punished for having abortions. If you voted for Trump, you voted agains…
just after doing a segment hitting Trump for being a bully, Chris Matthews compares jared kushner to Uday and Qusay Hussei…
Guess who Chris Matthews blames for Ft. Lauderdale shooting?
I have to imagine that Obama needed advice from little children like Lester Holt and Chris Matthews before he do anything.
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If "influencing" is the standard whereby interference is judged, arrest Martha Raddatz, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, etc.
There's GOD Chris Matthews and then there's everybody else.
Would have been nice if Chris Matthews actually let Stephanie Shriock speak instead of constant interruption.
Joy Reid has been in for Chris Matthews so much lately I almost feel like it's her show. It wouldn't break my heart! Hardball with Joy Reid!
call MSNBC 212-664-4 Demand better programming Joy Ann Reid to replace Chris Matthews or Joe Scarborough on mor…
Can appreciate 2 hour block of Ari Melber and let Chuck Todd go sale used cars and Chris Matthews just mumble to himself in a mirror
I think Chris Matthews likes Trump. Ed Rendell likes him too. Geez.
2. This if from a May interview Trump did with Chris Matthews. He talks about nukes extensively
Joe Scarborough, Chris Matthews & Mark Halperin were the most obvious...UNFORGIVABLE, in my opinion...MSM helped Clinton lose..
good thing for Ryan that Chris Matthews isn't still in SEA : )
Chris Matthews: "Jesus" - Trump Might Win look at Chris Matthew calling out to JESUS. He's CHARLES MANSON
Chris Matthews bellyaching because pollsters got it wrong. The silent, non-disclosing Trump supporter seems to be beyond his grasp.
Chris Matthews just shaded Bernie. "He was never gonna be president!" Very true...
MSNBC's Chris Matthews explains why everyone should vote for Trump:
Chris Matthews seems to think this election is for President of Philadelphia.
Wow. Chris Matthews literally just said that two educated women voters aren't "culturally" worth one working-class man's vote to the Dems.
"Wonderful World" - Is the Matter with Chris Matthews, After David Corn has been Ousted as a Branded, Journalist, for mostly Periods
David Corn your words are those of a Christian man, now I know why your views on HARDBALL with Chris Matthews appea…
Did anybody else get the impression that Chris Matthews just gave up on having any kind of rational discussion with Rudy Giuliani?
Hello David, What's it like appearing on MSNBC's "Hardball Show" discussing 2016 Presidential Election with Chris Matthews?
David how insulting the way Chris Matthews used his dismissive gesture towards you this evening. I'd never appear on the show.
Hurry up. Andrew Sullivan and Chris Matthews just depressed me and I'm thinking about jumping off the roof.
Why doesn't Chris Matthews ask Trump to give David Duke his $1,500.00 back?
"Do I have to say David Duke? Can't I just pretend he doesn't exist. Vote Trump." Chris Matthews just now.
Chris Matthews gave his viewers a great list of reasons to vote Trump [VIDEO].
Sharon (the mirror) and the clowns. It's that simple. Molly vs Chris Matthews. Instantly understandable.
not one to respect Chris Matthews of a public defender for not falling off a ladder on rollerblades
Wait, how am I just now realizing that Chris Matthews is actually a Fred Willard character?
anyways Charlie Rose is obviously the good Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews is the Fred Willard of MSNBC. Or Fred Willard is the Chris Matthews of Christopher Guest movies
Chris Matthews perfectly describes what Trump's pitch should be -
stopped watching Chris Matthews- he lets rep. morons blather on and interrupt democrats-waiting for msnbc to pull t…
Spot-on:. "People don’t change because we swear them into the White House. They become that person big-time" - Chris Matthews
The funniest thing I've ever imagined is Chris Matthews trying to style his hair like Bill Bellamy's circa 1993
Chris Matthews: "What are you going to miss in this business?". Harry Reid. "Not you.". Laughter.
stokes anti-GOP violence daily. Bet bomber has shrine to Chris Matthews, Sharpton, Olbermann & Ed Schultz in his parents basement.
I watch Morning Joe every morning and Hardball with Chris Matthews almost every evening..I aint new to this lol
Ed Schultz notes the obvious about his colleague Chris Matthews:
That time Chris Matthews asked Trump if he ever considered running for president.
While we're on it, if SB49 had an ... alternative ending, Lynch is surefire MVP, right? Or maybe Chris Matthews?
My mouth dropped as Chris Matthews belittled Joy as "young lady" and laughed
Seriously, is it me or does Chris Matthews interrupt more than he does anyone else? And did he just address her as 'young lady"?
