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Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle (born 1974) is a former United States Navy Seal. He is the deadliest sniper in United States military history, with 160 confirmed kills (out of 255 claimed kills).

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By suing fallen Navy Seal Chris Kyle's estate (aka his widow) for defamation, Jesse Ventura has forever tarnished his name.
Ex gov Ventura overjoyed reputation restored by victory in Chris Kyle lawsuit news flash/no $$ c…
Jessie sullied his own reputation long before Chris Kyle's book
Be real is it really hard to picture Jessie Ventura saying what he did to Chris Kyle after reading this .
I stand with Marcus Lutrell on this one. For those who haven't heard Jessie Ventura filed a lawsuit against American Sniper and former Navy Seal Chris Kyle's family weeks after Kyle was killed at a Texas shooting range by a man he was helping suffering from PTSD. Ventura was disgruntled over a passage in Kyle's book where Kyle knocked Ventura on his rear end over a rude remark with one punch. He also reportedly called U.S. soldiers in Iraq "baby killers". Ventura, a former Navy Seal of BUDS class 54 was awarded $1.8 Million by the jury yesterday. Honestly, Jesse Ventura is little but scum and a SEAL website has been perfectly clear in its message that Ventura as a member of the SEAL community is not banned from gatherings, nor are there any guarantees that he will be given a warm reception.
Jessie Ventura, I have lost all respect for you. You should offer anything you received from Chris Kyle's law suit & give to charity to help returning veterans deal with PTSD. If not then the only thing I have left to say is you're a greedy ***
Joke of the day...Jurors favor Ventura over dead SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. Dear Taya Kyle, widow of Navy Seal, Chris Kyle...I respect your husband for his duty to our country. I'm very sorry jurors weren't able to see the validation of his story even after 11 eye witnesses testified. Most people I know do NOT respect Jessie Ventura. He may have "won" a cheap victory in court but thank God we can be at peace knowing every human reaps what they sow. I know you will keep your head high and be proud of your husband as Ventura continues to be, well, Ventura.
Maybe they can get Adam Sandler or Richard Simmons to play the Jessie Ventura part when they make a Movie out of Chris Kyle's Book " American Sniper". Forget that those two Men are to Manly to play this girls part
I had no idea Chris Kyle claimed to have decked Jessie Ventura. This is news to me. How did Ventura get $1.8 million in that suit? smh
Jessie Ventura I hope you are happy that you ruined a TRUE American Hero's reputation in Chris Kyle. You washed up politician!
Obama WH issued a statement mourning the loss of Whitney Houston, but zip for the death of heroic sniper Chris Kyle. http:/…
TY “Marines learned to love Chris Kyle in Iraq. Now we can donate to the Navy Seal fund
"One day you will ask me, which is more important my life or yours? I will always answer …
'Justice'! Sickos high-five Jesse Ventura for victory over Chris Kyle's estate
The jury was only charged with whether he was defamed by the remarks Kyle attributed to him.
Chris Kyle KO's Jesse Ventura, Jesse is a badass! He sues after Chris Kyle is dead and can no longer stand in defense.
My prayers go out to the Kyle family may God richly bless you in all you do. Chris Kyle a great man and a …
I'm thinking Jesse Ventura knew he could never be the HERO Chris Kyle was!! cc: …
Chris Kyle donated profits from American Sniper to charity, so there is no 4 million. ignorant. This is the kind of thinking that causes this country to fai…
its funny that more active duty and vets flock to Ventura, knowing Chris Kyle w…
From now on anything that has any affiliation with Jesse Ventura, I'll be against it. You'll never be half the man/SEAL that was Chris Kyle.
good for him. He deserves the money because his reputation was smeared by this reprehensible individual Chris Kyle.
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you guys really dropped the ball on the Chris Kyle story...I am ashamed to be honest. Know the facts...
Jesse Ventura orders pizzas for the press after court win Eat up, jackals! Paid for by Chris Ky…
u are a disgrace to SEALS and a disgrace to this country. Chris Kyle beat ur *** and everyone knows it.
.hey you should try going back to the bar again. you know the one where Chris Kyle didn't bi…
A man who doesn't appreciate being defamed by a serial liar like Chris Kyle.
did you see your buddy Jesse Ventura won $1.8 million against Chris Kyle estate for defemation of character
Former Navy Seal, Chris kyle's widow was sued by an already wealthy man for 1.8 million dollars
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Anybody want some good news today?? Here it is: 1) Nothing that happens today or any other day re-writes history. 2) The truth is still the truth. 3) Chris Kyle stood for what is right and fiercely protected it with everything he had, including his life. I will do no less. And... The message from a SEAL wife who I adore, said it best about all of us who have strength and fight even when we are momentarily down and you have the audacity to try and kick us: Break our wings and we will grab a broom and fly circles around your *** ! I hope it brought a smile to your face as it did mine. For those of you who are in shock and speechless as I have been today... Rest assured... When it comes to my family, honor and standing up for what is right... As my dear friends Marcus and Melanie Luttrell say... "I AM NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT!" God Bless you and your family, Taya
Chris Kyle on his worst day was a better man than ever will be. No amount of money buys character.
I stand with Jesse Ventura, if anyone has problem with that you are not seeing the big picture. Its not about sueing chris kyles wife, its about standing up to powers that be who felt threatened by Jesse. In this political system they demonize and discredit ones character because they cant assassinate Jesse that would be to obvious. So they assassinate there character. The powers that be did not want Jesse to run for president. Put pieces together you will see it.
