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Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle (born 1974) is a former United States Navy Seal. He is the deadliest sniper in United States military history, with 160 confirmed kills (out of 255 claimed kills).

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RIP "Legend" Chris Kyle. True hero and a man who sacrificed it all, each and everyday. Beyond Respect for US Navy Seals.
RIP Chris Kyle. You were a true American Hero and a badass who protected us everyday. We are grateful. You are missed
RIP to a legend and American Hero, I wear my Hooey/Chris Kyle hat everyday🇺🇸
he's an actor. You sound the the guys that ripped Bradley Cooper because he played Chris Kyle.
Nor do I, but admire Chris Kyle and Clint Eastwood is one of the good guys so went to see that particular movie a few years ago.
Clint Eastwood directed film about the late Navy Seal and great American Hero Chris Kyle.
Bradley Cooper disgusts me; he didn't deserve to play hero Chris Kyle and was too stupid to learn anything from it…
Loved that Eastwood didn't show what happened to Chris Kyle. Just knowing what happened and the last shot on his wife was devastating.
just watched the special edition of American Sniper WOW !! a true hero so sorry for your lose RIP Chris Kyle
Last year at SHOT I got lucky & beat Marcus Luttrell in shooting comp. This yr, I took on man who trained him & Chris Kyle. What is my life
Bucket list item complete: shoot with the special operator who trained Chris Kyle, Marcus Luttrell
Lol @ people who think Chris Kyle is a hero and Edward Snowden a villain.
Met with Don Lemon and AC360 about the Chris Kyle murder and emphatically said Eddie Routh was NOT a friend. Here is how CNN…
I really appreciate you biker folks. I was at State Cemetery in Austin when you folks brought Chris Kyle to his resting place
it's said that there were 10+ civilians between Chris Kyle's rifle and Jesse Ventura's forehead too
Chris Kyle was flakey AF. He straight up womped Jesse Ventura tho.
This cop was murdered. Chris Kyle lied about how many medals he earned by a factor of 2, he lied about beating up J…
outside the box angle: Chris Kyle's wife as Sec. She may have that unique, needed perspective 4real change.
Speak truth to power, you're dead: Michael Hastings, Chris Kyle, and Philip Marshall R.I.P.
My team plays overgrown 3v4 cus Chris Kyle has me in his sights every round
Gunna drink this beer in honor or Marcus Luttrell, Danny Dietz, and Chris Kyle.
Happy birthday, Chris Kyle. The former U.S. Navy Seal would have turned 42 years old today.
What Navy Seal Chris Kyle had to say about our National Anthem...
Chris Kyle's hometown of Odessa, Texas unveiled this memorial statue of the American Sniper 🇺🇸
Chris Kyle's life was cut way too short. But I think him every day for his service even where he is now
They say she's a modern day Moriarty, a criminal mastermind w/ more confirmed kills than Chris Kyle, aka Best President Ever.
Chris Kyle day is coming to a close!
Did you see Chris Kyle playing men's beach volleyball for Brazil?
I liked a video from Chris Kyle's Revival - Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2
"How can Bradley Cooper be a democrat when he played Chris Kyle?!"
Bradley Cooper, who played Chris Kyle, responds to criticism for attending the DNC
- Bradley Cooper is not Chris Kyle and Roseanne is definitely not Roseanne Conner.
Some are mad Bradley Cooper went to DNC after portraying Chris Kyle. I get it, I'm still furious Johnny Depp doesn't trav…
Movies? Is this how the Duck Dynasty constituency gets their truth? BTW...Bradley Cooper is not Chris Kyle
Typical Hollywood actor: makes millions playing characters (in his case, a real military hero Chris Kyle), and...
Why do you dishonor Chris Kyle, an American Hero, with your petty politicking?
Conservatives mad was at DNC because he portrayed Chris Kyle!!! Does this mean Morgan Freeman isn't rea…
Chris Kyle's hometown of Odessa, TX unveiled his memorial statue. RIP Legend.
Memorial for 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle unveiled in Texas. Chris Kyle was a hero.
Conservatives are mad at Bradley Cooper? Why? He made Chris Kyle seem more like a real human than than Kyle's own book.
wait till they find out American Sniper is an extremely dramatized version of stories Chris Kyle made up to begin with
Republicans are sad that Bradley Cooper isn't really Chris Kyle. Nobody tell them that Sylvester Stallone didn't really be…
People are mad about Bradley Cooper being at DNC and supporting a "liar" -- y'all know Chris Kyle lied about his accolade…
These people are clearly *** if they really believe that Bradley Cooper and Chris Kyle are one and the same!
