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Chris Keller

Chris Keller is a fictional character on the HBO series Oz, portrayed by Christopher Meloni from 1998 to 2003.

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Nominations for three best right hand men in thrillers: Scott Coleman, John Quick and Chris Keller.
In season 2 of OTH & I forgot how much I dislike Chris Keller and Haley for leaving Nathan
Bonnie from Oz. Keller married her twice.
Did Chris Keller just do something good? I'm shocked.
Realize that the main problem in a person's life is never his suffering; it's his sin. -Tim Keller
Are we sure they weren't roommates with Chris Keller? That would explain a few things.
I wanna what Chris Keller would think about all of this
i can't choose between rachel, alex and chris keller i just CAN'T
Got to watch my first swim meet with Chris and Mama Keller. We wore Geoff's old swim team shirts as we cheered...
Am I the only one who loved Chris Keller??
We're going to our first spurs game together and I couldn't be more excited
Congratulations to the Keller, Skyline, Cy Falls, and Wagner basketball teams on making it to State!
"Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.". ~Helen Keller.
Hellen Keller was definitely a hoax
" you have any idea how many guys want to nail your wife in this room right now" - Chris Keller
Laurent Keller: don't trust the textbooks, there is a genetic basis of caste determination in
TCU signee leads Keller boys into 6A Region I final with win over Allen
Tbh the Sunshine and Whiskey song reminds me of Chris Keller but I don't know why
I'm down. Ask Chris Keller how to fund it, he's been there a minute, prolly knows the money channels
When Chris Keller actually turns out to be such a douch, i sigh in disgust.
Chris Keller was the same actress as the young millionaire that asked Ginny out
Chris Keller is the worst villain ever tree hill
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Am I the only one who thinks Chris Keller on One Tree Hill is hot asf??ΒΏΒΏ
Chris Keller's about to smash Haley James into pieces all over again πŸ˜‚
Sometimes I feel like Nathan Scott with a Chris Keller in the picture. πŸ˜‘
i'm actually so in love with the OTH cast. especially Chris Keller. &. Chase Adams & Julian Baker. & Nathan & Lucas Scott. & JAKE JAGIELSKI
Watching a movie about Jonny Cash life and Chris Keller from OTH is a singer from the 50'sπŸ˜‚ he's just has snotty as he is on OTH
Now taking apps for the following men in my life : Nathan Scott, Lucas Scott, Julian Baker, Clay Evans, and even a Chris Keller
I'm seeing Tyler Hilton AKA Chris Keller from one tree hill on Friday 😍😭
Tonight's thoughts: Chris Keller isn't so bad. I hate Dan Scott. Haley and Nathan 4 ever. I knew it was Deb. And get it together Brucas.
Does Leslie know it was Chris Keller in teardrops on my guitar?
is Chris Keller considered a villain? bc
Omfg there's a professor at my university named Chris Keller πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ok so grace off of Secret Life and Chris Keller off of OTH are married
Ok why do I find Chris Keller from OTH so attractive bc he really isn't but he kinda is lol
I actually love Chris Keller tho lmao
Just discovered that Chris Keller from One Tree Hill is in the Teardrops on my Guitar music video and all I can think is is WHY
RedState: Donald Trump cheerfully touts the endorsement of a rapist
Chris Keller refers to himself in 3rd person
2x07 feat.the one the only Chris Keller
I am chris Keller and I do not like this.
Chris Sale is so disgusting he makes hitters swing at pitches that hit them square in the knee
Happened again -- Chris Sale actually hits batter with a pitch, but they swing and miss for strike 3. Mark Trumbo the most re…
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How have I just realised CHRIS KELLER ( *** lol) from one tree hill is the guy in Taylor Swifts teardrops on my guitar
He may be a *** but Chris Keller is the most underrated character on OTH
Chris Keller does not want to express PDA but he might
why does Chris Keller ruin everything
Chris Keller // OTH. -funniest character. -huge heart but doesn't wear it on his sleeve. -hero. -TALENT. -cares so much https:/…
Check out my interview with Tyler Hilton, who plays Chris Keller in One Tree Hill!
did you just say Chris Keller was pretty?