Anyone wanting to help Chris Kyle's widow can do so by making a donation to the
I don't follow up on a lot of news or current events, my life is busy enough. But I just read the story on Jessie Ventura, and the Chris Kyle estate. I pray someone puts a bullet in his head in honor of Kyle. He definitely would approve that shot from his view up above. Sad world. Judge should have looked at that and said , no sorry your an *** and he's a hero.
Today just wasn't a good day overall. The Family of Chris Kyle was sued 1.1M, and the guy who sued the family won in court.
Mr. Ventura, a former wrestler and Minnesota Governor, had sued the estate of Chris Kyle, a former Navy Seal, saying his book included passages about him that were defamatory.
For the record. In the banner picture of this page, I am PERSONALLY shooting Chris Kyle's AR. He is standing just out of frame making fun of me. He IS an American Hero. Ventura. Well, best of luck buddy. Your $1.8 million dollar honor will haunt you for the rest of your days.
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A jury awarded former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura $1.8 million on Tuesday in his lawsuit against the estate of "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle. On the sixth day of deliberations, the federal jury decided...
Jesse Ventura has won his defamation lawsuit against American Sniper Chris Kyle. It was a split verdict by the jury that sided with Ventura 8-2.
Channel 10 interview with family of Chris Kyle
Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, right, made his way back into Warren E. Burger Federal Building during the first day of jury selection in a defamation lawsuit, Tuesday, July 8, 2014 in St. Paul, Minn. Ventura filed the defamation lawsuit against the Chris Kyle estate, claiming that Kyle's account of a bar fight in a book he wrote was false. (AP Photo/The Star Tribune, Elizabeth Flores)
Sorry about all the chris kyle post people.he is a hero of mine!
Jessie Venturi is a punk that's getting money from a jury pool full of *** This follows a lawsuit over Chris Kyle supposition saying he was in a bar fight with Venturi!
The idea of our court system is great, an impartial, unbiased arbiter of the law presides over proceedings based in facts and both parties, with skin in the game, present their case to a group of people like themselves. Both parties have something to gain/lose and the judge directs the jury to carefully weigh the facts. It sounds great... But, as I've learned, experienced and observed, and was proven yet again today in the Chris Kyle case, sadly the reality comes way short! Did Chris have even 1 peer on that Jury? Lawsuits have become the new "sport of kings" and it is a rich mans game. Judges are political appointments and jurors...let's just say that it seems the term peer has changed quite a bit from my grade school vocab quizzes! Seems to me, in the rare Kyle vs Ventura case, there should have been 12 combat hardened SEALS on the jury, not "6 men and 4 women". THAT would have been a jury of peers!
Jesse Ventura is a low down dirty dog for suing the widow of a war hero (Chris Kyle, fmr Navy Seal and author of Americ…
A jury awarded former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura $1.8 million for a defamation suit he filed against Navy Seal Chris Kyle. The SEAL, who was killed on ...
Chris Kyle's Funeral...From someone who was there...Sent to me privately, so I'm forwarding it on to all of you. It tells a story of Respect, Gratitude, Service, Selflessness and much much more. Maybe you have seen it before, maybe not, but it's good to see at least some Americans "Get It". A Texas Goodbye --a class event I just wanted to share with you all that out of a horrible tragedy we were blessed by so many people. Chris was Derek's teammate through 10 years of training and battle. They both suffer/suffered from PTSD to some extent and took great care of each other because of it. 2006 in Ramadi was horrible for young men that never had any more aggressive physical contact with another human than on a Texas football field. They lost many friends. Chris became the armed services number sniper of all time. Not something he was happy about, other than the fact that in so doing, he saved a lot of American lives. Three years ago, his wife Taya asked him to leave the SEAL teams as he had a huge bounty on ...
Jesse Ventura i hope your happy stealing from someone that will always be more of a man then you ever will be and that deserves so much more then you do. Chris Kyle will never be forgot. You will be. Its sad what this world has become
Jesse Ventura sued the widow of American Hero and Navy Seal Chris Kyle and won 1.8 milion dollars.. wow.
I've just lost all respect for Jessie Ventura after he is Suing Chris Kyles wife after knocking him out in a bar fight, after Jessie said the seals teams deserved to lose a few guys.
A jury ruled in favor of Jesse Ventura Tuesday in the defamation lawsuit involving "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle. Ventura won $1.8 million in damages.
I understand why people sue people and if you lie and profit off a story about knocking me out I would sue also, I dont think Chris Kyle would lie about anything I read and have the book on my dresser in my room. Trust me that book and the story sells itself there is no need for lies from Chris. But regardless of what anyone thinks, I personally think Ventura is a gutless lier who was never a Seal and is supposedly "Off the grid" wich he is not. How do you run a website and have all kinds of contact electronically thru phone calls into radio shows and appearing on TV shows if you have detached yourself from the grid. How do you sue the widow of a soldier, who died while helping other veterans with severe PTSD, because of words written you say never happened? What happened to death is the ultimate payment for things that happened in your life? If he was a stand up individual he would of dropped the suit when he died, its just my opinion. Do we think she has 1.8 million dollars to pay? Books dont pay that m ...
A split jury awarded Jesse Ventura millions of dollars from slain American Hero Chris Kyle's widow today. And the...
