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Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle (born 1974) is a former United States Navy Seal. He is the deadliest sniper in United States military history, with 160 confirmed kills (out of 255 claimed kills).

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Jesse Ventura at it again! Another money grab about a book of Chris Kyle, Navy Seal. He's a disgrace to all Navy Seals!
Chris Kyle was the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. Now, the much-anticipated movie about his life is hitting the big screen. Scott McEwen, who co-wrote Chris Kyle's book & and was a consultant on the film "American Sniper," explains the message of the movie. Do you plan on seeing this film?
There's something unique about American Sniper. If this were just another modern war movie, Chris Kyle might be portrayed as a replica of the hollowed out versions of the soldiers we often see splashed across the big screen.
If everyone takes a look at their lives they probably have all the greatest Christmas gifts they could ever need or want health freedom friends and family.on Christmas Day please put down the ipads and gift cards and checkout the movie "American Sniper"the story of Chris Kyle a true American War Hero.the definition of sacrifice.remember all of our American servicemen and women that allow us to have a Merry Christmas!
Allow me to take a moment to talk about Bradley Cooper. Why? Because the 39-year-old star of Clint Eastwood's American Sniper — a harrowing portrait of the life of Chris Kyle, a Navy Seal who was the most effective American Sniper during the Iraq War, which Warner Bros. will release on Dec. 25 — is…
Brian was joined in studio by American Sniper co-author, Scott McEwen, who spoke about the real life heroics of the late Chris Kyle and the upcoming movie about his life. Scott said Chris Kyle had great appreciation for others who have served in the armed forces, especially those who have been
His one mission: To protect his brothers-in-arms. Bradley Cooper is Chris Kyle in
Been so into the stories of Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell lately. Incredible people
This movie about Chris Kyle, American Sniper looks absolutely must see. Guy is a legend with fellow snipers. Got a kill from 2000 yards.
. Coop stars in a film about one of my proteges.. Chris Kyle.. American Sniper... Loved that guy... and his family
I can’t wait to watch “American Sniper” that was one of my deployment reads… RIP Chris Kyle
I can't wait for American Sniper to come out! The book was great and Chris Kyle was a true hero and badass sniper 🇺🇸❤️
American Sniper comes out soon. it's a movie about Chris Kyle, you in!?
Literally cannot wait for American Sniper to come out. Chris Kyle deserved some credit
I cannot wait to go see ‘American Sniper’. Awesome book and Chris Kyle is an American Hero. Can only hope it’s as good as ‘Lone Survivor’.
A few sneak peak images of the upcoming film "American Sniper" based on the life of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle.
Navy Seal Chris Kyle recounts his life as both a civilian and a distinguished marksman in American Sniper. It appears at No. 12.
Trailer released for movie about Chris Kyle - American Sniper
Can't wait for the release of American Sniper. Hope Bradley Cooper does justice to Chris Kyle.
I liked a video from RIP Chris Kyle, 'American Sniper' SEAL Killed in Texas Gun Range
Photo: krankaholic: Second American Sniper poster featuring Bradley Cooper as the late Chris Kyle
Just started American Sniper by Chris Kyle. The man was a bad *** dude.
Bradley Cooper was AMAZING in 'American Sniper'. I've heard Chris Kyle speak a lot before he was killed, and Cooper nailed it.
Can't wait for American Sniper, Chris Kyle got 160 confirmed kills, crazy
finished American Sniper by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice and gave it 4 stars
American Sniper, Chris Kyle. great book and it's going to be a great movie too
A special movie tie-in edition of the bestselling memoir by the late Chris Kyle. The American Sniper.
I want to read Chris Kyle's book! What's a legend. I can't wait for American Sniper 🔫
Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper, on the memoria,,,
American Sniper is one of the best things I've read recently. . Rest in peace, Chris Kyle.
Reading "American Sniper" by Chris Kyle, it was an early Christmas present from my little brother.
Little Giant Ladders
Excerpt about Chris Kyle from the book Modern American Snipers
Bradley Cooper gives an utterly and exquisitely transformational performance as Navy Seal Chris Kyle in Clint Eastwood's American Sniper.
Learn the best from those who went through the worst: Chris Kyle -American Sniper.5min read-…
Darren Wilson the "boastful one" will end up like Chris Kyle. God will avenge Mike Brown's murder..
White people who support Wilson should be ashamed. memba Chris Kyle the boastful one: Where is he now?