36. chris keller . - HILARIOUS. - what about u peacock. - chris kellers too pretty to go to prison. - him & chase :')
Rewatching One Tree Hill, and Chris Keller just walked in. . Hello
Omg I just realized Chris Keller was in the Teardrops on My Guitar videoπŸ˜±πŸ˜‚
"Get to Know Your Continues with Chris Keller done just right!…
Chris Keller was the reason for Taylor Swifts tear drops on her guitar
CHRIS KELLER THREAD ! (this will include probably all of his scenes including the bad/mean ones)
Chris Keller in OTH is a jerk. But he so much of a smart *** that he's funny πŸ˜…
Chris Keller ruined Haley and Nathan during season 2-3 and it was terrible
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Chris Keller gives me mixed emotions
That killa from keller would sure look good on know htt…
Kelvin is genuinely mad at Haley for going on tour with Chris Keller
I feel like I've encountered my fair share of Chris Keller's and now I'm just waiting to stumble across a Scott brother
Stephen colletti is still good friends with Chris Keller and clay too! It makes me so happy
Chris Keller trying to cook burgers is the greatest thing I've watched all week πŸ˜‚
Chase Adams and Chris Keller were another thing. Nathan Scott strength and love for his family. Brooke badass Davis. . The last episode.
Don't settle for a Chris Keller when your Nathan Scott is out there 😢
Omg i was watching the teardrops on my guitar video and the guy is chris keller
Instead ... the Fed should have been penalizing banks for holding excess reserves.
Chris Keller's always had a good heart when it comes to Haley, even if he's a major jerk
He would've won the super bowl for the panthers
I want Chris Keller and Haley James Scott performing at next years show
w/ special guests Chris Keller and Gavin DeGraw
Lucas: I forgave you. Brooke: for what?. Lucas: for sleeping with Chris Keller. What the *** is wrong with you luke??? YOU WERE NOT EXCLUSIVE
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Am I the only one that just realized OTH's chase and Chris Keller are in Taylor Swift music videos?
No matter how many times I watch one tree hill over I still hate Chris Keller just as muchπŸ˜‚
the amount of times Chris Keller says he does not like this in this one episode.
Chris Keller wants to go on record as saying Chris Keller doesn't like this
When Chris Keller still speaks in 3rd person πŸ˜‘
I really wanna watch one tree hill again but I don't wanna go through the Chris Keller or Nanny Carrie stages again
I just watched Lucas move so that Nathan's pass hit Chris Keller in the face and I've never laughed so hard πŸ˜‚
I can't wait for Coldplay's half time performance.
When Mia and Chris Keller are legit on tour together irl.
Remember when Chris Keller told Nathan and Haley being married in highs school would never work. Ha
Always my fav part of Oz, topped only by Keller, et al. being thrown in the hole.
Well, I came to help but, Chris Keller is too pretty to go to prison
I thought it was funny when Chris Keller hit that dude with the car and ran awayπŸ˜‚
Sound familiar? repeats the same line about President Obama four times during the
Chris Keller is the reason for the teardrops on her guitar.
Why does Chris Keller insist on breaking my poor heart πŸ˜ͺ
When Toby thought Chris Keller killed his son.I was so just give up on life.I SPOILED IT FOR MYSELF AND CHRIS DIES πŸ˜ͺ
"If she ever meets a guy named Chris Keller, punch first and ask questions later." πŸ˜‚
why does nobody talk about how Chris Keller on one tree hill is a sexual predator?
Guys Chris Keller from OTH is in Taylor Switfs music video Teardrops on my Guitar
That OTH episode where Haley is in jail & calls Nathan then switches to Nathan talking to someone in jail, but turns out 2 be chris keller πŸ˜‚
Lucas walked in while Brooke was sleeping with Chris Keller, I was satisfied tbh, he deserves it considering what he did to he & I know he+
When Hayley and Chris Keller sing together for the first time...chills.
Chris Keller is so great. He's the funniest character on OTHπŸ˜‚
Drove by someone today with a Rudolph nose on their car. So there's that.
Love this piece from on looking deeper than singular metrics: "A mile wide, an inch deep"
Who scored Jamie Durie’s Valentine?: AS he steps in to fill Chris Brown’s shoes on The Living Room, the evergr...
Athletic is very beautiful and sexy
The spirit of Chris Keller is with us always.
OTH has a way of making you think people are awful only to find out they're amazing... Nathan, Dan, Chris Keller, Victoria Davis...
when you realize Chris Keller has been breaking hearts since day 1
umm yeah sorta like 4 or 5, she just went back to singing with stupid Chris Keller again 😠
Watching a lifetime movie and Payton and Chris Keller are in it from OTH. OMG OMG
When u realize that Chris Keller and Chase from OTH were in Taylor Swifts music videos πŸ˜‚
John and Heather with their awesome 2011 Ram 1500! They were assisted by Chris Keller. Thank you for your...
when you realize Chase and Chris Keller from one tree hill were both in Taylor Swift videos ok
How can I decide between Elliot Stabler and Chris Keller? I can't decide on a DVD.
