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Chris Kattan

Christopher Lee Chris Kattan (born October 19, 1970) is an American actor/comedian, best known for his work on Saturday Night Live.

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Kevin Hart's IG apology for cheating on pregnant wife struck the right balance between maudlin and "Don't make me work with Chris Kattan!"
Greeny looking a little like Chris Kattan from A Night At The Roxbury with that shirt. Nice!
A chance to redo the "Cowbell" sketch, where he and Chris Kattan don't keep losing it.
I'm at Zanies Wednesday night with Chris Kattan and Friends! Get your tickets here
this yr 2017 when I was Homeless n L.A n I Followed you n you…
oh he's pulling the old Chris Kattan routine.
On a positive note, will last longer with than she did with Chris Kattan...
4s were last seen last season when Chris Kattan and Witney danced.
Congrats SNL!! Well you just gotta find a way to downplay the kiss of death th…
The only thing missing is Chris Kattan... I love me some Chris Kattan
I just realized the only awards I've ever won were the Chris Kattan award and the Bonner Bolton award. 💀
it's near the beginning in the part about Chris Kattan ;)
Omg Chris Kattan is the gym instructor Jumping Jimmy on Mutt and Stuff (a nick jr little kids show) I…
Ha, had to google Chris kattan, then chuckled..
is it just me or does Chris Kattan kind of look like Zach Braff?
In light of recent events, Out to Lunch will be cutting all ties with Chris Kattan.
What if...bear with me here...Ben Shapiro is actually an elaborate Chris Kattan sketch
I feel the same with DWTS. We don't get to know some celebs early Chris Kattan last season.
*** there's some shots at Chris Kattan in this season's
It will be glorious once SNL starts clowning her. You know it's coming! I'm still Holding out hope for Chr…
Look it's not like I'm saying he's Chris Kattan
The one and only is in the house WED 10/11! Tickets are on sale now! —>
I liked a video Charades with Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Kattan, Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins
If Chris Kattan knew that Corky Ramano would lead to this...
"Did Chris Kattan drop out? Right before his comeback? Right when the world was ready to Settle for Kattan?"
Whats chris kattan up to i dont have my glasses
I miss when Chris Kattan had to do a Paul Begala impersonation on the old SNL Crossfire skits
It just came to me: Chris Kattan! needs to bring back Chris Kattan to play Tony…
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Chris Kattan’s glitter hopes and sparkle dreams came to an end tonight.
'Dancing With the Stars' season 24 delivers first heartbreaking elimination - AOL
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I liked a video from Chris Kattan - Dancing with the Stars Performances
Why the world needs more compassion 👉🏻 💔
Former "SNL" cast member Chris Kattan was booted off "Dancing With the Stars" after one episode.
Comedian, Chris Kattan, is the first to be eliminated but he wished that his story about his injury would have been told earlier
Backstage after here's what the pros had to say about Chris Kattan: via
Chris Kattan reveals battle with serious injury for past 20 years.
Keep Strong! Your fans love yah! Night at the Roxbury is a fav of mine! We Want More Chris Kattan!
Chris Kattan coming on after a life threatening injury shows pure fearlessness and it's bringing me to tears. Incredible. Inspiring.
people: See all the early dismissals from
I'm watching yesterday's episode of and now I will see that Chris Kattan and Whitney was the first ones eliminated. So sad.
Omg I'm actually devastated that they voted off Chris kattan he seemed so sad I really hope he's okay
Chris Kattan speaks out after 'DWTS' elimination -
Chris Kattan reveals years of dark secrets due to broken neck -- Four surgeries, lies & hiding from the world…
It wasn't long ago when Carson was on top of Dancing With the Stars, when the professional dancer won the...
The nervous kid in the corner thing is funny once. Chris Kattan may have been funnier and that's saying a lot.
Chris Kattan reveals the detailed history of his 20-year health nightmare
Chris Kattan on being eliminated from 'I wish that my surgery was noted before'
I'm rooting for y'all all the way. .
ARTICLE​ | Normani and Val were mentioned on article
I'l be rooting for Simone Biles, Bonner Bolton, Charo, Rashad Jennings, Chris Kattan, Nancy Kerrigan, David Ross, and Mr. T on
Mr. T, Nancy Kerrigan, Chris Kattan among competitors for next season of "Dancing with the Stars."…
For the uninitiated, Corky Romano is a character played by Chris Kattan
On the bathroom radio just now was Air Supply's "All Out of Love" and the only thing in my head is Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan making out
Why are Chris Kattan & Will Ferrell's characters so fascinated by Emilio Estevez and the Mighty Ducks? Possible sub-plot?