Shooting cops is the wrong way. Many of them feel as we do. You can't point to bad behavior and excuse it with bad behavior. Frankly, we could take back our country with relative ease, but not without significant risk. (Just an observation) All that is needed is 5-6 highly trained and specialized individual that have. Tremendous amount of patience and will to succeed in their mission (of which I am not one of them). Read a book by Matthew Bracken's "All Enemies, Foreign AND DOMESTIC" you will get the idea and how this little seed was planted in my mind.(if familiar with his work, think similar, but timed, simultaneous, precise but at multiple targets instead of singular lone wolfs). I did and if these individuals exist and we all know who I am referring to, right? If not, think about heroes like the late Chris Kyle (who was almost certainly assassinated, however, they are most certainly on some FED "a" list and would be picked up in an instant, but Bracken references some of the old Vietnam Hero's ...
Chris Kyle at Fellowship Church last year, for the 4th of July: Originally posted on a12iggymom's Blo...
Chris Kyle is the former Navy Seal sniper who Bradley Cooper is playing.
“Such a good book, RIP Chris Kyle, if only I had the honor of meeting you. this!
Good article about Bradley Cooper's prep work for the movie about your friend Chris Kyle
how big is Chris Kyle out there? I know Rick perry is all bout supporting him and his wife
Bottom line a Chris Kyle Navy Seal said he knockout Ventura and got sued and lost and found dead ... Now bashing Ventura again ? SMFH
dude watch the trailer it's about that Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle that was killed last year... Unreal
Chris Kyle, the biggest serial killer in world history, was a Navy Seal, too. They're all bad people.
[Recommended]. U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq with only one mission: to protect his brothers-in-arms.
Please join us by honoring former US Navy Seal Chris Kyle by lowering the flag on Feb 2nd; the day of his murder.
He never commented on the death of ex-Navy Seal Chris Kyle either. *** shame.
Finally watching Jarhead 2. Realized the Navy Seal has the craft international logo. Chris Kyle's company on his helmet. That's awesome.
staying military --->American Sniper by Chris Kyle (Navy Seal sniper).the movie comes out Christmas Day this year.
“Chris Kyle, US Navy Seal Sniper This man is my idol!
Chris Kyle. Badass Navy Seal sniper taken way too early. Donate for Chris and the Lone Survivor
yea, I got it. Lol oh Kyle! This season feels like a soap opera!
I meant Kyle always makes everything about herself lol. Hope that made sense 😘
I know right? Its so ironic too because Kyle always makes everything about her 💎
A Touching Texas Goodbye This is why America will remain strong. We take care of our own as well as others who may not deserve taking care of. I just wanted to share with you all that out of a horrible tragedy we were blessed by so many people. Chris Kyle was Derek's teammate through 10 years of training and battle. They both suffer/suffered from PTSD to some extent and took great care of each other because of it. 2006 in Ramadi was horrible for young men that never had any more aggressive physical contact with another human than on a Texas football field. They lost many friends. Chris became the armed services number sniper of all time. Not something he was happy about, other than the fact that in so doing, he saved a lot of American lives. Three years ago, his wife Taya asked him to leave the SEAL teams as he had a huge bounty on his head by Al Qaeda. He did and wrote the book "The American Sniper." 100% of the proceeds from the book went to two of the SEAL families who had lost their sons in Iraq ...
Check out this great listen on He is the deadliest American Sniper ever, called "the devil" by the enemies he hunted and "the legend" by his Navy Seal brothers. From 1999 to 2009, U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military history. The P...
the day Chris go get you eeehh...lmaoo
Neighbours reveals first picture of Kyle Canning’s father Gary
The gorgeous Kyle and the beautiful Georgia at saskia_hampele xxx Credit…
The beautiful Georgia and the gorgeous Kyle saskia_hampele xxx Credit to: neighbours
Chris Eubank jr did NOT show at the press conference today. Frank Warren not happy!
haven't got a clue Chris, probably just go porthcawl x
that's nice Kyle, don't listen to Chris he probably go on a date with Cole😏
Hi Chris Smalling. Looking to get out of Manchester? We've got tickets to London Euston from £12.50. One way, of course..…
I just finished American Sniper (Enhanced Edition): The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History by Kyle, Chris;
Who gives an RA about Jesse Ventura, Chris Kyle's widow made 40 million dollars on that book. "Violence does solve problems" CK.
Oh yeah, all of those guys. Clay Matthews. Chris & Kyle Long.
There's Kyle from old navy and chris from subways but yall forgetting about Jake from state farm.
Chris and Taya Kyle didn't name then the Redskins either
Chris bosh, kyle lowry, klay thompson, just to name a few
Mark Sanchez and Kyle Orton are starting NFL games in 2014. The prophecy is nearly complete.
Thank you for participating in , honoring Chris & showing support for Taya & the Kyle family.
