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Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle (born 1974) is a former United States Navy Seal. He is the deadliest sniper in United States military history, with 160 confirmed kills (out of 255 claimed kills).

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Silence from liberal Chris Kyle haters, of course...
Chris Kyle is the greatest American Hero since George Armstrong Custer.
"If you don't like America, I don't like you." -Chris Kyle
Thank you to the real heroes like Chris Kyle. That's courage. 🇺🇸
New DVD @ Your Library: "American Sniper". U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq with only one mission: to...
America lost a great warrior and hero. RIP Chris Kyle. You will never be forgotten!
So is this guy the UK's version of CPO Chris Kyle, USN? Of 'American Sniper' fame? The Holy Powers bless our troops & vets
People that get WH reps at funerals. Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. People who don't. Chris Kyle. Kate Steinle. Brian Terry. 4 M…
Lib hero envy; it's a matter of balls --Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, Kerry etc or Chris Kyle? Pls RT
Vlad. I have to go read an article on how Obama drones brown ppl. You keep posting Chris Kyle pics while making war vid games
How disgusting can write felons a letter .. Yet zip to Chris Kyle or Kate's family .
how about Chris Kyle for the Courage Award? No! ESPN says a man turned women is more courageous!
Chris Davis returns short missed field goal with one second left to defeat Alabama (2013)
Lost my dad to colon cancer love to hear a success story. Just donated for chris,jenny and kyle cody god bless dad
Or Chris Kyle and anyone else who doesn't fit his agenda...worst "leader" in history.
Who do you think the Iraq War was stupid & still think Chris Kyle was a bad ***
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Just watched for the first time. Chris Kyle is someone for this nation to be truly proud of!
Also, I have successfully read the Chris Kyle biography and watched American Sniper all in the same 4 hours
just like lowering flags for Whitney Houston but not Chris Kyle.
the novel about what happened to Chris Kyle when he was in the Navy Seals
me Kyle nick Chris omar possible dutton Damien and Ed
great time yesterday! Top service by Chris, Nicola, Olivia and Kyle (and chef) . Great day with awesom…
American Sniper is the biggest lie ever I don't know how people believe that he(Chris Kyle) was a hero.
Chris Froome going for psychological testing to prove his innocence. Will it be shown on Jeremy Kyle?
Chris and Kyle are in Tennessee with me!!! Holy crap!!
Our Chris Kyle shirts at work are so sick
Good luck tomorrow, Wolverines! Bryce and Brett play round 2 of the Am, while Chris and Kyle begin the Southern Am.
Have you heard of the Chris Kyle Band ? Named after "The Legend" ? Check them out You'll be glad you did !
I feel like a young Chris Kyle shooting it😏
in honor of one of the greatest snipers in American history, RIP Chris Kyle🇺🇸 April 8, 1974-February 2, 2013
Unless the victim is black (Kate is not) - Obama or DOJ will not show up. Chris Kyle (American Hero) no one from WH or DOJ. Biggest Racist!
The challenges of working on the Jesse Venture v. Chris Kyle defamation case
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Chris Kyle is an American Hero and always will be.
"The only thing I regret are the lives I couldn't save"--- Chris Kyle, American Hero.
Chris Kyle is a legitimate American Hero 🇺🇸
Just watched American Sniper. Great movie. Chris Kyle is a hero. 🇺🇸
Started reading American Sniper and wow. Chris Kyle is definitely an American Hero.
American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History by Chris Kyle.
Watching American Sniper. You can give Caitlyn/Bruce whatever courage award you want. Chris Kyle is my hero.
Whether you see Chris Kyle as a hero or a heel, he's joined the company of Gen Patton and Pat Tilman.
Chris Kyle, Mike Murphy, Matt Axelson, and Danny Diets took the ultimate sacrifice for their country but Bruce Jenner is still a hero? Cool
There was rodeo in a movie, the one scene of the American Sniper. Chris Kyle is Hero.
I don't see what the controversy over American Sniper was. Chris Kyle was a hero! Don't even call yourself an American if u think otherwise.
Rest in peace Chris Kyle our American Hero, justice has been served! Thank you for your service! 🇺🇸
American Sniper is such a great movie! Chris Kyle was a hero!
Chris Kyle is an American Hero not Bruce Jenner.
In my opinion if u think Chris Kyle is anything but an American Hero. There is something seriously wrong.
He never commented on the death of Chris Kyle -an American Hero. He only cares about his agenda. Chris and Kate don't fit it.