PSA: Bradley Cooper is a different person than Chris Kyle.
SPOILER: Bradley Cooper isn't Chris Kyle. Just like Mark Ruffalo doesn't really grow to nine feet and turn green when h…
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Bradley Cooper at DNC. GOP: "Chris Kyle? You traitor!". Anthony Hopkins at a buffet. GOP: "Does he really eat people?" ht…
. I'm still chapped about him not acknowledging Chris Kyle's death, but speaking about Whitney Houston's.
"American Sniper" had fewer medals than claimed, Navy says: In his best selling book, Chris Kyle wrote he had received two Silver Sta...
Shame on U 4 dishonoring memory of Chris Kyle! Taking his marksmanship medals and taking away Silver Stars is WRONG.
American Sniper” Chris Kyle didn’t receive all the medals he said he was awarded in his book. finds:
American Sniper’ exaggerated medal count: Chris Kyle, regarded as the deadliest sniper in U.S. military hist...
Chris Kyle didn't earn medals he claimed Didn't snipe looters in NOLA, or deck Jesse Ventura
It's not a problem taking out someone who wants your people dead. That's not a problem at all. ~Chris Kyle
This man was fond of making very strange claims, like shooting rioters in post Katrina New Orleans. Very weird.
Hey Fox, don't call this killer a "sniper". He was a terrorist. Chris Kyle was a sniper.
Chris Kyle most likely murdered dozens of civilians.
excellent work by and vindicated by Navy. The American Sniper boasted of fake medals.
Navy lowers medal count for SEAL Chris Kyle
BREAKING: Navy investigation found no evidence for 2 valor medals claimed by SEAL Chris Kyle https…
48 has squeezed off more rounds than Chris Kyle
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Navy confirms Intercept story about Chris Kyle lying about two valor awards
I had nothing to do w/Chris Kyle story, but FYI almost every national story Ive broken for Intercept, MSM has refused to credit…
Navy lowers medal count for SEAL Chris Kyle via
Chris Kyle is one of the most prestigious Navy Seals/ sailors since the post 9/11 era name 2 silver stars is unheard of
A Navy investigation found "American Sniper" Navy Seal Chris Kyle overstated the number of medals he was awarded
Navy says SEAL Chris Kyle, of “American Sniper” fame, overstated the number of medals he was awarded for heroism.
YourAnonGlobal: Actually brandondarby, giving Texas to cartels after Texas gave us George W. Bush, Chris Kyle & Ir…
My article on Chris Kyle and the 1911 Springfield is making in his honor.
if you think that's tinfoil hat worthy, Seal Team Six were guys were killed mysteriously, I think Chris Kyle was too
Ramsey pulled a Chris Kyle on jons brother
The people I want to live my life after their's are Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell. They are my hero's
Chris Kyle is an alumni of Tarleton State University.
Russian communists kidnapped me, I killed Joseph Stalin with my shoe and Chris Kyle saved me. I don't even know.
I missed the speech he gave when Chad Littlefield and Chris Kyle were killed
Only starting 5 in history that could shoot better than GS is John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Gavrilo Princip, Chris Kyle & Ray Allen
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Court set-back for former Governor in fight with estate of Chris Kyle.
Jesse Ventura a fake wrestler a fake governor and a fake seal who Chris Kyle knocked on his ***
I Agree! RIP Audie Murphy, Chesty Puller, George Patton, Chris Kyle and every other true fighter for this country.
Rick Perry was AWESOME on this attempt to smear Chris Kyle. Thank you Governor Perry.
make a chrome extension that replaces 'Chris Kyle' with 'Elliot Rodgers'
Happy Memorial Day! RIP to the legend Chris Kyle and all the others who have fallen to protect our Freedom 🇺🇸
Tribute to Marc Alan Lee and Chris Kyle from the mom of Marc, Debbie Lee. Replay.
Chris Kyle was killed by a veteran. :(
American Sniper” Chris Kyle distorted his military record, documents show by
The left wants to discredit him, but Chris Kyle was a bigger hero than previously thought:
Why the recent attacks on war heroes? First Sergeant Major Plumley now Chris Kyle. Obama can't leave soon enough
Reporting on Chris Kyle, I twice had my patriotism questioned by Navy officials, who knew his record was inaacurate https…
from Chris Kyle all the way back to Ty Cobb.
Hey Just thought I would make you aware of this if you haven't seen it yet. Re: Chris Kyle.