Chris Matthews needs a curfew. Happens when he's up past midnight. Just condescendingly interrupted by saying "Young Lady"--ugh.
Chris Matthews just called Joy-Ann Reid "young lady" on his show to shut her up. If he wasn't on TV, he really would be a Trump supporter.
"why did he keep interrupting?" Chris Matthews yelled, interrupting.
Breast Cancer Awareness
1/No Cilliza, Chris Matthews is very wrong. I used to be a huge fan of his show. He needs to clean
I remember Chris Matthews calling Bill Clinton the Robert Redford of politics in 1992. Must have been NBC or PBS?
Donald Trump's appeal was just perfectly summed up by Chris Matthews
It will be a repudiation of using the thrill up Chris Matthews' leg as a gauge
Wow, Chris Matthews nailed it: Hillary Clinton was Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men" and Donald Trump was Jack Nicholson.…
"Dammit, I was proud to be a woman tonight." -- Chris Matthews, out of context.
Chris Matthews and his weird fetish for Irishism
Likes of Chris Matthews think nationalism is rooted in racism...Wrong. He hasn't read classic by Benedict Anderson
has lost all integrity with Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Brian Williams. Turn them off.…
Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews have no business being in Journalism! They are Trumpers!
Nice job by Sen. Chris Murphy just now with Chris Matthews on Hardball.👍👍👍
. Andy Lack reprimanded Chris Matthews for reigniting Birther just for wife's campaign
Harlan, bring up remarks by HRC to Chris Matthews re: Bob Casey? also, MOBama has stated:Kenya O's home
Things just got very, very heated between Rudy Giuliani and Chris Matthews - The Washington Post
(Cont.) - Chris Matthews, the Dalai Lama, T-Pain, Joel Osteen, Meat Loaf, Bob Saget: all Kremlin pawns for appearing on RT-bac…
Chris Matthews have a drinking problem ? I'm not saying he does. Just asking.
I had to turn off Chris Matthews because he was very weak letting Kelly Ann babble on and not ask serious questions .
He and Chris Matthews need to move to FOX.
U were disgraceful how U treated Pastor Mark Burns. U think U R the new Chris Matthews. This is for U:
ask the *** kisser Chris Matthews if he's seen the video of Hillary kissing and embracing KKK Grand Dragon Robert Byrd. Schmuck!
I am seriously going to slap Chris Matthews
Adventure Theatre was my 1st ever show AND my 1st ever acting paycheck. Worked w/ Chris Matthews kid. Like you do in the DC burbs.
Chris Matthews is totally corrupt and will say just what Corporate tells him to say
What is wrong w/Chris Matthews? There's enough to hit Trump. Why turn on Hilliary?
C'mon. He'd be embarrassing upstairs at the White House. So I think she'd have a hard time.
What Chris Matthews once said of Jeb now applies to Trump: "The dog don't like the dog food."
Donald Trump's stance on foreign policy has changed throughout the years
It’s a male thing: Scarborough on right and Chris Matthews in center routinely, maddeningly, smugly, slyly INTERRUPT people they’ve invited.
Chris Matthews has nailed it in spades. The system is CORRUPT and BROKEN. Wake up American!!
"Hey Chris Matthews and Brian Williams. You've both been caught lying and shamed out of the news world... want a show?" - MSN…
Wrong: Suggests 2016 Is First Chance for Dems to Take Congress, WH Since '60s
What the heck is wrong with Chris Matthews?He keeps giving Trump undeserved credibility.There is no equality between T…
I really wish Chris Matthews would be thrown off the air...I cant stand to watch him!
Chris Matthews asks a ‘sickening’ question about Hillary’s health that puts him in the doghouse with libs | BizPac
Sickening! Chris Matthews in the liberal doghouse for questioning Hillary Clinton's health htt…
This preseason, I'm most excited to see how Keenan Reynolds, Chris Matthews (if healthy), Mike Wallace, and Kenneth Dixon perform. 😈
Wow, watching Mayor Rudy n the Chris Matthews show was stunning. He would need to elevate his seriousness to measure up to Anne Coulter
And take Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews with u
Ronnie Stanley and Chris Matthews, who both left Saturday's practice with injuries, are absent today. Sharece Wright is also not practicing.
Only new absence is Shareece Wright. Ronnie Stanley, Michael Campanaro, Chris Matthews among 14 guys not practicing.
stop the Golden Star BS and concentrate on Crooked Hillary and her interview with Chris Matthews and the lies!
On MSNBC, Philly's Chris Matthews just paralleled Trump getting Muslims to vote to Frank Rizzo getting African-Americans in Philly to vote.