I love the speech gave at the American Hero Chris Kyle's funeral. Oh wait
I was trying to think of the name of this one drag queen and I thought it was Chris Kyle and discovered that he was the American Sniper omg
People didn't know about Chris Kyle until American Sniper came out...and imma leave it at that.
I saw American Sniper on DVD last night, and if anyone deserves the Medal of Honor, it's Chris Kyle. Thank you, Sir.
Ok, Chris Kyle saved some lives and took many - but should we have been in Iraq in the 1st place ???! *** NO !!!
no because I'm condoning it. This makes Chris Kyle a hero, protecting American lives in the field, not some wanna be drag queen
I never knew the Chris Kyle story until watching American Sniper last night. Amazing movie. It was…
American Sniper is such a good movie and book. Endless respect for Chris Kyle. That man was a true American Patriot
I think you'll be a better sniper than Chris Kyle if you were actually in the army 😂
American Sniper is such a load of *** n Chris Kyle was a sadist who enjoyed killing children x
I can appreciate the fact that Chris Kyle did save some American Troops lives, I really can... But c'mon. He's no hero.
American Sniper was a *** good movie, you know, aside from the forced premise that Chris Kyle was actually a good guy & a hero.
Chris Kyle. American Sniper. Enlist in the USFA at & help us restore the Constitution. Join! ht…
I've read 60 pages of American Sniper by Chris Kyle and I've had it for half a day. I haven't read 10 pages on my own of any other book
Finally watched American Sniper, Bradley Cooper's portrayal of US Navy Seal Chris Kyle was amazing, such an emotive film, loved it
Father of American Sniper Chris Kyle speaks in first interview since the trial tonight on
Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper, ... .
American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Mos... by Chris Kyle via ereader p
Man convicted of killing American Hero, Chris Kyle, was sentenced to life in prison yesterday.
If you don't think Chris Kyle is an American Hero then you shouldn't call yourself an American
IMAGE: We will never forget Chris Kyle, American Hero!
Just watched American Sniper, what a great film but so sad, Chris Kyle was a hero.
no bro Chris Kyle is an American Hero. U r just a puuuzy
Finally watched American Sniper and wow... so amazing, scary and sad at the same time. Chris Kyle was a hero!
But in my book Chris Kyle cldnt shine my grandfathers shoes as the true legit definition of "The American Hero" tech has made combat easier,
if you think Chris Kyle is an American Hero but think Bree Newsome as an American terrorist.
Chris Kyle dual-wielding two Barrett .50 cal's with a claymore strapped to his chest while riding on the back of a bald eag…
List of some of my American Heroes: George Washington, Chris Kyle, Tom Brady, Macklemore, and John F. Kennedy
Sorta looks like Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in American Sniper.
Is it ironic that the actor who played Chris Kyle in American Sniper (Bradley Cooper) also starred in a movie called American Hustle?
The Feeling Tonight hitmaker received the accolade in honor of Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal depicted by Bradley Cooper in the blockbuster
Bradley Cooper was fine but I honestly had trouble connecting with the Chris Kyle character as portrayed here. It just felt rote.
American Sniper made me cry so hard 😭 Chris Kyle will forever be a hero in my eyes 🙏 Rest In Peace soldier and God bless your family 🙏
Beautiful eulogy for Pastor Pinckney.. But why did Chris Kyle not get that kind of respect and recognition from you?
An amazing woman/pastor was slaughtered and all you care about is that Obama didn't deepthroat Chris Kyle's *** Both things matter.
Obama traveled to SC for that Senator's funeral but where was he during Chris Kyle's funeral? Hmm
Hey . Right thing: attend SC State Senator funeral. Wrong thing: not attend Chris Kyle's funeral and you never mentioned him
Obama gives a Eulogy for the pastor that was shot in the church shooting. I didn't see you at Chris Kyle's funeral
Obama giving eulogy at Pinckney's funeral just like he did for Chris Kyle, Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty... Oh Wait.
All purpose parts banner
Obama can give the Eulogy for Rev./Senator Pinckney but not Chris Kyle or other decorated members that gave the ultimate sacrifice...noted
Chris Kyle's good buddy Marcus Luttrell is hosting a new show on TheBlaze that starts tonight at 9pm ET tonight...
Thumbs up TX Gov Abbott,who signed resolution to posthumously award TX Legislative Medal of Honor to CPO Chris Kyle. http:…
God bless Chris Kyle... Just watched American Sniper for the first time, and he is a true "Legend." Life was far too short for that hero...
