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Chris Mathews

Christopher John Chris Matthews (born December 17, 1945) is an American news anchor and political commentator, known for his nightly hour-long talk show, Hardball with Chris Matthews, which is televised on the American cable television channel MSNBC.

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The only saga is Chris Mathews leg tingling over he was alive to see. Black President and crying because a careless woman has not.
Like Chris Mathews chills up his leg?
Why are ALL the LEFTIST newscasters either a *** a *** or demented? Or Fox…
Chris Mathews do you have any skeletons in your closets.
How about you intellectual light weights, Chris Mathews reporting he…
Great show & job while sitting in for Chris Mathews 👍🏻
In my opinion only Chris Mathews and Lawrence O Donald can handle Conway. She is just 2 slippery and e…
How do you describe guys like Chris Hayes or Chris Mathews or Tucker Carlson or Hannity? Pundits? Hosts? Not journalists but ...
Chris Mathews, Tapper and others still pushing collusion narrative, no journalism, no news, just theater, tabloid😡😡
Well we know Chris Mathews does js 😂
. I miss . C'mon, the asking of Chris Mathews, if "his tingle up the leg", was feeling better. That is Priceless.
Chris Mathews always calls them the romanovs
LOL I watched SpongeBob knock MSNBC Chris Mathews out of 4th place last night. Fox was
Liberals just can’t seem to grasp the fact that a good portion of the people in the United States supports...
"In life, you're either Jake Mathews or Chris Long."
And of course as a will always miss the point. So troll rachel madcow…
Awesome .. best one I have seen. yes it takes the CAKE! CNN.. Morning Joe. MSNBC Chris Mathews. Rachel Maddow you'v…
Chris Mathews is a perverted piece of crap
And Chris Mathews said the 'when Obama speaks I have a thrill up my leg.'.
Remember Chris Mathews went on and on about this. Viewers were sending nasty emails saying "enough of this Russia,…
Don't worry,Soup will somehow utilize his reptilian tongue to tickle Chris Mathews sphincter bu…
Yes, I've known Chris Mathews for years. He is still going strong!
List your proof. Even thrill up the leg Chris Mathews admitted the Russia theory is a hoax along…
you are responsible for not reining in the utterly disgusting behavior of Chris Mat…
fans, if you are in the Seattle area this weekend, go see Chris Mathews' "Twin Peaks Live"! .
Ilove you Chris Mathews, along with Rachel Maddow...Keep up the good work, but please expose the ice break in Antartica
get off, it oh you do get off putting down Trump supporters what ever tin…
toss up between you and Chris Mathews on the crazy left
Just another day in as Chris Mathews talks man spreading and Joan Walsh being too girly.
Oh that is so heartbreaking lol Rachael Maddow does it but Chris Mathews is in the Co camp
Hey Bill Clinton and lover. You did not see thier scandals? You are narrow minded and one sided! Chris Mathews!
Donald Trump's new FBI director pick has Russian ties of his own via
Watching Chris Mathews hard to believe what a biased liar this little obama *** wipe could be. Even MSNBC should be ashamed to have him on
Way to be Chris Mathews and Trump must really be motivated to hide stuff cause he's paying a serious price to do so!
Is Jay still mad at media because he looked like such a halfwit with Chris Mathews?
You looked so excited today about DT Junior, like Chris Mathews with a shiver up your leg..Not very fair and balanced.
Remember way back when, when Sean used to call Chris Mathews a lapdog for Obama? So mu…
CHRIS MATHEWS is more concerned about man spreading and thrills up his leg he is a NOBODY
Stop the fake news dim witman or join cnn or nbc you chris mathews wanna be commie puke
Reminder for Chris Mathews. hillary's email server would still be a secret if we hadn't found out about it.
Chris Mathews is one of the great disappointments. Used to be somewhat credible- now just another shill for the dems.
Remember when you berated Chris Mathews for being an Obama lapdog? Are you not 50 times wo…
Been thinking about recently and so has Chris Sell. Personally, I believe it's becoming an outdated concept.
