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Chris Koster

Chris Koster (born August 31, 1964) is an American politician from the U.S. state of Missouri and is the current Attorney General of Missouri.

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I don't know, my youngest would have liked it when he was 6 or 7.
yes I do! . And you're too late. I already did!
yeah, it would be 8 and up I think...
Head over to Chris's place ... I had to do the same. : )
It might freak out some of the younger kids. My kids would love it, and cart him to bed with them.
can you imagine a children's story with this beast inside? The horror!
thank you :). When I drew the beast, I wanted to let out the subconscious fears, and made it man-like.
I thought so. The dragon looks menacing, and so does the font. I really liked the poem.
maybe i should include Jay Nixon and Chris Koster yet
Centene picks up Chris Koster as VP of Corporate Services?! Two enthusiastic thumbs up 🖒🖒.
Chris Koster, the former Missouri Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate, has a new job at Centene.
announced the appointment of to Senior VP. via:
Chris Koster gets new job with St. Louis area firm; had been Missouri at.. Related Articles:
Great move - happy to see this! Centene hires former Attorney General
Centene appoints Chris Koster to SVP, corporate services
So Proud of welcome to the Healthcare Team!Centene hires former Attorney General Chris Koster
General Koster will serve as the managed care company's senior vice president, corporate services.
Former Attorney General Koster takes job at Centene: Former Attorney General Chris Koster is headed back to the…
Get yourself to the Redhouse downtown kingston tonight and I will be playing drums for Chris Koster.
MISSOURI ELECTS A GOP GOVERNOR! Democrat Chris Koster has conceded, elected Governor of Missouri!
"Today, Republican moderates are all but extinct." -former MO AG & Dem nominee for Gov Chris Koster on why he switched parties in 07
Is there any more evidence of Triangulation strategy failing than Chris Koster, endorsed by NRA, losing governor to Eric Greitens in MO?
TheChat: Did Missouri Democrats give away too much with Chris Koster?: Good morning. ▪ “We kind of sold our soul a…
Guys like Manchin and Chris Koster are who the Dems should be promoting right now but they won't.
"(Democrats) kind of sold our soul a little bit with Chris Koster" - on 2016 election in Missouri.
Vikings guard Alex Boone wearing shoes for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (honoring families who serve)
We tried to use restraint on the chicken/egg lines, but so tempting.
Koster continued to stand up for Missouri’s right to pack hens on top of one another like so many Jenga pieces.
Chris Koster lays his last egg as Missouri's AG
did you just run a Labor Beacon ad encouraging people to vote for Chris Koster?
Chris Koster is a Republican. Jay Nixon is a Republican. Claire McCaskill is almost a Republican. I don't like Missouri's fake Democrats   10% Off
Just got off the phone with Governor Jay Nixon's office investigations will be starting soon. Chris Koster's corruption days are over!
Wells Fargo has defrauded the people of Missouri! Where is AG Chris Koster, worried about himself instead of the people of Missouri!
Join the debate watch party at Republican HQ in Joplin at 1pm today as he debates corrupt Democrat politician Chris Koster.
you can always talk to Chris Koster
Only 2 candidates in race are bought & paid for by out-of-state special interests - & Chris Koster.
Nah, he's pretty quiet until 4 am. After that, though, well...
Campaign Finance: no doubt: Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission for Chris Koster’s (D) 2016 gubernatorial...
One wonders if they heard the rooster sing _before_ they turned in!
They may be ducking out of morning wakeys!
Were they gallivanting with the turkeys into the wee hours? Woo hoo!
You Chris Koster are a lame, Obama puppet Att. Gen. who has failed Missouri. . Please, go away. .
Remaining SEAL news conferences: Catherine Hanaway enrolls in SEAL training. Chris Koster buys the SEALs.
This picture was taken in Warrensburg at UCM homecoming Parade a few years ago. Chris Koster who else do you...
The fact Chris Koster has $10m+ cash on hand should scare all MO Republicans. We have a tough general coming.
Tim and I teeing up tip sheets and Betty (the dog) comes over and deletes Chris Koster. Thank goodness for ctrl+z.
Little Giant Ladders
Gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster raises $3.5 million, now has $10 million ready to spend.
When you forget Chris Koster's name, but find out there's another democrat running named
Why is David Court, running for state rep133 is criticizing Chris Koster? I'm trusting Chris koster's numbers.
Chris Koster raised $3.5 million in three months for Missouri governor bid: Koster is the presumptive nominee for…
The Attorney General's name is Chris Koster, not "Kris."
Tea-Party Patriots stated Chris Koster sold out farm land to Chinese bureaucrats and used a picture of Kim Jong Il in the background...
Chris Koster is running on the Democratic ticket!
John Brunner couldn’t beat Todd Akin, but he’s TOTES gonna be able to beat Chris Koster, you guys.
That doesn't qualify as an answer to question but how about answers to the other 7?
