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Chris Jansing

Christine 'Chris' Jansing (born Christine Kapostasy, January 30, 1957) is an American television news correspondent.

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What is wrong with her does the network allow it when viewers can't see them
I want forget how you worthless azz Script-Reading-Shills demonized HRC 👉 .@ AndreaMitchell .SRuhle CraigMelvin KristenWelker Chris Jansing
Chris Jansing on MSNBC says the numerous mentions of Hamilton show "how hip and cool members of the Judiciary Committee are."
Chris Jansing of MSNBC is a great articulate smart reporter. The best of the NBC women reporters. Better than Rachel and She's TUFF
When you need an experienced liar you can always call on Ari Fleischer. Buhbye, Chris Jansing.
msnbc's Chris Jansing interview with Russia expert goes black, 2nd time in 2 days msnbc…
WHY is the press trying to absolve Sessions of any wrongdoing?? *** CHRIS JANSING??
Back when she needed to be confirmed as SoS, there was ONE hold-out: Cornyn from TX. Chris Jansing reported on an incident 1/2
Pls tell Chris Jansing his admiration for her knew no bounds..he has daughters-he loved when you & all "the ladies"…
I've shut Chris Jansing off. She's not really interested in the facts.
Listening 2 Chris Jansing's Reporting is giving me a Headache. Why is she trying 2 elevate Russian Thug Putin? Idiocy!
The MSNBC journalist is Chris Jansing, not Jansen. Please correct your article. Thanks.
an aside to your piece..believe I saw Chris Jansing interview Boris for Trump this morn. on MSNBC..Boris said DT is leader (1)
Chris Jansing sides with racist Netanyahu rejecting TRUTH of SOS John Kerry that Israel can't be based on apartheid and still be a democracy
Not sure why Chris Jansing chose to mention Baylor the school involved in sexual assault allegations and...
Chris Jansing of MSNBC is a liberal ***
Chris Jansing just can't help but mislead. Telling us the reason for Kerry's Speach today is to defend the US...
Ok, how the *** is Chris Jansing about to turn 60 in a month. I thought she was in her early 40s. Holy cow.
If MSNBC is going to use Chris Jansing let her anchor at 2pm. Why are they putting her on at 5am?
Chris Jansing said "I think Syria is going to be a lasting part of his not so great legacy." PO went b4 Cong 4 an ok 2 strike.He got a NO!
I believe it was anchor Chris Jansing when reporting other comments made by DT's doc, also saying that he made that comment.
NBC is trying out Peter Alexander for White House correspondent? Could make Chris Jansing or Kristen Welker a full time MS…
Obnoxious people say that Chris Hayes looks like Rachel Maddow, but he actually looks way more like Chris Jansing.
How difficult is it for Chris Jansing to report while the Backstreet Boys' song plays in the back of the Trump rally?
He blocked me for awhile - zero clue as to why. Maybe it was because I followed Chris Jansing and Kristin Donnelly ☺ Time to eat!!
Chris Jansing just lied again when she stated that the young man that was killed by police at Ohio State was a 3rd year student.
well the great Sarah Bernhardt, good on you Chris Jansing. It should be private not a photo op
I would hate to see Chris Jansing without make up.
3 years ago today. My interview on MSNBCwith Chris Jansing. Erin's Law now in 28 states.
Chris Jansing getting all misty eyed seeing President Obama and Trump in the Oval Office.Give me a break.
Chris Jansing of MSNBC eyes are so swollen its hilarious. They are like slits in a pile of dough. 😆
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you think you're so funny rubbing Chris Jansing abt Cleaveland loss!.you are such a vile clueless jerk.
So Chris Jansing just said we all know that BO really doesn't want Trump to do well even though he said he does...back it!
Tuesday during live shot of MSNBC’s Chris Jansing at a polling precinct in Ohio
NBC's Chris Jansing just said Afr-Amer's @ the "voting place" told her other AA's aren't turning out bc of the economy...
Sigh, Chris Jansing kind of floating the "Black people not turning out" ugly narrative in Cleveland,like we are the…
Chris Jansing standing in front of a busted basketball ring in Cleveland.