Tom Green, Hal Sparks, Chris Kattan, and Paul Rodriguez are all performing at the draft house next year. What year is it? Lol
I'm pretty sure it's just Chris Kattan in a sheet.
How many people have you infected Chris kattan? Or is it ? Tell me. As one medical biller to another, how many?
Chris kattan- you have HIV from unprotected sex with men and women. You gave it to my sibling. Pretty much yes
at the time, tho, i said he was a Chris Kattan character. he wore a red fedora, suspenders and bow tie. his name & catchphrase: Krandall.
Do you guys remember the Mango SNL skits with Chris Kattan? I think of Mango and Garth Brooks daily
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Chris Kattan was highkey so handsome in A Night at the Roxbury
I understand what my gift is, which is making people laugh, hopefully. ...
I'm not trying to sound like I turned into some kind of wise man, but i...
I look forward to Megan Fox & Chris Kattan storming Wrigley Field shooting their new movie in real time.
Mango - the Chris Kattan character from Saturday Night Live? ;)
what a fool I was not to watch Jaco.all this time somehow I thought it was a dumb Chris Kattan movie!!! Loved it!!!
(Does tommy kail look like Chris kattan to you?)
In Hollywood, what they last saw you in is what you are. It's hard to b...
I'd love to have a child. Either one or 40. I love kids.
i like chris kattan better than Will Ferrel in night at the roxbury, but its mostly because i always had a crush on him in late 90s SNL
Chris Kattan visited me in my dreams last night, he whispered "You do? you don't? you do? you don't? you do? you don't?"
It's a different thing shooting for 10 weeks in India as opposed to on ...
it's got potential. Something about Hanson, Chris Kattan instead of Piscopo...
Getting compared to chris kattan and will farrel at screening of bzcasting
Happy Birthday to actor, producer, and screenwriter Chris Kattan, Chris! via
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Happy Birthday to the one and only Chris Kattan. 😎
CeleBirthdays For Wednesday, October 19, 2016. - Chris Kattan is 46. "Corky Romano". He did have a supporting...
Chris Kattan, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
I hope Chris Kattan is the special guest for Sandler's stand up show
CELEBRATING _ John Lithgow is 71. Ty Pennington is 52. Jon Favreau is 50. South Park co-creator Trey Parker is 47. Chris Kattan is 46.
Watching Fredric March in Dr. Jekyll, his Mr. Hyde kinda looks like Chris Kattan's Mr. Peepers
"I wish I was dating one of the ladies in 'Bollywood Hero.' They're gorgeous. Any of them." - Chris Kattan
I did not know Chris Kattan was so popular
If I can get bigger than Chris Kattan, I'll be happy. . (Also, you KNOW I had to spellcheck myself via google search with that Kattan)
love this movie except for the last 5 minutes, especially the ridiculous Chris Kattan ghost
the white one is tinier he's got to be Chris Kattan
When ppl say Jerrys not funny and it's all Larry David, imagine the show with Chris Kattan instead of jerry
Chris Kattan sits down with Arianna Huffington to talk about his struggle with Morgellons.
exactly what I thought. So bad it was actually comical. Chris Kattan, Amy Poehler & Tina Fey lol
"Mr. Kattan, let me just say that Corky Romano is an absolute masterpiece." is probably something Chris Kattan heard in a dream one time.
Will Ferrell, Tim Meadows, Chris Kattan, Molly Shannon, Chris Parnell with Jerry Seinfeld as the guest? Shiet.
Chris Kattan was robbed an Oscar for his performance in Corky Romano!!!
Cannot believe Will Ferrel did Don West on the Home Shopping Network on SNL. Don West was a *** legend. Chris Kattan never did Mike Tenay.
back in 99 w/ Jon Stewart, Janeane Garofalo, Chris Kattan, and Denis Leary Rico Suave took a shot
When your professor looks like Chris Kattan and makes A Night at the Roxbury joke 😭😂
This Kylie person look like Michael Jackson reincarnated,or Chris Kattan from SNL.Chris,is this u in 1of your SNL jokes
Night At The Roxbury is Chris Kattan's best movie and you can @ me cuz I'm not sure he's been in anything else not named Corky Romano.
Here's the only thing Chris Kattan ever did that was any good.
Is there a more 90's movie than 'House On Haunted Hill'? Terrible dialogue, cheesy effects, nonsensical plot, Chris Kattan. Has it all.