"What has Chris Koster done to call for the indictment of anyone for arson, for looting, for assaulting a police officer?"
if you're curious, there will most likely be no democratic debate as Chris Koster will most likely be uncontested for the dems.
uh...NO! It has NOT worked so far Chris Koster! Do you want to hear some very personal horror stories? Of course not!
Chris Koster has a record of doing what's right for every Missourian, not just a select few. Join him.
us from such actions." They said they sent materials regarding the matter to MO Attorney General Chris Koster for investigation.
Chris Koster - a Democratic candidate for Governor - received $15,000.00 from a donor in North Olmsted, OH
Transparency -- So when she's going to investigate the Departments she’s ahead of? From Oscar 7-8-16 via
Chris Koster and Jay Nixon were absent in Ferguson and at Mizzou. Missourians need leadership they can trust. https…
Chris Koster, The Attorney General is warning mid Missouri consumers about IRS scams once again.
"Conflicts of Interests within this alleged Heroin Conspiracy Case” : Letter from Oscar 5-2-16 via
Missouri Senators have contacted HUD in Washington, DC Attorney General Chris Koster is about to be exposed!
Missouri AG Koster parrots Obama Administration talking points to deny lifesaving medicine to Missourians
wow so I could get behind a Chris Koster that support healthcare coverage for all Missourians.
Join me in supporting Chris Koster via
Join me in supporting Chris Koster via & to raise the minimum wage in MO
Simple question — why are you voting for Chris this November? Reply and answer here →
Chris Koster is wrong for Missouri. We need a trusted conservative
"If Hillary has a lack of support in Mo, I don't think it affects Chris Koster." John Rizzo on
Mo Dem candidate for Gov Chris Koster is pleased with SHR39's defeat. Says would have caused millions in economic harm
I just got accepted to be an intern for Chris Koster's campaign for Missouri governor and I'm so excited to do that this summer
Absolutely ,vote for Chris Koster and Mediaid expansion..
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Forget the big merger. Here's some news. via
on "I will beat Chris Koster and as Republicans we will win all the state-wide offices."
For those watching please read this: was on the ground. cc
"I cannot wait to face Chris Koster in the fall."
"Chris Koster has done nothing to protect the people of this state." Katherine Hanaway
Chris Koster (D) speaking tonight at the Cass County Democratic Committee Back to Blue dinner.
Members of the Sikeston Executive Committee attend a reception for Missouri's next Governor, Chris Koster!
Fire Fighters turn out to support Chris Koster for Governor | The Labor Tribune
Fire Fighters show up big for Missouri Governor Candidate
Freaking Rents out by saying we're vegetarians for environmental reasons & knowing Chris Koster is the only dem running for MO Governor 2016
Join Chris Koster and sign the petition to expand
AG Chris Koster's office not sure yet what they will do with the Reginald Clemons case. Not sure when they will know.
At Att. Gen Chris Koster started speech by saluting officers who worked protests last Nov. Boos from those teargassed
Chris Koster: "Police kept the people safe in Ferguson. No one thanked them." Crowd: "No they didn't!"
Mayor Francis of St. Louis and Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster are here at Accountability Meeting 2:
and Jeannette Mott opening public accountability meeting, take 2 with Mayor Slay and Chris Koster.
Chris Koster is fighting to invest in future & fund - are you with him?
Chris Koster, Missouri Attorney General: Justice for Michael Robinson - This needs more signatures! There...
In first poll since announcing his candidacy leads field AND Chris Koster
MFB On the Fly with MO Attorney General Chris Koster on the federal case against regarding
KANSAS CITY, MO—Tammy Dickinson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, and Chris Koster,...
Peter Kinder challenges Jay Nixon and Chris Koster to Right to Work debate
Peter Kinder to Jay Chris Koster: Let’s thrash it out
Peter Kinder to Jay Nixon, Chris Koster: Let's thrash it out
AG Chris Koster speaking on economic development at MALMC luncheon
I added a video to a playlist Mr. Chris Koster please start policing the police!
Koster sues 6 home-repair companies - Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has filed a lawsuit against six home-...
Chris Schoenthaler on the vocals. Amanda Platovsky Casey Koster THIS is what im making the beat from.
MO Att Gen Chris Koster in Pacific at a ribbon cutting for PLZ Aeroscience.
Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster: Free Russ Faria who was wrongly convicted in the murder of hi... via
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Mo Attorney General Chris Koster heading to court to seek more testing to map nuke waste at Bridgeton landfill.
Missouri settles lawsuits with three credit card companies: Attorney General Chris Koster announc...
Chris Koster continues to refuse to enter Missouri into the lawsuit against Obama's amnesty (via
Very Informational!! Chris Koster referred to Claire McCaskill as the “heart and soul” of the Missouri Democrat Party.
And I knew that Chris Koster was going to run for governor. When he decided to chime in on tickets and fees.
No offense to Chris Koster but that was just true.
St. Louis construction company sued for violating no-call law: Chris Koster's office is filing a...