Check out the guy voting behind Chris Jansing, . :-)
This is Chris Jansing. A old Albany NY reporter AKA Chris Kapostasy Changed hair color and length but not her bias.…
Chris Jansing did not say there was only ONE early voting site in huge Cleveland. That sure affected numbers. Understand?
Jansing just said voting down in Cayuhoga County-who's right?
why does Chris Jansing have political advertising with 100 feet of a polling place? Isn't that disallowed in Ohio? Just curious...
Nice job,Chris Jansing. Do You tell your daughters/nieces Slick Willy's antics are to be praised to the heavens?
Hey can't you get Chris Jansing a new umbrella?
I want to look like Diana Krall or Chris I'm not a guy wanting for a sex change. I just hate my nose😢
Joy you are going to break Chris Jansing's heart!
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Is it a wear pink day? Mika and Chris Jansing are both in pink. Just yesterday was wear purple for Spirit Day. My wardrobe can't keep up.
/ is chris jansing converted yet. I doubt it. you men are gentlemen. I love Melania Trump . she honors her husband & loves their son
Chris Jansing was the anchor from MSNBC at our line in Raleigh NC. I just saw myself on TV and it does add pounds.
Newsworthy: Last debate motivates early voters - NBC's Chris Jansing finds out what is motivating North Carolin...
DING! DING! DING! Internet over. Madame Chris Jansing wins the internet for best query
alumna Chris Jansing '78 was back on campus last week reporting for NBC, asking students their thoughts…
.Sr White House Correspondent Chris Jansing returned to interviewing students about
On the sour side: Chris Jansing, normally good, interviewed Georgia pastor about the polarized split in congregation over Trump/HRC.
YES YES Don’t Miss… I was watching MSNBC on location in Cuyahoga County Ohio this morning with Chris Jansing,...
Hilarious report on MSNBC. Polling place in Georgia trumpsters complaining of media bias TO Chris Jansing/MSNBC let…
Just watched a Trump supporter answer to Chris Jansing on Live that he believes the election is rigged, that…
MSNBC's Chris Jansing reports that the Obamas know NC is a dead heat. Dems desperate.
I feel the same pride in the first couple that you expressed with Chris Jansing.
Chris Jansing returned to Otterbein Univ to create a great story. I teach COMM here. Lov…
NBC's Chris Jansing while reporting in FL: "have you ever seen so many well-dressed college students in one place?" Yes. In college.
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who - pray tell, is Chris Jansing? Another Trumpster masquerading as a "Journalist?"
So Chris Jansing has 2 privileged white guys on to take a look at why millennials won't vote Clinton...pathetic
please please tell us where Chris Jansing got that gorgeous flowered dress! I can't be the only one asking
That they promoted Chris Jansing (who I remember from her Albany days, yay for market lines) out of that mess was good.
Shout out to Larry Levy of for his analysis of the debate on interview with Chris Jansing.
Journalist Chris Jansing will deliver the keynote address at the annual chamber dinner.
Journalist Chris Jansing to speak at chamber dinner: The cocktail reception will begin at 6:00 p.m. Nov. 17, ...
Someone tell Chris Jansing that Obama lost his first debate with Romney.
Charlotte video's chilling effect opened MSNBC host's eyes to black plight (VIDEO)
Chris Jansing said the same thing I thought: this poor woman. She couldn't run to her husband - too scared to move.
I'm glad Chris Jansing knows. >>> How will Scott video resonate across the country? via
How will Scott video resonate across the...: MSNBC reporter Trymaine Lee speaks to Chris Jansing about h...
Watched w/Chris Jansing Felt exactly same as she expressed, white women, can't imagine reacting same?! Heartbreaking
Perfect comment by Chris Jansing. A white woman's relationship with police is entirely different from a black woman's.
Chris Jansing realizing how white & privileged she is live on air is amazing
And here's Howard Dean taking Chris Jansing to task over medias smears and innuendos
msnbc schedule today chris jansing - Which Prez candidate was cited for not renting to minorities?Bigot DUhnald.
Shut it down Chris Jansing & people who keep trying to frame Hillary, why don't tou go after Trump who helps noone!
don't like Chris Jansing now either. Keeps promoting CF msm rhetoric. Not really calling out DT for bigotry.