Chris Kyle slandered by Max Blumenthal,spawn of BFF Sidney Blumenthal.That's the company she keeps. https:…
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This is crazy. Former US Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, who is now deceased is also mentioned.
she's thinks the military is brainwashed😂 she's blind. Chris Kyle fought and died for his country.
seriously ? You couldn't pick a CURRENT ACTUAL War Hero like Chris Kyle or Marcus Lutrell, or Dakota Myer?
American Sniper, featuring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle and directed by Clint Eastwood. If you've not watched it, put it on your list.
Corn maze in commemoration of the best US Badass sniper Chris Kyle.
Crazy to think that a Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle were good friends. Two great books and movies in Lone Survivor and American Sniper
Chris Kyle, Bob Lee Swagger or Steph Curry- who you got for a shootout?
Really, Tell that to Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell, first and foremost Navy Sailors
.Today is Chris Kyle's birthday. Never forget how you supported scum Jessie Ventura against Tara! Jessie endorsed DJT as well
Joining us Tonight on to Celebrate 9th yr of life Wayne Kyle father of Chris Kyle htt…
buy him another cosmopolitian, then treat him like Chris Kyle did Jessie Ventura.
Yeah Viet Nam Vet! So what's your point? How dare you disparage Chris Kyle you POS!
20/20 on Chris Kyle right now. Go watch it
Chris Kyle killed Chuck Norris and i know its true cuz i read his book and a hero wouldnt lie
I voted both, because Chris Kyle, Michael Murphy, and Marcus Lattrel are all bad ***
On my way to the set to get my frogman on. Thinking about like Chris Kyle & Mike Murphy. RIP.
My uncle's dad knew Chris Kyle... He said that his life/movie wasn't all what they made it seem like. That's unfortunate.
Our eBook title is American Sniper. Listen to interview with Chris Kyle's widow, Taya
An Interview with Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle - Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Taya Kyle, the...
🇺🇸Despite what your momma told you, violence does solve problems.🇺🇸-Chris Kyle
Taya Kyle, widow of former US Navy Seal Chris Kyle, said her children have learned a lot from their tough life experiences.
Hungry for more? Come listen to Taya Kyle talk about her late husband and Navy Seal Chris Kyle tonight at 7PM @ ONaz!
In Memory, we at Salt of the Earth USA added the name of Christopher “Scott” Chris Kyle. Fellow Veterans and...
Chris Kyle's widow provides a little wisdom. Enlist in the USFA at Patriots only please. https:…
American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms (Unabridged) - Chris Kyle, William Doyle | ...…
Benjamin Martin on the Patriot was the revolutionary war Chris Kyle
Here's a look back at one of our favorite frogs to celebrate Love this pic of Chris Kyle and Dean Cain!
Sam Riggs gave a shout out to Chris Kyle last night & asked a guy to formal for an Alpha Gam. just made me like him even more 💗😊
In 2015 - A Texas jury found Eddie Ray Routh guilty in the 2013 shooting deaths of former Navy Seal Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.
Chris Kyle was a war hero. John McCain was a worthless pilot who got shot down & spilled his guts to the enemy.
But he totes hates Tom Brady too. And if you hate Chris Kyle, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning you hate everyone
Custom hand crafted Chris Kyle display bases by artist Andy Meyers available now, only 50 of these were hand...
How did Scalia go from healthy to DEAD IN 48 hours? Anybody remember. Breitbart. Clancy. Hastings. Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle doesn't get enough recognition
It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 muscles to smile, but only 3 for a sniper to squeeze the trigger. RIP Chris Kyle https…
somebody get me out of Texas I'm tired of people worshipping Chris Kyle, white Jesus and George Bush.
3 years ago today, the man, the myth, the legend, was laid to rest. Gone but not forgotten. RIP Chris Kyle.
Chris Kyle is an American Hero. OBAMA has refused to recognize Chris. It couldn't be because of all the warrior lives Chris saved could it?
Former Navy Seal Chris Kyle deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor,even though he didn't die in combat
They made Chris Kyle look like a protagonist super hero in "American Sniper" like he didn't murder unarmed children
Here's to freedom, Chris Kyle and Texas. Today is "Chris Kyle Day" in Texas. A true American Hero
'RIP, Chris Kyle, who died on this date three years ago. A hero who embodied the American spirit.
Chris Kyle was a true American Hero. He saved thousands of American military lives. He should always be remembered.
I couldn't agree more. Chris Kyle is a true American Hero!