This TV guy Chris "Thrill up his leg" Mathews talking about our "Man Spreads". He never once criticized Barry on his "Lady…
Why not Chris Mathews? Hannity is a propaganda master. Watch softball tonight.
Great, maybe Chris Mathews would be campaign manager. Could also find a spot for and…
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Chris Mathews knows court systems. His brother was charged with perjury few years ago, lied about campaign f…
Chris Mathews keeps grasping at anything to nail Trump. They have a nothing burger again and yet still act like ele…
When this story is done, so is MSNBC. Admit it, Chris Mathews, without POTUS you're unemployed. Come clean, Chris,…
Was honored to be on Chris Mathews' show, to chat about my urging Justice Kannedly to stay on the job, & thwart DT' from wr…
Time for MSNBC's Chris Mathews & The NYTimes to spend time on this unfortunate story
Chris Mathews just dropped a Mr. Green Jeans reference to refer to GOP congressmen hopping on a bus like kids to do Trump bidding.
Way to go Maddow! You’ve become as addictive as Anderson Cooper and Chris Mathews in their better days; and Paula Zahn in her prime.
Like Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews, and other top journalists.
I have never seen people that are so negative as Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Chris Mathews, Charles Schumer.
Chris Mathews totally does not get the 84 Lumber ad. Of course. Give this show to Joy Reid.
I can't stand him or Chris Mathews or Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera. Fox could save money and we wouldn't have to h…
Chris Mathews part of the fake media is a disgrace
Go away and join Chris Mathews team at Msnbc. Next stop will be you & Alec Baldwin at Saturday night live. Fading away fake news
So I just wanted to bring your attention to the fact that Joy Reid while hosting for Chris Mathews show yet again...
Do you think that Chris Mathews failure to disclose the he served as Democrat Speaker of the House O'Neil's Chief of Staff is corrupt media?
Chris Mathews just destroyed lost Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon named Jason Miller. He tried to spin but just couldn't win.
BREAKING: Sounds like Chris Mathews from has just endorsed
Most amusing Chris Mathews for years Sharpton on Hard Ball, POKING FUN, Now his =
No Dan, I believe he was on MSNBC arguing with Chris Mathews. This was after that Billy Bush tape was released.
Chris Mathews do not "young lady" Joy Reid who is a woman who runs circles around you!
tell Chris Mathews that it is SEXIST to call "young lady". Get Katz to train your staff!
no, Chris Mathews needs to call it what it is, it's not patriotism, it's underlying racism burning due to 1st black Prez
then again Chris Mathews is an *** ..let's not associate Rangers w bad people
Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Colonel Jack Jacobs, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Mathews, no journalists at Fox so...
Omg is Chris Mathews now a Trump person??? Or maybe he's interested in Kelly Ann...makes me sick...kiss ***
Chris is a pervert we heard him talking dirty on the mic about Melanie Trump Mathews is a gutter mouth
MSNBC/Chris Mathews was RUDE never let Senator Sanders answer a clear question/I wanted an answer to/CM SHUT UP after as…
Hank Justin Moore Dave Mathews band Chris Stapleton and a bunch of chicks
And we wondered Why?all the coverage.Then Chris Mathews said "we want to be there when he crashes." not exact quote
Kornhieser v Chris Mathews some how i think Kornhieser would want to cuddle.
fox news just brings on Hillary supporters on their show especially Chris Mathews sick of watching his show
Boycott Chris Mathews...he should be working at CNN or MSNBC...roll over like a good doggie!
Then Chris Mathews would be a shattered vessel
An exquisite review of Vance book. Chris Mathews agrees hence interview of author and posting of your lead! Many congrats!
This is how Chris Mathews should end his shows!
amusingly Chris Mathews greeting Bret Baier at Pops concert in Nantucket
Mathews would stand in line to take the Clintons place in prison, beyond absurd.
Chris Mathews what a Cloaca. True poetic justice
Chris Mathews to Phil Donahue: You're Un-American (Part 2 of 2 - TJDS) via
. Oh come on! Who the *** takes Chris Mathews seriously anymore?!
Chris Mathews is a moron and K Kahn is Muslim terrorist enabler & supporter who has sold out his sons sacrifice for 375K!