American Sniper is the only movie that will make me cry. Chris Kyle is a true hero. God bless America.
Before he lays himself down to sleep, Chuck Norris prays to Chris Kyle his soul to keep
Top 3 shooters of all time. . 1. Chris Kyle. 2. Steph Curry. 3. Arron Hernandez
TX hero Chris Kyle was posthumously awarded the TX Legislative Medal of Honor today.
Honored to award Chris Kyle the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor.
Idk who's a better shooter.. Stephen Curry, Chris Kyle, or Aaron Hernadez.
Was Buffalo Bill Cody the Chris Kyle of his day?
Chris Kyle is a murderous racist but the was 'courageous and brave.' Liberals are absolute retards
Never say "never"? Those who did: John Paul Jones, Churchill, Patton, James Bond, Chris Kyle, Dr Forbin and... you and me.
Blair, speaking to Chris Kyle's parents this morning, I felt your love.
Just finished watching American Sniper. The movie was great. Chris Kyle a real American Hero.
I know meeting Chris Kyle's parents was a touching moment Another great American Hero!!
The Life and Legend of Chris Kyle: American SniperHobo's BooksNew York Times bestseller The life story of Chri...
who ever called Chris Kyle a coward?
Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, is basically Fredrick Zoller from that Nazi propaganda film Nation's Pride (in Inglourious Basterds)
"Chris Kyle is racist trash" I think you're talking about yourself... 🐸☕️
The left tries to redefine 'normal'. Obama praises Bruce Jenner, but not Chris Kyle.
I finally saw American Sniper. What a great movie! I feel sorry for those who can't get behind Chris Kyle and our countries true heroes.
"I am willing to meet my creator, and answer for every shot that I took." -Chris Kyle 🇺🇸🙏
Brandon Webb solicited donations for SEAL Chris Kyle's family after his death. 2 yrs later, no money had reached them
may Chris Kyle rest in peace and may God bless his family.
TX Gov Abbott names highway in honor of Chris Kyle.
Something wrong when Chris Kyle, "Am Sniper," is called a coward by Michael Moore and others & Chris Jenner is called…
"Kyle probably already calls Chris 'daddy'. That's what happens when the sexy light comes on."
How does the # of muscles it takes to smile vs that of frowning relate to the # of muscles to snipe someone, thus to Chris Kyle 💀
Chris Kyle: a racist, bigot who joyfully killed brown men, women, and children. He said he wished he could kill more htt…
stop comparing to chris kyle as if her NOT killing over 200 people is a bad thing.
The people that call Bruce Jenner brave and courageous are the same people that call Chris Kyle a coward and murderer
Chris Kyle did get a movie.. But I completely agree with you
Anyone that post something comparing Caitlyn Jenner and Chris Kyle is gettin unfollowed.
If Chris Kyle isn't on your list of hero's or most respected people in your lifetime then you don't have a heart or any Ame…
It's obvious that Chris Kyle is a hero. & that Noah Galloway is a hero. & that Caitlyn Jenner is a hero. Everybody is …
99.9% of America praises the bravery of Chris Kyle, .1% (aka Michael Moore) called him a coward. THIS IS IRRELEVANT ht…
Texas Highway to be Named in Honor of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle
Some people need to do some research on Chris Kyle man.
Oh, and American Sniper was moving too fast for me; it's an okay film. I thought Clint Eastwood portrayed Chris Kyle as a boring dude.
Progressives have everything backwards. Chris Kyle is the real HERO. God rest his soul.🇺🇸
"Seal team 6, Chris Kyle, Paul Revere, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ, are all losers compared to Caitlyn Jenner"
We live in a country and generation where it's more acceptable to call Bruce Jenner a hero than Chris Kyle.
Don't understand how Chris Kyle is considered a "coward" and "Caitlyn" Jenner Is considered a hero in today's world
yeah let's forget about Ray J and Kim K. And also forget about Chris Kyle, Chad Littlefield and countless others?
We live in a country where people refuse to respect Chris Kyle as a 'hero' but they respect Bruce Jenner as one. Awesom…
Chris Kyle has been dead for years now. In case nobody told you.
Old racist uncle just sent me a chain letter entitled "Chris Kyle funeral", so let's do this.
Just had to explain what war Chris Kyle served in.are you freaking serious?
