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Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle (born 1974) is a former United States Navy Seal. He is the deadliest sniper in United States military history, with 160 confirmed kills (out of 255 claimed kills).

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Director Steven Spielberg and actor Bradley Cooper have officially signed on to bring us American Sniper based on the memoir of Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Buy mov...
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Listening to an audiobook of American Gun by Chris Kyle, Chief Petty Officer, US Navy Seal.
A happy birthday to The devil of Ramadi, would have been 40 today. Chris Kyle from Odessa, Texas with…
A 21 gun salute to an American Hero! I personally would like to salute a great American on what would have been his 40th birthday today! I was there on an overpass in Belton, Texas last year when his hearse and massive convoy drove to his burial site down I35. Chris Kyle.thank you Sir! Most civilians and probably many military do not actually comprehend what this man did as a sniper with the Navy SealS. The total amount of recorded kills that he tallied can probably at least be multiplied by 4 with the number of Marines, soldiers and sailors that he kept alive by providing Overwatch! Semper Fi Brother! ...Gunny
"On this day, the Ghost of Ramadi was born." Rest in peace Chris Kyle.
So someone just walked into my accounting class and asked someone if they know who Chris Kyle was, and I said I did. http…
Today we celebrate of Chris Kyle, who was born on this day. A son, brother, husband, father & friend to a many. A joke…
QUITE A STORY AND **QUITE A REMARK IN THE LAST LINE**.* *From a friend in Texas : * *Patriotism, . Texas and Chris Kyle:* *I just wanted to share with you all that out of a horrible tragedy we were blessed by so many people. Chris was Derek's teammate through 10 years of training and battle. They both suffer / suffered from P T S D to some extent and took great care of each other because of it. 2006 in Ramadi was horrible for young men that never had any more aggressive physical contact with another human than on a Texas football field. They lost many friends. Chris became the armed services number sniper of all time. Not something he was happy about, other than the fact that in so doing, he saved a lot of American lives. Three years ago, his wife Taya asked him to leave the SEAL teams as he had a huge bounty on his head by Al Qaeda. He did and wrote the book "The American Sniper." 100% of the proceeds from the book went to two of the SEAL families who had lost their sons in Iraq . That was the guy Chris ...
Happy Birthday to the most lethal sniper in American history. The legendary Chris Kyle.
Happy birthday Chris Kyle, a true American Hero. Gone but not forgotten brother.
Happy birthday Chris Kyle, you're legacy will always be remembered
Happy birthday Chris Kyle ! RIP to the greatest sniper that ever lived
Happy birthday Chris Kyle aka devil of ramadi
Happy birthday Chris Kyle and may you rest easy
The man, the myth, the legend. RIP Chris Kyle.
Happy birthday Chris Kyle aka the devil of ramadi
On Wednesday evening, Iraq War Veteran Ivan Lopez fired his weapon on fellow soldiers and others at Fort Hood, Texas, killing three people and wounding sixteen before turning his .45-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun on himself. Lopez's bloody rampage and subsequent suicide underscores a dangerously rising trend in violent behavior exhibited from U.S. military members struggling to cope with their service. More than 22 veteran suicides occur across America each day, and there are numerous instances in which veterans have murdered others in addition to themselves. Take the Chris Kyle killing or the 1st Fort Hood Shooting for instance, or the many other ones that haven't been so news worthy where ex-soldiers have killed their spouses and significant others. For a society who generally worships its troops and thinks that men and women wearing the uniform are their guardian angels, you would think that the problem of military suicides would extract more critical thought and devotion to discussing viable solution ...
Reason you can't make this stuff up! RIP Chris Kyle, Rise Up III%, MOLON LABE, Can you hear me now? I Stand With Phil!
Reading a book by Chris Kyle called "American Sniper". I recommend everyone that has the opportunity to take the time to read it to do so. This man was a true warrior and loved his family and country.
Chris Kyle who has the most awarded sniper kills,a true American Hero who was killed by his friend at a gunrange
This is for the troops and Special OPs that soon will be in battle with the domestic enemies here. God bless you all. May he protect you and yours. This is for Aaron Vaughn, his friends, Sean Doherty, Chris Kyle, Ty Woods, Sean Smith and all the officers and troops MURDERED by this regime. Go get them warriors!
In honor of Chris Kyle, a true American Hero. . May God Bless his family and friends today and always.
The Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell or No Easy Day by Mark Owen or American Sniper by Chris Kyle 🇺🇸
Eastwood's film will have some star-power to it. Bradley Cooper became attached to both star in and produce the movie all the way back in 2012. The Academy Award-nominee is set to be joined in the film by Sienna Miller, Cory Hardrict, and the newly announced Jake McDorman, who will be playing a friend of Cooper's character in the film named Ryan Job who is nicknamed "Biggles." Based on a true story, the film will see Cooper star as Navy Seal Chris Kyle. While multiple real SEALs are expected to be featured in the film, one of them will be Kevin ‘Dauber” Lacz, a personal friend of Kyle's. The film is based on Kyle's autobiography and the adaptation is being scripted by Jason Hall. Production is being planned to start next month and shooting will be taking place in Morocco.
It looks like Bradley Cooper will be playing Chris Kyle. I know SEAL movies are all the rage right now but this one is about an especially great man who spent his life protecting and helping others.
agreed, but Chris Kyle earned his hero status in life. I'll school you later if ya need it.
Enjoying a good read. "American Gun; A History of the US in Ten Firearms", by Chris Kyle with William Doyle..You can love 'em, as I do, or hate them- but you can't deny their import. As much as I wish and pray that human nature were different, it's far better to have one & not need it- than to need one & not have it...