I was very impressed with David Morgan lookin like a fat Chris Carter.. Smokin that clay Mathews cronic. Lol
Unofficial News- Chris Mathews- rumor has it someone actually watched an entire show. Amazing.
Chris Mathews is a tabloid journalist who twists words and is a pig. try watching his whole interviews. Maybe you will understand.
what a big panty waste killary panderer Chris Mathews is. These folks are the biggest *** of our generation.
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Hannity acts more like Chris Mathews everyday.
"stay tuned for Chris Mathews" instead it's a show about poor people getting... Well, they can't show murders, but they're clo$e
Has Chris Mathews come out yet,I really dont know what he is waiting for.There is no shame anymore
He and Chris Mathews doing good work point out how dangerous this is.
Ask Chris Mathews brother. PA is a corruption cesspool.
why is Chris. Mathews telling Trump how to. Beat Hillary?
Chris Mathews. I will tell you something you don't know. Trump's brain is a sack of cats. You don't want to be in his head.
I always compare Chris Mathews to Ricki Martin who everyone knows only pretends to be ***
chris Mathews is the worst reporter Nothing but made up garbage. NO WONDER THEY ARE 10th
Chris Mathews is hopping mad about Trump calling Obama founder of Isis since he already gave Cheney that honor. Hmm
This is baffling to me ...MSNBC pays MORON Chris Mathews $5 million a year for acting like a MORON..amazing..Ill act like an diot for $1Mil
I agree Chris Mathews is a big mouth moron
Rudy on Chris Mathews...he used to be 911 everything,now it's corrupt everything...ain't he the good boy!
Chris Mathews's lips quiver when he talks about a republican problem. He will almost never talk about Clinton's illegal deeds.
Chris Mathews watching Trump IS NOT funny! It offends me that you think he is.Serious times and an idiotic candidate are NOT funny!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Chris Mathews could only be a great TV host if he was stuffed, sitting on the knee of a ventriloquist.
Chris Mathews must be going blind. Trump concluded his 2nd Amend statement with "That Will Be A Horrible Day"
The worst of the worst is having Chris Mathews telling W. Kennedy Smith that he should be on tV more ***
Chris Mathews, my opinion is that Trump flip flops on his positions so maybe he flip flops on his personality too.
Chris Mathews is a low life for going after Pat Smith. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Dumb as Joe Scarborough.
In the words of the great B B King to the Bernie Sanders supporters and Chris Mathews. THE THRILL IS GONE
Good News! Now, will somebody get rid of Chris Mathews, Wolf Blitzer, Shawn Hannity, & that Butch Woman on MSNBC?
Chris Mathews is has not been fair since he made fun of Zell Miller
Chris Mathews what in the *** IS WRONG WITH YOU ? With TRUMMPY in WH he is will start World War Three
Chris Mathews didn't know if his wife released tax returns. Give us a break. Either woefully ignorant or out…
Really? No professionals like Chris Mathews and Joy Reid to question that Sanders supporter? Ralston kept there as a spectator?
looks like Jennifer Granholm found Chris Mathews scotch stash
2016 will go down as the yr Sean turned into Chris Mathews. All he worry's abt is money.
I have never read this article. I had not realized what an *** Mathews is
.Tavis (non)Smiley is agitator = Bill O'Reilly=Chris Mathews=Glenn Beck, they all want Trump to fail. Try it!
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Hardball with Chris Mathews' ? More like ' No balls with. Chris Mathews.' He's been neutered by weird democrat ideals.
can't decide who's the bigger "journalistic" hack: Chris Mathews or Chuck Todd. Both use "news" as tool in their political agenda.
Tingle up the leg Mathews yapped yapped talked over masterful stupid!bias but we think Chris needs Prozac or weed
Wiffle ball with chris mathews. Says it all
Congrats for getting a word in edgewise with Chris Mathews today. Not many can when he gets on a tangent. Lol
RBI singles from Caleb Mathews, Ty Smith and Chris Griggs and a sac fly from Tyler Sartain put JCCHS up 8-1 in the sixth.