You march out a so-called ANTI-DEFAMATION Buffoon to sit there and actually DEFAME voters Real smart Chris Jansing.
This is an example of what Mary Carillo was speaking to today when she said the on with Chris Jansing
WTH?? ,Chris Jansing says wld've been better if this story had NOT come out, then blames Lochte's mom!
Nice job on just now. It's a shame Chris Jansing didn't give you a chance to respond to Michael Steele's last comment.
He convince Katy Tur and Chris Jansing that he was "pushing back" by merely saying so.
Why does it sound like Chris Jansing is chastising Hillary Clinton for her speech & defending Donald Trump's claims of being offended? *** !
Apparently Chris Jansing has forgotten about that time PBO had to make a race speech.
Chris Jansing is clearly not on the side of the future. Clearly evident based on the way she is analyzing...
Where did Chris Jansing get the stunning red dress she wore on Morning Joe this morning?
where'd you go? How dare you leave us this AM with Chris Jansing? You're fans won't stand for this! I'm calling MSNBC.
I just can't look at Chris Jansing this morning, she is worse than looking at Andrea Mitchell at 8am! Like a virus attacking my TV!
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Chris Jansing is over 50... But I would still bang her.
Chris Jansing anchoring at 10am and 1pm ET on MSNBC. Is she just filling in?
11-year-old who grilled Mike Pence confronts Chris Jansing about his alleged hostility.
this morning Chris jansing just publicly praised and 11 year old who supports Trump Muslim ban check Morning Joe footage retract
in the last hour Chris jansing had the 11 year old on without checking footage from this Morning Joe kid is a racist
Chris Jansing is pretty cute as far as older female journalists go
First Stephanie Ruhle now Chris Jansing acting dumb,Its not both parties,Republicans have been Obstructing from day one!
Chris Jansing on MSNBC attempts to normalize this election has discussion with Kudlow about the Econ like DJT is a great bus man
Chris Jansing might have mentioned to Tx Congressman that POTUS has deported many illegal immigrants.
Good catch. No more First Look. Also interesting Chris Jansing is anchoring at MSNBC this week.
Chris jansing do these congressmen feel any responsibility for the country being "off track"?
How the heck this scumbag ever got elected is a joke. Comments to Chris Jansing show his ignorance & lack of judgement! Dumb ***
Trump (about his verbal attacks on a Gold Star family): “It ended up being a 4 day story.”. Chris Jansing (NBC News): “Now 5.”
Trump surrogate Boris (forgot his surname) voiced similar sentiments to Chris Jansing earlier today. New campaign talking point.
.not But I'm sure Miss Jansing is a nice woman.
Chris Jansing to Boris Epshteyn, "Always good to have you." Mentally she must be adding, 'Doesn't Trump have better stans than this?'
Heard you w/Chris Jansing! If ur lying my lightning strike you down! I gotta go, and get indoors! it's abt get get very stormy!
You can see Chris Jansing desperately trying not to yell at the Trump surrogate on her show. Cant blame her this guy is an obnoxious mope
Yeah Chris Jansing what happwnef to the autopsy indeed! . Nailed it!. .
Chris Jansing's basically been to every trouble spot in the last month -->
msnbc. Hally Jackson is in the rain in Cleveland, Chris Jansing is in the south of France (Nice)
Where's Chris Jansing when you need her?
.Sean Spicer told Chris Jansing that Bobby Knight is going to speak. Will they risk letting him use Clint Eastwood's chair?
Kristen NBC WH till election, same Chris Jansing, ..all you have to do is listen or look at name & network under name
Chris Jansing we've got more of Nicole Wallace's fascinating interview with Jeb Bush." Thank God 4 Dish DVR I won't hav 2 miss a second.
On July 11, Pastor George Battle III with the Dallas Bethlehem Center talked with MSNBC's Chris Jansing:
Chris Jansing, live in Dallas, just lobbed it out there again on MSNBC.
Why didn't Chris Jansing ask her interviewees if they knew if POTUS had authority to unilaterally build a wall? POTUS is not a king.