Photo: lousyshots: Chris Kyle, the the most lethal sniper in United States military history, was killed...
Who are your hero's? I listed a few here but as soon I do, I know I left some out that I know personally who served: Nelson Duane Berry, Larry Young, Randy Stoghten, Carl, Tim, and I am sure I missted others. Louis Zamperini, Audey Murphy, Marcus Luttrell, Chris Kyle, Chuck Swindoll. Three very special Marine aviators, Brian(AV8), Roberto(F-18), and JDea (E2D). Also, My Dad (Iwo Jima WWII), my uncle (armored cav Korea), and my grandpa (WWI). All those who go down range.. *** few.
When we were in Mexico, I spent some of the time finishing the book, Lone Survivor as I really had a hard time putting it down.but Marcus of course was a Navy Seal and clearly boosts that in the book as he should.but I was Army and there is a natural war of words between the two services.I have voiced this to Val as I read the book and then on page 352 he is rescued by Army Rangers and Army Green Berets. I of course at this point stopped reading and proudly told Val that the Seal was saved by the Army (which is normal).but it was funny as I continued to read, Marcus talks about the BS he would now have to live with, being saved by the Army.My latest book is American Sniper by the late Chris Kyle, so far so good.going back to the Lone Survivor, I would encourage you all to read the book and see the movie.the book is better as there is no Hollywood in it.just facts.
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Had a great time yesterday with my son Chris Kyle, his girlfriend Jennifer John Campbell, kennedi&Zoey. It was the first time meeting the girls, what a treat it was. They are adorable! Can't wait to see them again..
Chris Kyle was tragically gunned down in Texas, and the president of the United States has yet to address his death
At the C3 conference with Adrian Cuiksa. Haven't seen him since middle school. The church I am at is fellowship church and let me tell you somethin this place is way to fancy for me. A cool fact this is the same church where Ed Young the pastor here got to sit down and talk to both Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell.
Now, I must admit that I Loved Whitney Houston and her death was a tragedy. So talented. Shirley Temple is my favorite child star and I also found her amazing. What I want to know is who decides who is "worthy" and what is their criteria? How about we talk about Chris Kyle, Navy Seal Sniper, and advocate of wounded veterans, now deceased. How about Benghazi fallen hero's? Please explain to me the rationale of "his" criteria???
Times-Union readers want to know: I received an email that says that President Barack Obama ordered flags to be flown at half-staff for Whitney Houston but not for Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal killed at a gun range.
Hero, Legend, Navy Seal 🇺🇸. One of the greatest Sharpshooters to ever walk this earth.. ~Chris Kyle. R.I.P
So.a football player admits that he is *** That's fine, more power to him. But why does the media, Michelle Obama, and Jay Carney (The White House press secretary) have to beat the topic to death and say how much "courage" he has for coming out? Why don't they ever say anything about our hero's that are overseas dieing for us everyday? How come they never had a press conference honoring Chris Kyle, or any other REAL American Hero? This administration has no respect for our TRUE hero's and it makes me sick.
Forget Jesus, Let’s Make Philip Seymour Hoffman a Hero Jeannie DeAngelis It’s always sad when human beings destroy themselves as a result of poor decisions, selfishness, and an inability to resist temptation. It doesn’t make the tragedy any more disturbing if the person is a rich, famous actor than if he or she were a kid in middle America who stupidly got mixed up with the wrong crowd and ended up becoming a statistic. It’s all disturbing. However, what is also tragic is the reaction to the death of a famous person by a nation who refuses to acknowledge real tragedy like 3,700 aborted babies a day. Or to discuss the truth behind the four Americans left to die in a terrorist attack in Benghazi. Or to salute every flag-covered coffin unloaded from military cargo planes. Or remember murdered heroes like Border Agent Brian Terry, ICE Agent Jaime Zapata, and US Navy Seal Chris Kyle. America has morphed into a culture where mentioning the name of Jesus Christ, a man who willingly allowed His hands ...
One year ago today one of our nation's best snipers, Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle was tragically murdered. Today at the Superbowl, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe N
US Military warriors are superior humanbeings. We are not equal. They are better. Period. We who admit that freedom is not free remember all those heroes who have sacrificed so dearly to provide us everything that is quality of life and liberty. On the 1 year anniversary in memory of US Navy Seal Chris Kyle we the people of America salute thank and live our American Dream to the fullest in appreciation of your superhuman sacrifices. Godspeed US Warriors and their families every spectacular day of our lives that can only be lived because of you. -Ted Nugent
I can't help it, but I am gonna post this. Military News put a feed on wih a pic of Joe Namath with a bracelet dedicated to The Greatest Sniper that has served the Armed Forces. Thank you Chris Kyle for EVERYTHING that you gave for your family, brothers and sisters in arms, and the United States of America. "Broadway Joe" you flipped the coin TWICE, and the bracelet was never shown (even on the Hannity double-replay). Joe you said you were going to dedicate this to this Great SEAL! If this was for air-time I'm bustin ur *** out for it. If not...then well, where was his name?
By: Soopermexican While you’re enjoying “the big game” today, give a thought to those who fought for your freedom to do so, as Joe Namath will, by remembering Chris Kyle who was tragically killed a year ago today. The legendary former quarterback will be presiding over the Superbowl coin toss toda...
Kudos to Joe Namath for honoring Navy Seal Chris Kyle by wearing his bracelet at the game.
Legendary football great Joe Namath will take a moment to honor Navy Seal Chris Kyle on the one-year anniversary of the day he was killed.
R.I.P Chris Kyle. The US has lost a great American soldier
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R.I.P Chris Kyle the great seal sniper!