Is everyone from one tree hill in tswift music videos? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so far chris keller and chase have beenπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
On a scale of Stevie wonder to Hellen Keller how often you see your dau…
Chris Keller is actually such a savage
Chris Keller would approve of your weekend! πŸ˜‰
The ptx album is the basketball and I'm Chris Keller's face because I'm so not ready
Lol I know I said this before but Chris Keller is hilarious especially in season 9 of oth
I like some of their sports reporters, Vogl, Moritz, for example. Graham is a good writer, but obnoxious on here.
They have a narrative to push & I think the Cassel narrative works with the paper’s demographic. Just not on here.
At what point can we say collectively as buffalo sports fans "We Deserve Better" Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
There is now a real Mrs. Chris Keller! πŸ’”πŸ˜­
Leyton is the basketball and I'm Chris Keller's face
That song Haley and Chris Keller sing in OTH is actually by Tim McGraw called "when the stars go blue" in case you were wondering
Also this Markus character reminds me too much of Chris Keller and I don't know why πŸ˜…
hey Mr.Beecher and Mr.Keller I'll do some sketch for you two! OZ
Chris Keller's favorite Tool song would obviously be "Prison Sex."
Grace from Secret Life of the American teenager & Chris Keller from OTH are married in real life? I'm cryin
The girl that played Grace Boman in Secret Life married the man who plays Chris Keller in One Tree Hill. 😳 didn't see that one coming πŸ™ˆπŸ˜
>HELEN KELLER STATED THAT He was "the greatest disappointment the world has ever seen.". Chris Columbus:. DID NOT 'DISCOVER' AMERICA AS>>>>>>
Grace from the Secret Life of the American Teenager just married Chris Keller from One Tree Hill?? Didn't even know they were dating!!
You get the buyers agent to help you cut them off. Thanks Chris Mondoux. Keller Williams Advantage 2…
500 RTs by tomorrow night and I'll drop the new track before the Keller game. . Last time was a fluke...
Chris Keller was so right for Haley, sorry Nate.
What the Chris Keller got married to Grace .
When Chris Keller gets more attractive in the ninth season πŸ˜›
Stupid Chris Keller and how he talks in third person
When ever I hear the song What I Love About Your Love by Jana Kramer, I think of Chris Keller.
Bernie Sanders talking in third person reminds me of Chris Keller
thanks joe! Btw tell taylor you're with me not her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Is it bad that I love Chris Keller because I do
Glad you enjoyed my article Chris, thank you for sharing it.
"I'm gonna talk in the first person like Chris Keller". "that's the third person"
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Many thanks to our good friend Chris Kostopoulos from Keller Williams for having KL/ACE at his great event!
Ann and Chris are leaving and everything is terrible but Tom Petty is playing so well played,
I rewatch One Tree Hill episodes just to laugh at Chris Keller πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
Chris Keller and Grace Bowman are married!!! Chris Keller agrees, lol! Congrats πŸ’–πŸ’–
i legit just realized that chris keller from oth played drew in the teardrops on my guitar mv, OHMYGOD
When I watch Oz all I can think about is what Elliot Stabler would think of Chris Keller.
First Jana Kramer, now Chris it too much to ask for James Lafferty or Chad Michael Murray to make an appearance?
Last year fall fest was Jana Kramer, this year is Chris Keller... I just want or pls
While talking about the American Sniper I said Chris Keller instead of Chris Kyle. I hate one tree hill
I'm gonna need you to be a little more Nathan Scott and a little less Chris Keller
when you discover Chris Keller was Drew in Teardrops On My Guitar
Turns out Chris Keller and Chase from OTH are in Taylor Swift's music videos.
Nathan and Haley got through a teen pregnancy, marriage in high school, a crazy nanny, Chris Keller, a kidnapping and still …
Coincidence that Chris Keller is also the name of Christopher Meloni's creepy character in Oz? I think not.
I know Chris Keller is awful but in season 9, wow😍
I love how Chris Keller & Chase literally became bestfriends and that he's a part of their clique tbh
All I can think about is Haley James Scott and Chris Keller am I right???
Chris Keller aka Tyler Hilton has good songs
So I met Tyler Hilton aka Chris Keller aka Drew today. Meanwhile, Megan has no idea who he is.…
Can't tell who I hate more... Dan Scott or Chris Keller.
I just realised Chris Keller and Chase from one tree hill are in Taylor Swift's old music videos! Lol
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I'm watching Sexy Christopher Meloni as Chris Keller - Oz (tv series) on YouTube
for this one we have: Chad, Hilarie, Lee, Paul, Michael (Felix), Tyler (Chris Keller), Antwon, Wakey Wakey, Bevin, Kieren (Andy)
Chris Keller is in the fountain again... .