Chris from Target. Kyle from Target. David from Target. Noel from Target. Aldo from Target
Leavin Beth to die is why everybody hates you Chris
Everybody hates Chris/Noah dipped out of there real quick
Wow even after the apocalypse everybody hates Chris gotta still hate the white man
First it was Pretty Little Liars on The Walking Dead now it's Everybody Hates Chris
i thought this was everybody hates Chris not every body loves lollipop
I can't tell who's worse, Kyle or Chris oh my god 😂
Kyle don't listen to her, she's just mad because your kinda of a stud and she's a nobody🙊😂
this is for Chris when he try's to say something funny
Chris should find a bridge words from kyle and kyle I love you
Watch the first trailer for the upcoming biopic on Navy Seal Chris Kyle, portrayed by Bradley Cooper
Prosecutors not seeking death penalty on Eddie Routh, accused of killing Navy Seal Chris Kyle, friend: court.
Crazy how close Bradley Cooper looks to the real Chris Kyle
"American Sniper" trailer is out. Clint Eastwood directed, Bradley Cooper starting Chris Kyle story:
This *** didnt need Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh or Kevin Love and Kyrie... He won it all with Fisher and Gasol
Always fun when you put your wisdom into a thoughtful blog and people care more about your Chris Kyle post
He had a show about conspiracy theories also he sued the widow of Chris Kyle.
I WILL LEAVE EVERYONE WITH THIS, WHILE I DEPART FOR WORK. A tale of two funerals By all accounts, Harold was a bright child. He grew up in America . He went to school and had a bright future ahead of him. Harold’s full life was cut short in a violent moment.While few people had ever heard of Harold before his death, many did afterwards. And in death, something shocking happened. What was so shocking, especially when it is compared to the death of someone else recently in the news? Harold is Harold Greene, Major General United States Army. On August 5th, General Greene was killed by a Taliban terrorist. He was returned to America with full military honors. It has been a tradition that the President attends the funeral of flag officers killed in the line of duty. Richard Nixon attended the funeral of a Major General killed in Vietnam and George W. Bush attended the funeral of Lieutenant General Timothy Maude, who was killed in the 9/11 attacks. While Major General Greene was buried, Barack Obama was gol . ...
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Chris Bosh's wild and-one shot gets high billing in our nightly Top 10 list.
First hand account, soon to be a movie
As a sniper, when people ask me about Chris Kyle, I tell them about the true master.
Hopefully the hollywood version of Chris Kyle's book isn't totally inaccurate and hopefully it doesn't ruin his story
anytime. Chris Kyle and Michael Murphy are big inspirations to me to keep fighting to get my SEAL challeng…
Read by Ranger Captain then join the grassroots movement to make it a movie. Friend of Chris Kyle.
Luther Burrell, Kyle Eastmond to start at centre. And Chris Ashton deserves a start.
Logic, Witt Lowry, Kyle, Packy, Futuristic, Bobby shmurda, Chris Webby, Skizzy Mars should make an "up and comers" cypher + label🎶
I still gotta read that Chris Kyle book.
"I've been waiting for you all day, stuck in traffic trying to make it to my baby." -Chris Brown - 101 (interlude)
I can't wait to see the Chris Kyle movie
The new movie that is about Chris Kyle will probably get to me more since he's like my hero
Just striving to be half the man Marcus Lutrell, Mike Murphy, or Chris Kyle is and was, true American heroes
bringing tour to Brooklyn tonight at with friends Chris Kyle & Ben Campbell 9pm
Here's your first look at American Sniper, the Clint Eastwood movie about Chris Kyle. Watch-->
Anyone who knows me well enough probably knows that I have an insurmountable amount of respect for the heroes in the military. And watching the trailer for American Sniper made me happy that a real American hero like Chris Kyle will be immortalized in film. But it's important that we remember all our heroes in service, thank you Carlos Molina, Isaiah Huff, Alex Ratliff, Seth Odom, and all others. We're only free because of you.
Watch the latest video at An upcoming movie starring Bradley Cooper honors the most lethal sniper in U.S. history. “American Sniper” is about Navy Seal Chris Kyle, who served four tours in Iraq and had 160 confirmed kills. His primary objective was to protect his fellow warriors. F…
The movie about Chris Kyle is going to be great
Chris Kyle: Seal of Honor: Operation Red Wings and the Life of Lt. Michael P. Murphy, USN: Lt.Michael Patrick Murphy,
Bradley Cooper plays as Chris Kyle in "American Sniper". Another great military movie to watch.
Raptors DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry show kids some moves
Great night except for Chris losing his wallet at the end :/
American Sniper comes out on Christmas have to go see it R.I.P. Chris Kyle.
The Movie Trailer for BADASS Sniper Chris Kyle is INTENSE, You’ll Want to See It
I'll one up y'all. Remember when people were bemoaning LSU's "crappy" home sked this year? MSU, UK, OM, Bama.
The film, based on the late Navy Seal Chris Kyle’s bestselling autobiography and directed by Clint Eastwood, is scheduled for release in January, but anticipation has soared after the release of the first heart-pounding trailer.