Chris Matthews just compared Donald Trump to frank rizzo...
why are you interrupting the sprakers to listen to Chris Matthews ask Gov. Brown stupid questions, or to talk to Chuck Todd?
No Negatives, no Andrea Mitchell, no Anderson Cooper, no Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, Jake tapper,Chris Matthews, no ads over @ C-SPAN
Chris Matthews: 'Law and order' has 'A racial tone to it'. Probably b/c crime in urban USA is al…
Chris Matthews, just can't seem to get that "thrill up the leg" feeling anymore, since Barry's been a BUST!
Great appearance with Chris Matthews. I agree with you. Tom Barrack's speech was fantastic, too. Finally someone said it.
Chris Matthews: "what's dystopia mean?". Imagine a timeline without Jack Kennedy and how useless you'd be. It'd be like that.
Currently watching the physical dissection of by Dr. Chris Matthews on MSNBC.
Chris Matthews now lobbing Nerfballs at "David Duke Without the Baggage." Disgusting. ("Trump's kids turned out like Jack Kennedy's!")
Funny how media has changed attitude from 2012. Where's Chris Matthews outrage at big money???
And then Zell Miller challenged Chris Matthews to a duel, which also had me rolling.
Chris Matthews needs to shut up an NOT CREDIBLE
There is no difference in Alan Combs, and Chris Matthews. I'd even go as far as calling them twins.
Chris Matthews wins this award. Lets not forget he predicted Paul would be the nominee last year. Now it's Trump. msnbcfox
if you cross breed Chris Matthews and Ronan Farrow, do you get a Super Puss Progressive?
HRC campaign + have Paul Begala, Chris Matthews, and so many figures who have worked or are working for Clinton in media?
MSNBC's Chris Matthews: via Dems want trouble to spark Marsall law so Obama stays!?!
Chris Matthews said women should be punished for abortions, not Trump
Watching the best recorder on television Joy Reid then feeling it again for Chris Matthews on Hardball.
I'm watching with Joy Reid sitting in for Chris Matthews,like it! CNN is so far up Trumps butt they found his ***
MSNBC That BAGGA Matt Schlapp CANT Answer the QUESTION you asked Joy Reid on Hardball with Chris Matthews.. he's...
Tammy was on Hardball with Chris Matthews last night to share her thoughts on the tragic Watch: https:/…
Chris Matthews of all people thinks a black man doing funny stuff in a comedy movie is just...weird and off to him.
OJ Chris Matthews knew he was "guilty" because of his performance in a movie. Maybe that one where the gloves did not fit?
CHRIS MATTHEWS bloviates how TRUMP lives in a "bubble" and is out of touch with people. Watch CM some time; he even LOOKS delusional!
I guess "Hardball' means Matthews interrupts and like a to hear himself talk over everybody. That is what hardball is here
I think matthews likes to hear himself say: "Tell me something I dunno."
Wrong, Chris Matthews is as bad as both trying 2b relevant, loudmouths
When made racist joke about in '12, was enraged. When is seriously racist, is calm
Chris Matthews is so out of touch though he's paid millions to pretend to care but viewers deserve much more than his fake old ***
To Matthews,fun is paramount.He'll give light 2 every inanity from Trump just 2 provoke a reaction.Not 2 edify or inform.
Watching you on Chris Matthews now. Awesome. You are always the voice of reason Bob. Thank you.
Matthews lives in a bubble.So much politics as game,he ascribes magic intuitive powers(not there)2
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How did Auston Matthews become the NHL's next young star? Well, that's an interesting story:
Chris Matthews pronouncing it "Cheeney" is one the worst things America has to offer.
please do an entire show as Chris Matthews!
Sorry, Chris Matthews, you're not 'regular people' either. smh
Chris Matthews gives Trump the benefit of the doubt far too often.
He even told Chris Matthews in town hall he didn't have the votes
.about to be live on with Chris Matthews on to talk ab the one-year anniversary of the Emanuel shootings.
Chris Matthews is Saul Goodman as a news anchor.
Please,He's already been unmasked by Joy Reid & Chris Matthews as a brazen right wing shill. Doesn't belong on MSNBC
Glad you joined Joy Reid & Chris Matthews by cutting off Hugh Hewitt's brazen right wing campaigning. PLEASE...
In Y2K, Chris Matthews asked her in front of NYC student audience if she was for *** marriage. She said no.
A must see - Carly Fiorina explaining what a lie is, to Chris Matthews.
This beats Chris Matthews' tingle, all right.