Just found out they're making an American Sniper movie with Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle. I haven't been this excited in awhile
Ventura sued Chris Kyle, the author of “American Sniper,” for defamation in 2012 after Kyle claimed that he punched Ventura
Fire for effect. Chris kyle will not be slandered nor will the military of any branch. -Iceman
Chris Kyle, an American Hero is dead. And Gov. Jesse Ventura sues the widowed wife. What a scumbag
If you haven't heard about the Jesse Ventura and Chris Kyle lawsuit then let me give you a little insight. Former Navy Seal and sniper Chris Kyle who was killed last year wrote a book about his time serving our country. In the book, Kyle mentions getting into a fight with a celebrity at a bar. The name of the celebrity was not mentioned. Here is where Mr. Ventura comes in to play. After reading Kyle's book Ventura files a lawsuit due to his defamation. So he practically admitted that it was him who thought he could pick a fight with one of the world's elite. At the time, Kyle was still alive; but even after his death Ventura still insisted on suing Kyle's family. Now fast forward to today and Ventura has been awarded $1.8 million. What courtroom could allow that? What human being can take money from a dead man's family just because his feelings were hurt? Chris Kyle was one of the best soldiers to ever fight for our country and that is how you pay respect? Ventura must be hard up for cash after his many f ...
Jesse Ventura is one stand up American and a man made of all the right stuff said no one ever. The dude deserves to get punched by more than Chris Kyle. RIP Chris Kyle, you are truly one of the greatest Americans to ever exist.
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Growing up we have many influences and look up to many people, for different reasons. What a scumbag former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is for suing the widow of American Hero, Chris Kyle.
So I recently shared a post about Jesse Ventura winning a law suit against Chris Kyle. A friend of mine msgd me some further information about the incident and I believe that my post was in error. It appears the jury has, in this instance, may have actually found for the correct party. With that in mind, I'm deleting my other post. M
The decision by the court to award Ventura 1.8 million from Chris Kyle's widow is a little much if you ask me what do you all think? GUNNER
This whole case should have ended the day Chris Kyle was murdered... Suing the widow of an American Hero, all because ego was hurt? Grow up. Where's the humility is this?
Couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks CMH. The part that blows me away is that he felt the "defamation" by Chris Kyle was worse than the whole world seeing him sue Taya Kyle. JV could have recovered had he just let it go. Suing the wife of a fallen hero will never be forgotten. - Ben
It amazes me at the people that now hate Jesse Ventura because he won his 1.8 million dollar lawsuit against the estate of Chris Kyle (former Navy Seal that was murdered). He didnt sue Chris Kyles wife and kids. He sued the estate for Chris Kyles due to the artcles/ writing in the Chris's book that defamed him (Jesse Ventura). And the lawsuit started way before Chris Kyles murder/ death. What really amazes me is that the court system agreed with Jesse Ventura and awarded him the settlement and yet folks think that he was wrong to sue.While I dont know any of the facts of the case, evidently Jesse Ventura was correct with his beliefs to sue!
Jesse Ventura has won the defamation lawsuit he filed against the widow of Chris Kyle, Navy Seal and author of American Sniper. Somehow he convinced a jury that his reputation was sullied when Kyle told the world Ventura acted the fool at another SEALs funeral and then got knocked out. Ventura said…
So who defamed Jesse Ventura more, Chris Kyle in his book or Jesse Ventura by suing a dead man's estate?
Interesting moral question: If you felt someone slandered you and you sued them, then they died in an accident before the case was settled would you continue the suit against the estate to clear your name or would you drop the suit out of respect to the family? This is basically what just happened with Jesse Ventura who sued Chris Kyle's case. I'm not judging the people involved in that but wondering about the bigger moral question.
Mr. Ventura, I don't ever vent publicly but you touched a nerve in me that I had no idea existed. I was horrified to see that one of my childhood idols "Jesse the Body Ventura!" was suing a dead mans estate for defamation. It cut even deeper when I realized the lawsuit was because someone said they knocked you out, in a book. ( as if that's what sold the book ). Then I recognized the name, Chris Kyle. A Navy Seal that risked his life for YOU as well as the rest of us just to come home and be cut down by someone who wanted what he had. A lot like you. I watched you get beat plenty in the ring Mr. Ventura, with never a lawsuit. But I guess since it was televised there was no dispute. It would be easy to say "I would give a million dollars to brag about being knocked out by an American Hero", but I can't. Instead, you attacked a hero's wife and kids. You as an opportunist decided to sacrifice your legacy, your image, your opportunity to "let it go". Today I lost a childhood hero. Today Jesse the body Ventura ...
Jesse "the body" Ventura... You had best donate that 1.8 million you were unjustly awarded today to the on behalf of Chris Kyle & his fellow fallen or injured Navy Seals!
Jesse Ventura won his defamation case against the estate of author Chris Kyle, a former U
Everyone is avoiding speaking the truth about the case between the estate of Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura out of fear of litigation . Jesse you preach about loyalty and brotherhood. The only thing that was injured on you was your ego . When Chris called you on your bs you got what you deserved . You sued a hero which Chris Kyle was .And in my book he still is . Jesse you are a disgrace to the uniform you once wore.
So it seems Jesse is not only happy to take $1.8 million from Chris Kyle's widow, he's also against the Hobby Lobby ruling. He's taking some heat on his page right now.