Hey Bryan Anderson don't you have a role in this movie?
VIDEO: Texas A&M backup QB Kyle Allen chats with a young lady on the sideline during the game. h…
just the movie trailer for American Sniper , cant wait to see the movie , Bradley Cooper will do Chris Kyle proud.
First trailer for Chris Kyle biopic released online
That's why Chris's dubs are so unappealing now. God h... — He and Kyle Jones still bring new voice talents, they...
Clint Eastwood is making a movie about Chris Kyle "American Sniper" you bet your *** im going to see that
We have Follow the Official Chris Kyle, Follow founded by Chris.
Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper team up to tell Chris Kyle's story in "American Sniper"
Hollywood Star vowed to honor Chris Kyle in American Sniper movie (Video) via
They made a movie about Chris Kyle and I could not be more happy that his story is being told
Check out Kyle Johnson's 52-yard bomb to Aaron Curet on a reverse pass before the half for Jackson Memorial -
Chris Kyle is an American hero and if u don't read his book, look him up or at the least watch the movie American Sniper coming out soon.
Pretty sure I just watched a trailer for a movie about Chris Kyle, im so excited now
You can order Chris Kyle books and Chris Kyle Frog Gear at & join the team while your there.
Your First Look at 'American Sniper' the Clint Eastwood movie about Chris Kyle | Michael Berry on KTRH via
This December, witness the story of the most lethal sniper, Chris Kyle .
Chris Kyle was an American terrorist in a military uniform who murdered 150 occupied Iraqi. He was no hero.
New trailer released for American Sniper, the Chris Kyle
They marketing that Chris Kyle movie like he was a saint, too bad that I'm not a sheep any more an see through it
So bradly Cooper will he playing Chris Kyle never really seen him do a role like this hope he does good and brings more honor to our seal who is also from odessa texas and is the most lethal sniper in American history
A movie about Chris Kyle.. Yeap, that's gonna make me tear up.
In the Crosshairs: Chris Kyle, a decorated sniper, tried to ... via h/t
I've read this book 3 times, I cant wait for this movie. Chris Kyle was a true hero and legend!
Saw the American Sniper trailer; it looks good. I know it's based off Chris Kyle. So I hope it will be good in his memory.
RIP Chris Kyle and God bless his family.
Rip chris kyle.will be seeing this for sure
Kyle Dennis = 5 championship in his lifetime, Chris Sack = 1. lol
Not a cinema regular but, looking at the trailer for American Sniper and learning about the background of Chris Kyle seems quite interesting.looking forward to it's December release.
The forthcoming movie “American Sniper” is based on the story of Chris Kyle. Read piece:
thought I would throw this in here, dont know if yall have ever heard of Chris Kyle a true American hero, Clint Eastwood is bringing this heros story to the big screen in December, be sure to catch it!!
First Trailer For Clint Eastwood's 'American Sniper' about Chris Kyle can't wait for this
Chris Kyle is a perfect example of what our veterans face when they come back home. A Navy Seal sniper, he is credited with over 160 confirmed kills; the most ever. For him to be able to do what his country asked of him, his country had to make him totally oblivious to human life. Then, in Vietnam terminology, when he was rotated back to the world (the USA) they expect him to forget everything our military convinced him to believe. By his actions, he saved an unknown number of American lives. The end of his life was nothing like what he deserved. His country called him and he answered. Plain and simple.
Here's the first trailer for 'American Sniper' - The true story of the greatest sniper in U.S. history, Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle killed by someone he was helping with ptsd...Chris was sharp heart is so sad by comes out in Dec,
Chris Kyle was murdered by the Obama administration.
Clint Eastwood's making a movie about Chris Kyle.. 👌🇺🇸👊
American Sniper-Chris Kyle,American legend played by Bradley Cooper 12-25-14,I will be in a movie theater that night!
my heart jumps, then sinks when I see pictures of Chris Kyle, same when I see 's pic.
I can't tell if I'm excited or mortified about Hollywood making a movie about Chris Kyle, how do you capture the most heroic american in a movie without messing it up?
Here’s the first trailer for starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle
Can't wait to see Chris Kyle American Sniper movie, glad for his family that won't be scamming a nickel of it either
I smell blockbuster-Clint Eastwood directs movie based on Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle
Movie honors Navy Seal, Chris Kyle. I'm looking forward to seeing it! directed by Clint East…
STOP GLORIFYING MURDER!! Chris Kyle is a liar!!! This is just another ploy to desensitize the public!!!
Chris Kyle a true american hero with 160 Kill's as a sniper in the Navy Seal's.