Powder blue Chris jansing I'd by that for bill gates' dollar
Chris Jansing on with Tampa FL voters. I'm convinced were in deep trouble if they typlify Americans
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Chris Jansing got a dose of the real Sanders when he walked away from her.He's a nasty old manTh…
Which one? Chris Jansing just reported that when she asked him about having to flip 300+ SDs, he ended it
Chris Jansing argues in favor of Hillary with Susan Saradon! Susan, you can vote for Mr Trump when Bernie loses
Chris Jansing of just said she asked about his "plan" to flip 300+ superdelegates...he ended the press conference 😂
Maybe Chris Jansing could report this for a fresh change from all her Bernie push
Is it me or has Chris Jansing had work done?
Home for lunch watching breaking news, bet Chris Jansing is on her way to UCLA. Best Journalist!
Chris Jansing, lots of black women support HRC. Didn't see one in your group. It's WELL documented WOW support her. Not good sampling.
Millenial girl says to Chris Jansing that HRC "has never taken a stand" w difficult decisions. WTH? 2nd girl says opposite, thank God.
Chris Jansing on Morning Joe. She saw a 22-year-old in tears because she had just touched Bernie Sanders. Jansing...
Chris Jansing said the truth on José's show. Both camps think "she" has a right to stay in the race. Obvi Freudian slip. Says a lot meta.
Young women praise Clinton but back Sanders: NBC’s Chris Jansing hosted a San Francisco roundtable of wo...
Chris Jansing on Bernie Sanders: "Its like Paul McCartney in '64 when he walks out there" *** just as I was warming up to Bernie
Reporter Chris Jansing who's covering Sanders' campaign: "Its like Paul McCartney in 1964 when he walks out there."
MSNBC's Chris Jansing is so far up Hillarys skirt u would swear they were lovers! Big fall coming ur way FBI INVESTIGATION
Last week, NBC News’ Chris Jansing sat down with a focus group of women voters, who pretty much savaged the...
Why Chris Jansing saying 'Happy Memorial Day?' Nothing happy about it. This day we honor those who gave ultimate sacrifice for us.
Since I have been up, I have heard MSNBC's Chris Jansing and an interview guest wish each other a Happy Memorial...
Talking 2016, CA primary, party unity at 10am with Chris Jansing
Yes, watch this for proof. Chris Jansing talks with a group of younger women
Just watched some Eurasisn *** & Chris Jansing selling Bernie-Or-Busters for the GOP Rabbis running. Comcast/NBCUniversal
Chris Jansing is so Biased against Hillary that it is Pathetic. Makes all kinds of Unfounded Statements 4 Bernie Daily.
This report by Chris Jansing this a.m. The Clinton supporters are obvious!
Why does Chris Jansing look so weird? Did she have work done? 👀
Why does Chris Jansing continue to have interviews in front of Bernibots? She is drowned out, what is her point?
So glad Chris Jansing is being forthright - Bernie is the only one who benefits from low voter turnout.
Chris, I mean...dang autos Pell. ..Jansing, not Matthews, lol.
MSNBC's Chris Jansing just said that Bill Clinton started a new "Harlem Renaissance" by opening his post-presidency office there in 2001.
Those machines behind Chris Jansing slurp in your ballot when your done. Utterly unsatisfying. No "bing" or green light or anything.
Chris Jansing inside voting site, where you can't even wear a campaign sticker; touting loudly virtues of Clintons & calling it a 'report'.
Take a look inside some of the NY polling...: NBC's Chris Jansing live in Harlem and MSNBC's Cal Perr...
hopefully gave Chris Jansing my Hillary best.
Chris Jansing: Ted Cruz called Trump a sniveling *** Rick Tyler: no he called him a coward. Jansing: right, a sniveling coward, I apologize
Yes, you have to be selective. I like Chris Jansing tho and this Trump vs Cruz nonsense is beyond the pale.
MSNBC can replace Mika with Chris Jansing,&Joe with ANYONE with a pulse😊
News Update Number of Brussels attackers increases - NBC News' Chris jansing has an update on the Brussels atta...
If Chris Jansing is a Sr White House reporter, why is she in Brussels? Paris?
The status of Brussels investigation, manhunt: NBC's Chris Jansing and Ayman Mohyeldin discuss the la...