Chris Keller's in the fountain again
Chris and American deaf-blind authoress Helen Keller with British Labour politician Wilfred Paling in London.
I'd love to see this for the Any idea where I can get the raw data for this?
On my shelf: Life and books with Tim Keller
Minus Chris Keller and Dan Scott lol How they could include them in this collage is beyond me..
is clearly a big OTH fan. First Chris Keller broke her hear then Chase Adams.
don't you know it. Mitch is the best in the business.
Being a child of the Korn helped Lindback too.
"Chris Keller is a man of many talents," he replies, flashing the brunette his signature smirk before tugging her into+
Why am I just now realizing that Chris Keller ( ) from is Drew in Teardrops on My Guitar 😳
he really isn't , all these dudes are beautiful & he's just . Chris keller
Chris Keller out here stealing everyones *** smh, he wasn't even good looking compared to the other dudes.. No ***
If you watch OTH and Chris Keller is not in your top 3 of fav characters we cannot be friends.
OTH has been at 25% for the past 10 minutes. Why do bad things happen to good people? All I want to do is watch Chris Keller and cry ://
Chris Keller & Chase Adams are both in tswift music videos?
Lyss just said Chris brown is banned from Canada bc of a feud between him and ok
I need to see Chris Keller sing ASAP
@ my ONE TREE HILL LADIES!! What episode does chris keller sing "I ain't missin you at al"
nick and I are talking about NALEY being hella relationship goals minus Chris Keller and baby Jamie
"Chris Kellers too pretty to go to jail". "That's what I'm sayin". "Awww you said Chris Keller was pretty??"
She is an embarrassment to her nation, slightly less articulate than Helen Keller when speaking
Amanda Keller is enjoying her β€˜wheel of hotness’ while Dr Chris Brown is away. WITH her resident eye candy Dr...
Rewatching OTH and I hate Haley just as much as I did the first time for leaving Nathan to be with Chris Keller
Chris Keller is in a Taylor Swift music video!!!
What's really driving Keller Williams . new CEO Chris Heller talks on that subject... Check out our website:...
I'm aware πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Stevie wonder and Helen Keller would've been a better fight
Sorry Tim McGraw, but Haley James Scott and Chris Keller's version of "When The Stars Go Blue" is my favorite 😍
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I'm seeing the same thing. 2016 in most other places. Looking forward to the trade call going through
That's not official. It's what came up on the trade tracker
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MT Congrats to Chris Keller '97named to Hot List
The is now accepting applications from graduating seniors for $1,000 scholarships through March 20.
InmanNews: Keller Williams, have you seen this interview w/ CEO Chris Heller? Activate your free Select Membership…
Brian Flynn played a nice role for the Good pickup for the He'll be a solid role player for them.
hey Chris! No problem :) just send an email to Stephanie at pickcrew
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Andrew Keller you think your boat can handle this? Better question... Do you think Chris Lewis would come?
too bad Chris Keller was in the episodes when she sang that.
Tyler Hilton (chris Keller) has been on repeat on my phone for hours
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No TSwift you can't have Chris Keller because he's in love with Haley James Scott, who is married but whatever. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
When Chris Keller really sets you off
Rewatching One Tree Hill and Chris Keller is on my screen. 😍 love your voice
Props to Kaitlyn for not saying a *** thing to Chris as he rambles. Give him that pre-Anne Sullivan Helen Keller and own it.
It's not a sniper cloud. It's just Chris Kyle protectin' the heavens.
Lmaoo honestly chris Keller will always be my favorite actor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Chris Keller is waiting on you guys!
The guy handing out tickets at this performance looks just like Chris Keller!!!
Keller ISD, NOW we will be closed Tuesday, Feb. 24. Please remember to check OFFICIAL KISD accounts &
watch Keller cancel school again, and you won't feel as special anymore
β€œChris Keller does not like this...” There's a thing called group messaging
she slept with Chris Keller member lol
Can we all start talking in third person like Chris Keller?😁
One of the best things One Tree Hill ever did was cast Chris Keller is life.
Why Haley ever left Nathan for Chris Keller is beyond my belief
All purpose parts banner
Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle who inspired attends with his dog tags: http:/…
Chris Spade of Spade Home Made, Inc. and Keller Williams Realty Helps in the Purchase of a Santee Home
Chris Keller from One Tree Hill aka Drew from Teardrops On My Guitar by TSwiftΒΏπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
it's ok. Chris Keller was the worst tbh
Keller ISD and all after school activities will be closed Monday, February 23rd due to icy roads, sidewalks, and parking lot…
Chris Keller doesn't like that one tree hill is over
is it wrong i love chris keller more than Elliot Stabler? not because he did A FEW fuller selfies. not that i don't love u
- Not forgetting Chris Keller; amazing performance by Chris Meloni.