You want me to be your Superman but I can only be your Chris Kattan
LOL chris kattan is in this movie. he *** so much.
Tonight is the second time that I've been told I look like Chris Kattan.. Should I be concerned?
liked Chris Kattan as the reanimated gymnast the best, though
Chris Kattan When he dances Family Affair ,Mary J Blige when I hear that song that scene comes up
5 shows with Chris Kattan at Silver Legacy - Saturday Night Live alumni Chris Kattan will perform live inside S...
Idk why but James Baldwin always looks like a black version of Chris Kattan to me. Or rather, the inverse.
.OK, I'll see if Chris Kattan is available to sign too. I'm sure he could use the money. Maybe just $5 for his autograph, though.
Tickets to see at the go on sale Wednesday at 10 a.m. - they will go quick!
Mark in "Shop at Home Network" sketch being 'sold' by Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan on Saturday Night Live (1997)
I like light green, sometimes red is fun, not a fan of yellow, unless it's in a rainbow or on a coffee mug or on a happy face. Chris Kattan
When I hear, "What is Love?" I expect to see Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan shaking their heads in unison (in suits.) It's only right.
Oh, sure, like we’re just gonna forget that time Dan Severn suplexed Chris Kattan.
we'd be stealing from Mister Mighty Duck Chris Kattan's memory
Chris Kattan was so funny, can't believe he's gone
The fact that Chris Kattan plays John Wilkes-Booth in The Ridiculous 6 is absolute lulz
He looks like Chris Kattan playing a flasher of some sort...
How bad do you think Will Ferrell feels for Chris Kattan?
Yes! another movie to add to my chris kattan collection!!
Good God, Chris Kattan is in this. Which seems appropriate.
It's generally understood that Chris Kattan is the worst thing SNL brought forth, right?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Chris Kattan Net Worth: So in this guide we will talk about Chris Kattan net worth, which now amounts to $8 mi...
Kyle Smith is a loser at everything but the chris kattan lookalike competition
could be. been a min since i've seen any kind of reference to it. Rare "Chris Kattan tolerability index" moment.
It's pretty goofy! Geoffrey Rush as Vincent Price was a good choice. But it has chris kattan. :/ But it has Jeffrey Combs :D
oh my god Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. I also enjoy Chris Kattan as the Southern Lawyer.
night at the roxbury 😂😂😂😂 Will Ferrel , and Chris Kattan ... Interestingly though, what is this course ?
You will never find Chris Kattan. George Clooney or Bradley Cooper shopping here.
totally agree about our idea. I was just shocked Norm MacDonald was a part of it... but fear not, we'll get Chris Kattan.
Chris Kattan or Tim Meadows. Please, please, please let it be Tim Meadows.
Watch full ABC-7 interview with comedian Chris Kattan
used to be funny back in the Will Ferrall, Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan day's.
Kit Hoover looks like Chris Kattan and Kevin from Work is delightful.
Totally forgot that Chris Kattan and Peter "Sandy Cohen" Gallagher were in this movie. Nice casting.
Order of SNL alums to be Colonel Sanders after Norm MacDonald:. Will Forte. Mark McKinney. Chris Kattan. Julia Sweeney. Finesse Mitchell
KFC is trolling us. First Darrell Hammond as Colonel Sanders and then Norm MacDonald... who's next Chris Kattan? Colin Quinn?
Cast: Chris Kattan, Dane Cook, Luke Wilson, and Jodie Sweetin. Setting: the mean streets of Dover.
I'll say this much for A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY, it astutely casts Chris Kattan as the offspring of Dan Hedaya and Loni Anderson.
Who wants to go see Chris Kattan with me!!! Cine El Rey!
Everytime I watch A Night at the Roxbury it makes me wish that all the clubs and people were as cool as Will Farrell and Chris Kattan!
SNL passes on Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Jim Carrey but said yes to Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan.
I've never seen Chris Kattan and Kristen Chenoweth in the same place at the same time. I wonder...
. Absolutely thrilled Chris Kattan will be playing Danny Tanner.
The Late Late Late Show with CGI-Generated Chris Kattan (he's too expensive for the time slot so computerize it)
an excellent movie based off an SNL skit w/ Will Ferrel and Chris kattan
The sad thing about Chris Kattan is he can't be transported to most states because he's classified as a primate.
I had the nightmare where I didn't push Chris Kattan off a cliff again
So does Settlers of Catan have anything to do with Chris Kattan? Asking for a friend who is Chris Kattan.