The 1st Annual Chris Kyle Memorial Team Roping & Auction was held on February 7- 9, 2014 in Hamilton, TX at the Circle T Ranch/Arena. Weekend festivities of the…
Really interested in the story of Chris Kyle. Have been doing a lot of research via the web. Hopefully I get the chance to read his book before the movie comes out in January.
Note: Page 82- American Sniper Quote by Chris Kyle: "When your working with Army and Marine Corps units,you immediately notice a difference. The Army is pretty tough, but their performance can depend on the individual unit, Some are excellent, filled with hoorah and first-class warriors. A few are absolutely horrible; most are somewhere in between. In my experience, Marines are gung *** no matter what. They will all fight to the death. Every one of them just wants to get out there and kill. They are bad *** hard-charging mothers."
Bradley Cooper is playing Chris Kyle and Sienna Miller is portraying his wife, Taya. Cooper gained 40 pounds in order to play this role.
Can't wait to see American Sniper when it hits the theaters. Bradley Cooper tells the life story of Chris Kyle. Directed by Clint Eastwood
There's a movie coming out in January called "American Sniper" staring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle
The trailer for starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle looks pretty good
Holy Cow. The trailer for Clint Eastwood's Chris Kyle biopic is amazing.
An exclusive first look of Bradley Cooper in the Clint Eastwood-directed 'American Sniper,' the highly-anticipated screen version of Navy Seal Chris Kyle's best-selling book.
The trailer for the American Sniper movie (starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle) has just been released. Yep,...
First we had Lone Survivor with Marcus Luttrell, later this year we'll have American Sniper based off of Chris Kyle's book.
Navy Seals leave DOZENS of Tridents on Chris Kyle's casket!! NOT ONE mention at the SOTU speech. Chr... -
I got extremely bored and started doing this! ht…
This *** Kyle been listening to Chris brown on the low since I been playing it in the car 😂 he is funny
ryan said he is shopping Chris Johnson
Kyle just does Instagram. That is it
somewhere in the area of wherever Kyle Chris and Gavin will be
I know Chris Hughton wasn't liked at Norwich, so what, he's a man who knows & has done well in the Champions, I hope
also released RB Chris Rainey from practice squad and signed RB Kerwynn Williams.
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F Chris Crane, F Jeremy Langlois, F John MacInnis, D Kyle Bigos, D Brenden Ellis, and D Nick Jones to Worcester in the AHL.
Read Lone Survivor on my flight into Texas. A guy was wear a Chris Kyle The legend shirt at San Antonio airport. Good day!
Chris has officially joined the SUV lifestyle.
Me Chris and Zach chill every single day/night
- Chris Berman, Tom Jackson & on the set of Sunday NFL Primetime from 1994.
Chris Raine y was cut by the Steelers for slapping his girlfriend. The Cardinals signed Rainey because Dwyer vouched for him
Listen to this the Cardinals lost Jonathan Dwyer to domestic violence charges. They signed Chris Rainey.
New print available on - 'Kyle Busch Wrecks ' by Chris Flees - via
he did at carroll. Very happy for yall. Goodluck
I agree he's doing a lot better at south san than
Chris Please May you Follow Me I'd Love it I Have Kyle and Mike on my Face Book I Need you here I also have Glenn too.
In honor of my most inspirational & respected Frog ~ Rifleman Chris Kyle. You are missed. Hoorah! USA http:…
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“Thank you Governor Perry for lowering the flags to half staff in Texas today for Chris Kyle.
You may win but you will remember you fought me - Chris Kyle
Interesting piece on Chris Kyle, the subject of Clint Eastwood's new film, American Sniper:
you are American Sniper like Chris Kyle in basket ! Good Game !
OH. MY. GOD. There's a movie coming out on Christmas about Chris Kyle, American Sniper. Oh my god I had no idea this was a thing!
What does it tell the young people of our country, when the White House will send delegates to attend the funeral of an 18 year old MAN that robbed a grocery store, and beat up a police officer, but not to the funeral of the Chris Kyle or Major General Harold Greene, 2 men who risked their lives defending our country. When Chris Kyle (The deadliest sniper in AMERICAN HISTORY) died, they didn't even mention his name, or express any sympathy. No delegation was sent to his funeral. When Major General Harold Greene died it made news that he was killed in action. Did the president express sympathy? NO. Did the president attend his funeral? NO, the president was playing golf that day, the vice president was busy as well. There was no delegation sent to the funeral, no flags lowered in their honor. We honor a thug, and not people who worked and fought for our freedoms. So this is the message we send the youth: Rob a store, beat up a police officer and get shot. Don’t do anything worthwhile with your life. Th . ...
I can't wait for the American Sniper movie. Everyone needs to know the story of Chris Kyle or as his enemies called him "The Devil"
I heard Chris Kyle fabricated alot of stuff in his "American Sniper" book. So I wouldn't be surprised if he lied about Jesse
Gov. Rick Perry shows off his Chris Kyle 'Legend' fundraising T-shirt.
Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch, soldiers that Bush lied about being heroes. Now they are pushing Chris Kyle & Marcus Luttrell
So I finally just read up on why Jesse Ventura is sueing the wife of a fallen Navy Seal! Wow...just wow :( I'm hoping I will be able to afford one of the shirts that is donating the money to Chris Kyle's wife :) By the way Ventura, men have a *** and balls. Not a *** just thought I should inform you since you've been tragically misinformed all these years.
Hey Obama, remember when Chris Kyle was shot and killed. You kno, the American hero Navy Seal sniper? Where was your stateme…
add Chris Kyle's family in the no column
Also we have a Black Chris Kyle Memorial Shirt Update: The First shipment will be going out tomorrow. Yes, when your order is post marked, you will get an e-mail from our system. We will be doing mass mailings AND testing shotguns tomorrow. Yup. Not kidding. Mailing memorial shirts and shooting hunting shotguns at steel targets to test gear for hunting season. God Bless America. Marky & Freeze
Sarah Palin is one Republican I admire. Sarah Palin, I love you. I pray for you every day. Thank you for pointing out this left wing liberal, burned out wrestler for the troublemaker he is. He has no respect for Bush, the Military Navy Seals, or the late Chris Kyle, our 'Greatest American Hero of the Past Decade', or 'Any Decade'. Thanks for sticking up for his wife, Sarah. May God Bless You.
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That awkward moment when Chris Christie has dropped so far in the 2016 polls that he's losing to Hillary Clinton by 8 poin…
In light of recent events involving a sucker punch (court settlement) to the face of our very dear friend, Taya Kyle, widow of the late Chris Kyle (American Sniper), Forged has made it a priority to offset the financial burden that she and her family are now faced with, as a result of ignorant pride…
All she wanted was a private, country life with her two young children, and her husband home from war. But the widow of slain former Navy Seal Chris Kyle tackles interviews and TV appearances like missions to be completed.
Jacob and Chris and a lot of people
Now is the time to to Kyle go to the TODAY
Bossy u are hilarious, when Naomi told Kyle, Georgia and Chris she kissed Toadie u looked up that is hilarious and funny xx
Chris Kyle painted using coffee as the paint. This is my tribute to his service.
So...LeBron goes from DWade and Chris Bosh to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.
Awesome seeing wear the ck frogman hat rip chris kyle full support right now for taya after this lawsuit,thanks.
Chris Kyle, former SEAL who claimed to be most lethal sniper in Navy history. He committed libel in his book...
Chris Kyle or his estate could have settled at any time, but they decided to go to court and lost. That simple.
Loving kyle and georgia back together🙈🙈 and 🙉🙉
crazy how so many of these coaches forget where they come from. Ahem...Chris Peterson, Kyle Whittingham, etc, etc..
plans to have 'American Sniper' author Chris Kyle court martialed posthumously. What are your...
According to a report from Kyle Williams has transferred from the University of Maine to U-New England in Biddeford.
NBC Highlights College Student Fighting for Right to Carry Gun on Campus via
In Memory, we at Salt of the Earth USA back in March 2013 added the name of Christopher “Scott” Chris Kyle,...
Interview with sound engineer Chris Dugan: A lost Green Day Christmas album, & working with the band
Jesse Ventura won, he told the truth
Jesse Ventura issues video statement about Chris Kyle defamation trial via
Jesse Ventura clears the air on his lawsuit against Chris Kyle, sniper who defamed Ventura in 2012. via
Undaunted by a jury decision to award Jesse Ventura $1.8 million from Chris Kyle's estate, his widow reiterates her determination to stand by her husband.
I would just like to say this for the record, Jesse Ventura Is a large type *** for the lawsuit he brought against Chris Kyle. His wife is left to pay the *** 1.8 million dollars. Jesse is a man of ZERO character, and ZERO honor. As a former Marine this whole situation makes me sick. Chris Kyle was and always will be a hero.
When the decision in favor of Jesse Ventura against the estate of deceased sniper Chris Kyle was handed down last week, the firing lanes of conservative social media lit up with blasts of derision, hatred, and rabid froth against “that piece of s*** human being” who would dare press forward ...
Ok got an issue with a recent headline, regarding the former governor Jesse Ventura suing the Chris Kyle family (former Navy Seal Sniper) killed in Dallas, Texas by a former Marine suffering from PTSD ?? whats this all about since he claims to be a ax Navy Seal himself ?