.statement on the race & AG Chris Koster's record of putting MO Families first
Claire is not running for governor. Guess I'll have to fall in love with Chris Koster instead.
Sure Chris Koster is elated that has decided not to run for Mo Governor in 2016!
McCaskill saying no to clears the way further for AG Chris Koster, seen as a rising Dem star by some
announcement paves the way for Attorney General Chris Koster to have the Democratic nomination for Missouri governor.
That sound you hear? (actually it prob happened over the weekend) It's Chris Koster breathing a sigh of relief. Rs have 5 cands in the mix.
US Senator Claire McCaskill will not run for Mo Gov against Chris Koster. She just announced it on the radio a few min ago
McCaskill not running for governor, says she'll stay in the Senate. Praises Attorney General Chris Koster, likely Dem. nominee.
McCaskill is throwing her support behind the current Attorney General, Chris Koster.
McCaskill says she's looking forward to "working hard for Chris Koster so we can keep some sanity in Jefferson City"
McCaskill says she is a "firm no" for governor. AG Chris Koster now the clear frontrunner for the Dem nod.
McCaskill's decision gives Missouri AG Chris Koster a clear path to the Democratic nomination for governor.
Chris Koster is happiest guy in Missouri right now. stays in U.S. Senate.
Chris Koster buying the first round.
Chris Koster, Chief of Police Curtis Mayfield, Buffalo Police Department: Issue a warrant or...
Chris Koster: Issue a warrant or court order to seize the dog via
ICYMI: Mo AG Chris Koster testified in front of a Mo. House Ethics Cmte yesterday via and
Chris Koster, the Attorney General of is under investigation for money that was donated to him.
Now that Claire McCaskill is in the minority in the U.S. Senate she'll be making plans to come to Missouri and run for Governor. She and Chris Koster will be at each other like mad dogs. (They already are) Illinois voted for a Republican Governor; time for Missouri to do the same thing in 2016.
If Claire McCaskill gets the AG job after Holder steps down, does Jay Nixon then appoint Chris Koster? Let the speculation begin.
Chris Koster: Prosecute Darren Wilson for the shooting and killing of Mike Brown. via
Sunday Funday!! Live music with Chris Koster and Emily Fennell starting at 9:30. Plus $4.50 pints of...
Mark Woodworth has served over 17 years for a crime he did not commit. For a detailed account of Mark Woodworth's case, please click the link below. Under the 'Files' section of the group, you will be able to access the Masters Report along with other pertinent documents. The official 43 page report of the Missouri Supreme Court's Special Master, Judge Gary Oxenhandler, contains an excellent summary of the circumstances which led to Mark being charged and convicted twice for a murder and shooting in Chillicothe, Missouri which occurred on November 13, 1990. In February 2013, Woodworth was released from prison after the MO Supreme Court ruled that state prosecutors failed to disclose Woodworth's attorneys documents that would cast doubt on Woodworth's guilt. Soon thereafter, MO AG Chris Koster announced he would retry Woodworth. This will be Woodworth's 3rd trial. The report graphically sets forth the following: A record "replete with Brady violations", participated in by a serial Brady violator, Special A ...
There is a God! Ryan Ferguson, the guy wrongly convicted of murder in Columbia, Missouri, who has spent over 9 1/2 years in prison for a crime that there was no evidence physical or otherwise that he committed, has been exonerated unanimously by three Western District court judges. In their 54 page ruling, they stated that the state of Missouri committed multiple Brady violations in their prosecution of Ryan and put simply, he did not receive a fair trial. Ryan is unfortunately not home free yet because the state Attorney General has up to 15 days to appeal the verdict. So Bill Ferguson, Ryan's dad, is hopeful that Ryan will finally be released within the next 7-15 days. Here's where you can help! Please contact the offices of the Missouri Attorney General, Chris Koster and tell him not to appeal Ryan's vacated conviction. As always please be polite and respectful - we are all representatives of Ryan and the Fergusons. The details are: Missouri Attorney General's Office Supreme Court Building 207 W. High ...
COLUMBIA, Mo.-A state appeals court panel on Tuesday overturned the murder conviction of a Missouri man who has maintained his innocence while serving a 40-year sentence for the 2001 slaying and robbery of a newspaper sports editor. The appeals court ruled that the prosecutor's office withheld evidence from defense attorneys for Ryan Ferguson that could have aided him during his trial for the strangling and beating death of Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt. "Under the facts and circumstances of this case, we conclude that Ferguson did not receive a fair trial. His verdict is not worthy of confidence," Western District appeals court Judge Cynthia Martin wrote in the 3-0 decision. Ferguson's case has been the subject of numerous national TV news shows, in part, because his 2005 conviction came after his high school classmate, Chuck Erickson, testified that he had recalled from dreams several years later that the two of them had been involved in Heitholt's slaying after a late night of Hall ...