Chris Mathews is a liar. He keeps saying Sander's Campaign Mgr said "Hillary sold her sole to the devel". It's only true in his twisted mind
Chris Mathews is stuck so far up *** his nose is banging into her uvula
Will somebody at MSNBC, please tell Chris Mathews to shut up & let his Guest answer the questions, so we can try to learn something.
Wonderful, now Bill O'Reilly of the has turned into (Chris Mathews).
Mathews still trying to push his woman, POC hating GOP Kaisich Pick - No Chris, this is your GOP fantasy. The world has changed.
Ben Carson impersonation was spot on, need to work on your Chris Mathews, it sounds like Cartman from south park now.
I learned on today that Chris Mathews doesn't care about press restrictions, because he's not the press but propaganda.
Rachelle you are so smart so good a rising star follow your heart stay close to Chris Mathews he loves you Joe Scarborough gone
If Chris Mathews' then anyone's mind can change!. .
If Chris Mathews' mind can be changed, it is possible to change anyone's mind!.
Its the Pied Piper of Pop Culture, Ross Marthews (in studio w/ and
would put her job on the line in that way Chris Mathews hammered Trump is he racist? Tamron is a good reporter
u hate trump a lot u aren't a good reporter u trying to change people's minds like Chris Mathews and Rachel and Williams u done
I liked a video from Chris Mathews Squirms When Asked About His Bernie Attacks - 2 of 2
Matthews Spars with Chair, & Gushes He Hits 'My Erogenous Zone' Retitled 'Sex life of Chris Mathews'
I heard you had designs to perform a sex act on a cat and were confronted by dateline's Chris Mathews.
don't bend over. Chris Mathews might fall out.
Chris Mathews said it was protest about "voting rights".
Chris Mathews says Paul Ryan will be Pres. Ryan will owe Trump $100,000,000 then
Trump boycotts Megyn Kelly but talks to Chris Mathews & Anderson Cooper? not too smart. GOP shouldn't let the press moderate debates. period
Chris Mathews to host Trump town hall on MSNBC. Let me repeat. MSNBC. R the blind catching up yet?
Chris Mathews has opposite effect on MSNBC. His ?s and assertions tonite have just been shameful, esp. re *** Peter King
Peter King on Msnbc/Hardball with Chris Mathews, WHINING about Obama in Cuba and Brussels getting bombed! King...
And please thank Chris Mathews for putting Peter King on the air and defending what the *** said.
Yes, thank you, and thank you for standing up to *** Peter King even when Chris Mathews defended him.
Is Chris Mathews insinuating that Black and Hispanic areas are no go zones for Trump?
Chris Matthews at center of NBC's latest news scandal, Mathews is not what you call transparent.
Hillary Clinton is your Bill Cosby like JFK is to Chris Mathews. I miss George Carlin. We could use him now. Take care of low T.
"Guests on Hardball have contributed to Chirs Mathews wife's campaign without him mentioning it". via
Chris Mathews, tell it like it is Howard Dean is no longer a viable go to source, bought and paid for big business
Why is Chris Mathews act like he is an objective reporter when his wife is a Democratic Congressman and a big Hillary supporter
.Chris Mathews fails to ask Trump why he's refused to denounce the hate crimes & violence perpetrated by his sup…
Mathews is a lackey... a not a true journalist...
Seriously! He said it to Chris Mathews when asked how he'd get things thru Congre
Chris Mathews let trump go, If he wins and the Dems can't beat him, shame on them.
Chris Mathews forgot that: he was shouting too much at Trump for not cowering before violent protesters
Chris Mathews is bought and sold too - this time it's his wife. Same racket all over.
watching chris Mathews is like watching a dog return to its vomit over&over&over&
Mathews Sanders urges people to rise up. Calls for political revolution. He bears some blame for Chicago
-Hardball host Chris Matthews embroiled in scandal We don't need another quid pro quo in D.C. No for Mathews
Chris Mathews did interviews with Trump twice and acted like it was his Grandma he was asking to like him, what a waste of air time.
chris mathews spoke how Trump shoud realize the high muslim,illegal etc attending the Illinois college,how many of these people are voting?
Mathews dropped the ball interview with after chi rally. Should call show - afraid of the bully? Yup!
hey Mathews your phone interview re Chicago with was pathetic. Call it "softball" -- you coward.