You POS.Chris Kyle was a True US Hero The fact it occured or not that you cant man up and let it go, go at a widow excusable
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Join Wayne and Deby Kyle, parents of Chris Kyle, as they raise money for the Chris Kyle Memorial Fund h…
From Rick Dupuis "In every single mass shooting... every single one...Fort Hood, Littleton, Sandy Hook, the Navy Yard... every single mass shooting occurred in a gun-free zone and the shooting didn't stop until someone with a gun showed up and stopped it. Every time there is a mass shooting, it is against people who publicize the fact that they are unarmed. No one picks a fight with someone who can defend themselves. Did you notice Chris Kyle was shot in the back? In the back." Too many good points not to pass along. It's food for thought, friends. We have our permits and are glad everyday that we do. If you have questions or want to talk about getting yours- hit me up! ;)
Notify on this. He'll be all over it. Chris Kyle is American Hero.
I hate how they have Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle in the upcoming American Sniper movie. He's not an action actor.
The have signed former Football star TE Kyle Auffray.
Hey Bryan Anderson you wont believe this, I was going through the box of stuff Chris Kyle gave me a few years ago...
Going through a box of stuff Chris Kyle gave to me a few years ago and this was in there.
Just finished reading American Sniper by Chris Kyle... Great read. Excited for that movie w/ Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood.
“Chris Bosh was masterful in the 4th quarter. Now, his clutch three has been turned into art.
imagine Chris in the corner of ur bedroom at night giggling to himself😩
Lee Clark set to make at 3 more signings soon .But it looks like Chris Burke and Nicola Zigic MAY have played their last g…
lemme get this straight. Obama won't recognize Navy Seal and top sniper Chris Kyle as a hero, didn't even say a word when he was killed on
I'm really trying to find a bartending job though
how stupid are the Rangers for letting Chris Davis slip away?
I Heard a guy say this about Chris Kyle, today. Men want to be like him and women want to marry him. RIP.
He said is it because I'm not Kyle and Chris 😂😂😂
Pleasure winning money with my boy 💸
Tell me this isn't Chris Bosh on Judge Joe Brown
Chris Kyle punching Jessie Ventura in the face will always be one of my favorite things.
SUMMER LEWIS,KYLE WILSON,ROBERT MILLER COREY snitch Holman,CHRIS PETRILLE. These people must have been brought up...
The gorgeous Kyle being a gent comforting the beautiful Georgia at
You will love the "Chris Kyle App" --Conservative Apps for your Really Smart Phone
Revolutionary new preaching idea from (w/ help from : actually preach the Word:
Images that I shared at Kimmy and Kyle's wedding reception in Tucson, AZ are posted on the La Brisa blog!
Awesome picture of Chris Bosh gliding in the air for the nasty dunk over Tim Duncan and Danny Green.
A message from the owners of Tacticaltshirts. We are coordinating with the family attorney of Chris Kyle. His name is Chris Kirkpatrick and he is...
Chris Kyle's book is the perfect gift for dad, and the best book to read along with your son. The paperback edition features a bonus eleventh chapter with the history of three additional firearms.
So we just passed the One Year Anniversary of the murder of Navy Seal Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield. I was asked to do some digging on the aftermath of the situation. I have been digging for days and have found little. There are many charities in...
18 pages in with Chris Kyle. What an oustanding human being he was. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
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Bradley Cooper & Sienna Miller in the roles of Chris Kyle and Taya Kyle in the up coming movie
I hope it's worthy of Chris Kyle's life. And nice cap!
Chris Kyle, Chuck Norris, and Marcus Luttrell. I mean come on, they are all hardcore, but we know who's better
If you liked Lone Survivor you need to read ex Navy Seal, Chris Kyle's autobiography - American Sniper
Finally got around to reading American Sniper by Navy Seal Chris Kyle, definitely recommend it
Chris Kyle best u.s Navy Seal sniper to ever live! ✊❤️ I'll love to be like him yo
Pat Kilbane is suing over the Inside The Team Room: U.S. Navy Seals video series, featuring Navy Seals Chris Kyle, Brandon Webb, and Chris Osman.
Memorial Day! Today as we pay tribute to all the service men and women who risk their lives for our freedom, we honor Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, who's story is being filmed this Wednesday, May 28th at O'Malley's. We are happy to play a part as a location in the new movie American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller.
Went to the Texas State Cemetery and found Chris Kyle's grave. 4 tour Navy Seal sniper killed in 2013.
Kyle to Chris to overlapping Ethan is nice play to watch
Instead of honoring another actor dieing from possible drug use, I chose to honor an American CHRIS KYLE!
Oh my god Everybody Hates Chris is on
Honoring Chris Kyle today, his birthday, by performing random acts of kindness in order to htt…
goodbook but the big one coming is about Chris Kyle who many consider the greatest US Sniper. 160+ kills. Wish it was 160,000!!
Only three boys that ever spend the night at my house is either Chris, Brandon, and Kyle🏠👦
Here is a tribute to Chris Kyle I did a while back I hope it does him justice.
"Slide in your DM's like Next thing to do in…
Chris bosh trying to catch flies out there
I finished reading Chris Kyle's book just in time for Memorial Day. Great look at Patriotism at it's best.
Love that Kyle and Chris showed up for like a minute to say hi then ran away 😂😂
“WHen one falls his brothers bring him home. RIP Chris Kyle
Just checked the blueprints. Chris Bosh is 38% velociraptor.
Chris Kyle and the rest of our vets deserve better!!!
How about wounded warrior I profiled this week, landing a role in the Chris Kyle movie, director Clint! http:/…
“Chris Bosh swear to God he Kyle Korver”that boy can shoot
American Gun by Chris Kyle is historical and an easy read. Greenmantle by John Buchan is a WW1 spy story. Mud, Sweat, and Tears.