Just like so many of us, Sarah Palin is a huge sports fan. She has expressed her rooting interest in the Seattle Seahawks. No doubt, Palin cares about sports and will enjoy the game today. But she will be thinking about Chris Kyle and his family as well. We should be remembering him too. After all,…
RIP Chris Kyle. 1 year ago today we lost one of our most badass snipers we've ever had.
1 year ago today, the world lost the man, the myth, the legend, Chris Kyle. Gone but not forgotten. Merica.
Heavenly father thank you for creating men like Chris Kyle, Mike Murphy, John Basilone. Commitment to something greater than self.
RIP Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, killed one year ago today at a shooting range in Texas. Never forget these men. http…
One year ago today we lost a son, a father, a brother, a patriot, and an American Hero. Looking at these pictures I'm sure you know to whom I'm referring. But in the off chance you don't, his name was Chris Kyle. Kyle was a former Navy Seal Chief Petty Officer who served with SEAL Team 3 and is the most deadly sniper in US military history with 160 confirmed kills and over 255 claimed kills. His longest kill shot was taken at 2,100 yards. Kyle was nicknamed the Devil of Ramadi and had a bounty placed on his head which started at $20,000 and grew to $80,000. Chris Kyle was awarded two Silver Stars, five bronze stars with valor, two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and one Marine Corps Commendation. He was also awarded the Grateful Nation Award by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Chris Kyle left the military in 2009 and co-founded the organization Craft International which is a leader in special training provided to military and law enforcement around the country. But Kyle was al ...
The more interviews I watch with Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle in them the more respect I have for them!
was looking forward to hearing the names of True patriots like Chris Kyle, Chad Littlefield, Brian Terry, John Noveske..….
Brad Cooper as Chris Kyle? I don't see it but should be a good movie if C. Eastwood is directing.
2013 BC40 Chris Kyle Memorial Hunt: via We got our start supporting
go listen. And while you're at it listen to g-Eazy, Kyle, Sammy Adams, Chris webby, and
Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal who risked his life on the battlefield in order to defend the freedoms that we take for granted. Chris Kyle continued to...
Chris Hadfield may not be the best singer, but still a huge honour to hear him sing the Canadian anthem
Trend Nationally - February 1st and 2nd. In Memory of Navy Seal Chris Kyle.
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just posted the flag at half mast link to all Chris' FB fan pages. Let's break 1000!
...Chris Kyle remembered in LIFE magazines "Farewell" edition...
The President of the United States: Lower the Flags to Honor Chris Kyle on February 2nd, 2014 via
Chris Kyle knew guns in a way modern American ever has. His book new book, ‘American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms’ details the rifles and pistols that most influenced the culture of this nation.
In Honor of Chris Kyle on Feb 1 and 2 many will be flying their flags half staff. More info in the link in comments.
BMC Crew is back in the 505 and ready to tear up 2014! Thanks for all who liked and commented on our posts. On a personal note I had two experiences that will always stay with me- meeting and speaking with the great Lt Col. Robert K Brown and sneaking the dinner ticket away from the parents of Chris Kyle after our guys spent some time chatting with them.
“Please sign the petition to lower the flags in honor of Chris Kyle on February 2nd Signed it.
Just finished American Sniper by Chris Kyle and I have to say The best book I have ever read.
Escorted by Patriot Guard Riders, the Chris Kyle statue arrives at the foundry in Arlington, TX for the bronzing process.
Brad cooper to play Chris Kyle. Someone has moved up on the man crush list !!!
Navy Seal Chris Kyle, who earned two Silver Stars in Iraq, explains the sniper's point of view.
SOWF team met with some very important guests at the SHOT Show, Vice Adm Maguire met with the parents of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle and Aly Olson and Dalia Munoz met Oliver North at his book signing.
Trial set for Iraq vet in death of Chris Kyle
Hm.Obama had the flag lowered for drugged out pop singer Whitney Houston...for communist, race-baiting, white hater Nelson Mandela...but did NOT have them lowered for British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, American Hero Chris Kyle, and now NOT for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. How much longer are we going to accept these traitorous actions...these snubs to our allies, friends to America, and to true American Heroes as this POS POTUS honors those who embody everything that goes against our American values, ideals, and morals. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Never see kyle anymore. Wish i had Ruth's Chris money to eat there.
Do I need to drive into the city to bring Chris, Kyle, Nick, Lyss, and Anthony home? 😂
I agree with Chris. Unfair, inaccurate comparison. Kyle good coach w- character. Kiffen has poor character.
Teams probably don't want Anderson, Spezza, or Bobby Ryan. Maybe Kyle Turris. But definitely Chris Neil though!
I just wanna think nick, daetyn, little Chris and Kyle for being my brothers best friends.
“Kyle a fool lmaoo. That's family bruhh” He's still waiting on that bed time story from chris
My bad. Chris Kyle was a SEAL but you should read about what he did to Jesse and why Jesse is suing his widow.
Aki Man, Kyle OReilly, CheeseBurger and Chris Hero! Bonus Match! Todd Sinclair! Take it from a bird! Get ready to Fly!
Chris Scored. And with a few seconds left Kyle stole the ball from the other team.
Making a book list... American Sniper by Chris Kyle. The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman & Jay R. Bonansinga
Dear formally known as Kyle. Since Georgia found out about Kate, I've been hungry. Please sort this? Bo…
Can you imagine what Chris Kyle would say now that an AQ flag is flying in Fallujah?
They need to make a movie about chris kyle
Kyle, I don't eat soup, and Chris, I cut the mold off the cheese first.