My hope is that next week Chris Mathews will be sharing a news program with Brian will send a shiver up my l…
Foghorn Leghorn: Chris Mathews is very hard to watch because he spits when he talks.
Could Kathleen Matthews running for Congress be the reason Chris Mathews is being so kind to Hillary?
Chris Mathews was looking for that tickle that ran down his leg, thinks Trump had it.
is slamming Bernie Sanders because Mathews wife is running 4 office & is backed by Clinton's donors.
Chris Mathews says Trump supporters should be vetted to be allowed into Trump Rallies... Not so much for illegal immigrants...
Chris Mathews is a typical lying media democrat.
And so does the press. Chris Mathews is angry smerconish is angry... fox is temperate
That's surprising. Chris Mathews has been avoiding calling and his supporters on like the plague.
Quid Pro Quo. Mathews' wife getting help from HRC in Congress Bid.
Chris Mathews held his hand in the interview last night immediately after the protest.
I hope Hillary doesn't give Mathews a thrill up his leg. How did that Obama thrill turn out for you?
Listened to Chris Mathews give Trump an opportunity to distance himself from hate speech, etc. Trump blamed the other guy, doubled down.
Chris Mathews has all of his guests donate to his wife's campaign in order to get air time.
any comment about Chris Mathews using his show as a Super-pac
Chris Mathews using his show as a super-pac for his wife and in return he praises Hillary to get his wife elected
Eric, please check the statement of Chris Mathews re/ your dad. He spoke of your dad building bridges etc
ion get Chris Mathews' style of interview for Hardball. All of em wanting to beat Stephen Sackur's Hardtalk but getting it bad.
Once again FOX moderators with BIAS are no different than Gwen Ifill, Rachel Maddow,Chris Mathews,et al
Chris Mathews history of character assassination from Robert Bork to Mitt Romney. A DNC operative masquerading as a "journalist".
Well, unless Chris Mathews has said it, it didn't happen. Either that or Chris Jansing, or Brian Williams, or Rachel Maddow.
Chris Mathews- "He does have a certain troll like quality". Ed Grimley- "That's a very astute observation it's...
I finally feel the tingle Chris Mathews felt Ignore story watch the video!. Trump: Cruz lies and hides behind Bible
Chris Mathews wrong.Elizabeth Warren didn't endorse H bc "they are rivals" H is antithesis of what Elizabeth W stands for
Chris Mathews is yammering about the Bern in Iowa, CNN is on Trump and Bad Boy Bill. If a GOP POTUS had freed Amercuns: HOURRAY🎊🎉
wow HRC choose Chris Mathews to give a sit down over Chris Cuomo It was terrible Cuomo would have been better and HRC tested
- PLEASE keep Joy-Ann Reid on Hardball!. Chris Mathews interrupts worse than Sean Hannity!!.
Dam! Chris Mathews got it right on Morning Joe. North, South, East or West it's the same.
he looks like he could be an anchor on msnbc fits right in with Chris Hayes rachel madow Chris Mathews and the rest
please advise, de'anthony speculative add to drop one of: R. Mathews, karlos, Chris thomp, devante parker
Theyll ask obama 2 subsidize like NPR (imperative for the public).2 bad chris mathews cant monetize "tingles"
did you catch Wasserman try to make the distinction with chris mathews? oops
He should,maybe with Chris Mathews tomorrow.
can someone tell me what happened to chris mathews from the SEA SB game??
Chris Mathews is off message? I thought he hated Bernie for invading the Liberal Democratic Party.
Canadian Ecology Centre staff with professor Dr. Jaymie Mathews from UBC! Both he and Col. Chris Hadfield signed...
stick to ur main mission, giving Obama *** and keeping Chris Mathews sober
if you want it to be just the Chris Mathews show, then stop inviting analyzers...stop interrupting
No, dad, the reason I can't hear anything but the TV is that I've been in bed all day. It's that Chris Mathews needs to STFU.
