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Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle (born 1974) is a former United States Navy SEAL. He is the deadliest sniper in United States military history, with 160 confirmed kills (out of 255 claimed kills).

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washingtonpost: A new effort to get Chris Kyle the Medal of Honor faces an uphill battle
Everyone on my post below made this point and now that Marcus Luttrell has weighed can bet prison boys...
Thank you Clint Eastwood for the movie. America thanks Chris Kyle for his duty and honor to America.
Eddie Ray Routh, the man convicted of killing American Hero Chris Kyle was sentenced to life in prison yesterday. http:…
Heroes never die. Showing my support at the range wearing Chris Kyle tee & magwraps
It's not a Sniper cloud...just Chris Kyle protectin Heaven.
The Killer of American Sniper Chris Kyle Sentenced to Life in Prison >
Eddie Ray Routh sentenced to life in prison for murdering "American Sniper" Chris Kyle:
American Sniper didn't tell me how many trick shots Chris Kyle hit
"American Sniper murder trial: Was Chris Kyle's killer legally insane?" from on
Ex-Marine sentenced to life for murder of American Sniper Chris Kyle
Cody Johnson for kickin butt, Mike Ryan for in ya feels, Chris young for romance, Kyle park for goofy mixed with fun and Jon wolf erythangg
Eddie Ray Routh has been found guilty of murder in the killing of American Sniper's Chris Kyle
Sickening how Disrespects A true American Hero in Chris Kyle.
My thanks to for being with me tonight on - He and Chris Kyle - American Heroes - we owe th…
Like my idol said, aka my father, the killer of Chris Kyle will experience the wrath of *** aka a 14 inch *** up his ***
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Jury finds Eddie Ray Routh guilty in 'American Sniper' case
Ex-marine found guilty of murdering real-life 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle: A former marine ha...
Chris Kyle: Chris Kyle Books for kindle fire tablet and phone edition:
“Chris Kyle out here protectin' the heavens
Hope & pray this verdict brings some peace & closure to friends, family &. loved ones of Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield. http:…
CPAC's holographic Chris Kyle is on the fritz again and will only say 10 of the 14 words
Eddie Ray Routh was convicted of capital murder. Rot in *** & don't drop the soap until then. RIP Chris Kyle. Merica http…
Watching Sniper...Chris Kyle slanging that iron, I knew snipers that were just as good tho
'You thought you had PTSD before? Wait until the boys find out you killed a hero': Lone…
The man who killed Chris Kyle sentenced to prison.. Can't imagine what will happen to him when the inmates find out what he d…
Directed by Clint Eastwood, American Sniper focuses on the life of Navy Seal Chris Kyle.
So glad Pete and Wynonna did this song for Chris Kyle. It's incredible.
ISIS doesn't stand a chance with Chris Kyle up there.
Former Marine convicted of killing ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle and other man at shooting range
Several jurors picked for trial of vet who killed Chris Kyle had seen American Sniper
I stand behind the greatest American Sniper of all time, the lives he saved & everything Chris Kyle stood for. RIP Lege…
Eddie Ralph got sentenced to life in prison today for killing American Sniper Chris Kyle 👍
Chris Kyle is like one of my idols after seeing American Sniper, his story was/is crazy. That's a true Legacy right there.
Ex-Marine Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty of killing American Sniper protagonist Chris Kyle
For the record, heroes don't take pride in kills. Alvin York, Hal Moore, Audie Murphy are heroes. Chris Kyle is a liar.
i truly hope Eddie Routh burns in *** for murdering a true American Hero, Chris Kyle & of course, Chad Littlefield as well
Give a Salute to Taya Kyle, Chris kyles Wife, For being Strong in her PERSUIT of JUSTICE for Chris Kyle,. SALUTE TO YOU MRS KYLE. king-fisher
Marcus Luttrell speaks his mind about Chris Kyle killing 🇺🇸
'American Sniper' killer gets life in prison: No one disputes that Eddie Ray Routh shot and killed Chris Kyle ...
Just in.The man who killed Chris Kyle has been sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.
Rocker with a heart! What Kid Rock did to help Navy SEALS pay tribute to Chris Kyle via
Jesse Ventura he should of shot mr. burns Chris Kyle it's up to the baby now
Eddie Ray Routh's been found guilty of murdering American Sniper author Chris Kyle
Can't believe people have the nerve to disrespect Chris Kyle
Eddie Ray Routh found guilty. Rest in peace Chris Kyle.
Following verdict, has a warning for Chris Kyle's killer.