Someone tell me why Chris Bosh's nickname is cb. It should be velociraptor. This is bull
Kyle Korver extended his NBA-record streak to 106 games with a 3-pointer. (via
FT beats Freehold 79-57. FT's Chris Talbott led all scorers with 17 points, he also had 7 steals, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists.
Why does the nickname on the back of Chris Andersen's jersey say "Birdman" instead of "Crackhead"
This one gives me goosebumps every time. Honor Our Fallen: // & remember Chris Kyle
Mr Luttrell, after reading your book and both of Chris Kyle's, I new I wanted to be a SEAL warrior.
There needs to be a movie about Chris Kyle.
Chris bosh would've been funny to make dinosaur the nickname on his jersey
gets a feature on Thanks for the interview
Hope I get to see Chris and Kyle often this semester lol
Never forget CPO Chris Kyle, one of the most amazing and inspiring men in United States Military history. Thank you. http…
The movie Lone Survivor will be released in theaters this weekend. Have you read the book about East Texas Native & U.S. Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell? Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10 is an amazing story! Stop by and check out a military read today! Try The Warrior Elite by *** Couch, American Sniper by Chris Kyle or Fearless by Eric Blehm.
Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal and one of the four that Hilliary and the 0bama Regime left undefended in Benghazi which led to their deaths. God bless him. God give comfort to his family.
The widow of revered Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle says her late husband’s business partners have shut her out of the company she helped build.
Guys like Michael Murphy, Chris Kyle are my heroes and who I aspire to be like. Mike Murphy is the ultimate human being, and iron souled soldier who paid the ultimate price for his men.
Just finished American Sniper by Chris Kyle. This country, this world would be a better place with more men like him.
The Capital Murder trial of Eddie Routh.. who killed Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield.. has been set for May 5th ~L
CHRIS KYLE Memorial Team Roping and Auction - Honoring an American Patriot - February 8th and 9th, 2014
What a awesome read of a awesome American Hero Chris Kyle may you rest in peace in Gods glory.
Chris Kyle - Custom Built Weatherby Mark V TRR RC - .338 Lapua, with Leupold Mark 4 8.5-25x50mm LRT, Cerakoted by MCM Firearms/Gemtech in Kryptek Highlander. Started in the Fall of 2012, this gun was just recently completed and will be auctioned off this Wednesday at the Weatherby Foundation Banquet in Dallas TX... * Narrative: This rifle was built specifically for National Hero, Chris Kyle, the most significant sniper in American history. Industry partners, Kryptek Outdoor Group and Weatherby collaborated with Chris on the build of the gun in the fall of 2012. As an Elite Pro Staff Member of Kryptek Outdoor Group, the purpose of the gun was to match Chris Kyle's superior marksmanship skills with the accuracy and precision of Weatherby on long range, extreme backcountry hunting adventures. Chris was killed on February 2, 2013. The decision was made between Kryptek, Weatherby, and the Kyle family to continue the build, and instead of keeping the gun, auction it off with all proceeds going to Chris's wife, ...
U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in U.S. military history. Last February, he was shot and killed by a fellow veteran who says he is suffering from PTSD. Anderson spoke with Chris Kyle's wife Taya and brother Jeff.
Chris Kyle discussing how he incorporated the comic book hero, The Punisher, into the mantra of the US Navy Seals as they went into combat.
Chris Kyle Memorial Roping & Auction is such an incredible event. Check it out! - Thanks Pro Fantasy Rodeo for sharing!
Chris Kyle was with Marc Lee when he was killed
A firm trial date has been set for the man accused of shooting and killing Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield in February 2013 at Rough Creek Lodge.
Just completed American Sniper by Chris Kyle. Good read and as far as things go it is very informative. Dude has props.
Doing a lil add on to the Chris Kyle memorial
Just finished American Sniper by Chris Kyle. Great read. I would recommend it.
Watching Lone Survivor. Can't help but remember Chris Kyle as he mentions Luttrell often in his book. RIP
Chris Kyle and Michael Murphy is the definition of a true hero and role models. The world would be a better place if we only have brave men like you to lead us.
Tea party to honor fallen SEALs Chris Kyle, those at Benghazi with sculptures Sharply crafted images tell the stories of the fallen By Jennifer Harper They loom over him, brandishing their w...
Just finished American Sniper by Chris Kyle. Great American warrior gone to soon. I'll save the In Memoriam for another night. RIP Chris.
For my awesome, handsome son's, Chris Kyle & Matt Patton..I hope you both know just what a blessing it is to be your mother. I'm so proud of both of you. I love you more than words can say!! Mom
The man accused of killing famed Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle and his friend will go to trial in May. Eddie Ray Routh, 26, of Lancaster, has been charged with capital murder in connection with the Feb. 2, 2013, slayings of Kyle, 38, and Chad Littlefield, 35, at a Glen Rose shooting range. ...
On Wednesday, January 8th, this one of a kind rifle that was custom ordered by Chris Kyle and completed after his tragic death, will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Kyle family. The auction will be held at the 2014 Weatherby Foundation Award Dinner, for more information on how to bid on this very unique firearm go to Outdoor Group | Leupold Optics | GEMTECH | MCM Firearms | Bell and Carlson
Finished the autobiography of Chris Kyle a us Navy Seal sniper. The most lethal sniper in military history it's called American Sniper go read it now!
I made this video last year as a tribute to Chris Kyle and all those who serve. Support poured in from all over the world and these photos are proof of what a great man he was. Now, his widow is under attack from miscreants within and outside of the NSW community. Please remember the Kyle family in your prayers, and support Taya Kyle as she battles these nefarious forces trying to steal her children's future and harassing them. She is a courageous woman and as always, we thank you for your support of our efforts.