I still have the screenshots from the Chris Kyle
People call athletes their heroes and role models,.. People should look up to Americans like Chris Kyle and Michael Murphy
Kellie Pickler Receiving Operation Troop Aid 'Chris Kyle' Patriot Award: Kellie will be the recipient of the f...
Reading Chris Kyle's words has given me a whole different outlook on life. I have so much respect for him and everyone who fights for us 🇺🇸
I added a video to a playlist Chris Brown - Run It (Kyle Hughes Remix)
To get look at hardships of homeless, Rams' William Hayes + Chris Long lived on street for 24 hours. Story airs on Sunday…
American Sniper makes me want to join the service. makes me want to support my country just like Chris Kyle did
. talks about receiving a special Patriot Award named in honor of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle:
Yet, the same people will wish someone like Chris Kyle was around when faced w/ the evil that our brave troops faced in Iraq!
Wife of Chris Kyle explains why her late husband loved and
Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle, says her husband was a devoted fan of http:…
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, the subject of "American Sniper" will attend Rick Perry's 2016 announcement event in Addi…
Chris Kyle served four tours and battled PTSD, but was killed by a fellow veteran? I've never been more disgusted.
American Sniper was one of the best movies I have ever seen and truly honors Chris Kyle. ❤️🇺🇸
Just saw American Sniper for the first time. And I have no shame is admitting that I cried at the end. RIP Chris Kyle 🇺🇸
In the movie American Sniper: Chris THE LEGEND Kyle is rocking the Kryptek Highlander camo. I want to…
stay strong buddy, im here for you. Chris is in a better place now ❤️
When Chris Kyle tells his wife he is ready to come home😢
Chris and Taya Kyle are my heroes, Hands down.
R.I.P Chris"the legend" Kyle one of the best movies ever made
If this is REALLY you Obama.. you can't even console the widow of a fallen hero Chris Kyle but you will a trader who was a dersertor
Just finished the movie, "American Sniper." R.I.P Chris Kyle and thank you for your service. We wouldn't be here without you.
I guess wanted to see men walking around in underwear and thots in New Orleans😂
Chris Kyle, a former Navy Seal, who was killed at a gun range in Texas, is a true Legend.
Kyle Hamilton still leads with Chris Windom in hot pursuit
*packing up @ the beach*. Me: do we have everything. Kyle: she left her soul. Chris: she lost that a while ago. alright
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I have never shed a tear at the end of a movie until American Sniper. God bless all veterans and God bless Chris Kyle.🇺🇸
Watching American Sniper. Wow the story of Chris Kyle and his service to his country is amazing.
Obamas lack of passion or respect for Chris Kyle doesn't surprise me at all, BUT this I will say, 👉 Taya Kyle is a classy lady👍🇺🇸
Only 1 way that Chris Kyle maybe memorialized. The world, USA & Texas is exceptionally privileged to call him son.
MT:@ jstines3: Notice how indignant the Left is about Chris Kyle, and how silent they are about - D'Sou…
Thinking of you and honoring your service to our great country ~ Louis Zamperini, Chris Kyle, Mike Murphy.
Loved doing this interview with USA TODAY - yep, Chris Kyle was a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. fan! Can't wait for NASCAR...
Jury delivers guilty verdict in shooting deaths of Chris Kyle&friend htt…
Scott McEwen, have you not seen the movie with Bradley Cooper? About Chris Kyle the most lethal sniper in U.S. History
White people will sing the praises of Chris Kyle even after he admitted he loved killing people. Like, what type of backward *** evil.
Coolest thing, my uncle is hanging out with a former Navy Seal who served with Chris Kyle in Iraq..
Just went all Chris Kyle on a bunch of carpenter bees via tennis racket
‘Put on your raping shoes and find this b*tch': Abby Martin is the latest target of crazed Chris Kyle sycophants
Have a black flag stomping here in TEXAS for bait! TEXAS home of Audie Murphy and Chris Kyle! Flush em out & then take em out!
I don't care for Abby Martin, but Chris Kyle was a despicable psychopath who deserved to be ridiculed.
the whole country wants to know that, Chris Kyle's family too and Amir's waiting for the Rose Garden
Stop calling Bruce Jenner an "American Hero." Chris Kyle and everyone like HIM is an American Hero.
ICYMI my epic talk w/ about everything from Chris Kyle's sociopathy to New Atheism: http:/…
Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield didn't deserve to die in such a horrible manner..
Justice is served. is convicted in the Capital Murder of Chris Kyle, and Chad Littlefield
The Communist Nelson Mandela caused the US Capital flag to be flown at half mast BUT not for American Hero Chris Kyle. PATHETIC MARXISTS.