Christopher Scott "Chris" Kyle, United States Navy Seal “Rest easy Warrior, it's our watch now”...
Small gym at 6:30. You'll want to be there. Starting lineup:. Rannal Young. Riley Eidson. Red Fury. Chris Moussa. Kyle Tompkins. Need I say more
congrats on the new job, Chris. Might be tougher to wear that Vol orange though in Gumpland...
Kyle Peterson and Chris Burke. I actually grew up with and played ball with Chris' older brother Paul
Coming down comp hill is way to sketchy for me 😳😟
“I’ve lived the literal meaning of the ‘land of the free’ and ‘home of the brave.’ It’s not corny for me. I feel it in my heart. I feel it in my chest. Even at a ball game, when someone talks during the anthem or doesn’t take off his hat, it pisses me off. I’m not one to be quiet about it, either.” – Chris Kyle Not many days go by when I don't get goose bumps when I hear the playing of the anthem. Too many today do not understand these words Kyle so elegantly wrote. Just the other day I was at a sporting event where I witnessed a family whose kids were running around chasing each other during the National Anthem. I grew up with a Vietnam Veteran and for those of you that know him, know how patriotic he is. I am so glad that he passed on his love for this country and due respect for those that serve. or have served. More especially those who gave their lives in service of our nation. While all of you are enjoying your long weekend, friends and family please remember those who have sa ...
Kyle finally learned how to 180 out of the bowl and Chris learned how to 180 the quarter pipe , had a…
It's Day Two of Redfest USA benefitting Boot Campaign! If you're here make sure you stop by and see us! We have new Chris Kyle merchandise, autographed books, new Koozies, new Boot laces, new BC shirts, smiling faces and more!
American Sniper is coming out in the next few yrs about Chris Kyle a real American Hero. Thats what we need more of in this country
If you don't know who Chris Kyle is, well, just google him. American Hero.
Been listening to the late Chris Kyle's book "American Sniper." Great hero, greater American. Please read or listen to it. Important story.
Cowboys Stadium is full for the funeral of Chris Kyle. amazing & humbling.
"Oh, they may be tough individuals, but it takes more than PERSONAL toughness to be a good leader" -Chris Kyle, Navy Seal
American Gun A History of the U.S. in 10 Firearms (William Morrow) By (author) Chris Kyle, By (autho
Bradley Cooper looks just like Chris Kyle for the American Sniper movie 😳
February 04, 2013 C-SPAN U.S. Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle talked about his career and his autobiography, American Sniper: The ...
Actor Bradley Cooper looked a bit different last night as he walked the Red Carpet at the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It seems Cooper is going through a transformation as he has bulked up and grown a beard for his role as Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle who ...
Eastwood's American Sniper Moving Forward, 1st Pic: Clint Eastwood is making a movie about Chris Kyle, America...
'American Sniper' Chris Kyle shot dead in a post-combat world - Military sniper Chris Kyle had...
Glad Obama can take time out of his day to address Michael Sam. Still waiting on his Chris Kyle statement.
American Sniper by Chris Kyle is pretty great
Obama comments numerous times on *** football player but nothing on the most decorated sniper Chris Kyle
Not tired so it looks like I'll start Chris Kyle's American Sniper.
Bradley Cooper is gaining weight and growing a beard for where he will portray sniper Chris Kyle
I got this from the FB community page "Chris Kyle", the American Sniper. "NO, you move"
finished American Sniper by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen, Jim DeFelice and gave it 3 stars
I finally started reading American Sniper. It's pretty good so far. Chris Kyle definitely had an interesting world view.
Like Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Deadliest sniper in history. What matters more, how many lives you took or how many you've saved?
Chris Kyle had over 150 confirmed kills as a SEAL sniper
I'm a bit exciting about reading this book about Chris Kyle, a Navy Seal sniper who has the longest kill in the US military.
yeah, they actually classified me as the youngest & most legal sniper in the Marines. Of course Chris Kyle was better lol
Just finished reading 'American Sniper' by former U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle; had 160 confirmed kills (1 from 2,100 yds) over 4 tours in Iraq
Bradley Cooper has found his first project for his Warner Bros.-based production company, 22nd & Indiana. Cooper is setting up American Sniper, an adaptation of the autobiography of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, with Jason Dean Hall on board to write the script. Cooper is producing along with Andrew Lazar a…
So awesome that Bradley Cooper is really taking the time to portray fallen Navy Seal, Chris Kyle for 'American Sniper' - …
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what about also Chris Kyle? The devil of ramadi? The famed Navy Seal sniper? I'm thankful for his sacrifice too.
Hearing that Bradley Cooper is portraying the late great Chris Kyle in "American Sniper" brought tears to my eyes.
Last night Bradley Cooper shocked fans with the 40 lbs he gained to play Navy Seal Chris Kyle in "American Sniper."
Here's the link for Bradley Cooper getting ready to play Chris Kyle
I can't wait till American Sniper about Chris Kyle comes out its gonna be sick
LockDowne commented on Bradley Cooper transformation into Chris Kyle for American Sniper film Dallas News
Bradley Cooper starts transformation into Chris Kyle for American Sniper film via
Please pray for Trey Gowdy and his family. I'm sure Obama and Hilary want him dead like the Benghazi 4, Andrew Breitbart, Brian Terry, and Chris Kyle.