Just found this sick recent Chris Kattan movie on Netflix.
Because you watched Hot Fuzz, why not check out Chris Kattan as a mafia or Tom Cruise as a samurai? Nothing matters!
I just bought VIP tickets to see Chris Kattan in July & the show starts at 10:00 pm. Do I have to get there early for a m&g?
It took us forever and a Chris Kattan movie to have her realize she's been singing her favorite song wrong for years
I'm never watching another Chris kattan movie ever again
is that what Will Farrell and Chris Kattan were doing at Mr. Zadier's house??? It's okay if they did
That Chris Kattan really cracks me up.
Chris Kattan needs to be in a movie with Kevin Hart
you should watch all of Chris kattan's video. He's so funny. I'll share more videos to you 😋
always makes me think of Chris Kattan
can anyone name an actual good movie chris kattan was in that isn't Undercover Brother
Cesar has to be Chris Kattan because of how pretty he is. I'd probably looked good in burgundy
Chris Kattan had his moment to shine. And he squandered it.
I can't wait until studios want to reboot 90s films. Remains of the Day w/ Chris Kattan ftw! &
HBO has passed on my ten True Detective season 3 scripts. I already had Chris Kattan and Giovanni Ribisi signed on. I'm so disillusioned..
Caller-Times' presents three nights with Chris Kattan
Was in a movie? Is Chris Kattan the worst SNL member of all-time? Answers coming in 10 o'clock hour w/
Oh my god, I just opened my time capsule from 2005 and Chris Kattan popped out. I knew we misplaced him somewhere.
Chris Kattan marathon poppin off right now...Corky Romano and now time for Roxbury
Have you heard? Chris Kattan from SNL coming to Tripp's 7/15 and 7/16.
I freaking love and adore Chris Kattan. 😍
via CHRIS KATTAN: A NIGHT WITHOUT AMBIEN - Ever since we saw that HORRENDOUS mugshot of SNL comic ...
Video: classicajays: Have you guys ever heard the SNL backstage story of when Chris Kattan was being a real...
I Want Chris Kattan to play him in the biopic
It's nice to realize that your little pocket of the world isn't the whole world. - Chris Kattan
Got any other good Chris Kattan stories?
Chris Kattan on God U2 being his inspiration for ...
SNL with Chris Kattan, Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell >>>>
Chris Kattan had ruined mangoes for me.
Chris Kattan on God & U2 being his inspiration for healthy living at after party for U2: via
I see that now. I don't understand "Chris Kattan as Mango". I feel dumb.
Sounds like Chris Kattan doing Keri Strug on commentary of American Ninja Warrior.
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I find it hard to believe that SNL thought Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell weren't the right fit but Chris Kattan was.
"I lied. The house is alive. We're all gonna die!" - Chris Kattan as Watson Pritchett (House On Haunted Hill)
1st time I went to Hollywood Improv, Dane Cook showed up.1st time at Laugh Factory, Chris Kattan.1st time at Comedy Store Dave Chappelle
Going to make a game called "Settlers of Chris Kattan". It's where you arrive in the land of opportunity and then make bad career choices
Guys don't like it when you tell them they look like Chris Kattan. Or Sandra Bernhard.
Who did Chris Kattan pay off to get Corky Romano trending on Netflix?
Chuckles Comedy Club is proud to announce our FIRST comedy tour!. 'A Night With Chris Kattan' . July 15 & 16 at...
I thought Jimmy Fallon and Chris Kattan were the same person
If you have been lucky enough to meet Chris Kattan, I NEED your photos, for an upcoming project. Follow me for details. :)
Just ran into Chris Kattan from SNL ... Night at the Roxbury...Corky Romano...looks like he's been in…
Just stumbled across Chris Kattan's filmography from about 2009 to 2013. It's incredible.
Chris Kattan is so funny in Corky Romano lol
comedian Chris Kattan had some interesting things to say about this, off the record.
Hey did I miss Chris Kattan's thoughts on the Gee situation in serial longform?
I put it to you that Richard Grieco looks like the 90s Chris Kattan.
Chris Kattan escorted out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport - ABC15 Arizona
Well now we know that Chris Kattan has Netflix.
Lesson: don't take sleeping pills unless you're about to sleep. Things not to do: drive, fly, interact with people.