'Almost life as usual' again in Brussels: NBC News' Chris Jansing joins Morning Joe to discuss how Brusse...
A historic news conference in Cuba: NBC News' Andrea Mitchell and Chris Jansing report from Havana on Presiden...
Chris Jansing always looks nice NW could learn something from her
Letters from Cuba: NBC's Chris Jansing talks to Ileana Yarza about the letters she has written President ...
*** " Havana Chris Jansing who gets us started w/ today's top story" ~ And Jansing talks abt polls and Trump. smh
IF Chris Jansing hadn't asked a question about Cuba... It wouldn't have been discussed.
Chris Jansing in Cuba anchoring the Obama's arrival on MSNBC.
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I found this to be surprising; Chris Jansing on MSNbc is an actual person and not an Anime Avatar!
please tell Chris Jansing the US & Cuba have not had diplomatic relations for 51 years, not almost 90 as she stated. What a ditz
Chris Jansing on MSNBC: "Will Ted Cruz running for President be the downfall of the GOP?" Actual question she asked.
Chris Jansing looking down her elietest nose on how Trump can talk to those bumpkins in generalities they don't know anything
Chris Jansing would make a great co-host. She brings a lot to the table.
Did chris jansing just say you have to take out a 2nd mortgage to see it? Is it that expensive?
OMG you were so great talking to Chris Jansing just now! You were perfect - The campaign needs to move you more out front
. He started yelling at Chris Jansing about the "narrative" screaming the primary isn't over and that Bernie WILL win
Hey Chris Jansing Donald had a big night but so did Hillary but you're avoiding saying so Why?
Chris Jansing drinks the blood of infants.
U walked right by, was AWESOME to see u in person!! You were at your laptop while Chris Jansing was on!
It was fun watching Chris Jansing this morning in windy & cold Vegas!!
Tune in tomorrow to MSNBC at noon to see our very own Department Head, Dr. Mendez be interviewed by Chris Jansing...
Brace Yourself. To be Interviewed live at noon Weds. by Chris Jansing on MSNBC outside in Bricktown.
please just have a day of Tamron Hall, Chris Jansing, Andrea Mitchell and Rachel Maddow...the rest can go...
Chris Jansing needs to rotate to HGTV. These Trump 's cheerleaders are making me ill. Where the heck is real news.
Saw early this AM, Seth Richardson (w/ Ralston) and MSNBC Chris Jansing on the Strip discussing GOP caucuses. He was faking it.
Why Nevada matters in the 2016 election: Prof. Robert Lang joins NBC's Chris Jansing to talk explain ...
Actually, you didn't answer Chris Jansing questions but will lose SC.
OK, you make a valid point, though, I'll never be happy until they have Chris Jansing on 24/7. Not that I'm biased, or anything. ☺
Well, unless Chris Mathews has said it, it didn't happen. Either that or Chris Jansing, or Brian Williams, or Rachel Maddow.
OOPS> That should be I enjoy lisstenng to Chris Jansing.
O also enjoy listening to Chris Jansing.
Chris Jansing says: ANYONE out on the trail does NOT believe that anyone BUT Trump is by far. Chuckles all around b/c they ALL know it.
*** what in the World has happened to Chris Jansing? She reminds me of a washed up ESPN ANCHOR.
is Chris jansing acting odd during this interview ... !
Chris Jansing didn't want to hear facts on how Hillary has been fighting longer than Bernie you folks are pitiful today,shameful!
Keep repeating a "BIG LIE". What a great idea. I wonder who first thought of it.
On MSNBC, Chris Jansing just called Kasich the GOP's "Kumbaya candidate." Sad that a candidate who doesn't go negative gets mocked.
By the way Willie...Ask Chris Jansing how to pronounce it's her real last name.
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Looking @ her eyes makes my eyes WATER. Plastic surgery?
You should cry foul. When Chris Jansing does it from Paris it's not way to early over there.
looking at that *** *** SCULPTURE behind Chris Jansing
Loving Chris Jansing's political spots today, such a difference from the crap spits out.
Paris Climate Summit kicks off Monday: NBC's Chris Jansing previews the summit and talks about the world ...