Killer of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield found guilty. I pray that the victims families can somehow find closure.
Anyone who can, pray for Taya Kyle as well as the families of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, as they begin to heal.
*** YEAH TEXAS!!! Man who killed Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield got sentenced to life in prinson with no chance of par…
Jury finds ex-Marine guilty in shooting deaths of 'American Sniper' author Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield - htt…
"American Sniper" Update: Routh sentenced to life without parole in murders of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield
RIP Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield. I hope your families can receive some peace with tonight's verdict.
Rest easy Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. Justice has been served for these American Heroes!
BREAKING: Eddie Routh has been found guilty in the deaths of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.
Chris Kyle's friend has a name. It's not "another man" or "Chris Kyle's friend." It is Chad Littlefield.
Eddie Ray Routh, the man who murdered Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, was found guilty of capital murder today. http:…
Justice was served tonight. I hope the families of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield can finally find some peace. Rest in peace, heroes🇺🇸
Rest in peace, Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. Thank you for your ultimate service and sacrifice.
His name was Chad Littlefield! “BREAKING: Ex-Marine found guilty in shooting deaths of American Sniper author Chris Kyle, another man.”
Eddie Ray Routh found guilty of murdering Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield in trial
Breaking: Eddie Ray Routh guilty of Capital Murder in so-called trial --murder of Chris Kyle and another…
It seems so unlikely to me that Chris Kyle would take someone who was extremely high on any drug to the shooting range.
BREAKING: Eddie Routh found guilty in the murder of famed Navy Seal Chris Kyle.
Chris Kyle's family sees justice the same day Trayvon Martin's continues to see none.
“Took them no time to find Chris Kyle's murderer guilty but Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner...”
Good game pitching is Chris L. Mustangs 6 - Cobras 6 in the 4th.
Any minute now they are gonna announce guilty or not guilty on the guy Chris Kyle trial.
Jury has reached a verdict in the Chris Kyle, Chad Littlefield murder trial. Announcement coming in about 15 minutes.
Chris Kyle verdict will be released any minute now. Prayers for the Kyles and Littlefields
"Chris Kyle out here protectin' the heavens that's so crispy
Verdict for the Chris Kyle case in a minute
Regardless of what you think of Chris Kyle and/or the killer must be punished accordingly for his actions.
Did I just read that the Chris Kyle murder trial went to the jury an hour ago, and they've already reached a decision? Guilty verdict then
Verdict in for Eddie Ray Routh, accused of killing Chris Kyle.
Well of course the man that shot and killed Chris Kyle is insane?
Chris Kyle was shot four times in the back two years ago.
The jury on the Chris Kyle case, has reached a verdict!
'Crazy don't run': Closing arguments made in Chris Kyle's killer's case; 'Munchies' cited
Chris Kyle murder verdict about to come out
Verdict in murder trial of Eddie Routh, who admits to killing Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield, should be announced in min…
“its not a sniper cloud, its Chris Kyle protecting the heavens.
A verdict has been reached in Stephenville, TX in the murder trial of Chris Kyle. Waiting for the jury
Breaking: verdict is in in the Chris Kyle murder case.
Bush and other white racists like Adam Lanza and Chris Kyle left a MESS. Black crime is DOWN 800% and the debt in DOWN.
Chris Kyle out here protectin' the heavens
It's not a sniper cloud. It's just Chris Kyle protectin' the heavens.
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle who inspired attends with his dog tags
Did you catch what Chris Kyle's widow was carrying with her at the Oscars?
Jury hears taped confession in trial
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, who inspired ‘American Sniper,’ attends w/his dog tags
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
How about a memorium for all the kids Chris Kyle killed?
Chris Kyle's story is a true American legend! F-Michael Moore and PTSD. It's called life, get over it! Doctors & Carpenters have stress too
While at Oscars, Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, firmly clutched something more valuable than any Oscar – her husband’s dog tags. 💔
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, who inspired movie "American Sniper", talking with Bradley Cooper. She…
Chris Kyle widow Taya walks Oscars red carpet, said he'd be blown away.
Which part glorified the war? Chris Kyle suffering from PTSD or when he had to kill a mother and her child?
Wish it was Keaton but playing a debilitating Stephen Hawkins is a bigger challenge then Chris Kyle
Favorite of the oscars was seeing Chris Kyle's wife. American Sniper was tragic and amazing. True American Hero.
"Different opinions can be shared without fear." "unless you know... you praise a war hero like Chris Kyle."
if you're also rooting for American Sniper to win at Chris Kyle is a true Texas hero.