There has been a lot of bad mouthing going on about Jesse Ventura. Most of it is emotional, knee jerk reaction from people who don’t have a clue what the lawsuit was really about. First of all, Chris Kyle lied. He made up a story about punching out Jesse Ventura in a bar and claimed Jesse said that soldiers “deserved to die.” Not only did he lie, but he put the lies in a book, a book which made him millions of dollars. When you make up stories about other people for your own profit, you should get sued. Secondly, the $1.8 Million dollars Jesse Ventura was awarded was paid by the publishing company, not one penny is to be paid by the Kyle family. It is tragic what happened to Mr. Kyle, but it still doesn’t change the fact that he lied and profited from his lies. Jess Ventura is fighting for our freedoms and liberties, so the mainstream media will skew any story to make him look bad. Research a little more before your knee jerk emotions get the best of you.
If you haven’t heard, former professional wrestler and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura successfully sued the widow of fallen Navy Seal Chris Kyle...
Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor, on Fox News talking about the Chris Kyle case.
Chris Kyle on knocking Ventura on his bottom
Fox: Navy Seal Chris Kyle's book flying off the shelves.
Glenn Beck said Wednesday that if former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura had any "character" left, he would return the $1.8 million a jury awarded him in his lawsuit against the estate of "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle. The late Navy Seal sniper wrote in his book that he...
'I stand firmly with Chris Kyle': Actor Dean Cain weighs in on bottom-feeding degenerate Jesse Ventura
Well, Jesse Ventura wins *** of the year award in addition to the 1.8 million he just got from the widow of Chris Kyle...
POS Jesse Ventura-guess 1.8 million isn't enough. Now sueing the publisher of Chris Kyle's book. Hey Jesse, craw back into the sewer where you belong.
On July 30, Jesse Ventura incited anger in every patriotic American by saying you shouldn’t sympathize with the widow of fallen soldier Chris Kyle, but instead, take pity on Ventura. The former professional wrestler recently won a poorly-conducted defamation suit against the late Chris Kyle, who was…
Ventura: Mixed emotions about defamation suit win Valley Dispatch FILE - In this July 22, 2014 file photo former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, center, arrives at court with his wife, Terry, and others for his defamation lawsuit against "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle in St. Paul, Minn. Kyle...
Jesse Ventura sued hero, Chris Kyle's widow to get his reputation back he said. Now, he can add heel to his reputation.
How can someone sue a dead Seals wife for something he did to defend his brothers? Jesse Ventura. i have no respect for you anymore! It's a shame Chris Kyle's wife has to suffer the loss of her husband AND be sued for upwards of 1 million dollars, because Mr. Ventura was punched and knocked down by Kyle for defending his fallen comrades, who Ventura had insulted. It's a shame and outrage in my mind what is happening to that poor women.
So many of you have probably seen the news about the ruling of Ventura v The Chris Kyle Estate. I have my opinions on the matter, that Ventura is the lowest of the low of scum. Many in the BUDS/UDT fraternity will no longer consider him a brother. If you would like to donate and help Chris's lovely wife Taya and their children here is the link to the official Chris Kyle memorial fund along with the memorial fund to Chad Littlefield.
Jesse Ventura, former Navy Seal (yes, he really was), pro-wrestler, Minnesota Governor, and TV host, prevailed Tuesday in his defamation suit against the late Navy Seal Chris Kyle. A jury awarded Ventura $1.845 million stemming from a passage in Kyle’s 2012 book American Sniper, in which Kyle recoun…
I understand why Jesse Ventura would want to clear his name from the Chris Kyle stuff, but don't you think the family has gone through enough? Kyle was killed in 2013, now his family loses a lawsuit worth $1.8 million?
FACT: If Chris Kyle were Alive Today, Jesse Ventura wouldn't be on the Radar.
War is not about dying for your country, its about making the other guy die for his. ~Chris Kyle
Dear Jesse Ventura, Back when you were campaigning for governor, I championed you. You were the only candidate who wasn’t trying to be a career politician. You spoke plainly and clearly. Every word that came out of your mouth, even the more colorful ones, were said with honesty and integrity. That rough around the edges quality made you stand out and made people take notice. When you actually won, I had some misgivings, but you proved to be more than capable of handling the job. True, giving interviews to Playboy and describing the streets of St. Paul as having been laid out by drunk Irish men may not have been on the classier side, but I was willing to overlook that because you kept the State Legislature in line. You even shut down the government and went so far as to padlock the Capitol building because no one was doing their job and you refused to spend extra money on a special session. Thanks for that! I was impressed that you stuck to only being a one term Governor. Most people realize all the powe ...