Three years ago today, we lost a great American Hero, Chris Kyle. We will always be thankful for his service to... https…
We remember two heroes: former Navy Seal Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, lost their lives on this day 3 years ago.
bad spokesman choice that clueless Seth trashed Chris Kyle our great American Hero I hope a lot of people see my comment
Chris Kyle was killed 3 years ago today. RIP to a true American Hero
Chris Kyle, (the soldier portrayed in American Sniper) was not a hero. He partook in an imperialist war and killed hundreds o…
"It's not the people u saved u remember.It's the ones you couldn't save.". Chris Kyle . American man & a Hero. 2.2.2013 https:/…
I hate when people disrespect Chris Kyle, when he protected their right to say the stuff they do about him. RIP
Today is Chris Kyle day in Texas: . Photo's of the funeral procession of Navy Seal Chris Kyle through Temple, TX. https:…
Today, 3 years ago we lost the most lethal sniper in American history. The legend,the myth, Chris Kyle. (1974-2013)
Today is Chris Kyle day in Texas. Never forget.
On this day in 2013, America lost a great American Hero. R.I.P Chris Kyle. gunsdaily
Chris Kyle was murdered on this day 3 years ago... Guess that means I need to watch American Sniper sometime today.
Today is Chris Kyle day in the great state of Texas. A true American Hero!
On this day in 2013, The Legend was taken from us. RIP Chris Kyle.
Today is Chris Kyle day in Texas. Take a moment to honor him as well as honor all our brothers & sisters we've lost. ht…
Chris Kyle killed 3 years ago today. 🇺🇸
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Happy birthday to the myth, the American legend Chris Kyle!! You will never be forgotten. MERICA
Today we remember Chris Kyle - who, along with good friend Chad Littlefield, left us three years ago today. Join... http…
We need a Chris Kyle school for Snipers & support Mrs. Kyle with a flood of donations.
America has serious problems when Chris Kyle's funeral procession was on par with what I saw at the end of Marley …
American Sniper never gets old Chris Kyle is the 🐐
I cry every time I watch American Sniper. God bless Chris Kyle, and God bless all veterans.
I wanted to tell you thank you for portraying Chris Kyle in such a honorable way. You gave honor to Chris in American Sniper.
Chris Kyle knew his purpose. Own on Blu-ray™ today.
I can't reveal much on my word, but I talked to Navy Seal tonight who was at bar where Chris Kyle says he laid out Jesse Ventura -- oh, boy
American Sniper is a movie that is based on the life of Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Its an amazing movie, gave me goosebumps :)
Navy CPO (SEAL) Chris Kyle to be Honored at Texas Legends Game - american fallen soldiers
Taya Kyle, who was married to Navy Seal sharpshooter Chris Kyle, spoke in support of gun rights as she said the government should not ban
PHOTO: President Obama listens to a question from the widow of Navy Seal Chris Kyle during meeting on gun control:
let's see if we can start a bigot page for all Hollywood Actors , I hope Chris Kyle family spits in ur face !!
What a *** ! Sending letter to Obama thanking him , I hope to God all the money u made off of Chris Kyle ,u lose it !!
Love the math! Hope they all have ample ammo when needed. "You never have enough ammo!" Chris Kyle quote.
Chris Kyle: "The sent out a kid to get an rpg, because they knew I would never kill a kid.". Clint Eastwood: FIRST SCENE. HE SHOOTS A KID.
Eddie Ray Routh guilty of killing Navy Seal Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield
Finally seen American Sniper, Chris Kyle is a true hero for Americans just sad a former marine killed him.
The other 2 books needed:The Things They Carried - you should already have AND American Sniper by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice
I swear the ending of American Sniper gets me every time. Rest easy Chris Kyle.
Sorry, Eastwood. I should've known to expect this given the treatment you gave Chris Kyle.
Chris Kyle is a true American Hero and will be remembered forever.
I know Mary makes me sick ! Chris Kyle a great American Hero icon and Legend right up there with General George Patton!
Just watched American Sniper for the 1st time, and how is Chris Kyle not a hero? Ignorant ***
Chris Kyle, Carlos Hathcock, and Chuck Mawhinney, while they're all legends in their own right, have nothing on...
Late on American Sniper, but an awesome movie, Chris Kyle is a true American Hero!
If you say Chris Kyle is an American Hero around me, you're probably going to have a bad time..
And the USA secret polce assassinated Philip Marshall, Michael Hastings and Chris Kyle in two years. NEVER FORGET.
American Sniper is such a good movie. Chris Kyle is an American Hero.
American Sniper is one of the greatest war books ever written. Chris Kyle was a true American Hero.
everytime I watch American Sniper, it really touches my heart. Chris Kyle was the best. A True born Hero. We love you buddy.
don't get me wrong Dodson is a hero, but nothing more deserving than Chris Kyle or other American solders.