Mr. Chris Koster, please do not repeal the Ryan Ferguson case! He deserves his freedom after 9.5 years in prison! Thanks!
Ryan Brockschmitt beat me to the punch on this one, but for the rest of you, be happy for this young man. If you dont know about this story please read up on it. And if you didnt know how much Chris Koster sucked, also now you know.
Attorney General Chris Koster. NOT to appeal Ryan's case. Free,this young man! attorney.general
Ryan Ferguson LATEST: Ferguson's attorney has filed a motion seeking his immediate release on bond pending a decision by the state whether to retry him. The Attorney General's Office said today AG Chris Koster "will review the Court’s decision" and discuss the appropriate next steps in the case. ABC 17/KMIZ will air a Special Report at 4 p.m. as Ferguson's parents and attorney hold a press conference in Columbia. READ MORE:
MISSOURI TO RECEIVE $26 MILLION THROUGH DRUG SETTLEMENT Missouri's Medicaid program will receive $26 million through a national settlement with a pharmaceutical company. The $2.2 billion settlement announced Monday involves Johnson & Johnson, one of its subsidiaries, the federal government and several states. Authorities say the company had marketed the antipsychotic drugs Risperdal and Invega for unapproved uses in children, seniors and disabled patients. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says the settlement returns money to the state's Medicaid program. The figure includes $1.72 billion in civil settlements with federal and state governments as well as $485 million in criminal fines and forfeited profits.
SHARE THIS: Email Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster at attorney.generaland ask him to do it today. Example: Sir, I am requesting your immediate assistance by declaring publicly and to the Court that the State of Missouri will not file to retry Ryan William Ferguson. Release him to go home to his family today November 5, 2013. Thank you. Respectfully,
Ryan Ferguson conviction overturned. Oh happy day. Suck it Chris Koster, Kevin Crane and Jay Nixon. Amazing
Attorney General Koster announces first-degree murder conviction in Kansas City case Jefferson City, Mo. -- Attorney General Chris Koster said today that a Jackson County jury found Tawanda Kunonga, 29, of Kansas City, guilty October 29 of first degree murder and armed criminal action in the killing of Latoya Hopkins of Raytown. Kunonga murdered his ex-girlfriend Latoya Hopkins in her home in June 2010 by stabbing her and beating her with a meat tenderizer. Kunonga left his fingerprint and palm print in the victim's blood and his DNA was found at the crime scene. "This was a horrific crime," Koster said. "While nothing can lessen the loss for the victim’s friends and family, at least the conviction brings some measure of justice." The defendant represented himself throughout the pre-trial proceedings and throughout the seven day jury trial. Jackson County Circuit Judge Charles McKenzie presided over the trial, and assistant attorneys general Julie Tolle and Monty Platz served as special prosecutors. S . ...
Our chaplain, Chris Koster, delivering a message to the student body in chapel this past Tuesday.
Mo. AG office adviser plans to retire: Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has chosen a new top legal adviser...
thank you Chris Koster for speaking at conference
Great to have MO Atty General Chris Koster to speak to MCCA today. A real advocate for education.
Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announces new top legal adviser...
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I would like to wish my brother Chris Koster a very happy 43 birthday. Hope u have an awesome day. An many more to come.
State Representative Ben Harris District 118 On Sunday, November 3, I will be at the fried chicken dinner at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Old Mines. If you have time stop by for some fried chicken or roast beef dinners with all the sides. I should be there around 11:00 a.m. Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour Saturday night for the end of daylight savings time. In a pair of speeches before separate groups of educators, Governor Jay Nixon said he will ask the General Assembly for significant funding increases in next year’s state budget for both public higher education and K-12 school districts. Nixon announced the planned funding boost for colleges and universities on October 21 and followed with the pledge for more money for local public schools districts on October 23. Nixon didn’t announce the specific dollar increases he plans to seek but did say the K-12 funding hike would be “a significant down payment” on fully funding the state’s formula for distributing state money to loc ...
Aidan Loveland Chris Koster Meredith Loveland Brown Amy Beets Loveland Morgan Loveland Robertson and Laura Ambler Pfeifer, this may be a good addition to the annual Thanksgiving Day foray!
The fabulous Chris Koster and myself are playing Sunday Funday tonight down at the red house. If you didn't get tickets to Reba tonight you should come down even though there is no chance of a Reba cover.
PROOF THAT USING YOUR VOICE WORKS!!! (MAN WRONGFULLY ACCUSED DISMISSED AFTER 30 YRS!) LET'S MAKE Ryan Ferguson NEXT PEEPS!! Sign and share the petition, contact Jay Nixon ...Take action as if he was your family member because if it can happen to him it can happen to you! The charges against Reggie have just been dismissed by the State. After more than 30 years, the nightmare of being wrongfully accused is over for him. It took too long for justice in this case, but it has come at last. Thank you to everyone who has supported Reggie and this petition. Your voices have been heard and justice has finally been done. This message was sent by Cynthia Short using the system. You received this email because you signed a petition started by Cynthia Short on "Chris Koster, Missouri Attorney General: End the prosecution of Reginald Griffin, an innocent man. ." does not endorse contents of this message. View the petition | Reply to this message via Unsubscribe from updat . ...