VIDEO: Chris Kattan escorted out of Sky Harbor via
phxnews: VIDEO: Chris Kattan escorted out of Sky Harbor
247_newz: VIDEO: Chris Kattan escorted out of Sky Harbor -
VIDEO: Chris Kattan escorted out of Sky Harbor: Police say Kattan told them he took an Ambien earlier in the day,…
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Actor Chris Kattan escorted from Sky Harbor after 'jittery' behavior:
VIDEO: Chris Kattan escorted out of Sky Harbor -
Mike Greenberg played by Chris Kattan, Mike Golic by Will Ferrell. Greeny reminds me of "Mango"
Can't express my appreciation for Corky Romano enough. Chris Kattan just kills me
Chris Kattan Net Worth: Chris Kattan Net Worth $8 Million Chris Kattan is an American comic and performer that...
Harvey Levin from looks like old Chris Kattan. That is all.
Oh that's right I forgot about Chris Kattan my bad.😁
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
nope too smooth n I got a full head of hair with an immaculate hairline Chris Kattan
This god of many faces guy walking around looking like Chris Kattan in costume has me nervous as ***
When I see David Lee Roth all I ever hear is Chris Kattan's impersonation on SNL. ZIPPITY BOP
i'm pretty sure that the drummer for AWOLNATION is Charlie Day and the bassist is Chris Kattan
Louis CK is a huge star, and you're Chris Kattan. Does that clear things up?
Chris Kattan shows you how to have fun up on up in this DANCE SOIRÉE (my fave clip from Undercover Brother) 😂
this is on some undercover brother conspiracy brother foolishness. She's literally Chris Kattan from that film.
It is a rough patch. But it was also brutal in the Jim Breuer - Chris Kattan years. Brutal. BAH-RU-TAL.
Chris Kattan & Justin Timberlake at 2003 MTV Movie Awards - Backstage and Audience
I MISS CHRIS KATTAN DOING MANGO WHEN EVERY I WATCH SNL you're in my top 20 of cast members
When you have too much fluffy whip but Chris Kattan needs it
I was hoping I'd see more of Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan and Molly Shannon, but I think they were new at the time. Plus editing to fit 1hr
The Dead Parrot sketch bombed but the audience woke up for Chris Kattan as Peepers
Without the tiger, I'd have thought that was Chris Kattan.
it does look like chris kattan. the actor's name is Jonathan Chapin
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
“The 10 Goriest Scenes in Movie History: is this chris kattan
Finally Corky Romano is on NETFLEX...Wohho LOVE me some Chris Kattan!!!
. Did Chris Kattan get plastic surgery? And did you lose some weight Dave? Looking good, man. Take care of yourself.
If Chris Kattan had still been on Saturday Night Live within the last 3 years we would have seen Mango Unchained, wouldn't we?
What is love - Saturday Night Lives (w/ Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell,Chris Kattan): via
Good morning can't wait to hear Chris Kattan on the show this AM. Mango live !
This really made me happy: The Mystery of Chris Kattan’s Unpublished ‘Mr. Peepers’ Script
3 hours in and we have a possible Chris Kattan sighting & an Anne Burrell sighting.
all I see in my mind is Will Ferrell and Chris kattan
We are all former child stars, but especially alums. Latest FCS Central
Orson Welles, John Wilkes Booth and some guy named Justin Bieber. Latest FCS Central
The community-service race is on: Go, Lindsay Lohan, go! Latest FCS Central
Mango male exotic dancer..born on Mango island ! Chris Kattan. So excited he'll be on the show tmrw !
They say they gonna bring me in guilty . With huck finn & chris kattan & that one fish i caught. Who i saw bite & intercept the bait
btw will Chris Kattan be returning to the show Patricia?   10% Off
The new Hamburglar reminds me of Chris Kattan's Antonio Banderas impression.
► 6:56 - Hartford conn . Huck finn couldnt make it . Sorry chris kattan
The half Voldemort/half Chris Kattan monkey from SNL thing on is super, super creepy.
Chris Kattan said he loves Corpus Christi and wants to come back to Chuckles Comedy Club. He's fresh off a new...
“Which comedian, who has passed on, would you liked to have seen doing stand up?” chris kattan
"Since you brought him up, here's my Chris Kattan story..." - almost everyone at our show last night
Don't forget! May 14th, will be performing ONE NIGHT ONLY!! Get going!
How nice of Chris Kattan to cover his junk like that!
I can't believe got into a screaming match with Chris Kattan the mans a legend! you give him
In defense of Chris Kattan, A Night at the Roxbury and alleged C-list celebrity. Latest FCS Central
Lindsay Lohan's race to complete community service would make great reality TV. Latest FCS Central
The former child star-ness of contestants discussed on latest FCS Central
return duly noted on latest FCS Central
If we can find Chris Kattan, then we can find out how and when Ben Carson was brainwashed.