Join me in wishing Kyle Singler a happy birthday! 🎉-Angela
Harrison McGahey (wins the Chris Muir Memorial Trophy tonight, presented by Richie Kyle!
Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle. He looks just like him.
So thru 3 rounds of we've drafted Odell Beckham, Kyle Van Noy and Chris Borland... What say you, fans?
Another weak actor going to portray Chris Kyle in American Sniper.Hm we'll see. Hope your bringing your A game.
Bradley Cooper Hits the gym for Chris Kyle role.
Hi Chris. I'd like you to meet my Kyle. He was given to me by a really special guy. ❤️
Kyle Lowry thought he was Chris Paul with his son up there durin post game interviews
Through 3 rounds in the Detroit Lions have selected WR Odell Beckham Jr., OLB Kyle Van Noy and LB Chris Borland. Football players!!
Richie Kyle is now back on stage to present the Chris Muir Memorial Trophy, which goes to an outstanding youngster.
Mallory and Kyle are like Chris Brown and Rihanna except Kyle is Rihanna
You and everybody else in Kyle! Literally my whole timeline yesterday was about people goin to the river! 😂😂😭😭
Two more free throws from Kyle Lowry and the Nets are up just 2 with 25.0 seconds left in the 4th.
Yep and didn't beat their chests, get scared at the drop of a hat and actually cared about people.
Risers on Big Board include Zack Martin (ND), plus some LBs -- Chris Borland and Kyle Van Noy. Spent more time on Van Noy…
There was a time where people picked themselves up during tough times instead of looking for someone else to do it for them.
Chris Marquette and Kyle Labine next to each other. Too much adorable for one convention!
Was this foul/penalty by Kyle Benedictus on Chris Kane with minutes to go at Dens Park yesterday as blatant as everyone is making out?
Paul Piece on game-sealing block of Kyle Lowry's shot: "I saw him go up, I went up with him, got my hand on the ball. Game ov…
thank you very much, Kaylyn Kyle's on next so look out for it in the next day or two!
Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, the man has never been sexier. I'm sold already.
Photo: Kyle and Karter at the podium post-game.
THE TRUTH! Paul Pierce blocked Kyle Lowry in the closing seconds to clinch a Nets series win over Raptors. http:…
The fact their making a movie on Chris Kyle's career is just amazing
omg I just love when athletes and celebs do stuff like this!
The note Kyle gave Chris was seriously so adorable.
Not a bears fan but this is great story
Chris Tucke--I mean, Kyle Lowry did an amazing job today tho
The papers are saying Kyle brought down Chris Kane in a 'rugby like tackle' What even? No, Kyle fell over and the guy tripped over him!
Kyle is a star now and I doubted him big time. Will he come back or will another team take him away let's hope not
Can't fault is our thoughts but *** I thought Kyle had that second chance shot.
Kyle Lowry get blocked by Paul Pierce to send Toronto home. 104-103 Nets. Tough loss for the Raptors.
Paul Pierce blocks Kyle Lowry at the buzzer, Nets win Game 7, 104-103
Everybody knew Kyle was getting the ball n they still drew the play up for him.
Kyle Lowry needs to talk to Chris and Cliff Paul about the assist lol. T-Ross was wideee open.
They don't deserve to win though... Kyle got caught in the moment
Kyle Lowry should have passed the ball!
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Kyle Lowry ha only missed 6 shots this entire series that's crazy
Kyle Lowery is really one the most underrated players in the NBA
I've recently read books by Marcus Luttrell, Chris Kyle, and Jason Redman (Lone Survivor, American Sniper, and The Trident, respectively) all Navy Seals who have written about their experiences in the teams, and by the world's standards, are great men who accomplished great things, but I want to be like Luke Wilson, Mark Miller, and Kevin Simpson, my home congregation needs men like that.
In the past two years, Bradley Cooper has earned consecutive nominations from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Golden Globes, BAFTA, and the Australian Film Institute for Silver Linings Playbook in 2013 and American Hustle in 2014. Given his track record to date – 35 total acting nominations and 17 wins, I believe Mr. Cooper is going to be one of the next great actors to grace our silver screens. Pictured below is the “new” Bradley Cooper preparing for his upcoming role as Navy Seal, Chris Kyle in Clint Eastwood’s production of American Sniper.
Heck yea Bradly cooper is going to play Chris Kyle in the movie American Sniper to bad it won't come come out till 2015 but its worth the wait
Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle in American Sniper directed by Clint Eastwood. I'm very excited for this...
Look. Just because Marcus Luttrell's book was made into a film doesn't mean Chris Kyle's needs to be. Quit profiting off of fallen heroes.
New Hollywood movie about The legend that is Chris Kyle due soon, can't wait !! - R
Bradley Cooper looking as close as you can get to Chris Kyle. This should be a good flick.
Bradley Cooper has seriously buffed up for his new role in "American Sniper." He reportedly gained 40 pounds and grew a beard to star as Navy Seal Chris Kyle in Clint Eastwood's new movie, based on a true story. Cooper's co-star, Eric Cl...
🇺🇸. First look at Bradley Cooper as fallen Navy Seal Chris Kyle
Bradley Cooper has a beard and 40 more pounds of muscle for his “American Sniper” role as Chris Kyle
Bradley Cooper's resemblance to Chris Kyle is crazy.