I am sure you all remember Chris Kyle the most lethal sniper in American Military History. Him and his companion were murdered in February 2013, a horrible thing I am sure you al remember. What I did not realize was that this happened on the ranch we've been frequenting several dozen times over the last ten years. Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, Texas. Maybe I need to update my Epinions review of Rough Creek.
Read a sample or download American Sniper (Enhanced Edition) by Chris Kyle, Scott Mcewen & Jim DeFelice with iBooks.
Just finished reading"American Sniper", by Chris Kyle. I've got to say, it's an eye opener. Sure would love to have been able to shake his hand... It's a must-read, people.
Just finished reading American Sniper by Chris Kyle. I highly recommend it. Shows insight into what people in the military sacrifice for us to be able to be free and safe. Amazing book.
Playing horse in the basement with Kendra chris kyle with Christians tiny basketball hoop lpl
Awesome! Thank you Jeff Robinson we appreciate it over here at the Chris Kyle Memorial Roping & Auction. For Fans who may not be familiar, Devil of Ramadi was the name the enemy gave to Chris after taking out well over 100 men as a Navy Seal sniper. Check out the bull tomorrow night in NYC!
Alright you Baseball types.Chris Kyle Post 388 is looking to sponsor a select team for this upcoming season. At this point I do not have much info but I am in desperate need of a coach. What I do know is that you will play other teams that are sponsored by other American Legions. I will be attending a meeting Wednesday and would like to take some names to the Legion of those possibly interested. Comment or text me if you have any other question. Thanks
Been reading the book "American Sniper" by Chris Kyle...I can't hardly put it down, what a true American Hero!
Trying to find Chris Kyle talking about the ROE they had to operate under. How they were not allowed to shoot spotters who were adjusting fire them.
Chris Kyle has reached a new level in Monster Legends
Wife of murdered sniper Chris Kyle sues bosses of Craft International
Wanna know about Navy Seals? Check these books out, if interested. Tragic, inspiring, triumphant. That pretty much sums it up. Trust me. (y) Lone Survivor - Marcus Luttrell Service: A Navy Seal at War - Marcus Luttrell American Sniper - Chris Kyle (RIP) The Trident - Jason Redman
PURDUE *** you. Go ahead Chris kyle Megan and ken. Give it to me
We need men like Chris Kyle (RIP) to be in Washington to defend the rights established for our Republic! He made a great statement: "... But that's politics for you: a bunch of game-players sitting around congratulating each other in safety while real lives are getting screwed up." ( American Sniper, Chris Kyle) . I pray 2014 is a better chapter for our country.
Thanks Hooey for designing this hat in honor of Chris Kyle! Reminder to Cuttin Up Radio friends, the Chris Kyle Memorial Roping & Auction will be held in Hamilton Texas on Feb 7-9 at the Circle T Arena
Chris kyle of Seal Team 3. Americas best Navy Seal Sniper ever to be brought up. Dies in Texas February 1st. 2013. He was a legend for sure; 200 + confirmed killed, holds record of longest kill shot 1.7 miles long. A warrior indeed. A dam shame and a waste. RIP
In loving memory of Chris Kyle. US Navy Seal's most lethal sniper...RIP...we miss you!
Lol chris Kyle says no to cutting my hair but yet he the one that helped me cut it lol too funny !!! Chris Kyle Joe-Page
The widow of murdered Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle has sued leaders of a tactical company her husband cofounded, accusing them of  trying to steal the company.
Less than a year ago, Chris Kyle, the former Navy Seal known as one of the most lethal snipers in history and famed author of "American Sniper," was killed at a Texas gun range. Now, his wife is suing executives at the company he helped start, alleging they've conspired...
I don't back RINO Chris Christie kind of like Obama didn't back CPO Chris Kyle when he was murdered. Assumptions again. Unbelievable
MESSAGE FROM SCULPTOR GREG MARRA: Earlier this year I made the Chris Kyle statue seen in TIME magazine, and now I am building a statue that will honor fallen Navy Seal Adam Brown. Your support of my work is vital to the preservation of our heroes and their legacies. Those of you who have read Adam’s story know he was amazing warrior who possessed a fearless love for God. I want to offer something to all who have been touched by Adam’s story and life. With every purchase of a handcrafted “Fearless - Adam Brown” desktop model I am including a copy of the book “Fearless “ signed by Eric Blehm. I will also send a signed picture of myself with the statue. Also a portion of the proceeds will go to The Adam Brown Legacy fund and the maintenance of the Fearless Rock Adam Brown Underwater Memorial. The purpose of my work is to honor America’s history by preserving the stories of our heroes, like Adam Brown. We live in the greatest nation on this earth, I am asking for your support to help me the ...
1more person believes Adam Lanza killed any kids they deserve to be shoot by him! watching video games wouldn't make you snipper Chris Kyle
Obama and 4 prior U.S. Presidents attending an evil, Communist, worthless piece of crap's memorial?! Now isn't that special! Y'all can attend Mandela's memorial but exactly where the *** were y'all at for Chris Kyle's memorial!? How about U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens? U.S. Navy SealS in Benghazi? U.S. Troops that sacrifice their lives, so that y'all can diss them and their memory as y'all pay "respect" to scum!!! Shame on y'all!!! The spit that just came out of my mouth is worth more than any of y'all and y'all won't even get that from me!! Blessings...