Naming a Highway after Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield: Name a portion of Road in Texas after America... via
Watching American Sniper and wow Bradley Cooper did an amazing job at playing Chris Kyle.
Bradley Cooper used Chris Kyle's actual workout playlists as music to listen to while working out for this role…
Heroes, Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield, We need more of them!
"if churches focused on Prince of Peace, not American Sniper, peo might avoid fates of Eddie Ray Routh & Chris Kyle."
BREAKING: Eddie Ray Routh, the man who killed Chris Kyle, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.
I liked a video from Why Do People Hate Tom Brady & Chris Kyle?
Can't choose b/w Chris Kyle and Chris Borland for my English essay 😣
MTV was the only awards show to give Bradley Cooper an award for American Sniper. Just let that sink in. RIP Chris Kyle. M…
yet they all wanna blow Chris Kyle, Ollie North and Rumsfeld...
Military appreciation day at Petco Park as the late great Navy Seal Chris Kyle's wife throws out the first pitch.
Going to put a scope on a can of Raid and set up shop like Chris Kyle
"What if Chris Kyle and Harriet Tubman were the same person"- Stanley
Some little old lady just threatened death on me for saying Chris Kyle was a coward and a sociopath. "IM FROM TEXAS!" "really? Im sorry"
Word on the street is that Team American Snipers will be dedicating all their kills to Jack Jablonski and Chris Kyle
Gibson partner with Tim Montana for one-of-a-kind Chris Kyle commemorative guitar >
Buckeye born and raised. Thanks for standing up for Chris Kyle and USA You still got some Toledo in ya.
The sad thing is, most of those people probably have more respect for Bowe Bergdahl than Chris Kyle
BREAKING- 300 students blame Clint Eastwood, Chris Kyle for putting sand in their ***
Happy birthday to the legend Chris Kyle
Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the Legend: Chris Kyle
RIP to the legend Chris Kyle , Him & Mike Murphy were the reason I want to be a Navy Seal. Chris Kyle…
Thank you Clint Eastwood for sharing the story of Chris Kyle. A very powerful and moving film.
Widow of slain Navy Seal Chris Kyle draws support from near and far:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle's pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and turns him into...
Sometimes i wish I was a Navy Seal just like Chris Kyle same thing just like him so I can be a legend just like him become a war hero
Father of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle not a fan of American Sniper
American Sniper: Dad of US Navy Seal Chris Kyle slams film as an 'absolute disgrace'
'American Sniper' Chris Kyle's dad on losing his son: The father of Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal who inspired…
I just learned that Chris Kyle went through Navy Seal *** week with a fractured foot. just gained 10x more respect for him
'American Sniper' Guitar Goes Up for Auction: An electric guitar inspired by former Navy Seal Chris Kyle is no...
Remember when Obama hosted the wife of Chris Kyle? . Nope me neither. But parents of a deserter? Yep.
The left called Bowe Bergdahl a hero and Chris Kyle a racist murderer. Let that sink in, folks.
"I'm going to have two sons, Chris Kyle and Walker Texas Ranger." -Epitacio ladies and gentlemen
Bradley Cooper on 'American Sniper': Chris Kyle 'didn't really leave me'
I'll never get tired of American Sniper. Bradley Cooper couldn't have done a better job as Chris Kyle. Absolutely fascinating.
Bradley Cooper reveals how he prepared to play Chris Kyle in ...
I think it's funny how mark wahlberg looks nothing like Marcus luttrell but Bradley Cooper looks almost identical to Chris Kyle
Greatest Female Sniper had almost twice as many kills as Chris Kyle
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
his name was Chris Kyle. The other was Chad Littlefield.
This episode on Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield's killer is really quite sad
I'm glad is mentioning Chad Littlefield. To me the media mostly focused on Chris Kyle.
This Dr. Phil special with the Routh family is heartbreaking. RIP Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. 😭
I understand Chris Kyle was "American Sniper" BUT how about more with Chad Littlefield???
Eddie Routh's parents are on now. . Routh is the Chris Kyle, Chad Littlefield murderer. . Routh convicted & sentenced to life!!
US Vets turned away from the VA & families of Eddie Ray Routh, Chris Kyle, Chad Littlefield, should sue the US government
Watching Dr. Phil talk to the parents about there son who shot and killed Chris Kyle (American Sniper) and his friend Chad Littlefield.