At least from Slate I learn demonstrations were demanding Action on Climate Change. Thank you. Rest, Chris Jansing
up until the Paris attacks. How are they [เรเร] different from Al-Qaeda?”. Chris Jansing. “Well Al-Qaeda had kind of a national element to it..
wonder if Chris Jansing will ever come back from Paris?
I think Chris Jansing can come back from Paris now.
On the liberal Chris Jansing has a war *** so big that air traffic control is diverting planes around it.
Newsworthy: The US steps up security after Paris attacks - Chris Jansing and Harry Smith discuss increased secu...
Chris Jansing slays every time when she anchors !
Watch Al Jazerra ! no boring chris jansing or boring alex whitless... G20 reporting instead.
Unfortunately FNC goes to Hannity at 10pm. Erin still on CNN. Chris Jansing on MSNBC.
Chris Jansing said she would go live to Beirut, which means I'm staying put!
Kind of impressed to see Chris Jansing on MSNBC tonight. Not sure she started.
Jansing What is written on the paper sign hanging on the Paris monument in the background MSNBC is showing?
News Update French officials partially name two attackers - NBC's Chris Jansing reports on the partial names re...
Chris Jansing's first concern in all this is for the feelings of Muslims! .
they really could have brought it someone darn it they Need Chris Jansing back ...
.Just seems to me Chris Jansing is in the
Trump: Tuesday's debate 'really, really good': Chris Jansing and Kasie Hunt talk to Donald Trump about Tuesday...
Carson was so condescending trying to mansplain capitalism to veteran reporter Chris Jansing.
Carson just explained capitalism to Chris Jansing. Just as logical as grain pyramids.
MSNBC's Chris Jansing asks a bunch of dumb questions. Trump just walks away.
Never miss it, though, I often miss seeing Chris Jansing, even though she is there. ☺
Josh Ernest is schooling *** Love it! School him! Now Chris Jansing is trying to keep her job by kissing Joe's butt.
MSNBC has taken a hard right in news coverage.Uses respected journalists to legitimize propaganda. Et tu Chris Jansing?
Because GOP Central Chris Jansing says stopping carbon dioxide emissions is controversial doesn't make it so.
Finally, people are waking up to this!
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My fave person on 50 Most Beautiful list is the woman who deems herself as "unmarried," in quotes.
.is featured in 50 Most Beautiful. Read about her style rules & what she does for fun in DC.
Chris Jansing and Kasie Hunt will also follow some Dem candidates around, when? Just curious.
Why is NBC's Chris Jansing always talking about "reporting from Austria" when she is actually in Germany ??
I sure didn't miss Chris Jansing, I love to see her incredibly stunning reporting! Thanks for that Jose
Make Chris Jansing smile .. her Cavs lost last night
"Buy me a boat" by Chris Jansing screams Aggie tailgate country song. *** good beer drinkin song.
NBC News segment, with Otterbein alum Chris Jansing reporting on Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin.
MSNBC’s Chris Jansing says Obama from Kenya, attacked as birther [video]
On MSNBC with Chris Jansing at 3PM ET to discuss imminent DADT vote.
Chris Jansing, Karen Tumulty, and Jack Beatie- An all-star panel this Friday!!!
From the White House North Lawn, Chris Jansing reports on President Obama's statement last night on…
NBC's Chris Jansing is always sitting next to Ed Henry at Press Conferences...Does she ever say anything? Just sits there!
Chris Jansing blamed the midterms for Hagel’s demise. Sigh...
Interesting,Chris Jansing had completely different take. Hagel was a odds with Pentagon,Obama not involved
Get these people out of my network are all fired
*** is wrong with Chris Jansing's eyebrows?? It looks like they're split or something.
You asked Chris Jansing about "el Presidente". Really? He is the President. This is the U.S., not Mexico.
What’s in President Obama’s immigration plan: Rev. Al Sharpton talks to NBC’s Chris Jansing for detai...
Not sure why Chris Jansing is treated with any respect/ has any cred after saying that the Prez was born in Kenya. Are you kidding me?
Chris Jansing is struggling to get Josh Earnest to address NBC/WSJ numbers. He's passing.