Congratulations to Katie Wester, Whitney Denewiler, Katy Knutson, Hannah Wood, Emily Lewis, Chris Kyle, Tajei Wright, Morgan Barrows, Jackson Brown, Ivy Paramo and so many more for graduating today ! I am on my way back in the arena for the grad students ceremony at 7!!
Not going to lie, I was scrolling and actually thought this was Chris Kyle until I read the text.
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Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle in American Sniper. A Clint Eastwood movie. Gotta be badass
*** yeah! They're making an American Sniper movie. Not sure how it's gonna turn out, with Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle, and Clint Eastwood directing it.. But I loved the book.
So Bradley Cooper gained 40 lbs. Congratulations welcome to manhood. Let me know when he looks like Dutch from Predator. And on another note- He will be portraying Chris Kyle of "American Sniper" Fame. For those not in the know he is the Navy Seal sniper who killed more insurgent's in Iraq than Cholera. I'm stoked.
Clint Eastwood is directing "American Sniper", what an honor both ways, this is going to be a great movie honoring Chris Kyle and his fellow SEALS, can't wait.
Best thing I've heard all day! ...besides the laughter of children of course. Clint Eastwood film about Chris Kyle and Bradley Cooper with a beard.
Wait, hold the phone... Clint Eastwood will direct “American Sniper”, the story of Navy Seal Chris Kyle? And, on top of that, he’s already made the film version “Jersey Boys” (one of my favorite musicals, as I saw it with Grandpa Altergott, aka Rudy I, just before he passed away)? BEYOND excited!
Clint Eastwood is producing American Sniper the story of Chris Kyle can't wait to see it.
Their making a movie based on my favorite book: American Sniper. *** yeah. Clint Eastwood is directing. Bradley Cooper is portraying Chris Kyle.
Is it just a coincidence that some of America's most decorated soldiers came from the South and or Texas? Robert L. Howard, Alabama(Most decorated) Audie Murphy, Texas(second most decorated) Chris Kyle, Texas(most kills as a sniper) Marcus Luttrell, Texas Billy Waugh. Texas Carlos Hathcock, Arkansas (second most kills as a sniper) According to yankees and lib *** the south is a racist hot bed. I don't believe that BS but we do have some very proficient killers:)
Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle? LOVE it! This is the part where most of you go "Who's Chris Kyle?" And you should be ashamed of yourself. Look it up. Tell em Chainsaw
We usually don't go all "groupie" but, this is awesome! Bradley Cooper Looks Unrecognisable As He Gains 40 Pounds And Grows Bushy Beard to play Chris Kyle in the Clint Eastwood film 'American Sniper'.
Hey internet, maybe Bradley Cooper gained 40lbs to play the great Chris Kyle in "American Sniper", but he *** sure didn't gain 40lbs of "muscle".That kind of ignorant garbage is why a lot of women won't go near the weight room because they might "bulk up like a man" (I mean 40lbs of muscle must be easy right?) or why some women waste their time doing mindless "fat burning" exercises like side lunges and triceps kickbacks with 2lb dumbbells.Or why people still don't get that diet matters if you want to see your abs, rant over.For now.
Holy cow!! I love this look . He looks fantastic and I know he'll do great as Chris Kyle
This versatile Actor of "American Hustle", Bradley Cooper has added 40lbs for new Clint Eastwood film "American Sniper". He looks a lot like Chris Kyle. You can even hardly spot the difference!
Texas raises some strong *** people: Marcus Luttrell, Chris Kyle, and Dakota Meyer.
God bless Chris Kyle & the family that he leaves behind. His death is incredibly tragic & a huge loss to this nation. He was a true hero.
Director Steven Spielberg and actor Bradley Cooper have officially signed on to bring us American Sniper based on the memoir of Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Buy mov...
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Listening to an audiobook of American Gun by Chris Kyle, Chief Petty Officer, US Navy Seal.
A happy birthday to The devil of Ramadi, would have been 40 today. Chris Kyle from Odessa, Texas with…
A 21 gun salute to an American Hero! I personally would like to salute a great American on what would have been his 40th birthday today! I was there on an overpass in Belton, Texas last year when his hearse and massive convoy drove to his burial site down I35. Chris Kyle.thank you Sir! Most civilians and probably many military do not actually comprehend what this man did as a sniper with the Navy SealS. The total amount of recorded kills that he tallied can probably at least be multiplied by 4 with the number of Marines, soldiers and sailors that he kept alive by providing Overwatch! Semper Fi Brother! ...Gunny
"On this day, the Ghost of Ramadi was born." Rest in peace Chris Kyle.
So someone just walked into my accounting class and asked someone if they know who Chris Kyle was, and I said I did. http…
Today we celebrate of Chris Kyle, who was born on this day. A son, brother, husband, father & friend to a many. A joke…
Happy Birthday to the most lethal sniper in American history. The legendary Chris Kyle.
Happy birthday Chris Kyle, a true American Hero. Gone but not forgotten brother.
Happy birthday Chris Kyle, you're legacy will always be remembered
Happy birthday Chris Kyle ! RIP to the greatest sniper that ever lived
Happy birthday Chris Kyle aka devil of ramadi
Happy birthday Chris Kyle and may you rest easy
The man, the myth, the legend. RIP Chris Kyle.