First three chats: Emma Stone with Mom, Ethan Hawke on feeling like a pirate, Chris Kyle's widow talks healing
So just went Chris Kyle on the caps... But ken holland didn't want him
Srsly tho, I have the perfect perch to be a real American Sniper after my beloved hero soldier Chris Kyle gets snubbed by Oscar tonight
American Sniper, Chris Kyle was called the "complete warrior" in evaluation by superiors while in the service.
Bradley Cooper used Chris Kyle's actual workout playlists as music to listen to while working out fo….
Frankie Boyle summing up my views on American Sniper. Hope someone makes a movie about the guy who killed Chris Kyle. http…
I'm not watching American Sniper it's all a lie so was Chris Kyle he beat his wife and wasn't a family man like they have in the movie
When Chris Kyle was asked how he had over 106 kills and whether he just shoots anyone with a Koran he replies.
Widow of American Sniper's comrade says Oscar-nominated movie 'portrays her late husband as a coward'
war and murder are two different things but for Chris Kyle, he was a mentally unstable murder
Here's the thing with Chris Kyle. - Hypothetically, let’s say the guy actually DID want to kill people just...
The ex-Marine charged with killing “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and another man got an idea of how to act mentally…
Here are the Navy records of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle.
yes, I was talking about Chris Kyle but yes, what would our land do without him
Only problem I have with Chris Kyle is that he used his military career as a launching point into stardom.
Prosecution offers rebuttal: Chris Kyle's killer not schizophrenic, did not have PTSD, was under influence of drugs.
Finally saw American Sniper. It made me appreciate the military even more. Bradley Cooper and Siena Miller were awesome. RIP Chris Kyle.
Without Chris Kyle we really wouldn't be a country.. We'd be overran with terrorism and communism
Watching Yes Man and seeing Bradley Cooper not as Chris Kyle is kinda strange.
I hope justice is served and the man responsible for Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield's death is put away forever. PTSD is not the cause   10% Off
Sony picks up another Sniper movie from man who co-authored Chris Kyle's book. This one about Chechen terrorists at the Mex…
I finally received my official Chris Kyle gear!
Prosecution expert says 'American Sniper' suspect not insane: An ex-Marine who shot Chris Kyle may have gotten some…
“I was an American Sniper, and Chris Kyle’s war was not my war Good read
Congrats to the new group of yell leaders! Seniors are Kyle Cook, Steven Lanz, and Zach Lawrence. Juniors are Will Alders and Chris Wilder.
They just said Chris Kyle was more of a hero then Abraham Lincoln Rosa Parks Gandhi and tons more I'm literally crying LOL
You're wrong if you hate on Chris Kyle nobody would have the guts to do what he has done for the USA
What's wrong with this picture? A Duggar on the full page and Chris Kyle on the side
"American Sniper" slanders Muslim faith? WRONG - One thing is for sure, Chris Kyle WAS in fact a hero.
"The body will do what the mind tells it to." -Chris Kyle, American Sniper.
'American Sniper' jurors to decide: was Chris Kyle's killer ill, or was he faking?
Felt American Sniper overglamorized Chris Kyle a bit but mostly think people are overreacting. Most war films glamorize vets but condemn war
I loved American Sniper. It was hard for me not to tell everyone in the theater I gave Chris Kyle the rifle he took on …
Ironic. Chris Kyle, shot 160 people in Iraq War, killed not by Iraqi soldier, but by US marine veteran in his own country.
Texas: where our biggest concerns are fighting immigrants, voiding the marriage license of a loving couple, and Chris Kyle…
Watched a documentary on Chris Kyle. Absolutely amazing.
Is PTSD on trial in the murder case of former Navy Seal Chris Kyle? - Fort Worth Star Telegram
Routh suffered from marijuana-induced psychosis when he killed ex-Navy Seal Chris Kyle, experts |
‘The night we fought off 300 Taliban’: HOLLYWOOD has given America a new war hero in Navy Seal Chris Kyle. We ...
Exclusive: Navy SEAL who served with Chris Kyle speaks out | Fox News Video
Dauber talks about his role and buddy Chris Kyle what an it was for him and Salutes
Wife of slain Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle pays tribute to her husband during first day of trial.
Attorneys of the Year: Ventura Trial Team: When Ventura decided to sue fellow former Navy Seal Chris Kyle for ...
Defense rests in capital murder trial of man accused of killing Navy Seal Chris Kyle.