The height of arrogance? President Obama caught snapping selfies at Nelson Mandela service After delivering a very egotistical speech at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in Johannesburg, South Africa earlier today, President Obama was caught taking ‘selfies’ in the stands with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. First Lady Michelle Obama, who was stoically sitting next to the group, did not participate. “Didn’t we do a story like three weeks ago about a person taking a picture at a funeral,” Glenn asked on radio this morning, “and we were like, ‘Who does that? Do you have no sense of where you are?’” When a memorial service was held for former Navy Seal Chris Kyle earlier this year at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, TheBlaze sent journalists to cover the event. Glenn explained that he laid out strict guidelines for all staff attending the service to ensure nothing interfered with the somberness of the event. “You know, when I was at Chris K ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Outright deification of Nelson Mandela has been espoused by the tyrant boy king all week. Outright snubbery directed towards Margaret Thatcher when she passed. But this isn't surprising coming from an administration and president who referred to the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens as "phony", but couldn't say enough about the death of Trayvon Martin for months on end. And during a week when a famous American war hero named Chris Kyle was murdered in cold blood and a pop singer named Whitney Houston overdosed and drowned in her own bathtub, guess which one the president described as a "tragedy" and which one didn't even elicit a single peep from his filthy, anti American pie hole?
The Blow-up over Brandon Webb and the NRA…. We initially tried to stay out of this conversation but the subject keeps coming up. We have a relationship with Brandon Webb (however small) due to the Fundraising efforts for the Chris Kyle & Chad Littlefield families. We had an issue getting funds to the correct places and Brandon Webb graciously stepped in to help us out. So we will always be indebted to him for that. But that has nothing to do with what I am going to address below. So here goes…. The fundamental issue, as I see it, with Brandon Webb and the NRA is frankly Mr. Webb didn't grow up in a gun-culture. I am not referencing his place of birth, either. He is an American. A Navy Vet. And a former SEAL. End of debate on those points. I am most familiar with Mr. Webb's upbringing as he wrote a book about it. I am also very familiar with Mr. Webb's comments concerning the NRA and the RTKABA since the Newtown Massacre. I know this since he has spent the better part of two years posting podcasts opin ...
If only we could wake up from this long nightmare and find out all the troops, SEAL Team 6, Aaron Vaughn, Sean Smith, Ty Woods, Breitbart, his coroner, Chris Kyle, Steve Bridges, Brian Terry, Ambassador Stevens etc. were really still alive. It was all a bad dream.
Obama is going to Nelson Mandela's funeral? Know who's funeral Obama didn't go to? Chris Kyle's... An American Hero.
today was the last day on air on TALK Albany WGDJ - I could not have planned a more perfect day for it to be the last show if I wanted. Was honored to speak about Pearl Harbor Day and the lack of attention our Veterans and History received day after day. Was joined by a good friend Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin to talk about NYS issues and the unconstitutional NY UNSAFE ACT and to finish with a well known Gunny R.Lee R. Lee Ermey and our own well known Gunny Bar Robert G Porter . Many thanks to everyone for listening, participating and for sharing your time with me. I am truly blessed and honored to have spoken with so many great people such as the American Sniper we will always remember Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen, Dan Daniel Bongino, Drew Berquist, Ben Brink, James Melvin Ader and so many more. as I go I only have one word for all of you.BENGHAZI -
The next 2 fans I've chosen to be a part of roam 3 is Kyle Alexander Chris Quinn I don't know anybody who tried...
I have a new respect for Arata. The man is playing Chris Ledoux before class!
I hope her role (not character, though) is similar to Selina Kyle in Dark Knight Rises. That strong female supporting role.
I walked passed him and he did not wave. We don't need those kind of guys!
Lets play some Gbs I guess. One is a no go for now.
Helene St. James: Why the Red Wings should trade Kyle Quincey via
The non-tender Michael McKenry, Garrett Jones and Kyle McPherson; agree to 1-year contract with Chris Stewart.
I think right side top to bottom is Keith Nate and Chris.. Left side is def Kyle on top then Joel?
Naughty Robyn hooks up with Kyle in an effort to make Chris jealous today!
Darcy Ward. No brainer. Kyle Howarth and Chris Harris pretty good signings as well.
I appreciate it sir, hope all is well with you. You kyle and I need to get out over break and watch a hoops game.
il get the fire on, should be nice and toasty for Jeremy Kyle then ;)
I could watch Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Katan, & Tracy Morgan play Christmas jams on a Casio all day. All day.
Another excellent portrait of the Kyle Long/Chris Long battle from Melissa Isaacson here.
Hawks G Kyle Korver tied Dana Barros' NBA record of 89 straight games with a 3-pointer -via SportsCenter
tonights episode was great tbh I cant wait for next Wednesday omfg what happens with madison & Kyle & who tf is the next supreme
, I hope you treat me right and love cause I chose you over Chris , Adam, and Kyle. 😂😂😂😂
Dude sitting at the bar is telling the bartender about him and Chris Kyle hanging out.
Finished .what a book. What a legend. Chris Kyle is everything you want in an American and then American Hero
Compared to usual spelling that is. Should be Peterson not Petersen. But Chris Hansen has same thing and I'm a fan of that guy.
Chris Petersen was apparently seen at Sea-Tac. For those living under a rock, that's "airport" for Seattle-Tacoma... Wa…
Kyle Korver: 89th straight game with a 3-pointer, tied for the longest such streak in NBA history (Dana Barros)
Chris just contemplating jumping from the top of the stairs to the bottom. He didn't. But Chris is still drunk.
Kyle Korver had Chris Paul runnin around all types of screens tonight
Chris Paul is putting on a clinic on how not to defend a shooter like Kyle Korver
You would think by now Chris Paul would learn to not leave Kyle Korver. 6 3's and counting...