May 15, 2013 West Lake Landfill Updates State of Missouri v. Republic Services CommUnity Meeting at Pattonville High School May 16 MCE Press Conference Recap Rolling Stone Magazine Makes West Lake National News State of Missouri v. Republic Services Missouri's Attorney General, Chris Koster, announced a preliminary agreement between his office and Republic Services yesterday. While the AG has signaled an agreement with Republic regarding the impact of the odor on the community, the lawsuit originally filed is still on the table. If Republic Services does not fulfill its end of the agreement reached yesterday, Chris Koster has the ability to go after the company with the full force of the law. MCE is not fully satisfied with the agreement and is working with communities around the landfill to help address their concerns. Attorney General Koster was interviewed by Mark Reardon of KMOX following the press conference. The ALARMING part of the interview comes 5 minutes in when Koster says, "...there is a signi ...
Mark Reardon's guests today from 2-4pm on include Cardinals manager Mike Matheny at 2:15; MO AG Chris Koster in studio at 3:30.
Attorney General Chris Koster announced court dates of May 14 and 15 for hearings on Bridgeton landfill case.
MO Atty Gen Chris Koster is standing up strong as a Democrat!
Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster Speaks out on Meth Abuse as it destroys Missouri :
Chris Koster released a statement today regarding office's role in the Schnucks credit card fraud investigation. ^CH
You guys do understand this was a joke, and Chris Koster finds these as funny as we do, no?
SB 437: why we can't have nice things: A little over five years ago: Chris Koster in Independence, MO (March 3...
Koster, Dotson team up for anti-smurfing campaign: Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, Police Chief Sam...
I don't remember. You know who isn't working on it? and Chris Koster
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Hey kudos on the swearing in today. Mind asking & Chris Koster about Ryan Ferguson the next time you chat?
Chris Koster to run for Missouri governor in 2016: Attorney General Chris Koster, a Democrat, has served as...
those eyes, that smile: the best looking Attorney General is Chris Koster of Missouri.
Missouri AG Chris Koster, other state leaders, launch a new Anti-Smurfing Campaign in the state. Read more HERE:
Attorney General Chris Koster says Smurfing is one of the biggest challenges law enforcement officials face in...
Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has released his annual list of Missouri consumers top ten complaints...
St Pats Party at the with Dublin Down, Chris Koster, Greg Ball, Buffalo Tree, and Crows On A Rail
Missouri's Attorney General Chris Koster has partnered with in the "Anti-Smurfing" Pseudoephedrine Campaign.
Sen. Tom Dempsey calling on Attorney General Chris Koster to defend the statutes that DOR is violating.
Attorney General praises Tuscumbia students for kindness campaign: Attorney General Chris Koster met with...
Attorney General Chris Koster joined in a $7 million settlement today with Google, which collected data from...
. Why is Ryan Ferguson still in jail? And why is Chris Koster fighting to keep him there?
Chris Koster calls the effort unjustified and a waste of judicial resources.
Attorney General Chris Koster stopped by to say hi!!!
Koster seeks reinstatement of flag desecration law: Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is asking...
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How you like me now Scott Koster, after listening to this I BELIEVE. IT IS OUR RIGHT...
We also had two new officers chosen by the Chief tonite so the officers are now: Chief: Chris Young Asst. Chief: Paul Riedell Asst. Chief: Jeff Ludwig Training Officer: Bob Anderson Safety Officer: Chris Koster Capt. Dan Wiskus Secretary: Brad Agan
Chris Koster has been sworn in by Supreme Court Judge Mary R. Russell
Attorney General Chris Koster sworn in for second term.
Deadline nears for claims in mortgage settlement: Attorney General Chris Koster says the settlement applies to loans...
Attorney General Chris Koster is asking an appeals court to reinstate Missouri's ban on flag-burning, though the move was seen as pointless by some in light of a landmark 1989 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that would supersede any lower court's decision...
This is petition for Get Wayne to cosplay Captain Planet. Join the movement! Sign now!
Attorney General Chris Koster has surprised legal types with one of his more recent appeals. Find out more in Monday's Southeast Missourian.
Attorney General Chris Koster says a man from Mountain Grove pleaded guilty for not paying the prevailing wage
Editorial in Chris Koster should back off and help find the real killer.
Attorney General Chris Koster wants to retry Mark Woodworth for a 1990 Chillicothe murder after he is released...
Mark Woodworth's convictions have been vacated. To be discharged from state custody unless state re-tries within 60 days.
Julie Doiron with Chris Koster in Kingston, ON live at The Grad Club - January 26, 2013 via
It's called "Pick me, pick me in the Democratic primary, not Chris Koster." 2016!