Meant to plug earlier, but was busy reading recaps. Latest FCS Central is up; things discussed:
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I like women who are OK with who they are - Chris Kattan
Justin Bieber "wildly miss[ed] notes" @ but in this case close counts. Latest FCS Central
It has been my mission to get back to work. You're welcome. Updated episode:
went back to work. And so did I. Updated, Bieber-fied FCS Central
ICYMI: Chris Kattan was escorted by cops from Phoenix Airport. He just needed a nap, I guess. Ambien Alert!!!
fun fact: the CK in Louis CK stands for Chris Kattan
rancor explained: Boy-banders are business associates, not BFFs. New FCS Central
A Night at the Roxbury is somebody out there's favorite movie. What's sad about that? New FCS Central
Chris Farley and Phil Hartman are dead, but we still have Rob Schneider and Chris Kattan. this is how we know God is a sham. Happy Easter
definitely an ex blockbuster. You can tell because it still has copies of Chris Kattan's Corky Romano.
For some reason I read that as Chris Kattan
Immediately picturing Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell in my head.
Lookin like Will Farrell and Chris kattan, YES
Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan routinely musing over what is love during the heyday of their club-bruhs sketch
My dad calls Chris Kattan "The Mango." "Will Ferrell should do another movie with the mango." Well at least someone still remembers him
FREE TIX Thursday 3/5 night at 10pm Follow this link: Comedian Chris Kattan will be in the house!
I think Chris Kattan is better example
I wanna make a TV show where every week I prank call Chris Kattan and read him reviews of Corky Romano
will this be done by the same drones who ranked below Chris Kattan, and left out of the RnR HOF?
Chris Kattan over Norm MacDonald? Really. SMH. The list must be a gag in itself.
.It's impossible to take any list that doesn't rank you, Chris Kattan, Bobby Moynihan and Cheri Oteri in Top 50 seriously.
listen to us trash for putting dellow Canuck below Chris Kattan! on its rankings.
On the left, a split-second appearance from baby (pre-SNL) Chris Kattan on this episode of NEWSRADIO
Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell in a movie and its called Get Hard. Only thing worse is if Chris Kattan is in it too
Ah man Chris Kattan was at the improv tonight
What's next, Chris Kattan as a cannibal? Because I could totally see him as a cannibal.
Donald trump selected cuz most interesting to conclude & . Sting too . Mind ur own beeswax . Figure it out . Chris kattan french fries on face
Chris Kattan was the first Chimpanzee employed by a major TV network
Missin a lot of people tonight . Cheri Oteri & Chris Kattan to name a couple.
Syd and I are real life Will Ferrel and Chris Kattan from night at the Roxbury
Chris Kattan from A Night at the Roxbury with in Los Angeles Grammy Weekend
X-Files would have been such a different show if Chris Carter had passed it off to Chris Kattan.
thought of you when I realized Chris Kattan was umpiring our weekend series 👍👍
My husband just told me he definitely saw Chris Kattan OR it was Dave Navarro. Not even close to looking like the same person.
Aw! I love Chris Kattan! Mango and Night at the Roxbury were hilarious!
"Your comedy opinions are highly suspect since you praised a Chris Kattan movie.". A gauntlet throw of a comment if I've ever seen one
Good to see Chris Kattan is still working.
Chris Kattan from SNL, a Night at the Roxbury and Corky Romano is coming back to Wiseguys WVC Aug 7-9!
This guy is arguing about when a package was sent to his customer. Looks like Chris Kattan. Just hung up and said ***
I'm watching celebrity name game for first time Chris kattan thought Edison invented the phone and immediately passed on Rosa Parks
Chris Kattan on the Ashlee Aftershow: Black Comics Gone Wild reports Chris Kattan on the…
Chris Kattan and Karina Smirnoff stop by Celebrity Name Game at 5pm, then Ian Ziering and Teri Polo chime in at...
Never seen the movie Corky Romano but can only assume Chris Kattan plays the wacky son of a giant cork and a Romano cheese wheel.
I'm never up this late, so it's rare I would see any television. But I just scanned over to Saturday Night Live, and wow. What a joke, it's not even funny. It was appointment TV when I was a kid! Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd, Jim Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley, Chris Kattan, Molly Shannon, Daman Wayans, Will Ferrell, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler..I could go on an on...sigh. Comedy isn't what it used to be..
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