Happy birthday Chris Kyle aka the devil of ramadi
On Wednesday evening, Iraq War Veteran Ivan Lopez fired his weapon on fellow soldiers and others at Fort Hood, Texas, killing three people and wounding sixteen before turning his .45-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun on himself. Lopez's bloody rampage and subsequent suicide underscores a dangerously rising trend in violent behavior exhibited from U.S. military members struggling to cope with their service. More than 22 veteran suicides occur across America each day, and there are numerous instances in which veterans have murdered others in addition to themselves. Take the Chris Kyle killing or the 1st Fort Hood Shooting for instance, or the many other ones that haven't been so news worthy where ex-soldiers have killed their spouses and significant others. For a society who generally worships its troops and thinks that men and women wearing the uniform are their guardian angels, you would think that the problem of military suicides would extract more critical thought and devotion to discussing viable solution ...
Reason you can't make this stuff up! RIP Chris Kyle, Rise Up III%, MOLON LABE, Can you hear me now? I Stand With Phil!
Reading a book by Chris Kyle called "American Sniper". I recommend everyone that has the opportunity to take the time to read it to do so. This man was a true warrior and loved his family and country.
Chris Kyle who has the most awarded sniper kills,a true American Hero who was killed by his friend at a gunrange
This is for the troops and Special OPs that soon will be in battle with the domestic enemies here. God bless you all. May he protect you and yours. This is for Aaron Vaughn, his friends, Sean Doherty, Chris Kyle, Ty Woods, Sean Smith and all the officers and troops MURDERED by this regime. Go get them warriors!
In honor of Chris Kyle, a true American Hero. . May God Bless his family and friends today and always.
The Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell or No Easy Day by Mark Owen or American Sniper by Chris Kyle 🇺🇸
Eastwood's film will have some star-power to it. Bradley Cooper became attached to both star in and produce the movie all the way back in 2012. The Academy Award-nominee is set to be joined in the film by Sienna Miller, Cory Hardrict, and the newly announced Jake McDorman, who will be playing a friend of Cooper's character in the film named Ryan Job who is nicknamed "Biggles." Based on a true story, the film will see Cooper star as Navy Seal Chris Kyle. While multiple real SEALs are expected to be featured in the film, one of them will be Kevin ‘Dauber” Lacz, a personal friend of Kyle's. The film is based on Kyle's autobiography and the adaptation is being scripted by Jason Hall. Production is being planned to start next month and shooting will be taking place in Morocco.
It looks like Bradley Cooper will be playing Chris Kyle. I know SEAL movies are all the rage right now but this one is about an especially great man who spent his life protecting and helping others.
agreed, but Chris Kyle earned his hero status in life. I'll school you later if ya need it.
Enjoying a good read. "American Gun; A History of the US in Ten Firearms", by Chris Kyle with William Doyle..You can love 'em, as I do, or hate them- but you can't deny their import. As much as I wish and pray that human nature were different, it's far better to have one & not need it- than to need one & not have it...
Who are your hero's? I listed a few here but as soon I do, I know I left some out that I know personally who served: Nelson Duane Berry, Larry Young, Randy Stoghten, Carl, Tim, and I am sure I missted others. Louis Zamperini, Audey Murphy, Marcus Luttrell, Chris Kyle, Chuck Swindoll. Three very special Marine aviators, Brian(AV8), Roberto(F-18), and JDea (E2D). Also, My Dad (Iwo Jima WWII), my uncle (armored cav Korea), and my grandpa (WWI). All those who go down range.. *** few.
When we were in Mexico, I spent some of the time finishing the book, Lone Survivor as I really had a hard time putting it down.but Marcus of course was a Navy Seal and clearly boosts that in the book as he should.but I was Army and there is a natural war of words between the two services.I have voiced this to Val as I read the book and then on page 352 he is rescued by Army Rangers and Army Green Berets. I of course at this point stopped reading and proudly told Val that the Seal was saved by the Army (which is normal).but it was funny as I continued to read, Marcus talks about the BS he would now have to live with, being saved by the Army.My latest book is American Sniper by the late Chris Kyle, so far so good.going back to the Lone Survivor, I would encourage you all to read the book and see the movie.the book is better as there is no Hollywood in it.just facts.
Had a great time yesterday with my son Chris Kyle, his girlfriend Jennifer John Campbell, kennedi&Zoey. It was the first time meeting the girls, what a treat it was. They are adorable! Can't wait to see them again..
At the C3 conference with Adrian Cuiksa. Haven't seen him since middle school. The church I am at is fellowship church and let me tell you somethin this place is way to fancy for me. A cool fact this is the same church where Ed Young the pastor here got to sit down and talk to both Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell.
Now, I must admit that I Loved Whitney Houston and her death was a tragedy. So talented. Shirley Temple is my favorite child star and I also found her amazing. What I want to know is who decides who is "worthy" and what is their criteria? How about we talk about Chris Kyle, Navy Seal Sniper, and advocate of wounded veterans, now deceased. How about Benghazi fallen hero's? Please explain to me the rationale of "his" criteria???
Times-Union readers want to know: I received an email that says that President Barack Obama ordered flags to be flown at half-staff for Whitney Houston but not for Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal killed at a gun range.
Hero, Legend, Navy Seal 🇺🇸. One of the greatest Sharpshooters to ever walk this earth.. ~Chris Kyle. R.I.P
So.a football player admits that he is *** That's fine, more power to him. But why does the media, Michelle Obama, and Jay Carney (The White House press secretary) have to beat the topic to death and say how much "courage" he has for coming out? Why don't they ever say anything about our hero's that are overseas dieing for us everyday? How come they never had a press conference honoring Chris Kyle, or any other REAL American Hero? This administration has no respect for our TRUE hero's and it makes me sick.
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