Chris Jansing asks Earnest about NBC/WSJ poll: "Clearly almost half the people don't think he ought to do this."
NBC's Chris Jansing reports Pres Obama will announce his immigration plan tomorrow night followed by event in Vegas Friday
NBC’s Chris Jansing traveled to Liberia with U.N. ambassador Samantha Power for a close-up look on the front...
ISIS threat heightens fears ahead of 9/11: NBC’s Chris Jansing talks about Senate and ... via
Did anyone else hear MSNBC's Chris Jansing saying that President Obama Is from Kenya, only to later correct...
I actually found MSNBC's coverage with Chris Jansing, as it happened. WIsh they'd air that instead of Katie Couric.
Who is going to take over Chuck Todd's show?. Chris Jansing&Co had the title senior political editor & she's traveling w . O.
could soon set its sights on the US: NBC’s Chris Jansing and Jessica Lewis with The Institute for the St...
Obama wants coalition to fight ISIS: NBC News' Chris Jansing reports on the president's Wednesday p...
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Hey! That's the mission I just got back from! :D I met Chris Jansing and Rand Paul!
I thought Chris Jansing and Andrea Mitchell did a good job. I don't have confidence in Chuck Todd
C'mon Chris Jansing's in front of a green screen. Look.
Chris Jansing looks like she's in front of a green screen with a fan blowing on her.
Chris Jansing asks about CIA apologizing for hacking Senate computers. Brennan "does his job extraordinarily well." So all good.
NBC’s Chris Jansing reports Pres. Obama will continue on to both fundraisers in New York tonight despite both ongoing crises today.
Andrea Mitchell, Tom Costello, Chris Jansing, Jim Miklaszewski: tune in to NBC for our team coverage of Malaysian Airlines flight
you and Chris Jansing are stupid to even phrase the conversation this way.
I used to prompt Chris Jansing every day. She was great. Bashir has been gone for months
what?! Do you seriously??? Chris Jansing just realized today and it took me a month to realize & Martin Bashir was gone because I
could Chris Jansing be ok with the move?
MSNBC dumped Chris Jansing & the idea of a NEWS BLOCK pretty quick. Open borders lunatic in da house!
US expresses concern over Mideast violence: Alex Witt talks to NBC’s Chris Jansing about the contin...
thank your boss Joe for moving Chris Jansing to the WH great reporter..what plans does joey have for the future.bill kristol co
Was Chris Jansing one of them, I hope
OK, America wants to know, did Chris Jansing buy a car? New or used? American made? Ohio made? Gas or battery? What color? ☺
Chris Jansing, NBC senior White House correspondent, joins Tamron Hall to discuss President Obama’s request for more than 2 billion dollars in emergency funds to help the surge of undocumented immigrants.
MSNBC talk show hosts seem to be outdoing each other asking longer and longer questions of their expert guests. Both Chris Jansing and Alex Wagner have now burst through Chris Matthews' unbeatable previous record nine paragraph questions full of bias and extraneous information to full eleven-paragraph questions, obviously calculated to display whatever knowledge or preparation the host may be able to pronounce, and to grandstand the host's bias and to control the guests' response. If the guest has something to contribute, let him or her have the floor, or the air. Next: Host interruptions.
Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.): Sanders-McCain Bill Heads to Senate Floor: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday that he plans to bring a bill by Sens. Bernie Sanders and John McCain to the Senate floor "in the next 24 hours, 48 at most," The Hill reported. That’s “lightning speed” by Senate standards, Sanders told The Associated Press. The legislation would “pump up $500 million to hiring more doctors and nurses and $300 million more to increase the hours for the staffers,” Chris Jansing reported on MSNBC. House Passes VA Bill: The House overwhelmingly approved legislation Tuesday that gives veterans stuck on long wait lists for medical care the ability to seek treatment outside of the VA. Rep. Jeff Miller, the House veterans’ committee chairman, signaled support for the similar Sanders-McCain bill pending in the Senate, according to The Washington Post. The Senate is expected to take up its own measure soon, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Reuters, Bloomberg, Polit ...
VIDEO - MSNBC's Chris Jansing: 'Was the Demise of the Tea Party Overstated?'