I wonder what Tobias thinks about Schillinger winning an - where's Chris Keller when you need him?
Keller ISD when other districts cancel
Chris Evans brought his high school sweetheart to the Oscars im dead 😍😭😘😘
it's hard for me to not see as Vern Schillinger and you as Chris Keller! Lol
Keller ISD will be closed Monday, Feb. 23, 2015, due to inclement winter weather. Please keep an eye on
"Nathan Scott's a good guy. A great father, a responsible husband. Come on, man. Even if he wasn't, would you leave her…
Chris Keller and Chase Adams could have their own comedy show tbh
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
If anyone wants to go to the Chris Brown concert hmu
throwback to when I hugged Tyler Hilton aka Chris Keller and felt like Haley and it was a major highlight of my life
Chris Keller always talks in third person & its weird.
Upset cause Chris Keller didn't perform at the Grammys tonight :/
Think everyone is slowly moving away from Chris Brown right now?
Chris just said that Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller should get into a wrestling match. Jesus
John Mayer looks like Chris Keller from One Tree Hill and I'm into it.
All-day Supernatural binge w/ and Sabre. Guaranteed nightmares tonight. πŸ˜±πŸ’€πŸ‘€
If you are listing your home and you want it SOLD FAST contact me, Chris Sonaggera Keller Williams Elite...
How did you know you were capable of jumping over Chris Pratt? Do you practice leap frog in your free time?
*** is happening why is Chris Keller here? why is Chase in a police car? Why is Brooke raging? omg
Chris Keller always finds a way back to Tree Hill
Chris Keller will forever have my heart
When Haley and Chris Keller kiss. The heartache is real
Happy birthday! Celebrities Chris Rock, Ashton Kutcher, David Scarzone, and Garth Brooks have the same bday as you!
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"I like Chris Keller better then Nathan Scott" . something is wrong with Anna
Chris Keller: the man who speaks in third-person.
Listening to Chris Suarez be interviewed by Gary Keller. Heard him this morning at event. Hello big things!
Lmao Chris Keller always has me dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lowly JV2 puts up the biggest fight against Keller High. Great job girls!
I have met Chris Keller and I'm ready for him to leave... I hate him! Watching Nathan self destruct is painful
Haley: You can cook, right?. Chris: Chris Keller can do it all, baby. .
My amazing fiancΓ© has booked our honeymoon will be some highlights
Chris Keller is the only reason I watch one tree hillπŸ˜‚πŸ‘
when Chris Keller and brooke have sex she's extremely drunk and he takes advantage of her and it's sickening to think about
Finding out that Chris Keller is drew in Taylor Swifts first music videos make me so happy
Chris Keller on one tree hill is so ew
Chris Keller is the best character in OTH
Trade for him now. Make the call Tim.
Chris Keller likes jammin with Chris Keller. That way he's workin with the best πŸ˜‚
ew suggested user was real life Chris Keller?!! Nah I'm GOOD. Tru wish would
LMAO which time ? season 2 cause of Chris Keller, season 5 nanny Carrie πŸ˜‚
Loyal until he just randomly wasn't. Totally contradictory of his "family" nonsense preached.
Absolute favourite moment in OTH history! oh Chris keller
I love beyonce I do😊 an I'm glad she got number 1 but Chris brown should of got itπŸ˜”
chris brown should of been number one idc idc ! I'm highly upset
Pitbull wipes out on his own TV show, is definitely not having a Real Good Time
Chris brown loyal will be number one
Taylor won't stop speaking in third person like she's Chris Keller.
Chris Keller will forever be my favorite in season 9 of one tree hill.
Chris Keller is literally my favorite πŸ˜‚
I didn't like Chris Keller in the earlier seasons but I love him in season 9 he's hilarious πŸ˜‚
"The Gospel makes us both humble and confident at once." - Tim Keller.
Can't decide who I hate more: Chris Keller or Dan Scott
Three names I continue to hear interest the Raiders as a potential team president: Russ Brandon (BUF), Kevin Warren (MI…
Formula for winning:. Step 1: trade all picks for a QB. Step 2: ?. Step 3: Super Bowl
Happy 2015, Doug. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out. Annoying.
I think 2 more days... not 100% sure, I know he had 3 total though
When is his deadline for a decision?
Deep down Chris Keller is a good dude
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