Someone forgot to tell Chris Paul that Kyle Korver is the best shooter in the NBA
it's actually Kyle that did it Chris
“Kyle you don't have to like Jennifer Lawrence, I love her enough for 4 of us 😍” I'm right there with you Chris
I'm slightly mad Chris does get to leave though.
Chris Long saves brother Kyle from ejection - . One of this week’s underrated...
Reading "American Sniper," the story of Navy Seal and sniper Chris Kyle. Fascinating book.
Kyle Shanahan and Chris Simms have tattoos of each others names on their legs. Which athlete would YOU want a tattoo of?! Tell us!
watching on twitch and everyone in the chat is quoting That's a smoove move
Kyle Korver has now made a 3-pointer in 89 straight games, tying Dana Barros for longest such streak in NBA history. (via…
Bears tackle Mills studying up on Chris Long: Bears right guard Kyle Long won't see big brother...
"despite what your mama told you, violence does solve problems" Refine Your Craft! - Fair winds and following seas... Chris Kyle
"You do it until there is no one left to kill. That's what war is.". Chris Kyle on being a SEAL sniper
Gunna go ahead & say that I don't give a hoot Chris & Kyle are playing against each other on Sunday. It's been done by better: The Mannings.
Chris and Kate talk about Kyle and Georgia!
Kid Ink and Chris should make a whole mixtape together. They make hits!
nah nah. Hairstyle inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat
I see you rocking hairstyle bru ...
I'm finishing "American Sniper" by Chris Kyle Find this & more at Sorry this is ending. It's a gre…
Growing out my hair so i can be as cool as kyle
Name some of your favorite juniors — Jose, Malaya, Daniella, Anisa, Kyle, Dylan, Eric, Vance, Danny, Chris, Noah...
kyle told me that I had more balls than that chris kid today bc I'm not a wuss 😂
Sorry to kill the buzz, but there are other matchups besides Kyle Long Vs Chris Long that will determine Bears-Rams:
Thank you Mr. Chris Kyle.'we' remember AND 'we' remember YOU !!!
For those who don't know Chris Kyle (1974-2013) he is a former Navy Seal, unofficially known as the most lethal sniper in American military history.
Another American Navy Seal murdered for who he was and what he did. RIP Chris Kyle!
Medals of Freedom should have gone to the 4. To Brian Terry. Jamie Zapata. Andrew Breitbart. Chris Kyle. Seal Team 6.
This terrorist claimed that he wanted to kill one specific soldier here in America. Chris Kyle? Has anybody heard anything?
"ATRUE American Hero.CHRIS KYLE.GOD BLESS HIM. and this *** never thanked him. .
What are the odds that Kyle Long would face brother Chris on Sunday? More than a coin flip. My story
no ugly you're stupid. We're talking about Chris... Ugly
Howie Young's sons Kyle (Bears/guard) & Chris (St. Louis/def end) will line up across from each other during the game this Sunday
Can't wait to see this Kyle And Chris Long match up Sunday
cause Kyle couldn't breathe and I didn't wanna loose my brother.
this is what I walk into I swear yall aren't normal
LM: rookie Kyle Long gearing up to play against brother Chris for first time in any sport at any level. Link: http…
Rams teammates decorated Chris Longs locker with photos of younger brother Kyle of the Chicago Bears.
If you don't feel like Chris Kyle what is the matter with you!
that's you Kyle. I was at your house when you tried those pants on and took that picture
Chris, Kyle & Howie Long all will be at the Dome Sunday for has their story, uh, stories.
It's too bad John Candy and Chris Farley passed away so early in their careers. They were hilarious
Romping in our backyards as kids all the way to this. Good luck out there guys!
Jeremy Kyle gave me false information!
A true patriot, Chris Kyle. Surely his was not the last true patriot.
Paul George is gonna be MVP this year. . This man is so clutch.. . But still gonna be hard to beat LeBron, Chris Paul, Kevin Love.
Lmao. Kyle and Madison wasted no fckin time.
God Bless Chris Kyle and his widow and children!
I wish I was Madison in that last scene! Kyle can plow me any day!
People don't realize what we lost when Chris Kyle was murdered.
Jordan Mills has a secret weapon in preparing for the Chris Long: the Kyle Long, writes
There is no greater moment than when we honor those who are most deserving. Watch this inspiring video of the 2013 American Veterans Center Awards ceremony. Army Strong! Awardees: The Audie Murphy Award For Service in WWII --General Frederick J. Krosen, Jr., the 16th Army Vice Chief of Staff --Chester Nez, USMC, the last living original Navajo Code Talker The Raymond G. Davis Award for Service in Korea --Lt. Gen. Frank E. Petersen, Jr., USMC, the First African-American Marine Corps Aviator and General The Joe R. Hooper Award for Service in Vietnam --Senator Bob Kerrey, USN, Medal of Honor The Paul R. Smith Award for Service in Iraq --CPO Chris Kyle, USN, (Posthumous) represented by his parents Wayne and Deby. On 2 Feb 2012, Kyle was fatally shot by a young veteran suffering from PTSD who he had tried to help. The Michael P. Murphy Awards for Service in Afghanistan --SSG Clinton Romesha, USA, Medal of Honor The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Wings of Valor Award --COL George "Bud" Day, USAF, MOH (Posthumous) repr ...
think it's the Movember prostate cancer awareness thing. Ive been growing my beard since Aug to help Chris Kyle's family
And how.. we are as Artists now living in the age of Terrorists. Like in the Reinnasance in Art...  now it is the age of Terror.  As I am building the new Commando.. one of the ones in power in the world. To know that Terorrism comes easily to mankind. And that, no I do not support Christ, ever. That I can say, that this concept is also for Terrorists, as I am a Seminole. And that I know in 2000, they in Treason will push themselves and say Barret, and they also were wrong. The way they push themselves now.. to see, that Bin Laden provides Lt. Murphy in Navy SealS.. for Operation Red Wing.. and in going to shoot the image of Bin Laden, you instead kill Lt. Murphy. The same way they say Chris Kyle was the best sniper.. despite trying to hide Biological Weapons the entire time, in selling to the enemy, Navy SealS.. and its Sniper School that I can prove it also. Where in saying Tanks with Germany, pretending to tell me something...or Barret  is used, and push the Catholic Church. Like how they all are tr ...