Chris Mathews is a corporate *** propagating make believe news for transnational Corps
Only person sayin Bernie is a protest candidate is the corporate cumguzzling *** Chris Mathews
Eagles 360: Episode 28 - Ryan Mathews joins us in studio for this week's Crunch Time. Dave Spadaro and Chris McPhe...
Herron, Ryan Mathews, or Chris Thompson? Also, I have an injured Matt Jones.
stuck on Chris Johnson or James Jones at flex (also currently have Jordan Mathews as my WR2) any suggestions?
I ike Dr. Ben Carson the more that media jackasses like Chris Mathews and Bill Maher try to demean him.
you mean Chris Mathews is finally right about something. This man thinks this is all a game
But was she allowed to say anything except "hello" & "thank u"? Chris Mathews can filibuster.
Remember all those hours spent planting food plots? It's about to pay off. Photo | Chris Hood.
Brandon Marshall says Chris Ivory is the best running back in the NFL
Remember when expert chris mathews absolutely predicted that rand paul would be the rethug nominee... way wrong. lol
Obama gives Chris Mathews a "thrill up my leg", and Trump gives FoxNews a thrill down their chin
still early, but I want them to be bad. They deserve an Auston Mathews or another Tkachuk
first freaking thing was seth and Chris mathews talking about trump. Jesus it gets old
New BeardCast: lindsey graham, chris Mathews on
Joy is aroused by many things. Loons have such tendencies. Remember Chris Mathews with trill up leg?
Chris Mathews got a thrill up his leg for Obama & Joy Behar thinks Sanders is eye candy. We need a cure for liberalism, Doc!
Judging from tonight 's show, Chris Mathews must have watched a different debate than I did
Allie, Chris Mathews always looks like is about to have an aneurysm.
. And I think you did change Chris Mathews mind. Today he said I just about flipped out.
I think Chris Mathews just spit on my face through my television.
these Dems..! Just like the tingle up Chris Mathews leg for BHO... SMH
which 2 do you like most ROS in half-PPR: Spiller, Rashad Jennings, Mathews, McFadden or, reaching here, Chris Thompson
Chris Mathews trash talks whites as if he weren't white. The left is taking self hatred to unknown heights. The obsession. w/race is toxic.
yep it's the same thrill down the leg that Chris Mathews experienced!!
Not sure if thats better or worse than Chris Mathews being aroused by Obama.
creepest thing in Politics since Chris Mathews 's Leg tingle for Obama
In a PPR would you go with Chris Ivory, Richard Mathews or Travis Benjamin?
Too bad Chris Mathews is rude and interrupts everybody, and makes the interviews about himself
Kind of like Chris Mathews & the thrill running down his leg with Obama..they DOOO flock together.Such SAD SAD ppl!!
the CNN post-debate coverage was laughable. "Hillary was like Beyonce," etc. Had to turn to Chris Mathews for real analysis.
who would be more willing to trade away, Ingram or Chris Johnson? Weak at Wr would be getting back J.Mathews n Woodhead
why r u reporting that Hillary dominated the debate, when EVERY SINGLE POLL says that Bernie won? Don't b Chris Mathews. TRUTH, pls
new low point--chris Mathews asks Wayne newton his opinion of the debate
HA HA. That's my Chris Mathews. What a fraud. They all hate America
Show Mark Shriver, Chris Mathews, Kathleen Mathews, Kumar Barve and wife in action!
Steve Kornacki should take over for Chris Mathews and Alex Wagner should take over for Lawrence O'Donnell
On the 20th anniversary of Lindsey Graham sends an e-mail to Chris Mathews.
is Chris Mathews building off of his SB performance in camp or no?
Chris Mathews: I Wonder if It's Legal For Rubio to Say Iran Deal Can be Revoked Maybe in China, Cuba, or Russia
I was just reading an article. Several NBC execs confirm MSNBC overhaul. Joe, Chris Mathews & Maddow stay.
How many people are actually all in with Chris Mathews?
Except Chris Mathews and I have not heard him doing this. But, if we boycott - we need to totally boycott.