“We are sending a signal to the financial industry that these mortgage documents have meaning, they are legal documents and if you are going to file them in the courthouses of this country then they had better be honestly drafted,” said Chris Koster, the Missouri Attorney General.
Dear Jonny --- Thank you so much for the friendship you gave our Campaign over the past year. Attorney General Chris Koster's victory last night was broad and deep across the entire state of Missouri. General Koster won re-election by more than 400,000 VOTES and 15.1%. Perhaps more notably, Gen. Koster won 58 of Missouri's 114 Counties, including stron victories in traditional Republican strongholds like St. Charles County and Green County.
Chris optimistic at cross-aisle partnerships in the General Assembly, Second Injury Fund fix:
Lily, my 7-year old after school yesterday: "I know Zweifel won, but how did Chris Koster and Jason Kander do?"
me...johnny white hanging out with the Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster during the maple leaf parade,being clean sure is fun.Attending Christ Church of Oronogo every sunday...listening to my beautiful wife blame me for the bundle of joy kicking the crap out of the inside of her belly.LOL...GOOD TIMES!
I'm missing Claire McCaskill and Todd Akin and Chris Koster and Jay Nixon and Dave Spence and all those others who I've spent so much time with in my home the past 12 months. Once their big night is over, they just up and leave me. Hmph!
We are looking to talk to someone for a possible story tonight. Did you vote for Mitt Romney -AND- Claire McCaskill, Jay Nixon, or Chris Koster? If the answer is yes. Tell us why and we may try to set up an interview with you tonight!
Chris Koster joins me on tomorrow morning to talk about the Beginners Guide to Endings album. Listen up!
In Missouri, we had a gentleman by the name of Ed Martin running for Attorney General. Good man. I supported his campaign financially, put out his signs, etc. But, he lost the race. I'm attaching his email as I thought it would show what a man of character he is. I especially like his comment that reveals a lot of truth: "None begrudge a blessing to our fellow citizens, but many of us know the corrosive effect of the welfare State, of debt, of envy over opportunity." Envy over opportunity.that says a lot. His email: "Bill, The sun came up today, the kids went off to school, and I looked again at the results of yesterday's elections ... my heart is heavy today. I have nothing but pride and gratitude for our campaign and to so many of you. Over and over, great citizens - patriots! - worked relentlessly toward victory, knowing in their spirit that just over the horizon a renewed fidelity to freedom awaited. Walking precincts, making phone calls, stuffing envelopes and working polls were all labors of l ...
"I would say that in 2016, you're going to see a contentious primary between Clint Zweifel and Chris Koster,"
I smell another vote for Chris Koster or Clint Zwifiel lol
I'll have a pretty cool guest on Indie Wake Up Call (CFRC 101.9fm) tomorrow. Listen tomorrow as Chris Koster hangs out, and we'll play many tracks from the Beginners Guide to Endings fresh new CD.
Claire McCaskill, Jay Nixon and Chris Koster WON in St Charles County. Thank you STC voters for giving such...
12 years ago today, after that year's election after working for Steve Danner and the Missouri Democrat Election Team, I asked myself, "What's next" after leaving my job at KMBZ a few months earlier. Here's what I learned: They took 7 weeks to give me my last check. I sent information up the line that I was available for any type of work. Never heard a word back. Thank God for Brian Wilson, Bill Johnson, Steve Ryan and KPHN. Few people know this story. Now you know why I feel as I do about Democrats. Oh, I feel the same way about Republican Ed Martin, the *** who stiffed a campaign staffer two years ago. He got his *** whipped good by good friend Chris Koster. WWEMRFN (What will Ed Martin run for next?).
I woke up feelin good. Obama...Claire McCaskill.lacy clay...chris koster...Jay Nixon.all those people we voted for! The futures lookin pretty bright for us. This was probably the most important election of our lifetime so far and we did it for us! Thank u everyone who did ur duty as a citizen and voiced ur opinion.
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Chris Koster will remain Attorney General for the state of Missouri after defeating challenger Ed Martin 56% to 41%
Attorney General Chris Koster won reelection. The incumbent AG has not lost in Mo since the late '60s.
With 3,073 of 3,380 precincts reported, Democrat Chris Koster is projected stay on as Missouri Attorney General.
So happy to be in Missouri & see Barack Obama...Chris Koster...Jay Nixon...& Claire McCaskill re-elected...very exciting...!!!
Chris Koster has declared victory in his re-elect race.
Good to see that Chris Koster won as MO AG. He's the only guy who looks like he'd totally kick your *** in his tv ads.
AP reports incumbent Chris Koster has beat Republican Ed Martin in the race for Attorney General.
Current AG Chris Koster takes stage to thank crowd for re-election, says voters are his boss.
Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is making his acceptance speech at the Pageant Theater .
Chris Koster is Missouri's Attorney General! Democrats are on it!
Chris Koster won Attorney Genreral with 2496 of 3380 of the precincts reported.