U.S. Navy SEAL Kevin Lacz, who acted in 'Sniper': Chris Kyle died in tragedy, but the movie will continue his legacy.
The fatal intersection of Navy Seal Chris Kyle and the Marine veteran who killed ... - Washington Post
In his latest column, Rev. John Hudson talks about Chris Kyle, the "American Sniper."
Not to 2nd guess American war hero, Chris Kyle, but was taking a guy with PTSD to a gun range the best, most prudent therapy…
Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame was murdered at a Texas gun range by a veteran with PTSD. Too many suicidal... http…
Hi Kelly. You follow This guy is in NO way a fan of Chris Kyle. Just thought you should know.
Prosecution rests in the trial of the man accused of killing ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle. reports now http:/…
tell that to Carlos Hathcock and Chris Kyle
I never noticed my hat has the Craft International symbol and it has a quote by Chris Kyle 😱
This quote is amazing. This is why we have amazing people like Chris Kyle, and our armed forces. 🇺🇸
Falcons OL coach Chris Morgan reunites with and OC Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta.
Saw American Sniper today & afterwards, read this quote from Chris Kyle. Couldn't agree more. TY US Service members.
Chris Kyle quote on 2nd anniversary of his death.
LETTER: An invitation to serve veterans, as Chris Kyle did in "American Sniper." .
Meet the man Chris Kyle, called a true American Hero. -
Really hope the guy that killed Chris Kyle doesn't get away with an insanity plea..
Why is the killing of Chris Kyle not a "hate" crime? He is white killed by a MUSLIM.
If it weren't for Chris Kyle, we would all be speaking muslim right now
Prosecution rests in Texas trial of man accused of killing 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle.
Prosecutors rest case in trial of former Marine accused of killing author Chris Kyle:
Chris Kyle agrees with film supporters who say snipers are heroes
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Man standing trial for the murder of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle confesses on tape
2 years ago today, the man, the myth, the legend, was laid to rest. Gone but not forgotten. RIP Chris Kyle.
Did you know that Whale Michael Moore called Chris Kyle a coward, yet Michael refuses to go on Bill O'Reilly?
They should hang the man who shot Chris Kyle
Sniper killing: Chilling confession: The man accused of killing Chris Kyle, subject of the hit film "American ...
American Sniper is the best movie I have ever seen. Chris Kyle is a true hero for saving over 1,000 marines .
Saw "American Sniper" today! Great movie about a real American Patriot & Hero: Chris Kyle! Kept Ticket
Hey, that lying NBC scumbag who called Chris Kyle a racist spree killer being taken seriously on MSNBC again.
American Sniper was awesome. Heroes like Chris Kyle should be publicised to the public but instead we see what Kim Kardashian does instead 👍
Eddie Ray Routh gunned down Chris Kyle, stole his vehicle and then drove to his uncle's house and said: 'I'm driving a dead man's truck',
looking at the disgusting comments on YouTube about Chris Kyle is what is wrong with America today.
I've not been to see it because actual Chris Kyle was a nut from what I've read, might give a go when it's on Netflix.
Chris Kyle (the main character in American Sniper) father-in-law is the mayor of Lake Oswego
American Sniper never gets old. Rip Chris Kyle
I'm not military, never have been.. Just oilfield.. Not as big a man as Chris Kyle but I'll still put you on your *** .
Shooter killed Chris Kyle because he wouldnt talk to me - New York Daily News
“Tier 1 read from my friend and former Delta Operator .
If Bradley Cooper doesn't win an Oscar for his role as Chris Kyle I swear.
Taya Kyle: American Sniper's widow still standing by her man: Chris Kyle's wife Taya has been a constant prese...
Hello Miss Kyle. Is there an address I could send Chris' autobiography to for you to sign it? Thank you :)
Chris Kyle killed all dem Muslims jus to be killed by an American,160 kills and yo own kind kill you smh
Witness: Man who killed Chris Kyle said he did it because 'they wouldn't talk to me'
Chris Kyle killed people who were defending their homeland from a foreign aggressor. Nothing heroic in that
he jumps in on it majority of the time. And you're saying he didn't start the Chris Kyle debate? :|
Officially finished all 3 of Gillian Flynn's books. Was going to start reading 50 Shades but decided to go with Chris Kyle's American Sniper
On page 152 of 528 of American Sniper, by Chris Kyle
mark my words.. if Bradley Cooper wins the oscar he'll dedicate it to American "hero" chris kyle
This would have made for a horrible disturbing end to the film Via
'American Sniper' ending was CUT after request from Chris Kyle's wife via
People being racist towards Muslims bc of American Sniper is so dumb. Like don't forget the man that killed Chris Kyle was another American.