Chris Kyle was the deadliest sniper, he didn't need Jesse (the has been) Ventura to sell books
A little commentary.Jessie Ventura...THANK YOU for revealing your TRUE colors prior to the presidential election. Now we can all scratch you off the ballot. How dare you continue a lawsuit with a veterans WIDOW!! You think Chris Kyle defamed you? You have made a bigger spectacle of yourself than Chris Kyle's couple of pages could have ever done. How arrogant of you to think your little snippet sold more copies of Chris Kyle's book. Hope you can live the rest of your life on 1.8 million because hopefully that's the last cent you'll ever get. A real man would have just walked away. Newsflash Jessie.sometimes being RIGHT isn't as important as DOING what's right.fake fighter, fake politican, fake the soapbox now.
Pathetic -> Listen to Jesse Ventura's Response When Asked What He’s Going to Do With the $1...
Chris Kyle was a nationalist. Jesse Ventura is a nationalist. Their disputes do not interest me. -Michael FreeMan.
Jesse Ventura sued Navy Seal Chris Kyle for defamation over the damage to his reputation. And, instead of dropping the suit when Kyle was murdered, he's pursued the case against Kyle's estate, his widow and children. The fact that any judge awarded this *** is beyond me. Somehow, I don't think this is going to help his reputation in any way whatsoever.
I don't even know who Chris Kyle is??!! LOL!!
Is Ventura proud that he made Chris Kyle's widow & orphaned kids go through *** so he could take $1.8 million from them?
perfect, when Chris Kyle was murdered he could have chosen the honorable thing and dropped the suit but no... showing his lack of character he did the absolutely disgusting thing
is VILE. Former Roommate of 'American Sniper', Chris Kyle, Reacts to lawsuit
SURPRISE!. Chris Kyle was a huge liar, who told tons of lies. Not just about Jesse Ventura. .
Jesse Ventura vs. Chris Kyle: A case where no one won - Washington Post..
Chris Kyle should have sniped Jesse Ventura is what he should have done. Suing a dead man is a cowardly act.
"But it’s also possible Kyle couldn’t let go of his own legend, and...let his tales veer into untruth"
Chris Kyle's friend and roommate in basic training, Benjamin Smith, is outraged by the verdict! The retired Navy Seal just reacted. Your thoughts?
I lost all respect for this fellow veteran, independent, and conspiracy fan. I believe Chris Kyle over Jesse Ventura. Even IF Kyle's story is fallacious, leave this dead hero's family alone.
. lol... Jesse Ventura avoided publicity, but Chris Kyle was a media hound?.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I would have sued the estate (her) as well. The low blow was Chris Kyle including it in his book. Sorry but I don't hero worship.
Hey Jesse Ventura...maybe Chris Kyle hit you a little too hard in the head...that must explain why you're an inconsiderate ***
Every single penny should be released back to Chris’ widow, so she can dispense the fund as intended by her deceased husband…
Point being, it should have been left out of the book. Chris Kyle thought it would score points to claim he assaulted a wrestler.
If former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, who is also a former wrestler and actor, thought his reputation was tarnished by what Chris Kyle wrote in his 2012 bestselling book, then he must be angr...
Anyone wanting to help Chris Kyle's widow can do so by making a donation to the …
RIP Chris Kyle. May your enemies, foreign and domestic, in this life and the next be battered to smithereens. You were loved, and respected by us and dreaded and feared by them. May they sleep with dogs and with one eye open. We do not forgive and we do not forget.
Just read about the case against fallen Navy Seal Chris Kyle. should be ashamed of himself. That disgusts me.
Jesse Ventura, on Tuesday, was awarded a $1.8 million settlement in a defamation lawsuit he filed against slain Navy Seal and “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle. The former Minnesota Governor has alleged that Kyle intentionally lied when he claimed that he punched him in a bar after he said...
Ex-Minnesota Governor won $1.8 million in lawsuit against estate of ex-SEAL sniper Chris Kyle over book's claims of punch-out
What is true heroism ? People risking their lives to help stop Ebola virus ... Yet people are trained to call lying sociopaths like Chris Kyle heroes...
I've got to get this off my chest. Seems Jesse Ventura is making some unflattering headlines about suing the wife of former Navy Seal, Chris Kyle. While on the surface it seems like an unAmerican thing to do, but people please get your facts straight before piling on. Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal (retired) and an author (which means he wrote a book). In this book, he made some strong accusations that may or may not have been true. Kyle tried to use fake names of those involved. He failed. Ventura requested Kyle to remove this topic from his book and Kyle refused. Ventura sued the Publishing company, not Kyle. This lawsuit has been in the works for over 2 years. Meanwhile, Kyle is murdered at his shooting range while trying to help a soldier with PTSD.the lawsuit is still going even after the tragic death of Kyle. Upon receiving judgement for his "Defamation of Character" the Social Media is on fire. Case and Point: Under Kyle's1st Amendment right, he is protected to say anything he wants. Under Ven ...
Jesse Ventura won the office of Governor, and he also won the lawsuit against Chris Kyle. If he wants the big money, he really should be playing the lottery.
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