Chris Koster now about to take the stage for victory speech. Polite applause, but this place is worn out after dropping confetti on Nixon.
Chris Koster about to give victory speech
Koster wins re-election as Mo. Attorney General: Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has won a second term after...
UPDATE: Democrat Chris Koster will win re-election as Missouri's Attorney General, the AP reports.
Attorney General Chris Koster has arrived at the Jay Nixon election watch in St. Louis
Attorney General Chris Koster arrives at the Nixon party - expected to speak after Nixon.
About 2/3 of the precincts are reporting statewide. In the lead for state offices are Jay Nixon, Peter Kinder, Shane Schoeller, Cole McNary and Chris Koster.
AG Chris Koster just arrived at watch party. He also holds comfortable lead,
9:45 on KMOX, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster talks with our John Hancock and Michael Kelley.
In the Attorney General race, Chris Koster (D) is edging out Ed Martin (R) 354,217-311,530.
No truth to rumor- Ed Martin referring to Chris Koster as "Obama's winning lawyer."
Chris Koster leading by about 43,000 votes right now statewide. Incumbent Attorney General hasn't lost in MO since 1969.
Also looking pretty okay for Jay Nixon, Chris Koster in MO. *knocks on wood*
As of 9:00 PM, Chris Koster is in lead for Atty. General seat. 11% of precincts reporting.
Jay Nixon, Claire McCaskill, and Chris Koster all with roughly the same number of votes in MO. All winning right now according to MO SOS.
Chris Koster only Dem. winning state office so far except for Nixon. Koster early favorite for MO governor in 2016.
At 8:00, Missourians are choosing Claire McCaskill 53% to 40%, Jay Nixon for governor with 53% to 43%, Peter Kinder as Lt. Governor 49% to 46%, Shane Schoeller as Secretary of State 48% to 47% and Chris Koster as Attorney General 54% to 42%. The night is still very young.
Chris Koster is running dead even with Ed Martin in MO AG race. These are in deep red countries too. Shows good signs dems might hold MO AG.
Romney has a dominant lead in early returns in MO with Ed Martin having a minor one. I would THINK that's good for Chris Koster.
In STL covering Dem. Gov. Jay Nixon & AG Chris Koster as they hope for re-election bids. Dem Party has us waiting outside watch party til 5.
Missourians: Vote for AG today when you vote ! Chris Koster is not what he portrays!
Looks like I'm roaming btw Chris Koster at The Pageant and Ed Martin at Hampton Inn tonight. and Wash U people hit me up!
Chris Koster: Has given plea deals to serial killers, refused to challenge ObamaCare, was pro-life and is now pro-choice
Can a democrat please explain to me why Missouri should re-elect Chris Koster as Attorney General?
Claire McCaskill, Jay Nixon, Jason kander, Chris koster, Susan monster, and yes on B no on prop e. and Barack.
Please join Governor Jay Nixon, Attorney General Chris Koster, and Treasurer Clint Zweifel for an election night watch party on Tuesday, November 6th.
I can't vote for him because I don't live in his state and I don't know that I would, but I like that in his commercials Chris Koster comes right out and asks for me to vote for him. I like that.
Here is how I plan to vote on Tuesday: Gary Johnson and James P Gray for President and Vice President, Jonathan Dine for US Senator, Jeremiah W (Jay) Nixon for Governor, Peter Kinder for Lieutenant Governor, Shane Schoeller for MO Secretary of State, Clinet Zweifel for State Treasurer, Chris Koster for Attorney General, Jack Rushin for US Representative, Keith Frederick for MO Representative, Colin Long for Circuit Judge, Larry Stratman for County Commision, Richard L Lisenbe for Sheriff, Bill Wiggins for Assesor, Kathy Oliver for Public Administrator, Larry Swinfard for Coroner, Lou Gilbert for Surveyor, No to 3, Yes to A, Yes to B, Yes to E, Yes to Supreme Court Judge, Yes to Court of Appeals Judge.
One of many reasons you should be voting for Ed Martin - Ed will not use the office as his personal travel agency.
Dave spence once tore the tag off a mattress Jay Nixon once tried to put a slug in a coke machine Chris Koster once dry cleaned an article of clothing that said "machine wash only" Claire Mcaskill once said that US97 was her favorite radio station when in fact it wasn't just to win tickets to see Foghat President Barrack Obama once returned a copy of Howard the Duck to a video store and was not kind enough to rewind Mitt Romney agreed he was ready to rock at a def leopard concert when in fact he was just ready to go home Are these the kind of "ethical disasters" we want running our government. I am sure we are just a day away from these new ads lol
Claire McCaskill, is radical, how do you all think she got her money, from the Tax payers. We need change, Claire McCaskill and Chris Koster backed Obama 100 % on everything he tryed and did to us to raise Taxes on the Middle class and if you dont think she would the old saying is I HAVE A BRIDGE TO SELL YOU!!