Til this day watching American Sniper still made me cry!! 😢 R.I.P. Chris Kyle 💪
Chris Kyle was an all American Hero
The most badass corn maze of all time. RIP Chris Kyle.
The movie American Sniper is unreal. Chris Kyle was and is a true hero. Thank you.
Just watched American Sniper for the first time. RIP Chris Kyle, what a hero!🇺🇸
It's Ayman Mohyeldin on Ya'll remember Ayman; He called Chris Kyle a racist who went on killing sprees
Chris Kyle was a terrorist and so is the rest of the military.
If Jessie Ventura can sue Chris Kyle's estate why shouldn't she go after the victims estate. She has Jessie's class
Don’t miss the story of Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Premieres Sunday at 8:30pm on SM Premiere.
American Sniper - Clint Eastwood: U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq with only one mission to p...
if you think Bradley Cooper played one bad *** Chris Kyle
WATCH: Bradley Cooper dedicate MTV movie award to ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle http…
Please follow -- Founded by U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle to combat through fitness.
It doesn't matter how many times I watch it im still amazed at the job Clint Eastwood did portraying Chris Kyle's story
Watch Taya Kyle unveil the Chris Kyle "The Legend" Jeep JK at the 2015 SEMA Show. Witness the Shootout of the...
Funny watching Taya Kyle not go for the guy in leather pants at a bar yet she falls for Chris Kyle. What the *** ..
Nash Brenneman has fought over seas more times than you can count on ur fingers. During his service he met a life long friend. Chris Kyle
When bearded Brian Dozier looks like Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle
Taya remembers the joyful times she shared with her husband, hero Chris Kyle
HCJV fell short to Northeast CC, 106-81. Northeast starters Chris Kyle, Stephen Curly, and Jimmy Chitwood all shot lights out for the Hawks.
That guy looks like Chris Kyle the American Sniper.
Chris Kyle also saved COUNTLESS innocent Iraqi lives too.
Chris Kyle is a serial killer in a war based on lies. Why is he a hero?
Chris Kyle was terrible human begin and a terrorist
If you believe Chris Kyle was a bad man & the people who bombed Paris are can unfollow me right now
Ooh, I can do this too!. "The new president cut DARPA's budget, and ordered the agency to resurrect Chris Kyle. Inspired, the nerds obeyed."
I added a video to a playlist Chris Kyle
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is really really good, watched today.. Bradley Cooper lived the role of Chris Kyle
Thanks Rich & All plz see our TRIBUTE to Chris Kyle "American Sniper" on / https:/…
Such is America's understanding now of the different between a Marie Harf and a Chris Kyle.
Travis, Brandon, BROB, Chris, Kyle for the Rangers game one??
On page 197 of 528 of American Sniper, by Chris Kyle: I am laughing more than I should at...
Whenever I feel like watching a horror movie I just watch the news and for comedy Jeremy Kyle
Chris Kyle - Kaleidoscope. Trick of the eye. Awesome video
Chris Kyle believed in God, country, and family. And through this piece he is still helping others.
I THINK we need to call a boycott on aseth rogans new movie after what he said about our great hero chris kyle.
no gonna wait to see what chris wants to do... But I'll be on Lewiston the night before too
"Chris, did you bring some Fairy Ale?"
Chris and I were right on top of that tower at the end 😭
Nothing says Montgomery like honoring a murderer (Chris Kyle) in the Veterans Day assembly.
Wish I could go back to this day look upto to both these lads!!
"Me and Chris are definitely afraid of sharks." - Bears Kyle Long on he and his brother Chris not surfing as near beach.   10% Off
On page 235 of 379 of American Sniper, by Chris Kyle
Head Coach Chris Coles previews the 2015-16 season for the men's basketball team.
... My regrets are for the people I couldn't save: Marines, soldiers, buddies... - Chris Kyle
- Its sad she invited on her show who hates our 'HEROES' (Chris Kyle) on Veterans Day!
From Gomer Pyle to Chris Kyle: Our Heroes Deserve Praise. A touching tribute by
All gave some. Some gave all. Make a difference for a Veteran this Veteran's Day by donating to the Chris Kyle...
Happy Veterans day to all the badass heroes who served this country/continue to serve.Heres a sick Chris Kyle pic
Happy Veterans day, thank you to those who have served. R.I.P Chris Kyle
- On this day, 'Veterans Day' do you agree with and that 'Chris Kyle' was a 'NAZI'?
day, Chris Kyle *** " it is ignoring all the good that other Veterans do
Special Happy Veterans Day the best sniper our country has ever had, here's to you Chris Kyle, thank you 🇺🇸
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