I'd not heard Chris While & Julie Matthews sing before but their song Drop Hammer was fantastic today
Mediaite reports that Hardball host Chris Matthews has now decided to boycott the Republican National Convention, along with Anderson Cooper
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Fox News tells lies and doesn't care! O'Reilly for example! Chris Matthews calls lies out! MSNBC=Truth,Fox=lies so yea I do
Wed. on how handled final stages of primary season-->WATCH:
Matthews doesn't 'get' Hillary's unfavorables, asks, "Did bernie do it?"
MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews has never hidden the fact that he’s all in for Hillary Clinton. But now his...
Anything's preferable to catching yourself counting how many times Chris Matthews says "anyway" in 1 show
Scientists incl Chris Matthews confirm need for continued funding of
then why haven't they turned over his taxes like they promised Chris Matthews
Yesterday I listened to small pee-pee Queen Chris Matthews push his Hillary-Is-Unlikeable narrative again.
Chris Matthews and the denial deceit and delusion around Islam is the same as black people
Victoria Christopher Murray with Hardball with Chris Matthews a few minutes ago.
. Chris Matthews is a dirt bag shrill . Don't watch any MSM anymore . Just brose on my phone
posted by Greg Porter. Great video of Jeff Weaver calling out Chris Matthews regarding tax returns
Guantanamo bay, isolation camp, Eric Holder was even there!!! Robert Woodward, between Chris Matthews or wolf Blitzer show!!
Chris Matthews is like that color commentator who played for two big league teams in 1979-80 and now watches a lot of golf.
Hillary Clinton after her iraq war vote on Chris Matthews, seems to totally defer to George Bush
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Chris Matthews: Bob, if Trump wins everyone should move to Colorado?. Dylan: I would not feel so all alone. Everybody must…
This argument would apply equally well if the GOP nominee was Richard Trumka or Chris Matthews or Nancy Pelosi or...
Chris Matthews betrayed us for a seat at the table. Boy, I'd love to see his face when the table breaks http…
Why does Chris Matthews have Nina Turner on to discuss Hillary's emails? She knows nothing about anything.
Chris Matthews, admitting he is about to "cause trouble" states the EXACT date & time TV Networks all agreed to declare Hill…
DEAD TIRED of Chris Matthews exclaiming Obama's conduct is perfect (without any irony). Garry Trudeau: This is manhood in a blind trust.
its funny, Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman wanted to talk about the women's vote. Joy says let me give you an actual opinion from a woman
Bernie was the head of the committee that did the investigation in both 1999 & 2009. Andrea Mitchell is biased. Chris Matthews from
Chris Matthews says DT courting "urban cowboy" element in R party at NRA. In TX, DT would be a "Drugstore Cowboy--all hat and no cattle"
The engine that gave us Chris Matthews and David Frum
Claire McCaskill and Chris Matthews are probably still looking for the invisible chair being thrown
Chris Matthews' explanation of why young people like Bernie Sanders is just mind bogglingly stupid
Chris Matthews really leveling with Sanders supporters now. Good to see the bias melting away.
Melania Trump calls Chris Matthews ogling her 'unbelievable,' says the Clintons did not get her a wedding gift
Claire Duh McCaskill. Thanks Chris Matthews for not correcting her twice !!! Perfect.
Chris Matthews mistakenly cites Happy Chandler as object of voter question, "What have U done 4 me lately?" It was Barkley.
is it possible to get Nicole Wallace to shut up and stop interrupting? Sounds like Chris Matthews.
sciam: Tonight: SA's senior editor ClaraMoskowitz will be on hardball with Chris Matthews to discuss Hillary Clint…
Fox News trashes her, but pundits are big fans, Chris Matthews, Joy Reid, Jonathon Capehart, et al.
This just in C Webb gets Chris Matthews goosebumps up the leg for Steven Adams.
Is channeling Chris Matthews with his comments on Bill's affairs?.
Chris Matthews caught on hot mic admiring Melania Trump. More than a thrill up just his leg.
in recent times, yep. Clarkson, Matthews, Thompson, Chris Scott etc all came in cold, so to speak.
"least qualified" Oh, that was seriously ugly and untrue. The author probably drinking the Obama yellow koolaid w/Chris Matthews..
Chris Matthews ends our show Friday with his thoughts on the upcoming finale this Sunday night of "The Good Wife."
And on his show tonight, race track tout Chris Matthews calmly entertained the idea of Trump winning.
MSNBC’s Hypocrite Matthews Caught on Hot Mic Ogling Melania Trump via More than tingling for Obama?
getting tired hearing Chris Matthews remarks on women. just retire him, give the show to Chris Hayes.
Charles doesnt swallow his spit enough. Soupy *** mouth. He and Chris Matthews drool when theyre awake
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