Back in the deer stand.. Thermos of hot apple cider, copy of Deer And Deer Hunting magazine and American Sniper, Chris Kyle's autobiography
Just finished American Sniper by Chris Kyle.great read.
Bradley Cooper to play Chris Kyle is the movie American Sniper? Meh. still gonna watch it.
Some people write me asking how I can post a pic of Sarah Palin considering I am socially liberal. Well it's simple, when my friend Navy Seal legend Chris Kyle was murdered Sarah Palin hugged me and consoled Chris's friends, she was one of the only politicians who showed up at Cowboy stadium in Dallas to honor the greatest sniper in U.S history. So for that I have her back for life. Bradley Cooper is playing Chris in a movie about his life called American Sniper based off of his bestselling book. The film is directed by Steven Spielberg and is going to be awesome.
The books: Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and American Sniper by Chris Kyle changed my perspective on life and daily minuet issues
Congratulations to Tom S of Fort Worth TX! American winner of the TYR GROUP LLC Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield Commemorative Knife. Thank you again for making this raffle happen! You guys are AWESOME!
I may be a bit behind most of you on reading Chris Kyle's book American Sniper, but I just cannot put this book down. Good read.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
why haven't we heard anything about the piece of garbage that murdered Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield? Cover up?
the book was hard to read, frankly. Lots of thinly veiled contempt for the enemy. Chris Kyle's American Sniper was much better.
Just finished the autobiography of Chris Kyle "American Sniper". Excellent book. He was a bad ***
Seems like a good choice for Veterans Day started reading. "American Sniper" by Chris Kyle.
Hey ... 13 tickets left on knife raffle that gets drawn tomorrow. All money to Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield families. VJ
From the Prologue to American Sniper: "There are a lot of people who deserve credit, and if I don't write the story, they may be overlooked. I don't like the idea of that at all. My boys deserve to be praised more than I do." -- Chris Kyle In the Memorial Edition of American Sniper, all of the folks he gives credit to in his memoir give it right back to him. 100 pages of memories, tributes and photos about Chris Kyle, the man.
Chris, Kyle always says I'm a punk, you can blatantly see that I am not...and neither is Kyle for that matter!
Chris Kyle How do you go from where you are to where you wanna be? And I think you have to have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal. And you have to be willing to work for it.
V for Vendetta watching party at my house tonight. 10PM. Be there or be square. Caitlyn Dustin Holly Devin Dawn Chuck Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle's book is hands down the best book I've ever read, More people need to read it 🇺🇸
I didn't know Chris Kyle was on OTH
Just bought this Kindle Single: 'Enemy Within,' on the man accused of killing American Sniper Chris Kyle
Who's all going to the Kay Park? Duncan Wilson James Hilston Sam Mclean Callum Fowler Calum Quinn Chris Kyle ??
If you ever wondered what a bad *** looked like... Do a Google search for former Navy Seal Chris Kyle...
Love Chris Kyle, read Torn in Two, Valor of a US Marine
Breast Cancer Awareness
Since most of the media didn't cover Chris Kyle's buriel, here's what you migh have missed
I just finished Chris Kyle's book, American Sniper. Can you put his interview on the next podcast?. Thanks!
Crazy to see Chris Kyle on sons of guns and knowing he's dead now, and the president didn't even acknowledge his tragic death
Chris, Kyle, and randy are seriously gonna hate us after this weekend. Their dorms are gonna be such a mess lol
Where's there's one Chris Kyle, we have a million more...
Chris Kyle was the epitome of a Texan.
I believe they used the MK Ultra program to program the killer of Chris Kyle because they knew a Texan like that is dangerous to them.
- as in American Hero Navy Seal CPO Chris Kyle. Grow beard Now & shave Feb 3rd day after his murder.
The death of TSA agents was sad and Mr Obama U called with condolences. Now how about the same 4 family of Chris Kyle?
I liked a video Madison Rising Salute to Chris Kyle
I purposely keep myself out of the picture here. Want this to be all about Chris Kyle. Yes I am doing the Beard.
Me and the pops are making a shooting range memorial to Chris Kyle can't wait
if Hugo Chavez's death was devastating and you have no idea who Chris Kyle is.
day one of tribute to Chris Kyle! More to come! Thank you Chris for your sacrifice! RIP!
'American Sniper' an autobiography by Chris's won't regret it!
Chris Kyle. You are my hero. I have so much respect for every soldier and person in the military. Especially my brother and sister. RIP Rick
"I can see how God blessed my family and me. I 100% believe that God knew it was coming." -Taya Kyle speaking about Ch…
This song reminds me of Chris, Kyle, Kyle, & Nic. When they try to freestyle 😂
I try to honor Chris Kyle every time I go to work.
however we will also have Chris Kyle and Joey playing
Think I'll try Elmore Leonard, then the biography of Chris Kyle. maybe this:
"service" by him is awesome as well. Read em both. Also I recommend American Sniper by Chris Kyle
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