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and if none of you guys support Chris Kyle then screw ya. He was bust in his to save ours. God bless the troops
No matter what punishment Eddie Ray Routh gets, it won't be enough to replace Chris Kyle. Not an opinion, a fact.
and in other news. God rest Chris Kyle! .
'American Sniper' ending was CUT after Chris Kyle's widow begged executives to leave out scene showing sniper…
The guy who killed Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield has begun. It's came out that Eddie Routh should've never been released by the VA. Shock.
Dad: And that's the same guy that plays Chris Kyle and Rocket Raccoon?. Mom: It's called acting!
Two years ago today, this memorial service was held for a true American Hero. RIP Chris Kyle.
Stephenville...self proclaimed Cowboy Capital of the world...hosts nations most watched trial. Eddie Ray Routh accused of killing Chris Kyle
The trial of Eddie Ray Routh begins today in Texas. Routh, 27, is accused of murdering former Navy Seal Chris Kyle and h…
Attorneys say an insanity plea is likely for alleged Chris Kyle killer, Eddie Routh
After that documentary I had to sit in my room and cry because of how much Chris Kyle's book and his actions affected me as a kid in school
Well the ending to that documentary made me cry uncontrollably. Rest In paradise Chris Kyle you are a true American Hero.
I won't lie sitting here watching Chris Kyle's documentary is actually the hardest thing ever
Killing America's deadliest sniper: Eddie Ray Routh on trial for Chris Kyle murder -
Carlos Hathcock is way more badass than Chris Kyle
Electronic Device Insurance
the guy who shot Chris Kyle and his friend said that his reason he did that was because 'they wouldn't talk to him'. how what, im speechless
Medication found in home of man accused of killing Chris Kyle
No Chris Stewart at Buff Sabres practice this morning. Interesting. Perhaps Tim Murray is now willing to take Ryan Spoo…
"Read the book and then tell me if you still think Chris Kyle is a hero". I'm reading it for the second time, and I still think he's a hero
Chris Kyle was truly such a scum bag
More and more I learn about Chris Kyle. I realize he has a lot in common with Brian Williams.
Chris Kyle&American Hero&four tours in the Iraq war and was one of the...
"Chris Kyle was a true American Hero. And if you don't think that, you can get your *** outta here." -Justin Moore
Justin Moore paid homage to Chris Kyle an American Hero & if you disagree leave.
Our special 'The Real airs tomorrow 10p on Learn more about Chris Kyle, 'American Sniper' http:…
While seeing I had the privilege of meeting a man who fought in the Korean War. He said "know this kid, Chris Kyle is a hero
"Best of Imus" on rebroadcasts gr8 Don Imus interview w/ commenting on Chris Kyle &
Chris Kyle never passed up a shot and he was an American Hero, think about it Josh
Accused killer of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle acted bizarrely for years, family says Complicated MH Hx by Rx/drugs.
The "American Sniper" trial jury will hear Chris Kyle's widow testify on the trial’s opening day
How can they argue Chris Kyle's killer NOT crazy when Kyle texted "this guy is my back" just before killing?
It gets even we find out Chris Kyle's weapon was unholstered while Eddie Ray Routh allegedly opened fire on him & Littlefield.
'American Sniper' trial: The moments leading up to Chris Kyle's death:
Never-before-seen police dashcam video of police chase after Eddie Ray Routh shot & killed Chris Kyle, Littlefield: htt…
Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield took Eddie Ray Routh to shooting range after Routh’s mother asked Kyle if he could help him.
"I don’t know if I’m going insane," said Eddie Routh, killer of Chris Kyle, in police body-cam video shown in court. http:/…
the joke masters here laugh at Chris Kyle's heroics but none of you *** had the balls like him to actually kill Joseph Kony
American war hero Chris Kyle found lying face down – shot 5 times in the back & side and once in the head.
Here's what I've been up to on Mondays in Alaska!
2 years ago today The Legend was put to rest. RIP Chris Kyle 🇺🇸
American Sniper described ex-Marine as 'nuts' before killings: Decorated Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle and his b...
Fellow veteran Eddie Ray Routh has confessed to killing Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield
Regarding trial of Chris Kyle killer:. I don't understand the defense . because insanity is no excuse for killing..
widow Taya Kyle on how to best honor her late husband, Chris Kyle: "Thank a veteran."