If anyone's got the chance turn on doctor phill cause he's interviewing the relatives that murdered Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield
the death of Chris Kyle really touches me. everytime I see it discussed on the news or today on dr Phil it always brings a tear to my eye.
“Take me through the moment you found out that (your son) had murdered Chad Littlefield and Chris Kyle.”
Eddie Ray Routh sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. RIP to Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield http:/…
White people: horrified by 'Jihadi John' violently executing civilians, simultaneously celebrate Chris Kyle as a hero in …
Monday 3pm channel 21 in our area it's CBS Dr.Phil talks to the family of the vet who killed Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.Chris is a hero
"It was my duty to shoot the enemy and I don't regret it. My Regrets are the people I couldn't save." -Chris Kyle
A jury found Eddie Ray Routh was sane when he murdered former Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield,...
“Two men died. They both have names: Chad Littlefield and Chris Kyle.
SenTrans on SB527 naming part of US87 for Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield, the vet killed with Kyle by another vet. Left pending.
When my teacher called Chris Kyle a murderer I wanted to *** blood all over her. I don't cope well with liberals.
It's not a sniper cloud. It's just Chris Kyle protectin' the heavens. 🇺🇸
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, to release memoir; will interview her in May:
This language highlights important: Obama thinks his true enemies are conservatives, in league, everywhere. 2/2.
I'm glad that Chris Kyle included chapters from his wife's perspective. They are the most authentic part of American Sniper IMO.
you look exactly like Chris Kyle in this pic...
RIP Chris Kyle Love my new shirt my godfather bought me
American Sniper by Chris Kyle. Read the book that inspired the movie! Check it out today!
Nor does Zoie know who Chris Kyle is.
How bad is Chris Smalling? I bet he struggles to cook his own tea. Absolute toss
I have been trying to find the Chris Kyle sweatshirt you had on last week doesn't have the one you had.
It's safe to say that Chris Owusu is an athletic freak as he makes this high box jump look easy. VIDEO:
This song is getting a lot of attention...and with good reason!
American Sniper, based on autobio of Iraq War veteran Chris Kyle, has knocked off Hunger Games for biggest box-office
DARKENED CORNERS -for Troops w Some wounds cant be seen Chris Kyle Metal
I've prestiged 3 times on level 44 fourth time round mate
Some of Di Maria's crosses are ridiculous, accuracy of Chris Kyle
Di Maria went all Chris Kyle with that cross
the story behind it is touching. Read about the Chris Kyle guy
“Follow a Charity founded by Chris Kyle & Kyle family members on board of directors."
I want someone who feels the way Chris Kyle felt about his wife the first time he met her {in the book} about me ..
Congrats Kyle Steward, Chris Howell, Jacolby Harris & Lamar Wofford for making the All-Jayahwk West team.
“Rihanna got a tattoo of the combo Chris did on her no 😂😂😭
It was a bomb drill gone live. Boston Bomb Squad, the FBI, and Chris Kyle's, Craft International did it.
American Sniper widow recalls last moments with Chris Kyle - New York Daily News
Alex jones episode , I went back and heard you guys trashing Alex over the Chris Kyle , what happen to make u and AJ cool now
Jihadi John and Chris Kyle: brothers in arms - Real talk
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Brendan would you save Bryan if a Navy Seal kicked his *** for hating on Chris Kyle?
Dean Cain: 'Chris Kyle is a hero but I hate war'
February 2,2015 is Chris Kyle day Well I say this whole weekend is in honor of Our fallen American Snipper Chris Kyle …
Bradley Cooper took in the character of Chris Kyle so well in the movie, great actor
Saw American Sniper for 2nd time today. 5 star movie about very brave Americans. Bradley Cooper awesome as Chris Kyle.
Push to grant Medal of Honor posthumously to Chris Kyle
Bradley Cooper is marrying Chris Kyle's wife?! Crazy...”she pretty hot
A circulating fake news story claimed Bradley Cooper is engaged to Chris Kyle's widow:.
Up next on a push to award Chris Kyle the Medal of Honor. Join us for details!
I stand behind the greatest American Sniper of all time, the lives he saved and all Chris Kyle stood for. Justice has been…
If you believe Chris Kyle shot 30 looters from on top of the superdome during hurricane Katrina.. Then the propaganda has gotten to you 😔
"To this day, no one in the White House has ever acknowledged Chris Kyle"~ Obama, he gave his life so that you could have yours;shameonu
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