We only have a few days left before Chris Jansing drifts on to another world in DC. Sure hope that she is alright. I tend to worry
Hillary Super PAC Advisor Dismisses Palin As 'A Comedian' - Chris Jansing spent more than 5 minutes of the June 10...
Who is the fool covering for Chris Jansing this morning? Dinosaurs died from catastrophic climate change caused by a meteor impact
Who substituted for Chris Jansing on Thursday, June 5th?
Chris Jansing is to become a WH Correspondent. Do we know if she is replacing Chuck Todd?
Are you alive?” According to MSNBC and Chris Jansing, I might be dead: When she reported the sad death of Ann B. Davis, who so famously played the loyal maid Alice on The Brady Bunch, they put up my picture — me in the center square from when I played Alice in 1995’s The Brady Bunch Movie and its 19…
NBC News will have a new senior White House correspondent in June, Chris Jansing, chris.jansing
NBC News said Chris Jansing would leave her current post at MSNBC and return to NBC News full-time as the news unit's senior White House correspondent. Peter Alexander, the current White House corr...
NBC News today named Chris Jansing as Senior White House Correspondent. Peter Alexander was named National Correspondent. Jansing will report primarily for NBC Nightly News, ...
President Obama meets with His Holiness, Pope Francis at Vatican City on Thursday, and MSNBC's Chris Jansing and Thomas Roberts discuss the meeting.
Chris Jansing (answered your questions direct from Sochi! Check out her responses here:
Update on the MSNBC interview tomorrow: I will actually be on the air at 9:30am CST/10:30am EST during Chris Jansing's time slot, but I will be interviewed by Ari Melber as Chris is in Sochi currently, covering the Olympics. Tune in tomorrow morning!
There is NO news on MSNBC? Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, Tamron Hall and Chris Jansing would protest. Is Fox so different?
Appearing on MSNBC on Thursday to talk about President Barack Obama ?s position on ongoing budget negotiations, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) was asked by anchor Chris Jansing about the revelations surrounding Hillary Clinton ?s ?hit list? in which he was included.
Journalist and author Carl Bernstein said Monday during an interview with MSNBC's Chris Jansing that revelations that the NSA monitored the communications of foreign leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel begs one question: Why?
Looking for news on 1 of the cable stations & I get the brain trust of Chris Jansing & Carol Costello. No insights of note from those brains
Video: iPhone frenzy, Obamacare trends down: Howard Bragman joins Chris Jansing for an...
"If you don't replace your pillow, there's some worker who makes a pillow who's not going to have a job." - Chris Jansing.
Democrat strategist Steve McMahon was on MSNBC with Chris Jansing Monday evening pushing for more gun control...
I'm watching, listening to & Chris jansing, do the same thing, but not to Repubs. 1/2
EWH's unsolicited critique of MSNBC. ◘ Morning Blow ~ set to music... • Joe Schmoe had the nerve to compare Barack Obama to Ted Cruz...'cause they both "came out of nowhere". Don't get me started.-:( ◘ The Daily Lowdown Scoundrel feat. Chuck Todd ~ Ugh!!! Where's my remote? ◘ Chris Jansing ~ meh...but hardworker; plus from Ohio, so she gets sprouts :) ◘ Thomas Roberts ~ is he still there? ◘ Now w/Alex Wagner ~ cutie pie and smart. ◘ Andrea Mitchell ~ undercovah Pug...who's finally been outted. -:( ◘ News Nation w/Tamron Hall ~ sharp lady; only one with Prince theme...heh-heh ◘ The Cycle ~ WTH is that? Couldn't stand that SC Krupp (or whatevah), but now it's not "edgy" enough...imho ◘ Martin Bashir ~ passionate; plus serious health issue. Good guy. ◘ Ed Schultz ~ caution...verdict's not in yet... Mark my words...j/s ◘ PoliticsNation w/Rev Al - Kewl...but please stop shouting! ◘ Spitball w/Chris Matthews - puhleeze! Where da dam' remote? ◘ All IN w/Chris Hayes - ...
Dear Chris Jansing, here is a good definition for an in-kind contribution.
How do you make it in cable news? "I keep my head down and I work hard," says Chris Jansing | Media Beat
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