Attorney General Chris Koster’s courtroom experience makes him invaluable to Missourians and they should return him to office. As Cass County prosecutor, Koster worked in courtrooms for 10 years. He tried and won murder convictions. The benefits to families of having a man with experience in the ju...
Alpha Media Kansas City Alpha Male Nation Media on Demand Live Broadcast on USTREAM Leading by MD Alam and Shahid Abdullah
- A short video detailing how Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has been racking up frequent flier miles
Chris Koster verses Ed Martin Who will stand up to the main threats to our gun rights -- that is, federal laws and the UN Small Arms Treaty? Ed Martin Who will fight against unconstitutional local ordinances that punish certified conceal carry endorsements? Ed Martin Chris Koster only did his job when numerous Pro-Gun organizations stood on his desk demanding justice. Chris Koster never once told St. Louis City to cease and desist punishment of law-abiding citizens (with permits to carry) that had impounded firearms for a year. That punishment is still happening 9 years after conceal carry was enacted.
For the office of Missouri Attorney General, incumbent Chris Koster is running for re-election against challenger Ed Martin.
In the race for Missouri Attorney General, the two front runners, Democratic incumbent Chris Koster and Republican Ed Martin, agree on few issues.
Here's my suggestion for Mo Attorney General candidate Chris Koster's next ad. "He casually handles 12 gauge shotguns in the courtroom, because he's totally awesome. He has more than a passing resemblance to Robert Redford. Other lawyers swear he's a real life version of Harvey Dent, before he went crazy and started killing people. He'll send your grandma to the chair without a second thought. His name is Chris Koster and he's a total basOr something along those lines. I may have a man crush on him.
Ed Martin, running for Attorney General of Missouri, says he'll protect gun rights, but not Obamacare. Oh, great.I'll sure feel more secure. I'm voting for Chris Koster.
Ed Martin: I have more evidence of Chris Koster's corruption:
I went to Truman Days in MT. Vernon at the community center this last Saturday. It was exciting to hear the Democratic canidates speak.Jay Nixon, Chris Koster,Susan Montee, and Claire McCaskill`s sister were there campaigning. Their speechs were Awesome! I got to shake the governor hand twice! It was a wonderful fundraising. Well worth it!
A usually reliable source tells me this is true. Does the Ed Martin campaign have anything to say about it? - Ed Martin Republican candidate for Attorney General has issued a statement that Chris Koster is ducking debates. This is a baldfaced lie. Since mid-August the Missouri Bar has offered the Attorney General candidates a debate forum before their legal peers and the press. The Democrat Chris Koster accepted. the Libertarian Dave Browning accepted, only the Republican who accuses his opponents of ducking debated has refused.
Anyone else think this Chris Koster for MO Attorney General looks a lot like Robert Redford?
Just saw one of the ads for Chris Koster's opponent in the MO Attorney General's race. In it they refer to the AG as "Koster the Impostor." Content and veracity of the ad notwithstanding, it makes it sound like he should be in a cartoon with Dora the Explorer.
Some crazy rebellious young kids put "Jay Nixon for Governor" and "Chris Koster for Attorney General" signs in Grandpa Bob's yard over the weekend. Those of you who knew Grandpa Bob would know that he wouldn't be amused. Or maybe he would be. Regardless, I removed them. If the local dems want to reuse them, they're in the trash dumpster.
We have dates set up for Chris Koster and Me to meet with the people in a public forum -
Ottawa Bluesfest today! Miss Emily at River Stage 6-7pm with Chris Koster, and Rob Radford! Can't wait!
(Missouri) – July 2, 2012 – On Monday, Republican candidate for Attorney General Ed Martin announced comprehensive and wide-ranging reforms to clean up the Attorney General’s office in Missouri. Martin’s announcement was prompted by State Auditor Tom Schweich’s audit of Chris Koster and the Attorney...
Via~Heinz Leitner Michael Tisius is scheduled to be executed with propofol in Missouri on August 3rd, 2012 The Eyes of the Nation are on Missouri In my three years with MADP I have never experienced anything like the events of this year. The American Bar Association released a report on the state of the death penalty in Missouri, the Attorney General requests 19 execution dates, the Department of Corrections announces a change in lethal injection protocol and in September a Special Master will hear facts on Reggie Clemons. Due to the unavailability of the drug sodium thiopental, one of three drugs used in executions, Missouri moved to a one drug protocol. Moving forward, Missouri plans to use propofol in executions. Propofol has never been used for lethal injection in the United States. In addition Chris Koster, the Missouri Attorney General, has asked the Missouri Supreme Court to set execution dates for nineteen of the Missouri Lifeline Volume, 7 No. 2 ! Summer 2012 forty-seven men on death row. This mo ...
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Now on KMOX, Mark Reardon with GOP Mo AG hopeful Ed Martin on current AG Chris Koster's position on Obama healthcare reform.
Missouri AG Chris Koster at 4:20 with Mark Reardon on major settlement with mortgage lenders.
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