'American Sniper' murder trial to open in Texas
Chris kyle being a seal text this guy was off would've been very wary of him shows this guy was very smart and calculated to get upper hand.
I liked a video from 7 Problems With 'American Sniper' & Chris Kyle
Don't want to hold all the "Mantertainment" for just 1 segment. If it's worthy I'll lead with it. Bob Simon, Chris Kyle, etc.
Took a ride down to Texas State Cemetery to pay my respects to son of Texas, Chris Kyle~Large love to Taya & family
R.I.P Officer Kyle. God bless Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell. I respect what you and your brothers…
I swear if I was Chris Kyle's wife I would have destroyed some disrespectful people by now. She's such a strong woman.
Widow of ‘American Sniper’ testifies; recalls last call with Chris Kyle via the Android app
I have a feeling only and Would know this, But. Chris Kyle was da real 360 420 blazit noscoper
'American Sniper' murder trial to open in Texas via
Question of the Day: Does NBC News owe Chris Kyle’s family an apology for comments made about the American Sniper?
I signed an important petition: Please Award Chris Kyle with the Medal of Honor
On-point article from & about Chris Kyle's use of the term "savage" to describe ISIS.
Seeing Chris Kyle's wife with a tissue in one hand and his dog tags in the other as shes testifying is a hard thing to watch
KTexts show sniper Chris Kyle and friend were leery of ex-Marine
No. 2: I am grateful for the American families that raise and nurture hearts like Kayla Mueller and Chris Kyle.
Update your maps at Navteq
It was a murder that's all to it! American Sniper' SHOT 5 TIMES IN THE BACK...
My story on Chris Kyle and Eddie Routh: two narratives of return from war
for both families. Casualties off war. My heart goes out to Chris Kyle's daughters though
Widow of 'American Sniper' testifies; recalls last call with Chris Kyle - VIDEO: A look at the testimony
This world needs more Chris Kyle and less Obama. Merica. FREE koozies at today. -
Taya Kyle, the wife of Chris Kyle from American Sniper grew up in Gladstone, Oregon. Her dad is Lake Oswego's mayor. http:/…
Prosecutor: American Sniper Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield were best friends, devoted to veterans. Both shot multiple times in the back.
Marine who killed Chris Kyle had history of violence during service via
All of you please go read what Michelle Obama has to say about Chris Kyle. R U SRS!?
Man who killed Chris Kyle almost beat fellow Marine to death...
Just finished watching American Sniper & although it was a great movie I can't help but feel ambivalent about the scenario Chris Kyle was in
Jury seated for trial of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle's alleged killer
Fun fact: both of Chris Kyle's hometowns are also the hometown of 2 Baylor quarterbacks
Praying for God's hand to be on all the jurors for the Chris Kyle trial!
I will never understand anyone's reasoning for bashing on Chris Kyle
A disgrace for letting Ayman Moyheldin say Chris Kyle went on killing spree. Equating him to Adam Lanza or James Holmes. Apology!
Wife of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle will be among first witnesses to testify during trial of his alleged killer:
Senior night at the ten for Kyle, Courtney and Chris. It's been a…
Military leaders demand apology for NBC correspondent's claim that Chris Kyle ... - Washington Times
Driving into Stephenville, TX, restaurants and businesses have signs posted: "We support the families of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield."
I don't get how someone could disrespect a person like Chris Kyle.
Wife of 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle to testify via StarAdvertiser
We need less Kim Kardashian and more Chris Kyle.
WOW! REALLY has no respect for the military!. One of their reporters claimed Chris Kyle was a racist...
Wife of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle to testify against the man charged with killing her husband
your description of Chris Kyle going on a killing spree is despicable. Chris Kyle shot to protect & defend Americans/Innocnet Iraqis
"One day you will ask me, which is more important my life or yours ? I will always answer yours.". ~ Chris Kyle ht…
Chris Kyle raped a 14 year old Iraqi girl and killed her family... Afterwards said he "didn't think of Iraqi's as human"
Today we honor Chris Kyle, an American Hero & son of Texas. We're grateful for his service & sacrifice:
“Jury seated in the trial of a man charged with killing former Navy Seal Chris Kyle.
"Killing is fun… each person I killed was a bad guy" Chris Kyle's (American Sniper) real biography. Yeah enjoy the movie blood suckers.
Just saw I'm speechless. RIP Chris Kyle, thankful for your service and every other person who protects our country ❤️🇺🇸
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