I'm coming over by Chris Young is my favoriitte 😍🎶
Doug Mathews on bass, Mark Piszczek on sax and Chris Cortez playing guitar @ The Gallery at Avalon…
Chris Mathews,( Hardball with Chris Matthews) is going to be talking about the Federal case (NAACP vs McCrory)...
hah! And Chris Mathews tingly leg, Melissa Harris Perry's tampon earrings, and Al Sharptons retarded annunciation is better?
employees the biggest corral of political has-been's; Ed Rendell, Michael Steele, Chris Mathews, Howard Dean, etc. unbelievable.
Ted Cruz only likes the Supreme Court when it rules in his favor, great job by Chris Mathews: via
Why do you post this edit out bs! ITs a joke and so is Chris Mathews. No on likes SCOTUS when they go against them. Come on!
embarrassing on Chris Mathews w your hit on Alan Grayson. We progressives need progressive programming. Not RW sympathizing!
Thank you for picture of MSNBC head quarters, Chris Mathews office
That's why you sub 90 IQs watch MSNBC network of screaming loons, Chris Mathews leading the way
At The Boys and Girls Club of Bellevue. Chris Mathews and other Seahawks due in about an hour!
Bravo Chris Mathews for being civil. Great discussion.
I'm writing a fantasy football article about sleepers, looking for info on Chris Mathews
A real hit piece on Bernie Sanders tonight on Chris Mathews/MSNBC. The corporate MSM long knives are out.
shout out to Chris for NEVER answering his phone
I want to buy a beer! Chris Mathews wears crocks and cargos!
.Tonight Kornacki is worse than Chris Mathews who annoys me to no end.
coming off a devastating injury. If Mathews loses a step defensively then he becomes JJ Redick. Chris Paul and Blake are in prime
Seahawks Chris Mathews and Kevin Smith signing autographs for the campers
Watch Chris Mathews' epic smack down of in all its glory
In awe of Federer. This must be what it was like to see Stanley Mathews, Don Bradman or Juan Manuel Fangio. A sporting …
As Ed's ratings rise, maybe even ol' Chris "I love Reagan" Mathews, will invite him
Chris Mathews admits: Dems want illegals for votes [of course, but don't remember a leftist progressive admiting it]
. playing the interview with Chris Mathews, My favorite part "How many times did Bush win??" lol
Austin, u r misinformed. Don't b bummed that CNN & Chris Mathews is n the gutter.
(ROTFL) Levin asks if Chris Mathews is going to change his name to Catlin too. Mathews sounds like he's taken 20 too many when excited!
I could not believe Ted Cruze almost looking like a nice and smart guy on Chris Mathews last night. He is smart too. Where the he…
if report about Mathews is true...maybe Chris B was right, Cuban not only was "lost" in Houston but "lost" his mind too
Chris Mathews held Cruz's feet to the fire. Great job.
immigration. Chris Mathews admits the aren't trying to fix it because "they want votes".
. Can't wait to see Clinton's feet held to the fire by Chris Mathews & other media. Unbiased media is great!
Chris Mathews said Cruz looks like Sinatra? You be the judge LOL What wrong with him?
Once again Chris Mathews reveals how stupid he actually is
Sorry I had to shut it half way. Chris Mathews is way too hard to listen to. Interrupts too much. Geez
Report: Wesley Mathews to still sign with Mavericks despite losing DeAndre Jordan.
Chris Mathews is a joke. He's way past his expiration date.
Chris Mathews..., yuk! Ma'am would you like some phenergan, or zofran to go with that? I'll get a bucket too😜
now yall ain't got nothing lol don't want monta cause Mathews is not a better option
Did you see Cruz on with Chris Mathews
Chris Mathews is a hack and a dolt! Ginsberg, Sotomayer, and Kagan are hacks who vote in lockstep with one another!
Ted Cruz was magnificent. Chris Mathews on the other hand slurred his words and constantly interrupTed Cruz!
MSNBC Obama fan Chris Mathews: Dems want illegals for votes |
As Chris "tingle up my leg" Mathews admitted..they are viewed as potential D voters first
I like Chris Hayes too. I can't stand Chris Mathews. Wish they'd boot him and bring Olbermann back.
So pumped about our incredible cast! Congrats to company members Chris Mathews, Christine Perkins, and Michael Smith!
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